Mayhem: April 27th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
April 27th, 2009 – #HOW47
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Monday Night Mayhem
April 27th, 2009 – #HOW47
The Best Arena, Chicago IL



Welcome to the Jungle hits the PA system and we are live inside The Best Arena for another edition of Monday Night Mayhem.

The cameras pan across the arena and captures the fans on their feet singing along to the GNR classic and as the music continues to play the huge High Octane Vision screen that sits at the top of the entrance ramp comes to life as a video begins to play showcasing the highlights from Turmoil on Thursday.

Arrival of HOW Hall of Famer Mark O’Neal and his Bottomlining of Blaze later in the evening..

The new stable Ascension handing out cookies to the Chicago fans..

Sektor defeating Blaze in 31 second slower than Shane Reynolds..

America defeating the SSE World Champion Trent in a very close match…

Carey getting the surprise win over Stable Champion and BA Monster..Aceldama…

The Blood Brothers destroying Sektor and Carey…

Finally..Best Alliance member Guy “Static” Stephens winning the LSD Championship..

As the video ends on the HOV and as GNR fades out the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome everyone to the live broadcast.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Mayhem. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny as you just seen we had ourselves quite the Turmoil last Thursday and you can just feel everything getting more heated as the June 8th War Games PPV quickly approaches.

Big Buff: Heated? Between the hate between all the stables and all the paranoia going around I would think it’s safe to say that the only thing hotter than High Octane Wrestling right now would be Oprah Winfreys thighs after walking up a flight of fucking stairs…

Joe Hoffman: C’mon Benny. She is a Chicago ICON and she deserves more respect than that….plus she is on Twitter as is HOWrestling…you can find HOW by going to ..

Big Buff: Really? You seriously about to plug a Twitter site during Mayhem? Shut the …

Joe Hoffman: Benny I am just doing my job. If you haven’t noticed a lot of people are not being brought back for year two and we should count our lucky stars that we are.

Big Buff: You count. I’ll enjoy this brand new bottle of Jack Daniels that Lee sent over to help celebrate the one year anniversary of the reopening.

The camera zooms in to show Benny holding up the customized and special ONE GALLON bottle of Jack Daniels that is already missing some from the bottle.

Joe Hoffman: You got down past the neck of the bottle already?? We are only a few minutes into the show!!

Big Buff: You missed the production meeting asshole..

Joe can only shake his head as he continues..

Joe Hoffman: Well folks as Benny just mentioned High Octane Wrestling will celebrate a birthday of sorts tomorrow as it has been one year since we reopened and over the past several days Lee and the rest of the roster have been recording a very special edition of High Octane Radio and it has been confirmed that a new inductee into the Hall of Fame was announced but Ill refrain from stating WHO it was until the special airs tomorrow live on the HOR site.

Big Buff: Whore site? You talking about Which one??

Joe just totally ignores Benny as he wraps up the opening notes for Mayhem..

Joe Hoffman: Folks tonight is a jam packed show and although we have gone to a half hour less of show since the restart of Mayhem, you can really tell that the pacing of the shows are picking up week by week as War Games approaches and tonight should only add to that as we know that Triple M, a AoA stable member, will join Rob Michaels in his Going Hollywood interview segment to explain why he is now on team SSE at War Games. Also don’t forget that tonight Jatt Starr will take on Scottywood for the right to be commissioner and our big main event sees Triple P taking on Ascension member Issac Slade for the ICON Title…..whew…

Big Buff: Don’t forget that each match is featuring members of different stables going at it. It will obviously be like this till War Games and to be honest I fucking love it as it gives the BA a shot to prove they are the BEST each and every show.

Joe Hoffman: Um…ya…Benny…did you just give out good information? Anyway…folks it is time to get to the action as we have HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff set to take on David Black and that match is right now!!


David Black vs Chris Kostoff
Singles Matches

Lazarus by Fozzy pumps thru the PA system and as David Black makes his way out from the back a replay of his role in the Main Event on Turmoil is shown and it ends with the footage of Kostoff sending him thru his own windshield via a powerful No Remorse powerbomb.

The crowd gives Black a very mixed reaction but it’s better than the no reactions he was getting with the KOE as Benny points out.

Name of the Game by Crystal Method hits the PA system and the crowd stands as one as HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff makes his way out from the back and once again a replay of the LSD Title match from Turmoil is shown and the crowd goes wild as the Kostoff No Remorse on Black is shown again and this time in a slow motion.

Kostoff is smiling as he enters the ring as Black looks more focused than ever as Joe notes that this match will go a long way in deciding if one of these men will be going to War Games to possibly wrestle for the LSD Championship on the biggest stage in HOW.

Much maligned HOW referee Joel Hortega signals for the bell and we are underway.

The match starts off at a fast pace as both men go back and forth exchange blows and powerful clotheslines. Kostoff gets the upper hand after a blocked right hand from Black. After he drives Black to the mat with a nasty side suplex Kostoff drops down and goes to lock the STF on him. Fighting back, Black breaks the hold and drops Kostoff with back elbow shot to the jaw.

Seizing the moment Black goes to work on Kostoff. With a series of rights and lefts to the HOW Hall Of Famer, Black pins him in a corner and slams into him with a hard charging shoulder to the stomach. Falling out of the corner Black catches Kostoff and drops him with a DDT. Black hooks his leg…..kick out at dos.

Getting to his feet Black pulls Kostoff up and shoots him into the ropes, only for Kostoff to come back and drop him with a swinging neck breaker. Getting to his feet, Kostoff grabs Black and tosses him outside the ring. Grabbing a steel chair Kostoff slams it down into the back of Black. Hollering in pain Black tries to fight him off with kicks, but to no avail as Kostoff jabs the chair into the stomach of Black as Hortega screams at Kostoff to drop the chair or else he will be DQ’ed.

Smiling, Kostoff slides Black into the ring as he rolls in behind him. Pulling him up Kostoff sends him crashing into a corner. Charging in after him, Kostoff gets met with a boot the face. Falling backwards to the mat Black drops a knee down to the head of Kostoff.

Cover by Black….kick out at dos.

Benny notes that if anyone in the Best Alliance would have used the chair they would have been disqualified and this just isn’t fair and he claims that Kostoff is getting special treatment as a HOW Hall of Famer and Hortega is afraid to call for the DQ because he’s afraid for his job.

Back to the match and the action picks back up as the two men take the fight outside the ring. Both men get in some nasty shots as now both men have blood flowing from their faces. After serious shots from both men, they both fall back into the ring. As blood pools beneath both of them they both get to their feet as Joe notes that he hasn’t seen many Kostoff matches where neither man didn’t bleed from somewhere.

Back in the ring both men begin throwing haymakers and neither man is able to gain the upper hand until Kostoff smartly ducks under one and nails Black with a wicked kick to the stomach and then picks him up for his No Remorse finisher but Black is able to grab the back of Kostoff’s head and he lets his body go and as he falls back to the mat he thrusts his knees up and his knees nail Kostoff right in the jaw as he lands a perfect counter to Kostoff’s finisher…

His own finisher called The Blackout.

The crowd is in complete shock as Black makes the cover and Hortega counts…





Post match the HOV shows a replay to show just how quick Black turned a potential loss into a very big win for his HOW career.

As Hortega checks on Kostoff in the middle of the ring, David Black heads up the ramp smirking as he knows he just got the better of the Hall of Famer.

The action cuts backstage where LSD Champion Guy Static Stephens is said to be arriving!


YOUR LSD Champion

:: We cut backstage toward the entrance. The door opens and in walks Guy ‘Static’ Stephens. Dressed rather casually his leather jacket left open revealing a Best Alliance T-shirt underneath. Static has a gym bag over one shoulder and his recently won LSD title draped over the other. With an arrogant strut and a cocky smirk on his face, he makes his way down the corridor only to be stopped by a group of fans who are paying no attention to him and are queuing for official HOW merchandise. Static slams his fist against a nearby wall, drawing the attention of one of the fans that turns and notices Static only to turn back around ignoring him. Static laughs and pulls the fan back on him and out to the side so Static can continue walking. ::

Static: “Move it morons, move, move, thank you cretins, out of my way. Hey fatty, care to step aside.”

:: Static comes across a fan who easily ways over 400lbs. Static looks him up and down before smirking.

The fan is wearing a Scottywood hockey jersey that barely fits and looks more like a belly dancing attire. Static shrugs to himself as he can’t help but laugh. ::

Fan Boy: “Use some manners, instead of being a dick.”

:: The fan boy manages to get his words out, despite forcing probably his third or fourth chili dog into his mouth whole. ::

Static: “How about you move lard arse, or I take your head and six chins off your shoulders with this title belt?”

Fan Boy: “You don’t even deserve that belt. Ryan Faze should still be champ, he had you beat.”

Static: “Look shit for brains, who’s got the title?”

:: Static adjusts the LSD title, almost as if hyping himself up to the fan. Static then smirks as he awaits an answer. ::

Fan Boy: “You have, unfortunately.”

Static: “Correct I have. Which means?”

:: The fan didn’t respond, Statics tone of voice is sarcastic and snappy as he questions the fan. ::

Static: “Jesus Christ! You people, fine, I’ll tell you; it means I was the better wrestler, the one with the stamina to continue. After everything you fucking idiot fans threw at me, nachos, cheese, drinks cartons, your fists, homemade signs and pretty much everything including the kitchen sink. I still took it to Ryan Faze and pinned him for the title. I overcame any odds you people thought I had stacked against me thanks to this stupid new stable Ascension, and I took away the LSD title from Faze, because phenomenal, he is not, a worthy champion, doubtful. So I took it upon myself to ease the balance. Taking the LSD title and proving I was the better man.”

Fan Boy: “What your point?”

Static: “ARGH! Fucking Idiots. Outta my way.”

:: Static just barged past, giving up with the fan boy’s idiotic questions. Static wandered on further, coming to a corridor where there are hardly any fans around to cause him any more grief. Backstage interviewer Blaire Moise then approaches Static. Blair tugs on Statics jacket, which causes Static to turn and face as Blaire smiles. ::

Static: “You? What do you want?”

Blaire: “A few words?”

Static: “I thought you were David Blacks personal interviewer?”

Blaire: “What makes you say that?”

Static: “I don’t know, cause your constantly kissing his ass I guess.”

:: Static adjusts his LSD title again, making it more visible to the camera as his cocky attitude makes Blaire lose his trail of though. ::

Blaire: “Well, since it’s my last night here I thought I would get an interview with all the current champions and you’re the first one I’ve spotted.”

Static: “Yeah last night, heard about that. Fine but make it snappy, I haven’t even seen lee yet.”

Blaire: “Last week, despite the involvement of the fans, David Black & Chris Kostoff, You managed to defeat Ryan Faze for the LSD Title, how does this make you feel?”

Static: “Good, great, fantastic even. Blaire, you speak about people getting involved in the match up but if you look back on the footage, none of that matters because it ended like I said it would. That’s all that matters. My hand was raised.”

Blaire: “Indeed yes it was, and congratulations, but surely you’re a bit confused over the interference from David Black?”

Static: “Well when I saw his face as he stepped from the car indeed I was a little shall we say, hesitant considering our fierce and heated rivalry. I’m just glad he didn’t do anything he may have regretted.”

Blaire: “But surely you owe David something considering he saved you from defeat?”

Static: “He didn’t do anything Blaire, I was going to kick out anyways. I owe him jack shit. Do you think I owe him something?…WELL?”

:: Static gets right in the face of Blaire who stumbles back trying to gain a little distance between himself and the self proclaimed ‘Human Wrecking Ball’ ::

Blaire: “Well, I would think he was after a title shot perhaps.”

Static: “Really and do you think he deserves a title shot?”

Blaire: “Well, he has beaten you before hasn’t he?”

:: Static remembers the pain from the house of mirrors match when he suffered defeat against David Black, his eyes glow red with anger and his cocky smile has now changed to a pissed off frown. Static closes the gap between himself and Blaire, who isn’t taking his eyes off of Static. ::

Static: “What gives him the right? What gives anyone the right? Ryan Faze, David Black, Chris Kostoff, Christopher America and even Scottywood. None of them deserve a damned title shot, but everyone knows it just takes enough cash in this business. So bring your Ryan Faze’s and your David Black’s because I will run through them like a, well, I guess like a…”

Blaire: “Cannon ball?”

Static: “Wrecking ball you fucking idiot. No wonder your getting fired.”

:: Static just re-applied the LSD title to his right shoulder as he brushed past Blaire, who is left shaking in his head disappointedly as Static heads towards Lee Bests office, the Best Alliances hang out as it were as the camera fade and we cut to commercial ::


Official Beer of your LSD Champion!!


Johnny Stevens vs. Silver Cyanide
Singles Match

Back live from commercial and the scene cuts back to ringside where Silver Cyanide is standing the middle of the ring, posing for the cameras. Meanwhile Johnny Steven’s is on the outside making his entrance and high fiving the front row ticket holders as Land of Confusion by Disturbed blasts thru The Best Arena

Joe Hoffman: This should be an interesting competition, between two relatively new stars to HOW.

Big Buff: Both jobbers..

Joe Hoffman: Cyanide is of course a part of the AOA, but now that Triple M has joined the SSE team for war games, everybody is curious as to what will happen to the Argonauts of Awesome.

Big Buff: I hope they fold like the Knight’s of Epicness did.

Both men are now in the ring and the bell rings signaling the start of the match. Cyanide goes for a lock up but Steven’s skips back and kicks him in the gut. He runs back against the ropes and executes a spinning neck breaker. He goes for a quick cover but Cyanide kicks out before the three.

The opening portion of the match is all Stevens as he has executed various suplex’s and now has Cyanide locked into a sleeper hold. Cyanide is staying on his feet and breaks the hold with a couple of sharp elbow jabs to the ribs of Stevens. Steven’s turns his back on Cyanide for a second and when he turns around Cyanide goes for a dropkick. Steven’s cleverly sidesteps and bats the dropkick away causing Cyanide to miss and land on his side. As Cyanide lands Stevens drops on top of his back with an elbow drop.

Hoffman talks about how Cyanide hasn’t been given a chance to get into this match yet, but just as he says that Cyanide ducks a punch from Stevens and delivers an implant DDT. He then picks up Stevens and hoists him into a standing suplex position, and drops him with a picture perfect brain buster. He the covers and almost gets the three but Steven’s throws a shoulder with the refs hand a hair away from the mat.

Cyanide gets up and looks to the ropes. He runs and goes for a springboard moonsault, but Stevens is up and catches him in a reverse fireman’s carry position. Hoffman compliments Stevens on a simply awesome reversal as he locks in a torture rack submission (Hells Torture.) Senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher hears Cyanide yelling something and calls for the bell.

Winner of the Match via submission in 3:22 Johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy Steeeeeeeeeeeeevenss!!

Stevens holds his hands up in the air in victory after throwing Cyanide onto the mat like used garbage as the scene cuts backstage.


Open Challenge

*’Indestructible’ by Disturbed blasts throughout the Best Arena as Aceldama walks out onto the ramp. Holding a leather briefcase in his left hand he stands and stares around the crowd in the arena, spotting certain banners and posters sporting fun at his defeat last week, walking down the ramp he stops at a fan holding a banner which says ‘Beauty killed the beast’, he snatches it from them, ripping it up before making his way to the ring, climbing up the steps and climbing under the top rope he walks into the ring, demanding a microphone from the outside. An official walks over and hands him one. He roughly snatches it from him. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking around at the crowd who are booing, some are even chanting ‘You got bitch slapped’*

Cut the music!”

*His theme music is cut, the boos are now heard even louder*

Now shut up! It’s my time to speak, just sit there and listen”

*The crowd does not stop, they actually becoming even more vocal*

You can sit there in your seats and run through the motions. Cheer the face, boo the heel. However, this will not faze me from what I am about to say.

So a new stable formed and answered my call, winning the title from myself. The faces of High Octane Wrestling have formed to take on all that is evil within this federation. Congratulations. It seems you have ascended to the top of the mountain in the stable division very quickly. Maybe too quickly. Always remember, that being at the top of that mountain there is no way up, only down, to be standing at the bottom of that mountain, looking up, the only way is up. The Best Alliance may of fallen, but we will be back again.

However, this is not why I am out here. Last week I was defeated by Bobbinette Carey. The beast had been tamed by the beauty it seemed. Since then it seems I have become the laughing stock, people keep asking, how big of a monster can he be if he can be defeated by someone half his weight and nearly one foot less in height? Simple, I made a mistake; she capitalized like the stinking rat she is. And with any

stinking rat, they must be exterminated….

So why, oh why Aceldama did you take out Bobbinette after your match? Where you bitter in defeat?

No. It’s so simple. It’s what I do.”

*Aceldama begins to laugh frantically as the crowd boo even louder*

My aim every time I go into a ring is not to win the match, but to do as much damage as I can to my opponent. Just because the match is over and the bell is rung, does that mean I should stop? No. Did she deserve it? Yes. She and her little stable believe they stand for everything good in the world, that good things come to good people. This is not true, its tainted dreams, just like your ‘American dream’. If good things happen to good people Bobbinette, then why do sit today with your eye blackened? Why could your stable mates not help you? Why could your ‘boyfriend’ not help you? Because it’s simple, evil always prevails because we are willing to go to the extreme to get the job done, to get the message through. Your Hollywood movies have given you this impression that good always prevails, this is not the case. You won the match; you will not win the war.

So now my momentum has gone, and it is time to bring back the impact I was had. Backstage you laugh, thinking this monster has been tamed, but will one of you out there openly challenge me? I think not. Because you know that to get into the ring with me when I am focused and determined, you cannot beat me. But still you laugh. It is now time to put this roster to the test. In this briefcase I have $250,000 of my own cash which I am putting up in a challenge. I challenge ANYBODY in this roster to a match, if you can defeat me you shall win the contents of this briefcase. You must come out here this Thursday on Turmoil and openly accept my challenge. If it’s one person, fine, it proves this roster does not want to compete with me, two, no problem, five, not a problem also. So anyone out there that thinks they have seen me for what I truly am and believe they have what it takes to take me on, come on out and make yourself known.

Also finally. This is my final statement; even with my recent defeat it has not spurned my belief that I will deliver victory for the Best Alliance, so much so that….listen up, I will QUIT High Octane Wrestling if I fail to bring Lee 100% ownership of the company. That is all.”

*Aceldama drops the microphone and slips out under the ropes walking up the ramp with his briefcase in hand making his way to the backstage with an evil smirk on his face, listening to the barrage of boos and chants of ‘Goodbye, goodbye’*

Joe Hoffman: If War Games didn’t already have enough on the line now Aceldama has put his HOW career on the line! Folks we gotta take a break …wow…Aceldama’s career is now on the line!!



Team Best:
Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Jatt Starr
Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor
Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen, Triple M


Loose End

Back from commercial and we are inside the office of Lee Best who is on a cell phone.

Ya….tonight….no I don’t want to wait anymore…tonight you are officially announced as the fourth guy on my team….no he doesn’t need to know I got him …..ok…..ya…right at the end of the show….alright….later”

Lee shuts his cell phone and leans forward to talk to the man sitting across from him…Mark O’Neal.

Lee Best: You think I am making a mistake by bringing him onto the team don’t you?

Mark O’Neal: Lee I would never question anything you do cause quite frankly in the long run you never make mistakes…..

Lee Best: But…

Mark O’Neal: Well I mean I just don’t see how Aceldama and…

Lee Best: Watch it Mark…

Lee points at the camera crew inside the office and Mark quickly nods his understanding.

Lee Best: Look there is no one that Max or Rob can bring in that will top the Best Team at War Games. Adding this person is just the nail in the coffin and let’s face it he does have certain qualities that are perfect for this match…

Lee gives Mark a knowing look and Mark obviously doesn’t get it.

Lee Best: Ah fuck it never mind man. It’s done and over with so there is nothing more to say about it. You seen Jatt tho?

Mark O’Neal: Nah I haven’t and last I heard was that he didn’t even want to wrestle tonight so I have a feeling that even if he does it’s not going to be pretty.

Lee Best: Fucking Jatt….alright do me a favor and find that damn Aceldama…he has some explaining to do.

Mark nods and stands up and heads out of the office and as Lee sends the camera crew out of the office as well we see a final image of Lee pull a picture out from his jacket and we see a tear start to form at the corner of Lee’s damaged eye and as it falls down his cheek he notices the cameraman lingering about and he stands up quickly and rushes to the door and slams it shut as the action returns to ringside.


Rob Michaels vs. Matt Denton

Rob Michaels, Leader of Team SSE, makes his way down to the ring to a mixed crowd reaction. His actions in recent days have put him in a negative light, particularly last weeks betrayal and attack on Max Kael, who, while not necessarily a face, was still seen as a heel action. Sliding into the ring, Big Buff mentions how he has mixed feelings about this guy since he attacked Max, which he liked, but he is also SSE Scum. Joe Hoffman mentions how Rob Michaels, love him or hate him, is a crafty wrestler and a threat here in HOW to anyone he faces. He then goes on to explain how Rob Michaels came to face a former SSE Member, Matt Denton.

After Rob has made his way into the ring, Matt Denton heads out to an equally mixed reaction. Hoffman mentions how these two men currently appear to be sitting on the fence and how Matt Denton will be facing Max Kael, the leader of Team Kael next week. Big Buff mentions the series of failures Matt Denton has experienced since arriving in HOW and how he hopes Max Kael will pick him up for his War Games team.

Both men square off in the ring together, sizing each other up. The more wily Matt Denton goes for a double leg take down using his technical skill to try and keep Rob Michaels off balance. Taken down, Michaels attempts to kick his way out of the situation however Matt Denton keeps the match slow by working over his left leg. Hitting a series of strikes and leg locks focused on Michael’s left leg, Rob attempts to dismantle his former leader’s leg in order to rob him of his primary attack weapon.

Latching on a grape vine leg lock Matt Denton traps Rob Michaels in the center of the ring torturing his opponents leg. Hortega jumps in to check on Michael’s who thrashes about however he does not give up. The crowd starts to get behind Michael’s who slowly pulls himself to the ropes to get the clean break. Denton releases the hold and is scolded in Spanish by Hortega. Michaels slowly pulls himself up, clearly limping as Matt Denton comes back with his offensive aiming to take Michael’ down again.

Working the left leg of Michaels over again with a few kicks, Denton forces him into the corner where he cages the explosive Michaels in. Once again Hortega is forced to step in as Michael’s holds onto the ropes to support himself. Denton backs off only to charge in once Hortega is not paying attention!


Michael’s hits a huge kick to the side of Denton’s head with his right leg however the previous damage to his left leg causes it to fall out from under him as both men hit the mat. Denton, clearly dazed, stares up at the ceiling, blinking slowly with a glazed over look in his eyes while Michaels holds his leg on the mat, slowly trying to pull himself up again. Hortega starts his 10 count..



Michaels manages to get himself upright only to fall forward and drape himself over Denton for a pin!




Joe Hoffman comments on how close the last pinfall was and what a presence of mind Denton has to know to kick out just then. Big Buff comments that Denton has spent more time on the canvas then Michelangelo, or however you say the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles name. Joe Hoffman is confused but does not further comment on Benny’s drunken statement. Back in the ring Denton is slowly getting up as Michael’s sizes him up for another kick. Hitting a series of weak, but noticeable kicks thanks to the earlier attack by Denton, Michaels starts to mount an offensive.

Michaels sizes Denton up for what looks to be a super kick and fires off! Denton ducks and trips Michaels before locking in.. THE PADLOCK ’09!

Screaming in pain, Michaels slams his hands on the mat as Denton cinches back in his modified Cloverleaf! Hortega jumps down to check on Michaels who appears to be refusing to submit. Denton continues to crank on the pressure, cruelly twisting the knee he had been attacking earlier while causing considerable pain to Michael’s lower back. With nowhere to go it appears as though Michael’s fate is sealed as Hoffman says we might be at the end of the match.

Putting together a bit of his effort, Michaels begins to pull himself toward the ropes as Denton starts to scream at Hortega to check him because he is quite sure each time he pulls himself toward the ropes that he is submitting. Despite his alignment, the fans start to get behind Michaels and his effort to escape Denton..

Michael’s fingers are just in reach of the ropes…

Denton uses his power to pull Michaels back into the center of the ring where he sits back once again, cranking back on his former leaders back! Michaels face becomes a mix of horror and pain as his escape is drawn away from him leaving him left for dead in the center of the ring. Hortega drops down once again to see if Michaels wants to toss in the match. Michaels shakes his head and once again seems to try and find his escape.. turning his body back and forth he tries to gain momentum…

Michaels manages to twist his way out of the hold sending Denton into the ropes, stunned that Michaels was able to free himself! Hortega looks shocked and Benny can be heard over the mic spitting up his whiskey while Hoffman mentions what an effort that was by Michaels!

Denton, confused and angry, charges once again toward his former leader only to kick a swift kick into his knee cap causing him to buckle and fall! Michaels rolls over Denton and applies THE TRANCEMISSION! Denton thrashes under the demi-choke hold as Michael’s appears to be near his end, unable to stand and thus forced into this desperate action! Denton’s face flushes red as he reaches for the ropes however Michaels hold stands firm..

Denton seems to fade as Hortega checks his hand..





Post match we see Rob Michaels exit the ring looking none too happy at how long it took him to get the victory and Joe again mentions that there just seems to be a riff between the two men and Benny takes a drink for the career that was Matt Denton’s.

Joe reminds everyone that Denton will face Max Kael on Turmoil but right now there is a special pre taped video package that is set to air..and it involves our Commissioner and Ascension member Scott Woodson!!


Epic Visit

The HOV comes to life and the pre recorded video begins to play…

The video starts outside the Chicago General Hospital where earlier in the day we see Bobbinette Carey sitting in her with Frankie the Cameraman, who Carey is trying to teach how to tie his own shoes….but seems to just not be getting it. Bobbinette looks at a pair of shoes and holds up an empty pair.

Bobbinette: You make bunny ears.

She loops the two shoe loops.

Bobbinette: The bunny goes around the tree through the hole and Tada!

Bobbinette slowly shows how the shoe is tied.

Bobbinette: You try!

Frankie attempts to pull the rabbit through the hole but fails epicly as he throws the laces down to the floor in dejection that he can’t do it.

Frankie: I can’t do it…..I give up!

Bobbinette: You can do it and you’re not about to give up!

She says in a stern tone.

Bobbinette: you’re GOING to learn this!

Frankie: Maybe you should tie my shoe from my vantage point so I can see how it is done.

Bobbinette nods her head at the good idea as she walks over to Frankie and starts tying his shoe from behind him.

Bobbinette: So you take the two bunny years like this, see?

She says taking the two shoe strings and making loops.

Bobbinette: The bunny goes around the tree then through the hole.

She says this and tries to go slow with tying the shoe.

Bobbinette: It’s easy.

Suddenly we see Scottywood walk into the hospital room, and upon seeing Frankie and Carey and he stops walking in and seems to be a little shocked.

Scottywood: So what is going on in here?

Bobbinette takes a step away from Frankie as she looks at Scotty with a disapproving face.

Bobbinette: Wash your mind out Scotty.

Scottywood: Never gonna happen….but you should know that he has known how to tie his shoes for like 12 years now.

Bobbinette looks at Scotty and then back at Frankie.

Bobbinette: WHAT? YOU Knew how to tie your shoe already?

She looks at Scottywood.

Bobbinette: why didn’t you tell me this when he said you tie his shoes for him?!

Scottywood: You never asked me… I figure it’d be pretty funny.

Bobbinette: That’s so not funny Scotty!

She says sitting back down in her hospital bed. She holds her side coughing lightly.

Bobbinette: I have bruised ribs and… yeah just SO not funny.

Frankie: I wasn’t trying to be funny, I just wanted to visit you in the hospital.

She looks sympathetic for a second then slaps him.

Bobbinette: Don’t lie to me and manipulate things so you could get closer to me. THAT doesn’t vibe!

Frankie runs out of the room crying and holding his cheek in pain as Scottywood stands there with a huge grin on his face, trying not to burst out into laughter.

Scottywood: Hope Sektor doesn’t find out your cheating on him with Frankie…..he might get all jealous.

Bobbinette: Scotty wash your mind out with soap! I am not cheating on Sektor! And it’s because of Sektor I’m in the hospital… You didn’t even bring me any balloons or anything to cheer me up?

Scottywood: I tried to bring you a bouquet of barbwire….but they wouldn’t let me in the hospital with it. Plus no one ever brings be balloons when I get my forehead shredded by a cheese grater.

Bobbinette: You were part of Best Alliance! I’ll be around next week to get back from this.

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Bobbinette: Tell Frankie I’m sorry I hit him but I don’t like liars.

Scottywood: Will do, now I gotta get back to the arena and prep for Mayhem, so I’ll talk to ya later and hope ya feel better.

Bobbinette: thanks Scotty

She waves as she sits back down in her hospital bed as Scottywood makes his way back out of the room and down the hallway of the hospital and we cut to a commercial break as the video ends.



Visit Bobbinette in the hospital and get a free footlong sandwich!


HOW Commissionership
Scottywood vs. Jatt Starr
Singles Match

Back live and to ringside where “Everyone Wants You” plays over the P.A. system and a mix reaction from the fans fill The Best Arena as Jatt Starr makes his way out onto the stage and down to the ring as Amy Smeets makes the introductions

Amy Smeets: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Commissionership of HOW. Now making his way to the ring Atlanta, Georiga and weighing in tonight at 232 pounds ….Jatt Starr!!!

Starr makes his way down to the ring in his normal cocky fashion, ignoring the mixed reaction from the fans as he slides into the ring with a smile on his face.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

Disturbed” by Stricken plays as the mix reaction changes to all cheers as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with his barbwire hockey stick,

Timothy Ferra: And his opponent, from New York City and weighing in at 275 pounds…He is the Commissioner of High Octane Wrestling…..The Hardcore Artist…..Scottywood!!!

Scotty makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring as Jatt and Scotty go nose to nose trash talking each other as the referee Matt Boettcher has to get in-between the two men.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks up next we once again have a Best Alliance member taking on Ascension. Ascension is the current stable champions after Bobbinette Carey picked up a huge win over Aceldama.

Big Buff: She got lucky, and Shane and Aceldama let their feelings be known about it post match when Ace destroyed her.

Joe Hoffman: Well this match isn’t for the stables title. Instead if Jatt Starr beats Scottywood he will be the new commissioner of HOW!

Big Buff: Yeah it’s going to be great having the Sultan of SeaJattle as commissioner round here.

As Scotty’s music fades out there is a mixture of Jatt Starr and Scottywood chants as the two circle each other in the ring. Hoffman explains that the fans have started to take to Jatt ever since he gave Bobbinette and Darkwing their Hall of Fame status back.

The two lock up and Scotty gets the upper hand as he throws Jatt into the corner and starts working him over until Jatt is able to battle out and hits a big German suplex on Scottywood and goes for a quick cover which Scotty easily kicks out of. They get back up and Scottywood hits his first big move of the match, which is a chokeslam in the middle of the ring and goes for a cover of his own by Starr kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Both men trying to end this early, but neither are going to give up this easily.

Scotty pulls Jatt to his feet but gets a thumb to the eye and Jatt connects with a snap suplex and then goes to the top ropes to attempt an elbow drop but Scotty rolls out of the way and Starr crashes and burns.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t see Starr going up top often and that may have been a mistake.

Scottywood continues with his offensive as he almost takes Starr’s head off with back to back clotheslines, but misses with the third as Jatt delivers a kick to the stomach of Scotty and goes for his finisher the Falling Starr, but Scotty pushes him away and as Jatt turns around he gets hit with an SDT by Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: I think Jatt tried to go for his finisher a bit too early, could be a fatal mistake in this match.

Big Buff: The Jattastic One never makes mistakes Joe, so stop saying it.

Benny takes a shot as instead of going for the pinfall Scottywood stalks Jatt who slowly starts to pull himself back to his feet. Still a bit dazed from the DDT he stumbles right over to Scottywood who lifts him up into a fireman’s carry and executes his Game Misconduct finisher as the crowd roars and Scotty hooks the leg for the pin.




Boettcher calls for the bell as Scottywood rolls out of the ring and grabs his Stable title as the referee raises his arm, leaving Jatt Starr shocked in the ring.

Amy Smeets: The winner of this match in 4 minutes and 52 seconds….Scottywood!!

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood, somehow pulls off the major upset by pinning Jatt Starr, what a huge win for Ascension here tonight.

Big Buff: I don’t believe this, this didn’t just happen.

Joe Hoffman: It happened Benny, Scottywood just took down the cornerstone of Lee Best’s War Games team. Starr underestimated Scottywood and went for his finisher way too early and Scottywood capitalized on it.

Scottywood makes his way up the ramp celebrating his big victory and holding up two fingers to Jatt Starr, signaling that he is the second Best Alliance member to fall before him as we cut to a commercial break..


Up next is Going Hollywood..will SSE equal Ratings once again??


Going Hollywood

Announcer: We interrupt this program to bring you a special presentation from Shockwave Sports Entertainment.

The program suddenly cuts to a dark room, where a single spotlight illuminates a man who is quickly becoming familiar to High Octane Wrestling viewers: the leader of the SSE Crusaders, Rob Michaels. Dressed casually today in an SSE T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and Chuck Taylors, Michaels smirks his trademark smirk at the camera, and then says the one line familiar to every SSE fan worldwide.

Michaels: I’m Rob Michaels, and it’s time to go Hollywood!

Back in the SSE days, this is where “Going Back To Cali” by the Notorious B.I.G. would have kicked in, but this is a new day, and as such, it comes with a new theme song: “River of Joy” by Black Lab.

In the opening video, Rob can be seen from a helicopter camera being chased across the rooftops of Los Angeles by assorted paparazzi, performing assorted acts of parkour along the way, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as the paparazzi give chase, performing similar death-defying jumps across buildings. Once he reaches the end of the block, Michaels takes a deep breath and jumps off the roof of the last building, and the camera zooms out to reveal the Going Hollywood logo painted on the street below.

As the video package ends, we cut to the ring, which has been transformed into a set that looks like something out of a trendy nightclub. The entire back of the ring is covered by a 103″ plasma-screen TV. In front of the TV is a fully-stocked marble bar, which is being tended by none other than former SSE color commentator Kaley Matheson. There are four stools at the bar, and on one of them is Rob Michaels.

Michaels: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Going Hollywood! As always, I’m your party host, Rob Michaels, and we’ve got a hell of a show this week. Marvelous Mario Maurako is on the show tonight!

The Chicago crowd boos Maurako, but Michaels’ selective hearing is in full effect.

Michaels: Thank you, thank you. But first, I wanna talk a little bit about War Games. I…

Rob pauses for a moment, shakes his head, and continues.

Michaels: Sorry about that. Let’s just introduce my guest. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for…

Again, Rob pauses, seemingly unable to calm himself down. Why he’s agitated in the first place, who knows.

Matheson: (whispering) This isn’t in the script, Robbie.

Rob takes a moment to look at the camera, then looks at Kaley.

Michaels: Kaley, clear the set, I don’t want anyone thinking you had something to do with this.

Matheson: Rob, what the fuck are you doing?

Michaels: Kaley, go.

Kaley leaves the ring and walks about midway up the ramp.

Michaels: Let me tell you people a little something, and I want you to know that I mean every fucking word I’m about to say. Ever since I fucking GOT here, ever since I dared to bring back the letters S…S…E…I have dealt with NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT!! I have busted my ass day in and day out to make something out of this team, this opportunity that we had, and do you think I have any fucking backup? NO! I don’t have fucking backup, I have a fucking motley crew of retarded motherfuckers traipsing about, pissing all over the fucking SSE name!

Matheson (from ramp): Rob, I don’t think they’ll even let you say fuck this much on HOTv.

Michaels: Oh trust me, Kals, they’ll let me. Anyway, let me start at the beginning. When I came here, I was brought in by Matt Denton, SSE’s biggest cheerleader. He badgered me and badgered me until I agreed to bring SSE in. And it would have been okay if, you know, Denton was any fucking good in the ring! But he’s not! He’s a candyass wannabe wrestler who can’t win a match to save his fucking life, and even worse, when he does lose, he whines and cries and acts like the motherfucking sky is falling in! This son of a bitch hasn’t lost a match yet where he hasn’t threatened to quit afterward! SSE’s actions in HOW have more or less been limited to babysitting his sorry ass! Do I look like Vin Diesel in the motherfucking Pacifier to you?!

Matheson (from ramp): You know who looked like Vin Diesel? Gavin Reynolds.

Michaels: Kaley, SHUT IT!! Anyway, as I was saying, on top of this, Denton is accompanied by *finger quotes* ‘King’ Trip Eisen, a guy who’s taken so many chairshots to the fucking skull that he thinks he’s a king. Oh, and then there’s the paper fucking champion himself, Trent. Yeah, great fucking champ we have, a stoned piece of shit who doesn’t give a fuck about anything but tearing shit up. Yeah, property damage gets a whole fucking lot accomplished, you worthless fucking druggie!

Rob picks up his bottle of Hpnotiq and smashes it against the canvas.

Michaels: This is SSE? This isn’t fucking SSE!! If these fucks had been SSE’s front line at the start of Cycle Two, High Voltage Entertainment would be invading SSE right now. Yeah, that’s right, I went there. Team HVE would be me, Kostoff, Mark O’Neal, and…hell, we wouldn’t even NEED a fourth, because the three of us would destroy anything that moved, including wrestlers, referees, commentators, and a few unlucky fans at ringside!

The Chicago crowd delivers a strong mixed reaction to the namechecking of Kostoff and O’Neal. Meanwhile, Michaels’ face is red with fury.


Hoffman: Can we say that…C word on television?

Newell: What, cuntflaps? I think I had a stack of cuntflaps for breakfast at a Denny’s once. God, I was fucking wasted that night.

Rob picks up the official Going Hollywood coffee table and flips it over, sending production staff and Kaley flying. Rapidly approaching Cactus Jack-esque levels of derangement, Michaels sits down, with an evil grin on his face.

Michaels: But none of that matters now, because earlier today, I finalized a deal with a man who will make it all okay. I finalized a deal with the greatest Shockwave Sports Entertainment superstar of all time — well, second-greatest, after myself. A man whose very appearance on SSE programming sent ratings through the roof. One of the most deranged, vicious minds in sports entertainment history. SSE, HOW, I hope you’re all ready, because the day of reckoning is upon you! Darque days are ahead for each and every one of you. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the theme music of the man I cut a deal with!

Rob points at the nearby speakers, and they begin to play none other than Killswitch Engage’s “When Darkness Falls.”


The unmistakable sound of a record needle scratching a record is heard, and the theme music suddenly changes to yet another recognizable tune.


Again, the record needle is heard, and the theme music changes to one that shakes SSE fans to their very core.


One more record needle scratch, followed by silence. The lights go out on the set, save for a single spotlight on Michaels, who has an evil grin on his face. One quick waggle of his ever-expressive eyebrows, and the real theme music starts to play.


The rest of Undead plays, which we’re not going to describe because your humble narrator can’t figure out the fucking lyrics for the life of him. Rob, meanwhile, laughs evilly.

Michaels: That’s right, you sorry sons of bitches! The man I cut a deal with, the man who’s gonna make things right, is none other than LEE FUCKING BEST!!

Hoffman: WHAT? Is he serious? Has Rob Michaels made a deal with the devil?

Newell: Hey, this guy might not be so bad after all!

Michaels: Here’s what’s going down: effective immediately, the Shockwave Sports Entertainment stable in HOW? DOES NOT EXIST!! SSE? OUT OF WAR GAMES!! Now, don’t tell Lee, but I would have given him all that for free. But instead, I got a sweetheart deal from the God of HOW. One, I walk away with a pilot commitment on High Octane Television for a little side project I’m working on…more on that later…and two, I got him to help me out with one other little thing I’ve got going on. Hey, guy who runs the High Octane Vision! Show that footage I sent you from TNT!

The HOV Guy obliges, and we see the Turmoil footage, with Trent being raised to the rafters by his ankles and then disappearing.

Michaels: Okay, now let me show you what happened to Trent after that!

Rob breaks out his iPhone 3G, and pulls up a picture. The cameraman zooms in on it, and we can see that the picture is of Trent, lying unconscious and battered in a Dumpster, with the words “SSE REJECT” spraypainted on him.

Michaels: That’s right! Your so-called SSE World Champion got DUMPSTERED! BY ME! Let’s not fucking kid ourselves, people, I AM SSE!! There were only three guys in SSE who were ever worth a damn: myself, DavoteK, and Draven Stark! WE WERE FUCKING SSE!! And those two gentlemen had the Trump damn sense to distance themselves from this abortion of a stable. And now? SO AM I.

With those words, Rob rips off his SSE shirt, revealing an official HOW T-shirt underneath it, much to the shock of the audience.


The unseen hand of God, or possibly just the timekeeper, tosses…whatever this guy’s gonna call himself now his signature golf club, and he proceeds to go to town, demolishing the Going Hollywood set. The bar is the first victim of his rage, getting knocked over and smashed with the golf club. Next up is the 103″ plasma TV, its screen shattered by the driving iron. Finally, the chairs are tossed clear out of the ring and up the ramp. With the set destroyed, he looks into the camera and speaks again.

DeNucci: From now on, all I am is me. All I am is who I am, and who I am is Michael DeNucci. And let me tell you SSE fucks something right now: Michael DeNucci is coming for each and every one of you. One by one by fucking ONE! And when I get a hold of you, I’m not gonna take you out with some pansy-ass wrestling shit. It’s real now, motherfuckers.

Michael paces around the ring frantically.

DeNucci: I know what you’re thinking…where am I gonna start? Well, I’m gonna start right here.

Michael bends down to a nearby duffel bag and reaches into it, pulling out a very recognizable sight to anyone who had seen SSE programming before…

Hoffman: That’s the SSE World Championship!

Benny squints at the belt.

Newell: That’s funny, I don’t see a Fisher-Price logo on it.

DeNucci: Trip, buddy, I know this is gonna give you a sense of deja vu, assuming those chairshots haven’t fucked up your memory, too. Folks, way back in the days of a fed called the Ultimate Alliance — yeah, guy was a Marvel whore, and believe me, it showed — Trip Eisen was the World Champion, and all was well, until one day, a young renegade came along and stole that title out from under him. I remember it well, because that renegade was ME!

DeNucci: Trip, Trent, history is repeating itself. As of right now, Trent, the record books may say you’re the champ, but this belt in my hands says otherwise!! This belt is mine, pending the result of a match that has been booked for War Games. At War Games, it will be Trip Eisen…versus Trent…versus HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING’S OWN Michael DeNucci…FOR THE SSE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! That’s right, at War Games, for the first time in history, it will be the Battle of the Eisen Dungeon, and a Shockwave Sports Entertainment championship may — check that, will — fall into HOW hands. Hmmm…I wonder what Lee will give me for this belt?

DeNucci: Anyway, that about wraps it up for tonight. No apologies to Triple M for not being able to have him on, because that’s what your dumb ass gets to boarding a sinking ship. Folks, I know what you’re used to hearing me say at the end of this show, but I’m not Rob Michaels, and you’ve just gone Hollywood FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME!

With that, the newly-christened Michael DeNucci tosses the SSE belt onto his shoulder, throws down the microphone, and storms out of the ring, as we cut to a commercial.


Adidias the new sponsor for all HOW worldwide merchandise.


Adding to the team…

We return from commerical break as the fans immediately begin to boo as Max Kael appears on the screen behind his desk, his head no longer bandaged though he has his left arm in a sling, apparently still selling his injuries from last Mayhem.

Max Kael: Hello High Octane Wrestling.. Miss me? Of course you did, and how? Get it? And HOW? No? I hope you all catch Swine Flu.. just kidding! But seriously, don’t come here if you do. Anyway..

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia turns in his chair, pushing himself up as he comes too a full stance.

Max Kael: In light of recent events I have been.. forced to make certain consessions in regards to my HOW War Games Team as the GREAT ENEMY Lee Best has once again sought to undermind my true and faith rule here in High Octane Wrestling. Last week I released a statement following my BRUTAL and UNCALLED FOR beating at the hands of Triple M and the rest of the SSE. Now, while I was.. completely and utterly destroyed in a way that no human should ever have to experience and despite the fact that my doctors have told me I should not come here to the Best Arena Tonight, here I am. Yes, indeed, I am truely a great man, am I not?

Smiling toward the camera he moves so that one of the statues of himself appears behind him striking the same pose. His maddened grin seems to match the statue and he turns to eye it for a moment before looking back at the camera.

Max Kael: Now that.. is a handsome man. Anyway, your Prime Minister is here to say.. that ISSAC SLADE shall be on Team Kael, by hook or by crook at War Games! Yes, indeed, the paper work is in the mail as soon as those papers are signed it will become completely and totally official. That, my friends, rounds out Team Kael with myself, John Sektor and of course, Issac Slade. Still, there is one last piece of the puzzle, one last name to be added to Team Kael.. but who?

Max once again starts walking through his office. John Sektor can be seen sitting in the corner reading a book which he is keeping close to his chest. Max pauses and looks at Sektor.. in the back ground there is a strange rumbling noise as Max’s eyes become wider.. and wider.. until he has a full fledged stare at Sektor, the rest of Max’s expression relatively nuetral. Sektor finally looks up and jumps a little to see Max staring at him.

Sektor: ..Uh.. Hi, Max.. what the fuck is that sound?

Max seems to break away from his stare and blinks a few times, apparently confused before he flashes a smile at Sektor.

Max Kael: No clue what you are talking about.. continue reading.

With that the Prime Minister turns his eyes back toward the camera as he continues to walk again, Sektor left with a confused and slightly disturbed look on his face.

Max Kael: Whoever it is that will be joining Team Kael you can be sure that they shall finish off the moster dangerous team you have EVER seen at War Games, the one that spells Lee Best’s doom and the once that shall ensure that this HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING.. shall forever be the property of the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia… MAX KAEL. Good night, Jatt Bless. uh.. I mean Max Bless.

The scene cuts to black as we can hear Max Kael cursing himself out for old habits.


HOW ICON Title Match
Perfect Paul Paras vs. Issac Slade
Singles Match

Scene cuts to Hoffman and Benny Newell at ringside. Newell is hurriedly putting away a large scotch as Hoffman rolls his eyes.

Joe Hoffman: Well, its time for our main event tonight, as Issac Slade will defend the ICON championship against Perfect Paul Paras in what should be an amazing encounter. A lot rides on this match, as Ascension, the new group opposed to Lee Best briefly held three of the 4 titles at once, and if they want people to take them seriously, they need to regain the LSD title and retain the ICON title here.

Big Buff: They are all numnuts. Who is their leader anyways?

Joe Hoffman: Well one would assume Darkwing or Scottywood due to their experience and encounters with lee Best….but they really don’t have a clear leader and that might be what may put Ascension ahead of the pack.

Big Buff: They all suck. Duck is like 2 and three million. Carey is a lucky bitch, Scottywood is an ungrateful bitch and Faze and Slade both are noobs who are overrated.

Joe Hoffman: *sigh*

“Headspace” by Velvet Revolver hits and out walks Perfect Paul Paras wielding a Singapore cane. He twirls it a bit as the fans boo him. Paul ignores the crowd and slides into the ring, holding up his cane which garners more boos.

Joe Hoffman: Well here is the Number one contender to the ICON title and he looks very confident here tonight.

Suddenly ‘Rise from the Ashes’ by Quietdrive hits and out walks Issac Slade, the ICON title around his waist as the fans cheer him. He is wearing an Ascension t-shirt as he walks to the ring, staring a hole through Triple P. Suddenly, Issac sprints to the ring, slides in and charges at Paul!


Hortega calls for the bell as Slade ducks a clothesline by Triple P and shoots off the ropes and comes back and tackles Paul Paras and starts nailing punches!

Paul flings Slade off of him, and two get to their feet and Paul walks right into another tackle and another bevy of right hands!

Joe Hoffman: Slade with a lot of aggression here!

Slade takes control, nailing a lot of punches, forearms and elbows to Paul who is trying to back away into a corner now. Paul backs into the corner, and Slade charges, only to get met with a thumb to the eye!

Slade backs away, holding his eye, as Paul runs to the ropes, and Slade turns an when Triple P shoots back, Slade lands a Lou Thesz press straight into right hands!!

Slade breaks off and nails a few quick leg drops, then a few elbow drops to the downed Triple P.

Slade quickens the offensive pace by pulling Paras to his feet and nailing a monkey flip, followed by several quick cruiserweight style moves before Paul stops a slingshot senton attempt by getting the knees up.

Joe Hoffman: What a great counter by Paul Paras.

Triple P takes advantage now, with several punishing power moves highlighted by a backbreaker into a sidewalk slam. Paul hooks both legs….




Joe Hoffman: Slade was on fire the opening minutes but now Paras has slowed down the pace to his pace.

Paul continues the offense by executing a snapmare followed by his BLUE ANGEL one legged dropkick. Another cover by Paras….




Paul now nails the MINNESOTA SLICE diving reverse DDT, then applies a modified cobra clutch type choke hold.

The fans start getting behind Slade as Slade wills himself to his feet. Slade turns into the hold and nails shots to the gut, then tries to run to the ropes, but Paul drops him by the hair.

Joe Hoffman: That was cheap!

Paul then tries to apply a single leg crab, but Slade turns into it and kicks him off, then gets to his feet and goes for a superkick, but Paul ducks, turns Slade, and goes for the MESSANIC COMPLEX, but Slade spins out of it….


However Slade cannot capitalize due to the damage he’s taken, and Hortega reaches a ‘OCHO’ (eight) count before both men get to their feet and start trading punches…..

Paul gets the advantage and tries an Irish whip, but Slade reverses into a fireman’s carry and nails a Death Valley driver!! Cover…..




Triple P kicks out.

Both men start trading moves, as Paul quickly nails a power slam, but Slade a few moments later connects with an Enziguri! Slade runs to the ropes and tries for a cross body, but is caught, and Paul goes for a spinning sidewalk slam, but Slade counters into a Tornado DDT!!!

Fans buzz as Slade slowly gets to his feet. He signals that he’s going for his finisher and he slowly crawls up top…..He reaches the top and leaps off…

Joe Hoffman: FREEFALL!!!!

But Paul rolls out of the way, but somehow Slade makes a midair adjustment and rolls upon impact of the mat!! Slade is up as Paras charges….


Big Buff: no, that was the Trans Faithful Express, you idiot!

Slade just nailed Triple P with a very hard spear!!!!!! Paras is spread eagled as Slade covers…..





Slade pulls Paras to his feet and hits a few right hands, then runs to the ropes, but walks right into the RPW SPINEBUSTER!!!! Paras now cannot cover, and Hortega issues a ‘SEIS’ count now before both men struggle to their feet and exchange forearms, which Slade gets the better of and then he nails a kick combo to the leg and head!!

Paras looks out on his feet and Slade steps back and charges for a clothesline, but Paras catches him for an STO….


Triple P counters with the STO backbreaker and now is trying to cinch in the Anaconda Vise modified keylock but Slade starts thrashing and reaches the ropes!!


Paras breaks the hold and grabs the arm of Slade and pulls him up and nails a couple of short arm clotheslines before going for his flatliner move, the PARASYTE, but Slade counters into a drop toe hold and applies an STF!

STF is locked in for a minute before Paras manages to roll out of it! Both men are to their feet now…




Paras nails the turning Slade with a kick to the knee, then a knee lift to the face, followed by a standing enziguri!!!!! Slade goes down as Paras pulls him close to a corner then goes up top……

Paras leaps off for a Frog Splash!!!!

BUT SLADE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Paul gets to his feet holding his as Slade manages to get up, favoring slightly the leg. Paul picks him up and Slade floats over and lands on his feet, but Paras nails a reverse elbow, then turns, and nails Slade with the PARASYTE!!!!

Slade then turns Slade so that his upper body is away from the ropes and locks in a Brazilian Heel Hook on the favored leg of Slade!

Slade cries out in pain as the fans are behind him. Paras inches closer to the ropes as Hortega checks Slade to see if he wants to give up…

Joe Hoffman: What a devastating submission move by Paul Paras, only a few other men in HOW might be able to execute such a deadly submission!

Slade rolls toward the ropes, but Paras breaks the hold and stops Slade with a knee drop, then quickly applies the MESSIANIC COMPLEX!!!!!

Slade thrashes about, but Paras is blocking an easy path to the ropes….several moments go by as Slade is visibly in pain but is trying to find a way out of this hold…..several more moments….Slade starts inching for the ropes……suddenly Paras breaks the hold again, pulls Slade to his feet, goes for the STO backbreaker, but Slade nails a huge elbow……Paras loosens his grip, but then just nails a snap version of the PARASYTE!!!


Paul hooks the near leg, trapping the good arm of Slade….






Joe Hoffman: Slade couldn’t kick out with his bad arm!

Hortega hands Paul the ICON title and he holds it up smiling as the fans boo. Paul slides out the ring and starts leaving with his newly won title, as Slade is in the ring, shaking out his arm, lying on his back.


Best Laid Plans

*As the ICON title match has drawn to a dramatic close, Issac Slade lies alone in the ring commiserating in his defeat. He gets himself back up to his feet, standing proudly as the crowd cheer him on. Suddenly the lights go out in the entire arena, leaving it in complete darkness*

Joe Hoffman: We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties folks, we hope to be back with you momentarily.

Big Buff: Bullshit, its more cutbacks from Lee. Will he stop at nothing.

*There is a sound of glass breaking*

Big Buff: Dammit, there goes my bottle of Jack Daniels, someone is going to pay for this.

*Suddenly the lights return as Issac Slade remains in the ring standing confused over what has happened, the crowd are shouting at him to turn around, Issac slowly turns his head only to be met by a crushing blow to the skull by a steel chair. He slumps to the floor, standing above him, sick grin on his face, chair in hand is Aceldama.*

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is he doing out here? He has no right being out here!

Big Buff: Forget about that, who is going to get me another bottle of Jack Daniels, I’m drying up over here!

*Aceldama throws the chair to the outside of the ring as its impact makes an almighty thud. He hovers around Slade as he tries to pick himself up from the ground, only to be playfully kicked down every time he tries. Aceldama is merely toying with him, mocking him to get up but every time he tries he is brought back down to the canvas. He walks over to the ropes in the direction of the ringside officials and berates the ring announcer to hand him a microphone, the announcer unwillingly stands up and walks over to the ring, handing Aceldama a microphone, he snatches the microphone and turns around to see Slade almost up to his feet. On one knee, looking very groggy he shows no fear, trying to get to his feet, the crowd begin to rally behind him. He slips back down again, onto all fours, but he will and determination has not left him as he tries once more to get back to his feet. Aceldama stands circling his vision around the arena as the fans do their upmost to encourage Slade back to his feet. He has seen enough, charging at Slade he viciously punts him across the left cheek knocking him face first onto the canvas. He is out cold. The crowd grow silent at what they have just seen*

Joe Hoffman: Issac Slade is out cold!

*Aceldama gets on all fours and ponders over to the lifeless body of Issac Slade, he raises the microphone then puts it extremely close to his mouth, leaning very close to the unconscious face of Slade*

Aceldama: See how they become silent. They had faith in you, that you would raise yourself once more, but their faith was short lived. Now they sit in silence, listen! How quickly people can lose faith, how quickly it can be taken away from them. You see Issac; you made the ultimate mistake last week. By trying to ascend to something more by taking me out you simply brought this upon yourself. Did you honestly think you would get away with it? Our actions must deem consequences, our words must have meaning. Tonight I put your own faith to the test. You say ‘have faith’, but where does your own lie? In your god? What god would let all the evils in this world come to fruition? War, famine, murder? In yourself? In others? Where are your friends now, where are your fellow stable mates? I don’t see them! You put your faith in others then you’re a fool. You believe you stand for what is good, what is pure and right. Well I stand for what is bad, impure and wrong with this world! And my reason for doing what I do tonight is to show you this first hand, to show you what happens when you enter my world….

*Aceldama stands up and goes into his back pocket, he pulls out two strands of rope and raises them to the air. He then continues to pull Slade up by his arms and setting his lifeless body against the ropes, taking his left arm he proceeds to tie Slade’s wrist to the top, ensuring that he is tied very tightly, then does the same to the right. Slade is now sitting by the ropes, arms raised with his head slouched downwards, still in an unconscious state.*

Joe Hoffman: This man is sick. Why is no-one out here helping Issac?

Aceldama: If only you could see your followers now. How they look at you. They know how helpless you are, you can no longer help yourself. But do they come to your aid? No! Why? Because they know there is nothing they can do! Before they looked at you like a god, someone they looked up to, believed in, had ‘faith’ in, but when it comes to you needing their help, where are your followers? You like religion don’t you Issac? Don’t you? Oh yea, you can’t hear me. How Jesus lay on that cross as his followers watched on, knowing they could not help him, knowing that even if they tried, they would not succeed. This paints that picture, but….something is missing? What, oh, what is missing? Oh yes, how could I forget?

*Aceldama rolls outside of the ring and lifts up the curtain underneath the ring and pulls out a long piece of barbed wire and proceeds to mould it into a circle, his own hands becoming bloodied in the attempt, he then rolls back into the ring and stands over Slade, still lifeless.*

Aceldama: Your crown, my lord.

*Aceldama proceeds to put the crown onto the head of Slade, ensuring that the barbed wire digs in deep into his skull as the blood proceeds to ooze down his face and onto his chest*

Aceldama: Behold, the man you believed in for so long, the man who told you to ‘have faith’.

Joe Hoffman: I have been commentating for a long time folks, and I have never witnessed anything as sick in my whole life, I am lost for words at this moment

*The fans begin to hurl anything and everything into the ring that they can get their hands upon, bottles of water, popcorn, pieces of paper and even a chair which misses Aceldama by inches. Suddenly from the stage area the other members of Ascension begin to make their way down to the ring*

As the make it halfway down to the ring the lights quickly go out and after a few moments they come back and we now see Aceldama standing not in the ring but at the top of the entrance ramp and next to him is none other than Lee Best.

Lee Best: Let Slade’s demise be a warning to anyone that wants to join Max’s team at War Games and let it serve as a warning to you assholes who think that by getting the fans to cheer for you that you somehow will become relevant….I gave everyone a choice at the beginning of the year….either be with me..or against me.

The crowd begins booing loudly but then start cheering as the Ascension members start up the rampway towards Lee.

Lee Best: Now just hold on….now isn’t the time for that. It is time for my to reveal my Ace in the hole….Here is my final member of my War Games team…

Lee turns around and waits for the man to appear as does everyone in the arena…Aceldama included.

Suddenly the man appears and there is complete and utter silence as everyone is floored and shocked to see who has appeared.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen I give you CHRISTOPHER AMERICA!!!

Mayhem comes to a close as Aceldama looks confused and shocked at his newest War Games teammate!

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