Mayhem: June 29th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
June 29th, 2009 – #HOW60
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Phenomenal Start…

The HOTv feed becomes live and the HOW logo flashes briefly across the screen before fading out directly into a video package on the HOV. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play in the background as the screen goes from black to a picture of the once-jovial Road Agent, Ryan Faze.

Are you lost, in your lies?

Do you tell yourself, I don’t realize,

Your crusade’s, a disguise?

Replace freedom with fear,

You trade money for lives.

I’m aware of what you’ve done.

The scene switches to this past week on Aftershock, where the absence of Michael DeNucci appeared to worry Faze into a frenzied panic. Brief clips of Faze being announced as the “man in charge” and his multiple attempts to contact DeNucci are displayed until suddenly, the scene switches to an expressionless Faze, a different Faze, staring down at a battered and broken DeNucci lying in a dumpster.

No! No more sorrow.

I’ve paid for your mistakes.

Your time is borrowed.

Your time has come to be replaced.

The scene captures Faze, holding a bloodied sledgehammer, with the slightest smirk imaginable and zooms in on the face of the former self-proclaimed “Face of the Organization,” the “Faze of HOW” if you will.

I see pain, I see need.

I see liars and thieves,

Abuse power with greed.

I had hope, I believed.

But I’m beginning to think, that I’ve been deceived.

You will pay for what you’ve done.

The camera quickly zooms back out again to capture the entire scene and Faze slams the lid of the dumpster closed on screaming Michael DeNucci, putting an end to all things SSE-related here in HOW as he labels the dumpster with an SSE logo sticker.

No! No more sorrow.

I’ve paid for your mistakes.

Your time is borrowed.

Your time has come to be replaced.

The music immediately cuts out at the end of the chorus and the screen fades to black before it reveals only the face of the new General Manager of Mayhem. The silence is frightening with Faze holding a dead stare into the center of the camera and evil intent in his eyes. His words give clear indication of the weeks and months to come under his control.

Faze: That’s right… you’re all on MY time now. And trust me when I say that no one, and I mean no one, should be resting easy.

Faze’s image on the HOV fades away as the video package ends and the cameras go LIVE in the Best Arena. The fans are awakened and welcomed to Mayhem with an exhilarating display of red and silver pyro that explodes high above from the rafters and along both sides of the entrance ramp. The visual display is capped off with a silenced pause and one final explosion that has the crowd on their feet and buzzing. Standing by at the ringside announcer’s booth are the familiar faces of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen… what can I say? Welcome to the return of MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! As always, I’m Joe Hoffman joined by my colorful colleague and broadcast partner, Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: What? You say something Joe? I think those fireworks burst my eardrum.

Joe Hoffman: Clearly, Ryan Faze was not afraid to shell out a little extra cash for tonight’s show as it marks his first official night as General Manager on Mayhem.

Benny Newell: I’ll drink to that! Who would’ve thought that Faze had it in him to pull off such a masterful plan? It’s like he went from complete douchebag to complete genius overnight. I’ll tell you what Joe, he had you and I BOTH fooled.

Joe Hoffman: Indeed he did Buff… and there is his limo pulling in now!

The scene cuts to the parking lot to the back of a limo and a license plate that reads GMFAZE. The limo driver steps out and opens the rear door, only for a horde of beautiful women to emerge.

Benny Newell: WOW! The night just got a whole lot better. Holy fuck, Joe… did you see that?!? That bitch had no panties on!

Joe Hoffman: Settle down, Benny. We’ve got a job to do tonight… because by the end of the night, we are going to have a new number one contender for the LSD title and potentially a new ICON champion!

Benny Newell: Wait a second… did you get a little contact buzz from hanging outside of Trent’s locker room again? Because there ain’t no way in HELL that Shane Reynolds is losing to some SSE has-been. If he does, I’ll wear a dress on next week’s show. So consider it a guarantee that Shane retains tonight. He even picked the stipulation for fuck’s sake!

Joe Hoffman: A stipulation that will be announced shortly… oh, speak of the devil…

Just as “Sin with a Grin” by Shinedown begins to kick in throughout the arena, the cameras catch one last glimpse of Faze stepping out of the limo wearing a pin-striped black suit and most of the buttons to his white collared shirt undone. Red lipstick smears can be seen all over his cheeks and his tie is even being worn by one of the women that surround him. The big surprise is who steps out of the limo after him.


Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe it! The “Perfect One”…riding with Ryan Faze?

Benny Newell: Well Faze did trade for that idiot several nights ago when he sent HOW newcomer Spook and the rights to Jatt Starr to Turmoil for Paul and the rights to John Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: You make a good point, but… these two have a history with each other that didn’t fare kindly, so forgive me if I seem a bit surprised.

The women surround Faze and Triple P on both sides and lock arms with them as we see Paul hand Faze a water bottle with a blue liquid inside of it before the camera cuts back to inside the arena.

Benny Newell: Fuck! Now that I think about it… the whole foundation of the Argonauts of Awesome is back here on Mayhem with the trade for Triple P…

Joe Hoffman: Wow, you’re right! I didn’t even realize that… even though we haven’t heard from Triple M or Sektor for a good month or two.

Benny Newell: That’s what women will do to you, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: If you’re referring to Bobbinette Carey, I highly doubt that her dates with the two of them resulted in their disappearance.


ICONic Stipulation

Suddenly, a torrent of boos sweep through the arena as ‘Sin with a Grin’ continues throughout the arena, escalating as Shane Reynolds, looking curious, bruised and with the ICON championship over his shoulder, steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way towards the ring. His expression blank in the wake of the taunts and jeers of the audience. His eyes fixed on the ring.

Joe Hoffman: For those that may not recall….Last week folks, in what some may call a surprise turn of events, we saw that man right there pushed, literally, right to the very limit by former SSE World Champion, Trip Eisen.

Benny Newell: He was lucky!

Joe Hoffman: That’s another opinion, held mostly by members of The Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: What other opinions matter?

Joe Hoffman: Ryan Faze, it would seem, who, on the back of that match, has booked Trip in an ICON championship match here tonight!

Shane casually ascends the metal steps at the corner of the ring and slips between the ropes and into the ring, immediately pulling a microphone from the pocket of the long trench coat he wears over his wrestling attire. The boos continue to rain down for a few more moments, Shane at first waiting for a show of perhaps respect and for them to die down, and when they clearly aren’t about to, begins talking anyway, raising his voice to be heard over them.

Shane Reynolds: My focus has over the last few months – hell, over the last year – been set on one goal and one alone: the complete and utter downfall of Maximillian Kael. I have faced everything he has thrown at me and what had then remained of my family and I came out of the other side. Not only did I survive, but he fueled me, drove me to carry on when most would have collapse and given in. He tricked me into helping him gain part-ownership of this company and, as a result, made me his slave…..and I took it and all his humiliations, because they were the fire which lit the fuel within me and allowed me to become the man I needed to be in order to destroy him. And, at Capitol Punishment, if he makes it that far, regardless of his new-found, seemingly affectionate beliefs towards me, I am going to do just that.

Shane pauses, relishing the mental images these words conjure up within his mind, before raising the microphone to his lips again.

Shane Reynolds: But Maximillian Kael isn’t here tonight. He’s hidden himself away like the coward he is, and that’s fine, because what I have come out here to discuss is not Max Kael, but something which I, myself, have come to hold great affection for.

His free hand reaches up to his shoulder and lifts the ICON championship from it, holding it as high into the air as possible.

Shane Reynolds: I think it’s fair to say that I helped to shape the destiny of this championship; that I helped, if not solely, made this championship mean something—

He pauses again, his lips contorting into scowl.

Shane Reynolds: —And then it was tarnished. By the likes of Isaac Slade and Paul Paras. Well, I’m not going to let all my hard-work over the years be tarnished further by allowing someone as unworthy as Trip Eisen capture it. I had to watch him disgrace the Shockwave Sports Entertainment World Championship, but not this. For that reason and to help put this championship back on the pedestal on which it should have always been, I’m taking everything back to its roots, to my roots. Last week I defeated Trip Eisen in a straight-up match and where would the fun be in doing that again—

Shane’s words are interrupted suddenly as a chant breaks out – You got lucky….You got lucky…You got lucky!! – Shane scowl deepens at the hearing of it, as he drops the microphone for a second and then raises it back up and speaks again, raising his voice even loud about them.

Shane Reynolds: —tonight I crush him in a match I purchased earlier in the week……A ladder match!

The chants falls silent on these words and as, on cue, a backstage worker appears on the stage, carrying a ladder with him, and heads down to the ring. Reaching it, he pushes the ladder under the ropes and goes to follow it in until Shane stops him with a shake of his head and then nods back up the ramp, signaling him to leave, before continuing.

Shane Reynolds: I’m sure Trip and none of you are dumb enough to need the rules explained. And I know it’s not on a level with, say, a scaffold match, but do just fine for me, and it’ll be more than enough to make sure I settle these annoying rumors that I was lucky last week, to show everyone that not only was it Trip who was lucky, but he won’t be as such tonight! Tonight, I set to example, to Maximillian Kael, and to anyone who dares to think they have what it takes to take this from me!

With that Shane tosses the microphone over the ring ropes and into the audience, before reaching down and hoisting the ladder into position. Pausing briefly to look around, both suspicious and paranoid of a potential attack, aware of his current vulnerability, Shane begins ascending the ladder. Reaching the top he sees the strap has been lowered to meet him. Pulling the ICON championship off of his shoulder, he takes a quick moment to look at it, at his name inscribed upon it, and then fixes it, somewhat hesitantly to the strap….when suddenly a new music track blasts out from the public address system, causing Shane to turn suddenly towards the entrance way, the ladder momentarily swaying precariously beneath him as the championship is raised away!

The tune of “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin can only mean one man; Ryan Faze. The fans that once cheered for the self-proclaimed “Faze of HOW” now ERUPT with boos as the General Manager of Mayhem confidently struts out from the back with a microphone already in hand. He adjusts his suit, irons out the crinkles from his earlier rendezvous, and pauses about half-way down the entrance ramp, taking in the heat that he certainly can’t be used to yet but seems to be enjoying. He raises the microphone to his lips but stops himself. As his theme music drowns out over the PA system, Faze instead gingerly climbs the ring steps and approaches Shane Reynolds, who has cautiously found safety with his feet on the mat as opposed to the sitting atop the ladder. The ICON champion shrugs, as if to say “what are you doing here?” while Faze assures him with a gesture that he’s here for a reason.

Faze: Shane…


The fans get louder and louder, irritating Faze beyond belief as Shane appears annoyed as well.

Faze: Shut the fuck up, you imbeciles! AHEM… now Shane…


Faze: I am the General Manager of Mayhem and this is your ICON champion! I demand that you give us RESPECT! How DARE you interrupt us as we grace your presence in this ring! Now… Shane Reynolds…

Needing to literally scream into the microphone to drown out the chants and boos from the crowd, Faze’s face turns beet red, almost accentuating the lipstick smears on his cheeks, as his blood boils with rage.

Faze: Shane Reynolds… please let me be the first to welcome you the return of MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!

Faze extends his right hand towards Shane, which is ignored at first but is ultimately accepted as Shane most likely ruled that there’d be no harm in appeasing his new boss.

Faze: Now perhaps you’re feeling a bit skeptical right now, unsure of whether or not to believe a word I’m about to say. And I don’t blame you! After what went down last week at the expense of Michael DeNucci, I’m the most un-trustworthy son of a bitch this side of Lee Best. But that’s exactly why I’m here, Shane. As one of Lee’s own, I’m here to comfort you and assure you that I’m not here to make life more difficult on you. In fact, I’m giving you free reign to do whatever it is you please on my show. I URGE you to run amok… to promote chaos… to inflict pain. It’s what you do best and I’d only be holding you back by interfering with your ultimate goal of ending one Max Kael.

The mention of Kael’s name gets some cheers from the fans, not because he’s a fan favorite, but because of the sheer hatred of the two men standing in the ring.

Faze: Now clearly, you’ve questioned my motives in granting Trip Eisen with a shot at your belt later on tonight…

The crowd roars in anticipation for the main event, which had just previously been announced as a ladder match by the ICON champion himself.

Faze: It’s a fair question, one that deserves a fairly simple answer. Because tonight, Shane, should you retain the ICON title against Trip Eisen, will be the LAST night before the pay-per-view in which you’ll be required to defend the ICON title.


Faze: Please… please. There’s no need to thank me. Simply embrace the fact that with me as the General Manager of Mayhem, your road to Capitol Punishment just got a whole lot easier.

Faze smirks as he warms himself to the ICON champion, who simply nods in response before gazing at his title hanging above the ring and stepping through the ropes to exit. “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin kicks up again and the General Manager follows suit, trying to keep a close pace behind Shane Reynolds.

Joe Hoffman: Faze giving the easy road to Shane Reynolds before Capitol Punishment? And free reign on Mayhem? Max Kael may not be here tonight but he’s got to be furio…

Benny Newell: Just shut up, Joe. For months, Max has been torturing Shane. He made him his slave, and hell, even BRANDED him! It’s about time someone gave the guy a break.

Joe Hoffman: Well you heard it first folks. Tonight, Shane Reynolds will defend the ICON title for the LAST time before Capitol Punishment when he faces Trip Eisen in a ladder match! Don’t go away, we’re just getting started here on the return of Monday Night Mayhem!


Check your Ratings and Scores over at HOTv!!


Jason Wild vs. Shocker
Singles Match

Back from our first commercial break of the evening, ring announcer Bryan McVay is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this first match is scheduled for one fall!

Cue “Undead” by Hollywood Undead and the fans rise to their feet to heckle the man that appears out from behind the curtain; Shocker. A sign in the stands reads “Shocker: Where’s Your Dick?” in reference to the brutal LSD title match at War Games where Shocker experienced first hand what’s its like to come face-to-face with a guillotine.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 281 pounds… SHOCKER!!!

Shocker, still bandaged from the aforementioned match, ignores the fans and climbs straight into the ring for his first match since the pay-per-view.

Joe Hoffman: One’s got to wonder whether or not Shocker has even been cleared to compete tonight!

Benny Newell: Please… like Shocker’s health is going to matter that much against another n00b of HOW. I expect Shocker to take care of business in under 30 seconds flat. Nothing gets me in the mood to drink more than a good ole’ squash match. Joe… will you do the honors?

Joe hands Benny his brand new, custom-made, Monday Night Mayhem double shot glass while Benny grabs the handle to his topped off bottle of Jack, nursing a smile from ear-to-ear.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 247 pounds… JASON WILD!!!

Wild’s music kicks in and the fans are fairly quiet for the unknown making his way to the ring for his HOW debut.

Benny Newell: Who?

Joe Hoffman: Well I can only assume that Jason Wild is another part of our General Manager’s New Talent Initiative… it says here that Wild once aspired to be a Professional Game Show Host before he found his way here to HOW.

Benny Newell: Are you fucking kidding me? I wonder if he knows Bob Barker… that dude is a legend!

Jason Wild steps through the ropes and enters the ring, completely unafraid of the more physically imposing Shocker. Referee Joel Hortega shortly finds that both men are ready and calls for the bell.


Shocker immediately reaches forward for his double handed chokeslam finisher he calls the SHOCKWAVE but misses completely as Jason Wild ducks underneath him, flies off the ropes and lands a Clothesline that ends up barely nudging Shocker. Wild sizes up his opponent once again and soon realizes that this may take a bit more energy and strength to ground the big fellow. Shocker snarls at his opponent who bounces off the ropes yet again and goes for another clothesline but instead is met with a big boot to the forehead!

Shocker again signals for his Shockwave finisher but Wild is quick to his feet and notices Shocker lunging towards him. Jason Wild heaves Shocker onto his shoulders and drops him with a Samoan Drop that resounds throughout the arena to a few cheers from the fans. Shocker nurses his ribs for a moment but Wild, from behind, locks in a Triangle Choke hold finisher he likes to call the WILD THING!

Benny Newell: C’mon Shocker, you fucking bum! Tell me exactly why Lee keeps him around again?

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know, but Shocker’s face is turning purple and it looks like he’s about to… YES!


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner by way of submission… JASON WILD!!!

Benny Newell: You’ve got to be kidding me? I could’ve held my own against Wild for a hell of a lot longer than Shocker just did. He’s becoming an embarrassment to the Best Alliance, Joe. What was that match? Like, 1 minute and 36 seconds long?

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, what an impressive showing by the young man Jason Wild, winning his High Octane debut!

Hortega raises Wild’s right arm into the air as the victor and Wild immediately snatches it away as if to say “don’t touch me.” Wishing to celebrate on his own, Wild offers a cocky sneer before…

Benny Newell: Oh great… who’s this now?!?

Joe Hoffman: That’s Bishop Steele! Bishop Steele is on Mayhem!

Benny Newell: This whole New Talent Initiative is getting out of hand, don’t you think, Joe? I can’t keep track of all these rookies if my life depended on it!

Joe Hoffman: But if your good buddy Jack was at stake?

Benny Newell: Then I’d actually take the time to make a cheat sheet and call it a day. Duh!

DeMarcus Jones, otherwise known as Bishop Steele, enters the ring and approaches Wild from behind. Wild turns around and is met with him face-to-face and immediately puts his guard up, perhaps due to the fact that Bishop is wearing a bullet-proof vest. Steele assures him, though, that it’s ok and extends his right hand to meet Jason Wild and congratulate him on his victory.

Wild stands there for a moment, unsure of what he should do, until finally he accepts Bishop’s palm into his own and shakes back in return.

Joe Hoffman: Sincere gesture being displayed by the two newco…

Benny Newell: Ha ha! Look!

No sooner does Joe start his sentence than does Jason Wild heave Bishop Steele onto his shoulders and plant him square into the center of the ring with a Death Valley Driver!! The crowd boos persistently as it looked like Wild was accepting Bishop Steele’s hand as a sign of friendship.

Joe Hoffman: For the love of Pete… just when you think you’re getting to know a person. Hold on a moment folks, I’m being told that our very own LSD champion is waiting patiently backstage!

The scene cuts away backstage, giving us one last look at HOW newcomer Jason Wild standing over the body of Bishop Steele.


Put up or Shut up

David Black is seen standing alone in a deserted hallway. Dressed in black jeans and a black shirt, he is leaned up against the wall, with the LSD Championship slung over his shoulder. The camera creeps in closer as David turns his head and starts talking in his usual, low pitched voice.

David Black: You know, it’s interesting how the world works. What is also interesting, is how true the phrase “The more things change, the more they stay the same” truly is. Because while everything has changed for me, personally…nothing has changed for me here in the HOW. I carry the belt now, but I’m still at the bottom of the barrel. I’m still the one fighting an uphill battle, while everyone around me gets preferential treatment. I won the LSD Championship at War Games, by defeating Chris Kostoff, among others. Something that I had to work hard to get, something I earned through months of hard work. I beat Bob Jared at Turmoil, and just last week, I beat Christopher America, and my LSD title was on the line in both matches. And here we are, one week later, and what do I see? Christopher America and Chris Kostoff getting yet another opportunity handed to them on a silver platter.

He shakes his head.

David Black: This is more of the same crap I have had to deal with since day one here! I went through hell at War Games, yet I was back in the ring the very next show, defending my title, while people like Kostoff got the night off to heal his wounds after the Street Fight. Now I’m sure that I was never supposed to survive the match at War Games, much less win it. And I’m sure as hell that I wasn’t supposed to survive Turmoil as champion, but I did! And surprise! I survived Aftershock and Christopher America as well. But do I get any credit for it? No!…Of course not. Why give the outsider the credit he deserves, when you have the “gods of trash talk” going against each other.

He says, angrily.

David Black: But the thing about America and Kostoff, is that they both follow the same pattern. They talk big….and then they lose. Then they talk again….and then they lose again. Only this time, talking isn’t gonna do it for either one of them. Because this time, Ryan Faze has had the good sense to make me the special referee for the match, and I guarantee you right now, I will NOT count a pinfall, I will NOT call for a submission, and I will NOT count anybody out, until I am satisfied that the winner has earned the right to fight for my title. No more freebies…no more silver platters….it’s time for America and Kostoff to put up…or shut up!

Suddenly, General Manager Faze walks in the picture; lipstick still smeared on his shirt collar and cheeks from his arrival with Perfect Paul Paras and throws his arm around the shoulder of David Black. Faze whispers something into Black’s ear which elicits a huge smile from the LSD champion. Before you know it, they both walk off down the hallway and the cameras cut back to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: It’s times like these, Benny, where I wish I knew what it was like to be a fly on the wall. Just what did MISTER Faze tell David Black that had him so excited?

Benny Newell: He probably was telling him about that chick from earlier with no panties! In fact, hold down the fort for a minute Joe. I’ve uh, gotta run to the locker room to grab my backup bottle.

Joe Hoffman: But your first bottle isn’t even half gone yet!

It’s too late, as Benny is seen running up the side of the entrance ramp, shouting the name “Mindy” and unzipping his pants in the process.

Joe Hoffman: ::sigh:: We’ll be right back, folks.


Awesome Return in the cards?


Joseph “Spook” Gregory vs. Silver Phoenix
Singles Match

Back live with Joe sitting alone at the announcer’s table until the cameras catch Benny running back down the entrance ramp, hair disheveled, shirt ragged and un-tucked, and sweat pouring down his brow. He quickly takes his seat next to Joe, panting with exhaustion, as his broadcast partner looks on in irritation.

Benny Newell: Did I make it in time? I was trying… to be… as quick as I could… and had no problems… once her legs sprea…

Joe Hoffman: Trouble finding your backup bottle, Benny?

Benny Newell: Oh, shit! Right. I knew I forgot something…

Joe Hoffman: In any case, you did make it back in time for our next match of the evening…

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Joe Hoffman: Here we go, Benny! Two of the new pieces of talent that we’ve got on Mayhem facing off tonight. Faze’s New Talent Initiative.

Benny Newell: Ahh, isn’t Phoenix one of those guys who spins around a lot?

Joe Hoffman: A high flier? I believe so…

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Plant City, Florida, weighing in at 225 pounds… JOSEPH “SPOOK” GREGORY!!!

Cleansing” by Marilyn Manson kicks up and the lights go out in the arena. Dim purple lights and fog fill the entrance ramp as Spook appears after an explosion of fire. His hooded black cloak hides his face as he slowly walks down to the ring, using his cane to help him along the way. Another thunderous explosion of fire shoots out from each ring post as Spook removes the cloak at the bottom of the entrance ramp and slides into the ring himself.

Joe Hoffman: And that’s Spook there, losing a hard fought match to Reinhardt last week.

Benny Newell: Well, wouldn’t you expect that when there’s some cash on the line?

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 210 pounds… SILVER PHOENIX!!!!

The arena goes dark and “My Own Worst Enemy” plays over the speakers. The crowd goes wild and cheers for Phoenix as spotlights search the arena. They lock onto Silver Phoenix who makes his way through the crowd before hopping the barricade. Phoenix grabs onto the rops and launches himself into the ring, landing on his feet before going on the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd.

Joel Hortega checks both men over for hidden weapons, and signals for the bell. The bell rings and the two men quickly lock up in the centre of the ring, struggling back and forth. Fairly quickly, Spook utilizes his size advantage and powers Phoenix to the mat, quickly breaking the tieup and driving all 225 pounds of his bodyweight behind an elbow, straight into Phoenix’s chest! He quickly goes to drop another, but Phoenix rolls out of the way, quickly gaining his vertical base. Spook looks to throw a looping right hook, but before his fist connects, Phoenix drops low and nails his knee with a dropkick, causing his 6’8″ frame to drop to one knee, providing a much easier target for his smaller opponent. Quickly, before Spook has a chance to get back up, Phoenix puts him right on his back with a dropkick to the face! Looking to follow up, Phoenix delivers a leg drop across Spook’s chest!

The fans start to get behind Phoenix as he waits for Spook to get to his feet, and, as soon as Spook does, Phoenix flies across the ring at him , throwing a flying forearm, which merely staggers Spook. Phoenix goes in again, only to be met with Spook’s big boot! Spook drags Phoenix up by his hair, quickly hooking him up and over with a vertical suplex! Both men reach their feet at the same time, however, and they both immediatly start firing fists at each other! Spook lunges, Phoenix ducks under….roll up!


Spook powers out the rollup attempt by Phoenix, as both men regain vertically.

Joe Hoffman: Hotly contested early going here! Phoenix clearly attempting to utilize his superior speed, with some success.

Benny Newell: Yeah, but Spook’s just gotta hit him more. Tell you what though, I’ll drink to this.

Joe Hoffman: You’ll drink to just about anything..

Spook catches Phoenix with a knee to Phoenix’s gut and quickly capitalizes by clinching onto the back of Phoenix’s head and starting to deliver a series of knees to Phoenix’s face! Spook then wrenches around Phoenix’s gut, catapulting the smaller wrestler over onto his back! Spook follows up with an elbow to Phoenix’s chest, and looks for a second but finds nothing but canvas! Phoenix quickly runs up the turnbuckles, before leaping off, landing square around Spook’s neck, driving him straight to the mat with a hurricanrana!

Joe Hoffman: Devastating hurricanrana by Silver Phoenix there!

Phoenix, sensing he has the advantage, goes to look for the top rope again, but Spook, not being totally out of it, grabs onto Phoenix’s ankle, stopping him from doing so! Phoenix looks for an elbow drop, but Spook rolls out the way quickly. Both men get back to their feet, and Phoenix shoots off the ropes, but before he has a chance to do anything, Spook’s caught ahold of him and is spinning him through the air, with both hands locked around his throat, before driving him into the canvas! He covers Phoenix as Hortega drops to count the pinfall…





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… SPOOK!

Joe Hoffman: Quick 6 minute and 12 second victory from Joseph Gregory. He’s impressing me more by the minute Benny.

Benny Newell: And he’s moving to the A-show next week when he’s goes to Turmoil.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, we’ve got Brian Bare waiting patiently backstage with a special guest.


Intentions Known..

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen I’m backstage here in the Best Arena where I’ve just gotten word The Doberman himself, Marcus Reinhardt has just entered the building. Hopefully I can get a few words with him before his upcoming match with Trent.

Just as Brian finishes speaking Marcus Reinhardt walks in with his trainer and mentor Don Carter in tow. Sporting a black hooded top and a pair of jeans cut at the knee Reinhardt looks relaxed. Don, on the other hand looks agitated clearly concerned about the match later on.

Brian Bare: Reinhardt…Reinhardt!

Brian Bare tries to get Reinhardts attention but he seems to be oblivious to the fact of Bare’s presence. It’s then we see Reinhardt is listening to music and is clearly in a world of his own.

Reinhardt then acknowledges Bare and proceeds to take out his earphones.

Marcus Reinhardt: Hey, the interview guy right?

Brian Bare: That is correct. I was wondering if you could share a few words with us before getting ready for your match tonight.

Marcus Reinhardt: Well I don’t have much time… but sure! Why not?

Brian Bare: Great. Reinhardt last week you faced off with Spook in your debut match here in High Octane Wrestling in which you came out victorious how do you feel coming off the back of that impressive victory.

Marcus Reinhardt: I feel good man, real good. It’s always nice to get a win under your belt and to do it against such a worthy opponent makes it even more satisfying. I’m just glad that the fans out there got to see me in action for the first time and let me tell you that’s just the start of greater things to come from The Doberman.

Brian Bare: In that match, you managed to take away with you five thousand dollars, a healthy sum of money straight out of the pocket of the Faze of HOW and new GM here on Mayhem, Ryan Faze.

Marcus Reinhardt: Yeah, was a nice little earner but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to show the world a true wrestling great and I intend to do that one step at a time. I just hope Faze doesn’t bother trying to offer more incentives like that my way otherwise he’s going to be seriously out of pocket in a very short space of time, shit, scratch that, throw all the money you like at me I could do with a new car.

Brian Bare: Speaking of Ryan Faze he booked you tonight to face off against the foul mouthed, weed smoking rockstar that is Trent. Trent then came out and delivered his Toke Driver to you right onto the entrance ramp, any thoughts on that?

Marcus Reinhardt: Plenty. Rumor has it that he got word that I stole his weed stash or something… Now mistake or no mistake, his actions made me more hugry then ever to get in that ring and take care of business.

Brian Bare: Interesting comments. Final thoughts on your match tonight?

Marcus Reinhardt: Trent may be the reigning World Champion of some random fed I’ve never even heard of, but he’s in for a world of hurt if he thinks I’m going to be some pushover. I will beat Trent tonight! I will beat ANYONE thrown at me in the HOW. I take no prisoners, fear no man. When you step into the yard with the “Doberman,” you’re in for a world of pain, make no mistake about that.

Marcus then focuses his attention to the camera looking dead pan straight into it.

Marcus Reinhardt: Trent, you seem like a nice guy. A bit slow but an honest man nonetheless. Like I said though, I take no prisoners and fear no man, the crowd will bear witness to yet another fine performance from yours truely and I’ll keep on moving up the ladder ’til there’s no more rungs left to climb. I hope you’re ready, I am, the fans out there deserve a spectacle. I’ll hold my end of the bargain, but the question is… can you?

Marcus then returns to looking in Brian Bare’s direction a sense of seriousness changing the mood of the atmosphere.

Marcus Reinhardt: Get ready Trent, because tonight this dog is off its leash and who knows what I’m capable of. After all, I owe you one. See you soon…

With that Marcus walks from camera view putting his earphones back in and making his way to the ring.

Brian Bare: Well there you have it folks, Marcus Reinhardt certainly with clear intentions as he looks to win his second match in as many opportunities NEXT on Mayhem. One can only think of the destruction these two warriors will leave behind them in the ring tonight. Joe?

The cameras cut back to ringside where Joe is trying to wake up Benny, who has apparently dozed off during Marcus Reinhardt’s interview.

Joe Hoffman: Thank you Brian… and I have to say… not since guys like Issac Slade and our own General Manager Ryan Faze can I remember a guy who’s come on as strong as Marcus Reinhardt. And look where those guys are! If he can even attain a portion of their current success, then I have no doubt Reinhardt will do great things here in HOW. Don’t you agree Benny?

Joe elbows Benny hard on the shoulder which awakens him with a jolt.


Joe Hoffman: Ummm…

An visibly embarrassed Benny looks around and nervously re-familiarizes himself with his surroundings.

Benny Newell: Right Joe… I, uh… Sooooooooooo, how ‘bout that match?

Joe Hoffman: It’s Marcus Reinhardt. It’s Trent. And it’s NEXT! We’ll be right back…


Bottle tops provided by Benny and Scottywood


Marcus Reinhardt vs. Trent
Singles Match

The scene fades into Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell, as the fans behind them are going apeshit at being on TV.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to live HOW action, folks, I am Joe Hoffman and to my right, color commentator Big Buff Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: And next up, I think I’m going to fall asleep.

Joe Hoffman: That wouldn’t surprise anyone….

Suddenly, Marcus Reinhardt’s music hits the PA and out walks the HOW newcomer.

Joe Hoffman: Well here comes Marcus Reinhardt, and he must have a large amount of pressure on him to impress, and he will have an uphill battle to fight seeing as he is going to be fighting the 7 foot, 300 pound Trent.

Reinhardt slides into the ring and climbs a turnbuckle and raises his arms into the air which garners a few cheers from the fans. Suddenly, Trent’s music hits and out walks the SSE World Champion.

Joe Hoffman: A lot of people interested in this match. Trent is a powerhouse, but Max Kael last week proved that even a smaller man can take the big man out….but it will take some effort on the part of Reinhardt to discover the method to take down Trent on his own….

Trent now is in the ring and he and Marcus stare at each other and then Marcus extends a hand, and Trent looks down at it and then shakes it, to the applause of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Well these men showing respect here, very big of each man considering Trent thought Marcus stole his marijuana last week.


Boettcher calls for the bell, and both men lock up!

Marcus with a quick go behind into a waist lock. Trent easily powers out and Marcus backs off.

Another lock up, and Marcus slaps on a quick side headlock. Trent powers him into the air but

Marcus counters with a headlock takedown.

The big man easily to his feet and shoves Marcus off to the ropes. Marcus grabs the ropes, stopping himself. Trent charges and tries for a clothesline to the floor, but Marcus sidesteps and low bridges him, and Trent tumbles over the top rope and to the floor!

Marcus pursues him as Trent rises, a little dazed as Marcus flies off the apron and nails a double sledge blow to the face! Trent falls across the announcers table and Marcus grabs him and smashes his head into the table. Trent backs toward the apron and Marcus smashes his head into the ring apron before getting the big man back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Reinhardt is going to have to use some quickness to beat Trent; Trent’s got him by over 50 pounds and 8 inches…

Benny Newell: I got YOU by 8 inches Joe….

Joe Hoffman: I’m not that much shorter than you……never mind. *sigh*

Trent gets to his feet and Marcus comes and grabs him and leads him into a corner, bashes his head into the buckle a couple of times, then Trent turns, and Marcus starts nailing repeated right hands.

Boettcher steps in and admonishes Reinhardt and Marcus backs away and then looks to resume his offense, but Trent grabs him by the neck with both hands and tosses him into the corner himself, and tries for a huge back elbow, but Marcus ducks out of the way, and tries to smash Trent’s head into the buckle, but Trent stops himself, then elbows Marcus and sends his head into the buckle!

Marcus backs away dazed a bit and Trent grabs him and lifts him up into a Gorilla Press!

Trent smiles then drops Marcus straight down, and Marcus bounces off the mat as Trent turns and rolls him over….




Trent pulls Marcus up and lifts him into a Torture Rack….

Joe Hoffman: Trent looking to end this match!

Trent smiles and then goes for the TOKE DRIVER, but Marcus nails some punches to the head and counters that into a bulldog!!!

Marcus covers….




Marcus then nails a leg drop to the downed Trent and then follows it up with an even bigger leg drop, then pulls Trent up and tries for a body slam, but he can’t get Trent off his feet!

Marcus then runs the ropes, and comes back, but Trent knocks him down easily with a shoulder block!

Marcus scrambles to his feet and runs the ropes again, but Trent knocks him down again with the shoulder.

Trent taunts at Marcus, telling him to try again, and Marcus runs the ropes, and shoots back but this time hits a running drop kick to the leg!!!

Trent drops to one knee and Marcus nails him with some punches and then runs the ropes and shoots back but Trent grabs him around the throat!!

But Marcus breaks free and takes Trent to the mat with a Fujiwara arm Bar!

Joe Hoffman: If Marcus can disable the arm, then Trent may be unable to use the chokeslam or perhaps the Toke Driver!

Suddenly, Trent uses his strength and size to power out, and Marcus tries an Irish whip, but it’s easily reversed by the bigger Trent, and Marcus shoots into the ropes and comes back and Trent dips down for a back body drop, but Marcus counters with a sunset flip!!

But Trent doesn’t go down!! Trent reaches down and grabs Marcus by the throat, and powers him into the air, then back to his feet….

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!

Trent nails a chokeslam!!!!!!

BUT NO!! Marcus floats out of it, and lands behind Trent, and grabs him around the head set up for a reverse DDT, but Trent powers out, spinning around, so that Marcus has him in a front face lock, Trent tries to power Marcus into the corner, but Marcus counters into a Tornado DDT!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT A DDT!!! Marcus Reinhardt has been a step ahead of Trent the entire match, and it looks like Ryan Faze’s New talent Initiative is paying off huge dividends as Marcus is on the verge of a huge win!




Reinhardt had hooked both legs but Trent still managed to escape!

Joe Hoffman: THAT WAS CLOSE!!!!!


Marcus pulls Trent up and hooks him in an Inverted Face Lock….

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Marcus is looking for his RABID REDEMPTION finisher, if he hits it, this one may be over!

Reinhardt goes for the RABID REDEMPTION Rolling Cutter finisher, but Trent spins with Reinhardt and shoves him into the ropes!!!

Marcus shoots back and Trent grabs him by the throat for a chokeslam, but Marcus kicks at the knee and breaks free, and somehow scoop slams Trent!!!!

The fans buzz as Marcus stalks Trent, and Trent gets to his feet and Reinhardt grabs him again for his finisher, and signals…

Marcus again goes for the RABID REDEMPTION!!

But Trent stops him halfway through and instead powers Reinhardt into the air over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, then reaches back and grabs the legs and turns it into a Torture Rack……

But Marcus slips out and runs the ropes!

Trent turns, and Marcus shoots back and nails a flying forearm!! Trent staggers and Marcus again runs the ropes, and shoots back, this time for a flying clothesline!


Trent powers Marcus up into an Inverted Torture Rack then nails a modified version of the TOKE DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Trent covers….






Joe Hoffman: What a matchup!! Trent somehow escaped with the win, but Marcus had the match well in hand most of the time and maybe Marcus shouldn’t have left his feet at the end there. A mistake I’m sure this promising rookie won’t make again!

Benny Newell: New Talent Initiative…ha! My ass!

Marcus is trying to pull himself up using the ropes as Trent stands behind him, hands on his hips waiting. Marcus finally is standing and he turns, and looks ready to fight, but Trent smiles and reaches out a hand to Marcus….

Marcus and Trent shake hands and Trent raises the arm of Marcus Reinhardt as the fans applaud and cheer for both men!!

Joe Hoffman: What a show of respect and sportsmanship between Trent and Reinhardt. If only some of our other wrestlers would learn from this….

Benny Newell: As Duck infamously would copy from Lee Best….YAWN.

Joe Hoffman can only shake his head as the camera cuts away.


Title Devotion

Attention is turned toward the HOV, where a split screen displays Christopher America on one side of the screen and Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff on the other, as they are making their way to the ring for their #1 Contender’s match for the LSD title. The screen merges into one to reveal the Special Guest Referee; LSD Champion David Black, who will ultimately determine his next challenger for the title. Finally, David Black’s image is replaced by a shot of General Manager Faze, who is reclining comfortably in his office with one of Triple P’s bimbos on his lap until he notices the camera in front of him is live.

Faze: Oh, hello there! Hope you all are enjoying the show thus far. As you can probably already tell, I’m having a blast.

Faze gestures for the woman to get up and get out of his office as he adjusts himself to sit properly on the chair.

Faze: I hope you’ll all pardon my interruption, but I figured that this would be the perfect time to make a special announcement regarding Capitol Punishment.

The crowd cheers at the mention of HOW’s upcoming Pay-Per-View that is scheduled for August 3rd, from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

Faze: You see, as a former LSD champion, I’ve kept a devoted interest in the title, especially now that David Black has finally brought some credibility back to the belt. Now as I said before, I intend to maintain that credibility and expect David Black to do the same, which is why I appointed him as the Special Guest Referee for this next match. Essentially, he’ll be “choosing” the #1 Contender and I have no qualms with allowing him to do so.


Faze: Oh, relax a minute, will ya? To make things official, the winner of this next match between Chris Kostoff and… ::disgusted gulp:: …Christopher America will not only become the #1 Contender to the LSD title, but will go on to Capitol Punishment to face David Black for the title in a match that I have yet to choose the stipulation for.

Joe Hoffman: It’s official! David Black will defend the LSD title at Capitol Punishment against the winner of Chris Kostoff and Christopher America!

Faze: But remember America… should you SOMEHOW miraculously defeat Kostoff tonight, thanks to Mr. Black of course, I will personally make your life a living hell. So much so, that I’d be surprised if you made it to the Pay Per View in one piece. And I know this is probably just eating you up inside. You never were good with difficult decisions… so I’ll even be a “pal” and give you until the end of this next commercial break to decide if you want to even show up for this next match against Kostoff.

With a sleazy grin, Faze motions for his lady friend to come back into his office and re-take her spot on his lap.

Faze: Oh, and Chris? Choose wisely… because your career depends on it. Consider that a promise.

A brief moment of intensity fills Faze’s eyes before the scene abruptly ends, fading straight into a commercial.


Issac Slade vs. Aceldama©

Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds©

Chris Kostoff or Christopher America vs. David Black©

Mark O’Neal vs. Darkwing


Christopher America vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Making his way down to the ring with his title over his shoulder, David Black makes his way down to the ring. Benny mentions how only David Black is the only man who can truly rule on this match as he is the symbol of the LSD Title. Hoffman questions Benny’s version of fairness as Black poses in the ring.

Next out is Chris Kostoff who gets a strong crowd reaction however on his way down to the ring Christopher America jumps out of the crowd and blindsides Kostoff with a stiff forearm knocking the big man down.

Back in the ring, Black is smirking down at the two of them while leaning on the ropes. American continues to beat on Kostoff outside of the ring, the match having not yet even started. Preparing to whip Kostoff into the ring post, American finds himself countered himself heading face first into the pole, spinning off with a thud.

Kostoff, grabbing America, rolls him into the ring and slides in after him as Black signals lackadaisically for the bell.


Kostoff grabs America and throws him into the ropes hitting a big clothesline which takes America off his feet. Dropping down he goes for the cover however Black was too busy handing off his title. Jumping to his feet Kostoff moves toward the ropes screaming down at Black who turns around to smirk at Kostoff.

From behind Kostoff, America slips and hits a low blow dropping Kostoff too his knees as Black pretends not to see anything. Taking advantage, American sends several stiff kicks into Kostoff’s side before he works over the big man’s leg.

Black slides back into the ring as American retains control of the match, forcing Kostoff off his legs for the most part. Locking on a leg lock in the center of the ring America attempts to get the submission..

Suddenly Black yawns and “falls” too the side hitting an elbow square on America’s jaw as the crowd boos. Joe mentions how Black has now directly affected the course of the match though his own clear interference. Benny mentions how he might have but it has been equal opportunity. American stumbles back up too his feet, holding his jaw as Kostoff pulls himself over to the ropes.

Shaking off the elbow drop, America turns his eyes to Black pointing and yelling at him. Kostoff, having recovered slightly, moves forward from behind America. Not aware of Black’s interference, he spins America around and hits a stiff power bomb, grabbing at his own leg before dropping into a cover, wincing visibly.




Black slowly rises up as he looks down at America who is clutching his head while Kostoff attempts to pull himself back up. Black moves around eying both men as America pulls himself up using the ropes while Kostoff sizes him up. Moving toward America, Kostoff grabs him attempting to hit another powerbomb however America counters but striking Kostoff in the leg causing him to buckle slightly.

Taking Advantage hit jumps up… FOR AMERICA!

Dropping down for the pin, Black fires off a fast count..



After the match David Black, somewhat reluctantly, raises Christopher America’s arm in the air, declaring him the winner of the match, when Black suddenly catches America off guard with a swift kick to the midsection, before hitting his double knee face buster finisher, The Blackout.

Joe Hoffman: David Black just hit his finisher on the new number one contender!!!

As Black looks at the downed Christopher America, an eerie smile appears on his face, as he admires his own handiwork, much do the fans dislike, as boo’s are raining down on Black. He then drops, rolls out of the ring, and grabs his LSD Championship, before sliding back in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Now what?

Black walks in circles around America, who is beginning to stir a bit. He then drops to his knee’s next to America, and shoves the LSD title in his face.

David Black: Is this what you want Chris? Huh? You want my title???

Black jumps to his feet again and takes a few steps away from America, before waiting for him to get back to his feet.

David Black: GET UP! GET UP CHRIS!!!

He yells, as America slowly gets to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: The LSD Champion is stalking the number one contender! I do not like the looks of this at all!

Benny Newell: Stop being such a baby!

America gets to his feet and slowly turns around, and as he does, David Black charges full speed towards America. The fans are yelling for America to watch out, but America, who is still tired and out of it from the match, and from suffering the Blackout, is unable to react in time, and Black nails America in the head with the LSD title belt, sending America back down, as blood starts to trickle from his forehead.

Joe Hoffman: What a cowardly attack by the LSD Champion!

Benny Newell: You call it cowardly, I call it smart!

David Black stands over a seemingly unconscious Christopher America, with a sickly smile on his face, as he slowly raises the LSD Championship high over his head, drawing massive boo’s from the crowd. Black then rolls out of the ring and heads backstage, as EMTs rush to attend to America.


Game Time

We cut away from the arena to an undisclosed location which appears to be a large, empty parking lot. In the center of the empty lot there is a large black cloth which hides away something beneath it. Soon the sound of shoes on pavement is heard as the hunched form of Maximillian Kael can be seen slinking into camera view.

His face still bandaged with a fedora mounted on top of his head and an aging black suit, the previous Co-Owner of HOW turns his wild eyes toward the camera, pearly white teeth appearing between the bandages on his face.

Max Kael: Hello High Octane Wrestling. Hello Shane. Tis your beloved Maximillian Kael here once again to speak directly too you in the manner we know you would appreciate. It seems you have been a busy little bee trying to stamp us out of existence! Kudos, it’s not often you illicit as obsessive a response as to have someone dedicating time and energy too you’re complete destruction! We’re quite excited, yes, quite..

Stepping around the object covered in the cloth, he held his fingers over it, wiggling them mysteriously as he smirked at the camera.

Max Kael: It’s that kind of dedication and affection that really makes us appreciate the little things in life, that makes us appreciate all the hard work you put into hounding us Shane. And we’d like to help you, Shane, because that’s that a good friend and father-figure does for his son, you know? We’d like too give you something too keep that killer instinct sharp and well.. Honestly we’d love for you to show us what you can really do!

Smirking under the bandages, Max let his hands grip a hold of the black cloth.

Max Kael: And please.. this is for posterity, let’s try to be a little creative shall we? We know you can be Shane, but you’ve been dreadfully predictable thus far.. you’ve been trying just a little to hard we-thinks. Just let it all spill out like an artist paints with a brush, yes-yes? You’re usual fair is a little too cut and dry, but we appreciate the effort.. heh-heh..

Pulling back the black cloth the portly form of Phineus the Wrestling Historian can be seen. For those who do not remember Phineus, he was the chief source of Max Kael’s “Jatt Record Facts” a few months previous during his drive to defeat all of Jatt Starr’s records. The fat man was bound to a chair, blind folded and gagged so that he could not respond. However it was visible that a thick, glistening layer of sweat clung too his forehead as he let out a few muffled screams.

Max Kael: We know you’ll do well with this one.. he’s so pathetic on his own that you’ll have no problem tearing into him. We’ll be watching of course, you know we always are. Make us Proud, Shane, make us feel like you’ve got some spine under that brand we put on you’re back..heh-heh..

Slipping behind Phineus he reached his hands around his head and pinched his cheeks as Max looked back up to the camera. His wild brown eyes glimmered with madness from behind his bandages and Phineus started to let out muffled screams, wiggling in his bindings with a sense of futility.

Max Kael: Listen up Shane because we are only going to say this once.. If you want to get your hands on yet another part of our legacy you are going to have to pick him up here by midnight. We’re located at the old K-Mart parking lot on the East Side of Chicago. If you are at the arena or anywhere near it, you should have no trouble getting here in time. Come on, Shane.. Catch Us If You Can! Hah-HAH!

The scene fades out on Max Kael laughing at the camera as Phineus begins to let out more muffled screams desperately trying to free himself as Mayhem cuts to its final commercial.


Catch the replay of Kirsta Lewis and Lee Best on Political Championship Wrestling, an official Affiliate of HOW!


ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Trip Eisen
Ladder Match

Back live with a close-up image of the ICON title hanging high above the ring, wavering ever-so-slightly as the camera zooms out to reveal 4 ladders; one already set up in the center of the ring and 3 others on sides of the ring other than the entrance ramp.

Bryan McVay: This next bout is to be contested as a ladder match and is for the ICON Championship! Introducing first, from Cardiff, Wales, weighing 258 pounds, the challenger… TRIP EISEN!!!

Back to Times of Splendor” by Disillusion kicks out and a very eager Trip Eisen emerges from backstage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The former SSE World Champion hops on the ring apron, never taking his focus on the ICON title hanging above him, and then enters the ring, ensuring that the ladder set up in the center of it is sturdy.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Buff… last week, Trip Eisen did the unthinkable and took Shane Reynolds to the limit, literally and figuratively, in their match and it proved to be enough to earn him his first shot at singles gold in HOW tonight.

Benny Newell: Like he stands a chance! Shane Reynolds will easily… EASILY… retain in the match type that he chose earlier in the show. Like I said before… I’ll wear a dress next week should Eisen somehow, by only a miracle of God, defeat the War Games co-winner.

Joe Hoffman: How bad is it that I’m desperately rooting for Eisen to win?

Eisen plays off the crowd reaction for a few moments until he’s interrupted by Shinedown’s “Sin With a Grin.” The fans immediately rise to their feet and start shouting obscenities at the ICON champion, who stops at the top of the entrance ramp and points at his title as if to taunt his opponent. His face boils with rage, as if he is on a mission, especially after seeing the previous footage of Max Kael with Phineus.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Boston, Massachussets, weighing 220 pounds… he is the High Octane Wrestling ICON champion… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

Benny Newell: Shutup Joe. And need I remind you that tonight will be the LAST night that Shane Reynolds has to defend his title before Capitol Punishment per the order by our esteemed General Manager Ryan Faze.

Joe Hoffman: Oh, so now you’re sucking up to the man you made fun of… the man that you ridiculed ever since he stepped foot in HOW?

Benny Newell: ::pours a shot over Joe’s head:: Son of a fucking bitch, Joe! Now look what you made me do! How dare you make that shot go to waste!

Meanwhile, Shane has since entered the ring and is admiring the ladders that have been positioned throughout. He stands at the opposite side of the ring from his opponent, the ladder positioned between the two, as Referee Matt Boettcher checks on both men and signals for the bell.


Trip Eisen immediately ducks under the ladder in front of him and charges at Shane Reynolds, who not expecting the attack, falls backwards as Eisen tackles him to the ground. Eisen wails away with right and left hands as Shane tries shield himself with his arms. The two brawl with each other out of the ring, back and forth until Shane gains the upper hand by whipping Eisen into the steel barricade. Eisen clenches his teeth in pain as he favors his back from the impact but pops to his feet to catch the charging Reynolds and shoot him over the barricade and into the rabid crowd.

Some of the fans even try to kick Shane Reynolds, perhaps due to his actions last week when he blindly destroyed everything in his path, including some innocent fans in attendance. Eisen can only smirk as they help his cause, but soon Eisen leads things back over the barricade and near the announcer’s booth, where Benny is shouting at Reynolds and encouraging him to destroy his opponent.

Benny Newell: C’mon Shane! You’re one of the longest reigning ICON champions of all time… don’t fuck it up now!

Joe Hoffman: Almost 4 months Shane held the title dating back to his reign in 2008. Certainly one of the more impressive accomplishments if you look at how difficult the competition is here in HOW. Lookout!

Joe is briefly caught off-guard by Eisen ramming the head of Shane Reynolds onto their announcer’s table. But the impact seems to snap Reynolds out of it, as Reynolds turns the tables and slams Eisen’s head onto the same spot. Soon, Shane Reynolds has Eisen in a precariously position on TOP of the announcer’s table and it’s not long before both of them come crashing down on the outside thanks to a Hurracanrana from Shane.

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit!

Eisen is clearly dazed, as is Shane, as both take a moment to recover with Shane doing so more quickly. Reynolds eyes the ladder that is resting against the side of the ring and takes it, sizing up his opponent that is slowly coming to his feet some 20 feet away from him.


Without unfolding the ladder, Shane jams the metal peak of the ladder into the forehead of Trip Eisen and the challenger goes down with blood trickling down the front of his face.

Benny Newell: Eisen’s busted open! DRINK!

Benny downs a shot of whiskey and promises that with each different strike using the ladder, that he will take another.

Shane’s menancing expression is almost too hard to explain as he eyes his ICON title hanging above the ring. Leaving Eisen behind after another shot across the forehead with the ladder (DRINK!), Shane hops onto the ring apron, only to start climbing the top ropes instead of entering the ring to climb the ladder.

Benny Newell: What are you doing?!? Get to the ladder!

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Shane’s got other ideas in mind as… GOOD GOD!

Benny Newell: DIABLO’S INFERNO!!!



Unaware that he just evaded Shane Reynolds’ trademark 450 finisher on the outside, Trip Eisen finishes shaking off the cob webs and finally comes to grip with the fact that Shane is down and nursing his ribs. Noticing the opportunity to capitalize, Eisen grabs Shane and sets him up for the COMBO OF DESTINY!

Benny Newell: Oh no! Eisen’s got Shane locked for his finisher!

Joe Hoffman: And there’s the German Suplex………………….. followed by the Full-Nelson Suplex…………………… and finally……………………….

Using every last ounce of energy he possibly can use.

Joe Hoffman: ………..the Half-Nelson Suplex!!! COMBO OF DESTINY ON THE CANVAS!!!

If now was ever a time, Trip Eisen would slide into the ring, climb the ladder, and grab the ICON championship, but Trip exhausted an extreme amount of energy to land his finisher as is down next to Shane Reynolds. The tension builds as both men stir, with Trip doing so more than Shane obviously but Shane is the ICON champion for a reason. Now it’s simply a race to see who gets to their feet first.

Not wanting to root for Shane Reynolds, the fans are screaming for Eisen and their encouragement seems to be working as he is the first to his feet. He staggers, bracing himself against the side of the ring and wipes the blood from his forehead. Grabbing the ladder, Trip raises the weapon high above his head and sends it crashing down into Shane Reynolds’ ribs and lower half of his body in an effort to keep him grounded throughout the rest of the match. (DRINK!) Several more strikes with the ladder (DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!) gives Eisen the distinct advantage as Shane Reynolds cries in agony. Eisen rolls himself into the ring and sizes up the ladder before him, starting to climb it after a few brief moments of recapturing his breath. Rung by rung, Eisen starts the slow climb to the top.

Joe Hoffman: So Buff, what size dress should I look for next week?

Benny Newell: Fuck off Joe, I’m not wearing that damn dress! Get up Shane! What the fuck are you doing?!?

As a sign of desperation, Benny removes his headset and runs over to the ICON champion. He assists Shane to his feet and points toward the ring, where Eisen is about half-way up the ladder and close to winning the title. This appears to enrage Shane Reynolds, who reaches under the ring for something before rolling back inside himself.

Joe Hoffman: Shane’s got barbed wire!

Benny makes his way back to the announcer’s table that is now dented by the foreheads of both Eisen and Reynolds and exhausts a sigh of relief. Eisen reaches up, his fingertips literally inches away from winning the ICON title, until Shane Reynolds kicks the leg of the ladder. Trip does all he can to maintain his balance but it’s too late, as the ladder comes crashing down with Trip on top!

Benny Newell: Ha ha! That’s gonna leave a mark!

Trip lands awkwardly on the top rope, his testicles taking the brunt of the impact as he nurses his privates in disbelief and agony. The HOV shows SSE World Champion Trent watching the match on a monitor backstage, smiling and smoking a bowl.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, forgive the use of illegal paraphernalia but we nearly had a new ICON champion there!

With a clearing between himself and his opponent, Shane Reynolds drops the barbed wire and revs his engine for added momentum until his boot knocks Eisen off the top rope and to the outside of the ring with a tremendous SUPERKICK! Eisen flops to the outside, looking knocked out from the impact.

Benny Newell: This could be it!

Shane Reynolds retrieves the fallen ladder, checks on Eisen to ensure that he’s in the clear, and props it up under the ICON title. He initially has some trouble with the placement of the ladder but doesn’t waste too much time and begins climbing himself.

Benny Newell: Here is your winner… and STILL ICON champion…

Joe Hoffman: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves Benny… Eisen could still…

Shane stops himself mid-way up the ladder with a look of worry.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a second folks…

Benny Newell: What are you doing? Grab it! Grab it God dammit!

The cause of Shane’s look of fear becomes clear, because as he takes one additional step up the ladder, the legs underneath buckle and send Shane crashing down to the mat!!!

Joe Hoffman: A faulty ladder!

Benny Newell: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Shane’s hard landing has the crowd buzzing as Trip Eisen is coming to life outside the ring.

Benny Newell: Had that stupid fucking ladder not been faulty, Shane would’ve easily retained the ICON title and I’d already be at the bar playing beer pong!

Eisen brings himself to his feet using the ring for support and finally notices Shane Reynolds laying face-down on the mat inside. Trip rolls inside and surveys the damage, becoming aware that the current ladder will need to be replaced to win the championship. He lifts the ladder and strikes Shane’s knee (DRINK!) keeping him grounded as he goes to fetch another.

As he’s doing so, Shane crawls over to where he left his barbed wire and conceals it with his body as Trip Eisen is retrieving the other ladder from the outside. Trip slides the ladder into the ring and follows close behind, aware that Shane Reynolds is now on his knees on the opposite side of the ring. Eisen picks up the ladder but Shane quickly spins around and kicks it out of his grasp. Eisen lunges forward but Shane is there with the barbed wire and tangles it up in Eisen’s face, much to the disgust of the crowd and announcers.

Joe Hoffman: Trip’s flesh is being torn to pieces!

Blood streams out of Eisen’s head as Shane relentlessly tries to defend his ICON title. All the while, Eisen’s screams only seem to further provoke the champion as he gouges away with the barbed wire, even cutting his own skin in the process.

Benny Newell: He’s a mad man! This is exactly why you don’t fuck with Shane Reynolds, folks! I hope Max Kael remembers to update his will before Capitol Punishment, because Shane will stop at nothing to ensure he’s left for dead.

Joe Hoffman: I wonder who would get Maxipotamia?

Shane finally releases the barbed wire, leaving Trip’s face a gruesome mess. Eisen staggers as if he’s about to topple over, but Shane springs off the second rope and connects with a Springboard Clothesline that floors the challenger, seemingly for good. Shane retrieves the second ladder, connecting with Trip’s ribs one last time (DRINK) before propping it up in the center of the ring.

Once again, Reynolds begins the slow climb to the top, but unexpectedly, Eisen joins him on the ladder and begins brawling with Shane near the top. The two trade right hands back and forth, staggering away, the ladder looking as if it’s about to fall at any moment. Finally, Shane’s efforts prove to be too much for the bloodied Trip Eisen, who flies off the ladder courtesy of Shane’s fist!!


Benny Newell: I’m sorry Joe, but Trip never stood a chance. He simply lost way too much blood thanks to that barbed wire.

Joe Hoffman: You have to admire his efforts though. Trip has shown us in these past 2 weeks that Shane Reynolds can potentially be defeated.

Eisen lands in the direction of the HOV screen, where he finally sees the image of Trent laughing hysterically, either from the weed or for Trip’s misfortune. As this distracts Trip, Shane catches his breath atop the ladder as he’s managed to keep his balance and keep the ladder sturdy enough to stay on. With the ICON title within reach, Shane jumps up, leaping off the ladder and grasping ahold of the belt in mid-air, until finally, he falls down to the mat with it for the hard earned victory.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner, and STILL ICON champion… SHANE REYNOLDS!!!

The impact of the fall doesn’t even seem to bother Shane, who clenches onto the ICON title tightly between his arms and chest. After 13 minutes and 42 seconds, the HOW medical team rushes over to Shane who’s arm sports a large gash from the barbed wire, while Trip receives the same treatment for the lacerations on his face and forehead.

Benny Newell: Thank God!!! I don’t have to go dress shopping!

Joe Hoffman: Just when we thought we were going to have a new ICON champion, Shane Reynolds manages to pull out the victory thanks to the use of some good ole’ barbed wire.

Benny Newell: I hate to tell you guys, but it’s going to take a helluva lot more than Trip Eisen to put a stop to Shane Reynolds. This is a man on a mission, folks. Anyone that crosses his path should honestly fear for their lives… including Max Kael. Whoa…

Joe Hoffman: Something wrong, Buff?

Benny Newell: I feel dizzy…

Joe Hoffman: As you should following all those shots you took! We’re outta time here on Mayhem but I’d like to thank you all for tuning in! We’ll be back next week… same bat time, same bat channel… LIVE on HOTv! Goodnight everybody!

The final image of the night shows Shane Reynolds sporting a toothy, yet bloody grin as he recovers amongst the ladders while Trip Eisen is being helped to the back by physicians. Engraved into the nameplate of the ICON title, SHANE REYNOLDS glimmers thanks to the lights above as the fans begin to exit the stands in disappointment. Shane’s got one man’s approval though, as General Manager Faze stands at the top of the entrance ramp, with a little smile and golf clap for his efforts.


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