Mayhem: July 7th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
July 7th, 2008 – #HOW11
The Palace of Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, Michigan

The fans in the arena stare at the HOTv as the opening notes of Jeremy by Pearl Jam begin to play. In the center of the screen in bold white print appears:

“MAY 11th, 1992”

As the text starts to fade so does the volume on the song. The song does not disappear but turns into background noise. The scene fades into a man setting on an empty, dusty stage. He has his back propped up against a speaker stack. The large black speaker boxes and contrasted by the white logo ‘PEAVY’ across the face of the bottom speaker. The man is dressed in old black leather boots, distressed black jeans, a tight fitting gray t-shirt and a black and red bandanna covering this long black hair. He wears a single silver chair around his neck and has two leather straps around his exposed wrist. The man is looking straight at the camera.

MAN: May eleventh, nineteen ninety-two, The song ‘Jeremy’ by the band Pearl Jam broke the top five in the rock charts here in the United States. Everyone loved the song and for months afterward that song was on the radio every half hour, or at least it seemed. The masses loved the song, and they listened to it. But not enough people HEARD the song, or the message behind it. They said the song was so popular because secretly everyone felt a feeling of being on the outside looking in. Even the prom queen and the varsity quarterback. If more people had actually heard the song then terms such as freak, spaz, geek or nerd wouldn’t be still used today. Eddie Vetter was a visionary. He was a man who tried to spread a message and society as a collective turned a deaf ear. So when it came time to put a vision to the sound Vetter made sure there was no questioning what he meant. Disturbing images laced the video right up to the end where a young boy standing at the head of his class puts a pistol in his mouth. The next image is of red splatters hitting his classmates’ white uniforms. The scene was graphic, it was shocking, it was meant to be. This was the purpose. The video was trying to be a wakeup call, a reality check to the masses of what the independent free mind was going through. Society would have none of it as MTV amongst other stations refused to air the video as it was intended, but demanded a conformed version of the video… The warning went unheard….

The scene fades to black and with it the song Jeremy fades out as well. As the white text returns the song Youth Of The Nation by POD rises from the silence. A new date appears. As the white text fades so does the song becoming background noise once again. The new scene opens with the same man sitting on a staircase in what would appear to be an empty school. He is wearing the same clothes and he is still staring at the camera.

“APRIL 20th, 1999”

MAN: April twentieth, nineteen ninety-nine, Columbine Colorado. A new wakeup call was sounded, in the form of gunshots. Within an hour fifteen people were dead and twenty-three lay wounded. Society was forced to deal with a reality check it couldn’t ignore. Two students who felt they were pushed the point of no return carried out a horrific act. Do I understand this level of frustration? Yes I do. Do I sympathize for them and what they felt? Yes I do… Do I agree with or justify their action? Not even in the least. But, I will tell you this: There are tens of thousands of people sixteen to sixty, who when they saw the news, they weren’t surprised. Those who have been the shunned, the tormented, the rejected, they know that it is the nature of survival that an animal can only endure so much before it lashes back at the source of its pain. Whether society admits it or not, no matter how much humankind evolves, we are still animals… Some of us more than others. Growing up in today’s society individuals are programmed to conform. Those who don’t are cast out and left to fend for themselves. Not only by their peers but often by those who have sworn to nurture them. Some conform, most resist and a few challenge society. Columbine could have been avoided. People say we need tougher gun laws and less violent video games. There is a lot simpler solution than that. It starts with how we as a society treat each other. The answer is within each and every one of us…

The scene fades to black and the white text appears again along with the song Open Your Eyes by Guano Apes starts to play.


As the text starts to fade the music does as well into a low background noise. The new scene shows the man with his back to the camera in front of a bookshelf. The books seem to be very old and worn. He reaches for one, opening it and glancing at it before turning to face the camera. He looks up at from the book into the camera.

MAN: They say history is written by the victors. I prefer to believe history is written by the survivors. When society turns on its own, there are no winners. So who am I? My name is L.A. Riotz. To the unique, the independent thinkers and the silent, I will be your voice. And no longer will you be the unimportant or the nameless, I give you a name. From this moment on you shall be my Riot Squad. And I have this to say to the masses. Open your mind before you make me.. pull.. the.. trigger.

With that Riotz slams the book closed in a loud ‘BANG’ noise as the scene fades to black and the video ends.

Welcome to the Jungle blasts throughout the Palace of Auburn Hills as Monday Night Mayhem officially begins airing live here on the Versus network. Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience to the 10th Mayhem since the return of HOW. As the cameras pan over the crowd Joe goes over some of the highlights of last week’s show.

Silent Witness again abusing his power against anyone and everyone

Firing of Chris Adams and Noah Drakin

The legal problems between Bobbinette Carey and Silent Witness

Lee stating he “never” got the fax from Kostoff’s lawyer stating Kostoff cannot be fired.

Lee and Silent Witness declaring that Shane Reynolds will defend his ICON Championship against ArcAngel at War Games, thus keeping both men out of the War Games match.

As Joe goes over that last bit of information Guns N Roses fades out and suddenly Back in Black by AC/DC begins playing and that can only mean one thing….Lee and his Best Alliance are about to make their way out!

As the music cranks up, Lee and the Best Alliance makes their way out onto the stage. Boos rain down on Darkwing, Maximillian Kael and Silent Witness as all around them garbage is thrown at them as they make their way to the ring.

Benny Newell: These ungrateful fans need to show some respect.

As they climb into the ring, Lee asks and receives a mic. Looking out at the crowd a smile crosses his lips.

Lee Best: Ah once again it’s nice to be in another losing town. Go Celtics right? This is the second time we have been here in Detroit and believe you me it will be the last time!

Lee takes in the boos as Silent Witness pats his LSD Championship belt while Darkwing and Max mock some of the fans at ringside.

Lee Best: You can cheer for Norcia you can cheer for Carey and her fucking mut…

With the announcement of those names the crowd erupts in a cheer. Anger flashes across his face.

Lee Best: Laugh it up you numnuts. Norcia is gone and after tonight I PROMISE you that there will not be anymore Illuminati here in High Octane Wrestling.

The Best Alliance applaud the announcement as more boos rain down. Lee smiles out at the crowd as he is eating up the boos like candy.

Lee Best:  Right now you are staring into the ring at the greatest stable in the industry. Maximillian Kael…

Lee pauses as Max steps forward.

Lee Best: Maximillian Kael is the man that will be bringing home the World Title to the Best Alliance and quite frankly he is the future of this business.

The crowd boos even louder at that statement as Lee continues.

Lee Best: Darkwing…

The crowd really lets Darkwing hear it as the HOW Hall of Famer steps forward and bows to the crowd.

Lee Best: Darkwing is the true ICON of HOW. He is a Hall of Famer, a former World and ICON Champion and soon enough he too will have gold around his waist. And finally…Silent Witness.

The Palace erupts into such an uproar that Lee cannot hear himself so he pauses as the LSD Champion and Commissioner of HOW steps forwards and takes the brunt force of all the booing with a smile on his face.

Joe Hoffman: I haven’t heard booing like this since the day Lee Best came back.

The booing continues for several moments as Lee pats his LSD Champion on the back.

Lee Best: Silent Witness is the most powerful man in HOW right now… besides myself of course. He has single handily made the LSD Championship mean more than any other title here in HOW.  He is also the Commissioner here in HOW and he has allowed me to stay away from the limelight with that idiot Kostoff hot after my ass after I banged his wife in hers..

The crowd again boos loudly as Lee gives Silent Witness a high five.

Lee Best: So as you can see these three men are the men that will be leading HOW into the next era. They are the ratings that drive in the money from the sponsors. But there is a problem. Max has to go get the world title at War Games and thus we are a man short.  So tonight I have flown in a man that will be apart of War Games and since he is a former member of the Best Alliance I only see it fitting that I spend most of our budget to bring him in. The main question is who will captain Team Best Alliance.

Suddenly before Lee can announce who the captain is the lights dim out as a whistle echoes off the walls.

Benny Newell: I hate this song.

“Evangle” by Ramstein screams across the speakers as Kostoff walks out onto the stage. The BA stand before Lee who has a cocky grin on hisface. Kostoff makes his way down to ringside and climbs into the ring.

Benny Newell: He’s climbing into the lion’s den? Is he dumb or what?

Joe Hoffman: It’s Kostoff, maybe one of fiercest fighters of all time!!

The crowd is going nuts as he motions for a mic. Looking into the face of his most hated opponent he begins to speak.

Chris Kostoff: You proud Lee? You fucking proud huh boy? By firing Norcia you think that all that does is stack the odds in your favor, and that’s because you know I’ll take each and every one of those bitches next to you down!!!

The members of the BA act like they are going to jump. Putting his hand up Lee stops them. Grinning Kostoff looks at Lee.

Lee Best: Don’t get crazy Kostoff. Norcia is gone, Jacobs is on his way out and god knows Kirsta is about to be out of here. You better have something more than your bullshit coming out of your mouth if you think we are going to stand here and not kick your ass.

Chris Kostoff: Don’t think I don’t have a plan Lee. I always have a plan boy. You think by getting rid of the Illuminati scares me? Lee I don’t need anyone to watch my back. Lee you forget that I am the one who you fucking fear.

Lee Best: I don’t fear shit….

Chris Kostoff: Really? Then tell those pussies to leave the ring. And, to squash your idea, I have a copy of my contract and you can read it after I knock your fucking teeth down your throat.

The anger wells up in Lee as Kostoff looks on.

Chris Kostoff: Lee I am the combination of all the four horsemen. I am Conquest. I am War. I am Pestilence. I am fucking Death Lee!!! I am the combination of everything that you could only wish to be in that ring.

Lee Best: Quit using words you cannot even spell you piece of shit. Where is your wife? She still sewing her vag shut after what I did to her ? I could end your miserable life before you even blink.

Chris Kostoff: You won’t do shit Lee. You need me for you to survive. You told your followers that you need them, but then again you told Lynx and Jatt the same thing. And where are they at? Sucking cock to pay the rent? Or asking paper or plastic? I don’t care Lee.

Lee Best: Ok you old fuck…you asked for it….get him…

Darkwing and Max leap out and go after Kostoff. Witness stands next to Lee keeping an eye on him while Max and Darkwing attack Kostoff. Knocking Max down and grabbing Darkwing by his throat, Kostoff gets the upper hand. Witness nails him with his title belt and drops Kostoff to the mat.  Lee, Witness, Max, and Darkwing stomp away.

Benny Newell: Yes beat his ass!!!!

The crowd goes insane as suddenly the very large Nijs Landzaat makes his way out from behind the curtain.

Benny Newell: I thought that dildo was fired?

Nijs plunders down to the ring and climbs in as Lee smiles and it’s apparent that Nijs is the former Best Alliance member that Lee could have been talking about. Lee welcomes Nijs with a hug as he points to Kostoff and barks out orders.  Instead Nijs spins and drops Witness with a right hand. Lee’s mouth falls open as Nijs grabs Max and tosses him to the floor. Getting up, Kostoff grabs Darkwing and spins him around and nails him with a clothesline that sends him over the top rope.

Benny Newell: They can’t do that!!!!

Standing in the ring Lee looks around as Kostoff walks up to him. Grabbing Lee by his shirt, Kostoff looks into the eyes of his most hated rival. But Lee quickly slips out of Kostoff’s grasp and rolls out of the ring where he is met with the rest of the Best Alliance.  Smiling Kostoff looks down at Lee.

Chris Kostoff: Told ya I had a plan. Meet my newest partner Lee, you know him pretty well.

The crowd goes wild as Kostoff pats the big man on the back as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as the fans are cheering loudly for what appears to be Kostoff’s newest “friend”.


Chris Kostoff vs. “The Child Of Society” L.A. Riotz
Singles Match

Back live and the announce team welcomes us back from commercial as Kostoff and Landzaat are still in the ring as it is time for the opening match of the night.

As Kostoff signals for Landzaat to exit the ring the lights in the arena go out. A few camera flashes go off. Over the PA system an electronically altered voice can be heard:

Voice: Hide your face forever; Dream and search forever.

After the lyric is spoken the heavy music kicks in and the lights flash back on. A man and woman appear in the entranceway. The man is dressed in dark blue distressed jeans with a few skull and crossbones patterns down the legs and a symbol with the letter “LA” on the left leg. The jeans cover a pair of worn black wrestling boots. He has on a vest cut out of a back denim work shirt. His muscular chest is adorned in silver chains with various pendants hanging off them. His hair is dark with the exception of some dyed streaks of color. In his left hand he holds a black walking stick with a silver orb on top. Standing next to him the one seems very petite yet muscular. A true definition of the term “hard-body”. Her dark brown hair cascades down past her shoulders framing an emotionless porcelain doll-like face. She is dressed in a dark gray tank top belly shirt, black cargo jeans and black leather boots with silver toe covers.

The pair step forward, the man taking center stage and raising his arms. As he does there is a small pop from the crowd along with a few boos. He waves his pulls his fingers in gesturing ‘give me move’. His lips curl into a small smirk. As he lowers his arms he slowly starts to walk towards the ring confidently, the woman following right behind.

Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Sarah Tonin. He weighs in at 275 pounds and hails from Glens Falls New York… THIS IS L.A. RIOTZ!

By the time the announcer gets done with his introduction Riotz and Tonin are at base of the entranceway. Riotz takes off his vest and jewelry, hands them to Sarah along with his walking stick. As he slides into the ring under the bottom rope Sarah walks to his corner and sets the clothes and jewelry down, keeping the stick in her hands. Riots rolls up to one knee and makes his way to the center and points out to the crowd as he pivots to all sides.

There is not much of a reaction to the newly signed superstar and Kostoff is seen almost laughing as Riotz’s entrance wraps up.

Joe goes over his bio giving the viewers all the vitals including the fact that his manager is prone not to talk and Benny notes that is very odd for a manager as the 6’3 self-proclaimed “Child of Society” enters the ring and faces the HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff and offers his hand.

Kostoff just smiles and the two men go face to face as Carl Hortega signals for the bell and there isn’t a moment of lapse as both men quickly lock up and the younger Riotz gets the upper hand early with a quick hip tossed followed by a headlock and the action is on the ground.

Joe points out that Kostoff wants to brawl and if Riotz can keep Kostoff out of his element then the newcomer has a shot at pulling off the upset.

As Riotz continues his offense Benny reminds the viewers that Barbi Kostoff is the mother of Lee’s child and that because of this monster in the ring, Lee has had to keep the child away from the arena and in safe keeping.

Joe counters that Barbi should have custody and after the arrest of Shocker last week he is sure that we haven’t seen or heard the last of the custody battle between the Kostoff’s and Lee.

Back in the ring Riotz is unloading on Kostoff with some heavy left hands and Joe points out that he just might be the only lefty in HOW.

Riotz backs Kostoff into the corner but Kostoff quickly counters and it is now Kostoff who is unloading on Riotz and after a vicious right hand, Riotz goes over the top rope and to the outside where Landzaat approaches Riotz but Kostoff walks to the ropes and motions for Landzaat to back off.

Joe and Benny go back and forth about this new relationship between Kostoff and Landzaat. The last time we had seen Landzaat his handler Daniel Singh was beaten brutally and Landzaat seemed like a lost puppy without him. But now with Kostoff there seems to be an edge to Landzaat that we haven’t seen before and they wonder where exactly is Singh and does Landzaat have a HOW contract and was he the promised surprise??

As those questions linger, Kostoff is pummeling the HOW newcomer with several high impact moves including several suplexes followed by muscle buster that results in a near fall from Hortega.

Joe mentions that the fire is back with Kostoff as it’s obvious that the news that his wife is the mother of Lee’s child has brought back the passion in Kostoff.

Back in the ring after several more near falls, Riotz is finally able to regain the upper hand after reversing a clothesline attempt from Kostoff with a short armed clothesline of his own.

Both men are down as the crowd urges Kostoff to get to his feet as does Landzaat on the outside.

Benny is laughing at the site of the big man pounding on the canvas and mentions that maybe Nijs would be better suited to licking windows.

Back inside the ring both men finally get to their feet and begin to unload on each other…with Riotz finally getting the upper hand with a wicked left hand.

The finish of the match comes suddenly as Kostoff goes for his No Remorse powerbomb finisher but Riotz counters out of it and goes for his Pull the Trigger reverse Russian leg sweet but Kostoff counters that into a single arm DDT and secures the uno dos tres from Hortega.


Post match we see Kostoff help Riotz to his feet and this time offers his hand out to Riotz and Joe mentions that Riotz definitely earned the respect of a lot of people by taking Kostoff to the limit.

But respect is not on Riotz mind as he takes Kostoff’s hand, nails him in the gut and nails Kostoff with his Pull the Trigger finisher.

Landzaat rushes into the ring but Riotz bails and with Sarah by his side he heads up the rampway as Mayhem cuts backstage.

Pinky Swear

Kenn Oddity is wondering the halls of the arena, getting ready for his match with Silent Witness. He peeks his head into every door checking for penguins. He passes door, decked out with a bright star on it with the name ‘Queen B’ underneath it. He pauses for a moment and starts tapping himself on the temple with a plastic spoon as he thinks out loud.

Kenn Oddity: Well, Bobbinette is pretty bad ass, I’m sure that she could take out a penguin in an uberly epic manner… still, I think I’d better check. Princess’s safety can’t be compromised.

Kenn knocks on the door, after all, it’s only polite, before opening the door and walking in. Sitting in the room, wearing a blue pair of authentic baby blue T-Shirt style Shirt dress with a baby blue mask and pig tails, is Livie Carey.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: My name’s Bubbles!!!

Kenn Oddity: OK. Hi Bubbles, it’s your favorite Kenn Oddity. I’m here looking for the evil outer space penguins. Have you seen any? If you have I am going to take my spoon and splatter their guts everywhere!!!

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Oh, I don’t like the guts. Yuck icky!

Kenn Oddity: I don’t like them either, but someone has to keep the world safe.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: I’m a superhero! A real one!

Kenn Oddity: Are you really? Cause I was locked out of my locker room earlier and I couldn’t get in.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Why didn’t you call the mayor? He would send us right away!

Kenn Oddity: My evening minutes don’t start until nine.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: What’s your name?

Kenn Oddity: I’m your favorite, Kenn Od…

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Oh.. So are you a Ken doll but real? I like Ken dolls, their fun! So since their based on you that makes you ok in my book. If I had a book.. Blossom has a book….

Kenn Oddity: So, Liv… er, Bubbles, have you seen any penguins?

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Nope.

Kenn Oddity: Where’s your sister?

Livie Carey/Bubbles: You mean Blossom?

Kenn Oddity: Yeah.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: I don’t know.

Kenn Oddity: Well, I’m gonna go, I have a match.

Kenn turns to leave, and gets his hand on the door.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: WAIT!

Kenn turns around to face Livie.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: You’re like a super hero, fighting the penguins and all, right?

Kenn Oddity: Yup yup.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Well, I’m worried about Princess. I found something near Princess after… well, you know… a card. Kenn doll, It was funny looking. I think it was a Tarot card.

Kenn Oddity: Whatever do you mean, Bubbles?

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Not only are we dealing with a petty criminal, we’re dealing with… a tarot-ist!

Kenn Oddity: I really have to go, but if I see anything, I’ll let you know as long as you tell me if you see any penguins. Deal?

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Deal!

Kenn turns to walk away again.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: WAIT!

Kenn turns around once again. He is still smile despite his numerous attempts to leave.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Pinky swear?

Kenn Oddity: Pinky swear.

Kenn puts out his pinky and Livie takes it and they shake on it.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Bye, Kenn, come back soon.

Kenn Oddity: I will, I promise.

Kenn then runs out the door as Livie looks on, happy to have made a new friend. After a few moments, Kenn’s head pops back in again.

Kenn Oddity: I almost forgot… SPOON AND KA-BOOM!!!

Kenn ducks back out again as Livie laughs at him as Mayhem cuts to commercial.


The Reporter

Joe welcomes the viewers back to Mayhem as word has just been sent out that the LSD Champion and Commissioner of HOW, Silent Witness, has some form of announcement to make before his match. “Lux Aeterna” by Kronos Quartet plays and Silent Witness makes his way out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. The HOW Commissioner smirks arrogantly as he continues his walk down the ramp to chants of “asshole”.

Joe Hoffman: The High Octane Wrestling fans are making sure the Commissioner knows exactly what they think of him.

Benny Newell: Who cares what they think? Silent Witness doesn’t.

Silent Witness slides into the ring under the bottom rope and grabs a microphone from the ring crew. He stands in the middle of the ring and smiles pompously as the fans continue to boo.

Silent Witness: Thank you. Thank you.

Silent Witness laughs to himself as the fans boo even louder.

Joe Hoffman: This guy is a real piece of work. He knows just how to rile people up!

Benny Newell: What? He was just appreciating the fans for their warm welcome. Can’t you hear those chants of ”Hero! Hero!”

Joe Hoffman: That’s not what they’re saying.

Silent Witness: You know, I was sitting in my two point four million dollar mansion the other day, wearing by custom made Versace suit and I thought to myself, I need to make more money.

The fans boo again as Silent Witness laughs arrogantly once more.

Silent Witness: I also thought to myself, Brian Bare and Blair Moise don’t deserve to interview me. Ever. Bare sweats too much and I’m afraid I might catch something every time Blair speaks.

Benny Newell: Haha!

Silent Witness: So I’ve decided to combine those two thoughts and tonight, I am announcing the beginning of a brand new talent show right here on Monday Night Mayhem. Each week, eight contestants will battle it out in various tasks. The least impressive contestant will be fired at the end of the night until there is just one left and that contestant will be hired as my own personal journalist. He or she will be at my beck and call when I want to be interviewed and that person will be off limits to everyone else on the roster, apart for the illustrious Lee Best, of course.

The fans boo at the mention of the HOW owner’s name.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! How much does he need to suck up to Lee?

Silent Witness: So without any further ado, let me introduce to you contestants that will take part in The Reporter!

Joe Hoffman: The reporter? He’s just ripping off The Apprentice!

Benny Newell: What? No he isn’t! It’s unique, it’s magnificent, and it’s brilliant!

Silent Witness’ music hits and the eight contestants make their way down the ramp and into the ring. The LSD Champion makes his way over to the end of the line where a pretty blonde is standing and the music stops.

Silent Witness: What’s your name, beautiful?

The fans boo as Silent Witness tries to snake his way into the girl’s good books, clearly with one thing on his mind.

Cindy: My name is Cindy and I’m from Boston, Texas!

Silent Witness: Okay, Cindy… Boston is in Massachusetts, but don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.

Benny Newell: Haha!

Silent Witness moves on to the next contestant, who looks nervous and his knees are trembling.

Silent Witness: Okay, what’s your story, Screech.

Joe Hoffman: How disrespectful.

Benny Newell: Screech! Haha!

The man goes to answer, but Silent Witness pulls the mic away from him.

Silent Witness: Okay thanks. Moving on.

The fans boo as Silent Witness steps back into the center of the ring.

Silent Witness: You know what, fuck you. This is my show and you’re all privileged to be here for this momentous occasion!

Benny Newell: These fans have no respect.

Joe Hoffman: What?! Silent Witness is being an obnoxious jerk!

Silent Witness: I won’t introduce the rest of the contestants, because you assholes don’t deserve it. I’m sure you’ll get to know them over the next few weeks but for now, you can all go and have sex with your sisters or whatever sick things you do in this inbred town!

The fans boo as Silent Witness instructs all the contestants to leave the ring. The fans boo as they head up the ramp.

Benny Newell: See what they did? They ruined the first edition of The Reporter!

Joe Hoffman: The fans simply gave Silent Witness the respect he deserves!

Benny Newell: They didn’t give him any respect!

Joe Hoffman: Exactly!

The contestants head backstage as Silent Witness turns to face the fans.

Silent Witness: Oh, the first firing will take place tonight! The loser will fit right at home in this place, I’m sure. Now bring out that idiot Kenn Oddity so I can get my workout in for the night!

Silent Witness smiles as the fans boo him once more before the match is set to start.

Kenn Oddity vs. Silent Witness
Singles Match

As Silent Witness hands the mic to a HOW crewman as Joe and Benny go over how everyone in HOW has their vice and weaknesses and for one Kenn Oddity it is penguins. This leads to several jokes from Benny, culminating in a Penguin pussy is might cold joke that Joe just steers clear of and motions towards the entrance ramp where Kenn Oddity is about to make his way down to the ring.

The first few notes of ‘Jordan’ by Buckethead begin to play as Kenn Oddity leaps out from behind the curtain, landing in a squat position. He removes his goggles and looks around the arena, checking for his vile nemesis. After looking around for a few seconds, he runs full tilt into the ring and slides straight through to the other side, landing on all fours. He quickly inspects under the ring before taking off his jacket and goggles for and entering the ring as Silent Witness is seen laughing at his opponent from the other side of the ring.

Benny states that this is the reason that HOW is not on a prime time network…idiots like Oddity. Joe dismisses that fact and a moment later Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the match is on!

Early on it is obvious that Silent Witness, the LSD Champion, is cocky as he toys with Oddity several times but is caught quickly with a Belly to Belly Oddplex and it is the Odd one with the advantage.

Joe talks about Kenn’s pension for using a plastic spoon and HOW cameras use that to zoom in on the plastic spoon laying in the corner of the ring. Benny dismisses the weapon as nothing more than something he would use to eat the cottage cheese from Bobbinette Carey’s thighs. That statement almost makes Joe puke and he gags off camera as inside the ring the action continues with Oddity nailing the Commissioner of HOW with a wicked float over DDT which gets him the first near fall of the match.

Joe mentions that maybe now Oddity has the attention of the LSD Champion and Benny counters that Silent Witness is just bored and is biding his time before he gets serious. Joe states it better be soon just as Oddity executes a perfect rolling dragon Oddplex. Before Oddity can make another cover however Witness rolls out of the ring and motions that he is done with this match and starts up the rampway much to the chagrin of the crowd inside the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Joe tells the viewers that since he is the Commish it is not like Witness is going to be affected too much from a count out loss and since he doesn’t care about the fans that this was to be expected from the cowardly LSD Champion. Suddenly several members of the talent competition from earlier are seen screaming and running from the back. The one that Silent Witness called Screech is seen being hurled from the back and there is blood all over his face. This stops Silent Witness in his tracks and the crowd stands to their feet as back inside the ring Matt Boettcher has started a ten count.

The crowd then erupts as Chris Kostoff and Nijs Landzaat appear from backstage and they smile at Witness as they execute a perfect double choke slam on a hapless contestant, sending the pour soul crashing down onto the metal rampway. They then turn their attention towards Silent Witness and he wastes no time in turning and running back towards the ring and slides in just under the 10 count as Kostoff and Landzaat stop halfway down the ramp and point towards Witness who know safely out of distance is talking shit to the two men.

Oddity sees an opportunity and takes it as he rolls up Witness from behind and gets a 2.5 count as the crowd could sense the victory for Oddity. Benny claims that is a cowardly move as HOW cameras focus in on the duo of Kostoff and Landzaat who are still standing in the middle of the ramp. Suddenly the HOTv comes to life and we see Lee Best and the rest of the Alliance in view.

Lee Best: Kostoff is it not enough that I screwed your wife? Do I have to screw your career as well?

Kostoff just smiles at the HOTv and points up to Lee as to state that his time is coming. Lee holds up a piece of paper and continues

Lee Best: I got your fax and I see that you cannot be fired for attacking any HOW official. Good work by you and your bifocals. But what you fail to realize is that you think you can ran apeshit on my show and ruin a perfectly good outing by my LSD Champion, but you are wrong.

The crowd lets Lee have it as Darkwing and Max pat Lee on their back showing their support.

Lee Best: You lay one hand on Witness or me and then your ass is never going to get custody of this child. I mean do you even want to be with a whore that just got drunk one night and had the BEST RIDE OF HER LIFE??

Kostoff’s face is red once again with anger but he doesn’t budge.

Lee Best: You had your little fun to start the show Kostoff. You and your retarded buddy there crossed a line that should never be crossed. You fucked with the bull and now its time for you to get the horns.

Lee pauses for effect as back inside the ring Silent Witness has snuck out of the ring and grabbed his LSD Championship belt as Oddity and Boettcher are transfixed on the HOTv screen.

Lee Best: Your stable is over with you are right about that. But I want you to feel pain. I want you to feel more pain than your wife felt that night I shoved this fucking 7 inches down her ear canal. YOUR ASS IS GOING TO BE AT WAR GAMES AND YOUR ASS ISNT GOING TO MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!!!

The crowd starts buzzing as Joe restates what Lee just said and that Kostoff is now the captain of the third team at War Games.

Lee Best: Now before I let Silent Witness win this match I want to just say that if you touch one freaking part of Witness or myself before War Games then your ass will be taken out of the match, my lawyers will sue you and with a lawsuit there is no way in hell you or your wife will ever gain custody of MY CHILD!!!

The HOTv goes black and as a seething Kostoff and Landzaat stare at the darkness on the screen, Witness has snuck into the ring and runs at Oddity with the LSD Title in hand and swings and misses as Oddity sees it coming and ducks just in time. Oddity catches Silent Witness with a kick to the gut and then nails Silent Witness with his Penguin Effect DDT which Joe reminds viewers is usually done on top of a plastic spoon and not the LSD Championship that Oddity just nailed Witness on!! Oddity makes the cover and Boettcher counts out the 1…2…3 and Oddity pulls off the upset win over the LSD Champion.


Post match we see Oddity pick up the LSD Championship as the Commissioner of HOW crawls to the ropes and props himself up in the corner. As Silent Witness looks at Oddity holding his championship belt Witness motions for Boettcher to come over and whispers into his ear.

Boettcher gets a shocked look on his face but seeing the anger in Silent Witness’s eyes Boettcher can only shake his head as he walks over to Amy Smeets, the ring announcer and tells her what to say.


The crowd goes apeshit as Oddity stands shocked holding the LSD Championship in his hands. Witness motions for Oddity to give the belt back and as he struggles to his feet Oddity races at Witness and nails him with the belt sending the LSD Champion over the top rope and to the floor much to the delight of the crowd. Oddity then tosses the belt onto Witness and heads to the back to a very loud chorus of cheers as Mayhem goes to commercial.


The Masked Marvel vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

Back live and the HOTv once again comes alive…

…Beatened Soul… Laughter is heard as a young man is crowded by a group of guys beating down on him. The young man is pleading with them to stop but they continue as the crowd of people surrounding are just pointing at him and laughing. Finally the beating stops and the laughter dies down as they all walk away leaving the young man laying there up against the wall hunched down with his head in his hands.  

The video suddenly ends and Joe and Benny wonder if this is 1994 all over again with all this angst going on. They shake off the video and state it is now time for our third match of the night and as Kirsta Lewis, one half of the Tag Team Champions, makes her way out to no reaction at all, Joe and Benny go over the history Kirsta has with her tag team partner Carey and obviously with Lee Best.   Kirsta hands her tag team championship belt to Carl Hortega as she turns towards the rampway as The Masked Marvel’s entrance is next.

Joe and Benny talk about how TMM has taken out each of the Illuminati stable members and if he gets the win tonight then TMM will have single handidly taken out a whole stable by himself.   TMM makes his way out but not in the usual way as he comes out in the Jattster 5000 golf cart. The crowd erupts at the sight of the golf cart but then ring down a chorus of boos as they realize its not Jatt Starr but instead just The Masked Marvel.   TMM seems disappointed with the reaction as he drives the cart down to the ringside area and exits it to more boos.

Joe wonders where the heck did TMM get Jatt’s golf cart and Benny speculates what everyone else has been saying…   Jatt IS  The Masked Marvel and Jatt is the big arrival that was promised here tonight by Lee Best.   Joe agrees with Benny and as TMM climbs into the ring the crowd is still buzzing over the golf cart as Hortega signals for the bell.

Kirsta and TMM lock up and its pretty clear early and often that Kirsta is no match for the technical superior wrestler that TMM is. TMM works her from pillar to post showcasing his vast knowledge of wrestling holds as the crowd boos him loudly.   Joe wonders what exactly happened to Kirsta as she is really getting dominated tonight. Benny just answers with one simple statement.   “She never shows up”   It is only a few minutes later that TMM locks on his Marvel Lock and a few seconds later Kirsta Lewis is tapping and once again TMM has secured a high profile win.


Post match we see The Masked Marvel lock on his Marvel Lock once again and Hortega pleads with TMM to let go of the hold and after several minutes TMM does. As the crowd boos loudly TMM rolls Kirsta out of the ring and picks her up and places her in the golf cart and drives off with the Tag Team Championship in his lap and its owner knocked out beside him.   Joe wonders what is going to happen now concerning the Tag Team titles as we head backstage.


Mayhem cuts backstage to the door that separates the parking lot from the corridors of the Palace of Auburn Hills. On cue, the door swung wide open with such force it slammed against the wall. Appearing in the open door way was the current ICON champion, Shane Reynolds. The aforementioned ICON championship was slumped over his shoulder. He knows exactly where his locker room is, and so navigates the corridor at a heightened pace, easily navigating his way around any objects and backstage workers that appear in his way. Not bothering to stop on the two occasions he accidentally knocks shoulders with them, even when they make an effort to shout after him.

‘Home, sweet, home,’ is what he says when he finally does speak. He’s arrived at the locker room, pushing the door open with the same amount of force used on the previous door. He enters quickly but stops dead his tracks a few steps in. His eyes drawn to something unexpected on the table in the corner, something that produces an equally surprised and confused expression on his face.

‘What the–‘ He kicks the door shut with his foot, and without looking and the scene cuts back to ringside.

Tag Title and a Golf Cart?

Joe welcome the crowd back to ringside and announces that we are having a special Lee Best announcement.   The HOTv comes to life and we see the owner of HOW looking as happy as we have ever seen him.  

Lee Best: Folks I am happy to announce  that Kirsta Lewis is no longer a member of the family here in High Octane Wrestling and since The Masked Marvel has been so impressive in taking out that fucking idiotic Illuminati stable I am declaring him one half of the Tag Team Champions with Bobbinette Carey and they will defend the tag team titles next week against Silent Witness and the newest member, well he is an old member, of the Best Alliance…..   Lee pauses as the crowd waits for the big announcement…  

Lee Best: Who you will find out later!   The crowd boos loudly as Benny claims that was a dick tease and a half.  

Lee Best: We are less than an hour from me introducing you to the man that will bring Best Alliance the victory at War Games and this man will help lead the BA and HOW into the next era of professional wrestling. But for now it is time for my boy Maximillian Kael, the no.1 contender for the World Championship, to take out that retiring pussy Chris Jacobs. So officially your new Tag Team Champions are Bobbinette Carey and The Masked Marvel!!   The HOTv goes black as Joe and Benny talk about what an odd pairing that is and Benny claims TMM earned that title with his dominating victory over Kirsta Lewis.   Joe is suddenly interrupted as he is told there is something going on in the back and the action cuts backstage where we see The Masked Marvel running with his new Tag Team Championship belt down the corridor as Chris Kostoff and Nijs Landzaat are destroying the Jattster 5000.  

Chris Kostoff: If that fucking tool Jatt Starr is coming back tonight he is going to have to walk like the rest of us. I hope he opens his mouth pleaser just once tonight so I can rip his head from his shoulders and shit Jattastically down his fucking throat!!   Nijs just grunts in approval as the two men literally have ripped the Jattster down to the frame.   Mayhem cuts to commercial as the new destructive duo in HOW walks away as cameras focus in on what remains of Jatt Starr’s golf cart.



Mayhem returns from commercials to what is slowly becoming a familiar scene. The shot opens on the image of a locker-room door which has been left slightly ajar. This time, however, a nameplate, carved into the shape of a star, is clearly visible, fastened to the wood of the door: Queen B. Bobbinette Carey. And also, in a very familiar way, two voices are echoing out from within, already engaged in conversation. The same ones as last week: Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds. ‘I think it would uberly, like, vibe on you.’

The crowd cheer at the sound of her voice. Unseen to them, though, she takes what Shane had in his hand and holds it up against him in order to prove her point.

‘That’s besides the point. What do you need me for? You have a new partner.’

‘The Masked Marvel, is someone Livie was ga ga over. He’s now my partner and anything is better then that dead weight Krista. Besides that’s different I’m meaning War Games’

‘I said I would think about it and I will, no amount of gifts will sway my decision to join you, War Games or no War Games.’

‘Oh, this isn’t meant to sway any decision. It’s meant to be a gift. I do nice things for people. It’s so not done to get you to say yes. I just think it’s nice for people to sport the B-Bob or E-Unit clothing line.’

Shane takes the shirt back and holds it at his side.

‘Don’t you like it, I even got it in your color. I need to think about my new partner thing. I don’t care what happens to Krista really, good riddance to bad rubbish.’

‘It’s fine. As long as you understand that it won’t sway my decision.’ Shane’s tone is surprisingly calm and good natured.

‘Oh, I uberly do.’

‘Good. I just wanted to make that clear. I better go and get ready for the match now.’

‘I’ll see you there. It’s going to be uberly epic’ Suddenly, the door opens and Shane appears in the door way clutching a black shirt in his right hand. The letters BBEU can be seen emblazoned on the pocket.

‘And don’t worry. there’s plenty more where that came from. The E-unit clothing line was inspired by having a best friend that’s a dude. Now Maybe I should send some to The Masked Marvel cause he’s part of the epicness of teaming with me. But Oh well See you in the match!’

Shane says nothing, but an unconscious smirk appears at the corner of his lips as he slowly walks away. He has barely taken two steps, however, when he stops dead in his tracks and it fades away completely. Standing directly opposite him, mirroring Shane’s gaze in intensity is none other than ArcAngel.

‘Don’t look so angry. I was just having a friendly chat with your girlfriend.’ ArcAngel says nothing. He merely stares down at Shane. fiercely, being quite a bit taller than him and all.

‘I was hoping to catch you as well, though,’ Shane says as he takes a step forward. No fear.

‘If you want to interfere in my match tonight, feel free. I wouldn’t want her to, you know, get hurt or anything once the match starts. I have a slight tendency to get carried away sometimes, regardless of the gender of my opponent.’ ArcAngel still says nothing, but his gaze clearly grows infinitely more fierce. Shane smirks, consciously now and begins to walk away.

‘Oh, and thank her again for the gift.’ Shane says, as he disappears from view and ArcAngel heads into Bobbinette’s locker room as the action cuts back to Joe and Benny who are ready to call the next match.

Chris Jacobs vs. Max Kael
Singles Match

Joe and Benny revisit Lee’s last announcement that The Masked Marvel is now a tag team champion and his partner is none other than Bobbinette Carey and that they will be defending the titles next week against the Best Alliance.   Benny claims its only a matter of time now before the BA wins the Tag Team gold and its only a matter of moments before Max ends the career of Jacobs a former champion here in HOW.   Jacobs then makes his way out and the crowd is cheering loudly and Jacobs returns the love by clapping his hands towards the crowd in a gesture of appreciation to all the love he has received from the fans over the years.   Joe goes over the Illuminati has really just become another stable that could have been something in HOW but instead just fell apart at the hands of the Best Alliance and mainly The Masked Marvel.   Before Benny can retort Maximillian Kael appears suddenly and nails Jacobs from behind and continues to pummel the man down the rampway as the crowd boos loudly as Joe clamors that this is not the way Jacobs should go out.   Max Irish whips Jacobs hard into the steel ring steps and rolls Jacobs into the ring. Max with malicious intent and a fire in his eyes lifts Jacobs up just as Hortega signals for the bell, and nails Jacobs with his Weapon of Max Destruction finisher.   As the crowd boos loudly, Max makes the cover and Hortega counts the uno …dos…tres and Max gets the pinfall.


Post match Joe is going ballistic that Jacobs was screwed out of his farewell match and as Max quickly rolls out of the ring Benny backs up Kael’s win by stating that is a new record for quickest win and that is only a sign of things to come as Kael’s road to the World Championship is getting shorter.   Mayhem cuts to commercial as cameras zoom in on the evil smile of Maximillian Kael.


Of Mice and Men

Back from commercial and we are backstage where we see Chris Kostoff and Nijs Landzaat are sitting propped up against a trashed vendor set up. Behind them a couple vendors appear to be unconscience  as Kostoff sips on a beer while Nijs tries to get comfortable as his big frame leans back against the cart.  

Chris Kostoff: You know Nijs me and you are going to get along just fine. No longer are you going to be the one getting bullied…from now on you are the bully.   Nijs nods in agreement as he eats some popcorn, missing his mouth more than anything.  

Chris Kostoff: That fucker Lee can talk about my wife all he wants. That shit will be settled here sooner than later. He has the kid in a safe place, I have Barbi in a safe place and quite frankly I am ready to just say fuck it and take the man out but I know if I do then I could lose everything.   Nijs just grunts in agreement as he licks the butter off his fingertips.  

Chris Kostoff: You like how I backed Lee into a corner and he went ahead and made me a captain for War Games? He is so fucking easy to get on tilt. You know you are on my team right Nijs?   Again Nijs grunts as he picks up some kernels off the ground.   Suddenly a security guard finally arrives with his backups and tells Kostoff and Nijs to step away.   Kostoff just smiles and motions Nijs to get to his feet.  

Chris Kostoff: Lets go Nijs. There is one more thing I want to do before we leave this joint.   Nijs stands up and sneaks a box of Juice Fruits into his pocket as he follows his new “big brother” down the corridor.  

Security Guard: Reminds you of Of Mice and Men don’t it?   Mayhem cuts to ringside as Kostoff and Landzaat leave behind more destruction.

ArcAngel vs. Graystone
Hell in a Cell Match

Back towards ringside and the crowd is all looking high into the air as the huge Hell in a Cell cage is being lit up by spotlights.   Joe goes over the history Graystone has had in HOW and that since it is his last match he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.   Benny restates what Lee said earlier in the week about how Graystone will always be known as the man that dressed up like a woman to get back at Jatt Starr.   Joe goes over the ICON title runs of Graystone and states that the man always had talent but never could put it all together to make a serious run while in HOW.

As the cell lowers the tension in the crowd grows as they anticipate a bloodbath.   As HOW crewmen lock the cage in, Joe goes over the fast rise to stardom by ArcAngel. He has an ICON Title match at Refueled against Shane Reynolds and is affiliated with one of the most popular wrestlers in all of HOW in Bobbinette Carey.   Benny calls Carey out on her lawsuit against Silent Witness and with the new lawyers behind Witness he feels that the lawsuit will be over before it really begins. Joe mentions that he was told on good authority that next week on Mayhem Carey has a big surprise in store for Witness but right now it’s all about Graystone’s last match and another opportunity by ArcAngel to gain the respect of the fans.

Finally it’s time for the match and ArcAngel makes his way out to the ring first as Digging up the Corpses by Devil Driver blasts over the PA system.   Benny notes that there is no Carey with him and that he will be on his own as will Graystone who has always been on his own here in HOW.   Joe talks about how tonight has been the night of people leaving but Benny counters that tonight is the night that we find out who Lee’s big signing will be and Joe claims everyone already knows its Jatt Starr.

As the crowd is still cheering for ArcAngel, Graystone makes his way out to Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva and the crowd gives him a respectable response for someone that has gone off the deep end lately.   Graystone enters the cell and smiles up at ArcAngel as he enters the ring and the crowd is on their feet as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the match is underway.   Joe notes that this is the first Hell in a Cell match we have had in HOW since the relaunch and most definitely will be the last one before War Games. Benny takes a shot and tells Joe that he is a genius and to just call the match.

Graystone and ArcAngel lock up and Graystone grabs the upper hand early and pushes ArcAngel to the turnbuckle where Boettcher calls for a clean break and he gets it.   Joe claims this is how a wrestler’s last match should go….in straight competition. But Joe has spoken too soon as suddenly Maximillian Kael, Darkwing, and Silent Witness have all come running down to the ring and before Graystone or ArcAngel can exit the cell Silent Witness secures the lock and the Best Alliance laughs as they look on at Graystone and ArcAngel who are now locked inside the cell.   Joe wonders aloud what is going on and what is the point of locking the two men in the cell if they are not going to be inside it?   The question is quickly answered as a man appears from under the ring but ArcAngel nor Graystone see him as their attention is focused on the Best Alliance.

The crowd is screaming at the superstars to turn around but they do not as the masked man climbs into the ring. He is wearing all black and there is no way to tell who it is.   Benny is screaming that is has to be Lee’s big signing and Benny’s assumption is made valid as ArcAngel turns around just in time to get nailed by a diamond cutter by the masked man. Graystone hears the commotion behind him and turns.   Joe complains that once again the Best Alliance is ruining someone’s farewell match and Benny tells him to shut his mouth as he wants to know when Jatt Starr started using a Diamond Cutter as a finisher.   Joe counters that maybe it’s not Jatt?

Graystone charges at the masked man but the man rolls out of the ring and Graystone decides against following him as the Masked Man heads for the door and the members of the Best Alliance let him out and give him pats on the back as Graystone looks on and then out of nowhere smiles.   Graystone covers ArcAngel and Boettcher again has no choice as he counts the 1..2..3.


Post match we see the Best Alliance with the masked man head up the rampway as Graystone smiles back at them as we head to commercial as the Cell raises to the ceiling of the Palace.


Johnny Lexicon vs. Darkwing
Singles Match

Back live from commercial and the action has already picked up where the whole Best Alliance, minus the masked man, have dragged the World Champion Johnny Lexicon down to the ring.   The crowd is booing loudly as Joe claims the whole show has gone to hell in a handbasket as Silent Witness and Max roll Lexicon into the ring where Darkwing tells a Carl Hortega to ring the bell which he complies.   Joe states that this match is a hardcore match and unfortunately this is legal what the Best Alliance is doing and Lexicon is on his own after making no friends whatsoever here in HOW so far.   Lexicon is already bleeding as the bell rings and when Darkwing hits his Trans Darkwing Express spear the match is already over before it begins.   Benny screams in delight as Darkwing makes the cover and Hortega counts the uno dos tres.


Post match we see the HOTv come alive as the Best Alliance hold up a bloody Lexicon to Lee Best who is on the screen.

Lee Best: I have allowed you to bring my World Title down below any other title here in HOW and I cannot have that happen. This is not some fisher price fed where the title can be shit upon like a fisher price fed does to its titles. This is an elite organization and goddammit it will be presented as such. So with that said I hereby strip Johnny Lexicon of the World Title and the title will now be up for grabs at War Games. That’s right…the winner of War Games will be the new WORLD CHAMPION!!

Joe and Benny are in complete shock as Silent Witness grabs the World Title from Hortega and hands it to Maximillian Kael.

Lee Best: Now that is not all. Since I am in a giving mood and to be honest I am confident after tonight that the BA is the supreme stable in all the land I am going to make another big decision. EVERY TITLE WILL BE ON THE LINE AT WAR GAMES AND THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE SIZE OF THE TEAM SO THERE EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER IS ELIGIBLE!!!

This brings out a big buzz from the crowd as the Best Alliance members in the ring smile and drop Lexicon down to the ground and start to exit the ring, but not before spitting on the former world champion.

Lee Best: Now it’s time for the main event between Carey and Reynolds and believe you me people the Best Alliance is not done tonight!! I still have my masked man to reveal!!   The action goes to commercial as the crowd is absolutely shocked by Lee’s announcement.


Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

We return from break as Carey is making her way down to the ring with her Tag Team Title Belt over her shoulder as the crowd cheers her on. Joe and Benny reflect upon the nights events leading up to this match including the attack on ArcAngel by a mask man under the control of Lee Best. Next is Shane who has his Icon Title wrapped around his waist as the crowd goes nuts for the enigmatic loner who was forced to face a friend in Bobbinette Carey tonight by Lee Best.

He makes his cinematic entrance to the ring before both the Bobbinette and Shane’s titles are presented and taken from the ring. Joe hyped up the match and the respect between Bobbinette and Shane along with the fear that if these two destroy each other before War Games then there isn’t much hope for them.Benny says that Lee Best is a genius for this match and that the road to War Games is going to be paved in Gold for the Best Alliance.

The bell rings as Bobbinette and Shane briefly shake each others hand before circling each other looking for weak points in the others defense. Bobbinette fakes for a tie up and manages to take Shane off his feet with a double leg take down before backing off as Shane takes up a defensive position on the mat.


The fans get behind their respective wrestlers as Bobbinette allows Shane to get back up to his feet out of respect. Again the two circle each other however it is Shane who goes for a tie up only to boot Bobbinette in the gut and begin to work over her neck and lower back with a flurry of chain wrestling.

Bobbinette gets worked into various different head locks and arm bars before she counters with a back body drop and both Shane and Bobbinette scramble back up to their feet. Shane manages to get a quick shoulder block knock down before going for a quick pin.1..Kick out!

Shane begins to work over Bobbinette’s left leg with various alternate versions of Leg Locks while keeping her isolated from the ropes. Joe points out Shane’s technical capacity in this match to begin singling out Bobbinette’s leg so that she cannot hit her Hurricanranna. Bobbinette eventually manages to fight out of her predicament, rolling Shane up into a small package.1..Kick out!

Shane rolls back up onto his feet however as he charges Bobbinette he is taken down hard with a stiff kick to the face. Bobbinette tacks the offense to Shane, shoving him into a corner as she works him over with various high impact kicks before she whips him into the opposite corner. Bobbinette hit’s a splash into a bull dog and once again goes for the pin as the crowd roars in her favor!1..2..Kick out! Bobbinette singles that she is going to the top and climbs the ropes waiting for Shane to get to his feet. She launches herself into the air aiming to hit a Hurricanranna however Shane is about to counter her into a Boston Crab, cinching it in tight!

Joe says the pressure being put on Bobbinette’s lower back is going to cause some serious damage unless she gives up soon while Benny cheers Shane on hoping he “Breaks that Bitches Back!”.

Bobbinette looks like she is about to get beat when she manages to scramble toward the ropes getting the break. Shane breaks clean and lets Bobbinette slowly get to her feet, stalking her for what looks to be a DDT. Shane grabs Bobbinette and sets her up for a Tornado DDT however she fights him off before kicking him in the face causing him to stager back. Bobbinette launches herself off the top rope hitting a Hurricanranna!

Bobbinette goes for the pin!1..2..3..NO! Kickout!

Joe says he can’t believe it and Benny is beside himself with relief that these two can continue to destroy each other!

Bobbinette is showing signs of fatigue while Shane is rolling on the mat holding his head. Bobbinette uses the ropes to pull herself up as she begins to climb the ropes again looking for another Hurricanranna! The fans are cheering muddily for both of them as Shane turns around.Bobbinette once again goes flying and cinches her legs around Shane’s head however he counters with a huge sit-down Powerbomb! He goes for the cover..1..2..KICK OUT!

Both Shane and Carey are laid out after exhausting themselves. The ref begins to make the ten count however Shane and Carey both make it back up to their feet and begin exchanging blows.Carey starts to pick up the pace and get the advantage forcing Shane back into the ropes before she throws him across the ring. Shane returns as Carey goes for a close line. Shane ducks and spins around hitting a big time DDT in the middle of the ring!

Bobbi is down, her leg twitching as Shane slowly drags himself over to the corner. He pulls himself up and BAM! Diablo’s Inferno!!!He goes for the cover..1..2..3..!


Post match we see Shane help Bobbinette Carey up to her feet as the crowd gives them a standing ovation as the Joe and Benny say good night to everyone!!


The action picks up backstage where we see Kostoff and Landzaat taking off running after a man dressed all in black and wearing a mask.  

Chris Kostoff: Get that motherfucker….  

They tackle the man and beat him down and after several seconds of pure brutality, Kostoff bends down and looks at the masked face.  

Chris Kostoff: Jeez Jatt you sure have lost some weight since last time I’ve seen ya. What you get off the juice or something? Fuck it….its time to see your Jattastic face…  

Kostoff rips the mask off and we see none other than Barbi Kostoff with her mouth taped shut.   Kostoff falls backwards in complete and utter shock as Nijs looks on confused and worried.


Kostoff jumps to his feet and turns around just in time to get nailed by a diamond cutter by the real masked man. Nijs is quickly taken out by a vicious lead pipe shot from Darkwing.   Lee emerges from the shadows and bends down between the fallen Kostoff’s and wipes the now bloody cheek of Barbi.

Lee Best: IT didn’t have to be like this you know? All you had to do was swallow…  

Lee starts to laugh as he stands back up and walks up to the real masked man and slowly takes off his mask.  

Lee Best: Let me reintroduce you to a former World Champion and original Best Alliance member….NARCOTIC!!!!!  

Mayhem comes to an end as a smiling Narcotic shakes hands with Lee and the rest of the Best Alliance as the Kostoff’s lay bloody.

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