Mayhem: June 16th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
June 16th, 2008 – #HOW8
United Center Chicago Illinois

Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air and immediately the cameras focused in on the HOTv as we see Lee Best starting intently out into the crowd.

Lee then goes into great and vulgar detail about how Barbi Kostoff had no right to show up at Refueled and that she is threatening legal action against Lee, claiming that one night of drunk passion does not make Lee a father which Lee disagrees with. He is the father and there is nothing that the slut Kostoff can do about it.

Lee continues as the crowd boos loudly, telling everyone that he knows what a raging lunatic Chris Kostoff can be and because of that fact he is not at Mayhem and to make sure Kostoff isn’t raging thru the whole broadcast, Kostoff will be in the opening match from this point forward for each and every Mayhem.

The crowd is furious with that news and Lee ends his little rant by letting everyone know that they are on notice. Lee is done messing around and done being the good guy. No longer will he give guys chances to shine when they don’t deserve it. Before the segment ends, Lee notes that if Best Alliance member Nijs Landzaat loses tonight…he is gone from the BA and gone from HOW!!

The crowd is still red hot as Mayhem finally cuts to the official introduction, this time with complete Refueled highlights to Welcome to the Jungle.

The crowd is still buzzing as the highlight reel ends with the image of Barbi Kostoff confronting Lee Best.

Joe and Benny then go over the PPV stats stating that although it wasn’t as successful money wise as HOW would of liked, the show was the talk of the wrestling world and the fallout from that night would resonate in HOW forever.

Benny states the fallout is nothing but legal worries that Lee has to tie up as Joe counters that right now we are more than likely about to see the old Chris Kostoff in action as he takes on Best Alliance member Nijs Landzaat.

Singles Match

Nijs Landzaat vs. Chris Kostoff

It is time for our opening match and there are no entrances as Kostoff shows up on the entrance ramp literally dragging the big Best Alliance member down to the ring. The crowd cheers loudly as they see a very fired up Chris Kostoff in full rage mode. Benny clamors that this is hardly fair and calls for a DQ but Joe counters that since Matt Boettcher has yet to start the match there cannot be a DQ.

Kostoff nails Landzaat with several right hands and kicks as Landzaat is literally rolled down to ringside. Kostoff is frothing at the mouth as with each kick and punch he is envisioning the face of Lee Best.

Instead of rolling Landzaat into the ring, Kostoff continues his offense on the outside. He executes several high impact moves using the ring steps, and steel barrier separating the fans from the action.

Kostoff finally rolls a now bloody Landzaat into the ring as just as Boettcher signals for the bell, Kostoff picks up the big man and nails him with his NO REMORSE finisher and Boettcher counts the one two three..


Post match sees Kostoff go for a mic to address the crowd but Silent Witness comes out onto the ramp and signals to the truck to shut off Kostoff’s mic. Witness has the LSD Title firmly around his waist and the crowd is livid with Witness as the commissioner announces next weeks opening match which will kill two birds with one stone for the Best Alliance…

Chris Kostoff versus Bobbinette Carey in a steel cage match.

Kostoff exits the ring and starts after Witness but stops when Witness states that if Kostoff EVER wants to get his hands on Lee he would have to be an active member of the roster and that if he were to attack the acting commissioner..he would be fired. Kostoff is stopped in his tracks while Joe tells the viewers that Witness is drunk with power .

The action cuts to commercial as the smiling commissioner and LSD Champion heads backstage.


Back live, Joe and Benny are talking about the short but promising career Nijs Landzaat had in store for him and now in a matter of weeks he lost his handler Daniel Singh and now his HOW career is over all because he couldn’t take down Chris Kostoff who NO ONE wants to face right now.

Benny claims the Best Alliance is better of without Nijs Landzaat and when Joe challenges Benny to name who is in the BA, Benny quickly answers with Max, Darkwing, Shocker and of course the newly acquired hitman Noah Drakin who will be in action later tonight.

Joe states that Noah is not the only person who will be debuting tonight as it is now time for the debut of the strangest man he has ever met, this includes Max, Ken Oddity to make his debut.

Benny says the only thing he knows about Ken is what everyone seen after Refueled went off the air last Sunday on….and agrees that man is literally off his rocker.

Singles Match

Ken Oddity vs. Chris Adams

Carl Hortega signals for the bell and our second match gets underway with Oddity gaining the quick advantage. There is some reaction to Oddity and Newell points out its because of his outward appearance but after a few minutes of some Oddplex’s to Adams the crowd actually begins to cheer the new HOW superstar.

Oddity remains on the offensive and with each suplex he does Joe notes that Ken likes to call them Oddplex’s. Benny says he don’t care what they are called because a freak like this will never go far in HOW and Joe asks what about Max which Benny answers by not answering and taking a drink out of his official HOW Flask.

After a few more minutes of complete domination Oddity sets Adams up for a cross armed Brainbuster and executes it perfectly as Joe tells the viewers at home that Ken calls that move the KA-BOOM!

Oddity makes the cover and Hortega counts the uno dos tres…


Post match sees Oddity leaving the ring to a solid reaction from the fans as the action cuts backstage where we see Silent Witness sitting in what is usually Lee Best’s office.

He starts to put his feet up on the desk and decides better of it because he knows Lee is watching and instead wipes some dust off his LSD Championship Belt.

Suddenly there is a knock on the office door and Witness calls out for the person to come in and when there is no reply the HOW commissioner stands up and after a few huffs and puffs he swings the door open only to see a Illinois State Police Officer.

He has a packet of papers in his hands. He hands Silent Witness the forms then tells Witness that he has been served!

Silent Witness looks over the papers. They inform him he needs legal representation because he’s being sued for the rape and abuse of Princess Carey. His eyes widen as he becomes livid. He looks around and rips the papers up and as Mayhem cuts to a commercial we hear Witness state that he has never raped a dog in his life!


Back live and we are once again in the office with Silent Witness who is on the phone with Lee Best informing the owner of HOW that yes Kostoff went off earlier but that Lee has nothing to worry about and Lee gives Witness a lot of credit for coming up with the stipulation that Kostoff cannot touch Witness.

Witness was just about to go into details about being sued by Carey when Lee stated he had to go because he had a very important meeting in a little bit with the head honchos of the Versus network. Witness wishes him luck and just as he hangs up the phone the door to the office flies open and it is none other than Noah Drakin, the man that Lee hired to come in and take care of Shane Reynolds as Lee’s plate is filled with Kostoff and the Kirsta Lewis’s of the world.

After a few minutes of pleasantries the two men get right down to business and Drakin wants to know where is money is. Witness is confused and tries to tell Drakin that Lee is not here tonight and that he is sure Lee will take care of him.

Drakin lets Witness know that he knows all about Lee losing all his cash on Big Brown in the horse race and if he doesn’t hear from Lee in the next few minutes then he is going to consider their deal null and void.

Witness tries and tries to get Lee on the phone but because of the meeting with the Versus execs, Lee is unable to be reached.

As Mayhem goes to commercial Drakin leaves the room shaking his head and Witness is concerned. As the scene fades completely to black we see Witness hitting redial trying once again unsuccessfully to get ahold of Lee.


Back live and the announce team goes over the attack of Shane Reynolds by Noah Drakin after Refueled and then goes over how Adam Vincent is looking for a strong showing after dropping the ball at the pay per view.

Joe speculates that unless Witness can get ahold of Lee Best that Drakin just might be a free agent and the Best Alliance has never looked weaker.

Benny counters that until the day Lee Best is not in charge, that will be the only day that the BA is weak.

Nonetheless, Joe points out that this is a very important match for two men for completely different reasons.

Singles Match

Noah Drakin vs. Adam Vincent

Both men come out to loud booing by the Chicago crowd. Joe and Benny talk about how different it will be once HOW goes on the road. There had been rumors that Lee wanted to have this show be the last in Chicago and depending on what happens tonight with the Versus meeting, it very well could be.

As Matt Boettcher signals for the bell everyone is shocked to see Noah Drakin signal towards the camera that he wants his money and then he promptly lies down.

Vincent, not caring what is going on between Drakin and Lee, makes the cover and Boettcher has no choice but to make the one two three..


Post match we see Vincent raising his arms in victory as if he just went the distance in an iron man match with HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr.

Benny is furious with Drakin and states that soon enough the new HOW superstar will have to deal with Drakin.

Noah signals for a microphone and as the crowd is booing loudly he gets one. But before he can speak he is nailed from the side by Adam Vincent and his Superkick finisher The Snapshot.

Vincent stands over Noah Drakin and smiles as Mayhem cuts from the ring to the backstage area.

We see Shane Reynolds marching through the backstage area. He was already dressed in his wrestling attire with his long, black coat over the top. In a rare example, he didn’t have his black bag with him, but the blood-stained lead pipe was still as visible as ever in his right hand. He was holding it up and dragging it along the wall as he went, sending off irritating scratching noises down the corridor.

Rock a=by baby,
On the rooftop,
When the wind blows,
The baby will drop.

He muttered at the same time with a sadistic smirk spread across his face, no doubt referencing the distraction he used to prevent Lee Best interfering in his match at Refueled. He turned a corner and his eyes focused straight ahead now. Specifically on a door – the one that stood at the end of the corridor he had just entered and was heading towards.

The name on the plate became more and more visible with every step until it was as clear as day: Commissioner Silent Witness. Shane didn’t knock, but merely grabbed the door handle and barged straight in.

Silent Witness came instantly into view, the crowd showering him with boos from all the way at ringside. He was sat behind an expensive-looking, wooden desk in an equally expensive and comfortable leather chair. His newly acquired LSD Title slung over the back of it. His eyes were fixed on something off-screen but he slowly turned them towards Shane who stood in the door way staring at him. Not an ounce of surprise could be seen on his face; quite the opposite, actually. He was smiling.

‘Trying to make an intimidating entrance?’

Shane said nothing.

‘Next time, try to remember I have monitors and after everything else that has gone on tonight I was quite frankly expecting you’ He paused to point to them, revealing them as what he had been watching as Shane entered. They stood just to Shane’s left and various corridors could be seen as well as the ringside area. ‘Or maybe just lose the cameras next time.

Silent Witness’ smile grew, in cockiness as well as length. And as it did, he lifted his feet and placed them in front of him on the table.

‘But anyway, what can I do for you?’

‘Noah Drakin,’ Shane answered. ‘I want him.’

‘You better get in line cause after what he just pulled Lee is going to want his ass on a platter. Besides what you want in your own time is none of my busin–‘

Shane leapt forward and slammed the lead pipe on the desk. Silent Witness barely reacted but a momentary reaction was there, a slightly flinch in his eyes.

‘I’m not Bobbinette Carey,’ Shane shouted. ‘Don’t play games with me. You know exactly what I meant. I want me and Noah Drakin. In that ring.’

Silent Witness slid his feet off of the table, his eyes assessing it briefly for any sign of damage left by the lead pipe and then looked up, locking eyes with Shane.

‘Whose name is on that door?’ He nodded towards it and then pointed to the name plate on the desk. ‘And on that?’ He leant back in the chair, getting comfortable and then added: ‘And whose championship is this?’

Shane never answered any of the questions, but Silent Witness took his silence as understanding.

‘That’s right. And that all means I hold the power here. I give the orders and decide who will face who. Not you.’ He pauses and points to Shane. ‘Me.’ Then to himself. ‘Now, I’ve noted your request and I’ll give it some deep consideration. For now, however, I suggest you go and prepare for your match so everyone can find out for definite whether you actually have what it takes to win yourself one of these.’ He points once again to the LSD championship.

Shane remains deadly still, many thoughts running through his mind, but decides against acting on any of them, despite not wanting to leave it at this. Dividing his attention any further would be a massive mistake. He quickly turns and barges out of the door, as furiously as he burst in. The door is left wide open, granting the audience one last shot of a smiling Commissioner.

‘I’ll let you know my decision soon,’ he shouts loudly, just as the action cuts to commercial.


Back live and the action opens up backstage to Brian Bare standing by with the HOW Commissioner, Silent Witness and not to the new World Champion Johnny Lexicon as expected. The Commissioner is ready for his match and in his wrestling gear as the fans in the arena boo the LSD Champion.

Brian Bare: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here with Silent Witness, and I believe you have an announcement to make before your match which is scheduled to take place next.

Silent Witness: First off don’t worry your world champion will get his inring time right after I make a few comments of my own. As Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling, and as the only four-time LSD Champion in the history of this great federation, I have earned my right to change matches on a whim. I did it at Refueled and I’m going to do it tonight. So, the tag team match will take place tonight, Maximillian Kael and Silent Witness versus ArcAngel and Bobbinette Carey, however, I’m making a slight change. Any time I am in the ring as the legal man, Bobbinette Carey must remain on the outside. If she’s the legal partner, she must tag out to ArcAngel or she will disqualify her team from the contest!

The fans boo loudly at the announcement, but Silent Witness raises his hand to quiet them down.

Silent Witness: That’s not all. If Bobbinette lays a hand on me at any time tonight, before, during or after the match, she will be suspended immediately and stripped of her Tag Team title belt!

The fans boo loudly again as Silent Witness smirks, before walking away arrogantly.

Brian Bare: There you have it folks, Bobbinette Carey can’t tough Silent Witness or she will be suspended, but the LSD Champion can still beat on Bobbinette. Over to you, Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell

The action cuts back to Joe and Benny and its obvious to everyone besides Benny that Witness is abusing the power that Lee Best has given him. Benny starts to defend Witness but is cut off by Joe as it is now time to hear from the World Champion…Johnny Lexicon.

Joe notes that with everything going on he almost forgot about Lexicon having his interview tonight. Benny just mentions that Lexicon is forgettable as a human being and is just keeping the belt warm until Max brings it back to the Best Alliance at War Games.

Finally its time for the world to meet the new HOW World Champion and Machinehead by Bush brings the fans to their feet immediately. There’s pyros and explosions but it’s not until the World Champion himself emerges that those cheers get cranked up a notch.

Johnny Lexicon holds his new title high over head as the fans rage on, he’s holding a microphone in his free hand and starts to walk down to ringside.

As the fans start to quiet Johnny takes his time pacing the ring, raising the mic he speaks.

Lexicon: I almost don’t know what to say.

The fans give him a cheer.

Lexicon: I told you all along I would do it. I told them all that to beat me they’d have to cheat, have to go above and beyond. Because when there’s no lead pipes, no gang of friends there to help, there’s no contest.

The cheer is even louder despite his audacity.

Lexicon: But what have I won?

He holds the belt in his free hand, that shiny gold name plate glittering back at him.

Lexicon: Did I win respect?

He shakes his head sadly.

Lexicon: No. Have I won leadership?

He shakes his head again.

Lexicon: But I’ve won the chance. For weeks I’ve warned the roster that I would be here. That I was coming and despite The Illuminati or the Best Alliance, I was going to show the world that it only takes one man to be better than the rest.

The crowd gets uproarious.

Lexicon: I am him! I am the one man army you can’t defeat. So bring me your Maximillian Kael’s; throw me your Shane Reynolds. I want them all to come and prove why I’m holding this belt, why I’m the one steering this promotion into the future.

He holds his belt up for the crowd.

Lexicon: This is the target, the golden bulls eye!

His eyes turn to the HOTv and the entrance.

Lexicon: Bring me your best, Lee.

His voice is a growling baritone before he throws the microphone out into the sea of fans and his music starts to play. Except it’s suddenly cut short and those enthusiastic cheers turn to confusion in a heart beat.

A shady image appears on the screen, their identity hidden by shadows and their voice masked by an electronic device.

Shade: Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Johnny frowns and is saying something that can’t be heard on account of him throwing his microphone away. But his actions speak loud enough as he beckons the mysterious man to come and give it a try. There’s a mechanical chuckle before the man speaks again.

Shade: Soon.

The images fades out to the man’s laughter and fades back in on Johnny’s music. Frowning the World Champion makes his way to the back and Mayhem goes to commercial as Joe and Benny speculate on what just happened.


Back live and it is now time for the big Tag Team match. After the firing of Landzaat and the apparent botched signing of Drakin and the unknown whereabouts of Darkwing and Shocker, the only two remaining Best Alliance members are set to do battle with Team Epic.

Benny and Joe go over the night that has become Silent Witness’s own personal show. They go over how the Commish and LSD Champion has taken full advantage of Lee Best not being in the arena and you just have to wonder when all this will catch up to Witness.

Joe goes over the stipulation that Witness made a few minutes ago that Carey is unable to touch Witness during this match and must tag out to ArcAngel if Witness is tagged in.

Benny tells Joe not to worry about little things and instead focus on the fact that we are going to be seeing the next world champion in action as Maximillian Kael.

Joe wonders where Max has been all night and Benny counters that you never can tell with Max and as long as he is here for the match that is all that matters.

Tag Team Match

Maximillian Kael and Silent Witness vs. Bobbinette Carey and ArcAngel

Team Epic make their way out first and Joe notes that Princess has been safely escorted from the building and Carey and ArcAngel have nothing to worry about except for this match. He then goes over the last several weeks of action involving Carey’s dog and then finally at Refueled everyone finding out it was Silent Witness who was behind everything and then how tonight Witness was apparently hit with a lawsuit by Carey.

Benny yawns as Joe goes thru all this info and when the Best Alliance members make their way out only then does Benny state that who gives a fuck about that bitch and who cares about the dog as well.

Joe only shakes his head as the crowd boos at a fever pitch as the No. 1 contender for the World Title and the LSD Champion make their way down to the ring.

Boettcher signals for the bell and its Carey who will be starting for Team Epic and immediately Witness tells Max that he will start off and Boettcher signals for Carey to exit the ring as she is not allowed to wrestle Witness during the match.

Joe mentions that Witness is sure doing the LSD title proud by his antics and Benny agrees stating that Witness is probably the smartest man in HOW right now and has the power to back up anything he states.

Joe cannot argue as Carey reluctantly exits the ring and as ArcAngel enters, Witness quickly turns and its now Max who will start the match for the Best Alliance.

The crowd is as hot as it’s been all night as Max and ArcAngel lock up and it’s the Team Epic member that gains the early advantage and starts his offense in on the No.1 contender to Lexicon’s title.

As ArcAngel is on the offensive, Joe notes how close ArcAngel was to gaining the LSD Championship at Refueled and it is just not Bobbinette Carey who wants their hands on Witness and his LSD Gold.

Benny states that it doesn’t matter as Witness will retain the title forever and soon the BA will have the world and Carey’s tag title isn’t safe either.

Joe then wonders aloud where Kirsta Lewis has been since Refueled as he goes over the big win by her and Carey at Refueled over Shocker who was a last minute replacement by Lee Best and ultimately got screwed out of the Tag Titles by his own brother and HOW Hall of Famer, Mark O’Neal.

Benny tells Joe he doesn’t need a reminder and to focus on the action at hand and being the professional that he is, Joe does indeed focus on the action inside the squared circle where ArcAngel has tagged in Bobbinette Carey and they execute a perfect double suplex and Carey gets a near fall on Kael before he is able to kick out.

The crowd is squarely behind Team Epic as over the next several minutes they continue to cut off Kael from Witness and using fast and efficient tag team wrestling, they are able to cut the ring in half and keep the pressure on Kael.

Joe mentions that the 6’9” ArcAngel is obviously going to have the size advantage on almost everyone in HOW and it is only a matter of time before there is gold in his future. But then Benny notes that right now the only thing in his future is a bunch of stars as Witness just distracted Boettcher and Kael just nailed ArcAngel with a low blow and as both HOW superstars down the crowd really gets into it as the hot tags are about to happen.

Joe notes that ArcAngel has to get to Carey first because if Witness gets tagged in he will be unable to tag Carey and that is exactly what happens as both Kael and ArcAngel tag out at the same time and Carey charges into the ring but Witness stops on a dime and quickly rolls out and signals for Boettcher to get one half of the Tag Team Champions out of the ring.

The crowd boos unmercifully as Carey is forced out of the ring by Boettcher and a still lame ArcAngel is forced back into action and the LSD Champion quickly enters back into the fray and it is now the Best Alliance that is in complete control as Witness nails the Team Epic with several standing dropkicks followed by a perfect belly to belly suplex. At one point Witness wipes his hands like he is done with ArcAngel and tags in Kael and the crowd gives it to the Commish as he stands on the apron.

Kael dominates the bigger ArcAngel by taking the big man off his feet and working various weardown moves on the superstar followed up by several submission holds which ArcAngel is able to either power out of or get a break after getting to the ropes.

ArcAngel is finally able to make the tag but Boettcher didn’t see it and as Carey nails her finisher on Kael out of nowhere and covers as the crowd counts the three, Boettcher signals for her to get out of the ring and that ArcAngel is in fact the legal man and Witness slaps his hands together and makes the blind tag and drop kicks the big man down to the canvas and with his knee already in bad shape, Silent Witness slaps on his sharpshooter finisher called The Silencer and as Kael and Carey go at it on the outside, ArcAngel has no choice but to submit in the center of the ring after several minutes of intense pain.


Post match we see Carey slide into the ring to check on ArcAngel as a very jubilant Best Alliance make their way to the back and the crowd is throwing trash at them as we go to commercial with Joe clamoring for something to be done about Silent Witness!!


Back live and it is now time for our next match as the crowd is still buzzing over the ending of the tag team match.

Singles Match

Chris Jacobs vs. The Masked Marvel

Chris Jacobs, former LSD Champion, makes his way out to a lukewarm reception and Joe and Benny wonder what is going on with the Illuminati with Norcia and Kirsta Lewis no where to be found and Kostoff not seen since his earlier destruction of Nijs Landzaat.

As they are still speculating The Masked Marvel comes out and the crowd boos the superhero of HOW and there are even some chants of JATT JATT as TMM makes way out and Joe notes that is the hot rumor on the internet dirt sheets that The Masked Marvel is in fact Jatt Starr.

Benny states that there is no way it is as Lee Best would never allow Jatt Starr back in HOW after all the shit Jatt did behind Lee’s back. Joe steers the conversation back to the match at hand and as Carl Hortega signals for the bell it is apparent that Benny is worked up about the possibility of Jatt trying to put over one on Lee.

Jacobs and TMM lock up and TMM is quickly in command and Joe notes that something is just not right with Jacobs and with everything going wrong in his stable right now it is no wonder that many are picking TMM to pull the upset tonight.

Benny states that is a copout and no matter what happens outside of the ring the only thing that matters is inside the ring and inside the ring TMM has the advantage early and often as he executes several highly technical moves as Jacobs tries to counter each one but to no avail.

Eventually Jacobs does get the upper hand and appears to be on the verge of victory but with one counter TMM has Jacobs locked up in his Marvel Lock and after a few minutes of struggling Jacobs is forced to tap out and The Masked Marvel gains a very impressive and surprising win over the former LSD Champion.


Post match we see Jacobs pounding his fist on the canvas in obvious frustration of getting caught in the submission hold. TMM heads to the back smiling as Joe notes that TMM now has wins over Chris Kostoff and Chris Jacobs in back to back weeks and Benny counters that TMM is taking out the Illuminati stable by himself as the action cuts to the back as we see Graystone with the ICON Championship around his waist as he walks towards the ring as we cut to our final commercial before our main event.


Back live and Joe and Benny give a quick rundown of everything that has gone on tonight including the appearance and interview given by the new World Champion Johnny Lexicon. Joe also makes it a note to state that with Lee not at Mayhem, Silent Witness has been abusing his power just as much as another commissioner he has seen abusing drugs.

For once its Benny telling Joe that he has gone over the line and Joe quickly apologizes and states that he has never been more frustrated at someone abusing their power than he is with Silent Witness tonight and that is saying a lot considering Lee Best is the owner of HOW.

Benny offers Joe a drink and after a moments pause, Joe turns him down and says he is ready for this all important ICON Title Match and goes over how Lee booked this match to get back at Graystone for taking out Darkwing at Refueled and by putting Shane Reynolds into the match Lee is hoping that both men will just kill each other and give Lee some peace of mind.

Main Event

ICON Title Match

Graystone vs. Shane Reynolds

Senior ref Matt Boettcher is the ref assigned the for this ICON title match and as Shane Reynolds makes his way down there are several sections cheering for the returning and former ICON Champion but there are also a few section that are booing and Joe notes that is because Shane has made it clear that he is here for himself…and no one else.

As Shane stands in the ring staring at the rampway intently, Graystone makes his entrance and the crowd goes wild as the ICON champion makes his way down to the ring to loud cheering.

Graystone enters the ring, hands the belt to Boettcher and as the ref holds the title high in the air for everyone to see, the two HOW superstars get nose to nose and begin talking smack as the bell sounds and the match is underway.

They don’t even bother to lock up as both men begin unloading right hands on each other and Graystone quickly gains the upper hand but it is quickly lost as Shane tosses Graystone into the corner and begins to unload on the ICON champion and the crowd is on their feet as the action continues for several minutes at a very high pace with each man getting the advantage at various times but only for a few moments.

Joe notes that these two are very evenly matched and it will be whoever makes that fatal mistake will be the loser.

Benny calls them both losers and states that they are just holding the belt warm until Darkwing gets the ring rust off and regains the belt he made famous.

Back inside the ring Shane finally has the upper hand after nailing the ICON Champion with a perfect tornado DDT and gets a near fall for his efforts.

Shane gets several more near falls but each time Graystone kicks out but with each Kickout Joe notes that Graystone doesn’t seem to have his heart into the match as he continually makes sloppy errors and with each mistake, Shane regains the advantage in the match.

Finally someone does make that fatal flaw Joe talked about and as Graystone went to for a high impact DDT, Shane countered with his own and then climbed to the top turnbuckle and executed a perfect double moonsault that he likes to call Diablo’s Inferno and makes the cover as the crowd cheers loudly and as Boettcher makes the three count we have a new ICON Champion.



Post match Shane’s music hits over the PA system as he climbs straight to his feet, holding his arms in the air, but it cuts off as suddenly as it began. In it’s place, the sound of a voice fills every ear in the building. The voice of commissioner Silent Witness.

Silent Witness: Congratulations, Shane. Very well done.

All eyes fall to the HOTv, on which the image of Silent Witness in his office is displayed. A cocky grin spread across his face and the LSD championship visible behind him.

Silent Witness: I’m sure you’ll do the championship very proud.

The crowd boos his sarcasm.

Shane: You can be as sarcastic as you want. I know I will be. I don’t care what you think.

Silent Witness: That may not be, but I think you’ll care about my decision regarding your request earlier.

Shane’s eyes grew wide.

Shane: Good.

Silent Witness’ smile stretches further across his face.

Silent Witness: You said you want Noah Drakin in the ring with you. Well, you’ve got it. Next week, live on Mayhem, it will be Shane Reynolds versus….

He pauses.

Silent Witness: Johnny Lexicon. That’s right. The World Champion versus the ICON Champion ….

He pauses again.

Silent Witness: With Noah Drakin as the special-guest referee.

Shane scowls, his eyes grow angry, and hurls the microphone to the floor.

Silent Witness: Try to pick your words more carefully next time.

Joe and Benny close out Mayhem as we have a new ICON Champion and two big matches have already been announced for next weeks Mayhem with Carey taking on Kostoff in a steel cage and now we will have the World Champ taking on the new ICON Champion with Noah Drakin as the ref in what is surely a move to see if Drakin will prove to Lee that he is worth the money Lee has promised him.

Mayhem ends as Shane Reynolds is inside the ring holding the ICON Title high in the air as the crowd goes wild.

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