Mayhem: August 25th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
August 25th, 2008 – #HOW16
United Center – Chicago, Illinois


Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone to the 15th live Monday Night Mayhem right here on the Versus Network.   We are once again live in the United Center in Chicago Illinois and as Joe and Benny run down the card they also pose several questions that every HOW fan has been asking over the last few weeks…

Will Bobbinette Carey make it to RATR as World Champion as rumors continue to grow about a member of Team Epic turning their back on her?

Will Shane Reynolds and Maximillian Kael tear each other apart before RATR where they may ultimately meet?

Will Silent Witness make a big return to the ring and win LSD gold or will Kostoff continue his dominant run as he heads towards RATR with nothing but Lee Best on his mind?   Is Darkwing finally rounding back into form and is he a true contender here in HOW?

Will Lee Best sell HOW and if he does is HOW heading down to Australia?   Now that Narcotic is Commissioner what does this mean for the rest of the Best Alliance and HOW in general?

And finally who is the former World Champion that Lee Best promised to bring into HOW?

All these questions need to have answers and we should have some at the conclusion of tonight’s show.   Joe and Benny go over all these questions as the fans are red hot as usual as Welcome to the Jungle wraps up playing over the PA system. As it does finish up the only noise we can hear is the crowd all amped up and ready for action.   Joe then announces that we will start tonight’s show with the Street Fight pitting the former Best Alliance member, Graystone, versus a Best Alliance staple and the man that has done the majority of the dirty work for Lee Best over the years…Shocker.

The HOTv comes to life and we see that HOW cameras are set up outside in the parking lot where Carl Hortega can be seen standing wearing his customary referee gear.   Joe mentions that this is the first time Mayhem has ever opened up the show outside the ring!

Suddenly we see a black H3 pull up and Shocker exits and can be seen smiling as Graystone comes into the picture on the opposite side.   Benny mentions that Shocker should have just run over the suicidal Graystone and ended the Gray One’s misery.   Joe notes that he likes this edge to Graystone and maybe that this edge will kick start Graystone back into title contention.   There is only one way to find out….

The Street Fight is next!!

Graystone vs Shocker
Street Fight

Back in the parking lot Hortega motions towards both men asking if they are ready for the match.   Shocker, holding a lead pipe in his hand, nods and smiles at his opponent.   Graystone, no weapons visible, is also smiling and Benny notes that the smile resembles a smile of a corpse after the mortician just got done with the make up….its fucking eerie!

Satisfied that both men are ready Hortega motions to both men that the match is to begin and as soon as his arm lowers Graystone rushes at the former Mercenary and the two former stablemates tear each other right off.   Shocker, not caught off guard by Graystone, is ready for the charging man but underestimates the strength of the Gray one and both men fall to the pavement as Graystone is in full control.

The lead pipe in Shocker’s hand was thrown underneath a car as he fell to the pavement and as Graystone continues to remain in control, Shocker tries to reach the pipe but each time he is close Graystone delivers a tough right hand to the former ICON Champion.   As Graystone executes several moves using cars, trucks, SUV’s and even weapons handed to him from various fans that are watching behind HOW security members, Benny goes over the history between Graystone and Shocker, reminding the viewers that at one point that Shocker was the ICON Champion and it was Graystone and Shane Reynolds chasing Shocker for the title.

Joe counters that that was a long time ago and as Graystone nails Shocker with a DDT on top of Shockers H3, Joe states that Shocker is no longer the hunted but now just a wounded animal.   This is confirmed as Graystone finishes his dominating performance as Hortega makes the count as Graystone covers Shocker on top of his own vehicle.





Post match we see Graystone drag Shocker to the back of the H3 and puts the head of Shocker thru the back window which is still down from when Shocker pulled up. With a smile Graystone then rolls the back window up and thus forces the head of Shocker to be wedged in place as Graystone puts the H3 into drive.   Inside the United Center the crowd is on their feet after sitting down thru a very uneventful street fight. But now they are buzzing with what they are witnessing.

Several of the HOW security members rush in front of the H3 but Graystone floors it and as the H3 flies out of the parking lot we see Shocker running trying to keep up but as the H3 heads out of the picture all we can see are the feet of Shocker dragging…   Joe quickly takes Mayhem to its first commercial break as everyone cannot believe what they just seen.    


On the Wagon..

Back live and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee Best is screaming into a phone telling the Chicago Police Department about what just occurred. Suddenly Lee slams the phone shut and throws it across the room.

Lee Best: Those fucking assholes think it’s a damn stunt!! Just cause it’s a fucking professional wrestling show they think its fucking staged……FUCK!!!!

Inside the room with Lee is Scottywood. Scott is the only Best Alliance member present at the moment due to Narcotic not going to be at the show tonight due to some official business to be taken care of with the Versus network big wigs.

Lee Best: Scotty what the fuck am I supposed to do? Nark is with the empty suits tonight so if I leave there will be no one in charge. God love him but there is no way I am letting Max in charge and Shotgun is brand spanking new to HOW so that leaves…

Scottywood: Me?

Lee plops down in his leather chair and pulls out a small pint of Jack Daniels and takes a swig. He then offers it to Scotty..

Scottywood: No thanks boss…

Lee Best: Ah that’s right…you are on the fucking wagon. I have no idea how you do it. I got Kostoff breathing down my neck, I got a cunt for a World Champion and my stable is falling apart at the seams once again.

Lee takes another swig of the Jack as Scott looks on uncomfortably.

Scottywood: Look Lee I have a lot of experience and although it is not in HOW, I am more than capable of running the show.

Lee looks at Scott and for a minute is ready to hand the reigns over to Scott but then shakes his head no.

Lee Best: I will keep that in mind but tonight I got something else in store for you and I will just have to figure something out….STAGED???

The scene fades out as we see Lee taking another drink and with each drink we see Scotty get more and more uncomfortable.

Mystic J. vs. “The Child Of Society” L.A. Riotz
Singles Match

The action cuts back to Joe and a very emotional Benny who can be seen taking a few shots as Joe runs down the information for our next match.   Joe goes over the first win by L.A Riotz last week and again goes over the big impact Mystic J made by taking out Lee Best in his debut only to lose at War Games and to Scottywood last week.   Benny then chimes with the fact that there are several people that come into HOW who have great potential but many of them fall flat on their fucking faces. Time will tell if L.A. Riotz and Mystic J are going to be just statistics here in the annuals of HOW.

Senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher is already in the ring with the two HOW superstars and signals for the bell and the crowd, still buzzing over what Graystone did earlier, turns their attention to the 7 foot Mystic J taking on the 6’3” “Child of Society”.   The two lock up and Riotz uses his smaller and quicker frame to gain the early advantage as he nails Mystic J with a wicked chop block sending the big man to his knees where the newly focuses Riotz follows up with a Mafia Kick to the face of Mystic, sending the big man down to the mat early.

The crowd slowly comes around to Riotz as he continues the offense, keeping the big man off his feet and thus keeping Mystic J from using his power on Riotz.   Riotz keeps on the onslaught and after only a few minutes of action he slaps on his GGP submission finisher and Mystic J refuses to tap.   However after only a half minute the chokehold is too much for the big man and he passes out and after a three arm count Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post match we see Riotz rise to his feet and the crowd applaud his efforts as Boettcher checks on Mystic J.   Joe takes the viewers to commercial as he and Benny wonder what the future holds for Mystic J and is Riotz on the rise here in HOW??


New Sponsor??

Back live and we are backstage somewhere…

The camera lights up showing Bobbinette Carey with her sister Olivia. There’s a person walking along side of her. Bobbinette looks nervously at the person but with familiarity. Bobbinette watches as he touches the handle of each door. Bobbinette nudges him and clears her throat.

Bobbinette: You’re going to be safe in the locker room with Livie.

She tells the person who is just off screen from being viewed. Bobbinette looks at Livie who has a container of NesQuick in her hand. Livie takes a big sip from the straw and looks at her sister.

Livie: I like chocolate milk.

Bobbinette nods.

Bobbinette: I know you do Bubbles…Okay now this is important. Silent Witness is supposed to some how be here tonight. I’m not uberly sure as to how that’s going to happen but you two stay in the locker room okay?

Livie nods her head giving the thumbs up as the action cuts back to the announce team.

LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Silent Witness

Singles Match

Action cuts to the announcers where Benny can be seen drooling from the mouth and obviously pretending to be the biggest idiot on the block. Benny even goes so far to mention that we should just call Livie Waterhead and Carey the Short Bus Driver cause every time he sees those two together his IQ drops.   Joe counters that it is the Jack talking and quickly steers the talk to our next match and it is a big one as it is time for the LSD Title match.

A video airs on the HOTv showing Kostoff and his many highlights during War Games and his brutal win over Kenn Oddity last week.   The video then blends into a highlight reel of the many LSD moments for Silent Witness but ends on a sour note as we see SW being taken away to prison only to return last week to find out he is no longer Commish and tonight’s match with Kostoff is his last chance to remain in the Best Alliance and in Lee Best’s favor.

Joe and Benny then go over the big Lee Best vs. Chris Kostoff match at Rumble at the Rock as Silent Witness makes his way down to the ring.   The crowd is obviously fired up for this match and Benny mentions just imagine how fired up the crowd will be at RATR when the custody of Lee’s child is on the line. Joe then counters that there will be no crowd at RATR because the match is taking place at Alcatraz Prison and there won’t even be a ring.

With Witness waiting in the ring, Kostoff then makes his way out with the LSD title securely around his waist.   The crowd erupts as the violent Kostoff makes his way down to the ring where Matt Boettcher is once again ready to call a title match here in HOW.   Kostoff hands the LSD strap to Boettcher who makes sure to get it from Kostoff this time instead of allowing the champ to use it as a weapon like last week versus Oddity.

Kostoff and Witness then go nose to nose as Boettcher signals for the bell and what should be a great match is set to start…   But it never does as Boettcher turns and nails Witness in the face with the LSD belt and then quickly brings it back and nails Kostoff in the face with a wicked backhand with the gold.   The crowd is stunned as we see Boettcher drop the belt and begins scratching at his face.   Joe and Benny are in shock as is the Chicago crowd as Boettcher rips his face off to reveal his true identity…


Scotty picks up the LSD title and holds it up high in the air as Mayhem cuts to commercial as the fans are still reeling from what they just witnessed.


Kenn Oddity vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

Back live and the action picks up right where we left off inside the ring. HOW crew members have helped Kostoff and Witness to the back and Scottywood has taken off his “referees” gear to reveal his usual wrestling attire.   Carl Hortega has made his way down to the ring and is checking a still smiling Scottywood for any weapons as the HOTv replays what just happened.   The crowd is still buzzing as they see Boettcher….aka Scottywood…nailing Kostoff and Witness with the LSD gold knocking both men out.   As the video ends the crowd boos loudly at Scottywood as he smiles and motions for his opponent to make his way down.

Joe then reminds the viewers that earlier we heard Lee state he had other plans for Scotty and sure enough it involved Kostoff’s match.   Benny puts over Scotty as being a keeper and notes that Shotgun, who is with Narcotic serving as the muscle for the Commish, is another keeper will make his presence known inside a HOW ring soon enough.   Joe steers the talk back to Scottywood and his opponent Kenn Oddity who dropped the ball against Kostoff last week in an LSD title match.   Kenn Oddity makes his way down to the ring, with only half of his face painted.

He doesn’t seem to be quite as manic as usually, but smiles darkly toward the crowd to much fanfare as the fans have still not forgotten Oddity’s great performance at War Games. A performance that enabled his stable leader Bobbinette Carey to ultimately win the World Title for all of the Team Epic fans out there.   Benny scoffs at the notion of Team Epic being superior and mentions that soon enough the Stable Title will be the property of the Best Alliance.   Joe counters that might be true but right now it is Scottywood vs. Kenn Oddity and if the Best Alliance is to regain any momentum it has to start with Scottywood here tonight as we have already seen Shocker taken away literally by his head.

Inside the ring Hortega has signaled for the bell and all attention has turned towards Scotty and Oddity.   As the two lock up Joe mentions that Scotty has a disease and being in the Best Alliance is not the best place for an alcoholic.   Benny counters that it is the perfect place… he takes a shot of Jack.   Back inside the ring Oddity has gained the early advantage and has just whipped Scotty into the ropes and caught him with a powerful lariat followed up quickly with several Oddplex’s. There are a few near falls before Scotty is able to gain the advantage much to the chagrin of the Chicago fans.   Scotty is able to nail Oddity with an elevated DDT from the second turnbuckle a few minutes later and it is Scotty’s turn to make a near fall run as he nails several variations of the DDT all culminating in several near falls.

The fans are really into the match as the action goes back and forth with each man hitting several big time moves.   Oddity with a face first choke slam.   Scotty with a shooting star press which brings a gasp from the crowd as Scotty rarely executes that move.   The finish of the match comes as Oddity is able to counter a double arm DDT attempt from Scottywood and is able to nail his KA-BOOM finisher.   Hortega makes the Uno, Dos, Tres and much to the delight of the fans Oddity gets the win.


Post match the HOTv comes alive and we see the H3 pulling back into the parking lot. Graystone can be seen behind the wheel and hanging from the rearview mirror are a pair of military boots that can only be of one man…   Shocker.   Benny notes that the H3 is made tough because obviously it has to be if the rearview mirror can hold a pair of Shocker’s boots.   The video quickly comes to an end however and the crowd is confused as…


Graystone, coming outta nowhere, slid into the ring and just nailed Oddity in the back of the head with Shocker’s military boot.   Scottywood, being very smart, rolls out of the ring and while still holding his own head after taking the KA BOOM from Oddity, heads to the back as Graystone stands over Oddity.   Joe notes to the fans that the video must have been taped earlier in the night which gets a big DUH from Benny.

Inside the ring Graystone reaches into his pocket and pulls out what appears to be lighter fluid. The crowd gasps as Graystone begins circling Oddity, pouring the lighter fluid as he walks.   He makes a complete circle and then reaches into his other pocket and pulls out a box of matches.

The crowd is on their feet as HOW crew men come running down and surround the ring. Graystone is smiling at them all as he just sets the box of matches on top of the knocked out Oddity and exits the ring as everyone wonders “What could have been”.   Joe takes Mayhem to a commercial Graystone jumps the security rail and makes his exit from Mayhem before anyone from the Best Alliance or Team Epic can get to him.


So it Begins…

If they only knew what he’d been through, Things were going to change, There was a need for certain deeds, to help to heal the pain.   He walked and stalked the backstage halls, watching for his mark, through the light and into night, he cloaked himself in dark. The door swung wide, he stepped inside, and shut the door behind, with a flick of his wrist, he flipped the switch, he would not be denied.   And in the dark, ideas sparked, about ripping flesh from bone, he waited there with an evil stare, for the man to come on home. He shifted back and forth as time did slowly pass, waiting in the shadows for the door to finally crack, when the time came, he’d use his frame, to give his foe a smack.  

He slipped the weapon from his pocket, and filled his fist with brass, when the door had finally opened, he unleashed it in a flash. There was a thump after a bump, a body hit the ground, after a few more minutes, a rope went round and round.   A body hung, from ankles strung, he plotted who’d be next to buy it, with a violent hiss he whispered this, into the hanging ears of Riotz.   From the room he fled while Riotz bled, left him hanging like some meat, with this master plan drawn from his hand, Riotz was the first to beat. With the door ajar help wasn’t far, the medics soon rushed in, they cut him free and in a hurry, the treatment did begin…

Another HOTv…

Back live Joe and Benny wonder what they just witnessed as it appeared as if L.A Riotz had been abducted and once again all of HOW has to wonder….   Who did it?   The fans are once again buzzing and wondering just who was behind the attack on Riotz who was just starting to get going in HOW.   Joe and Benny go over the possibilities and Benny even mentions that maybe it was Shane Reynolds. We have yet to see the ICON Champion tonight and it is becoming widely known that Maximillian Kael is driving Reynolds up the wall and to a dark place that not even Shane could envision.   Joe counters that he doubt Shane would go after Riotz.   He has to be someone that no one is thinking of?   Who would profit from taking out the man that is on the fast track right now in HOW?

Joe and Benny go back and forth with these questions as the HOTv comes to life and another video begins airing..   The words “during the break” are written on the screen, directly below the image. Suddenly one of the visible doors opens and Shane Reynolds steps out of it and into view. His expression is black, but, as e walks a short way down the corridor, his eyes suddenly roll… “Shane!” The voice of Brian Bare calls suddenly from off-camera, revealing the cause of Shane’s eye-rolling. Brian appears on-screen straight away, and keeps pace along side Shane who reacts to him no further and keeps on walking.

“There were rumours flying around you weren’t going to show, given that your match isn’t far off. Any reason why you are so late?”

He receives no answer.

“Rumors suggest it might be that you are afraid to face Kael tonight. How are you feeling about your match?”

Once again the microphone Brian is holding goes into the face of Shane Reynolds, but still he gets no answer. Shane suddenly turns to another door and pushes it open. The light inside is on, revealing it to be his locker room. He walks in and placed the ICON championship he had been carrying over his shoulder.

“Do you have anything to say, at all?” Brian asks, his tone desperate for a scoop.

Shane turns suddenly and stares him straight in the eye, walking back to the door as he does so.

“There is one thing,” Shane says,

“I need to focus and prepare, so go around the building and tell everyone – Your fellow reporters, the backstage staff, the ringside staff, all the other wrestlers – that I don’t want to be disturbed. At all. For anything. Not even by those who consider me and that I consider a friend. No-one! You got that?”

Brian nods. The moment Shane sees this, he flicks off the light off the room, filling it with darkness and slams the door shut in Brian’s face as the HOTv fades to darkness.   Benny states it was DEFINITELY not Shane Reynolds who attacked Riotz.   Joe takes HOW to another break as up next we will have Bobbinette Carey taking on Darkwing!


Darkwing vs. Bobbinette Carey
Singles Match

Back live and it is now time for Bobbinette Carey vs. Darkwing.     Joe and Benny go over the Hall of Fame career of Darkwing as the former multi Champion makes his way down to the ring to a semi loud chorus of boos.   Joe notes that back in the day Darkwing would of blown the roof off the United Center with his crowd reaction but right now Darkwing is more and more looking like a has been.   Benny counters that Duck has had a lot of things going on in his life and we are lucky to just have him on the roster, let alone in the Best Alliance.   Joe states that Darkwing might be on his last legs and unless he can get a winning streak going Lee might just throw Darkwing out the door.   Benny again counters with the fact that Duck beat Graystone last week and this week he will beat Carey.   We are about to find out as the United Center goes absolutely bonkers for the World Champion as Bobbinette Carey makes her way out with the World Title securely around her waist.

Joe reminds the viewers that this is a non title match and this is solely a match for Darkwing to prove his worth to Lee and the rest of the roster.   As Carey makes her way down to the ring the announcers point out that Carey is by herself and has learned from past mistakes that bringing loved ones to the ringside area here in HOW isn’t a good idea.

Once again Carl Hortega is the ref as Matt Boettcher will be calling the last match of the evening, the ICON Title match.   Carey takes off the World Title for the first time in HOW and hands it to Hortega and smiles at Darkwing who is just staring a hole thru the champion.   Joe mentions that Carey is the first female to hold the World Title in HOW and Benny mentions that it is a complete disgrace to HOW and that is why the website is kept private cause right now Lee is too embarrassed to let the online smarks go off on him having a girl as a champ.   Just then the HOTv comes to life and Lee Best can be seen smiling along side Scottywood.

Lee Best: Before this match gets underway I just want to state that Darkwing earned his spot in the Best Alliance last week and will earn a World Title shot at Rumble at the Rock if he wins this match tonight.

The crowd boos the owner of HOW as he continues…

Lee Best: To make sure a Best Alliance member is in the world title match at RATR, specifically Darkwing, I am hereby making this match a NO DQ match!!

As the crowd boos, Scotty pats Lee on the back and Lee can be seen offering Scotty a beer as the HOTv goes to black….with Scotty again turning down the alcohol from Lee.   Joe and Benny talk about the new stipulation for the match and as Hortega rings the bell and the two lock up Joe reminds the viewers that if Darkwing wins here tonight he gets a World Title shot on October 13th versus The World Champion Bobbinette Carey.

The two HOW superstars lock up and Darkwing quickly gains the upper hand with a quick right hand followed up by several more as Hortega mentions the former Champion to back off.   Darkwing doesn’t however and pummels Carey into the turnbuckle where Hortega is finally forced to get in between Darkwing and Carey.   Duck starts to back up and then seems to remember that it is a NO DQ match and again lets go with the rights and lefts.   The crowd boos as Darkwing continues the onslaught eventually taking the fight to the outside where he starts using anything and everything around ringside.   Irish whip into the steel ring posts.   Snake eyes on the steel guard rails.   Suplex onto the concrete floor.

Joe praises how resilient Carey is and reminds the viewers that she went thru hell and back to win War Games.   Knowing this, Darkwing continues the onslaught getting several near falls but never getting the win.   The match then takes a turn for the weird as Darkwing locks in a figure four on Carey while hanging upside down from the steel ring post. As Carey is screaming in pain a man makes his way down the aisle and towards the announce table.   Benny begins freaking out as the man pulls out a baby wipe and begins wiping down all the monitors in front of Joe and Benny.   Benny claims there must have been a mass exodus from the local Waterhead Park and the crowd can be heard laughing as the action continues inside the ring where Darkwing just got another near fall.

Darkwing then makes his fatal flaw for the night as he goes for a Inglewood Cloverleaf but Carey counters it and gets a near fall but it is not Carey but the man at ringside that distracts Darkwing.   Darkwing nails Carey with a powerful right hand and then exits the ring as he confronts the man with the baby wipes. Duck knocks the baby wipes out of his hand and the man goes apeshit nailing Darkwing with several powerful right hands and then follows up with a shot to the head with Benny’s monitor.   The man then rolls Darkwing into the ring where a now standing Carey chick kicks Darkwing in the jaw and makes the cover and Hortega counts as the man continues to jump up and down on the outside.





Post match we see Carey exit the ring with her World Title and she calms the man down by handing him his baby wipes.   Benny can be heard screaming CUNT and WATERHEAD as the two walk off and Joe takes HOW to a commercial break as a very frustrated Darkwing holds his head inside the ring.



Back live and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room where Lee is going off on Scottywood and Darkwing…both losers tonight.

Lee Best: … least Scotty made a fucking impact tonight Duck. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TONIGHT BUT LOSE TO THAT FUCKING WHORE OF A CHAMPION???

Darkwing goes to talk but he is cut off…

Lee Best: This is why I cannot leave Mayhem… EVER! Narcotic and Shotgun are gone with the network execs tonight working out the buyout…

Scottywood: Buyout?

Lee stops and looks at Scotty and realizes he let the cat out of the bag.

Lee Best: Fuck…

Once again Lee plops down in his plush leather chair and makes the big announcement that he wanted to do at the end of the night..

Lee Best: Fine I might as well let everyone know now. Narcotic is negotiating our buyout from the Versus network. I have indeed sold 49% of the company to an investment firm and after the success of War Games the time was right. I made a killing and part of the deal was that we would get our own network and own facility.

So no more Versus come the end of the month….we will be airing live on the High Octane Television Network…or HOTv.

Scottywood: We moving to Auss….

Lee cuts off Scotty before he can get into what he knows he is about to say..

Lee Best: We are not moving anymore. The money is coming up here and we will have our own facility built right here in Chicago. But that cost me and that cost me big. Come January 1st I will lose my majority stake in the company unless I come up with a huge sum of money…but who cares about that. Right now all you should care about is we are staying in Chicago, we will have our own network IN HD mind you, and all this will start September first. Work has already begun on the new look and feel of HOW broadcasts….Happy?

Scotty smiles and nods while Darkwing can be seen staring off into space as Mayhem takes its final break of the night as Joe and Benny go over the big news!!


ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds vs. Max Kael

Singles Match

Back live and it is now time for our Main Event.   Maximillian Kael vs. Shane Reynolds for the ICON Title.   Joe and Benny and the rest of the Chicago crowd are buzzing about the big announcement that HOW is staying right here in Chicago thru at least January 1st 2009. Joe is really excited about the new HOTv network and the HD aspect of the upcoming shows.   Benny wonders what other programming will be featured on the HOTv network and for once Joe agrees with Benny’s question, stating that is the most valid statement Benny has had since April.   It is now time for the match as Matt Boettcher has made his way down to the ring and takes his place as the crowd waits for the first entrance…    


“Count down to exterminate the human race.   4, 3, 2, 1..”

“Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir roar’s over the speaker system as the house lights cut out as the stage comes alive with red and green flashing lights. The flashing lights seem to focus to the beat of the music before the whole stage goes dark with a single, powerful white light appears in the center of the stage making it difficult to see the entrance.

Max Kael steps out in front of the white light in his Minister wrestling gear. A black fedora, black sun glasses, black leather belt looped around his black slacks with basic black wrestling boots. White medical wrapping goes from his elbows to the base of his fingers to give him limited protection. He pauses in front of the stage, slowly rotating his wrists as he sneers out at the crowd before making his way down toward the ring.

As he proceeds he does his best to avoid touching or getting touched by the crowd, taking his time as he goes. He moves with confidence and arrogance, not even looking at the fans and keeping his attention on the ring. One he reaches ring side he hops up on the ring apron, wiping off his feet before stepping between the top and middle rope, making sure to keep his hand on his hat so it does not fall of.

Once in the ring Max would pull his fedora and sunglasses off, giving them to the ref before turning toward the crowd while holding both of his hands up, palm forward, screaming at the top of his lungs. After that he would back up toward his starting corner waiting for the match to begin.

The crowd is booing Max loudly as Benny praises Max for taking the money and buying this title shot. It is time for the Best Alliance to win a big match and there is no one better than Maximillian Kael to do it.   The crowd then erupts as “Point #1” by Chevelle blasts thru the PA System and the ICON Champion wearing Shane Reynolds makes his way down.   Max can be seen bouncing inside the ring as Shane makes his way down and gets inside the ring.   The two never take their eyes off each other as Shane hands the ICON Title to Boettcher who raises it high in the air and signals for the bell as the crowd is going absolutely crazy.

As the bell sounds both men just tear into each other. The two brawl all the way to the outside and neither man gains the advantage for several minutes until Shane is able to nail Max with a powerful running clothesline knocking the Best Alliance member down hard to the ground.   Shane rolls Max back into the ring and begins his offensive run as he executes several high impactful moves much to the delight of the crowd as Shane really has been itching to get a piece of Max all week.   Joe mentions how torn Shane is as he wants to be doing the right things in life but Max just brings out the evil in him and that is apparent as Shane is just unloading on Max with right hands.

Max is finally able to counter Shane’s attack with a skillful low blow followed by a DDT of his own.   Max is then on the attack for several minutes as this match is really too close to call as Max gets several near falls and just when he seems he is on the verge of winning Shane makes an improbable counter and then goes on a little run of his own.   Joe mentions that Mayhem is now in the over run and the Versus network cannot be happy as we are a good 15 minutes over now as Shane goes for his 450 Splash and misses and barely kicks out.

The action remains high paced and even for the next several minutes and when the lights go out you can still hear the two battling inside the ring.   Benny again mentions that whenever the lights go out in the United Center something bad is about to happen to someone and quite frankly he is tired of this shit…

The lights quickly come back on however and inside the ring Shane and Max are still tearing into each other. Everyone looks around for a big surprise but there isn’t anything visible to anyone.   Joe mentions that maybe just this once there was just a power shortage?   Then the lights go out again and this time a single light cascades down into the ring where Shane and Max are exchanging right hands inside the ring, both now bleeding.

The sounds of Crow’s cackling can be heard and immediately Benny hopes that there isn’t a certain white and black faced wrestler with a black bat about to appear.   The imagery of actual Crows flying thru the spotlight draws everyone’s gaze and it is during this distraction that we see Shane Reynolds knocked out of the light shown by the spotlight leaving Max to stare down at his fists full of Shane’s blood.   The spotlight then goes off and there is complete darkness for a full minute.   The Versus Logo then appears on the HOTv and Joe tells the folks at home that the network is stating that the show is to go off the air within the minute…..

Benny is furious but is stopped in his tracks as the lights come back on and we see a man with his back to the camera holding his hand out to Max while a dazed Shane Reynolds is propped in the corner.   Max looks confused as to who this man is and instead of shaking the man’s hands he nails the man with his Weapon of Max Destruction and the man falls face first into the canvas hiding his face.

Max’s eyes then go dark and its obvious the Minister persona is back in charge.   Minister….err….Max goes to pick up the man but before he can he is nailed by a flying Shane Reynolds who executes his Diablo’s Inferno finisher on the unsuspecting Minister and makes the covers as the HOTv is still showing a Versus Logo but with now a countdown clock….   Boettcher makes the count…     1     2     3


Post match Shane rolls over to the unknown man and just as he is getting ready to turn him over the feed is cut off by the Versus Network



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