Mayhem: December 1st, 2008 (2008)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
Monday; December 1
st, 2008 – #HOW28
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

No Longer in Charge…

Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air as we are once again coming to you live from The Best Arena here in Chicago Illinois.

HOW cameras pan across the once again sold out 7,500 seat arena and just as Welcome to the Jungle begins to fade out the huge HOTv screen above the entrance ramp comes to life and everyone turns their attention to the HOTv as the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience in who are watching Mayhem live tonight on the High Octane Television network.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to Monday Night Mayhem folks and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny we are not wasting anytime tonight as something is going on and…yes….I am told we are going right to the back to Lee’s office!!

Benny Newell: Duh. You didn’t notice that big ass screen come to life!

Joe ignores Benny as he, along with the rest of the crowd, turn their attention to the HOTv screen as cameras enter into Lee’s office and the crowd immediately begins to boo as they see the owner of High Octane Wrestling sitting behind huge desk.

Lee is still sporting an eye patch, courtesy of the beating he took from Chris Kostoff over a month and a half ago at Rumble at the Rock.

Joe Hoffman: The swelling has obviously gone done in Lee’s face as he looks 100% better than he did last week….but boy is that eye patch still look odd on his face.

Benny Newell: A detached retina will do that you fucking idiot. Now be quiet I want to hear what the man has to say….

Attention turns back to the HOTv as the cameras pan over to the side of the desk and we are able to see two people who are sitting in the huge plush leather chairs across from Lee.

The crowd gasps in unison as we see Mark Toner and Mindy Smith. Their faces are swollen badly and each are sporting their own eye patches, courtesy of the BottomLine’s Lee delivered last week on Mayhem.

We then see Lee lean forward and push a button on his phone and then nods at Toner and Mindy and leans back as a voice begins talking thru the phone.

First off I want to thank Lee for taking time out of tonight’s show so that I can address what happened last week….”

Lee rolls his eyes as the voice continues..

Mr. Toner and Ms. Smith I would like to thank you for one not SUING us, the investors or Lee Best. And secondly I want to commend your courage for coming to Mayhem tonight only one short week after the horrific attacks on you last week. For those that do not know my voice, I am William Hislip and some of you might remember me from the press conference we held several days ago and I want to remind all of you that I meant what I said.”

Lee mocks Hislip by flapping his hand and rolling his eyes as Smith and Toner stare a death glare at him with their good eyes.

Now enough of the introductions let me address why I am here at the start of Mayhem addressing Lee Best and two of his employees.”

The camera pans out to show all three people staring at the phone with their good eyes and there can be some laughter heard as all have their eye patches facing the camera.

Lee, first off I want to announce that starting next week the Investor’s will have their own representative at each and every HOW event and that representative will have full authority and backing of the investor’s to make any and all decisions to insure that what happened last week doesn’t happen again….and before you throw a fit ….that is not negotiable!”

Joe Hoffman: OH my…what does that mean for Lee?

Benny Newell: It means he has a fucking babysitter. What the fuck is going on in this world when Lee is not in full control of his own shows?

Joe Hoffman: HE is the one that sold part of HOW to these investors…

Benny Newell: Blah blah blah.

William Hislip: Secondly I want to officially give Mark Toner and Mindy Smith their unconditional releases from the company with their full yearly salary being paid out in advance and those monies will be coming directly from Lee’s own personal salary…


William Hislip: Quite the contrary…but that reminds me of my second point I am talking to you here tonight. Starting on January 1 of 2009 each and every HOW employee will be randomly drug and alcohol tested. EVERYONE.

Benny drops his official HOW flask in shock as Hislip continues…

William Hislip: Finally I want to state to the viewing public that the people I represent do not condone what Lee did last week and we will be taking even more measures to insure something like that doesn’t happen again. So with that I leave you tonight….oh ya…one more thing…..Lee you will now be escorted from the building as we do not want you doing anything stupid before our Representative gets there next week…GOODBYE!!

Lee Best: What the fuck you mean I am kicked out of my own damn arena??!!

Lee picks up the receiver but all he hears is a dial tone and begins slamming it down hard on the table until it shatters and Toner and Smith are seen covering their good eyes.

Lee Best: You motherfuckers…it’s your fault all this shit…….what the hell you doing in my office??

Lee turns to see several men dressed all in black enter the room and start towards him. Behind them we can see Scottywood trying to get in to see what is going on.

Suddenly Maximillian Kael and the World Champion Graystone arrive on the scene but several of the men are able to block the doorway as Lee can be seen jumping over his desk trying to escape the clutches of the men but after a few moments they have him pinned down face first on the carpet.

The crowd is cheering loudly as the men zip tie Lee’s wrists together and pick him up and head towards the door as the rest of the security hold the Best Alliance at bay.

Lee, pauses from his cursing tirade when he see’s the BA, and begins yelling directions towards Scotty as the security takes him away as the crowd continues to cheer.


With that the security detail usher Lee out of his own building leaving behind a shocked Best Alliance and even more shocked crowd as we have just learned that either  Chris Kostoff or the Commissioner will no longer be in HOW after our first match!!

Joe takes the viewers to a video hyping the House of Pain match at ICONIC where either Kostoff or Harris will take on Scottywood for the LSD Title and for the title of Commissioner…


House of Pain

The sounds of metal clank across the arena.

The HOTv comes to life showing me walking back and forth holding tool to weld metal together. A rather large man walks in front of the camera. Looking back at the metal he nods his head.

Man: As we stand here and work on this, the men who will be inside of this in a few short days will pay the price for what we are building.

The screen drifts to static as scenes of people beating away on each other appears. You see bloody messes. Whites of eyes are all you can make out as scenes flash across the screen. You see Kostoff from a few years ago power bomb former HOW superstar Splinter into the cage as he dangles there screaming in pain.

You see old scenes of Kostoff taking on Shea as blood flies off their faces.

Screams and blood are shown. Images flash across the HOTv of bloody faces, screams, people laid out in the middle of the ring.

Man: And that’s just the beginning….

The screen shows the razor wire being wrapped around the cage. You see a camera man slowly lower the camera down into the cage. More images show people being sliced by the razor wire. Blood gushes from sliced flesh. Scream of pain and terror echo off the walls of the arena.

Man: The fun has only begun……

The video fades out as Mayhem cuts to a commercial as there is a serious buzz in the Best Arena as people talk about what they just witnessed.


Chris Kostoff vs. Jeff Harris
Loser Leaves HOW Match

Back live and the arena is still buzzing over what just happened.

Joe Hoffman: Well once again if you missed the first few minutes of Mayhem then you missed a whole heck of a lot. We now know that the investors are really starting to crack down on Lee as it’s obvious that they care about their investment.  Lee has been kicked out of his own building and starting next week the investors will have a representative here..

Benny Newell: Babysitter. Let’s not confuse the facts. Last week Lee was back to his old self and the following week the empty suits have their panties in a knot and want to crack down. Its complete and utter bullshit but at least Lee got in a parting shot.

Joe Hoffman: That is right Benny…about the parting shot at least, cause right now its time for our opening match and it is now a Loser Leaves HOW match and one has to assume that the LSD Title is on the line as well?

Benny Newell: NO idea…all I know is that one of these fuckers is going to be gone!

The HOTv comes alive and instead of the entrance for the Commish we see Jeff Harris on his cell phone frantically talking to someone. When he see’s the cameras he pushes them away and signals to someone off camera to start Kostoff’s entrance..

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s obvious that Harris is trying to figure out if what Lee did was within his power..

Benny Newell: He is the fucking owner. He is above a Commissioner. Harris can add whatever he wants to this match but the fact remains…’s a Loser Leaves HOW match!!

Before Joe can reply the fans stand on their feet as HOW Hall of Famer and current LSD Champion Chris Kostoff is set to make his entrance..

The lights dim out as “Name of the Game” begins to play across the pa speakers. Coming out to a mixture of boss and cheers, Kostoff glares down at the stage. Making his way slowly to the ring he slides in under the bottom rope and walks to a corner where he sits on the turnbuckle as he waits for Harris to make his way out.

Joe Hoffman: Well Kostoff sure looks focused and you have to know he is used to any and every curveball Lee will every throw at him.

Benny Newell: We know he is used to killing his own children as well don’t we…

Joe Hoffman: Moving on……there’s the Commish!!

All F’N That Jeff Harris makes his way out from the back and he has a very pissed off look on his face. He snaps his cell phone shut and puts it in his pocket and reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a microphone.

AFT: As you all witnessed Lee Best was kicked out of his own arena by the very men he sold half of this company to. On his way out Lee decided he made an act out of desperation and he has booked my impending match with Kostoff as a Loser leaves HOW match.

The crowd boos loudly but Harris quiets them as he raises his hand and continues.

AFT: I have been on the phone with my lawyers, and with Mr. Hislip since Lee uttered those words and unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Either I…..or Kostoff…..will be gone from HOW after tonight.

The crowd boos loudly as Kostoff smirks up at Harris from his perch on the turnbuckle.

AFT: Although I was not able to find any legal grounds to stop this match I was able to come to an agreement with Mr. Hislip and he has made me an offer I cannot refuse. My contract has been bought out by the Investment firm and as of this moment I am no longer employed by High Octane Wrestling…

Joe Hoffman: WHAT?!!

Benny Newell: YES!!!

The crowd continues to boo loudly as Kostoff jumps off the turnbuckle and motions towards Harris wondering what is going on.

AFT: Facts are facts. The company would be better suited with a Hall Of Famer wrestling in the ring than having myself bickering with Lee over every match on every card. The investors have promised me that their representative will do their job well and let’s be honest folks…you would take the money too..

The crowd continues to boo as Harris turns to walk away but suddenly Kostoff can be heard yelling into his own mic he just grabbed from a HOW crewmen.


Harris stops and turns towards Kostoff, confused by the anger in Kostoff’s voice.

Kostoff: You are going to tell me that you are going to just fucking walk out of here and not give these people the fight they have been looking forward to all week? You are just going to drop tail and run?

AFT: I am not running anywhere Kostoff. If anything I have done you a big favor by not climbing into that ring and officially ending your HOW career.

The crowd buzzes as you can feel the tension now between Kostoff and the former Commish.

Kostoff: Listen to me and keep your mouth pleaser shut. I am not going to have you just walk out of this arena and give me the match, you are going to have to do better than that.

AFT: I am done Kostoff. My contract is null and void now…I have been bought out. Take the easy win, god knows you probably forgot what it was like to win a damn match…

The crowd ooohs as Kostoff smiles inside the ring.

Kostoff: Boettcher ring the fucking bell….I am going to go grab that motherfu…

Before Kostoff can finish his sentence the crowd stands as one as we see someone flying from the back and they nail Harris from behind…

Joe Hoffman: That is Scottywood! He just nailed Harris in the back with a damn hockey stick??

Benny can be heard laughing as Scottywood brings the hockey stick down on top of the head of Harris and the former Commish falls like a lump of coal to the entrance ramp as blood begins to pour from his scalp.

Joe Hoffman: What is going on !!

Back inside the ring Kostoff has dropped his mic and watches as Scottywood drags Harris down the entrance ramp and proceeds to roll him into the ring. Scotty yells at senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher to ring the bell and after a moments hesitation Boettcher does so.

Kostoff and Scottywood stare each other down as Kostoff falls down to the mat and covers Harris as Boettcher makes the count.





Post match we see Kostoff roll Harris out of the ring and motion for Scotty to come into the ring as a preview to their House of Pain match at ICONIC for Kostoff’s LSD title.

Scotty fakes a few attempts to climb into the ring but eventually taps his forehead to indicate that he is smarter than that and instead gives a final blow to Harris before backpedaling to the back as Mayhem cuts back to Lee Best’s office.


Following orders…

The scene cuts to the back in front of Lee Best’s office. Graystone is seen charging down the hallway. He makes it to the door and busts in. Lee’s former secretary Mindy and Mark Toner are sitting on the couch, and hop up. Graystone wrestles a taser out of his black leather coat and holds it in the air. Graystone points the taser towards Mark Toner and shoots it. The needle punctures Toner’s good eye, and an electrical current begins shooting through, causing Toner to scream and fall to the ground.

Joe Hoffmann: Oh my God! WHAT THE HELL!?

Mindy screams and tries to escape through the door, but Graystone grabs ahold of her around the waist. Mindy kicks and screams at the top of her lungs, trying feverishly to break free from Graystone’s grasp. Graystone manages to tackle her down to the ground, then gets on top of her, straddling her. Mindy continues to kick and scream, trying to escape. Toner is now unconscious with the wire sticking out of his eye. Graystone slaps Mindy across the face.

Mindy: NOOOOOO!!!!

Graystone: Do you know the value of nothing?

Mindy: No! Get off me! Help!

Graystone puts his hand over Mindy’s mouth.


Mindy squirms, trying to break free.

Graystone: And now… you’re going to have nothing too…

Graystone rears his fist back and punches Mindy across the face. Mindy falls limp. Graystone rips her blouse open and then stands up and grabs her leg. He proceeds to pull her out of Lee’s office as the camera focuses in on Mark Toner lying in a heap on the floor as Mayhem quickly goes to another commercial break.


David Black vs. Xtremist
Singles Match

Joe brings the crowd back from commercial as he reminds the viewers that High Octane Wrestling is now without a commissioner and it is now Chris Kostoff defending his LSD title inside the House of Pain cage at ICONIC.

Benny then reminds everyone what Lee said earlier on in the day on Everyone must choose to be in the Best Alliance or against the BA but that might be out the window for tonight as Lee has been kicked out of his own building!

As the crowd continues to buzz ‘Worlds Greatest’ by R Kelly beings blaring the PA system as David Black makes his way out from the entrance ramp as its time for our second match.

Joe notes that his opponent, Xtremist, is already in the ring as is Joel Hortega the referee for the match.

David walks out onto the stage from the backstage area, closely followed by Jade. They proceed to walk towards the ring, with David smiling and laughing all the way, occasionally stopping to pose or exchange words with the fans. David makes his way up the steel steps and enters the ring, before sitting on the ropes, as Jade enters the ring after him. David and Jade then walks to the center of the ring and pose together, before walking to the corner as the music fades out and its time for our second match of the evening.

Hortega signals for the bell just as Jade leaves the ring and Black goes to tie up with X but stops and backs up and fixes his hair as the crowd boos loudly at the show of vanity from the HOW newcomer.

Benny notes that he likes the potential Black possesses and his point is validated as Black backs X into the corner and after Hortega signals for a clean break only to see Black nail X with a violent right hand.

From there it is no real match as David shows off his offence to a crowd that is slowly starting to dislike this new hire more and more with each passing second.

Several times during the match Black pauses to walk to his corner to have Jade massage his shoulders or to help fix his hair.

Joe pukes in his mouth a little as the pure sense of self that Black possesses is overwhelming. Benny makes a drinking game out of the match and drinks for every flip of the hair.

Finally the match and Benny’s drinking game come to an end as Black bounces off the ropes, stops near the knocked out X, gives a final hair flip, and drives home an elbow to to X and as he makes the cover Joe tells the viewers that Black calls that move The Perfect Elbow.

Hortega counts the Uno dos tres and the crowd boos throughout the count…


Post match we see Black escorted to the back by Jade as the crowd boos Black loudly as the action cuts to somewhere backstage.


New Arrivial

The screen cuts to backstage with the camera directly on Blaire Moise.

Blaire Moise: Thanks Joe. Apparently behind me, HOW fans have been seen going wild for some reason.

Sir! Sir!

Blaire tries to get the attention of one fan.

Blaire Mouse: Sir, can you tell us what the ruckus is all about back here?!

Fan: We just saw Damien! Right through those doors!

The fan points to a set of doors leading to the superstar parking lot.

Blaire: I’m guessing you are referring to Damien Ryan, the former NGW superstar who just signed with HOW this week?!

Fan: Mr. I Don’t Give A Fuck, baby, yeah!!!!! WOOOO!

The fans go nuts in the background. Blaire smiles at the excitement backstage.

Blaire Moise: Well Joe, there you hear it, I guess Damien Ryan is here at The Best Arena.

Camera cuts back to the commentators table.

Big Buff Benny Newell: You hear that, Joe?! Damien Ryan is at the arena!

Joe Hoffman: You got that right, but I guess that real question is with all the stable turmoil going on in the HOW, who is Ryan going to side with?

Big Buff Benny Newell: Oh man! Who the hell knows!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, to catch you up on this superstar, Damien Ryan was known in NGW for being one of those clearly blatant betrayers, I really don’t if anybody is going to really want them on their side!

Big Buff Benny Newell: Well if he were smart, he’d shape up, put his damn head on straight and side with the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: You may be right Benny, but who’ll know! We gotta take another commercial break!!


Hardcore Ready

Back live and we see Scottywood sitting in a dark lit Best Alliance locker room, with barbwire wrapped around his arm he is smiling as he is watching a reply of the House of Pain video that played earlier.  Flexing his arm the blood rolls down his bicep dripping onto the black leather couch.  The video ends and screen just goes to static and the camera turns now straight onto Scotty as he stares right back into it.

Scottywood: House of Pain……from what I can see from the video it includes a metal structure with the walls full of razor wire.  Which to me will be an early Christmas present.  Because if you think for one moment Kostoff that I will be worried about entering this match, that I will be intimidated by seeing what you have done in this match, then you are sadly mistaken.

Looking at his arm again the blood is still slowly dripping from his arm and he smiles.

Scottywood: I am no stranger to sadistic matches, being the creator of The Battle Dome in NGW, a match that held 30 superstars and changed and ended careers in NGW.  And I know that the House of Pain will do the same to whoever enters it….Which now seems it will be just myself and Kostoff since Harris pussied out and took a deal from the investors.  But it’s all good for me because it means one less person in my way of regaining my LSD title and because more then anything I wanted this rematch with you Kostoff and see the look on your face for the second time I take that LSD title from you.

He starts to unwrap the barbwire from his arm revealing the puncture holes the wire caused.  Getting up from the couch he walks over to the table with rolls of tape and grabs one as he starts wrapping his wrists in preparation of his match tonight.

Scottywood: But the only downside is that I won’t also get the satisfaction of taking Jeff Harris’s job from him.  But hey enjoy working for the investors and wearing one of those dull ass suits.  I’m sure there is some fun in that job….

Finishing his left hand he starts on his right hand with the tape.

Scottywood: But tonight it’s time to deal with that triad of backstabbers.  You think I care about the Stable title?  I’ve got a signed and sealed title match at ICONIC, so tonight is all about payback……and if we happen to win the title, then it will be a nice bonus.

Scotty finishes with his right hand as he grabs his hockey stick which still has the blood of Jeff Harris on it and makes his way out of The Best Alliance locker room and the action returns to the announcers where its time for our next match!

Derek Mobley vs. Dylan Nitro
Singles Match

Joe gives a quick preview of our next match as a highlight reel of Derek Mobley debut with the newly formed Argonauts of Awesome stable on the previous Mayhem. Joe then questions Benny about his run in with Nitro earlier in the week and Benny claims that Nitro isn’t worth the price of Joe’s shirt…which is about $5.99 at your local Value City.

Mobley is already in the ring as Thunderstruck by AC/DC begins blasting over the PA system.

Benny Newell: SHOCKER!!???

Joe Hoffman: Um no. I believe since the disappearance of Shocker that music has been up for grabs and it appears that Dylan Nitro has snagged it for himself.

Benny Newell: Not right….that is just not right…fucking drink…

Benny takes a big drink as Nitro climbs into the ring as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the match is underway.

As Nitro and Mobley lock up Joe reminds the viewers that Lee made it clear that people have to decide if they are going to be joining the Best Alliance heading into the new year or will they stand up to the evil that is Lee and is sickening Best Alliance, led by the World Champion Graystone and the ever dangerous Maximillian Kael and the Hardcore Artist Scottywood.

Benny claims that Nitro made a big mistake earlier in the week when he talked all that shit about Lee and pretty much sealed his fate as a flash in the pan here in HOW.

Inside the ring Nitro is proving otherwise as he is taking it to the AoA member as he nails Mobley with a perfect belly to belly suplex followed a quick sharpshooter attempt but Mobley is able to make it to the ropes where Boettcher calls for and receives a clean break from Nitro.

The crowd slowly begins to get behind Nitro as he shows some serious in ring ability after hitting a beautiful floatover DDT.

After a few more minutes of pure Nitro dominance he ends the match with a thundering Irish whip into the ropes, a heavy knee to the mid section causing Mobley to flip over onto his back, and a lightning quick elbow to his chest.

The crowd cheers as Nitro covers as Joe tells the audience that Nitro calls that combination Thunder and Lightening.

Boettcher starts the count and three seconds later the match is over.


Post match we see Nitro head to the back as the Best Arena faithful give him a good round of applause as Joe wonders out loud if Mobley can rebound next week.

Benny questions if anyone even gives a shit about Mobley or the AoA  as the only the Best Alliance matters.

Before Joe can reply the action cuts backstage once again…


Extreme Makeover: HOW Edition

The scene cuts back to a small locker room where Graystone stands over Mindy who has bruise on her cheek, is gagged and tied to a swivel chair.

Graystone: What was going through your mind when you were stabbed in the eye last week? I want to know. Was it, “Oh no! Now I’m going to look like a freak!” Or was the pain too much to bear? Why do you think Lee decided to do that Mindy? Huh? Was it because you were making fun of Lee? Huh? Was it because you saw his eyepatch and laughed at his pain? You know the only way to know what another is going through is to experience it yourself. So now how do you feel?

Graystone smacks Mindy across the face then turns around throwing his hands in the air.

Graystone: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!

Graystone grabs Mindy by the cheeks.

Graystone: And that’s just the way I like it!

Graystone spins Mindy’s chair around, then suddenly a knock on the door. Graystone cocks his head to the side in confusion, then walks over to the door. Graystone opens the door to reveal Michelle Reynold’s Creedy on the other side carrying a silver plate of cutting utensils.

Graystone: Well, if it isn’t Michelle Reynold’s-Creedy.

Graystone kneels in front of Michelle.

Graystone: Now that Michelle understands her place, I thought I would give her something useful to do.

Graystone points to Mindy, as Mindy squirms in the chair. Michelle walks into the room with a blank expression on her face. Graystone walks over to Mindy, and whispers into her ear.

Graystone: I thought you deserve a makeover sweetheart. Why, with all you’ve been through I thought that honoring you with a chance to live what I live every day would be the best gift of all. Beauty is just skin deep. To experience the real beauty of life, you must feel it on the inside The gift of nothing is yours for the taking.

Graystone turns from Mindy, and walks ominously over to the door and out of the locker room. Michelle sits the tray of cutting instruments down on the table. She walks up and stands in front of Mindy. Mindy looks shocked and scared. Michelle leans in and gives Mindy a hug.

Michelle: I think you’re going to like your makeover, Mindy.

Michelle pulls away from Mindy and walks over to the tray. She picks up a scalpel and holds it high in front of her in both hands and slowly walks towards a screaming and squirming Mindy as the scene quickly fades out and cuts to commercial.



Cameras light up backstage and straight away appears Crow walking down the corridor, wearing a leather jacket, ripped jeans, some sunglasses, and the ICON title around his waist. He turns and raises his hand towards a door, but stops, he looks, hesitates, and doesn’t knock, instead barges the door open and walking straight in. Surprised by his presence, there stands dressed in a nice black suit and his own sunglasses, Max Kael, the number one contender for the World title come ICONIC. He takes a few steps forward, staring at Crow, he contorts his face with a raise of his upper lip, sneering at Crow, and he snuffs him off as the silence brews between the two.

Max Kael: And how may I be of service to the bird boy?

With an aggravated reaction, Crow quickly raises something and chucks it at Max, Max slightly flinches but realizes it’s a nothing harmful.

Max Kael: What’s this, an early Christmas present?

Crow: You tell your buddy, after your finished brown nosing the fuck later tonight, he ain’t bullying anybody, he ain’t handing me no ultimatums, and he can go screw himself!

Crow clearly annoyed, turns and leaves the room, Max follows to the doorway, looking out, watching Crow leave. He lifts up what Crow threw at him, it unravels to reveal itself as a Best Alliance t-shirt, Max, confused, shrugs and catches a passing staff member.

Max Kael: Hey you, want to buy a Best Alliance t-shirt for five bucks?

The man jumps at the chance whipping the money out his wallet bringing a nifty smile to Max’s face as he checks the notes real, cameras switch back to ringside as its time for our next match…Crow vs. HOF Nominee Silent Witness!!

Uber Drunk?

Before we cut to the announcers the HOTv comes back alive and we see Bobbinette Carey walking through the halls of the arena.

Bobbinette: Reynolds!

Her words are slurred as she walks through the house.

Bobbinette: Where Are you?

She continues to walk the halls. Ken puts his arm on his shoulder. Bobbinette turns around swinging her arm.

Ken: Bobbie he’s not here.

Bobbinette: He took her!

Ken looks at her waving his hand in front of his face. He sighs as he puts his arm around he trying to steady her balance.

Ken: Lets get you some Coffee.

She wrinkles her eyebrows and nods.

Bobbinette: It was him that lousy son of a-

Ken: Bobbie.

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows.

Bobbinette: what?

Ken: How do you know he took her?

Bobbinette: He didn’t deny it. See if I face Crow and go after the icon title then he’ll have to come after me… then he’ll give her back.

Ken: I don’t think that’s how it works.

She wrinkles her eyebrows. They walk to the coffee table. Ken hands her a coffee and gets one for himself. As he gets himself a coffee Bobbinette grabs a small bottle out of her purse. She pours it into her coffee quickly and throws the bottle into her purse. She then take a sip of it then smiles with a satisfied look on her face.

Bobbinette: how would you know? You know I miss her. Lee best said he wouldn’t allow the feed last week. I don’t even know if she’s still alive…

Ken looks at her seeing the worry on her face.

Ken: We’ll get her back.

Bobbinette; we will but I have an idea. I’ll see you at the ring thanks for the coffee!

Bobbinette takes her coffee and walks off smiling as she continues to drink her coffee. Ken looks at her watching her wobble down the halls as the action finally cuts back to the announcers.

Crow vs. Silent Witness
Singles Match

Action cuts back live inside the Best Arena and Silent Witness is on his way down to the ring with his music blaring, but suddenly the fans rise with cheers and jeers, cameras focus and capture Crow speeding down the aisle as he drops his title. Silent quickly reacts guarding himself, Crow meets him with a few rights and left and Silent responds with his own, the two stand brawling it out in the walkway, fists smashing off one another faces.

Benny Newell: YEAH!!!

Joe Hoffman: My god, these two are going at it, them punches are harder then I’ve ever seen.

Benny Newell: YEAH!!!

But maybe with the surprise of Crow’s quick entrance on Silent Witness, it’s Silent who shows first weakness, wobbling to one knee, Crow continues the beat down, lunging all he has into every punch.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be brutal, week after week, High Octane Wrestling is what it is people!

Benny Newell: And you gotta love it!

Benny slips out a mini whiskey bottle from his pocket and downs the whole lot, letting out a huge sigh of relief. The referee is now outside the ring, urging Crow, begging him to get this into the ring, Crow shoves Hortega aside and continues pounding into Silent Witness. He’s now on the floor, looking tired, and beaten, Crow doesn’t stop, he whips him up and takes him around the ring, Silent tries a comeback with a few rights to Crow’s stomach but a knee to the head soon stops it.

Crow continues and rams Silent into the ring post, immediately following into the guard rail, and straight after into the side of the ring, and once again whips him into the announcers area where Silent falls to the floor. Silent lies at the feet of the announcers, Benny Newell shakes his feet to get away from him, moving as if he’s dirt.

Joe Hoffman: What was that?

Benny Newell: I don’t mind people bowing at my feat but not when it’s scum!

Joe rolls his eyes, Crow lifts Silent up, he wobbles, standing weak, looking not quite at home, and cameras catch as the fans go wild, Crow pull out a steel chair and takes aim.

Joe Hoffman: Oh God, no!

Benny Newell: DO IT!!

But suddenly Crow chucks the chair aside, it lands on the ring apron, fans boo and react bad and Crow lands a huge super kick to the chin of Silent Witness sending him crashing to the floor, the back of him head slapping off the ground.

Benny Newell: As much as I enjoyed that kick, I’m disappointed in Crow!

Joe Hoffman: Why? What’s he done beside do what’s right?

Benny Newell: For your information, he didn’t kick Carey when she was down, he keeps going against my boy Max, and now he shows weakness when he gets to take off this mule’s head!

Again Joe rolls his eyes and Crow rolls Silent into the ring, Hortega runs in, but Crow quickly gives him a huge shove, shoving him out the ring, hurting him, but not disabling him. Crow with that, bends down and picks up the steel chair, places it in position and gets the fans cheering, he picks Silent up and buries a few more fists into his face. Following that, Crow whips him into position for Fallen, his finisher, and with that, WHAM! ..Crow drops him head first into the steel chair he had lined up. Crow sits up and leans back, blood trickles from the head of Silent, and then more, and more, a heavy gash on top of his head seems bad as the blood doesn’t stop, Hortega climbs into the ring, confused at what just happened, but Crow covers, and he counts…





Post match Crow stands, looking down at Silent, totally out of it, Hortega, still confused, medics rush to the ring and Crow’s hand is raised when out of nowhere Mayhem starts to break down.

Live HOW Mayhem suddenly turns into a huge electricity surge, lights begin flashing, the HOTv screen flicking on and off, crackling noises bursting through the speakers. Those inside the ring and around look around confused when…



A voice tries speaking, but suffers at what sounds like bad reception.


And then it’s revealed, that oh so familiar voice.




The voice fades out with a crackling echo when suddenly the lights to the arena return to full and and all electricity returns to normal.

Everyone inside the ring looks confused, fans and viewers at home surely the same, questioning ‘what next week?’

The action cuts backstage as you can hear people all over the arena guessing just who might be behind “The Voice”.


Uber fast Replacement

Action cuts backstage and we see Bobbinette Carey. Bobbinette turns down the hallways after watching the decimation of Silent Witness she doesn’t look pleased. Her eyes are widen as she’s angry, Silent witness was taken out and that voice. She turns the corner and sees David Black. Bobbinette walks up to him she strokes her chin.

Bobbinette: David. I’ve considered your offer. Team epic can use someone with the talent for the stable title.

David: Thank you for the chance.

Bobbinette: I think you could contribute well and what else could it hurt?

She puts her hand out as he looks down then takes her hand shaking it.

Bobbinette: This could be an epic opportunity. Silent Witness is gone so you could make up for what lack luster just lost us. So welcome to team epic lets go toast to it.

David: That’s okay but thank you again you won’t regret this.

Bobbinette nods with a smile as the camera cuts out on the new member of epicness.


Mr. I Dont Give a Fuck

Back from commercial and suddenly the lights in the arena go out, a giant maple leaf appears on the screen and “Come to Life” by Alter Bridge starts blaring through the arena speakers. The fans cheer in excitement as the unfamiliar music echoes the arena.

Joe Hoffman: I think I know who this may be, Benny.

The music then suddenly stops. The fans give out a huge “AW”, but then randomly a small marching band comes out from behind the stage, walking down to the ring, playing actually the same music, but marching band style. Behind the marching band is following Damien Ryan, sporting a pair of jeans, black tee, and a Toronto Maple Leafs hat pulling back his long dark hair.

Benny Newell: What the hell is this?

Joe Hoffman: A little unorthodox, definitely, but the real story is, there’s Damien Ryan. The ex-NGWer who just signed a contract with HOW, this week. And he’s down here like we’re watching….uhh..

Benny Newell: Like a god damn parade! Ha-ha, what is this?!

The marching band surrounds the outside of the ring as Damien Ryan steps inside with a microphone and he acts as a conductor and silences the band. The fans are weirded out.

Damien Ryan: Look at that! I paraded in here!

Benny Newell: Ha-ha!

Damien Ryan: Now, nobody can come out here in the future and use the line, “You paraded out here……”, because it would sound stupid because I really did!

The fans cheer a little, some laugh.

Damien Ryan: Thanks guys, you can go!

Ryan waves off the marching band as they just shrug their shoulders, leave ringside and leave.

Damien Ryan: Excellent job guys, that was sweet.

Joe Hoffman: This guy on drugs?

Benny Newell: Maybe he’s drunk….I am.

Damien Ryan: Who in the world decided to sign….this guy (pointing to himself) to High Octane Wrestling. Ha, this guy! Alright, serious now, I came out here because you guys are going to see my face around here a little more often. I’m not out of the game, I didn’t retire, I wasn’t injured…..I’m here now, you can all sleep at night now. I mean, I only did win the NGW Battle Dome to become number one contender for the title and then it stopped functioning.

Benny Newell: ohhhh.

Damien Ryan: Nah, I guess I’m just trying to make a statement that I’m here.

Fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: I guess that’s all I’m really trying to say….I mean I was going to end this little segment here, I mean, I do have things to do you know besides causing a ruckus. Little do you all know is that they have a sweet game room here on the third level and they have Asteroids…..ASTEROIDS!

The fans laugh.

Damien Ryan: Asteroids is a sick game….no, but I have something else to say. I got this memo earlier today from Lee Best that was kind of disturbing. So I thought maybe I should comment on this situation, and maybe you fans out there can help me out a little. I got a little catch up done backstage by that Boise chick, (he winks), ha, and she filled me in on some of the events going on here that answered some questions I had about this memo. I understand that we have three major groups of people here in HOW. The AoA…

Fans cheer mixed emotions.

Damien Ryan: Team Epic….

Fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: And the advertising Best Alliance.

The fans’ reaction does a quick one eighty and they boo loudly.

Damien Ryan: Ahhhh haaaa. I understand now. I got it. So we have so so guys, the cool dudes, and the assholes.

Benny Newell: Hahaha!

Joe Hoffman: That’ll turn some heads.

Damien Ryan: A story told many times, a good parable. Well, I am a little too new around here to pass any judgment on any heads here, but I guess I get the picture. AoA is those guys are alright in your minds, sometimes they’re chillin, sometimes their villain. Maybe they just need to get their head on straight and stop being a bunch of retards and make up their minds.

Fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: The Epic Team, or Team Epic, whatever their name is, I don’t know. They are the cool cats in you’re opinion, the good guys, heroes. Maybe that’s pretty neat, they get your applause, and you like ’em. Maybe they just need to grow some balls and act tough sometimes. Really their own rebellion against an evil empire! STAR WARS fans, you know what I’m talking about! Ha!

Joe Hoffman: Oh man.

Damien Ryan: Then there’s The Best Alliance.

The fans boo.

Damien Ryan: The evil empire, you guys out there don’t…. like… them. The bad guys. Maybe its cool that their so tough, the power is growing…you’re either with them! Or against them! Plain and simple! Maybe their just a bunch of stupid assholes that get off on bossing the little guys around.

The fans cheer.

Damien Ryan: But who is Damien Ryan going to side with?! Whoooooo…… Be an alright guy, a cool guy, or an asshole. Maybe my ex-girlfriend was right when she called me an asshole that night I broke up with her…..ladies (he winks).

Joe Hoffman: This guy is crazy.

Damien Ryan: Maybe……………maybe I’m just causing trouble.

“Come to Life” by Alter Bridge blares again and Ryan drops the microphone, smiles and walks outside the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Damien Ryan, welcome to HOW, are we ready for this Big Benny? This guy is strange.

Benny Newell: I think he’s a funny bastard! Maybe this is what HOW needs! And look! He dropped me off a six pack! Delivery! Ha!

Joe Hoffman: I think Ryan made his presence known. And in what a way?

Before Benny can answer Mayhem takes its second to last commercial as its time to pay the bills.


A Proper Send off..

Returning from a commercial break we are treated to the opening notes of “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by the Smashing Pumpkins. A video package begins to play starting with the return of Shane Reynolds to HOW.

We get a shot of Lee Best getting struck in the head with a with a crow bar by Shane as the crowd seems come alive around him. Next we cut to Shane Reynolds winning the Icon Title as a sound clip is transposed over the scene.

Shane Reynolds: I’m putting up half my current bank account to the first person on the roster who can beat me..

A shot of Max Kael is scene in the Radio Studio raising his eyebrow looking that dubious about the situation.

Max Kael: Wow, that’s confidence.. Huh. Well maybe someone will take him up on that…

The video flashes forward to Shane Reynolds standing in the ring before he is struck in the back of the head by Max Kael. It repeats the chair shot in slow motion as Shane crumbles to the ground. Max Kael stands over him looking rather smug.

Another shot comes up of Max Kael being driven head first into a tombstone by Shane Reynolds in the middle of a violent rain storm. Bobbinette Carey’s mother’s tombstone can be seen in the background as Shane begins to rain down blow after blow on Max.

Shane Reynolds: Did you think you could just Get Away with it!?

Flash forward to War Games as Max Kael turns around only to be met by Shane Reynolds hitting the Burning Inferno as Lee Best can be seen barely moving on the mat next to them. A three count later and Shane jumps to his feet, picking up Bobbinette.

The screen goes dark before a new voice edges into it..

Lawyer: By his doctor’s Orders Graystone may not be contacted by any affiliated members of High Octane Wrestling until he is medically cleared.

A shot of Graystone curled up on his bed with the covers over his head comes into view. The shot flashes again as Max Kael is seen standing next to his bed with a cruel smile on his face.

Max Kael: There is Nothing left.. And you are truly free..

The shot melts away to an explosion tearing apart an apartment in New York City that belonged to Shane’s sister, her husband and her daughter. Fire bursts from the windows as people are scene ducking for cover. The sound of Max Kael giggling in the background can be heard. A shot of Shane on his knees in front of the building can be see looking on in horror.

The scene morphs to little Michelle Reynolds-Creedy tied up in an abandoned warehouse under a single spot light. The camera pans over to see Max Kael standing there in a black suit glowering down at the girl as he turns his head to the side.

Max Kael: She is all yours.. Teach her everything you have learned..

Graystone materializes from the shadows with a particularly sadistic look on his face as Max turns back toward the girl with a grimace. Another cackle, this time from Max and Graystone can be heard with the sudden scream of a young girl.

Flash forward to Rumble at the Rock. Max Kael is slowly walking away from Shane’s broken body when suddenly Crow reaches out from behind him and plants him into the ground. With is leg twitching he is counted out as you can hear Joe screaming about Max Kael losing the World Title. Another flash and Shane Reynolds is seen defeating Crow to win the World Title.

Another fade into Shane Reynolds leaving the ring at Mayhem before he is suddenly blind sided by Max Kael. He is struck in the face with a steel chair leveling him out before Max picks Shane Reynolds up shoving him into the crowd barrier. He lifts the chair again and slams it down onto Shane’s head causing Shane to go completely limp.

Max looks on before retreating as Jeff Harris is seen running at him. A slow motion capture of Max walking away with the chair in his hands. On the chair is a blotch of blood from where he cracked open Shane’s head.

Flash forward again to the Title Match between Graystone and Shane Reynolds. Several Highlights are shown including Max jumping into the ring to help Graystone. Reynolds is shown fighting off both men bravely before the sound of his Niece’s voice draws his attention to the grave site set up for the match. As he closes in on the grave Max is seen again knocking him to the ground.

The fight continues Michelle turns on Shane Reynolds, her facial expression taking on a sinister appearance. The turn causes Shane to get knocked into the grave as Graystone and Michelle work feverously to bury him. Suddenly Max Kael is seen again using a bull dozer to push a pile of earth into the grave effectively burying Shane.

The last shot is shown with Max Kael standing with Graystone and Michelle Reynolds-Creedy. Graystone holds the World Title as Michelle looks up at him with a smile on her face.

Max Kael takes a few steps back, the smile vanishing from his face as his eyes are cast darkly upon the two of them before the corner of his lip twitches into a smirk. The video package slowly fades to black though the white teeth of Max Kael remain for a moment before vanishing into the Darkness.

Finally as the music ends the last words appear on the screen.



We Cut to the High Octane Arena where Max Kael is already in the ring wearing a black and white business suit and a pair of dark sunglasses. His wild curly black hair is carefully tucked back and his has a white lily pinned to his lapel making it look as if he were going to attend a funeral. The fans have been booing for the most part drowning the arena with their resentment for the man in the ring. Max smirks as he looks around with a smug expression on his face before he lifts the mic to his lips.

Max Kael: At ICONIC I shall face Graystone in a World Title Match. I will face a deserving opponent, a strong opponent. A man who has truly embraced the path that I have set out for him thus achieving great success. But that is not what I am here to talk about. No.. tonight it is all about Shane Reynolds, more importantly that Shane Reynolds is gone. Gone from the World Title Picture. Gone from High Octane Wrestling. Gone from your lives FOREVER!

More boos as Max Kael takes a much deserved sigh, rolling his shoulders back as he seems to enjoy the moment.

Max Kael: Tonight I am out here to celebrate his passing. To celebrate the life and death of Shane Reynolds! As a Minister I feel that it is only my place to say a few words on his passing. After all, we were like brothers, Shane and I. We had so much in common, so much that made us alike. Ultimately the only difference between the two of us is that.. Well.. I’m still alive and kicking. And he is 6 feet under where Graystone and I put him!

The crowd launches back up into full fledged boos as Max reminds them of what Graystone and he had done to Shane last Mayhem. Max lowers the mic and seems to take it all in as he continues to look rather smug at the packed house.

Max Kael: So without further adieu.. Let us begin. Shane was born into a family that did not understand him. A family that could never understand him. A family like you people..

He lifted a thin hand and jerked it at the crowd in an accusing fashion as they continue to boo him. From the crowd a cup of beer flies up at the ring which causes Max to duck to the side.

Max Kael: Security! Get that Lilliputian the fuck out of here! Get him out of here now! NOW!

Two security personnel jump over the railing and move into the crowd to grab the young man who threw the beer as Max looks on dispassionately, a sneer resting on his lips. The crowd seems to cheer briefly in their support of the man who threw the beer before booing as he is escorted out of the arena.

Max Kael: You fucking people have no respect for a eulogy! As I was saying it was people like YOU that were in Shane Reynolds family! Instead of trying to understand and embrace him they sent him into an Insane Asylum! You people put him out of your society and so Shane was thrown out! He didn’t meet your oh so picky requirements and so he was forced to change. Changed into a fucking parody of your disgusting maggots!

He moved back into the center of the ring as the fans continued to boo at him though no one has thrown anything else after the man was thrown out of the arena.

Max Kael: And so he became that.. Freak show and moved through his life.. Until he came here. Here in High Octane Wrestling he was hailed as a God.. By the Critics.. By you people! But what was he really? Not living up to his full potential! And so I endeavored to show him the path to his true potential! The path to his true self! The same path I saved Graystone with and yet he resisted.. Why? I can not say.. Likely because he had grown so.. Close to you people. And so I had no choice. He had to be put down. And that is EXACTLY what Graystone and I did last week. We buried Shane Reynolds, we buried his legend and we buried a part of each and every one of you people..

Once again he lifted his hand to point at everyone in the arena as the continued started to chant Shane Reynolds name. Max shook his head slowly with a smug expression.

Max Kael: No.. no.. you can Cheer him all you want. Chant his name. Buy his products.. It will NOT bring him back. He is gone for Go-

Point #1” by Chevelle cracks up on the P.A. as the lights go down. The fans boos immediately reverse into cheers as the stage flickers. In the ring Max looks positively put out as his jaw goes slack, his mic lowering. On the stage there is a moment hesitation before a few members of the HOW Backstage Staff begin bring out four wheel barrels full of dark earth, the same used to cover Shane Reynolds up last week. The fans cheers switch back over to Boos as Max Kael once again gets a smug expression on his face. The house lights come back up as he starts to laugh at the audience.

Max Kael: Did you actually think he was coming out!? HAHAHA! I told you, he is GONE! And he is NOT coming back.

He moves toward the ropes, jumping out of the ring as the staff leave the wheel barrels of dirt at the top of the stage. As he walks up the ramp he lifts the mic back up to his lips.

Max Kael: So as they say.. In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to Almighty God our brother Shane Reynolds; and we commit his body to the ground; earth to earth; ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Max stepped up to the first wheel barrel of dirt looking down at it, his expression changing from smug to unnervingly violent in appearance.

Max Kael: The Lord bless him and keep him, the Lord make his face to shine upon him and be gracious unto him and give him peace. May we never see his worthless fucking continence again.

With that Max spit into the dirt as the fans roared with fury at him. Now the trash begins to fly up toward him. Bottles, cups, popcorn bags. Whatever they can find though he is far enough away at this point to avoid it for the most part. He turned back toward the crowd to address them for the final time.

Max Kael: Amen.

The fans continue to boo as Max turned around and walked to the back leaving the four wheel barrels of dirt on the stage to remind the fans what Graystone and he had done the week before as Mayhem takes its final commercial break of the night.


Stable Title Match
Mario Maurako & Paul Paras vs. Ken Davison & Bobbinette Carey vs. Scottywood & Graystone
Tag Team Match

We return from break to Benny and Joe at their commentary desk. Benny is staring at his shot glass as Joe is looking over a few notes before he appear to realize they are back on camera.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Mayhem folks! As you know it is now time.. For the Stable Title match, the Main Event here tonight.

Benny Newell: And the match that is going to let the Best Alliance get their Stable Titles back! Lee ordered it remember?! And so far his word has been the word of God Almighty even if his presence isn’t physically here. He’s acting through his loyal followers!

Joe Hoffman: My fellow commentary would be referring to the violent attack on Lee Best’s former employees Mark Toner and Mindy Smith by Graystone followed by Jeff Harris being officially fired after losing his match.

Benny Newell: That’s fuckin’ right Joe! You don’t cross the Best Alliance and you certainly don’t try to provoke Lee Best! And you know the best part about it!? He made Kostoff do his dirty work for him!

Joe Hoffman: Folks, don’t let that be an indication of Kostoff’s personality, he would as soon tear Lee Best as do his dirty work but in this ca-

Hoffman is cut off as “Puritana” by Dimmu Borgir roars over the speaks as smoke rolls over the stage. The crowd comes alive with boos as Max Kael slowly swaggers out onto the stage in wearing a referees uniform. He smirks out at the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring staring at the fans he walks by as if they were little more then bile.

Benny Newell: Max Kael! The man who was tasked with ensuring that the AoA are punished properly for their betrayal of the Best Alliance!

Joe Hoffman: Betra-? Benny I am not sure if we even watch the same show..

Benny Newell: Blame beer goggles and a fat paycheck!

Joe Hoffman: I’ll blame years of alcohol abuse, how’s that?

Benny Newell: I’m not abusive, I love my whiskey!

Max slips into the ring and poses with his hands held in the air to show off his referee uniform in a form of mockery against the fans and the federation’s sense of “fair play”.

Hey Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me” by Pearl Jam cuts off Dimmu Borgir as the camera refocuses on the stage. The boos do not stop however as Graystone and Scottywood step out. Graystone has his title over his shoulder. Scottywood is next to him sporting a hockey stick which he lifts into the air as the rest of the Best Alliance, sans Lee Best make their way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: We’ve seen the effect the Best Alliance has had on tonight’s events and it certainly would be the proverbial feather in Lee Best’s hat if his team wins here tonight.

Benny Newell: And they will, so he’ll have a new feather for his hat! .. I don’t think Lee wears a hat..

Joe Hoffman: Hence the proverbial.. You know, never mind.

The Best damn thing” By Avril Lavigne plays as a pink spot light hit’s the stage. A few runs out and  unrolls a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. She walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm. Following behind her is Ken Oddity who looks determined but some what wary of Bobbinette as they make their way to the ring.

Bobbinette waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores two fans holding a poster with Livie Carey on the back of a milk carton with a Missing label under it. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She circles the room and seems set on glaring at the Best Alliance who have moved over to their corner.

Ken Oddity stands next to her though he seems more focused on the match then Bobbinette. Max hops out of the ring and moves toward the two of them demanding a quick search of them for any weapons which they both comply too as the “The Best Damn Thing” cuts off.

“Ego” By Element Eighty hits and three M’s pop up on the giant video screen “Marvelous” Mario Maurako steps out onto the stage and raises his 2×4 into the air. Maurako glares out at the fans who are booing loudly. Around his waist is the Stable Title which he takes a moment to polish in front of the fans. He moves down the ramp but stops and looks back over his shoulder as Team Epic is allowed into the ring by Max.

“Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go down again, leaving only gold strobe lights flickering to the opening drumbeat.  After the opening stops, five insanely loud blasts of gold pyro shoot from the stage simultaneously, leading out the Singapore cane-wielding Perfect One, Perfect Paul Paras!

He makes is way down the ramp next to Triple M motioning to the stable title. Mario takes it off and hands it off to Paul after they have a brief argument as to who should be carrying it. Eventually it ends with a two smiles and hand shake before Paul poses with it eliciting more boos.

Joe Hoffman: And so we have all the players now introduced though it seems like the Argonauts of Awesome might be showing some reluctance to get into the ring.

Benny Newell: Of course they are, they saw what’s happened thus far and are afraid to get in there and lose those titles as Lee said they would!

Joe Hoffman: I some how doubt it has anything to do with what Lee Best has said and more to do with the fact that Max Kael is the special guest referee for this match staking things in favor of the Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: Don’t be stupid, Max is the most balanced, thoughtful and neutral individual in this whole damn federation!

Joe Hoffman: That is a dubious statement at best..

In the ring Max appears to be heading toward Triple M and Triple P when all hell breaks lose behind him when Bobbinette charges at Graystone unexpectedly. Ken and Scotty seem unsure what just happened as Bobbinette spears Graystone to the ground and mounts him with a flurry of punches as the crowd lights up.

Scottywood takes a moment to react, charging toward Bobbinette however he is sidelined by Ken who does what he feels he must, intercepting Scottywood with a hard tackle that sends them both between the ropes to the outside. Max spins around when he hears the crowd erupt and yells something, rushing back in. Triple M and Triple P continue to look on from the outside with an amused expression on their face.

Benny Newell: Damn that whore, she couldn’t wait for the damn bell!

Joe Hoffman: As we all know Bobbinette has had a lot on her mind as of late and this is just a result of all that built up stress! She said she was going to take the fight to Graystone tonight and I think we are seeing just that right now!

Benny Newell: Don’t justify a woman’s special time, this isn’t right! Bobbinette is emotionally unhinged and its literally bleeding over in her actions!

Joe Hoffman: BENNY! That was foul!

Max slides into the ring ignoring Scottywood and Ken Oddity to continue to battle each other on the outside in little more then a brawl. Graystone is covering himself up as best he can while Bobbinette continues to reign down fists before Max drags her off him, tossing her to the ground. He points to his referee shirt as Bobbinette scrambles back up to her feet with a pissed off expression on her face. The fans continue to boo loudly as Triple P and Triple M slowly begin to make their way to the ringside area though its clear they are not intending to involve themselves just yet.

Bobbinette apparently disagrees with something Max says and sends a hard slap across his face which causes him to stagger out of the way. However this is the opening that allows Graystone to engage Bobbinette now that he has gotten a breath, spearing her as Max falls out of the way. He goes for the quick cover as Max immediately drops down!



Joe Hoffman: If that wasn’t fast I don’t know what is!

Benny Newell: Then you clearly do not know what fast is cause that was in no way a fast count! That was a perfectly legal normal count!

Joe Hoffman: Right Benny, right.

Mario and Paul slip around the edge of the ring where they stand making a few moments to each other though still refraining from joining the match. To the outside Ken appears to have gained control against Scottywood sending him into the ring pole with a thud. Ken looks in to see Graystone working Carey over and jumps into the assist. Mario slowly makes his way around to Scottywood looking down at him. Meanwhile Paul is slowly make his way onto the apron proper keeping his eyes locked on those inside.

Ken charges toward Graystones back only to get tripped by Max Kael as he moves past him, stumble to his knees. Max plays innocent as the crowd boos loudly. Meanwhile Ken is back up to his feet and spins around to eye Max Kael who has his back to him. The crowd cheers for Ken as he charges behind Max landing an elbow smash to the back of the head causing him to fly out of the ring.

Benny Newell: WHAT WAS THAT?!

Joe Hoffman: That was Ken Oddity doing what we all have been wanting to do since this farce got underway!

Benny Newell: Max was just being a good Referee and that fucking Oddball had to put his hands on him! This isn’t right, they should be Dqed immediately!

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling that, due to the fact that Lee said the Best Alliance was to get those Stable Titles back, Max isn’t going to DQ them. That’s my bet.

Benny Newell: He should DQ them an award the titles to the Best Alliance!

Joe Hoffman: That will be the day!

Ken, riding high on knocking Max Kael out of the ring comes to Bobbinette’s rescue as he drags Graystone up and hits him with a series of lefts before Bobbinette joins in. Graystone is worked into the ropes before Team Epic sends hit a double close line sending him to the outside with a thud!

The crowd cheers loudly for Team Epic as they stand tall in the ring before Triple M and Triple P come out of left filed clubbing them both from behind, knocking them to the ground. The cheers immediately change to boos as both egotistical men stand in mimicking poses to Team Epic before flexing.

Benny Newell: Well as always I like to see Team EPIC get knocked down but I would prefer it be done by The Best Alliance!

Joe Hoffman: I’m glad to see them getting involved in the match at least, even if it is some what underhanded. But don’t discount them, the AoA are a well versed Tag Team, they’ve had a lot of time together!

Scottywood is seen rolling in behind the two of them as he attacks Paul. Mario takes a moment to figure out Scotty is there before he and Mario begin to work him over. About this time Max is slowly getting back up to his feet and re-enters the ring with a slightly dazed expression on his face. Scotty receives a double spin buster as Paul goes for the cover.

Mario takes a moment to start fending Ken off who starts to drag himself back into the ring while Bobbinette and Graystone battle each other on the outside. Max turns to see Scotty being pinned only to turn around and yell at Bobbinette on the outside, blatantly ignoring the pin attempt.

Paul gets up to his feet shoving Scotty out of the ring as starts to yell at Max. Ken hangs Mario up on the ropes causing Mario to stumble back clutching at his neck. Oddity attacks the distracted Paul and the two of them engage each other for a short while before Oddity manages to hit Paul with an Oddplex! He goes for the cover..

Max Kael has since left the ring and is chastising Bobbinette once again as Graystone slinks back around to the other side of the ring. Ken reaches jumps up and starts to come back over toward Max when Graystone comes from behind Ken hitting him with a reverse Hurricanarana! Max turns around and pretends to be surprised to see a pin, ignoring Bobbinette as he rolls back in.



Max is furious as he begins to scream at him while Graystone tosses Ken away. Graystone slips out of the ring and attacks Bobbinette while Max roars orders at him. Back In the ring Scottywood is dragging himself back in looking around.

Triple P and Triple M slide into the ring behind Scotty who is presently watching Graystone and Max on the outside. They grab Scottywood as Mario hit’s a Russian legsweep from behind while Paul simultaneously hits a reverse Russian legsweep from the front, driving them face first into the mat! Once again Paul goes for the cover but Max intentionally ignores him..

However this time it costs Max as Joel Hortega hit’s the ring..







Mayhem comes to a close as the AoA head up the ramp with the Stable Title as the Best Alliance members argue about what just happened.




We are backstage where Graystone and Michelle Reynold’s Creedy stand in front of a swivel chair with Mindy that is turned away from the camera.

Graystone: An intelligent man once said, “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” To live a life of nothing is the miracle. You cannot pretend that everything is a miracle because everything is not a miracle. Ken Davison, Bobbinette Carey, Marvelous Mario Maurako, Perfect Paul Paras… They are no miracle. They are nothing more than self-gratifying animals. But me and my followers believe in nothing. We realize at the end of the day that we own nothing, that no-one owns anything. We realize that we must show others what nothing is, and that there are no exceptions.

Graystone swivels the chair around to reveal an unconscious Mindy tied to the chair with duct tape over her mouth and large bloody cuts all over her face in circular and striped designs.

Graystone: Michelle… Please escort Mindy to the dumpster…

Michelle gets behind the chair, and begins pushing Mindy out of the room. Michelle opens the door, and pulls Mindy’s lifeless body out and through the hallway. The camera walks backwards, out the door, and follows Michelle down the hallway. Suddenly, Max Kael is seen leaning against the wall wearing his referee shirt.

Max Kael: Where are you headed, young lady?

Michelle: Down the spiral.

A long awkward pause, as Max brushes the hair away from his face.

Max Kael: Is that so?

Max puts his hand on Michelle’s shoulder, and begins walking down the hallway with her.

Max Kael: We need to talk.

Max Kael and Michelle Reynolds-Creedy walk down the hall pushing the chair containing Mindy’s mutilated body as the scene slowly fades to black.

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