Mayhem: August 17th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
August 17th, 2009 – #HOW71
Wolstein Center, Cleveland, OH


The HOTv logo quickly gives way and the “New Brand” of Monday Night Mayhem becomes LIVE, as the former HOW World Champion Issac Slade brushes by the camera wearing street clothes. Clearly not in the mood to speak, he storms his way through the maze of backstage hallways in Cleveland, Ohio’s Wolstein Center until he quickly turns a corner and crashes to the ground, colliding with someone walking from the other end of the hallway.

Issac immediately hops to his feet, dusts off the cob webs, and couldn’t be more insistent in his apology.

Issac Slade: I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you t… h…e…r… …

Issac’s words trail off as he comes face to face with the man he bumped into, the General Manger of Mayhem, Ryan Faze.

In the space of a few seconds, the looks on both men’s faces run the gauntlet of several different emotions, as this marks the first confrontation between the two since the accidental death of Ryan’s sister Sabina over a month ago. Faze’s eyes widen as he looks into Slade’s as if he is searching for something. Not immediately seeing what he was looking for, his eyes immediately harden and his lip curls into a half snarl.

Issac’s eyes flicker to regret and the corner of his jaw twitches as he looks like he wants to say something, but cannot bring himself to. Several intense moments of silence tick by until Issac’s regret vanishes and he goes to walk past the GM. But just as he moves out of reach, Ryan’s hand shoots out, clamping down on Issac’s wrist, pulling him back. Spinning around, Issac regards the situation and fights back the urge to free himself while his look bores back into Faze’s eyes.

His voice is rough with pent up emotion as he meet’s Ryan’s gaze unflinching, but again, his words can barely escape his lips. Faze holds steady with a crushing grip for a moment longer before violently releasing Slade’s wrist, his own face showing he’s barely in control of his own emotions and if the situation was right, he would seek retribution right then and there.

GM Faze: This is far from over… FRIEND.

The last word delivered in a venomous hiss as Faze wrenches himself away and disappears down the hallway. Spinning on his own heels, Issac continues on, his hands clenched tightly into fists. He wants to slam them repeatedly into the wall, but with a great deal of restrain, he decides it would be better to hold out. Angered by the encounter with Faze, Issac finds his locker room door, enters, and slams the door shut behind him. Putting his hands over his face, he takes several deep and calming breaths before lowering his hands, but when he does his eyes grow wide and his mouth falls open.

Looking around the room is dimly lit with perhaps twenty flicker candles, the light managing to illuminate the walls, and it’s the walls that command the former World Champions attention.

Issac Slade: Oh…my god

Looking around wide eyed his mouth moves but no words come out, finally he wrenches one word from the depths of his tortured brain.

Issac Slade: No…

Plastered to every inch of his wall are pictures.

Issac Slade: No…Please God, no…

But to be more precise pictures of Sabina, some of which feature Issac himself. Smiles and glows of happiness feature upon both their faces.

Issac Slade: No! No No No!

But perhaps even crueler still, intermixed with the others, are the pictures of babies also plastered onto the wall. Babies of various ages and at various stages of development – a sick timeline of what might have been…

Issac Slade: NOOO!

Lunging at the walls Slade rips and tears the pictures from the walls, screams ripping from his throat as if he’s being stabbed, franticly he flies around the room bouncing off the walls trying to rip every picture down, but in the end there’s just too many for him to remove…sinking to his knee’s in the middle of the room his hands cover his face and strangled choking sobs emerge from his throat, shoulders shaking violently for several moments he rocks back and forth on the floor until his sobs trail off into whimpers. In front and above him, behind the photos he was able to tear away from the wall, one sentence becomes visible: Thou Shalt Not Kill!

???: Now that…was a fine display of remorse.

At the sound of the voice Slade looks up wild eyed his head snapping in every direction trying to find the source of the sound, his eyes and cheeks are dry as it seems he is still cursed to be unable to cry by Aceldama’s cruel parting gift of Sabina’s ashes in his eyes. The owner of the voice remains hidden for a few moments, a phantom within a shroud of shadows, before stepping into the faint glow of candle light and revealing himself as ICON Champion, Shane Reynolds…

Shane Reynolds: I would almost be compelled to feel pity, if I believed it was truly genuine.

Issac’s eyes cease their search and lock directly on Shane’s own, which are currently reflecting the flames of the candle on both sides of him.

Issac Slade: Get out!

Shane Reynolds: I’m afraid I only answer to much higher beings than yourself. And do you want to know what they want more than anything, Mr. Slade?

Shane doesn’t offer even a moment for Issac to offer an answer as he takes a further steps through the dim towards Issac.

Shane Reynolds: They all desire to see you punished for your actions, to see you suffer for your sins. Maybe not quite as personally as Aceldama seemed intent on doing, but they want you to suffer all the same. It was supposed to begin last Thursday with me taking the one thing you cherish in life: your World Championship. But we all know that didn’t quite go as destiny intended.

Shane took another step forward, unconsciously rubbing his back as he recalls the devastating powerbomb he experienced at the hands of Aceldama just moments after pinning Issac to retain his own ICON championship.

Shane Reynolds: But no matter, for the natural order shall be corrected in time, and for people such as you, there shall be no reprieve. That’s why I did all of this…

Shane says, revealing a smirk as he holds up his arm and spins around on the spot, indicating in a sweeping moti to all of the photographs, before returning his gaze back into the intense stare of the former champion.

Shane Reynolds: …I did it because–

Before Shane can finish what he was about to say, Issac lunges forward, unable to take anymore. His fist sweeping through the darkness towards Shane, only to miss as Shane retreats swiftly to the door and pulls it open, allowing in the light from the corridor where, conveniently, a few nameless members of John Sektor’s Elite Protection Unit are standing, by Shane’s request.

Shane Reynolds: Not yet, Mr. Slade. Before a man can truly suffer for his sins, he must face them. Enjoy them. Because your punishment and suffering begins soon and believe me, when it does, there’ll be no room in your life for such pleasures.

Issac makes no further movements, merely continuing to stare at Shane, who returns it with equal intensity and a smirk spread further across his face. The tension is palpable and the sparks almost tangible as Shane suddenly pulls the door closed with a loud bang. Air from the force of the closing door sweeps through the room, blowing out the candles and leaving Issac alone in the remaining darkness, as the cameras cut to the arena, where the crowd is restless and the new Mayhem broadcast team of Rick Fantastic and Chastity Gold are standing by at the announcer’s table!


Your Announcers…

Chastity Gold: Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!

Blue and silver pyro explode from the rafters as shots of blue flames shoot out at the top of the entrance ramp. This cues the crowd into frenzy, albeit a controlled frenzy as several members of the Elite Protection Unit are scattered throughout the arena keeping a watchful eye.

Once the camera does its usual panning of the crowd, it zooms in on a breathtakingly beautiful brunette, late-20’s, who looks eerily identical to the Budweiser girl seen on HOW commercials. Her flawless complexion and long, wavy, brown hair are accentuated by the sparkling black evening gown she is wearing.

Next to her sits a man in his early-40’s, his sleek black hair slicked back with gel and his sunglasses resting on the bridge of his nose, which exposes his piercing blue eyes. Wearing an electric blue button down shirt tucked into ironed black slacks and dress shoes to match, his equally impressive physical attributes would be enough to draw even the most disinterested female channel changer.

Chastity Gold: My name is Chastity Gold and I’ll be calling your action tonight alongside a man who has incredible knowledge of our sport and industry, no matter how rocky of a career he’s made of it in the past, Rick Fantastic!

Rick Fantastic: Hey, my boys won the state wrestling title that year because of that girl!

Chastity Gold: I’m certainly not here to speculate on any of your past endeavors Rick, although I’m sure it was nothing more than a strict coach-student relationship. Now tell me something, can you believe this capacity crowd we have on hand here in Cleveland?!?

Rick Fantastic: I sure can Chastity, and might I add that you’re looking ravishing tonight!

Chastity Gold: Why, thank you!

Rick Fantastic: Anyways, High Octane Wrestling is fresh off of a record-setting Capitol Punishment in terms of pay-per-view purchases and tonight marks the first stop on Mayhem’s road tour to Rumble at the Rock 2! I have to say Chaz, Cleveland’s been good to me over the years…

Chastity Gold: Why’s that?

Rick Fantastic: Desperate women. I swear, this city’s is full of ‘em. I can’t even begin to count how many I’ve been with during my trips here. In fact, I was telling Triple P about this one girl in the Jimi Hendrix exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

Chastity Gold: AHEM!!

Rick Fantastic: Oh, right.

Chastity Gold: Of course folks, Cleveland is also home to some quality wrestling action as we’ve got an incredible card lined up for you tonight.

Rick Fantastic: Good point Chastity! We’ll see the ICON champion and former World Champion in action fresh off of their pay-per-view quality encounter this past week on Turmoil.

Chastity Gold: Issac lost the belt, and to add insult to injury, we just saw the vandalization of his locker room by Shane Reynolds, so who knows what else is in store for the former World Champ and the rest of the roster!

Rick Fantastic: Shane is a sick and twisted man…

Chastity Gold: We’ll also see who earns the next LSD title shot as 5 superstars meet in a Hardcore Elimination match, with the winner to face David Black for the title on an upcoming card.

Rick Fantastic: Mark my words… we will finally see Bob “Fucking” Jared’s rise to prominence here in HOW. Either that or his chest hair will walk out with the title shot.

Chastity Gold: Enough about Bob Jared’s chest hair as I see any one of those superstars walking out with the title shot. From their past endeavors, Scottywood and Silver Phoenix sure have the experience edge when it comes to “Hardcore” wrestling.

Rick Fantastic: Trust me, experience means shit when you’ve got a 6’10, 343-pound giant blasting you in the face with a steel chair. Jason Midnight just scares me…

Chastity Gold: Should be a great match Rick, but for right now, let’s send Mayhem backstage, where Brian Bare is standing by!


In Bare we Trust

A quick cut backstage produces Brian Bare, who is in mid-conversation with a producer who is unseen behind the camera.

Brian B.A.R.E.: …and I swear to God, if I find out my caption says “Brian Bare” instead of “Brian B.A.R.E” like I requested, I’ll snap your fucking head off! Rather, I’d probably have someone else do it, but I don’t know how many times I have to tell y… oh, we’re live? Oh, shit! Right. Thank you Chastity! Uhhhh, joining me at this time… none other than Jason Otaku! Tell me Jason…

Johnny Otaku: Uh, it’s Johnny. And please, call me “Mr. Mayhem.”

The fans cheer loudly in the background for relative newcomer to HOW that calls Cleveland, Ohio his hometown.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Right… so, Mr. Mayhem, um, yeah… tell us about your big match tonight.

Looking a little less than enthralled to be interviewing Johnny Otaku, B.A.R.E. yawns loudly as Otaku addresses his hometown fans.

Johnny Otaku: You see Brian, it’s simple. I have a big opportunity tonight to walk out of my hometown with an LSD title shot. I realize the importance of this match and I have trained long and hard for this shot… this chance to make a name for myself here in HOW. It’s a special night for me Brian, because I’ve got my entire family, friends, and “Mr. Mayhem Maniacs” cheering me on to support me. All I can say is that I’ll give it my all, no matter how stiff my competition is in that ring!

Brian B.A.R.E.: So you’re saying that you like your competition stiff?

Johnny Otaku: What? No see, what I meant was…

Brian B.A.R.E.: That you’re coming out to the world on live television? In front of your family and hometown fans, no less?

Johnny Otaku: That’s not what I was saying at all! Who the hell do you think you are, anyways!

Brian B.A.R.E.: What? What are you gonna do, huh?

Johnny Otaku steps forward, as if to get in the face of Brian B.A.R.E., but ultimately restrains himself, backing off and reminding himself of his true purpose here in High Octane Wrestling.

Johnny Otaku: I’m going to show everyone, including you, why they’ll remember the name… Johnny Otaku.

Annoyed by the disrespect shown by Brian Bare during the interview, Otaku walks off and disappears, leaving B.A.R.E. trying to refrain himself from laughing in front of the camera.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Ladies and gentlemen… the TACO! We’ll be right back.


Newest Mayhem Superstar


Shane Reynolds vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match

Chastity Gold: Welcome back to Mayhem folks, and as you just saw, the “Future is Now” here in High Octane Wrestling.

Rick Fantastic: That’s right Chastity! Gregory Orion Daniels… ahem, GOD, for short, has signed his High Octane contract and will be joining Monday Night Mayhem on the road!

Chastity Gold: Don’t forget that tickets for next week’s show in Minneapolis, Minnesota are already sold out. So if you wish to catch us live…

Rick Fantastic: …buy tickets earlier next time!

Sin with a Grin” by Shinedown kicks in and the ICON champion, Shane Reynolds, appears to a sickening ovation of boos for his actions against Issac Slade earlier in the night.

Rick Fantastic: I hate to say it, but Shane Reynolds is a hated man here in Cleveland. Even I would agree that what he did to Slade… you just don’t do to a guy.

Shane’s expressionless demeanor is reminiscent of a Sting entrance as he hands his ICON title to an Elite Protection Unit member and climbs into the ring to wait for his opponent.

Headspace” by Velvet Revolver soon replaces Shane’s music and the fans rise to their feet for one of the most accomplished superstars in HOW, “Perfect” Paul Paras.

Chastity Gold: And here comes “Dreamy” Paul Paras… who’s accomplished so much here in HOW but still has so much more to achieve.

Rick Fantastic: Did you say “Dreamy” Paul Paras?

Chastity Gold: Wait, what? I didn’t… did I? Hmm…

Triple P soaks in the cheers for a brief moment before leaving his Singapore Cane with a ring attendant and climbing the ring steps to confront Shane Reynolds.

Referee Romeo Ward immediately demands order and signals for the bell at Shane Vs. Triple P is underway. Both men circle each other with a careful eye having both faced off against many times before. Shane is the first to engage as he goes for a low grapple attempting to take Triple P’s leg out. Both men jockey for position before Triple P hits a strong double axe handle club to Shane’s back.

Stunned, Shane arches his back as he is heaved up to his feet and thrown into the ropes meeting Triple P’s forearm on the return taking him off his feet. The crowd rallies behind Triple P as the “Paragon of Perfection” drags Shane back up and sends him into the opposite ropes hitting another return forearm dropping the ICON Champion.

Dropping down for the pin, Triple P offers a lazy hand on Shane’s chest while flexing to his Parasites in the crowd.


Chastity Gold: Kickout! A little show-boating there by Paras!

Shane throws his shoulder up easily as Triple P gives Romeo a half cocked smirk before putting the boots to Shane’s head. Shane scampers into the corner and puts his head outside the ropes as Romeo steps between the two competitors to allow Shane his reprieve as per the rules. Triple P shrugs and steps back into the middle of the ring flexing his arms again as the crowd cheers for the Perfect One.

The ICON Champion takes a moment to shake free the cobwebs and try to figure out how the first few moments of this match have not gone according to his plans. Giving the fans at ringside a scornful look, Shane leans back through the ropes into the ring as he checks on his jaw where Triple P had nailed him with his stiff forearms.

Both men circle once again and lock up however Shane hits a quick snap kick to Triple P’s gut causing him to double over.


Shane issues forth a stiff chop to Para’s bicep causing the big man to stand straight up and try to cover his bare chest. Shane shoves his hand down..


Triple P lets out another yell as he falls back into the near by corner as Shane follows up with a series of stiff punches to the side of Triple P’s head before whipping him into the opposite corner. Shane charges in with a double Knee Lift to Triple P’s chin followed by a monkey flip sending Paras crashing into the center of the ring!

Shane scrambles over for the cover while the fans boo..



Rick Fantastic: Close one as Triple P kicks out!

Triple P throws his shoulder up as Shane slithers up to his feet giving the Ref a warning look. Unflinching, Romeo Ward order Shane to continue and he does so by dragging Triple P back up to his feet. Shane hits a quick head butt before heading into the ropes, charging back at the stunned Triple P with a flying closeline! Both men go down however Shane is quick to roll back up to his feet giving the crowd a dour glare as they boo him loudly.

With Triple P laid out in the center of the ring Shane climbs the Turnbuckle and waits patiently. Triple P slowly gets back up, his vision clearly full of stars as Shane measures him up..

Flying Hurricanarana!

Shane launches himself through the air catching Triple P by the head before flipping him over, driving his head into the ring mat. Triple P goes limp as Shane rolls over for the cover.

Chastity Gold: Love him or hate him, Shane Reynolds never fails to impress when it comes to execution.



Rick Fantastic: KICKOUT!

Triple P once again forces his shoulder up leaving Shane with a dejected expression. Grabbing Romeo by the ref shirt he begins to yell at the ref as the fans cheer on Triple P. Paras uses the ropes as leverage, pulling himself up slowly as his dazed eyes look out over the ring.

Refusing to take Shane’s abuse, Ward pushes the much smaller Reynolds backwards to which Shane turns and realizes Paras is up again. The ICON champion bounces off the rope to get a head of steam and charges at Paras once more. PARAS DUCKS AND PULLS THER ROPE DOWN!

Shane sails through the air in an attempted flying tackle and crashes and burns outside the ring, landing awkwardly on his neck and shoulder before rolling to a stop. The crowd stands up on their feet as a collected roar of applause sounds out. Triple P stumbles back up to his feet and looks to the outside of the ring where he sees Shane sprawled out on the floor.

Romeo Ward begins the ten count as Shane has yet to stir on the outside after crashing down. Triple P does not wait for the count, however, and rolls outside the ring where he picks up the limp Shane Reynolds into a bear hug. Lining him up with the ring post Triple P charges forward and drives Shane’s back into the metal support before dropping him back down to the ring to flex his arms up at Romeo who yells for him to get back in the ring.

Chastity Gold: Romeo Ward is not letting these veterans of the ring off easy. He’s really displaying his authority here in this match!

Triple P looks to be apologizing to Ward and indicates he will get Shane back into the ring before he picks Reynolds back up by his hair and tights. Measuring Shane up to be thrown back under the ring ropes Triple P charges forward however at the last minute he veers off throwing Shane shoulder first into the ring posts.


Shane slumps back down to the floor, aware enough to be clutching his shoulder as Triple P flexes at a woman in the front row who is apparently blushing. Romeo once again begins to yell at Triple P who yells back that he got distracted but that Shane would make it into the ring this last time.

Finally Triple P manages to roll Shane back into the ring where he hooks the leg for a pinfall.



Rick Fantastic: KICKOUT BY SHANE!

Shane manages to twitch violently enough to get his shoulder up at the last moment preserving the match for him. Triple P stands back up as he holds his arms to his side eyeing Reynolds. The ICON Champion rolls onto his side doing his best to keep his shoulder away from Triple P knowing he will try to center on that. It turns out to be a wise move as Triple P drops down into a vicious headlock.

Shane’s face starts to turn scarlet as Triple P locks on the hold while Ward checks to see if Reynolds wishes to surrender the match. Shane fights against it, twisting his body back and forth to try and find some kind of way out as the crowd rallies behind Triple P.

Shane manages to get one hand under Paul’s arm as both men slowly get back up to their feet. Shane sends an elbow into Triple P’s gut before breaking free, charging into the ropes before returning for a clothesline..


Triple P rolls Shane through and locks on the half crab with technical brilliance! The Crowd Roars to life as Triple P pulls back on the leg adding excruciating torque to the leg! Shane screams and pulls at his hair with no where to go in the center of the ring!

Romeo checks on Shane who refuses to surrender to the submission hold! Triple P leans further back as Shane lets out another series of screams.

Shane finally manages to start pulling himself to the ropes where he snags his freedom. Ward warns Paul to break the hold which he reluctantly does leaving Shane to clutch his knee.

Triple P grabs Shane by the leg and drags him back into the center of the ring however as Triple P attempts to lock on the half crab, Shane manages to counter by kicking Paul in the face, dazing him. Still laying on the ground, Shane kicks Triple P’s leg out from under him sending Paras to the floor.

Rick Fantastic: BROKEN WING!

Shane applies the Broken Wing to Triple P who now finds himself in a submission hold in the center of the ring. Triple P fights and thrashes to break the hold as Shane tightens his hold. After a few moments of fighting Triple P becomes sluggish and slow..

Referee Ward checks Triple P’s wrist which appears to have gone limp..


The arm falls as Ward lifts it a second time..


Once again the lifeless arm drops while the crowd begin to chant COME ON PARAS!


Chastity Gold: NO!

Before the hand falls, Triple P shows signs of life, his open hand reaching out toward the ropes. Shane shakes his head and arches his back in hopes of adding further torque to Triple P’s neck. Scooting as close to the ropes as he can Triple P manages to snag his foot on the lower rope!

Ward signals for Shane to release the hold! Shane refuses until the very last moment, rolling away and back up to his feet as he glares down at Triple P who simply lays on the ground holding his throat with one foot on the ropes. The crowd applauds however Shane does not let the love train last as he pulls Triple P back down to the ring and sets up the BROKEN WING!

Rick Fantastic: COUNTER!

Triple P coyly played chicken and lured Shane in, grabbing his opponent by the head!


Triple P locks on the anaconda vice as Shane has no where to go! Within a few moments Shane’s hand begins to slap the mat as his earlier damage to his neck and arm proved the chink in the armor for this lock up!


Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 13:29… TRIPLE P!!!

Chastity Gold: That is two straight victories for Perfect Paul Paras over the ICON champion.

Rick Fantastic: One has to wonder when Paul will get his shot at the gold, as he’s certainly shown he’s earned it ever since his return before Capitol Punishment.

With Romeo Ward raising Triple P’s arm to the crowd’s delight, “Headspace” quickly drowns out as Triple P approaches Shane Reynolds in the center of the ring.

Chastity Gold: Are we seeing a sign of respect here from Triple P?

With Reynolds on one knee, Triple P extends his right arm as a sign of mutual respect for putting together another closely contested match. Shane looks directly into Paras’s eyes and then to his palm before standing up on his own and turning his back on the former ICON champion.

Chastity Gold: Such disrespect! Shane Reynolds is a piece of… arggghhh! Nevermind, he’s just sick!

Shane exits the ring without turning back to Triple P in the least, leaving Paul confused and to wonder what is next for him as Mayhem returns to his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota next week!


Hardcore Artist

The cameras quickly cut backstage, where we see a close up of a barber’s chair. As the camera slowly pans out, we see “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood standing behind the chair looking down at his watch and tapping it. As he looks up, he notices the camera is shooting and smiles at it.

Scottywood: Tonight is a great night folks. Not only is it my return to Mayhem after 3 months away from it, not only am I going to once again become the number 1 contender for the LSD title, but tonight, I am going to rid the world of Bob Jared’s chest hair.

He looks down at the razor and can of shaving cream in his hands and then backs up at the camera.

Scottywood: Now on my show H! True Octane Story this past Sunday, I gave Bob Jared a opportunity to save his chest hair from a painful ending by shaving them off before our 5 way hardcore elimination match tonight. I even got all of this set up, so all Bob Jared has to do is show up and we can put this all to an end very peacefully.

He looks down at his watch again as there is suddenly a knock on the door of the room and Scotty smiles again as he makes his way over to open it up.

Scottywood: And here he is now folks! I knew Bob would make the right decision and show up here.

He opens up the door, but we don’t see Bob Jared. Instead we see Frankie the Cameraman, who is out of breath.

Scottywood: Where the fuck is Jared?!? You were suppose to find him, drug him, and bring him to me.

Frankie the Cameraman: I was just about to, but right before I could, I got a call on my cell phone from someone claiming to be Bob Jared’s chest hair. When I hung up, Jared was no where to be found! I ran all over the place but it was like he just vanished! He is a sly, sly man.

Scottywood: Fuck! You’re completely worthless sometimes.

In anger he throws the razor and can of shaving cream across the room and into the wall he makes his way back over to the barber’s chair.

Scottywood: Well if Bob won’t show up here, by his own will or not, then I guess I am just going to have to go back to my original plan…

Scottywood reaches behind the chair and lifts up a large bottle of lighter fluid, which he starts dousing the barber’s chair with a large smile on his face. Feeling satisfied with the amount of fluid on the chair he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a book of matches, which he strikes and drops on the chair, automatically igniting it in flames.

Scottywood: Hahaha. I actually like it better this way Bob. I’m going to enjoy listening to you scream as the flames burn each and every chest hair of yours off your body. Oh it is going to be music to my fuckin ears.

That scary sadistic smile has overcome Scotty’s face as he just stares into the flames, enjoying every second of it, almost as he is imagining or wishing that Bob was sitting in the chair as the flames themselves burn it.

Scottywood: Ok, I think we’re done here… Time to take care of some real business and set my sights on my true targets: David Black and MY LSD championship.

Scotty grabs his trademark barbwire hockey stick and motions for Frankie to follow him before the camera quickly cuts to a different area backstage.


Bob is Gold

The fans roar with approval as the camera turns its attention to none other than Bob “Fucking” Jared, who is watching a monitor with a look of disgust on his face. He cannot believe what he just witnessed with Scottywood, not to mention all the crap that came out of his and Silver Phoenix’s mouths in their most recent promos. Bad mouthing him like that, someone who helped pave the way for both of them in this business whether they wanted to admit it or not. Ingrates, that’s what they are.

Bob Jared: Scotty, Silver, both of you need to lighten up. Haha, get it? Lighten up… Anyways, there’s something that both of you should know.

The older veteran zips his jacket down midway and points to his chest hair; golden brown in color and looks like it has been gelled.

Bob Jared: Scotty, seeing as how you are so obsessed with my chest hair then I have no choice but to send you the first bottle of my newest product that I have been working on, Dr. Jared’s Pectoral Tonic. It gives you a thick, full chest of hair overnight! That way you don’t have to be jealous over the fact that chest hair has more charisma than you, you loony. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking, son? Were you drunk when you thought that the chest hair interview was a good idea? You made yourself look like a goddamn fool in front of everyone.

Bob reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a bottle of the hair tonic he was working on. It was almost ready, but still needed some more testing before it was ready to go onto the market. Bob shows it to the camera and moves it back and forth in front of the lenses, close-up and in detail.

Bob Jared: As soon as it’s ready, then you will be the first lucky recipient to receive a bottle of this homemade hair tonic I concocted. So stop crying and I’ll even throw in a free comb in the package, how does that sound? I’ll give you time to think it over, since you have all the time in the world to do so.

The older veteran stuffs the bottle back into his jacket pocket; it felt good to get what was bothering him off his chest… hair.

Bob Jared: Now Silver, I know what it was like to be young like you once. I was arrogant, cocky…well I still am, and brash. I felt like I was the best thing going on in professional wrestling and that the fans would sell their own teeth just to see me perform for one night in their hometown. Though, the difference between you and I Silver is that statistically my career will be longer and less tragic than yours since high flyers’ bodies usually wear and tear in a shorter period of time. No amount of fan pleasing is worth it in the end when you find yourself being constantly injured, permanently crippled, or even dead.

Tearing up a bit on the inside, Bob knew that there were greater dangers in being a high flyer then what people believe it to be.

Bob Jared: Whether you know it or not, I am self-proclaimed by others to be the top face of HOW. Hell, I get some of the biggest pops just by standing in the ring and puffing out my chest. You see, I don’t have to rely solely on wrestling in order to get cheers from the crowd. Also, I have a little something known as a personality. An attribute you need to get sometime soon. So in other words, let’s put your little theory to the test and see who the fans prefer the most in our upcoming match.

A loud roar of chants can be heard coming from the audience going, “JARED! JARED! JARED! JARED!”

Bob Jared: Do you hear that Silver? Now who are the one’s getting their money’s worth? Not to sound harsh but your ring work will remain second fiddle to me in terms of who is more over. Just because you can do a few fancy moves does not make you better than everyone else. So please mind your place in HOW as for now. Oh and one more thing…

Bob sighs from the annoyance he’s had to put up with from his opponents, as if they had nothing new or original to use against him and had to resort to attacking his chest hair in order to get some cheap heat.

Bob Jared: The chest hair insults are starting to get really old. Come on guys, make fun of the fact that I’m balding or that I’m a redneck from the south. Please! Or you can make fun of me for becoming the next LSD champion… that’ll do just fine.

BFJ grabs onto the camera with his right hand and lets out a cheeky grin before the cameraman yanks it out of Bob’s grasp and we go to a commercial.

Rick Fantastic: Seriously. Is this guy for real?

Chastity Gold: That’s Bob Jared folks. We’ll be right back!


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Marvelous BJ?

Back live as “Hunt You Down” by Saliva hits and “Marvelous” Mario Maurako walks out onto the Mayhem stage dressed in stylish blue jeans and a red Triple M t-Shirt. With his trademark 2×4 and microphone in hand, Mario makes his way to the ring as the Cleveland fans shower boos upon him for his actions at Capitol Punishment. A video recap of what happened plays on the HOVas Mario climbs up the ring steps and into the ring, hoisting the 2×4 into the air while red and white sparkling fireworks shoot from the turnbuckles. The music slowly drowns out and Triple M stands in the middle of the ring ready to address the Mayhem crowd.

Mario Maurako: You know I’ve always had a profound respect for your hometown hero Drew Carey, but after returning to Cleveland for the first time in ages, I’ve come to the realization that Cleveland doesn’t rock. CLEVELAND SUCKS!


Mario Maurako: In fact, the only thing that this crummy state is good at is firing people. That’s why you’re one of the top 10 states in terms of Unemployment.

Mario grins as the crowd continues to boo unceremoniously.

Mario Maurako: Now since you’re all jobless hobos, I’ll fill you in on the results from Capital Punishment. I, “Marvelous” Mario Maurako, single handedly stopped you’re American Hero, Christopher America, from winning back his LSD Championship from David Black. Now why would I do something like that to my client Christopher America?

Mario Maurako: Maybe it was because Chris has been stealing my heat ever since I formed the Argonauts of Awesome almost a year ago. Maybe it’s because since I left HOW after War Games, he has attempted to steal “my spot” in the company. Or maybe it is all of the above! Christopher America has insulted me with his lack of appreciation for myself and everything that I’ve done to pull him up to where he is today. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago when John Sektor and myself were having our issues that he took Sektor’s side! What did John Sektor ever do for Christopher America? NOTHING!

Mario Maurako: But America isn’t the only unappreciative piece of trash walking around here in HOW. All of these new HOW Superstars don’t understand how lucky they are. They don’t understand that if it wasn’t for me, and those who came before me they wouldn’t be able to stand out here and do the things they do week in and week out. And when I reached out to them to give them guidance they shunned me. They wouldn’t answer my phone calls, and they would slam doors in my face.

Mario Maurako: Then Bishop Steele finally accepted my generous offer to guide him through HOW…. until I saw how pathetic he was in the ring. It was at that moment I knew I had to do my very best to get him fired and then extract revenge on all of those other guys who are out to take “my spot”. So I sat back and I developed a plan. A plan that would see Christopher American sign an exclusive contract which states that he basically works for me until I release him. So as much as you peons would love to see him march down here right now and try to get revenge on me it isn’t going to happen.

Mario Maurako: You see, I have sent Christopher America overseas… not just anyplace though. Oh, no. I have sent Christopher America over to a place where he would have no friends what-so-ever. And that is why Christopher America is in a Communist region of Russia!

The fans boo, annoyed that America isn’t present to put an end to Maurako’s tirade.

Mario Maurako: Boo all you want, nobody is going to stop me. And next week in Minneapolis, Minnesota I will make my return to the ring in what will no doubt be a blockbuster of a match!

Rick Fantastic: You hear that? Triple M is returning to the wrestling ring next week in his hometown!

Chastity Gold: What a homecoming it will be for the fans in Minneapolis!

Suddenly, “Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins hits and Bob Jared walks down the ramp to a huge ovation from the crowd and climbs into the ring. Jared walks right up to Triple M and just stares at him.

Mario Maurako: Who in the hell are you?!?

Bob Jared takes the microphone from Triple M.

Bob Jared: I’m Bob “Fucking” Jared and I’m about to become the #1 Contender to the LSD Championship. So now would be a good time for you to stop running your mouth and get out of my ring.

Mario looks at BFJ a little puzzled and rips the microphone back out of his hands.

Mario Maurako: You see, this is the type of blatant disrespect I’m talking about. Robert, I’m putting you and everyone else on notice. I’m going to assemble a well oiled machine and rid HOW of punks like you.

Bob Jared looks on unconcerned and motions for Mario to leave.

Mario Maurako: Yeah, I’m leaving you hairy wildebeast. Not because you told me to, but because I have nothing left to say to you or these jobless Ohioans.

Mario drops the microphone and exits the ring, leaving Bob to start his warm-ups and get ready for the Hardcore Elimination Match that will determine the next challenger for the LSD title.


Scottywood vs. Johnny Otaku vs. Bob “Fucking” Jared vs. Silver Phoenix vs. Jason Midnight
5 Way Hardcore Elimination match

On his back up the entrance ramp, Mario passes the high-flyer Silver Phoenix, who shoots him a curious glare as he glides his way to the ring to a mild reception from the fans. Silver Phoenix joins Bob Jared by hopping onto the ring apron in one leap and flipping himself over the top rope. With the crowd in awe, Jason Midnight’s music is next to cue and the fans become more vocal for the behemoth that struts out from the back with the trademark steel chair bearing the slogan “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, written in his own blood.

Rick Fantastic: Boy these youngsters have a lot to prove… with an exception of course to Bob Jared, who’s what? 45? 50 years old by now?

Chastity Gold: I heard somewhere that his chest hair actually pro-creates…

Rick Fantastic: Enough about the damn chest hair already!

Silver Phoenix back away from Midnight as he walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope, albeit swiftly for a larger man. Bob “Fucking” Jared simply continues with his squat thrusts as the hometown hero, Johnny Otaku’s music hits.

Rick Fantastic: I’ll have a taco supreme please!

Chastity Gold: Oh, so it’s ok to talk about the taco but we’re forbidden from talking about Bob’s chest hair?!?

Rick Fantastic: Precisely.

In a louder ovation than you might expect for Johnny Otaku, even considering the fact he’s in his hometown, he leaps onto the turnbuckle from the ring steps and poses for his friends and family that are sitting closely a few rows back.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! You gotta keep ‘em separated!

Pushing an entire shopping cart full of “hardcore goodies,” including his barbed wire hockey stick, Scottywood emerges from backstage to a loud pop from the crowd and heads straight for the ring.

Chastity Gold: With an LSD title shot on the line in this Hardcore Elimination match, let’s not forget, folks, that “The Hardcore Artist” was a former LSD champion himself several months ago.

Rick Fantastic: I’ll never forget his epic encounter with Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff and his brutal feud with Christopher America, both of which had the LSD title at stake.

Chastity Gold: And several blood transfusions later, there’s no question that Scottywood would love to get his hands back on the LSD title, and these four men are standing in his path as obstacles for that goal.

Referee Frank Tsonga has to avoid the trash can, steel chairs, and other “items” that are thrown into the ring by Scottywood before he can call for the bell to get the match under way.


Rick Fantastic: What the hell kind of name is Frank Tsonga? Is that Arab or something?

Chastity Gold: Maybe it’s some sort of Irish-Pollack variation? We should ask Carey if she’s related to him. In any case, his credentials as a referee come highly regarded as one of the industry’s best.

In the ring, 4 superstars occupy the space near each turnbuckle while Bob “Fucking” Jared stands in the center of the ring with a kendo stick, circling and wondering who is going to pounce first.


Unfortunately, “Mr. Mayhem” Johnny Otaku was brave enough to confront BFJ, only to receive a kendo stick shot to the forehead. Jason Midnight is next to attack and receives a shot to the groin, which doubles the big man over and forces him to roll out of the ring. Jared swings wildly at Silver Phoenix, who ducks at first but is knocked for a loop by the impending Russian Leg Sweep he receives from Bob Jared.

Rick Fantastic: Bob Jared is an animal! And you’d almost think so even by the looks of him!

Chastity Gold: Nah. I think the blazer and opposable thumbs give him away.

Finally, Scottywood and Bob Jared come face to face with each other as the other competitors nurse their kendo shots nearby. Scotty raises the barbed wire hockey stick into the air and Bob does the same with the kendo stick, belting out a thunderous roar to the crowd’s approval.

Chastity Gold: OK, maybe he is an animal!

Bob goes to swing at Scottywood but the former LSD champion ducks out of the way and brings the barbed wire hockey stick crashing down on Jared’s skull. Bob “Fucking” Jared yelps in pain as Scottywood delivers a boot to the gut and an SDT that gets the crowd into the match. Even moreso, from behind, Silver Phoenix leaps off the top rope, catches Scotty with his legs, and follows through with the Top Rope Hurracanrana!



Rick Fantastic: Kickout by Scottywood!

Chastity Gold: Beautifully done by Silver Phoenix with that Top Rope Hurricane.

Rick Fantastic: Um… Chaz… it’s Hurricanrana.

Chastity Gold: Still learning! Remember?

Rick Fantastic: Right.

Silver Phoenix sees Johnny Otaku on the top rope ready to perform a similar move and meets him to halt him in his tracks. They brawl back and forth on the top rope until Johnny Otaku gains the leverage and positions himself for a Superplex on Silver Phoenix. Unfortunately for both superstars, Jason Midnight blasts Otaku in the back with his trademark steel chair, causing them both to topple forward and crash into the middle of the ring!

Rick Fantastic: Jason Midnight with a powerful chair shot! What impact! Otaku and Phoenix are going to feel that in the morning!

On the other side of the ring, Scottywood pulls a table out from underneath the ring and props it up, grabbing his bottle of lighter fluid shortly thereafter to set the table ablaze. Bob “Fucking” Jared rolls out of the ring to try and stop him, but ends up getting doused with lighter fluid for his efforts. Bob brawls back and forth with Scottywood until they are both interrupted by Jason Midnight, who proceeds to nail them both with successive steel chair shots, denting it in the process.

Chastity Gold: Jason Midnight’s got the book of matches! Things are about to get hot in here!

A light of a match and a flick of the wrist sees Midnight admiring the flaming table while Bob Jared quickly rolls under the ring to avoid being set on fire. Meanwhile, Johnny Otaku has gained the advantage on Silver Phoenix inside the ring, wanting to stay as far away from Midnight and the flaming table as he possibly can.

With Tsonga monitoring what’s happening on the outside, Otaku shouts to grab his attention as applies a quick roll up on Silver Phoenix.


Chastity Gold: Phoenix kicks out!

Rick Fantastic: And reverses into a roll-up of his own!



Chastity Gold: Kickout by Otaku! Quick paced action here in the early going as all 5 of these superstars are looking to score that LSD title shot!

Rick Fantastic: And you have to believe that David Black is closely watching this match in the back as he prepares for his Main Event Handicap match against Issac Slade.

To ensure the safety of the fans, the Elite Protection Unit carefully surrounds the flaming table at ringside whilst Jason Midnight looks for Bob Jared under the ring. As he lifts up the apron though, Jason Midnight is met with a blast from a fire extinguisher that leaves him blinded from white debris and scrambling.

Bob Jared pops out with the fire extinguisher and sets his sights on extinguishing the flaming table, only for one of the EPU members to return the favor and blind Bob himself!

Chastity Gold: That’s Triple M!

Marvelous” Mario Maurako spits on Bob Jared before slipping away through the crowd as the real EPU chases him down. Meanwhile, Scottywood comes up from behind Bob with the barbed wire hockey stick! Bob “Fucking” Jared stops in his tracks and releases his own fire extinguisher as Scottywood lifts him onto his shoulders into a Fireman’s Carry.


Bob flails in pain as Johnny Otaku is also tossed from the ring to the outside, right onto him!

Rick Fantastic: Soft tacos are now on sale!

EPU unknowns shower Scottywood, Otaku, and Bob Jared with their respective fire extinguishers and once clear, Scottywood calls for a frog splash from the ring apron. Except Silver Phoenix stops him from behind with an Inverted Facelock, flipping Scotty backwards over the rope and over his shoulder, and dropping him with a Whipper-Snapper that has the crowd going wild!

Chastity Gold: What a move! What a move by Silver Phoenix!

But instead of pinning Scottywood, Silver Phoenix sizes up the damage on the outside as sees Johnny Otaku lying motionless on top of Bob Jared. Finally able to wipe the debris from his face, Jason Midnight looks up to find Silver Phoenix leaping over the top rope and extending himself for a SUICIDE PLANCHA right onto the heap that is Otaku and Bob Jared.

Silver Phoenix takes a moment to recover from the impact, but orders Tsonga to make the count as he has both men covered!




Kimber Marshall: Bob Jared and Johnny Otaku have been eliminated!

Rick Fantastic: That leaves us with 3 Chastity!

Chastity Gold: So much for your guarantee that Bob “Fucking” Jared would win this match. Oh! Excuse me. Am I allowed to say the f-word on live television?

With Scottywood in the ring, Jason Midnight shifts his attention to Silver Phoenix who is struggling to his feet after that tremendous Suicide Plancha he just executed. Midnight lifts him up in a scoop and proceeds to set him on the ring apron, following up with a hard elbow shot to the ribs that does Phoenix no good as all 3 superstars are in the ring now after Midnight slides in as well.

Rick Fantastic: This is anyone’s game, really. I’ve seen a lot from Silver Phoenix tonight and would definitely agree that he was overlooked coming into this match.

Chastity Gold: Perhaps hardcore wrestling is just his niche.

Scottywood has come to life as well after the Whipper-Snapper from Phoenix and joins Jason Midnight in stomping away at the high flyer in hopes to keep him grounded. Seeing a trash can propped between two turnbuckles out of the corner of his eye, Scottywood surprises Midnight with an Irish whip into the can, only for Jason to use his overbearing strength to reverse at last second and send Scotty crashing into it!

Scottywood nurses his midsection from the impact but finds himself on the receiving end of a Monster Boot from Midnight to the back of his head. Scottywood flies over the top rope and out of the ring, leaving Midnight and Phoenix alone in the center of it. The fans are indifferent at this point on who to cheer for, they basically just want to see someone get fucked up as this match has already seen 2 people get dropped through a flaming table.

Rick Fantastic: I smell Silver Phoenix’s FINAL TOLL!

In reference to Jason Midnight’s modified TKO finisher, Rick Fantastic’s premonition comes to life as Midnight punches away at Silver Phoenix and lands his finishing maneuver, right onto a heap of razor wire!

The screams are deafening as Silver Phoenix desperately rolls off the razor wire, but directly into a pin from Jason Midnight.




Kimber Marshall: Silver Phoenix has been eliminated!

Chastity Gold: Lookout for Scottywood!

From behind, Scottywood lands a shot with his barbed wire hockey stick that has Midnight reeling and reaching behind to grab him. Luckily, Scottywood evades his reach and plants him with another shot with the stick, which snaps it in half in the process. With blood trickling down Jason Midnight’s nose, a smile forms on his face as he tastes the blood on his lips and points at Scottywood with a sadistic smile.

With no weapons easily accessible, Scottywood backs away from Midnight until his back meets the turnbuckle. Midnight lunges forward to attack Scottywood, but the former LSD champion lands a boot to his gut. Scottywood hops over the doubled-over Jason Midnight in hopes that his Sunset Flip will come to fruition, but Midnight simply plants himself onto the chest of Scottywood, the air escaping his lungs as the pressure from the big man is too much for Scottywood to overcome! Tsonga sees both of Scottywood’s shoulders down on the mat is on the pin in a flash.





Kimber Marshall: Scottywood has been eliminated. Here is your winner in 13:13… JASON MIDNIGHT!!!

Rick Fantastic: It’s over! Jason Midnight earns himself a crack at David Black and the LSD title!

Chastity Gold: Speak of the devil…

Survive” by Lacuna Coil quickly drowns out the music of Jason Midnight and the LSD Champion, David Black emerges with a cocky swagger as Midnight begins making his way up the side of the entrance ramp. Midnight halts in his tracks at the sight of Black, as Frank Tsonga attends to Scottywood in the ring, who is still trying to catch his breath. David Black calls for a microphone at the top of the entrance ramp and gets one immediately.


Enter the Black

Black hoists the LSD Championship title over his shoulder and admires it before taking in the boos from the crowd as if he’s enjoying it. He brings the microphone to his lips as the boos get louder and louder in hopes that it will drown out any words that come from the champion’s mouth.

David Black: There is something so blatantly obvious, it’s right in front of your very eyes…and yet you refuse to see it, you refuse to accept it. Ever since the Paris Street Fight when I won this title, I have defended it successfully against anyone and everyone. And every damn time, in every single one of those matches, I have proven myself to be THE LSD Champion. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again…this division, the LSD division…the LSD title, it’s all about sacrifice. It’s all about gain through sacrifice, and there is nobody on this planet who is willing to sacrifice more to be the LSD Champion, than I am! I will do anything and everything to keep this title where it rightfully belongs, and while you, Jason Midnight may have thought that winning this match and getting a crack at my title was a good thing… the fact is, it’s not!

David Black: What you imbeciles are failing to realize, is that when Jason Midnight won this match, he became the number one threat to MY LSD Championship. I have said before that the LSD Championship is my life, and I meant it! And when somebody threatens my life, I damn sure deal with them, brutally and effectively.

David is forced to pause as the crowd boo’s.

David Black: The fact is that Jason Midnight is not worthy of a shot at my title!

Jason looks puzzled as he grips his dented steel chair tightly, having won the Hardcore Elimination match fair and square and earned the right to face Black for the title.

David Black: The LSD Championship is a thing to be respected. Its history is written in blood! Its legacy is one of brutality! And Jason Midnight, regardless of winning this match or not, you are simply not worthy of challenging for my title. Now I said that this division is about gain through sacrifice, but for you, Midnight, there is nothing to be gained, because you don’t have the balls to sacrifice what it takes! There is nothing that I won’t do, to keep my title!! No sacrifice is too great, be it my own, or my opponents… and you, Jason Midnight, will come to understand, that getting a shot at the LSD Championship is less of a career making opportunity… and more of a career ENDING opportunity!

The crowd boo’s again, but this time, it’s because an unknown man has slipped

David Black: And tonight… I’m gonna prove a point. I’m gonna prove to every single one of those people who still doubt me, that I am indeed a force to be feared in High Octane Wrestling. I will prove to all of you, just what I am capable of. Because tonight, I will take your beloved Issac Slade…

David is cut off again as the fans cheer at the mention of Slade.

David Black: I will take Issac Slade, your beloved hero, and beat him into a bloody pulp right in this very ring! I will take the man that you all love so, and I will destroy him in front of your very eyes! And in doing so, I will accomplish three things; one, I will beat a former World Champion, further proving my dominance in this company. Two, I will help Ryan Faze get the revenge he so rightfully deserves. And three… bring justice for the so-called accident with Sabina Faze, as Issac Slade will finally be made to pay for his actions.

The crowd boo’s heavily.

David Black: And if Jason Midnight wants to know what his future holds, all he has to do is watch what I do to Slade tonight, because what will be reality for Issac Slade tonight, is what is in the future for Jason Midnight. And I want you all to remember one thing… what happens to Slade tonight, and what will eventually happen to Jason Midnight… remember that they brought it upon themselves. They made their mistakes, and I’m here to make them pay for them. So Issac Slade… Midnight… get ready, because for you… it’s all going to hell! With that, David drops the mic and takes a seat in the corner of the ring to wait for his match to start as HOW takes its final commercial break of the evening




Issac Slade vs. David Black & Spook
Handicap Match

We come back from commercial with Lacuna Coil’s “Survive” blaring throughout the arena, the fans booing, and the LSD champion David Black still slouched in the same spot he was sitting with the LSD title resting across his lap.

Kimber Marshall: This next match will be contested as a Handicap Match! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 235 pounds… he is the HOW LSD champion, DAVID BLACK!!!

Black uses the ropes to pull himself up and he kisses the LSD title before handing it to a member of the Elite Protection Unit. “Survive” abruptly stops to cue “Cleansing” by Marilyn Manson which starts to blare while the lights go out in the arena. Dim purple lights and smoke fills the entrance ramp as Spook appears after an explosion of fire. Joseph Gregory is dressed in black bondage pants with chains hanging across the back in a criss-cross pattern, and a black shirt on. He looks out at the roaring crowd as he walks to the ring, slapping a few hands along the way. Another thunderous explosion of fire shoots out from each ring post as Spook removes the bondage pants to reveal wrestling tights at the bottom of the entrance ramp and slides into the ring himself.

Kimber Marshall: And introducing his tag team partner, from Plant City, Florida, weighing in at 225 pounds, JOSEPH GREGORY!!!

Chastity Gold: Joseph “Spook” Gregory has been waiting for an opportunity like this to truly showcase his talent for quite some time now, and even though this is a handicap match, pinning Issac Slade, a former World Champion, would certainly shoot him up the ranks.

Spook doesn’t waste much more time and meets David Black in their corner of the ring. Suddenly, “Rise from the Ashes” by Quietdrive hits the loudspeakers and the fans of Cleveland rise to their feet for their favorite HOW superstar, Issac Slade. It’s not long before the man that preaches “Have Faith”, but has been struggling with that very concept, emerges from the back to a deafening ovation despite losing the World Title on Turmoil 4 days ago. With half an effort, Slade raises his arm as a sign of appreciation for the encouragement as he walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Kimber Marshall: And their opponent, from Louisiana, weighing in at 220 pounds, ISSAC SLADE!!!

Chastity Gold: Well Rick, if having your locker room vandalized with baby pictures mixed in with pictures of your dead lover wasn’t bad enough, poor Issac Slade must now compete in a Handicap match. It must’ve taken Shane Reynolds hours to put all those pictures up.

Rick Fantastic: I mean, Slade’s a nice guy and all, but watching the salt go deeper and deeper into his wounds is like watching a freak sideshow. You can’t take your eyes off of it no matter how sick and twisted it may be.

Slade halfheartedly stretches against the ropes, keeping a close eye on both of his opponents as they debate over who should wrestle first.

Chastity Gold: Well this match was per the order of General Manager Ryan Faze, and even though we haven’t heard much from Issac’s former best friend tonight, this match is a clear indication that he wants to see him suffer for what he did to his sister Sabina.

Rick Fantastic: Speaking of suffering… I just got word from the monkeys in the back that someone replaced the contents of Faze’s Vicodin bottle with fast-acting laxatives! Faze hasn’t been hiding after all! He’s been locked in the bathroom all night!

Chastity Gold: All because of a practical joke? But why? Who?

Rick Fantastic: Who knows, but what I DO know is that Issac Slade is in for a world of hurt tonight. Take what he’s been through recently with his father, then add in the circumstances surrounding Sabina, toss in a Hell in a Cell Inferno match at Capitol Punishment, and top it off with yet another exhausting Triple Threat match on Turmoil and what Shane did tonight and I’m not so sure even the mighty Issac Slade could handle the pressure. And that’s not even accounting for the fact that his opponents aren’t exactly slouches either!

Chastity Gold: That’s right, as this is a statement match for both David Black and Joseph Gregory. Referee Romeo Ward steps forward to the center of the ring and calls for the bell, and after some more arguing between Black and Spook, it’ll be the LSD champion starting things off against Slade.


Slade shoots each of his opponents a glare as he backpedals his way in a circle around the ring with Black approaching, keeping his distance at first before locking up with the LSD champion. Black’s size advantage allows him to back Issac into the turnbuckle before Romeo Ward steps between and orders Black to release the hold. Black refuses at first, but obliges with a cocky smirk after Ward begins to administer the 5 count. To add insult to injury, Black slaps the taste right out of Issac Slade’s mouth before backing away to the center of the ring.

Crowd: OHHHHH!!!

Chastity Gold: Black showing no respect for our former World champion!

With Joseph Gregory looking on carefully, Black instigates another lock up with Slade, this time, with Slade spinning behind Black and slapping him hard in the back of the head, forcing David to drop to one knee.

Rick Fantastic: Now is not the time to provoke Issac Slade, folks!

Chastity Gold: A hard slap by Slade has our LSD champion down…

Several moments pass with Black looking baffled that Slade showed him up, but Issac allows him to come to his feet. Issac even does some provoking of his own, infuriating David by gesturing to “come get some.” Black charges, only for Slade to level him with a clothesline. David pops back up and gets taken down by another before Slade drops quickly and hooks both legs.



Chastity Gold: Quick kickout by David Black there after Issac tried surprising him with a pin using his leverage.

Rick Fantastic: Yeah, and he almost had him too! Good strategy by Issac as he’s going to need every advantage possible to try and win this match up.

Joseph Gregory offers his hand to tag David Black, who all but scoffs at the gesture.

Chastity Gold: You can be sure Black isn’t finished with Slade after being shown up like that.

Black initiates a lock up with Slade for a third time and immediately knees him in the midsection, doubling him over. David secures Issac’s head under his arm and grabs the side of his tights, lifting him and landing a beautifully executed Veritcal Suplex after letting the blood rush to Slade’s head. Black wastes no time bringing Slade back to his feet with a side headlock, with Issac shoving his opponent off and into the ropes. Black rebounds and returns quickly, planting Slade with a shoulder block that has the crowd booing. Slade rolls over allowing Black to hop over him, but Black is quickly taken by surprise when Issac trips him up from behind and locks in a tight school boy which has Romeo Ward immediately on the count.



Chastity Gold: OH! Slade almost stole another one as Black kicks out after two!

David rushes to his feet, looking to regain control but walks right into an arm drag that Slade holds onto with an arm bar. Issac increases the leverage by using his other arm to wrench David’s neck backwards until Spook jumps in and breaks it up with a boot to the jaw!

Rick Fantastic: Joseph Gregory with the save!

And wisely so as Issac Slade was quickly building momentum in this match up. Romeo Ward barks at Spook to get out of the ring and he does so immediately, wisely choosing to obey the 6’8, 275-pound African American referee, who holds a black belt, no less. Slade dusts himself off and stands to find Black attempting a hip toss, which Issac skips 180 degrees to counter, only for Black to re-counter with a decapitating lariat! The LSD champion follows through with a fury of fists as Issac tries to shield himself to no avail. Black slows up, exerting a cocky boast to the crowd who respond in their standard disapproval. David looks back to his corner, where Joseph Gregory is eagerly waiting to get his hands on the former World champion, but decides to ignore his partner and continue with his assault on Slade.

Chastity Gold: Well, Spook’s getting a bit impatient over there, but David Black is wanting Issac Slade all to himself!

Rick Fantastic: It’s all about the spotlight here in HOW… and both of these superstars want the spotlight against the former World Champion.

With a sleeper hold tightly secured on Issac Slade, Ward checks to make sure Slade wishes to continue, which he does so, perhaps due to the “Have Faith” chant that has broken out amongst the crowd at the Wolstein Center. With the chant getting louder and louder and Black becoming more and more furious, Slade appears to be digging deep and coming to life as the tense moments pass. David tries to hold onto the sleeper, but Slade eventually powers out to a huge pop from the crowd and nails an elbow to the side of Black’s head. Issac leaps to the middle rope in front of him and springs backwards, landing another elbow that plants the LSD champion to the mat. Back to his feet, Slade lands a Standing Drop Kick that reassures the crowd and gives him all the momentum. Looking for an impact maneuver, he reaches down and shoots David into the ropes, only for Spook to reach over and slap his partner on the back, which Romeo Ward signals is a legal tag. Slade rushes forward and levels Black over the top rope with a clothesline to the outside, but Spook evades the collision and pops Slade with a poke to the eye. With Slade blinded, Spook leaps over the top rope and finds his opponent on his way down with a Bulldog that has the crowd “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” despite seeing their favorite superstar on the defensive again.

Chastity Gold: Beautiful execution there by Joseph Gregory!

With David Black beginning to stir on the outside, Gregory maintains the offensive with a series of kicks and strikes that keeps Slade grounded. Issac nurses his ribs as Gregory climbs his way to the top rope, only for David Black to quickly hop on the ring apron and knock him off with a hard slap, which again, Ward signals as a legal tag.

Rick Fantastic: What the-

Chastity Gold: These two are supposed to be partners and David Black is letting his ego get the better of him!

Rick Fantastic: Which is good news for Slade as Gregory was looking for a high impact move from the top rope.

Spook falls to the outside as Black climbs into the ring through the middle rope, where Issac Slade meets him with a barrage of right fists. David fights back though and the two trade blow for blow until Slade, who is beginning to wear down heavily, backs down. With Issac dazed, David executes a modified Belly-to-Belly suplex and hooks the leg!



Chastity Gold: Kickout by Issac Slade! You can tell he had to dig deep to kick out of that one!

Black is quick to his feet but is promptly tripped up and pulled out of the ring by Joseph Gregory. Spook begins arguing with Black, asking him why the hell he knocked him off the ropes, but Black simply smiles, shrugs, and swings at Spook, who blocks it and knocks out the LSD champion!

Rick Fantastic: Spook just knocked out his own partner!

Romeo Ward signals another legal tag and now Spook slides into the ring to pick up where Black left off.

Chastity Gold: Apparently, knocking your own partner out is considered a legal tag these days…

Rick Fantastic: These days? You speak as if you’ve been a professional wrestler for 30 years… and you ain’t even 30! Speaking of which… what are you doing after the show tonight?

Chastity Gold: Why do you ask, Rick?

Rick Fantastic: No reason… I just figured we could swing by Bobbinette Carey’s after party together. You know, have a drink or two to wind down after an exhausting show…

Chastity Gold: I’ll think about it. Let’s just get back to the match, shall we?

Back in the ring, Spook has picked up right where David Black left off, stomping away with right boots at Slade’s midsection and opening some of Issac’s wounds from recent matches. Blood begins dribbling down Slade’s chin as he most likely is experiencing internal injuries from the effects from such matches on top of this one. Spook lifts Issac and delivers a hard chop to his chest that bores the fresh Sabina tattoo. Issac cries out from the pain, but it’s barely audible to the fans in attendance that are obviously concerned for the former World Champ. On the outside, David Black is slowly shaking off the after effects of the knockout punch from Spook and is coming to life as Spook continues his assault with a series of German suplexes.

Rick Fantastic: I don’t know Chaz. I don’t know how much more Slade can take.

Chastity Gold: Obviously, his internal injuries are getting worse as evidenced by the extreme amount of blood he’s spitting up. Oh, I think Spook is calling for The Pit!

Joseph Gregory motions for his Double Handed Chokeslam finisher he calls “The Pit” and stalks Issac Slade as he struggles to come to his feet. The crowd is desperately yelling for Slade to stay down, roll out of the ring, or do anything to avoid his impending fate. But to no avail, as Joseph Gregory locks him in his grasp and lifts him into the air…

Rick Fantastic: Watch out for Black! Just before Spook can land the Double Handed Chokeslam, Black slides into the ring and delivers a swift low blow that forces Spook to crumble and release Slade.

Slade rolls out of the way momentarily as Black hits a modified BLACKOUT to a kneeling Joseph Gregory.

Chastity Gold: BLACKOUT! Blackout on Spook! On his own partner!

Rick Fantastic: And Slade’s to his feet!

David Black kicks Spook out of the ring and turns around to find Slade lunging at him. Slade lifts the LSD Champion for a Spinebuster but is too weak, which allows Black to reverse it into a Tornado DDT!

Chastity Gold: He’s got him!

Both superstars lie motionless, Slade more so than Black obviously from the impact of the Tornado DDT, but Black as well to catch his breath. The LSD Champion quickly nips up to his feet ala Shawn Michaels much to the crowd’s displeasure and approves of the work already done on Issac Slade. Still, David Black calls for another BLACKOUT for good measure, and after checking on Spook on the outside, lands a chest-first Codebreaker onto Slade, who’s now bleeding internally and externally from his chest! Romeo Ward drops for the cover as Black slashes his throat, signaling for the end.





Kimber Marshall: Here is your winner in 15:43… DAVID BLACK!!!

Rick Fantastic: He did it! I can’t believe it! David Black pinned Issac Slade!

Chastity Gold: And Spook looks none too happy on the outside! Wait a second… come on now! We need those!

Spook is so upset at the result of the match, that he clears the announce table of its monitors by tossing them off the table that Fantastic and Gold are sitting at. All the while, David Black is handed back the LSD title and smirks as the High Octane medics attend to Issac Slade next to him.

Chastity Gold: Now this is just uncalled for!

Using the LSD title, Black starts clearing house, brushing past the medics and pushing them aside to continue his assault on Issac Slade with the belt. The fans begin to throw trash into the ring as Black gives Issac a fresh wound on his forehead, which begins pouring blood. But instead of the Elite Protection Unit, it’s someone different that comes to Issac’s aid.

Chastity Gold: That’s Silent Witness!

The crowd buzzes with cheers as the former 4-time LSD champion jumps over the barricade from the first row, but before he can get into the ring, Black scurries away, sliding out of the ring and into the crowd, using the Elite Protection Unit to shield him from the spiteful fans. Silent Witness points at Black as he kneels down to check on Slade and as more medics flood the ring to attend to the former World Champion.

Rick Fantastic: Folks, had it not been for Silent Witness… whom we haven’t seen in HOW for at least 6 months… Issac Slade well, who knows what would have happened to Issac Slade. But still, he’s in bad shape and it’s fairly safe to say that he may be suffering from internal injuries.

The medics are quick to help Slade to his feet, who is needing all the support he can get right now and that image is the final one of the night as Chastity Gold and Rick Fantastic close the show.

Chastity Gold: We’re out of time here on Mayhem! We’ll see you next week as we invade Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Rick Fantastic: I’m Rick Fantastic…

Chastity Gold: And I’m Chastity Gold… GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!




Post-Mayhem, 1 hour, 30 minutes later

The Issac Slade that makes his way into his locker room is a battered and beaten man. His wounds have been tended to, but everything about him screams that he is a man who has nowhere to go, a man with no hope, his body language cries that he has nothing left. Shutting the door behind him, he notices that his locker room is once again dimly lit but he doesn’t bother turning on the light, all he cares is that the pictures are gone and he is alone.

Sitting down on a bench next to his duffle bag Issac buries his face in his hands and simply sits, still as statue the only sound to fill the room is his steady rhythmic breathing.

???: Look…at what they’ve done to you

Slowly Issac looks up in the direction of the voice, weary beyond belief he stares into the darkness in front of him, the voice is undoubtedly female but muffled somehow.

???: It breaks my heart to see you like this Issac, you were once on top of your game, and now look at you, broken, beaten, even those who once protected you have turned their back’s on you, struck out at you to Hurt you…

A leather clad hand gestures from the shadows to the cross on his chest

Issac Slade: What do you want? Who are you?

There’s no strength in his voice, he doubts he could physically eject anyone from his room even if he wanted to.

???: No “I” but “We” Issac “We” are friends, and “We” want to help you

Issac stifled a small gasp as a pair of hands suddenly touched his back, then another pair, suddenly these two pairs of hands begin to massage his back, his surprise quickly fades to a low groan of pleasure as his body betrays him and he begins to relax as the tension melts away.

Issac Slade: How can you help me? I…I don’t even know what I need…I don’t know what I want anymore.

???: We want to return you to the spotlight where you were once before, we want to heal you, we want to train you Issac, we want to make you a better man, you’ve cut yourself off from everyone who calls you “friend” and the only man who called you friend here is now your bitter enemy.

Issac Slade: I don’t see how it’s possible

Two leather clad hands emerge from the dark gently cupping his face

???: It is…Let us be your Salvation Issac Slade, let us make you a better man, Let us make the pain stop, you want that don’t you? Don’t you want the pain to stop?

Issac Slade: I…I…I’m tired of hurting

The tender caress of cool leather on his face breaks down the last of his defenses as he draws in a deep shuddering breath

Issac Slade: I have nothing left…

???: Ask us for help Issac, Ask us to take you to a better place, to turn you into a better man, Salvation is yours…all you have to do is ask us.

Issac Slade: W-Who are you?

???: I am Salvation…do you want me Issac Slade?

Issac lowers his head and then nods

Issac Slade: Help me…Save me…Please.

With a subtle nod from the shadows a signal is given, a syringe flickers in the light behind Issac and quickly jabs into his neck injecting him with an unknown liquid, Issac Gasps in pain and his body goes rigid for a moment but the leather clad hands stroke his cheek and hair, the womans voice cooing gently.

???: The path to Salvation will not be an easy one Issac, but after all you’ve suffered these past two months I have no doubt in my mind that you will reach your goal, now sleep.

Issac struggles to keep his eyes open but his exhaustion combined with the potency of whatever he’s been injected with is too powerful a combination to be ignored, under the gentle ministrations of the leather clad hands Issac drifts off to sleep.

As Issac slumps back into the arms of those supporting him from behind the leather Clad figure moves into the dim light, dressed in head to toe in the black her identity remains unknown, but the corners of her mouth can be seen turning up in a small smile as the leather around her mouth moves just so…

???: Bring him…it’s time to take him home.

Yes Mistress”

Two female voices echo in unison as the hands lift Issac between them and carry him to the door, the Leather clad figure is the last to leave, reaching out she shuts off the last light plunging the room into darkness.

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