Mayhem: May 5th, 2008 (2008)


Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
May 5th, 2008 – #HOW2
United Center Chicago Illinois

Mayhem opens up with the usual pyros and footage of the fans holding up various signs. Some are highlighted.

Respect Rohan”

Lee pisses with the Best”

We want Jatt”

Marry Me Max!”

From there we go to the announcers Big Buff Benny Newell and Joe Hoffmann. We learn that tonight we will start off with the Loser Leaves HOW match up. They make it a point to state how the two men that were in the main event last week on Mayhem are now fighting for their HOW careers in the opening match this week.

We are then shown the highlights from the ending of last weeks show where we see Lynx and Chris Kostoff laid out in the middle of the ring with Kirsta Lewis standing over the men to end Mayhem.

From there we cut to the opening of our first match up.

Loser Leaves HOW Match
Silent Witness vs. Chris Kostoff vs. Lynx vs. William Diamond vs. Jonothan Kurtis

Each man came out to their respected entrances with Kostoff and Lynx getting the biggest pops, mainly due to their past in HOW as Hall of Famers. With each of their jobs on the line the match started out like anyone would expect…a full out brawl. Kostoff went right after Lynx and Diamond and Kurtis went toe to toe while Silent Witness quickly rolled outside and for some unknown reason walked out of the match.

Joe and Benny made several comments about Witness walking out. They wondered how a former LSD champion could just walk out on the federation that made him a household name. Their attention was soon turned back to the match when Kostoff busted open Lynx with several thunderous right hands.

The match continued to be a brawl and emptied to the outside where the four remaining men continued to fight for their lives. Diamond, who looks like he shook off the beating he took from Graystone last week, continued to destroy Kurtis on the outside. At one point Diamond had Kurtis in the crowd and executed a perfect diving spear from the ring barrier. It resulted in several beers being spilled onto the HOW superstars.

The action finally returned to the middle of the ring where Kostoff nailed Lynx with his No Remorse powerbomb like finisher. Kostoff covered and got the one two three on Lynx, ending Lynx’s HOW career.

But Joe and Benny quickly pointed out that Matt Boettcher was signaling that there were two winners. Just as Kostoff was executing his finishing move, William Diamond nailed a perfect 450 splash onto Kurtis and as Boettcher counted the 1, 2,3 on Lynx he was doing the same on Kurtis.

So after a short, but albeit violent match, both Chris Kostoff and William Diamond were winners and Lynx and Jonothon Kurtis had their careers in HOW ended.

Winners after 6:23 Chris Kostoff and William Diamond.

Post match the action cut backstage where we see Lee Best on his cell phone. We see Lee getting worried as he learns that John Caruso won’t be at Mayhem tonight after an incident the night before in Atlantic City. Caruso had gone to the AC for a week of venting after being humiliated on Mayhem last week. It turns out his week didn’t get any better as he was trying to get into Jay Z’s 40/40 club but instead ended up getting in a fight outside of the club and after all was said and done he was peppered sprayed and questioned by police.

Lee hung up the phone in shock and decided it was time he got some backup.

Mayhem goes to commercial as Lee is seen dialing another number….this time of a former Best Alliance member.


Back from commercial Joe and Benny start to speculate who Lee was on the phone with. After running down various names they both conclude it can only be one man…

Jatt Starr.

They tried to regain focus on the next match but as Jason Sandman and ArcAngel made their entrances all the talk was bout Jatt Starr returning to High Octane Wrestling. Finally just as Carl Hortega signals for the bell Joe got Benny to just take a shot of Jack Daniels as the match started.

Singles Match
ArcAngel vs. Jason Sandman

Team Epic member ArcAngel was on the defensive from the get go as Jason Sandman clearly dominated. Joe and Benny pointed out that this was personal for each man and if it wasn’t before the match it was now as Bobbinette Carey made her way down to ringside.

From that moment on Jason Sandman seemed distracted and it wasn’t long before ArcAngel was in control.

At one point Sandman even turned his full attention towards Carey only to receive a hard slap to the face for his efforts.

After that it was no contest as ArcAngel dominated from pillar to post and ultimately gained the easy uno…dos…tres.

Winner of the match in 4:19 ArcAngel

Post match Team Epic walked towards the back as Joe and Benny questioned the heart and thinking of Jason Sandman. Benny ripped him hard for letting a woman distract him into an easy loss. Joe mentioned that he expected more from Sandman and that he wasn’t sure if Jason was fit to be in HOW with all his baggage.

Action then cuts backstage where something is going down with one of the ICON finalists.

The camera scurries trying to catch up with the next bit of footage to air for HOW Monday Night Mayhem. It comes in from the black curtain and down the hallway where the camera jolts up and down. At the end of the hallway stands a frantic Daniel Singh who tries to break into a room with a shoulder tackle but hurts himself in the process. Meanwhile, Nijs Landzaat laughs at Singh’s expense as the setting finally sets.

Singh: Its not funny, Lanny… damn near put my shoulder out.

Landzaat: Hehe.. funny funny.

Singh: No, not funny. We wouldn’t be in this pickle if you had remembered to pack the stuff.

Landzaat is clueless at this time.

Singh: You know… the stuff.

No response.

Singh: The stuff…

Singh winks, twice.

Still nothing.

Singh: Oh forget it.

“ Can I help you gentleman? ” the voice from a janitor airs, catching Singh off guard somewhat.

Singh: Us…? No, we’re fine…

Singh then gives the janitor a full examination up and down with his eyes. The janitor sports green overalls and nothing seems particular fascinating.

Singh: You’ve got keys?

Janitor: Yeah I do… all the keys for this facility.

The ring of keys sparkle on the janitor’s belt as Singh gets a twinkle in his eye.

Singh: So you can open any door in this place?

Janitor: That’s right.

Singh: Well hop to it, Tonto.. get this bad boy open.

Janitor: I’m afraid that room is only prohibited for the HOW medical staff.

Singh: Man, you’re busting my balls here, man…

Singh then pulls out a ten dollar bill and puts it in the top pocket of the janitor’s overalls.

Singh: You didn’t see nothing…. now beat it…

Daniel Singh taps the janitor on the cheek.

Janitor: I’m sorry, sir.. but you’re not part of the HOW medical staff, it’s off limits. ”

Singh: The hell I aint…

Singh then reverts back to the inside of his pocket as the janitor expects to see some sort of identification, perhaps. Rather than doing so, Daniel Singh, in a flurry throws out his arm and gets the janitor in a headlock. He then does a ninety degree pivot and opens another room with his buttocks.

Singh: Lanny, in here!

On command, Landzaat follows Singh and the janitor into the room. The door is slammed shut as the camera bumps into it on impact. Within the confinement of the room you can hear a bit russell and bustle.

Singh: Don’t put your foot there….! Don’t take those, leave them..!!

Then silence.

That said, the door comes ajar and out steps Daniel Singh with the ring of keys. Landzaat is closely followed as he models the green overalls that the janitor was wearing previously.

Singh: You know, Lanny… maybe I should have worn the overalls.

Singh turns to Landzaat and the overalls barely fit on Nijs’ muscular frame. You could even palm them off as nylons. Daniel Singh then holds up the keys to the camera and there must be like one hundred and odd keys on that kiering.

Singh: How’s our luck, Lanny?

Singh turns around to the unlocked door and tries the first key in the keyhole.

Singh: …No.

The second..

Singh: No.

The third….

Singh: No.

The fourth…….

Singh: No.


Singh: Lanny, do something productive would ya and break this motherfucking door down!

Landzaat does not answer to Singh’s request and just looks at him with bemusement in his skin tight overalls. Singh then, via sign language, does a kicking gesture towards the door, and success!


Footage cuts back to Joe and Benny who are speechless. Benny mentions that he will never get that five minutes back in his life and that people like Nijs Landzaat are the reason he drinks so heavily. As Benny pours himself another shot Joe sends Mayhem to another commercial break.


Back from commercial we are backstage inside Lee Best’s office. Seating opposite him is Chris Jacobs who is holding his LSD Championship belt.

Lee reminds him as only Lee can that if Jacobs were to lose tonight then there would be hell to pay. Jacobs tells Lee not to worry as it’s a falls count anywhere match and if he has to pin the bitch in the ladies room he will do it. Satisfied that his LSD Champion knows what he has to do Lee excuses Jacobs as his phone rings and he has to take it.

The scene ends with Jacobs trying to eavesdrop on the phone conversation. The only thing he could make out was that whoever Lee was talking to would be in the building by the end of the night.

Action returned to ringside and yet again Joe and Benny speculated that it was Jatt Starr. Benny was overly excited about the return of the living legend and could not care less about the rest of the matches on the card. Joe reminded him that they had a job to do and that it was time for the next match. Benny just blew Joe off and took another shot, this time to Jatt Starr.

Singles Match
Fear vs. Adam Vincent

Fear made his entrance to a loud reaction. Joe noted it was due to Fear being a former LSD champion while Benny just continued to talk about Jatt Starr.

Vincent made his way down to the ring to no reaction whatsoever and Joe noted that Adam had to prove himself to the HOW fans.

Match started out pretty quick paced as Vincent grabbed the early advantage. Fear appeared to not be in the match totally mentally as he made sloppy moves early and often. Joe mentioned that this could be due to Fear losing his shot at the LSD title last week. Benny didn’t really care as all Fear had ever been was a flash in the pan.

Fear attempted several counters but they were quickly ended with high powered moves by the newcomer. After a back body attempt by Fear the match was ended with a lightning quick super kick by Adam Vincent. Joe noted that Vincent called the move the Snap Shot and that it often came out of nowhere.

Vincent made the cover and it was another quick 1…2….3…. loss for the former LSD Champion Fear.

Winner of the match in 3:25 Adam Vincent

Post match there were a few jeers for Vincent as he displayed huge amounts of cockiness as he made his way to the back. Benny noted that he delivered a quick win on a former champ and earned the right to be cocky. Joe wasn’t so sure as the action cut backstage where word of an altercation had just occurred.

ArcAngel has just caught up to Jason Sandman wandering the halls backstage as HOW cameras race in to capture the footage.

ArcAngel grabs Jason Sandman from behind and whips him hard into the concrete wall. Jason Sandman arches his back from the impact as ArcAngel charges in with a solid knee lift to the gut. As Sandman bends over, ArcAngel hits a standing knee to the face causing Sandman to fall to the ground. There is some clapping going on behind ArcAngel as Bobbinette Carey enters the view of the camera. She points down at Sandman.

“Arc, that was uberly epic!”

Jason Sandman gets to his hands and knees. Arc crouches down and puts his hand on Sandman’s back.

“Word to the wise… don’t mess with Bobbinette again. This time it was just your health… next time it could be your life…”

ArcAngel smacks Sandman hard on the back before standing up. Sandman starts coughing hard as Team Epic walks away with Princess following close beside Bobbinette.

Mayhem goes to a commercial break as a bad night for Jason Sandman just got worse.


Back live and its time for the next match up. Joe and Benny put over the fact that all the new talent so far have shown their worth here in HOW and it is now time for another promising talent to enter the ring with a HOW vet.

Singles Match
Lexx vs. Rohan Malhotra

Rohan makes his way out to really no reaction. There are a few chants of USA but Joe mentions that the chant makes no sense since Rohan is from New Jersey. Benny makes the comment that he thought Rohan was driving the taxi that brought him to the United Center earlier and Joe quickly tells Benny he is way out of line and Benny apologizes with a smirk and a shot.

Lexx makes his way out to a chorus of boos and Joe talks about the last time Lexx was in HOW and how he was fired with his former stablemates The Legends after racial comments made about Omar Rasheem. Benny pops big time for the Omar mention and quickly notes that it could be Omar that was on the phone with Lee earlier. Joe notes only time will tell but right now its time for the match as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell.

Match starts out with the 37 year old ring veteran Lexx gaining the upper hand on the 23 year old HOW rookie. During the opening moments Joe mentions how Rohan feels the whole world is against him because of his nationality and Benny notes that because of 9/11 racial profiling is a touchy subject that even he admits to doing sometimes. Before the conversation heads down the wrong path Joe quickly reverts to the action in the ring where Lexx nails several high impact moves on Rohan and garners a few two counts.

The crowd starts to get behind Lexx which surprises the former Legend member and this costs him as Rohan makes a quick counter of a suplex and nails Lexx with a perfect DDT.

Both men are out for a few moments and when they get back to their feet it is Rohan who has the advantage. Rohan executes several technical moves and seems to be in control of the match as another USA chant breaks out.

Again Joe notes that Rohan is from New Jersey and that maybe the fans of HOW should go online to find out more bout Rohan before chanting USA. It is at this time that Benny mentions that if the official HOW site would ever get finished then maybe people could read the bios of the superstars. For once Joe is silent as the action continues in the ring.

Rohan is clearly in control as he gets several near falls from Matt Boettcher. It is after the final near fall that Rohan shows his frustration on Matt Boettcher and people at ringside can hear Rohan claiming that the “white” referee is screwing him and that he wants Carl Hortega out here reffing. It is at this point that Lexx rolls Rohan up and Matt Boettcher makes a quick 1…2…3 count and Joe wonders aloud if that wasn’t too quick?

Winner of the Match in 11:49 Lexx

Post match Lexx quickly rolls out of the ring with a smile on his face while Rohan jumps to his feet and nails Matt Boettcher with his Suppression Finisher (Beast Choker with Head Claw).

Joe clamors that it wasn’t necessary and the crowd boos loudly as the defeated Rohan Malhotra heads to the back, obviously feeling he was screwed yet again.

Mayhem goes to a commercial as HOW medics tend to Matt Boettcher.


As Mayhem returns from its commercial, a very enraged Rohan Malhotra is stomping through the backstage area, his fists tightened, his face contorted with rage.

“These people lack a single shred of respect in their body, and yet they still wonder why I do these things. You saw the man brush me off. You saw the man cost me a victory tonight. You saw him count for that bastard like he was being fast forwarded, and you’re telling me I didn’t deserve better? That I shouldn’t look for payback? In what world is that even fair?

Oh I’m sorry. This is the Western world, where two-face jerks make the rules and my people have to play by them without a say in the matter. Whatever happened to that goddamned motto, ‘no taxation without representation’ that your crass great-grandfathers came up with? Again, I apologize for forgetting that in this society, I’m not worth a pile of trash.

But listen well, you arrogant pricks who think you can tell me what to do from a nice cushy seat in the stands. If people are gonna try to screw me over and cripple my career, I don’t take lightly. I don’t cave in. I’m not gonna be your little slave. And as that stiff learnt in the ring tonight, payback is a bitch. For the rest of this man’s stupid friends, keep that in mind before you try to impress the Caucasian agenda on me.

Now as for that squared circle, I think I proved a few things out there, and if you losers chose to ignore it in light of that ref calling the match quickly, well, I’ll be generous and explain to you guys why I can even show an ounce of optimism. I came out there and wrestled with a cause, and a true mastery of this sport. I battled adversity in the ring tonight, and let’s face it; Lexx got himself a damned lucky break.

I’d like to see the rest of you albino chimps skate off easy as I progress through the ranks and steal the show. You guys are materialistic snobs who only care for your paycheck, and your perks. Me, I see the big picture. I’m doing this as a pioneer, in order to lift my people higher in status. And none of you guys can top that.”

Rohan has now reached his locker room, and flings the door open, and the scene fades as his door slams shut behind him.

Action cuts back to Joe and Benny who state how Lee is definitely not going to like what Rohan did to his senior referee. Benny states that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Rohan get the first fine of the Refueled era. That mention brings Joe to the next big HOW announcement.

The first HOW Pay Per View will take place here in the United Center on June 8th 2008. The event is obviously named Refueled. Joe notes that with a major TV deal needed for the success of HOW, this first PPV will be crucial for the long term health of the organization.

Benny mentions how he cannot wait to see Jatt Starr battling for the World Title at Refueled. Joe stops him and reminds all the viewers that Jatt Starr returning is just speculation at this point. Benny insists that Jatt will be here tonight and continues to talk about Jatt as the entrances begin for the first hour’s main event.

Non Title LSD Singles Match

Bobbinette Carey vs. Chris Jacobs

Carey comes out first with Princess in her arms. The crowd cheers loudly for the former LSD Champion. Joe notes that Team Epic is missing on member as ArcAngel is not with Carey. Newell mentions that is probably due to him being scared of Sandman hunting him down after that bullshit attack earlier in the show.

Joe goes over the rules for the Falls Count Anywhere match and reminds the viewers that this a non title match as Chris Jacobs is the LSD Champion but is not defending it tonight. Joe notes that Lee made this match squarely out of spite. Lee hates the woman of HOW but he has to book them because they are under contract and he had no choice as for some reason Carey brings in ratings and Lee needs that at this point.

Next comes out the LSD Champion Chris Jacobs. Jacobs is very smug as he rubs the LSD Belt that is residing around his waist. The crowd is booing very loudly as the LSD Champion enters the ring and goes to hand his LSD title to Carl Hortega but instead nails Carey with a cheap shot and the match gets underway with Benny noting that the move was perfectly legal under the Falls Count Anywhere match.

Jacobs continues the onslaught from there as the crowd boos louder and louder with each move the LSD Champion executes on the Queen B.

Jacobs eventually rolls Carey to the outside and uses various items on the outside as weapons. From the ring steps to the ring bell, Jacobs uses them all. At one point Jacobs makes a cover but lifts Carey up right before getting a three count. This brings a huge reaction from the crowd who are all clearly behind Carey, except for a few groups of males who are obviously reliving past male vs. female matches in their minds.

Carey eventually gets the upper hand after countering a piledriver on the outside to a back body drop. The crowd erupts as the Queen B begins her offense.

With renewed confidence Carey begins tearing apart Jacobs, duplicating the same moves Jacobs did to her earlier in the match. Carey gets a near fall after executing a perfect lion sault to the outside onto the LSD Champion.

Carey then paraded Jacobs around ringside as several fans too shots at Jacobs who is pretty much out on his feet. With the crowd behind her Carey rolled Jacobs back into the ring and followed him only to be nailed with a quick elbow and from there Jacobs was back on the offensive.

Wanting to end the match Jacobs exited the ring at one point and grabbed the LSD title and went for another shot on Carey but he was stopped as ArcAngel came out of the crowd and grabbed Jacobs from behind and snatched the LSD title from Jacobs and hit the champion with his own belt.

Joe mentioned that this was perfectly legal as ArcAngel rolled Jacobs into the middle of the ring and Carey made the cover.

Hortega made the uno….dos….tres…..

Winner after 15:11 Bobbinette Carey

Post match sees Team Epic heading back up the ramp again victorious and with another victim laid out.

The action then cuts backstage where we see Lee pounding his desk in frustration at the loss by Chris Jacobs. Lee mentions how he has dealt with many a stable in his day. From the LOD to The Union, Lee has handled them all with his Best Alliance. Lee wonders out loud if its time to get the Alliance back together. After a few minutes Lee calls Mindy into his office and tells her to get every past Best Alliance member on the phone…besides Jatt.

The action then cuts back to Joe and Benny who begin to wonder if Lee didn’t want Mindy to call Jatt because he already did so or because Lee wants nothing to do with Jatt. Benny goes with the former while Joe tells the viewers its time for another commercial.


Back from commercial and the HOTv comes to life as a video begins to air from earlier in the night. We see a handheld camcorder shakily turning around a busy intersection. The scene continues to turn until a quickly becoming familiar face is smiling into the lens.

Johnny Lexicon plays with the focus a bit and he obviously using the flip screen to set up a good profile shot as he’s walking down the hallway.

Johnny: “So here we are, once again, do you recognize this place? This is the exact location that Jay Campbell made his statement. This is the spot that The Philadelphia Murder Machine declared his intentions. There’s still blood on the floor.”

The camera turns to a few droplets on the concrete that hadn’t been mopped up since last week.

Johnny: “Already I bleed High Octane.”

He moves the lens back to himself as he continues walking.

Johnny: “So I get back from Mexico and there’s a priceless little video package left for me. All full of self righteous angst and unfounded arrogance. See it turns out that I’m a pretty boy living in the past and this whole time I thought I was a pro wrestler. I guess they don’t air pro wrestling on BET, because if they did then I’d have expected a little more tact.”

He grins casually.

Johnny: “I’d have assumed Jayson would have proceeded with a little more caution. Because it only seems logical that somebody who’s able to build a career off past accomplishments, like myself, might know a little thing or two in that ring. Now personally, and this is just me talking, I feel there’s a fine line between stupid and brave. It’s a brave man who can take stock of his fear, to buckle up in the face of extreme adversity and tell the world “I am not afraid to fight” without ever saying a single word. But you have to be down right stupid to jump into the lion’s den after poking at it with a stick.”

Lexicon comes to a stop, turning fully to the frame he regards you, the viewer, with a bemused grin.

Johnny: “I’m not what you expected Jayson. But I’m pretty sure you’re exactly what I’m expecting, it’s a scene that will replay over and over as long as some rich guy will wave a bunch of money around. Don’t get me wrong, it could be you. You could be the next big thing, the evolution of sports entertainment, a walking icon the likes of which will put my career to shame and you’ll laugh last and loudest. I just doubt it, is all. Statistically speaking you’ll eat your words tonight, but it’ll take a few more months of mediocrity before you realize that you’re not that guy. That you don’t compare. That you just jumped into this lion’s den after poking me with a stick.”

As the video ends we go back to Joe and Benny who talk about all the influx of solid new talent in HOW and that the next match will pit the maker of the previous video Johnny Lexicon and another newcomer the Philadelphia Murder Machine Jay Campbell.

Singles Match

Johnny Lexicon vs. The Philadelphia Murder Machine

PMM makes his way out first to the song “It’s a Fight” by Three Six Mafia. The crowd has no real reaction for PMM and has he makes his way out Joe goes over what he knows about PMM.

He’s was a rising star on the Philadelphia MMA circuit. He competed in events across the Delaware Valley. Often he would knock out his opponents, earning himself a win. He often would say he “murdered ’em”, in referencing to his dominating wins. This earned him the moniker and nick name of “The Philadelphia Murder Machine”.

Benny yawns at all the information and takes the opportunity to take another shot as Johnny Lexicon makes his way out.

Joe goes into how much is not really known about Lexicon other than Johnny obviously knows some very bad people in some very seedy places after some of the details of Johnny’s Mexico trip were made known. Benny mentions he doesn’t care what guys do in their free time, as long as they are good in the ring.

The crowd has no real reaction for Lexicon as well and as Hortega signals for the bell the crowd is dead silent.

PMM gains the early control with a quick take down and the former MMA fighter locks on a headlock and the match is grounded early. Joe notes that this is the pace PMM wants while Lexicon wants to make the match more high paced, which brings Benny to note that a snail would want this pace to be quicker as PMM is just a boring wrestler.

PMM continues to ground and pound Lexicon as Johnny is unable to gain any kind of control over the former Philadelphia MMA fighter. Lexicon finally reaches the ropes where Hortega has to forcibly make PMM break his hold.

With the fighters back on their feet and Lexicon learning his lesson the match quickly goes to Johnny’s favor has he gains the upper hand by executing several high paced moves including a quick snap suplex and several drop kicks that send PMM to the outside to recover but he doesn’t have long as Lexicon executes a perfect all out dive to the outside and takes out the Murder Machine. The move brings out a large pop from the crowd and Joe mentions that Lexicon is winning the crowd over with his offence.

But Johnny makes a rookie mistake, albeit he isn’t one, and rolls PMM back into the ring and when he follows suit he is met with a quick elbow drop and again PMM is back in control, but this time he uses several suplexes to inflict damage and in the process gets several near falls.

Joe notes how impressed he is with PMM’s ability to keep the match at his pace once he has control. It might be boring to some but it is awfully effective. Benny just fakes a yawn and begins to play video poker on a little device he pulled out of his pocket.

Back in the ring PMM has Lexicon in a armbar submission but Lexicon was able to reach the ropes. Frustrated PMM broke the hold and proceeded to nail Lexicon with a perfect stalling brain buster which resulted in another near fall.

The finish of the match finally came when PMM picks up Lexicon in the powerbomb position, ready for his Bloody Murder finisher, but Lexicon floats over and counters with his own sit down powerbomb variance called the Pattern Perfect and gets the uno….dos…tres…..out of nowhere…much to the shock of everyone.

Winner of the match in 12:26 Johnny Lexicon

Post match sees Lexicon getting a fair amount of applause as he heads to the back while PMM looks at him knowing that he had the match won but just came up a little short.

Joe takes us to another commercial as a frustrated Philadelphia Murder Machine pounds the canvas.


Back from commercial and Joe reminds us all again that the first HOW PPV will be on June 8th live from right here in Chicago as Refueled will be aired live on Showtime in what could be the last HOW live broadcast if they don’t secure a TV deal. Benny notes that there is no way in hell that Lee would let us go that far without a TV deal in place. Joe notes that there is only one more show on Showtime before we go black until the PPV. Benny mentions that Lee has to have something in store…he always does.

Joe steers the commentary back to the nights action as he states the next match up pits a couple of wrestlers with entirely different backgrounds. Its time for the Masked Marvel to take on the drunk that is Michael Norcia.

Singles Match
The Masked Marvel vs. Michael Norcia

As Norcia makes his way out to a mixed reaction, Joe goes over last week’s epic battle with Maximillian Kael. It was clearly the match of the night and several highlights are then shown of Norcia catching Kael with the Hand of God finisher. As the highlights end Benny points out that Norcia is clearly hammered…it takes a drunk to know one.

It is not obvious to Joe but as The Masked Marvel makes his way out to a few cheers Benny is more than certain Norcia is drunk.

Hortega calls for the bell and Benny’s observation soon rings clear as not even ten seconds into the match The Masked Marvel catches Norcia with the Marvel Lock and soon enough Norcia is out cold and Hortega signals for the bell much to the shock of everyone in the arena, including The Masked Marvel.

Winner of the match in 0:21 The Masked Marvel

Shocked, The Masked Marvel heads to the back to no reaction at all mainly due to the fans being shocked at the outcome.

Benny and Joe question Norcia’s desire to be in HOW as the action cuts backstage.

*We open to Max Kael pacing back and forth back stage waiting for his match to begin. His hair is slicked back and he is in his full wrestling attire as his eyes glare at the walk way leading to the stage area that he would have to take to get to the ring. He looks frisky as Brian Bare walks up to him.*

Brian Bare: Max! Can I get a wo-

*Max immediately turns his eyes on Brian and grabs him with one hand by the lapel while the other hand goes over his mouth.*

Max Kael: SHHH! You want to talk to me!? Huh? HUH? Do ya?!

*Brian’s wide eyes seemed to scream fear as sweat immediately starts to form on his brow as he does his best to shake his head as a muffled “yes” is heard.*

Max Kael: Of course you do.. Yes.. Yes naturally, you’re an interviewer and I am about to have a match with Kirsta Lewis.. Of course you want to speak to me. Yes.. Uh.. About the match right? About Kirsta Lewis cause naturally that would make sense.. Right? RIGHT?!

*Brian offers another half attempt at a nod as another muffled -yes- escapes Max’s head. Max nods slowly then offers a wide, toothy smile before he shoves Brian back against a wall.*

Max Kael: Hmmm yes a touchy subject to say the least, lots of.. Issues there. Not with me and Ms. Lewis of course but with Lee Best and Lewis. Hard to say of course, for many people seem to have a problem with the boss for stuff he has done in the past. Hmm. Hard to say exactly what my feelings on that are as he last left me in the past as well, left me hanging, embarrassed and unsure what to do. Yes, it definitely is true.. Right?

*Max eyes Brian who can only shake his head again as Max leans further toward him, causing Brian to slide down the wall looking up at Max*

Max Kael: So what am I suppose to say about it then huh? I mean.. I’ve never been good at talking trash.. Cause I’ve never really been able to take anyone seriously particularly this Kirsta Lewis.. I mean seriously take her seriously? She wants a hardcore match? That’s crazy and crazy people are Never EVER serious. She’s gonna try to light me on fire or something. And that’s just stupid. How can I take someone who is going to light me on fire seriously?

*Brian offered an confused glance and a shrug as Max slowly lifted his hand, patting Brian on the shoulder with his other.*

Max Kael: Thanks Brian, good interview. Definitely. You’ve got a future in this.. Uh.. Business? Yeah.. Though I was honestly expecting more hard hitting questions cause, you know, this is suppose to be informative investigative journalism right? Maybe? Oh well. Bye-bye now.

*And with that Max seemed to wander off leaving a very confused and now very sweaty Brian Bare staring at him as he leaves.*

Mayhem goes to commercial as Brian Bare can only shake his head.


Back from commercial and its time for the NO DQ match between Maximillian Kael and Kirsta Lewis. Joe runs down all the footage from last week showing the surprise debut of Kirsta Lewis and how Lee anointed Max as the man to take out the Hell Cat. Benny states that this the match he has been waiting for all night. Joe notes that Max is coming off of a lose and if he loses here it would be two in a row that Lee has effectively lost after sending men out to face women that Lee despises.

NO DQ Singles Match
Maximillian Kael vs. Kirsta Lewis

Kirsta Lewis comes out to a rousing ovation as everyone knows that she got the better of Lee like no one else before her. The Hellcat enters the ring and smiles and waves to the fans as Benny takes several shots in disgust at the site of Kirsta. Benny mentions several times how it was Kirsta that helped bring down HOW last time it was around. Joe reminds Benny that they were not allowed to talk about that time or else be fired.

With that said both men are quiet as Maximillian Kael makes his way out. There are several cheers for the enigma of HOW but overall he receives a poor reception mainly cause of his allegiance to Lee.

The NO DQ match starts out red hot as Kirsta surprises Max with several high impact moves and within minutes Max is on the outside wondering what to do with the Hellcat as the crowd is going wild.

Max then goes under the ring and pulls out a handicap parking street sign. But as he rolls into the ring and charges Kirsta he is met with a dropkick and is almost pinned by Kirsta. Benny is very nervous and states that Max better get his shit together.

As if on cue Lee Best then made his way out and immediately got the attention of Kirsta Lewis. Max tried to capitalize with a victory roll but Kirsta kicked out. Lee then made his way down to the ring and between him and Max they surrounded Kirsta who immediately went for Lee but before she could get to him Max nailed her from behind and the two men began to work over Kirsta.

After several minutes of harsh shots to the face and several chops to the breast area by Lee, who was smiling the whole time, Lee signaled for Max to finish her.

That is when Darkwing’s music started up and the HOW Hall of Famer came racing down to the ring.

Joe quickly noted how Lee and Darkwing have always been at odds and this made perfect sense for Darkwing to be helping Kirsta.

Max quickly exited the ring but Lee was cut off by Darkwing and was surrounded by Darkwing and Kirsta who was on her feet now.

Darkwing charged Lee but Lee ducked and the Duck nailed Kirsta with a devastating clothesline, knocking the Hell Cat damn near out. Benny is going apeshit for Lee to get out of the ring as Darkwing walked towards Lee.

But just as he is about to attack Lee, Darkwing turns towards Kirsta and nails her with his Nightfall finisher and the crowd begins to boo loudly as Lee and Darkwing shake hands while Max rolls into the ring not sure of what’s going on. Max kicks Kirsta once in the gut and she doesn’t move and Max then proceeds to make the cover and Hortega counts…


Winner of the match in 13:21 Maximillian Kael

Post match sees Lee Best, Darkwing and Maximillian Kael walking to the back to the loudest chorus of boos ever. Back in the ring Kirsta Lewis is beyond pissed and Joe cannot get over the fact that Darkwing just helped the man that made his life a living hell for all these years. Benny is more afraid of the pissed off woman in the middle of the ring. You know what they say about the wrath of a woman scorned.

Joe takes mayhem to a commercial as the arena is still buzzing.


Back from commercial we are backstage in the parking lot where Lee, Darkwing, Chris Jacobs and Maximillian Kael are all seen jumping into a limo. As the limo rides away we see Kirsta standing in the shadows with fire in her eyes. As the limo drives out of site, its Kirsta’s turn to get on the cell phone and as the action cuts back to the announce team everyone is left to wonder who Kirsta is calling.

Joe and Benny, still in shock from the last match, try to move on and begin talking about the importance of the ICON Title. A video airs on the HOTv showing all the past ICON champions and then we see a recap of the victories by Graystone and Nijs Landzaat from last weeks Mayhem.

Main Event
ICON Title Match

Graystone vs. Nijs Landzaat

Inside the ring Carl Hortega holds the ICON title high as Graystone and Landzaat have already made their way down to the ring and are staring each other down on opposite sides of the squared circle. The crowd is still buzzing over the Darkwing swerve and now are red hot as the ICON title is about to be decided.

Joe and Benny run down the keys to the match and Hortega signals for the bell.

The match starts up with both men equal. Neither man can gain an early advantage and they clearly are not trying to make the first mistake. Nijs continually looks to the outside to his manager for help and Joe isn’t sure if that is a good sign.

Landzaat finally does get the advantage just with his pure strength. Benny notes that its not god given but Joe points out that nothing has been proven in terms of steroid use.

Landzaat uses pure brute force as he begins to dominate the match. Graystone has no answer for the power that is Nijs. He is thrown around the ring and every time he tries to counter Landzaat just purely powers out of it. The crowd is in awe of the strength of Nijs but all Benny can talk about is Darkwing getting into the limo with Lee Best. Joe manages to keep his focus on this very important title match but eventually just feeds Benny another shot and soon enough it’s just Joe calling the match as Benny passes out.

Back in the ring Landzaat scores several near falls but is unable to finish off Graystone and it is at this point that Graystone gains the advantage.

Nijs is conferring with his manager when Graystone is able to blindside the larger man and quickly executes some perfect shots to the legs of the Landzaat driving the man down to the mat where Graystone begins to work on the legs, thus grounding the larger man.

This goes on for several minutes and Joe mentions the precision of Graystone is unparallel.

After several more minutes of Graystone offence Nijs finally catches Graystone by the throat and goes for a choke slam but Graystone counters with a DDT and then tries to lock in a scorpion leg lock maneuver but it is countered by the leg strength of Nijs. Frustrated Graystone goes for a elbow off the top rope but he is caught in mid air and Nijs goes for a running powerbomb but Graystone floats over and pushes Nijs headfirst into the corner resulting in the big man nailing his head off the steel. Graystone then executes a perfect reverse DDT and makes the cover as Hortega counts..

Uno ……dos…..tres…..


Post match we see Hortega hand Graystone the title as Nijs manager tries to console his wrestler but to no avail. Landzaat attacks Graystone and precedes to powerbomb him onto the ICON title and then picks up the belt and smacks Graystone hard in the head with it causing Graystone to bleed. Joe is screaming for security as Mayhem goes off the air with Nijs Landzaat holding the ICON Title high in the air while standing over the ICON Champion.

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