Mayhem: August 18th, 2008 (2008)

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Monday Night Mayhem
August 18th, 2008 – #HOW15
United Center – Chicago, Illinois

The Road To RATR Begins…

Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air as we see Lee Best standing inside the ring. He is flanked by Maximillian Kael and Narcotic.  Joe and Benny welcome all the viewers to Mayhem as Joe wonders aloud where the rest of the Best Alliance is at but before Benny can comment Lee puts the microphone to his mouth and as the United Center crowd boos loudly Lee smiles and Mayhem is quickly underway.

Lee Best: I stand before you all tonight when I should be laid up in a hospital bed cause that skank ass whore Bobbinette Carey blindsided me with that jacked up foot of hers…

The crowd erupts into cheers at the mention of Carey.   Lee ignores the crowd and continues..

Lee Best: War Games is over and done with but before we can put that debacle of a show behind us we have to find out who Carey is choosing for the World Championship later tonight. I will not allow Carey to have the entire spotlight tonight however as I wish to make a few announcements right now before Mayhem begins…

Lee pauses as he grabs at his neck which is still in pain. Max quickly steps in and begins rubbing the neck of the owner of High Octane Wrestling as Lee continues…

Lee Best: Bobbinette will be dealt with after we find out who the whore is going to declare as Champion. Right now I want to focus on the man I will be facing at Rumble at the Rock in a Prison Yard Match….Chris Kostoff.

The crowd again erupts at the mention of Lee’s greatest rival. Narcotic motions for the crowd to quiet down but the crowd just gets louder…

Lee Best: It is true that I have signed a contract stating that the winner of our match will gain full custody of Baby Best. It is also true that I will go into this match as a huge underdog and being the genius that I am, I want to make sure that I go into the match 100% and not attacked weekly by Kostoff. So with that said I am hereby stating that if Kostoff reads the fine print on the contract he will see that he is not allowed any physical contact with me until October 13th. If he does the contract is null and void and he forever loses a chance at regaining a normal life with his wife Barbi and the child.

Lee again pauses and motions for Max to stop rubbing his neck as he glares at the camera..

Lee Best: Kostoff we have been to hell and back over the years and I expect no different as we head into what could be the final match in our long and storied feud. With that said you know who I am and I know who you are and even if you are back to your old violent ways you know I am the most cunning and evil man this side of George Bush…there is a reason they call me the Evil Genius and the things I have in store for you will leave your head spinning. Come October 13th at Rumble at the Rock we will walk into Alcatraz Prison as two men filled with hatred, but only one of us will walk out of that Prison with their lust for their opponent’s blood fulfilled……and that man will be me…

With that Lee drops the microphone and with Narcotic and Max by his side he exits to a loud chorus of boos as Joe and Benny wonder where the rest of the Alliance are at as the HOTv comes to life and captures the attention of everyone in the UC.

Team Epic Stunner..

The HOTv in the arena cuts into some footage taped earlier in the day. There is a podium at the front of the room and the room is packed full of reporters. The reporters are in a constant buzz in speculation at what this announcement might be. A HOW banner hangs down from the podium as some flunky comes up and tests the microphone. A largely muscular man dressed in a well tailored business suit walks up to the podium with dark shades covering his eyes. He holds a few flashcards in his hands. The reporters recognize who he is as flashbulbs begin to pop in blinding succession. ArcAngel stands before the masses like a preacher in a pulpit. He flips through the cards and clears his throat. There is still a hushed murmur through the crowd as the reporters are trying to guess what this is all about.   ArcAngel grabs the microphone.

“Good day and thank you all for being here. Over the past few weeks I have been in complacent disarray. I have begun to question the recent losses in the ring both leading up to War Games and during the event itself. I have examined carefully the outcomes and my effects in this entire federation and have come to a conclusion about how I can change my future. I have had a long career in professional wrestling and I have finally decided a question that has been haunting me for sometime.”

The buzz in the room increases as ArcAngel continues.

“I have had an opportunity to sit down and have a lengthy conversation with Lee Best in regards to this situation and we have both reached a mutual understanding. With the amount of incoming talent waiting in the wings, we have decided that what would be best for this federation should take precedent.”

ArcAngel clears his throat and adjusts his sunglasses.

“As of late I have failed Team Epic… I have failed the faith that Bobbinette Carey has put in me… I have failed this federation… and most of all I have failed myself. At this time I would like to publicly acknowledge that I hereby resign my position in Team Epic. Furthermore, I would like to state at this time, my retirement from High Octane Wrestling and from professional wrestling as a whole…”  

The reporters are in an uproar as many leap from their seats in an attempt to be the one to get exclusive comments from ArcAngel and his shocking announcement. ArcAngel stays silent as he makes his way off the stage and behind the shielded safety of a long thick curtain.

The HOTv goes to black and we head to our first commercial break as the crowd in the UC is buzzing about the sudden announcement they just heard.


Anguish vs. “The Child of Society” L.A. Riotz
Singles Match

Joe and Benny welcome us back from commercial and they talk about the ArcAngel retirement, both agreeing that ArcAngel had the potential to be one of the greats in the history of HOW if he would of just been more focused. They continue to talk about the retirement but are suddenly distracted as an already bloody Anguish is seen being thrown from the back to the entrance ramp.   Everyone in the arena stands to their feet as we see a very pissed off L.A. Riotz kicking Anguish down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Joe quickly mentions that this is supposed to be our first match but it looks like Riotz was tired of waiting.

Riotz rolls the semiconscious man into the ring and motions for Matt Boettcher to signal for the bell, which he does, and our first match is underway as Riotz immediately goes for the cover……..   Boettcher begins the count but Riotz pulls Anguish up after a two count and Joe mentions now is not the time to get cute as Riotz has yet to win a match here in HOW. Benny pretends to be bored as he pours himself a drink.   Back in the ring Riotz, smiling now, drags Anguish over to the corner and as Joe mentions that Riotz is no longer accompanied to the ring by his long time valet.

Benny blows him off as for the first time in a long time Big Buff is literally impressed by another wrestler as Riotz nails Anguish with a top rope Brainbuster which Joe informs us is the new finisher for Riotz and he calls it “Gravity Kills”.   Riotz again makes the cover and Boettcher starts the count but this time Riotz doesn’t allow Anguish up to his feet and he gets the easy pinfall victory.  


Post match we see Benny actually praising a non Best Alliance member and both Joe and Benny put over Riotz new found attitude and that this first victory might be a sign of things to come for Riotz here in HOW.   Action then cuts backstage…..

Epic Chat…

The show cuts backstage on a shot of Bobbinette’s locker room door, made evident by the large star on fixed to the door with her name on it – and with Bubbles scribbled in crayon directly beneath it. A hand appears in view and knocks on it firmly, three times. The camera pulls back to reveal Shane Reynolds. He is already dressed in his usual ring attire and has a determined and prepared expression on his face. As he hears footsteps and the door begins to open, however, it shifts to one of smiling joviality. The door opens a crack and Shane immediately recognizes the eyes of Livie Carey peeking out at him.

Shane Reynolds: How’s it going, Bubbles? Is your sister home?

Livie: No. She’s here, silly!

She answered. Livie points to a room, an offshoot of the locker room. Bobbinette steps out, adjusting her ready for the match, no longer in her fashion-trendy clothing but her wrestling gear. Shane turns in her direction, maintaining his smile, but is unable to avoid noting the still-present cuts, bruises and slight burns.

Shane Reynolds: Don’t worry, I’m not here to pry about your decision. I just wanted to see how you’re feeling? Although, if you want to tell me before hand, you can.

Bobbinette laughed slightly at this, but ignored this subject in favor of his question.

Bobbinette: I’m uberly epic. Don’t worry, I’m not going to choke and let you down.

Shane Reynolds: The thought never crossed my mind. I only want to check given you went through hell at War Games. Also wanted to say, don’t let things get to you out there.

Bobbinette: You mean Max?

Shane nods.

Shane Reynolds: Yeah. He’s who I mainly wanted to talk about. I’m assuming you got my message about what he left for me?

Bobbinette’s face suddenly flushed with anger at the memory of this. She remembered what Shane had told her about the burning doll and the message that came with it all too well.

Shane Reynolds: Well, don’t let him get in up here.

Shane said, tapping his own head.

Shane Reynolds: I know you probably want to give him a swift kick between the legs, but leave him to me. It’s my fault he’s targeting you and Livie and I’ll make amends by making sure he gets what’s coming to him.

Bobbinette: I can’t offer any guarantees on that front, but I’ll try my best.

Shane smiled, and said,

Shane Reynolds: Well, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.’

Shane paused and then added,

Shane Reynolds: So, you sure I can’t get an advance hint at your decision?

Bobbinette laughed and shook her head.

Bobbinette: You’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else.

Shane goes to say something else. But before he can, Bobbinette suddenly steps forward, wraps his arms around him, and embraces Shane in a tight hug. Shane’s almost stumbles back, caught by surprise, but manages to steady himself and returns the hug.

Bobbinette: Thanks for last week.

She says, looking up at him.

Shane Reynolds: It was my pleasure. I don’t think Arc was too pleased about how it played out, though. What’s the deal is with him retiring anyway? That guy has a serious problem with me.

Before Bobbinette could answer, though, the scene cuts away, leaving her reply strictly between the two of them and HOW goes to another commercial break.


New Staff…

Mayhem returns from commercial break and we are inside the Best Alliance locker room. Lee Best is sitting in his plush leather chair looking every bit the part of Tony Soprano. Standing next to him is Narcotic and sitting in chairs opposite of Lee and Nark are Graystone, Darkwing, and Maximillian Kael.

Lee Best: Look I don’t want to get into what happened at War Games. We all know that each and every one of you dropped the ball and I just want to move past that.

Each of the Best Alliance members glare at the other members, seemingly blaming everyone but themselves for what went down at War Games.

Lee Best: Let’s be frank numnuts. Darkwing you haven’t done shit since joining the Best Alliance and my biggest big match guy of them all, Graystone, barely made an impact at the biggest match in HOW’s history. One of you two will be gone from the Best Alliance tonight and frankly that might just be the best thing for you. NOW…with that said let me get right to why I called all of you guys here.

Darkwing and Graystone are glaring at each other as Lee continues…

Lee Best: The man standing to my right has and always will be the one guy I can trust above all others. So with that said, and with Silent Witness now sucking dick in jail, I want to officially announce that Narcotic is taking over the Commissioner’s duties and will no longer be taking part in any in ring activity….which means tonight Max…you are on your own.

Max looks shocked at Lee as the owner of HOW stands and shakes the hand of his new Commish as the rest of the Best Alliance look on unsure of what to say as Mayhem cuts to another commercial break.  


Mystic J. vs. Scottywood
Singles Match

Back live and Joe and Benny talk about the big announcement that Narcotic is now the new Commissioner of HOW and Benny states that it makes perfect sense as Nark is the man that took Silent Witness out in his last match and got the LSD Title off of Silent Witness.   Joe turns the talk back to the ring as it is time for our next match and Joe goes over the recent happenings between Mystic J and Scottywood.

Both men squaring off at the end of the final Mayhem before War Games…   Scottywood eliminating Mystic J at War Games.

Tonight the two men will finally meet one on one in the ring and with both men having a bright future here in HOW this is a big match for both men.

The crowd stands as Mystic J’s entrance begins..   “You” by Candlebox plays over the PA system. After a few moments, Mystic J. steps out from behind the curtain with his bodyguard, Vance “King” Fischer in tow. Mystic stops at the head of the rampway, staring into the sea of fans around the ring. He smiles his infamous lopsided grin, raising a fist into the air, to multiple pyro blasts behind him. He stops and turns around, pointing towards the back. After a couple seconds, Mary-Allison Chainz appears and joins them. The three walk down the ring, Mystic slapping the hands of eager fans on the way down, until they hit the ring. Mystic climbs up the stairs, up over the top rope, Mary-Allison following close behind and Vance remaining outside the ring to watch out for attackers. Mystic holds up the middle rope for Mary-Allison, who joins him in the center of the ring. There, Mystic raises his fist in the air, once more to multiple pyro blasts, this time from the ring corners.

Joe mentions that Mystic J, although a member of Team Epic at War Games, is not a member of the stable…at least not yet.   Benny states he doesn’t care and he is more interested in Scottywood as he has Best Alliance potential written all over him.

On cue, Scottywood then makes his entrance as the crowd boos loudly inside the United Center.   “Stricken” by Disturbed plays as a loud chorus of boos echo through the arena as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with hockey stick in hand.

Amy Smeets: Now making his way to the ring from New York City, weighing in at 265 pounds….The Hardcore Artist…..Scottywood!

Scottywood continues to make his way down the entrance way, focused on the ring and ignoring the boos and comments from the fans around him.  He slides into the ring and goes to the far corner where he leans against the turnbuckles and waits for the ref to ring the bell.

Joe mentions there is some serious tension in the ring as the ref signals for the bell and our second match is underway.   Mystic J, holding a size advantage, gains the early advantage and quickly powers Scotty to the corner where he takes control with some heavy right hands and begins to work over the hardcore artist with some heavy and destructive variations of suplexes which all lead to near falls.

The crowd is clearly behind Mystic J and Benny seems to be the only one behind Scottywood as time and time again Scotty comes close to making a comeback but the power and size of Mystic is just too much and J is about to power Scotty either back down to the mat or cuts down a comeback with a high impact power move.   The turning point in the match is when Mystic goes for his finisher but Scotty is able to counter with a DDT which leads to both men being laid out.   The crowd cheers Mystic back to his feet but Scotty is right there with him and the two then exchange several counters before Scottywood is able to nail the big man with a very impressive Game Misconduct DDT and covers and gains the three count.


Post match we see Scottywood celebrating in the ring as Benny puts over how Scotty’s Game Misconduct finisher can be nailed at any time.   But Benny spoke too soon as a recovering Mystic J grabs Scottywood from behind and nails him with his Shadow of Scarlet Sin finisher.

The crowd erupts as the victorious Scottywood is laid out by Mystic J. Joe mentions that this might not be the last time we see these two go to battle against each other.   As Mystic J heads to the back to the sound of cheers, the cheers quickly turn to boo’s as the action picks up backstage in the Best Alliance locker room.

Main Event Booked…

We are backstage outside the Best Alliance locker room and we see Chris Kostoff standing nose to nose with the new Commish, Narcotic. Behind Kostoff are several HOW security members who are obviously there to make sure Kostoff don’t attack the new Commish.   The crowd goes wild just at the site of Kostoff.

Chris Kostoff: Move the fuck outta the way Nark.

Narcotic smirks at Kostoff and brushes away dirt from his three piece suit as he acts as if Kostoff just being in his presence is beneath him.

Narcotic: Look you old fuck, your time with Lee is going to come but for now you have that LSD Championship to worry about.

Narcotic goes to pat the title belt that is around the waist of Kostoff, but Kostoff smacks Narcotics hand away before the new Commish can touch the gold.

Narcotic: Don’t be so sensitive. I called you here because I wanted to tell you face to face that if you win your match against Kenn Oddity tonight that next week right here on Mayhem you will have to defend that title against Silent Witness will be making his return.

Kostoff just smirks at Narcotic as if he wasn’t surprised at all.

Narcotic: Of course if Silent Witness somehow loses to you he will be banished from the Best Alliance, but we don’t have to worry about that cause Witness will return and show Lee and myself that he DESERVES to be in the Best Alliance and will pin your shoulders to the mat for a three count…now how do you like them apples?

Kostoff starts laughing in the face of Narcotic…

Kostoff: You called me here to tell me that I have to defend this title next week against Silent Witness? Look, once I destroy Oddity I am going to make Silent Witness wish his dick pleaser was still in jail and then I am coming for Lee…I don’t care how many people you throw at me up till the Rumble at the Rock…come October 13th time will be out for Lee….make sure you tell him that….lapdog.

Kostoff slowly backs away, barking at Narcotic.   The scene fades out as Kostoff is heard laughing in the background as Lee peeks his head out the door…

Lee Best: We gotta move this plan into gear..that fucker is crazy!

Mayhem cuts to commercial as we see a shaken Lee hiding behind Narcotic who is glaring at Kostoff as he exits.


The Return of Witness

Mayhem returns from commercial break and the lights dim and Akon’s “Locked Up” floods the arena through the P.A. system as the HOTv comes to life.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this?

The HOTv fades in and the crowd in attendance begin to boo loudly as screen shows Silent Witness sitting in his prison cell. The camera is looking in from outside the cell and through the bars. Silent Witness is staring right into the camera with a stern, focused expression on his face.

Benny Newell: It’s Silent Witness!

Joe Hoffman: The former HOW Commissioner!

Silent Witness continues to stare into the camera as the crowd begins to calm down and slump back into their seats.

Silent Witness: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen… I am tonight’s entertainment!

With an evil smile on his face, Silent Witness soaks in the boos following his opening statement.

Silent Witness: I have been sitting here, patiently waiting for the perfect time to speak to the masses. I have been watching tonight’s events unfold and I am very disappointed. It seems the Best Alliance has completely forgotten who got them to where they are today. I mean, they were nothing before I joined; a joke, a shambles. Then, Commissioner Witness joins the ranks, wins a couple of titles and suddenly everybody wants to be a part of the Best Alliance. Narcotic comes back to a hero’s welcome, despite being carried by me in his first match. The Masked Marvel cuts his losses and joins the Best Alliance when he realizes he’s up against me and suddenly Kostoff decides to go after Lee Best to get some attention one more time.

The crowd boos, but Silent Witness’ guise doesn’t flinch.

Silent Witness: High Octane Wrestling revolves around Silent Witness. I’m like gravity; without me, everything falls apart. You don’t believe me? Look what’s happened since I was unjustly imprisoned. All the new blood that wanted to be a part of HOW bailed out, the Best Alliance failed miserably at War Games and there are two titles undecided. Well, one title; the LSD Title is and forever will be mine.

The crowd boos once more at Silent Witness’ arrogance.

Silent Witness: Narcotic has taken my position as HOW Commissioner; that’s fine. I don’t need to be Commissioner to be the best. With my appeal this Wednesday, I’ll be released in time to prove to each and every one of you that I am the best thing in HOW when I win the LSD Championship for a fifth time against the odd guy or the old guy; whichever one wins tonight. If I’m being honest, I hope I get Kostoff, just to prove to him that when I’m not being attacked by my so-called team-mates, I can beat him down like the little bitch his wife is.

The fans boo loudly as Silent Witness looks on.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness is isolating himself from everyone on the HOW roster!

Silent Witness: As for Narcotic, well, I guess I should have expected him and Lee to oust me from the Alliance. Now, after bringing the Best Alliance back from the brink of extinction and turning them into a powerhouse again, I’m being told that I must win the LSD Championship, or I’ll be removed from the Best Alliance? That’s how the ungrateful fuck repays me after I single-handedly revived his ailing federation?

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness is even antagonizing Lee Best himself! That might not be a wise move.

Benny Newell: Of course it isn’t! What are you doing, champ?!

Silent Witness: Well, I will win the LSD Championship for a fifth time next week and I will “earn” my spot in the Best Alliance.

The crowd boos loudly as Benny Newell jumps around in his seat.

Benny Newell: Yes! Silent Witness is staying in the Best Alliance!

Silent Witness: But that doesn’t mean I’ll take up my spot!

The crowd cheers loudly at the thought of Silent Witness turning his back on Lee Best and his squad.

Benny Newell: What?!

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness is playing games with the Best alliance like they’re playing games with him!

Silent Witness: You see, I’ve known Lee Best for a long time now and I knew the day would come when I would lose my spot as the HOW Commissioner; that’s the kind of thing Lee Best does. So I made sure I had a few… Well, let’s call them guarantees.

Joe Hoffman: Guarantees?

Silent Witness: You see, as Commissioner of HOW, I had a free reign to do whatever the hell I wanted and that’s pretty much what I did. So, from my prison cell, I signed a few papers here and there to set-up my future in High Octane Wrestling, ready for the days that the Best Alliance turned their back on the man that made them a legitimate force in HOW.

The crowd erupts into cheer at Silent Witness’ bombshell.

Benny Newell: What papers?!

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness may have played Lee Best at his own game and beaten him!

Silent Witness: Before you cheer too loudly, I already told you that I have an opportunity, if you can call it that, to remain in the Best Alliance. You will find out my decision next week after I win the LSD Championship yet again. After I make my decision, you’ll find out the first of my guarantees.

The crowd responds in a mixed reaction, unsure whether to cheer or boo the incarcerated star.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness is playing a very mysterious game. Aside from the bitterness at his predicament in the Best Alliance, he is giving nothing away.

Silent Witness: One last thing before I leave you to watch my supporting cast in the farcical event taking place without me, I have a short message for the beast that put me in here. Bobbinette Carey, you and I are not finished, not by a long shot. As soon as I get out of here, you will suffer. I don’t need to be the Commissioner to play games with you, Carey. I will be finishing you off for good very soon… I guarantee it!

With that ominous final statement, the camera fades out as the crowd shows their dissatisfaction at Silent Witness’ threat.

Joe Hoffman: He guarantees it? Does Bobbinette Carey have something to do with the papers he signed?

Benny Newell: Who cares! I want Silent Witness to stay in the Best Alliance, where he belongs!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, we might find out next week exactly what Silent Witness has got planned for HOW!

Mayhem cuts to another commercial break as the United Center is buzzing about what they just heard…


Graystone vs. Darkwing
Loser Leaves The Best Alliance

Back from commercial and Joe and Benny quickly talk about how Narcotic is quickly making his presence known as Commish as he has already booked his first title match for next week’s Mayhem.   Benny steers the talk to our next match as it is pitting two Best Alliance members walking into the match and only one Best Alliance member walking out as this is the big Loser Leaves the Best Alliance match.   Joe counters that this match is only “big” in the eyes of the Best Alliance as the rest of the people just view these two wrestlers as has beens.   This fires up Benny who pounds a shot instead of smacking the royal shit out of Joe.

My Ruin’ by Sevendust hits. The lights cut off and the only lights are the spotlights and flashing lights on the stage.

Darkwing walks down the ramp talking trash and reminding the fans how great he is. He climbs up the steps and walks down the apron to the opposite turnbuckle and climbs up and does the same thing as on the stage but then shoots his right fist into the air like the Rock. He then climbs into the ring and goes to the opposite corner and repeats. he then glares at the ramp way awaiting Graystone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” By Saliva hits and Graystone makes his way out as Joe notes that Darkwing is looking cocky as ever inside the ring. Joe then asks Benny who he would like to see win this match and without hesitation Benny states he would like to see Graystone win as seeing the Duck in the Best Alliance still doesn’t sit well with him.

The fans are booing both wrestlers as the match begins and the two former ICON Champions quickly tear into each other.

Darkwing gains the upper advantage early and begins doing all his signature moves as Graystone just doesn’t appear to be into the match fully mentally as he makes mental error after mental error.

Joe goes over the recent attitude change in Graystone and wonders if Graystone leaving the Best Alliance would be the best thing for him.

Benny counters that there is no good in leaving the Best Alliance cause quite frankly that is where the power lies.

As Darkwing continues to keep the advantage in the ring Joe reminds Benny that Team Epic is the Stable Champions…not the Best Alliance.

Graystone is finally able to gain the advantage after countering a DDT attempt by Darkwing into a DDT of his own.

The crowd is dead silent as both men lay prone on the mat.

After an 8 count both men get to their feet and begin to slug it out with Graystone gaining the upper hand.

The finish of the match comes soon after this as Graystone goes for his Curse finisher but misses the moonsault off the top rope and Darkwing quickly locks in his Inglewood Cloverleaf and gets the submission victory.


Post match we see Darkwing roll out of the ring celebrating his win while Joe and Benny question what the future holds for Graystone as he is no longer in the Best Alliance.

Mayhem goes to commercial as it is apparent Lee sold extra commercial time for the cash.


An ICONIC Purchase

Back live and we head backstage where Max Kael is seen wearing a new black suit with his curly black hair slicked back and a pair of sunglasses hiding his eyes away.   On a table next to him a large metal brief case sits closed. Max smiles at the camera for a moment before he begins speaking.

Max Kael: Hello adoring fans of High Octane Wrestling. Max Kael here to make a formal announcement in regards to next weeks Mayhem.. You see.. Irregardless of what happens later tonight Team EPIC is going to lose something important to at least one of them.

He pulls his sunglasses off revealing his wild eyes as his smile brightened. Tossing the sunglasses down onto the table he stepped behind the metal brief case letting his hands fall on the two locks.

Max Kael: You see.. Next week we are going to take the Icon Title away from Shane Reynolds.. And we’re going to do it in that very ring with our own two hands. Because right now.. We are paying out 225,000 dollars to Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling in order to purchase our Icon Title Match.

Snapping open the locks he opened the brief case to reveal a rather large sum of money neatly stacked in a black velvet sleeve within the brief case.

Max Kael: So that means no running and no hiding Shane.. But we both know you’re not going to, are you? Of course not.. You’re a Hero. Which means you’re going to come to next Mayhem with bells and whistles on ready to beat us into retardation. Wait.. Sorry.. That was rude of us. You’re going to come to Mayhem ready to beat us into a “Water Cooler Head”. We have to remember to stay PC with the big purchase on the horizon.

He closed the briefcase again, locking it before he picked it up along with his sunglasses, his painful smile stretched across face as he looked down at his case.

Max Kael: 225,000 dollars.. that’s just the first investment into your down fall Shane. We’ll take that Icon Title from you no matter how great a champion you think you are. You’ve laid down your offers and challenges and now it’s been accepted. But we weren’t going to give you the satisfaction of oking it. No.. this is all ours. And you’re going to play our little game until next Mayhem.. Starting tonight.

He slipped his sunglasses on and frowned at the camera before he walked a few feet to the office door of Lee Best. He eyed the door.. Then looked back at the camera.

Max Kael: You might have won War Games.. But you’ll soon learn that in a war no body wins.. Save for the men with nothing to lose. And you have so much to lose Shane.. Mmm.. Max Kael.. The NEW Icon Champion.. Oh man.. just.. Just take a moment and.. Imagine That..

And with that Max opened the office door, took in a deep breath and entered, closing it softly behind him as the action heads back to the announce team.

LSD Title Match
Kenn Oddity vs. Chris Kostoff

Singles Match

Joe and Benny go over the big purchase by Maximillian Kael and it is obvious that Max will go to any lengths to get at Shane Reynolds.   The HOTv then comes to live and we see highlights from War Games showcasing the exploits of Chris Kostoff and Kenn Oddity. Both men are shown in a great light and after the video airs it is obvious that both men deserve to be here in the LSD title match tonight.

As Joe and Benny argue about who will win the Kostoff vs. Lee Best match at War Games, Kenn Oddity makes his way down to the ring to a very loud ovation as it is obvious that the crowd appreciates everything Oddity did at War Games to make sure Team Epic came out victorious.   Joe even goes so far to suggest that Oddity is the favorite to win the LSD Title tonight as he is the man that finally eliminated Kostoff during War Games, forcing a tie in eliminations and thus making tonight’s match a necessity.

Oddity takes in all the cheers but they are nothing compared to what Chris Kostoff receives as the LSD Champion makes his way out to the biggest pop of the night so far.   Kostoff already seems pissed off as he enters the ring and doesn’t seem to register any of the cheering of the fans as he charges right at Oddity and nails the challenger with the LSD Champion before the bell even rings.   Boettcher quickly signals for the bell as the shocked crowd looks on at a now bleeding and knocked out Oddity as Kostoff makes the cover…




Kostoff picks up his LSD Title, now covered in Oddity’s blood, and smiles at the crowd who pause in shock, and then erupt at the pure violence that is Chris Kostoff.  


Kostoff motions for a mic as Boettcher rolls Oddity out of the ring into the waiting arms of HOW medics who walk the challenger back to the back as Joe states that Oddity was just not ready for Kostoff and you have to be focused at all times here in HOW.

Chris Kostoff: What I just did to Oddity is nothing to what I am going to do next week against that asshole Silent Witness and it sure as fuck is NOTHING compared to what I will do to Lee Best at Rumble at the Rock. This match with Lee has been years in the making and Lee was right about one thing….He knows me…and I know him. I might not be able to touch his ass until our match but I guarantee that up to that date I will make his life and his show a living hell….

Kostoff drops the mic and smears the blood off his LSD Championship as Mayhem cuts to commercial as the crowd is going wild…


UBER Phone calls..

Back live and we see Bobbinette Carey. She has Princess in hear arm and Livie at her side. Bobbinette then motions for a few people to follow her. These aren’t the members of team epic but instead guards. There are three of them. One of the guards for Livie, another for Princess and one to occupy the door.

Livie: I want to go to the ring!

Bobbinette: no!

Bobbinette says quickly.   Livie stomps her foot with anger.

Bobbinette: Bubbles You have to keep watch over Princess. Princess could have the puppies any moment so you get to be her hero.

Livie looks at her sister raising an eyebrow.

Livie: really?

Bobbinette nods.

Bobbinette: If you see max. You take Princess and run fast and far away as you can. Get to the limo you’ll be safe there. That’s the exit strategy.

Livie: Can I come out when you announce the world champion? Shane is a super friend!

Bobbinette shakes her head smiling weakly.

Bobbinette: no sweetie. But You can come to the celebration party.

Livie nods her head.

Livie: A Mathew called again for you.

Bobbinette: You can tell Mathew Crawford that if he wants to call me

Livie: I don’t think that was his last name.

Bobbinette wrinkles her eyebrows and shakes her head quickly.

Bobbinette: Then who was it?

The action cuts back to the announcers as a perplexed Bobbinette wonders who called her.

Max Kael vs. Shane Reynolds & Bobbinette Queen B Carey
Handicap Match

Joe wonders if the person that called Carey was a person on the roster. Benny calls Joe an idiot and says of course it was or else it wouldn’t of made it on the air.   Feeling embarrassed, Joe steers the talk to our final match of the night as it is now a handicapped match.   Benny states that there has to be something up Lee’s sleeve cause there is no way he would allow his main man to be in a handicapped match against Shane Reynolds and Bobbinette Carey.

A video begins airing on the HOTv showing the final moments of the War Games match. The crowd cheers as footage is shown of Shane Reynolds pinning Maximillian Kael and then Shane and Carey embracing as they were announced as the winners of War Games.

As the video ends Joe and Benny talk about how the dynamic of this match is so unique as we have Bobbinette Carey tagging with the man she has to choose between herself for the World Championship and on the other side we have Maximillian Kael who is going out there by himself.

The crowd then erupts loudly as Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds make their way out together. Joe states that they seem to be on the same page with each other and actually seem to getting along quite well as they head down to the ring for our main event.   Joe reminds the viewers that right after this match Bobbinette Carey will announce who she has chosen to be World Champion.   Shane holds the ropes open for Carey and follows her into the ring as the crowd is going wild. Shane holds up his ICON Championship and you can see him wording the word ICON as the crowd cheers on the man that has been ranked number one in HOW for several weeks now.

There is a definite pause now as everyone awaits Max’s entrance but it never comes. Boettcher, finally with no other choice, signals for the bell and Joe and Benny wonder where is Max as Boettcher starts the ten count.   The crowd is booing loudly as he reaches ten and officially counts out Max and raises the hands of Reynolds and Carey as a very pissed of United Center crowd begin throwing trash towards the ring for a shitty main event.


Post match Joe quickly takes Mayhem to a commercial as the HOW security tries to settle the crowd down as the crewmembers rush into the ring to set up for the World Title Announcement.



The world Title is placed on a podium. Bobbinette stands on one side of the title with Shane Reynolds on the other. Bobbinette smiles as she looks at Shane. She’s got a nervous look in her eyes. She takes the mic and looks at Shane.

Bobbinette: Shane… We did an uberly epic job at war games..

The crowd bursts into cheers.

Bobbinette: It came down to both members of epicness. We proved that Kael wasn’t going to ruin what epicness we could bring.

Shane nods his head agreeing.

Bobbinette: You didn’t turn on me, I didn’t turn on you. You put half your money up for grabs if someone was to turn on you; Max said one of my loved ones would be safe if I did it. But I knew better.

Bobbinette says with a nod as the crowd starts to die down with their cheers.

Bobbinette: So it comes down to the captain to make the choice. Me or you for the world champion. You know It hasn’t been an easy week for me. I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over it. Do I give it to you for helping the team out and for helping with Max?

Half the crowd cheers with this notion.

Bobbinette: Or… do I give it to myself?

The other half of the crowd cheers. There’s no one booing at who ever will be the next champion. Bobbinette puts up her hand.

Bobbinette: But if I give it to myself would that be selfish? Then I think, Shane Reynolds has the Icon title. He’s focused on that and he’s unbeatable.

The fans start cheering loudly over the unbeaten Icon Champ.

Bobbinette: Then I thought… I was the second person in this match. I’ve got the most to lose out of everyone. Princess… Livie… I survived Wargames, Would that be enough though? I mean I can say I survived… I can say I was a true leader. Then the word leader came to mind. I was the leader of team epic. It was me who was chosen to lead this team. As a leader… its my responsibility to lead the team and… The company INTO the era of Epicness!

She says smiling as she takes the title and holds it in the air. She has a nervous look on her face. The cheers from the fans come as a relief. She looks over at Shane Reynolds unsure of his reaction to this news.

Suddenly, a loud scratch is heard and is followed by a voice which booms out over the arena, cutting through the sounds of the crowd and the celebratory atmosphere.

‘We’re sorry to interrupt…heh-heh…but we wanted to show both of you something. A special something. A little present to say congratulations on causing us such pain and anguish. On robbing victory from us.’

Shane and Bobbinette both turn suddenly as the camera on which Max’s face is being projected onto the HOTV wobbles to and fro as he moves behind it to get something. He appears back almost instantly as the camera straightens out… reveal he has someone held tightly within his grip. A bag covers their head. Max leans in close to the bag and speaks, almost in a whisper.

Max Kael: Are you not going to say hello.

He points to directly into the camera, even though the person clearly can’t see. Muffled groans and cries emanated from under the back, revealing them to be female.

Max Kael: We said, say hello, Livie. Don’t be rude to your sister.

Max follows us this instruction with a slap to the back of the girl’s head. The camera moves back to reveal the hostage to be wearing the same clothes as Livie was earlier. Bobbinette’s expression turns from one of disbelief to shock and panic. She moves suddenly towards the ropes, but Shane’s arm holds her back, reminding her of her injuries. He is already off and running. He leaps out of the ring with furious speed and sprints up the ramp and into the back.

Max Kael: You can’t say we didn’t warn you…heh-heh. We offered you the choice. The opportunity to save her but you turned your back on it. You turned your back on her. Does it make you feel good? Does it feel good to know that you are now going to have to watch the consequences of your actions. That you are going to have to watch her suffer from your crimes.

Max shoves the hooded Livie to the floor. More cries and groans and screams pour out from beneath the bag on her head as he lands hard on her knees. Max moves towards her as the camera cuts away – obviously not wanting to broadcast what is about to happen. Max continues regardless, though. His stalking footsteps and the girl’s cries still loud enough for people to hear. Suddenly a blur of black flies passed the camera as it faces an opposite direction. It turns suddenly to face back the way it had previously as Max yells in pain.

The camera is just in time to provide a shot of Max connect hard to the wall, following a pushing kick from Shane. Max clutches his ribs as he falls to the floor. Bobbinette looks on, relieved, as Shane drags himself away from Max and turns his attention to the girl who is whimpering and trying to crawl blindly away. Shane reaches down and touches her shoulder. She flinches and fights under his touch to get away.

Shane Reynolds: It’s okay. It’s alright now. It’s me, Shane.

He says , as he helps her to her feet.

Shane Reynolds: I’m going to take you back to your sister.

He adds, pulling the bag off of her head…. …only to reveal it’s not Livie. Or anyone that Shane or anyone watching knows. She pulls from Shane and runs off crying down the corridor. Shane’s head suddenly swings around to face Max again, looking to finish the job. Max, however, is gone.

Back at ringside, Bobbinette quickly prepares to leave the ring and check on the real Livie, as Shane scans the corridor, and the camera follows his gaze, to see that Max is a little way along it.

Max Kael: …we got this close.. heh-heh.. do you feel safe knowing that? Who wasn’t on the ball? And how much closer do you think we can get next time..? You can‘t be a hero all the time…heh-heh.

Shane rushes like a human hurricane up the corridor to take him out once and for all, when suddenly a flurry of HOW security fly out of nowhere, pouring in between the two men. Shane piles straight into them, throwing elbows and fists in all directions, but it’s to no avail. For all the ones he knocks away and moves passed, more arrive. Eventually they grab his arms and restrain him completely. He struggles a bit longer but eventually relents. Max’s deranged and maniacal laughter echoes down the corridor and rings in his ears.

Shane Reynolds: And you can’t run and hide forever.

Shane shouts towards him, ‘I’m going to get you, eventually!!!

The HOTv then cuts off as HOW cameras focus in on Bobbinette Carey who has watched the whole ordeal from the time Shane hightailed it out of the ring to the end of the feed.   Carey turns to the fans and holds up the World Title once more to a loud ovation, but you can tell her mind is elsewhere as Joe and Benny wrap up the broadcast but suddenly the HOTv comes back to life and everyone including Carey take notice…

The video pans across dozens of fans sitting in an airport terminal, barriers holding the crowd back and personal security is on the other side. The terminal opens up and several HOW security personal and staff exit the walk way. In the background you see a small blonde Mohawk standing above the rest. The security stands outside the door and as the personal leaves Shotgun is walking out with a cocky smile across his face and can be seen holding a carryon bag in his right hand.    Shotgun stops, pauses and reaches into the bag…

Shotgun: Looks good doesn’t it Carey?

Shotgun laughs walks up next to the security and continues walking with them. He is dressed up in a black button up shirt, black dress pants, and a black pin stripe sports jacket. His cocky smile soon fades as he notices some child while a sign held high above his head that says Carey, forever champion. He grabs the sign and throws it on the ground, spitting on it and begins to speak.

Shotgun: For you to believe that Carey will forever be the HOW champion, is to believe that George W Bush serves this country well. You’re the load your mother should have let run down her leg.

A father figure behind the now teary eyed child pushes his way by the kid and security is quick to hold him back. Shotgun continues to walk on.

Shotgun: Really, I end up in jail for a couple years and everyone believes that the bitch called Queen B is top of the ladder, head of the class, Queen shit is all I will give her, nothing worth more than that child over there. We live in the year 2008 guys really get a life, stop seeing the world as a beautiful place and accept it for the hell we’ve made it. The only thing that matters to me, is that I make the new generation of wrestling fans understand what their fact is fiction. How has been open for weeks now and already the fans are blinded by a pretty face. Allow me to refresh your memory on who I really am. I started out teaming with her sister, someone who I would credit for most of my success like I would credit a full grown man for whipping his ass. I stabled myself with ones who I thought were as dark on the inside as they were on the outside, obviously I was wrong when the faction split apart, as far as I know they all joined some missionaries in Africa or something. I made my own career path after that and was quiet successful. After everything that has happened in my past is just as that, my past. …

The video abruptly ends and a very shocked Carey drops the World Title belt as she cannot believe what she just seen.   Joe and Benny scramble to figure out who this Shotgun person is and suddenly their questions are answered as a man can be seen jumping over the ring barricade and slides into the ring behind Carey who is still staring at the now black HOTv.   The fans scream at her to turn around but it is too late as Shotgun turns her and nails her with his Canadian back breaker finisher…The Final Blast.

Mayhem comes to an end as Shotgun lays the HOW World Title down across the waist of the unconscious champion and takes off his shirt to reveal a Best Alliance shirt as the feed fades to black as a stunned crowd looks on.


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