Mayhem: July 14th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
July 14th, 2008 – #HOW12
The United Center – Chicago, Illinois

Shocker Arrives

**PRE RECORDED** Mayhem comes on the air as a video begins to play. The screen drifts into light as the parking lot in the back of the United Center is shown. A black Hummer limo is pulling up. The door swings open as Shocker exits the limo.

Looking around he begins to head towards the building.

Hey Shock!!!

Shocker turns around to get caught with a wicked super kick from Kostoff!!!

Shocker hits the ground as Kostoff leaps on top of him and begins to pound away on Shocker. The sick sound of Bone slamming into Skin is heard. Blood flies from the face of Shocker as Kostoff pulls him to his feet. Holding in a front choke, Kostoff drives his knees into the chest and stomach of Shocker, knocking the air from him.

Lifting him up, Kostoff drives Shocker to the pavement with a powerbomb!!!!   Blood begins to pool under the back of Shocker’s head as Kostoff climbs back on top of him and slams his head into the pavement. Covered in the man’s blood, Kostoff reaches down and pulls the half dead Shocker to his face. As he looks at the bloody mess that is shocker, the words that begin to spill from his mouth are laced with venom and hate.

Kostoff: Hissing YOU!!!! You brought this upon yourself, and now this is the message I’m sending to you and to the rest of the Best Alliance. I’m fucking back boys, and there isn’t one of you that are safe. As long as I can breathe, you fuckers have a mark on your back. This is only the beginning.   Letting go, Shocker falls to the ground. Looking down at the fallen man, Kostoff takes his fingers and runs then down the bloody face of Shocker. Looking at his blood covered fingers; Kostoff smears the blood of Shocker on his face.

Kostoff: If it’s war they want, its war they are going to get.

The video fades to black as Mayhem officially is set to begin!

Opening… Recap

Welcome to the Jungle blasts over the PA system as Joe and Benny welcome the viewing audience to Monday Night Mayhem and they immediately go into what we have all just seen as Chris Kostoff just literally destroyed Shocker, who was supposed to drop some kind of bombshell tonight.

Joe and Benny go over the state of HOW on the road as we are back in the United Center here in Chicago once again. Joe lets the viewers know that because of the limited funds that HOW will be regulated to only a few venues outside of the windy city.   Benny also states that hopefully after a hugely successful War Games that we will see some more money in the budget and more shows on the road as that is where you make your money.   Joe then leads the fans into a preview of tonight’s show as the main event will see the returning Narcotic making his return to the ring as a competitor for the first time in years.

With that the HOTv comes alive and a video recap of last week’s show is shown culminating with Chris Kostoff and Nijs Landzaat taking out a masked Barbi Kostoff and the show ending with Narcotic taking out Kostoff with his The Come Down finisher.   Post video, Joe and Benny talk about the first match of the night as we have a loser leaves HOW Match and its next!!

Adam Vincent vs. Johnny Lexicon vs. Xander Hayes
Loser Leaves HOW Match

The lights go out as “Dance of the crazy pill” as X walks out on the ramp with Teddy in his arms, he pulls out two green glow sticks and starts to dance around as he makes his way to the ring and slides in under the bottom ropes and places Teddy in a corner and nods to the headless bear. X then poses in the middle of the ring as he turns to wait for his opponents.

One time ICON Champion, Adam Vincent makes his way out to a chorus of boos and the former world Champion Johnny Lexicon also makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos as Joe and Benny talk about what a waste of talent these two men turned out to be.

First time referee Mark Toner signals for the bell and the match begins and doesn’t last long as Joe and Benny barely have time to remind the viewers that this is a Loser Leaves HOW match.   X dominates from the opening bell to the final bell as he nails both men with his Rolling X finisher and Toner counts the 1…2..3 as X pins both men at the same time, thus eliminating both men and ending their HOW careers.

The crowd cheers the hometown Xander Hayes as he makes his way back to the back victorious in his first match here in HOW in dominating fashion as Joe and Benny again talk about the waste of talent Lexicon and Vincent turned out to be as the action cuts backstage.

Police Biz

A man dressed in a police uniform comes up to Silent Witness’s office. He knocks on the door and slowly walks in. The man is a bailiff. The bailiff has a manila envelope. Silent Witness looks at him.

Silent Witness: What?

Bailiff: I’m from Hickman and Lowder. I’m to tell you, that you’ve been served. It’s a restraining order against the expecting Princess Carey.

Silent Witness: I never raped the damn dog!

Bailiff: Miss Carey’s lawyers have asked me to inform you of this new thing. You’re not allowed with in fifty feet of Princess Carey.

As The Bailiff was talking to Silent Witness in his office. Bobbinette walks past the door.

Bobbinette: Don’t forget to tell him the best part!

Silent Witness looks at Bobbinette with a pissed off look on his face.

Bobbinette: Don’t worry I’m staying ten feet back.

Bailiff: Oh that and the Friday before the event known as War games. The charges are of conspiring animal abuse, your being sited as instigating the rape of Princess Carey, as well as a few other charges that are in the packet including lewd animal abuse on video tape and forcing Princess to take part in an orgy.

Bobbinette: You better make sure Lee has a back up because you might not make it to war games.

Silent Witness takes the packet as Bobbinette walks past the office waving. The Bailiff looks at Silent Witness before walking out.

Bailiff: You’ve been served.

Silent Witness: Yeah whatever idiot…

The bailiff walks out as Mayhem cuts to its first commercial.


New Team Epic Member?

The show returns from commercial to a shot of unlaced black boots marching along a corridor. Pulling outwards, the camera reveals a full shot of Shane Reynolds. He is dressed completely in black, the only other color, surprisingly, being the BBEU logo on the pocket of the shirt beneath his long, black coat.   Reaching his locker room door, he pushes it open and is immediately greeted with the image of a table that has been moved out of place. Laying upon it is what looks like a wrapped parcel.   The crowd, watching on the HOTv suddenly roar with cheers as Bobbinette appears on the scene behind Shane, accompanied with her sister, Live.

Bobbinette: You didn’t open it yet? OH it’s one of the most epic things anyone could get from me. It’s a limited edition OPEN IT!

Livie: I better get one..

Bobbinette: It’s for all of team epic people. Shane turns suddenly, immediately on alert.

Shane: What is it?

Bobbinette: It’s not a bomb. Just open it! You need to not be so worryish. It causes wrinkles and that’s uberly not healthy.

Bobbinette says in a matter of fact tone.   Livie jumps around behind her.

Livie: Can I open it?

Bobbinette: It’s not for you.

Livie: He isn’t opening it. PLUS I have super hero vision and I want to inspect it!

Shane: Easy, pint-size. I think I can manage. Shane slowly backs into the room a few steps, before turning to the table and quickly unwrapping the parcel. The brown paper drops to the floor like dirty snowflakes as he does so.   Eventually open, he holds the contents out before him.

Shane: It’s a leather jacket. Shane turns back, still holding it out in front of him.

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: Black leather jacket, quite like your own. The rest of team epic have the bomber jackets with the Team Epic logo.   Livie wrinkles her nose.

Livie: It matches his coat! Can I have one in blue?

Bobbinette: You’re not on Team Epic for War Games Bubbles.

Shane: I’m not on Team Epic for War Games, either, remember?

Bobbinette: Oh you are too! Week in week out you’ve been thinking of the idea. But you and I both now you’re uberly vibing the team epicness. I’m sure you’ve admitted it to yourself. I see the epic vibe in your eyes.   She sighs

Bobbinette: Come on try it on. You know the jacket looks cool. My clothing line for males is uberly epic.   She motions for him to try on the jacket.

Livie: I want one in blue. She makes sure to repeat to her sister.

Shane: Okay…Okay.   Meanwhile, Shane slips places the jacket back down on the table and takes off his current one, fully revealing the black, BBEU shirt. Livie covers her eyes as she sees Shane take off his jacket. Bobbinette stands there keeping her eyes on Shane. Bobbinette smiles with a nod.

Bobbinette: I take it you uberly vibe the shirt then. Shane, team epic at War Games will be uberly epic and we both know this.   She crosses her arms in front of her.

Bobbinette: The style suits you.   Shane slips on the brand new jacket.

Shane: The shirt grew on me. Livie opens her fingers and peeks though.

Livie: LIKE the symbiote!   Bobbinette shakes her head, while Shane just looks at her confused.

Bobbinette: The jacket is just as epic.

Livie: YOU look like you’re really part of the super hero group of epicness now!   Shane takes a second, seemingly actually admiring the jacket.

Bobbinette: You know you should just save time, hassle, and uber annoyance, and just admit it already. That way we can plan War Games and just uberly vibe it.

Shane: I haven’t decided yet. But, I will. tonight. And I assure you, you’ll be one of the first to know.

The scene cuts away with a final shot of Shane, Bobbinette, and Livie, still with her hands over her eyes.

Enigma vs. Kenn Oddity
Singles Match

Joe and Benny go over the possibility of Shane Reynolds on Team Epic as our next match gets underway. Benny states that after Darkwing beats Reynolds tonight that it wont matter as all the gold will be in the Best Alliance for sure. Instead of arguing, Joe steers the conversation back to Kenn Oddity who is on Team Epic and the debuting Enigma.

Both men are in the ring and they quickly go at it each other after Matt Boettcher signals for the bell.

The match goes back and forth for several minutes and only after a distraction from Silent Witness on the HOTv does Enigma nail Oddity with a Superkick followed by his DOA finisher….a perfect five star splash.   Post match sees Oddity pounding the mat in frustration as Enigma celebrates an impressive debut win as he heads to the back.

Mayhem cuts to a commercial as the fans are cheering for Enigma.  


No Santa??

Back live and we are in the LSD Champion’s office…

Livie Carey knocks on the office door of Silent Witness. She slowly opens the door looking around. She walks into his office.   Livie Carey/Bubbles: HI Mr Man!   Silent Witness notices the younger Carey.

Silent Witness: What do you want?

Livie shrugs her shoulders.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Why did your mommy name you Silent Witness?

Silent Witness looks up from his paper work.

Silent Witness: She didn’t…

Livie Carey/Bubbles: So Silent Witness isn’t your real name?

The Commissioner rolls his eyes.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Like the Mandarin. You know Mandarin Oranges are really good for you?

She wrinkles her nose looking at him.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: So you’re not that quiet why do you call yourself Silent Witness? Did you witness a crime? Did you see something happen? Did you have to take on this name as a secret identity to avoid bad guys? Did they then corrupt you into becoming a villain?

She’s now jumping around the office asking these questions in hyper child fashion.

Silent Witness slams his fists down.

Silent Witness: Did you know Santa isn’t real? Did you know that puppies grow up then become old dogs and die? Did you know that if you continue to annoy me I will be with in my rights to kick your teeth in?

Livie’s eyes widen.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Santa’s No real?

Her bottom lip comes out and trembles.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: Puppies… die?

Her eyes start watering as she turns around and runs out of the office.

Livie Carey/Bubbles: You’re a stinky faced liar!

Silent Witness smiles wickedly as Livie cries and runs down the hall and the action cuts back to the announcers.

“The Child Of Society” L.A. Riotz vs. Nijs Landzaat
Singles Match

Joe continues to berate the actions of Silent Witness but Benny is all about talking shit about our next match as the new Kostoff flunkie Nijs Landzaat is set to return to inring action. A video is shown again of the debut of Nijs last week on Mayhem and as he comes out with Kostoff to his entrance music there is a loud cheer throughout the arena and it quite frankly startles the big man as Joe wonders where Daniel Singh is at all Benny can talk about is the idiotic blue spandex wrestling attire Nijs is wearing and as Kostoff has to repeat several instructions into the ear of his new protégé, L. A. Riotz makes his way out to a mixed reaction but with a little more cheer than last week.

Carl Hortega signals for the bell and Nijs goes to lock up but Riotz is refusing to move. He states he is not going to fight Nijs cause of Nijs “mental” condition and tells the ref to just call off the match. Hortega plays the “no habla English” card and motions for both men to lock up but Riotz again refuses.   Nijs, behind the encouragement of Kostoff, finally pushes Riotz but Riotz just puts his hands behind his back and Nijs is unsure of what to do. Finally after several verbal abusive statements from Kostoff, Nijs goes apeshit and begins to beat Riotz from pillar to post.   Joe wonders what is going on with Riotz as the man refuses to fight and Benny also wonders why Riotz won’t just fight the “Retard”.

Landzaat finally ends the debacle of a match with his Overheersing finisher and gets the easy return win.   Post match we see HOW medics rush out and carry Riotz to the back and Joe mentions he is shocked to hear some cheers for the man that refused to fight the “retard”. Inside the ring Kostoff is seen getting on Landzaat for hesitating as Mayhem cuts backstage.


Mayhem cuts backstage to Silent Witness standing with four of the contestants to his new talent show, The Reporter. They are outside Bobbinette Carey’s locker room and the fans in the arena are booing the HOW Commissioner.

Silent Witness: Okay, you all know what you’ve got to do, right?

The contestants all nod in understanding and the first one knocks on the door. Mayhem cuts to a camera inside Bobbinette’s locker room, where the Queen of Epicness is grooming Princess.

Bobbinette Carey: Its uberly open! Come in.

The first contestant enters and leaves the door open for Silent Witness to sneakily watch what’s going on as the contestant walks up to Bobbinette.

Joe Hoffman: This cannot be good.

Benny Newell: I think it’s going to be great!

Contestant #1: Hi, my name is Rupert. I’m selling a German shepherd; I thought you might be interested in buying him?

Bobbinette stops what she’s doing and looks up at Rupert.

Bobbinette Carey: That is SO not funny… Silent Witness sent you didn’t he?

Rupert: Umm… Yeah.

Bobbinette gets up and stands face to face with the contestant.

Bobbinette Carey: Get the firetruck out.

Rupert: Y-Yes Ma’am.

Benny Newell: Haha! This is brilliant!

Rupert turns and hurries out of the room and Silent Witness signals for the next contestant to go inside. The man he called ‘Screech’ walks in as Bobbinette sits back down.

Screech: Bobbinette, my name is Scre- uh, Steve. I’m really into beastiality; I thought maybe you and your dog Princess might like to join me and Besty in a foursome?

The fans in the arena laugh as Bobbinette gets to her feet once more and grabs Steve by the neck.

Bobbinette Carey: Tell Silent Witness if he doesn’t stop this, I’m going to firetrucking kill him!

Bobbinette pushes Steve towards the door and the contestant leaves. Silent Witness is laughing hard outside the locker room, but composes himself to hand out more instructions.

Silent Witness: Okay. Cindy, David, you know what to do.

Cindy and David, the remaining contestants, look at each other nervously, before heading round the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Where are those two going?

Cindy walks back into camera shot, pulling on a chain.

Joe Hoffman: What is going on here?

The fans cheer loudly as a man in a gimp suit walks into shot, the same man from the orgy in Bobbinette Carey’s locker room a few weeks ago on Mayhem!   Behind him, David walks back into view with the same vacuum cleaner that was used in that same orgy!

Benny Newell: Haha! This is great!

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette has suffered enough, damn it!

Silent Witness: Ok guys, you know what to do.

David and Cindy walk into the room with their unusual sex toys and Bobbinette gets to her feet once more. She stands, glaring at the contestants whilst shaking in a fit of rage. She begins to chase Cindy and David and the two contestants run back outside. Bobbinette rushes out of the room after them, but stops dead as she comes face to face with Silent Witness.

Joe Hoffman: Oh, things might kick off here folks!

Benny Newell: Hit him! Go on, get your ass fired Carey!   Silent Witness smiles as Bobbinette glares at him, unable to touch him because of the restraining order.

Silent Witness: Now, now, Bobbinette. You’re within ten feet of me, I think you might want to step back inside that office or you’ll be fired.

The LSD Champion chuckles to himself as Bobbinette continues to glare at him.

Bobbinette Carey: Silent Witness, you think this is funny? Oh wait. Firetrucking wait because you will suffer for this!

Bobbinette turns on her heel and marches back into the locker room.

Silent Witness keeps laughing, but stops as the gimp is thrown out, followed swiftly by the vacuum cleaner.

Silent Witness: I guess she didn’t like my gifts.   Silent Witness laughs to himself as he walks back towards his office.

Silent Witness: Okay guys, let’s go.

Joe Hoffman: This is an absolute disgrace! Silent Witness is abusing his power to toy with Bobbinette Carey!

Benny Newell: It’s her own fault.

Joe Hoffman: What?! He was playing with her life for weeks before revealing himself!

Benny Newell: Well, she shouldn’t have such an ugly ass dog then!

Joe Hoffman shakes his head as Mayhem cuts to a commercial



“Lux Aeterna” starts up and the HOW fans rise to their feet to boo the forthcoming arrival of the HOW Commissioner, Silent Witness.

Joe Hoffman: As soon as that music starts, the fans let Silent Witness have it. I haven’t seen anyone hated this much since Lee Best in the early days of High Octane Wrestling.

Benny Newell: And just like Lee Best back then, Silent Witness doesn’t deserve any of it!

The HOW Commissioner walks out from behind the curtain with referee Matt Boettcher in tow. Silent Witness has the LSD Title draped over his shoulder and smirks as he makes his way down the ramp to a repeated chorus of “Lee Best’s Bitch!”.

The Commissioner ignores it and slides into the ring, followed by the referee. Silent Witness calls for a microphone and a ring crew member tosses one to him. The LSD Champion stands in the middle of the ring, looking out towards the crowd, soaking in the jeers from the fans.

Silent Witness: You know, I’ve heard rumors backstage that you all think I’m some kind of paper Champion.

The fans boo the HOW Commissioner, who just smirks arrogantly.

Silent Witness: You have been complaining that I never defend the LSD Championship.

The fans boo again and Silent Witness smiles to himself.

Joe Hoffman: It’s true; he hasn’t defended it once since winning the title at Refueled.

Benny Newell: Shut up, Joe!

Silent Witness: Well, I’ve got a very special announcement to make. I am going to defend my LSD Championship in front of each and every one of you, tonight!

The fans cheer loudly at the prospect of a Championship match tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! What an announcement!

Benny Newell: Don’t do it, Commish! You don’t need to jeopardize the title for these idiots!

Silent Witness: In fact, I’m going to defend it right now! So let me introduce you to my opponent.

Silent Witness looks towards the curtain and out steps David, one of the contestants on Silent Witness’ talent show, “The Reporter”.

Silent Witness: All the way from the mean streets of Boston, standing at a whopping five feet and ten inches and destroying the scales at one hundred and thirteen pounds, it’s Steve The Invincible!

Silent Witness laughs hysterically in the ring as his “opponent” makes his way down the ramp.

Joe Hoffmann: What the hell is this?!

Benny Newell: It’s Steve The Invincible! He’s the toughest challenger to the LSD Title that Silent Witness has had to face!

Joe Hoffman: He’s the only challenger he’s faced! Steve steps into the ring and Silent Witness tells the referee to ring the bell.

Silent Witness: Ok Steve, you know what to do.

Silent Witness drops the mic and walks over to his “opponent”.   Suddenly, Steve stuns Silent Witness with a kick to the gut, causing the LSD Champion to double over. Steve follows it up with a DDT and the fans are going crazy!

Joe Hoffman: DDT! DDT!

Benny Newell: What the hell?!

Steve jumps on top of Silent Witness and Matt Boettcher drops down to make the count. 1… 2… Kick out!   Silent Witness gets a shoulder up, before throwing Steve off and getting to his feet. Steve gets up and walks straight into a thunderous clothesline, sending the contestant sprawling. The fans boo as Silent Witness grabs the microphone.

Silent Witness: You think you’re clever do you? You thought you’d try to take my title, huh? You’re fired!

Silent Witness lays a few boots into the lifeless opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Someone stop this!

Benny Newell: What? It’s a title match and you want to deprive the fans of that?

Joe Hoffman: This was never a title match! Someone stop this, damn it!

Silent Witness lifts Steve to his feet and drops him with a DDT of his own. The LSD Champion makes the cover and Matt Boettcher makes the count. 1… 2… 3!

The referee calls for the bell and Silent Witness gets to his feet. The Commissioner motions to the referee to raise his arm in victory and Matt Boettcher obliges. Silent Witness turns to the ring announcer and orders her to announce the winner.

Amy Smeets: Here is your winner and still LSD Champion, Silent Witness!

Silent Witness raises his arms in victory and grabs the LSD Title from the referee. The Commissioner puts one foot through the ropes, but looks back at Steve and smiles mischievously.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no, what’s he going to do now?

Silent Witness steps back in the ring and stalks Steve with the LSD Title in his hands as Steve slowly gets to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! Somebody stop this!

As Silent Witness gets ready to clock Steve with the LSD Title, the fans erupt into cheers as Kostoff comes sprinting down the ramp. Silent Witness sees Kostoff coming and quickly slides out of the ring.   Silent Witness quickly darts around the ring and to the safety of the ramp as Kostoff stands tall in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness is running scared of Kostoff!

Benny Newell: No he isn’t! He saw the ambush coming and got out of there, that’s a smart move by our Commissioner!

Silent Witness backs up the ramp as Kostoff motions for the LSD Champion to get back in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is dying to get his hands on Silent Witness!

The HOW Commissioner steps back onto the stage and is handed a microphone from a ring crew member.

Silent Witness: Kostoff! You son of a bitch!

The fans cheer loudly as Kostoff smiles in the ring. Silent Witness: Next week, old man! Next week it’s you and me in a Hardcore Match! But I’m going to change the rules a little bit right now! The fans boo at Silent Witness abusing his power once again.

Joe Hoffman: What’s he going to do now?!

Silent Witness: Kostoff, if Nijs Landzaat gets involved in our match next week, then Chris, your ass will be gone from HOW… FOREVER!

Benny Newell: Yes! Yes! What a stroke of genius by the Commissioner!

The fans boo as Silent Witness backs away smiling before heading through the curtain, leaving Kostoff staring at the stage as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Graystone vs. Chris Kostoff
Singles Match

Back live and Kostoff is still in the ring as its time for his match as Joe and Benny go over the startling transformation in his opponent…Graystone. A video recaps last weeks startling Hell in a Cell match followed by the announcement that Graystone is now a member of the Best Alliance and a very rich man.

Joe and Benny go over how much both Graystone and the returning Narcotic are making as the top two earners in HOW today.   Inside the ring Kostoff is aching for the match to start and when the bell finally sounds the crowd is firmly behind Kostoff and each time Graystone gets a move in there are loud boos throughout the United Center.

The match is very close and could go either way and the crowd is the hottest its been all night and Joe wonders out loud when exactly the rest of the Best Alliance will show its face.   They finally do in the form of an all out gang attack as Darkwing, Silent Witness, Maximillian Kael and Narcotic all surround the ring. Kostoff stands in the middle of the ring not sure who to attack and as the BA storms the ring Kostoff is able to land a right hand to each man sending them off the mat. But as he turns Graystone goes for a DDT but Kostoff manages to counter it and sets up and nails Graystone with his No Remorse powerbomb finisher and gets the surprise 1.2.3 on Graystone.

Post match we see Kostoff narrowly escape from the ring tapping his head and Joe notes that Kostoff is no longer driven by blind rage but know he is going to make sure he picks the right spots to attack the Best Alliance.   Mayhem cuts to a commercial as the Best Alliance stands in the middle of the ring talking shit to Kostoff as the former World Champion is seen smiling only until Nijs Landzaat finally appears and Kostoff then begins to lay into his protega again for showing up late as Mayhem fades out.


New Team Kostoff Member?

Back live and we are backstage…

The corridors are deserted and deathly silent until suddenly the familiar sounds of footfalls can be heard echoing through it and Shane Reynolds bursts onto scene, still wearing the shirt he had been given, but with no jacket this time. The ICON title can also be seen, slung over his right shoulder and shining in the reflective glow of the overhead lights. He is lost deep in thought as he nears the corner at the end of the stretch, completely oblivious to a second set of echoing footsteps. He looks up, taking complete notice, though, as when turning the corner he slams straight into somebody. Following his gaze, the camera turns to see it’s none other than Nijs Landzaat. The height difference between the two men is minimal but the weight difference is more than enough to send Shane back a step whereas Landzaat remains still.

Shane Reynolds: Are you blind? I’m walking this way.

Shane’s tone clearly doesn’t sit well with Landzaat as anger flares up in his eyes and he takes a step forward, Shane remains still this time.

Shane Reynolds: Oh, you want to do something now?

Before he can take any more steps, though. A third, and final, set of quick footsteps can be heard and Chris Kostoff appears on the scene. His hand quickly reaches between the two men and he pats Landzaat on the shoulder.

Kostoff: Stand down, big man. I know I told ya to not take crap but not now.

Shane Reynolds: I forgot he belonged to you.

He turns his attention to Shane.

Kostoff: You can chill, too. We have no problem with you…..right now, anyway.

Shane remains as silent as Landzaat.

Kostoff: We may be on different War Games teams, but that don’t mean we can’t be civil. We are all out to eliminate the Best Alliance, after all.

Shane Reynolds: I’m not on a War Games team yet.

Kostoff points to the shirt with the BBEU logo on the pocket.

Kostoff: So, what’s that then?

Shane Reynolds: I mean, I haven’t decided yet.

Kostoff: Well, I would if I were you. War Games isn’t that far off.

He pauses and smirks slightly.

Kostoff: If the choice is that hard, maybe you should consider joining my team. We’ve know each other a long time. We both know what each other is capable of. Ya never know, it might be a good combination and I’m sure that asshole Best would shit himself even more than he probably already does.

Shane again says nothing but his eyes seem alive with thought.

Kostoff: Think about it, maybe. It’s up to you. I’m gonna rip his whole alliance to shreds either way.

He signals for Landzaat to follow him as he leaves and both men walk off passed Shane. He turns to watch them off, still thinking, as the scene cuts away to the announcers.

Max Kael vs. ArcAngel
Singles Match

Joe and Benny go over exactly whose side Shane Reynolds is going to be on as it is now time for the no.1 contender, as Benny puts it, Maximillian Kael to take on Team Epic member ArcAngel.   Joe states he is sick of hearing how Max is number one as EVERYONE has a shot at the world title come War Games on August 4th.   Benny counters that again after tonight the Best Alliance will gain the ICON, Tag Team and at War Games the World Title to go along with Silent Witness’s LSD Championship. Joe concedes there is a chance but quickly steers the talk to the action in the ring where the match has just started the crowd is firmly behind ArcAngel as the action unfolds.

It doesn’t take long however for Max to show why Lee considers him the no.1 contender for the world title as Max takes control and after only a few minutes he shows the world that ArcAngel is overmatched.   Max nails his Weapon of Max Destruction finisher and gains the 1.2.3 much to the chagrin to the Chicago crowd.

Benny takes a shot to the victory and states that up next we will see Darkwing win the ICON Championship!!   Joe states we will find out next as the action cuts backstage.

Big Sister

Livie Carey walks down the hall with Princess in her arm. Bobbinette is behind them her title around her waist. They had just come from Shane Reynolds Locker room and were walking back to the team epic locker room.

Bobbinette: It’s okay Livie. Yeah Santa is real. You just need to stay away from him.

Livie sniffles as she hugs princess.

Livie: He was just a big meanie!

Bobbinette: Yeah he normally is.

Silent Witness turns the corner and almost bumps into Livie. Livie stands there frozen as she looks at Silent Witness.

Bobbinette: Bubbles get back; it’s not safe to be right there.   ~Livie looks at him wrinkling her eyebrows.

Livie: I know. You said it’s not safe..

Silent Witness: Yes run back to your sister and listen to her.

Livie looks at Silent Witness and back at her sister.

Livie: Blossom can’t touch you. She has to stay back… BUT THERE IS such thing as SANTA!

She kicks Silent Witness in the balls. She turns around walking back to her sister as Silent Witness falls to the ground clutching his crotch where he was kicked by the little sister of the Queen B. Bobbinette and Livie walk away as the camera fades out. to a commercial.


ICON Title Match
Darkwing vs. Shane Reynolds
Singles Match

Back live and it’s now time for the highly anticipated ICON Title match between Shane Reynolds and Darkwing. The crowd is really behind Reynolds as the loner makes his way out. Joe and Benny talk about whose side will Reynolds be on come War Games and Benny insists any side BUT the Best Alliance side is the wrong one.   Darkwing makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos and he seems to relish it.   As Matt Boettcher holds the ICON title high to the rest of the world Darkwing nails Shane Reynolds with a cheap shot and the match is underway.

The two ICONs of High Octane Wrestling go back and forth for several minutes and there are several near falls and Benny relays the message to the fans that Darkwing requested the rest of the Best Alliance to stay in the back as he wants to win this match on his own.   That ends up being a mistake as Shane Reynolds catches Darkwing being cocky and nails him with a springboard DDT followed by his Diablo’s Inferno finisher for the 1..2 3 and the crowd goes wild as Shane Reynolds retains.

Post match we see a very frustrated Darkwing head to the back as Shane Reynolds celebrates inside the ring showing off his new leather jacket as well as we go to commercial.


Roasted Duck


Darkwing is seen walking backstage with a bottle of water in his hand. Turning the corner he sees Nijs leaning against the wall eating a small bag of popcorn.   Smiling, Darkwing makes his way over to Nijs.

Darkwing: Hey, um what’s going on Nijs?

Kind of turning away from Darkwing and holding his popcorn close, Darkwing makes his way in front of the big man.

Darkwing: Don’t turn away from me when I’m talking to you you fucking retard….

As the words come out of his mouth, Nijs grabs Darkwing by his throat. Fighting to break the grip, Darkwing swings wildly at the large man.

Nijs: Leave me alone.   Yeah man, leave my buddy alone.

Looking over, Darkwing sees Kostoff walking up. Eyes grow wide in fear as Nijs holds on to the choke. A grin crosses the face of Kostoff as he walks up to Darkwing’s face.

Kostoff: See you met my friend huh Fuckwing? In case you don’t remember him, this is Nijs, he’s the guy who you sorry asses kicked out of the Best Alliance. This is the guy who you picked on because of his mental issues. This is the guy who I’m taking in as my partner and this is the guy who I’ve got his back, and he has mine. You see, right now Fuckwing, you don’t have anyone here to watch your back.

Darkwing: Oh you’re really bad right now aren’t you?

Laughing Kostoff walks up and slaps Darkwing across the face. Anger races across his face as he gets into the face of Darkwing.

Kostoff: You fail to understand this Duck. You guys started this war, not me. You guys wanted to take this to a whole new level, not me. You guys pushed me, wanted to get me pissed off. I didn’t want that. So now, here we are. You claim that I’m so bad because I’ve got my buddy with me, but last week you were the badass with the lead pipe, so eat a dick Fuckwing.

Looking into the face of Darkwing, a smile crosses his face.

Kostoff: Nijs, do what you do.

In one fatal motion, Nijs slams Darkwing back first into the wall and begins to unleash a thunderous round of rights to the face of Darkwing. Blood flies from the mouth of Darkwing as Nijs keeps on pounding away.   Letting go, Nijs drops Darkwing to the floor as he continues on his onslaught of violence on him. Grabbing the big man by his arm, Kostoff motions for him to get up.   Getting off of Darkwing, Kostoff motions to Nijs to pick up Darkwing.   Nijs grabs Darkwing and lifts him up. Kostoff grab Darkwing by his head as Nijs drives him down, they drive him down with a combination Diamond Cutter/Power Bomb that leaves Darkwing laying on the floor bleeding and out cold.   Looking at Nijs, Kostoff pats the big man on the shoulder.

Kostoff: I’m sorry you had to hear that. That shit isn’t cool to me man. Don’t worry, I think we laid the ground works for what we are going to be doing. You want some more popcorn?

Nodding his head, a smiles crosses the face of Nijs. Smiling back Kostoff motions for Nijs to follow.

Kostoff: Come on big guy, let’s get you that popcorn.   Mayhem  goes to its final commercial


HOW Tag Team Title Match
The Masked Marvel & Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Narcotic & Silent Witness

Tag Team Match

Back live and we are with the announce team goes over the brutal attacks by Kostoff tonight on Shocker, Darkwing and not to mention his big altercation with Silent Witness. Joe mentions that the Best Alliance is on their heels tonight and with no site of Lee anywhere he wonders if they can end the night on a good note.   Benny counters that tonight is their night and he don’t care who Narcotic and Silent Witness are facing as they will win.

The crowd is white hot as the new Tag Team Champions Bobbinette Carey and The Masked Marvel come out. A video is shown on the HOTv showing how TMM was rewarded the Tag Team Title by Lee Best last week after he took Kirsta Lewis out on Mayhem.   Carey and Livie seem cool with TMM as they watch as Narcotic and Silent Witness come out as a team and seem very focused after just seeing Darkwing get mauled by Kostoff and Nijs.

Boettcher signals for the bell and the action starts immediately as Narcotic and Silent Witness storm Bobbinette Carey as The Masked Marvel wisely leaves the ring to leave Carey to defend for herself. Joe is furious buy Benny notes that TMM is just taking his place on the apron and after a few vicious double team moves, Narcotic and Silent Witness stop the action and give each other a high five and Witness exits the ring as Narcotic keeps on Carey.

This goes on for several minutes and team Best Alliance execute flawless tag team moves much to the surprise of everyone as Narcotic is showing hardly any ring rust at all.   Carey is able to counter each man several times but each time she is unable to make the tag as TMM is preoccupied with the fans in the front row and Livie is livid with her favorite superhero.   The finish of the match finally came as Carey nailed Silent Witness with a desperation super kick and both her and Narcotic go to make the hot tag. Again TMM tries to avoid the tag but Livie gets on the apron and holds onto TMM’s leg distracting him as Carey blindtags him in just as Silent Witness tags in Narcotic.

Narcotic shrugs and waits for TMM to get into the ring and just as he turns he nails TMM with his TCD diamond cutter finisher and with that we get a 1..2..3 and new Tag Team Champions.


Post match we see Narcotic and Silent Witness holding the tag team titles high up in the air as Carey and Livie chase TMM all the way to the back screaming to holy hell at him.   Benny is ecstatic and mentions that wherever Lee is he has to be happy to see Mayhem end with new tag team champions!!!   Mayhem comes to a close as Narcotic and Silent Witness are seen smiling amongst the hostile jeers of the Chicago crowd.

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