Mayhem: January 19th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; January 19
th, 2009 – #HOW33
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois


Mayhem opens and on the HOTv screen we see Scottywood sitting inside Lee Best’s office sitting in his chair, behind his desk, soaking in the atmosphere.

Scottywood: As many of you may have already heard from earlier this week.  Both Lee Best and Benny Newell failed the first round of HOW drug and alcohol tests.  As a consequence of these failed test neither Benny and even worse, Lee, will not be here on Mayhem tonight.  Which means as Commissioner of HOW I will be running the show tonight.  And if Kostoff gets in my way, well then we just might have a repeat of ICONIC.

The cheers from the suspension of Lee turn to boos after hearing that Scotty will be running the show.

Scottywood: Now I know it’s been almost two years since I have run a show, and it feels really good to be the one in charge again.  Almost makes one want to start their own federation again….almost.  Now before we kick things off tonight I have a few announcements I’d like to make.  First off, my match tonight with Max Kael will be contested as a First Blood match.  Figure I give myself a little extreme warm-up for tomorrow night when I have to face John Hitchin in The Perfect Match….Oh and Max, a friend of mine will be escorting me to the ring tonight…

From behind the desk Scotty picks up his trademark barbwire wrapped hockey stick and places it in front of him as he smiles.

Scottywood: Also tonight’s HOW World Title match between current reigning champion Graystone and “UnPhenomenal” Damien Faze will be contested as a No DQ match.  I mean we would hate to see such a great match end without a clear winner…..So with that let’s get this edition of Tuesday Night Stor…..sorry, 8 years old habits tend to die hard.  Let’s get this edition of Monday Night Mayhem underway.

Suddenly Scotty’s phone rings as he picks it up off the desk and slides his finger across the screen to answer it.

Scottywood: Hey Lee…….You just saw it?…..Thanks I thought it went well too, your idea for Graystone’s match is perfect…..Ya I came up with that bit for Max’s match a few minutes ago, me and my friend are going to have fun with him…..What?  I’m still on?

Scotty puts the phone down and looks at the camera and sees that the red light is still on.

Scottywood: Frankie!  Shut the damn camera off you idiot.

Frankie: Hahaha, Sorry Lee Best Jr.

Scotty gets up from his chair as the camera spins around and crashes into closed door and falls to the floor as we cut to inside The Best Arena.

Introducing TCG3

Welcome to the Jungle hits the Best Arena and the Chicago crowd comes alive as pyros go off officially signaling the beginning of Monday Night Mayhem.

As GNR fades out we are welcomed by the announcers for the evening, Joe Hoffman and Thomas Clayton Gray the third.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem and as you all heard from our Commissioner, Lee Best and Benny Newell are not here tonight and I am joined by the new manager of the World Champion…..

TCG3: Thomas Clayton Gray the third. Thanks for that great introduction there Joe. Let me just state that I am very discouraged by the events that brought me here to this announce table. I should be in the back with Graystone going over the destruction of one Ryan Faze, but instead I am sitting next to you and I will try to remain as bias as possible.

Joe Hoffman: Unbiased you mean?

TCG3: No bias. Look I am here for one night only and do you think I am going to compromise myself just to play ball with the investors and the baby killing Chris Kostoff?

Joe Hoffman: Um…lets focus our attention towards the HOTv screen where I am told we have a Best Invitational video package about to run…

The HOTv screen comes alive and we see quick recaps of all the winners from last week…

Ryan Faze being a surprise entrant only to lose to Blaze..

Dylan Nitro getting a solid win over Guy Static Stephens..

Damien Ryan going to a draw with David Black after Matt Boettcher got involved in a Barbed Wire Ropes match..

Silent Witness defeating Christopher America….in the center of America..

Chris Kostoff dominating an emotionally drained Bobbinette Carey…

Triple P bringing back the chili powder to defeat the mist of Tenma…

Stable Champion Triple M defeating the LSD Champion and commissioner Scottywood in a hardcore match…

ICON Champion defeating Maximillian Kael in an inferno match…

The video package then ends showing the standings for the Invitational so far..

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks it is time for our first match up and it is an Invitational second round match and its Blaze taking on Guy Static Stephens!


Blaze vs. Static
Singles Match

Jaxson Baxter, better known to HOW fans as Blaze, makes his way out first. The New York native is booed as he makes his way down the aisle and slides into the ring. Static is out next to a warmer reception, though there are still a few boos amongst the crowd.

Referee Mike Shea calls for the bell and the two men lock up as Hoffman notes that Blaze has already won one match in the invitational and another loss for Static could be devastating. Blaze quickly pushes Static back into the corner and opens him up with two knife-edge chops before driving him into the opposite corner with a powerful Irish whip. Static clatters into the turnbuckle and hits the mat hard. Blaze quickly covers and referee Shea makes the count.



Kick out!

Thomas Clayton Gray says that Blaze shouldn’t be looking for an easy win and should keep the pressure on his opponent. Guy “Static” Stephens and Blaze get to their feet and Static ducks a right hand, before laying a boot into Blaze’s midsection. Static whips Blaze into the ropes and catches him with another boot to the gut as he bounces back towards him. Static quickly hooks both arms and lifts Blaze over his shoulder into position for the Static Slam, but Blaze wriggles free and lands on his feet behind Static. Blaze quickly rolls Static up for a count, but Static kicks out at two.

Both men trade blows in the centre of the ring, before Blaze gets the upper hand, sending Static to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. Static lands awkwardly, injuring his left ankle and Blaze takes full advantage of it with a number of holds applying pressure to the injured leg.

After testing the referee’s patience long enough, Blaze rolls Static back into the ring and slides in after him. Blaze lifts Static to his feet and sets him up for a Dragon whip, but Static somehow jumps up and connects flush in Blaze’s face with a single-leg drop kick, sending both men to the mat.

Joe mentions that during the week Blaze and his lawyers are trying to distance themselves from being associated with Team Epic and TCG3 agrees with Blaze and that the fact that he has his lawyer involved actually shows Blaze might just have a brain after all.

Meanwhile,with the crowd cheering Static on, the injured star hobbles to his feet as Blaze gets up using the ropes. The two men meet in the middle of the ring once more, resulting in Static connecting with a great DDT, sending Blaze to the mat. Static nurses his injured leg as Blaze tries to get his bearings and both men make it to their feet as the referee’s count reaches 8.

As the two men go at it once more, Blaze gets the upper hand and sends Static down to the mat with a clothesline. Static quickly gets to his feet and charges at Blaze, but Blaze counters with a boot to the gut, before setting up and connecting with his variation of a DDT, the Incinerator! Referee Mike Shea drops to the mat as Blaze covers Static.







Post match Hoffman and Gray state that Blaze is looking good in the Lee Best Invitational as Jaxson Baxter celebrates his victory and the HOTv screen shows Blaze’s Invitational total go from three to six.

Joe then cuts the action backstage…

Mrs. Marvelous??

HOW Cameras cut back to the parking lot, where a bright pink Mustang has just pulled up to the arena doors.  The driver’s side door opens and our camera focuses in on a particularly nice set of legs stepping out of the car.  The door closes as the view pans up to reveal Amanda Maurako, wife of Stable Champion Triple M, holding a dark gray briefcase.  She looks around the parking lot and takes a deep breath before walking into the Best Arena.

Joe Hoffman: We received word that the Argonauts of Awesome requested some TV time this week; one has to wonder if Triple M’s wife, Amanda, has something to do with it?

Mayhem then cuts to the first commercial break of the evening…


A Proper Return..

The feed is now live inside the best arena when “live your life” by T.I feat Rihanna hits. The crowd curiously turn their attention towards the ramp and instantly start cheering as they see the word “SEKTOR” flashing in green on the HOTv screen. Sektor walks out onto the ramp wearing an LOD sleeveless T-Shirt, acknowledging the crowd with a nod and a smile.

Joe Hoffman: It’s Sektor…what a great start to this show! And with a new entrance theme to boot!

Thomas Clayton Gray III: You see this is what happens when Lee Best isn’t around. Idiots like this get airtime! This asshole best be here to apologise to what hey did to Graystone last week!

Joe Hoffman: I’m just happy to see him back in HOW. Things can only get more interesting with the likes of John Sektor around.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Are you kidding me? The guys a deadbeat. If this is Kostoff’s idea of getting ratings then we’re all in trouble.

Sektor climbs into the ring and applauds the fans around the arena, before retrieving a microphone from ringside. The music dies down and a chorus of SEKTOR chants roars around the arena.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: I can’t believe these people.


The fans reply with a cheer for their hometown as Sektor laughs.

Sektor: Man the weather takes some getting used to here, no wonder Lee Best is always in a bad mood!

The crowd let out a few laughs.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: I can hear the ratings dropping already.

Sektor: Speaking of Lee Best, it seems he and Benny Newell drank themselves into a bit of a frenzy last week? Got themselves a suspension. I suppose I’m partly to blame for that. Was a bad one for Lee last week. First Max leaves his beloved Best Alliance. Then that chicken shit Jatt Starr confirmed his retirement, and to top it all off I return, spelling nothing but bad news for him and the Best Alliance. Rough night!

Sektor turns and notices Thomas Gray sitting beside Joe Hoffman in the announcer’s area. With a rye smile he walks over to the ropes and rests against them looking down at the make shift commentator.

Joe Hoffman: Looks as though Sektor has something to say to you.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Let’s have it.

Sektor: Ahh if it isn’t Graystone’s new manager, and replacement for our favourite drunk Benny Newell. Thomas Clayton Gray the third….WOW!!

Gray gives a smug smile.

Sektor: Who the fuck are you anyway?

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Who am I? Who are you, you to streak of piss!

Sektor smirks.

Sektor: Sorry buddy can’t hear ya? Speaking of Graystone, how did you all like my refereeing skills last week? Pretty good huh? I’m sure you’re all smart enough to realize why I did what I did. Graystone has what is rightfully mine. When I was last here I won that title fairly from Jatt Starr and was never defeated for it! But of course Lee being complete shit didn’t invite me back for the reopening of HOW, and eventually managed to get the belt onto one of his Best Alliance members, no surprise there. But you see Graystone the problem you face now is that I am in fact back, and I have the contract to prove it. So as long as I am living and breathing I will make it my duty to make your title reign as miserable as possible, until it back around my waist!

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Yeah good luck with that buddy, takes more than words to defeat my guy!

Sektor: That’s assuming of course you don’t lose the title tonight against Faze. He’s beaten you once. Granted he had some assistance from me and the rest of the LOD but still…the guy has talent.

Joe Hoffman:  It certainly should make for an interesting match.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: So long as there’s no assholes wearing masks and referee shirts around it will be a walk in the park.

Sektor: Now there’s been a lot hearsay flying around that John Sektor is washed up and past his prime. Well my response to those people is that I have built a career around shocking people and tonight will be no exception. Kostoff and I have the chance to bring the stable titles over to the most dominant band of men since the beginning of HOW…the LOD!!!

The fans let out of a chorus of L…O…D  chants.

Sektor: The Assholes of Awesome may be a great team….did I get that right? Assholes of Awesome? Anyway…but the LOD has proven time and time again that we will stop at nothing to take what we want. Right now we want the Stable titles and Triple M….Triple P…I’m sorry but that’s just how it’s gotta be! We will once again be the most dominant stable in HOW. With the way the Best Alliance is looking it wont be too long either.  So I invite you all now to look at the space around my waist. By the end of tonight this space will be filled by the stable championship!

Sektor turns his attention back to Gray.

Sektor: Oh and Gray….Welcome to the shit!

Sektor throws his microphone down and Live your life replays. The fans cheer him as he solutes them with a wave and exits the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Some bold statements from John Sektor there, obviously feeling hard done by, by Lee Best.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Lee didn’t not invite him back because he was scared. He refused to offer him a contract because he know’s the guy is past it, and that he would annoy the piss out of everyone by banging on about wanting his world title back. Sektor has just proven Lee’s point, and will continue to do so when he stumbles against the AoA tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Well knowing Sektor, he is usually true to his word, and if he says he’s going to make Graystone’s title reign a living hell, you better believe it folks.

Thomas Clayton Gray III: Graystone has been to hell and back. Sektor is nothing more than amusement until we reach the conclusion of this Invitational.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are about to get one step closer as its time for another Invitational match as its Damien Ryan set to take on Christopher America …and its next!!


Damien Ryan vs. Christopher America
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman and Thomas Clayton Gray welcome us back to ringside for another Lee Best Invitational match, this time between Christopher America and Damien Ryan. TCG3 mentions last week’s drugs test results and laughs at Damien Ryan as the superstar makes his way out to the ring. Christopher America follows to a chorus of boos and Joel Hortega calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman mentions that Damien Ryan has 1.5 points after last week’s draw with David Black, leaving Silent Witness top of the Mark O’Neal group with 3 points after his victory against Christopher America last week, leaving the patriotic star on minus 1.

Damien Ryan and Christopher America lock up and America quickly takes advantage with an American Arm Drag. He continues to apply pressure with a series of boots to the stomach, before lifting him up, only to send him back down to the mat with an American Leg Sweep.

Christopher America continues to dominate, with Damien Ryan hardly getting any offensive moves in. America connects with a variety of holds and takedowns as he completely overpowers a surprisingly lack-lustre Damien Ryan.

With Ryan worn down and tiring, Christopher America simply toys with his opponent, refusing to take the pin fall and causing the fans to boo loudly as he applies as much punishment as possible to his opponent.

America whips Damien Ryan into the ropes and follows him to connect with an American Bulldog. Christopher America does not stop his attack and quickly lifts Ryan to his feet. Damien Ryan finds some energy and trades blows with Christopher America in the middle of the ring, but the tiring star cannot keep up the pace and Christopher America connects with an American Kick to the stomach, before locking Ryan in an inverted face lock. Looking into the crowd, Christopher America yells out “For America!” before spinning round and dropping Damien Ryan with his For America signature move. Christopher America covers and referee Joel Hortega counts.





Post match the crowd boos as Christopher America celebrates his first win in High Octane Wrestling after a dominant display against a surprisingly deflated Damien Ryan.

The HOTv screen comes alive again and we see America’s total climb from -1 to a positive 2.

The action then fades to the back as America waves at all the booing American fans.


Epic Shutdown

Bobbinette walks through the halls of the Best Arena. Livie isn’t far behind her with Princess. Livie looks nervous as she walks through the halls for the first time since Crow released her. Livie’s hand goes to her sister’s arm. Bobbinette stops walking so fast and gives her sister her hand. Livie looks a bit more comforted that her sister is holding onto her. Bobbinette sees the approaching Blaire Moise. Bobbinette watches as she aims the microphone at her.

Blaire: Bobbinette! Can I get a few words from you about the recent release of your sister?

Bobbinette: No… But I do have an announcement to make.

Blaire nods as Bobbinette takes the microphone.

Bobbinette: Team epic… It has been poisoned. For the longest time I allowed it to remain. I allowed the bad things and memories to remain. But no longer… As of this moment team epic is disbanded. No longer shall things be done in the name of team epic.

Blaire: What about the other members?

Bobbinette shakes her head.

Bobbinette: No one is permitted to use the name team epic. It dies tonight. The poison the bad blood that was… it’s over. No further questions.

Bobbinette pulls Livie’s hand as the two walk to the Carey locker room. Blaire looks in shock as Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


Bobbinette Queen B Carey vs. Tenma
Singles Match

We are back live and Joe Hoffman states that the next match is a real grudge match as Bobbinette Carey is set to take on Tenma, formerly known as Ken Davison here in another Best Invitational match up.

Hoffman recaps their recent difficulties as the two make their way to the ring, Carey first, with Livie at her side, followed by Tenma.

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell and Bobbinette Carey goes to work on Tenma like a woman possessed, immediately dropping him with a vicious clothesline. The Queen B continues her attack with hate-fuelled stomps to the gut, whilst keeping an eye on Livie at ringside.

Joe Hoffman notes that the distraction could cause Carey problems, but she immediately takes full control of the match with a beautiful bulldog, leaving Tenma sprawled across the mat. From there, Carey dominates the match, with a variety of well-executed takedowns and a vicious super kick, which Thomas Clayton Gray III calls a “chick-kick”, which would surely have annoyed the Queen B had she heard it.

After a brutal destruction of Tenma, Bobbinette Carey lifts her opponent’s limp body off the mat and whips him into the corner. She follows up with an incredible dropkick to the gut, causing Tenma to slump down into the corner. Carey continues the assault with a number of stomps, before striding to the opposite corner of the ring. Bobbinette runs towards Tenma and once again delivers a ferocious dropkick, this time right in his face and causing Tenma to bleed from the nose.

As Carey continues to work on Tenma, Hoffman and Gray discuss her announcement earlier tonight that Team Epic is no more. Gray says that the team was an Epic failure, but Hoffman points out that Carey became HOW World Champion on the back of Team Epic’s early success.

After continuing her brutal beat-down of Tenma, she lifts him to his feet and whips him into the corner. As Tenma stumbles forward, Bobbinette shows her impressive agility as she follows up with a magnificent Handspring Hurracanrana, more commonly known to her fans as the Royalty Check! Casting a protective glance over at Livie, Carey covers Tenma and referee Boettcher drops to the mat for the count.






Post match Joe Hoffman states that the Bobbinette Carey of old is on her way back after an impressive victory over a disappointing Tenma as Carey quickly slides out of the ring and hugs her sister.

The HOTv again comes alive as everyone looks up to watch as Carey’s point total climbs from -1 to a positive 2.

Carey and Livie can be seen smiling as the action cuts to the backstage area..

The Underdog…

The scene opens with The Prodigal son Issac Slade prepping for his match, stretching out like Marcus told him to, after going through a few routines he closes his eyes and begins to meditate, another skill his mentor taught him to help him find focus before his match.

Unfortunately his attempts to become one with his thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door, getting up he makes his way over to the door and opens it, far from annoyed he’s more curious about who would be wanting to see him, his puzzled look changes to a smile when he see’s Blaire Moise standing outside with Mic in hand.

Blaire Moise: Mister Slade? Do you have time for a few questions before your match?

Stepping back Issac motions for her to enter.

Issac Slade: Always Miss Moise, besides as I recall I owe you “Three” moments, so ask away.

Blaire Moise: Thank you Mister Slade, How does it feel to be just minutes away from your first match in HOW?

Issac Slade: It feels good Blaire…it feels exciting, tonight I embark on a new journey altogether, something I’ve never done before, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Blaire Moise: Do you have any thoughts on Dylan Nitro before you head into your match?

Issac Slade: A lot actually, you don’t step into the ring with someone this skilled without having a lot of thoughts running through your mind, I think I’m going to go out to the ring tonight and get hit in many new ways, tomorrow I’m going to be one big mess of aches and bruises I’ve got no doubt, but I do want to address Mister Nitro specifically about a few things he said.

Blaire Moise: Please do

Issac Slade: Dylan, The Fast and the Furious was one hell of a movie, it’s part of my DVD collection to be honest, but the point I want to make is it’s just a movie, full of actors, Now you’re right when you say you’re the “Vin Diesel” of the show tonight, you’ve got more experience, you’ve got more moves, you’ve got a longer career in HOW than I do, but since you’re a movie going fella like myself you know one of Hollywood’s Favorite things to make a movie about is The Underdog.

Issac Slade: So since you’re the leading man of the picture that makes me The Underdog, and since we’re tossing movies around I guess that makes me The Karate Kid, It could also make me Rocky, heck It could make me Happy Gilmore, I’ve always loved Adam Sandler flicks, I could stand here all night and throw out Underdog names at you because I love those kinds of flicks, but I’ll wrap it up.

Issac Slade: You asked me “Is it enough?” the training I’ve had, the preparation time I’ve put in, to be perfectly blunt? No it’s not enough, but that’s because it’s never enough, there’s no limit to what you can push yourself to do and how you can succeed, it’s a never ending battle Dylan Nitro, and though my preparation may not be enough to go out there and Face a Mixed Martial Arts Wrestler I will tell you that it’s enough preparation for Issac Slade, and if you know Issac Slade Like I do…

Issac taps his head

Issac Slade: You’d know that I’m going to go out there and give it my all, One Hundred and Ten percent Mister Nitro, so you bring your A game tonight, because you may be the leading man, but I can promise you, win or lose tonight…tomorrow you’re going to wake up and wonder if you got the number of that truck that hit you in the ring, because this underdog is pumped up and prepared!

Issac smiles at Blaire.

Issac Slade: Now if you’ll excuse me Miss Moise I need to find inner peace before my match, but feel free to come find me in the future if you’ve got some pressing questions that need answering.

Winking at Blaire Issac closes his door and returns to his meditative state as Mayhem cuts to another commercial break as Hoffman tells the viewers that Isaac Slade will take on Dylan Nitro next with Darkwing as the special guest ref!!



Back live and we cut right to a live feed in the backstage area where we see a locker room door fly open and none other than Chris Kostoff walks out. He takes a few steps out and then pauses as Silent Witness, Sektor and finally Darkwing make their way out as well.

Darkwing is wearing a referee shirt and he is smiling from ear to ear as Kostoff turns towards the rest of the guys.

Kostoff: Ok guys we know what to do. Lee is not here tonight so I am not even bothered playing that damn babysitting role, so we will just let Scottywood have his little fun booking stipulations. Tonight is all about us establishing that the LOD is not something to be taken fucking lightly….you guys ready??

The four men look at each other and smile and nod towards Kostoff.

Kostoff: Good…now get to it..

Sektor, Witness, and Kostoff all head off in different directions as Darkwing heads towards the entrance ramp to make his long awaited return to the HOW ring.

The action returns to ringside where Joe and TCG3 are standing by ready for the inring debut of Slade and the return of a HOW Hall of Famer!

Issac Slade vs. Dylan Nitro
Singles Match

Joe goes over the past exploits of Darkwing while TCG3 counters each point with a loss or embarrassing moment from 2008 for the HOW Hall of Famer. As they continue to go back and forth Darkwing finally makes his way out from the back and the Chicago fans show him alot of respect by rising to their feet and giving the former HOW World Champion a standing ovation.

Darkwing enters the ring and Joe reminds the viewers that Chris Kostoff booked this match mainly just to scout talent from what Joe has heard in the back. TCG3 counters that this match was made solely to get Darkwing back on TV and to show off the fact that he obviously the latest member of LOD and that shouldn’t be a surprise as Kostoff got the investors to sign Darkwing back after Lee let him go late in 2008.

As the cheers die down for Darkwing the fans turn their attention to the entrance ramp as former Team Epic member Dylan Nitro makes his way out to the chords of Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

Joe points out that Nitro is the overlooked man in this match as everyone has been focused on the debut of Slade and the return of Darkwing. Throw in the fact that Carey earlier announced that there is no more Team Epic and one has to wonder about Nitro’s mental state.

The fans cheer him however as he climbs into the ring and shakes the hand of Darkwing as Exploder by Audioslave hits the airwaves and Isaac Slade makes his way down for his first match here in HOW.

The fans give Slade a warm response as he too shakes the hands of Darkwing and after a few brief instructions the HOW Hall of Famer signals for the bell and the match begins.

The action comes quickly as the two men lockup a few times before Slade is able to take Nitro to the mat via a fireman’s carry. He follows that up with an arm lock but that is quickly nullified as Nitro makes his way back to his feet and the two exchange reversals before finally breaking off as the fans cheer for some solid technical work by both men.

After another lock up it is Nitro who gains the early advantage with a wicked Spinebuster coming off of an Irish whip of Slade.

Joe points out that this match might actually mean more to the ref here as this is NOT an invitational match for Nitro and Slade is a winner for just making it on Mayhem here in HOW.

TCG3 counters that the only winner will be the one that gets the pinfall. Darkwing is lucky he isn’t a janitor cause if Lee had full control that is what he would be….or he would be donating sperm to the local cattle.

As Joe can only shake his head at the color commentators he has to work with each week, back in the ring Slade has gained the upper hand with a nasty clothesline followed by another and then another …..

Slade stays on the offensive for a few more minutes and eventually locks in a camel clutch submission hold on Nitro but the former Team Epic member is able to reach the ropes and Darkwing calls for a clean break but Slade holds on for maybe a second too long and Darkwing forcefully breaks Slade off of Nitro.

Joe notes that Darkwing and Slade exchange some harsh words as Nitro takes advantage and nails Slade with a bulldog followed by the first near fall.

It is now Nitro’s turn to be on the offensive and works in several high impact moves such as a DDT and various suplexs before he whips Slade hard into the corner turnbuckle and sets him up for a super plex.

The crowd stands as one as the wrestlers stand on the top rope as Darkwing looks on.

Slade is able to fight Nitro off however and in a blink of an eye Slade takes the final advantage by jumping off the top rope and nailing Nitro with his frog splash finisher called The Freefall.

As Slade covers Nitro he glares at Darkwing the whole time who returns the stare as he makes a slow count..







Post match we see Darkwing salute the fans as Nitro makes his way to the back holding his stomach. Slade takes this opportunity to grab Darkwing from behind to ask him about the slow count but Darkwing doesn’t wait for the question as he is running on instinct and he grabs Slade and brings him crashing down to the canvas with his Dark Reality DDT.

Joe and TCG3 argue about the motive behind Darkwing doing that as Mayhem cuts to a commercial break as Darkwing makes his way to the back leaving a prone and victorious Slade lying inside the ring.



Perfect Reminder

A commercial begins with a black screen, containing the words, “The following message has been paid for by the State of Minnesota in conjunction with the Populace Assembled for the Renewal and Ascension of Society (P.A.R.A.S.).”  The words fade out as they are replaced by the image of HOW Stable Champion Perfect Paul Paras, seated at a desk inside his Minneapolis Mansion, dressed in a black suit jacket and white dress shirt with a blue and black striped tie.  He leans back in his chair and addresses the camera as calming mandolin music plays in the background.

Paras: Hello High Octane Wrestling fans.  This is your Minnesota Messiah, Triple P, “Perfect” Paul Paras.  Today, I want to discuss your financial future.  As you all know, Chicago, Illinois is the home base of High Octane Wrestling and the site of the Best Arena.  You are also aware that Minneapolis, Minnesota is the home of HOW’s greatest champions and is the professional wrestling mecca of the world.  For the fans living in these two cities and across the rest of the Midwest, money has been tight and times have been difficult…

While Paras talks, scenes of old Midwestern glory, such as farmers harvesting a new crop in Wisconsin, new automobiles cruising down a Michigan road, and Walter Payton scoring a touchdown in a 1980s Chicago Bears game flash across the screen, only to be frozen and turned to black and white, signifying their stoppage.

Paras: The heart and soul of this great nation is being ripped out of the ribcage of prosperity by our economic downfall.  However, in Minnesota, the tide has begun to change, thanks to the efforts of the Perfect Life Movement.  By becoming a Parasite and donating just one dollar a day, you too can add your personal strength to fortify the resistance against economic turmoil.  Think of it as one less candy bar or one less McDouble with Cheese to save the lives of your Midwestern neighbors.  You’ll get all the benefits of the Midwest whether you live here or not… brotherhood… a joy in helping others… belonging… a place in this world.  Your future and ours await your kindness as we build toward the Perfect Life.

Paul raises three fingers together on his right hand, the gesture known as “the perfect touch,” then picks up a glass of blue punch from his desk and raises it toward the camera with the same hand. He gives the classic Triple P smirk toward the camera.

Paras: Trust me… it’s going to be perfect.

The scene fades out to another black screen, giving the address to which donations can be sent.  At the bottom of the screen is a graphic displaying “R.I.P. Martha Louise Maurako.” The music concludes as the commercial comes to an end.


Pre Emptive Strike

Back live and HOW cameras are scrambling into position as there is a small crowd of people standing over a prone body. As the cameramen get into position we see that it is none other than Guy Static Stephens.

He has been completely laid out and one cameraman instinctively starts panning around and we catch a glimpse of Silent Witness staring at the scene from the shadows. As he notices that he has been spotted he quickly leaves the scene before anyone can ask him what had happened.

Joe and TCG3 discuss what exactly is the LOD up to and why did they attack Static of all people?

Their question is met with not an answer but with another attack as the feed cuts to another part of the backstage area and we see Kostoff and Sektor working over two yet un recognizable people.

Joe notes that there is nothing anyone can do as technically Kostoff is acting under the “best” interests of the company right now and with no Lee Best to counter that ….well what is going on??

Kostoff motions for Sektor to hold on and seeing the camera crew behind him, Kostoff smiles and motions for them to come closer.

They slowly follow suit and he motions for them to zoom in on the faces of the two men that he and Sektor just laid out and as the cameras focus we see who they are…

Blaze and David Black.

Just as Joe is about to question why the LOD would attack Blaze, Black and Static all at almost the same time…Kostoff answers the question for him as he turns towards the camera and states..

Kostoff: Don’t think these fuckers will join the Best Alliance now….

The action returns to the announcers as TCG3 claims the LOD is completely paranoid as there has not been any talk within the BA to add anyone since Max left.

Speaking of Max…it’s time for him to collect on the inring time he purchased!!




Purtania” by Dimmu Borgir roars to life over the speakers. The lights cut out as the stage comes to life with red and blue flashing lights while a thick cloud of white smoke slowly rolls through the entrance. As the fans boo the arrival of Max Kael there is the sound of a roar from somewhere in the arena. As confusion breaks out in the fans the roar is heard once again.

Suddenly bursting forth from the smoke is a black Hummer golf cart with Max Kael behind the wheel in a black suit. Set on the corners of the hood are two mini-Maxopotamian flags which waft in the air as Max cranks the wheel to the side as the beastly little golf cart squeals across the stage sideways. The fans are both shocked and unsure what they are looking at as Max Kael revs the engine, probably vastly too powerful for the golf cart.

TCG3 states that this just confirms that Max has gone off the deep end since leaving the Best Alliance and it is only a matter of time before Max is in a padded room.

Joe can’t argue that point but he cannot wait to see what the future holds for Max now that he is no longer tied down within the Best Alliance.

Back at the top of the ramp.. 

Satisfied with his show he spins the hummer around burning some mini-rubber before he tears off toward the ring in his Hummer Golf-cart. As it passes the camera the license plate clearly reads “KillJatt1”. As the cart reaches the bottom of the ramp Max once again cranks the wheel as the hummer slides even to the side of the ring before Max Kael stands up, straightening his tie with as much dignity as a man who just drove down to the ring in a tricked out hummer golf cart can. He waves half heartedly to the fans, some of which react vaguely positively to the absurdity that they are witnessing.

He reaches down into the seat next to him as he picks up a clip board before he uses the hummer to step directly up into the ring, bypassing the steps completely. He pulls a mic out of his pocket, which resembles a HOW mic though instead of the HOW logo on it, it has the MNN written on it. He swaggers to the center of the ring before he frowns deeply toward the fans that have not really stopped booing him.

Max Kael: Incase you don’t know I am the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia, Maximillian Kael and I’ve had a bad week.

The fans immediately intensify their booing as they have become quite accustomed to Max Kael’s self proclaimed title and his penchant for insulting the Chicago crowd. “FUCK OFF, MAXY, FUCK OFF” chants start up, a growing trend with the crowd in recent weeks during Max Kael segments.

Max Kael: One week ago Jatt Starr said this..”

The attention is refocused on the main screen as an expert from Jatt Starr’s farewell speech is shown.

Jatt Starr: And then there’s Max Kael. Max….Maxipad-opia or whatever you call it is nothing compared to the sheer Jattastrophic and Jattaclysmic POWER of Jattlantis! Max, you are nothing more than a Jatt Starr wannabe. Do you honestly believe that Lee Best will name an award after you? Do you think Lee Best will contact you day and night for eight weeks straight trying to get you to rejoin the HOW because it severely lacks the Jattastic Ratings it had back in 2002 to 2003? No. You use my name because you envy me. You envy my skill. You envy my accomplishments. And most of all, deep down, you envy me because you know deep down that when Lee Best looks at you, he’s comparing you to me and you know he knows you will never live up to my legacy.

The scene fades as we return to Max Kael who has been looking up at the screen with a particularly foul expression on his face. The fans react strongly to Jatt Starr’s words, cheering loudly as Max lifts the mic to his mouth again.

Max Kael: And with that my week was made a picture perfect example of misery and sorrow. I spent the week wallowing in my own pathetic depression and for once in my existence I felt what exactly all of you feel like! Pathetic, useless and utterly without hope.. and it made me SICK.

The cheers revert back to boos very quickly as Max chooses this time to once again insult the crowd who seems to love Max as much as he loves them.

Max Kael: But then I had a moment of clarity. I had an Epiphany. A sudden self-realization that helped me in my moment of doubt. No.. no I am not Jatt Starr nor will I ever be. But that is not a bad thing! No! I won’t ever be as great a failure as he was.. no I shall be greater! I shall be Max Kael and I shall lead Maxopotamia to glories greater than ANY that Jatt Starr has ever managed!

Max lifted the clip board he held in his hand so that everyone could see it in plain sight. Max grinned deeply as he continued speaking to the growingly hostile crowd.

Max Kael: I hold here a list.. the Better Then Jatt Starr List. In includes all of his accomplishments here in High Octane Wrestling. It includes all the things that Jatt Starr did that made him, quote unquote, the Greatest and a Hall of Famer. Funny, when you break down a man’s life to a single list he seems so small.

He lowered the list and looked down at it shaking his head.

Max Kael: Now.. using this list I intend to prove that I am not Jatt Starr, no, I am, in fact, Greater! I shall break every record he held, I shall shatter every concept he put forward, I will do it bigger, I will do it better and I will shadow his legacy in the Legend that is Prime Minister Max Kael! And it starts here tonight. You all might have noticed my new ride on the way down to the ring, yes?”

He swaggered toward the ropes as he spoke, motioning to the mini-Hummer golf cart with the Maxopotamia flags on the front of it.

Max Kael: Jatt Starr at his Jattster, a cast off vehicle with little style and certainly not note worthy to the keen eye of a true professional. The Jattster’s legend is no more. Say hello to the Road Maxter 8000! The OFFICAL Vehicle of Maxopotamia! Custom built and designed to crush smaller, weaker golf carts with extreme prejudice! This is the vehicle of choice for Important People like Me. VIPs. Not filthy mongrels like you people. Like Jatt Starr!

The fans begin to boo loudly as Max climbed down out of the ring with his personal microphone. He jumped into the Road Maxter 8000 and stood by, waving to the crowd once again.

Max Kael: You don’t like me, I know it.. but you’ll have to deal with me one way or another! I here and now proclaim that I shall purchase interview time EVERY WEEK to remind you people who I am, what I am doing, and why I am a better man for it! My reach will be Global. My Tower shall be Secure! My Cause is Noble and my Power is Pure! There is no Jattlantis! Only Maxopotamia and Maxopotamia are led by only one man.. PRIME MINISTER KAEL! Imagine that!”

With that he cut his mic and sat down in the Road Maxter 8000, revving up the engine again before he tore off up the ramp and back into the backstage area as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as Joe asks what the heck is Max thinking as his match is next!!


Max Kael vs. Scottywood
First Blood Match

Back live and Joe welcomes the viewers back and reminds them that the next match is a Best Invitational match up and the last one of the evening.  By decree of Scottywood, the Commish, this match is going to be contested under First Blood rules, meaning the only way to win this match is to make your opponent bleed.

Stricken by Disturbed hits the PA system and The Best Arena rises as one to heckle and boo the LSD Champion and current Commissioner of HOW…and for one night only…the man in charge…SCOTTYWOOD!

Scotty makes his way down with his LSD Championship belt firmly around his waist and his barbed wire wrapped hockey stick in his hands.

He makes his way down to the ring to the loudest chorus of boos yet and he soaks it all in as he enters the ring where referee Mike Shea exchanges a few words with him.

Max’s music hits once again and Kael comes flying back down the rampway in his new Hummer golf cart but this time he is in his ring attire. He has a little sweat on his brow and TCG3 mentions that he is just nervous about the match with his former stablemate while Joe counters that he is probably just sweating from the quick clothes changing.

Either way, Max enters the ring, and after a few words from Mike Shea, he nods and Shea signals for the bell and we are underway with not one person sitting down for this match up.

Scotty immediately charges at Max, with LSD Title still around his waist, and swings his barbed wire hockey stick at the head of Max, going for the win early.

He misses however and after a few right hands he loses his grip on his hockey stick and Max is able to punch him back to the corner and he begins to work him over with heavy rights obviously trying to open up Scotty’s forehead.

Scotty is able to fight him off with a quick eye rake followed by a hard toss over the top rope that sends Max flying down to The Best Arena floor.

From there the action spills to the outside as Scotty uses any and every piece of the environment around him trying to make the former World Champion bleed. He is unsuccessful however and after Max counters a DDT attempt onto the concrete floor by Scotty with his own, Shea quickly exits the ring to inspect the head of the LSD Champion.

As Scotty rolls over we see he is now wearing a crimson mask from the DDT onto the exposed concrete and Shea goes to signal for the bell but Scotty grabs him and whispers something into his ear.

Shea looks shocked but being the new guy, he nods his head and hustles over to ring announcer Amy Smeets who tells the crowd that Scottywood has changed the stipulation for the match from a First Blood match to a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Joe asks disgusted as TCG3 counters that what Scotty just did would make Lee feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Max, hearing the announcement after thinking he had the match won, turns and hustles towards Scotty to make a quick pinfall but Scotty is playing possum and catches Kael with a perfect small package roll up.

Shea makes the count and Kael is able to barely kick out at two and as he does he promptly nails Scotty’s bleeding face with a drop kick.

The possessed Kael continues the onslaught and finally it boils over and the brawl is now taking place among the fans.

Scotty is finally able to get a breather after grabbing chair from a kid and nailing Kael with it. From then on it’s the bloodied LSD Champion who begins to work over Kael and soon enough they are up by the vendors and fans scurry out of their way as Scotty tosses Kael over the counter of a beer vendor and proceeds to nail Kael in the stomach with a full keg of beer.

Kael rolls away holding his stomach as Scotty pauses and looks at the beer finally turns his attention back to Kael.

Scotty leads him towards the backstage area and makes sure to bounce Kael’s head off of anything and everything they walk past.

As the two former stablemates reach the back none other than Graystone is standing their and he nails Max with a heavy right hand and the two remaining Best Alliance members begin to work over Kael who is now bleeding himself as Joe is screaming for this match to no avail.

After a double suplex onto a random table, Scotty finally covers Kael but he is only able to get a 2 count as out of nowhere Sektor comes flying into the picture and pushes Scotty off of Kael and Graystone is quick to pounce on Sektor and soon enough HOW security gets involved and they literally have to drag Graystone and Sektor off each other and away from the match competitors as Scotty has Kael but to his feet and now heads back towards the ring via the entrance ramp.

The men appear again on the entrance ramp but this time they are bleeding and Scotty seems to be in full control.

Scotty walks Kael all the way back into the ring and rolls him into the squared circle and then proceeds to talk trash to some of the fans at ringside.

Finally, Scotty goes to follow suit and just as he bends to bring Max back to his feet, Max swings the loaded hockey stick that he managed to pick up as Scotty was slow to enter the ring, and he nails its owner over the head with it breaking the stick in two.

Just like that Max makes the cover and the crowd counts along…











Post match we see a bloody Kael roll out of the ring and climb into his golf cart as the HOTv screen comes alive to show Max’s total rise to a positive two points.

The action cuts backstage as HOW medics check on the Commish.

Triple Dissed

We cut backstage, where Stable Champions Perfect Paul Paras and Marvelous Mario Maurako are talking amongst themselves in front of their lockers.

Mario Maurako: So he’s ready to go?

Paul Paras: Yeah, all the Chicago peons in this arena will never see it coming, which is what makes it even more…well… Awesome!

Mario Maurako: Excellent.

Before they can say another word, Amanda Maurako walks into the locker room, a nervous look on her face.  Triple M looks confused and slightly concerned, while Triple P looks indignant.

Amanda Maurako: Mario, we need to talk.  I know you’ve had a lot going on lately, but…

Paras steps forward and gets in her face as Triple M stays back near the locker.

Paul Paras: Yeah, he certainly has.  The man’s mother died, he had to fight a Hardcore match last week, and now we’ve got another Stable Title match here tonight.

Amanda Maurako: I know, Paul, and I feel horrible about all of that, but it’s really important that Mario and I get to talk about…

Paul Paras: Talk about WHAT, Mandy?  I don’t know if you watch this show on a weekly basis or if you’ve paid any attention to the last ten years of your husband’s career, but when we’re in a wrestling arena, nothing is more important to Perfectly Marvelous than kicking ignorant ass, defending our gold, and making sure every single ignoramus in the arena knows that we are the epitome of wrestling excellence!

The fans in the Best Arena boo loudly.

Paul Paras: So as far as tonight goes, why don’t you just plant your pretty little ass in the Perfectly Marvelous locker room and watch the Perfect One and your Marvelous husband drive the ratings through the roof?

Amanda Maurako: Ugh… Mario, are you going to let him talk to me like this?!

Mario Maurako: Well honey… you have to admit, he is right…we have a very important announcement to make tonight and then later we’ve got to Marvelously Manhandle Kostoff and Sektor!  We’ll talk after the show, I promise.

Triple M grabs his custom crimson Stable Title belt and slings it over his shoulder, giving his wife a kiss on the cheek as he walks past her.  She appears furious and helpless at the same time.  Paul grabs his own royal blue Stable Title belt and snaps it around his waist, then grabs his Singapore cane and the white belt formerly held by Derek Mobley from his locker.  He stares at Amanda for a second, then smirks arrogantly and mouths “dumb blonde…” under his breath as he walks out of the locker room. 

Mayhem cuts to a commercial ..


Say hello to my right hand…

Back live and“Invincible” by OK Go blasts though the arena and Marvelous Mario Maurako and Perfect Paul Paras make their way to the ring. Mario Maurako has his custom made red Stable Championship draped over his shoulder and is carrying his 2×4 while Triple P has his dark blue Stable Championship around his waist, the white one over his shoulder, and his Singapore cane in his other hand. The longest reigning stable champions both grab mics from ringside and then climb into the ring.

Maurako: Let’s see if they remember how this goes Paul.

Paras: I doubt it, we are in Chicago of all places.

The fans boo the Stable Champions as Triple M walks to the center of the ring.


The fans shout back a mixture of Kostoff and Sektor.

Paras: I told you this arena of pathetic Chicago fans wouldn’t be able to remember a simple correct response. They’re like their Chicago Bulls, even when given the right answer they will still find a way to lose.

Maurako: With as much fun as it is to stand in this ring and insult all you pathetic excuses for human beings that isn’t the real reason we’re here tonight.

Paras: And I’m pretty sure we didn’t come out here to announce Mario’s retirement. Did we?

Maurako: Unfortunately for all the boys in the back I’m not out here to announce my retirement.

Paras: However we are out here to announce that we have found the newest member of the Argonauts of Awesome.

Maurako: That’s right after just one week of searching we found the best stable-mate that HOW has to offer.

Paras: Ladies and Ignoramuses let us introduce him to you at this time. The newest member of the Argonauts of Awesome….

Perfectly Marvelous: “PHENOMENAL” RYAN FAZE!!!!

Invincible” by OK Go starts up again as Red, White, and Blue streamers fall from the rafters as “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze makes his way to the ring. The fans boo Faze as they expected more from this new talent. Faze gets into the ring and Paras anoints him by giving him the white custom made Stable Championship which he drapes over his right shoulder. Faze goes to reach for Mario’s mic and Mario pulls away.

Maurako:  You see in one short week Faze here proved to us that he was indeed “Phenomenal” when he defeated Graystone last week in this very ring.

Faze walks over to Paras and goes to grab his mic but Paras pulls away.

Paras: As the founding members of the Argonauts of Awesome we were impressed by Ryan’s quick start to his HOW career and thus determined that he was just what the doctored ordered for us here in the AoA.

Maurako: And that is why we decided to let him into the greatest championship Stable of all time.

Paras: Ryan, Paras welcomes you.

Triple M hands Ryan Faze a mic and just when Faze goes to speak he is interrupted by “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Bif Naked. Triple M grabs the mic back from Faze so he can address whoever this is that is interrupting his time. Suddenly Mario’s wife Amanda appears and makes her way to the ring carrying a brief case. Triple M sighs heavily and the AoA await Amanda in the ring. Amanda grabs a mic from ringside and climbs into the ring with Paras, Maurako, and Faze.

Maurako: Since when did you get theme music?

Amanda: That isn’t important Mario.

Maurako: You’re right, what’s more important is why in God’s green earth do you think you can come out here to MY ring and interrupt the Argonauts crowning moment.

Amanda: I tried to talk to you in back and in private but you forced my hand Mario.

Maurako: This can wait until we’re done out here Amanda.

Amanda: Mario I’m tired of you pushing the family off and onto the back burner. I’m out here tonight to deliver these Divorce papers to you.

Amanda hands the briefcase to Mario and Triple M gets visibly angry. Tears start to roll down Amanda’s face as this has to be one of the hardest things she has ever had to do. Mario studies the briefcase for a moment before tossing it and the mic down onto the canvas. Triple M gets right up in Amanda’s face shouting at her as Paras leans up against the ropes with a smile on his face. Ryan Faze looks on concerned, when suddenly Triple M pulls back and punches Amanda right in the eye knocking her down to the canvas. Mario immediately starts to kick Amanda while she is down and Ryan Faze drops the White Stable Title and quickly runs up and pushes Mario away from Amanda. Triple M stares at Ryan Faze for a moment before slowly bending down and picking up the White Stable Title, all the while keeping his eyes on Faze. Triple P walks up and taps Triple M on he shoulder and motions that they should go. The duo exit the ring and start to back peddle down the isle as they mouth the words “You’re Out” to Faze.  Ryan Faze bends down and checks on Amanda Maurako while referees, trainers, and EMT’s run toward the ring to check on Amanda Maurako as Mayhem cuts to an unexpected commercial break.


Stable Title Match
Mario Maurako & Paul Paras vs. Sektor & Chris Kostoff

Tag Team Match

Back live and Joe is already reading an apology on the air from the investors for the actions of the Stable Champions just minutes ago.

A replay is shown on the HOTv and the crowd boos loudly but then cheers loudly as HOW newcomer Ryan Faze appeared to make the save but at the expense of a spot in the AoA stable.

TCG3 admits he doesn’t agree with hitting women and would never associate with someone that does do that…wink wink….he does think that AoA shouldn’t be punished for a women coming out here on national TV, climbing inside a wrestling ring, and NOT expecting to get bitch slapped.

Joe decides against arguing as he states that before we get to the Stable Title match, he was told during the break by Chris Kostoff that because of the actions he seen by the AoA that he is going to submit the AoA to be the next ones to be drug tested and their tests could be administered at any time.

TCG3 admits that although Paras has people drinking the kool aid in Minnesota, everyone else in the world knows that he is on the juice and it doesn’t matter the color cause this juice is just a tad more potent than some blue kool aid that he serves his Parasites.

Joe and TCG3 continue to talk about Mario slapping his soon to be ex wife as a brand new entrance video begins to play on the HOTv and the newly formed teammates of Chris Kostoff and Sektor make their way down as the crowd chants L-O-D….L-O-D!!

As the LOD teammates enter the ring the HOTv shows replays of the attacks by the LOD on seemingly random people and then Sektor attacking  Graystone during the Scottywood match with Kael.

Joe points out that without Lee here it has been complete and utter chaos and it seems no one really has control.

The Stable Champions make their way back out and this time they get boo’s that would even rival Lee Best’s entrance.

They climb into the ring with smirks on their face and referee Joel Hortega holds the titles high in the air and it is time for another stable title defense from the champs!!

Kostoff and Triple P start off the action and right away Paul surprises Kostoff with his ability to out power the HOW Hall of Famer.

Paras quickly cuts the ring in half for the Stable Champions and Joe notes that Perfectly Marvelous almost added a member tonight and one has to wonder what the fall out will be after this crazy Lee Best free night.

TCG3 states that the AoA doesn’t need to worry about Ryan Faze because after tonight Graystone will make sure that NO ONE will see the man in a HOW ring again.

But back in the ring the AoA have literally cut the ring in half and have executed several tags and it is now Triple M that is in the ring with Kostoff and just as Kostoff seems ready to make the hot tag to Sektor..who is dying to get into the ring…Mario nails Kostoff with some form of a suplex, sending the HOW Hall of Famer back towards their corner.

The crowd is firmly behind Kostoff and are trying to will him to make the tag but time after time the Stable Champions keep it from happening…via quick tags and some timely interference to keep Sektor at bay.

Finally Kostoff is able to nail Mario with a wicked Spinebuster as the AoA member came off the ropes.

The crowd is red hot as Kostoff crawls towards Sektor and finally makes the tag.

Sektor literally goes apeshit and takes out Mario and Paul several times with clotheslines and right hands and his flurry finally ends as he sends Paras flying over the top rope with vertical suplex.

Sektor then goes to town on the legal combatant Triple M with several belly to belly suplexs and gets a near fall with an even flow DDT.

As Sektor remains on the offensive Joe notes that he was concerned about Sektor tonight considering the fact that he learned that his daughter would be moving away with her mom and thus essentially taking Helen and his daughter out of Sektors life.

TCG3 wipes a fake tear as the action continues inside the ring where Sektor just got a near fall with Death valley Driver.

The crowd is still red hot as Sektor turns to see Kostoff begging to be tagged back in and Sektor obliges as the crowd erupts and Kostoff lays into Mario with some heavy right hands but he punches him too hard as Mario stumbles all the way to the corner where Paul makes the blind tag and nails Kostoff off the top rope with an axe handle.

Paul is tagged back in and he and Mario go for their Twin City Destroyer but Kostoff counters it and nails them with DDT’s…Paul with a straight DDT and Mario with a reverse DDT.

The counter is shown again on the HOTv screen and the crowd is fully behind Kostoff as he struggles to make the tag and just as he does make the tag Paul is able to grab the ref by the pants and Hortega literally doesn’t see Kostoff make the tag and Hortega quickly ushers Sektor back to his corner as the crowd is screaming at Hortega to get some fucking glasses as Kostoff walks right back into the stable champions and this time they nail him with their Twin City Destroyer finisher, a high-speed simultaneous inverted Russian legsweep by Maurako and reverse Russian legsweep by Paras, driving Kostoff’s face into the mat.

Hortega turns to see Mario making the cover and he counts as Paul tackles Sektor thru the ropes and to the outside..







Post match we see the AoA hustling to the back with their titles as Sektor is seen checking on Kostoff as we cut to a commercial break.



We come back live and the fans are rampant, going wild, screaming and cheering with an exciting Mayhem, but as expected, the sounds of cawing kicks in and ‘Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy blasts out.

Fans cheer and boo with mixed reactions as Crow comes out, dressed casual, in jeans and a short leather jacket, sunglasses also, and his ICON title, he heads down to the ring and climbs in, handed a mic as he enters leaving his title on the apron. Crow slides off his jacket, getting comfy, clearly with a few seconds to spare as he waits for the fans to die down, eventually all goes quiet as he looks out, he raises his glasses onto his head.

Crow: Well hello there guys and girls, I’m here to get a few things off my back, and this pretty much applies to everyone, and I mean, everyone!

I’m sure you all know, but there’s a lot of issues here in HOW at the moment, that stand as a misunderstood meltdown.

Crow straightens up his jacket and places it over the ropes.

Crow: You know all the olden day rumours, that wCw was of its own destruction, ECW was of its own destruction, every company that goes down was pretty much of self destruction. Well HOW has had hiccups before, maybe you can metaphorically say it took an overdose, and survived, it slit it’s wrists, and survived, it drowned itself, and survived.

Crow gimmicky laughs to himself and ponders about the ring.

Crow: HOW has come and gone more times then any other place, but, were grateful, at least I am, its home away from home, a place were comfortable, I go somewhere else, it’s not as fun as it is here, and the years I’ve been doing this, in this place, you’ll never find another place like it, it’s one of a kind. But why would I be saying any of this? Well like I said, I’m sure many of you know about this company intervening, trying to make this place, a better place? Well if you ask me, Lee Best might well be the fucking biggest son of a bitch walking this earth, but as long as he wasn’t being lazy, he run one hell of a company. Personally, if HOW does go down once again, then this will be the company that brings it down, this Harry Hislip or whatever his name is, is really beginning to bother me, and I haven’t even met him yet.

Crow rubs his stubbled chin as he continues to wonder around the ring.

Crow: But the day comes I do meet him, if I meet him, I wont permit his authority, the way Lee Best lets him walk all over him, the way Lee Best accepts his new ways without a fight, and the way all the good guys are jumping on board with him? It sickens me. Kostoff is the first to kiss some ass now it’s opened doors and opportunities for him, he had his tongue in that dark black hole the minute it started sucking everything up. I hate watching these guys, for better or worse, they walk in and try take over, introducing there new policies and structure throughout the company. So the minute, the second, the time comes they try interfere with me, introduce of inflict there ways upon me and MY ways, I’LL fulfil the duties Lee Best should be doing, and I’LL put that guy in his place, on his ass, and looking UP to me.

Fans clap and cheer, those at least who believe Hislop needs putting in his place, others just cheer for Crow on causing havoc.

Crow: Something these people don’t get though, since the day they arrived they’ve been receiving trouble, hassle, did they miss the warning on the way in? HOW has always been a war zone, and that’s the reason the ratings are the way they are. Hislip does NOT need to come in, and try make things better by using Chris Kostoff, Kostoff knows the success to HOW was because he and guys like him, me and others would fight to the bone and lose pints of blood nightly for this place..

The original HOW, Is the best HOW, not a changed.. HOW!

If I were running for political status right now, I’d be yelling vote Lee Best, but lucky for me, I hate politics, I hate Lee Best, and I hate these new investors.

People laugh, cheer and clap.

Crow: But fuck the suits, they’ll dig there own graves one day and have the birds pecking at there dead flesh, at the minute, other matters are of more importance. Max Kael, Scottywood, Triple M, your all on my radar right now, I’m on a delight flight path to the top, this tournament for the title, it’s mine and I won’t let it go, Max Kael thought he could stand in my way, he was wrong, and another notch got added to his belt. There’s more flights and fights left yet, so Scottywood, Triple M, I hope you both see sense and realise the position you two are in right now, I mean, what have you guys achieved, successfully?

Triple M, I have no problem with you, to me, your just.. there? In the corner, nice and quiet, and I’m happy with that, you stay out of my way and that’s the best way.

Crow walks over and picks up his title, lying it over the top rope and glides his hand over it, he continues his pace around the ring.

Crow: Scottywood, you little skivvy piece of scum, doing Lee Best’s dirty work, all so he keeps you in his office, locker room, in the Best Alliance and in position for commissionership, and it’s the ONLY reason you ever won a title in HOW. You, should know the threat I show automatically being on the inside, being up high, you, should know that when we meet, you should do the right thing, step aside and let me be, or the consequences could be beyond repair for you.

Crow picks up his title, he whips it over his shoulder and centres himself in the ring.

Crow: Now, aside staying the most dominant man in HOW, aside winning the Best Invitational and taking the World title, aside any other matters, THEE MOST important thing to me right now, is keeping this baby.

Crow points at his title with a smile.

Crow: No man, no woman, nobody, will come in the way of me and my goals, and I will keep this baby. The ICON title is something somebody can be proud of, the name is in.. the ‘title’, I am the champion, I am an Icon. So a word of warning to anyone who has plans to go against me, anyone who has plans to come after my title, and that goes to you, not so Perfect Paul Paras, that goes to you Silent Witness, and most importantly, that goes to you kostoff. I don’t so much see you guys as threats, more as, people I just don’t like, and don’t want you in my way, anyone of you come near me, and me and my birds will open a personal attack on you. I’m currently occupied, currently busy, and currently not of interest in anything but my current duties, if I become pre-occupied, I become annoyed, and when I’m annoyed, with any of you especially, you better hope you don’t end up six feet under.

Crow just smiles with evil intent, he goes to leave the ring as fans cheer when something crosses his mind, he stops and turns.

Crow: Just one more thing, Bobbi, I’m slightly disturbed by the rumours I hear? I heard your trying to inform Livie, I lied to her? It saddens me to think you would try persuade her otherwise and direct her away from the truth, to what? Try keep her safe.. Bobbi, I want you to know here and now, Livie is never safe, while she’s at your side, that just brings her closer to me, Livie is always in my reach, and I can take her any time I like, no matter how hard you hold, no matter how close you hold, and I don’t even have to use force to take her.

And if she isn’t watching, say hey to Livie for me, and let her know.. were always watching.

Crow just smiles and backs off, he grabs his jacket and hooks it over his shoulder, his belt on the other as he exits the ring, now walking up the ramp with his music blaring, fans cheering, and new lessons learned for people to acknowledge in HOW. A warning to Hislip and Kostoff, a dedication to serve HOW, the original HOW, a Jatt Starr group notice of intent, a roster threat, and most worryingly, informing Carey and Livie, he’s not gone, he’s never gone.


Joe takes Mayhem to its final commercial as he and TCG3 wonder who is going to challenge Crow for his ICON Title??



World Title Match
Graystone vs. Ryan Faze

No DQ Match

Back live and the HOTv comes alive to show a replay of last weeks Main Event where we see Faze pick up the victory over the World Champion which leads us to tonight’s match up.

Faze makes his way out and the crowd is actually cheering loudly for the man who saved Amanda, Marios soon to be ex wife, earlier on the show.

HOW cameras capture several “Faze of HOW” posters and Joe mentions that Faze is looking at this like its his time to be the man here in HOW.

As Faze makes his way near ringside he grabs a poster from a fan and holds it high in the air but suddenly it is ripped from his hands by TCG3 who just left the announcers table and TCG3 proceeds to rip the poster in half.

Faze smacks Thomas hard across the face and the manager of the World Champion is down on the ground before the bell has even rung.

Joe notes that this match is being contested under NO DQ rules courtesy of Scottywood.

The crowd is cheering wildly as Faze picks up Thomas and then looks out to the crowd and they urge him to bring down the pain on Thomas but all that happens is pain to Faze as Graystone jumps the barrier and nails Faze from behind with a chop block right on his injured right knee.

TCG3 scampers away and watches as the World Champion smiles as he picks up the already hobbled Faze and rolls him into the ring as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and we are officially underway.

Joe wonders if the NO DQ stipulation was added just so Graystone and TCG3 could get to the knee of Faze early.

Inside the ring Faze hobbles to the far ropes but before he can even turn around Graystone gives him a swift kick to the back of the knee and for the next several minutes it is all Graystone as TCG3 urges him to continue to work on the knee of Faze and Graystone obliges.

The crowd is trying to urge Faze on but everytime the man has any kind of an opening the World Champion slams it shut with a shot to his knee.

Graystone, cocky and smirking from ear to ear, finally slips up as Faze nails him with a FazePlant out of nowhere and the HOTv shows the replay of the Unprettier like move as Faze struggles over to Graystone and gets a near fall from Boettcher.

Joe notes that the longer this match goes the better for Graystone and Faze has to end this quickly.

That could be the reason why Faze’s offence goes into desperation mode as he climbs to the top rope and signals for his Faze-50 splash from the top rope and Joe notes that it is too early for that but Faze, injured and needing to end the match goes for the home run and misses as Graystone moves out of the way and faze screams out in pain as he clutches his knee.

Graystone quickly locks in a figure four leglock and in a matter of moments Faze has no choice but to tap as HOW cameras capture several young fans in the front row crying at what they just seen.


TCG3 slides into the ring and hands Graystone the title and Mayhem comes to a close as the most dominant man in the company just got a little stronger with the addition of Thomas Clayton Gray III.

The final images we see before the feed goes black is of a very courageous Ryan Faze refusing help and literally hopping to the back as the fans cheer him loudly out of respect as inside the ring TCG3 holds the World Title High in the air as Graystone stares into the hard camera and mouths the word “Sektor”.

Show Details

The Best Arena

Chicago, Illinois

Show times

  • 9:00PM