Mayhem: August 24th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
August 24th, 2009 – #HOW73
Williams Arena, Minneapolis, MN


Welcome to Minnesota

The HOTv logo fades away and Mayhem begins with the Williams Arena in Minneapolis completely dark and the huge HOV screen providing the only light. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin” begins to play over the PA system, giving this Mayhem a dramatically different feel than the typical raucous intro. The crowd watches excitedly as a video package on the state of Minnesota airs, featuring scenic views of the North Star State and many of the state’s famous celebrities—Bob Dylan himself and Prince get superstar reactions, Vince Vaughn and former governor Jesse Ventura each elicit a mixed, but mostly positive response, a young Judy Garland gets a collection of cat calls from the males in attendance. Finally, the crowd rises to their feet as the shot transitions to a clip of a 2008 Monday Night Mayhem commercial, featuring “Perfect” Paul Paras sitting at a desk, wearing a pristine suit and speaking calmly but emphatically into the camera.

Paul Paras: The Minnesota Messiah… a savior for our entire nation… and beyond.

The video of Paul raises three fingers together on his right hand, the gesture known as “the perfect touch,” prompting many in the live crowd to do the same. He gives the classic Triple P smirk toward the camera as the fans’ anticipation reaches a fever pitch.

Paul Paras: Trust me… it’s going to be perfect.

With those words, two large blasts of pyro erupt from the stage, followed by three more huge shots of blue sparks across the ramp as “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver begins to play. Out from behind the pyrotechnics emerges the former ICON and Stable Champion and one of the most popular stars in HOW today, Minnesota’s own “Perfect” Paul Paras as the sound of the fans cheering can be heard all the way to the Best Arena in Chicago!

Chastity Gold: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Mayhem, as this Minnesota crowd is electric for their favorite son!

Rick Fantastic: If Triple P didn’t use protection, he’d probably have quite a few “favorite sons” with the women in this crowd by now! No disrespect to Shane Reynolds, but this guy is an absolute ICON in his home state!

The crowd energy is ecstatic as the Minnesota Messiah, sporting a new Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jersey over black jeans and boots, Singapore cane in hand, soaks in their adulation, then confidently struts down the ramp, reaching out to exchange the “perfect touch” with the fans in the front row. He begins to circle the ring, stopping to pose with a group of fans wearing “Paul-Mart” uniforms who excitedly pat him on the back and yell like imbeciles as Paul simply smirks under his mirrored shades.

Rick Fantastic: Triple P told me before the show that he has friends, family, followers, and even employees in the arena tonight. In all my years in the business, I’ve known very few wrestlers with this many people hanging on his every move.

Chastity Gold: He’s got rock star good looks…I mean status! Rock star status, that’s for sure…

Paul stops by the commentary table to shake Rick’s hand and give Chastity a kiss on the cheek, drawing an even bigger cheer from the crowd, before he steps into the ring and demands a microphone, his music dying down by the noise in the arena staying at a high level.

Paul Paras: Minneapolis, Minnesota! Welcome to Monday Night Mayhem!

The fans, still on their feet, cheer not just for the mention of their city, but for the “Hennepin County Headliner” standing at center-ring. Paras smiles and strokes his goatee as his eyes pan the capacity crowd. He smiles as he lifts the microphone back up to his lips.

Paul Paras: Parasites, it has been a long time coming, but the night has finally arrived! Like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve or Brett Favre to football, everyone knew the return was coming, but had to wait. The wrestling world has waited for eight long years for the return of the Paragon of Perfection to in-ring action in the greatest state of the entire union, and that wait ends TONIGHT!

Another huge response comes from the crowd as Paul points to a sign in the crowd that reads “I sold my Turmoil tickets to see Triple P!”

Paul Paras: And tonight, not one single Parasite will doubt that the Perfect Life Movement has granted them benefits beyond their wildest dreams, as not only do they get to see the return of the Perfect One, but of the single greatest tag team entity of all time…PERFECTLY MARVELOUS! Now some of you may be asking, “Paul, how good can PM be tonight when you and Mario aren’t really talking?” Others may inquire “What if Triple M does the same thing to you that he did to Christopher America?” Still more may wonder “Why in blue blazes does Faze keep booking you against that ignoramus Shane Reynolds when you beat him over and over and over and over and over….”

The fans chant along with Paul’s “and overs,” likely wondering all these things.

Paul Paras: …and over again?!” The answers to all these questions are quite simple. Mario is my friend, but not my problem. Perfectly Marvelous will deal how Perfectly Marvelous has always dealt—it doesn’t matter who the opposition is or how much Triple M and I oppose one another; one thing is perfectly clear: just us being here makes them suck. Tonight, PM will devastate the Blood Brothers deliberately, then for all the Perfect One cares, Triple M can go bust himself over the head with his own 2×4… I know of one angry American who will be more than happy to do the same in the near future.

Minnesota gives a rousing cheer to the mention of that particular American, though they don’t seem to be anti-Triple M either. Paras swings his Singapore cane up to his shoulder and removes his sunglasses, tucking them perfectly into the collar of his jersey. His face grows more serious as the crowd quiets down accordingly.

Paul Paras: Then…there’s Shane Reynolds.

Boos rain down at the mention of the ICON Champion. Paul remains static in the ring, looking downward in thought, seemingly choosing his words carefully.

Paul Paras: Shane Reynolds… I swear, I see him more lately than I see my own family. Ryan Faze has made a point to use the Perfect One and Shane Reynolds in some sort of sadistic game of late, having us fight each other every week so that he can have his ratings and his sponsorship deals. The businessman in me can’t blame him—if I were wanting to showcase my best wrestler, I’d pick on me too! However, there’s one small caveat to Faze’s indolence—no matter how many times I beat his ICON Champion…HOW’s ICON Champion, he refuses to give me a title shot.

The crowd boos furiously in response to Faze’s booking. Paul simply raises a hand which, like a light switch, quiets the entire crowd down instantly.

Paul Paras: As all of you know, I defeated Issac Slade to win that ICON Title earlier this year. Following that, Shane Reynolds came along and, admittedly, had a better day than the Perfect One, beating me for the belt. Since then, the Perfect One has been yearning…itching…begging to the HOW faithful… not for my rematch, though—for respect. Since returning to the ring, I have sought something more than titles and trivial wins—that is respect and recognition as the best at what I do. Before I could get another title shot, I needed that first. Looking out here tonight, it seems like I am doing a perfect job.

The fans agreeably cheer back in response.

Paul Paras: Perfect. Well Shane, it would seem that step one is out of the way… guess that means it’s time for you to put up or shut up. It doesn’t matter if I have to beat you three times or 300 times, Shane, I will bring the ICON Title back to Minnesota and I will…

As the fans’ emotions rise with every word from the Perfect One, “Sin with a Grin” by Shinedown suddenly interrupts Triple P mid-sentence. Paul sarcastically smirks as he directs his attention to the entrance ramp, where ICON Champion Shane Reynolds steps out to a loud ovation of boos from the crowd. Shane has a mic of his own, which he raises to his lips.

Shane Reynolds: First of all, I have to offer my most sincere apologies for interrupting what I’m sure these fools would have found an extremely rousing speech, but I was watching backstage and I just couldn’t take anymore. You talk about how you are annoyed at how Mr. Faze has pitted us against each other in recent weeks, about how it’s been non-title. Well you know what annoys me…? The fact people like you think you even deserve a title match!!

Paras’s smirk contorts indignantly as the fans shower boos on Reynolds. Shane allows the microphone to fall at his side as his eyes alight with burning resentment aimed towards Paul Paras.

Paul Paras: Well…that was an admittedly unexpected response. Shane Reynolds is annoyed by something I have to say! Furthermore, he thinks that the Perfect One doesn’t deserve to fight him for the ICON Title, despite making him tap out three times. Totally mind-blowing and novel information here, Shane. Next thing I know, you’re going to tell me that you’re dark and mysterious and like Cover Girl mascara. So, Shane, at the risk of putting my Minnesota faithful into comatose, why don’t you tell us all why, exactly, the Perfect One “doesn’t deserve” that title?

Shane Reynolds: You may have defeated me–

Reynolds is suddenly interrupted by a chant of “Three Times, Three Times, Three Times” from the crowd, prompting Triple P to hold up three fingers directly at Reynolds. Shane continues regardless, his voice raising in both fury and to be heard over the crowd.

Shane Reynolds: You may have defeated me….But I beat you the only time it mattered.

He taps the ICON Championship hanging over his shoulder as the fans boo.

Shane Reynolds: Do you know how long I have held this championship now? 91 days. And do you know how long I have held this championship in total in the last year? 203 days!! And the only time I lost it last year, I wasn’t even pinned for it. It’s an achievement that has never before been done, and makes me the single greatest ICON Champion of all time. I have successful defended it through two consecutive War Games matches and what people already call the match of the year against Max Kael. Everybody says David Black owns the LSD Division and that the championship is his life…

Shane lifts the championship up off of his shoulder and into the air.

Shane Reynolds: Well, I own this division, and this championship is my life. I am not only an ICON, but THE ICON! And you know what they say about how it takes one to know one. Well, it’s true, because when I look at you, I see that you are not an ICON – these fools here tonight may think so. But they aren’t qualified to judge. But I am, and I say again: Paul Paras, you are not an ICON….and you never will be again.

The fans boo some more and begin a “TRIPLE P” chant as the Perfect One paces around the ring, nodding his head in amused silence. He at once stops and lifts his cane to point directly at Shane on the stage.

Paul Paras: Shane Reynolds, if you are out here to insult me as a man, so be it. But if you are out here to desecrate my status as an ICON in this business? That simply does not work for me.

The fans cheer as Triple P walks over to the corner of the ring and steps up onto the second turnbuckle so he can get a better vantage point on Shane and look out over his throngs of supporters.

Paul Paras: In eleven long years in this business, I have been everything from curtain-jerker to pay-per-view headliner, hometown hero to hated heathen, wrestling rookie to wrestling personified. I’ve wrestled in magnificent auditoriums and in archaic bingo halls. Here in HOW alone, I have battled the no-named ignoramuses that the AoA used to kick around like hacky sacks, and I have defeated household names like Chris Kostoff, Bobbinette Carey, Max Kael, and yes, Shane Reynolds. Outside of the ring, I led the entire state of Minnesota into an entirely new state of mind with The Perfect Life Movement and poisoned the minds of anyone who dared step in the way of our quest for unadulterated perfection. When these great people look at me, Shane Reynolds, they don’t see just another wrestler—they see a winner, a leader, a reason to live, and a champion… I dare say, an ICON. When they look at you, they see a messed-up kid who won’t show respect to anyone unless it benefits himself. An ICON has to have respect, and if I have to keep beating that respect out of you, I have four limbs and a cane that would be more than happy to collect.

The crowd cheers wildly for Paul’s intense oratory. Reynolds hesitates for a moment, then slowly raises the microphone, his eyes still filled with utter hate for the man in the ring.

Shane Reynolds: Your wins, your Movement, and your respect mean nothing to me. Someone as unworthy as you will never get an ICON shot, not as long as I’m breathing and this title is in my hands.

Shane drops the mic and shows an air of determination and pride, not unlike his Perfect adversary. Paras, meanwhile, has not moved from the turnbuckle and continues to stare a deadshot eye at his opponent on the stage.

Paul Paras: Like I said, when you beat me for that title, you had a better day. Congratulations. Unfortunately for you, my friend, that day is over. I’ll wait as patiently as I have to for my shot at that belt, beating you as many times as I have to, including right here tonight, to prove who the true ICON in HOW really is. Rest assured—whenever that day comes, wherever it may be, no matter the humidity, precipitation, or the sun in the sky, when I win that title from you, Shane, that is the day no one will ever forget—the PERFECT day.

Headspace” begins to play again as Paul tosses the mic back to the ring girl while still standing atop the turnbuckle. Reynolds and Paras intensely stare each other down from a distance as Shane slowly backs away before disappearing into the backstage area. Triple P finally jumps down and soaks in the remaining cheers from his hometown fans before Mayhem cuts to a commercial.


A beer cap comes off at Turmoil!


Prematch Routine?

Back from commercial with the fans still buzzing over the appearance by Triple P, we cut to the ringside announce table, where Rick Fantastic and the stunning Chastity Gold are standing by.

Rick Fantastic: Just admit it Chaz…

Chastity Gold: Admit what?

Rick Fantastic: That you’ve got a thing for the Minnesota Messiah! It’s so obvious… reminds me of how the ladies gawked over me back in high school. And I’m talking about the days when I was coaching the wrestling team!

Chastity Gold: What?!? That’s absurd!

Rick Fantastic: Oh come on! Hell, even I’d do Triple P!

Chastity Gold: Heh. Well, I don’t know about that. I mean, if anything, I would never let anything get in the way of my job, especially something as trivial as an innocent crush. Forgive me for being unprofessional, but yes… he’s hot!

Rick Fantastic: Well if one thing is for sure, Triple P is idolized here in his home state of Minnesota. I’d say even moreso a fan favorite here than Issac Slade!

Chastity Gold: And speaking of Slade, I’m being told that the former World Champion is in the arena tonight, although his current whereabouts are unknown.

Rick Fantastic: You know, it’s strange. I called him up after the show last week to get the phone number for those two dominatrixes, but he seemed rather… apprehensive to do so. And then he hung up on me!

Chastity Gold: I’m sure it was nothing personal Rick, but let’s focus on tonight. We’ve got a stellar lineup for you fans out there as tonight marks the in-ring debut of Gregory Orion Daniels!

Rick Fantastic: And let’s not forget that the LSD title will be on the line tonight as Jason Midnight attempts to derail the champion, David Black.

Chastity Gold: We’ll also determine the official number one contender for that title as Scottywood looks to show the returning the Silent Witness how “Hardcore” he is in his quest to reclaim the title.

Rick Fantastic: Lots of people gunning for that title Chaz. David Black’s got target on his forehead…

Chastity Gold: More like around his waist, but that hasn’t deterred him as of yet as he’s been perhaps our hottest superstar as of late.

Rick Fantastic: Oh, so now you think David Black is hot?!?

Chastity Gold: You know what I meant!!

Rick eyes down Chastity with a flirtatious smirk as Mayhem abruptly cuts to the locker room of Silent Witness, where the returning superstar and 4-time LSD champion is sitting on a bench. He is wearing a pair of Adidas pants and holds a t-shirt in his hand. Behind him his doctor, Dr. Miriam Westfield, is preparing a hypodermic remedy. Silent Witness’ manager, Teddy Littlewood, is nearby; surveying the procedure.

Teddy Littlewood: I hope this doesn’t flare up as much as it did on Thursday. He could barely move until after his massage.

Dr. Miriam Westfield: It should be fine. This is his third course and he should get used to it by now.

Silent Witness: Stop talking about me as though I’m not here. I’ll be fine; this is for a shot at the LSD Championship and I’m not going to be stopped by a damn injection. It’s only a cortisone shot, it’s not like I’m being injected with heroin or something!

Silent Witness winced slightly as the needle entered his back.

Silent Witness: I fucking hate needles.

Dr. Miriam Westfield: Well, you wouldn’t be able to compete without it. One blow to the back and you wouldn’t be getting up in a hurry.

Silent Witness: Yeah, well I still hate needles!

Teddy Littlewood: So what’s your plan for tonight?

Dr. Miriam Westfield: All done.

Silent Witness stands up and arches his back, grimacing a little.

Silent Witness: My plan is to win. I don’t have any rules to abide by, so I’m going to hit Scottywood with everything I’ve got. He won’t be able to stand up to the pressure I’ll put him under.

With a relaxed and confident tone, Silent Witness continues to stretch his back in preparation for his match.

Teddy Littlewood: If Scottywood has found out about the vulnerability to your spine, he’ll be targeting it all night.

Silent Witness: Well he won’t know about it, because I’m not going to tell him. It doesn’t really matter anyway – I plan on knocking him out pretty early. I’m thinking The Silent Treatment onto a chair should do he trick.

Teddy Littlewood: Just be conscious that your back isn’t 100 percent. It’s the kind of thing that could cost you the match… or your career.

The live feed abruptly switches to a man standing outside Silent Witness’ locker room, peeking in through a crack in the doorway. As the camera zooms out slowly, it becomes apparent that the man is none other than the current LSD Champion, David Black. Black turns his head away from the door to expose a mischievous grin.

David Black: Interesting…

With that, Black heads off down the hallway as Mayhem cuts back to ringside for the night’s first match.


Silver Phoenix vs. Gregory Orion Daniels
Singles Match

Kimber Marshall: This first match is scheduled for one fall…

The exoticly-dressed ring announcer goes through her standard introductions as Silver Phoenix is introduced first, mostly to cheers from the Minneapolis crowd, most notably the “Hardcore” HOW fans that appreciated his efforts and were amazed by his aerial performance last week in the Hardcore Elimination match.

Next out is GOD, Gregory Orion Daniels, the HOW newcomer making his debut who gets little reaction from the crowd, but boos from the die-hard fans that were able to catch his promo earlier this week. With Silver Phoenix eagerly pressing him to get in the ring, Daniels hops the ring apron and enters, with Phoenix obeying Frank Tsonga’s order and Rick Fantastic recapping GOD’s history as a die-hard gambler.

Rick Fantastic: $20,000 is a lot of money to put on yourself, especially your debut match in High Octane Wrestling… but as a gambling man myself, that certainly can boost your confidence.

Chastity Gold: Or build pressure…

The bell is soon called for and Phoenix comes out firing, backing Daniels into the corner before he’s able to turn the tables. Daniels is able to gain enough leverage to land a Tornado DDT on his opponent, but only for barely a two count as Phoenix immediately pops to his feet and regains the momentum with an arm drag into an arm bar. Daniels elbows out and nips to his feet, tripping up Phoenix to look for the Figure Four leglock, but Phoenix powers through by reversing with a roll up.

A kickout after 1 has Daniels on his heels, as Silver Phoenix immediately leaps up and follows with a Hurracanrana! Another quick pin has Daniels escaping after 2, which gets the crowd into the match after several early near falls.

Mid match sees GOD reclaiming the advantage after Silver Phoenix gets tied up in the ropes. A piledriver from GOD looks to be the nail in the coffin but Silver Phoenix somehow musters up enough energy to kick out once again, prompting the announcers to applaud his fortitude.

As Silver Phoenix is coming to his feet, Daniels plays off the boos from the crowd as he stalks his opponent, but as he approaches Silver Phoenix for his Jumping Brainbuster finisher called “The Vindication”, Phoenix swiftly counters with a Drop Toe Hold that shoots Daniels face first into the middle turnbuckle. Daniels eventually recovers, only to find Silver Phoenix leaping off the top rope with a Corkscrew Plancha that has him writhing, the crowd buzzing, and Frank Tsonga dropping for the pin.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 6:34… SILVER PHOENIX!!!

Rick Fantastic: HUGE win for Silver Phoenix as the “Detective for Hire” rebounds after missing out on his opportunity for an LSD title shot!

Chastity Gold: I wouldn’t count him out of that race yet Rick. Silver Phoenix truly stepped up his game for this match and could very well be in that title hunt in the coming weeks should he continue with convincing performances such as that one.

Frank Tsonga raises the arm of Silver Phoenix, who basks in the cheers from the Minneapolis fans as Gregory Orion Daniels rolls out of the ring in disgust.

Rick Fantastic: We’d be wise not to discount GOD either… as this is only the beginning for the rising up-and-comer from Reno, Nevada.

Chastity Gold: Lots to take from this match and I’m sure Daniels will learn from his mistakes as he moves forward in his HOW career.

Rick Fantastic: Don’t go away folks, there’s plenty more High Octane action on the way… STAY TUNED!!!


Check out the full Matthew R vs. HOW after Mayhem…

Ship sails in..

“So… let me… get this straight. Let me get this fucking bullshit straight.”

The redhead selects her words carefully, spitting out a tangible irritation that cuts through the humble defenses of Frankie the Cameraman as Mayhem returns from break.

Redhead: I pull my client off the West Coast, where he’s busy as FUCK setting up the Greek Theater, no less, for a big show two days from now. I bring him across… maybe fourteen states to Minneapolis of all places. I do this on good faith, because you people tell me this is his first contracted show. And now you tell me you haven’t even booked him in a fucking match?

Her demands are like flame issued from a dragon’s angry throat, and Frankie’s reddening face is feeling the burn.

Frankie: Miss, I’m just, ah, I just run the cameras round here and…

She grabs his collar and swoops towards him, her flawless face inches from Frankie’s gob, perhaps the closest he will get to a woman of this class. Yet her lips have only scorn for him.

Redhead: I don’t care WHAT the fuck it is you do, I —

“Roxie, it’s our first night, do you want to maybe rein it in a little?”

She hoots with derision, but releases a relieved Frankie as she turns to address the new arrival.

Roxie: Worried you’re not gonna make any friends at your new school, Timmy boy?

She reaches out and tweaks his cheek; he bats her arm away, but grins.

Tim Shipley: Did you find out who runs this place?

Roxie: Ha! It’s more of a mess than your own shows have got into. I don’t know what the fuck we are doing here, Tim, I really don’t. You had offers on the table, didn’t I make those calls for you? PRIME? SCCW?

Tim Shipley: Those places were never my scene, you know that.

Roxie: Does it make a solitary fuck of difference what your “scene” is when we end up in a shithole like this?

He’s been holding back, but now, Frankie the Cameraman has winced one time too many not to intervene.

Frankie: Lady, we’re on the air here…

She arches an eyebrow, glaring at Frankie but addressing Tim.

Roxie: They’re airing an inconsequential conver-fucking-sation because they don’t have any other content. It’s your coattails, Tim; I don’t know what we’re doing here, I really fucking d —

Frankie: (stiffening) You’re going to need to watch your language, miss… er…?

The redhead splutters indignantly at the insult of a mere cameraman even daring to ask her name, as if they were equals. Roxie turns away as if to march off haughtily, but her male friend steps forward and offers his hand, which after a hesitation Frankie eagerly shakes.

Tim Shipley: Tim Shipley. And this is my manager, Roxie. She’s… er… new to this.

He winks and flashes a smile. Frankie’s eyes light up.

Frankie: Tim Shipley! Wow, I’m sorry, I totally did not recognise you! You here to talk to Faze, or…?

Tim Shipley: I was under the impression I was here to be part of the show, to be honest. I could always catch an early flight back to California, I’ve got a lot to get done…

Roxie: Yet you FUCKHEADS —

Tim Shipley: Rox!

Roxie shoots an angry look at Shipley.

Roxie: Fine, you MORONS don’t even have a match for your instant biggest draw. What is that?

She spreads her arms wide before planting them on her shapely hips, searching for answers that the out-of-his-depth cameraman cannot provide.

Frankie: I guess if Faze asked you to come by he must have intended for something. Uh, maybe Brian’s interviewing you?

Shipley turns questionably to his manager, who shrugs.

Roxie: Whatever, we get a dozen of those calls a day.

Tim Shipley: (to Frankie) Who’s Brian?

Frankie: That’s Brian B.A.R.E. He’s our interviewer here on Mayhem, I daresay you’ll meet him, uh, soon enough…

There is silence. Everyone looks expectantly at one another. Frankie absent-mindedly drums his fingers on the camera top, causing the picture to rapidly shake. Roxie tuts loudly.

Frankie: I guess… uh… I could ask you a question or two… if Brian isn’t here… maybe.

Roxie comically rolls her eyes to the moon, her expression imploring Shipley that the early flight back would have been her favoured option. Shipley shrugs.

Tim Shipley: Sure.

Frankie: Uh right OK, did you… uh… what did you think of the performance by… your fellow newcomer Gregory Orion Daniels?

Shipley is bewildered, clearly not aware of who this person might be. Frankie is looking increasingly embarrassed, having forced out the words in a jumble at oddly timed intervals. The production team having had enough as Shipley can only shrug, the camera quickly shifts its focus to Ryan Faze, who is seen darting in the hallway towards Tim Shipley and Roxie with two EPU unknowns close behind.

In her chalkboard scratching, razorsharp tones, Roxie meets Faze and halts him in his tracks, which takes the Mayhem General Manager by surprise.

Roxie: It’s about fucking time! Now tell me Faze, why weren’t our dietary requests met upon arriving here at the Williams Arena?!?

Tim Shipley: Make that your dietary requests….

Roxie: Shhh!

Faze: First of all… I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t catch your name…

Roxie: It’s R…

Faze: It doesn’t matter what your name is!

All Rocky puns aside, Roxie appears somewhat startled as Faze raises his voice and backs her off, coming face-to-face with the man he originally sought out to confront.

Faze: And that’s General Manager Faze to you, missy… for Christ’s sake Tim, keep your bitch on a leash next time, will ya? Now since I’ve got you here, let me make one thing clear… I know of your storied history in the wrestling community. I’ve heard of your accolades and witnessed your fortunes during your time with AWC and Just Wrestling…. but let me be quick to remind you that you’re on HOW turf now. More importantly, you’re on Monday Night Mayhem… MY SHOW to be exact. Now I’m not sure what your intentions are Shipley, what even brought you here in the first place, but keep in mind that I’ll be keeping a close eye on you. Is that simple enough?

Tim Shipley: Simple enough. But wh…

Before Shipley can even respond, Faze shoots him a glare and brushes past him with intent, leaving Roxie to place her hand on Tim’s shoulder, shaking her head.

Faze: Can you believe that guy?

Shipley simply ignores her, with his focus still on Faze as he disappears around the corner of a hallway and Mayhem cuts to a different location.



The fans roar with approval as the camera turns its attention to none other than Bob “Fucking” Jared, who is standing in the Williams Arena holding a huge magnifying glass in his hand, a pipe in his mouth, and a Sherlock Holmes-like hat sitting on his head. Standing next to him is his pupil and assistant, Big Jon.

Bob Jared: Well Jon, it seems we gathered up enough evidence to prove that Spook is not as mysterious as he so claims himself to be. Would you please list off the clues we discovered together?

Big Jon: Sure Bob.

The 365 pound 15 year old says with a nod as he reaches into his fanny pack and pulls out a piece of blue notebook paper that is folded up into a tiny little square. He slowly but steadily unfolds the tiny square until it was just a normal piece of paper with wrinkles in it.

Big Jon: Number 1…Spook’s real name is Joseph Gregory.

Bob Jared: Eh, I think everyone already knows that. Why did I even include that to the list in the first place? Well, whatever. Carry on Jon.

Big Jon: Number 2…Spook hails from Plant City, Florida.

Bob Jared: Ugh, again Jon, I think people already know that. What’s wrong with me? Why do I always right down the obvious? Who cares, I should just let it go already. Anyways, what’s next Jon?

Big Jon: Number 3…Spook enjoys reading Harry Potter books in his spare time. Despite what people think about the films, he enjoys them as much as the source material that they come from.

Bob Jared: Hmm, I’m more of a Lord of the Rings fan but I can respect people with different tastes than me. Nonetheless, let’s continue.

Big Jon: Number 4…Spook is intrigued by ghost hunting to throw off the suspicion that he is actually a ghost himself. Not the kind of ghost that is transparent and says “BOO!” but the kind like Mel Gibson’s character from The Patriot. Seeming to be in one place but disappearing soon after.

Bob Jared: Very true, and if anyone sincerely thought that I thought he was a real ghost, well, I don’t know what to say.

Big Jon: Number 5…Spook could be a direct descendent of the Grimer ghost lineage, when they were still alive of course.

Bob Jared: Well…that would explain the strange slime-like substance I found when I was looking through his locker just the other day.

Big Jon: Number 6…Spook’s favorite childhood game has a high probability of being Ghosts in the Graveyard, a game of hide and seek while played in the dark.

Bob Jared: Sounds dangerous and scary.

Big Jon: Number 7…Spook’s favorite childhood cartoon show has a high probability of being Casper the Friendly Ghost, a good example sent to children around the world so that they know it’s wrong to judge those that are different from you just because of how they look.

Bob Jared: I never cared much for that show; as a kid I’d watch Woody Woodpecker over Casper any day of the week.

Big Jon: Number 8…as stereotypical as it may sound; a ghost usually looks like a white sheet with eye holes cut in so it can see.

Bob Jared: No comment on that, since I’ve never seen an actual ghost before in my life. That is, unless, Spook really is as mysterious as he says he is.

Big Jon: Number 9…ghosts don’t take showers, they take baths.

Bob Jared: That has been proven to be true thanks to local resident, Phil Shortman who will be turning 91 sometime this year and boy did he seem depressed when he revealed that to us.

Big Jon: Number 10…ghosts don’t exist.

Bob Jared: And this is the point I’ve been trying to actually prove since day 1 of my detective escapade, Spook can’t be that mysterious because odds are he is nothing at all like a real ghost so that takes the mystery away from him and his claim to be unknown and creepy. Now no one has any reason to fear him at all. I mean, you want to believe he’s a specter of some sorts but when it all boils down; he’s just another average Joe!

Big Jon: Can I go now Bob? My mom is parked outside and she promised to practice driving with me this evening.

Bob Jared: Yeah sure Jon, give me that list before you go.

The camera catches Jon handing over the list to Bob who stuffs it into his jacket pocket.

Bob Jared: Awesome, thanks. And thank all of you out there tonight for hearing me out. Let’s see Spook try and pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes now.

Bob makes a satisfied face for the camera before walking off as Jon walks away feeling a bit silly for what he just read.

Rick Fantastic: Call him Sherlock Bob, or Bob Holmes… or whatever… Bob “Fucking” Jared sticking the needle into Joseph Gregory with some playful banter about his now-aborted “Spook” nickname.

Chastity Gold: Don’t go away folks, as that match is next!

Right before the camera cuts away, we catch a glimpse of the Williams Arena parking lot, where a heap of office furniture has been set ablaze, the flames illuminating the scene with fury.

Rick Fantastic: Is that… Faze’s furniture?!?


Check out where all your favorite HOW wrestlers rank over at EWTORCH!!


Joseph Gregory vs. Bob “Fucking” Jared
Singles Match

Back from break, we are welcome to a quick clip of Mayhem’s furious General Manager pacing back and forth in his empty office before the camera cuts backs to Rick and Chastity at ringside.

Rick Fantastic: WOW!

Chastity Gold: Wow is right! Last week it was laxatives and this week it’s his office furniture being burned?!?

Rick Fantastic: BURN!!!

Chastity Gold: Someone’s really got it out for our General Manager and as you just saw, he looked none too happy.

Rick Fantastic: Perhaps our next match can cheer him up?

Chastity Gold: I doubt it Rick, but let’s move on regardless…

Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins hits the speakers, which brings out Bob “Fucking” Jared, causing the crowd to erupt with cheers. His entrance is short-lived, however, as Marilyn Manson’s “The Cleansing” interrupts as he’s entering the ring.

Joseph Gregory emerges, not from the stage, but from beneath the ring and behind Bob Jared as he nails him from behind whilst Romeo Ward tries to pull him off.

Rick Fantastic: There’s something… different… about Joseph Gregory, I just can’t put my finger on it though.

Chastity Gold: Perhaps it’s the fact that he dropped the “Spook” gimmick and the purple lights and fog that went along with it?

Rick denies her suggestion and instead focuses his attention to the match, where Joseph Gregory is really taking it to the fan favorite that is Bob “Fucking” Jared. Joseph looks for an early attempt at “The Pit” Sitdown Powerbomb, but Bob counters with his foot and instead tosses Gregory over his back with a Back Body Drop.

An elbow drop to the sternum leaves Joseph Gregory reeling as Bob feeds off the approval from the fans and hoists himself onto the middle rope near the turnbuckle. With glands that produce an unusually high amount of dripping, salty, sweat, Bob wipes it away from his brow and his chest hair before leaping off, and missing, his attempt of an Elbow Drop.

Joseph Gregory rebounds and lands a Suplex as Bob comes full circle to his feet, forcing the veteran of the ring to clench his back in pain. Gregory calls for his finisher once again, but not before Bob “Fucking” Jared recovers and lands a modified “Best Fucking Jawbreaker”. The impact wasn’t enough to keep Gregory down though, as Bob thought he had the surefire pin fall and begins arguing with Referee Romeo Ward about the pin. This allows Gregory enough time to recover as well and surprise BFJ from behind by spinning him around and landing several punches. With Bob dazed after trying to surmount a comeback himself, but with no success, Joseph Gregory uses his height and power to hoist the “Tennessee Tumbleweed” into the air and drop him with “The Pit” double-handed Chokeslam!





Kimber Marshall: The winner of this match in 7:57… JOSEPH GREGORY!!!

Romeo Ward’s signal for the bell indicates a victory for Joseph Gregory as Kimber Marshall gives him the proper due as well after defeating Bob “Fucking” Jared.

Chastity Gold: I’ll hand it to Bob… and it might not have come across in this match… but he’s improving by the week!

Rick Fantastic: I’m sure it won’t be long before he gets his shot at Aceldama again…

Chastity scoffs at Rick’s sarcasm, who responds with a kiss gesture that Chastity hastily ignores before the camera is on the move once again.

Perfect Allies?

We cut to the backstage area where we catch another glimpse of “Perfect” Paul Paras, sending the Minneapolis crowd into another frenzy of cheers. Paul’s usually confident expression appears slightly subdued as his mind is hard at work over the implications of tonight’s Perfectly Marvelous reunion. All the same, the cheers of his hometown appear to energize him as he diligently strides toward his locker room. Suddenly, the Perfect One stops on a dime and quickly directs his gaze toward something off camera to his right.

Paras: Aha, so he emerges from the depths. I’ve been looking for you.

The camera pans over slowly as the fans respond with another explosion of cheers. Sitting on a storage crate, staring longingly down the hallway, is former HOW World Champion, Issac Slade. Triple P approaches him and smirks his trademark smirk, then pans his view across their surroundings with a slight chuckle.

Paras: Nostalgic, isn’t it? It seems like just yesterday that I was standing in a hallway, telling the great Issac Slade how much of a pitiful failure he was, predicting an ICON Title victory by the Perfect One. Heh…that was what, four months ago? You were just an ignoramus rookie and I was just a flawless athlete looking to collect on my obscene level of talent. Well, at least some things never change…

Slade doesn’t so much as turn his head toward Paras, although he slowly nods to show that he is listening. Issac’s face shows a plethora of feeling all at once, yet none at all. The emotional wear of the past month clearly has caused him a great deal of trauma. His youthful looks have been marred by wrinkles of distress, his skin burned both literally and figuratively from his war with Aceldama. Yet, Issac Slade, for all intents and purposes, looks fine…blissful, even. Triple P’s smile becomes less arrogant and more authentic as he returns the nod.

Paras: But seriously, Issac…those times are behind us, and as you no doubt know, the Perfect One has had to make a lot of changes in his life of late to make the new days more worthwhile than the mess I’ve built over the last three years. It’s hard for me to admit this, so don’t get used to it, but I was elated to hear that Issac Slade was coming to Monday Night Mayhem. A man of virtue, a man who people can get behind and not for one second doubt that they are looking at a real champion… that’s the kind of person the Perfect One wants to know and the kind of wrestler all the HOW fans deserve.

The fans cheer and applaud at Paul’s sentiment, breaking out into an “ISSAC SLADE” chant. In a rare gesture of genuine gratefulness, Paras removes his mirrored sunglasses and reaches out a handshake toward Issac.

Paras: In this world of monsters, kidnappers, and sociopaths, thank God that not all the heroes have crumbled to dust. Issac, on behalf of the State of Minnesota…and Paul Paras… thank you for giving the world someone worth cheering for.

Paul’s extended hand remains static in the air for a moment, but Slade remains largely despondent, eyes half-shut, still staring down the hall toward the arena entrance. Triple P attempts to be patient, but soon bites his bottom lip and twists his expression, showing obvious displeasure with Slade’s ignoring him, much as Shane Reynolds did after their match last week.

Paras: Ahem…? All right…. Excuse the Perfect One, but did I miss the “show Paul no respect” class this week?

Issac dreamily rests his head against the white brick hallway wall, but Paras will have none of it. Paul reaches out and grabs Slade by his right arm, forcing Issac to turn and face him. Paul’s eyes grow wide with a deep concern as he discovers several track marks running up Issac’s arm, a sign that he has been injected with some sort of needle repeatedly. Paras quickly looks Slade up and down as he drops the arm, letting it hang inanimately for a moment before Issac pulls it back up to his lap. Paras shakes his head in utter disbelief as he literally has to back up a few steps to regain his composure and find the right words.

Paras: …Are you fucking kidding me?

Issac’s eyes, now visibly bloodshot, grow alive for a moment as he finally utters words in a calm, flowing manner.

Slade: No… I’m getting… help.

Paras: “Help?” Listen, I know my record doesn’t show the best judgment with giving people drugs, but trust me– I’ve worked with crap like this for years and if you get hooked, it will end you before “help” ever arrives. Here… there’s a great doctor down the street that my family has trusted for years. Let me take you…

Issac suddenly snaps to attention, standing up and getting in Paras’ face, a look of stifled rage showing in his slanted eyebrows and piercing glare, albeit still looking like he could pass out at a moment’s notice.

Slade: Paul… last night, I slept for the first time in a MONTH without waking up screaming…do you know how good it felt, Paul? Please Leave…

The two stand in an unwavering staredown for a moment, prompting Slade to finally leave on his own. Issac turns his back and staggers wistfully down the brightly-lit hallway, leaving Paul behind.

Rick Fantastic: Did you see all those needle marks?!?

Chastity Gold: Surely Issac Slade wouldn’t… would he? All I know is… well, I guess I don’t know exactly… hrmph! We’ll be right back!

Triple P continues to stare a hole in his would-be ally, unsure of how to receive what he has just seen and heard, before we cut back to commercial.


Trent vs. Aceldama

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis


Chastity Gold: Welcome back to Mayhem folks. As you just saw, our former World Champion, Issac Slade, appeared a bit…

Rick Fantastic: …fucked up?

Chastity Gold: For the lack of a better term, yes, I suppose that would work. Like his former best friend Ryan Faze, one has to wonder if the recent hardships Issac has suffered have led him down the wrong “path”, so to speak.

Rick Fantastic: I still can’t believe that Issac would… No. No way in hell would Issac Slade turn to drugs, no matter how difficult things have gotten for him over the past month and a half?

Chastity Gold: Perhaps we’ll get some answers later in the show, but for right now, I’m being told that our LSD champion is standing by!

The cameras cut to a dark hallway somewhere in the backstage area of the Williams Arena, where LSD champion David Black is pacing back and forth, already dressed in his wrestling gear, and with the LSD Championship title belt slung over his shoulder.

David Black: Is it beginning to sink it yet, Jason Midnight? Has it dawned on you yet, just what you are about to walk into? You see Jason, this isn’t gonna be just another match. You are about to walk out to that ring and challenge me for my LSD Championship.

David stops pacing and stares right at the camera.

David Black: I am sure that you, inside that thick skull of yours, have managed to convince yourself that you have earned your spot in this match, and maybe you have…but the thing about that, Jason, is that sometimes you get really really lucky, and you get exactly what you deserve. But you see Jason, while you MAY have earned a shot at my title, you sure as hell haven’t earned the right to be LSD Champion! You earn that right by beating the champion. You don’t deserve to be champion Jason…but what you DO deserve is to have your teeth kicked down your throat, for being stupid enough to even think that you have ANY right to my title! And that is exactly what you are gonna get here tonight.

David pauses shortly as he adjusts the title belt hanging over his shoulder and admires it carefully.

David Black: Now I’m sure that, by now, you have had people congratulate you on your career so far here in HOW, and on the opportunity you luckily received last week on Mayhem. But before you get too excited on your own behalf, you might want to stop and take a long, hard look at reality. And reality is that the moment you won that match last week, the moment the referee’s hand hit the mat for the three count eliminating Scottywood, you became a marked man. Now I know a thing or two about that, I have anyone and everyone gunning for me, lusting after my title, thinking to use the LSD Championship as a stepping stone to what they consider to be greater things. I live every day with a bulls eye on my back, knowing that every time I show up for Mayhem, I’m surrounded by enemies on all sides. And as you can see…

David puts his hand on the LSD title belt.

David Black: I am still THE LSD Champion…why? Because I have turned back each and every single challenger who has had the guts to step up. What makes you think you are any different? What makes you think that you have what it takes to take my title? Hell a better question would be; what makes you think you have what it takes to even survive going after my title?

David pauses for a second.

David Black: You may think that tonight will just be another night where you further your career here in HOW. You may think that tonight will be the biggest night of your career. You may think that you will walk out of here as the new LSD Champion, but it’s not gonna happen. You have had a good start to your HOW career, I will give you that. But all of that is gonna change tonight, because tonight…Jason Midnight…your High Octane Wrestling dreams, will turn into a nightmare! Because tonight, when you step into that ring with me, I want you to look me in the eyes Jason…because at that moment, when you look into my eyes, you will see what I already know…and that is, that for you…it’s all going to hell!

With that, David walks off down the hallway and the camera cuts away to a different area backstage.

A Fucking Marvelous Workout

???: ……490……491……492……493……494……495……496……497……

Triple M is doing squats by himself, part of his warm up for his match later tonight. He almost reaches about 500 as Bob “Fucking” Jared unexpectedly comes barging into the room. This startles Triple M for a moment but when he realizes that it’s just Bob, he shrugs it off and continues his workout. That is until Bob storms over to him with a pissed off expression on his face, still upset that Triple M had to interfere in his match last week and possibly cost him a shot at the LSD title. Bob crosses his arms and begins tapping his foot on the ground to get Triple M’s attention. Triple M ignores this at first, but then the noise quickly begins to irritate him until he stops and interrupts him.

Triple M: What do you want?

Bob Jared: To teach you a lesson about respect. First, I’m going to break your Marvelosity finisher, and then I’m going to break your face!

Triple M: I’d like to see you try and do that. You couldn’t break Joseph Gregory earlier tonight and you couldn’t break a pickle in half if your life depended on it. Now leave, I have more important things to do, and a joke like you isn’t worthy of my time.

Bob Jared: You’re the joke Triple M! Anyone could break your pathetic finisher. For crying out loud a Full Nelson? What kind of finishing move is a Full Nelson?

Triple M: I don’t have to prove anything to you. I’m a legend in this business, and nobody even cares to know your name.

Bob Jared: I’m Bob “Fucking” Jared.

Triple M: Listen Bob Barker, if you were smart you would stay out of my way before I’m forced to humiliate you in front of all of your friends at the nursing home.

Bob Jared: What’s the matter Triple M? Chicken?

Bob Jared begins clucking like a chicken and strutting around like one.

Triple M: I am NOT a chicken.

Bob Jared: Buck-buck-buck buck-aaaaaaaaawk!

Triple M: Fine you want to look like a fool?!? I’ll make you look like a fool! Turn around you baboon!

Bob Jared smiles and turns around raising his arms into the air. Triple M walks up behind Bob Jared and begins to lock in Marvelosity but can’t quite lock the fingers behind Jared’s head. Triple M struggles as he keeps slipping on the sweaty and hairy back of Bob Jared. Triple M grows extremely frustrated that he isn’t able to hook on the Full Nelson move and Triple M hooks his leg around Bob Jared’s leg and drives him face first down onto the concrete with an inverted Russian Leg Sweep. Triple M gets to his feet and grabs his 2×4 and then stands next to the downed Bob Jared. With one fellow swing Triple M brings the 2×4 down hard, slamming it into Jared’s head and making a loud thud. Triple M smiles smugly and tosses the 2×4 to the ground.

Triple M: Ick! Gross! Now I have to go take a shower from all these Bob Dylan germs.

Two medics conveniently arrive to the scene just as Triple M walks away, both carefully turning Bob on to his back. One medic holds on to Bob’s head with both hands as the other shines a flashlight in his eyes, trying to determine if Jared has a concussion.

Chastity Gold: How despicable! Triple M just took out Bob Jared!

Rick Fantastic: And while our resident wildebeest receives medical treatment, we’re sending you to commercial break. Don’t you dare change that channel…


The Next Draft is closer than you think!


Scottywood vs. Silent Witness
Hardcore Match

Action brings us back to the announcers as Stricken by Disturbed blasts over the PA system and former LSD Champion Scottywood makes his way out to a low key reaction from the HOW fans.

The Williams Arena erupts into cheers as the man that could be argued as the Godfather of the LSD Division, Silent Witness, makes his way out from the back.

The crowd is still cheering for Witness as referee Frank Tsonga signals for the bell and this hardcore battle of former Champions is underway.

A Hardcore graphic is shown to the folks at home as per Scottywood’s contract, all his matches are of the hardcore variety.

Referee Frank Tsonga then signals for the bell and we are underway as both men lock up and each tries to gain the early advantage but the two evenly sized superstars are unable to get the upper hand on the other until Scottywood drives a knee into the groin of Witness.

From there Scottywood stays on the offensive as he pummels Witness to the ground and begins to work over the possible future HOW Hall of Famer.

The crowd is kept silent as Scotty tosses Witness to the outside and proceeds to whip him hard into the steel steps and the sound of Witness’s back and steel echoes throughout the arena as Witness writhes in pain from his prior injuries to his back, as only his cortisone injection is saving him from the pain becoming excruciating.

Cameras follow Scottywood as he reaches under the ring and pulls out his infamous barbed wire hockey stick and holds it up high in the air for everyone to see. The crowd boos loudly as Scotty charges Witness and brings the hockey stick down hard towards the former LSD Champions head…

and misses.

The hockey stick splinters into several pieces as Witness ducks out of the way and the barbed wire stick splinters across the steel steps.

Witness quickly jumps on the advantage as he clotheslines Scottywood hard against the ring apron and then pummels him with right hands before bouncing Scottywoods face off the steel steps, forcing Scotty’s face right into some loose barbed wire.

As Scotty slowly picks himself up the cameras zoom into his face to show the barbed wire stuck to his forehead.

Silent Witness, who was waiting for Scotty to get back up to his feet, charges with a steel chair and drives it hard into the face of Scotty. The force of the blow sends Scottywood backwards over the steel steps and down hard to the arena floor.

The crowd is on their feet as Witness signals it is time for the end as he drags Scotty up and positions him for a piledriver …

and nails it perfectly on top of the already banged up steel chair.

The announcers put over Witness’ “The Silencer” piledriver finisher as Tsonga makes the count..





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 7:22… SILENT WITNESS!!!

Chastity Gold: He’s your new #1 Contender! I’ll tell you Rick, both of these men were hell bent on reclaiming the title that essentially “made” them in HOW… but it’s Silent Witness that is moving onto Capitol Punishment to challenge for the LSD title!

Rick Fantastic: David Black…

Chastity Gold: Or Jason Midnight…

Rick Fantastic: Good point… in any case, both Black and Midnight better be on the lookout as Silent Witness looked impressive in his first match back, despite a few minor hiccups along the way.

Chastity Gold: As long as he keeps that bad back of his in check, I can certainly see Witness holding a 5th reign as our LSD Champion.

Rick Fantastic: But what’s next for Scottywood?

Chastity Gold: Only time will tell that Rick, as Scotty has always been one of the most unpredictable members of our roster for quite some time now. One thing is for sure, and that is I doubt he’ll just accept this loss and move on. No… I think we’ll be hearing from Scottywood sooner rather than later… and I’m sure he’ll be keeping a close eye on the LSD title match later tonight….



Mayhem quickly cuts away to the backstage area, just in time to catch a brief glimpse of Brian Bare charging down the corridor. The camera turns to follow him, and sees him force himself into a screeching halt at the far end, just before the next corner. There he merely waits….and waits….and then pounces at a figure that appears from around the other side.

Brian Bare: Shane Reynolds!

The camera-man from up the corridor turns again, this time to reveal the figure as, indeed, the ICON Champion. His head flicks immediately to the side at hearing his name and, upon seeing that the source was Brian, begins to scowl and head off again when Brian throws a question at him.

Brian Bare: Do you have anything to say in regards to what your supposed Blood Brother, Aceldama, said on Turmoil a few days ago?

Shane stops on the spot, a few steps away from Brian now and turns back towards him. The look in his eye furious, matching his pace as he changes straight back over to Brian and stares down at him.

Shane Reynolds: Actually, yes. I have lots to say in regards to what Aceldama did and said in recent weeks. My feelings will become crystal clear and I do intend to make them clear tonight.

Brian Bare: Great!

He exclaimed, holding the microphone up into Shane’s face, waiting to hear what those feelings are.

Shane Reynolds: …But if you think I’m going to tell them to you, you’re a bigger fool than everyone thinks. Now, if you excuse me, I have a match to prepare for.

Shane slams his shoulder directly into Brian Bare’s and heads up the corridor, but once again he barely makes it a few steps before yet something else catches his attention.

Shane Reynolds: Mr. Slade! How are you feeling?

At the sound of the name, the camera-man turns the camera again, following Shane and revealing Issac Slade walking along the next corridor. Issac doesn’t answer, or even turn to acknowledge Shane, prompting the ICON champion to charge after him. He grabs him on the shoulder and spins him back to face him.

Shane Reynolds: You’re actually going to ignore me – after all the effort I made for you last week?

Once again, Issac doesn’t offer a reply. This time, though, it’s because he doesn’t have a chance, because suddenly a woman dressed completely in leather steps between them.

Woman: He doesn’t have to answer to you.

Shane turns his head suddenly towards her, his fury suddenly blazing up within him at being interrupted and talked back to.

Shane Reynolds: Excuse me?

The woman shows no fear and steps further up towards Shane, further blocking him from Slade who continues to stand against the wall a little way up the corridor.

Woman: I said he doesn’t have to answer to you!

She turns her back on Shane and heads back over to Issac and touches him lightly on his shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: Is that what you think?

Shane calls after them, to no response, before breaking out into bout of sarcastic laughter, which sounds unnatural coming from Shane’s mouth.

Shane Reynolds: Well, I’m afraid he does – you see, sins have to be punished and it’s my duty to make sure that happens. The memory of Sabina demands it.

Issac Slade’s attention is finally caught now and he turns suddenly to Shane, staring back at him down the corridor.

Shane Reynolds: You remember her, don’t you Mr. Slade? I wonder how she’d feel about you moving on to somebody new so quickly, when she’s barely cold in your eye-sockets? Or maybe you never really loved her at all.

Slade suddenly takes a few steps forward towards Shane, only to be stopped as the woman holds out her arm in front of him.

Woman: Don’t rise to it, remember? He can’t hurt you any more than you hurting yourself. He can only hurt you on the outside.

That was all she managed to say as, during that brief distraction, Shane slipped quickly up behind them, full of anger over being dismissed for the second time in the night and sweeps his arm sideways and knocks the woman straight into the wall. She hits the floor on the rebound as Shane steps up to Issac next nails him with a hard right hand.

Shane Reynolds: I guess your new lady friend was right. That one was for Sabina.

Woman: Don’t rise to it.

She orders from the seated position she has gathered on the floor, but Issac seems not to hear her as Shane throws another fist, nailing Slade across the side of the face.

Shane Reynolds: And that’s for the baby you kil—

Shane’s words are cut off suddenly as Slade snaps and nails Shane with a right hand of his own, catching Shane off-guard and across the face, flooring him.

Issac Slade: Don’t you ever mention—

It’s suddenly his turn to be cut off as EPU members suddenly stream onto the scene and surround Issac and the woman, separating them from Shane, who stares up from the ground with a smirk on his face.

Shane Reynolds: Temper, temper. You know what your sin is, Mr. Slade? Wrath. And you’ll never learn, will you? That’s because sinners are unable to change….and that’s what you are, Mr. Slade.

Shane pulls himself back up to his feet as the woman is pulled back to hers. Shane’s gaze alternates between then two of them when suddenly a new voice on the scene echoes out

???: Get them the hell out of my sight!!

The voice is revealed to belonging to General Manager Ryan Faze as he steps into the character.

GM Faze: …And off of my show!!

The EPU members immediately comply and beginning dragging them off, with no fight being put up by Issac Slade. Ryan Faze follows on, looking to make sure the job is done properly.

Shane Reynolds: Your punishment begins soon, Mr. Slade, it begins very soon. Be sure not to miss it.

Shane shouts in the meanwhile as he continues to watch from his current spot before the camera cuts away as we head to commercial.


Who will be the ICON Champion going into Rumble at the Rock 2?


HOW LSD Title Match
David Black vs. Jason Midnight
Singles Match

Chastity Gold: Welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem, which is airing LIVE from the Williams Arena on HOTv!

Rick Fantastic: And what a show we’ve had for you thus far tonight!

Chastity Gold: Indeed Rick… boy, our General Manager doesn’t appear to be too happy at the moment, does he?

Rick Fantastic: Want me to burn your furniture so you can see what it’s like?

Horrified by Rick’s suggestion, Chastity cowers away in her seat as “Pain” by 3 Days Grace emanates from the PA system, prompting the crowd to give a mixed reaction to Jason Midnight, who earned his way into the next match by defeating 4 other superstars in a Hardcore Elimination match this past Mayhem.

Midnight towers from the back and down to the ring as he’s being introduced by Kimber Marshall, confident and ready for his first shot at singles gold here in HOW. His music drowns out as he enters the ring and “Survive” by Lacuna Coil erupts, as so do the fans with jeers and boos as David Black appears with the LSD title strapped securely around his waist.

Chastity Gold: David Black impressed us all at War Games by winning the LSD title… and is impressing us even more by successfully defending it whenever called upon to do so.

Rick Fantastic: Yes, but one thing’s for certain that he’s never had a challenger quite like Jason Midnight.

Chastity Gold: With an incredible size and weight advantage that could factor into the outcome of this match, Jason Midnight looks as ready as he’s ever been here in HOW.

Referee Romeo Ward presents the title to Jason Midnight, then to the fans before handing the belt to a ring attendant and calling for the bell. As he does so, he has to step aside and avoid David Black, who lunges in the direction of Jason Midnight’s knee. Luckily for Jason, David misses which gives him the opportunity to gather himself and Black in his tight grasp.

Holding the champion by his hair, Midnight tosses Black with ease to the opposite side of the ring, causing Black to look back in disbelief and check to see if he’s missing any hair in the process. Black charges forward once again, only to receive a boot to his jaw as Midnight was ready for him yet again.

Black writhes in pain as Midnight grins and lifts him up by his chin, only to be popped in between the eyes with a vicious right hand. Midnight’s strength is too much for Black to overcome as he becomes more and more stunned with each blow. Jason backs the champion into the corner and whips him into the opposing corner, causing Black to run chest-first into the turnbuckle.

Clearly dazed, Black falls backwards which allows Jason Midnight to capitalize with the early pin.




Rick Fantastic: I can’t believe it!

Chastity Gold: No! Romeo Ward is signaling two! David Black kicked out!

Rick and Chastity exclaim how close that pin was as Jason Midnight is back to his feet with David still down on the mat. A knee to the back forces Black to writhe even moreso now, as Jason Midnight looks to weaken the champion even further. Jason Midnight hoists his opponent into a Fireman’s Carry, looking for the “Final Toll” TKO finisher that has been so effective in recent weeks… but Black slips behind and low blows the big man, causing him to topple forward onto his knees.

David Black pops off the ropes, having killed Midnight’s momentum, and executes a fine running Bulldog that has the crowd booing with each strike and maneuver that he lands. Black maintains a considerable advantage, focusing in on the lower limbs of Jason Midnight to try and keep him grounded. But before Black can even call for the “Blackout” finisher, Midnight reaches up and grabs David Black by the throat, landing a HUGE Chokeslam that could be the difference as he makes the cover yet again!



Chastity Gold: NO! KICKOUT AFTER 2!!

No matter how hard the impact, even Romeo Ward is amazed at how David Black can be kicking out after such maneuvers. With desperation setting in for the LSD champion and his time running out before Jason Midnight puts him away for good, General Manager Faze appears at the top of the entrance ramp to a huge ovation of boos, which distracts Midnight, for the time being. Looking severely displeased at what’s gone down tonight thus far, Faze heads right to ringside and takes his position in the corner of David Black.

Rick Fantastic: What is Faze doing out here?!? Where’s the EPU?!?

Chastity Gold: Perhaps he is here to ensure that the EPU is doing their jobs…

Rick Fantastic: Chastity’s optimism aside, Jason Midnight had just a good a chance as the next guy to walk in here and steal away the LSD title… that is until our GM showed up! No way in hell Faze lets Black lose here!

As David Black dusts off the cob webs, Faze beings shouting at Jason Midnight, even hopping onto the ring apron to divert Jason’s attention away from David Black. He succeeds for the time being, but Jason catches Faze by his collar and swings, only to miss him with his right fist. Faze ducks again, but Midnight catches him by the collar and tosses him back to the outside.

Chastity Gold: Jason Midnight just took Ryan Faze out of the equation. But for how long? He’s got to capitalize and quick!

Jason turns back around to find David Black stalking him, and it’s not long before Black delivers the “Blackout” chest-first. Only Midnight staggers, not falling and David Black looks on in amazement as it’s going to take ANOTHER “Blackout”, maybe more, to take the big man down.

Rick Fantastic: David Black just bounced right off of Jason Midnight!

Popping to his feet, Black finds a dazed Jason Midnight stop him in his tracks as he goes for the second “Blackout” attempt as Jason hoists him onto his shoulder into a Fireman’s Carry!

Chastity Gold: This one’s going to be over! FINAL TOLL TIME!!

But before he can deliver the modified TKO, Black is pulled off by none other than General Manager Faze, who reaches up from the ring apron and saves the LSD champion. Faze quickly hops off the apron before Romeo Ward spots him while Midnight begins going ballistic in the ring. Again, this allows Black enough recovery time to land that second “Blackout” and go for the cover…





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 14:31… and STILL HOW LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!

Chastity Gold: Wow! We could have easily had a new champion right there had it not been for Ryan Faze!

Rick Fantastic: Jason Midnight put up one hell of a fight here tonight. I’ll admit I’m impressed… but when you’ve got a man who swears by his title as his life and another man, with POWER no less, living vicariously through that person… the odds are going to be stacked against you.

Chastity Gold: This will be a tough pill to swallow for Jason Midnight as he had to have smelled the championship gold.

As David Black is handed the LSD title and Jason Midnight looks on in bewilderment from the outside, Ryan Faze is handed a microphone. He rushes up the ring steps and into the ring to join Black, who looks visibly exhausted from the encounter. Faze smirks as the crowd relentlessly rains boos down upon him as he brings the microphone to his lips.


Post match..

Faze: Your title… if you please.

It takes Black a moment to realize what Faze means by this, as evidenced by his clenching grip on the belt, but it’s not long before he reluctantly places the title into the hands of the General Manager.

Faze: David… you told the world that the LSD title was your life. That you’d sacrifice any and everything… do everything in your power… to retain this belt. Well judging by tonight David… I’m not so sure I believe you.

David goes to interrupt but Faze halts him, placing the LSD back into the champion’s grasp by slamming it against his chest.

Faze: Your evolution as a wrestler in this company… and more specifically, as LSD champion has allowed me to retain my passion for this business… and for this division in ways you can’t even imagine. Now Jason Midnight may have proven to be a legitimate threat to our title… but we must move on to more pressing matters, those of which concern Rumble at the Rock 2.

The fans roar at the mention of the upcoming Pay-Per-View, set to take place on October 5th from the Alcatraz Prison.

Faze: It’s been no secret that you and that title of yours have been the objects of desires for, well, MANY… which is why I’m using my power to protect our title by any means possible. At Rumble at the Rock 2, your champion, David Black, will defend his LSD title against the #1 Contender Silent Witness. To your liking of course, David, this match will take place inside of the Industries Building on Alcatraz island, where the prisoners made some cash at the ever-so-useful… workshop. Just imagine how many weapons will be at your disposal in a match such as this….

David smirks at the announcement and glares at the LSD title that is now slung across his shoulder. But before Faze can continue, Marilyn Manson’s “The Cleansing” hits the arena and Joseph Gregory appears at the top of the entrance ramp!

Rick Fantastic: It’s Joseph Gregory!

Faze: Excuse me! What the hell do you think you’re doing here? Interrupting my big announcement… Mario… get the Elite Protection Unit out here RIGHT NOW!

Joseph Gregory: Relax Mr. Faze… I won’t be long. And I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m out here tonight. Well the answer is simple really… respect. More specifically, your little champion’s lack of it. David Black… you have no respect for our nation. That was obvious by your actions with Christopher America. You have no respect for your fellow wrestler. That was evident with your actions against Issac Slade. And you have no respect for your tag team partners. That was made obvious to me last week. You will learn respect even if I have to drive it into your skull. A champion is held in respect, and likewise should have respect for it. Since you have neither, I feel it’s only best that someone else should hold that title. So here’s my open challenge to you… your title, the thing you hold precious, that LSD title… I’m coming for it. Add me to the match at Rumble at the Rock 2…

Faze: Yeah right! Like I would ever let you have a title shot… please.

Joseph Gregory: I’ve earned it!

Faze scratches his chin for a brief moment before turning to David Black, who gives an unwavering expression, and then turns back to Joseph.

Faze: Don’t think you’re coming anywhere NEAR my title…

David Black: Ahem!

Faze: Right… his title until I see fit. Show me how desperate you are Joseph. I’ll give you til the end of next week’s Mayhem to justify your case and show me your desperation. Otherwise, you’ll be curtain jerking it with Jason Wild in a Fisher Price fed for all I care.

David smirks at Joseph and then at Midnight who is watching this go down from the outside. Unhappy with the result, Joseph Gregory retreads to the back, but not before giving the title gesture around his waist as if he’s coming for David Black.

Chastity Gold: You heard it first folks… Joseph Gregory must BEG if he wants to be in the LSD title match at Rumble at the Rock 2! Don’t go away everybody, our main event is NEXT!!!

Trent vs. Aceldama©

Silent Witness vs. David Black©

Chris Kostoff vs. Michael DeNucci

Bobbinette Carey vs. Kirsta Lewis

The Family

Hunt You Down” by Saliva hits and Marvelous Mario Maurako slowly walks out onto the Mayhem stage ready to compete in the huge tag match which is just a few moments from starting. Triple M stares off into the crowd as his music slowly fades out.

Triple M: Friends, Minnesotans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I am proud to announce that I am Mayhem’s Head of The Elite Protection Unit. The EPU is designed to serve and protect each and every one of you, from yourselves. Starting next week you can expect to see some changes here on Mayhem. Never again will you be subject to someone being tossed or dangled from a bridge. But most importantly, you will never again have to sit through a Christopher America match. Because from this moment on Christopher America is officially barred from competing here on Monday Night Mayhem!

There is a mixed reaction from the hometown fans as Triple M smirks at the thought of taking out Christopher America at Capitol Punishment.

Triple M: And why would I ban Christopher America from Mayhem? Because I’m saving each and every one of you from experiencing Chris’ closed mindedness with his down right refusal to experience and accept other cultures.


Triple M: But I am not a closed minded person. I am willing to give Chris the opportunity to right his wrongs and return to Monday Night Mayhem. Chris, I know you’re watching this from the rat infested hotel room I got you in Beijing, China, so listen closely. Chris, if you want to return to Mayhem all you have to do is learn the National Anthem of my grandfathers home country of Italy, and sing it for our Mayhem audience.

Chastity Gold: What?!?

Rick Fantastic: That’s absurd! Christopher America would never…

Triple M: Oh and by the way Chris… it had better be in Italian as well.


Triple M: Which brings me to Mayhem’s other resident ingrate, Bob Barker.

Rick Fantastic: Triple M, obviously referring to Bob “Fucking” Jared… who he sent to the hospital earlier tonight.

Triple M: Bob nobody on this show wants to see your disgusting body hair, or witness your piss poor execution of true wrestling holds. Bob Barker you disgraced me last week by interrupting my interview time, and tonight you again disrespected me by mocking my wrestling skills. This is the type of behavior that will no longer be tolerated on Mayhem. And still… it would be foolish of me to believe I can fight the good fight alone. The Marevlous One is smarter than that. You see, that’s why I went out and signed three members to my Elite Protection Unit staff that will help me enforce the rules around this place. So without further adieu… Ladies and Gentlemen… put your hands together and welcome to Monday Night Mayhem… my father Matteo, my brother Martino, and my son Joseph…. The Maurako Family!

Hunt You Down” by Saliva kicks in again and three men dressed in pin striped suits walk out and stand next to Triple M. As the music dies down, Triple M begins to address the crowd again.

Triple M: First I’d like to introduce you all to my father. Matteo Maurako is a 2nd generation superstar and personifies what the wrestling business used to be like. Also I’d like to add that he has more chest hair then Bob Barker and George The Animal Steele combined. The only difference being that my father knows that it should be covered up.

As if proud of his chest hair, Matteo Maurako nods and pats his son Mario on the shouler for the introduction.

Triple M: Secondly, I’d like to introduce my older brother and fellow 3rd generation superstar, Martino Maurako! First, please join me in congratulating him on providing me with a wonderful niece. Martino Maurako was a hardcore legend back in his early days and will help me keep a close watchful eye on the LSD Division to make sure it doesn’t get out of control.

Having recently joined his wife in giving birth to the newest member of the Maurako family, Martino appears a bit weary but gestures that he’s set to bring some much-needed enforcement to the LSD Division.

Triple M: And finally, I bring to you the Maurako that will carry the family name on into the future and for generations to come. Ladies and Gentlemen… my son, J- J-… you know what? His mother isn’t around anymore so I’m going to call him by his first name. Ladies and Gentlemen… the soon to be 4th generation superstar, my son, Mosé Maurako!

The legendary Maurako Family is met with a mixture of cheers and boos in their home state of Minnesota.

Triple M: Oh shut up, you love The Maurako’s here in Minnesota! And besides, I have one last announcement before Triple P and I marvelously manhandle and perfectly pulverize yet another unworthy tag team. Starting next week I will no longer be known to you people as Marvelous Mario Maurako. No longer will I answer when someone says Triple M. I’m tired of that alias covering up my family name. My name is just Mario Maurako! Your head of the Elite Protection Unit! So Learn it, Live it, and Love it!

Hunt You Down” by Saliva starts and The Maurako Family exit’s the stage area.


PCW…a future opponent of HOW’s?


Shane Reynolds & Aceldama vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako & Perfect Paul Paras
Tag Team Match

Back from break, Triple P has joined his Perfectly Marevlous tag team partner in the ring as the Blood Brothers, Aceldama and Shane Reynolds are now being introduced, amidst some serious heat from the crowd.

Chastity Gold: The clear favorites here are Triple M and Triple P… no question about that.

Rick Fantastic: And what an opportunity this is for Mario for his return to the ring, showing what he’s got left in the tank against the current ICON and World champions.

Shane and Ace display their titles as they approach the ring, Shane almost mockingly towards Triple P as they slide through the bottom rope and come face-to-face with the former Stable and ICON champions.

Referee Frank Tsonga wastes no time getting things started as Shane allows the World Champion the privilege of kicking things off against Triple P. A staredown for the ages occurs as Aceldama prods Triple P about wanting his title, with Triple P responding with a hard right hand… and then a left. To which Ace responds with a right of his own, which is blocked by the Minnesota Messiah and countered into a Belly-to-Belly suplex.

Shane’s encouragement in the Blood Brother’s corner is visible as he pounds the turnbuckle in support of Aceldama as Triple P even allows the World champ to come to his own. Except Ace tags in Shane Reynolds, who emphatically leaps over the top rope to face the Perfect One. A Perfect Clothesline attempt is ducked by Shane who quickly bounces off the ropes and finds Paul in the center of the ring with a cross body! Tsonga drops to count, pausing ever-so-slightly before making the 1-count as Triple P kicks out.

Shane rushes over to the Perfectly Marvelous corner to deliver a hard blow to Triple M’s forehead as well before turning his attention back to Paras, who is now in the grasp of one, Shane Reynolds. The ICON champion leads him over to the BB corner and tags Aceldama. He exposes Paul’s midsection for his partner, who lands a resounding chop to the would-be contender.

The tables are turned, however, when Tsonga allows a blind tag to Mario Maurako, who cleans house upon his return to the ring, sending Shane and Ace down with suplexes galore. A cover on Aceldama, the legal man, gets a quick 2 count.

With no remorse in the least, Triple M works on the still yet to be healed chest of Aceldama and succeeds in grounding the big man until Shane makes a desperation save by pulling down the top rope as Triple M was preparing to come off of it.

Ignoring Tsonga’s orders to back off of Triple M, Shane continues his assault with a Top Rope Plancha that blindsides Triple M and brings Ace to come over as well. Triple P struggles with Shane Reynolds until he’s teamed up on as well, leaving the 2 Best Alliance members with a considerable advantage over the hometown boys.

Back in the ring, Triple M is the legal man and is being severely beaten and teamed up against, with Triple P unable to do much of anything as he encourages his partner from their corner. A sitdown Powerbomb from Aceldama leaves Paras in a desperation situation to save his lifelong friend, however, and Paul rushes to break up a pin just as Tsonga’s hand was coming down for 3!

Paul quickly escapes the ring quickly, having saved Triple M and now leans forward across the ropes in desperation to tag his partner. Again, a legal tag is signaled, but only with M getting close to his partner, not actually tagging him. Triple P shrugs and slips through the ropes, meeting Ace with a barrage of strikes to various limbs. Shane reaches for the tag, but Ace can’t reach as Paul holds him back with a sleeper as Triple M begins coming ot life once again. Aceldama’s strength is ultimately too much for Paul to overcome, as he elbows his way out of the sleeper, inviting Triple M to slap his partner on the back as he neared their corner and enter as the legal man.

The crowd roars as Triple M rushes Aceldama, who kicks him to the gut and lands a Powerbomb on the Marvelous One. Shane Reynolds does everything he can to deter Triple P from the ring, and begins brawling with him on the outside as Ace climbs the top rope.


Tsonga again hesitates to count, but ever-so-slightly as he was “distracted” by Shane and Triple P fighting on the outside.



Triple P slides into the ring!



Kimber Marshall: Here are your winners in 15:02… THE BLOOD BROTHERS… Shane Reynolds and Aceldama!!!

The announcement barely manages to completely leave the announcer’s mouth before both members of Perfectly Marvellous exit the ring in disappointing defeat before their hometown crowd

Chastity Gold: A huge, huge loss for the hometown hunks–

She coughs suddenly, the sentence catching midway in her throat as what she said reaches her own ears and produces a blush on both of her cheeks.

Chastity Gold: —I mean, the hometown heroes.

She says, managing to correct herself and turn her gaze away from Paul Paras. Paul’s, however, doesn’t deviate and remains fixed back on the ring. Even as Mario breaks away from his partner and turns, heading at a quicker pace towards the entrance, Paul continues to stare back at the ring, and more specifically on the ICON Champion, Shane Reynolds.

Rick Fantastic: And a huge win to Shane Reynolds, going by the look in his eyes.

They glare back, brimming with sheer and intense arrogance, and the trace of a cocky smirk cuts across his face as Paul Paras turns halfway up the ramp and follows after Mario, who has already disappeared backstage. His smirk instantly fades as his eyes continued to fix on Paul, burning a hole into his back. One thought runs through his mind – it wasn’t enough – as he charges between the ropes, leaving Aceldama standing alone in the ring. The crowds boos filled the arena before Shane’s feet could touch down outside of the ring, they were both immediate and deafening, growing more so as Shane bolts up the ramp.

Chastity Gold: Look out!

Neither did anything to help or save the former ICON championship, however, as he turned only just in time to see Shane leap forward. Caught off guard, Paras was floored instantly as Shane’s elbow connects right between the eyes. He rolls over from where he landed beside him and begins throwing furious right hands and forearms before rolling off again. Getting back to his feet, he switches his offence to one of stomps and kicks, landing them anywhere and everywhere he can around Paul’s head and upper body, as trash thrown by Paul’s hometown crowd falls all around them.

Chastity Gold: Where are the supposedly Elite Protection now?!?

Rick Fantastic: Word from backstage is that they are still removing Issac Slade from the arena?

Chastity Gold: ….All of them? Still? That was ages ago.

Fresh beads of sweat have broken out on Shane’s face, further smudging the face-paint as it trickles from his brow in multiple streams. He scoops his hands beneath Paul’s arms and drags him back to his feet as best as he can and takes off running. Triple P has no choice but to go with him and is unable to avoid his fate as Shane stops suddenly and shifts his momentum into pushing Minneapolis’ very own Perfect One into the steel steps.

They dislodge only slightly upon impact under his weight, but no reprieve – if such a thing could be called that – is granted as the ICON champion charges Triple P’s prone and seated body and executes a brutal running knee, using the remaining step to lift himself up, Shane sends the knee directly into his head, driving the back of it at the same time against the steel behind him. Before the head has even a chance to slump semi-consciously forward, Shane takes hold of it, drags him once again to his feet and forces him into the ring under the ropes.

Rick Fantastic: What’s he doing now?

Instead of climbing in after Paul, Shane glances momentarily at Aceldama and then walks around the ring, passes the Rick and Chastity’s table, and stops and snatches a microphone from the ring announcer, who has since returned to his seat nearby. He raises his lips and is about to turn when something catches his eye and forces him to stop. The something being both the World and ICON Championships, resting in the same place as they had been for the duration of the match. He continues to pause for a few moments longer, before suddenly reaching down and snatching up his ICON Championship. He pauses again, his eyes fixed now on the World Championship. It’s less than a moment before he reaches out once again, this time grabbing the title not his own and slides it over his one free shoulder.

It’s Aceldama’s turn to stare with incensed eyes as he glares down over the ropes at Shane, who has dared to lay his hands on his prized and precious championship belt. Shane tilts his head back and meets his gaze, looking straight into it as he moves towards the ring steps and begins to speak.

Shane Reynolds: Earlier on, I was asked what my thoughts were on what you said on the last edition of Turmoil. And my response was that my own thoughts on the matter would become clear soon enough.

He reaches the steps now and slowly begins to climb up them, take them cautiously one at a time as he continues to look towards the inside of the ring. At Paul Paras laying barely moving on the canvas. At Aceldama staring back at him.

Shane Reynolds: But, as they say, there is no time like the present and what I have to say about what you, yourself, said is simple. It’s simple, because only one thing you said struck a real chord with me, the thing you said about what the difference is between champions and ex-champions. Well, as people may notice, I am a champion. I know completely what it takes to be a champion.

Shane lifts his legs and leans forward to enter between the top and middle ropes. His eyes momentarily away from Aceldama, but no movement or signs of attack come, and they merely return to their staredown as Shane stands back upright in the ring and he adjusts the two titles on his shoulders.

Shane Reynolds: I’ve also been in High Octane Wrestling on and off for over five years, and in that time I have won numerous championships. I’ve also seen championships won and lost. I’ve seen champions come and go. So, if anybody is a expert on champions and their belts….if anybody is qualified to judge who is worthy and unworthy of holding any one of these championships…then it’s me!

When his voice pauses, his body returns to action and takes a few steps forward.

Shane Reynolds: My ICON Championship, as I said earlier, means everything to me. I’ve gone through hell to defend and retain it. Before I returned, it was continuously going from one unworthy hand to another: Crow, Mario Maurako, Maximillian Kael, Issac Slade…and Paul Paras.

On the mention of the last name, the crowd erupt with cheers, showing their adoration and attempting to rouse him at the same time. Shane chances a glance at the man slowly stirring on the canvas and his face flashes with complete disgust before turning back to Aceldama, and taking a few more casual steps forward.

Shane Reynolds: And the World Championship has experienced no better, having gone through the likes of Johnny Lexicon, Bobbinette Carey, Graystone, and again, Maximillian Kael and Issac Slade. And now……

He takes the final few steps possible, bringing him directly in front of the World Champion. With barely a few inches between them, Shane continues to stare up into his eyes, the World title still on his right shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: …And now it is in the most unworthy hands of them all…

Aceldama’s face is now the epitome of anger, blood rushing suddenly to it as it contorts with building fury and his fists clench furiously at his side. At ringside, the audience are silent, as are the announcers. The tension palpable and everything that has happened between the two Best Alliance members of the last few weeks set to erupt with one word.

Shane Reynolds: ….Mine!

He sudden shock of these words is not lost on the expressions of those at ringside, nor on the minds of the two announcers at ringside.

Chastity Gold: What?

Rick Fantastic: WHAT?!?

Nor, also, is it lost on Aceldama himself, who is unable to hide an expression of equal shock and surprise at the single word that just left Shane’s mouth.

Shane Reynolds: You see—

Shane says, continuing, as he turns away on the spot and creates a new gap between himself and Aceldama before turning back again from his new position across the ring. Every bit of tension which was emanating from within Shane, burning in his eyes, has now vanished.

Shane Reynolds: —I said, before that Triple Threat, that I was going to go out there and give it everything I had and that the world would see just who the strongest Blood Brother was. Well, I went out there and I did give it my all…..and the world did see who the strongest Blood Brother is: You!

Shane reaches up with his free hand now and slips the World Championship off of his shoulder and looks at it one more time.

Shane Reynolds: I am not angry, because, if the roles were reversed, I would have done exactly the same thing. There is, as you said, no room for compassion in this ring. I would have put you down and pinned you, also, because, you were right. That is what separates us from those who fall short. That’s what makes us champions! Which is why, without bitterness and with nothing but respect, this is yours.

Taking a few steps back forward, Shane holds the championship ceremoniously out in front of him for Aceldama to take from his own hand. Aceldama steps forward, his fist unclenching as he snatches back his World Championship and slides it back where it belongs, over his own shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: We shouldn’t be against each other. We need to be have a stronger alliance than ever, because I’ve seen our destinies, Aceldama, and it’s down to you and it’s down to me to make sure that scum like him—

Shane nods, without taking his eyes off of Aceldama, in the direction of Paul Paras, who has managed to roll over onto his stomach.

Shane Reynolds: –and Trent and Issac Slade and anybody else we deem unworthy never get a chance to tarnish any High Octane Wrestling championships, least of all ours! What do you say?

Aceldama: First off, I want to say this……how dare you?!

Rick Fantastic: Oh god, this is going to boil out of proportions here, after all!

Aceldama: How dare you come out here…grab the world title in your hands…..then say you are unworthy! Shane as you rightfully said, you have been in this federation for over five years, five years! I have but only half of a year into my career. A career that began, that began when blood was spilled onto a page. That night the stars aligned as I was complete. After then I went on to win the stable titles, go onto a undefeated three month reign, and then…..I won this title. I would be foolish to think this was all down to me, no, it was you!

Shane when I came into this federation I tried to come in with all guns blazing, make a name for myself, but I knew something was missing. I needed guidance, then you came. You showed me my full potential, and even in defeat you showed grace. You stepped aside as allowed me to fulfil my true potential, and it came to this.

Then one night in Normandy, standing by your side at the end of War Games, co-winner. I Shane, I felt unworthy! Here you were multiple champion, a veteran, a previous winner of War Games no doubt. I did not belong there, but then when I thought about it, I did! It showed what you helped to create, and I would not stand beside anyone else.

I know what I done at Turmoil was wrong, but I also knew you, over anybody, would understand. Together we will now continue to keep our names upon these titles, ensure that they will never be tarnished again. Shane, in you I see not an ally, more, a friend? Even more. Shane, you ARE my brother. And together, NOTHING will get in our way!

Shane Reynolds: Exactly! But they need more than out names upon them.

Shane says, as a sneer spreads across his face, before he suddenly moves quickly over to where Paul Paras has gathered himself on all four and has began crawling towards the ropes and drops a wicked elbow on the back of his head, before rolling over and dragging Paul Paras to his feet, holding him up as steady as he can whilst still holding the microphone, glancing over at Aceldama over Paul’s shoulder.

Shane Reynolds: They need christening!!

The emphatic words come to an abrupt end, only to be replaced by emphatic actions as the title slips back off of Aceldama’s shoulder as quickly as it had slid on earlier and, understanding Shane’s meaning, he drives straight into the skull of Paul Paras. Although he slumps even further forward, he doesn’t fall completely. Instead Shane holds him up, and then suddenly twists him around into an Unprettier set-up position. The ICON championship slips from Shane’s own shoulder and lands beneath them as Shane fakes a little movement left before then throwing himself right and sending both himself and Paul spinning through the air, before landing with Paul’s face being driven onto the ICON championship as Shane releases Paul’s arms and climbs back to his feet.

He drags the title out from beneath him, now smeared with blood from Paul’s head. Blood which can also be seen on the World Championship as well as Shane looks back at him and extends his hand. Aceldama reaches his own out and shakes it before Shane suddenly raises Aceldama’s hand into the air, at the same time raising his own and both their titles drifting up in their free hands as Paul Paras lays prone between them and the boo reach a new, fever-pitch level.

Rick Fantastic: As wrong as what we are seeing is, it would seem the tension is over….with a vow being made to make sure the titles will forever remain in what they deem ‘worthy hands’.

Chastity Gold: This is more than wrong. Things like this aren’t supposed to be allowed any more. Where were the EPU?

Rick Fantastic: We’re out of time… but hopefully we’ll find answers and more as we prepare for Thursday Night Turmoil! Good night everybody!

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