Mayhem: June 2nd, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
June 2nd, 2008 – #HOW6
United Center Chicago Illinois

Mayhem opens up with a previously recorded video…

The video starts backstage and we see Bobbinette Carey and she is signing autographs and meeting the fans in the VIP section. She has a few HOW delegates there with her, co-ordinating the meet and greet as well as HOW’s backstage interviewing team, Blair Moise and Brian Bare. Bobbinette and Blair share a joke and Brian is sweating as much as ever, when the camera switches to a hand-held camera, carefully positioned around the corner from Bobbinette and the meet and the lucky fans.

After focusing on Bobbinette Carey for a few seconds, the cameraman sneaks out of his hiding place and walks towards Bobbinette Carey’s locker room. As he reaches the door, the camera pans down to the floor where four bodyguards are laid out. The camera focuses back on the door as the cameraman opens it.

Inside, the room is almost in complete darkness, only lit up by a few candles scattered around the room. Inside, there is a bizarre whimpering noise, but in the darkness nothing can be seen.

Camera Man: Fuck! I can’t see a damn thing!

He fiddles with the camera for a moment, before turning on the built-in light on the camera. In the shadows, we can see a lot of movement, but it is unclear as to what is happening. The cameraman walks further into the room and looks around with the camera. He comes across two girls kissing, which instigates a huge roar from the male fans in the audience. The camera pans around some more, to see a man dressed in a gimp suit being whipped by a dominatrix alongside two midgets going at it doggy style.

The cameraman follows the whimpering sound to the furthest corner of the room, where a huge German shepherd is pounding away at a poor, small dog which appears to be wearing a HOW-endorsed doggie gimp suit! The camera focuses on the small dog being violated and the crowd in the audience bursts into laughter as they see that it is none other than Bobbinette Carey’s precious dog, Princess!

The cameraman moves along, as Mayhem switches back to Bobbinette Carey at the meet and greet. They have finished their interaction with the fans and Bobbinette is walking back to her locker room. As she approaches, she sees her bodyguards all out cold on the floor.

Bobbinette Carey: What the firetruck!?

Bobbinette slowly opens the door to her locker room and the whimpering sound can still be heard. She switches on the light and freezes for a moment, before letting out a deafening scream. With the light on, she looks around the room and in front of her is the dwarfed former Seinfeld actor Danny Woodburn being sucked off by Besty and the fans in the audience let out a loud cheer at the return of HOW’s much-loved pet!

Bobbinette continues to look around at what appears to be a full-on sick, perverted orgy between man, woman and animal. Next to Besty, there are two men acting out the famous gimp scene from Pulp Fiction, with one dressed as the policeman and the other on all fours with his mouth gagged. Just behind them are the two lesbians shown earlier, now fully naked and passionately grinding on top of each other. Next to them, there is a threesome going on between a woman, a man and vacuum cleaner and then Bobbinette lets out another ear-breaking shriek as she finally sees Princess being ruined by the massive German shepherd!

She takes a step inside to approach Princess, but hesitates as she sees, standing in the opposite corner, the man holding the hand-held camera, laughing at her hysterically!

Bobbinette Carey: YOU! I’m going to firetrucking KILL you!

The man drops the camera to his side, but he is wearing all black, with a black mask over his face to conceal his identity. Bobbinette charges at him, but trips over the cable from the vacuum cleaner, giving the masked man an opportunity to escape unscathed.

Bobbinette gets to her feet and chases after him, as far as the doorway when she hears Princess let out a loud yelp. She turns around to see the German shepherd drag himself off her dog and slump down in the corner, obviously finished with the poodle. Bobbinette rushes over to Princess and picks her up, but quickly regrets it as she looks at her hand, which is now covered in a gooey mess!

Bobbinette Carey: Eww! That’s disgusting!

Laughter can be heard as Bobbinette rushes to the doorway with Princess tucked under her arm and looks up and down the hall for any sign of the masked intruder. He has gone, however, and Bobbinette looks down just as the first of her bodyguards begins to wake up. With an intense rage, she kicks him in the head, knocking him out cold again as video comes to an end and we cut live to the announcers where Benny Newell is falling out of his chair from laughing so much.

Joe Hoffman speculates as to who the masked man is that keeps messing with Bobbinette whilst Benny simply says “Carey’s got a gimp-dog!” before laughing harder until he finally falls out of his seat as the intro for Monday Night Mayhem airs.

Guns N Roses blasts thru the PA system in the United Center as HOW cameras pan over the United Center crowd. The crowd is red hot for tonight’s special one hour show.

As the music starts to fade out the action cuts to the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell.

Joe welcomes everyone to this special one hour edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Joe and Benny run us thru the Battle Royal rules and give us the list of the participants noting that the winner of the match will get a title shot at the World Title at the first PPV following Refueled.

Before the Battle Royal begins “Where’s Your Head At” By Basement Jaxx hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. Graystone comes out to the top of the ramp with his arm in a sling. Right behind him is Brock Blackheart.

Benny Newell: Uh-oh! Here comes the loser brigade.

Joe Hoffmann: Oh shut up. Graystone is an outstanding in-ring performer. Just because he lost last week and Blackheart’s girlfriend was kidnapped doesn’t make him any less of a man.

Benny Newell: Are you kidding me? Graystone sucks.

Graystone and Blackheart climb into the ring, and Graystone asks for a microphone. The music cuts off, and Graystone stands in the middle of the ring. Graystone stands looking at the crowd as they give him a strong mixed reaction. Graystone waits for the crowd to die down, but they don’t and they start chanting “Gray-stone rocks! Gray-stone rocks!” and another “She got kid-napped *clap clap clap-clap-clap*”

Graystone: Ladies and Gentleman. I come before you tonight to give you an update on where I stand with High Octane Wrestling. With all of the speculation and the rumors flying around backstage, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation as to what is going on with Graystone. First of all, I want to thank everyone that has supported me over this past week with everything I’ve been dealing with. Without the great fans of HOW, I would not be where I am today. No matter what happens in the career of Graystone, I owe everything that I am to all of you.

Blackheart stands back in the corner, and claps his hands in appreciation. The camera cuts to images of the crowd clapping, and holding up Graystone signs.

Graystone: You know, I’ve had a lot of time to sit and think about things for the past week. And what I realize is that I’ve got some business to take care of out here tonight, and what better place to start than with Nijs Landzaat and Daniel Singh. So it has officially been one week to the day and there has been no sight of Nijs Landzaat nor Daniel Singh. It seems as though the police are not going to treat this case seriously because they don’t believe Victoria was abducted, rather they have reason to believe that she has left on her own free will.

The crowd lets out a small boo.

Graystone: And as well, Lee Best has managed to secure a restraining order with the great justice system of Chicago so that neither I nor Brock Blackheart is allowed to be within 250 feet of Nijs Landzaat or Daniel Singh unless in an official match or else we will be arrested on the spot. So what does that mean? That means that Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling has officially got away with a fucking kidnapping!

The crowd lets out a pop.

Joe Hoffmann: Woah. Graystone is… obviously and justifiably upset here.

Benny Newell: A fucking kidnapping? How do we know that there was sex involved? Do you think that Nijs Landzaat even knows how to “do it” Joe?

Joe Hoffman: You are sick.

Graystone: So what does that mean for High Octane Wrestling? That means shit is going to start changing around here, and it’s going to start right now. I am sick of this company. I’m sick of sitting back and letting this company screw me around, and I’m not going to stand for it any longer. I’m going to start making some changes, and it starts right now. Justice will be mine.

The crowd pops again, as Graystone paces around the ring furiously.

Graystone: In less than one week on June 8th at Refueled I’m going to be wrestling in this very ring and it will be for the HOW ICON Championship against Adam Vincent and Darkwing. I have decided that this match will no longer be just any old triple threat match. Oh no. I’m putting down my money right now because this is not going to be some normal match where Lee Best and his lackeys can interfere and cost me the victory and becoming the ICON Champion once again. That is why… I have paid my money and put in the request… and it is now going to be Graystone Vs. Darkwing Vs. Adam Vincent in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!

The camera cuts to the crowd, who are going nuts with excitement.

Graystone: And in that match… people are going to bleed. Adam Vincent. You are going to bleed. Darkwing. You are going to bleed. I will beat both of you within an inch of your life and the best part about it is that neither one of you will have the opportunity to have some Best Alliance member come in and make you “get lucky” this time. You both are going to have to answer to me… a pissed off Graystone… and when all is said and done, all the smoke has cleared, all the dust has settled… you two will be laying flat on your backs inside the steel cage and I will be sitting on top of the cage hoisting my HOW ICON Championship high in the air.

Blackheart walks over and asks for the microphone. Graystone hands it to him.

Brock Blackheart: And Nijs Landzaat, Daniel Singh… don’t think for one second that we have forgotten about you. We are doing everything in our power to get Victoria back safe and sound… and once I get my hands on you… so help me God I’m going to make you wish you were never born!

Blackheart hands the microphone back to Graystone.

Graystone: We have the Illuminati… we have the Best Alliance…. we have Team Epic… but right now, from this point forward… you are looking at the beginning of what is called Ultimate Justice. Justice will be ours, and a curse will be placed upon every HOW Superstar that decides to cross my path. To those that are in my sights… you better hope you make it out alive. Oh and by the way… have a very… gray…. day!

Graystone drops the microphone and exits the ring. Blackheart follows him to the back, as the camera stays on Graystone’s intense face as Mayhem takes a quick commercial break.


Back live we are backstage and we see Bobbinette Carey storming down the hall. She has Princess in her arm. Bobbinette looks at the door in front of her then enters with out even knocking. The door says “Lee Best” With a sign that says “Quiet Baby Best Sleeping.” Bobbinette smirks and looks down at Princess.~

Bobbinette: Baby best… You know I find it ironic that things keep happening to My princess. I have said that Princess is like my child. Yet its okay that people are trying to sabotage her health and well being.

Lee Best: What the fuck do you want Carey?

Bobbinette looks over seeing the baby in its bassinet.

Bobbinette: That’s really good teaching the baby profanities. But what I’m saying that if the person that has been messing with Princess has anything to do with you, I’ll make sure your child is messed with as well.

Lee Best: Bitch who the hell do you think that you are to come into my fucking office and threaten me?

Bobbinette shakes her head as she walks over by the baby.

Bobbinette: You may be the owner of the company. But as much as You don’t like team epicness I can and do have power of my own.

She looks at the baby and smiles.

Bobbinette: You know, she is adorable… Are you sure she’s yours? Oh wait it’s the Michael Jackson thing where he swears those blonde kids are his but we really all know their not.

Lee Best: Bitch, get the fuck out of my office!

Lee is getting more pissed off as Bobbinette stands by the diaper bag. She looks at the baby as Princess is over the diaper bag. It’s un able to be seen if anything is going on with the diaper bag. Bobbinette makes sweet faces at the baby.

Bobbinette: I’m serious Lee if you have had anything to do with what’s happened you will uberly not like me.

She says walking out of the locker room. Lee gets up and goes over and checks on his baby. Lee then smells something and wrinkles his nose smelling poop. He reaches his hand into the diaper bag to get out a clean diaper for his daughter. His face changes to a look of being utterly mortified. His hand is covered in brown. Bobbinette had allowed Princess to leave a gift in the baby’s baby bag.

Action cuts back to Joe and Benny who are both only shaking their heads at what they just seen.

Joe again goes over the importance of the Battle Royal as Welcome to the Jungle again blares over the PA system and the entire roster of HOW begin to make their way down to the ring. The crowd is going crazy as some of their favorite and least favorite people enter the ring. As expected Team Epic come down to the ring together as does the Illuminati stable. As the ring fills up with HOW superstars Joe notes that the entire Best Alliance is missing in action.

As Welcome to the Jungle fades out, Back in Black fades in and we see Lee Best and his alliance make their way out to a chorus of boos.

Some of the crowd is laughing as they see Lee is carrying Baby Best in an official HOW Baby Carrier that goes around the chest. Behind Lee stands Maximillian Kael, Darkwing, Rohan Malhotra, Nijs Landzaat and of course the new commissioner Silent Witness.

Lee motions for Matt Boettcher to ring the bell and the crowd boos loudly as the match has been signaled to start while the Best Alliance have yet to enter the ring!!


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