Mayhem: January 26th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; January 26
th, 2009 – #HOW34
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to the Jungle welcomes the viewing audience inside The Best Arena where the fans have stood as one as pyro goes off all around the entrance ramp as another edition of Monday Night Mayhem has begun airing on the High Octane Television network.

As the classic GNR theme begins to fade out we are joined by the announce team of Joe Hoffman and the returning Big Buff Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem. I am Joe Hoffman and I am rejoined by my longtime partner and one time foe Big Buff Benny Newell. How was that week off Benny?

Big Buff Benny Newell: Let’s just say that me and Lee made sure that we lived it up knowing full well that after tonight things are going to get really nasty as Lee revealed to me his big plans for the Best Alliance during our time in Vegas.

Joe Hoffman: You guys went to Vegas while suspended??

Big Buff Benny Newell: Why not? Lee flipped for everything and I was just going along for the ride.

Joe Hoffman: So your suspension and subsequent fine was really just a slap on the wrist for you two huh?

Big Buff Benny Newell: I am not going to speak for Lee but I will say that I think a week away from Kostoff and the pressure of the investors did Lee good. Shit he even went back to the docs and finally is able to walk around without his eye patch on.

Joe Hoffman: Ya I have heard the rumors that the patch is finally gone. But the return of Lee Best tonight isn’t the only thing on the agenda as we head into more group matches as everyone will finish up with their second match in The Best Invitational tonight. Let’s take a look at the standings so far.

The HOTv screen above the entrance ramp comes alive with a great introduction video for The Best Invitational and the crowd cheers as they see some of their favorites scoring big wins of the past two weeks.

The video then ends and a table is shown showcasing the current group leaders and points.

Jatt Starr Group                      Narcotic Group                      Mark O’Neal Group                      Lynx Group
Crow +3pts                                 Triple P +3 pts                            Silent Witness +3                       Blaze +6pts
Triple M +3 pts                            Kostoff +3pts                             C. America +2pts                  Dylan Nitro +3pts
Max Kael +2pts                         Bobbinette +2pts                        David Black +1.5pts                 Ryan Faze -1 pts
Scottywood -2pts                           Tenma -6pts                                D. Ryan -3.5 pts                         Static -2 pt

The crowd cheers as the graphic fades out and Joe continues the hype for TBI.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks as everyone can see it is vitally important for a few people to get wins tonight if they are to hold out any shot of making it to the final four of this group play tournament. But alas not everything is about The Best Invitational tonight as by order of Chris Kostoff the AoA members will be subjected to drug testing and all this will go down before Triple M and Crow square off in our main event for Crows ICON Championship.

Big Buff Benny Newell: All that will be is a big ass YAWN when Lee is done at the end of the night. No one is going to remember this show as the one that Crow retained over Triple M or as the night Triple M finally won singles gold here in HOW. Tonight is all about what Lee Best has in store for the whole god damn roster.

Joe looks at Benny and he is obviously concerned as Lee has done a lot of shit in the past but this must be a doozie for Benny to be talking the way he is.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks we have a huge show tonight and lets not waste anymore time talking. It is time for our first of four Invitational Matches as Ryan Faze is set to take on Dylan Nitro and that match is up next!


Ryan Faze vs. Dylan Nitro
Singles Match

Thunderstruck by AC/DC hits the PA system and the self proclaimed Walking Razorblade Dylan Nitro makes his way out to a solid reaction from the fans as highlights play on the HOTv of Nitro’s big win against Guy Static Stephens in the first match of group play.

As Nitro enters the ring Joe reminds the viewers that Nitro desperately needs a win here as he is three points back of Blaze and if he has any hope of capturing his former stablemate then he needs to put away a very tough newcomer in Ryan Faze.

As Mike Shea checks Nitro in the ring for anything illegal, Phase by Breaking Benjamin hits the PA system and the Phenomenal Ryan Faze makes his way out from the back to a very loud ovation from the HOW faithful.

Again Joe gives a rundown of Faze’s first few weeks here in HOW and the HOTv shows highlights of Faze losing his World Title opportunity last week against Graystone but not before he put in a valiant effort.

As Faze enters the ring Benny notes that he has a slight limp and it is too bad that alcohol and drugs are banned from the backstage area now because when he wrestled all he needed was a few pills and a shot and he was match ready.

Oh how the times have changed..

Finally after checking both men, Mike Shea signals for the bell and a Best Invitational graphic is shown on the HOTv as the bell is rung and our first match if officially under way.

Joe points out that this is a must win for Faze tonight if he has any shot of winning the Lynx group and we should expect nothing but the best from both men tonight.

Benny claims we will be lucky if we don’t fall asleep.

Inside the ring Nitro has grabbed early control by powering Faze to the corner and after a clean break, landing a wicked right hand that opens up the door for some more Nitro offence.

The crowd is quiet over the next few minutes as Nitro goes straight for the injured knee of Faze after a vicious leg whip.

From there Nitro is able to keep Faze grounded by working the injured knee on the bottom ropes and with various different submission type holds that often have Faze screaming out in pain.

Faze however doesn’t quit and is able to go on the offensive after countering a suplex attempt by Nitro with a spinning neck breaker out of no where.

Both men were barely able to get up by the 10 count and when they did it was only a matter of time before Nitro regained the advantage after Faze’s knee gave out during a suplex attempt.

Only a few minutes later Nitro is able to lock on a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring where Faze had no choice at all but to submit.


Post match we see Nitro help the injured Faze up off the mat as the crowd commends both men on their effort and sportsmanship.

As Nitro helps Faze to the back, the HOTv comes to life to show the updated standings in the Lynx group and we now see that Nitro and Blaze are tied at the top with 6pts each.

The action cuts backstage as Benny yawns..

Repsect paid?

The scene opens up in the L.O.D locker room. Darkwing is by himself, pacing back and forth.

The camera pans the locker room, before suddenly Darkwing stop pacing, looks at the camera, and motions for it to come closer. The fans can be heard chanting ‘Darkwing, Darkwing!’ in the background, Darkwing looks past the camera, seemingly listening to his name being chanted.

Darkwing: The City Of Wind….welcome the man that is without a shadow of a doubt!….the most charismatic Man in HOW history…..Darkwing.


The fans go apeshit for Darkwing as he pauses, listening to the cheers.

Darkwing crosses over to the large leather chair, pulls it into the center of the locker room, and sits down in it. He faces the camera and smiles, his hands on the arm rests, feeling the quality of the leather.


Darkwing: I had leaked some information that I would be addressing Jatt Starr’s little retirement speech. But before I do that, let’s touch on the events of last week.

Darkwing leans back in the chair. Pondering his words.


Darkwing:  The Legion of Darkness is back. And with it, the landscape of the fed has changed. Think about it. We have damn near 20 championships combined. We each have been in HOW a long time, and we are headed by two Hall Of Famers. Kostoff….an old war buddy who if I ever burn another man alive damn straight I’m calling Kostoff to come with me. Silent Witness. The most Underrated man in HOW History.  And Sektor, a man who has risen from obscurity to World Champion, and stayed at the top, unlike Max Kael, Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds. WIth all this firepower, all these accomplishments, all this experience, how can we not dominate all? The men who suffered our wrath last week is only the tip of the iceberg.


Darkwing pauses.


Darkwing: Jatt Starr. You come out, and you make this whole speech about how you are done. You tear down Max Kael’s little dream world, you make your little comments, and you do something I thought you wouldn’t do… refuse to get back in the ring.


Darkwing: I heard you Jatt, you have responsibilities, you got hitched, and you have a baby on the way, great. But look at Kostoff. He’s 97 years old with a house full of kids a wife and he still plays this game we call the wrestling business. Look me in the eye Jatt Starr…..(camera zooms in to Darkwing’s face)…you cannot look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to do this one last time. Match of the year….bigger than Andre and Hogan, bigger than Stone Cold and the Rock, bigger than Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, ONE LAST TIME!!!! Darkwing versus Jatt Starr. No Best Alliance. No L.O.D. The two biggest names in HOW history having one last match. (shakes his head slowly) you can’t tell me you don’t want that.

Darkwing : Ignore Lee Best, Jatt! Ignore Max! Max isn’t important! He used your legacy to get himself over. He isn’t worth your attention. Don’t come back for me, don’t come back for Max or the World title, or any of that. Come back to prove to yourself that you still are the best. But you can’t do it. You’re scared. You don’t have the courage to try your hand at this new HOW. We never envisioned this, did we Starr? Did you or I think HOW would be like this? No….it doesn’t scare me. I have the courage to keep doing what I love. I’m not scared of failure or shortcomings. I’m here to simply wrestle. And that my friend, is a lesson you obviously haven’t learned yet. The challenge has been made Jatt. It’s up to you if you want to heed the call. Ill be here. Waiting.

Suddenly, Darkwing looks up, surprised and angry. He stands up, and Issac Slade comes on camera. Darkwing looks Slade up and down.

Darkwing: Tell me why you are interrupting VERY important time here.

Issac Slade: Sorry for interrupting, I just wanted a moment of your time, talk to you about last week, wanted to get some things off my chest

Darkwing: You talk like we broke up or something, are we fucking?

Issac Slade(taken aback): What? No, No of course Not, I just wanted to say….

Darkwing: Then…don’t talk like we are on Dr. Phil. First off, who….who are you?

Issac Slade: I’m Issac Slade.

He offers Darkwing his hand, Darkwing just looks down at the hand and stares at him.

Issac Slade: First off I want to say it was a pleasure to have a HOW Legend like yourself as a ref in my debut match last week…

He see’s Darkwing isn’t moving to shake his hand.

Issac Slade: And uh… given the way it ended and the way I conducted myself at the end…

Darkwing: You mean you putting your hands on the Darkone?

Issac Slade: I…well I just wanted to offer my apologies, I certainly meant no Harm, your guard was up and I can understand how you reacted.

Darkwing:  Okay….look. I get where you’re coming from, you pay homage to the most charismatic man in wrestling, you want to associate yourself with the best in HOW history. I get it.

Issac Slade: Well, if you have any advice….

Darkwing(cutting him off): You know how old I am?

Issac Slade: 28?…maybe?

Darkwing(shaking his head): I’m 24. 24 and I have accomplished more than most 40 year olds. I’ve been wrestling in indies since I was 15 or so. Was World Champion at 19…youngest World Champion in professional wrestling history. You want to show respect for the Darkone, right?

Issac Slade: You’re certainly due some respect after such a prestigious career, and if I can make up for my behavior last week than by all means please let me know what I can do.

Darkwing pulls his cell out of his pocket and sends a quick text message.

Darkwing: Really? Okay, I want you to sing a song with me.

Issac Slade: A song?….huh? What?

Darkwing: Yeah! A song…you know this….I know you’ve heard it….

Darkwing throws an arm over the shoulder of Slade and begins to sing…

Darkwing: WAR!!!! HOOAH!!! What is it good for….?

(Darkwing looks at Slade)

Issac Slade(in normal voice, not singing): Absolutely nothing?



What is it good for….?

(again glares at Slade)

Issac Slade: um…absolutely nothing.

Darkwing: ALRIGHT NOW!!!

Issac Slade, ill tell you somethin….

When you see the Chocolate Tank you better be runnin….

Measure up to the Darkone, you cannot compete,

If I see you one more time, beat your ass in the street!


What is he good for!!!?

(Darkwing smiling at Slade who is into it now)

Issac Slade: Absolutely nothing!….wait a minute!!

Darkwing back away from Slade who is speechless. Suddenly Silent Witness walks in and stares down Slade.

Darkwing: That’s right Slade… are good for….absolutely nothing. Now get out of this locker room before you experience pain….destruction….and inevitable nightfall. Cause the Darkone……….has Spoken.

Witness is glaring at Slade, who looks a combination of confused and angry as he backs out the L.O.D locker room. Darkwing sighs and shakes his head as Mayhem heads to a commercial.


A commercial of Old Spice starring Max Kael comes on.


The scene opens up with a young geeky boy shooting at a group of other nerds in a school yard, dressed up with a Darth Vader cape. The other kids stare at him for a moment before they walk away as boy dances with himself alone.

Max Kael: That was me, before I started using Swagger by Old Spice.

The scene of the boy dancing alone appears on a T.V. screen with Max Kael standing next to it wearing a black suit and a sneer.

Max Kael: And for those interested.. Vader did defeat Maul. Imagine That.”

The scene fades to blade with the Old Spice logo and its trade mark tune.

Masked Hero?

Back live and the cameras cut backstage where HOW referee Matt Boettcher is laid out unconscious on the floor, with a large crowd gathered around him.

Joe Hoffman: That’s Matt Boettcher! It looks like somebody took him out.”

Big Benny Newell: Who the fuck cares?”

EMT’s then arrive at the scene and start to check on Boettcher.

EMT:” Did anybody see what happened?”

The EMT asks, looking around the the various people in the crowd. One of them raises his hand.

Staff Member:” I did…I saw it.”

EMT:” Can you tell me what happened Sir?”

Staff Member:” He…he attacked him.”

EMT:” Who did?”

Staff Member:” You are probably not going to believe me but….it was Zorro.”

The EMT looks confused as he shakes his head and turns his attention back to the downed Matt Boettcher.

Joe Hoffman: What? Did he just say that Zorro attacked Matt Boettcher?”

Big Benny Newell:” Clearly somebody has had one too many, which begs the question, why is this fucker not being suspended like the rest of us?”

The camera then starts moving away from Boettcher and zooms out to reveal a giant ‘Z’ that is spray painted on the wall. The cameras then cut back to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Well I am not sure exactly what is going on backstage but we will update you on Matt Boettcher’s condition as soon as we get the information. But right now the show must go on and it is time for our next match as Issac Slade is about to take on Sektor of the LOD!!

Issac Slade vs. John Sektor
Singles Match

Exploder by Audioslave hits the Best Arena’s PA system and Isaac Slade makes his way out from the back to a very strong reaction from the Chicago fans.

Joe makes it a point to bring up the background of Slade and how he was brought  up in a religious home and that you can tell how respectful he is when he was talking to Darkwing backstage earlier on tonight.

Benny pretends to be puking as the HOTv screen shows a replay of Darkwing and Slade signing together only one week after the Dark One brought Slade down to the canvas with a Dark Reality DDT.

Slade acknowledges the fans as his music ends and Live your Life by TI and Rihanna begins playing and Sektor of the LOD makes his way out to a very loud reaction from the fans who have obviously not forgotten about everything Sektor has done in the past here in HOW.

Benny notes that he lost last week…don’t forget that.

Joe ignores him as the former world champion Sektor, climbs into the ring and waves to all the fans as Joel Hortega signals for the bell and we are underway.

As the two fan favorites lock up Joe reminds everyone that this match is not an Invitational match as neither man is in TBI but both have been making sure that they are not lost in the shuffle as both have had some very eventful past few weeks.

The two men go to lock up but Slade is already a step ahead of the HOW legend as he executes a perfect fireman’s carry right into an arm lock that grounds Sektor right away.

Sektor is able to get to his feet however and is able to Irish whip Slade off of and nails the HOW newcomer with a powerful clothesline sending him over the top rope and to the outside.

Sektor quickly follows suit and the two men begin to battle on the outside as the fans have once again gone somewhat quiet as they are unsure of who to root for.

Benny is rooting for a quick finish as he just got a text message from Lee saying he was literally only a few minutes away from the arena after having waited to make sure Kostoff arrived before him.

Joe told Benny to focus on the match at hand as Slade reverses an Irish whip attempt from Sektor into his own and thus sending the LOD member crashing hard back first into the steel guard rail.

After rolling back into the ring to break the count, Slade returns to the outside and proceeds to walk Sektor around the ring, bouncing his head off of every inch of exposed steel as Benny wonders if Slade is a member of any Children of the Corn type cults.

Joe counters that just  cause someone acknowledges that they are religious in public doesn’t mean that they are in a cult.

Benny wishes for a damn drink as the action finally returns inside the ring as Slade rolls Sektor in but makes a vital mistake as Sektor is able to muster up a dropkick to the knee of Slade just as he enters the ring and it is now Sektor, a little woozy mind you, that is in full control.

Sektor begins suplexing Slade all over the ring as he is now in full control and the crowd is now firmly behind Sektor as he continues to show why he was former World Champion here in HOW.

Sektor is able to get several near falls but is unable to put Slade away.

Finally Sektor signals for his C-SEKTION finisher and nails Slade in the gut, setting the move up,  but Slade is able to counter and back body drops Sektor and he lands awkwardly on his neck and as he is rolling around in pain Slade is able to climb the near turnbuckle and jump off and execute a perfect FREEFALL out of nowhere and a shocked Best Arena stands as one as Slade makes the cover..







Post match we see Slade roll out of the ring quickly as Hortega checks on Sektor who is still holding his neck and Joe notes that if not for that awkward landing we could of seen a different outcome in this match.

But take nothing away from Slade as he just defeated the man several people see as the most serious threat to Graystone’s World Championship.

The action cuts backstage as we cut away from a last look of Sektor staring up at the rampway at Slade in complete disgust.



We cut backstage were Blaire Moise is standing by with David Black and Jade.

Blaire: David Black, in just a few minutes you will be going head to head with Silent Witness in your second match in the Lee Best Invitational, now after fighting to a draw with Damien Ryan in your first match, how important is it that you are victorious in this match?

David: You know, this match is extremely important to me for any number of reasons..

He holds up one finger.

David: Get a W and add 3 more points to my score in the Invitational.

He says, now raising another finger, holding up two fingers to the camera.

David: Getting some revenge on a Legion of Dorks member for their cowardly ambush attack on me last week.

He then goes to raise a third finger but quickly takes it down again and just looks at his two raised fingers.

David: So what we learned today, is that when I say “any number of reasons”, I actually mean two…two reasons.

He says, before lowering his hand.

Blaire: How confident are you going into this match?

David: Well…on a scare from one to ten, I’d probably say twenty-seven and a half. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not kidding myself, I know that Silent Witness is the odds on favorite going into this match, he’s a big name with the company and he’s managed to put together a nice little list of accomplishments. The thing about that is, I’m not really that big into odds. Me becoming the great, enormous success that I am today, self made millionaire and all, was pretty much against all the darn odds but I still managed to get here. So when people tell me that Silent Witness is the “odds on favorite”, all I really have to say to that, is good on him. I’m sure that helps him stay all warm and fuzzy in the cold nights.

Blaire: Well good luck tonight.

David: Thanks.

He says, with a smile and a nod, as he and Jade walks off towards the ring area as the action cuts to another part of the backstage area.

Welcoming Party..

The feed cuts to outside a door and as the camera focuses we see the name on the door clearly reads LEE BEST.

The door suddenly flies open and a man comes hurling into the cameraman and the camera falls to the ground and all anyone can see is complete chaos as feet are seen scrambling all over the place. Suddenly the cameraman picks the camera back up and we see what all the commotion was about.

Graystone and Scottywood can be seen holding a man up by his arms as another man can be seen throwing rights and lefts into the gut and face of the unknown man.

The cameraman gingerly steps forward and we see the man that Graystone and Scottywood are holding up looks awfully familiar.

Joe Hoffman: Is that……come on that cant be….is that…..Splinter??

There is not an answer to be had though as the man has been beaten to complete bloody pulp and the man doing the punching motions for Graystone and Scottywood to drop him and the man falls down hard to the concrete ground.

The attacker bends down and lifts up the chin of the beaten man and states only one sentence before standing up.

Does that answer your question about whether you can come back??”

Standing up the man turns slowly towards the cameraman and we see it is none other than Lee Best and he looks more evil than ever as his damaged eye is a different shade than his other eye.

Lee Best: Time to shake some shit up…

With that Lee leads Graystone and Scottywood away as the cameraman zooms in on the face of the badly beaten man as Mayhem goes to commercial with Joe and Benny arguing if that man is Splinter or not.


ICONIC Intentions

Back live and once again cameras liven up backstage as the fans are raring and ready for more.

Immediately the camera turns to see Crow and Joey walking down the corridor, they come to a halt in view of the camera, fans watch on from ringside and around the world as Crow looks around making sure there’s nobody listening in.

Benny Newell: What the fuck they doing?

Joe Hoffman: Well if you wait we’ll probably find out..

Crow grabs Joey by the shoulder and leans forward.

Crow: Now things are going to go my way tonight, I’m walking out of here with this belt.

Crow moves his jacket to reveal his ICON title.

Benny Newell: Put it away, for fuck sake, nobody wants to see that!

Joe Hoffman: I bet if it were Scottywood you’d be yelling MORE!

Crow makes his point of pointing out his title.

Crow: But if things go wrong, and this mother fucker finds some more evil way to weasel me out of my belt, and this Invitational spot.. do you remember what I told you?

Joey nods.

Benny Newell: Why the fuck isn’t Graystone in the main event?

Crow: If things go wrong, I want your eyes to be my eyes, I want to know, where miss Amanda Maurako is, he’ll be handing my title back to me in no time.

Crow taps Joey on the back as he nods and heads off, Crow stands confident though holding his title firm.

Crow: Not like he stands a fucking chance anyway, but always have insurance!

Joe Hoffman: Insurance, an innocent woman could get dragged into this for no reason..

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck, I can’t take this I need..

Joe Hoffman: …?

An upset Benny.

Benny Newell: ..forget it..

Crow walks off as the action returns to ringside as its time for our next Invitational match up as Silent Witness will be taking on David Black in Mark O’Neal group play.

Upping the Ante

Worlds Greatest by R Kelly begins playing and David Black and Jade make their way down to ringside to a nice chorus of boos from the Chicago crowd even though some of the fans cheer everytime they hear hometown R Kelly playing thru the PA system.

Joe notes that there is no referee yet in the ring for this match up as Matt Boettcher was attacked earlier on in the show and its amazing that Black has more heat with a ref than he does with anyone else on the roster.

Benny counters that if it weren’t for Boettcher a few weeks back then it would be Black in the lead in the Mark O’Neal group and not LOD member Silent Witness.

On cue the HOTv comes alive to show that indeed Witness is leading the group and Black is third only a half a point behind Christopher America who has a non Invitational match with Bobbinette Carey later on in the evening.

Lux Aeterna by the Kronos Quartet begins to play and the LSD Legend and current LOD member Silent Witness makes his way out from the backstage area and as he does Joe quickly runs down what they saw backstage with the reemergence of Lee Best and the attack on Splinter?

Splinter is a longtime rival of Silent Witness’s in the LSD Division and one has to wonder exactly went down to have him getting his ass handed to him by Lee and the Best Alliance.

The talk quickly turns to the fact that there is no referee for this match as Witness climbs into the ring and faces off with Black.

Suddenly Back in Black begins playing and the crowd stands as one and turns towards the entrance ramp as Lee Best makes his way out from the back flanked by the World and LSD Champions.

There is no mic in Lee’s hand however but there is something visible under his suit jacket and suddenly it becomes obvious as Lee takes off his jacket and hands it off to Scottywood revealing a referee shirt.

Joe and Benny go apeshit as Lee makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring as Graystone and Scottywood stay up on the entrance ramp waiting for the inevitable LOD save.

The HOTv then comes alive and we see Chris Kostoff staring into the camera with eyes blazing.

Chris Kostoff states although there is nothing he can do to keep Lee from reffing this match, there is no rule or law stating that he himself cannot even the playing field even more as he announces that to keep Lee’s counting from being a factor that this match between LOD stablemate Silent Witness and David Black is now a First Blood Match.

As Lee smiles the HOTv goes black and all the attention is now turned towards the middle of the ring where Lee has just entered the ring and is smiling from ear to ear at Silent Witness.

Joe states that we have to cut to commercial break but when we come back its Silent Witness vs. David Black in a First Blood Match with Lee Best as Referee!!!!


Silent Witness vs. David Black
First Blood Match
Special Guest Referee Lee Best

Back live and the action has already picked up as Witness and Black have battled to the outside where Black can be seen choking Witness with wires from the various cameras at ringside as Jade looks on screaming at Witness while inside the ring Lee is just smiling at the action.

Witness is able to fight his way to his feet but is quickly body slammed on the arena floor for his efforts. After each move over the next few minutes Black pauses to look into the ring at the owner of HOW as Lee doesn’t move but remains focused on the action on the outside.

Another glance towards Lee after ramming Witness shoulder first into the ring post proves costly however as Lee has gotten tired of Black looking at him and flips off David which sets him off and he slides into the ring to confront Lee which promptly sees Scottywood and Graystone start down the ramp but Lee motions for them to stay put and instead he points behind Black and Black knows what is coming before he even turns.

With a hurt left shoulder Witness brings down a steel chair with his right hand towards the head of Black but Lee pushes Black out of the way and barely dodges the chair himself, falling down to the mat.

Witness looks at Lee and smiles as the crowd cheers loudly for Witness to bring the steel down on Lee.

Scottywood and Graystone hustle down the ramp but stop at the bottom of the ramp as Lee rolls out of the ring as Witness was distracted. Lee smiles up at Witness as the former LSD Champion turns just in time to be met by a superkick from David Black.

The force of the blow knocks the steel chair from Witness’s hand and as Benny goes nuts for David’s Blackout finisher Joe notes that the match is not over and it must end with blood…not a pinfall.

It is at this time that Darkwing and Sektor appear at the top of the ramp and Graystone and Scottywood turn towards the LOD members and the four men begin talking some serious trash as back inside the ring Jade has slid Black a pair of brass knuckles.

Black is yelling at Lee to pay attention but Lee cannot hear him and Black walks over to the ropes nearest Lee and finally gets his attention.

Lee turns and sees what Black has on his hand and goes to get into the ring and stops and the concerned look on Blacks face is priceless as Witness has stumbled up behind him and quickly locks in his million dollar dream type finisher called Silent Night.

Lee quickly rolls into the ring as Black tries to fight off Witness but it is to no avail. Witness shakes Black violently back and forth trying to put the man out.

The crowd is going crazy as the LOD members have inched down the rampway and are watching the match intently as Graystone and Scottywood have their backs to the ring and are instead focused on the LOD members.

Black finally falls to a knee and is unable to fight anymore it seems as Witness has the hold locked in good and tight.

Jade then quickly jumps up on the apron and Lee stops her from entering the ring and the two begin to argue.

Suddenly a man comes out from under the ring and slides into the ring behind Lee’s back and before the rest of the LOD can even see who it is the man picks up the steel chair that Witness dropped earlier in the match and proceeds to blast Witness in the back of the head sending the LSD Champion down.

The crowd begins booing loudly as the LOD members rush down the ramp and Graystone and Scottywood let them fly by them as they chase the unknown man into the crowd.

The HOTv then shows a replay and we see that the man is none other than Guy Static Stephens. Benny then begins laughing as it was Static who was jumped by the LOD in the previous week.

Back inside the ring Jade has quit arguing with Lee and Lee turns back to the action just in time to see a very dazed David Black bring Silent Witness’s head crashing down on top of the steel chair. Blood begins to gush from the forehead of the former LSD Champion and Lee signals for the bell.


Post match we see Lee smile at Black as he exits the ring and heads to the back once again flanked by Graystone and Scottywood.

Cameras focus in on Jade who is helping Black to his feet as Joe and Benny wonder if the LOD have caught up to Static yet.

The action then cuts backstage…

Perfect Setup

We cut backstage, where we see one half of the HOW Stable Champions, “Perfect” Paul Paras, walking through the hallway, cane in hand and dressed in street clothes with his Stable Title belt around his shoulder, as he is not booked to wrestle tonight.  Paul stops and checks his wristwatch, then stares indignantly to his left through his mirrored sunglasses.  The cameraman pans over to see a large door donning a plaque that reads “Office of the Investors: Chris Kostoff”. 

Paras smirks and casually opens the door before walking inside to find Kostoff sitting at his desk with two Chicago policemen flanking him on either side.  Kostoff appears to be thoroughly engrossed in a pile of paperwork and hasn’t even noticed Paul enter.  Paras immediately snaps his Singapore cane on the desk, startling Kostoff and causing the police officers to rush toward Triple P.  Chris puts out a hand.

Kostoff: At ease, guys, at ease.  This is the one I told you about… the one who struts around thinking he owns the place. Besides save that fucking aggression for when we run into that goddamn Lee.

Paras: Funny, I just told someone the same about you, Chris.

Kostoff stands up and shares a staredown with Triple P for a moment before calming down and re-taking his seat.

Paras: So, are you going to congratulate me for having the highest-rated segments on last week’s

Mayhem?  HOW got coverage from all the major media outlets thanks to the Marvelous One and myself.

Kostoff: Paul, you know the consequences of the shit your partner pulled last week.  I spent all week having to assure the investors that wife beating was not common practice in HOW so they wouldn’t pull their funding entirely and get us kicked off the air.  That doesn’t mean I can’t get rid of the problem children though, …which is why I’m not airing any of your commercials tonight and you and Triple M are being drug tested.  These two men are Chicago Police officers and forensic specialists who run drug screens for a living.  We all know you two are juiced up beyond belief, and tonight, I think it’s about time we made sure the rest of the roster…or any more women are not in serious danger by us allowing you to compete here.

Paras: Listen, Lion-O, the Perfect One has no problem taking your silly little drug tests with Andy and Barney Fife here.  I do, however, have a suggestion for you.

Kostoff: Humor me.

Paras: Get down on your knees, flunkie…

Kostoff’s expression grows irate as he waves the policemen toward Paras, but Triple P nonchalantly raises his hand to stop them, causing them to look at each other confusedly.  He takes off his shades and stares directly at Kostoff.

Paras: Get down on your knees… and pray to the Lord above that you don’t lose your #1 ratings draw tonight.  I’m sure the investors would adore that.

Paul replaces his glasses and walks out of the office with the policemen following.  Kostoff glares at Triple P as he leaves the room. 

The action cuts to commercial as Benny claims it is Kostoff who is losing control tonight while Lee is speaking via actions tonight and not with words.

Joe cannot argue that point as he notes that up next we will have Christopher America inside the ring and with a mic so don’t miss that!


Only in America

Back from commercial and suddenly we hear the voice of Christopher America over the PA system.

Christopher’s voice shouts “AMERICA!”

On the HOTv an American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down.

Joe and Benny talk about what a heat magnet America has become and wonder just what the heck does he have up his sleeve to get even more heat.

As the sparks finish falling America takes in all booing from the fans and is set to start down the rampway when instead the HOTv comes back alive and we see the disturbing face off Lee Best and his two different colored eyes courtesy of Chris Kostoff.

Lee Best: Guess what America…..your time is……..yep ….UP!! I have heard enough of your damn mouth and I know you bought this time to go down to the ring and try to piss these people off but I am afraid you would even fuck that up so it is not going to happen. So take your little bitch ass to the back and wait for your match and if I see you out here before that time…..your ass is fucking FIRED!!!

America turns up towards the HOTv in shock just as it goes black

America pats his microphone but it has been shut off and the action cuts away as America slumps to the back as the crowd boos him unmercifully.

Epic Arrival

Action picks up backstage where the camera lights up showing The Epic 1 Limo pulling into the arena. Bobbinette gets out with Her little sister Livie. The three of them stand there, Olivia holding Princess. Bobbinette looks back into the limo.

Bobbinette: Thank you both for listening.

She says into the limo and closes the door. She turns around seeing Blaire running towards her with a Microphone. Bobbinette nods her head expecting this.

Bobbinette: Blaire…

Blaire: Can I get a few words with you?

Bobbinette: Not right now.

Blaire: Who was in the limo?

Bobbinette puts up her hand.

Bobbinette: That’s not your concern right now.

Blaire: About last week. You disbanded team epic. A lot of people were shocked. Some people felt cheated that you just made a snap judgment call.

Bobbinette rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: Things will be addressed later tonight. I’ve got business to attend to.

Bobbinette warns. Bobbinette looks back and takes Livie’s hand. Livie looks at Blaire then looks down walking with her Sister as Mayhem cuts to commercial.


Don’t drink the Powerade

We head backstage again, where we find Perfect Paul Paras seated in a folding chair in the locker room, his feet propped up on another chair in front of him, listening to a blue iPod Nano Chromatic.  To his right is a cooler, from which he grabs a red Powerade.  Before he can drink any, Chris Kostoff walks into the locker room wearing his wrestling gear of jeans and combat boots and kicks the chair out from under Paul’s legs to get his attention.  Paras raises an eyebrow, slowly takes his ear buds out, and stands to go face-to-face with Kostoff.

Kostoff: Oh, excuse me, Mr. Not-so-Perfect.  Did I interrupt your Miley Cyrus album?

Paras: You’re excused, Mr. Not-so-Original.  Actually, you’ll be happy to know I was listening to the “Best of LOD Promo Series”.  My doctor prescribed it as a sleep aid.

Kostoff and Paras continue their staredown while the two policemen from earlier walk into the room and stand in front of Triple P, momentarily blocking out our camera view.  As our cameraman runs around to get a better shot, we see one of the policemen hand a sheet of paper to Kostoff.  Kostoff examines the paper for an excessively long time, his eyes widening and his forehead wrinkling slightly.

Policeman: Mr. Kostoff, the test results are in for Mr. Paras and as you can see, we found…

Kostoff: I CAN SEE WHAT IT FUCKING SAYS!  All right, Paras, how the fuck are you CLEAN?

Paul smirks and takes a sip of his Powerade.

Paras: Chris, my dear ignoramus, the Perfect One looks as good as he does without even trying.  Why would I need to take steroids?  Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not going anywhere, and our Best Invitational match is still on.  But hey, look at the bright side— you still have your ratings magnet and Lee didn’t have to do a single thing to make you look like a failure this time!

Triple P sits back down, a smug look on his face.  Kostoff balls up the sheet of paper and tosses it to the ground, trying to maintain his cool.

Kostoff: I have business to take care of out in the ring.  Gentlemen, see to it that Triple M gets a more thorough test.  Paras… don’t get too comfortable, because I’m going to burst more than your fucking bubble when we face off again.

Kostoff turns and walks out of the locker room and slams the door shut.  The policemen begin to follow before Paras calls out to them.

Paras: Excuse the Perfect One, officers, but I couldn’t help but notice that you are looking rather downtrodden today.  Certainly, a day hanging around Kostoff is enough to drain the life out of anyone, but what seems to be the underlying problem?

The officers look at Paras, then at one another, before the older of the two replies first.

Older Officer: I’ve been on this force for 25 years, and they told me this morning that they might need to start laying people off due to budget cuts.  I jumped at the chance to do this gig, no matter how crappy it may be… I don’t want them to think I’m expendable, ya know?

Younger Officer: Yeah, try being the new kid on the team!  I’m surprised they haven’t canned me already… fucking horrible economy.

Paras: Hmm…yes, yes, the Perfect One feels your pain and knows what it is like to see fine, hard working citizens such as yourself thrown under the bus of monetary turmoil.  Have you gentlemen heard of the Perfect Life Movement, by chance?

Younger Officer: No…what’s that?

Paras: A guide through the rabbit hole of existential prosperity, my good man.  Here, come sit down, have a drink, and let the Minnesota Messiah spread the good word.  I highly recommend the blue stuff…it’ll change your life.

The officers hesitate, but soon each take a seat on the other folding chairs in the locker room.  Paul hands them each a shimmering blue Powerade from the cooler as we head back to ringside as Joe tells us its Kostoff will be in the ring next and god knows he cannot be happy with all that is going on tonight.

Chris Kostoff vs. Tenma
Singles Match

Name of the Game by Crystal Method begins to blast thru the PA system and the crowd erupts as Chris Kostoff makes his way out from the back.

Tenma, his opponent, is already in the ring as is referee Mike Shea who will ref this match up.

Kostoff enters the ring and as he does the HOTv comes alive and we see footage of Darkwing and Sektor in the parking lot watching a car speeding away and the HOTv quickly goes black again and Joe points out that it had to of been Lee Best making sure that Kostoff seen that his stablemates failed in catching up to what surely was Static.

The footage just pissed off Kostoff even more however and as Shea signals for the bell Tenma has no chance in hell as Kostoff charges the former Ken Davison and begins to pummel him.

Joe quickly gets in the fact that this is an Invitational match up in the Narcotic group and this is a big match for Kostoff in terms of points.

Joe is barely able to get that out as Kostoff nails Tenma with his No Remorse finisher and this match is over before it ever gets started.

Shea makes the three count and Kostoff gets a precious three points at the expense of Tenma.


Post match we see Kostoff storm towards the back as Joe and Benny argue about whether or not Tenma should even be allowed to wrestle in HOW again as the action cuts to a commercial


Epic Return??

Back live and we see Blair Moise and Bobbinette Carey.

Blaire stands next to Bobbinette anxiously as Bobbinette stands with Olivia behind her.

Bobbinette: Last week I ended team epic. It wasn’t a brash decision. It was something that was a long time coming. We weren’t a team we weren’t a family. There were people in team Epic I had never spoken with. How can I have people supposedly watch my back when I didn’t know them? How can you trust someone you don’t know?

Blaire: So you’re going alone?

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: People have been abducted in the company. Families ruined. Lives shattered for the sadistic entertainment of twisted tortured peoples.

Bobbinette looks back at Livie.

Bobbinette: I have always called myself a Queen. For years I’ve been queen B then the Queen of Epicness. Queens don’t belong in a team… they belong in a court. They belong with people that understand justice and who could understand Justice better than those they knight.

Blaire: You’re going to be knighting people?

Blaire seems confused. Bobbinette smiles.

Bobbinette: I already have.

Blaire feels two people standing behind her. The camera shows David Black and Dylan Nitro.

Bobbinette: Two of my knights that will fight for the just Cause. You can call us the K.o.e.

Blaire: K.o.e?

Bobbinette: Knights of epicness. Only a knight who has a pure heart and can stand up for what they believe in can be the people to stand against the tyranny of the Best Alliance, The annoyance of the AoA, and have respect for the LOD.

Blaire: But won’t people say that this is just team epic again.

Bobbinette: They can but then they’d be Idiots… If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. We’re taking our stand. We’re taking back this company. We’re taking justice back we’re standing up for what we believe in.

She says with a nod.

Bobbinette: This isn’t a team, it’s a court we will follow the rules and be exemplary models of what knights… heroes really are. We wont be sitting in the back watching each other get beat down. No we’re going to be at ring side for one and other supporting and standing up for what we believe in.

Blaire: What do you believe in?

Bobbinette: Justice. What I did to Crow… There will be more coming down the pipe line for those that have done injustice and disservices to other.

Bobbinette takes Livie’s hand walking with Dylan Nitro and David Black as Blaire watches them walk out of view as the action cuts to another part of the backstage area..

Tagged Out

We cut backstage again, where we see HOW Stable Champion “Marvelous” Mario Maurako, lifting two 75lb dumbbells with relative ease in a vacant hallway.  The fans in the arena can be heard booing instantly when he appears on the screen after his actions last week.  After a few repetitions, Triple M spots somebody and puts the weights down on the floor.  From the right side of the screen walks in fellow Stable Champion “Perfect” Paul Paras.

Paras: You ready to knock Crow out of the air tonight?

Maurako: I was born ready.  My Marvelous mind is clear now that Amanda is on her way out of my life… good riddance to that hosebeast… she couldn’t keep up with the Marvelous One.

Paras: I don’t know… she kept up pretty well with the force of your fist last week.

The fans boo even louder as Perfectly Marvelous share a laugh.

Maurako: True enough.  How did the drug testing go?

Paras: Perfectly.  Speaking of which, it’s your turn…meet the newest believers in my cause.

Kostoff’s two police officers walk…or rather, stumble into the camera view, both of them staring up into the fluorescent lighting in the hallway, mouths agog and looking excessively happy.  Each of them is almost finished with his bottle of blue Powerade, which is slightly spilling on the hallway floor in the officers’ dazed gait.

Younger Officer: Whoaaahhh… another drug test?  With the pretty color strips and shit?

Older Officer: Mannn… this is going to be fantastic!  Let’s go, Triple N…err…T…err…whatever….hahaha!

Younger Officer: This… IS THE BEST JOB EVER!!!!

Triple M looks confusedly at Triple P, who simply smirks proudly. 

Maurako: Powerade, huh?

Paras: …and a whole lot of faith, of course.

The officers each grab an arm of Maurako and lead him down the hall, leaning on him for support.  We cut back to ringside as Bobbinette Carey vs. Christopher America is next!!

Bobbinette Carey vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

Back from commercial and suddenly we hear the voice of Christopher America over the PA system.

Christopher’s voice shouts “AMERICA!”

On the HOTv an American flag is shown flowing in the wind against a clear blue sky. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

Christopher America comes out still looking embarrassed from his encounter with Lee Best. He holds his arms up and touches the tips of his fingers forming an A. As he does, red, white, and blue sparks rain down.

Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell discuss how his in ring time didn’t exactly go as planned and how Lee Best is making his authority and presence known to seemingly everyone on the roster.

Best damn thing” By Avril Lavigne plays. as There is a pink spot light with a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. She walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm. She waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores fans looking down on them. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She gets in the ring and jumps on the ropes and works the crowd then stands in the center of the ring.

As she stands in the ring waiting for the bell Benny notes his distaste for Carey as Joe discusses the animosity between the two wrestlers throughout this past week.

The Bell rings and the two lock up as Carey gets an early advantage over Chris America by swinging around to his rear and tying him up in a hammer lock. She the pushes him across the ring and receives a big pop from the crowd as America looks at her with embarrassment and distaste. He then lunges at her to which she counters with a drop toe hold, causing America to hold his face. Carey brings him to his feet but America quickly punches her in the gut doubling her over, and then gives a stiff right hand to the side of her head, sending her to the mat. With an arrogant look on his face he looks around at the booing crowd.

Benny speaks about his delight in America showing tenacity to the Queen B as America picks her up and drops her with an American Backbreaker, which gets a two count following a pin. Hoffman also mentions Carey’s new team the Knight’s of Epicness, consisting of David Black and Dylan Nitro who have both been victorious on Mayhem.

Carey counters an attempt of an American suplex and the two go at it tooth and nail until Carey eventually gets the upper hand with a superkick. She continues to dominate Chris America getting several near falls. Hoffman mentions the possibility of it being a perfect night in terms of wins for the newly formed team to which Benny Newell replies with comments about Carey not being American enough to beat Christopher America.

Carey has America in a headlock and he drops to his knee’s attempting a low blow between Carey’s legs. The crowd begin to laugh acknowledging that Carey is in fact female. Benny Newell explains that Christopher America obviously had his doubts like a lot people in HOW. America does eventually break free of the hold with shots to the back and performs an American bulldog. Hortega counts for the pin attempt..










America bangs his hands on the mat and picks Bobinette up off the mat and kicks her in the gut. He looks to try and hit an American DDT…but Carey counters with a northern lights suplex which she holds for the..










NO!!!  America popped his hips to release the pin with Hortega’s hand half an inch away from the mat. Hoffman stresses how close America was to losing the match. Care doesn’t waste any time as she runs towards the ropes and performs a handspring. Hoffman yells as he knows the Royalty check is coming. But America grabs her legs before she can perform the hurricarana and throws her forward. She lands on her face and America rolls her up in a schoolboy rollup. He holds the ropes as he does but Hortega’s view is obstructed by Carey’s wriggling legs as he count’s.









Post match Newell expresses his delight of America beating Carey, as Chris rolls out of the ring and scurry’s up the ramp smirking towards a furious Carey who is screaming at Joel Hortega as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as Joe lets everyone know that up next is Maximillian Kaels in ring time!!



Purtania” by Dimmu Borgir roared over the P.A. system of the Best Alliance as the lights dimmed. From the stage the red and blue lights started to flash shortly before the Road Maxter 8000 exploded onto the stage through the entrance, Max Kael behind the wheel. The mini-Hummer paused on the stage before Max gunned it down to the ring, camera men and stage hands jumping out of the way as he tore his way toward the ring.

The fans booed Max loudly as he reached the ring and turned the golf cart off, standing up with a scowl on his face. He reached into the passenger side and grabbed a large bag, slinging it over his shoulder before he jumped up into the ring from his golf cart, never once touching the arena floor. “Purtania” faded out as Max removed his official “Maxopotamia HOW Microphone” from a pocket and flicked it on as the chants of “Fuck off Maxie, Fuck off” started up early.

Max Kael: Well, Chicago, it’s nice to see you again as well! Now.. I know most of you know who I am but for those who do not..

The fans booed louder as he was about to introduce himself again, an event which was not often looked forward too, particularly since it was such a slap in the face to Jatt Starr.

Max Kael: The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia, Maximillian Kael. The man who will go on to overshadow every accomplishment ever attained by Jatt Starr. The man who will create a legacy so impressive they shall have to make a special hall within the HOW Hall of Fame labeled “The Hall of Fame’s Hall of Fame” as they will not be able to, in good faith, put me next to someone who’s claims to fame are so pathetic as Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey’s.

More booing is issued forth from the fans as he struts over to the bag he brought to the ring, unzipping the top of it as he pulled out a clip board, holding it up into the air at the fans.

Max Kael: Now, if I can have your attention for a moment I would like to read something to you Second Class Citizens for a moment. So that means shut up.. so shut up.

The booing intensifies as Max lowers the clip board so he could read off it before he takes in a deep breath.

Max Kael: Two time HOW Champion, two time HOW Icon Champion, HOW Tag Team Champion, HOW Internet Champion, HOW Interlantic Champion, War Games Winner and Hall of Fame inductee. That is the championship and professional accolades of one Jatt Starr, a legend in his own right, and deservedly so. That is the goal I am aiming for. However there is one title on this list I did not yet mention.. what title you might ask?

Max leaned down once again and picked up a brown velvet bag with a string tie on the end. He smirked at the camera as he pulled the draw string open but he did not remove whatever was inside, out yet.

Max Kael: The Undefeated Against Darkwing Title. Jatt Starr went undefeated against Darkwing gaining an impressive 11 victories over the so called Hall of Famer. If that’s not pathetic I don’t know what is. But I am here too break Jatt’s records, not stand in awe of them. I shall defeat Darkwing no less then twelve consecutive times. Once Jatt Starr’s record is shattered.. well.. it shall be Max Kael who is the true champion. But seeing as how Jatt Starr is presently retired.. well I guess I will have to shoulder this burden early and just award myself the title.

Max pulled a silver title from velvet bag set on a black strap. The face plate was emblazoned with a picture of Darkwing lying unconscious on the canvas with the letters UAD in bold letters centered on the plate. Max held it up into the air as pyro explodes overhead and from the stage marking the crowning of the UAD Champion.

The fans boo even more loudly as confetti and balloons begin to fall from the ceiling as Max Kael straps the belt around his waist looking overly impressed with himself as he lets the ring fill up with balloons before speaking again.

Max Kael: Can you believe Jatt Starr had one of these things made out of cardboard? Ha! Well in all ways the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia is superior and this belt is made from only the MOST EXPENSIVE.. plastics and rubber money can buy! Yes, this IS truly a glorious day for Maxopotamia and for all of you to witness history.. just like later tonight when Max Kael defeats Darkwing for the Second time in my career! After that a mere ten more times before I can write that.. OFF THE LIST! Imagine That!”

With that Max Kael cut his own mic and held his hands in the air as more balloons fell from the ceiling. Under the booing the sound of people popping the balloons could be heard as Max collected his bag and tossed it into the back of the Road Maxter 8000 and drives off to the back as Mayhem cuts to another commercial.


Backstage, Triple M walks out of the locker room and into the hallway, followed by the two policemen from earlier, who appear to be just as dazed they were when we last saw them.  The older cop has a sheet of paper in his hand, apparently Triple M’s drug screening results.

Maurako: So…am I ready to head out for my match with Crow or not?

Younger Officer: Hahaha!  You betcha, Trizziple!  At least I think so…

Older Officer: Yeah… who knows… this looks like you’re clean… I like clean tests… we’ll let Kostovanislavis…that one guy know that you’re clean!

Younger Officer: Totally clean!  Wax on, wax off!  Spic and span!  Shake and Bake, and I helped!  Hahaha…

Maurako: …Thanks.

The police officers dizzily walk off toward Kostoff’s office, although it is unsure if they’ll actually make it there.  From the announce table, Benny rages about how he can get busted by drug testing after one night of partying while Triple M gets off scott free after all the steroids he’s probably been popping for years.  Maurako turns down the hall and spots two HOW backstage crew members laughing to themselves and joking around as they look at what appear to be 8×10 photos of some sort.  When they look up and see Triple M, their eyes grow wide and their skin turns a ghastly shade of pale as they quickly look back to the pictures and pretend they never saw him.  Maurako, sensing something is amiss, walks over and grabs the photos from their hands and examines them.  Triple M’s face quickly turns a bright shade of angry red as he shoots both crew members a look of utter furor.  He reaches out and grabs one of the men by the throat.

Maurako: What the hell are these?!  Where did you get them?!!!

Crew Member: They’re not ours!  We just found them! Honest!!

Triple M does not appear to buy the story, or simply doesn’t care, as he brutally tosses the man into the wall behind him back first.  He unloads a stiff punch to the jaw of the other crew member and begins to punch the hell out of him on the floor.  Maurako stands up, seething, and picks up the first crew member, locking him into the Marvelousity full nelson, shaking the much smaller man violently from side to side.


The crew member has already passed out from the pain of hitting the wall and being put in the hold.  Before Triple M can do any more damage, “Ego” by Element 80 hits in the arena, signifying that the ICON Title match is about to begin.  Frustrated, Maurako chucks the crew member across the hall.  He picks up the photos and puts them on a table backstage, examining them again as he psychs himself up for the match.  Triple M storms toward the ring as the camera zooms in to catch a glimpse of the photos…

Joe Hoffman: Is that…Ryan Faze… and Amanda Maurako…together?!

We cut back to ringside.

Scotty DO!

The lights in the arena go out and “Come to Life” by Alter Bridge blares on the speakers of the Best Arena. The fans cheer as Damien Ryan walks out onto the ramp. He stops for a moment to let it in the awesomeness of the Best Arena enviornment then starts making his way down towards the ring. He’s wearing regular street clothes since he’s not scheduled to fight tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Well, looks like Lee has allowed a last minute add-in to this show tonight…yep, I’m getting word that Damien Ryan has purchased some in-ring time.

Ryan finally reaches the ring and is handed a microphone.

Damien Ryan: I came out here tonight because I feel I need to redeem myself a little bit after my poor performance last week for you people. I’ve let you down. I was told by the hallway staff here at the Best Arena that the bathrooms were at maximum capacity during my match against Christopher America last week. My first appearance here in HOW, I promised that would not happen, and I let you down.

The fans give a mixed reaction.

Damien Ryan: BUT, I am not going to apologize. No, because that just wouldn’t be “Mr. I Don’t Give A Fuck”. That would just make me some regular dude. I’m not a regular dude, you people know that.

He pauses.

Damien Ryan: I just wanted to remind everybody here, who the number one contender is for the LSD Championship to face Scottywood.

The crowd boos at the sound of the name.

Damien Ryan: It’s funny. People ask me: “Ryan, what’s your deal? Are you a good guy? Or are you a bad guy?”… And then I hesitate to answer. Then I think, maybe it really depends on maybe who I’m matched up against? If I’m matched up on caliber against somebody like Scottywood….then I guess I am a fan favorite, face….if you could say that. But then you have actions like hitting people in the head with cameras… putting piss on my hand and slapping people’s faces… Dressing up as Santa Clause and fighting people in front of little children… does that make me a good guy?

Ryan paces the ring a couple times.

Damien Ryan: No, I’m not a good guy…I’m not a bad guy… I AM “MR. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK”!!! Soak it in fans, soak it in Lee Best, soak it in HOW. And Scottywood, you know me better than anyone here. I could be the easiest mother fucker to disect and figure out… or I could be pimple on your ass.

The fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: Now, according to High Octane Radio, you want to go book me in a match that decides whether or not I keep my contendership for your LSD title.

The crowd turns to boos.

Damien Ryan: I guess my win just wasn’t good enough. You know what I really think? I really think that maybe the Commish is a little frightened! Maybe the memory of me strangling him with razor-sharp barbed-wire was just a little too much for him, so he has to book me in a match to see if I could possibly lose the opportunity to square off against him again. What’s the matter, Scotty? What the fuck is the matter?

Ryan paces some more.

Damien Ryan: But already, people want that shot. One man in particular that is ALREADY on my shitlist. Christ-TOPHER America. He came running in at the idea that my contendership was going to be on the line. He talks, talks, and talks. But it’ll be up to fate….In America. Only one person can make that decision….SO


The fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: PLEASE, get your ass out here, and tell these fans what they want to hear!

Suddenly “Stricken” by Disturbed hits the Best Arena speakers and the crowd boos as Scottywood appears at the top of the stage, dressed in his hockey jersey and microphone in hand.

Scottywood: Are you talking to me?  Because you might have me confused with someone else.  Do you really think I give a shit what these people want to hear?

The crowd boos at Scotty for not caring about them as Scotty smiles, loving the reaction.

Scottywood: I am going to make this decision based on what is best for Scottywood.  Now I have received a few “offers” over the past 24 hours.  Amereica’s was one of them at a measly 10,000 dollars.  Thomas Clayton Gray III chimed in with 50,000 dollars to be able to name the man.  Former Commissioner and LSD champion Silent Witness offerd 70,000 dollars and Max Kael offered 80,000 dollars to get Christopher America in the match.  I also got an offer from Frankie the Cameraman, but I didn’t want 11,000 monopoly dollars….he even tried to throw in Park Place.

Damien Ryan: Funny Scott.

Scottywood: I wish that was a joke….But I had to make a decision.  And I am going to do you a favor Damien, because there is nothing more I’d like to see is someone kick Christopher America’s ass and knock his cocky self down a few pegs here in HOW.  So Chris, Christopher, Christian, Christina, whatever I decide to call you.  You better be very thankful to one Max Kael, because I am accepting his “offer”.  Next week, right here on Mayhem you all will see Damien Ryan battle Christopher America in a Lee Best Invitational rematch, where the winner will be named the number one contender for my LSD title.

The crowd roars upon hearing the match they wanted being booked.  There is also a huge smile on Damien’s face as he nods his head in approval.

Scottywood: Oh……I almost forgot to mention.  Since I have such a vested interest in this match, I decided to give myself a front row seat for it…..Ok, it’s even better then the front row, I will be the special guest referee for this match.

The cheers quickly turn to boos as the smile that was just on Damien’s face is no longer there.

Scottywood: See you next week Damien, and good luck.

“Stricken” plays again as Scotty who has a huge smile on his face makes his way backstage as Damien seems both pissed that Scotty will be refereeing the match, but happy that he will be able to get his hands on America once again.

Joe Hoffman: What are Scottywood’s motives behind this?  On one hand he has a long heated history with Damien Ryan, and on the other hand he has had some bitter exchanges with Christopher America, neither men even close to being considered a friend of Scotty’s….this is going to be interesting.


Darkwing vs. Max Kael
Singles Match

My Ruin by Sevendust blasts thru the PA system here in the Best Arena and the crowd goes wild as HOW Hall of Famer Darkwing makes his way out to a loud ovation.

Mike Shea, reffing in place of Boettcher, is in the middle of the ring and appears to be getting some instructions from Amy Smeets the ring announcer as Darkwing enters the ring and turns towards the entrance ramp as his music fades out and the crowd is anxious for the match to get underway.

There is no music however as Joe and Benny wonder what exactly is going on as Max has not come out from the back yet.

Darkwing sensing that there is something going on begins to question Shea about what he knows. Suddenly Max appears thru the crowd and slides into the ring and catches Darkwing from behind with a wicked blow to the back of the head.

Shea quickly signals for the bell and the match is underway.

Max quickly and feverishly begins working on the neck and head of Darkwing as Benny claims this is a Best Alliance’s fans dream match up as you have two guys that you would love to be ripped to shreds and by the mere fact that they are in this match means at least someone will be dubbed a loser when it is all said and done.

Back inside the ring Max has just nailed Darkwing with a brainbuster suplex and gets a near fall from Shea. Not pausing to argue Max remains on the offensive as he works in every possible move he knows trying to wear down the neck and head of Darkwing.

The Duck is finally able to counter a DDT by Max by powering out with some nasty elbows to Max’s ribcage and then proceeds to nail Max with his Dark Reality DDT but is unable to cover.

When he finally does cover he only is able to get a two count.

The crowd is firmly behind Darkwing as both men slowly get to their feet and then begin to exchange rights and lefts as Benny notes that Jatt Starr never went thru this much punishment in a match with Darkwing and Max should give up his UAD title after this match.

On cue the HOW cameras zoom into the UAD title Max had created as it sits in the corner of the ring.

Back to the action and Darkwing has once again gotten the advantage and whips Max hard into the turnbuckle where he follows up with a power clothesline.

He goes for it again but this time he doesn’t follow as Max falls to the canvas face first after hitting the turnbuckle with so much velocity that he couldn’t stay on his feet.

Darkwing slowly makes his way over to Max and bends over to pick him up but when he does Max nails him with the UAD title sending pieces of plastic falling all over the arena floor.

Max props himself up as Darkwing is out cold in the middle of the ring but Shea refuses to call for a DQ finish and Joe wonders if that is because either Scotty or Lee were in Amy’s ear before the match in order to give Shea instructions.

Whatever the case may be the fact remains…Darkwing is out cold from the shot from the plastic UAD belt and Max crawls over and makes the cover and Shea counts..








Post match we see Max pick up whats left of the UAD title and it is at this point a plate falls out from the casing and Joe and the rest of the fans realize that the UAD title was actually loaded.

Max quickly heads to the back as HOW medics check on Darkwing as we cut backstage..


The action cuts backstage picking up a brawl that has just started and we see Sektor and Graystone going at it with Thomas Clay Gray III nearby as well.

Graystone gets the upper hand, kneeing Sektor in the midsection. Graystone grabs Sektor’s head and pulls him down to the concrete. TCG3 shouts for Graystone to beat Sektor within an inch of his life, as Graystone continues to punch Sektor in the face over and over again.

Joe Hoffman: What a sickening display from our World Champion. This is ridiculous.

Suddenly the crowd goes wild, and the camera cuts to Kostoff running down a hall and towards the brawl. Kostoff quickly arrives on the scene and Graystone is quickly pulled off of Sektor by TCG3.

Graystone tries to break free and go after Kostoff, but TCG3 holds him back, using everything that he has to hold Graystone from entering the fray again. Kostoff kneels next to Sektor, as Graystone puts his hand to his neck and makes a motion as if to say he’s going to slit Kostoff’s throat.

Kostoff: Let him go. Come on.

Kostoff screams, as the crowd goes wild as they watch on the HOTv.

Graystone knocks TCG3 down and starts towards Kostoff but TCG3 grabs Graystone’s legs, as Kostoff runs at Graystone and delivers a hard running elbow to Graystone’s face. Graystone flies backwards  and on top of TCG3. The crowd goes nuts as Kostoff is pumped up staring down the World Champion, and Sektor is making his way to his feet. Graystone pushes TCG3 away from him as he gets back up.

Kostoff: You think that’s funny Graystone? You wait until someone is done alone in the hallway, then you’re going to come in and attack them? I bet your proud of yourself. I bet you’re happy that you thought you were going to come out here and destroy Sektor. Well guess what? It’s not happening.

The crowd goes nuts. TCG3 stands in front of Graystone waving him off, pleading that he not enter into a brawl with Kostoff.

Kostoff: What’s wrong Tom? You afraid that Graystone’s gonna get his ass kicked?

TCG3 doesn’t pay any attention as he continues to call Graystone off.

Kostoff: Well, I’m glad both of you are here anyways… because I have a big announcement for the two of you, so listen closely. I have been instructed to let you both know that at random, Graystone’s number has been drawn.

Joe Hoffman: Number has been drawn?

Benny Newell: What numbers?

Kostoff: You’re next in line for the drug and alcohol testing.

Benny Newell: WHAT!?

The crowd goes wild, as TCG3 turns around and puts his hands on his head in shock. Graystone looks on at Kostoff with a scowl.

Kostoff: Mr. Hislip and myself take the drug and alcohol testing very seriously, as evidenced by Lee Best and Benny Newell’s suspensions. The drug and alcohol tests ensure that all HOW employees maintain a good bill of health.

Benny Newell: It’s bullshit is what it is.

TCG3: Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? My client is the World Champion of High Octane Wrestling. He is this companies number one star, and he sure as hell is not going to be taking one of your tests. Let’s call this what it really is, Kostoff. It’s a hit job is what is.

Kostoff: Every HOW employee is subject to these tests. Even the HOW World Champion.

TCG3: And what if he doesn’t take your test?

Kostoff: Well… Then Graystone will be suspended for one month without pay…

TCG3: Oh yeah?

Kostoff: And be stripped of the HOW World Title!

The crowd goes nuts as Kostoff helps Sektor fully to his feet as Graystone and TCG3 watch the LOD members walk away with fire in their eyes as Mayhem takes its final commercial break.


Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Crow
Singles Match

“Ego” By Element Eighty hits and three M’s pop up on the giant video screen

You are such an imitation of me.

“Marvelous” Mario Maurako steps out onto the stage and raises his 2×4 into the air. Maurako glares out at the fans who are booing loudly, and then he makes his way down the ramp.

Falling down on you

And still you never knew

This hell I put you through

Should be Nothing new.

Maurako rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises the 2×4 again.

Don’t you know

Who I am

I am the man that you will never be

Maurako hops down from the turnbuckle and heads for the next one with the 2×4 draped over his shoulder

Don’t you know

Who I am

I am the man that you will never be

Maurako slams the 2×4 into the top turnbuckle which sounds off a loud bang, which cuts off the music and sends Red and White streamers into the sky.

Come with me by P.Diddy hits as the crowd have mixed reactions. Crow makes his way to the top of the ramp holding the Icon title on his shoulder. Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell argue over the drug testing involving the Argonauts of Awesome. Hoffman talks about Triple P’s test coming back negative but also talks about the fishiness in the results of Triple M’s especially after the officers were talked into drinking Power Aid.

The Bell rings and the crowd cheer wildly knowing just how big this main event is. Hoffman mentions the importance of it not just being an Icon title match but also a possible three points in the Best invitational.

The two lock up and Triple M gets the advantage as he swoops behind Crow and straight away locks in the Marvelosity. Half the crowd cheer while the other half shout for Crow to break free. Crow struggles but manages to kick Triple M in the knee forcing him to break the hold. As Triple M hobbles around Crow nails him between the eyes with a drop kick.

As Hoffman talks about how close Triple M was to scoring an early victory over Crow, Crow picks triple M up off the mat and scoops him up into a reverse piledriver position. The Crowd yet again go ape shit sensing that the Fallen is coming. But Triple M kicks both sides of Crow’s head forcing the Icon Champion to drop him.

Crow stays dominant and finishes a Melee of punches to the head with an Irish whip to the ropes. Triple M looks to counter with a clothesline but Crow ducks it and produces a counter of his own as he drops Triple M with a neckbreaker as he runs past him. Crow gets a two count following a pin.

Crow picks Maurako up, but Mario kicks him in the gut, and stands him up right. He then proceeds to slam Crow hard into the mat with a Simply Marvelous. Newell and Hoffman discuss how the crowd are loving the back and forth action between the two stars almost as much as they are, and go apeshit again when they notice Triple M holding crow in another Rock Bottom set up as he hits a second Simply Marvelous. He covers and Mike Shea counts for the ..






KICKOUT BY CROW!!! Newell and Hoffman cant believe it as the fans go frantic knowing that they have more of this awesome action to come. Triple M shake’s his head in disbelief as he pulls Crow off the mat.

After some wearing down techniques from Triple M, Crow gets some momentum back as he nails stiff right hands. He then clotheslines Triple M to the outside and springboards over the ropes landing an elbow drop. Crow then whips Triple M towards the barricade and he slams into it hard. Some of the fans tap him on the back whilst the rest shout abuse into Triple M’s ear. Crow then runs towards Triple M who sees it coming and back body drops him into the crowd. The crowd roar with excitement and Hoffman screams at Triple M to get back into the ring. Triple M rolls back into the ring and straight back out as Newell points out his stupidity and reminds everyone that had he waited for the ten count Crow would lose the match.

The fans chant HOW’’s name as the two men go at it in the middle of the crowd. Crow elbow’s Triple M in the Jaw and the kicks him in the middle of the chest forcing him to stumble backwards and land over the guard rail. Crow vaults the guard rail himself and take’s Triple M back into the ring with him. He stomps on his head a few times before picking him up and smashing his head against the turnbuckle. Crow then scoops up triple M to set up the Fallen, but Triple M lands behind Crow and tries to lock in the Marvelosity. But Crow elbows him preventing the hold from being applied. The Crowd show their appreciation for the quick exchanges of momentum.

Crow comes towards Triple M who is on one knee, but Triple M grabs him by the tights and throws him head first into Mike Shea’s stomach. He then locks in the Marvelosity for good. The Crowd get behind both men but are in shock as Crow begins tapping the arm of Triple M. Joe Hoffman screams at Mike Shea who is still down from being winded and noticing this Crow swings his leg between Mario’s with a low shot. Triple M holds his crotch as Crow scoops him up and drops him with the FALLEN. He covers and the crowd are going mental as Mike Shea has still not recovered. Crow gets up and shakes Shea screaming at him to count. He covers Triple M and She eventually begins to count for the


















NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRIPLE M GOT A FOOT ON THE ROPES. Crow furiously gets in the face of Mike Shea who shakes his head and points to the ropes. Crow waves a hand at Shea in disgust as he turns around to Triple M. He picks Triple M off the mat. Triple M out of nowhere slams Crow into the mat with the third simply Marvelous of the match and hooks a leg with all his strength for the













TRIPLE M HAS DONE IT!!!! He grabs his stable title and his newly won ICON TITLE and rolls out of the ring clutching both of them to his chest. The crowd give him mixed reactions as he emotionally turns his attention towards the HOTv screen which show’s Triple M going to +6 points and Crow going down to 2.

Joe and Benny say good night to everyone as Mayhem comes to a close with a new ICON CHAMPION!!!


As Triple M is celebrating in the ring with the ICON title backstage HOW cameras pick up something strange going on as Lee Best and Scottywood are watching two other men literally destroying what appears to be Tenma and the man everyone is guessing is Splinter.

Lee Best: Hold them up…..NOW!

The two men bring them men to their feet and we see the men doing the holding are none other than Blaze and Static.

Lee Best: You two have done a great job tonight and we will reward you next week on Mayhem that is for sure…but right now…its time to pay the fucking piper…Scotty…give me my pen..

Scotty reaches into his pocket but cannot locate Lee’s Bottom Line pen.

Lee Best: Scotty….

Scottywood: Lee..I have no idea where the ….

I have it. Wanted to make sure it was in safe hands you know?”

The cameras turn towards the shadow where another man is emerging. A hand comes out into the light and hands Lee the pen and Lee smiles as the hand retreats into the shadow as Lee and Scotty turn back towards Tenma and Splinter??

Lee Best: Your time in HOW is done Davison…Oddity…Tenma….JOBBER……bring him forward.

Blaze walks Tenma closer to Lee and without even a blink of an eye Lee brings the pen down with such force that Blaze drops Tenma and the man falls hard to the concrete floor as blood gushes from his eye as Blaze looks on in shock.

Lee Best: Next…..

Wait….I have something else in mind Lee…”

Lee reaches down and pulls his pen from the eye of Tenma and wipes the blood on the mans pantleg before putting it back into his pocket and turning towards the voice in the shadow…

Lee Best: I don’t care what you do….just do it. Scotty, Blaze…Static…let’s get the fuck outta here..and I will see you next week right?

Yes” the man in the shadow replies.

The Best Alliance members and possible members then open a door and exit the room leaving only the man in the shadows and Splinter??

Now THIS should be fun…”

With that Mayhem cuts to black just as we see the man walk into the light and stand over the body of Splinter??

The man is none other than Jatt Starr.

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The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM