Mayhem: May 25th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
May 25th, 2009 – #HOW54
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Welcome to Mayhem…

The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo and we immediately go live inside The Best Arena where fireworks are going off inside the arena and the crowd is cheering as we are all set for the final Mayhem before War Games.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by none other than Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny we got a loaded show tonight as both the ICON and World Championships will be on the line and rumor has it that Lee Best plans on making a huge announcement during a Going Hollywood segment later tonight with Michael DeNucci as the host.

Benny Newell: Anything Lee announces is huge and let’s be honest here…would you expect anything else from the God of HOW on the final show before we head to that wasteland called France?

Joe Hoffman: Minus all those adjectives, I would have to agree with you. After the Max heavy Turmoil we had on Thursday you just know Lee is going to make his presence felt here tonight. But speaking of War Games we will learn tonight who the first two wrestlers will be in the big War Games match as Crow secured the rights to naming the first person in with his big win over the ICON and LSD Champions on Turmoil..

Benny Newell: And tonight Mark O’Neal will name the other person to start the match when he defeats that asshole Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: IF he defeats Scotty that is. But yes, the winner of that match will name the other person to start War Games and also the winner of that match will also secure a spot at the PPV as if Mark wins he is on Lee’s War Games team and if Scottywood wins then he is going to take part in the LSD Street Fight in Paris match. The stakes couldn’t be any higher tonight folks and speaking of the LSD Match we have all four members of the PPV match competing here in the opening match as Kostoff and Bob Jared will team up to take on David Black and the current LSD Champion Guy Static Stephens.

Benny Newell: Obviously Static will once again prove why he is the Champion…

Joe Hoffman: We shall find out in a few short moments but I also wanted to let the viewers know that also tonight we will see the in ring debut of Spook who will be looking to make a big splash for whoever the owner will be after War Games and also we will see Bobbinette Carey taking on Triple M in a match that ..

Benny Newell: Will be boring as all hell. Enough of the fucking card run down. If people don’t know the card already tell them to go to and look at it…..talking is over…let’s get this show on the road so we can literally get it over with and get on the road ourselves….WAR GAMES BABY!!

Joe Hoffman: Well you are right Benny as the boys in the truck are yelling in my ear that it’s time for our opening match so time for talking is over….WELCOME TO MAYHEM!!!


Chris Kostoff & Bob Jared vs. Static & David Black
Tag Team Match

Cue “Tumbleweed” by Bobby Cash and the man who claims he was born in a wrestling ring, Bob Jared, emerges from the back to a thunderous ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Talk about one of the most inspirational stories we’ve had here in High Octane Wrestling… Bob Jared went from a laughing stock to an LSD title contender in the matter of weeks with improbable victories over former LSD champions, Christopher America and Chris Kostoff.

Benny Newell: I betcha Kostoff is thrilled about having to tag with the guy…

Joe Hoffman: Please Benny; spare us from your sarcasm.

Jared slides into the ring and acknowledges all of his Jared-aholics with a salute and prepares himself for the match with some jumping jacks and squat thrusts. Suddenly, Kostoff’s music hits and the crowd turns their attention to the entrance ramp where the HOW Hall of Famer begins making his way to the ring. The fans roar for the legend as he climbs up the ring steps and up the turnbuckle to pose for them. Bob Jared nods at him as he does this and Kostoff simply gives him a glare.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know about you Buff, but ever since this match has been announced, I’ve been wondering how Bob and Kostoff will be able to co-exist with each other considering they are opponents in just a few weeks at War Games. Kostoff is a former LSD champion and Bob Jared is looking to continue his recent success with his first-ever title reign here in HOW…

Benny Newell: …funny that you mention that, Joe. Because teamwork isn’t really needed when the LSD champion, Static, is involved. That man worries about one thing, and one thing only… carnage. So with or without the help of David Black, Static will make sure that his War Games challengers know exactly why he’s the champion.

“No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park blares and Static comes out to a shower of boos that he takes in with a smile. He confidently struts his way to the bottom of the entrance ramp with the LSD title draped over his left shoulder and stops when he gets there. He raises his palm towards a fan that’s heckling him at ringside and startles him while Kostoff gestures the title around his waist and that “he’s coming for him.”

Benny Newell: Always a proud moment for me when a Best Alliance member is scheduled to compete. This shouldn’t take Static any longer than a few minutes to destroy his opponents tonight.

R. Kelly’s “World’s Greatest” hits and David Black is the last to appear. Waiting for his partner, Static turns to watch his rival walk down the ramp and greets him sarcastically with a high five that David Black ignores. Black brushes right past the LSD champion and takes his place in his corner of the ring. Static shrugs and slides in the ring, raising the title for all to see. He shoos away David Black to indicate that he’ll be starting off the tag team match while Bob Jared and Kostoff argue in their corner about who should start the match. Jared insists to Kostoff that he should be the one to compete first and after some convincing, Kostoff finally gives way to the “Tennessee Tumbleweed.”

Referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell and we have Static and Bob Jared kicking off the final Mayhem before War Games.


Bob Jared shows no fear and immediately locks up with the LSD champion, spinning him around into a hammerlock that Static reverses by rolling forward into a hammerlock of his own. The champion goes to level Bob Jared with a clothesline but Jared ducks and shows his power with a release German suplex that has Static surprised. Static pops to his feet holding the back of his neck but charges back at Bob Jared, who again counters his attack with a drop toe hold.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for the TUMBLEWEED TWIST!

Bob Jared goes for his Spinning Toe Hold finisher but Static desperately scrambles away and clenches onto the ropes. Hortega does his best to keep Jared from his attack but he’s so eager and fired up that he shoves away the ref and stomps away at Static’s head and chest much to the delight of Kostoff and David Black.

Benny Newell: This is unfair! Static’s own tag team partner is amused! Get in there and help him Black, you idiot!

Static tries his best to cover up, but Bob Jared is relentless. Jared pauses and welcomes the huge ovation from the crowd and reaches over and slaps Kostoff’s hand with Static in his grasp. He drags the champion over to their corner and now it’s Jared AND Kostoff stomping away until Hortega orders Jared to exit the ring. David Black seems to be enjoying Static’s misfortune as he leans over the ropes with relaxed posture.

Kostoff brings Static to his feet by his hair and shoots him into the ropes… Static bounces off and…


…is met with Kostoff’s boot right to his face. Kostoff follows up with an elbow drop to the sternum and a cover…



KICKOUT! Kostoff lifts the LSD champion with ease and hits a shoulder breaker before reaching back to Bob Jared to tag him in again. Kostoff ensures Static stays down with leg drop across the chest before he goes for Bob Jared.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a second! Kostoff is going after Bob Jared!

With the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” in his grasp, Kostoff lifts him up for a…


Kostoff smirks and drapes a stunned Bob Jared over Static for the cover.




Benny Newell: Whew! I thought it was over! Static is showing his War Games opponents what a tough son of a bitch he is.

With Jared and Static both laid out on the canvas, David Black reaches down through the ropes and slaps the shoulder of Static to tag himself in. He springs himself over the top rope with a splash right onto his own tag team partner. David Black rises to his feet and kicks Static out of the ring and turns his attention over to Bob Jared, who is stirring on his feet now.

Benny Newell: What are you doing, Black?!? That’s your tag team partner!!!

Joe Hoffman: C’mon Benny, did you really expect David Black to actually work together with the man he’s been feuding with over the past 2 months? He’s got one thing on his mind and that’s the LSD title.

Benny Newell: David Black had his chance and failed… much like he’ll do again in Paris along with that hick jobber and roid freak. No one stands a chance against Static, who is the greatest LSD champion this company has EVER seen!

Joe Hoffman: Well I know several people that would argue that point… including THAT man right there…

Kostoff comes to the aid of his tag team partner, who David Black is working on in the corner. Kostoff grabs Black from behind, spins him around, and drops him with a single arm DDT! Hortega shouts something in Spanish at Kostoff and Kostoff just laughs at him before going back to his corner with Bob Jared the legal man. Jared shakes off the cobwebs and sees David Black planted on the mat favoring his head. Jared props himself on the middle rope and signals for the elbow drop, jumps off and connects to Black’s forehead just as he was rising to his feet.

Jared sees the opportunity here and goes for the Tumbleweed Twist again, but David Black kicks him off, causing Jared to fall back into the ropes. Expecting Jared to bounce off, Black completely whiffs on his drop kick attempt but Jared hung on. Jared delivers a European Uppercut and then Irish whips Black into the ropes again, but Static from the outside pulls the top rope down sending Black flying over to the outside! Static tags him in the process and enters the ring, hell bent on exacting revenge on Bob Jared for the earlier embarrassment while Black is left writhing in pain after landing awkwardly on his ankle.

Bob Jared urges Static to bring it and Static charges, only to be met with a HUGE Spinebuster from Bob Jared! David Black is seen on the outside pulling himself up on the apron while Bob Jared flexes his bicep for the crowd, much to the dislike of Kostoff who shouts at him to finish off Static. This allows Static to recover and get back to his feet and also David Black to slide back in the ring. Kostoff pleads for his partner to turn around to make him aware of David Black standing right behind him…

Joe Hoffman: Lookout Bob!

…except Black runs right past Bob Jared and delivers his Codebreaker finisher called the BLACKOUT on Static!

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Static drops to a motionless heap onto the mat while Bob is still oblivious to it all. With a satisfied expression, David Black spits on Static before exiting the ring and walking back up the ramp to the locker room, knowing that he followed through with what he set to accomplish. This earns some cheers from the crowd, but back in the ring, Kostoff finally has had enough and slaps Bob Jared so hard on the back that Bob cringes and drops to one knee. Kostoff enters the ring, sizes up Bob Jared and nails the NO REMORSE Sit-down Powerbomb!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD! This match has gotten completely out of hand!

Benny Newell: Bob Jared just got Powerbombed all the way back to Tennessee… by his own partner no less! Get up Static!

Unfortunately for Benny, Static is still down from David Black’s BLACKOUT finisher and Kostoff turns around to see this. Chris plays off the crowd and signals to give them what they want to see… another No Remorse! Kostoff checks the status of Bob Jared, ensuring that he’s not getting up, and then follows through with another DEVASTATING No Remorse on the LSD champion into a cover…





Bryan McVay: Here are your winners Christ Kostoff and that other guy…Bob Jared!!

After 8 minutes and 12 seconds of unpredictable action, Kostoff exhausts a deep sigh of relief and roars for the crowd that is going crazy for the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Wow, what a match! The talk of the LSD title picture as of late has surrounded all but Chris Kostoff, but he just proved to everyone that you should never forget about him with a dominant performance.

Benny Newell: Rub it in some more Joe…

Joe Hoffman: Hey, it’s not my fault that your boy Static had his weaknesses exposed here tonight. He’s got some work to do if he plans on keeping the LSD title around his waist at War Games. It’s going to be a STREET FIGHT IN PARIS folks… and it’s going to be LIVE on June 8th, right here on HOTv!

The scene captures Kostoff celebrating, looking back at Static and Bob Jared laid out next to each other in the ring before cutting away.


Child Games

Cameras liven up backstage as we see a blank and empty corridor, the fans lie curious as all watch on waiting.

Benny Newell: What the hell is this? We watching paint dry or what?

Suddenly Crow appears slowly from a corner and it’s as if he’s being cautious, looking around carefully.

Benny Newell: I was right, wait, no; I’d rather watch paint dry.

Joe Hoffman: Will you shut up and just watch for crying out loud!

Benny looks shocked after Joe’s brass response, but all watch as Crow slowly creeps down the corridor with what appears something to achieve. Crow then stops and peeks around the corner, smiling with confidence, the camera leans out and there we see Lee Best and some of the War Games team, Aceldama, Shane Reynolds and Christopher America.

Crow: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, where did all the talent go?

Crow smirks and points out his finger softly, pointing at each person in the room.

Crow: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, catch a tiger by the toe, If he hollers let him go.

Crow smiles again.

Crow: My mother always told me to pick the best one, and you are it, red, white, and blue.. I choose you!

Crow drops his finger and backs away disappearing from the corner as the camera fades back to ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Does that mean he’s picked Christopher America?

Benny Newell: No! He didn’t say that Joe!

Joe Hoffman: Well It sure sounded like it.. we’ll find out before tonight is out though. Right now it’s time for our first commercial break..


Do not underestimate the HOW Hall of Famer at War Games!!


Booking on the Fly..

Back live from commercial and the action cuts to the parking lot of The Best Arena and we see a black hummer limo pulling up and as it parks the driver quickly gets out and hustles to the back door and opens it up and the crowd watching this unfold on the High Octane Vision screen inside the arena begin booing loudly as we see Lee Best exiting the Hummer and right behind him are Mark O’Neal and Shocker.

All three exit the limo and all three look to be in a very good mood as they see the camera crew filming their arrival to the building that bears Lee’s name.

Lee Best: Ah gotta love the taped arrival segment of the show..huh boys?

Both Mark and Shocker smile as they position themselves in front of the camera as Lee continues..

Lee Best: I just watched the feed in my limo of Static getting destroyed and since I am in such a GOOD mood I think something needs to be done on the heels of that match….I mean the LSD Champion just got destroyed right?

Lee looks at Mark and Shocker who both nod their heads and both show great disappointment.

Lee Best: So with complete and utter disgrace of a showing..and let’s be honest Static hasn’t done shit since he won the damn title and I am not going to let his ass embarrass me or my company heading into the biggest show we have ever had……BUT…

Shocker: Just do it Lee…..

Lee pauses and gives Shocker a “don’t fucking interrupt me again or you will die” look before turning back to the camera…

Lee Best: As I was saying….I have no choice but to make sure I have a viable champion heading into War Games so I am going to make Static defend the LSD Title tonight and that match is …..

Lee points behind the camera and the camera turns to see HOW medics bringing Static out on a stretcher and are about to put him into an ambulance.

Lee Best: ….NOW….First person to pin Static wins the LSD Championship and will defend it at War Games against Chris Kostoff, Bo…

Before Lee can finish Shocker takes off towards the ambulance as Mark starts laughing as his brother is hell bent on getting the pinfall and the LSD Championship.

Lee grabs the camera and turns it back towards him as Shocker continues towards the ambulance.

Lee Best: Oh make it official…Static is gone from the Best Alliance and this match he is about to compete in is a Loser Leaves HOW match as well…

With that Lee allows the cameraman to turn back around the buzz heard inside the arena can be heard all the way outside as the cameraman races to catch up to the ambulance and as it does we see the medics being tossed to the side as Shocker rips the stretcher out of the ambulance and sends it crashing to the pavement.

Finally the camera catches up to the action and we see Shocker waving at someone off camera and we see that it is HOW referee Joel Hortega…

Shocker turns back towards Static who is out cold on the stretcher…


Shocker falls to the ground, knocked out cold as the cameraman turns towards the back of the ambulance and we see none other than Scottywood standing there with his barbed wire wrapped hockey stick.

Scottywood: Alright Frankie make sure to zoom in..

The cameraman moves the camera to the side revealing a very beat up and long time Scottywood associate…Frankie.

Scottywood quickly covers Static and motions for Hortega to make the count and reluctantly he drops to the pavement and makes the count…



Lee and Mark make their way from around the ambulance just in time to see Hortega drop the final count…




Lee and Mark see Shocker out cold and Scottywood ripping the LSD Title belt off the waist of Static.


Scotty smiles as he grabs the LSD title and takes off running with Mark O’Neal right behind him. The camera starts to go after him but the cameraman is stopped as Lee grabs him by the back of the neck.

Lee Best: Frankie??

Lee whips the cameraman around and knocks the camera outta his hands and everyone in the arena can only see the feet of Lee and Frankie but the audio is still clear….



With the camera still lying on its side we still see the feet of Lee but know we see Frankie on his knees holding his face as blood is pouring out from what appears to be his eye socket. Suddenly something falls into the frame and we see Frankie reaching out to pick it up but before he can we see the foot of Lee come down on it and the sound of the resulting impact makes several people inside the arena to throw up as the HOV plays the footage again in slow motion…

Lee just stepped on Frankie’s eye.

We then hear the voice of Mark O’Neal…a little out of breath…

“…the fucker got away…….oh shit… that his…..aww..fuck…..

Suddenly the camera is picked up by Lee and now it is Lee Best playing cameraman as he zooms into the bleeding and now totally in shock, face of Frankie the Cameraman.

Lee Best: Got anything to add……didn’t think so.

Lee then turns the camera towards Mark who flinches and holds his arms up.

Lee Best: He got away??

Mark O’Neal: Look Lee I almost had him but the fucker jumped in the limo and took off….I think our driver was on the take cause he didn’t hesitate at all…

Lee Best: I see…

Mark O’Neal: What about my match tonight with Scotty?

Lee Best: Well obviously its not going to happen is it? Don’t worry…your on my War Games team and if that asshole Scotty wanted to be LSD Champion that be it…his ass will be at War Games in the street fight as the LSD Champion and so will Shocker!!!!

With that Lee turns the camera back to Shocker who is out cold and Mayhem cuts to a commercial as the arena and everyone at home is allowed to soak in just what happened.


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

War Games Match
Team Best vs. Team Kael

World Title Match
Triple M vs. Crow©

SSE World Title Match
Michael DeNucci vs. King Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

LSD Title Match Street Fight in Paris
Chris Kostoff vs. David Black vs. Bob Jared vs. Shocker vs. Scottywood©


Epic Sales Job

Back live and the camera lights up showing the Queen Of Epicness. She walks into the arena with her duffle bag over her arm and a pair of glasses on her face. We see Brian Bare with a mic chasing after the queen of Epicness.

Brian Bare: Bobbinette! Bobbinette!

~Bobbinette shoots her head back looking at him.~

Bobbinette Carey: Yes?

Brian Bare: I wanted to get a few words from you before your upcoming match with your newest flavor of the week Triple M.

~Bobbinette turns and looks at him with a hateful look on her face.~

Bobbinette Carey: Excuse me?

~She scoffs shaking her head.~

Bobbinette Carey: Triple M, like Sektor and I… There’s NOTHING going on with either of them. Do they honestly think I’m that frail and fragile that I would be so moved by a few actions?

~She slowly shakes her head from side to side.~

Bobbinette Carey: The past couple weeks people have said a lot about me, people are forgetting who I am. I have actually had some epic matches BEAT the self proclaimed King here to prove that I am the queen of Epicness. I get called a whore and everything else under the sun. Because it doesn’t matter what I do in the ring but because I have a pair of breasts means that I have no brain and I’m a stable killer.

Brian Bare: Well Ascension….

Bobbinette Carey: I was not the leader of. I had faith in the men of ascension. But Scottywood was the bad apple in the bunch. I’m not about to let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. I still fight for what I believe in.

Brian Bare: And that would include Max Kael’s group at Wargames?

~Bobbinette smiles lightly.~

Bobbinette Carey: I gave the MK Group ONE million dollars. Now I didn’t get anything out of it I just gave them money. But people would be stupid to think that I would just let a million dollars be flushed down the toilet. Last years War Games I stayed in that match longer then ANYONE else. It wasn’t just Shane Reynolds it was myself and Shane Reynolds who were the last two people in the match. I proved I can hold my own through out War games. I stood up and got burned and handcuffed and A LOT of stuff happen to me. BUT I WAS Still standing at the end of the night.

~There is power in her voice.~

Bobbinette Carey: And For those fans that Don’t Remember it you can buy that DVD on the HOW Shop Site!

~She shamelessly plugs the DVD with a big smile.~

Bobbinette Carey: An UBERLY Epic DVD!

~She says throwing her thumbs up and walking away. Brain watches her walk away and shakes his head as the action returns to ringside.~


Silver Cyanide vs. Spook
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Mayhem folks and to be honest I have yet to fully recover from the sight of Lee stepping on the eye of Frankie…I mean seriously..did he have to go that far??

Benny Newell: Come on Joe. There has never been a line in HOW so anything can and will happen. Static obviously did something to Lee other than losing that tag match…what he did..well I am sure we will find out if Lee wants us to find out.

Joe Hoffman: Very true Benny…very true. Well I guess all we can do is continue with the show but after seeing Static lose his title to a very..and I mean VERY opportunistic Scott Woodson, one has to wonder what else will happen here tonight with Lee in a very obvious foul mood.

Benny Newell: I know my job is safe and that is all that matters…cmon Joe. Nothing is going to happen to us so why not just do your job and set up the next match.

Joe Hoffman: You know you just jinxed us right?

Benny just laughs as Joe exhales a long sigh and continues..

Joe Hoffman: Well up next we have one time possible title contender Silver Cyanide taking on HOW newcomer Joseph Gregory, also known as The Spook.

Benny Newell: Whoa now…tone down the racial shit there Joe….Gregory is white you know….although I am sure I heard Puffy coming outta his dressing room earlier.

Joe Hoffman: That was not…oh nevermind…

Before Joe and Benny can continue Cleansing by Marilyn Manson hits the PA system and all the lights go out in the arena. Faint purple lights appear near the entrance along with some fog rising from either side of the entrance ramp. Once the music kicks up there is an explosion of fire from both sides of the entrance ramp as Spook is seen wearing a long black cloak with the hood covering his head, and a tall wooden walking cane in his left hand. He starts to walk down the ramp as the fog rolls down with him. As he reaches the ring, flames shoot up from all four corners of the ring before the arena lights return.

Joe Hoffman: Impressive entrance from the Spook and I didn’t even notice and I apologize for it, but Silver Cyanide is already in the ring.

Benny Newell: Ya its hard to remember Cyanide. The only thing memorable about him is the fact that he wants to wear a dress and half the locker room thinks he wants to play dress up and play the role of Graystones Uncle.

Joe Hoffman: Do you ever think before speaking Benny?

Benny Newell: Nope. Where is the fun in that?

Joe can only shake his head as HOW senior Referee Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and our next match is underway.

Joe Hoffman: Well technically this is the third match of the night if you count the Loser Leaves HOW LSD Championship match that Lee booked a little bit ago.

Benny Newell: Shocker should be the LSD Champion right now and I have no doubts in my mind that at War Games Scottywood will pay the ultimate price for what he did here tonight.

Joe Hoffman: That is then and this is now and …

The sound of Spook driving Cyanide down to the match with a two handed sit down chokeslame interrupts Joe.

Joe Hoffman: I believe Spook calls that The Pit…and he covers….come on..already?

Spook covers as Boettcher counts and the fans in The Best Arena begin to boo….





Post match we see Spook head to the back silently as the crowd begins to throw trash into the ring at Cyanide as Joe takes Mayhem to another commercial break.


Paint not dry yet…

Cameras again liven up backstage and once again we see a blank corridor like we saw earlier.

Benny Newell: Oh god, not the paint again.

Crow then appears with that weird smile again and as if it were a secret he slides down the corridor trying to be unnoticed. Crow then turns a corner and the camera follows and immediately Max Kael and his team can be seen in the distance, it appears as if Max is giving them a motivational speech as we see Bobbinette Carey, Graystone and Triple P.

Benny Newell: I thought you said he picked America?

Joe Hoffman: I thought he did? Maybe he’s changed his mind?

Crow, like earlier raises his finger, still smiling begins softly pointing at each War Games contender.

Crow: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, catch a piggy by it’s toe, If he hollers let him go, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

Still smiling, still pointing.

Crow: Out goes the rat.. Out goes the cat.. Out goes the lady with a see-saw hat!

Crow drops his finger and yet again disappears back around the corner as again cameras fade back to ringside.

Benny Newell: I heard piggy, and lady, he picked CAREY!

Joe Hoffman: He didn’t say that..

Benny Newell: But he meant it, I know it, he’s going to put Carey in first.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know, Crow playing a few mind games here.. stalling on making his choice for the War Games match.

Action cuts to another part of the backstage area…


Booking on the Fly II

We open up inside Lee Best’s office. Lee is sitting behind his desk and appears to be cleaning up his Bottom Line pen with some rubbing alcohol.

Lee Best: You know I give and I give and I fucking give. What do I get in return? Champions getting squashed on a almost weekly basis, and people want me to give everything I got when I only get half their efforts in return….well FUCK THAT.

The camera turns to the other side of the desk where Mark O’Neal is sitting.

Mark O’Neal: Man you always have guys that think they don’t have to work anymore once they become champions. It happens all the time. Its why you gotta be careful who you put in position to win the titles. Now earlier you put Shocker in the LSD Title match at War Games…and you have taken away my match tonight cause of that fucking idiot Scottywood…..

Lee pauses and looks up at Mark as he knows this is going somewhere.

Mark O’Neal: Everyone knows I would of beat Scotty and to be honest Lee I need to get some rust off if you are going to have me on your team at War Games..

Lee Best: Look man you are a HOW Hall of Famer. You are a former Tag Team Champion. A former World Champion and for fucks sake you won the first ever War Games. I know you just bought a new gym and got your own personal trainer…you are the least of my worries. But if you just want to get a win tonight…well I can put you in position for that.

Mark O’Neal: All I am asking for a chief…

Lee Best: Alright good. You will defend the Stable Championship tonight and Mark…

Mark leans in closer ..

Lee Best: Once you have defended the Championship do what you and Shocker did to the Tag Team Titles will ya…

Smiling, Mark stands up and leaves the room.

After the door has been shut Lee puts down the cotton swab he was using to clean his pen and picks up the phone. After a few moments the person on the other end answers..

Lee Best: Ya you win. Contract will be sent to you tonight and you just make sure you are in France for War Games……good….yep….you too…..bye.

With that Lee hangs up the phone and goes back to cleaning his pen.

Lee Best: Lose a champion…sign another one…..ah the life of a God.

The scene fades out as Lee continues to clean his pen for use later in the show..?


Winner of War Games gets a date with the Budweiser model!!


Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako
Singles Match

Back from break and the camera pans the crowd, who is “uberly” hyped for the next match. “Circus” by Britney Spears hits and Bobbinette Carey pops out from the curtain with a smile, waving to the crowd as she walks down the entrance ramp. The Best Arena is filled with cheers as the crowd is going crazy for the “Queen of Epicness” as she hops on the ring apron, poses, then enters the ring.

It’s not long before “Ego” by Element Eighty kicks up though and the number 1 contender for the World Title appears. Triple M seems almost reluctant to make his way to the ring, not wanting to face the female he’s been courting over the past few weeks. He ignores the boos from the crowd and slowly starts walking down the ramp. He pleads with Carey when he gets in the ring to call off the match, but Carey is having none of it.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey has always been one to put her career before anything… especially a man.

Benny Newell: Whatever Joe. She’s a tramp… dating Sektor AND Mario at the same time? What kind of bullshit is that? She came between the members of the AoA and that’s inexcusable in my eyes. She’s probably worse than Kirsta Lewis…

Joe Hoffman: Now THAT’s a low blow…

Speaking of low blows, as Triple M goes to level her at the sound of the bell… Carey ducks and punches Mario right in the cajones!


Benny Newell: Well… I guess the match is officially under way…

Joe Hoffman: Nothing like a shot to the balls to start things off.

Benny Newell: ::shakes his head in shame of his broadcast partner::

Mario is doubled over now and the man that lost to Michael DeNucci last week thanks to the World Champion Crow is in a bit of trouble. Bobbinette Carey points her finger to the crowd and then to Mario, signaling the end of whatever “relationship” they may have had and the match itself.


Bobbinette’s Handspring Hurricanrana into a pinning combination has Triple M struggling to break free of the pin.

Benny Newell:

Joe Hoffman: You’ve got to be kidding me?!?

Joel Hortega gets in position for the cover.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!

42 seconds is all Bobbinette needed to pin the Number 1 Contender to the World Title. Satisfied with her quick and surprising performance, she pops to her feet and onto the turnbuckle to play off the crowd as “Circus” blares once again while Mario just lays on the canvas, embarrassed to even move.

Joe Hoffman: Not exactly the type of performance you want going into the biggest Pay Per View of the year…

Benny Newell: … or biggest MATCH of your career!

Joe Hoffman: I just got word that we gotta go to the back…and now!!


Setting things right..

We go back stage as we see a simple brown coffin with elegant silver lining all around it sitting near the ramp ready to be taken out to the ring. As the camera pans back we see Maximillian Kael wearing a black suit with a white lily pinned to his lapel. Over his face he wears a clear plastic nose protector, a reminder of his broken nose from Graystone last week. He looks down at his watch as we see Shane Reynolds approach from Max’s side, his face crossed with mixed worry and irritation.

Max Kael: Right on time Shane.

Shane Reynolds: ..what are you doing Max?

Max Kael: Setting things right.

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia looked up toward Shane with a mischievous grin before we go to commercial.


Footlongs last longer than a Triple M Match!!


About Time…

“Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir hits the P.A. as the lights in the arena die down to a low dark glow. The stage comes alive with flashing red and blue strobe lights and a wisp of grey smoke as Maximillian Kael steps out slowly with his hands folded at his waist. Behind him Shane Reynolds emerges with a sour look on his face, staring forward rather then at the crowd. The two men make their way down to the ring where Max patiently waits for Shane to part the ropes for him.

Shane hesitates before doing it as Max looks at him with a smirk, stepping between the two ropes before moving to the center of the ring where he slips his custom Maxopotamian microphone out of his pocket and lifts it to his lips while the music dies down.

Max Kael: Good evening ladies and gentlemen.. as you know I am Maximillian Kael, Prime Minster of Maxopotamia, Co-Owner of High Octane Wrestling, Former World and Icon and Stable Champion, Undefeated Against Darkwing, Slayer of Jatt Starr, Inventor of the Speed Bump and the voice of 1-800-Max-Kael!

The crowd begins to chant Speed Bump as Max holds his hands up for calm.

Max Kael: Now.. as many of you know and indeed have celebrated today is Memorial Day, the day the United States of America celebrates and honors those veterans, alive and dead, who served their nation, even unto their own deaths. There are few honors that are greater then service too your nation.. I should know being the single civil servant of Maxopotamia. However today.. today I believe I should honor the dead as well.. the dead in a war that spans back almost a year. The war between Shane Reynolds.. and Maximillian Kael, a war that had casualties. So it is my Honor and Privilage to introduce.. Elizabeth Creedy-Reynolds, come on down!

Shane, who went for staring angrily forward suddenly snaps his eyes at Max as his jaw drops a little before “I am Alive” by Celine Dion cues up in the arena. Back on the stage pink lights flash before four men appear pushing the large coffin that was seen backstage. Shane lifts his hands too his head with an infuriated look on his face while Max sways to the song dancing slightly to the simplistic but catchy tune. As the men continue pushing the coffin down to the ring Max continues to speak.

Max Kael: I would like took take a few moments out of the day too talk about the late Ms. Creedy-Reynolds, the dear estranged sister of Shane Reynolds. Indeed I admit that I might have something to do with her downfall but really we have to remember that it was all Shane’s fault at the end of the day. She may have died in my house in a physical sense but she died the day that Shane showed his true colors as a child and shamed the family.. what is a sister without her brother after all?

The music died down as the coffin was set next to the ring as the four men stand on guard as Shane continues to stare at the coffin while the extremely poor taste music slowly dies down.

Max Kael: In her greatest moment of need, when her husband was broken and her dear little girl was with Graystone she had but one hope, one last man who could save the day.. Shane Reynolds, her dear sweet brother. The one man who had the ability to stop what was about too happen, the one man who could change destiny and accept that inevidable but alas..

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia motioned toward the casket. Behind him Shane has begun to shake slowly but his eyes are still locked on the coffin.

Max Kael: Shane came up short.. just like he came up short against Issac Slade.. Just like he came up short against Triple P a few weeks ago.. just like he will come up short against Triple P again tonight and just like he will come up short against my team, Team Kael, at War Games. Lee’s ace in the hole couldn’t even save his own family.. not even his own sister, her husband nor her child. Shane is a failure, wrapped in over hype, dripped in over dramatics and tied up with his own twisted sense of self importance.. As I said.. Lee’s ace in the hole couldn’t even save his own family.. what makes Lee think he can save his War Games team?

Scoffing loudly into the microphone Max turned to Shane with a smirk. Shane continued to glare at the casket as his body began to tremble more violently. Max sauntered over shaking his head at the obviously very disturbed Shane.

Max Kael: We say good bye to Elizabeth Creedy-Reynolds today, Shane. We say good bye too your sister, a woman who will never look at her child and husband again because of you. Your sister who will never see your mother and father again. A casualty of War, Shane, one you started. Her blood..

Max looked down at his own hands for a moment before he held them out toward Shane to examine.

Max all on your hands. May she find peace in the afterlife, Shane, and may God have mercy on your soul. Amen.

Shane slowly turns his head toward Max Kael, a fire in his eyes that is a bit unsettling. Max simply smirks at Shane and lifts the mic up too his lips one last time.

Max Kael: I would like too thank you all for coming tonight.. This late Eulogy was sponsered by 1-800-Ma-

He is suddenly cut short as Shane suddenly lashes out at Max with a powerful right hand catching Max square in the center of his face protector, shattering it as Max Kael drops to his knees. Max drops too his knees and lifts his hands to his face as blood begins to rush between them once again.

Max Kael: Son of a bitch! You son of a Bitch!

Max’s shout, muffled beneath the blood, fills Shane’s ears and spurs him on further, the sound of his voice spiralling him further into an uncontrollable rage that had assumed control of both Shane and the moment. Shane’s feet lash out, catching Max anywhere and everywhere they can: the face, the arms, the shoulders, the chest and stomach. Everywhere!

Shane Reynolds: I’m going to kill you!

Shane shouts, kicking and stomping all the while, before dragging Max to his feet and throwing him head first into the turnbuckle. Charging in after him, he slams his head repeatedly against it. He never swears, but the words are as out of control and rage-fuelled as his actions.

Shane Reynolds: You fucking hear me, you piece of shit, I am going to fucking kill you—‘

Shane’s attacks suddenly catch on anything as a flurry of hands grab him and arms wrap around him as a group of security members slide into the ring and attempt to protect the co-owner.

Shane Reynolds: —You’re through making a fool of me!

Shane continues attempting to punch and kick Max, but only connecting those holding him back as they attempt to drag him from the ring. His muscles aching and wearing down now.

Max slowly staggers to his feet and in the view of such actions, all aches and pains and fatigue vanishes and Shane battles free from the security team and charges Max, spearing him directly over the top rope, both men collapsing onto the coffin with a loud snap before they topple onto the ground. The casket thankfully remains shut while Shane continues delivering punch after punch though Max throws a couple of his own back.

Shane Reynolds: I’m going to kill you!

The guard grab Shane again, double in force now. Holding him tighter and pulling him away more firmly.

Shane Reynolds: I’m going to fucking kill you! Let me go!

He throws more punches and kicks and head-butts at the security, but no matter how much they connect, they maintain their hold and drag Shane along the length of the barrier towards the ramp.

Shane Reynolds: At War Games! You are dead! I am going to wipe out your entire team, and then I’m going to destroy you! I’m going to fuck you up beyond repair!!

Reaching the ramp, the men drag Shane up it as Max staggers back to his feet, right into the waiting presence of two medics wanting to check him.

Shane Reynolds: You’re dead, Max…YOU’RE DEAD!!

And with that, Shane is dragged backstage and out of view, although his shouts and calls continue for a few moments afterwards. The camera panning to Max briefly and then to the announcers table.

Benny Newell: Well, it’s about time….and time for another commercial??!!


I just called….to say…I love you…


Christopher America vs. Graystone
Singles Match

We return to ringside after a commercial break to find Graystone already making his way down the ramp, looking fresh and pent up for his first match returning to the High Octane ring. Some of the fans are actually cheering him, glad to see the return of such a prestigious wrestler after such a long absence. He slides under the bottom rope and walks into the corner, stretching off the ropes, turning to the ramp once more in preparation for his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: After a long absence from our screens folks, there he is, Graystone is back in the High Octane ring. It has been too long, he is looking well.

Benny Newell: You would be looking well if you were getting a big fat paycheck for doing absolutely nothing.

Joe Hoffman: Then why are you such a mess?

Benny Newell: Whoa, was that a dig, at me? Are you stating that I do nothing for this show and get paid well?

Well yes it is true, I get paid very well, but how dare you say I do nothing for this show, I come out here and without fail, every week I give one hundred per cent……to my drinking.

Joe Hoffman: My point entirely.

On the High Octane vision screen the American flag comes up, flapping in all its glory as ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor blasts through the arena. Christopher America makes his way to the ramp way, looking quite confident tonight, looking towards a massive win to gain him the momentum he so needs. But he has no time to think as Graystone is going to waste no time in getting his hands dirty in his return as he charges out of the ring, the attempts from Boettcher to stop him frivolous to say the least, he slides under the ropes and charges up the runway with great pace. America sees him coming and turns around and back out into the backstage area. Graystone makes it to the top of the ramp and is about to follow America backstage when America emerges with the American flag and connects the pole square into the cranium of Graystone, who falls backwards

Benny Newell: Ha! Graystone will be seeing stars and stripes after that shot!

Joe Hoffman: The match has not started yet folks; Boettcher needs to get these two into the ring to get the bell rung

Benny Newell: Graystone looks like he is beaten red, white and blue. You liking these puns?

Joe Hoffman: Sometimes I wonder if it would be any easier learning ventriloquism and doing color commentary on my own.

Benny Newell: Hey, that’s not nice.

After waving the flag aloft America goes to try and keep Graystone on the ground, landing several kicks to his chest. Boettcher is waving frantically to America to get into the ring so the match can officially begin, but he ignores him, continuing to keep Graystone on the ground with a flurry of kicks. He grabs Graystone by the hair and looks at Boettcher to say that he is going to bring him to the ring; instead he charges forward, flying into the air, still holding Graystone by the hair and smashes Graystone face first into the metal ramp with a bulldog. He stands up and poses, the crowd boo frantically. This time he picks him up and walks with his limp body, throwing him under the ropes. The bell rings to finally start the match


Graystone is now on his knees, looking very hazy from his meeting with the metal ramp only seconds before. America decides to go to the top turnbuckle, perched he waits his moment. Graystone is now on all fours now; America comes down off the top turnbuckle and hits him across the back of the neck with a leg drop. He quickly lands on top of him for the pin.



Kickout after two, America getting up grabs Graystone by the hair and delivers an uppercut, throwing him back against the rope. He goes for the running clothesline but Graystone ducks sending America up over the ropes and a massive thud below, he lands awkwardly, holding his neck. This gives Graystone some breathing space.

Joe Hoffman: Momentum has swung here after a good start from America.

Benny Newell: It never does last when it comes to Christopher America; I heard he can only last five minutes in the bedroom.

Joe Hoffman: Where did you hear that garbage?

Benny Newell: I have my sources.

After a few seconds America gets up to his feet, looking up at Graystone, holding his neck. Graystone looks at him for a moment and then without any further hesitation, runs and bounces off the opposite rope and lets fly with a suicide dive, connecting with America who back to where he once was, on the canvas. The dive has taken its toll on Graystone too, who is also down. Boettcher starts a count.

Graystone is the first to get up, then America, America is the first to act with a swinging punch, but Graystone blocks and counters with one of his own, then another, then a final one which sends America flying into the railings. Graystone takes America’s head and smacks it off the railings. The count is now at five. Graystone rolls America into the ring after six. Again he picks America up and lands a devastating swinging neck breaker, concentrating on that neck at America seems to of hurt. Leg drop by Graystone to the neck of America. Graystone stands above his opponent knowing his neck is in pain, he smiles. Picking him up and placing him under his legs, he looks at the crowd, then raises him vertically in the air and lands with a perfect piledriver. He covers the ring for the count.




No!!! Just at the last second America managed to raise his left shoulder. Graystone feels the count was a little slow and shows his frustration at Boettcher who taps his hands to say it was fair, Graystone continues the punishment, grabbing America’s face and planting punch after punch, the crowd begin to count, Boettcher comes in to stop him after five, he moves away. Graystone walks to the opposite rope and climbs it, standing on the top rope he urges America to get up. America gets up slowly, blissfully unaware where Graystone is, who is timing the precise moment to come down upon him. But all of a sudden America falls forward, his body slouching onto the ropes. This sends a tremor which makes Graystone slip from the ropes and fall to the canvas. Getting up and holding the turnbuckle, America charges from the opposite at full force and flies knees first into Graystone’s chest………..but misses Graystone entirely; instead his knee hits the turnbuckle. Graystone grabs America and plants the Desperation, an reverse Implant DDT, straight to the canvas. America is out cold, Graystone again goes for the cover.




No!!! America’s hand rises at the last millisecond. Graystone has had enough, he rolls outside of the ring and throws the one of the ringside staff of their chair and throws it over the ropes. Boettcher is telling him that if he used it he will be disqualified. He rolls back into the ring, Boettcher is still telling him off. He picks up the chair and walks over to America, who has not moved, but then, like a flash of lightning, he comes to life and tries a desperate lunge clothesline. He misses the target, instead connecting with Boettcher, who falls backwards and under the second rope out of the ring, cold. America looks around startled, wondering where Graystone is, until that is answered, from behind him Graystone lamps him across the head with the chair, he falls straight to the ground. Graystone throws the chair out of the ring.

Benny Newell: Disqualification! Use of weapons! Come on!

Joe Hoffman: There is no referee in the ring, he could not possibly of seen it, he’s out cold.

Benny Newell: Quick! Give him mouth to mouth.

Graystone calls for the Curse as he points to the top rope, climbing it he looks down at America as he

flies with great air off the top rope with a split legged corkscrew moonsault, the Curse! He rolls America up for the pin.

The crowd count…..





The referee is still down and out outside the ring. Then all of a sudden from within the crowd a figure jumps from over the railings and rolls under the bottom ring, the crowd go frantic, shouts of ‘Look behind you’ as Graystone is oblivious as to what is going on behind him. Standing with the stable title in hand Aceldama stalks his prey, Graystone stands up and walks in the direction the referee is in, only for Aceldama to swing him his direction to be planted with the stable title!! He utters the words ‘That’s us even now I guess’ And rolls out of the ring, over to Boettcher and tries to get him up. He rolls him into the ring, he is hazy but starting to come to. Graystone is out cold.

Joe Hoffman: What a cheap shot by Aceldama, obviously helping out his fellow Team Best member

Benny Newell: What goes around comes around Joe, Graystone took him out last week, and Aceldama is returning the favor.

Joe Hoffman: Awful nice of him.

Benny Newell: I thought that too, I heard he is a changed man now.

America is now up and looks in confusion to see Graystone lying unconscious on the floor, with no idea how it has happened. He then sees Aceldama standing at the ramp, then gives a rather bemused thumbs up, as if to say thank you. He picks up Graystone and grabs him by the neck in preparation for the For America!…

Joe Hoffman: Here it comes, for America.


A devastating for America on Graystone, America wastes no time in grabbing the leg of Graystone and going for the pin…..




No!! No!! Graystone has kicked out of the For America! Christopher America cannot believe it, he gets in the face of Matt Boettcher, who is still feeling the effects of the clothesline. Graystone is starting to come too but America still is furious. He finally gives up and walks over to Graystone who he thinks is still down cold, leans over his body, Graystone lashes out with a chop to the throat, then gets up slowly, takes America and puts him into the German Suplex position. Perfection, planted. He gets up onto the top rope once more and again lands on America with the Curse. It connects. He goes for the pin…







Bryan McVay: Your winner after 11 minutes 54 seconds………………GRAYSTONE!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Successful return to the ring for Graystone, even the interference of Aceldama could not stop him in achieving a massive win.

Benny Newell: Just like his interference against Aceldama did not stop Aceldama in his big win.

Joe Hoffman: Yet another defeat for Christopher America as his momentum going into war games is not a good one. Not only has he lost to Bob Jared and David Black, he has now lost to two of the four members of Team Kael. What must the rest of Team Best be thinking of his performances as of late?

Benny Newell: It looks like we are about to find out, as here comes Aceldama back to the ring….


Post Match…

*Aceldama makes his way back down the ramp, passing Graystone in the process. The two stare at one another but do not exchange blows, Graystone merely passes through him and backstage as Aceldama makes his way to ringside and over to the announcers table, grabbing a microphone. He climbs up the steps and under the second rope. Christopher America is still down on the ground, clutching at his neck, wondering how on earth he lost that match. Aceldama walks over to him, and outstretches a hand, as if to help him up*

Benny Newell: Aww, how cute, the team best buddies getting along

Joe Hoffman: I never thought I would see these two getting along but Aceldama tried to get America the win and now he is helping him to his feet.

*America looks up at him rather confused, but he takes his hand and he rises to his feet. Aceldama looks at him with a smile, gives him a cocky thumbs up, just like America done moments ago when Aceldama helped him by attacking Graystone with the stable title, but the thumbs up soon turns to a thumbs down, as he lashes the microphone across the face of Christopher America sending him straight back to the canvas. He walks over his body, now standing above him. He puts the microphone straight to his mouth, looking down at Christopher America*

Aceldama: I hand you your opponent on a silver plate, lay him out for you right there on the floor, all you had to do was finish the job, and you could not do it. Since you joined Team Best I have watched you come out here every week and embarrass yourself, Bob Jared, Bobbinette Carey, David Black and now a wrestler who has not fought in over three months and still you cannot beat them. I watched you and done nothing, no more. I will not have my career in High Octane Wrestling put at jeopardy by you. I will not sit back and let this happen. So what I am going to do for you America, is do something I should of done to you a long time ago, teach you a lesson.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama clearly not happy with the performances of Christopher America, he aims to teach him a lesson right here and now by the looks of things!

Benny Newell: Heat in the Best camp!!

Aceldama: You obviously need some help, and I am going to give it to you. Whether you like it or not. Once we land in France, you are coming with me; I am going to make you into a winner if it kills me. You will NOT cost me my career!!

Joe Hoffman: What?? Aceldama, is wanting to HELP Christopher America?? Am I hearing this correctly?

Benny Newell: A German helping an American who hates Germans, I smell a sitcom!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know what he is thinking about, but obviously he is thinking about his career.

Benny Newell: Don’t mention the war, I think I did, but I got away with it.

Aceldama: See you in France Christopher. You will not fail me, I will not let it.

*With that Aceldama drops the microphone and makes his way backstage leaving a rather bewildered and confused Christopher America left in the ring*



The action picks up backstage where we see Silver Cyanide and Triple M talking. All of a sudden Cyanide is blindsided and he nails his head against the concrete wall as Mario turns, but not fast enough, to see Mark O’Neal coming at him with a Stable Championship belt.


Mario smacks his head against the concrete and falls to the ground..

Mark O’Neal: Get over here…

Again it is Hortega who emerges from the shadows and gets in position as Mark puts a hand on both Cyanide and Triple M..





Mark stands up and picks up the Stable title and bends down and whispers into the ear of Mario..

Mark O’Neal: You will be remembered for what happened tonight…and tell your boy Paul that he will be starting War Games with whomever Crow picks…

Mark then stands up and smiles as he walks over to a nearby garbage can and throws the Stable Title in it as he walks outta the picture.

The camera then zooms back into the knocked out AoA members before going to commercial.


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, Graystone, Triple P and Bobbinette Carey
Team Best: Mark O’Neal, Shane Reynolds, Aceldama, Christopher America


Open Mike

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and it is time for Open Mike with Michael DeNucci and special I reading this right….Lee Best?

Before Benny can say anything an instrumental version of “Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)” by Electric Six begins to play, as the home viewers, as well as the crowd in the Best Arena watching on the High Octane Vision, are treated to a montage of Michael DeNucci highlights, consisting mostly of him kicking people in the head, choking people out, and Dumpstering “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze. Over the montage appears the new logo for the show formerly known as Going Hollywood. An announcer can be heard over the montage.

Announcer: LIVE from Studio 2A inside The Best Arena, this is Open Mike with Michael DeNucci! Tonight’s guest: HOW co-owner Lee Best! And now, here is MICHAEL DENUCCI!

The Open Mike logo glows brighter, briefly filling the screen with light. When the light dies down, we get our first look at the state-of-the-art new Studio 2A set, on the second floor of The Best Arena. The set looks like what would happen if your standard-issue talk show set and a trendy lounge made sweet love down by the fire. Where the backdrop would be on a normal talk show set, there is instead a gorgeous full-service bar, bathed in neon blue lights, and is tended today by a stunning brunette in a white tank top and tight blue jeans. In front of the bar is an LED dance floor, currently lit up in neon blue and silver. On the dance floor, a modern-looking black chair has been positioned, to the right of a matching couch. A glass table sits in front of the furniture. Meanwhile, standing in front of this scene is none other than Michael DeNucci, decked out in a fine tailored suit.

DeNucci: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the debut edition of Open Mike! As always, I am Michael DeNucci, and we have one hell of a debut show for you tonight! Everything you loved about Going Hollywood is here, and some new favorites have been added as well. Before we get started, let’s say hello to my sidekick. Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, Conan O’Brien had Andy Richter, but my sidekick is better than both of those guys put together. The former SSE color commentator herself…you know her, you love her, she is the one, the only, KALEY MATHESON!

“I Really Fucking Love You” by Pretty Reckless plays, and Kaley Matheson enters the studio. She’s conservatively dressed, at least by Kaley standards, in a purple satin blouse and black hot pants. She walks up to Michael, who takes her by the hand and twirls her, before they both take a seat, with Kaley on the couch and Michael in the host’s chair.

DeNucci: Kaley, welcome to the broadcast.

Matheson: Omigosh, it’s like soooo exciting to be here. I’m on TV! Yay!

Michael chuckles a bit.

DeNucci: Yes, you are. Okay, let’s not waste any time tonight, let’s get right to it. My guest is the God of HOW, the reason we’re all here…ladies and gentlemen, give it up for LEE BEST!!

“Undead” by Hollywood Undead plays, as Lee Best enters the studio. The crowd in the Best Arena boo mercilessly, but Best doesn’t seem to care, as he proceeds immediately to the bar, where he orders a 7 and 7, plus the bartender’s phone number. No such luck on the phone number, but the 7 and 7 is delivered, and Lee takes his drink to the couch, where he shakes hands with DeNucci. The two men sit down, with Best taking a seat on the couch while Michael sits back down in his chair.

DeNucci: Lee, welcome to the show. Now then, this is the last broadcast before War Games, so let’s start with some War Games talk. As you know, Max Kael has finally gotten around to making his picks for War Games. What do you make of Team Kael, and their chances in the War Games match for 100% of HOW?

Best To be honest, I don’t even know who the fuck is on his team anymore. He has had so many idiots get named, flaked out, put back on. But in the end it doesn’t matter who in the hell is on his team because in the end, my team will win, and for anyone to doubt that…..well they haven’t been paying attention these last seven years.

DeNucci: We’re gonna switch to kind of a tough question tonight, about an old buddy of mine. A few weeks ago, you chose Jatt Starr to be a part of Team Best for War Games. With Jatt’s actions over the past couple of months, followed by his recent disappearance from the HOW landscape, are you concerned that that may have been a bad decision?

Best: Any kind of business deal with Jatt Starr is a calculated gamble to say the least. Jatt and I have a special type of relationship, as if it weren’t for me he wouldn’t be the household name he is now, and if it wasn’t for him, HOW would not have the same staying power it has. Jatt can come and go like the wind, but in the end, he will always have a spot in the Best Alliance and if Jatt shows up in France, you better believe he will be on my team and in that damn match.

DeNucci: Sticking to the subject of Team Best, you chose Christopher America as the last member of your War Games team. A lot of fans have been asking it, and now I’m going to ask it: where the FUCK did that come from?

Best: Bottom line, pun intended, is that I want to fucking win. HOW is my baby, my creation, and will ultimately be the death of me. America has an uncanny knack for really mind fucking people and getting people off their game. Is he the best choice in terms of wrestling ability? Fuck no. But you throw him in there with Shane Reynolds and Aceldama who ARE great inside the ring and I have a team that will have every part of the match covered…mentally and physically. And let me add this..America is a former LSD Champion so it’s not like he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing inside the ring.

DeNucci: Moving down a match to what is currently scheduled to be for the HOW World Championship, the match between Mario Maurako and Crow. How do you justify Mario Maurako, of all people, getting a shot at what is supposed to be the most prestigious belt in this industry? This is a man who’s won maybe one or two matches in the span of three months. So two questions: one, was it you or Max who made this call, and two, what’s the justification for it?

Best: Mario earned that right. Plain and simple. He beat Triple P to become number one contender. Sometimes you get people who win something and then put everything on cruise control until they cash in the prize. I believe Mario has done that, and trust me, if I could take it back I would. But I don’t think we will have to worry about that, because tonight Aceldama will win the World Title, and Mario and Crow can continue their ratings killing feud without the World Title in the picture.

DeNucci: Alright, time for the Buy or Sell question.

Matheson: Sell!

DeNucci: Sweetie, one, that question wasn’t meant for you, and two, that wasn’t the question.

Matheson: Sorry Robbie.

DeNucci: Sorry about that, Lee. Anyway, a name on a lot of people’s lips is Bob Jared. The Tennessee Tumbleweed – or as I like to call him, Michael DeNucci Victim #2 – seems to be on a roll lately, and is making an impression with a lot of people. He’s being hyped as the next big thing in High Octane Wrestling, but I want to hear, straight from your mouth…buy or sell this Jared hype?

Best: Sell him …and fast. We aren’t going to go thru the whole fucking roster are we? Cause I will be honest..I would sell 95% of those fuckers and I will do that once I regain my rightful 100% ownership.

DeNucci: Okay, you know what? We’ve waited long enough. It’s time to break the biggest news in High Octane Wrestling history, EXCLUSIVELY on Open Mike. The floor is yours, boss, let ’em know what’s up.

Best: Well like I just stated at War Games I will regain what should have been mine all along and that is complete control of High Octane Wrestling. WHEN my team wins at War Games, the first thing I am going to do is get HOW back on the road. Let’s be honest, though… sending two shows on the road right now would just be too expensive. At the same time, we are losing too much money by NOT going on the road. My solution? Roster split. The Thursday after War Games we will be holding a live draft where the roster will either be drafted to the Monday Night show….or to the Thursday Night show. Now obviously someone will have to be running one of these shows as I cannot be drafting both rosters…..that other person…none other than Michael DeNucci who will be running the Monday Night show…AFTERSHOCK!!

Lee pauses as The Best Arena comes to life as literally a buzz can be heard in the arena as DeNucci smirks and as Lee just smiles. DeNucci leans over to Best and whispers in his ear, forgetting that both men are mic’d up.

DeNucci (sotto voce): That rumbling you feel under your feet is a lot of folks from the Chaos era of SSE turning over in their graves.

Best (s.v.): Duh.

The bartender walks over with a Hpnotiq martini for Michael, who drinks it as the Best Arena crowd slowly start to get a hold of themselves.

Best: So..after each PPV we will have another draft, and the only people exempt from being drafted are the Champions, who will be able to be booked on either show, as well as two wrestlers of that shows GM’s choosing. So if I am running Turmoil and I have Reynolds and Aceldama on my roster I would designate them as my keepers and the rest of the roster would go into the draft pool and we redraft from that. This will keep things fresh and keep everyone on their toes. More details will be made available on after tonight’s show including the opening of the official High Octane Draft chat room.

DeNucci: Folks, you heard it here first, Thursday night, June 11th the HOW landscape changes forever, with the first HOW Draft, Aftershock vs. Turmoil. All right, Lee, before we let you go, let’s do a little word association, starting with: Aceldama.

Best: World Champion

DeNucci: Shane Reynolds?

Best: ICON Champion

DeNucci: Max Kael?

Best: Over rated

DeNucci: Graystone?

Best: Vastly overrated

DeNucci: Paul Paras?

Best: War Games opener

DeNucci: Bobbinette Carey?

Best: Biggest Clit this side of the Mississippi

DeNucci: Michael DeNucci?

Best: Aftershock Owner and man that will make us both rich.

DeNucci: LSD title picture?

Best: Chaos

DeNucci: ICON title picture?

Best Boring.

DeNucci: SSE World Title picture?

Best: It’s-


The voice you all just heard is none other than reigning SSE World Champion Trent, who proceeds to launch himself into the picture, knocking DeNucci over in his chair with a monstrous clothesline. Seeing the shit about to go down, Lee takes this opportunity to excuse himself from the studio. Meanwhile, DeNucci and Trent roll around the set in the classic “I hate you so bad” rolling grapple, with Trent gaining the advantage for a moment…

Trent: I want my fuckin’ belt back, you fuckin’ fucker!

…only to be rolled over by DeNucci…

DeNucci: It’s gonna be MY fucking belt after War Games, bitch!

Trent then rolls on top of DeNucci again.

Trent: Fat fuckin’ chance! DJ fuckin’ Gallagher’s got a better chance of winnin’ that belt, and that fucker’s been dead for four years!

The argument/grapple is interrupted by Kaley, who kicks Trent’s back as hard as she can. She’s maybe 110 pounds and not trained in any sort of fighting discipline, however, so it does little other than distract Trent for a moment.

Trent: Wez, get this little fuckin’ bitch!

Trent’s bandmate, who was lurking in the shadows, lets out a scream and charges at Kaley, who reacts with the one move she does know: the classic Greco-Roman low blow. (Thanks, Brain!) Meanwhile, DeNucci’s grappling skills are starting to become evident, as he pushes Trent off of him with his feet, with both men returning to a vertical base shortly thereafter. They charge at each other, but before they can do further damage, a seemingly endless team of security professionals from Illinois Security Services arrives, immediately going to work restraining Trent and DeNucci (not to mention treating Wez’s severely bruised testicles). As the two men struggle with the security team, Kaley looks at them, before looking at the camera.

Matheson: Okay, like, Lee’s gone, and Robbie – yeah, I still call him Robbie, even though you losers call him Michael now – is busy trying to get through all those security guys, so I guess the show’s, like, over or something. Whatever. For all of us at Open Mike, I’m Kaley Matheson…later bitches!

“Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)” kicks in again, as we get one last shot of ISS restraining DeNucci and Trent, who along with Trip Eisen, will fight for the SSE World Championship at War Games, before we fade out.


HOTv ratings return week of War Games..


Pre Match…

Returning from commercial, Mayhem returns to a scene of just that. A small group of medics are running back and forth, checking on another group of men: a security, four in all, each of them amongst those that had dragged Shane away from Max. One is unconscious, whilst the other three are having their fresh cuts and bruises examined. Laying on the floor amongst the unconscious one is the iron bar Shane usually carries.

A shadow suddenly falls across it as Brian Bare appears on the scene, asking anyone and everyone who will listen. ‘Where did Shane Reynolds go?’

No answer comes until he repeats his question for one of the attacked security guards. ‘He went towards the ring,’ he groans, pointing the direction as though he didn’t already know it.

The scene immediately cuts to ringside where the announcers are waiting, ever vigilant.

Joe Hoffman: Seems Shane Reynolds is on his way here, folks…..and just in time

Benny Newell: Triple P is going to be fucked up!

He exclaims with a smirk, followed by a celebratory shot of Jack.


HOW ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match


We return from break to see Benny Newell standing up to look toward the stage as Joe Hoffman tries to pull him back down.

Joe Hoffman: The match hasn’t even started yet, Benny! Triple P is more then capable of maintaining his ICON title.

Benny Newell: Bullshit on that one Joe, Shane is one of Lee’s boys and that means Shane is in the gold. Plus Triple P has to be consumed with the idea that he has to start War Games!

Joe Hoffman: It’s not about who you know, Benny, its about what you can do and I can see Triple P going the distance easily at War Games and retaining here tonight as well.

Benny Newell: Right, whatever, you’re gay.

Joe Hoffman: ..what?!

While Joe and Benny fight over the nature of Joe Hoffman’s sexuality Shane Reynolds makes his way too the ring, his face paint smeared with little drips of blood on his clothing still from his earlier engagement with Max. That far away unhinged look still appears on his face as he appears to have completely zoned out the world around him, climbing into the ring. Once there he immediately moves too his corner and standing so he is facing toward it with his head hanging down.

Joe Hoffman: Whether you like or hate Shane, you can see that Max and that.. that so called “Belated Eulogy” really got to Shane. The emotions that must be running through his head right now..

Benny Newell: You sound gay talking about emotions and shit..

Joe Hoffman: Benny!

Benny Newell: Now that I think about that.. you do tend to yell that in a disturbingly.. desperate way..

Joe Hoffman: I can’t win can I?

Triple P makes his perfect entrance as per usual, the Icon Title shinning brilliantly as always. Walking with a cocky, self important swagger, Triple P holds his arms out as he awaits the love of the crowd which is not all together bad. He gets mixed cheers at the moment, certainly a better reaction then Shane recieved earlier. He enters the ring and presents the title too the crowd before handing it off to Hortega who takes it out of the ring while Triple P continues to pose for a few moments. Hortega reenters the ring and signal for the start of the match though Shane does not turn around but continues to stare into the corner of the ring with murderous intent in his eye.

Joe Hoffman: Clearly Shane is still in a bit of a funk..

Benny Newell: He is just focusing his.. uh.. Chi! Yeah, deep in meditation, Lee taught him how to do it!

Triple P swaggers too the center of the ring and motions toward Shane who still has his back too him.


“I will now Rise from the ashes!

Don’t call me pretentious!

I’m sitting here making my own rules

And if I fall from the ceiling!

You’ll be down there waiting

And my only hope is falling down!”

As the Chorus fills the air two words fill the screen over the stage.


Just as quickly as it started the music fades out and leaves the crowd murmuring excited, Triple P looking annoyed at the interruption, Joe Hoffman ponders aloud and wonders if it was merely coincidence that Issac chose to send this “Message” during the ICON Title Match? Benny comments that Slade had better bring more than his “Faith” with him if he’s going to come back and survive in HOW.

Hortega, confused, stands back and waits for something to happen. Triple P, finally tired of waiting, simply walks up behind Shane and slaps him full force in the back of the head causing Shane to snap out of whatever trance he was in. Stunned Shane barely gets his fists up as Triple P begins to hammer him across the face with a series of hard rights before Hortega steps in threatening a disqualification as Triple P backs off.

Benny Newell: That stupid mexican doesn’t know anything! Clearly Shane was not ready for the bell but Hortega started the match anyway! That’s favoritism if I have ever seen it!

Joe Hoffman: I think Hortega simply believed Shane was ready for the match, I mean he is in the ring right now and he doesn’t appear injured..

Benny Newell: Mental Anguish, Joe, think for a moment!

Shane staggers out of the corner only to get caught up in a big time belly to belly suplex causing him to land hard near the center of the ring as Triple P poses over Shane. Shane seems to curl over too protect himself as Triple P drops an Elbow followed by a few stiff kicks to Shane’s back. Shane still does not seem fully bent on any offensive as he slowly pulls himself up as Triple P measures him up before charging forward just as Shane turns around.


Triple P with a stiff lariat to Shane taking him down the hard way before Triple P hooks the leg for a pin..




Triple P gets back up and drags Shane too his feet..


Triple P with a hard knife edge chop against Shane’s chest popping the former World Champ up too his tippy toes..


A second chop forces Shane into a near by corner. Triple P slings Shane from buckle to buckle with authority as Shane slams into the opposite corner with a loud thud. Still, Shane seems dazed and focused on something else as Triple P charges forward and hits a huge corner trap closeline before finishing off with body slam out of the corner. Triple P hooks the leg..




Once again Shane seems to kick out as if by some awareness he knows he is about to lose even if he does not appear to be focused on the match. Triple P laughs too himself as he drags Shane back up too his feet and hits a stiff European Uppercut taking Shane off his feet and down to the ring again. Moving around Shane, Triple P puts the boots to his head with almost child like ease as Shane still seems out of it. Triple P pulls Shane back up too his feet and throws him into the ropes as he runs into the ropes opposite Shane..


Triple P takes Shane up off his feet into a vertical fall after nailing him in the jaw with a big time Yakuza Kick! Triple P poses as he puts a foot on Shane’s chest..




Shane once again defies Triple P and puts his shoulder up as Triple P shakes his head with a smirk on his face. Hoisting Shane up, Triple P leaves him to teeter in front of him, his eyes still fixed on some far away point as Triple P slaps him.


Shane stumbles down to one knee before standing up again, his gaze moving toward Triple P.


Shane falls back into the ropes but moves forward again, his lips turning into a sheer as he seems fixed on Triple P once again.


Shane fires back with a fist! Triple P is caught off guard however he fires back with a fist of his own! Shane stumbles back but fires back with a short closeline which gives Triple P pause! Shane leaps at Triple P and grabs him by the throat taking him down as he begins to choke the life out of him! Hortega grabs Shane by the arms and forcefully pulls him off Triple P who kicks away from Shane as best he can. Shane shoves Hortega too the side and lunges at Triple P again!

Triple P swings for Shane’s head however his opponent ducks under and grabs Triple P by the back of the head dropping him onto his back. Shane starts to stomp mercilessly away at Triple P who swirms on the ground and claws his way to the ropes as Hortega tries once again to get Shane under control. Shane ignores Hortega and follows Triple P across the ring. In an attempt to escape, Triple P slips out of the ring for a breather only to be followed by Shane.

Shane attacks Triple P from behind and drives him head first into one of the ring posts before whipping him into the near by guard railing as Hortega beings a 10 count. Shane doesn’t seem overly interested as he continues too hammer on Triple P on the outside while the fans hoot and hollar at him. The former World Champion seems focused at the moment on maiming Triple P who finds himself in a near helpless situation in this sudden turn of the tides.

Dragging Triple P near the steps, Shane attempts to throw his opponent into the steps only to find himself countered by the much more powerful Triple P. Shane clatters over the stairs as Triple P slowly rolls back into the ring, dazed but able to function.

Shane pulls himself up and finds his way back into the ring at the count of 9 while Triple P uses the ropes as support as he catches his breath. Shane pulls himself up and stumbles toward Triple P, a limp obvious from his meeting with the stairs. As he charges forward, Triple P comes at him as well, both men striking eachother with the same idea in mind in the center of the ring with flying closelines! The force of their strike turns them both in the air as they land with a tremendous crash, neither man moving easily..

Hortega checks both men before he begins a 10 count..

Triple P is the first too stir, crawling toward a near by corner as Shane slowly comes to life as well. Triple P manages to pull himself up as Shane continues to attempt to pull himself up..

The reigning ICON title turns and spies Shane, stumbling toward him as he grabs his weakened foe by the waist..


Shane back kicks Triple P in the groin! Hortega, due to poor positioning, was unable to see it and Triple P immediately breaks the hold as Shane stumbles forward…


Shane hits a Super Kick on Triple P as he drops down for the cover!




Shane doesn’t dwell on it as he pulls himself up and locks on the BROKEN WING!

Triple P thrashes about as Shane forces the pressure onto the ICON Champion! Shane glares down at Triple P with a merciless look in his eyes as his face slowly turns a shade of red then leans toward purple, much the same as his coolaid. The thrashing then proceeds to die down as Hortega checks Triple P’s arms..





Post match we see Shane Reynolds standing tall in the center of the ring with the ICON title as we go to commercial…


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

War Games Match
Team Best vs. Team Kael

World Title Match
Triple M vs. Crow©

SSE World Title Match
Michael DeNucci vs. King Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. David Black vs. Bob Jared vs. Shocker vs. Scottywood©


Pre Match…

Back live and there is a loud siren noise echoing throughout the arena as searchlights move across the arena. On the giant screen a flashing ((–A–)) symbol appears.

As soon as the siren ends and the searchlights stop a voice is heard which utters ‘Time for the sickness’ as ‘Indestructible’ by Disturbed comes onto the PR system as Aceldama is found by the returning searchlights somewhere in the arena within the crowd, he quickly moves through them to the ringside area, he slips under the bottom rope and raises his arms above his head as flaming pyros go off on each ring post. Finally in preparation he goes into a corner, sits down and cowers in a corner, talking slowly to himself.

Joe Hoffman: Alright the big man is in the ring and Benny I am not going to lie…I have goose bumps here.

Benny Newell: You know how I know you’re gay?

Before Joe can retort, Come with Me by P.Diddy hits the PA system and the crowd cheers madly for the World Champion Crow as he makes his way out.

Joe Hoffman: A much favorable reaction tonight for the Champ and one has to wonder if it’s because he is taking on the Best Alliance monster Aceldama.

Benny Newell: I do not give a shit what the fans think. After Aceldama wins this match the Blood Brothers might have had the Stable Titles retired but they will gain the top two singles titles heading into the biggest match and event of the year!!

Joe Hoffman: As much as I hate to say it….you very well could be right.

Crow finally enters the ring and hands the World Title belt to Matt Boettcher as he stares a hole thru the challenger.

Boettcher holds the belt high in the air and shows it to each side of the arena before handing it to a crew member on the outside of the ring.

Boettcher then signals for the bell and our main event is set to begin.

Crow and Aceldama both stand in the ring ready to begin the match when suddenly Crow makes a signal for things to stop and requests to have a microphone. Eventually Crow gets handed one and circles the ring while Aceldama gets impatient waiting to get the match starter for the World title.

Crow: You know, tonight has been tough, not only do I have to defend my title in a few seconds.. but I’ve had the nagging task of making a decision.. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made my decision.

Joe Hoffman: America?

Benny Newell: Carey?

Crow circles the ring some while thinking his decision over, and then smiles.

Crow: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe..

Crow turns and faces Aceldama.

Crow: ..I pick Aceldama to begin the show.

Crow smiles at Aceldama and drops the mic, while Aceldama seems distracted after finding out the news unsure how to take it.

Joe Hoffman: WOW! Crow picked Lee Best’s favorite to win, Aceldama to start off War Games!

Benny Newell: NO! He can’t do that!

Joe Hoffman: He just did. And now we know that it will be Aceldama and Perfect Paul Paras starting War Games off…wow!!

Boettcher signals for the men to start the match now as Crow has handed the microphone back to a crew member.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go Benny…its time for the World Title Match!!


HOW World Title Match
Aceldama vs. Crow
Singles Match

Back in the ring the challenger and Champion begin circling each other and its obvious Crow doesn’t want to lock up at all.

Joe Hoffman: One has to wonder just how healthy the Champion is. We seen on Turmoil how he won a match literally with one arm and tonight I have a feeling that right arm has a big bulls eye on it.

Benny Newell: Duh.

The two men continue to circle each other and each time Aceldama goes for a lockup, the Champion quickly disengages and refrains from locking up with the 6’2” 275 beast from the Best Alliance.

Finally Aceldama grows tired of the act and charges Crow but Crow sidesteps the challenger and takes him down with a drop toe hold and quickly jumps on the back of Aceldama and pummels the big man with left hands.

Aceldama is able cover up however and grabs the bottom rope with his hand and forces Boettcher to call for a break and surprisingly Crow stands up and allows Aceldama to get back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Surprising move there by the Champ.

Benny Newell: Well he likes to think of himself as a good guy doesn’t he? I still consider him a douchebag no matter what the fans think of him.

Joe Hoffman: And I am sure Lee shares those feelings with you.

Benny Newell: Duh.

Back inside the ring Crow and Aceldama are circling each other again and again it’s obvious that Crow wants no part of locking up with Aceldama.

Aceldama continues to get frustrated and charges Crow but Crow ducks his head under the top rope and Boettcher signals for Aceldama to make a clean break but the Best Alliance challenger wants nothing of a clean break and instead grabs Crow and literally drags him into the center of the ring and slams the Champion down hard to the canvas and portions of the crowd literally cheer on the challenger for getting the action going.

Aceldama follows up the slam by dragging Crow up to his feet and then nails him with a wicked head butt before whipping him into the ropes and then nailing the Champion with a thunderous sidewalk slam, followed by the first pinfall attempt of the night..


KICKOUT by the champ.

Joe Hoffman: No doubt that it will take more than a couple of slams to pin the World Champion here tonight.

Back inside the ring Aceldama has the champ back to his feet and again whips him, but this time hard into the corner and Crow bounces off the turnbuckles hard and falls to his knees holding his back as the challenger stalks him.

Just as Aceldama bends down to pick Crow up, the Champion nails him with a devastating left uppercut and Crow jumps to his feet and nails the staggered challenger with a spinner neck breaker and now it is Crow who makes the cover..


KICKOUT by the Challenger.

Crow pulls Aceldama up to his feet and goes for a quick lifting DDT but Aceldama elbows his way outta it and pushes Crow off into the ropes and when Crow comes back he is greeted with a powerful clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama really showing his strength advantage here tonight and although Crow is the taller man by two inches it is Aceldama that holds a 65 pound weight advantage.

Benny Newell: Good homework lesson…now can you just call the match please?

Back in the ring Aceldama has no focused his attention on the right arm of Crow and he wrings the arm several times and with each turn Crow screams out in pain as the shoulder that just was dislocated a few days ago is still not fully healed.

Aceldama works the arm for several more minutes, battering it with punches, kicks and at one point a devastating shoulder breaker on it in the middle of the ring which garnered the first near fall of the contest.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama might be a beat but he is really showing off a game plan here as for the last several minutes the arm of Crow has been the target and the target has been battered.

Benny Newell: Would you expect anything else in a match of this caliber? Ace might have been spending his last few days with the shrinks, but his mind is clear now..and you know Lee gave him the keys to victory.

Joe Hoffman: We shall see…

Back to the match and the action has spilled to the outside as Aceldama throws the right arm of Crow into the steel post and Crow falls to his knees in pain as he grabs at his shoulder.

The HOV comes to life and shows a replay of the move and we see a large bump has become present again on the right shoulder of the champion.

Joe Hoffman: Dislocated again!!! There is no mistaking it….he shouldn’t even be wrestling right now!

Benny Newell: But he is….GET HIM ACE!!

Back live and Aceldama has grabbed a steel chair away from a fan at ringside and he is stalking Crow and as he brings the chair up Crow turns and delivers a desperation dropkick causing the big man to drop the chair behind him and he falls to the mat crashing the back of his head against the steel of the chair.

Crow, still lying on the arena floor, is seen breathing heavily as Aceldama is totally out of it on his back as well.

Boettcher starts the ten count as both men lie there motionless.







Both men begin to stir with Crow reaching the ring apron first…literally pulling himself up with his left arm.


Crow slowly rolls into the ring as Aceldama staggers to his feet and starts towards the ring…


Aceldama rolls into the ring before the nine count and is promptly greeted with a kick to the back of the head.

With his injured arm cradled against his chest, the World Champion, unleashes on Aceldama targeting the head of the Best Alliance member.

Joe Hoffman: Crow is on the offensive finally and you can see what his target it…the head of the fragile minded Aceldama.

Benny Newell: Save it Freud. This is about competing and I am telling you that Aceldama will deliver just like Shane before him!

For the next several minutes it is Crow who is now the aggressor has he delivers blow after blow to the head of Aceldama and culminates the attack with a perfect lifting DDT and gets a very close near fall that brought the first big reaction out from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny we have hit the 12 minute mark and neither man has the advantage as I am not sure who is off worse….Crow with his arm dislocated again or Aceldama who surely has to have at the very least a mild concussion.

Benny Newell: I will take the concussed man over the one armed man any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Joe Hoffman: Touche.

Benny Newell: Drink Rob

Joe Hoffman: Again why Rob?

Benny Newell: Go to that new bar called The Fourth Wall and you will see on the menu…Things to Make Rob Drink…

Joe doesn’t even give a response to that comment as the action returns inside the ring where Crow has Aceldama in the corner and is once again laying the hammer down on the head of the challenger and all Aceldama can do is cover up.

Finally Crow stops with the left arm punches to catch his breath and at that moment Aceldama flings himself up and charges the World Champion and picks him up and literally spears him into the opposite corner…

Benny Newell: BERLIN EXPRESS!!!

Now it is Aceldama in a fit of rage who is raining down with the punches as Crow struggles to cover up and when he does manage to Aceldama nails the injured shoulder with repeated punches and Crow drops his guard and Aceldama goes back to blows to the head.

He finally is pushed out of the corner by Boettcher and fearing DQ Aceldama backs away as Crow sits in a heap in the corner with blood now flowing from his left eye from the devastating right hands from the challenger.

The cameras zoom into the face of the Champion and we see that he is smiling as he runs his tongue on the outside of his mouth …literally tasting his own blood.

This even throws Aceldama for a loop and the crowd is cheering madly as Crow pulls himself up to his feet and he charges the challenger for his title and the two men begin throwing punches and ignoring the pain, Crow throws some wicked right hands and it is the Champion who comes out ahead in the exchange as he punches Aceldama back to the ropes and proceeds to Irish whip him into the far ropes and nails him with a kick to the gut followed by a stunner that sends Aceldama down to the mat and he quickly rolls out of the ring to gather himself but Crow, no longer feeling any pain as he is in shock, runs and nails Aceldama with a suicide dive to the outside.


The crowd joins in with a HOLY SHIT chant as Crow struggles to his feet and rolls into the ring to break up the ten count and then he rolls back out to the outside and picks up and whips Aceldama hard into the steel ring steps and the top half of the steps go flying off as Aceldama rams the steps shoulder first.

Now it is Aceldama who is crying out in pain as he holds his right shoulder.

Crow picks him up and rolls him into the ring and then climbs the top rope and drops down and nails Aceldama with a huge leg drop and he makes the cover…



KICKOUT by the Challenger…

Crow signals that it is time for his reverse piledriver finisher called the Fallen.

He picks up Aceldama on his right shoulder and before he can lower the man into position for the move Aceldama falls to his feet behind Crow and proceeds to nail him with a reverse DDT and he makes the cover…



KICKOUT by the Champion….

Joe Hoffman: That was a close one there and I am just not sure how much more these two can handle…

Aceldama picks Crow up and signals that it’s time for his finisher but as he does Crow nails him with a quick kick to the gut and Crow quickly lifts Aceldama up and positions him for his Fallen Finisher…


Crow turns to face the crowd and the hard camera and as he does Aceldama begins kicking his legs and with unbelievable strength Aceldama counters the tombstone piledriver like finisher of Crow and now it is Aceldama who has Crow in the exact same move and without wasting any time he falls to his knees, sending Crow’s head right into the canvas…






Post match we see Aceldama being handed the World Championship belt and Joe states that someone is screaming in his ear to cut to the backstage area…


Post Match Booking..

Backstage we find Max Kael seated in a chair while two medics stand over him with bloody cotton swabs.

Medic 1: Sir.. we are going to reset it now..

Max Kael: Whatever.. do it now..

There is a sharp snapping before the medic moves away to reveal Max Kael, dark circles under his eyes while the bridge of his nose appears swollen. He waves the medics away as he uses his handkerchief to smear some of the blood under his nose away.

Max Kael: Congratulations to Shane and Aceldama on their success. Both ICON and World Title victories tonight.. Lee must be proud..

Max narrowed his eyes as glowered at the Camera.

Max Kael: Lee must be very confident right now.. not that I can blame him which is why I would know he will have no issue.. having his two boys put both titles on the line during the War Games match..

The crowd can be heard in the back ground cheering at the news that both titles will be on the line at War Games.

Max Kael: It will work this way.. Whoever pins Shane Reynolds will be ICON Champion. Whoever pins Aceldama shall win the World Title.

Max’s frown slowly turns upside down as his mouth stretches into a smile.

Max Kael: When Team Kael walks out of War Games victorious.. we shall strip the Best Alliance of all their titles in the process.. Lee.. you will lose your Company and your titles.. Imagine That!


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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM