Mayhem: June 23rd, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
June 23rd, 2008 – #HOW9
United Center Chicago Illinois

Mayhem comes on the air and Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone to the 8th Mayhem since the rebirth, and first one on the road as Mayhem is airing live from the Joe Louis Arena here in Detroit Michigan.

Joe and Benny run down the card for tonight highlighting the big hardcore match pitting Best Alliance members Maximillian Kael and Commissioner and LSD Champion Silent Witness against Illuminati member Michael Norcia and Team Epic member ArcAngel. Benny and Joe talk about how the Best Alliance is favored to come out ahead in that match considering they have two members in the match and the fact that the match is taking place is a hardcore match and anything will go.

Joe then goes over the big main event of the night as ICON Champion Shane Reynolds will be taking on World Champion Johnny Lexicon. Both Joe and Benny go over how neither man is affiliated with a stable here in HOW and that both men have been able to be successful on their own. Joe especially gives Shane Reynolds credit considering Shane has the wrath of Lee Best in store since Shane debuted a few weeks back taking on Lee with a pipe.

Joe also mentions that Lee is trying to kill two birds with one stone as he has booked Chris Kostoff and Bobbinette Carey inside a steel cage to open the show tonight.

Benny counters all these points with the fact that Lee is too preoccupied with Chris Kostoff ever since we learned at Refueled that Barbi Kostoff is in fact the mother of Baby Best. Any and every other person has been put on Lee’s back burner as all his focus is now with the Kostoff family and Joe wonders just exactly what will happen next in this never ending feud between Lee and Kostoff.

As Joe and Benny are going over the rest of the card the HOW cameras pan across the arena capturing many HOW fans on their feet holding up signs….

Max fears Elves

Lexicon for President

Marry me Vincent

Marvel Lock Me TMM!

Lee is my father!


The HOTv then suddenly comes alive as Back and Black begins blasting over the PA system and Mayhem is officially underway as the music of Lee Best can be heard and the boos begin instantly.

Joe and Benny again wonder just exactly what Lee has in mind and Benny states that Lee should not even be here considering just how off his rocker Chris Kostoff is. Joe reminds the viewers that last week Silent Witness declared that if Kostoff as so much as touched him that he would be fired and one has to wonder if that only ticked off Kostoff even more.

Benny begins to argue with Joe but stops as Lee finally appears on the ramp with mic in hand and baby nowhere to be seen. The crowd really lets Lee have it as Lee takes it all in as his theme music fades out and the only sounds we can hear now are the various catcalls directed at Lee.

Finally Lee speaks and everyone actually quiets down to hear what the self proclaimed GOD of HOW has to say.

Lee Best: Thank you as always for that warm welcome and let me just remind all you fans here in Detroit that I am loyal to the cause….

With a smile Lee then removes his suit jacket to reveal a Boston Celtics jersey and this immediately draws the ire of the Detroit crowd as Joe reminds the viewers that Boston took the Detroit Pistons out of the playoffs earlier this year.

Lee Best: I knew that would get your attention. Now let me just get a few things off my chest before we get this first show on the road underway..

Joe points out that Lee looks a little nervous as cameras capture Lee glancing behind him as he pauses. Benny asks Joe if he would be nervous if he knew a madman was after him after it was made known to the world that you screwed his wife and have a kid out of the affair? Joe doesn’t get a chance to answer as Lee continues…

Lee Best: First off I want to tell everyone to go visit the new and to get familiar with the new site because there are many new features and that this Wednesday I will be hosting a radio show with the one and only Maximillian Kael. There were quite a few hiccups getting everything transferred to the new site but after this week things should be up and running smoothly and if not….some people will just have to be fired.

The crowd boos at the mention of any firings.

Lee Best: Ok now that I have that plug out of the way, I just want to tell everyone what a great weekend I had drinking Budweiser while wearing my Adidias gear while watching the great programming on the Versus network…..I mean that was the greatest weekend of my life!!

The crowd boos as its obvious Lee is selling himself out to all the sponsors of HOW and Joe speculates that maybe its due to the ratings being down last week for Mayhem and the rumors that with the show being on the road for the first time and no money for advertising, that the ratings might hit an all time low.

Lee Best: OK enough of that business, lets talk wrestling.

The crowd cheers loudly at the mention of actual wrestling on the show.

Lee Best: Everyone seen what happened at the end of Refueled and I am here to tell you that Barbi Kostoff may be the mother of my child but I sure as fuck don’t remember how or when it went down. I mean I was in Tampa for several weeks on vacation and if Barbi was one of the sluts I nailed while down there….well all I can say to that is…ooops!

The crowd shows its disdain for the owners comments as Lee only smiles and continues.

Lee Best: My commissioner and LSD Champion Silent Witness made a great move last week when he decreed that Chris Kostoff is unable to attack him or he would be fired. Well I am here to take that one step further. Kostoff is not allowed to touch any HOW staff or he will automatically be fired. This of course means the old bastard cannot touch me, much like he obviously wasn’t touching his wife enough or else she wouldn’t of jumped on the Best ride of her life..

Lee laughs as the boos get louder and Joe apologizes to all the viewers for Lee’s language and candor.

Lee Best: Hey you can boo all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that the kid is mine and there is no way in hell that Barbi is going to get custody of the child…and I mean NO WAY.

Lee pauses as the crowd continues to boo.

Lee Best: To wrap up that I just want to let everyone know that the baby is with someone I trust and safe from those crazy ass Kostoff’s. Actually he is the only person I do trust outside of my Best Alliance of course and that man is a former Marine, a man that has killed more people than you have met…Shocker. So I dare anyone and I mean ANYONE to come after my kid.

Joe mentions that there was never any doubt at all about who was watching Baby Best as Shocker has and always will be Lee’s flunky. Benny counters with friend and Joe only rolls his eyes as Lee continues.

Lee Best: Ok I just want to address a few more people here before Kostoff curtain jerks it. Shane Reynolds, Team Epic, The Crapnati and the rest of you idiots that think you can take advantage of the Best Alliance while in this shit with Kostoff is going on, you are terribly mistaken. Tonight Max and LSD Champion Silent Witness will make quick work of Norcia and ArcAngel in the hardcore match and after Kostoff and Carey kill each other here in a few minutes inside that steel cage, it will be painfully obvious that if you mess with any of the Best Alliance your careers will be shortened and your dreams killed.

Lee pauses as HOW cameras pan up to the steel cage that is hanging high above the ring. Strobe lights flicker on the cage as the whole crowd stares up at the structure as it slowly begins to lower.

Lee Best: You see folks in a few weeks War Games will be upon us and there is not one match in all the world that is more dangerous than the one you will see come August 4th at the United Center in Chicago. Yes it is taking place in Chicago cause quite frankly I cannot afford to put on a PPV on the road yet….sue me.

The crowd starts laughing at Lee and he only smiles.

Lee Best: Laugh all you want cause god knows there will never be a PPV here in Detroit or another Mayhem for that matter!

The crowd begins booing loudly again and Lee laughs as he knows he has them in the palm of his hand.

Lee Best: Back to War Games. I of course am going to captain one team but I will not be wrestling. I am here tonight to tell you that LSD Champion Silent Witness and Shocker WILL BE two of the four members of Team Best Alliance and the other two captains, Kirsta Lewis and Bobbinette Carey have exactly one week to name two of their four team members. They of course can be on their team if needed. Now in years past the winner of War Games won the World Championship but with Maximillian Kael set to win the world title against Johnny Lexicon that night, we have to another prize for the winner. THAT will be announced next week.

The crowd boos loudly as they are shafted from hearing what the big announcement was going to be.

Lee Best: Trust me its going to be worth it to lay it all on the line when you enter that enclosure. But to get there you are going to have to earn it as I and the other two captains are surely only going to be bringing the best to War Games. NOW with all that out of the way it is time for our opening Jobber Steel Cage match to go down…hit my music you numnuts!

Back in Black begins blasting over the PA system and Lee heads to the back to a chorus of boos as Mayhem takes its first quick commercial break as the ring crew get the steel cage set up properly.


Back live and the steel cage is shown in all its glory as Bobbinette Carey makes her way down to the ring with Livie accompanying her with Princess in her arms. The sight of Princess gives Benny the reason to remind the viewers about all the things that happened to the rat over the last few weeks ending with the rape of the dog by the gimp German shepherd. Joe quickly cuts Benny off as the crowd erupts as Chris Kostoff makes his way out.

Joe and Benny are shocked, as are the fans when they see that Kostoff is actually smiling! They are unable to get too much into Kostoff as they are interrupted as Livie sits down at the announce table with Joe and Benny and Benny is shocked as Livie takes a drink of Benny’s “bottle” thinking it was juice and as Livie is spitting it out all over the fans behind the announce table Benny begins laughing and quickly hides his “bottle” as inside the ring Carl Hortega has signaled for the bell and the crowd is red hot as its time for our first match of the evening.



Back at the announce table Livie has left with Princess, still wiping the contents of Benny’s bottle off her mouth, and Joe and Benny go back to wondering why Kostoff was smiling after all the crap that has happened the last few weeks.

Joe hypes up the fact that Carey and Kostoff are in different stables and that this could be a preview of a possible War Games match up.

Inside the ring Carey looks a little nervous as a still smiling Chris Kostoff stands opposite of her. The crowd is cheering loudly as the two HOW vets stare each other down. Suddenly it becomes clear why Kostoff was smiling as he walks over to the steel cage door and motions for Mark Toner, the ref on the outside, to open the door. He obliges and Kostoff motions for Carey to exit.

Everyone in the arena, announcers and Carey included, are perplexed to what is going on. Carey obviously doesn’t trust Kostoff but after a few moments she takes a few steps towards the door and a few steps lead to a few more and after a wary few sidesteps past Kostoff, Carey is outside the cage and Hortega signals for the bell.


Post match we see Carey head to the back with Livie and Princess as Kostoff grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd while still standing inside the squared circle.

Kostoff: Guess what Detroit I just lost a match and I will continue to lose every match all the way up to War Games because the only person I want to destroy is that douchebag that was out here to open the show…Lee Best.

The crowd roars in agreement as the fire behind Kostoff’s eyes is apparent.

Kostoff: Lee and I have battled since the inception of HOW earlier this decade. We have gone up and down each and every coast and some days he got the better of me, and some days I got the better of him. I have had his blood on my hands and god knows he has had my blood on his. BUT NEVER HAS HE GONE THIS FUCKING FAR!!!

Kostoff is damn near frothing at the mouth as he continues…


Kostoff slams the microphone down on the canvas and there are tears of rage coming from his eyes as Mayhem quickly cuts to commercial via direction from Lee Best to the production truck.


Joe and Benny welcome us back as the steel cage has been raised and Kostoff was finally coaxed to the back by HOW security guards, but not after he laid out several and Benny wonders out loud if Kostoff can be fired considering the security guards are technically HOW staffers.

Joe answers that quickly as he states the security guards are on loan from the city of Detroit’s police department and that they are not HOW staff and thus Kostoff’s only problem might be from the DPD.

Benny calls for the firing of Kostoff but Joe finally steers Benny back to the action as its now time for our second match of the night.



As the wrestlers make their entrances Joe lets the viewers know that coming up after the match we will hear from the ICON Champion Shane Reynolds. Benny plays it off as a time for him to go get a refill while Joe mentions that people are really starting to get behind the ICON champion. Benny just shrugs off all the Reynolds talk as he refills his official High Octane Flask.

Inside the ring the crowd is pretty much dead as Carl Hortega once again signals for the bell and the match begins.

From the outset it is clear that Chris Adams is overmatched. Joe goes over the fact that Adam Vincent can be a major player in the ICON title race if he puts everything he has into it but even during this match Joe notes that Adam appears to be just doing enough to get by.

Vincent executes several moves without any kind of offense from Adams. From a full nelson side slam to a leg sweep DDT (which Benny had no idea could be done), Vincent did it all as he finally nails Adams with his outward rolling cutter finisher The Final Cut and makes a very cocky cover as Hortega counts the Uno Dos Tres.


Post match the crowd gives Vincent a little hell as he heads to the back and they really start booing as the HOTv comes to life and we see a video begin to air.

TMM is shown walking out of his trailer whistling a tune and with a spring in his step, he is completely ready with his match against Ken Oddity. He walks towards the entryway for all HOW wrestlers to enter when he notices a security guard doing his job; guarding the door that leads to the inside of the arena.

TMM: This is strange…you, fatty! What brings you here?

The large security guard gave TMM a glare that could break glass with it’s very presence. TMM gulped and changed his tune.

TMM: Uh….sorry sir…I mean…excuse me, may I please enter the building, you see, I am wrestling tonight against that odd fellow, the guy who hates forks.

Security Guard: Ken Oddity?

TMM: Yes, him. He’s weird and I’m going to make him conform tonight. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be on my way…

TMM goes to enter the building, but the security guard stops him just before he can enter.

Security Guard: Sorry sir, but according to Ken Oddity’s contract, you need to state what political party you represent before letting you in.

TMM smiles and valiantly decrees his political party.

TMM: Well, good sir, I would only like to say that without a doubt, in front of God himself…I am one hundred percent REPUBLICAN!

SECURITY GUARD: Oh, I’m sorry. Mr. Oddity’s contract states that no Republicans are to be allowed in the building. Please leave the premises.

TMM: Excuse me?! That is political bias! I mean, if I had it my way I would ban every democrat…and ESPECIALLY every liberal that came my way, but I don’t! Why does this…this FREAK get the special treatment?!

SECURITY GUARD: It’s on his contract, and Lee Best approved of it. I’m sorry, sir…now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do…

TMM starts to walk way, sulking, but after a few steps he gets and idea. grabbing something from his pocket, he walks back towards the security guard, his hands behind his back.

SECURITY GUARD: What do you want know? I specifically told you that-

TMM: No, no…I completely understand. I just want to apologize for calling you fat. I mean, obesity is one problem that we must all learn to solve, I mean, we need to think of the children, with their candy bars and such, and furthermore…HIYAH!!!!!!

TMM throws salt directly in the eyes of the security guard; the last thing we see is TMM running into the backstage area as we cut back to the announcers.

Back live Joe takes Mayhem to a commercial as we prepare for the arrival of the ICON Champion…Shane Reynolds!


Back live and the intro to ‘Point #1’ came so suddenly that more than a few of the ringside spectators were caught by surprise. The music seemed louder than usual.

‘It’s the new ICON champion!!’ shouts Hoffman.

‘Well whoop-de-do,’ responds Newell. he accompanies his words by swinging his arm around in a circle motion but stops suddenly when his drink begins to spill.

Shane steps out from behind the curtain and out onto the stage, the ICON championship draped over his shoulder so his name can be seen clearly on the nameplate. So deafening is the music, that the mixed reaction from the crowd can be heard, as per his intention. Shane cares not for them or their cheers and boos and totally blanks them as he marches straight down the ramp with purpose.

‘The crowd are not responding favorably here tonight, I expected more fanfare for the champion’ states Hoffman, referring to the batch of cheers that have shifted to boos.

Shane reaches the ring and enters via the steels steps, lowering himself between the top and middle ropes. He immediately reaches into the pocket and pulls out an official High Octane Wrestling microphone and holds it to his mouth. At the same time, he looks back towards the entrance and runs the fingers of his free hands across his neck in a cut throat motion.

Moments later the music cuts off as suddenly as it began. Shane also waits for a few seconds in order for the crowd to settle down somewhat.

‘Thank you,’ he says once they have. ‘I have a match to prepare for, so I only want to have to say this once!’

He pauses for a split second as he continues to move around the ring, composing his thoughts, and deciding how he wants to express them.

‘I returned to HOW with one focus. One solitary ambition. But the more the weeks go by, the more I take a look around, the more I see there is more to why I returned. There was a force at work bringing me back here. I was supposed to return.’

He pauses again.

‘It took me a while to see it, but I was supposed to return because slowly but surely High Octane Wrestling is in a decline. This is why I returned and this is why some little voice told me to take out Lee Best with a lead pipe. Because of all the abuse of Power. The corruption. The stables running riot. The constant no-shows. The firing. And most of all, because of this.’

Shane points to the ICON championship.

‘It takes a lot to become a champion. And it takes even more to succeed as one. But it seems no-one has what it takes. I look at the World championship, the LSD, the tag-titles. I see them all in the hands of those who don’t have what it takes. If I could do something about them all, I would. But I can’t. I can, however, do something about this.

He stops point and actually taps the gold nameplate a few times.

‘This is the ICON championship. A championship I hold very dear to my soul. But when I look back at those who have held it recently, I am sickened. Adam Vincent didn’t have what it took. Even the apparently almighty Graystone didn’t have what it took. And do you know why? It’s because they are not icons. But I am and I’m going to make this championship mean something again. I’m going to make being a champion mean something again.’

Shane’s lip pull into an unconscious smile.

‘And you know what else…Tonight, I’m going to going one up on that, because you may have noticed, but I am scheduled in a match against Johnny Lexicon. The world champion, himself. A man who has failed to show his face all week. I am going to use this match to make another statement. I am going to show each and every person what it takes to not only be a champion but be a champion of champions. I’m not doing it for you fools or anyone else. I’m doing it simply because it needs to be done.’

The smile fades.

‘And if anybody tries to interfere with that – and I’m directly this at you especially, Noah Drakin – then I implore you to try it. I beg you to try it. I’m just itching for an excuse, because I think you need to be shown most of all.’

Shane throws the microphone to the canvas, his face furious and determined as he exits the ring and marches back up the ramp to his music and even more of a mixed reaction.

‘Seems Shane Reynolds is on a mission tonight…but whether it’s result will be positive or negative remains to be seen. Time for another quick commercial break’

Joe takes Mayhem to another quick commercial


Back live and Joe and Benny digest what Shane just had to say and the most important thing that both got out of that was that Shane was really focused on proving that he is better than the World Champion and thus sticking it to Lee Best even more by proving he is better than the man that is supposed to be the best in HOW.

Benny dismisses all the ICON and World Champion talk and steers the chatter towards the upcoming match between two of the most unique characters in all of HOW.



As both men make their entrances Joe and Benny revisit TMM’s attempt to enter the arena and how resourceful the superhero of HOW is. The crowd doesn’t agree however as they boo loudly at the sight of TMM and Oddity actually gets a solid reaction mainly cause he is the man going up against TMM.

Carl Hortega, reffing his third match in a row, signals for the bell and we are underway.

Joe goes over the history of how Kenn Oddity used to be called Kenn Godly Davidson back in the Golden Phoenix Wrestling days and as Oddity nails TMM with several Oddplex’s Joe gives the viewers the rundown of how Kenn was taken advantage of by his past employers and the change in the man is remarkable.

Benny claims Oddity is just a fake who is looking for attention and states that anyone that is scared of penguins honestly needs to be locked up. Joe counters with how Max is scared of elves and Benny just ignores him and calls the action inside the ring as Oddity begins to get the crowd behind him as the 5’10” newly signed wrestler is taking it to TMM.

At one point Oddity waits for TMM to get to his feet and pulls out a plastic spoon and begs TMM to get to his feet, much to the amazement and bewilderment of the Detroit crowd. TMM does get to his feet and is met with a plastic spoon to the forehead which doesn’t faze him at all of course.

Oddity rears back and nails TMM again with the spoon and as the crowd is laughing TMM nails Oddity with a viscous clothesline sending the penguin fearing HOW superstar to the canvas where over the next several minute TMM executes several high impact technically flawless moves.

TMM gains several near falls and at one point Hortega’s hand actually hit the mat for the third time but Oddity had his leg on the bottom rope.

The two men go back and forth for several minutes and at one point each reversed the others moves several times before Oddity gains the advantage with a floatover DDT.

The last part of the match finally came as TMM locked in his Marvel Lock finisher but Oddity was able to power out of it and after a quick exchange Oddity brought his spoon back into play and nailed TMM with a DDT onto which Joe told the viewers Oddity calls The Penguin Effect.

TMM was able to kick out of the PE but once Oddity hit him with his cross armed Brainbuster finisher called KA-BOOM it was all over as Hortega counted the Uno Dos Tres.


Post match we see Oddity and his spoon head to the back to several cheers as a very frustrated TMM pounds the mat in frustration as the action cuts to the back.

Backstage a cameraman comes running up to the outside of Silent Witnesses locker room. The sounds of a scuffle can be heard coming from inside the room. The door bursts open and ArcAngel walks out wiping blood from his knuckles. The door swings shut behind him. ArcAngel looks to the cameraman and tells him if he wants to find Silent Witness just look where Lee likes to keep him. ArcAngel walks away as the cameraman moves into the commissioner’s office. The place is a mess with pictures hung crooked on the walls. There is a moan coming from the far side of the room. The cameraman moves around the other side of the room and finds a semi-conscious commissioner attempting to get up from under his desk as Mayhem cuts to commercial.


Back live and inside Lee Best’s office we see the LSD Champion and HOW Commissioner, Silent Witness, talking to Lee.

Silent Witness: That idiot just attacked me and I just don’t think I can compete in this match Lee. I mean I am responsible for the rest of the roster as well and I cannot do that if I am not 100%!

Witness moans to back up his claim and plops down in the chair opposite Lee who walks over and takes a look at Witness’ injuries.

Lee Best: Look it’s just going to be a little bump and there is only a little blood. But I agree you shouldn’t compete. So with that said I am going to take you out of the Hardcore Main Event and instead I will let Max take on those two idiots by himself, as he is more than capable. By the way have you seen him?

Silent Witness:

I think he was down at the other end of the arena. Something about penguins, plastic spoons and not sure if he was in the right place…I dunno…you know Max.

Lee just nods and again looks over Witness’s injuries which are a little worse than Lee is letting on.

Lee Best: What about this lawsuit I hear Carey is throwing at you?

Silent Witness:

Fuck her and fuck her dog. I got the papers last week but I haven’t heard anything this week.

Lee Best: I see….hey Mindy…get in here…

Lee calls for his secretary who walks into the room wearing a very skimpy nurse’s outfit.

Lee Best: I need you to take care of my LSD Champion here. Make sure gets anything and everything he wants…ok?

Mindy nods and Lee motions towards the door. Witness looks perplexed and then realizes that Lee is kicking him out of his office.

Lee Best: I am not a sick fuck like you, I am not going to watch Mindy take care of you while in my office.

Witness nods and with the help of Mindy, and with several exaggerated moans, the LSD Champ heads towards the door. As they reach it he stops and looks back to Lee.

Silent Witness: Can you do me a favor?

Lee Best: Shoot.

Silent Witness: Since we both know Max isn’t going to lose can we have the loser get fired from HOW?

Lee smiles at Witness as a father would smile upon his son when he hits his first homerun.

Lee Best: Of course. You are the commissioner of HOW. The loser of the Hardcore Main Event will be fired on the spot..make you feel better?

Witness smiles and nods as Mindy leads him out of the office of the Evil Genius.

Silent Witness: God I love working for Lee….

As Witness moans and groans his way back to his ransacked office the action cuts back to ringside where Joe and Benny have been watching alongside the rest of the world.

Joe and Benny go over the big announcement that the loser of the Hardcore Main Event will be fired and that match is next. Joe then hypes up the Champion vs. Champion Main Event and as Mayhem cuts to commercial the crowd is more than amped up as the night just got a little more interesting.


The scene returns from commercial to show Adam Vincent lying on unconscious in a backstage corridor. A group of medics are checking on him. A large crowd has also gathered around, mumbling interestedly amongst themselves as they watch on. No conversation can be heard fully but most of what some say can be picked out.

WoMan: When did they find him?

Man: When did it happen?

Man #2: I wonder who did it?

Backstage Worker: I saw Noah Drakin walking away this corridor a few moments ago.

Cutting to the ringside area, all eyes are on the giant screen as Adam Vincent is loaded onto a stretcher and carried away to a quieter area.

Joe then tells the crowd that it would seem Noah Drakin was after some retribution for the post-match Superkick he received last Mayhem.

Benny brags about how Drakin is the hired hitman for Lee Best and that it is about time he showed some balls and took someone out. Joe questions the motives of it but quickly steers the talk to the upcoming Hardcore Main Event as Lee likes to call it is about to take place.



Joe and Benny go over the importance of this match now as the loser will be gone from HOW forever. This is big for War Games as each wrestler in this match is a vital part of their current stable.

Word was just passed on to Joe that Silent Witness just announced that the Illuminati members and Team Epic are banned from ringside and if they do attempt to interfere that their stable would be banned from War Games.

Benny praises the new Commish as Joe again talks about the abuse of power as ArcAngel, Norcia and finally Max make their way down to the ring..all to cheers from the crowd except for Max who is booed loudly and appears as usual a little out of it.

Matt Boettcher finally signals for the bell and we are underway.

Each man went to the weapons stash under the ring right away and the crowd is red hot for the match as Norcia and ArcAngel seem to be working as a team early on as they double team Max.

While this double teaming is going on Joe reminds everyone that although Team Epic and The Illuminati are banned from ringside, the Best Alliance is not.

Benny claims that this is only fair considering the injury to Silent Witness.

Joe shrugs it off as the crowd continues to cheer on ArcAngel and Norcia as they continue to work over Max. At one point they execute a perfect double suplex sending Kael OUT OF THE RING and onto the arena floor. The crowd starts the proverbial HOLY SHIT chant as ArcAngel and Norcia begin going at each other.

Max is down and out for the next several minutes as ArcAngel gains the upper hand on the one time World Champion contender. Joe reminds everyone that the loser of this match is fired and you can really see that each man is going all out as ArcAngel sends Norcia thru a table with a reverse choke slam he likes to call Redemption.

ArcAngel continues the offense and at one point opens up Norcia with a wicked shot to the head with a baseball bat. Norcia is wearing the crimson mask as instead of going for the cover, ArcAngel reaches under the ring and pulls out a bottle of vinegar.

Joe wonders what the heck is going on as the crowd stands to their feet as ArcAngel stands over Norcia and pours the vinegar onto the head of Norcia and the screams that come from Norcia can be heard all the way back inside the United Center, but Norcia still manages to kick out of a near fall.

The crowd is really behind ArcAngel but unfortunately for him so is Maximillian Kael who blindsides ArcAngel with a chair shot to the back. From there Max is on the offense as Norcia is stumbling around ringside looking for anything and everything to get the vinegar out of his eyes and out of the cuts on his head from the bat.

Max dominates ArcAngel for several minutes using weapons of all sorts. At one point Max nails ArcAngel with a piledriver right on top of a stop sign. There are several near falls as the crowd moans with each one.

Max continues to use the stop sign and nails ArcAngel with a running knee strike to the face and again gets a near fall. It is at this point that the LSD Champion and HOW Commissioner, Silent Witness, comes down the rampway smiling from ear to ear with a golf club in hand….

Joe states that once again the BA is abusing their power and as Silent Witness waits for Kael to hold up ArcAngel and he is set to tee off, Norcia stumbles into the picture and just as Witness swings the thud of the club hitting skull can be heard throughout the arena and the crowd is sick as HOW cameras captured Witness nailing a blinded Norcia in the side of the head with the club.

ArcAngel pushes Max away and nails Silent Witness’s, who is focused on Norcia, with the stop sign knocking the LSD Champion out cold.

But as ArcAngel talks trash to the fallen Commish, Max turns ArcAngel around and nails him with his Spinning Tiger Driver finisher that he calls The Weapon of Mass Destruction and makes the cover and Boettcher counts the 1.2.3


Post match we see Bobbinette Carey rush down to ringside and begin to pummel Maximillian Kael and Silent Witness with any and every weapon she can find. Suddenly Kostoff appears as and as Carey continues on Silent Witness, Chris Kostoff absolutely destroys Kael with a sit-down powerbomb on the announce table.

Mayhem cuts to a commercial as Carey stands over Witness and Kostoff is over Kael and the crowd is going nuts.


Back live and the carnage is being picked up by HOW crew members as Silent Witness and Kael are still limping backstage.

Joe talks about how smart it was for Kostoff to go after Kael instead of Witness because of his ban against HOW staffers. Benny claims that Kael is close enough and it should be Kostoff and NOT Norcia who is fired from HOW….but then he recants and says both should be fired.

Joe reminds the viewers that Norcia has indeed been fired and as the HOTv comes to life everyone is trying to catch their breath.

The scene opens up to Graystone standing beside a large ice sculpture of an elephant balancing a squirrel on it’s nose. He is wearing a large red top hat, and a ringmaster jacket. He is carrying a cane, and whipping it around in the air as he speaks with a lively bounce.

Graystone: Step right up! Step right up! Have I got an amazing deal for you? You can be the proud owner of this amazing elephant ice sculpture if the price is right? How much do you think it’s worth? Place your bets. Place your bets. How much would you pay for it?

A large man comes hobbling into frame with his big gut hanging out of his torn yellow shirt. His face looks a lot like Silent Witness with bee stings.

Graystone: You sir! You sir!

Graystone points his cane at the man. The large man stops, and looks at Graystone.

Graystone: How much would you pay for this elephant ice sculpture?

Man: Huh?

Graystone: It’s a lovely elephant ice sculpture designed by one of Detroit Michigan’s best ice sculptors. The sculpture features a seven foot elephant bouncing a squirrel on his trunk. Although it will melt, one day eventually, there is no telling the amount of fun you can have with this one of a kind sculpture. Place your bets. Place your bets. How much do you think this is worth good sir?

Man: I don’t know…

Graystone: It’s practically priceless. How much would you pay?

Man: A couple dollars.

Graystone: The bidding starts at $500… Are you willing to start the bidding sir?

Man: Actually, I was just on my way to the restroom.

Graystone: Oh Comediddles good sir! Of course you want this one of a kind elephant statue. If you start the bidding, I’ll even throw in a pair of Nijs Landzaat’s used underwear!

Man: What?

Graystone: A Rohan Malhotra dildo?

Man: Excuse me?

Graystone: An Adam Vincent Green ApplePucker Baby Bottle Pop?

Man: No thanks.

Graystone: I’ve got it. I’ve got it! If you start the bidding on this ice sculpture… I will be pleased to throw in this wonderful picture of me getting my shoulders pinned to the mat last week on Mayhem by Shane Reynolds!

Graystone holds up the picture of him getting pinned.

Man: I’m sorry. I really need to take a dump. The man goes to leave, but Graystone whaps the man in the belly with his cane.

Graystone: Not so fast. Can I interest you in a deck of playing cards signed by the lady that used to married to the hairdresser who was the sister to the tailor that made Jatt Starr’s clothing?

The man removes the cane from his stomach and shakes his head as he leaves.

Graystone: Welcome to High Octane Wrestling, folks! Step right up! I’ve got all sorts of goodies up for auction! Can I interest you in a cigarette butt of Max Kael? What about Barbi Kostoff placenta? I’ve got Lee Best’s braided butt hair starting out at $20… step right up! Step right up! The scene fades to Graystone tapping the elephant’s trunk with his cane while smiling.

The HOTv fades out and a very confused Joe Hoffman sends Mayhem to commercial for the last time as we are set for our Champion vs. Champion Main Event.


Back live and Joe welcomes all the viewers back and goes over the big match up pitting ICON Champion Shane Reynolds vs. The World Champion Johnny Lexicon.



The crowd is still trying to catch their breath from the last match as the wrestlers make their entrances….Shane coming out first and the World Champion coming out to a loud ovation last.

Noah Drakin is then introduced and Benny goes over once again how this could be the last chance of Drakin to prove to Lee that he is worth the price of his contract.

Drakin enters the ring and stares down both Shane and Lexicon and signals for the bell and Joe is surprised as Drakin appears to be neutral.

As the two champions lock up Joe mentions that normally you would only see this match on a PPV or on that other wrestling show when that owner is feeling a little Lee Bestish.

Benny make some Katie Vick comment as the action continues and right away you can see that Shane is the man with the more fire as he takes the early advantage on the World Champion and soon enough he is clearly dominating Lexicon.

Several times during the next several minutes Drakin appears as if he will take a cheap shot at Shane but each time he holds back and instead calls it right down the middle much to the surprise of Joe and the rest of the people in the arena.

Lexicon finally gains the upper hand at one point but he quickly loses it as the ICON Champion is just simply unstoppable tonight.

Reynolds reverses a suplex into a high impact DDT and climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off and nails Lexicon with his Diablo’s Inferno finisher and to the shock of even Shane Reynolds, Drakin makes the 1.2.3


Post match we see Shane get in the face of Drakin but Drakin refuses to throw a punch. Shane grabs his ICON belt from Drakin and slowly backs out of the ring as Drakin stands in the middle of the ring staring at Shane as Joe and Benny wonder what the hell is Drakin thinking as Lee Best is not going to be happy with this result.

Joe and Benny say goodnight to the crowd as the fallen World Champion is still laid out in the ring and HOW cameras focus in Shane Reynolds, ICON Champion, and they speculate on just what will be Lee’s reaction next week as Mayhem comes to a close.


HOW cameras are rolling as they follow Barbi Kostoff up the hotel stairs and up to room 13.  Suddenly with no warning Barbi kicks the door down and as the cameras follow her into the room we see baby diapers, clothing and bottles all over the room….but no Shocker or Baby Best.


Barbi: She was here…my baby was here…


Suddenly the picture goes fuzzy as the cameraman are knocked down as well. As the transmission ends we see the lifeless body of Barbi Kostoff being pulled out of frame.

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