Mayhem: July 28th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
July 28th, 2008 – #HOW13
The Pyramid – Memphis, Tennessee

Verdict Time

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses is already blasting throughout the Pyramid here in Memphis Tennessee as Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem.   The crowd is red hot as this is the first time High Octane Wrestling has been in Memphis in several years. Several fans are holding up various signs….

“Silent Witness to Dog Rape”

“Kostoff knows Retards”

“Lee Best is my daddy”

“Nark sold me bad weed”

“Bobbinette is Epic!”

“Graystone sold out”

HOW cameras capture these signs and several others as Joe and Benny begin running down the card for tonight and they also talk about how in the ring at this very moment the ring crew is setting up a literal court room inside the squared circle. It is at this moment the music stops and the HOTv comes to life with a recap video of the Silent Witness and Bobbinette Carey feud.   The crowd laughs as we see footage of Carey’s dog Princess getting raped by a gimp suited wearing German shepherd and all the other antics Witness pulled on Carey.

We then see footage of Witness being handed the lawsuit papers and the video ends with a close up of a very confident LSD Champion.   Back live and the crowd begins booing loudly as a man dressed in a judge’s gown makes his way down the aisle. He is flanked by several off duty Memphis policemen. Benny, nervous, quickly sneaks a drink from his official HOW flask and mentions in passing about an outstanding warrant.

The judge takes his place in a chair that is behind a make shift stand. The cops surround the ring and the crowd erupts as Bobbinette Carey makes her way out to a rousing ovation.   As “The best Damn thing” by Avril Lavigne finishes up, Carey takes her place behind a podium to the left of the judge and the crowd is chanting EPIC…EPIC over and over again as Carey can’t help but smile but quickly puts on a serious face as the LSD Champion and Commissioner of HOW makes his way out.

Joe and Benny talk about what a run it has been for Silent Witness over the last few months and tonight could very well put a stop to the power trip he is on. Benny counters that Witness deserves all the praise and if not for a vindictive bitch, Witness wouldn’t be put into this position.   The crowd is booing loudly as Witness, equipped with LSD Title around his waist, climbs into the ring, flips off Carey and takes his place behind a podium to the right of the judge.   Joe goes over how Lee Best arranged for all this to go down live on Mayhem purely for the ratings and it screams that Lee really doesn’t care about Witness. Benny counters that by putting it out for the whole world to see Lee is allowing Witness the chance to be vindicated in front of millions of fans and not just a few idiots in a courtroom back in Chicago.   As the crowd continues to boo the judge finally slams his gavel down on his makeshift stand and the large wooden chunk of the stand falls to the canvas.   The crowd is laughing loudly as a HOW crew member quickly grabs the piece of wood from the ring and an embarrassed Judge starts the proceedings as Joe mentions that once again Lee is a cheapskate.

Judge: I have been instructed to keep this simple and quick as I understand there is a lot to get to tonight here on Mayhem before the big War Games Pay per view.

The cameras pan over to both Silent Witness and Carey. Both are looking very confident as the judge pulls out a pair of glasses and begins to open up a manila folder which Joe tells the audience that it has to be the verdict.   There is a very very long pause as the judge reads the verdict to himself several times. The crowd begins to boo loudly as they grow impatient.

Judge: I am not sure who is the jokester here but this is not the verdict.

The judge then holds up the contents from the folder and we see that it is a picture and the crowd begins to buzz as we see that it is a picture of the gimp German shepherd nailing Princess from behind.   Carey’s eyes go red with anger as Silent Witness can hardly contain his laughter as the judge eyes him with contempt as he digs back into the folder with one hand.

Judge: Ah yes…here we go.

Another long pause ensues as he reads the verdict to himself and then begins to read it out loud.

Judge: The jury finds Silent Witness guilty on all the charges and is hereby sentenced to three months in prison in an Illinois penitentiary.

Carey jumps up with excitement and pumps her fist as Silent Witness just stares a hole at the judge as the crowd is cheering loudly for the verdict.

Judge: You will be taken into custody after your match tonight. Which means you will not be at War Games.

Silent Witness can only shake his head as Carey begins to taunt him as the crowd starts chanting   “na na na na! Na na na na! Hey hey hey GOOD BYE!”   The judge slams his gavel down but the crowd continues. Silent Witness starts to make a beeline for Carey but the off duty cops quickly get in between the two superstars as the judge continues to pound his gavel on the stand.   Suddenly there is a loud sound of wood splitting and the whole stand comes crashing down in front of the judge and HOW cameras capture the judge with one hand inside his gown with the other hand holding the picture of the gimp German shepherd pounding Carey.   There is a shocked silence as Mayhem hastily cuts to a commercial.


Enigma vs. X
Singles Match

Back live and Joe and Benny and the rest of the Pyramid are still in shock over the fact that not only will Silent Witness NOT be at War Games, but the fact that because Lee ordered cheap wood we were forced as viewers to see the wood of the judge!   Joe steers the conversation quickly to talk of our opening match as we will see two of the rising stars in HOW go at it in Xander Hayes and Enigma.   Benny doesn’t offer much conversation as he pounds his drink while stating over and over how he is scarred for life.

Joe just ignores him as Violence Fetish by Disturbed begins playing and Enigma makes his way out to the ring. There are a few cheers for the Enigma as Dance of the Crazy pill by X begins playing over the PA system and Xander Hayes…better known as X makes his way out with his headless teddy bear known simply as Teddy.   This brings out several comments from Newell but Joe again steers the talk towards the match.

There are a few cheers for the rave vet as well and Joe goes over the fact that these two men could be using this match as a showcase to the War Games captains as neither man is currently on a team.   Carl Hortega signals for the bell and we are underway with our first match.   X and Enigma lock up quickly and it is apparent from the get go that both men are out to prove themselves to the crowd, their peers and obviously more importantly to their immediate careers here in HOW…the War Games captains.

Enigma gains the early advantage with some big right hands and backs X to the corner where a few more right hands lead to a running corner splash by Enigma.  X quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his composure but that doesn’t last long as Enigma excites the crowd with a dive through the second rope executing a perfect diving plancha.   Joe again states the obvious that these two are out to impress everyone and right now Enigma has the upper hand.   But that is short lived as well as X counters an Irish whip and sends Enigma crashing hard into the steel steps. This allows X a few moments to gather himself and then he rolls Enigma into the ring and for the next several minutes it is X who is on the offensive, wowing the crowd with several high impact moves with several near falls from Hortega.

Neither man has the advantage over the next few minutes as they continue to go back and forth…move for move.   Finally there is a mistake and it is costly.   Enigma goes for a Superkick but X ducks under and then proceeds to nail Enigma with his Rolling X finisher and gets the Uno…Dos…Tres from Hortega and gains the hard fought victory.


Post match we see a tired X help Enigma to his feet and the crowd cheers loudly at the sign of respect and as Benny fakes puking, the action cuts backstage as the crowd sends X and Enigma off with a respectful ovation.

It’s going to be alright…

The action picks up backstage where we are inside the Best Alliance locker room but the only people inside it are Lee Best and Silent Witness.

Lee Best: Look, the bottom line is that maybe I let you get too big of a head and I should have reined you in before all this went down.

Silent Witness: But it was your idea about the…

Lee Best: Never mind whose idea was whose. The bottom line is after tonight your ass is going to prison and I am now a man short for War Games…not to mention that I am losing a man with two titles AND is my Commish.

Silent Witness: Can’t you pull some strings Lee? There is no way in hell we can let Carey get away with this bullshit.

Lee Best: Look I wish there was a way around this shit but besides the fact that the judge was a fucking pervert, the judgment is legally binding. My hands are tied here.   Witness looks very frustrated as Lee leans forward.

Lee Best: Look here is what is going to happen. You’re going to defend that damn title against Kostoff tonight. If you win then the Title will be not allowed to be won at War Games and you will get it back when you get out. BUT if you lose…well Kostoff goes to War Games as the LSD Champion.

Silent Witness: Narcotic is still the ref right?   Lee just smiles.

Lee Best: Of course he is. You two are still the tag team champions and I have already notified him to make sure that match goes down accordingly.

Silent Witness: Good. What about the tag team titles?

Lee Best: Well that is a little bit more complicated but lets just say that at the end of the night everyone will know that he Best Alliance is the GOLD standard here in HOW.   Seemingly reassured, Witness nods and heads out the door leaving Lee to himself.   Once Witness is out of the office, Lee quickly opens up his cell and dials.


Previously Recorded..

Back live and the HOTv comes to life…

We are shown a poor quality video of what looks to be the outside of a suburban house in a pleasant neighborhood sometime in the late afternoon. From a window a young woman can be see watering the front yard looking completely oblivious to being filmed. It is about then that a familiar voice begins to speak over the recording.

Max Kael: This.. Is how close we’ve managed to get in the past few weeks.. To Michael Norcia’s wonderful family. Look at her there.. The lovely Mrs. Michael Norcia watering her yard like she does every Tuesday and Thursday.. She’s wearing the yellow dress she purchased a few weeks ago.. Looks nice on her doesn’t it?

The camera gets a little shaky as the person filming it starts to move around. From the perspective of the viewer it becomes obvious they are in some kind of bushes across the street though they are moving closer.

Max Kael: We were.. This close to getting to Michael Norcia’s family.. This close to getting to the thing that is most.. Sacred to Michael. Like.. A young doe alone in the woods being stalked by a wolf.. She couldn’t have gotten away from us fast enough.. We couldn’t have been on her before she knew what was happening.. Our hands wrapping around her smooth cool neck.

As they get closer, the camera zooms in on Michael’s wife before turning toward the street as a large truck begins to pull up as the camera immediately shuts off. After a moment the camera comes back on though it’s clear it’s been several hours as it is dark now with the camera working on night vision. Now the camera seems to be moving directly to the side door to the house, a gloved hand reaching out.

Max Kael: This.. Is the kind of place no one has to worry. Everything is perfect.. Placid. In control. The hand grabs the handle and turns it slightly with a low click.

Max Kael: People here.. They don’t have to lock their doors. They don’t have to have alarms.. No one out here does anything bad to each other.. It’s all a very happy community.. Heh-heh. But it’s a crazy world we live in.. full of people who don’t necessary like this kind of.. Community feeling.

The camera moves into the house, looking around a pleasant looking and well decorated living room.. Then the kitchen. The hand reaches out again and touches the appliances, the sink and the fridge.

Max Kael: Everyone is.. So in control of where they are going in life you know? They know what they want to be happy.. It’s not like anyone has to think about it anymore. You’re told what you want and what you like.. Life is so simple anymore.. Your told to.. Keep your head down, do a good job and everything you want will come to you in the form of success..

The camera turns and moves to a phone attached to the wall. A hand comes out and yanks the cord out of the wall effectively killing it. It then moves through the living room quietly, heading toward a set of stairs.

Max Kael: And everybody is looking of success.. Michael found it. Lexicon found it.. But they were greedy little piggies and they didn’t share.. They left us here. It’s a funny world we live in.. For example.. Michael Norcia would leave his wife at home alone.. Now why would you leave your perfect wife at home alone in a sane world?

Moving slowly up the steps the camera turns down the hall toward an open door way. It slowly creeps forward, peering in. The form of a woman under thin sheets can be seen as the camera slowly makes its way into the room. It turns to look at the wireless phone next to the bed. A hand reaches down and takes the battery out of the back of it.

Max Kael: .. Oh it’s not really a fair world. Or a good world. It’s an Insane world. In in an Insane world sometimes the only sane choice.. Is to be Insane.

The woman in the bed stirs and looks up for a moment, her sleepy eyes focusing on the camera for a second before her face begins to contort into a look of shock and fear. She begins to open her mouth to scream as the feed goes black.

Max Kael:.. Heh-heh. Imagine That…

The video ends and cuts back to the announce team as the crowd is buzzing about what they just seen.

The Masked Marvel vs. Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey
Singles Match

Joe and Benny go over what they have just seen and both conclude that is Max being Max and that maybe Max is starting to mentally get prepared for War Games by reaching down to the Minister side of things.   Joe then steers the talk to Max’s War Games teammate The Masked Marvel who is about to face off with Bobbinette Carey.

A video is shown on the HOTv of TMM’s betrayal of Carey, costing them both the Tag Team titles a few weeks back on Mayhem. This is a match that is sure to see some emotion and as the video ends the crowd is ready for the match and show it as they begin booing loudly as TMM makes his way down to the ring.   TMM takes it all in and the masked technical superstar of Team Best Alliance just ignores the crowd as they erupt as Carey makes her way down to the ring.   She is smiling, obviously still stoked about her win over Witness legally.

Joe notes that Princess is not with her and he mentions to the crowd that she left her dog back in the back so that she can focus on Epicly destroying TMM.   Benny just rolls his eyes as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are underway.   TMM and Carey lock up and Carey quickly dodges in and out of several holds by the technical superhero. She has a lot of bounce in her step and it’s obvious that she is on cloud nine.

The two finally do lock up and TMM quickly executes a fireman’s carry and follows that up with a perfect headlock and the crowd boos as TMM begins to work over the Uber one.   As TMM continues his offence Benny takes the time to state that TMM is the perfect example of someone adjusting to the climate here in HOW and realizing that being on the Best Alliance team at War Games is where you need to be if you wish to attain gold. Joe counters all of Benny’s points but Benny isn’t letting up.   Joe and Benny begin to go at it verbally as Carey and TMM go at it physically inside the ring.

The crowd is clearly behind the Queen B as she finally is able to gain the upper hand by picking up TMM for a suplex but TMM executes a perfect counter and rolls Carey up in a small package that brings about a very close near fall from Boettcher and several oohs and aahs from the crowd.   Joe and Benny are on their feet each cheering on their favorite in the match as the match continues on at a high pace.

Every time TMM gains the upper hand with a technical move, Carey counters with her own high risk move.   This goes on for several minutes until there is a surprisingly quick finish to the match.   Carey goes for her super kick finisher but TMM ducks under and turns Carey and goes to nail her with an Unprettier but Carey is able to counter with a backslide and gets the 1..2..3.


Post match Joe and Benny go over the obvious mishap of TMM. Just as we are cutting to commercial Joe mentions that the Unprettier was Jatt Starr’s finisher!!!  


ICONic Interview

Returning from commercial, the High Octane audience, both at home and live at ringside, are treated to the image of Brian Bare wiping his forehead with a handkerchief and an official High Octane microphone in his free hand. Realizing the camera is on, and that he is actually on live, his eyes grow wide and he shoves the handkerchief into his pocket. Clearing his throat, he adopts an instant look of professionalism.

Brian Bare: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Monday Night Mayhem.

He pauses briefly with a smile across his face as cheers go up at the mention that Mayhem is back on the air, cheers he mistakenly assume to be for him.

Brian Bare: It was announced a few days ago, exclusively on, that even though he’s not booked, Shane Reynolds would be here tonight in order to provide some announcements regarding the ICON championship and War Games. Speculation has been circulating like wild fire all week over what these announcements could be and if any relate as to which team he will be joining in order to take part. Well, I have just received word that he has just arrived at the building, and as you’re number reporter, I’ve made it my mission to bring you adoring HOW fans the answers.

Brian turns at that minute and begins the short journey to the entrance to the backstage parking lot. A few moments after arriving there, the door swings open and in walks Shane Reynolds, dressed in his attire, and with the ICON championship slung over his shoulder.

Brian Bare: Shane Reynolds. Shane’s distracted eyes suddenly shoot up and the moment he spots Brian, he sighs and continues his pace, breezing right passed him.

Shane Reynolds: Not now. I want to make my announcement as quickly as possible. I may not be booked, but I have a lot to do, tonight.

Brian Bare: That’s exactly why I’m here.

Shane Reynolds: I’d rather do it from the ring, if it’s all the same.

The crowd from ringside cheer once more at this unexpected prospect.

Brian Bare: If you’re in that much of a hurry, allow me to assist you in relaying it to the public and you’ll be finished quicker.

Shane stopped. As much as he had his mind set on the going to the ring, speeding up the process did seem to appeal to him. He turned around.

Shane Reynolds: Fine. What do you want to know?

Brian Bare: Well, you tell me. You were the one scheduled to make some announcements.

Shane Reynolds: Well, maybe I want you to earn your money as an interviewer–

Brian Bare: Reporter–

Shane Reynolds: –and my valuable time.

Brian thinks for a second, and decides to save the biggest question for last.

Brian Bare: I guess the first thing would be concerning the rumors stemming for the radio show, rumors that you are offering up half your bank balance to anyone who can pin you or make you submit at War Games. Any truth to this?

Shane shakes his head slowly.

Shane Reynolds: None whatsoever. I’m offering my entire bank balance…whatever it may be by War Games…to whomever is able to eliminate me from the War Games match.

Brian Bare: Why would you do such a thing?

Shane takes a couple of steps forward, so he is only a few inches apart from Brian. He looks eyes with him.

Shane Reynolds: For two simple reasons.

Shane pauses to tap the ICON championship belt.

Shane Reynolds: The first of which is this. The ICON championship has always meant a lot to me. Almost the world. But when I returned, it meant nothing; passing meaninglessly between such unworthy superstars as Adam Vincent and Graystone. But I took it from them and now it means something. But I want it to mean more. People should live and breathe, sweat and bleed this championship and their desire to get it should be second to none. That’s how I feel about it…But as I’m learning, all most people here care about is money. It shouldn’t be about money. It should be about honor and pride and the respect that should come with holding a championship, but it’s not. So if money is what they want, they can have that, too. They just have to come and get it.

Brian Bare: And what’s the second reason?

Shane turns his eyes towards the camera.

Shane Reynolds: Because I won’t have to live up to the offer. No payment will need to made. Simply because, the only way anyone is getting this title from me is over my…dead…body!

Brian Bare: Well, you already have well over one hundred thousand, which will probably increase quite extensively over the coming weeks, so that’s one massive incentive.

Shane turns back to Brian.

Shane Reynolds: That’s not the only thing. I also vow, that should someone exceed all my expectations and take this championship from me, I shall waive my rematch clause.

Brian Bare: You mean, if someone wins, they won’t have to face you for it in a rematch?

Shane Reynolds: Or ever again. If someone takes the ICON championship from me. I will not challenge for it as long as they are champion.

Brian Bare: Wow. That’s some scoop.

Brian’s suddenly grow wide as he realizes he said that out loud, but instantly tries to cover it and continue regardless.

Brian Bare: You must be confident you aren’t going to lose then.

Shane Reynolds: Retaining my title and winning War Games is my destiny.

Brian Bare: I guess that leads me to my next question: Is there any truth to the rumors that you will be forming your own War Games team?

Shane Reynolds: The roster is stretched as it is, so no. I’m not.

Brian Bare: Which team are you going to join then? Shane smirks.

Shane Reynolds: I forgot all about announcing that decision, actually. But now that you’ve reminded me – which way is Kostoff locker room?

Brian Bare: Down there somewhere, I think.

Brian answers, pointing behind Shane. Shane continues smirking as he heads off in the pointed direction without another word as Mayhem cuts to the backstage area.


Livie is in her sister’s locker room. Livie looks horribly bored. She throws wads of paper out the door and sighs. To her surprise Kenn Oddity walks past the door. She smiles and throws a paper wad that hits him.

Kenn: Hey!

She smiles and waves.

Livie: KEN DOLL! Okay COME here!

Kenn: Why are you in the locker room.

Livie: Blossom grounded me… She said I have to stay in here.

Kenn walks into the locker room looking at Livie.

Kenn: Can she do that?

He asks looking on.

Livie: She’s the leader… She gets to do that.

She frowns. Kenn nods.

Livie: We’re going to play dress up!

Kenn: Really I should get going…

Livie: DRESS UP! You’re a Kenn SO Kenn’s play dress up!

She says loudly. Livie then walks into her sister’s closet and pulls out some things. The scene cuts. The camera lights back up in front of the Queen Of Epicness’s locker room. Bobbinette Carey walks through the door seeing Kenn Oddity standing there. He’s wearing a Pink B-Bob clothing hoodie with a matching skirt over his clothing. Bobbinette looks on in Horror.

Kenn: She made me do it.

Livie: You shouldn’t have grounded me!

Bobbinette Carey: Um… Well um…

She tries to find words.

Bobbinette Carey: I’m glad that you have someone to talk to…

Bobbinette walks out of the room with a disturbed look on her face as Mayhem cuts to another commercial.


Carey Again??

Best damn thing plays over the PA system. Bobbinette Carey walks out and Livie follows behind her with ArcAngel and Ken Oddity at her side. Bobbinette gets into the ring with the rest of the group. She grabs the Mic and looks at the fans in the ring who have a warm reception for team epic.

Bobbinette Carey: War games is right around the corner. It will be an UBERLy epic night!

The fans start cheering as Arc and Ken and Livie clap for Bobbinette.

Bobbinette Carey: There’s still a few members though that are part of team epic. One I would like to introduce to you right now!

Back in Black plays over the PA system. Suddenly from the stage we see a BRAND new Jattmobile 5000 golf cart. It’s well decked out and shining with spinning rims and the Jatt logos all over it. We see a person in a hooded robe with Jatt on the back of it and a star under it. The crowd is to their feet screaming for this return. The Golf Cart is parked and the person gets into the ring. He pushes his hood down to reveal L.A. Riotz.   People are stunned. They were sure it was Jatt but team epic pulled one over on them. Bobbinette motions Livie who hands him a box with his E-Unit Team Epic Bomber jacket for War Games.

Bobbinette Carey: There’s ONE more uberly epic surprise of tonight. The Final member of team epic for War Games!

She hands the mic to the new team epic War Games member.

L.A. Riotz: Wars are won by strength of mind, rather than strength of muscle. War Games? Mind Games? Let the games begin.

The best damn thing hits as all of team epic leave the ring all walking and talking. The crowd is mixed at this point.

Benny begins bitching about too much Carey on Mayhem already and he cannot wait till War Games for the Best Alliance to shut her damn hole. Joe tries to ignore Benny as he instead focuses on the fact that L.A. Riotz is now a part of War Games and is on Team Epic and we once again had a damn Jatt Starr tease. Benny states he is tired of this shit and he is about to go into a long rant when the HOTv comes alive with a War Games video package.


Max Kael & Graystone vs. Kenn Oddity & ArcAngel
Tag Team Match

The video package ends and it is now time for our big tag team match of the night pitting team Best Alliance members Maximillian Kael and Graystone vs. Kenn Oddity and ArcAngel.

Benny brags about how Graystone is finally on the right side of the war and how Oddity chose the wrong side. Joe counters that Oddity has never gotten more exposure before he joined Team Epic and that his decision has helped his short HOW career immensely already.   Benny just rolls his eyes and even sighs in disgust as Oddity and Arc Angel make their way down to ringside as the crowd cheers loudly.   Joe reminds the viewers that we just heard that L.A. Riotz is now a teammate of these two men and Team Epic is really starting to take form.  Joe then asks the question that everyone has probably been asking…what about Team Kostoff?   Benny states that he doesn’t care and that soon enough everyone will realize that the man coming out here in a few moments is going to be the next HOW world Champion.

And just as Max and Graystone make their way out there is a loud chorus of boos and Joe mentions that if Max were to win the title then the ratings would plummet. In fact if any BA member were to win the gold then Mayhem might just fall down to 1.0’s.   As the crowd continues to boo, Max and Graystone climb into the ring and both men seem very focused on Oddity and ArcAngel.

Boettcher signals for the bell and its Oddity starting for the Team Epic members and its Maximillian Kael starting for the Team Best Alliance members.   The two men circle each other and they go to lock up but each man stops short.  Max then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a tshirt and puts it on. Oddity’s eyes grow wide as the shirt has a picture of several penguins with devilish eyes staring out at Oddity.   Oddity quickly backs up and blindly tags in ArcAngel and Oddity rolls out of the ring to compose himself as Max smiles as Graystone cheers him on.   Arc and Max then lock up and the match is officially under way as the two men go at it. Arc gains the early advantage and works over the so called No.1 contender until Max is finally able to tag in Graystone.

The crowd erupts into a very loud chorus of boos and begin chanting SELL OUT as Graystone and Arc go at it as Oddity suddenly starts up the rampway leaving Arc by himself.   Benny is laughing as Joe mentions that the mind games by Max must of done the trick.   Arc stops his offence to see Oddity walking up the rampway and its this distraction that allows Graystone to gain the advantage and the former ICON champion nails ArcAngel from behind and begins to work over Arc.   Over the next several minutes Graystone and Kael work over Arc and each time Arc gains the upper hand there is no one there to tag in and the Best Alliance members are able to use their numbers to regain the advantage.

The finish of the match sees ArcAngel ducking a clothesline by Max only to be nailed by one by Graystone. Max then quickly picks up ArcAngel and nails him with his Weapon of Max Destruction finisher. Joe mentions that Max isn’t the legal man however and it proves a mute point as Graystone nails his split legged corkscrew moonsault finisher called The Curse.   However it is at this point that Oddity is seen running down the rampway wearing an Elves mask, which sends Max rolling out of the ring just as Graystone makes the cover.   Oddity jumps into the ring but it is a second too late as Boettcher makes the 1..2..3 count and the match is over.


Post match we see Max hustling to the backstage area as Oddity and ArcAngel nail Graystone with a double powerbomb much to the delight of the crowd.   The action then cuts backstage where something is wrong with Carey…

Where is Princess?

Bobbinette Carey is stood taking with a couple of stagehands as a man comes running down the corridor.

Carey: If you go for my uber epic, limited edition, team epic training gear, you’ll look like the hottest in the gym as well as on the street.

Carey smiles as the stagehands look at one another a nod in agreement and then the man who was running down the corridor reaches the group and stops panting heavily.

Man: Miss Carey…

The man pauses, catching his breath.

Carey: Don’t be a douche, spit it out!

Man: Princess…shes…shes…”

The man struggles to catch his breath much to Carey’s annoyance; she grabs the man by the sides and shakes him.

Carey: What’s wrong with Princess!!

The man finally composes himself.

Man: She’s gone, somebody’s taken her.

Bobbinette looks on in shock, then her face turns to one of pure rage and she shoots off down the corridor as Mayhem cuts to commercial.

A Plan in Place?

We return from the break, Narcotic is standing with Silent Witness in the corridor discussing tonight’s main event.

Narcotic: Don’t worry man, Lee hasn’t advised me to, how should I say…’help you out’, I know you can take Kostoff on your own, as does Lee.

Silent Witness: Good…because I don’t need help, tonight I’m going to show the world exactly why I am the most unstoppable force not only in HOW, but in the entire industry. Lee only chose you as referee because you’re the only man on the roster who might be able to stop me from finishing off Kostoff once and for all!

Both men laugh, then Narcotic’s phone ring, he signals to SW to give him a minute.

Narcotic: Hello…yes…okay give me a minute…

Narcotic turns to SW whilst covering the his phone.

Narcotic: I gotta take this…I’ll see you in the ring later man.

SW nods back then Narcotic turns and begins walking down the corridor, talking on his phone as the camera follows him.

Narcotic: So, it’s ready then? It better look convincing… because if I end up looking like a fool you know I’ll…okay, I’ll take your word for it then.

The scene cuts to the announce team as Narcotic turns the corner.

Darkwing vs. Nijs Landzaat
Singles Match

Joe talks about how Carey should just take the darn dog off the road and leave her at home cause frankly Princess is proving to be too much of a distraction.   Benny counters that Narcotic is all bout mind games and it is obvious that the high Carey had earlier in the show is now in serious jeopardy.   Joe wonders what exactly is going to happen next but right now it is time for Darkwing to take on the new Kostoff protégé Nijs Landzaat who for some reason is without his handler Daniel Singh since returning.

Landzaat makes his way down to the ring along and to a chorus of cheers. He seems overwhelmed and it is obvious that something is wrong.   Joe wonders where is Kostoff? Benny claims Kostoff has finally wised up and is at home looking after his wife that he beat down a few weeks ago.   Joe tells Benny to stop it and as Darkwing, the former ICON champion, makes his way down to a very loud chorus of boos, Joe claims that Kostoff must be up to something.

Carl Hortega signals for the bell and there is no sign of Kostoff as the match begins and it’s obvious that Landzaat looks lost.   Darkwing senses this and pounces on the big man and after only a few minutes he nails Landzaat with his single arm DDT called The Dark Reality and gets the pinfall.


Post match Joe again wonders where is Kostoff. Darkwing is seen smiling as he heads to the back and the crowd is stunned as a whimpering Landzaat sits in the ring, unsure of himself as Mayhem cuts to commercial.


The Sensation Citocran

HOW returns from a break to the sound of spooky carnival music being blasted out through the PA in the stadium, in the middle of the ring, there is a table covered in black cloth. Then suddenly, a voice belts out over the creepy music,

“Prepare to be amazed by the brilliant, the amazing…the SENSATIONAL…CITOCRAN!”

A person dressed in an all black suit, red tie, and a strange black mask with a white circle around one eye walks down the ramp, Careying a box which is about 20 inches squared, and covered in a black cloth. The person slowly walks to the ring and pushes the object he was Careying into the ring, then roles in.   The person places the box on the table in the centre of the ring, as the lights in the stadium fade to a dim light, then he or she bows to each corner of the audience. He waves his hand over the box then quickly removes the cloth to display a sedated dog lay in a cage…the dog is Princess, owned by Bobbinette Carey.

The crowd react angrily, as the person lifts there hand in an attempt to silence the crowd. The masked magician slowly pulls the cloth back over the cage as the crowd throw items into the ring a boo loudly. Again the magician begins waving his or her hand over the cage, and then suddenly pulls the cloth off to reveal that Princess has disappeared. Obviously the dog fell through a whole in the table underneath the cage, but pretty much all the stadium heard the thud.   The magician again bows to the crowd, clearly pleased with himself or herself and oblivious to the fact the crowd are furiously booing and screaming. The lights begin to dim further as the magician continues to bow till the stadium is in complete darkness, then suddenly the lights return and standing in the ring is Narcotic holding a mic, who’s removed the mask to reveal his identity.

Narcotic: Thank you, thank you, I know you enjoyed my show… I enjoy giving people a little surprise. But now on with the point of all this, Bobbinette Carey, at War Games you’ll be involved in a match that won’t be wrestling match, it will be a war and in a war the rules don’t matter, you use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to give you an advantage. I don’t think you realize what you’re getting yourself into and tonight I’m going to prove to you exactly what I mean…ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Narcotic walks over to the table and removes the cloth to reveal its actually a box with a hole in it, the camera shows a bird’s eye view of Princess, still unconscious at the bottom. Narcotic walks over to the corner of the ring and singles to one of the ring announcers to pass him something, the ring announcer passes Nark a black duffle bag. He takes the bag into center of the ring then pulls out a petrol canister and begins pouring fluid into the box.

The crowd continue to boo as Narcotic pulls a lighter from the duffle bag and flicks the lid, lighting the flame. He smiles then drops the lighter in the box which burst into flames, Narcotic stands enjoying the jeers from the crowd for a moment then leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. Stagehands and security run towards the ring from the back as the sound of a dog whelping echoes around the stadium. Mayhem again hastily goes to a commercial as a shocked and sickened Memphis crowd show their displeasure for Narcotic.


Final Member of Team Epic?

Back live and we are backstage where Carey is literally crying her eyes out as she heads down the corridor in the back. ArcAngel and L.A Riotz come running up to Carey and try to console the Queen B. Suddenly they hear Silent Witness and Darkwing laughing around the corner and Carey pushes Riotz and ArcAngel away and peeks her head out around the corner to see Silent Witness leaving to go get ready for his match.   With rage in her eyes Carey turns the corner and confronts Darkwing. She is too pissed to even say a word and Darkwing fakes a laugh and goes to throw a punch but his arm is grabbed from behind.   Darkwing turns to see Shane Reynolds holding his arm….

Shane Reynolds: Time for you Best Alliance members to pay for all the shit that you have done to poor Carey here…

Before Darkwing can reply Carey unleashes a kick to the groin of Darkwing, sending the Best Alliance member down to the concrete holding his balls.

Bobbinette Carey: Welcome to Team Epic Shane….let’s go get that firetrucking Nar…

Shane Reynolds: Relax Carey.

Shane leaves the cameraview for a moment and returns with Princess.

Shane Reynolds: It was just an elaborate mind fuck attempt. I found princess safe and sound in your locker room when I went to get you.

Carey grabs Princess and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Bobbinette Carey: Welcome to the team.

Her eyes upon Shane as she speaks, but he doesn’t respond and she sees where his gaze is directed, following it, she sees the same angry glance directed back at Shane from Arc’s eyes.

Bobbinette Carey: Okay. We need to uberly to sort this out, right now.

Arc: You already know what I think.

He says, looking only briefly at his old friend before turning his focus back to Shane.

Arc: We can’t trust him.

Shane Reynolds: Excuse me. Need I remind you who exactly came and tried to interrupt my match? To help Graystone of all people. Perhaps it’s you who cannot be trusted.

Arc takes an angry step forward at this and Shane does the same, but Bobbinette holds her hands up between them.

Bobbinette Carey: Stop it. This is so uberly not epic. We need to be focusing on uber firetruckers like Douchewing. Not each other.

She sighs.

Bobbinette Carey: If we are to be Team Epic and win War Games, we need to be on the same page. So, I want you to hug and make up. Right now.

The eyes of both men grow wide. Both sets saying, there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen.

Bobbinette Carey: Fine! A handshake then. Just for War Games.

Seconds pass, almost a full minute, before one of them relents an extends his hand. It’s Shane. It hangs there for a few moments, as Arc glances back and forth between the two War Games team-mates. He really doesn’t want to.

Bobbinette Carey: Please Arc, do it for me. Seriously this one time..

And he does, but with no less anger burning in his eyes. The exchange is brief, barely two shakes, before they separate, but Bobbinette seems satisfied.

Bobbinette Carey: A group hug would be too much to ask, wouldn’t it?

They both look at her like she’s pushing it. She holds Princess in her arm and sighs again.

Bobbinette Carey: Okay…Let’s go then.

The scene cuts away as all three continue down the corridor with Carey hugging her dog like there is no tomorrow.


Tag Team Titles??

Back live and Joe lets the listeners know that everything is alright with Princess and goes over the shocking fact that Shane Reynolds is now a member of Team Epic.   Benny claims Reynolds is an idiot for not starting his own team and next time Narcotic will really set that damn dog a blaze.   Joe tells PETA to write to Benny Newell but Big Buff just shrugs off that comment and suddenly the HOTv comes alive and we see Lee Best on the screen. The crowd immediately begins to boo loudly.

Lee Best: Boo all you want you assholes but I need to announce something. I first want to thank Narcotic for that very amusing segment as it would of only been better if the damn dog was really on fire. Now with that said I want to go ahead and announce that after tonight there will no longer be any tag team titles….Nark?

Narcotic comes into the picture and he has both of the Tag Team Title belts on each shoulder. With a smile Nark throws the tag team titles into the trash can and wipes his hands clean.

Lee Best: You see folks the Tag Team Titles have and always will be worthless here in HOW no matter who holds the titles. Take for instance the fact that Narcotic and Silent Witness were tag champs. Granted no one would of ever beat them but Witness had to go fuck it all up by getting sentenced tonight to a damn jail term. I do not want to vacate anymore titles and I sure as fuck don’t want to just give the titles away. So….Nark again please?

With a smile, Nark leaves the view of the camera and comes back holding a very prestigious looking title.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the new High Octane Stables Title. That’s right a stables title. The rules will remain the same for War Games for all the other titles but the team that gets the very first pinfall at War Games will also have their stable awarded this bad boy.

Nark holds it up proudly.

Lee Best: I have no doubt in my ever loving mind that we will win every damn title at War Games and that is why I am just not rewarding it to my stable right now.

The crowd boos at that notion as Lee continues…

Lee Best: One last bit of business. In a few moments Narcotic is going to call the fairest match of his life and we will see the Best Alliance come out on top once again. But before that happens I just want to let Kostoff know that if he pulls any funny shit then his spot at War Games is off. I haven’t seen the old fuck all night and quite frankly I hope he doesn’t show…but if he does and that big retard interferes….well then there will be no Team Kostoff at War Games…….

The HOTv starts to go to black but suddenly Graystone peeks his head into view..

Graystone: Have a very gray day!!!   Mayhem cuts to its final commercial


Silent Witness vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match
Special Guest Referee: Narcotic

Back live and Narcotic is already in the ring hearing the boos as its time for our main event.   Joe reminds the viewers that this match is for the LSD Title now and if Silent Witness wins then the LSD title will not be defended at War Games and SW will have it till he returns from his sentence. But if he loses then Kostoff takes the LSD title to War Games and whoever gains the most eliminations will win the title.   Benny tells Joe not to even worry about that last part. Narcotic is going to make damn sure Kostoff stays in line and Silent Witness will retain tonight.

The crowd is on their feet as the LSD Champion and future prisoner, Silent Witness makes his way down to the ring. Joe notes that usually the champ comes out last but because no one knows where Kostoff is at Witness has been forced to come out first.   Witness makes his way down looking very confident and as he climbs into the ring he shakes hands with his former Tag Team Championship partner. The two even share a short embrace which is quickly interrupted by the loud cheers of the Memphis crowd as Kostoff makes his way down from out of the crowd!

The crowd pats Kostoff on his back and the HOW vet is staring a hole at the Best Alliance members inside the ring.   The place is electric as Kostoff hops the rail and slides into the ring and stares at Witness.   Witness hands his LSD belt to Nark who holds it up high for everyone to see and signals for the bell as Kostoff and Witness stare each other down.   Joe mentions how electric this setting is and what a great match we are about to see.   Kostoff begins talking some serious trash to Witness who returns the favor then suddenly…


Narcotic swings the LSD Title and the belt finds its mark…   The crowd is in shock as Narcotic just nailed Silent Witness with the LSD Title. All the air just went out of the building as Kostoff stares at Narcotic like he doesn’t understand what is going on.   Kostoff slowly bends down and covers Witness while keeping both eyes on Narcotic, who drops to the canvas and counts the one …two…three.


Post match we see Kostoff slowly start to get to his feet but with uncanny quickness Narcotic grabs Kostoff and nails him with his The Come Down diamond cutter finisher right on top of the title.

The crowd is booing loudly and some of the fans start to jump the rails and HOW security is unable to stop everyone as a few people get by.   The ones that got by climb into the ring and surround Narcotic is all business now as Joe and Benny are in shock. The men in the ring attack Narcotic and after a few moments of fighting off the men Narcotic loses out to the numbers war and Joe suddenly realizes who the men are…

Its Enigma, X and the newly signed Anguish are all beating Narcotic down and Joe and Benny are wondering where in the hell are the Best Alliance…   Their questions are answered as the HOTv comes alive and we see Bobbinette Carey, ArcAngel, Kenn Oddity, Shane Reynolds and L.A. Riotz brawling with Darkwing, Graystone, Maximillian Kael and The Masked Marvel.

You cannot tell who is winning as the brawl continues throughout the whole backstage area.   Inside the ring the three men that just beat down Narcotic help Kostoff to his feet and when Kostoff sees what is going on he smiles as its apparent that the men with him have to be on Team Kostoff for war games.   The crowd is transfixed on the HOTv as the brawl between Team Epic and the Best Alliance has spilled out into the parking lot where Lee Best is seen standing with a man and Lee is screaming at the man to jump into the fray.

Lee Best: Woodson….get those fuckers…come on Scotty nail those fuckers!!!

The man, obviously named Scott Woodson, jumps into the brawl and begins cleaning house. He even nails what appeared to be a Fireman’s carry DDT onto Kenn Oddity.   Woodson stands over the carnage as the last man standing but turns just as he hears Lee Best hitting the pavement….

We see Lee getting F-Fived by none other than Mystic J of CWA fame and a big-time supporter of Bobbinette Carey.   Joe tells everyone that we are out of time and Mayhem has to go off the air as Scottywood and Mystic J are seen charging each other!!!


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