Mayhem: May 19th, 2008 (2008)


Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
May 19th, 2008 – #HOW4
United Center Chicago Illinois

Mayhem comes on the air as a camera is following behind Lee Best, who is walking thru a back hallway deep inside the United Center. Lee can be seen hunched down somewhat as he walks and as he walks by a HOW crew member the worker gasps in what appears to be shock as Lee just shakes his head and continues down the hall.

The camera continues to follow Lee, still hunched over, as he makes his way into the locker room area of the United Center. He walks past several more workers who also appear shocked at what they are seeing.

Finally Lee reaches his office and as he turns around the camera finally focuses in on what all the HOW crew members were in shock about.

Lee Best just entered his office pushing a baby stroller.

Seeing the camera Lee motions for the cameraman to follow him into the office as he pushes the stroller into his office and stops it next to his next and he takes a seat and lets out a huge sigh as the cameraman focuses in on the baby inside the stroller.

Lee Best: On my numnuts, focus on me.

The camera quickly jerks to Lee who is now sitting up straight in his chair and has a very serious look on his face as he begins.

Lee Best: Before, and all the other trash websites out there start reporting that I am running some kind of angle here in HOW with …well that…

Lee pauses to point at the baby in the stroller who is sound asleep. A loud AWWWW can be heard resonating throughout the United Center.

Lee Best: You see I, Lee Best, am a changed man. No longer will you hear my cursing, stabbing people in the eyes or getting angry with the roster. Instead I am going to just relax, count to ten, and let things happen as they may. I am no longer just responsible for myself….I am a father….and I don’t want anyone guessing who the mother is or thinking that she is going to be a part of the show at any point. I am just letting the world know that I, Lee Best, am a better man than I ever was. Tonight we have a good show, so without any further adieu lets get this show on the road..

With that Lee points towards the door and as the scene fades out we see Lee pull out an official HOW pacifier from the baby’s mouth and smiles down at what is apparently his child.

We then cut live to inside the arena where the crowd is buzzing at the images we just seen on the HOTv of Lee Best with a baby?

Welcome to the Jungle begins blasting thru the PA system as Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell welcome us officially to Monday Night Mayhem. Immediately Joe and Benny begin talking about Lee Best as a father as the pyros finish going off in the arena. The crowd is red hot tonight and Joe makes it known that HOW sold more tickets for tonight’s show than any of the previous three shows. Benny throws out the Best Alliance equals ratings line as HOW crew members surround the ring as Joe informs us that its time for the Lee Best Sponsored Inferno Match pitting ArcAngel and Jason Sandman.

The HOTv comes to life and the crowd is transfixed on the screen as footage of ArcAngel setting Fear and Jason Sandman on fire is shown. Crew members quickly put the fires out but Fear was severely burned and Jason got away with minor injuries.

Joe and Benny go over the obvious dangers of an Inferno match and wonder if Lee is going to allow his baby to watch this horrific match unfold. Benny notes that this match was made BEFORE Lee declared he was a changed man. Joe can only shake his head as the first match is set to begin!!

Lee Best Sponsored Inferno Match
ArcAngel vs. Jason Sandman

Jason Sandman makes his way down to the ring to a somewhat quiet mixed reaction. He is obviously still hurt from last night but has a very determined look on his face. Joe wonders how exactly brutal this match up will get as ArcAngel makes his way down to the ring with Bobbinette Carey at his side. Benny points out that Carey’s mutt isn’t with here and she looks pissed.

Suddenly the HOTv screen lights up and shows an “earlier today” graphic, which fades out as we see Bobbinette Carey, walking down a street. For once, Princess is not by her side.

Bobbinette Carey: The dog grooming salon should be done now. I’m sure they’ve done an uberly-epic job at tidying Princess up…

Bobbinette veers off towards the shop entrance and pushes the door open with a wide grin on her face. Suddenly, her face turns to a look of horror and the camera pans around to see that Princess has been given a complete blue rinse!

Bobbinette Carey: Princess!!! What have you done to my baby?!

The stylist looks at Bobbinette with a look of confusion.

Stylist: You called up just after you left and told us to put a blue rinse in her coat. You quoted your account number and everything.

Bobbinette Carey: I did no such thing! Are you crazy?! I would never ask for you to do something so uberly cruel to my baby! What am I supposed to do now?!

Stylist: Well… We can give you a shampoo to get the color out of her coat…

Bobbinette Carey: Yes! That’s fantastic! I’ll wash her right now and she will look perfect for tonight’s Mayhem!

Stylist: Well… I’m afraid you will have to wash her four times a day for the next three days before it is completely removed from her coat.

Bobbinette Carey: WHAT?! Are you freaking kidding me?!

The stylist hands over the shampoo.

Stylist: I’m very sorry. I’ll give you this free of charge, because of the confusion.

Bobbinette Carey: Confusion?! This isn’t confusion; it’s a catastrophe of epic proportions! I will NOT be coming here again!

Bobbinette picks up Princess and storms out of the shop. She walks down the street stroking Princess and the video package fades out with Bobbinette remarking “You poor thing… What have they done to you?!”

The HOTv fades out as the crowd is laughing out loud as Carey is furious while ArcAngel tries to calm her down. Inside the ring Sandman is trying not to laugh too hard as it hurts. Benny raises a shot in the air and takes it down as ArcAngel finally enters the ring and Matt Boettcher signals for the bell.

Just as the final DING sounds, the outside edge of the ring erupts into flames and if it didn’t sink in before it does now as ArcAngel and Sandman realize that one of them is going to burn tonight.

They lock up after a few back and forth moves Sandman gains the upper advantage and begins to work over ArcAngel with one eye always on Carey who is literally still fuming over the footage of her dog being dyed blue.

Back in the ring ArcAngel gains the upper hand with a quick suplex reversal and as Carey cheers him on ArcAngel begins his offense. Sandman almost catches fire after several Irish whips but each time he is able to avoid the loss and more importantly being burned.

ArcAngel quickly jumps on the injuries of Sandman and executes some high powered slams, suplexes and just plain out brutality on the injured Sandman.

Joe mentions to the viewers how Team Epic has really made it a point to make Jason Sandman’s life a miserable one since his arrival and Benny counters that Team Epic is a flash in the pan and will be dealt with soon enough by Lee Best and his Best Alliance.

Back inside the ring Sandman has regained the upper hand but it isn’t for long as ArcAngel reverses an Irish whip by Sandman and nails him with powerslam and from there he finished Sandman off somewhat easily by nailing Sandman with a running dropkick which sends Sandman into the flames.

Winner of the match in 7:12 ArcAngel

Post match sees HOW crew members quickly putting the flames out on Jason. Sandman is yelling in pain as Carey pushes the crew members away and begins talking shit to Sandman, and after a few brutal kicks to the already burnt and hurt man, Team Epic makes its way to the back as HOW medics check on Sandman.

The action cuts to the announcers where Joe walks the viewers thru the details for HOW’s first PPV…Refueled. He goes over the LSD title match that will pit Chris Jacobs vs. the just victorious ArcAngel and that after tonight we will have a World Title and ICON title matches in place.

Benny then takes Mayhem to a commercial as HOW crew members quickly work on the ring.


Back live and we are once again outside the office of Lee Best. The door is closed this time and Joe and Benny can only speculate on what is going on behind those doors. Just then the door opens and they are given their answer.

Daniel Singh exits the office of Lee Best and is smiling from ear to ear.

Joe wonders why in the world would Singh be in there with Lee and why was he so happy. Benny tells Joe that Lee has turned over a new leaf and he is being nice to retards now because of it. Joe goes to tell Benny he was wrong for saying that but instead goes into a plug for the Versus network who is the new home for Monday Night Mayhem. Joe gives the corporate rundown of the network and claims to be happy to be working on the network that brings hockey into so many homes.

Benny only shakes his head and takes another shot as we are ready for our second match.

Singles Match
Rohan Malhotra vs. Philadelphia Murder Machine

As Rohan makes his way down to the ring Joe goes over the recent history of Rohan’s trouble with HOW officials, claiming race is playing a factor. Benny lets the viewers that this is nonsense as the old Lee didn’t care about race…he hated everyone. Joe quickly agreed as PMM makes his way down to the ring to little reaction.

Rohan looks very determined as the Carl, not Joel, Hortega signals for the bell. Joe apologizes for calling Carl by the wrong name the last few weeks and Benny blames it on Carl seeing as he doesn’t speak English and Benny couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Joe talks about how this match should be a bruiser of a match pitting two powerhouses and that it could very well be a MMA match, which results in a yawn from Benny.

As Carl signals for the bell Joe lets the viewers know that Rohan obviously got a break from the kinder, gentler Lee Best, as Rohan doesn’t have Matt Boettcher as his ref for tonight.

The crowd really isn’t to the match as it starts out with both men struggling to gain an upper hand. But it is only after a few minutes that Rohan takes PMM down to the ground and puts on a rear naked choke hold which Carl doesn’t enforce at all.

Joe mentions that the hold is clearly a choke and there should be a five count. Benny said it was Cinco…not five. Joe only shook his head as Rohan obviously got a break on that call.

Rohan proceeds to execute several high impact, but quick, suplexes and dominates PMM early and often and after about two minutes of just straight right hands from Rohan, Joe again wonders why Carl isn’t telling Rohan to open the first.

The crowd is starting to get behind Rohan a little as he goes for his finishing move, Suppression and when he locks on the beast choker with a claw hold, they are firmly behind Rohan.

After a few moments PMM is out and Rohan makes the cover and Carl counts the fastest uno….dos……tres this side of Mexico. Rohan looks confused as he feels the fast count wasn’t needed.

Winner of the match in 2:09 Rohan Malhotra

Post match sees Rohan with a smirk on his face as he back peddles up the ramp looking back towards the ring. Joe mentions that Lee must of gotten to the ref and he is not sure if the kinder, gentler Lee Best is better than the evil one.

Before Benny can reply, the crowd erupts as ArcAngel nails the backpedaling Rohan from behind and sends the just victorious HOW superstar rolling down the ramp with several kicks to the gut.

Benny is yelling for security as HOW cameras race into position as ArcAngel puts Rohan in a chokehold until Rohan fades out. ArcAngel gets to his feet and smiles as he looks down at the damage he just inflicted. ArcAngel bends down one last time and begins talking shit to Rohan as the camera fades out and we go to a Budweiser commercial.


Back from commercial we see footage of Carey making her way down to and helping ArcAngel inflict more damage on Rohan as she nails him with several kicks to the stomach and head. Finally HOW officials made their way down and escorted Team Epic to the back.

Now live, we see Rohan refusing help from HOW officials, and makes his way to the back, albeit slowly.

The HOTv then comes to life and we are treated to a video history of Darkwing and Chris Kostoff. The World Title wins by both men are featured and the video ends with each man being shown being inducted into the HOW Hall of Fame.

Back live the crowd gives the video a standing ovation as Joe wipes away a tear as Benny calls Joe a pussy, and Joe reminds Benny he cannot say that word as we are now on a major network. Benny just laughs and mentions they will just have to bleep it out then.

Singles Match
Darkwing vs. Chris Kostoff

Joe composes himself as Kostoff and Darkwing make their entrances. Kostoff is cheered loudly as Darkwing is booed out of the building as he makes his way down to the ring wearing a Best Alliance shirt.

Joe goes over the history of Kostoff’s battles with the BA and this is nothing new for Kostoff to face off with someone working for Lee Best.

As the two HOW Hall of Famers face each other in the ring the tension is thick as ever as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are off.

Kostoff and Darkwing charge each other and both men execute various quick moves but after a few moments it is Kostoff who overpowers Darkwing and takes the early advantage.

Joe is clearly pulling for Kostoff and Benny is obviously pulling for the Best Alliance stable member Darkwing as Kostoff continues to dominate Darkwing with his normal high powered offense.

Kostoff takes the action to the outside as he begins to use various outside elements to the outside as he whips Darkwing into the steel steps, ring barriers and anything else he can find to inflict damage onto Darkwing.

Joe mentions how it feels good to have the intense Kostoff back in HOW while Benny just scoffs at the notion of Kostoff being anything good.

Back in the ring Kostoff works over Darkwing some more and at one point goes for his No Remorse finisher but that is countered by Darkwing who nails Kostoff with a high impact DDT and both men are out as the crowd is red hot and Boettcher begins his ten count.

Benny is screaming for Kostoff to stay down but its to no avail as both men slowly make their way up at the same time and then they begin a flurry of punches. The crowd reacts with each punch thrown and again its Kostoff who gains the upper hand and punches Darkwing to the corner where he again unloads on Darkwing.

Joe mentions that rust is definitely a factor with Darkwing as this is his first in ring action in a very long time. Benny tells Joe not to worry that the duck has the BA on his side, which leads Joe to speculate where the rest of the BA is at.

Back in the ring Kostoff nails Darkwing for the tenth time when the HOTv comes to life and we see Lee Best holding a baby in his arms looking into the camera. The crowd boos instantly at the site of the owner of High Octane Wrestling.

Lee Best: Now you didn’t think I was just going to sit back and watch you beat up on Darkwing did ya? I may be more laid back now Kostoff but I am not stupid. Have a fun time losing this match!!

The video fades out as inside the ring Darkwing surprises Kostoff with a roll up but only manages a two count. Kostoff quickly gets back on the offense but just as he does Chris Jacobs, and Maximillian Kael make their way down to the ring to a loud chorus of boos. Max has a chair in his hand and the Best Alliance members surround the ring as Kostoff stands over Darkwing who is out on the canvas.

Boettcher allows the men to stand at ringside as he is no rookie with the Best Alliance, you let them do what they want or face Lee Best.

The crowd begins to throw trash at Jacobs and Max as they enter the ring on opposite sides and surround Kostoff. Jacobs is sporting his LSD Championship belt and slowly takes it off and shows it off to Kostoff who begins talking back to Jacobs.

Max and Jacobs then charge Kostoff who ducks under the title belt shot from Jacobs just in the nick of time.

The crowd goes crazy as Jacobs looks down at Darkwing, who had just gotten to his feet, and curses to himself as he sees his stablemate out cold. . Jacobs then turns around to see Kostoff charging him but he quickly rolls out of the ring and pulls Max out with him. The Best Alliance members head to the back as Kostoff points towards them as he lifts up Darkwing and nails him with his No Remorse finisher and the crowd counts along for the 1…2…3

Winner of the Match in 9:25 Chris Kostoff

Post match sees Kostoff pointing and talking shit to the Best Alliance members as they head to the back with Darkwing. Benny mentions that there will be hell to pay for that win and Joe brags up the resolve and toughness of Kostoff as we head to a commercial break.


Back from commercial we go to a video entitled “And Now, A Message from the Masked Marvel”. Upon seeing these words, the crowd boos as sure enough, the image of the Masked Marvel appears on the screen as he merely smiles and ignores the boos.

The Masked Marvel: Oh boo hoo, the crowd doesn’t like me. I’m not surprised…but eventually, you’ll all see the light. They always do…

TMM chuckles to himself as the crowd continues to unrelentingly boo at him. He continues, ignoring them.

TMM: Tonight I cement my plans at the first HOW PPV event of 2008, Refueled. Now, I know I can EASILY win tonight’s ICON #1 contendership match against those two…oh, I forget their names…what are their names, Charles?

Charles: I think it’s William Diamond and Adam Vinc-

TMM: Oh, it doesn’t matter. Naming them, in the end, will not make them important. What will be important is the end result of the match, in which I will emerge victorious. But, you know…there’s always a small fraction of a chance that I might which in that case, I officially lay a challenge to someone, RIGHT HERE TONIGHT, and I will heartily await a response from this person next week on Mayhem. How does this sound, Charles?

Charles: It’s good, I guess.

TMM: You “guess”? It’s an EXCELLENT proposition! Either way, I win! I can enter Refueled as a challenger and walk away a champion! Or I can challenge the biggest threat to my being and walk out the victor as well! It’s the complete opposite of a double-edged sword!

Charles: Well okay, whatever you say, TMM…

TMM: Good. Now cut it off, I have a match to prepare for..

We go to static, then black as the action cuts back to the announcers.

Joe and Benny talk about how The Masked Marvel is quickly making a name for himself here in HOW and later tonight he has a chance to prove he belongs. Benny just laughs and mentions how TMM reminds him of Shawn Stevens. Joe ignores him as the HOTv comes to life and a video displaying all the past World Champions is shown.

From Jason Sinn to Jatt Starr, each champion is shown in their crowning moment. There are not many shown as it has been proved over the years how hard it is to become a World Champion in HOW. The video ends with an image of the World Title itself in all its glory.

The crowd applauds loudly for the video as it is now time to find out one half of the World Title Match at Refueled.

Hour One Main Event
World Title Match Shot at Refueled

Bobbinette Carey vs. Michael Norcia

Joe and Benny go over the past few weeks of Mayhems highlighting Norcia’s loss to TMM and Carey’s recent show of dominance with Team Epic and the emergence of the new stable in HOW…The Illuminati.

As Carey and Norcia each make their entrances the crowd cheers loudly for Carey while Norcia gets a very mixed but loud reaction as well. Norcia is smirking across the ring at Carey as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are underway.

Carey goes to lock up with Norcia but stops short and points towards the rampway where ArcAngel appears and make his way down. Norcia seems upset but not too bothered by this action.

Joe and Benny wonder if Kirsta Lewis will be making her way down as well. She doesn’t though and Carey and Norcia lock up as ArcAngel watches from the outside.

Norcia quickly grabs the upper hand with his strength advantage and punches Carey back to the turnbuckle where he nails her with several back elbows leading up to a nasty running face wash.

The crowd boos loudly and Norcia seems to enjoy it as he continues the onslaught.

ArcAngel cheers her on loudly but Norcia does not let up on Carey as he executes various suplexes and ends a run of offense with a perfect double underhook backbreaker. He covered for a two count before Carey was able to kick out.

Joe points out that ArcAngel was leaning towards jumping into the ring and its just a matter of time before he is part of the match.

Norcia goes to pick up Carey and makes his first mistake as he lazily ignored Carey who quickly rolled him up for a two count.

That woke up Norcia however has be began to batter Carey with powerful right hands. Boettcher finally calls for a five count and Norcia reluctantly backs off and waits for Carey to get to her feet. When she does he charges only to have Carey duck under his clothesline attempt and she nails Norcia with a perfect drop kick as he bounces off the far ropes.

Carey then goes on the offensive as she picks the pace of the match up with various high impact, quickly executed moves. The crowd is cheering her on loudly as she begins to work on Norcia from turnbuckle to turnbuckle finally sending Norcia to the outside with another drop kick.

ArcAngel doesn’t waste any time as he whips Norcia into the steel steps and rolls him back into the ring for Carey who covers and only gets a two count.

She then continues her offense as ArcAngel and most of the crowd cheer her on. The finish of the match comes as Carey goes for a super kick but Norcia ducked under and nails her with his Hand from God powerful right hand punch.

Joe notes how the move came out of nowhere and ArcAngel had no time to help as Norcia gains the hard fought 1…2…3.

Winner of the match in 16:21 Michael Norcia

Post match we see ArcAngel helping Carey to the back as Joe hypes up Norcia as a man that could possibly be the next HOW World Champion come Refueled!

Action cuts backstage to Lee’s office where Lee can be seen pounding his fist on his desk, obviously wanting the girl to win the match. The sound wakes up the baby and Lee quickly puts the official HOW pacifier into her mouth and she quickly goes back to sleep as Lee mutters “Damn Women”, as Mayhem goes to commercial.


Back live in the arena Machinehead by Bush sets the crowd on their feet as Lexicon emerges from the back to a hail of pyrotechnics. He approaches the fans and takes his time getting into the ring and collecting a microphone. It’s a few long moments before he’s able to quiet the crowd and speak.

“They say a man can be measured by what he’s worth.” The crowd cheers. “But in this industry it’s more about what he’s worth: To You. People are going to say that I’m greedy.” His fans boo. “They’re gonna speculate that I’ve sold out, accuse me of be bought by Lee Best. Well, maybe their right.” He pauses to let them boo again.

A solid Lex-I-Con chant starts from the back. “I have been bought by Lee Best: For You.” They erupt into cheers as Lexicon paces, moving his attention around the entire audience. “But this isn’t what you expected. I’m not out here to join the Best Alliance nor call out Team Epic. I’m here to deliver notice to the roster, the entire roster.” He grins. “I have a part to play in the future of this company, I know what my role has to be. All of you have to take a minute and ponder just what exactly you’re here to do, and choose these next weeks few weeks carefully.” The grin gone he paces back again as the fans murmur and speculate.

“There’s a war on the horizon.” He warns. “Lines are being drawn in the sand, many of you have already chosen. So pick your sides!” He shouts at the HOTv. “Build your armies and bolster your ranks; there’s one thing you’re all going to want and it’s the one thing I can’t let you have. I’ve prepared myself for the battle ahead and I’ve chosen my own side. If I have to go through Kael, Norcia, or prove my pay check to Darkwing this is the fate destiny has laid out for me. I AM the chosen one and I have been warning you all along. There’s a new age in High Octane, are you prepared to take on the burden Kael? Can you call yourself a leader? Tonight you are being tested, Kael, tonight is the night that you have to decide if you’re ready to step up. The mantle of champion is a heavy one and its corruption runs deep; if you can beat me you better be ready for what follows. There’s no looking back, no time outs, you have one shot and if you are half as determined as I am.” He pauses as the crowd murmurs speculation. “One of us is about to get hurt. Real bad.”

Max Kael’s entrance music interrupts the thunderous cheers and replaces them with disgruntled boos.

“You.” Kael points. “You’re so. You’re just so damned. Grr! You think you got everybody figured out huh? You. You think that just because you say so that its gonna happen. Well I got some news for you sir pretty boy goldilocks, mister I got so much money I can buy a world title. I‘m sick of your crap!”

“Pardon?” Lexicon sneers.

“I said! I’m. Sick. Of your. Crap!”

“You said that twice son! Just focus on where you’ve found yourself tonight and come find out why they call it the Main Event!” Johnny throws his microphone out into a sea of reaching hands and a chorus of roof blowing cheers.

The action cuts again backstage where we see Rohan Malhotra walking backstage when he runs into Daniel Singh. Singh grabs Rohan by the arm and convinces him to follow him into another room, where he quickly shuts the door on the HOW camera crew.

Their voices can be heard but not clearly and only a few words are heard for sure.

“Lee Best”




The door then quickly opens up and Rohan knocks the camera down to the ground as once again Mayhem goes to commercial as Joe and Benny wonder what is going on??


Back live Joe and Benny speculate to what is going on with Rohan Malhotra and Nijs Landzaat’s manager, Daniel Singh. Both think that Rohan finally has found someone that could be an ally but Joe thinks something bigger is at work but they will just have to wait and see as its now time for the No.1 contenders match for the ICON title.

Graystone Sponsored No.1 ICON Contenders Match
TMM vs. William Diamond vs. Adam Vincent

Joe talks about how this match came about. Graystone was allowed by Lee Best to make a match to find out who will face him at Refueled. These are the men Graystone chose. Benny claims that Graystone is taking the easy road while Joe defends the ICON Champions decision.

As each man makes their entrance the crowd is somewhat quiet until TMM makes his way out to a rousing chorus of boos while several children cheer loudly for the HOW super hero.

Carl Hortega signals for the bell and right away they go at each other with TMM quickly throwing Vincent out of the ring and locks in his Marvel Lock on William Diamond. Hortega is just about to signal for “no mas” but Vincent re enters the fray and nails TMM from behind and takes his turn working over William Diamond.

Joe mentions how it seems Vincent and TMM are fighting each other to cause damage to WD but not to each other. Benny says it wont matter as its every man for themselves when a title shot is on the line.

Vincent and TMM actually work together for awhile as they rough up WD with some actual good tag team maneuvers. At one point TMM again locks on his Marvel Lock but Vincent again breaks it up.

The finish finally comes as TMM has worked over WD with several perfectly executed technical moves only to have Vincent super kick TMM as he was locking in what would have been a finishing Marvel Lock. Vincent then covers WD for the 1..2..3 to become the number one contender for the ICON Title.

Winner of the match in 9:25 Adam Vincent

Post match sees Vincent walking up the rampway tapping his forehead signaling that he was the smarter man.

Joe and Benny go over how Vincent STOLE a victory and that TMM showed some great technical skills but just came up a little short.

The scene then cuts to the backstage area where Graystone is standing in his wrestling gear with the ICON Championship draped over his shoulder. He stares into the camera.

Graystone: This week, I’m going to make this short and sweet. Tonight I am going one on one with Nijs Landzaat with the High Octane Wrestling ICON Championship on the line. I would just like to remind Nijs Landzaat and his handler Daniel Singh of a few things. One: I already beat you for this title, and I am going to beat you again tonight. Two: You busted my head open after our match two weeks ago, and you tried to attack me again last week on Mayhem.

Graystone shuffles his feet, looks down, and wipes the spit off of his mouth.

Graystone: I just want to let you know that that this kind of behavior does nothing more than motivate me to be the best ICON Champion I can be. Landzaat, I’m not going to be easy on you because you’re “special” and I’m not going to give you a free pass because you are being controlled by someone else. When you step into the ring with me you’re getting 100% Graystone and nothing less. I will defeat you tonight, and your hunt for the ICON Championship… will be over.

Graystone stares into the camera for a few seconds before leaving as the camera fades into the HOW Logo as Mayhem goes to commercial.


Back live we are again in the backstage area, where The Masked Marvel walks into the back, breathing heavily.

Charles: Sorry you lost there, Mr. Marvel.

The Masked Marvel glares angrily at the camera, more specifically the person behind it.

TMM: A hero never admits defeat. The person who pinned me obviously caught a lucky break and managed to pin my Marvelous shoulders. He might have won the battle, but he did not win the war!

TMM pauses, clenching his chest.

TMM: Ugh…for too long now I have lost many battles. But there is one war that needs to be started…and that is the war against one…Kostoff.

The audience cheers at the namedrop; TMM looks into the camera and mumbles something unintelligible.

Charles: Kostoff? Are you sure you want to challenge..him?

TMM smiles, a rather sinister looking one, in fact.

TMM: Yes. I have already taken out one drunk in Michael Norcia, and once you get past him, there’s only one other that signifies all that is terrible here in HOW…and that is one Kostoff. I hereby challenge him to a match…I’m preferring Refueled but if he is too chicken for the match I’ll understand. I await your response next week, Kostoff..that is, if you have the gaul to respond..

TMM sits down, obviously tired an in pain. After a few seconds he looks into the camera and notices that it’s still running.


Again, we cut to static, then back to the announcers.

Joe and Benny again state that TMM should of won the match but it was over with and its now time to focus on the next big match.

Non Title LSD Match
Chris Jacobs vs. Kirsta Lewis

As Chris Jacobs and Kirsta Lewis make their way down to the ring Joe and Benny walk the viewers thru last weeks events with the debut on the Illuminati stable and the beat down it gave to the BA to end last weeks Mayhem. Joe also walks the viewers thru the mistake by Jacobs earlier in the night that cost Darkwing a win against Kostoff.

The crowd is clearly behind Kirsta Lewis as the Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are underway as Benny hopes Jacobs gets the job done tonight or else he might be facing a gentler Lee Best.

Benny then goes apeshit as Kirsta and Jacobs actually shake hands before circling each other. Joe states that it has always been known that Jacobs respects Kirsta and vice versa, even Lee knows that.

Benny doesn’t agree but starts rooting for the LSD Champion as he quickly gains control on the Hellcat.

Joe mentions that this is not a title match as there was no way Lee Best would let there be a chance of Kirsta Lewis holding a HOW title, which Benny agrees wholeheartedly.

Back in the ring Jacobs continues to work over Kirsta but the moves don’t cause too much damage as Kirsta continues to get up after each move rather easily. After a few minutes of this Benny claims something is up.

Lee Best must of read his mind cause halfway thru the match Lee sends down Darkwing. The duck is still hurting a little bit and Benny mentions that there is no way Lee would send Max out considering his big match later on tonight.

Jacobs sees Darkwing at ringside and steps it up a level but is quickly surprised when going for a suplex by a small package and Kirsta Lewis gains the pinfall victory surprisingly easily.

Winner of the match in 6:56 Kirsta Lewis

Post match sees Darkwing jump into the ring and confront Jacobs who just tries to shrug Darkwing off. Darkwing then gets into the face of Kirsta Lewis and all of a sudden Chris Kostoff comes running down to the ring and slides in as Jacobs and Darkwing face him with Kirsta behind them. Kostoff is smiling as Joe tells the viewers that Kostoff is obviously not done with Darkwing.

Kostoff walks right up to Darkwing and the two begin to jaw at each other but Darkwing is quickly knocked out by a right hand and Benny goes crazy as does the United Center crowd when everyone realizes that it was Chris Jacobs who knocked out Darkwing with a stiff right hand from the side right to the temple.

Kostoff pats Jacobs on the back and Kirsta gives Jacobs a big hug. The crowd is in shock as Jacobs rips off his Best Alliance shirt to show the brand new The Illuminati shirt. The action quickly cuts to commercial as the crowd cheers loudly for the newest member of Kirsta Lewis’ stable.


Back live we are inside Lee Best’s office where Lee has just handed his baby over to Maximillian Kael who was watching the Jacobs vs. Kirsta match on a monitor. Lee then exits the office and closes the door quietly behind him as Max rocks the baby gently.

Lee then goes off into a curse word laden tirade that would make George Carlin blush. The veins are popping in Lee’s head as he walks back into the office where the baby is now crying and Max has the official HOW pacifier in his mouth, while holding the baby out to Lee.

Lee only shakes his head and motions for Max to go get ready for his match which is at the top of the hour.

There CANNOT be another Best Alliance loss.

As Max leaves the office he bumps into Darkwing who is entering the office. Max hands the pacifier to Darkwing and the HOW Hall of Famer can only shake his head and put it in his mouth as he enters Lee’s office ready for an ass chewing as we cut back to the announcers.

Joe and Benny are amazed on how well Lee has held it together tonight considering all the bad things that have happened to the Best Alliance tonight. They have lost a member, lost every match and are looking like a group in shambles.

Benny states everything will be alright once Max wins his match tonight.

Joe mentions that is the main event but right now its time for the ICON title rematch. With Singh definitely up to something, Joe wonders how that will play out tonight in Nijs Landzaat’s attempt to win the title he barely lost a few weeks ago.

ICON Title Rematch
Graystone vs. Nijs Landzaat

Nijs makes his way out first with Daniel Singh by his side. The crowd cheers for the “special” superstar of High Octane Wrestling. The ICON Champion made his way out last and also received a very nice ovation.

Joe mentions with all the happenings tonight they almost overlooked this match up. Benny said this match will be boring and Benny actually leaves the announce table and heads towards the nearest concession stand as Carl Hortega signals for the bell.

Nijs, like in all his matches, gains the early advantage with his brute strength. Nijs works over the ICON Champion with several body slams and suplexes. Singh is on the outside telling Nijs what to do the whole time and Joe mentions that it is like watching a puppet master hard at work and he wonders if Nijs even realizes what he is doing half the time.

He knows violence however as he continues to maul Graystone inside and outside the ring. Graystone makes several small time comebacks but each time he gains the upper hand the brute strength of Landzaat stops all of his momentum.

Finally Graystone gains the upper hand after he sends Singh flying off the ring apron after the manager had climbed up there to yell at Nijs to finish off Graystone.

With his manager down, Nijs was distracted and seemed lost as Graystone was finally able to knock the big man down and ended the match somewhat easier than expected with a top rope split legged corkscrew moonsault. Carl makes the uno dos tres as Singh is still out on the floor.

Winner of the match in 7:41 and still ICON Champion GRAYSTONE

Post match sees Graystone holding his ICON title high in the air as the crowd cheers. Singh finally gets to his feet and points to the champion and Nijs, who is furious at seeing his manager hurt, attacks Graystone and goes to Gorilla Press Slam him out of the ring onto the arena floor but Graystone floats over and quickly slides out of the ring and up the ramp signaling he is far too smart for Nijs. Graystone yells at Singh that Landzaat’ days of challenging for the ICON Title are over as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Back live and we are once again inside Lee Best’s office. Darkwing and Maximillian Kael are back in the office and they are whispering so that they don’t wake the baby. Lee tells them that even though tonight Duck has gotten his ass handed to him not all is lost. Max will go on to win tonight’s match and then go to Refueled to become HOW World Champion. Lee reassures the guys that the Best Alliance is stronger than ever and that he has a BIG surprise for both of them tonight. Lee tells Darkwing to stay in his office to watch the Main Event as Duck as fucked up enough already. With that Lee sends Max on his way to the ring while Lee hands the baby to Darkwing and tells him to change her diaper…he’s earned it.

Main Event
World Title Match Shot at Refueled

Johnny Lexicon vs. Maximillian Kael

Action cuts back to the announcers where Joe is laughing at the site of Darkwing changing the diapers on Lee Best’s child. Benny has come back to the announce table not even worried if he missed anything.

The wrestlers then make their entrances and there are loud ovations for Lexicon who is undefeated in his short stint so far and earned the richest contract in HOW because of it. Joe and Benny talk about how Lexicon might not of deserved the money but he is on his way to proving it.

Kael comes out last to a large chorus of boos. Several fans in the front row put on Keebler Elf Masks as Max walks by, which cause the Best Alliance star to cringe.

Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the we are about to find out who will face Michael Norcia at Refueled for the HOW World Title.

As soon as the bell rings both men go after each other. Both punch and fight their way all over the ring as neither man can gain the upper hand. The crowd is white hot as the action spills to the outside and quickly into the crowd. Boettcher being the vet that he is and realizing what is at stake, doesn’t start a ten count but instead follows the action.

Both men punch their way up the steps on the lower level and soon enough are brawling near the concession stands where Lexicon finally gets the first advantage of the night by slamming Max hard into the brick wall inside the hallway. Several fans follow the action and it is complete chaos as Lexicon walks Max over to the nearest beer vendor, and puts Max’s head under the flowing stream of beer only to stop as Max begins to gag.

Benny is screaming for Boettcher to gain control but there is nothing the ref can do. There is too much at stake to count both men out.

Lexicon leads the action back towards the inside of the arena and proceeds to toss Max won the steps back towards the lower level. Max’s body stops halfway but a few kicks from Lexicon sends the Best Alliance member all the way down.

Several fans reach out to touch the HOW superstars and Lexicon gives them all high fives as he leads Max back down towards the ring. Confident Lexicon throws Max back over the ring barrier and the action is soon back inside the ring.

Joe mentions that Lexicon is obviously feeling like he belongs here in HOW and its just a matter of time before he becomes accepted as a HOW Superstar. Benny says that day will never come and Lexicon is just too full of himself.

Back inside the ring Lexicon points at the fans in the front row wearing the Elf Masks and punches Max to the canvas as if to say that was for the fans. This is where Lexicon makes his first mistake as he is paying too much attention to the fans when Max nails him with his PCP groin punch.

The crowd boos loudly as Max slowly gets to his feet and begins his offense on a now injured Johnny Lexicon.

Max takes several liberties with the ref as he executes several chokes and punches all the way up to the legal five count. Max even pulls the padding off the top turnbuckle and proceeds to nail Lexicon with snake eyes bloodying the up and comer.

Benny claps loudly as Max is in clear control now but Joe reminds Benny that whoever gets their asses beat early in matches always ends up winning the match in the end. Benny states that only happens on another channel on Monday Nights.

Back in the ring the crowd is booing loudly as Max executes several knee, elbow, and fist drops to the already bleeding head of Johnny Lexicon. Several near falls follow as Max gains more confidence with every drop of blood that falls from the head of Lexicon.

The crowd begins chanting for Lexicon and soon enough Lexicon fights his way back up to his feet and delivers a desperation DDT and both men are out.

Joe cannot get over how great of a match this is and the crowd agrees as they are all chanting and screaming for Lexicon as both men slowly get to their feet.

They both get up at the same time and begin to exchange right hands. Max is bleeding now as well as each man doesn’t want to give up the advantage, but Max finally gains it and whips Lexicon off the ropes but telegraphs a back body drop and Lexicon nails Max with a double underhook powerbomb and follows it up with a sunset flip and Boettcher counts the 1….2….3

Winner of the match in 24:32 Johnny Lexicon

Post match Joe cannot stay quiet as he is excited with the huge win for Lexicon. Benny is freaking out and the whole crowd is chanting Lexicon as Johnny rolls out of the ring smiling thru the blood covering his face.

Joe and Benny bid us farewell from the announce table but the cameras cut backstage quickly.

HOW cameras are racing into position and when they get there we see Rohan Malhotra and Nijs Landzaat beating the holy hell out of ArcAngel and Bobbinette Carey. Behind them we see Daniel Singh holding the blue dyed dog Princess.

As the beat down continues we see Lee Best and Darkwing walk up. Lee is furious and tells Nijs and Rohan to pick up ArcAngel and Carey. Rohan hesitates but after a nod from Singh he does so.

Lee then motions to Darkwing and Darkwing walks right up to Carey and smokes her with a right hand that knocks her out cold. Duck kisses the brass knuckles on his hand and then proceeds to nail ArcAngel as well with the right knuckles knocking him out as well.

Lee walks over to Singh and shakes his hand and gives him two Best Alliance shirts.

Lee Best: Give them to your boys. They earned it. Next week is the week of the Best Alliance….I will be in touch.

With that Mayhem officially comes to a close as Rohan and Nijs look down at their new shirts, both unsure of the whole situation.


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