Mayhem: May 4th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
May 4th, 2009 – #HOW49
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


The HOW Mayhem Logo flashes on the screen however instead of the usual intro we are returned to a black screen.

“The Times They Are A-Changin” by Bob Dylan begins to play in the back ground as the scene opens up to a warm view of the first ever High Octane Mayhem held at the United Center in Chicago. The faces of the young and old fans can be seen cheering loudly as the event beings..

The scene fades into a group of soldiers from World War Two waving good bye to their loved ones as they set sail for the beaches of Normandy.. The well wishes and tears of the women and children mingle with the fan fare afforded the first sacrifices of Americans in the European Theatre..

We are shown a scene of Lee Best making his way down to the ring with Jatt Starr circa 2003 as they appear to be booed. Below Lee Best is a name plate that reads “Owner of High Octane Wrestling, LEE BEST”. It can be seen that he is holding a pen in his left hand which he idly thumbs.

Returning to the old war footage as a few soldiers are seen sitting in the back of a beach lander, their helmets propped on their heads with their weapons at their side.. a few are smoking cigarettes or holding lucky tokens given to them before they were dispatched to battle the evils of the Axis Powers. Their eyes tell the story of sacrifice and the knowledge that there would be no promise of survival once the doors opened and they were turned out to their individual destinies..

The video switches to Max Kael standing on the stage as he reveals that he is the mind behind the M.K. Group and that he now owns 50% of High Octane Wrestling.. The looks of shock on the faces of the fans and most notably the furious expression of Lee Best in the back stage area is shown.

Back with the soldiers the doors open as gun fire riddles the opening with bullets that claim the lives of the first to die in one of the costliest wars in history. Still they push forward, push with all their ideals and their dreams and their conviction of the defense of freedom. But for all they believe in, nothing stops the carnage as they are pushed into the meat grinder of Normandy Beach.

A shot of last year’s War Games with Bobbinette Carey handcuffed to the wall of the structure while being struck with a chair..

A shot of the Mask Marvel being driven through a table as his arm shatters, bone spurs jutting free of the meat while blood squirts from the visceral muscle..

A shot of Lee Best lying broken and bleeding at the feet of Kostoff with Max Kael laid out next to him, both men having been beaten savagely during the course of the match, neither man a winner last year..

Finally a scene of Normandy Beach with hundreds of bodies littering the sandy shores, their blood turning the water maroon as it laps at their corpses, sacrifices of a War between two super powers..

Then all fades to black as the parting words flash up onto the screen.




The Prime Minister

The fans at the Best Arena come to life as we go live with a shot of Max Kael standing in the middle of the ring wearing a black suit and a smirk on his face. He lifts his custom M.K. microphone to his lips as the crowd begins to quiet down.

Max Kael: In 1944 over Ten Thousand allied soldiers were sacrificed for the greater good of the world when they were thrown against the German Defenses of Normandy in a battle against the Nazi Empire. Too this day the sacrifice of those soldiers is remembered in the form of memorials, museums, songs, documentaries, movies and paintings. Normandy would go down in history as the first step in freeing Europe from one of the greatest evils known to mankind and set the course for the entire World for the next century.

The crowd cheers in memory of the soldiers of Normandy and of the victory achieved by the Allies against the Axis forces.

Max Kael: In 2009, on the shores of Normandy Beach we shall see sacrifice once again. We shall see two forces throw their soldiers at each other to set into motion the ultimate destiny of High Octane Wrestling, too see what direction this company will take for the next century. There will be blood. There will be sacrifice. There will be suffering and sorrow. War is coming to Normandy Beach and I, Maximillian Kael, the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia will be leading my team, My Soldiers into the breach for Better. Or for Worse!

The uncharacteristically charismatic Max Kael lifts one arm into the air as he is greeted with a flood of cheers from the crowd, perhaps the first time in a long, long time that Max has ever received cheers from the fans.

Max Kael: My opponent, Lee Best, shall not be leading his forces from within for he does not have the personal fortitude to lead his own team in the cage.. he does not have the will to forge his own destiny and for that reason alone he is doomed for failure. He sends forth is soldiers to defend what he views as rightfully his.. He sends forth Aceldama, he sends forth Shane Reynolds and Christopher America as well.. too that I say the moment you decided to set the fate of your success on the shoulders of others you doomed yourself to failure!

Another pop from the crowd as Max reaches into his pocket too pull something out. It appears to be a paper which he holds up in the air for everyone to see.

Max Kael: Christopher America.. do not think I have forgotten about you. Chris, it is my PLEASURE.. to formally announce that you.. were ACCEPTED AS A MEMBER OF FRANCE! Congradulations, Sir, you can start cracking on those French Lessons! Oh sure.. I maaaay have used your signature from HOW Documents to.. sort of personally apply you to request citizenship.. and then maybe bribed a few people in the government to fast track you into citizenship, I mean, its not like anyone ELSE wants to move there.. and sure, I have no doubts you will nullify it as soon as possible.. but.. For at least one night.. You can say you “VIVA LA RESISTANCE!”…In France.

The crowd goes crazy at the prospect of a Christopher France-America as Max Kael holds up his hands for silence once again.

Max Kael: But! That is not all.. for I have one more announcement.. As Aceldama was rude enough to rob me of Issac Slade I have been forced too once again select two new team members. Tonight I announce my replacement for Issac, my fourth to be named at a later date. And so without further waiting.. my newest team member is the 2008 War Games Winner, “The Queen B” Bobbinette Carey! That Vibes so much.. I think I’ll take a moment.. to Imagine THAT!

New rankings come out tomorrow only on HOTv!


Bob Jared vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

We return from the commercial break to find Christopher America already in the ring for his match.

Christopher: A lot of people have been asking me why all week. Why did you sign with Lee Best? Why did you allow Shane to pin you? Why, why, why, why, why?

Here’s the thing. First off, you people should never EVER demand me to provide an explanation for what I do. What I do is always in the best interest of the country.

Joe Hoffman: The country or himself?

Benny: He does it in the best interests of both because he represents America and he now represents Lee Best so you can fuck off and kiss his American ass.

Christopher: But, I’m feeling generous tonight, so I’ll let you in on my great American mind works. I joined with Lee Best for a number of reasons. The first is that in order for me to get a rematch for my LSD title, I had to join Team Best. Now, most of you Un-American simpletons out there probably think that it wasn’t worth it. But, then again, if you had the brains that I do, you’d be in better jobs and not the fucking trailer park.

The crowd boos loudly.

Christopher: Ah yes, (QUI?) the Best Arena’s peanut gallery (QUI?) is letting me know how they feel. (QUI?) Wish I cared. (QUI?) You see, I joined Team Best (QUI?) not only to get a rematch for my LSD Title, (QUI?) but also to main event War Games. (QUI?) Do you know how many people get to main event War Games?

Crowd: QUI?

Christopher: I didn’t think you did. Thanks for confirming it.

The crowd again boos realizing that they have played into America’s hands.

Christopher: 8 people get to main event War Games. I am one of the chosen few. And to be honest, whether you like it or not… I AM THE SAVIOR OF THIS COMPANY!

The crowd once again jeers. A cup flies across the ring, missing America’s face by mere inches.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd is riding America.

Benny: This bottle of beer is going to ride up your ass if you don’t shut the hell up and let the man speak.

Christopher: What a waste of American beer. Anyways, I also joined Team Best for one other reason in particular. And that… is to screw with Shane Reynolds. You see, 2Xtreme has been running rampant on Mayhem and Turmoil. He’s gone unchecked and this cannot be allowed. So, when I faced him in a match, I did the only thing I could think of. I laid down and I allowed Shane to pin me.

The crowd cheers at the memory of Shane pinning America.

This resulted in a number of results. First, I made sure that I was not going to be your little monkey and perform for you when you want me to. You people don’t deserve to see my patriotic godliness in this ring. Secondly, 2Xtreme hasn’t earned MY respect. So, he will never get a proper fight out of me. Each victory he has over me will be tainted because I refuse to wrestle an ungrateful, self righteous, Jeff Hardy wannabe spot monkey who utilizes moves that are physically impossible to perform unless you are from super high up. But, I digress.

Crowd: YOU’RE A FRENCHMEN. Clap-clap-clapclapclap. YOU’RE A FRENCHMEN. Clap-clap-clapclapclap.

Joe Hoffman: He has no respect for Shane, the fans or anyone else!

Benny: Why the fuck do you care?

Joe Hoffman: He is representing HOW.

Benny: …in America.

Christopher: So, now do you simpletons get it? I’m in this to get my LSD title rematch, be in the main event for War Games and mess with Shane Reynolds. It is, has, and continues to be….ALL….ABOUT….ME! But the utmost reason for joining Lee Best’s War Games team, will be kept to myself. Now, bring out Bob Jared! You’ll notice 2Xtreme that I’ll be wrestling in this match. Why? Because I have more respect for Bob Jared than I do for you. Come on, Bob. Get the fuck out here, so I can end this… in America. (FRANCE)

As America tosses away his mic the amazing and perhaps most legend worthy Bob Jared makes his way down to the ring to a decent pop. Sliding into the ring the bell rings as the bout is underway.

America and Jared are left staring one another down and the two tie up battling for strength, but out of nowhere America strikes for an eye rake which actually foes no damage to Jared whatsoever. But America celebrates to the fans who give a mixed reaction, Jared waits and finally the two lock up again, America taking Jared down with a fireman’s carry. But Jared catches America with a head scissors, only to have him kick out with a kick flip back to his feet, once again he celebrates to the fans, Jared is left confused and waiting.

Joe Hoffman: America doing a little showing off here tonight, maybe taking Jared a little easy?

Benny Newell: Who gives a shit, I’d love to just throw him in France and run off.

The two once again lock up, America grabs the back of Jared and begins tussling with him. He yanks him left, then right, and manages to take him down to the mat, but each attempt Jared makes to get up, America refuses him by pulling him back down holding the control. But Jared manages to get to his feet, America makes another attempt to drag him to the mat only to fail as Jared starts dragging him towards the ropes. Suddenly out of nowhere Jared drops forward and drags America causing him to go flying out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ohh, Jared showing America he can hang and maybe embarrassed America there?

Benny Newell: What? What happened I was pouring a drink?

America comes sliding into the ring and out of nowhere slaps Jared across the face causing it to echo across the arena. Jared is shocked and slaps America back, America goes for his own again but Jared catches his arm and locks him in an arm lock. Jared holds it on for about a minute, but after resting America strikes with an elbow, Jared lets go and America runs off the ropes, dropping Jared with a clothesline. Again he runs off the ropes, Jared rolls making America jump over him, he gets up, America comes back off the ropes and Jared leap frogs him. America seems frustrated but after continuing off the ropes suddenly Jared back body drops America high into the air, but America quickly gets up, as does Jared, and Jared runs clotheslining America over the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Ohh, guys this one picking up quick, these two now mean business.

The action continues as Jared leaps over the ropes with America moving causing him to land hard on the concrete, America is only forced to send him back in the ring. America picks up the action landing a spinning heel kick on Jared, following with a large American suplex and finally a hard American DDT before going for the cover.

Referee Hortega counting..



Kick out by Bob Jared. America picks it up by landing a few hard punches, he sends Jared off the ropes and clotheslines him back down, only to continue by climbing up the ropes early and leaps off landing a huge hard American top rope leg drop.

America covers once again..



Kick out once again on Jared’s behalf. America seems frustrated after not being able to end this early and drags Jared into the corner following with several stomps and slaps, insulting Jared.

Joe Hoffman: America clearly not happy here, it’s as if he wanted, or rather expected this one to be over early.

Benny Newell: So would I, with both of them, I could end it early if I was in there, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Oh really?

Benny Newell: Really!

America has Jared up now and swings him off the ropes, but Jared reverses, he attempts his own clothesline but America ducks, America returns and dives at Jared with a cross body only to be caught. Jared doesn’t do anything though, he just holds him as the fans cheer and chant and watch on waiting to see what he does, America struggles to get free but Jared walks around the ring with him in his arms. Eventually suddenly Jared drops America with a HARD back breaker, America goes limp and he covers him, Hortega is quick to count..




Jared gets up and raises his hands.

Benny Newell: Is that it?

Joe Hoffman: No look!!!

Jared has his hands raised on the turn-buckle, but the ref is trying to inform him America’s foot was on the ropes. Jared pays no attention and America is up, slow moving, it seems the back breaker hurt him as he struggles his way over. America moves the ref and distracts him by pointing into the crowd, Hortega dumb enough to look America takes advantage and low blows Jared. The fans react with pain, Hortega looks back confused but America already has Jared stretched over his shoulders in a back breaker position. He stands on the second turn-buckle and leaps off, he drops hard and lands him down with a hard back breaker, it’s Jared who now goes limp and America covers..




America rises holding his hands up as the ref is about to go signal for the bell. But as America is distracted by celebrating on the turn-buckle, the ref notices Jared’s foot is on the ropes .

Joe Hoffman: Deja vu?

America suddenly gets informed by the ref he hasn’t won, he panics and Jared is up. America leaps off the ropes but only to fall into the trap of Jared receiving a drop-kick to the face, dropping America, but Jared drops and falls to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: And were back to squared one?

Benny Newell: Ah Fuck! We gotta watch it all again?

The ref begins counting with the two down, not moving and the fans chanting along..






Jared begins moving..


America begins moving..


They both make attempts at getting to there feet..



And there up! Both men get to there feet but as America turns, suddenly Jared surprises America and hits the Tumbleweed Twist into a cover, Hortega counts..




Winner of the match in 9 minutes and 31 seconds.. Bob Jared!

Bob Jared is helped up by Hortega as he celebrates his victory over Christopher America who is left dazed and confused in the center of the ring! The fans in Chicago go nuts and begin to chant Bob Jareds name!


Epic Connection?

~We head backstage Marvelous Mario Maurako and Johnny Elite are walking down the Hallway while Johnny carries a CD Player. The duo approaches the locker room door of Bobbinette Carey and Triple M knocks on the door~

~The door opens slowly to Bobbinette Carey standing there. She raises an eyebrow looking at the people on the other side of the door. She puts her hand on her hip as she looks at the two standing there.~

Bobbinette: What?

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Hey Carey, what a coincidence that we’d run into each other here eh?

Bobbinette: It’s my locker room door.

~She squints then shakes her head slamming the door.~

~Triple M pushes Johnny~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Look what you did Johnny! You scared her… get over there around the corner and wait for the signal.

Johnny Elite: Ok Mario… whatever you say.

~Johnny Elite takes his place around the corner as Triple M knocks on the door again~

~Bobbinette opens the door again and pushes her hair out of her face and sighs loudly.~

Bobbinette: Can I help you?

~She asks looking at him impatiently.~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Carey you can’t deny that there was a little something between us on TNT… something special.

Bobbinette: You asked for forgiveness…. I forgave you. End of story.

~She gets ready to slam the door again but figures she’ll amuse herself and stand there listen to this, if all else fails the door can be used to defend herself.~

Marvelous Mario

Maurako: I saw the twinkle in your eye when I asked for your forgiveness. It was there… and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. That’s why I prepared to sing you this song as a Tribute to the both of us.

~Mario looks back~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: That’s your cue Johnny!

Johnny Elite: Sorry!

~Johnny Elite presses play on the CD Player and “Poison” by Alice Cooper starts and Triple M Sings the lyrics to Bobbinette~

Mario Maurako: Your cruel device

Your blood, like ice

One look could kill

My pain, your thrill

I want to love you but I better not

Touch (dont touch)

I want to hold you but my senses

Tell me to stop

I want to kiss you but I want it too

Much (too much)

I want to taste you but your lips

Are venomous poison

~She raises her hand quickly.~

Bobbinette: What in the firetruck?! Are you mental? Did you get hit upside the head one to many times?

~Johnny stops the CD Player~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Carey why don’t you come out to dinner with? It will be fun… I mean you forgave me right?

Bobbinette: I said i forgave you… wait dinner? No…

~She says with an annoyed tone.~

Bobbinette: Just because I forgave you doesn’t mean that i actually want to be around you…

Marvelous Mario Maurako: It will be Uberly Marvelous I’m sure

Bobbinette: No.

~She says abruptly.~

Bobbinette: never say that again… I’m uberly disturbed.

~She looks at him raising an eyebrow.~

Bobbinette: what are you serious?

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Well…. yes. You don’t understand, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since TNT.

Marvelous Mario Maurako: I’ll do anything.

~She looks at him shaking her head.~

Bobbinette: Anything?

~That word caused her to smile.~

Bobbinette: next mayhem you retire the wack-o-meter in the ring. By handing it over to me and letting me destroy it.

Marvelous Mario Maurako: You want me to hand you the Whack-o-Meter so you can destroy it?

~He asks looking her over.~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Are you sure that is what you want?

~She nods her head.~

Bobbinette: You already said you weren’t going to use it any more. So put it to rest and let it end then.

~She says simply.~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: Done deal. I guess I’ll see you next week…. gorgeous.

~Bobbinette looks at him shaking her head nodding. She slams the door again dismissing him.~

Marvelous Mario Maurako: She likes me.

~Triple M walks around the corner as the scene fades to Commercial~


Mention Triple M and get a free bag of chips!!


Message Sent?

Returning from commercial, the Mayhem continues at the sound of giggling intermingled with the sound of heavy footfalls on the solid floor of the Best arena corridors.

The camera is immediately focused on the electronic tag around the right ankle, just above heavy black boots, giving away the owner of the later as none other than Shane Reynolds, even before the camera moves back and pans upwards. With a now frequent stern expression on his face, he rounds a corner, heading towards Maximillian Kael’s office, as per his recent instructions, and walks straight into Perfect Paul Paras, who is armed – one on each – with two women, both of whom are laughing as Triple P’s extended ICON victory celebrations seem to be continuing.

Shane merely stares back at Paul, although he is only greeted with his own reflection, ignoring the reaction his painted face is getting from the two Triple P sycophants. Three words run through his mind at that moment: Not another one!

Like with America recently, before Shane can begin to move away and ignore him, Paras looks Shane up and down, notably stopping to smirk at the ankle tag, then looks Reynolds in the eye from behind his mirrored sunglasses and speaks…..

Paras: Shane Reynolds… the man who would be Awesome. Long time no see, my fine ignoramus. Hard to believe it was only a mere matter of weeks ago when the Perfect One had you screaming for your life, tapping out in the middle of my Perfect ring. Since then, think of all that has changed for the both of us! I became ICON Champion, defeating the nearly-unbeatable Isaac Slade en route to becoming a saviour of the wrestling world, and you… you became a gopher.

Paul smiles in Shane’s face, tapping his Singapore cane against Shane’s Max Kael-induced tagging. Shane’s foot snaps out suddenly to kick the cane away from himself in annoyance.

Shane: For someone so perfect, you don’t half just regurgitate the same junk that spews out of Christopher America’s mouth. Speaking of which, be sure to pass on the message that I’ll be coming for him once he shows his face again after the stunt he pulled last week. I just hope you are able to deal with losing a member…..and another when I finally get my hands on Sektor.

Shane is unable to surpress his own smirk now, stepping forward with a bitter and vengeful gleam in his eyes.

Shane: In fact, I hope you are ready for your whole team to implode, because as I said last week, you re all a stain in this federation, and I’m going to make it my mission to annihilate every last one of you!!

Paul’s hands fly up suddenly, although his arms don’t move from around the waists of the two women, in a mock wait-a-minute gesture.

Paras: Whoa there, smiley, there’s no need to try to intimidate the Perfect One. I’m handling my Argonaut business on my own… if you have some message you want to deliver, do it yourself….and if you have some twisted vendetta against my team, then by all means, knock yourself out trying to make something happen… it doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Shane, previously getting angry at Paras’s attitude, stops suddenly and cocks an eyebrow at Paul after this response, unsure of what to think of his seeming disregard for the other members of the AoA or Shane’s threats.

Paras: Yes, you heard my flawless words correctly. The Perfect One has bigger fish to fry and bigger mountains to claim for the Perfect Life Movement. I have no issue with Shane Reynolds, and I suspect that, when you really think about it, you don’t have an issue with the Perfect One either. While my team-mates buy into this whole “fight back against those who challenge us” gimmickry, the Minnesota Messiah rises above such nonsense. Just look at me, Reynolds…

Paul glances back and forth between the two ladies, one of whom rubs her hand on Paul’s ICON Title, the other lustfully stroking his Singapore cane.

Paras: …My business is beyond your wildest dreams. Enjoy your night.

Paul flashes the Perfect Touch gesture to Shane, who glares at him, ignoring it completely. Paras pats Shane on the shoulder and continues walking down the hall with the women, leaving Reynolds to ponder what he has just heard.


Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Michael DeNucci
Singles Match

“Mother” by Danzig hits and Michael DeNucci makes his way to the ring. DeNucci leans up against the turnbuckle as his music fades out and is replaced by “Ego” by Element Eighty as Triple M makes his way to the ring. Triple M places his 2×4 down on the ring apron and Matt Boettcher checks Triple M for any foreign objects. Upon completion of checking Triple M, Boettcher checks Michael DeNucci but is interrupted when Triple M rushes in and lands a clothesline on DeNucci.

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell and the match begins as Triple M walks over to Michael DeNucci who is on the ground, and DeNucci takes The Marvelous One down with a drop toe hold and then quickly gets back up to a vertical base. When Mario gets up he is met with a drop kick that sends him to the turnbuckle and DeNucci follows with a series of kicks to the ribs of Maurako. Mario stumbles out of the corner and DeNucci bounces off of the ropes and lands a spinning heel kick.

Hoffman reminds everyone that Triple M issued a Challenge to Crow for the World Heavyweight Championship at War Games and DeNucci is already booked as he will be taking on King Trip and Trent in a SSE World Title Match!

Michael DeNucci doesn’t waste any time and he helps Triple M up from the canvas and whips him to the ropes and nails Mario with a standing side kick. A cocky smile crosses the face of DeNucci as Mario slowly makes his way to his feet. When Triple M reaches his feet DeNucci takes a wild right hand swing at Mario who ducks and puts DeNucci in the Full Nelson momentarily before picking him up and slamming him down to the mat with the Super Mario.

Triple M drops down to one knee after delivering the offensive maneuver and a woman in the front row throws her cup and it his Triple M. Triple M immediately gets up and walks over to the ropes and begins to shout at the woman in the front row. Michael DeNucci sneaks up behind Mario and clamps on the Trancemission and within seconds Triple M is tapping out.


After the bell sounds Michael DeNucci relinquishes the hold and exits the ring. As DeNucci heads for the back he is passed by Crow who is making his way toward the ring where Mario Maurako is being checked on by Matt Boettcher. Crow rolls into the ring and Boettcher steps away from Maurako not wanting to be in between the two stars. Crow lifts Triple M off of the canvas and nails his reverse piledriver on Triple M. Crow stands over Triple M and is handed a microphone.

Crow: Consider your challenge accepted….. bitch.

Crow tosses the microphone down on Triple M and then exits the ring.


Pre Match strike

We cut backstage where David Black is seen walking, when something off camera catches his attention. The camera moves around and reveals Ryan Faze standing off to the side with his back to David Black. A cocky grin appears on David’s face as he walks up behind Faze.

David: Well well…look who it is.

Faze turns around and is now face to face with David.

David: I gotta say, for someone who claims to be ‘Phenomenal’, you sure looked crappy losing the LSD title to Static.

He smirks, his arrogance steaming from every pore.

David: But hey, I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything. I mean, Static is a tough opponent. Sure, I beat him…well destroyed him is more accurate, in his own match even…but I can understand how someone like you could lose to him.

Faze pauses for a moment looking extremely confused and scratches the top of his head.

David: You got a problem Faze?

Faze: I’m sorry… hmm… I’m just trying to remember where I’ve seen you before. You know how sometimes you can have a name and a face but can never put the two together? Wait! I know who you are! You’re Matt Denton!

Ryan still appears to be confused though.

Faze: No… that can’t be it. AH! Now I remember! Aren’t you the guy that bagged my groceries for me last week?

Ryan sarcastically extends his right hand out to David Black, who is visibly seething and slaps his hand away.

David: You know damn well who I am Faze. I’m the man that’s going to snap that gimpy leg of yours in half tonight and move on to War Games to become the greatest LSD Champion this company has ever seen.

David smiles, content with his predictions when a suddenly serious Faze steps forward, standing nose-to-nose with him.

Faze: Snap my leg? What makes you think that you… that YOU of all people can accomplish something that people like Graystone and the entire AoA have failed to do?

David goes to speak but Faze cuts him off immediately.

Faze: Just listen up, Black… and listen good because it’s obvious you need to come back to reality from that pathetic dream world you’re living in. If ANYONE…is leaving War Games with the LSD title, it’s going to be ME!

David stares at Faze for a few seconds.

David: I’m the one heading to War Games, Faze. I’ll walk out of War Games as the new LSD Champion. And after tonight, people won’t be calling you ‘Phenomenal’ Ryan Faze anymore…They’ll be calling you the ‘One-legged wonder’…


Before David Black can say another word, he crumples to the floor in a heap. Faze goes to respond to the unknown attacker but it’s too late as he gets laid out as well. The camera then pans out to reveal the attacker…

Johnny Stevens.

Stevens calmly stands over Faze and Black with a steel chair in hand and glances at the camera with a serious expression before walking off.

The only beer War Games Enforcer and HOW Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal drinks


David Black vs. Ryan Faze vs. Johnny Stevens
Triple Threat Match

We cut back to ringside where HOW newcomer Johnny Stevens is in the ring getting his boots and pads checked by referee Joel Hortega for the Triple Threat match that’s about to begin.

Benny Newell: I’ll tell you what Joe… this Stevens guy impressed me earlier tonight when he laid out David Black and that idiot Ryan Faze with a steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: You call that impressive? I call it a cheap way to try and get a ‘leg-up’ on your opponents.

Benny Newell: “Maybe so, but don’t be too surprised if Stevens picks up the win here tonight via no-shows by Black and Faze.”

David Black’s music hits and after several unanswered moments with Joe and Benny arguing about whether or not he is going to show up, he finally emerges from backstage as evidenced by the shower of boos that echoes throughout the arena. Joe mentions that Benny spoke too soon and acknowledges David Black’s recent victories over the Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff and the current LSD champion Static. With a stern expression from being attacked earlier, Black heads down the ramp and goes right for Johnny Stevens who quickly slides out of the ring under the bottom rope.

David Black yells and points at him from inside the ring when “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin begins to blare. The fans rise to their feet in anticipation for the “Phenomenal One” but again, several moments pass with nobody appearing on the entrance ramp. Finally, the HOTv cameras begin to scan the crowd until Faze is captured jumping over the railing right behind the unsuspecting Johnny Stevens, who is still bickering with David Black.



Benny Newell: You’ve got to be kidding me! This match hasn’t even started yet. Faze is a cheater! He should be disqualified!

With the crowd roaring, Joe argues with Benny about how Faze’s actions are no different than the actions of Johnny Stevens earlier in the night. Faze picks up Johnny Stevens and slides him into the ring where David Black has been watching this go down. With Stevens flat on his back in the center of the ring, Black seizes the opportunity and calls for his finisher. In the matter of seconds, he flies off the ropes, checks his hair and delivers his elbow to the sternum of Johnny Stevens.


Joel Hortega drops to count the sure-fire pin fall.




Benny Newell: That fuckin’ gimpy bastard!

Ryan Faze breaks up the pin just in the nick of time by hammering the back of David Black. Faze immediately goes to work, dazing Black with a variety of strikes and then hops off the middle rope with a perfectly executed Springboard Drop Kick. Faze has to roll Johnny Stevens out of the ring to have room to cover David Black but barely gets a 2 count as Black kicks out with authority.

Faze brings Black back to his feet by his hair and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip, but when he ducks to perform a Back-Body Drop, he gets a stiff kick to the chest from David Black. Black follows up with a DDT and covers Faze immediately, holding the tights for leverage.




Hortega indicates the two count with his fingers and then steps halfway through the ropes to check on Johnny Stevens, who is still barely moving on the outside. As Hortega is doing this, Faze and Black pop up to their feet. Faze swings wildly at David Black, but with Hortega’s attention on Stevens, David Black tosses salt into the eyes of the “Phenomenal One,” leaving him stunned.

Joe Hoffman: Talk about a cheater, Benny!

Benny Newell: What are you talking about Joe? I didn’t see anything.

David Black sizes up Faze from behind for what appears to be his Codebreaker finisher that he likes to call the “Blackout,” but Faze blindly reaches forward and is lucky enough to find the ring ropes. David Black crashes to the mat and Faze takes the moment to rub his eyes and recover as best he can.

It’s not long before David Black is on the attack again though. A flurry of right hands leaves Faze in a weary state, but as David Black lunges at him for a clothesline, Ryan ducks and lands a reverse neckbreaker. A Springboard Moonsault has the crowd “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” and this time, it’s Faze with the cover.




Joe mentions the obvious that neither Faze nor Black has done enough in the match to put the other away and goes back and forth with Benny on the potential “X-Factor” that will most likely determine the outcome of the match. Still on the outside, Johnny Stevens is finally back to his feet and is leaning against the side of the ring for support as he shakes off the cobwebs.

Joe notes that a win here for Stevens would be the perfect opportunity to place himself in the thick of LSD title contention with both Faze and Black who are now trading blows and countering each others’ offensive attacks. Johnny Stevens finally manages to slip back into the ring just as David Black delivers a low blow to the former LSD champion. Black covers for a third time in the match, but this time its Stevens that breaks up the pin with a buzzsaw kick right to the face of David Black.


Black goes down and Stevens follows up by lifting him up for The Black Plague, his Go To Sleep finisher. But as Johnny Stevens turns around to drop Black into his knee, Black slips off and pushes Stevens right into a waiting Ryan Faze who executes a high impact Belly-to-Belly suplex! Johnny immediately begins nursing his shoulder after the hard landing.

The crowd cheers for the momentum swing in Faze’s favor, but it’s short-lived as many of the fans in the audience shout at Faze to “lookout” for David Black, who is behind him signaling for the Blackout. Faze turns…


Faze its taken down and falls outside of the ring as Black scrambles over to Stevens, rolling him up for the pin fall..





Post match we see Black heading up the rampway motioning his hands around his waist signalling to everyone watching that he is coming for gold here in HOW!


See the debuts of Siberian Wrestling and XWW this week on HOTv!


A Royal Celebration

The show cuts back to the arena where we find Trent and King Eisen, the newly crowned HOW Stable Champions, standing beneath a banner in the ring. The banner reads “The Institute Of Destruction: Your New Stable Champions. ” though there was a line through “Institute” and “Kingdom” was scrawled untidily above and a line through that with “Institute” scrawled even more untidily above. The stage area is crowded with speakers, amps, guitars and an overly large drumkit. Wez, Simon and Marshall, Trent’s bandmates, hammer away on the instruments, getting the crowd going with their classic thrash song “Giant Killer Wombles.” All around the ringside area crates of beer are stacked and their contents distributed to the crowd by King Eisen’s butler, after all, what’s a party without beer?

In the ring Trent and Eisen look incredibly pleased with themselves, with drinks and mics in hand and title belts over their shoulders. The crowd cheers as the song comes to an end, but we may never know whether they cheered because they wanted to hear more or were simply happy the racket was over.

Newell: God, what kind of music was that? It was horrible!

Hoffman: Can’t disagree with you there, but our Stable Champions seemed to enjoy it and they’re in charge of this party. Despite being new comers to HOW, they’ve already made themselves noticed and gone over some of the roster’s big name stars. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to celebrate.

Newell: Couldn’t they celebrate a bit quieter?

In the ring, King Eisen steps forward and raises his mic to his lips.

Eisen: Good evening, loyal subjects! You King welcomes you to join us in celebration of our tremendous victory over Ascension and the liberation of the King’s gold from those foul knaves!

Trent: Hell fuckin’ yeah, man, there’s meant to be more fuckin’, ya know, matches scheduled but we figured, hey, who gives a shit? We won these here bloody belts and we’re gonna fuckin’ celebrate ’til the fuckin’ cows come home! Sure we got matches ourselves tonight, but we ain’t goin’ anywhere, Bobbinette and Reynolds’re fuckin’ welcome to come join the fuck in! We got booze, we got all ya fun lovin’ motherfuckers out in the fuckin’ audience and, hell, even got live music! Give it up fer my band, Britain’s top fuckin’ Thrash act, Buried!

Trent gestures to the band on stage to a mild cheer of appreciation from the crowd.

Eisen: Yes, the Kingdom-

Trent: Institute.

Eisen: -Of Destruction is here in HOW to stay! The Stables Championship may be the goal of some, but to us they are just the start of our royal quest!

Trent: Too right, man, there’s three other titles just fuckin’ waitin’ fer us to get our hands on ’em! I’d make a fuckin’ quip one of the other Champ’s expense, but the way the flakes in this fed fuckin’ defend their belts, we could ‘ave fuckin’ Bob Jared and Johnny Stevens holdin’ the ICON and fuckin’ LSD belts by fuckin’ War Games! The amount titles change hands, it’s amazin’ there’s any fuckin’ prestige left in the championships. Well, ‘part from the World Title, looks like there ain’t no fucker who can knock Crow down a peg, ‘least no ’til me or Trip get a fuckin’ shot, know what I’m sayin’?

Eisen: Yes, Sir Trent, we will return HOW’s Championships to their rightful stature as the most coveted titles in the industry! We-

Before the King can continue “Mother” by Danzig hits the PA system and a very unwelcome face steps out on stage with a mic in hand and the stolen SSE World Championship belt hanging over his shoulder.

DeNucci: Now, now, getting a bit ahead of yourself, aren’t you?

In the ring, Trent and King Eisen look distinctly unimpressed by this interruption as the crowd hurl abuse at DeNucci.

DeNucci: One lucky win and you already think you can take on the world! Don’t you have more important things to think about, such as myself? I-

This time, DeNucci is interupted by Wez getting foolishly confronting him. Wez shoves DeNucci and shouts unheard obsceneties at him. DeNucci shrugs and snaps off a superkick to Wez’s jaw. Wez crashes into a guitar stand as he collapses, out cold from the shot. Simon and Marshall had promptly and covertly made a hasty exit.

DeNucci: Trent, don’t you have a leash to keep this… person under control?

Trent: DeNucci! You’re a fuckin’ dead man!

Trent makes for the ring ropes but Eisen puts an arm out to stop him.

DeNucci: Well at least one of you is paying attention, not that I expected you to think with anything but your fists, Trent. What is it, punch first and ask questions later? You’re such a simple man to figure out, it would be stupid to think you wouldn’t try to come straight at me so I asked Lee for another favour.

DeNucci smiles cockily as Trent becomes aware of the large number of security guards who had quietly made their way to ringside. All their eyes were fixed on the Stable Champions.

DeNucci: Don’t even try it, there’s more ready and waiting to storm out here and haul you off if you step a single foot out of that ring!

Trent: You spineless sack of shit! If yer gonna come out ‘ere and crash our fuckin’ party then stop hidin’ behind Best’s goons and get yer arse down ‘ere and get what’s fuckin’ comin’ to ya!

DeNucci smirks and shakes his head.

DeNucci: So impatient and so disrespectful. You’ll have to wait until War games, Trent, only then will I allow you the honour of losing to the best wrestler to ever come out of SSE! I didn’t come out here to fight, but I couldn’t just sit back and let you celebrate a victory that doesn’t belong to you. I made both of you! I made your SSE careers and I gave you your places on the HOW roster! Every single bit of success you’ve had has been down to me! You have no right to the Stable Titles, you only have them because of me, because I let you have them! I gave you fame, I gave you fortune, I gave you everything you have and what do I get in return? Nothing but insults, threats and ungrateful disrespect! I made you, but at War Games I’m going to end you, both of you! It’ll be as easy as…

DeNucci looks around him, as if trying to find the right words.

DeNucci: It’ll be as easy as this!

He suddenly grabs the half concious Wez and throws him into the speaker stacks, causing them to come crashing down on top of the hapless vocalist. Trent and Eisen had had enough and promptly climb out the ring only to get swarmed by the security guards. DeNucci laughs to himself as he looks on at the chaos he had orchestrated.

DeNucci: Party’s over, old friends. See you around.

DeNucci turns and exits to backstage while medical personel rush to check on Wez who isn’t moving and more security sprint down the ramp to try to restrain the Institute of Destruction.


LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Static vs. Silver Cyanide
Triple Threat Match

As the Stable Champions clear the ring and head to the back the HOV comes to life and a video highlighting the history of the LSD Championship…

The highflying Chico is shown nailing former LSD Champion Splinter..

Sigma and Kenny Taylor doing battle…

Silent Witness’ many title reigns…

Chris Kostoff’s reign of damage….

Scottywood’s long championship run…

The new Faze of HOW getting his first taste of HOW singles gold..

And the transformation of Guy Static Stephens into a champion…

As the video ends Joe reminds us that its time for the current LSD Champion Static to go against two possible contenders for his title come War Games…Silver Cyanide and HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff.

After much hype from the three men making their way to the ring the match starts off with a bang.

Silver and Static double team Kostoff. Both men beat down the hall of famer as Static motions for Silver to get Kostoff up. Static lands a nasty elbow shot to the jaw of Kostoff as Silver follows up with a German Suplex. Both men put the boots to Kostoff.

Static turns and looks at the crowd, as Silver nails him with a clothesline to the back of his neck. Silver pulls Static up and drops him with a sidewalk slam. Silver gets in a series of high impact moves as Kostoff gets to his feet. Grabbing Silver buy his head Kostoff drives him down with a northern lights suplex. As Kostoff gets in a nasty series of moves, Static gets to his feet and sends both men outside the ring.

The crowd goes wild as all 3 men battle at ringside. Kostoff drops Silver with a DDT to the cement as Static quickly lays out Kostoff with a chair shot to the head. Static pulls Kostoff but Kostoff turns the tide with a low blow followed with a pile driver to the cement.

As Silver gets to his feet he catches a turning Kostoff with a lunging clothesline. Grabbing the chair Silver drives the metal into the skull of Kostoff. Silver tries to get the upper hand on Static but with a blocked chair shot, Static gets the upper hand.

Static tosses both men back into the ring as the action picks up as Static begins a vicious flury of moves on Silver. As the crowd roars Kostoff begins to move again. The action turns as Silver reveres a suplex and drops Static. Grabbing Silver, Kostoff sends him over the top rope and out to the floor. Grabbing Static, Kostoff and Static begin to unleash a series of rights and lefts.

Dropping Kostoff with a power slam Static goes for a pin……

kick out at 2 by Kostoff.

Silver back into the ring and drops Static. Quick cover…..kick out at 2.

Silver pulls Kostoff up and drops him with a big DDT. Cover by Silver….kick out at 2.

Static gets to his feet and drop Silver. Taking control of the action, Static pounds away on Silver. Getting to his feet Kostoff charges and takes down Static. Pulling Silver up Kostoff drives him down with a quick and painful brainbuster. Pulling Static up, Kostoff plants him with the No Remorse…the ref begin to count as the masked man hits the ring through the crowd and nails Kostoff with a boot to the head.

Pulling Kostoff up the masked man throws him out of the ring.

Silver gets to his feet as Static pulls himself up. Silver charges but gets clothesline to the mat. Static calls for the end as outside the ring Kostoff gets to his feet and tries to pull the mask off the man. The mask comes off, only to show the masked man wearing the same mask as Kostoff did when he kidnapped Splinter’s sister.

The stunned crowd watches as Static drops Silver and covers





Post match we see Chris Kostoff take off into the crowd after the masked man as the crowd wonders exactly what is going on with Kostoff as Mayhem cuts to commercial.


If you are wearing a mask and Kostoff is chasing you…..your gonna get insurance!


Expensive Meeting?

We fade back in from commercial backstage action as Maximillian Kael over exaggerates flicking his head back against the chair as some of the papers on his desk get blown askew, and in some cases clean off the desk. The source reveals themselves as Shane Reynolds, who moments ago kicked open the door in anger and stormed in.

Shane: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

He scowls immediately as the words shoot forth from his mouth. Max blatantly ignores him, though, and instead clicks his fingers in the direction of Captain Price. Price responds merely with a raising of his eyebrow and the tilting upwards of the cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth.

Max Kael: Pick that up, there’s a good fellow.

Captain Price sighs, which even in itself comes out sounding like his usual badly pronounced English, but then bends down and begins picking up the sheets of paper.

Shane: Are you listening to me?

Max Kael: Not really!

Max answers in all seriousness, despite his contradiction, as he turns towards Shane, who has now moved directly up to the desk.

Max Kael: What were you saying?

Shane: You’ve gone too far this time!

Shane shouts, pulling the leg of his pants up slightly to reveal the electronic tag with M.K emblazoned on the side in black, uppercase letting.

Max Kael: Really?

Max asks sincerely, with his own eyebrow raised.

Max Kael: I would have thought ‘speed-bumping’—

Unbeknownst to them, the audience at ringside suddenly break into a huge ‘Speed-bump’ chant, enjoying the new catchphrase surrounding Max regardless of their feelings towards him.

Max Kael: –you would have been too far. Or, you know, having you attacked; or bringing Crow back in to crush you; or branding you; or kidnapping your niece and giving her to Graystone as a plaything. I would’ve thought one of those would have been going to far.

Max leans back in his chair again, holding up his hands above his head. His eyes pleased with the anger and resentment that list produced in Shane’s eyes.

Max Kael: But each to their own…..Now what can I do for you?

Shane: You can have it removed.

Max Kael: Somehow I don’t think so. You see, I can’t have you running around willy-nilly anymore. I need to know where you are at all times….and now I can. Especially if it comes to your match. Can’t have you running away and depriving everyone you being massacred at the hands of Aceldama.

Shane scowls at the thought of the match, as he did when he first heard of it.

Max Kael: So, I’m afraid your stuck with it.

Shane: If you’re not going to remove it—

Shane yells, defiant ’til the end, his fists slamming down on the desk now.

Shane: –I will. As for these matches, just so you know, you can shove them.

Shane turns now and heads back towards the door, having said all he needs to say…..but stops suddenly in the open doorway as Max snaps his fingers.

Max Kael: Alright then, you win. Go right ahead and remove it.

Max smirks.

Max Kael: Just remember that it is legal binding and should you remove it or not be the listed residence by the times allotted, you will be arrested and held in jail…..and you will miss War Games…and Team Best will lose….and you’ll never be free.

Max’s smirk grows wider beneath an expression that seems to display a sudden realisation, as though struck by an epiphany/

Max: No, wait…..I guess that means I win.

Max says, mirroring exactly what Christopher America had said only a week prior, which had pissed Shane off more than anything else he said. He seems to do the same here as Shane’s fingers grip the doorframe tightly in silent torment. Max giggles like a little girl for a moment before he looks down at his watch.

Max Kael: By Bill Cosby’s Puddin’ Pops, you’re going to be late for your match! Look as a sign of appreciation for all the hard work you have done for us here in the M.K. Group over the last few weeks let me be a chum and accompany you too the ring this week! Let’s go tall, dark and pastey!

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia jumps up from his desk and heads around it as Shane glares at him. Max pauses in front of Shane, grinning coldly at him as he lifts a hand to pat Shane on the cheek, perhaps a little harder then necessary.

Max Kael: See Shane Fume.. Fume, Shane, Fume. Now.. See Shane Follow.. Follow, Shane, Follow!

Heading out of the office without a second thought Shane is left staring forward, his hands shaking furiously at his side before he turns and follows. The sound of things being knocked off the walls and being kicked can be heard as the two men head off.

Max Kael: Hey! That’s expensive and its coming out of you’re paycheck!


Trent vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

We are returned to the ring just as Trent is heading toward the squared circle, the crowd still abuzz about the minor confrontation between Max and Shane in the back.

Joe Hoffman: I wouldn’t want to be Trent, tonight, the pressure clearly getting to Shane Reynolds more and more.

Hoffman states as the show returns to ringside.

Benny Newell: Nobody in their right mind wants to be Trent on any night; not even Trent would if he kicked the drugs.

The crowd on hand pops for Trent, one of the reigning Stable Champions at the moment. Clearly his unusual life style has drawn fans from the crowd, being made up mostly of Chicago people, it is not surprising. He rolls into the ring and poses for the cameras as Hoffman and Big Buff giving a run down of Trents qualifications as a former SSE Grand Slam Champion among his others qualifications. Big Buff reminds everyone, however, that SSE titles mean about as much as the little Bennies he left for the cleaning lady between his hotel sheets. Joe Hoffman is revolted.

Next out is Shane Reynolds who appears, much as he was last seen backstage, with Max Kael leading him down to the ring. The crowd laughs at Shane while Max appears oblivious to anything reaction what so ever from the crowd or Shane who glares at anything that moves. Max ushers Max into the ring before he takes a seat with the time keeper as the match is under way.

Shane advances quickly with a shameless cheap shot at the start of the bout with Trent not prepared. Trent is forced into the corner where Shane hammers away on him, threats of a disqualification or “El Disqualification” as Benny says from Hortega. Shane backs off for a moment before he charges in on Trent with a brutal knee to the midsection and once again thunder’s shots to Trent’s temples. Hortega once again threatens disqualification before Shane simple drags Trent to the center of the ring and goes for the cover..



Kickout by Trent!

Shane jumps back up to his feet and begins to hammer away on Trent’s leg in an attempt to take the power player off his vertical base. Slapping a Leg Lock on Shane attempts too force the big man to give as the crowd rallies behind the Toke’n Hero. Hortega checks on Trent to see if he wishes to throw in the towel however Trent replies only by fighting free of the lock. He eventually gets back to his feet and takes Shane down with a series of stiff close lines before he hits a Power Slam on Shane causing the former World and Icon champion to arch his back up from the impact.

Using his superior strength, Trent, favoring the leg that Shane had gone after earlier, works Shane’s back and shoulders over with various Side Slames and Back Breakers in a methodical break down. Finally the big man hoists Shane up into a Press Slam. Trent drops down for a cover as Hortega counts..



Kick out!

Rolling his shoulder up Shane escapes pin fall while Max Kael is sown in the back ground examining his fingers nails. Trent puts a knee into the small of Shanes back and wrenches back on his chin in a sort of modified camel clunch. It is obvious on Shane’s face that he is wracked with pain as the powerful Trent yanks back periodically to ensure Shane is placed into the maximum amount of discomfort. As Shane is slowly worn down, Hortega checks on him to see if he is willing to surrender. Shane refuses however his arms go limp as Trent continues to pour on the pain. Hortega lifts Shane’s right arm and drops it..


Hortega lifts it again and lets it fall..


Hortega lifts it one final time…



NO! Shane’s hand stops just short of hitting the mat before both hands move to the massive hand of Trent which is wrapped around Shane’s jaw. With great effort Shane is finally able to free himself from the monsterously large man’s grasp and slip out of the ring. Hortega keeps Trent at bay while Shane attempts to catch his breath once again. Or he would if Max Kael hadn’t moved over and started berating him for being late on the draw and being on the losing side. Shane stumbles around on the outside as Max continues to yell at him, pointing back into the ring.

Finally Max gets tired of trying to talk Shane back into the ring and physically shoves the surprised Shane Reynolds back in, still not fully recovered from the submission he had just escaped from. Trent takes advantage and scoops up the suprised Shane Reynolds for the TOKE DRIVER!

Shane fanatically flails and hits Trent in the side of the temple with his elbow until he is able to free himself, running into the ropes and coming back at Trent with a chop block taking the big man off his feet once again. Trent lets out a yell of pain before he starts to pull himself back up too his feet, hobbling on one leg as Shane runs at him hitting a huge tackle to his chest which sends both men up and over the top rope to the ground where they land in a heap.

Both men struggle to get back into the ring before the 10 count as the crowd rallies once again behind Trent. Both men manage to get into the ring and back up to their feet. Trent hits a stiff closeline drops Shane like a bad habit before dropping for the cover..




Trent slumps off to the side holding his arms up in the air as the crowd comes to life however Hortega waves his hands off at the time keeper before pointing down at the ropes where Shane’s leg is propped up. The crowd’s cheers turn to boos as Trent slams his fists into the mat in frustration before pulling himself and Shane back up. Max takes a moment to jump up on the apron to question Hortega about his reffing skills.

Suddenly Shane lifts a knee into Trent’s crotch causing the former SSE Grandslam Champion to fall to his knees clutching himself as Shane stumbles back. Max drops off the apron upon seeing Shane cheating and points Hortega toward it however by the time he turns its all over. Shane charges forward and strikes Trent across the face with a running knee as the big man is taken down to his chest. Shane spends the rest of his energy..


Shane connects on the prone Trent and rolls him over for the pinfall..





Post match Shane staggers to the back and smirks down at the reigning SSE World Champion as the action cuts to the backstage area..


Epic workout..

~The HOV lights up we see Bobbinette Carey in her pink ring gear as she is stretching in her locker room getting ready for her match. There is a knock on the door then it slowly opens. The Alpha black man, Darkwing comes through the door. Bobbinette stands up and puts her hands on her hips looking over at Darkwing.~

Darkwing: Hey I came to talk to you about the other day.

Bobbinette: That uberly tacky intervention you threw in my lap?

~Bobbinette asks as she looks him over. She seems quite upset about this as Darkwing puts his hands up.~

Darkwing: I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t handle that right.

~Bobbinette nods her head quickly.~

Bobbinette: I can agree with that….

~She admits.~

Darkwing: I want to make sure that we’re on the same page. Because tonight we both have big matches. You have your royal robbery and I have the match with your uh.. With Sektor

~Bobbinette nods clearing her throat.~

Bobbinette: What do you mean “your.. Uh”?

~She asks putting her hand on her hip.~

Darkwing: Well uh.. You know… your uh… boyfriend? For lack of a better term…

~Bobbinette shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: We’re not… I don’t know what we are. I haven’t talked to him… I mean we… I don’t know

~She sighs.~

Bobbinette: But good luck with your match.

Darkwing: Well you know I’m not trying to but into your, whatever you guys have going. But the team aspect or the concept you seem to not grasp too tightly in your previous stable runs. I may have gone about things the wrong way. But I need you to realize that your decisions not only effect your life but Ascension.

Bobbinette: I know that, and I need you to realize that I am entitled to a private life. Though I think you need to trust me on decisions regarding what I choose to do in my off time.

~Darkwing shrugs.~

Darkwing: I do trust you. That’s why we’re part of Ascension because all the members can be trusted. At the same time, if Sektor drags you down everyone suffers.

Bobbinette: Okay well then trust me on this one. I’m not going to let him ruin ascension.

Darkwing starts to walk out of the locker room. He pauses then takes a step back.

Darkwing: Oh Bobbinette if Sektor doesn‘t make it through tonight then I‘m sorry…

~He then nods and walks out of the locker room leaving Bobbinette to go back to her working out.~


Scottywood vs. Aceldama
Electrified Cage Match

We are back live inside The Best Arena and “Indestructible” hits the PA system as Aceldama make his way out and down towards to the ring, get a very negative reaction from the HOW fans.

Amy Smeets: The following match is an electrified cage match and is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring from Berlin, Germany and weighing in at 275 pounds…..Aceldama!!!

Joe Hoffman: He is the only remaining member of The Best Alliance that Scottywood hasn’t taken out since he turned his back on the stable.

Benny Newell: He attacked Static when it was 4 on 1, sneak attacked Reynolds with Darkwing….we’ll see how he fairs in a locked cage tonight with the monster of The Best Alliance.

OOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ’em Separated

Disturbed starts to play “Stricken” as we see Scottywood make his way out from the back with hockey stick in hand as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the cage.

Amy Smeets: And his opponent from New York City and weighing in tonight at 265 pounds….The Commissioner of HOW….The Hardcore Artist…..Scottywood!!!

The fans are roaring with cheers as Scottywood makes his way into the ring and tosses his stick to the side of the cage as referee Matt Boettcher calls for referee Joel Hortega to lock the steel cage and flip the switch which sends the electricity through the steel of the cage. Boettcher places his rubber gloves on and then calls for the bell to get the match underway.

Joe Hoffman: We have not been told the exact voltage of the cage, but we have been promised it is a non lethal amount….we hope.

Benny Newell: I wanna see Scottywood fry like the traitor he is.

Aceldama and Scottywood lock up as despite the moniker monster, Aceldama is actually a few inches shorter then Scottywood and Scotty uses that height advantage to gain control and with a knee to the stomach and a quick turn around, plants Aceldama with a quick inverted DDT. He picks Aceldama back up and tries to Irish whip him into the cage, but he reverses it and tries to send Scottywood to the same fate, but he puts the breaks on and stops. Turning back towards Aceldama he gets a large boot in his face, which almost takes his head off. Aceldama stalks Scotty who slowly gets back up to his feet only to be taken down again by a spear which Aceldama calls the Berlin Express.

Joe Hoffman: A good start by Scottywood is quickly halted by some big offense by Aceldama.

Benny Newell: One on one, Scottywood is no match for The Best Alliance.

Hitting a few more moves we see Aceldama try and throw Scottywood into the cage, but is unable too, which is starting to frustrate him. He lifts Scotty up and hits a jackknife powerbomb and again tries to Irish whip Scottywood into the cage but is surprisingly reversed and Aceldama is sent hard into the cage which just barely sparks and Aceldama is able to stay on his feet as Scottywood seems a bit confused.

Benny Newell: Must be a defected part.

Joe Hoffman: Sure. Who is controlling how much voltage goes into that cage?

Scotty charges at Aceldama who turns around and catches Scottywood with a hand around his throat and quickly chokeslams Scottywood into the steel cage as a loud shock can be heard and a large puff of smoke comes off the cage wall as Scottywood collapses to the floor, leaving the crowd stunned as Aceldama pulls something out of his pocket.

Joe Hoffman: Handcuffs?!?

That’s exactly what they are as Aceldama places on the left hand of Scottywood and then lifts him up and handcuffs him to the steel cage, which transfers the electricity through the metal cuffs and into the body of Scottywood as he starts to shake violently and Boettcher calls for the bell, but Hortega is refusing to shut the power off.

Joe Hoffman: Come on Hortega! Shut the damn power off!

Benny Newell: Do you want your Scottywood crispy….or extra crispy?

We suddenly see Ryan Faze sprinting out towards the ring as he reaches the cage and kills the power as Scottywood stops shaking and his body goes completely limp. Boettcher checks on Scottywood and calls for someone to bring a key for the handcuffs down as they can’t raise the cage until Scottywood is unlocked.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match by electrical knockout in 4 minutes and 51 seconds…..Aceldama!!!!

Aceldama knows that the cage can’t be lifted as he picks up the hockey stick that Scottywood brought into the ring. Making his way over to Scottywood we can see that his shoulder is obviously already dislocated as he hangs from the cage by it. Aceldama takes the hockey stick and takes a baseball swing at Scotty forearm and connects with a sickening sound, as you can almost hear the bone snapping as the pain brings Scotty too for a moment as he yells out a cry in pain and passes back out from it.

Joe Hoffman: Come on! This is barbaric….uncalled for. What is that animal thinking?

Benny Newell: Hope Scottywood invested in Kostoff’s MetLife health insurance plan.

Boettcher finally gets a key as he undoes the cuffs and the cage starts to raise as the EMTs and Faze quickly attend to Scottywood as Aceldama makes his way out of the ring, happy with what he has done as he makes his way to the back as we head to commercial break.


The Last War..


Just a reminder of how Maximillian Kael did in the last War Games courtesy of Lee Best..

Max frustrated stands to his feet but then is nailed from behind as Shane Reynolds just lept off the top rope and nailed Max with a perfect DIABLO’S INFERNO…..Reynolds covers and Boettcher counts just as Kostoff breaks the door of the cage open…..




Joe Hoffman:


No Turmoil this week on HOTv! Instead catch a special re airing of the very first War Games!


Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. King Trip Eisen
Singles Match

Back from commercial and newly named Team Kael member for War Games Bobbinette Carey and Stable Champion King Trip Eisen are already in the ring and are both finished raving the fans with cheers and chants and look at one another ready to get going. The two lock up but Carey gets a headlock, Eisen whips out of it and locks Carey in one but Carey lands a few elbows and makes a run for it. He hits the ropes and comes back, Carey attempts a hip toss but Eisen blocks it, Eisen then attempts his own but Carey uses the leverage and leaps into the air hitting a hurricanrana straight into a cover.



Kick out!

Benny Newell: That was a fast count, Carey is sleeping with Hortega!!

Joe Hoffman: Looked like a normal count to me?

Eisen escapes quickly and escapes to his feet, but is only met with a hard right to the face. The fans are raring as Carey whips Eisen off the ropes, he returns and Carey this time hits a successful hip toss. Actions progresses as Carey locks him with a head lock, action the progresses as Eisen tries to escape but failed Carey whips it into a hard DDT and once again covers.



Kick out by Eisen, he’s having none of it but Carey lands a few punches and kicks, and follows up with a huge bulldog and once again goes for another cover, but Eisen kicks out after Dos.

Joe Hoffman: Carey determined for a win and be on top here.

Benny Newell: What are you talking about Joe? She’s always on top, haven’t you heard..

Carey annoyed, lifts Eisen up and attempts another bulldog, but this time he pushes her off and she goes flying, landing on her ass. The crowd laugh and cheer and chant as Carey rubs her own butt in pain, Eisen though takes advantage and runs up from behind booting her in the ass. Carey goes flying out the ring and Eisen is left posing and taunting the crowd as they boo, Carey takes her time getting up. The ref is on a 7 count, counting her out, but she finally slides in and faces off against Eisen, staring each other down.

Benny Newell: This is going to go on all night isn’t it? These stupid royalty fucks competing for king and queen..

Joe Hoffman: I hear no complaints?

Benny Newell: Lies, I just complained!

Carey and Eisen lock up, but Eisen is quick to landing an uppercut sending Carey dizzy, he lifts her up immediately with a vertical suplex and just holds her there high in the air. Roughly ten seconds pass and he eventually drops her hard on her back and now goes for his own cover, Hortega counts..



Carey kicks out.

Benny Newell: See, that was a slow count, Carey is so screwing Hortega, he’s favouring her..

Joe Hoffman: Don’t assume the worse of things!

Eisen pulls Carey to her feet after complaining to the ref, he whips her off the ropes and lands a hard clothesline, she drops hard and Eisen feels disgusted that his arm had touched her boobs and attempts to wipe the feeling away in a royal style. He pulls her up again, and again lands another uppercut, she stumbles back into the corner and Eisen is quick to mount her and raises his hands to the fans. He strikes and strikes and the fans count along with each strike Uno..Dos..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. but before Eisen can make the last punch, Carey weasels all her energy and pushes Eisen off, she runs at him, but a drop-kick to the face soon solves that issue, he covers..



Another kick out by Carey with a disappointed look crossing Eisen’s face.

Joe Hoffman: It seems as though both of these want the crown of beating the other, Eisen wants to be King, Carey wants to be Queen.

Benny Newell: Well I’m Ruler of the universe so they both suck, where’s my best friend Jack gone?

Following, Benny grabs his bottle of JD as in the ring Eisen sets Carey up for a Tiger suplex and lands it, but he doesn’t cover. Instead he picks her up again and hits a Dragon suplex, but once again he doesn’t cover, following by hitting a Fisherman’s suplex, and last but not least he lands a Northern Light’s suplex.. now he covers, but Carey’s quick to get her foot on the ropes breaking it up, Eisen looks insulted and drags her to the centre of the ring, but instead of cover, decides to slap her hard in the face.

Benny Newell: AGAIN!

And on queue, Eisen slaps her hard again, a kind of snapping whip to it.

Benny Newell: AND AGAIN!

Again on queue Eisen does it again, a large red hand mark is now covering the cheek of Carey as she lies limp. Eisen, almost fed up with her circles the ring taunting to the fans, he even takes it upon himself to rest his foot on Carey and let the ref count, but a Dos count is all he gets, maybe even expected with the cocky grin on his face. Eisen finishes up with a bow to the fans, Carey is making a slow attempt to get to her feet using the ropes, Eisen sees this and runs at her, but Carey drops and pulls down the ropes, Eisen is sent over.

Benny Newell: That’s a disqualification, look I bet Hortega even counts fast!

Joe Hoffman: Stop with the conspiracies.

But Hortega does at least start the count and Eisen takes his time to get up, the ref is at a 7 count and Eisen quickly rolls into the ring to break the count and rolls back out. Carey is also getting her energy back, resting in the corner, but the action is about to take place outside the ring, which also causes the ref to stop counting. King Trip walks on over, and with a disgusted face and carefully gripping, he picks up Princess, Carey’s dog that was resting in the announcers lap at ringside. He lifts it into the air by the scruff of its neck, it yelps and moans and Eisen holds his nose signifying it has a bad smell.

Benny Newell: Throw it out Eisen, kick it!

Joe Hoffman: Your sick, don’t do it!

Eisen hears them and smiles, hovering the dog as if to get ready to do a football kick to the dog into the crowd, but out of nowhere Carey comes to the saviour and grabs the dog and lands a huge super kick to his face.

Benny Newell: God-damn it, STUPID CHICK KICK!!!

Carey sends her dog to safety and rolls Eisen in the ring, she climbs up and gets to the top turn-buckle waiting for Eisen to get to his feet, he does and Carey leaps off landing a huge Royalty Crowning and quickly rolls into a over.




No! Carey can’t believe it as Eisen kicks out, she gets up and begins waiting for him, stalking him as he slowly moves, but as Eisen gets to his feet, Carey runs at him in hopes for the Royality Check but Eisen is quick and spears her. The two are down, but not out, and are quick to start getting to there feet, but Eisen rolls out the ring instead, Carey is up, holding her stomach, looking around but she can’t spot Eisen. After asking the ref, suddenly Eisen appears and he’s hiding something by his side, the ref doesn’t see it but Carey does and tells the ref to check. But Eisen his quick to argue and tells him to check what Carey has, the ref turns only for.. WHACK!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD! Eisen just smacked the ref in the back of the head with that royal stick of his!


Carey looks shocked at what has just taken place, but no time for rest as Eisen strikes at her next, she ducks and spins around and lands a boot to his mid section. Eisen falls to a knee dropping his royal stick, Carey takes advantage and grabs it, rising hard slamming it into Eisen’s privates sending him cross eyed. Carey then backs up and rests in the corner, and while holding his bits Eisen stands up, only for Carey to come running and hits her Royality Check into a cover, but there’s no ref.. but quick to respond, Boettcher comes running out and slides into the ring, he counts..




Carey gets up, happy and relieved as the ref raises her hand.

Winner of the match in 16 minutes and 52 seconds… Bobbinette Carey!!!


Adidias the new sponsor for all HOW worldwide merchandise.


Awesome Harmony?

Back from break, the cameras are immediately drawn to the roof of the arena, as large amounts of blue, black, and white confetti have been cascading down from the rafters all throughout the commercial. The Chicago fans, understandably confused by this display, soon come to life as “Because I’m Awesome” by the Dollyrots begins to play and a seemingly never ending stream of gorgeous, bikini-clad women emerges from the backstage area.

Joe Hoffman: What on earth is this?

Benny Newell: You’ve never touched a boob before, have you, Joe? Well here come about 100 of them!

The ladies begin to circle the ring, slapping high-fives to the fans lucky enough to be in the front row. One of them takes a seat atop the announce table, prompting Benny to offer her a drink from his flask, which she gladly accepts. As the music continues to play, the girls each look toward one another and, as if on cue, simultaneously turn toward the crowd and reach behind their backs to untie their bikini tops, causing Benny to stand up from his chair and raise the flask in approval.

Benny Newell: Holy shit! Never have I loved HOW more than I do right now!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my…the censors had better be ready!

Big Buff takes a swig just as the girls are about to drop their tops. Before any more skin can be shown, the lights in the arena go out, prompting the mostly-male crowd to absolutely erupt into boos. A moment of silence follows before “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins to play and a gold strobe light flickers intensely at the entryway. Two huge blasts of gold pyro shoot off from the ramp, bringing out the new HOW ICON Champion, “Perfect” Paul Paras, to a deluge of boos. Paras, dressed in a royal blue dress shirt and gray slacks, slowly saunters out and surveys the crowd, the ICON Title wrapped around his waist and his bamboo Singapore cane gripped in his right hand. Paul smirks with the highest level of arrogance, reveling in the mutual hatred between him and the Chicago fans, then heads to the ring, which is still completely dark.

Joe Hoffman: The new ICON Champion is here on Mayhem, making his first televised appearance since defeating Issac Slade last week in an amazing contest between two of HOW’s top athletes.

Benny Newell: I hate this guy… I hate how good he thinks he is, I hate how many women he gets, and I hate how he dangles them out there for us, then just pulls them back! I don’t deserve that kind of punishment!

Paras slides into the ring, which is now only illuminated by a blue spotlight shining directly on him in the middle. Paul unstraps his ICON Title, then raises it into the spotlight, bringing on more boos from the fans, and causing the arena lights to return. At ringside, the 50 or so women are now clothed in matching blue Triple P t-shirts, each of the ladies raising their right hands skyward, showing the three-fingered “Perfect Touch” gesture toward the Minnesota Messiah. Paras lowers the belt, causing the women to lower their hands in the same fashion, then produces a microphone from his slacks pocket.

Paras: Ladies…gentlemen…ignoramuses—you will remember this moment for the rest of your unimportant lives, so cherish it. This is the moment that you bared witness to the single greatest athlete in the history of professional wrestling and the single greatest human being in the history of creation standing before you for the first time…a leader…an ICON… the PERFECT CHAMPION.

The crowd directs their boos firmly in Triple P’s direction as he takes in his moment. The girls at ringside applaud Paras as his smirk is ever-unwaverin

Paras: Yes, it’s true…the Perfect One completed his triune process of destroying your hero…your savior, Issac Slade last week here on Mayhem. First, I decimated his mind…

The High Octane Vision screen comes to life, showing a clip from two weeks ago on Mayhem when a crowd of apparent Slade fans brutally attacked Issac during an autograph signing, revealing that they were, in fact, members of the Perfect Life Movement.

Paras: Then came the devastation of his body…

The crowd is shown the video of Triple P wrenching Slade’s arm in the Messianic Complex, only to snap his skull into the mat with the Parasyte before pinning him for the 1, 2, 3.

Paras: And now…I have broken the soul of Issac Slade…and his tattered, diminished legacy of “faith” has come to an untimely end. His rosary…his amulet of faith belongs to a REAL savior… the Minnesota Messiah.

Paul brings the ICON Title to his shoulder and polishes its faceplate with his sleeve, smiling at his own reflection in it as the crowd continues to verbally lambaste him. A “SLADE SLADE SLADE” chant breaks out. Paras’s head jolts up as he raises a questioning eyebrow at the crowd.

Paras: Slade? Excuse the Perfect One, but what in the wide world of sports are you chronic moronics doing cheering for Slade? Slade is an afterthought. A nothing. Nobody cheers for Issac Slade. Issac Slade doesn’t even cheer for Issac Slade! Tonight is the Perfect One’s night, and you will all learn to cheer for YOUR Perfect Champion, your Minnesota Messiah, and the ONLY man worthwhile in all of High Octane Wrestling!

Paras looks impossibly proud of himself, but his smug grin soon fades as “Ego” by Element Eighty begins to blare over the arena speakers. Paras slowly and methodically turns his attention toward the entrance ramp as his tag team partner, “Marvelous” Mario Maurako, marches down to the ring, his attention directly completely at Paras. Maurako slides into the ring, actually receiving a few cheers from the crowd due to his interruption of Triple P. Triple M quickly erases the fan support by grabbing a mic.

Maurako: Excuse me, you Chicago morons, but I don’t believe the Marvelous One asked for your opinion! Earlier I got knocked on my ass by Crow but the only thing that matters is I am now going to War Games to compete for the World Title so Shitcago……Go suck an egg like your Bulls did Saturday night and leave the talking to the people who matter!

The fans respond furiously as Paras shrugs and nods in approval. Maurako walks up to Paras to address him.

Maurako: Paul…congratulations on your ICON Championship. I’m glad to see someone worthy of that belt hold it, even if it’s not me. But when I was sitting in the back just now watching your celebration with all these Marvelous ladies out here, it got me thinking back to the old days…the days of Perfectly Marvelous…the greatest team the world has ever seen, straight from the great state of Minnesota!

The crowd boos in response. Triple P nods, smirking arrogantly, as Triple M stays serious and continues.

Maurako: The greatest team…just like the Argonauts of Awesome are the greatest stable ever assembled…or have you forgotten about them, Paul? Over the past few weeks, Sektor has been nothing more than a pathetic errand boy for Max Kael, while Christopher America joined Team Best and has been trash talking the Marvelous One non-stop. Cyanide and I have voted to kick those two out of the group, but we’re waiting to hear from you. The AoA is seemingly falling apart at the seams and all the while…where have you been? Tormenting Issac Slade? Recruiting followers? Sleeping with hundreds of useless women?

The fans boo as the women around ringside seem to take offense. Triple M, remembering his promise to Bobbinette Carey, calms himself down instead of throwing any punches. Paras raises his mic to speak, but can’t get a word out before the American National Anthem begins to play, leading into “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor. Christopher America walks out from backstage and receives more jeers from the Chicago crowd. He rolls into the ring and steals the ring announcer’s mic as Maurako looks at him with contempt.

America: Excuse me, Paper Mario, but the National Treasure overheard his name being used in a public place without my written consent…in America! Paul, as a fellow Argo, I wanted to congratulate you on your ICON Title win as well, but it looks like the Marvelous meathead here just couldn’t resist saying his piece first!

Maurako: America, you un-marvelous piece of garbage, you don’t deserve to be in the Argonauts any more than John “the Joke” Sektor. After the Perfect One here casts his vote to kick you out, it’ll be your American ass wishing you were as Awesome as the Argonauts! Tell’m, Paul!

Triple P again begins to speak, but is interrupted by “Praise” by Sevendust hitting the arena speakers. Paras stares, annoyed, at the entrance ramp, along with Triple M and America, as John Sektor walks out to the ring to join the action. He pulls a Maxopotamia microphone from his belt and begins to speak, glaring back and forth between Maurako and America.

Sektor: Whoa whoa, Triple M…what’s with all the finger pointing? After all, it was YOU who decided to ambush Max and me and join Team SSE. A lot of good that did you, eh? As for being kicked out of the Argonauts, I could’ve sworn I’m the only one who didn’t jump ship to some rival group the moment I was offered a contract…I’ve stood by Max the entire time after he agreed to work with us… I can’t say the same for either of you two! If we want the best group of Argonauts, maybe we should just eliminate all the traitors and get Summer Passions back in the group …at least it’s her JOB to not be faithful to one party.

Before anyone can respond to Sektor, “Ultrasonic Sound” by Hive begins to play, bringing out Silver Cyanide, rounding out the troubled AoA contingent. Cyanide rolls into the ring, but does not appear to be nearly as concerned as the other men. He takes a mic from his tights and walks around the ring, not paying particular attention to anyone, but addressing Sektor.

Cyanide: John John the John John…Jonathan…Heeeeeeere’s Johnny! …Sektor?

Sektor: …What?

Cyanide: Do you have any idea how many fun ways you can say your name? Seriously, it’s nuts. But you know what else is nuts? All of you guys yelling at each other about who deserves to be in the Astronauts of Awesome and who doesn’t. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be an astronaut? But from what Bear tells me, Sektor’s been annoying my good buddy Triple M, and America “is stupidest country of all time”… in America. These things just do not fly, my friends! I demand that everyone but me be kicked out of the group! Oh, and Triple M is cool, so he can stay…and Triple P can stay because he’ll cane me otherwise.

America: I’m not going anywhere…especially not because Cyanide wants me to! How about you try winning a match before you tell me what to do?

Maurako: Hey, at least he didn’t lose to Ryan freakin’ Faze!

Sektor: You’re just sore because Carey has more balls than you do, Mario.

Cyanide: That’s not genetically possible, you idiot!

The four bickering AoA members toss the mics down and begin arguing amongst each other as the crowd actually begins to cheer their dissention. The tension is broken a moment later as the man who has remained silent throughout this procession, Triple P, harshly snaps his cane in the middle of his teammates, quieting them all. Paras looks at each man with an eye of annoyance mixed with anger on his face.

Paras: Pardon the Perfect Champion for a moment, gentlemen, but last I knew, this was my interview and my ICON Title celebration! Call the Perfect One back when you are as flawless as I am…only then do you have the right to interrupt an event of this magnitude! However, Triple M, you do bring up a valid point—the Perfect One has not yet cast a vote to keep or dump Christopher America and John Sektor from the Argonauts of Awesome…and I’m not going to, either. Truth be told, while I am the greatest thing to ever happen to the world of professional wrestling, I surround myself with greatness as well. I surround myself with the most accomplished tag team wrestler the world has ever seen in Mario Maurako. I surround myself with the most dynamic talker to ever get under the skin of the wrestling world in Christopher America. I surround myself with the most unpredictable high-flyer in wrestling history in Silver Cyanide. And I surround myself with the sneakiest, most advantage-seeking wrestler in HOW in John Sektor.

Paras makes his rounds to each wrestler as he calls their names. He finally stops in the center of them, moving his cane up to his right shoulder while the ICON Title sits on his left. He addresses everyone at once with a calm, steady voice.

Paras: We are the Argonauts of Awesome, the longest-reigning HOW champions of ALL TIME. But as I look around me, I see only one man in this ring holding a championship belt…and he’s the one who isn’t going to let his teammates ruin the best thing HOW has going for it. As of right now, the AoA is getting back on track…we just need a little group therapy. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me, gentlemen, as I have some perfect business to attend to… Ladies?

Paul leaves the ring as the AoA’s theme music, “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva plays. He is followed out by his fifty Perfect Life women, apparently for a long night with Triple P. Cyanide, Sektor, America, and Maurako stand silent in the ring, eyeing one another warily before they leave one-by-one as the action cuts to yet another commercial.


Special Enforcer for War Games!


John Sektor vs. Darkwing
Singles Match

As we come back from break, “Animal I Have Become” is booming throughout the arena and Darkwing is already in the ring soaking in the “DARKWING – DARKWING – DARKWING” chants. This pumps him up until “Praise” by Sevendust hits and John Sektor emerges from the back, walking slowly and looking serious. Just last week, Crow defeated Sektor in his second World Title match since returning to HOW, but that’s not stopping him from the tough task at hand against the HOW Hall of Famer.

Joe mentions that it wasn’t that long ago when Sektor and Darkwing competed to a draw to determine who would get Besty at March to Glory. Benny says it’s a shame that both men avoided getting sucked off by Lee’s prized calf.

Sektor slides through the ropes and gestures for Darkwing to back off while he hops up on the middle rope and raises his arms in the air and takes in the thunderous ovation of boos from the crowd. Darkwing shouts something about Bobbinette Carey to the “Seks-sational One” which prompts him to hop down and confront the “Alpha Black Male.” One has to wonder which side Bobbinette Carey is on tonight considering her ‘relationship’ with Sektor and alliance in Ascension with Darkwing. Referee Matt Boettcher calls for the bell as the tension between these two superstars has the crowd buzzing on their feet.


Sektor immediately goes after his opponent but Darkwing uses his size and strength advantage to reverse Sektor’s attack into a hammerlock. Sektor is quick to counter that though and reverses around Darkwing and snaps off a Belly-to-Back suplex. Sektor uses his quickness to continue with the attack and wrenches Darkwing’s leg for an early Di-Sektion Ankle Lock submission but Darkwing scrambles for the bottom rope and grasps it as tight as he can. Boettcher yells for Sektor to release the hold and he does so at the last possible second.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor’s smart enough not to let up on Darkwing and will use every possible second he can to keep the advantage.

Benny Newell: Ok Joe… here’s the game. You give me ten bucks every time Sektor attempts a submission hold and I’ll give you a dollar every time Darkwing hits one of his signature moves.

Joe Hoffman: Only a dollar? Even if I were a betting man I wouldn’t be stupid enough to take that bet!

Benny Newell: Oh, please! Darkwing has a name for even the simplest of wrestling moves. It’s a fair bet, Joe!

Joe Hoffman: Maybe next time, Buff.

Instead, Newell downs another shot of Jack and Joe comments that it’s becoming downright scary that he can take multiple shots in a row with no chaser.

In the ring, it’s still Sektor with the early advantage in the match as he’s busy wearing Darkwing down by working on his lower back. Newell mentions that it’s a good strategy to take away Darkwing’s ‘explosiveness’ as that could certainly be a turning point for him at some point. A side head lock has Darkwing’s face turning purple until Darkwing pushes off sending Sektor into the turnbuckle. Sektor stops himself in his tracks and leaps up expecting Darkwing to be close behind but he isn’t. As soon as Sektor’s feet reach the ground, Darkwing sends him crashing down backwards to the mat by his hair. Sektor holds the back of his head in agony while Darkwing covers.




Darkwing even knows it’s going to take a lot more to keep the Grand Slam winner down and is quick to stay on the offensive with Sektor seated on the mat. A sleeper keeps Sektor grounded momentarily until he eventually rises to his feet and elbows his way out of the hold much to the despise of the fans. Joe’s analysis of the match so far claims that Darkwing shouldn’t be trying to match Sektor move for move because he’ll get out-wrestled ever time and that Darkwing should throw away the current technical strategy and stick with his high-impact arsenal of moves.

By this point, Sektor has regained the upper hand after a resounding super kick but the crowd is still 100 percent behind the member of Ascension and keeps the fight alive inside of Darkwing. With both men on their feet, Darkwing manages to escape the Cross-Face Chicken Wing and turns the tables with a Straight Spinebuster that has fans reminiscing about a certain ‘People’s Champion’ from a well-known Fisher Price federation.

Darkwing carefully sizes up his opponent who is a bit slower to his feet after the impact from that Spinebuster. From behind, Darkwing rushes John Sektor who somehow evades the Trans-Darkwing Express spear and counters with a drop-toe hold into the Di-Sektion ankle lock again. Sektor has it locked in the center of the ring but unfortunately hasn’t done enough to wear Darkwing down to keep the hold.

Darkwing slithers his way out of the submission and Benny points out that he has a running tab going of his ‘bet’ with Joe that was never actually agreed upon. Darkwing slides out of the ring for a moment to nurse his ankle, but again, Sektor is not giving the Hall of Famer the time of day to recover.

Benny Newell: LOOKOUT!

Before Joe can even blurt out what happens, Sektor, from behind, lands a dropkick to Darkwing’s shoulder sending him crashing into the steel barricade that protects the fans. Doesn’t look good for Darkwing now as Sektor tosses him back into the ring and continues with his onslaught of technical prowess. It almost seems at this point in the match that everything Darkwing throws at Sektor gets countered or reversed.

Still, you can tell that fatigue is starting to set in for both men, a little more for Darkwing though as he just cannot mount any offense whatsoever. A Vertical Suplex and Evenflow DDT garner near falls for Sektor on two separate pin attempts but the resiliency and no-quit attitude of the Icon of Inglewood is on full display.

Sektor still seizes the opportunity with Darkwing down and climbs the turnbuckle for the Seksational Shooting Star Press. But it’s too late… a Nip-Up from Darkwing and a lunge near the turnbuckle causes Sektor to lose his balance and fall to the outside. The crowd can certainly feel the momentum shift as they get behind Darkwing with a “HALL-OF-FAME-ER!” clap, clap, clap clap clap chant.

Joe Hoffman: We all know how well Darkwing responds to fan support. This arena is going nuts right now!

Benny Newell: You know, it’d be nice is for once we got some Al Pacino like-Scarface mother fucker up in this place to get rid of people like you and Darkwing.

This time it’s Darkwing showing amazing agility by working his way up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps down after Sektor but he, too, misses thanks to Sektor’s quickness and finds himself back in the ring after several moments of recovery by both men.

Joe Hoffman: This match is turning out to be just as good… if not BETTER than their first encounter with each other several weeks ago.

Darkwing and Sektor trade Knife-edge chops with each other which elicit the standard “WOOOOOS!” from the crowd with each resounding chop. Sektor grabs Darkwing by the wrist for an Irish whip but Darkwing holds ground and reverses into a Russian Leg Sweep with a roll through into a cover.




Sektor narrowly avoids defeat there and has the fans going nuts from the near fall. Cameras are flashing in the crowd as it is clearly time for one of these two men to capitalize. It would seem that Darkwing has the edge at the moment as he leaps up for the Double Springboard Elbow Drop…

Joe Hoffman: He missed it!

Benny Newell: I can’t believe Sektor moved out of the way!

Sektor nips-up himself as Darkwing nurses his elbow and signals to the crowd for what appears to be the Indian Seks Lock submission. This would be the time that Shawn Michaels ‘tunes up the band’ but Sektor merely gestures for Darkwing to ‘get up.’ Darkwing DUCKS the Super kick attempt though in Sektor’s attempt to floor the first-ever HOW ICON champion and…

Joe Hoffman: DARK REALITY!






Marvelous Pies???

The action cuts backstage and we see HOW Cameramen are fumbling around somewhere in the basement of the Best Arena. You can hear them bumping into each other and other things around them.

Suddenly a voice booms out.*

Mario Maurako: Dammit Johnny I told you to leave the lights on for them!

*Suddenly the lights come on and Marvelous Mario Maurako stands in the middle of the room with his son Joseph while Crow’s Cousin Joey is tied to a chair with a piece of duct tape over his mouth.*

Johnny Elite: Sorry Mario I thought Motel 8 had restricted rights to leaving lights on for people.

Mario Maurako: Johnny you’re services are no longer needed for this. You may leave while Joseph and I have a little bit of fun.

Johnny Elite: Sure thing Mario.

*Johnny Elite exits the room and leaves Joseph and Mario with Joey.*

Joseph Maurako: Do you think we’ve gotten under Crow’s skin yet?

Mario Maurako: It’s hard to tell Joseph. But I’m willing to bet by the end of the night we will certainly be under his skin.

Joseph Maurako: Why what are you thinking about?

Mario Maurako: Well you know all those pie’s we were making yesterday?

Joseph Maurako: Yeah the PM Pies for the bakery.

Mario Maurako: Well they weren’t for the bakery.

Joseph Maurako: What were they for?

Mario Maurako: Well they were originally… I was going to deliver them to the PM Bakery after the show tonight… but I’m extremely pissed off about my loss to Michael DeNucci earlier tonight. So now I think I will take my anger and frustrations out on Joey here.

Joseph Maurako: Beating on “special” people has to be somewhat of a step up from beating women doesn’t it?

Mario Maurako: To tell you the truth I don’t really care, Gerald Isaac Joe isn’t around to admonish me so I will do damn well whatever I please.

Joseph Maurako: Now that’s the Dad I’m used to.

Mario Maurako: Joseph, GET THE PIES!

*Joseph exits the room*

Mario Maurako: You know this isn’t anything personal Joey, it’s just business. You see Crow dropped my wife off of a bridge to her untimely death. Which would’ve been fine if someone could have located the body so I could have cashed in on the Life Insurance plan.

Joseph wasn’t very pleased when he learned that his mom had been dropped from a bridge by your Cousin Joey. That’s why you’ve ended up with us. But you don’t have too much to worry about Joey because I’m not going to kill you. I need you to guarantee me my World Title Shot at War Games.

However my good Joey… you’d be surprised what you can live through.

*Joseph re-enters the room pushing a cart full of white creme pies with the letters “PM” applied to the top of the pies with what appears to be frosting.*

Mario Maurako: Thank you Joseph just wheel the cart right up next to our friend here.

*Joseph rolls the cart of pies up next to Joey*

Mario Maurako: Well Crow, you seemed to enjoy being the good guy earlier when you jumped me after my match. But what you failed to realize is that Newton’s Law states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You made your choices Crow and now it’s time you start to suffer the consequences.

*With that Joseph hands Triple M a pie from the cart and Triple M smashes it into Joey’s face. Mumbled screams are heard but faintly since Joey’s mouth is covered with duct tape. Joseph and Mario take turns slamming the PM Pies into the face of Joey until all 20 pies have been slammed into Joey’s face. Once the last pie is gone Triple M slaps Joey across the face and pushes the chair over.*

Mario Maurako: Clean him up Joseph and let’s get out of here.

*Triple M leaves the room and the scene fades.*


The Return?

The HOV comes to life as a video begins to play and it opens as the scene cuts to black. The sound of light raindrops pattering on the pavement. A violin plays a soft melancholic tune in the distance. A deep voice speaks.

Voice: I stare into the mirror at

these cold lifeless eyes,

distant orbs of darkness,

weeping with fatigue,

begging me to shut the

coffin lid and cease the

thunder and needles from

digging into my soul.

But no.

I stare on,

stare deep,

peel the eyelids

like onion petals

with cold iron knives–

tape them open with

the screams of lost souls

and gaze at this

festering wound

filled with

wiggling maggots

and globs of deep

red life expelled

from the colon

of the earth.

I face the laughter

hissing through

sharpened teeth

grinding the fleshy,

burnt and bloody core

of my humanity.

I nail my own hands

to that cross,

begging my indiscretions

crack and boil in the sun.

Deep, deep I fall,

neck bent upwards,

one foot in,

four hands pushing me

into the grave.

I will not fight.

Joy cometh in the morning.

I Prepare for

The Resurrection.


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor and Bobbinette Carey
Team Best: Jatt Starr, Shane Reynolds, Aceldama, Christopher America


Max Kael vs. Crow
Singles Match

Max Kael’s music suddenly hits and out walks the 50% owner of HOW.

Hoffman: Well its about that time again folks!

Big Buff: I’m out of Tequilla! It cant be that time!

Hoffman: Not time to drink you drunken buffoon, but time for the Main Event!

Big Buff: Who’s in it?

Hoffman: YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!?…*sigh*……Max Kael will be taking on the HOW World Champion Crow in a non-title match!

Max slides into the ring as he is greeted with the usual boos from the crowd. Suddenly, Crow’s music hits and he walks out, the HOW World title around his waist. He makes his way down to the ring with mostly boos, but you can hear a few cheers from the crowd.

Hoffman: Max Kael already has picked the 2008 War Games Winner Bobbinette Carey to be on his team…can Max make it a near perfect night by picking up a huge victory over the World Champion?

Big Buff: It doesn’t matter how many matches he wins, he will never own all of HOW.

Hoffman: A lot of people perceive Max on the outside looking in a bit when it comes to the Main Event picture here in HOW…a win over the World Champion would force everyone to take notice and give Max the proper respect.

Both men are staring each other down and Boettcher calls for the bell.


Both men circle each other for a bit then finally lock up. Crow gets the early advantage with a side headlock. Crow wrenches the hold, and Max backs Crow into the ropes to force a break.

Crow backs off as Max is jawing with Boettcher.

Again the two lock up and Crow once again gets the advantage with the side headlock. Max backs Crow into the ropes again almost immediately to force the break. Crow breaks the hold and then slaps Max right in the face.

Hoffman: what a show of disrespect by Crow.

Max suddenly snaps and tackles the World Champion and the two brawl in the middle of the ring each mounting each other and landing punches.

The crowd buzzes as Boettcher prys Max and Crow apart, and Max takes a moment of distraction and nails Crow with a running forearm, which drops the Champ!

Max goes to work with various kicks and knees and elbow strike attacks, ending the relentless assault with a side suplex then covering the Champ….




Max locks in a rear chinlock as Crow fights his way to his feet, then nails a few elbows to the midsection and tries to run to the ropes, but Max stops him by grabbing the hair and dropping him to the mat.

Hoffman: That’s not fair!

Max goes back to the rear chinlock, but Crow powers up to his feet, and break free, and the two start trading blows!

Max stops the exchange with a sudden European uppercut that rocks the Champion. Max irish whips, but no, its reversed by Crow and Max is shot into the ropes. Max comes back and walks right into a side belly to belly suplex!!!!!

Crow covers….



Hoffman: Kickout right at two.

Crow takes the advantage further with hip toss. Max is now sitting up, his face etched in pain, and Crow delivers a kick straight to the spine! Crow pulls Max up and tries for a vertical suplex, but its blocked. Max suddenly lifts Crow up, but Crow wriggles in mid air, and lands back on his feet, then lifts Max up…

Huge front suplex by the World Champion!!!!!

Hoffman: What a front suplex!!!

Max is lying damn near the center of the ring and Crow climbs up top. The crowd buzzes and a few cheers is heard as Crow leaps off for an elbow drop…..


Crow bounces off Max and is holding his right arm and now Max is up to his feet, holding his gut, but cruelly stamps on the hand of Crow’s good arm, then stomps the hurt arm, then finally applies an armbar to the Champion.

Hoffman: You cant fault Max for targeting the arm of Crow… should take away a lot of Crows Offense.

Max continues the attack to the hurt arm, and applies several different basic arm holds.

Max hits a knee drop to the arm, follwed by an armbreaker takedown and a leg drop to the arm….this continues, until Crow powers out of a side armbar and Crow tries to fight back with left hands, but Max in flash takes Crow down and applies a Fujiwara Armbar!

Crow looks around as Max wrenches back on the hold, Crow sees hes not near the ropes, and inches backward, managing to get a toe on the ropes!!!

Boettcher screams at Max to break the hold, but he ignores him.




Crow taps out!!!!!


Big Buff: Max won!!!!?

Max stands up and holds up his arms. Boettcher goes over to the ropes to discuss something with Amy Smeets. As he does, Crow sneaks up behind Max and nails him with a Low Blow!!!! Crow gets to his feet and nails a belly to back suplex, but bridges into a pin!




The fans have declared Crow the winner, as Boettcher does not see the pinfall, as he finishes chatting with Smeets….

Big Buff; TURN AROUND!!!! FUCK AMY SMEETS!!!! Actually, id fuck her….


Boettcher finally turns and sees the pinfall!





Hoffman: Both men had each other beat there! Crow tapped out to the fujiwara armbar, and Max was pinned by the illegal low blow followed by the suplex.

Frustrated, the World Champion picks up the new HOW Hall of Famer and lifts him up and positions him for his tombstone piledriver finisher called Fallen. However as he gets Max in the final position the 50% owner of HOW slams his fist into the groin of the Champion and Joe notes that Max likes to call that modified low blow P.C.P.

Crow immediately drops Max and drops down to his knees in extreme pain. Max bounces off the ropes and nails Crow with a running knee lift and then motions for the ref to check the time and the crowd boos as Max begins choking Crow with his suspenders.

After a few more times of this Max brings Crow back to his feet and goes for a big right hand by Crow ducks under and now is back in control and goes for a lifting DDT but Kael grabs a hold of the ropes to block the move and as the ref motions for Max to let go, Kael kicks back ala Ric Flair and again nails Crow with a low blow and this time Crow limps to the corner where Max quickly follows suit and after a few right hands, Kael pulls Crow out from the corner and nails him with Weapon of Max Destruction tiger driver finisher and makes the cover..



Crow sticks his foot out under the ropes…



Post Match Max quickly exits the ring as Crow slowly gets to his feet and begins to argue with Matt Boettcher about the finish.

Mayhem comes to an end as the Prime Minister holds his arms up high in the air as he just defeated the World Champion!!!!

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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM