Mayhem: May 11th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
May 11th, 2009 – #HOW50
The Best Arena, Chicago IL

Chris Kostoff vs. Bob Jared
Singles Match

The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo as Mayhem goes live as the picture focuses on Bryan McVay, the new Ring Announcer. He smiles brilliantly as he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentlemen.. The Following Match is for One Fall! Entering first, Bob Jared!

The veteran of the squared circle makes his way out onto the stage as the fans greet him, oddly, with a heroes welcome!

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to High Octane Wrestling Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank you for joining us this evening!

Benny Newell: Blah, blah, blah! What the fuck is this, Joe, starting the night off with a match!?

Joe Hoffman: I hear its traditional in some places Joe and a little change is a good thing. After all we have to break in our new staff some how and I think its nice to see a little classic wrestling to start the show out.

Benny Newell: Listen, wrestling is good and all but I tune in to see Lee Best rip a few dozen fucktards a new one at the start of the show and until that happens I’m staging a strike! I’m gonna take a shot every minute until Lee shows up!

Bob Jared meanders into the ring and holds his arms up in the air as he is once again met with a healthy cheer from the High Octane crowd. As he makes his way out we are treated to a sight of the crowd, various signs showing..

Lee Best Is My Dad!”


Sektor, Carey and Triple M: Bringing Three Way’s Back!”

Rufus’s Sold My Girlfriend!”

Scotty Broke My Wall!”

As Bob Jared salutes the crowd his music dies down as Bryan McVay lifts his mic once again.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, weighing in at 285 lbs, Chris Kostoff!

The man known as Kostoff makes his way down to the ring with authority, his chin held high as the crowd cheers loudly for him. Bob Jared tests the ropes inside the ring, running back and forth as he warmed up his old bones while Kostoff makes his entrance. McVay exits the ring as Kostoff pulls himself up into the ring.

Hortega calls for the bell as Bob Jared dances around the much younger and far more muscular Chris Kostoff as the crowd begins to cheer for both of them… Kostoff charges forward however the ring veteran Bob Jared drops to the side and attempts to hit a drop toe hold!..


Whether by design or by accident Bob Jared appears to catch Kostoff’s leg in an awkward drop as Kostoff’s leg twists violently to the side as he falls, a loud popping sound echoing through the arena as the crowd lets out a collective “Oooooh!”.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my..

Benny Newell: See what happens when we start a show off without Lee! Someone fucks up!

Kostoff clutches his knee and screams in agony as Bob Jared stands over him with a highly confused look on his face. Hortega drops down to check on Kostoff as Bob Jared scratches his head and can be seen trying to replay the move in his head to see if he had done anything out of the usual to result in his opponent’s severe injuring. Meanwhile Kostoff refuses to give up the match as Hortega has no choice but to allow the match to continue.

Bob Jared watches as Kostoff attempts to climb back up to his feet only to crumble down to his back holding his leg. With no choice, Bob Jared moves forward… TENESSE TUMBLEWEED!

Joe Hoffman: Spinning Toe Hold on Kostoff’s injured leg!

Benny Newell:..NOT AGAIN!?

Kostoff, writhing in agony, finally slaps his hands on the mat as Hortega calls for the bell granting Bob Jared yet another win! Jared stops spinning and holds his hands up in the air with a look of complete surprise on his face as the crowd offers mixed support for the growing young star!


Suddenly “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir hits the P.A. as Max Kael saunters out onto stage with a black suit and his custom Maxopotamian microphone in hand. The crowd once again reacts with a mix of boos and cheers at the arrival of the Co-Owner of HOW who can be seen offering Bob Jared a gulf clap before he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Max Kael: Congratulations Bob Jared! You have managed to, in two weeks time, defeat two.. TWO top contenders for the L.S.D. Championship! Not only that but it looks like you’re mighty DROP TOE HOLD has potentially injured Kostoff, no simple task to say the least! I have to say, I am quite impressed with your moxie, Bob Jared, and I think your considerable skills are been put to waste in recent days!

As Max speaks a medical team scurries down to the ring to check on Kostoff as Bob Jared once again plays up to the fans with his arms held in the air, his balding head bobbing up and down with a lopsided grin.

Max Kael: Bob Jared, I think it only proper that you, the Veteran of High Octane Wrestling, be placed in the LSD Title Match at War Games where you shall be squaring off against Static, David Black, Ryan Faze and potentially Mr. Chris Kostoff, that is assuming of course Mr. Kostoff is healthy enough to compete after the might DROP TOE HOLD! But please, Jared.. try to refrain from injuring any more talent until War Games.

The crowd comes alive as Max Kael announces that Bob Jared will be partaking in the LSD Title Match at War Games while in the ring Bob Jared celebrates his own astonishing series of victories by shaking his hands in the air. Max lifts his hand up for silence once more, however.

Max Kael: Speaking of War Games.. this coming Turmoil, I shall be officially announcing my final team member for War Games and baring any more “casualties”, Team MK will be complete! I know Lee Best is in the back already plotting some sinister doings for tonight but for now I shall simply say Enjoy the Show!

Max turns to walk off stage when he stops and looks back over his shoulder toward the ring with a smirk on his face.

Max Kael:.. Bob Jared in a Title Match?.. Imagine That!

The camera zooms in on Max’s smirking face before we go to commercial.


Now with extra meat!!



We cut to the back to see a video begin to play on the High Octane Vision screen that sits at the top of the entrance ramp. We see Bobbinette Carey as she walked through the hospital doors holding a basket with flowers. She knocks on the hospital room door then waits to be told she can enter the room. She slowly walks in to visit the person, none other then fellow stable mate Issac Slade.

Bobbinette: Hey, I wanted to see how you were doing. I Sent flowers and cookies before but I’m not sure if you got them…

~She says with a nod. She sets the flowers and basket down.~

Bobbinette: I wanted to talk to you… About what you said regarding the actions of Scottywood and

Darkwing. I completely agree with you. I was hoping that we could rehabilitate them. Scottywood the most really. I’m trying to show him that, that fire trucking barbed wire hockey stick is never the way to solve any problems.

~She say disturbed by his actions.~

Bobbinette: I think there is a right way and a wrong way to handle things. What they did, they tried to avenge the attack that happened to me. But they went about it the wrong way. I think Ascension needs you Ryan Faze and myself. We need to show them both the right way to go about things. We need to show them that the violence and attacking is never the way justice is handled. Darkwing I don’t know his mind set. But I think that with Scottywood he’s been poisoned, his mind that is… he has spent so much time doing the wrong thing, being a jerk. That he needs to be taught the proper way to go about things.

~She says in a matter of fact tone.~

Bobbinette: I think their just a bit misguided and need help to be put on the right path. Aceldama and Shane have been attacking all of us, they put you out, I was out for a week, Scottywood is a post toasty…

~She shakes her head from side to side.~

Bobbinette: We can’t let the best Alliance win. You and I both stand for the same thing. I agreed to be part of Ascension because I thought of the greater good, of everything we can do for the team, for wrestling. For once I didn’t think it was a group I wanted to lead, but a group I wanted to be part of, a league, a group, a true team where we as equals shared the same views.

~She looks down.~

Bobbinette: I still believe in that dream, I believe it’s a possible goal to achieve. I know that I cannot do it alone, Ryan Faze is a nice dude but he’s short of closing himself out… I think you know how to reach him better then I do. Now I am sure I do not have to quote the bible to you, nor to tell you to turn the other cheek nor about forgiveness. But I will say, reconsider your position on Ascension before you decide to leave. We can do this together or we can fall on our own.

~Slade listens as she speaks all the while remaining silent, when she finishes and looks up at him waiting

for some kind of response he folds his arms across his chest, his voice is Harder than she remembers~

Slade: I am not a babysitter Carey, if Darkwing or Scottywood “Asked” you for help then it might be a cause worth fighting for, but they’re not interested in being “Helped” and I’m not interested in helping them, Faze is like a Brother to me, I’ve always got his back, and I expect you and I are kindred spirits of sorts as well…but like I said in my interview, I won’t associate myself with Hypocrisy, I’d rather do it alone than work with people who don’t have a single solitary clue about what the “Right thing” is.

~Shaking his head Slade looks over at Carey~

Slade: If you’re here to convince me otherwise then you’re wasting your time Carey.

~She nods her head listening to him then puts up her index finger.~

Bobbinette: I am trying to help them both. Sometimes people don’t even realize they need help. I don’t you to be a babysitter. I would like you to help guide them. I don’t want to bring up the bible, but we are taught that no sheep is truly lost. I believe they can be saved and I believe if the three of us, you myself and Faze try we can show them the right ways to go about things. We are fighting the same fight their going about it in a different manner then they should. I am saying try and show them the right way when you return, help me, help Faze, and help them.

~She shrugs her shoulders then stands up.~

Bobbinette: Just think about it. And I hope you feel better soon. We need you out there.

~She says with a nod heading out the door.~

~Calling out after her Issac seems slightly angry~

Slade: Quote the bible? You and everyone else seems to love to do that around me, you just love to associate me with the bible, southern boy, preacher father, i MUST have a God Complex by default then right? everyone assumes and thinks that they know me! truth is no one knows me as well as they think Carey…you want “The bible” from me? Fine then…The good lord helps those who helps themselves! Let Darkwing and Scottywood change on their own when they “Want it” I’m certainly not going to help them…amen!

Bobbinette: You do make a valid point…. Again feel better!

~She says agreeing with what he says before waving and walking out of the hospital room.~

The HOV goes black and the action returns to the announcers who are ready to call the next match.


Scottywood vs. Silver Cyanide
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Were back folks and ready for out next match between The Commissioner Scottywood and AoA member Silver Cyanide. It’s been a odd week for these men, reports say Scottywood suffered from a Vicodin overdose and Silver Cyanide from an alcohol overdose.

Benny Newell: And Scottywood is going to need a lot more Vicodin after the pain he suffers from Cyanide tonight.

Joe Hoffman: That is if he has fully healed from the beating he too from Aceldama last week in that electrified steel cage match.

Ultrasonic Sound “ by Hive starts to play which as usual is the cue for Silver Cyanide to make his way out onto the stage, to his usual set of boos from the Chicago crowd. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring with a smirk on his face.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall, now making his way to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 220 pounds….Silver Cyanide!!!

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed hits as the crowd lights up with cheers as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with hockey stick in hand and Frankie the Cameraman by his side.

Joe Hoffman: A rare ringside appearance by Frankie the Cameraman it seems here. What advantage does Scottywood think he will get by having him down here I don’t know.

Benny Newell: I’d consider him more of a disadvantage.

Scottywood slides into the ring and hands his hockey stick off to Frankie as the referee checks over both men and calls for the bell to get the match underway. Scotty and Silver lock up and Scotty gets the upper hand as he knees Silver in the stomach, and hits a closthesline off the ropes. He goes to lift Silver up but gets a thumb in the eye and Silver grabs Scotty’s neck and rolls him up.




Scottywood gets his shoulder up as Silver Cyanide continues his offense more and as he concentrates on the shoulder and left arm, which is on a cast on it. With each stomp Scottywood cries out in pain as the injuries caused by Aceldama have obvious not healed. Silver hits a big spine buster and Scottywoo clutches his shoulder in pain as Silver goes for another pinfall.




Again, Scottywood somehow gets his good shoulder up before the three as Silver looks to lock in his submission finisher Dementia Pugilistica but Scottywood is able to slide out of the ring just in time as he calls Frankie over and takes his hockey stick back as Silver knowing what Scottywood is going for exits on the other side of the ring and grabs a steel chair from the time keepers.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to go downhill quickly here…..

Cyanide and Scottywood both slide back into the ring with their weapons in hand and without looking at the other swing away and both make contact in the head with the other as they drop to the mat and both of them look like they are out cold as the referee starts a 10 count for both men.









Joe Hoffman: Neither man shows any sign of life here….

Benny Newell: Move Silver! Move!



The referee calls for the bell as Frankie slides into the ring to check on Scottywood as the referee goes over to the ring announcer to explain what has happened.

Bryan McVay: Neither wrestler could answer the referee’s 10 count and such has called this match a draw!

Joe Hoffman: A draw….not a shock neither men could answer that count as they swung those weapons hard enough top break down a wall or something.

Benny Newell: A wall? Sorta a random choice of words…

Joe Hoffman: Was the first thing to pop into my head…..Well while the EMTs gather up Silver and Scottywood were gonna head to this special commercial for 1-800-MAX KAEL


I have no f’n idea how this made the air..


Power Booking..

We return from commercial break with Max Kael seated in his office with Captain Price over his right shoulder and Ms. Giovanni over his left. He appears to be holding up some kind of strange scope that looked oddly like a mini-rocket launcher with the words “SSE Scope” written on the sides of it. He looks toward the camera for a moment before he lowers it with a bewildered look on his face.

Max Kael: Well I have to say that was about the worst thing I have ever seen in the world. Thousands of lonely men and one women.. staring back at me..

Captain Price: Wot? Ye’ saw dat all true dat ‘lil toy?

Max Kael:..yes.. I think Christopher America stuck a picture in there, take a look.

He held the scope out to Captain Price before he nodded toward the camera, clearing his throat. Captain Price took the scope and started looking around as Max smiled.

Max Kael: Hi, it’s me again, Max Kael, Prime Minister of Maxopotamia. Now, for those of you who do not know, I have my own help line now called 1-800-Max-Kael. You can dial that at any time to get any kind of help you need as I, the most educated and wise member of the High Octane Roster, can offer. But enough about that shill, let’s move onto what I am here for at the moment.

Lifting his hand up he would beckon Ms. Giovanni to hand him a small collection of papers she held in a folder. Max Kael set them on the desk in front of them as he opened the folder with a smile on his face.

Max Kael: Over recent weeks it has come to my attention that Mr. Silver Cyanide has requested on numerous occasions to hold a Dress Match with any fellow HOW Superstar however he has not been granted his match because.. well.. So far as I am aware he is the only gentlemen in High Octane Wrestling who is eager to wear a dress. Just the same, Max Kael wants to make his dream a possibility however it has also come to his attention that something else needs to be done so Max Kael figures.. why not take out two birds with one stone?

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia lifts a contract toward the camera with a bright smile on his face.. the names of Scottywood and Silver Cyanide appear on it.

Max Kael: Accession, in their quest to work on challenging and improving Scottywood, have requested that I, Max Kael, place him in more.. productive matches. Not only that but to challenge his very ability to get into that ring day in and day out and give it his best.. and after watching Silver Cyanide and Scottywood just now I realized, well, there are two men who can push each other. Too what, I cannot say, but I definitely saw pushing! So Ladies and Gentlemen, here and now I am signing a new match for War Games..

Lowering the paper Max Kael signed it before he handed it off to Ms. Giovanni before he looked back up at the camera with a brilliant smile.

Max Kael: So.. It will be Scottywood Vs. Silver Cyanide at War Games… The Title of Commissioner shall be on the line and not only that. The Loser of the match will be forced to wear a dress for his match on the following show. So.. Scottywood is forced to improve himself and Silver Cyanide will potentially get to wear a dress.. or become the new Commissioner. Either way, it should be interesting! ..Scottywood in a Dress.. Imagine that..

Suddenly Captain Price appears in front of the camera blocking out Max Kael and Ms. Giovanni, the scope focused on the screen.

Captain Price: Ugh.. et’s not eh-pretty picture..

With that we go to commercial break


June 8th the future of High Octane Wrestling will be decided.

War Games Match
Team Best vs. Team Kael

World Title Match
Triple M vs. Crow©

SSE World Title Match
Michael DeNucci vs. King Trip Eisen vs. Trent©

LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. David Black vs. Bob Jared vs. Ryan Faze vs. Static©

Commisionership Match
Silver Cyanide vs. Scottywood©


LSD Title Match
David Black vs. Static
Singles Match

Back from commercial with Linkin Park’s “No More Sorrow” blaring throughout the arena as the LSD champion and Best Alliance member Guy “Static” Stephens is slowly making his way to the ring.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the LSD CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first… from Newcastle, England and weighing in at 247 pounds… he is the High Octane Wrestling LSD champion… STATIC!!!

Static steps through the ropes and arrogantly raises the LSD title into the air and plays off the negativity from the crowd. Meanwhile, Joe and Benny discuss the storied history between Static and his challenger for tonight, David Black, who emerges from the back at the cue of “Worlds Greatest” by R. Kelly.

Bryan McVay: And introducing the challenger… from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 235 pounds… DAVID BLACK!!!

Joe Hoffman: What an opportunity here for David Black who has picked up some impressive victories as of late; including a pin fall over Static in Static’s very own House of Mirrors match. David certainly has the motivation to win the title here tonight as he’s placed blame on Static for all of the recent personal troubles he’s been having.

Benny Newell: Wah-wah-fucking-wah! David Black can be a little whiny bitch all he wants… the fact of the matter is Static just lost his brother… his own flesh and blood for God’s sake! If anyone should be motivated, it should be Static after he dedicated this match, his first LSD title defense, to his late brother.

Joe Hoffman: Touching story, Benny. Truly. Still, the Static vs. David Black feud is one that should rank highly in the Feud of the Year category and tonight’s match should serve as a preview to the carnage that is sure to happen at War Games.

David Black enters the ring and Joel Hortega is quick to check both superstars for weapons as they are widely known for their cheating tactics during matches. Joe also points out that this match is truly definitive of a grudge match with the winner staking claim as LSD champion. Even with no clear favorite to cheer for, the hype for the match is enough to get the crowd buzzing and it’s heard throughout the arena with a resounding echo of boos.

Before Hortega can call for the bell, Static is already on the attack and comes out firing at David Black, which ultimately backs him into the corner. Static stomps away at his mid-section and out-stretches his leg and boot into the throat of David Black which forces Hortega to call him off before the 5 count. Black responds with a thumb to the eye to allow for some recovery time but Static is right back at it, sending Black into the opposite turnbuckle with a reversed Irish-whip.

David Black bounces off and Static wraps him up from behind and delivers a perfectly executed Release German Suplex. An elbow drop into the sternum followed by a cover from Static forces Black to kick out early in this match after 2.

Static maintains his early offense by keeping David Black grounded with a sleeper, but as they get back to their feet, Black elbows out, sends Static bouncing off the ropes and lands a resounding Spinebuster followed by a leg drop across the throat of Static. This time, Black covers but gets a 1 and a half count.

Stunned from Static’s initial onslaught, David Black makes it clear he wants to end this now by stalking Static from behind and signaling for the BLACKOUT Codebreaker finisher. Static senses the move though and instead of rising to his feet, he slides out of the ring. David Black follows suit and chases after the LSD champion, only for Static to roll back into the ring and regain the advantage as Black slides in after him.

The back and forth action picks up and eventually leads to both superstars being perched on the top turnbuckle. Static and David Black trades punches hoping to gain the leverage in a precarious position but it’s David Black that grabs the momentum and knocks Static off the top rope and into the ring. Black flies after him with a high-impact Frog Splash and covers…





David Black can’t believe it as he just thought he won the LSD title there and his frustration steams. Black brings Static to his feet and hoists him up on his shoulders but Static slips off and plants David Black on the back of his head with a seated slam. Static covers again but Black kicks out after 2. This time, Static brings David Black to his feet with a side headlock, hoping to wear down his physically smaller opponent but Black pushes off and sends him into the ropes. Static freezes though, grasping onto the rope to avoid any type of collision or strike that Black had been waiting with.

Instead, Static hops onto the middle rope and springs backwards with an elbow to the face of David Black. Both men need some time to recover and Static is first to his feet after catching his breath. While Benny urges the Best Alliance member to end the match, Joe makes note that David Black will have to turn the tables and step it up a notch if he expects to win the title here tonight.

Static tries to keep Black grounded but David kicks away and fends off the champion long enough to get back to his own two feet. Static lunges at the challenger but David Black ducks… both men fly off the ropes and…



Both wrestlers had the same idea in mind and it costs them by crashing into each other with simultaneous cross bodies.

Benny Newell: Get up Static!

Now it’s up to who gets to their feet first as it very well may be the determining outcome in this match.

Somehow, David Black manages to drape his arm over the chest of the man lying next to him, Guy Stephens.






The LSD champion kicks out but holds his forehead in pain after flying full-speed into David Black. Desperation for keeping his title shows, however, when Static lands a low blow to David Black right as the challenger gets to his feet.

Benny Newell: ‘Atta boy, Static!

Benny salutes Static with a shot of Jaegermeister and laughs as Static stands up over his opponent, taunting him. Static brings David Black to his feet for the Static Slam, but David Black slips out of the double underhook and behind Static for a roll up!




Static rolls through with a roll up of his own!







Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOO!!! Foot on the ropes! Static got his foot on the ropes! Don’t blow it you stupid Mexican referee!!

Hortega does notice Static’s leg on the ropes and waves off the pin and the crowd is exhilarated after several successive near falls. Both men struggle to rise to their feet, desperately looking for the opportunity to capitalize.

Static lunges forward at David Black but Black avoids him, reaches behind, and drops Static with a neck breaker with the crowd sympathizing with Static at the impact!

Joe Hoffman: This is his chance… this is David Black’s chance! Will we have a new champion?

This time, it’s David Black standing over Static and taunting him, saying something about his deceased brother. Black signals for the Perfect Elbow and bounces himself off the ropes, fixes his hair… and…

Static Moves!

David Black’s back slams off the mat as Static scrambles back up to his feet, using the ropes to hold himself up. David Black slowly stumbles back to his feet holding his back, the strain of the match showing as both men look exhausted. David Black pushes himself off the ropes toward Static..

Static lifts a boot to Black’s gut as he charges in! STATIC SLAM! Static lays over Black..





The announcers put over how close Black was to winning his first singles title here in HOW and he will get possibly his final chance at War Games.

Mayhem cuts to yet another commercial as the cameras show Static heading to the back holding the LSD title high up in the air as Benny raves about him being a fighting champion.


Can HOW remain on top with Siberian Wrestling hot on their heels?


Whack This Away

“Ego” By Element Eighty hits as Marvelous Mario Maurako slowly struts out onto the stage wearing blue jeans and a his red Triple M T-Shirt. Half of the crowd boos Mario’s presence while some seem to cheer him. Mario makes his way to the ring and pulls out his own personal microphone and stands in the middle of the ring apparently ready to address the Chicago crowd.

Mario Maurako: Ladies and Gentlemen good evening. I come before you all tonight a humbled man. I know that I’ve done a lot of mean and wicked things in the past… and mostly toward women. But recently Miss Bobbinette Carey has won my heart over, and in order to prove my love to her I have to retire the Whack-o-Meter right here where it all started on Mayhem. At this time I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to the HOV Screen for a little video package that I’ve arranged to remember the Whack-o-Meter by.

“Good Riddance” by Green Day starts as the graphic of the Whack-o-Meter appears on the screen. It soon fades and is replaced with a #1 followed by still images of Amanda Maurako handing Triple M a briefcase with Divorce papers from Mayhem back in January. The photo fades and is replaced with another one of Triple M punching Amanda in the face. Another photo of Ryan Faze leaning over Amanda is show as Perfectly Marvelous back away from the ring and then a giant #2 takes its place.

The #2 fades away as a slow motion video of the AoA beating on Bobbinette Carey is shown and then a

#3 replaces the slow motion feed. The #3 is replaced with facial shots of Rihanna after Triple M & Chris Brown’s vicious attack on her. The #4 appears and then disappears as a photo of Triple M hitting a Simply Marvelous on the LA Chief of Police appears. The video begins to speed up.

#5 a photo of Triple M striking The AoA’s stripper “Summer” appears and then fades.

#6 the pictures of Rihanna’s beaten and battered Maid named Molly appear.

#7; Pictures of Monica Fenty appear momentarily.

#8; a Clip of Kate Ledger appears with coverage of Triple M smacking her while grabbing her Oscar.

The graphic of the Whack-o-Meter appears as the number rapidly changes one at a time from 8 to 560. The graphic of the meter then fades away and is replaced with Newspaper headlines that read “552 Women Assaulted at Ne-Yo concert”.

The graphic then re-appears and quickly changes from 560 to 1,004 and then once again fades. More newspaper headlines appear this time reading “444 Women Allegedly assaulted by a Pro-Wrestler at a Sara Bareilles concert.”

#1,005; the clip of Triple M assaulting his ex-manager and current Judge for his assault trial quickly plays.

The Whack-o-Meter Graphic appears again the number quickly changes to 1,023 and is followed by various pictures from Triple M’s past of women that he had encounters with.

The video begins to slow down as the number 1,024 appears and video Triple M punching Aceldama plays. The number 1,025 appears on the screen and changes to 1,029 and Triple M is shown in slow motion running alongside the ringside railing smacking 5 more women on Turmoil from 3/26.

The screen fades to black and is then once again replaced with the current Whack-o-Meter graphic proudly displaying the 1,029 Women beaten and then under it appears the dates “January 19th, 2009 – May 11th, 2009” as the clip slowly comes to an end.

“Circus” By Brittany Spears hits and the fans start cheering as the Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey walks out. She stands at the top of the ramp and waves to the fans. She has a mic in one hand and princess in her other arm. She waits for her music to die down along with the cheers from the crowd.

Bobbinette: Seriously? I mean come on! You ask for forgiveness from me yet you show… THAT?!

~She says in disbelief as she makes her way down to the ring. She climbs up the steps and stands on the outskirt of the ring.~

Bobbinette: You weren’t sorry at all. You just wanted to make more fun of the chicks you hit. I mean what was the point in that?

Mario Maurako: I was simply paying my respects to the 1,029 women that were struck down during the

Era of the Whack-o-Meter. I think they all deserved at least that.

Bobbinette: Well….

~She pauses raising an eyebrow then slowly nods.~

Bobbinette: They do reserve respect and you retiring this would be an apology to them. This is going to be doing good for the women out there to truly reform. To show that you really are remorseful for what you’ve done.

Mario Maurako: That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. So that is why I’d like to bring the Whack-o-Meter out right now and turn it over to you Bobbinette Carey.

~”Poison” by Alice Cooper starts and six lovely young ladies beginning to push this large sign like structure out onto the stage and down to the ring. The ladies bring it up next to the ring and turn it so that the number 1,034 is proudly displayed facing the ring and Bobbinette Carey~

Mario Maurako: There you have it… I hereby give you my Whack-o-Meter.

~She watches the six females bring out the large Whack-O-Meter then wrinkles her eyebrows.~

Bobbinette: You’re actually surrendering it. I didn’t think you would surrender it.

Mario Maurako: I told you Carey Bear that I was serious about us.

~Bobbinette looks blankly at him.~

Bobbinette: Don’t call me that!

~She shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: There is no us, there is you, and then there is me. That does not make an “us”.

~She says quickly.~

Bobbinette: You were retiring this for my forgiveness.

Mario Maurako: Yes but you can’t deny that there is something more between us… AND you promised me a date if I handed over the Whack-o-Meter to you… and here it is my precious little flower.

~Bobbinette looks emotionally disturbed.~

Bobbinette: I did?

~She squints.~

Bobbinette: Don’t call me that either!

~She snaps quickly. She then sighs loudly.~

Mario Maurako: So how about my place for Dinner and a movie?

~Mario Winks and Bobbinette Carey shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: That’s an uber no.

~She then raises an index finger.~

Bobbinette: How about a date, with the time and place to be determined at a later day?

Mario Maurako: Ok cool…. dinner and a movie at my place, at a time and date to be named later. Gotcha.

Bobbinette: I never sai-

~She sighs shaking her head as her theme music interrupts her~

Bobbinette: Okay, Whatever…

~She then gets out of the ring and heads towards the whack-o-meter heading up the ramp as Triple M smirks watching her walk away.~

Mario Maurako: Let’s hear it for Bobbinette Carey Ladies and Gentlemen! I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave, if you know what I mean.

~Members of the crowd chuckle as Bobbinette ignores the comments and continues her exit.~

Mario Maurako: Now I know that we’ve all enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, but I’m not the only other person who will be taking that trip tonight. Crow, I know you’re around somewhere and I’m telling you right now that later tonight it will be your turn to take the trip down memory lane. If I were you I’d definitely tune in to that my dearest friend as later I’m going to introduce your cousin Joey to a very familiar spot. I’m taking Joey to the bridge, and as long as you don’t show up there won’t be any problems like last time Crow.

“Ego” by Element Eighty hits and Triple M and the 6 beautiful women start to wheel the Whack-o-Meter to the back when it “accidentally” tips over onto the 6 women. The Whack-o-Meter graphic appears and the number 1,029 changes to 1,035. And we go to yet another commercial as Joe notes that Lee Best obviously is getting every last dollar from the advertisers before HOW hits the road again.


“Phenomenal” Ryan Faze vs. Michael DeNucci
Singles Match

We come back from break and “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin is drowning out while the fans are roaring for the “Phenomenal One” Ryan Faze who is already in the ring playing off the applause.

Benny Newell: I don’t get it, Joe. I don’t understand how these imbeciles continue to cheer for a guy who hasn’t done a damn thing since he lost the LSD title a few weeks back.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps it has a lot to do with Ryan Faze’s work outside of the wrestling ring. You know he’s one of the most philanthropic members of the roster we’ve ever had here in High Octane Wrestling? He’s an all-around nice guy and the fans love him.

Benny Newell: Well he’s pretty useless if you ask me. Hey did you catch that ESPN E:60 piece with

Michael DeNucci this week? Mmm, Rachel Nichols… I would take that bi-…

Joe Hoffman: Say no more, Benny. We don’t need to get kicked off the air now, do we?

Benny Newell: ::drools::

“Mother” by Danzig silences the crowd for a moment until Michael DeNucci appears from behind the curtain. He’s greeted with jeers and boos as he confidently makes his way towards the ring. Benny marks for DeNucci, stating that he’s been on a serious run as of late with a dominant victory over World Title contender Triple M. Joe can’t argue either and mentions that after an early slump, the 3 former SSE members that will contend for the SSE World Title at War Games have earned some respect in the HOW locker room.

Referee Matt Boettcher calls for the bell soon after DeNucci gets in the ring and Faze comes out firing with an early onslaught of right fists to DeNucci’s forehead. Michael quickly puts a stop to his attack with stiff kick to Faze’s bad knee. Ryan winces in pain and DeNucci follows up with a shoulder to his knee which sends Faze crashing to the mat, clenching his leg.

DeNucci follows up relentlessly by stomping away at the knee and wrenching it awkwardly with an effective submission maneuver before signaling for the end. The crowd is frighteningly silent as DeNucci unbuckles Faze’s knee brace whilst Ryan pleads for mercy, still writhing in pain and unable to defend himself or get up.

A few more strikes to the knee allows DeNucci some time to climb his way to the top turnbuckle and size up his target while Faze desperately tries to squirm away. The crowd gasps in horror and even Joe and Benny are left speechless as DeNucci flies off and comes crashing down on Ryan’s knee with all of his weight. All you can hear are Faze’s screams as DeNucci sits up with a sinister grin, almost proud that he possibly just shattered Ryan’s knee.

Joe Hoffman: This looks serious, folks. “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze… wait a second. OH COME ON NOW!

Benny Newell: Looks like DeNucci is going to help himself to seconds! Ha ha! It’s about time someone showed Faze how “UN-Phenomenal” he really is. This is great!

With Boettcher attending to Faze, DeNucci shoves him out of the way so he can continue with his attack but Boettcher steps back in between the two and begs DeNucci to stop. Boettcher even calls for the bell and gives the signal for the High Octane medical staff to come attend to Faze.


Benny Newell: What? Boettcher just threw in the towel for Faze? I was about to get some popcorn!


Post Match Shots Fired..

Michael walks around the limp body of Faze a few times with a menacing look in his eyes. Referee Matt Boettcher steps in DeNucci’s way, warning him not to try it.

Hoffman: Finally, referee Matt Boettcher restoring order…

Joe Hoffman has spoken too soon, however, as Boettcher’s demands are met by DeNucci’s size thirteen right foot to the side of his head. Boettcher drops like a sack of potatoes, out cold.

Hoffman: He just kicked the referee’s skull in! You can’t do that!

Newell: Seems to me he just did.

Hoffman: What has gotten into Michael DeNucci?!

We’re about to find out, as while the commentators were talking, DeNucci has procured a microphone from Bryan McVay, accidentally calling him Brian McKnight and praising his music in the process. In the state Michael DeNucci is in, McVay wisely opts not to correct him.

DeNucci: You call this competition? YOU CALL THIS FUCKING COMPETITION?! The past two weeks, I have come out here well trained, well armed, and ready to stand and bang, and do you know what I’ve got? I’VE GOT NOTHING! I’ve got two out-of-shape pieces of shit who couldn’t last a total of five minutes between them. These are guys who don’t give the slightest bit of a fuck about High Octane Wrestling, who give so little of a damn about their careers that they can’t even be bothered to do the slightest bit of publicity for their match in the days beforehand.

DeNucci: I have been busting my ass, having Rachel Nichols and ESPN following me around in my life, trying to spread the gospel of the DeNucci Companies and High Octane Wrestling. I have given them unprecedented access into my life, all in the name of publicity and entertainment. And every single time I have stepped into this ring, whether it’s in my four wins or my three losses, I have given it all my effort. Well, except for that match with Jared, but that doesn’t count.

DeNucci looks down at Faze, who is being tended to by EMTs.

DeNucci: Faze, you worthless son of a bitch, I can’t believe I’m about to utter these words, but…you’re a worse wrestler than The Former SSEer That Shall Not Be Named.


Newell: OH NO HE DI’INT!

DeNucci: Oh yes I did, Benny!

Newell: How did he hear me?

Hoffman: You screamed it pretty loudly.

DeNucci: Oh yes I did. Because you see, guys like Mario Maurako and Ryan Faze, guys who proclaim themselves to be “Marvelous” and “Phenomenal,” they couldn’t even stay in this ring with me for five fucking minutes between the two of them! That former SSEer we don’t talk about anymore may have lost, and he may have become a SPEEDBUMP!, but when he and I went toe-to-toe in the ring, he actually put some effort in. He stood and fought with me, at least for those ten or so minutes. And when that match ended, it wasn’t because he gave up. It wasn’t because he wasn’t trying. It was because I had literally choked the life out of him. I had choked the consciousness out of him. That was the level I had to go to in order to beat him. That son of a bitch put up a better fight than Ryan Faze or any of his buddies EVER could.

Michael ducks out of the ring for a moment, retrieving something from under it. When he steps back into the ring, we can see what he’s retrieved: the SSE World Championship.

DeNucci: Do you see this, people? This is the Shockwave Sports Entertainment World Championship. This belt was fought for by honorable and not-so-honorable men. It was fought for by a diverse group of people, each with their own different styles to bring to the table. But the key here is that it was always fought for. Ladies and gentlemen, as High Octane Wrestling goes into War Games, Crow, to whom I’m fairly indifferent, will apparently be defending his HOW “World Championship” against Mario Maurako, a…I can’t even call him a man. A person who couldn’t last sixty seconds in the ring against me. A person whose utter incompetence should have caused him to plummet down the rankings, and should be precluding him from ever coming anywhere near that belt. But instead, he will have a chance to capture that HOW World Championship, and if he does, I guarantee you all, that that belt won’t mean shit!

DeNucci: Yes, that’s right. If Mario Maurako wins the HOW World Championship at War Games, you might as well just fold the fucking federation right then and there, because it will be led by a paper fucking champion who is utterly incapable of withstanding time in the ring with a true fighter like myself. The mere fact that he’s even in contention for that belt tarnishes it.

Michael looks at the SSE World Championship over his shoulder.

DeNucci: This is the true World Championship right here. This is a belt that has been held by some of the greatest men to ever grace this game. DavoteK. Draven Stark. Shane Reynolds. And, as of War Games…ME! Because at War Games, the World Championship match of the night won’t be for that strap Crow and Maurako are fighting for. It will be the Battle Of The Eisen Dungeon: myself versus Trip Eisen vs. Trent. And I can tell you right now, I can’t guarantee how that match will turn out, or who will be left standing, but I promise you, all three of us will fucking stand and deliver! We won’t punk out like some of these bitches on the roster. We will stand face to face…to face, and we will fight until we have no fucking fight left in us. We will leave our blood, our sweat, and our tears in that motherfucking ring, and do you know why? BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT!!

Michael looks out of the ring at Faze, who is currently being wheeled out of the ring by EMTs.

Hoffman: It looks like EMTs are finally getting Faze out of here.

DeNucci: Gentlemen, hold up a second.

The EMTs suddenly come to a stop.

Hoffman: What are they doing?

DeNucci: RyRy, I’ll bet you’re really relieved to be getting out of here, and headed for the hospital to join your boy Scottywood. Well, I’m afraid there’s going to be a little detour.

Hoffman: Detour? What’s he talking about?

The EMTs and DeNucci look up the ramp, when suddenly, something comes driving around the side of the High Octane Vision, toward the ring. As it gets into the light, we can clearly make out what it is…

Hoffman: IT’S A DUMP TRUCK! And it’s carrying…

Newell: The Dumpster behind the Holyoke Mall! The infamous Dumpster from Shockwave Sports Entertainment!

The truck lowers the Dumpster so it sits just below the top of the entrance ramp, right next to the stage area. DeNucci steps out of the ring and walks up to Faze’s stretcher, where the EMTs have strapped Faze down.

DeNucci: Faze, I don’t own HOW, I’m not the commish…yet…and I can’t fire your ass. BUT I CAN SURE AS FUCK DUMPSTER IT!

With that, Michael explodes behind Faze’s stretcher, pushing it up the ramp, with the EMTs rolling it along with him.


Newell: No shit, you think?

As they reach the top of the stage, DeNucci turns the stretcher and aims it at the side of the stage.

DeNucci: This piece of shit isn’t competition, he’s trash, and I’m sending him back where he belongs!

With one final push, DeNucci rolls the stretcher, sending it falling off the side of the stage and into the waiting Dumpster below, with Faze still attached to it, as the crowd comes unglued, throwing overpriced drinks and snacks at Michael, who hands each EMT an envelope before storming backstage.

Hoffman: Fans, I don’t know what to say. Michael DeNucci has just snapped. Faze was already in bad condition before this, but…

Newell: I know what to say…this is awesome! I like this DeNucci guy more every week!

Hoffman: Fans, stay tuned, we’ll be right back.


In Ring Return this Thursday on Turmoil!!


Shane Reynolds & Aceldama vs. Trent & King Trip Eisen
Tag Team Match

Back from commercial and by some power stroke the Stable Champions, The Institute of Destruction, are already in the ring and the crowd is fairly silent for what has been a somewhat subdued show considering the standards HOW has set with previous shows.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks the champs are supposed to come out last but I am sure Lee made sure that the Alliance gets that honor as he obviously is abusing his power…again.

Benny Newell: Look he is co owner and soon to be full owner so who gives a shit if he shows a little favoritism for the guys in his stable?

Joe is unable to respond as Undead hits the PA system here in the Best Arena and the Blood Brothers, Aceldama and Shane Reynolds, make their way out as Joel Hortega checks the champs for illegal weapons.

Benny Newell: And here comes the former and future Stable Champions…The Best Alliance!!

The crowd is booing loudly as Shane and Aceldama enter the ring and Joe reminds the viewers that next week on Mayhem Shane and Aceldama will face off as Max threw Shane’s name into the hat for Aceldama’s big 250k challenge.

The HOV comes to life on cue and replays Maximillian coming out last week on Mayhem and shocking everyone in the Best Alliance by pitting the two Blood Brothers against each other.

As the video ends the crowd can be heard cheering as Joel Hortega holds the Stable Titles up in the air and motions for the bell and we are underway.

Aceldama and Trent start it off and they quickly lock up and Aceldama uses his brute strength to overpower the reigning SSE World Champion back to the Best Alliance corner.

After a few quick tags in and out Shane and Aceldama have clearly gained the upper hand and at one point Aceldama mocks Trent by calling him a Fisher Price Champion and he is proving it right now..

Trent is able to duck under a big boot attempt from the Monster of the BA and comes back and nails Aceldama with a power clothesline and is able to crawl to make the hot tag to King Trip Eisen who hustles in and is quickly met with a power slam for his efforts.

Aceldama quickly tags in Shane who climbs to the top rope as Ace picks up Eisen and proceeds to powerbomb him down hard to the mat as Aceldama executes part of his Blitzkrieg finisher as Reynolds jumps off the top rope and nails his Diablo’s Inferno double moonsault finisher.

Trent rushes into the ring but Aceldama cuts him off as Reynolds makes the cover and Hortega counts..





Post match the HOV shows a replay of the Blood Brothers combining their two finishers to finish off the IOD.

The crowd is booing loudly at the dominance of the duo as Trent helps Trip back to the back leaving Shane and Aceldama alone in the ring holding the titles high up in the air as Joe reminds everyone that these very two will face off next week on Mayhem in the main event!!

Joe and Benny wish everyone a good night as Mayhem comes to an end with the quickest title match in HOW history….


Addition to TBA

After the Best Arena has been cleared out for the night…..

C’mon assholes you have been working on this damn thing for hours now. How much longer??”

Just a one more minute Mr. Best. “

The feed then comes out from the black and we see Lee Best and Mark O’Neal standing in front of a large cinder block wall. As Mark walks one way Lee walks the camera follows Lee as he walks around the wall and it’s apparent that this is a literal box made out of concrete. A small window can be seen at the front of the box and the camera quickly zooms and as it focuses inside the box of concrete we see Commissioner Scott Woodson and Silver Cyanide both bloodied and tied to a pair of chairs.

The camera quickly zooms out as Mark and Lee meet back at the front of the concrete box as the worker who told Lee to wait a minute hops down from his ladder.

Worker: Ok Mr. Best the top of this thing is done and everything is good to go.

Lee nods at Mark who reaches into his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a switch.

Lee Best: And the explosives are inside and set correct?

Worker: I had nothing to..

They are set Lee..Don’t worry about that.”

The camera turns to see the owner of the voice and we see none other than Shocker.

Shocker and Mark exchange a quick embrace as Lee reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bottle of spray paint and proceeds to paint a slogan on the concrete wall….


Lee Best: Let’s go boys. We got some talking to do…

With that Lee and The Mercenaries head off but before they are totally out of the picture we see Mark toss the detonator for the explosives at the worker who catches it and nods..

Mark O’Neal: Wait till we are gone alright Keif?

The worker takes his hat off and we see that it is…or is it really…Kiefer Sutherland.

Keifer: Its Bauer…Jack Bauer.

Mark O’Neal: Whatever man…just don’t go head butting the concrete and knock yourself out before you blow the fucker alright..

As the feed ends we hear laughter from the BA as they walk out of range and we see a final shot of Kiefer/Bauer looking down at the detonator and then at the two occupants of the 4th wall.

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