Mayhem: December 8th, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; December 8
th, 2008 – #HOW29
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Meet your Rep!

Mayhem begins airing live as we see a white limo pulling into The Best Arena parking lot. HOW backstage reporter Brian Bare, accompanied by a HOW cameraman, hustles into position as the limo comes to a stop and the driver steps out and starts towards the back of the limo to open the door.

Brian Bare: I am Brian Bare and I received word about five minutes ago that the representative from the Platinum Asset Management investment firm was on their way and I believe that they are in this limo that just arrived!!!

Brian and the cameraman hustle past the driver and as Brian turns to stick his microphone inside the limo but he is stopped as the person climbs out of the limo and Brian almost falls down in fright.

Brian Bare: What….what are you doing here? You are not booked tonight….

Shut your damn mouth pleaser and conduct an interview like a man. I didn’t call you ahead of time for nothing.”

It is at this moment that the viewers and the crowd inside The Best Arena see who exactly is talking to Bare…

Chris Kostoff.

Brian, shaking and sweating profusely, takes his place next to Kostoff who just waved the driver off.

Brian Bare: You are the one that called me? You know who the rep is?

Kostoff smiles and looks at Bare with a glint of humor in his eyes..

Chris Kostoff: You are a real crackhead aren’t you? I mean I didn’t believe the rumors but I mean …..Oh never mind…

Kostoff ignores Brian and focuses in on the camera as he delivers the message he called Brian on the phone about..

Chris Kostoff: I not only know who the representative is…..but I AM the representative! It seems the Investment firm believed they needed someone to be the Yang to Lee’s Ying and no one serves that purpose more than me. We have done it all me and Lee, and now its my job not only to continue to dominate the LSD Division, but also to make sure that each and ever person employed by Lee Best gets a fair shake in the work place……and my job starts tonight!

With that Kostoff walks off towards The Best Arena entrance as a stunned Brian Bare looks on.

The action then cuts inside the Arena….


Getting this puppy started…

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem!!

The crowd is already red hot and buzzing after the footage of Chris Kostoff arriving at the arena had aired on the HOTv screen.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined at the announce table by none other than Big Buff Benny New…….are you seriously already doing a shot???

The cameras pan over to Benny who can be seen taking a double shot out of his official HOW shot glass.

Benny finishes the shot and slams it down hard on the table.

Benny Newell: Fuck Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: Come on now Benny. No one knows for sure what is going to come of this. I mean Kostoff has been hired to insure that…

Benny Newell: Blah fucking blah blah. This is an outrage and I guarantee you that Lee is going to have the final say in this matter.

Joe Hoffman: Time will only tell on that one. But folks tonight we have a great lineup highlighted by the fact that the competitors for the ICON and World Titles at ICONIC will be teaming up in a tag match for our main event where everyone is assuming there will be some serious fireworks as this is our last Mayhem before heading to the Rogers Centre in Toronto Canada for the big ICONIC PPV.

Benny Newell: Graystone and Max are going to work like the close knit stablemates that they are and who gives a royal fuck if Crow and Carey get along.

Joe Hoffman: One has to wonder about that considering the state that Carey has been in since the kidnapping of Livie Carey.

Benny Newell: There is no wondering…she is a drunken whore…

Joe Hoffman: Drunken huh?

Joe can only shake his head as Benny nods yes as he takes another shot and mutters “Kostoff” under his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Before we get to our main event though folks we have some great matches on the undercard starting with what we have been told is a “whoever is pinned is fired” match.

Benny Newell: God I love these. Too bad the damn Investors have stepped in or else we could have seen some more Bottom Lines tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Um ya…too bad? Anyway, before we went live tonight one of the competitors in the upcoming match had a chance to talk to Brian Bare. Roll the tape guys…

The HOTv comes to life with some previously recorded footage..

Hold it In…

The footage opens up backstage inside the locker room of Damien Ryan. He sits adjusting his boots, preparing for his match. He picks up a roll of white athletic sports tape and starts taping his hands and wrists. He looks up at the camera.

Damien Ryan: Anguish, Xtremist, and Pillsbury….

Continues rips the tape with his teeth and throws the tape down.

Damien Ryan: Thank you HOW for giving me the opportunity to show the fans out there what I’m really made of. Unfortunately, you threw three nobodies at me. Three guys that the fans enjoy booing just because they seem to waste time out of the shows, and cause the people in their seats in anxiety waiting for their match to end so they can see somebody better. I’m sure that the bathrooms in the Best Arena will have lines out the doors into the corridor when the fans hear the theme music of these clowns.

Ryan shakes his head in disgust, he stretches out his hands, extending the tape around his knuckles.

Damien Ryan: But listen now, HOW….

He stares directly into the camera.

Damien Ryan: Listen now, and listen close. Stay in your seats tonight, folks. Force your bladders to hold just a little longer till you hear MY theme music. As I walk to ring and absolutely destroy the careers of three useless superstars here in HOW. I PROMISE YOU. After you see what I do to these gentlemen….you’ll piss yourselves. That’s right…you’ll piss yourselves. You will be so stricken with amazement that your bodily functions will cease to exist, the tolerance of accidental excretion will diminish. You jaw will be open in “aw” due to the pure, athletic, and technical abilities of this… enriching, aspiring, inspiring talent…you will feel the warmth of hot, steaming piss run down the inside of your legs….

He pauses.

Damien Ryan: ….just from what I do to these poor, three superstars here tonight.  Don’t fight it. Just let it happen…soak in Damien Ryan. Anguish, Xtremist, Pillsbury… all I can say gentlemen, is: best of luck. As cliché as it sounds…you will need it. I’ll see you guys open, and fans…hold it in. Thank you.

Cameraman: Good?

Damien Ryan: Yeah, that’s good man, thank you.

Cameraman: That was weird. You’re kind of fucked up man.

Damien Ryan: Yeah, people keep saying that. I don’t get it, what does that mean?

Footage fades out and the action returns to Joe and Benny at ringside.

Damien Ryan vs. Pillsbury vs. Anguish vs. Xtremist
Fatal Fourway Match

Joe Hoffman:

Well you hear that Benny, the debuting Damian Ryan has promised people that they will literally urinate on themselves after this match.

Benny Newell:

If we don’t hurry up and get this first match underway…I MIGHT piss myself. Lets go already. Three of the fucking jobbers are already in the ring, bring out the fourth!

As if on cue the into riff to “Come to Life” by Alter Bridge starts playing for the arena sound system and the fans go nuts. A giant maple leaf appears on the HOTv and then fades away as several pyro’s shoot off at the entrance and Damien Ryan comes onto the stage as the band joins the song. Ryan walks down the ramp, not acknowledging the fan presence at all, walks into the ring in a determined mode, stands in the corner for a minute. He slaps the maple leaf tattoo on his upper arm then jumps on the turnbuckle and raises his arms to an eager crowd as they cheer, mainly just because the wrestling is finally about to be part of the show.

Joe Hoffman: Well its not only time for a debut for a few wrestlers it is also the first match for new HOW referee Mike Shea.

Benny Newell: He is actually a good ref if Lee hired him.

Joe Hoffman: Obviously…..well there is the bell and to remind the viewers whoever gets pinned in this match up will be fired from HOW!!

As the bell sounds Shea quickly backs up to the ropes as all four competitors begin to circle each other and the opening match is officially underway.

Right away its clear to see who the dominate wrestler is as Damian Ryan begins to wipe the canvas with Xtremist as Pillsbury and Anguish go back and forth on the outside after being tossed over the top rope by a double clothesline from Ryan.

Ryan continues at an up-tempo pace as he works Xtremist over with some nice vertical suplexs and wraps up a nice offensive set with a top rope splash that gets a two count before Pillsbury makes the save.

It is at this point that the match turns ugly and ugly fast as Damian wows the crowd with a wicked belly to belly suplex on Xtremist that sends the hopeful HOW superstar over the top rope and down hard to the floor.

Benny takes a shot for that big move and has to quickly take another as Ryan nails Pillsbury and Anguish with a double Russian Leg Sweep and suddenly the fans are behind Ryan as he is clearly impressing everyone inside The Best Arena.

The finish of the match comes rather quickly as Ryan climbs to the top turnbuckle after the double leg sweep and jumps off and nails both Pillsbury and Anguish with his top rope flying frog splash finisher called The Publicity Stunt.

Mike Shea gets in position as Ryan covers Pillsbury and Anguish at the same time ….







Post match we see HOW security lead Anguish and Pillsbury out of the ring and out of The Best Arena for the final time.

Ryan is seen exiting the ring and high fives some fans but stops when one man refuses to give him a high five. The fan and the HOW superstar start exchanging words and after a couple of heated moments Ryan raises his right hand to deliver a big right hand and the man covers up quickly……

But the punch never comes.

Instead laughter breaks out all around the man and as Mayhem cuts to the first commercial break of the night we see why Damian Ryan and the fans were laughing.

The man pissed himself.


Lee meet your Rep!

Back from commercial and we are backstage where we see Lee Best and his Best Alliance all standing on one side of his office while on the other side of the office stands Chris Kostoff flanked by William Hislip, representing the investors.

Mr.Hislip: Ok Lee we have gotten the formalities out of the way and you have met the person the Investors have voted on to be for a lack of a better term…your watch dog.

Lee Best: This is complete and utter fucking bullshit. Kostoff is under contract with ME….not..

Mr. Hislip: You are wrong Mr. Best. All HOW superstars are under contract with High Octane Wrestling and seeing that you only own 50% of the company…..well they are legally just as much under contract with us than they are with you.

Lee Best: Fucking bullshit. But whatever. Its not like that asshole has any power……how’s your wife and the kid….oh wait you killed the….

Lee stops short as Kostoff starts in at Lee but Scottywood, Maximillian, and the World Champion Graystone step in front of Lee and Kostoff, smiling, stops and backs up.

Kostoff: Your time will come Lee. How’s that eye? Next time Ill knock both of your eyes out and this time it won’t be over till I skull fuck your bitch ass.

Lee points his finger at Kostoff as if he was a little kid in class telling on a classmate.

Mr. Hislip: I think anyone would agree that you instigated that affair. Now, you are right that Kostoff currently has no power but that all could change at ICONIC when he defends his LSD Championship against Scottywood ….but don’t forget the role of Commissioner is on the line as well.

Lee Best: Whoa now. I took that stipulation off when Harris got bought out by you assholes.

Mr. Hislip: Actually that stipulation was signed and made official the weekend prior to Mr. Harris being bought out. So legally speaking the bout will still decide who the new Commissioner will be and we have come to terms with Kostoff that if he were to defeat Scottywood at ICONIC then we would find a new “rep” so that he could focus on his commissioners duties fully.

Lee Best: This is complete and utter bullshit….anything else?

Mr. Hislip: Not at this time Mr. Best. You have to understand that we are working towards the same goal as you…we want HOW to succeed and we want to make money. All these decisions are to insure that this happens.

Lee Best: Ya ya ya. Get your  bitch ass out of my fucking office and take your baby killer with ya….

Kostoff glares at Lee but doesn’t move until Hislip motions for him to follow.

Mr. Hislip: We will give you a few moments but remember…..Kostoff is to go where you go and to know every decision you make. He is here to insure that the show goes off without a hitch.

Lee Best: Awesome. Grand. Glorious. Whoopie Fucking Doo.

Lee shakes his head as Kostoff and Hislip leave the room and just as they do Graystone and Max start going at each other while Scottywood is in Lee’s ear telling him what he should do.

After a few moments of chaos Lee has had enough…


The Alliance members stop in their tracks and stare at Lee who has his arm up and pointing for them all to get out.

They leave room but you can hear Max and Graystone whispering shit at each other about Michelle as Scottywood tries to calm them down.

As they exit Lee lets out a big sigh.

Lee Best: Finally…some fucking peace and….

The door opens and Lee’s sentence is cut short as Kostoff pops his head in and walks over towards Lee’s desk and sits down in the chair opposite of Lee and props his feet up on the desk and smiles at Lee.

Lee Best: ……quiet.  Do you mind?

Chris Kostoff: Nah I don’t mind if relax a little. C’mon Lee cheer up….this is going to be fun. Consider this a dry run before I become Commissioner at ICONIC.

Lee can only shake his head as Mayhem cuts to ringside.

Enter the Black…

We are at ringside when suddenly, “Worlds Greatest” by R Kelly hits the arena and David Black walks out onto the stage, closely followed by his valet/girlfriend Jade, to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

David and Jade quickly makes their way to the ring, picking up a mic on the way, before entering the ring and waiting for the music to be cut off. David then raises the mic.

David:” You know, after what happened last week in my match on Mayhem, I encouraged everybody to send in their letters of apology to me for their behavior towards me that night. I didn’t do it for my own sake, I did it for yours…so that you could ease your conscience by being able to do the ring thing, why? Because that’s the kind of guy I am.”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction again.

David:” Now as of this very moment, I have received a grand total of one letters of apology…one stinking letter is all I get? And let’s not even get into the fact that I wrote myself that letter, to set a good example for the rest of you to follow!”

Another mixed reaction from the crowd, with a few scattered laughs.

David:” But okay, all is not lost, as I am here tonight to give you another chance to do the right thing, and not only that, but I am here offering you a reward for doing the right thing, how often to you get that? Anyway, what you do is this; You write a personal letter of apology to me, and you sign it with your name. Then next week on the hall of fame special, I will come out to this very ring, read every single name of the people who wrote letters to me, and to reward you for doing the right thing, I will top it all off, by performing live next week, in this very ring, my very version of Wayne Newton’s legendary classic, Danke Schoen.”

At this point, the crowd seems unsure whether to cheer, boo or just plain laugh.

David:” So come everybody, get those letters in, this could very well be a once in a lifetime experience, trust me, you do NOT want to miss it.”

He says, with a smile, before dropping the mic as its time for our next match…

David Black vs. Triple P is next!!


David Black vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match

Back from commercial and Joe makes note that there were rumors about a Hell in a Cell cage being used tonight but Joe quickly explains that it was the crew working on the Cell to take to Toronto for ICONIC.

Nothing more…Nothing less.

“Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go down, leaving only gold strobe lights flickering to the opening drumbeat.  After the opening stops, five insanely loud blasts of gold pyro shoot from the stage simultaneously, leading out the Singapore cane-wielding Perfect One, Perfect Paul Paras!

Joe and Benny go over the fact that the Argonauts of Awesome, the current Stable Champions, will be making their HOW PPV debuts inside the Hell in a Cell when they defend the strap against the Team Epic squad consisting of David Black, Ken Davision and an unnamed wrestler as Silent Witness was taken out of the picture last week by The Crow.

As Triple P climbs into the ring to a very mixed reaction Joe puts over the big victory Perfectly Marvelous had last week in the Main Event and Benny counters that it was because of Scottywood not being focused on the Stable title when he has Kostoff in his sights.

As Matt Boettcher signals for the bell, Joe and Benny are still going at it in regards to how much respect should be given to the AoA stable and the Stable Title in general.

Back in the ring Black and Paras lock up and Black quickly gains the upper hand with a quick finger to the eye followed up by a headlock as Boettcher warns him.

Joe notes that last week we found out that Carey had brought Black to her Team Epic stable just to have him take part in the Stable Title match and Joe notes that Black doesn’t fit the normal Team Epic profile…..which Benny claims is men without vaginas led by a Vagina with horns.

As Joe shakes that mental image out of his mind, inside the ring Paras ducks a clothesline by Black, bounces off the far ropes but is stopped in his tracks as Jade reaches under the bottom rope and grabs Paras by the foot, causing the AoA member to turn and quickly tell off valet of Black.

This distraction is long enough to allow Black to nail Paras from behind with a nasty right hand and Black begins an onslaught that doesn’t end until he gains a near fall after a perfect piledriver in the middle of the ring.

Black continues the offense until he goes for his Blackout finisher and Paras ducks under the superkick attempt and instead nails Black with his own superkick.

Both men are down and out on the canvas after the desperation move by Paras and the crowd isn’t helping either man as Joe notes that the Chicago fans heard what Paras said bout Illinois and the Bears earlier on in the week.

There is defo no love lost for Paras here inside the Best Arena.

Finally both men get to their feet and begin exchanging rights and lefts and as Black goes for quick low blow, Paras sidesteps the blow and nails Black with a perfect implant DDT which gains a near fall from Boettcher.

The finish of the match finally comes as Paras nails Black with a backbreaker and then locks on an anaconda vice submission.

Joe notes that Paul calls that The Messianic Complex.

Benny notes that Black calls that a bitch to get out of….

After a few moments Black has no choice and taps out and Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post match we see a victorious Paras head to the back as the Chicago crowd boos.

Joe puts over the effort of Black but Benny counters that just like Team Epic all Black was missing was some balls.

Joe can only shake his head as Mayhem cuts backstage.

Bathrooom Advice

The screen cuts to backstage to a bathroom. We see the backside of Damien Ryan as he’s using the urinal to go to the bathroom. He wiggles a little from the chills, and jiggles some more to make sure he got it all. He zips up his jeans and flushes the urinal with his elbow. He walks away and goes to head out the door. But as soon as he turns, Scottywood is standing in the bathroom doorway.

Scottywood: Aren’t you going to wash your hands, dude?

Damien Ryan: What’s the matter Scotty? You a germaphobe! (Ryan sticks his pee hand in Scottywood’s face but he’s able to dodge the goofing Ryan)

Scottywood: Knowing where that thing has been….then yes I guess I’m a little germaphobic.

Damien Ryan: Whatever dude, what you want, my old NGW buddy, my comrad, friend that I beat in the Battle Dome last year?

Scottywood: You and I both know I should have walked out the winner there….but that’s a discussion we’ll save for New Years Eve…..  But what I did want to ask you is with the new year approaching who you plan on siding with. Because like Lee said, your either going to be with us…..or against us.

Damien Ryan: You giving me advice, Scotty?

Scottywood: You could say I am.  But all you really have to do is look around HOW.  Team Epic is falling apart at the seams with Bobbinette in a constant drunken state.  The Asshole of Arrogance or whatever they call themselves are 3 nobodies wishing they were important.  And then you have The Best Alliance which is home to the current World Champion Graystone, former World champion and number 1 contender Max Kael and myself the soon to be LSD champion and Commish of HOW.

Damien Ryan: Hmmm, I see…..That’s quite advising.

Ryan smiles..

Damien Ryan: Maybe you’re right. You do have a point there. But, let me ask you something, Scottywood… Who was the number one contender for the NGW World Title before it closed down? Who?

Scotty just stares at Damien with a pissed look on his face

Scottywood: Let me ask you something, Damien…..Who was the former 4 time NGW World champion?………..Who?

Damien Ryan: Yeah, okay, I see where we are getting at here… think this is what Lee Best wants, Scotty? Two guys who have never liked each other….on the same team? You really thinks, that’s what he wants? Is that what you want?

Ryan rubs his beard.

Damien Ryan: NGW aside, why would I join a group with the champion as well? You remember who you’re talking to Scottywood, one of wrestling biggest betrayers. Is THAT what Lee Best wants?

Scottywood: You think this business has anything to do with who like who? Because I won’t lie and tell you I like you, because I don’t. And what I do know is that Lee wants the best in The Best Alliance and as much as I hate to admit it, you were one of the best in NGW.

Damien Ryan: You bet your ass, I was.

Scottywood: But not the best, that title goes to another man.

Damien Ryan: Frankie The Cameraman?

Ryan laughs.

Damien Ryan:: Okay Scotty, I’ll tell you what. Let’s see how these next couple weeks play out. There are some serious matches taking place at Iconic which could make or break these teams. I think I’ll have a clear idea of who I’ll side with…if anyone at all.

Scottywood: Ok Ryan.  You watch Iconic.  You watch me decimate Kostoff in the House of Pain match.  You watch one of the greatest World title matches in HOW history go down between Best Alliance members.  But just remember what I said earlier……You’re either with The Best Alliance……or you’re against us.

Damien Ryan: Alright….alright. I appreciate you looking out for me. Will do. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind, okay?

Scotty nods his head

Damien Ryan: Alright kid, I’ll talk to you later. (Ryan raises his hand for a high five)

(Scotty just stares at Ryan with his same pissed look)

Damien Ryan: Come on man, this isn’t helping your chances, think brownie points, bro.

Scottywood: The Best Alliance doesn’t need brownie points, and I’ll show you why in the ring tonight when I face Nitro.

Damien Ryan: Whatever S.A.F.

(Scotty shakes his head and starts to walk away down the hallway away from Ryan and towards The Best Alliance locker room)

Damien Ryan: Scottywood Against Fun! That’s going to be my new stable! ………Oh wait!

Ryan jogs down the hallway and catches up with Scottywood

Scottywood: What

Damien Ryan: I forgot to give you something.

Scottywood: Ya?

Ryan softly slaps Scottywood in the face and then Ryan runs away. Scottywood feels dampness on his cheek

Damien Ryan:: (yelling as he’s running away) PEE HAND! Ha-ha!

Furiously, Scotty quickly wipes his cheek off with his shirt and yells in anger as he pushes a HOW crew member who just happened to be walk by down to the ground. The camera fades out.


Dylan Nitro vs. Scottywood
Hardcore Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to ringside everyone. It was announced earlier this evening that Best Alliance member Scottywood has purchased a hardcore stipulation for his match with Dylan Nitro right here tonight on Mayhem.

Benny Newell: He had to pay for it? I know for damn sure he doesn’t have to pay for his LSD title match against Chris Kostoff at ICONIC. The only person that’s going to pay is Chris Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: Well, with Kostoff being named the new investment firm representative, who knows what can happen around here anymore? Hopefully Lee can count on Scottywood to represent The Best Alliance here tonight. He seems to be having a hell of a time getting Graystone and Max Kael on the same page so far tonight.

Benny Newell: It’s healthy competition, Hoffman. At the end of the day, The Best Alliance is the best thing going and they all realize what’s most important.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t call stable members at each others throat when they have a tag team match to prepare for later on tonight “healthy competition.”

Benny Newell: The Best Alliance…

Newell is cut off as Dylan Nitro’s music hits, and Dylan Nitro comes out to the top of the ramp to a positive crowd reaction. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Benny Newell: Did you mention this was going to be a hardcore match?

Joe Hoffman: Weren’t you paying attention?

Scottywood’s music hits as the crowd rises to their feet, booing. Scottywood struts out from the back with a kendo stick. Scottywood points the kendo stick at Nitro, and Nitro exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. Scottywood runs around the ring, towards Nitro who is poised. Nitro lunges to hit a chair shot, but Scottywood ducks and delivers some vicious kendo shots. Scottywood rolls Nitro into the ring, and picks up the steel chair. Scottywood rolls into the ring, only to be met with a kick to the side of the head from Nitro. Nitro fights for the chair, and gets ahold of it by kicking Scottywood in the stomach. Nitro thursts the chair forward, hits Scottywood in the bread basket, and forces him out of the ring and to the outside. The fans cheer.

Joe Hoffman: If Scottywood thought he could take Dylan Nitro lightly, think again.

Benny Newell: He let him do that! It’s all a part of the plan!

Nitro follows Scottywood to the outside, but Scottywood manages to stop Nitro’s offense with several elbows to the midsection, then Scottywood launches Nitro into the ringpost. Scottywood picks up the kendo stick again, and begins going to work as Nitro tries to get away. Finally, Nitro manages to roll into the ring. Scottywood slides in and puts the boots to Nitro. Scottywood runs of the ropes and comes back with a diving elbow to Nitro’s chest. The cover.




Scottywood picks Nitro up and launches him into the corner. Scottywood charges in, only for Nitro to lift a double boot into Scottywoods face.

The cover.




Nitro gets up and puts the boots to Scottywood. Nitro picks Scottywood up and goes for a DDT, but Scottywood reverses it into a swinging neckbreaker. Scottywood immediately goes for the pin.




Scottywood picks Nitro up and launches him across the ropes. Nitro comes back, as Scottywood ducks, and hits a hard kick to Scottywood’s chest. Scottywood stumbles back, and Nitro hits a snap clothesline. Nitro immediately gets up and goes for the sharpshooter, but Scottywod manages to scramble out and hit a low blow.

Joe Hoffman: WHAT WAS THAT!?

Benny Newell: It’s a hardcore match, remember?

Scottywood continues to work over Nitro with several devastating moves and chair shots. Just as it looks like Nitro won’t be able to come back, Nitro reverses a launch, and hits a huge irish whip to the corner! Scottywood stumbles out, dazed, and Nitro rushes in with a heavy knee to the midsection! Scottywood flips over to his back. Nitro falls down with a lightning quick elbow aimed at Scottywood’s chest, but Scottywood moves, and Nitro blasts his arm on the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood scouted out Nitro’s finishing maneuver there. Can he capitalize?

Benny Newell: Can he capitalize? Of course he can!

Both men are up, and Scottywood manages to blast Nitro in the head with an Ice Kick. Nitro stumbles, confused. Scottywood grabs Nitro into a front face lock and throws his left arms out to side as he screams. Scottywood then takes his left arm and grabs the back of Nitro as Scotty falls backwards and spikes the top of Nitro’s head into the steel chair!

Benny Newell: SDT on a chair!

Scottywood covers, as the crowd boo loudly.





Post match we the HOTv screen come to life as we see Lee Best doing a happy dance in front of Chris Kostoff who can only stare at Lee and shake his head as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as we see Kostoff motion at Lee’s eye patch, indicating another one is one the way.



Back from commercial and the lights in the arena go dark as only the HOTv remains lit up with the HOW logo.

Benny Newell: What’s this?  More of the dark mysterious shit we saw last week?

Joe Hoffman: Maybe it was just a power outage… I apologize to all our fans watching at…

Suddenly, an array of pyrotechnics BLAST loudly from the stage, ramp, and ringposts, sending Benny falling backward out of his chair for reasons other than an intoxicated daze.  “Invincible” by OK Go begins to play as soon as the pyro clears as the fans in the arena look up the ramp in confusion and anticipation.  Benny hoists himself back up from the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Who could this be?  I don’t think I’m familiar with this theme music…

Benny Newell: That’s probably because we haven’t heard it before!  Whoever it is, they just broke my chair!

The music continues as out from the back walk two-thirds of the HOW Stable Champions, Perfect Paul Paras and Marvelous Mario Maurako, collectively known as PERFECTLY MARVELOUS!  Triple M flexes on the entrance ramp as Triple P raises his Singapore cane into the air, garnering a mixed reaction from the Chicago fans.  Noticeably missing from the picture is the HOW Stable Title belt.  PM walk down to ringside and each grab a microphone from the timekeeper before climbing into the squared circle spotlight to speak.  The music soon cuts off as Triple M raises the mic.

Maurako: Chicago, Illinois… WHO ROCKS THE HOUSE?!?!

The fans don’t really react at all, leaving Maurako looking puzzled and slightly agitated.  Triple P appears similarly boggled.

Paras: Weird…correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t every nobody who makes his first-ever appearance in front of you people gets a superstar reaction and you somehow mysteriously know all of his catch phrases?  I thought you were programmed to do that?

Maurako: All right, all right, I’ll let it slide this time, but for future reference, when I say “WHO ROCKS THE HOUSE,” you say “TRIPLE M!”  Are we all clear on this?

Some fans boo at being told what to do while others get a kick out of PM’s attitude.

Paras: Now that that little matter is out of the way, allow the Perfect One to tell you all a little story.  There will be no once upon a time, but indeed, a Perfectly Marvelous ending.  You see, last week on Mayhem, the Marvelous One and I took out not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of HOW’s supposed “top talents” who represent two superfluously subpar stables, Team Epic and the Best Alliance.  Let us feast our eyes on PM’s post-Thanksgiving bounty…

The fans cheer the mention of Team Epic but boo the Alliance mercilessly.  Up on the HOTv screen, we see a replay of the finish to last week’s 3-team main event, where Perfectly Marvelous hit their tag team finishing move on Scottywood to retain the Argonauts of Awesome’s Stable Title.  The crowd cheers the victory, seeing a member of the Best Alliance get pinned and Max Kael’s failing to take out the AoA as guest referee.

Paras: What you people just saw was the AoA’s specialty—being better than every other team that HOW has to offer.  When PM hit the Twin City Destroyer on Scottywood, it was retribution for all the idiocy, all the whining, and all the holding back that we had to put up with when we were associated with the Best Alliance.  When Max had that dumbfounded look on his face, it was even sweeter icing on the cake.  The Argonauts of Awesome are still the High Octane Wrestling Stable Champions, and the Perfect One is perfectly sure that that will not change for a very long time.

Another mixed reaction from the fans, some of whom begin a “Team Epic” chant.  Paul lowers his mirrored sunglasses to give the fans a look as if to say “are you crazy?”

Paras: Team Epic?  Why in blue blazes are you cheering for Team Epic? I hope you got someone better than David Black lined up cause I barely broke a sweat with him earlier! Hell, Team Epic can’t even cheer for Team Epic!  But yes, it’s true that in a mere matter of days at ICONIC, the Argonauts of Awesome will take on Team Epic in a Stable Title match inside a mass of cruel metal known as HELL IN A CELL.  That’s all well and good.  What perplexes the Perfect One is this—what have the uber kids done to deserve a shot at the most AWESOME team to ever set foot in HOW?  Was it the time they deserted their tag team partner, Mat Williams against the Perfect One?  Or the time Derek Mobley beat the God of the J.O.B., Ken Davison?  How about the time Triple M beat Bobbinette Carey…or perhaps the second time Triple M beat Bobbinette Carey?  For all the attention these peons gather, they sure haven’t done a lot of earning their endless title shots, now have they?  At ICONIC, I understand that Team Epic will probably throw all the random bodies off the street they can find at the Argonauts in order to try and prove their name belongs alongside ours.  The truth is, Team Epic, your name only signifies failure, and the AoA doesn’t associate with failure—we eliminate it.

Paul smirks arrogantly and raises his cane to the fans again, who boo his bashing of Team Epic. 

Maurako: You know I’m glad that Paul pointed out the fact that I’ve Marvelously Manhandled Bobbinette Carey TWICE. Does anyone here know what her excuse is for losing to The Marvelous One? It’s because she doesn’t care about the Stable Title. Bobbinette Carey is once again only looking out for herself and her chase for the ICON Title. I’m not any of the other members in Team Epic, and thank goodness for that. But I would be pretty pissed off if my “leader” decided she was beyond what our team is supposed to be about.

A few cheers come from the crowd as they agree with the comments being made.

Maurako: You see the Argonauts of Awesome are a TEAM. We all have our individual goals but we all share the goal of dominating the other so called teams here in HOW, and last week I’d say we devastated them deliberately. We took out HOW World Champion Graystone and Scottywood as Paul was kind enough to show all of us. Also in that match was Bobbinette Carey and “Godly” Ken Davison, and when we won we proved that we are indeed the best TEAM in HOW. Not the losers from the 2nd Best Alliance, hell they might even be the 3rd Best Alliance at this point.

Fans cheer the bashing of the Best Alliance.

Maurako: No really, the words Teamwork and Best Alliance are polar opposites. Never in my life have I ever seen a group more into their own personal goals. They literally tower over Bobbinette Carey and Anti-Team Epic in that aspect. Does anyone remember when Max Kael dropped the Stable Title on purpose so he could save himself for his match at Rumble At The Rock? That right there was when I decided that I needed to come up with a new game plan and form the AoA. Someone needed to go out there and bring some prestige to the Stable Title… and the Argonauts of Awesome are that TEAM!

A group of Parasites in the front row cheer as Paras flashes them a quick smile.

Maurako: We’ve done a lot of talking about Team work out here tonight and I know what the peons in the back are thinking. They’re back there saying “What kind of team are they when they’re out there without their Title and one of their members?” Well Ladies and Gentlemen the Argonauts of Awesome have a big announcement, and to help me with it I give to you…. DEREK MOBLEY!!!!

Perfectly Marvelous both point towards the entrance as “Invincible” By OK Go starts up again and Derek Mobley walks out onto the stage with three Stable Title Belts, a White one that he is wearing around his waist, a Red one that he has over his shoulder, and a Blue one that he has over his other shoulder. Mobley walks up the ring steps and Perfectly Marvelous open the ropes up and welcome Mobley into the ring. Mobley hands the Red belted Stable Title to Triple M, and hands the Blue Belted Stable Title to Triple P. Perfectly Marvelous put on their Stable Titles and for the first time the three members of the Argonauts of Awesome stand in the ring together and all with their own Stable Championship Belt.

Maurako: I hope you all remember this right here. This is what a TEAM is all about. And if any of you unmarvelous pieces of trash in the back want to take our Stable Titles, you’re going to have to do it in some sort of a team atmosphere. The rulebook states the Titles are defended how we see fit and that is what we have come up with. First up will be Team Epic at ICONIC, and it will do our hearts good to kick their asses!

Invincible” by OK Go starts and the members of the AoA show off their title belts as Paras and Mobley head up the ramp as Triple M stays behind as his match is up next!!


Team Drunk?

Back live and the HOTv comes to life and Bobbinette appears in the arena with a house arrest alarm on her ankle. Her jaw is swollen as she stumbles through the halls. There’s a man along side of her as she walks through the doors as an official stops her. The man steps in front of the official.

Man: I’m miss Carey’s Lawyer Arn Kaufmen. She wont be speaking to anyone today. She is under my custody and has a temp release. She has been under medical care as of late isnt her normal functioning levels..

Bobbinette: I got a match….

Lawyer: Yes you do. Um, perhaps if you could alert the members of her little group.

Bobbinette: team epic!

Official: has she been drinking?

The official waves his hand in front of his face smelling the booze.

Lawyer: Not at all that’s the medication…

Official: The publicist said to give her the list with all active and new wrestlers.

The official starts to hand Bobbinette the Lawyer grabs it from the official.

Lawyer:   Thank you. Miss Carey will be in touch.

The lawyer watches Bobbinette walk ahead stumbling down the halls. Suddenly they stop as he sees an African american male. Newly signed to HOW.

Lawyer: Sir! Can I interest you in a match.

The man nods his head.

Lawyer: For Iconic if you would be interested in taking part in a title match.

The man nods not saying anything.

Lawyer: MR Blaze right? You will be paid handsomely for being a member of the stable title match for team epic thank you and have a good day.

The lawyer takes off quickly before the new wrestler can say anything.

The feed ends and the HOTv goes black as the action returns to the ring where Triple M can be seen laughing.

Mario Maurako vs. Ken Davison
Singles Match

Benny can be heard laughing as Joe notes to the viewers that a wrestler by the name of Blaze in fact did sign a contract with HOW today and is a part of Team Epic in the Stable Title match at ICONIC.

Benny notes how desperate Carey has gotten and that the AoA stable betting count themselves lucky that the Best Alliance is tied up with Single Title Matches or else they wouldn’t have such an easy match at the PPV.

Joe hardly considers it an easy match and the man that is coming down to the ring right now, Ken Davison, is one of the better competitors here in HOW and if you don’t believe Joe just ask Scottywood.

The crowd cheers as Davison makes his way out and as he makes his way down to the ring where Triple M awaits, Benny notes that Scottywood might say he was a tough battle but in the end of the night it was Davison who had his hands with stakes driven thru them. Official HOW stakes at that.

Joe cannot argue the point as Davison climbs into the ring and as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell Joe notes that lately Ken Davison has seemed outta it.

Benny counters that Ken is tired of losing and he has to know that the only way to change his fortune is to jump off the sinking ship that is Team Epic.

To back up Benny’s point, inside the ring Triple M wastes no time as he begins to pummel Godly. The match quickly turns ugly as Mario nails Davison with a pump handle slam, followed by several suplex variations ultimately ending with a perfect 10 second stalling vertical suplex which the crowd ate up.

The match was never in question as Mario surprisingly dominated Careys go to guy in Team Epic and mercifully locks on his Marvelosity finisher  in under three minutes.

A few seconds after that Davison taps and it is clear that the AoA stable is the heavy favorite heading towards ICONIC.


Post match we see Mario posing to the crowd as the action cuts backstage as Joe wonders out loud who will step up and take the straps from the AoA stable?

Interview from hell..

The scene cuts to the backstage to Brian Bare who is standing outside the locker room of The Best Alliance.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen… I am currently standing outside of The Best Alliance locker room. Word has it that Graystone is just about to exit the locker room and I am going to attempt to get an interview with the HOW World Champion. As you already know, Chris Kostoff has been revealed as the representative of the investment firm, and The Best Alliance surely has to be scrambling at this point coming up with ways to deal with this situation.

Suddenly, the door to the locker room opens, as Brian Bare rushes in to get the interview. A male HOW crew member exits from the locker room, wearing a headset. Brian Bare backs up a few steps, as the Crew Member ducks his head to try and not be seen.

Brian Bare: Is Graystone in there?

Crew Member: No. I haven’t seen him.

The crew member quickly ducks out of sight, as Brian Bare looks shocked.

Brian Bare: Well, Joe and Benny… We were hoping for an exclusive interview with the champion… but it seems as if he isn’t in The Best Alliance locker room.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Brian Bare… backstage at the moment…

Benny Newell: Can’t you do anything right Brian?

Little Female Voice: Excuse me?

Brian Bare turns around as the door to The Best Alliance opens again and Michelle Reynolds-Creedy pops her head out the door.

Brian Bare: Michelle?

Michelle: Where’s my daddy?

Brian Bare: I’m sorry sweety… I don’t know who your daddy is…

Michelle: Have you seen Maxie?

Brian Bare: Maxie? Oh, you mean Max Kael? No, I haven’t seen him either.

Michelle steps out from behind the door holding a knife in her right hand. She quickly puts it behind her back. The door shuts slowly, as Michelle walks towards Brian Bare with a sinister glare in her eyes. Brian Bare backs up quickly, almost falls, but bumps into a dark figure and screams. Brian Bare turns around to see Graystone standing, staring straight ahead with a look of hatred in his eyes.

Brian Bare: G…g.ggg… Graystone?

Graystone: Michelle…

Michelle: Yes, Daddy?

Graystone: What did I tell you about playing with sharp objects?

Brian Bare backs up against the wall, as Graystone stares at Michelle. Michelle pulls the knife out from behind her back.

Michelle: Only stab someone if their name is Chris Kostoff.

Graystone: Very good, Michelle. You weren’t planning on stabbing Brian Bare, were you?

Michelle pauses, then shakes her head no.

Graystone: Good, Michelle… because you see daddy needs Brian Bare to deliver a message for him.

Graystone rushes up and grabs two fistfuls of Brian Bares suit jacket.

Graystone: You listen to me… and you listen good mother fucker… I want you to let everyone know that I am not going to put up with this shit any longer. All these assholes lining up in the back that want to fuck with The Best Alliance are about to figure out the true meaning of nothing. I will never stop in my quest to rid HOW and the world of self-satisfying non-believers. The message is clear: You have no choice but to revert to a brute beast and follow me in my quest. That goes for Chris Kostoff… That goes for The Crow… That goes for Bobinette Carey…

Graystone turns around and looks into the camera, his eyes crazed, bloodshot with overflowing anger.

Graystone: And that even goes for you… Max Kael.

Graystone turns sharply, and charges over to Michelle and grabs her hand. He takes off at speed, as Michelle tries to catch up, and Brian Bare stands trying to gain his composure, breathing deeply. The scene quickly cuts to commercial.


Voice speaks…who will listen?

Back live…


Joe Hoffman: Oh no, last week we got a warning guys, the voice said next week, something would be happening next week..

Benny Newell: Nobody cares, I wish they’d hurry up and let the police find them in a back alley.

Joe Hoffman: Sick, sick Benny! ..well I think this person means business, as Carey and Harris did not live up to the orders, or the games of this person.

Interrupting Mayhem, the anonymous feed kicks in as the static overrides the screen, viewers from home stand by, waiting to see footage, fans at the arena stare at the big screen, waiting for anything. The fuzz continues, keeping everyone on edge, and starts to break, the static begins to clear, but only turns into darkness causing everyone to squint at the attempt of seeing something in the background.

Joe Hoffman: Oh god, I’m actually worried for Livie or Shawn!

Benny Newell: You should worry for me..


The feed begins to move, it seems to be recorded on a hand-held camera, pipes can be seen, it seems to be underground somewhere, that familiar dripping sound can be heard in the background as everyone watches. Eventually a light can be seen in the distance as the camera walks closer, and closer, until we get to the room, its still dark, the walls can’t be seen, just the light beaming down into the centre, lighting up two sheets laid over something.

Joe Hoffman: Is that?

Immediately, a black glove reaches into view and points, and then begins to speak, still with that voice distortion.

Voice: Iney, Meaney, Miney, Moe…

Each word pointing at either sheet, but he stops, still pointing at one of the sheets and reaches forward, pulling it off, revealing non other then Shawn, Jeff Harris’ son.

Benny Newell: Shame he didn’t get bought out too, unlucky for him his dad can’t protect him any more.

Joe Hoffman: My god, your right, is that what this is?

Clearly under the other sheet is Livie, but under the sheet she remains, Shawn looks tired, but the man holding the camera moves it aside and places it in view of Shawn from a distance. Following, the man walks into view, dressed in black, and right away goes for gold with a right hand thrusting into his face, Shawn cries in pain, yelling for some help, but help isn’t coming. With the yelling and screaming, Livie starts up, panicking as she shrieks, cries and whelps, still under the sheet, but lucky for her she can’t see what’s really going on as everyone back at HOW and around the world watches.


Joe Hoffman: I can’t watch this, this is disgusting.

Benny Newell: I’m actually enjoying it, I haven’t seen anything this good since Graystone first kidnapped Michelle.

The black dressed kidnapper beats away on Shawn, punch after punch, he just beats away with everyone in shock, Shawn suddenly goes quiet, and then limp, Livie still screaming under her sheet, panicking. The man then stops, he walks away, he walks towards the camera and picks it up and heads back towards the now limp body of Shawn, putting the camera in his face.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god, is he still alive?

Benny Newell: …………

People are in shock as the camera stares right in his face, blood plastered over it, cuts, swelling, bruises already appearing, people can’t believe what there seeing. Then the camera turns, looking at the man who’s identity is covered with a balaclava and the darkness, and again he begins speaking with his altered distorted voice.

Voice: I warned you! I said if you don’t deliver, you’ll be retrieving your loved one from the hospital..

The camera again turns and looks at the grotesque view at the bloody and battered face of Shawn, the fans in the arena are booing at the despicable act just taken place. Just then, the camera muffles, as if it’s thrown to the ground, crackling and fuzzing can be heard, as if the feed is being interrupted, but pounding and thuds can be heard, suspecting the man has gone to work on the already limp and beaten body of Shawn. All goes black and the feed ends, returning action back to ringside at HOW Mayhem with everyone in shock, witnessing the horrible act just taken place, people question what kind of sadistic act is going on, is Livie safe?

Joes takes the viewers to the final commercial break as our Main Event is up next!!


Crow & Bobbinette Carey vs. Max Kael & Graystone
Tag Team Match

Joe Hoffman: And now Benny, we’ve come to it… The Main Event. Both of these teams are future opponents at ICONIC. In one corner, you have the ICON Championship match in Bobinette Carey and Crow.

Benny Newell: And in the other corner you have the well oiled machine known as The Best Alliance: Max Kael and Graystone.

Joe Hoffman: Those two men will be facing each other at ICONIC for the HOW World Championship, Newell.

Benny Newell: Either way you look at it… The title is coming back to The Best Alliance…

Suddenly, Crow’s music hits, and he makes his way to the top of the ramp. He wears the ICON Title around his waist, and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He stares at the entranceway.

Joe Hoffman: The HOW ICON Champion is looking very focused here tonight, Newell.

The Best Damn Thing” By Avril Lavigne hits as Bobinette makes her way out to the top of the ramp with Princess to a standing ovation from the crowd. Carey is sporting an ankle bracelet from her recent prison stay, and she looks a little wobbly. However, Carey makes her way down to the ring, staring at Crow the whole time.

Joe Hoffman: Talk about tensions… This match has all the makings of mayhem.

Benny Newell: Don’t you love it Joe?

Bobinette hands Princess over to the time keeper and slowly steps up the ring steps and onto the apron, still eying the ICON Champion, Crow.

Puritana” by Dimmu Borgir roars over the speakers as the fans stand and boo loudly. Max Kael emerges from the top of the stage and begins his descent down the High Octane rampway. Max gets down to the very bottom of the ramp and stands with his eyes focused on Crow and Bobinette. Crow is in the ring staring back, and slowly takes the title off from around his waist and hands it to the referee.

Hey Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me” by Pearl Jam hits as the crowd boos loudly. The camera pans to a section of the crowd with a sign that reads “Graystone is a pedophile.” Several moments pass, and nothing happens at the entranceway. Finally, Graystone emerges from the back and stands at the top of the ramp with The HOW World Championship around his waist. Graystone looks down to the bottom of the ramp, as his focus is on Max Kael, who has his back turned and is focusing on Crow. Graystone slowly walks down to the ring and stands beside Max Kael.

Benny Newell: Unity, Hoffman. Unity.

Graystone rushes the ring, and slides in. He quickly stands up as Crow is ready to fight. The lights come back to full as Graystone stands in the center of the ring, staring at Crow. Bobinette walks the apron, then steps into the ring. Graystone slowly removes the HOW World Championship from around his waist and holds it up in the air. The crowd boos.

Joe Hoffman: And the crowd not at all shy to let the prophet of nothingness know how they feel about him.

The camera catches Max Kael climbing the ringsteps, and standing at the turnbuckle. Graystone hands the HOW World Championship to the referee. The referee quickly rushes the title out of the ring. Graystone turns to Max Kael and says something as the crowd is hot and ready for action. Graystone stays in the ring, and slowly stretches his left arm.

Joe Hoffman: Well… it looks as if Graystone will start the match off.

Crow and Bobinette Carey stare at each other for a moment, and Bobinette decides to step back outside the ropes.

Benny Newell: And Crow is going to start this match for his team. It’s not often you get to see this, Joe. The ICON Champion in the ring with the World Champion.

The bell sounds, as Crow and Graystone circle each other in the ring. They both make it to the center of the ring, ready to pounce at any moment. Graystone puts up his hand for a test of strength. Crow stops, and stares Graystone down. Finally, Crow puts his hand up and takes the test of strength. Graystone puts his other hand up, and Crow accepts. Both men charge in locking up, wincing in pain as the crowd goes nuts! Finally, Crow is able to gain some advantage on Graystone. The crowd begins to get louder. Graystone kicks Crow in the gut, falls backwards and hits the roaps, and comes back with a clothesline. Crow ducks, and turns around and blasts Graystone with a hard right hand. Another. And another. Crow launches Graystone off the ropes, but Graystone holds onto the ropes, and drops down to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos.

Benny Newell: How smart was that by Graystone?

Joe Hoffman: Two highly aware wrestlers in Graystone and Crow.

Graystone goes to slide back in, but Crow rushes over and Graystone slides back out. Crow doesn’t waste any time as he follows Graystone in hot pursuit. Graystone runs around the ring, and on his way by, grabs Bobinette Carey’s leg. Bobinette jumps down from the apron and hits Graystone with a right hand. Graystone shoves Carey backwards and into Crow! The two collide, and turn and stare at each other. Graystone slides back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Uh oh! It could erupt at any moment!

Benny Newell: Haha! Smart move by Graystone.

Crow turns and slides into the ring, as Bobinette gets back up on the apron. Graystone charges in and knees Bobinette to the stomach. Bobinette falls off and to the floor. Crow rushes up to Graystone and blasts him with a hard right hand. The force is so much that Graystone flies back to the corner. Crow rushes in and delivers hard right hands to Graystone which revs up the crowd. Crow grabs Graystone’s arm and launches him into the opposite corner. Graystone hits the turnbuckle with a thud and stumbles out from the corner. Crow rushes in for a huge clothesline, but Graystone drops into a drop toe hold. Crow’s face bounces off the bottom turnbuckle. Graystone rushes over to his corner and makes a tag to Max Kael.

Joe Hoffman: Uh-oh! Here comes the #1 Contender.

Max makes his way into the ring and over to Crow. Max picks Crow up and hits a snap ddt. The crowd boos as Max slowly walks over and tags Graystone back in.

Benny Newell: Haha! Get ’em Max!

Joe Hoffman: That was quick.

Graystone looks confused, but climbs back into the ring and over to Crow. Graystone hits Crow in the back with two clubbing blows. Graystone picks Crow up, thinking he has him right where he wants him, and Crow gets a sudden burst of energy and blasts Graystone with a hard uppercut. Crow rushes in and blasts Graystone with a few more hard right hands, then a hard right that knocks Graystone on his back! Crow stands above Graystone’s head and drops a huge knee! Graystone rolls around in pain, as Crow grabs Graystone’s left arm and puts him in an armbar.

Joe Hoffman: And now Graystone is down and in serious trouble!

Benny Newell: No he’s not! He’s the World Champion for christ’s sake. He has a plan.

Crow hold the armbar in place for about a minute, before standing up and delivering a legdrop to Graystone’s arm. Crow pulls Graystone over to his corner, and tags in Bobinette Carey. Bobinette goes to work stomping on Graystone’s arm, and eventually putting on an armbar of her own. She holds the armbar on until Graystone is able to reach the ropes. Graystone holds his arm in pain, as Bobinette makes the tag back to Crow. Crow goes up to the top rope, then comes jumping off and executes a legdrop to Graystone’s left arm. Graystone rolls around in pain as Crow goes over and lifts him up, and locks in a modified clutch, torquing Graystone’s arm. Graystone screams in pain, and lunges for the ropes. The referee calls for the break.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is in a bad way here! Smart strategy by Crow and Bobinette Carey here.

Crow manages to twist Graystone’s arm at his side and make a tag to Bobinette. Bobinette climbs up to the top turnbuckle as the crowd goes crazy with excitement. Bobinette jumps off the top with a double footstomp to Graystone’s arm, causing Graystone to crumple and hold his arm close to his chest. Bobinette picks Graystone up and grabs his arm under hers. She runs full speed ahead and then drops to the ground, executing and armbar bulldog. The crowd goes nuts.

Benny Newell: What was that!?

Joe Hoffman: I believe we just saw an armbar bulldog, Newell.

Benny Newell: You could rip a guys arm off with that move! It should be illegal!

Graystone screams loudly, as he rolls over to his stomach. Bobinette stands up and then sits down on Graystone’s back and pulls his arm up in an armbar! Tears begin to mix with the sweat running down Graystone’s face. Bobinette stands up, jumps, then lands on her butt on Graystone’s arm. Graystone rolls over to his corner, wailing. Graystone thinks quickly and extends his hand to Max. Max stands, looking at Graystone for a moment. Then, Max turns and argues with the referee, giving Carey the opportunity to grab Graystone’s arm and drag him back to her corner.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell was that Benny?

Benny Newell: Max is obviously letting the official know that these moves are illegal!

Joe Hoffman: He could have made the tag!

Benny Newell: Graystone wasn’t close enough.

Bobinette stumbles and holds Graystone’s left arm over the top rope, then tags Crow. Crow grabs Graystone’s arm and drops down off the apron for a devastating hangman to Graystone’s arm. Graystone falls down to the mat, lifeless. Crow slides into the ring. Crow flips Graystone over and makes the cover.



3… No! Kickout!

Bobinette Carey is still in the ring, but looks very sick and begins coughing. Crow turns over to get up, and Carey pukes on Crow! The crowd goes nuts, and flash photography begins going off all over the arena. Crow looks at the puke, and begins to shake it off.

Benny Newell: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

Joe Hoffman: Well, this is a live show. Anything can happen.

Benny Newell: The bitch can’t even hold her liquor!

The referee calls for a towel. Crow is confused and can’t believe that Carey puked on him. The distraction is just what Graystone needs as he slowly crawls his way over to make the tag. Max Kael is more interested in examining the vomit and isn’t even in the corner anymore. Graystone is confused and pulls himself up with his right arm in the corner. “Tag!” he yells, but Max doesn’t hear. Graystone stumbles over and tags Max on the shoulder, then falls down to the canvas. Max wipes his shoulder off, falsely concluding that there may have been vomit on Graystone’s hand. Crow finally rushes in and delivers a hard knee to Graystone’s back. Graystone screams in pain as Crow pulls Graystone back through the vomit to his corner.

Joe Hoffman: What no tag?

Benny Newell: The referee never saw it.

Joe Hoffman: Are you kidding me?

Benny Newell: He can’t come in if the referee didn’t see the tag.

Crow pins Graystone again.




A long two count frustrates Crow. He stands up, and pulls Graystone over to the corner. He goes for another tag to Bobinette, but Bobinette vomits again, this time more violently than before, and all over Crow’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! This doesn’t look good.

Benny Newell: This is more gross than two girls one cup.

Crow stands looking at Bobinette, and then decks her in the face. Bobinette falls down off the apron and to the floor. Crow picks up the towel and wipes the chunks off his face. Graystone crawls to the corner again, and this time Max Kael is not even on the apron. The camera spots Max checking out Bobinette on the outside. Graystone screams for Max, in pain. Crow manages to get behind Graystone and waits. Graystone turns around, and Crow kicks him in the gut. Crow sets Graystone up and delivers his tombston piledriver finisher, “Fallen.” Crow covers.




Benny Newell: No way!

Joe Hoffman: Bobinette Carey and The Crow have beaten Graystone and Max Kael!

The Crow rolls out of the ring, and is handed another towel, and his ICON Championship. Paramedics check on Bobinette who is still laying on the outside. Max Kael slides into the ring, confused and angry. The referee explains what happened. Graystone finally comes to. Graystone, irritated by Max’s attitude during the match starts to yell at him, berating him for his negligence this week and from the week before. Max glares at Graystone however he does not say anything simply shaking his head at Graystone.

Benny Newell: This has got to be depressing for Max, he didn’t even get a chance to fight!

Joe Hoffman: He wasn’t even near the corner to be tagged!

Out of nowhere Max sends a hard slap across Graystone’s face and begins to scream at him, pointing a finger in his face as his body language changes to an extremely aggressive stance. Graystone, shocked, touches his face where Max had struck him. The crowd begins to cheer at the prospect of these two men going at it.

Benny Newell: ..shit..

Graystone stands up and quickly launches himself at Max who is ready for him as both men fall to the mat swinging at each other. The crowd comes alive as the two of them lay into each other with some heavy rounds before Max kicks Graystone off of himself, scrambling out of the ring. Graystone follows after him, eager to continue the fight. On the outside Max is seen grabbing something from under the ring as Graystone grabs Max by the head, yanking on his hair.

Benny Newell: Lee is going to shit the bed if he is seeing this.

Joe Hoffman: Well with these two sick minded men, what did you expect was going to happen Benny?

As Graystone drags Max up to his feet the item that Max was grabbing for is soon revealed in the form of a metal briefcase. Swinging it over his head the flat of it catches Graystone in the center of the face with a loud thud which causes him to crumble to the ground in a heap as the fans cheer the two hated men on.

Benny Newell: BRIEFCASE SHOT! Our World Champion just got hit in the face with a metal briefcase Joe! From his best friend!

Joe Hoffman: Pardon me if I don’t share any sympathy..

Max rubs the back of his head where Graystone had pulled his hair looking down at his fallen partner with a look of contempt. He sends another stiff kick into Graystone’s back who yells out in pain before Max lifts the metal brief case up again, slamming it down on Graystone’s left arm over and over again savagely attacking his former protégé and friend.

The metal briefcase is forming noticeable dents in it from the attack which has left Graystone, already drained from his tag match, motionless. Max glares at Graystone a moment longer before slipping into the ring where he demands a mic. It only takes a moment before a mic is tossed up to him as the crowd has mixed cheers and boos for Max, after all he had just taken Graystone out.

Max Kael: Shut the fuck up you little pissants, I didn’t do that for anyone but myself!

The mixed reaction returns to boos as Max moves to the center of the ring with his mic and briefcase.

Max Kael: Graystone was my greatest student.. But he was also my greatest failure! A failure because he didn’t remember his place.. And his place was in the dirt on his belly fighting for the ICON title. Fighting for the LSD title.. He had.. HAS no business with the World Title! NONE! And he had NO business being the one to take out Shane Reynolds! NONE!

He walks toward the ropes to look down at Graystone who currently has a few HOW Staff members attending to him.

Max Kael: You stole what always should have been mind, Graystone.. You stole my victory over Shane Reynolds and the chance to personally put him out of my misery for good. You stole my World Title and you stole my position in this company.. But no longer! At ICONIC, Graystone, at ICONIC.. The Minister reminds you why you shall always be a sheep.. But NEVER.. Never ever will you have the right to be the Shepard.

Lifting the briefcase, Max turns to glower at the fans once again with a smirk on his face.

Max Kael: In this briefcase I hold 200,000 dollars. Effective immediately I am upgrading our little.. ICONIC Title Match to an I Quit match for the World Title. Lee Best wants this Pay Per View to be memorable? Lee Best wants this Title Match to blow people away? I’ll prove to him.. And to every one of you maggots out there that I, The Minister Maximillian Kael, DESERVES to be World Champion. And this elevation will occur over Graystone’s own enlightenment and atonement when he says the words I QUIT and ends it all.

He lowers the metal briefcase, moving toward the ropes to exit the ring and head backstage.

Max Kael: At ICONIC Maximillian Kael becomes your NEW High Octane World Wrestling Champion. IMAGINE THAT.

And with that Max tosses the microphone away and stalks up the stage to deliver his payment to Lee Best.

Powers that Be..

The feed cuts backstage to Lee’s office where Lee has literally had to watch the show with Chris Kostoff sitting right across from him as the rest of his Alliance were busy with their matches. Finally as Lee watched Max get stupid against Graystone, Lee turns off his monitor and turns towards Kostoff who has a big smile on his face.

Lee Best: What the fuck you smiling about?

Chris Kostoff: It literally killed you almost not being able to go out there and ruin the show didn’t it?

Lee Best: Nooooooo………

But the tone in Lee’s voice gives another answer. Kostoff stands up and starts to leave but turns back towards Lee.

Chris Kostoff: You know how this is going to end don’t you?

Lee Best: What the hell you talking about now old man?

Chris Kostoff: This……the shit between you and me. I lost a child and you damn near lost your eye. Don’t you ever think enough is enough?

Lee leans back in his chair and lets out an exhausted sigh but then that devilish twinkle returns in the Evil Genius’s eye and he leans forward.

Lee Best: Do you think it’s been enough?

Chris Kostoff: You really…..

But before Kostoff can even answer he is nailed from behind and he comes crashing down hard on top of Lee’s desk, sending the half owner of HOW scrambling up to his feet. He holds his eye patch in place as he turns to see who just nailed Kostoff.

It is then that the camera pans over to show Scottywood standing over a now bleeding Chris Kostoff. In his hand is a Singapore cane wrapped in razor wire, which now has a few patches of Kostoff’s skin and shirt stuck to them.

Lee then walks over to Kostoff and watches as Kostoff falls off the desk and falls hard down to the office floor where Lee bends down next to him and whispers into his ear…

The day you die is when it will be enough….December 22….”

Lee then stands and as Mayhem fades out we see an emotionless Scottywood standing over the LSD Champion.

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