Mayhem: May 26th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
May 26th, 2008 – #HOW5
United Center Chicago Illinois

Mayhem comes on the air as HOW cameras are inside Lee Best’s office. Inside the office with Lee is Darkwing, Rohan Malhotra, Nijs Landzaat, Daniel Singh and of course….Baby Best. Noticeably absent is Maximillian Kael.

Joe Hoffmann and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience to Monday Night Mayhem as we see Lee motion for Blair to come closer to him. She stands next to the stroller and positions her microphone in front of Lee as the men behind him stare into the HOW cameras.

Lee Best: I want to welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem and I just want to clarify that I promised a special interview with moi tonight and although it was scheduled for later in the show, I felt it was imperative that I have Blair conduct it now.

Lee motions towards Blair who quickly pulls out some cue cards from her pocket and begins reading.

Blair Moise: Mr. Best how do you respond to rumors that this is the weakest Best Alliance in the history of HOW?

Lee Best: Well Blair, I am glad you took the time away from sucking off Adam Vincent’s to ask such a relevant question.

Blair looks shocked as the men behind Lee snicker.

Lee Best: Do not look shocked honey…I know all. But to answer your question I would just like to let the world know that this is the STRONGEST Best Alliance I have ever had and after tonight there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind.

The men behind Lee all nod their heads in agreement. Lee motions for Blair to read the next question.

Blair Moise: Um….how do you feel about the fact that Chris Jacobs turned his back on you and joined Kirsta Lewis?

Lee Best: Coward.

Blair Moise: Excuse me?

Lee Best: I said he was a coward. The only reason Chris is with Kirsta Lewis is because she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Chris Jacobs is what I made him, and what I have made I can take away. Trust me.

Blair nods and goes to the next card.

Blair Moise: Is Jatt Starr returning tonight? There are rumors that he is the former ICON Champion that you signed over the weekend.

Lee Best: No. Jatt Starr will never be in HOW again. I made Jatt Starr what he is today and now he is nothing but a memory because I choose to make him so. The person I signed is twice the man that Jatt Starr is, was or ever will be. The man I signed will be here later tonight and he will leave no doubt that he a main piece in the future of this company.

Blair Moise: So who…

Lee cuts Blair off before she can finish. He motions for her to stick to the cue cards and she quickly nods and asks the next question.

Blair Moise: Finally Mr. Best I would like for you to tell the world exactly why you have a baby with you?

Lee smiles at this question and pats the sleeping child in the stroller on the head. The HOW cameras zoom into this touch of emotion and we see that the stroller is in fact an official High Octane Wrestling stroller.

The crowd laughs at this as the camera pans back up to Lee who is smiling from ear to ear.

Lee Best: This child is the reason I am here. She is the reason that HOW is back. She is the reason I have swallowed my pride several times over the last few months to make sure that this final run of HOW is profitable and that she has a future that will be greater than the past of her father. I brought her here because I am her father and as her father I can do what I think is in the best interest of my child. Her best interests are to be with me 24/7 and this is why she will be here with me from now on. I may be a better man now but do not think for one second I wont revert to the old Lee if its in the best interests of HOW……which is ultimately in the best interests of her.

Lee picks the sleeping child out of the stroller and the HOW cameras zoom into the baby’s face as the scene fades out as a very happy father smiles as his stable stands behind him looking unsure about the mental state of their leader.

After a short pause the HOTv comes back to life and the full intro for Mayhem begins complete with Welcome to the Jungle blaring over the PA system. HOW cameras pan across the crowd as Joe and Benny officially welcome everyone to Mayhem and they go over the lineup for the night, highlighting the two title matches and the big main event featuring Johnny Lexicon vs. Kirsta Lewis with Best Alliance member Darkwing as the special ref.

As the intro ends Joe and Benny prep the viewing audience for the first match of the night.

Singles Match
The Masked Marvel vs. Chris Adams

Joe gives the audience as much background on Chris Adams as he can as the HOW rookie makes his way down to the ring. There is a small positive reaction for Adams as he enters the ring for the first time.

TMM makes his way out then and to a loud chorus of boos. Benny praises The Masked Marvel several times as the technical superhero of HOW makes his way down to the ring.

TMM seems unfazed by the reaction as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the first match of the night starts.

The match starts out fast as each man counters each others moves. This gets the crowd into the match somewhat as the technical prowess of the Masked Marvel is apparent here as he finally gains the upper hand after reversing a hip toss into a hip toss of his own followed by an armbar.

Joe mentions how Adams seems surprised at the quickness of TMM and Benny states that this is HOW and he better get used to better competition.

Boettcher signaled for the break and TMM cleanly broke only to follow up with a wicked right hand and was back on the offensive. The anti TMM crowd turned in his favor somewhat as he dazzled the crowd with several technical moves that would make Bret Hart proud.

But Adams shows true grit and finally gains the upper hand after nailing TMM with a tornado DDT. The crowd counts along with Boettcher as he counts both men down. Each of the wrestlers rise on the count of 8 and begin exchanging blows which Adams gains the upper hand with.

Adams goes for his swinging neck breaker finisher called the Deathwish, but TMM counters out of it and nails Adams with a DDT and quickly applies his Marvel Lock finisher in the middle of the ring.

Adams refuses to quit and Joe puts this over but after a few more minutes Adams has no choice and taps out.

Winner of the Match in 6:21 The Masked Marvel

Post match sees The Masked Marvel get on the mic and challenge Chris Kostoff to a match at Refueled. Never a man to back down from a challenge Kostoff comes out and accepts the challenge and states that if he wins the LSD Title later in the show that it will be a triple threat match for the LSD Title with ArcAngel joining Kostoff and TMM in the ring, and the crowd cheers loudly for all the possibilities as Mayhem switches backstage to the Team Epic locker room.

Bobbinette Carey is inside preparing for her match, with her dog, Princess, by her side. Bobbinette’s cell phone rings and she heads outside to answer it. We switch to a hand-held camera on the outside of the locker room, hidden around a corner. As soon as Bobbinette has her back turned, the camera operator sneaks into the locker room and focuses on Princess.

After approaching the dog, the camera-person kneels down and holds out what appears to be a man’s hand, with a handful of dog biscuits. In amongst the biscuits, however, are two small white tablets, but Princess doesn’t notice as she jumps up to scoff down the biscuits.

Camera Man: That’s a good girl, eat it all up!

The cameraman pats Princess gently before placing a bottle on the floor in front of the dog. He then quickly gets up and leaves the room, sneaking past Bobbinette Carey as she talks on her phone. As the cameraman heads back to his hideout around the corner, he focuses his camera on Bobbinette as she hangs up her phone.

Mayhem switches back inside the locker room as Bobbinette walks in. Princess runs to her side quickly, still munching on the final remains of her treat.

Bobbinette Carey: What are you eating baby?

Bobbinette scans the room and soon notices the bottle on the floor. She picks it up and we finally get a close-up of the bottle, which reads “VET SOLUTIONS: General laxative for cats and dogs”.

The crowd in the arena can be heard laughing as Bobbinette Carey shakes in anger.

Bobbinette Carey: Who in the firetruck keeps doing this to me?!

Benny talks about how Carey better keep her rat away from his bags or he will be cooking the mutt after the show in his George Foreman grill. Joe apologizes to PETA as Mayhem cuts to its first commercial break.


Back from the commercial we are outside the arena as a black Audi pulls up to the rear entrance. After a moment the door opens up as Maximillian Kael steps out, his hair slicked back with a pair of black sunglasses on. He is wearing a black dress shirt with a pair of black slacks and red suspenders. He sneers a little before he moves around to the trunk and opens it pulling a large black bag out.

Max Kael: So.. They think they can make a joke out of us… they think they can laugh at us.

He slams the trunk closed and moves toward the back entrance tossing his keys into the face of a backstage hand. As the backstage hand fumbles try to catch the keys Max grabs him by the hair getting in his face as he grits his teeth into a wide and painful looking smile.

Max Kael: Park the car. We don’t take kindly to wasting time.. MOVE.

He shoves the man away before a manic look appears on his face, that painful white toothed grin straining on his face as he blinks slowly. He runs a hand over his hair and takes a deep breath before walking into the arena..

Action then cuts back to the announcers who speculate who Max was talking about and what is exactly in the bag he was carrying. Benny notes that you can never tell with Max and that he is just relieved that Max is here because the ratings would suffer otherwise!

Jason Sandman makes his way down to the ring to ref the next match as Joe and Benny go over the highlights from last weeks Mayhem which ended with Nijs and Rohan beating down Team Epic with Daniel Singh and Lee Best watching on as an apparent deal had been reached between the men.

Tag Team Match
With Special Referee Jason Sandman

Rohan Malhotra and
Nijs Landzaat vs. ArcAngel and Bobbinette Carey

As Team Epic makes their way down to the ring Queen “Princes of the Universe” hits. When Bobbinette comes out It’s not her normal display back ground. It’s instead pictures of herself with her cousin from years ago with the words that say “R.I.P. Phillip.” Bobbinette has an arm band that says R.I.P. P.D.S. With Carey is her dog Princess.

Carey’s dog Princess stops several times on the rampway to go to the bathroom. HOW crew members rush to clean up the dog poop as Carey is obviously embarrassed. ArcAngel tries to maintain his focus as he enters the ring and watches as Carey hands Princess over to a HOW crew member who has a pooper scooper in his hand and a trash can nearby.

Benny states he cannot believe that Mayhem is now featuring dog excrement and Joe mentions that we have to blame whoever brought the laxative to the arena. Benny instead passes the blame to Carey for bringing rats to the ring. As ArcAngel tries to get Carey to focus on the match at hand, Joe again apologizes to PETA for Benny.

Rohan and Landzaat then make their way out led by Daniel Singh. Each of the men look very determined as they enter the ring to a chorus of boos as Benny reminds the viewers that Singh is the glue holding this relationship together and was the mastermind who made the deal with Lee Best.

Joe quickly goes over how Jason Sandman is the man to watch in this match as he has been dominated by Team Epic ever since the first Mayhem and its doubtful he will call a fair match.

Benny counters that Sandman is a pro and expects a fair fight and Joe can only roll his eyes as the Sandman signals for the bell and the match begins.

Rohan and ArcAngel start the match and there is no love lost here as both men tear into each other as Joe reminds viewers of the past several weeks of attacks each man has done to the other. Joe also mentions that Rohan is especially fired up because of the fact that ArcAngel has denied a chance for Rohan to get into the LSD title match at Refueled.

Rohan gains the upper hand with pure brute strength as he whips ArcAngel into the corner of Landzaat and Malhotra. The new Best Alliance members quickly go to work on ArcAngel with several tag team moves that Benny points out looks like they have been tagging for years.

The new BA members continue to keep the ring cut off in half as they execute quick tags in and out and keep the pressure on ArcAngel. The get several near falls but the Team Epic member is able to kick out, albeit, more slowly each time.

Finally ArcAngel gets his break as he nails Nijs with desperation DDT and as the crowd cheers on ArcAngel he makes the hot tag to Carey who proceeds to pick up the pace of the match while nailing Nijs with several high impact, fast paced moves. She even knocks Rohan off the apron much to the chagrin of Daniel Singh who snaps at Sandman to get control and Sandman quickly gets into the face of Carey and warns her about using a closed fist. The two former mates quickly begin a verbal barrage at each other which leads to Nijs nailing Carey from behind and taking back the advantage for the Best Alliance members.

Joe mentions what a mismatch this is with the huge physical advantage going to Landzaat with Carey obviously having the mental edge. But Benny counters with the fact that right now the physical edge is winning out as the big man begins to dominate the Queen B of HOW.

The crowd begins laughing loudly at this point and HOW cameras capture Princess, who got loose from the HOW crew member, taking a laxative laden crap on the shoes of Singh who notices right after the fact.

As Singh is seen chasing Princess around the ring, Nijs becomes worried about his manager and exits the ring to help.

The crowd is in tears of laughter as Nijs and Singh are seen chasing the poodle all over the ringside area as Rohan and ArcAngel begin brawling inside the ring.

Jason Sandman takes this opportunity to nail Carey with a wicked DDT, fully knocking out the Queen B. He begins yelling for Nijs to get back into the ring but it is to no avail.

Joe and Benny question whether or not if this is a sign of things to come with all the special ref matches on the card tonight.

Finally Singh catches Princess and picks the dog up by the back of her neck. She promptly takes another poop on the suit of Singh and he drops the dog in horror as Nijs tries to wipe the crap off Singh’s jacket with his bare hand.

Sandman exits the ring at this point and tries to coax Nijs back into the ring and suddenly we hear the ring announcer on the mic as HOW cameras pan over to show Rohan Malhotra knocked out cold from a chair shot from ArcAngel. ArcAngel is shoving a letter of some sort into the face of the ring announcer telling them to read it out loud.

“Due to a legal matter that has arisen… Jason Sandman is here by removed as referee from this match. This match must be refereed by an employee of High Octane Wrestling. Jason Sandman’s contract with High Octane Wrestling has lapsed and currently has not been renewed. Therefore, by legal standards, Jason Sandman is NOT considered an employee of High Octane Wrestling and cannot legally referee this match!”

Jason Sandman goes ballistic and is stunned as Carl Hortega comes racing down to the ring. HOW Officials, on orders from Lee Best, quickly make their way down to the ring as well and escort Jason Sandman to the back as Hortega begins the count out count on Nijs.

Joe and Benny go over the fact that Lee Best had no alternative if in fact Sandman’s contract was indeed up. Benny states that it must be the case as there is no other way that Lee would allow a ref change to take place when he was the man that put Sandman in the match in the first place.

Hortega reaches a count of Ocho before Nijs is finally pushed into the ring by Singh who is trying desperately to clean his suit. Princess meanwhile was finally caught by a HOW crew member and was back on her leash as Nijs entered the ring only to be met with a super kick from Carey.

Hortega made the Uno Dos Tres count as ArcAngel was beaming on the outside.

Winner of the match in 18:42 Team Epic

Post match we see Carey rush to her dog while ArcAngel taps his head to imply that he was smarter than the Best Alliance members. Carey is obviously very emotional after the win while Singh is seen going ballistic as the action cuts backstage.

Backstage we find ourselves live outside the locker room of the Illuminati. Chris Jacobs, and his special guest IFL veteran, Mark Miller are seen warming up for his match against Kostoff.

Mark Miller: One, two! One, two!

Chris Jacobs snaps off left right combinations into Mark’s waiting palms.

Mark Miller: Again! Faster!

Two more combinations strike Miller’s palms.

Mark Miller: Goddammit Chris! Hit me harder! My hands are Kostoff’s face! Hit me!

Chris increases the force behind his strikes, snapping Mark’s hands back with the added force.

Mark Miller: Good! Right cross… now!

Chris delivers a punishing blow. Mark shakes his hand from the sting of the punch.

Mark Miller: Left hook! Now!

Chris obliges.

Mark Miller: This is the biggest night of your career. Show me you want it!

Out of nowhere, Chris throws a vicious right elbow… stopping right before he connects with

Miller’s temple.

Mark Miller: Good. You ready for this Chris?

Chris Jacobs: As ready as I’ll ever be. This is my time. Time to knock off one of the legends. There is a new golden age in H.O.W. and it is the age of the Illuminati!

Mark Miller: Go get him champ!

Chris slaps Miller on the back and heads to the ring for his match against the legend, Chris Kostoff as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Back live we are backstage where Max Kael is standing by with four mannequins dressed up like common fans, some of them holding “KOSTOFF FUCK’N ROCKS” and “EXPORT ROHAN” signs. Max has his hands carefully folded across his waists, his black sunglasses hiding away his manic eyes.

Max Kael: Hello young and old HOW fans.. It is we, Max “The Minister” Kael here to bring you a very important life lesson and to voice a formal complaint to Lee Best. Now.. As you can see beside us.

He gestured to the mannequins next to him, half a smile cracking on his face. The first mannequin is wearing a green sweatshirt and sweat pants, both of which have been stuffed with something to make them appear filled with fat. The next one is dressed in a smutty dress with lipstick drawn all over its face. The third appears to be a small child dressed in overalls holding the “EXPORT ROHAN” sign. The forth is another man dressed apparently like Lexicon holding the “KOSTOFF FUCK’N ROCKS” sign.

Max Kael: A fair and unbiased representation of our fan base. We have the Fat Chicago Slob..Easy with the Pizza.. Just cause New York makes it better doesn’t mean you have to binge eat out of depression. The Slutty Chicago Whore.. How is the corner treating you these days? Maybe the Economic Stimulus Package will “stimulate” your customers into going to Vegas where they pick Crabs off a buffet line and not off your leg. Stupid little annoying kid who looks like his Mother stimulated herself during pregnancy with the Ugly Rod. And last but not least.. Over Paid Loser who thinks he’s going to the top of this Company and ROBED us of our victory last week..

He took a moment to glare at the last mannequin before returning his attention to the camera breaking a manic smile before taking his glasses off. His blood shot eyes glinted in the light and it looked as if Max was not all there, not that that was unusual for him.

Max Kael: Last week.. I.. We were robbed.. Robbed of our Victory! Our Victory over Lexicon because you fans.. You Repulsive Fans cost us our chance for the World Title at Refueled.

He flexed his hands out, as if he were trying to choke the life out of everyone watching before he shook his head violently, his expression going from manic rage to terrified confusion.

Max me.. He.. He..

Shaking his head again the manic expression took over again. He cocked his head to the side as if he had just lost his train of thought before it seemed somewhere in his soupy mind he remembered what he was saying.

Max Kael: You fans.. You cost us! So I decided to put together a little program to teach you idiots what you did wrong.. And how to correct it in the future..

He reached down and grabbed a large black bag. Unzipping it he pulled out four Keebler Elf masks, slipping them one by one over the four mannequins next to him.

Max Kael: Do you see?! Do you? You idiots wore those.. At ring side. You wore the face of our enemy at ring side and taunted us with them.. You wore them just to.. Just to mess with us. Just to make us lose. You’re Evil.. You’re All Evil! By all rights we should track you all down and beat you within an inch of your life. We should pay Lee Best in your Blood to get another title shot.. But.. But then you know.. that’s.. that’s the kind of thing a crazy person says.. And We are not crazy.. No we are not.

He reached into the bag again and pulled out an silver aluminum bat, carefully cradling it in his arms as he looked back up at the camera.

Max Kael:.. Crazy people don’t think as far ahead as we do. We are voicing a Formal Complaint to Lee Best.. We want those masks BANNED from the ringside area.. We don’t care how its done. Fine them.. Throw them out.. Book us in a Match with them.. We don’t care! Just make it go away! Until you do.. We can’t promise we won’t attack anyone at ring side who is wearing one of these.. These.. FACES!

He slipped the bat down into his hands and quickly swung the bat at the head of the first mannequin knocking it well into the distance. He took the moment to steal a glare at the camera.

Max Kael: Oops!

Cocking back again he swung the bat taking the head off the whorish looking mannequin. He let out a high pitched laugh before he pointed the bat at the camera.

Max Kael: Just a friendly reminder to those who haven’t been paying attention.. If you wear those DAMN masks to the ring…we might just beat the hell out of you.. Or your kid. The future of tomorrow!

He smashed the bat into the mannequin of the kid shattering it into several pieces. He started to go wild with the bat smashing the little body over and over again before he looked up toward the mannequin of Lexicon.. He slowly cradled the bat against his chest again as he glared at it.

Max Kael:…heh.. heh heh.. Not yet…

He slowly crept off screen as we return to Joe and Benny are speechless as its time for our hour one main event.

Hour One Main Event
LSD Title Match
With Special Referee Kirsta Lewis

Chris Kostoff vs. Chris Jacobs

Joe and Benny talk about how Lee has booked this LSD Title match after Jacobs turned his back on the Best Alliance last week on Mayhem. Benny notes that Kirsta Lewis will be the ref and he hopes that this match has some excitement cause quite frankly with the people in it, it could be really boring.

The crowd says otherwise however as they go nuts as Lewis, Kostoff and Jacobs all come down to the ring together. Joe notes that Norcia is not present as it is in his contract that he not be booked two weeks in a row and Lee had banned him from the building on weeks he wasn’t booked.

Benny mentions that if Norcia shows up that it could lead to a huge fine.

As the three Illuminati members pose in the ring with the fans the HOTv comes to life and we see Lee Best with Baby Best in his arms. The crowd instantly begins to boo loudly and the boos wake up Baby Best and Lee quickly puts an official HOW Pacifier in her mouth and begins.

Lee Best: Since you numnuts want to play all nice in this match and since my fatherly duties will be keeping me from being active at ringside, I planned ahead and bought myself some help….come on over Commish.

Suddenly we see former LSD Champion Silent Witness appear on screen.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen meet the new commissioner of High Octane Wrestling…Silent Witness.

Silent Witness: Thank you Lee. This is not my first time as Commish so I know what Lee wants and expects from the position. My first order of business is to see that this match is competitive. So if there is NOT any blood in this match everyone in that ring will be suspended for one month without pay. That is right folks. This LSD Title Match is now a first blood match and there must be a winner!!

The crowd goes into a frenzy with the announcement and inside the ring The Illuminati look worried as Lee appears back on screen.

Lee Best: You heard the Commish. Now ring that bell Kunt…I mean Kirsta!

The HOTv goes black as Lee and Silent Witness are seen comforting Baby Best.

Back inside the arena Benny is calling Lee a genius while Joe clamors that this is Lee being Lee. Benny praises the first actions of the new Commish as Kirsta reluctantly signals for the bell.

Jacobs slowly hands the LSD Title to a HOW crew member and he shakes hands with Kostoff and the match begins.

Jacobs and Kostoff tie up and Kostoff quickly gets the upper hand with his strength advantage and begins working some high impact power moves on the LSD Champion. Joe notes that despite being stablemates the two men are taking it to each other.

Kostoff, a former LSD Champion, throws the current one to the outside and begins using anything and everything around ringside as a weapon. Joe notes that everything is legal in a First Blood Match and there is nothing Kirsta can do but watch as the two men go at it.

Kostoff goes for several moves that would bring blood but Jacobs narrowly escapes each time only to be taken down by the strength and relentlessness of Kostoff.

The crowd is cheering loudly as Kostoff rolls Jacobs back into the ring but its Jacobs who quickly gains the advantage by dropkicking Kostoff back out of the ring, buying the LSD champion a breather.

Kirsta checks on both men and seems content that they are ok.

Benny mentions that he is surprised this match is that competitive and hints that Kostoff will do anything to win HOW gold and maybe he will turn his back on his new stable. Joe counters that he highly doubts it just as Kostoff begins throwing weapons into the ring as Jacobs and Kirsta sidestep them.

The crowd is more amped up than they have been all night as steel chairs, street signs, Singapore canes, and various other items cover the canvas inside the ring. Jacobs looks worried as Kostoff rolls into the ring and implores Jacobs to grab a weapon as he brandishes a lead pipe in his own hand.

Joe mentions that you would not see any Best Alliance members doing this to each other and its all because the Illuminati have total respect for each other. Benny counters it is only because there is gold on the line.

Kirsta begs both men not to do it this way but finally Jacobs reaches down and picks up a Singapore Cane and looks up towards Kostoff but Kostoff isn’t there.

The crowd is stunned as The Masked Marvel has appeared out of the fans and has pulled Kostoff out of the ring and nails Kostoff over the head with a blue baseball bat busting the HOW Hall of Famer wide open.

Kirsta and Jacobs quickly exit the ring and start to chase TMM but he exits quickly thru the crowd and Kirsta and Jacobs check on Kostoff who is gushing blood.

The HOTv comes alive and the new Commish can be seen. He orders Kirsta to make the official and right ruling. With no choice Kirsta signals for the bell and due to bleeding first Chris Jacobs is the winner.

Winner of the match in 14:55 Chris Jacobs

Post match Joe reminds the viewers that there are no rules in a First Blood Match and technically Chris Kostoff lost the match even if Chris Jacobs didn’t really win it. The crowd is booing loudly as Kirsta and Jacobs help Kostoff to the back as the action cuts backstage.

The scene cuts to Graystone standing back in the locker room with his shirt off. Blackheart is helping him unravel the tape on his shoulder. Victoria stands off to the side, watching intently. Blackheart finishes unraveling the tape on Graystone’s arm, and Graystone moves his shoulder in a circle to test it. He winces in pain a little, then holds his arm in close.

Blackheart: Are you alright?

Graystone: Don’t worry about it.

Suddenly, the door to the locker room busts open and the three turn their attention to the door. Nijs Landzaat stands in the doorway screaming at the top of his lungs as Daniel Singh orders him to attack. Landzaat runs in and blasts Blackheart out with a hard right hand that sends Blackheart to the ground and out cold. Daniel Singh runs in and grabs Victoria by the arm, and starts pulling her out of room as she drops down to the ground kicking and screaming for her life. Graystone attacks Landzaat with a hard right hand, but Landzaat returns with a punch to Graystone’s injured shoulder. Graystone steps back in pain, and Landzaat rushes in and levels Graystone with a clothesline. Graystone’s head bounces off the cement.

Daniel Singh: Nijs! Let’s go! Come on!

Landzaat picks Victoria up off the floor, and hoists her up over his shoulder and rushes out of the room as she kicks and screams in defiance. Daniel Singh takes off down the hall as the camera focuses in on Graystone holding his head in pain, and Blackheart laid out cold.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe it! Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh just kidnapped Victoria!

Benny Newell: And Blackheart and Graystone are out on the floor of the locker room! Score for The Best Alliance!

The camera keeps on Graystone who is stirring on the ground. Graystone yells “Shit!” as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Back live and Joe and Benny run down how Adam Vincent won this ICON title shot on the previous Mayhem. They then go over the attack and violent kidnapping by Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh. Benny mentions that Singh was just pissed about his suit being ruined while Joe counters that this was an obvious well thought out plan. They both then talk about the state of Graystone’s shoulder as Matt Boettcher enters the ring and its time for the ICON Title Match.

ICON Title Match
Adam Vincent vs. Graystone

The challenge makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Benny talks about how Blair Moise and Vincent are the all the rage in the gossip corners of the locker room. Joe mentions he doesn’t care who does what with whoever, just as long as they produce in the ring and so far Vincent has.

Vincent plays up to the crowd as the boo him even more loudly as he is in the ring. The boos change to cheers as the ICON Champion makes his way down to the ring. Graystone looks terrible though as his shoulder is banged up and you can tell that his is not into the match fully as Joe points out his mind has to be on what just happened backstage.

Benny states that Graystone has to suck it up to prove that he is a true champion and as Boettcher signals for the bell we are about to find out.

The match starts quickly as Vincent immediately jumps on the injured shoulder of Graystone. Vincent executes several perfect arm ringers, shoulder breakers and several other high impact moves on the damaged shoulder of Graystone over the first several minutes of the match.

The crowd is obviously worried for Graystone as the ICON champion is in a whole world of hurt.

Vincent gets several near falls and begins to show some frustration as he sends Graystone to the outside and begins using the environment around him to inflict more damage to the already hurt shoulder of the ICON Champ.

The crowd is all over Vincent who takes a moment or two every now and then to play up to the crowd. Joe mentions how cocky the newcomer is but Benny counters with how talented he is and his attitude should not matter, as he backs it up.

Back in the ring now, Vincent again starts going for quick covers and when he doesn’t get the three counts he goes right for more submission type holds on Graystone’s shoulder.

Benny mentions how smart this strategy is while Joe asks if it is professional of a man to go after the injured limb. Benny tells Joe he was obviously never an athlete and tells him to just shut up and enjoy the match…which Joe does.

Vincent finally goes for his super kick finisher but Graystone ducks under and nails Vincent with a desperation reverse DDT and both men are out as the crowd urges Graystone to get to his feet.

After Boettcher reaches an 8 count both men slowly get to their feet and its obvious Graystone is in obvious pain, but he gains the upper hand as they exchange blows. Graystone punches Vincent back to the turnbuckles and begins executing several moves with basically one arm.

Joe puts over the courage of the ICON Champion as Graystone continues to put the hurt on Vincent with basically one arm.

Graystone goes for a suplex at one point but his arm gives out and Vincent regains the advantage and Joe wonders aloud if Graystone should just quit to fight another day.

Graystone has no quit in him though as again Vincent works over the arm with only the bottom ring rope saving Graystone numerous times from several arm submission holds.

Vincent makes a costly error however as he allows the crowd to get to him and he begins talking smack to the people in the ring row. It is then he exits the ring to talk with the fans and when he turns around it is Graystone who nails Vincent with a desperation cross body to the outside.

The crowd cheers loudly for Graystone as he rolls Vincent back into the ring while his injured arm lays limp at his side.

Graystone is again on the offensive and seems ready to end the match after several innovative one armed high impact moves when the HOTv again comes to life and we see Daniel Singh smiling.

Graystone is quickly distracted by Singh and starts to leave the ring but Boettcher stops him and motions that he has to continue. Just as Graystone turns around Vincent nails him with his Snapshot super kick finisher.

The crowd is stunned as Vincent covers and gets the 1..2…3

Winner of the match in 18:31 and new ICON Champion…Adam Vincent

Post match we see Graystone slowly get up and his face is a mixture of pain and sorrow as Vincent makes his way to the back holding the ICON Title Belt high in the air as the action cuts away to the office of the newly-appointed Commissioner, Silent Witness.

He is pacing his office angrily whilst barking orders on his cell phone.

Silent Witness: I don’t care! I want you to do everything in your power to make sure Lexicon v Lewis goes without a hitch! This is my first day in the job and I’ll not have it spoiled by having a main event without intro music! So I suggest you find the CD, load it into the computer and do whatever the hell it is you do when they’re ready to come out! Because if you don’t, I’ll come down to that production truck and feed the damn CD to you through your ass!

Silent Witness throws the cell phone against a wall in anger.

Silent Witness: God damn it.

Suddenly, the Commissioner has an intrigued and slightly disgusted look on his face. He begins to sniff curiously around the room.

Silent Witness: What on earth is that smell?

The camera pans around to the corner of the room where Bobbinette Carey’s dog, Princess, is slumped and quietly groaning. Alongside her is a runny, brown liquid which can mean only one thing; the laxative Princess received earlier in the evening has taken effect.

Silent Witness: What the fuck?!

Silent Witness grabs the landline phone from his desk with a tight grip and dials a number in furious anger.

Silent Witness: Get someone in my office right now to clean this mess! And tell Bobbinette Carey if she’s not in here to collect her filthy mutt in the next two minutes, I’ll book her in a gauntlet match against the entire roster for next week’s show!

Silent Witness slams the phone down and looks back at Princess with a sickened look on his face, before storming out of his office as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Back live and we are in the office of Lee Best who is talking to Darkwing. Lee wants Darkwing to make sure that Kirsta does not win the match no matter what. Darkwing tells Lee not to worry and exits the office smiling.

After Darkwing leaves we see Lee open up his cell phone and makes an important phone call.

Lee Best: You here? Good…it is almost time…you know the plan right….good…..ill see you in about 15…..

Lee then hangs up the phone and walks over to his baby who is wide awake.

Lee Best: Daddy just made sure you will never go hungry. Our meal ticket is on his way.

The action then cuts back to ringside where Joe and Benny speculate on who the big signing is and why we haven’t seen or heard more hype from Lee all show. Benny claims it is because Lee is banking on this man to be the long term future of HOW and he wants to make sure everything is in place before putting it all out there.

Joe wonders if something is not right in Lee land as Darkwing makes his way down to the ring for the main event.

Main Event
With Special Referee Darkwing

Johnny Lexicon vs. Kirsta Lewis

The crowd is booing loudly as the Peoples Sellout makes his way down to the ring. Darkwing looks more focused than ever and Benny claims it is because he is now in the Best Alliance while Joe says it is because Darkwing is tired of being Lee’s babysitter and is ready for some action.

Lexicon then makes his way down to the ring to a loud pop as the crowd is really behind Lexicon.

Joe goes over the fact that Lexicon will be in the World Title match at Refueled and that he is looking to keep his momentum going as he is undefeated here in HOW so far.

Kirsta Lewis then makes her way out to a mixed reaction as there is obviously more people behind Lexicon for this match.

Darkwing is very deliberate in checking each wrestler for illegal gear and signals for the bell and we are under way as Benny wishes Darkwing a happy birthday.

Kirsta and Lexicon lock up and Lexicon is surprised as Kirsta is quicker than he thought and she takes him down with a quick hip toss. Lexicon smiles and again they lock up and again Kirsta takes him down but this time with a fireman’s carry. This time Lexicon doesn’t smile but seems frustrated and when they go to lock up again Lexicon nails Kirsta with a straight right hand and gains the advantage.

Joe wonders how any man could just straight up hit a woman and Benny states that there are no women in wrestling, only wrestlers with vaginas. Joe apologizes to all the women out there for Benny as Lexicon begins working over Kirsta inside the ring.

Lexicon isn’t on the offence for long however as Kirsta counters a suplex into a suplex of her own and even Benny is impressed with her strength as she gets a near fall.

The two main event stars go back and forth for several minutes with each almost not willing to make the first mistake that could lead to a loss. Joe mentions that there is no Illuminati out at ringside and Benny counters that they are probably out looking for TMM.

Lexicon and Kirsta take the action to the outside where Johnny regains the upper hand with an Irish whip into the steel posts. The crowd cringes as Kirsta writhes on the ground in pain, holding her lower back.

Johnny rolls her back into the ring but only can get a two count. From there he remains on the offensive until he makes a fatal error as Kirsta bounces off the ropes from a right hand from Lexicon and nails the World Title contender with her Hells Bitch Kick out of nowhere.

She slowly makes her way over to Lexicon but he somehow kicks out at two and the crowd is eating every minute of this match up as Joe mentions that is the first time he has seen someone get up from that super kick.

Kirsta then steps up her offense and takes more and more chances and gets several near falls.

The finish of the match is near comes as Kirsta floats out of a suplex attempt by Lexicon and nails him again with her Hells Bitch Kick..the second one of the match.

She goes to make the cover and the crowd counts to three but Darkwing only makes it to two. Kirsta jumps up and gets into Darkwing’s face and the HOW Hall of Famer wastes little time as he nails Kirsta with a right hand that is loaded with brass knuckles. The Illuminati member is knocked out cold and the crowd is booing like crazy as Darkwing places Lexicon on top of Kirsta and starts to make the count.

Darkwing only makes it to two however as Michael Norcia comes out from under the ring and pulls Darkwing out before his hand can hit the canvas for the third time. Norcia and Darkwing begin to brawl on the outside as Maximillian Kael makes his way out from the back and immediately goes after Norcia. This brings out Kostoff and Jacobs and pretty soon we have a full out brawl on our hands as the crowd is going crazy.

Joe and Benny point out that Nijs and Rohan have already left the building and that the Best Alliance is outnumbered. Norcia, Kostoff and Jacobs soon have the upper hand on Darkwing and Kael on the outside and soon enough all five men are fighting out in the crowd while back in the ring Kirsta and Lexicon are back on their feet.

Joe points out there is no ref and the crowd is going absolutely crazy as Kirsta goes for her Hells Bitch Kick but this time Lexicon ducks under and Lexicon takes the Hellcat down with a swift kick to the gut followed by a high impact DDT and makes the cover.

Suddenly Silent Witness, the new Commish, comes running down and slides in to make the cover and gets to a two count but Kirsta kicks out and SW is in shock.

Lexicon, unhappy with the fast count, nails Witness with a right hand and tosses the new Commish to the outside just as Kostoff and Jacobs toss Darkwing back over the ring barrier and into the ring while Norcia and Kael continue to brawl in the fans.

Just as Lexicon turns around towards Kirsta he is finally nailed for the third time with her Hells Bitch Kick. Kirsta makes the cover while Norcia raises and lowers Darkwing’s hand three times and Kirsta Lewis is the winner.

Winner of the match in 27:31 Kirsta Lewis

Immediately after the three count a masked man appears out of nowhere and nails Norcia with a lead pipe knocking him out. The man then picks up Lexicon and nails him with an Unprettier which immediately has Benny yelling Falling Starr!

The crowd is going crazy as it is just the masked man and Kirsta in the ring. Suddenly Lee Best’s music hits and the owner of HOW comes walking down the ramp to a chorus of boos as Kirsta has no where to go.

Lee climbs into the ring and stands on the opposite side of the ring as he and the masked man surround Kirsta who is yelling at Lee.

Lee Best: Settle down Kirsta. You might of gotten the win on Lexicon cause of your damn stablemates but right now you are about to lose the war….go ahead…reveal yourself…AFTER you take her out!

Kirsta quickly turns back towards the masked man but has no time to react has she is nailed with the lead pipe. Lee begins laughing as people begin to throw trash into the ring.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen…the man that will take HOW to the promised land…the man that will lead the Best…..

But Lee never finishes his sentence as the masked man nails Lee with the lead pipe, busting open the owner of HOW wide open.

The crowd is going apeshit as the man begins to take his mask off just as Mayhem goes off the air.

Before Joe and Benny can reveal who it is we see his face and we see exactly who the man is as Mayhem fades to black…..


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