Mayhem: June 30th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
June 30th, 2008 – #HOW10
Conseco Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, Indiana

We are live from Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis Indiana for the 9th Mayhem of the new Refueled High Octane Wrestling! We are greeted as per usual by Joe and Benny who begin to plug the upcoming War Games as we pan over the crowd showing off the many HOW wrestling fans signs.







We come back to Joe and Benny who begin to run down the card for tonight before Joe puts his hand to his ear and reports that something is going on in the back stage area as we scenes change to the parking lot. The sound of squealing tires and the thick clouds of smoke are visible from the parking spot of Lee Best’s limo. The reverse lights are in full glow as the limo shutters before lurching backwards with speed. The limo whips out of the parking spot in a ninety degree turn to the left and comes to an abrupt stop. One of the hubcaps falls off of the back tire and begins to roll and clatter as it escapes the scene.

The limo peels out again as it heads towards the direction of an open spot of the parking lot. The limo comes to a screeching halt in a relatively empty part of the parking lot. Very few cars are around. The limo skids as it comes to a stop narrowly missing a concrete pillar. A tall man steps out of the driver’s seat with a black cloth hood over his head. He reaches back into the limo and pulls out a long wooden-handled shovel. The tall man slams the driver’s door shut.   He partially faces the camera view as he heads towards the back of the car. A distinctive logo runs down the center of the mask and up and around the eye holes. His eyes burn with intense hatred as he grips the shovel and swings with full force at the back window of the limo. The blade of the spade bursts the glass as it partially shatters. The rest of the glass spider webs across the surface.

He pulls the shovel spade out of the window and brings the flat part down onto the trunk over and over again creating as many dents in the trunk lid as possible during his short fit of rage. The tall man works his way to the front of the limo by dragging the tip of the spade across the side of the vehicle scraping away an obvious trail of paint. Reaching the front of the vehicle, the tall man launches the shovel like a spear and throws it clear through the windshield.   He walks around to the passenger’s side and opens the door. The man pulls out a can of red spray paint. He climbs up onto the car and sprays the logo of his flowing hood onto the hood of the car.

“Lest you forget who I am or was… whatever the case may be. You agreed to allow this to happen the moment you agreed to let Silent Witness influence the outcome of that match I was in. You brought this destruction upon yourself.”

The tall man walks back to the passenger’s side of the vehicle and pulls out a gas can. He begins to unscrew the cap and dump the fuel all over the outside of the vehicle working his way from the front of the car to the back. He tosses the empty can underneath the vehicle and produces a lighter. He flicks it open as the flame instantly rises. Gripping the spray can he presses down on the nozzle and places the lighter in it’s path. The spray can becomes like a flamethrower and arcs a stream of fire towards the car.

The gas ignites as the limo begins to burn. The tall man releases his grip on the spray can and drops it as he shuts the lighter. He turns his back to the burning vehicle as he walks towards the underground entrance to the arena. The flames leap higher in the background behind the man as he continues to walk forward.

“You may have fired me Lee but as you can see I’ve fired back. The war games are just beginning… and I shall be the executioner of those who have committed war crimes against us all.”

The man reaches up and removes the loose fitting hood. The intense gaze of ArcAngel pierces through the camera lens. As the car behind him continues to burn.


Max Kael vs Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

We return from break as Kostoff makes is way down to the ring with a strong crowd reaction. Next out is Max Kael who receives a chorus of boos as he avoids getting near the fans on his way to the ring. He begins circling the ring carefully as Kostoff shakes his head and folds his arms, waiting in the center of the ring.

The ref begins to yell at Max to get in the ring however Max refuses until Kostoff is backed up into his corner complaining about cheap shots that Kostoff could make on him while he was in the ropes. The ref turns his back to ask Kostoff to back up into his corner. Kostoff looks around to the fans who begin to boo the ref. Kostoff shrugs, flips the ref off and turns around, walking toward his corner.   Out of no where Max rushes into the ring and immediately chop blocks Kostoff from behind bring the big man down the hard way.

The bell rings as the match officially starts with Max working over Kostoff’s left knee. Max presses his advantage using the ropes as leverage, torcing the leg back around them before ref pulls Max off Kostoff.   Max backs off and allows Kostoff to hobble back up to one leg before he charges in again however this time Kostoff is ready for him hitting Max with a strong lariat catching Max across the face, turning him inside out as Max is flipped around landing on his chest. The fans begin to cheer as Kostoff limps towards the utterly surprised Max Kael, dragging him up by his feet.   Kostoff hits another hard lariat on Max taking him down before going for the cover.

1…   2…

Kick out by Max.

Kostoff drags Max up off the ground and sets him up for a power bomb however Max punches Kostoff in the left knee cause the big man to stumble away from Max who rolls out of the ring to catch a breather. The ref checks on Kostoff before beginning to count of Max. Max gets boos as he waits for the ref to get to 8 before rolling back into the ring, hiding near the corner as he eyes Kostoff who is still favoring his knee. Joe talks about how Kostoff might have gotten his knee injured when Max chop blocked him at the start of the match and Benny hopes that’s the case.   Back in the ring Max and Kostoff tie up with Kostoff powering Max into the corner. Kostoff starts to pound on Max who ties to protect himself from the blows only to catch a strong right hand across the jaw knocking him up and then down to the matt. Kostoff drags Max out of the corner and goes for the cover.

1…   2..

Kickout by Max!

Kostoff continues to work over Max with his fists before dragging Max up to his feet once again. Max is set up for a Power Bomb and gets lifted up into the air however Max acts quickly poking Kostoff in the eye before being dropped onto his feet. Max shoves the blinded Kostoff into the ref, knocking him down. Before Kostoff can react Max utilizes the opportunity to kick Kostoff between the legs taking the big man down to his knees.   Max hooks Kostoff up and hit’s the Weapon of Max Destruction before going for the pin.

1..   2..   3..

Winner 13 minutes 42 seconds: Max Kael

Max immediately rolls out of the ring and back up the stage as the crowd boos. Joe comments on how Max blatantly cheated and got away with it to get the win. Benny argues that if your not caught you did nothing wrong.


We return to Lee Best’s office in the back as Max walks in triumphant in his victory of Kostoff. Lee is at his desk with Silent Witness sitting in the chair in front of it.

Lee Best: Max! Good job taking care of Kostoff. That takes care of the first problem tonight.

Lee turns to look at Silent Witness nodding quickly.

Lee Best: What is the status of Kostoff’s contract?

Silent Witness: Well wouldn’t you know it, it appears we never got that fax from the home office.

Silent Witness and Lee Best share a collective and sarcastic “awww” before Lee Bests folds his arms across his chest leaning back.

Lee Best: Good. Looks like Kostoff can’t lay a hand on either me or Silent Witness. Max just dealt with him the hard way so I doubt he’ll come looking for you. Looks like things for tonight are looking up. Now.. Onto Bobbinette Carey and that bitch Kirsta. Kirsta apparently has some kind of sickness. Fancy that, a whore got sick. I’ve had her banned from the Arena since we don’t want anyone else catching whatever sickness she has. Of course at the same time, Kostoff managed to get Shocker banned from ring side as well.

Silent Witness: That is a shame but it doesn’t really matter ultimately because I can still defeat Carey on my own. And since we promised a Tag Titles Match..

Lee nods and smiles, snapping his fingers.

Lee Best: Well Bobbinette Carey said she wanted to be the first woman here in HOW to do something.. So she can be the first Female Wrestler here in HOW to defend her Tag Team Titles in a One on One match against Silent Witness.

Max Kael: Imagine that.

Silent Witness: Well chums, with that in mind I think it’s safe for me to head down to the ring and start the second part of tonight’s plan. I’ll see you boys later.

Witness heads out of the office as we return to Joe and Benny at ring side. Joe rants about how Lee and Witness are abusing their power by putting up Kirsta’s title for grabs without her even being here. Benny thinks its great and is speculating as to what the “Second Part” of their plan is.

Kronos Quartet’s epic “Lux Aeterna” hits and the fans in the arena rise in unison to boo the imminent arrival of High Octane Wrestling’s most hated man, Silent Witness.

Joe Hoffman: Listen to this crowd. There is nobody in HOW right now that is more despised than our Commissioner.

Benny Newell: Shut up, Joe!

Silent Witness walks out onto the stage with his LSD Title draped over his shoulder. He is still wearing his suit and does not look ready for his match tonight. His music cuts out but the fans continue to boo and break out into a “you raped Princess!” chant, angering the LSD Champion. Silent Witness is handed a microphone by a member of the ring crew and immediately raises it to his lips.

Silent Witness: I DID NOT RAPE THAT DAMN DOG!   The crowd cheer loudly, happy that they have riled up the HOW Commissioner.

Silent Witness: You know what; I was out here to talk about War Games. I was going to talk about how the Best Alliance is going to win the stable war, but because of you assholes, I’m going to punish your precious ‘Queen B’!

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on!

Benny Newell: I love it! Give that bitch what she deserves!

Silent Witness: Seeing as how Bobbinette Carey is taking legal action against me for something I haven’t even done, I think it’s time I took a little legal action of my own.

The crowd boos as Silent Witness smiles arrogantly.

Silent Witness: I’ll have the papers drawn up properly and next week on Mayhem, Bobbinette Carey will be served with a restraining order.

Joe Hoffman: What?!

Silent Witness: Bobbinette Carey will not be able to come within ten feet of me until after War Games. The only exception is when I get her inside that ring, when I get to beat the crap out of her and that stupid little poodle of hers!

The fans boo loudly as Silent Witness smiles to him self.

Joe Hoffman: This is ridiculous!

Benny Newell: This is genius!

Silent Witness: The paperwork might not be ready until next week, but that doesn’t mean the restraining order doesn’t start until then. It starts tonight, because if Bobbinette Carey comes within ten feet of me, aside for during our match tonight, she will be fired immediately!

Silent Witness smiles on the stage, proud of him self as the fans boo loudly once again. An “asshole” chant breaks out, but Silent Witness doesn’t care.

Joe Hoffman: He can’t do that!

Benny Newell: He can do whatever he likes! He’s the HOW Commissioner!

Silent Witness’ music starts up again and the Commissioner turns around and arrogantly walks off the stage to the backstage area, satisfied that he has riled up the crowd, as Mayhem heads to a commercial.


We return from break with Joe and Benny discussing Silent Witness’s new proclamation and how that is going to effect how Team EPIC is going to be able to get revenge against him when we are taken back stage once again.   Bobbinette Carey brazenly walks into Lee Bests office. She has an envelope in her hand. She looks at Lee as Lee looks at his papers. He looks up at her and is automatically pissed that she decided to take it upon herself to walk into his office.

Lee Best: What the fuck do you want Carey?

Bobbinette Carey: I told you if you had anything to do with what happened to Princess you would pay.

Lee Looks at Bobbinette pissed off.

Lee Best: Big words, but get the fuck out of my office.

Bobbinette smirks shaking her head.

Bobbinette Carey: I’m uberly more smarter then you give me credit for. You see.. My little sister was at ring side last week with me. She was given alcohol. By one of your employers. So by all rights you’re contributing to the delinquency of minors. She’s 18 and the legal drinking age is 21.

Lee Doesn’t seem that impressed till Bobbinette puts some legal documents in front of him.

Bobbinette Carey: These are the hefty fines the company will be charged as well as what I can do against you which Is bring you up on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Lee looks over the papers and then at Bobbinette.

Lee Best: So you’re a money hungry bitch. What else is new?

Bobbinette raises a finger and shakes her head.

Bobbinette Carey: No I’ve got money… now these can disappear. If you give me what I want.

Lee Best: Don’t care.

He says brushing her off.

Bobbinette Carey: I want Silent Witness. If I get him one on one I’ll make this disappear. You have a week to decide. That’s a copy of the charges and forms. I’ll expect my answer next Mayhem.

Bobbinette walks out of the locker room. She claps her hands together as if dusting off her hands.

We return to Joe and Benny who start to wonder how much the legal market must have cashed in on the feud between Silent Witness and Bobbinette Carey considering they must be paying huge legal fees to keep all their lawyers happy. Benny makes a joke about dead lawyers and Joe plugs the Loser Leaves HOW match which is next!


Noah Drakin vs. Chris Adams
Loser Leaves HOW Match

We return to the ring where both Noah Drakin and Chris Adams are ready to start their Loser Leaves HOW match. The bell rings as both men begin to approach each other before the lights go out. The crowd begins to cheer loudly as Joe and Benny begin to speculate what is going on.

After a few moments the lights come back up as Shane Reynolds is seen standing in the middle of the ring holding a crow bar.   Both Noah Drakin and Chris Adams are on the ground, clearly knocked out, presumably at the hands of Shane Reynolds. Referee Carl Hortega has no choice but to begin counting both men down as Shane looks down at Chris Adams then Noah Drakin shaking his head.   Hortega hits 10 and calls the match with both men getting fired.

WINNER: None, both men are fired.

Shane Reynolds exit’s the ring as Joe and Benny speculate that Shane was wanting to thin down the weaklings and thus interceded in the match in order to show the competition he means what he says. Suddenly Benny announces that apparently there is yet another scene happening back stage

Bobbinette Carey is seen walking the hallways at the Conseco Field House and the fans in the arena cheer for the HOW Tag Team Champion. Bobbinette reaches her locker room and Mayhem cuts to inside the room as she opens the door.   Inside, Silent Witness is standing with an evil grin on his face, holding Princess in his arms and stroking her gently. Alongside the Commissioner are two security guards. Bobbinette Carey stops suddenly as she sees her fierce rival holding her precious dog.

Silent Witness: I’ve been expecting you, Bobbinette.

Silent Witness laughs to himself and Bobbinette rushes towards him, but the security guards grab her and hold her back.

Silent Witness: Careful now, Bobbinette. You’re within ten feet of me. I could have you fired for that.

Bobbinette Carey: You firetrucking…

Silent Witness: Choose your words carefully, Carey. You wouldn’t want something to happen to Princess, would you?

Bobbinette Carey: If you harm her, I swear I will kill you!

Silent Witness laughs to himself hysterically as Bobbinette tries to free herself from the guards. The HOW Commissioner puts Princess on the floor and the poodle trots over to Bobbinette and whimpers gently.

Silent Witness: Remember, Bobbinette. You get within ten feet of me and you’re fired.

Silent Witness laughs as he walks past Bobbinette and out of her locker room. The guards let her go once he’s gone and an irate Bobbinette picks Princess up and looks on angrily as Mayhem returns to Joe and Benny.   Benny says they should rename Verses Network the Silent Witness Vs. Bobbinette Carey channel and hopes Silent Witness can put Bobbinette in her place tonight. Joe reminds Benny that Bobbinette has her own legal authority to work with and that Lee was put on the spot earlier tonight.


HOW Tag Team Title Match
Bobbinette Carey© vs. Silent Witness

Singles Match

As it was announced earlier the Tag Team Title Match will be a one on one bout between Silent Witness and Bobbinette Carey. Bobbinette Carey comes out first to a strong reaction followed by Silent Witness who receives probably the strongest heat thus far tonight. Bobbinette looks disgusted at the idea that she has to pull her weight for both herself and Kirsta but either way she is happy to face Silent Witness in a match.

The match starts off with Silent Witness ordering the ref to check Carey for weapons and generally wasting time which elicits more heat from the fans. However Bobbinette eventually gets fed up with it and goes on the offensive striking at Silent Witness with a flurry of right hands taking him off balance.   Once down she begins to stomp on Silent Witness who is forced to roll out of the ring in order to find some kind of save haven however it is not long lasting as Bobbinette jumps over the top rope tackling Silent Witness to the ground as the crowd goes nuts.   She rolls him into the ring however as she slides in Witness jumps up and hit’s a hard elbow job to the back of her head swinging the momentum into his favor.

He trash talks her before stomping on the back of her head as the fans boo him loudly. He gladly flips off a few people before throwing Bobbinette into a corner, slapping her across the face a few times.   However Bobbinette catches a second wind and as Silent Witness begins to berate the referee for trying to pull Silent Witness off her, she kicks him in the junk causing Silent Witness to go paler then a ghost as the crowd roars for Bobbinette.   Bobbinette goes for the cover..

1..   2..

Kick out by Silent Witness!   Bobbinette pulls Silent Witness to his feet and hit’s a stiff suplex before floating over for another cover.. 1..   Kick out again by Silent Witness.   Bobbinette continues to work over Silent Witness hitting a handspring Elbow on him before executing a perfect Hurricanarana. Silent Witness is clearly stunned as he slowly wobbles up to his feet. Bobbinette Carey jumps up to the top robe signally for another Hurricanarana however as she jumps off and lands on Silent Witness’s shoulders he catches her and hit’s a sit down Power Bomb!

Silent Witness and Bobbinette are down however it looks like Silent Witness is starting to regain his advantage as he gets back up to his feet. He grabs the ref and begins to yell something at him, slapping the ref before shoving him down to the ground in irritation. Silent Witness rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, smiling evilly before rolling back into the ring.

Just then ArcAngel jumps the barricade next to ring side, sliding into the ring as Silent Witness raises the chair up high to hit Bobbinette with it. ArcAngel snatches the chair out of his hands and lays waste to Silent Witness’s face with a huge CRACK. Silent Witness is out cold and ArcAngel rolls out of the ring.

The ref, who was down and unable to see what happened, slowly gets back up to his feet. Bobbinette crawls over Silent Witness.

1..   2..   3..

Winner: Bobbinette Carey in 15 minutes and 55 seconds.


Kenn Oddity vs. Adam Vincent vs. The Masked Marvel
Triple Threat Match

Ken Oddity makes his way down to the ring. Next out is Adam Vincent followed by the Masked Marvel. All three men start of circling each other slowly before Adam Vincent and Ken Oddity look at Mask Marvel.   Marvel holds his hands up and says something along the lines of “Can’t we just be friends?” before Adam Vincent and Ken Oddity both close line Mask Marvel. Marvel over sells the hit and rolls out of the ring as the crowd cheers.   Ken Oddity is the first to take advantage by hitting a series of suplexs on Adam Vincent before attempting to go for a quick pin. Marvel slides back into the ring and breaks up the pin fall, working over Ken Oddity’s head with a series of stiff kicks before throwing him out of the ring attempting to cover Adam Vincent.


Unfortunately Marvel is unable to steal the win as Vincent kicks out. Marvel stands back up and hits an Arm Breaker on Adam Vincent before locking on an Arm Bar for good measure attempting to get the submission. However Ken slides back into the ring and hit’s a baseball slide into Marvel’s face forcing him to release the hold.   Ken starts to work over both men hitting Oddplex after Oddplex on both men while the crowd goes crazy. Marvel once again finds himself being thrown out of the ring as Ken goes for the pin on Vincent.

1..   2..


Marvel makes his way back into the ring and hit’s a double axe handle between Ken’s shoulder blades. Marvel then starts to work over Ken’s neck hitting a series of neck breakers followed by looking on a sleeper. Adam Vincent comes out of left field hitting a drop kick to both men knocking them both down.   The crowd starts cheering loudly as both Marvel and Oddity slowly make their way up to their feet. Adam Vincent charges both of them only to get hit with a double spin buster. Both Oddity and Marvel seem confused as to how both of them worked together for something however this is shorted lived as Ken grabs Marvel by the head, head butting him.

Marvel is staggered as Ken pulls a spoon out of his pocket, dropping it onto the mat.   The crowd starts chanting “ODDITY” as he kicks Marvel and DDT’s him onto the spoon. Marvel, showing a veterans skill, rolls to the ropes though he is clearly not all there. Oddity signals for the end and hit’s the KA-BOOM on Adam Vincent.

1..   2..   3..

Winner: Ken Oddity in 11 minutes and 10 seconds.


ArcAngel vs. Johnny Lexicon
Singles Match

Back from commercial we are back in the ring for our next match..

Arc Angel makes his way out to the ring as the fans cheer. Joe and Benny discuss his earlier actions in tag titles match before Johnny Lexicon makes his way down to the ring. The match starts off with both men circling each other before locking up. ArcAngel over powers Lexicon, forcing him into the corner.

They have a clean break before they both lock up again.   ArcAngel powers Lexicon back into the ropes and there is another clean break. They both prepare to lock up again however Lexicon fakes it, kicking Arc Angel in the gut before working him over with a series of punches.

Lexicon works Arc Angel into a corner before he begins hitting a series of chops on Arc Angel. Arc Angel is eventually able to turn the tide once again with his power, grabbing Lexicon by the head, throwing him into the corner instead.   ArcAngel is backed off by the ref however as Lexicon is trying to gather himself Max Kael jumps the barricade with a chair and hits him in the head from the outside. Lexicon is out cold as Arc Angel, unaware of Max’s interference, makes the cover.

1..   2..   3..

Winner: ArcAngel in 2 minutes and 02 seconds.

After Arc Angel leaves the ring victorious completely unaware that Max Kael interceded in his match, Max slides into the ring with the HOW World Title in his hands stalking Lexicon.

Joe Hoffman: Its that damn Max Kael again! What is he thinking..

Benny Newell: I think he’s thinking of giving Lexicon a close up view of the World Title.

As Lexicon slowly pulls himself to his feet he is immediately met with the HOW World Title to the head knocking him back down to the ring busted wide open.

Joe Hoffman: Oh for God’s Sake someone get in there and stop this!

Benny Newell: Shut up Joe, let Max get his job done.. Besides, Lexicon could use the work out.

Max drops the title and drags Lexicon over to the ropes, tying his arms up in them. Max picks the title back up as the crowd boos him loudly. He walks over to the edge of the ring and demands a mic as Lexicon continues to bleed from the head.

Max Kael: Hey.. Hey Lexicon can you hear us?.. Hey buddy..

The crowd continues to boo as Max slowly makes his way back over to the helpless Lexicon, holding the title out toward him shaking his head.

Max Kael: Lexicon.. We need to talk. See you’ve had the title for what? Three weeks now and you know what it’s worth? Do you know what this title is worth? Huh? No?.. This is what it’s worth..

Max rushes forward kicking Lexicon square between the legs as the crowd begins a “MAX SUCKS” chant though he seems to ignore it for the most part.

Max Kael: That’s right it’s worth a good, solid kick in the balls! Which amounts pretty much to WORTHLESS. Do you hear us Johnny? It’s not worth anything.. That doesn’t do US any good. You’re a disappointment, Lexicon! This title.. It’s supposed to mean the World here in HOW. It is supposed to be the most prized Title in HOW. But guess what.. It’s not. And we put the blame squarely. On. You.

Max steps back shaking his head as he drops the title on the ground in front of Lexicon again. Lexicon is slowly starting to come around though the blood still pours down his face. The fans attempt to rally behind Lexicon with a “LEX-I-CON” chant however he seems unable to pull himself together after his match with Arc and then the attack by Max.

Max Kael: A word of advice Mr. Johnny Lexicon. Get ready for War Games. You disappointed us by beating Michael Norcia at Refueled. Then you disappointed us by bring no prestige to the Title. We’re not sure we could handle you disappointing us again. Lexicon.. You’ve gotten Old. You’re Alone. And at War Games.. Your Done For.

The fans begin throwing garbage at Max Kael as he starts to back out of the ring allowing officials to get in and check on Lexicon, unbinding him from the ropes.

Max Kael: Imagine That.

Mayhem goes to black as we take a commercial break.


The HOTv lights up as a camera-man moves along a completely deserted and uninteresting corridor, before coming to a completely uninteresting door, which has been left ajar. No nameplate can be seen upon it but two voices can be heard flowing out from within – one of a man, one of a woman – already in full conversation.

Woman: …the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Man: You’ve already said that. I don’t want, or need, friends. They just get in the way. And I don’t want to get involved in this petty stable nonsense.

Woman: Team-mates then? Together we can, like, uberly wipe the smirks off the faces of the uber-douches, Lee Best and Silent Witness at War Games.

The crowd at ringside watching the HOTv erupted with cheers suddenly as they now recognize the voice, and ‘bobcabulary’, as that of Bobbinette Carey‘s.

Man: I will deal with Lee Best myself when the time presents itself.

Bobbinette sighs at the man’s stubbornness.

Bobbinette: It’ll be just for one time. Come on, like, just for War Games. I mean if Krista and I can coexist and I don’t even like the chick, YOU would vibe with the rest of team epic for this! You can’t say you aren’t interested in that. Just say you’ll think about it. Me, Arc, and you will be the most uberly epic team in the history of epicness. No-one will stand a chance!

The man sighs now.

Man: Fine. I will think about it.

The door suddenly opens wider and Bobbinette appears in the doorway to a fresh burst of cheers for one half of the tag-team champions.

Bobbinette: Promise? Like UBERLY consider this, don’t say you won’t. I know you are. Right now the thought is vibing in your head!

The man suddenly appears beside her in the doorway, revealing themselves as Shane Reynolds. He stares intensely at her.

Shane: I said, I will think about it.

Bobbinette smiles confidently and then walks off to the left, leaving Shane alone.

Shane: I have examples to make first.

He pulls on a pair of black, fingerless gloves and walks off in the opposite direction as Mayhem cuts to commercial before our Main Event!!


Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

Back in the ring Graystone the challenger is the first one to enter. He receives a mixed reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Next out is the Champion, Shane Reynolds. Both men get into the ring as the bell rings. Immediately Shane and Graystone begin to unload on each other with rights and lefts before Shane is able to gain the advantage.   Shane keeps up with the offensive hitting a strong suplex followed by locking on a variation of a deathlock. Graystone is able to make it to the ropes however and the ref breaks the hold. Shane begins to focus on the lower back of Graystone who is hurting in a bad way.   Graystone is able to turn it around however after catching Shane off guard with a stiff kick to the head. Graystone then puts on a swift offensive hitting several impressive modified Huricanaranas on Shane. He goes for the cover.

1..   2..

Kick out by Shane.

Graystone looks irritated that he was not able to get the 3 count over he does not let him deter him.   He sets up Shane in the corner and hit’s a splash once again going for the cover.

1..   2..

Kick out!

Graystone looks somewhat frustrated by Shane’s in ability to be put down and picks him back up however Shane is able to counter into a DDT. Both men are now down. The ref begins to make the count.

1..   2..   3..   4..   5..

Both men are stirring

6..   7..

Both men are back up to their fight. Shane first a left.. Graystone a left.. Shane a right.. Graystone a right.. Shane a left.. A right.. A left.. A right. Shane takes advantage and BAM hit’s a big time DDT once again on Graystone.   Shane goes for the cover..

1..   2..


Shane pulls Graystone back up to his feet however as he does so Arc Angel beings to make his way down to the ring. Shane drops Graystone and stares out at Arc Angel who gets up on the ring apron with his hands in the air. Shane yells at him however Graystone is able to school boy him quickly as he is distracted!

1..   2..


Shane kicks out!   Graystone is furious as he starts to yell at the ref. Shane makes his way back up to his feet and spins Graystone around with a strong lariat. Shane points at Arc Angel and yells for him to pay attention. He then climbs to the top rope.. Diablo’s Inferno on Graystone! Shane covers..

1..   2..   3..

Winner: Shane Reynolds in 20 minutes and 52 seconds.  

After the match Joe and Benny are arguing about why Arc Angel came down to the ring while Shane and Arc Angel glare at each other as Mayhem goes off the air!!

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