Mayhem: April 20th, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

Monday Night Mayhem
April 20th, 2009 – #HOW45
The Best Arena, Chicago IL


Welcome Back..

The HOTv logo fades out and the HOW logo fades in and then it quickly explodes as the opening riffs of Welcome to the Jungle blast thru The Best Arena and Monday Night Mayhem is officially back!!

Pyros go off all over the arena as the crowd stands as one as after only a two month hiatus Monday Night Mayhem is back on the air and Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome the viewing audience from HOTv to the programming.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome BACK to Monday Night Mayhem. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by the Indy Wrestling Legend himself… Big Buff Benny Newell.

Big Buff: How great was it to hear Welcome to the Jungle again…damn that was awesome and that’s right Joe the viewing masses demanded that Mayhem return and it only took a few months but we are back on the air and I for one am so glad that HOW is back to two shows cause that just means more face time for yours truly.

Joe Hoffman: Face time? The only time people see your full face without a bottle in front of it is when you are passed out and dying on a PPV broadcast. Do I have to remind you?

Big Buff: Blah Blah blah. Your lies will not ruin tonight for me. It is obvious that being the astute businessman Lee Best is , you just know Mayhem is back to help grow the HOW cash fund so we can get back on the road and make even more money for Lee.

Joe Hoffman: And Max..

Big Buff: Short term…yes Max. Long term…HA! War Games is coming up fast and let’s just be honest. The Best team for War Games is filled with three studs whereas Max is literally scrambling to find people that want on his team and SSE is…well trying to avoid getting Denton on the team….NOW where is the competition?

Joe Hoffman: I will refrain from arguing with you about a show that is almost two months away. What I will say however is that we got a great four match card for tonight with The Best Alliance starting off the show in tag team action against the two HOW Hall of Famers that Best Alliance member Jatt Starr defeated and then gave back their Hall of Fame status…Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing.

Big Buff: Key word…gave. Jatt would out of his way and took the HOF status from Carey and Darkwing and then he promptly gave it back to them and I am just praying that Lee is right when he said on Turmoil that Jatt will be back and with a clearer head cause his actions of late make no fucking sense.

Joe Hoffman: I think it’s good to see Jatt embracing the good side of things if you will. I mean yes Jatt GAVE Carey and Darkwing their HOF status back but they are deserving Hall of Famers and they didn’t need Jatt doing that to make their place in HOW’s history mean any less.

Big Buff: You are missing the point. Jatt has a screw loose and yes he did give them their status back….but did they thank him? No. Did they appreciate his jester enough to show gratitude to him at all? No. Jatt Starr wasted his time on two ego maniacs and now all he has to show for it is a beat down at the hands of the AoA……but I have faith Jatt will be back soon enough…the real Jatt.

Joe Hoffman: That remains to be seen. But before we get to our opening match it is time for someone else to come back to HOW….Kirsta Lewis and folks I have got it on good authority that she is planning on dropping a bombshell and we are about to find out as her time is now!

Big Buff: Great…Saints Haven’s own is going to kick off the first Mayhem? What the royal…

Suddenly the lights in the arena begin to flicker and then they go completely out. An eerie silence falls over the arena as everyone tries to figure what is going on now. A loud roar of a motor is heard, followed by high pitched screams. The P A system comes alive with Animals by Nickleback, as it nears the end, the lights come back up and all eyes are now on the ring. Standing inside is the Hellcat Herself Kirsta Lewis. She walks over to the ropes and takes her thumb across her throat, telling them to shut her music down.

Big Buff: Ya this will surely get us a good quarter hour score for HOTv…I need a damn drink.

With a smirk on her face she raises the microphone that she already holds in her hand.

Kirsta: So you dumb fucks thought you could actually keep me out of the Best Arena. You can save yourself the trouble of calling security this time.

[Reaching into her back pocket she pulls out a piece of paper and holds it up, an evil grin appears on her face.]

Kirsta: You see, I’m once again ahead of any of you twat lickers, who think you can stop me from doing what I want to do, going where I want to go? Right now, I think what I really want to is hold tonight’s show up. I know how much it’s going to piss Lee Best off and I’m a pro at getting his blood pressure boiling. In my hand, I hold a piece of paper, legal as the day is long, even notarized. It states that No Employee of HOW or Lee Best can lay a hand on me while I am at the Arena. So for you morons who may not be able to comprehend all this. It means simply. I can do what the hell I want to do , go where ever I want to fucking go, while I’m here and there ain’t a damn thing Lee Best or anyone else can do to stop me.

Kirsta: Last week, I made an appearance on Turmoil and damn did I ever stir shit up. I had all these losers come out and make threats and warn me that I better not do it again. Well lookie here, Guess whose back again? Triple M, run his mouth saying if I ever ventured onto his show again I will live to regret it. Now you be the judge here but, do I look like I give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks or feels? Do I look like I care about anything any of these losers have to say? Oh big talkers they are but my money is on them, that not one of them can back up what they say and that includes that wind bag Christopher America. All I have seen him do for weeks is run his damn mouth. Here I am making my second uninvited appearance at HOW and not one soul has shown up at Saints Haven, so you tell me who holds the better talent, talent that can back their words up.

Kirsta: I know that poor ole Sektor is thinking that I give a damn who he’s sticking it to these days. Truth be told if he wants the latest STD more power to him. No telling what that bitch Carey is doing behind closed doors. Has even one of you wondered what she does with that mangled, ridiculous ball of fur? That relationship alone is just disturbing. Long ago I wish I had poisoned that mongrel and disposed of it in the nearest trash can. Maybe I will get the chance on one of my visits. NOW ISN’T THAT JUST TOTALLY EPIC OF ME? Do yourself a favor there Sek darling, you have nothing I want, you were only a pawn for me in my bigger game plan of things. Guys like you are so easy to control.

[Lowering the microphone and looking into the crowd of fans, she smiles wickedly knowing full well she has the crowd heat and loving how much she is hated by the HOW fans.]

Kirsta: You Know, I don’t even remember now, how many times I have made puppets out of all you guys, every damn time I returned to HOW to degrade and humiliate that Egotistical worthless piece of trash Lee Best. I always got the upper hand and I did it with such style. I really thought some of you guys here grew up and actually grew a set of balls but I see that didn’t happen. You guys run your mouth at being the top rated show over at HOTv, making challenges and mostly ones with me. Christ, you guys miss me that damn bad? Anyways, you ass lickers make a challenge at Lee’s request. Oh yes, my eyes and ears are everywhere. You just don’t see me but believe me I know all. Lee sends feathers to HOTv, calling out Saints Haven. Did I say feathers, sorry, a little Saints Haven humor, I meant Darkwing to challenge Saints Haven. Knowing damn well I’d answer it. Ran his mouth a few times and got himself two partners to take on Saints Haven and you know what We didn’t waste any time in finding our team. HOW took way over a week and you idiots are the ones doing the calling out. Not one of them have made an appearance nor have they opened there mouth.

[Pausing to look out not really expecting any real men to show up, a smirk appears on her face, shaking her head at the fans.]

Kirsta: I fired the first shot last week on Turmoil and here I am again. You don’t see me hiding behind anyone. Max Kael, another one talking shit and not one word to back nothing he says up. Shane Reynolds, same thing and he’s suppose to be the top superstar at HOTv. You guys are all Fucking pathetic, You get shown up by little ole me and you just don’t know how to handle it now do ya? Even your god Damn Commish, thinks he’s all that but hey sweetheart. I been where you’re at, right here in HOW and to tell you the truth, I sure as hell did a better job then you have been doing.

Kirsta: You guys think, You are some God’s gift to Wrestling, Well why don’t you quit sucking on each other’s asses and prove it. Open invitation to any of you losing pieces of washed up trash. Saints Haven doors are always open. You may need to find your way there by next week anyways because your boys Darkwing, Kael and Reynolds are going to need some help leaving the arena after we wipe up the place with them. How made this challenge and Saints Haven is going to finish it. You guys don’t have a clue to what Trevor Stone, Veronika Knox or me have in store for you. Better yet, bring your own meat wagons because Saints Haven isn’t picking up the bill on this one.

Kirsta: Later Losers, Remember I have free reign and can come and go as I please so you never know just when I will show up or what dark shadow I may come out of. It’s been real. See you SUCKERS LATER.

[Slipping the microphone into her pocket she flips everyone a double bird before slipping though the ropes and leaving the ring side area as Mayhem cuts to its first commercial break.]

High Octane Radio is now officially sponsored by Subway….eat fresh

Faze of LSD

We’re back from the HOTv commercial break and the crowd is buzzing in anticipation for the opening bout of the evening; a tag team match that will pit 2 members of the HOW Hall of Fame against 2 members of the Best Alliance. Joe reminds us that Lee gave specific instructions to Scottywood and Static last week on Turmoil to “take care of” Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing so that Max Kael is unable to recruit them as potential members for his War Games team.

Just as Benny begins to express his confidence for the BA, he’s interrupted by the familiar tune of “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin. From backstage, “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze emerges to an absolutely huge reaction from The Best Arena crowd. With some pep in his step and his newly acquired LSD title strapped securely around his waist, he slaps some hands on his way to ringside before he slides under the bottom rope and into the center of the ring.

Faze pops up with enthusiasm and hams it up for the crowd while Joe tries to convince Benny, amidst his argument and harsh words, that Faze is a worthy champion. Faze is visibly thankful for the warm reception he’s receiving and calls for a microphone from one of the ring attendants.


The chant gets louder and louder while Ryan pauses to soak in this very special moment in his young career. Finally, he unbuckles the LSD title from his waist, holds it in his hand, takes a good long look at it, then raises the microphone to his lips which prompts a hush over the crowd.

Faze: “You know what they say about opportunity…”

“…that when opportunity knocks, you get off your ass and answer the door!!

The crowd goes berserk while Joe tries to talk over them, noting that Faze has come a long way since coming off reconstructive knee surgery over a year ago.

Faze: “Jatt Starr gave me this opportunity… each and EVERY one of you fans supported me… and I handily defeated Christopher America with my Fazemission choke hold last week on Turmoil. And as a result… the “Faze of HOW” stands before you… your NEW… LSD CHAMPION!!”

The crowd pops for Faze who raises his title high into the air and circles the ring, to each wall of the arena as if to say “this is for all you fans.” As Faze tries to get the crowd to calm down, you can tell something is up as his jovial expression suddenly turns bitter.

Faze: “Unfortunately… what was to be a very proud and celebratory moment for me in my career last week was blemished by the man I will be facing this week on Turmoil. A man that I defeated in the past and will be defending my title against with honor and pride. The self-proclaimed “Wrecking Ball of

HOW.” Yes, I’m talking about you, Static.”

The crowd boos at the mention of Static’s name, who will be competing in tag team action in just a few short moments.

Faze: “You certainly got my attention when you decided to lay me out with your baseball bat… so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me getting yours by joining Joe and Benny as the special guest commentator for your match tonight.”

This prompts Benny to throw a hissy fit while the Joe and everyone else seem to support the announcement.

Faze: “You made a big mistake by adding fuel to the fire, Static. So let me make something perfectly clear to you… and hell, this may as well go out to the entire HOW roster. The “Phenomenal One” isn’t exactly the type of guy who sits around playing bullshit games. You got a problem with me? You want a fight? Then step up and come see me about it man-to-man! The “Faze of HOW” will be a fighting champion, and with each successful title defense, I will cement my legacy as one of the greatest LSD champions this company has ever seen! So this goes out to you Static… and to you Christopher America… to David Black… Scottywood… Johnny Stevens… and WHOEVER! You want a piece of the “Phenomenal One?” Then I have 3 words for you… COME GET SOME!!”

The crowd explodes and Faze drops the microphone to join Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell at ringside.


Bobbinette Queen B Carey & Darkwing vs. Scottywood & Static
Tag Team Match

Faze takes a seat at the side of Big Buff and is asked why he has joined them. Faze explains that he is hear to watch Static as he has to defend the LSD title against him on Turmoil.

Both teams are now in the ring and Scottywood and Darkwing look to start off the action as Static and Carey take up their positions in the corners. Static gives a quick glare at Faze who is trash talking down the microphone. Hortega signals for the bell and Darkwing and Scotty immediately lock up. Darkwing moves into a side headlock on Scotty followed by a headlock take over. He immediately gets up and brings Scotty to his feet, whipping him to the ropes. Scotty runs back at him and leaps up nailing him in the face with a dropkick. The crowd boo as Scotty walks over towards his corner. He holds his hand up for Static to tag, which confuses him. We hear Static say “Already?” as he tags in. Scotty shrugs and ducks under the ropes while Static rushes into the ring and clotheslines Darkwing.

Static has been punishing Darkwing with vicious stomps and elbow drops and now has him in the corner, driving his shoulder into his gut. He then pulls Darkwing forward and executes and vertical suplex. He covers but Darkwing kicks out before the three. Static picks him up and begins to walk him towards his corner but Darkwing stops him by elbowing him in the mid section. Darkwing then grabs him by the side and performs a side Russian leg sweep. He then begins to gather momentum the crowd goes wild for Darkwing as he rushes from rope to rope taking Static down with flying shoulder blocks. He then picks him up and drags him over to his corner. He scoop slams him and tag’s Carey in. Carey goes straight to the top turnbuckle and leaps off for a diving moonsault landing across the mid section of Static. Hortega counts for the



Static gets a foot on the ropes. Carey tags Darkwing back in and the two pick Static up and perform a double suplex. Darkwing covers again and gains another close fall. Hoffman points out that Scottywood hasn’t even twitched to come in and help out his team mate during these close pinfalls. Meanwhile Darkwing has Static in a STO position and looks around at his fans. But Static elbows him in the back of the head then follows up by kicking him in the gut and dropping him hard for an implant DDT! Static slowly moves towards his corner as Darkwing holds his head. Static is now arguing with Scottywood in the corner and can be heard saying, “PULL YOUR DAMN WEIGHT!” Scottywood just glares at him as Static slaps him across the chest, tagging him into the match. Hoffman mentions that there seems to be a bit of trouble amongst the Best Alliance camp as Big Buff is getting worried. Faze simply sits their quiet watching Static’s every move.

Scotty has now entered the ring but the fans cheer as Darkwing tags in Carey. Carey runs up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off catching Scotty with a drop kick. Both get up and Carey kicks Scotty in the gut and completes an amazing jumping Toranado DDT! Carey quickly adjusts her breasts making sure that everything is in its place whilst Big Buff calls her a cunt. Carey now has Scotty on his feet and jumps up performing a Hurricarana, which causes Scotty to flip towards his corner. He quickly throws a hand forward and tags in Static. Static looks furious and screams something at his partner as he once again steps back through the ropes. Carey runs at him but Static grabs her by the throat. He then lifts her up high and spears her in the midsection for the Outcast Injection. He pins and gets to a two count before Darkwing rushes in and breaks up the count. Static gets up quickly holding his head and Darkwing kicks him in the mid section and knee’s him upwards in the face. Hortega yells at him in Spanish to get back to his corner, so cleverly, Darkwing drags Carey across the ring wit him. He steps half way through the ropes and tags himself back in.

Hoffman compliments the team work and unison of Darkwing and Carey and points out that they are acting like a proper team unlike the Best Alliance.

Darkwing has been wearing Static down with a sleeper hold for last couple of minutes. Static is looking over towards his team mate who just stands in the corner watching innocently. Static uses his strength and gets back to his feet. He jabs elbows into the ribs of Darkwing forcing him to release the headlock. He then whips him towards the ropes but Darkwing reverses it and sends Static flying towards Scotty. He bumps into Scotty fiercely causing him to fall off the apron. He looks over the ropes at him and waves a hand as though he could care less. Hoffman seems to think that he did it on purpose. Static turns around and is greeted by a right and left hand from Darkwing as the fans cheer. Darkwing then charges back and bounces off the ropes for extra speed but Static lifts up his leg and catches him with a big boot. Static then begins stomping wildly on Darkwing as the crowd boo’s his ferocity. He then picks him up and whips him towards the ropes. Static runs towards the opposite side and both men meet in the middle catching each other with clotheslines.

The fans cheer for Darkwing to make it over towards Carey as Static crawls towards his own corner. Scottywood is back on the apron but isn’t stretching out a hand. Static is now right by the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He holds his head and pants. He then shouts at Scotty “hold your hand out God damn it!” The crowd cheer wildly as Scotty slowly shakes his head, which causes a shocked expression to appear on Static’s face. He then goes to tag him himself but Scotty hops off the apron causing him to miss. He leans over the ropes, screaming at Scottywood but Carey runs behind Static and rolls him up for the





The crowd roars with cheers as Static rolls out of the ring and grabs his baseball bat as he starts chasing after Scottywood who has grabbed his stable title and started to make his way backstage. Static grabs Scotty’s arm and turns him around, starting to yell at Scotty.

Joe Hoffman: Static obviously not happy with Scottywood, who refused to let Static tag him in at the end of that match.

Benny Newell: I’m sure Scotty just slipped, and that is why Static couldn’t tag him….

Scotty yells back at Static as he tries to turn away again and walk backstage but Static won’t let him go as he turns him around again and connects with a hard right hand, which busts Scotty’s bottom lip open. He licks the cut and tastes the blood and just smiles at Static.

Benny Newell: Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?

Joe Hoffman: Never again….for the love of God, never try and sing again.

Static gets even more pissed at Scotty for just smiling at him and takes his bat and drives the butt end into the stomach of Scottywood who drops to down to his knees in pain but still continues to smile. Getting even more pissed Static raises his baseball bat up in the air to hit Scotty again, but Scotty shakes his head and points behind Static as the crowd is starting to cheer even more.

Joe Hoffman: This doesn’t look good for Static….

Static turns around and see Bobbinette, Darkwing and Faze all standing right behind him, all with a stern look on their faces as Static starts to feel outnumbered as he turns back to Scotty who is back to his feet and delivers a kick to the mid section of Static which sends the baseball out of his hands and Scotty connects with an SDT right onto the cement.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood just laid Static out on the cement!

Benny Newell: Noooooooo! What are you doing Scotty?

Scotty gets up and just stares at Bobbinette, Darkwing and Faze as he picks up his Stable title and starts to slowly make his way up the ramp, turning back frequently to look at the three still standing in front of the fallen Static.


Have Faith

~The action cuts backstage, cameras flip on in the locker room of ICON Champion Issac Slade. The room appears to be unoccupied, though the brilliant gold of the ICON Championship belt sits gleaming from its roost inside Issac’s locker. The camera zooms in on its delicate features and follows its motion as its owner pulls it from its haven and admires the way the faceplate reflects his every move. A closer look at the reflection, however, reveals that the person holding it is not Issac Slade at all.~

Slade: What on earth? What do you think you’re doing?!

~Slade throws the door of the room open and looks in extreme disproval at the sight in front of him—his ICON Title, hoisted on the shoulder of one Perfect Paul Paras. Slade walks over forcefully but calmly, ripping the belt from Paras and cradling it in his left arm as he motions with his right hand while he speaks.~

Slade: Breaking into someone’s locker room and trying to steal their property? That doesn’t seem very “perfect” of you, Paul.

~Triple P maintains his ground, laughing slightly under his breath as he stares confidently at Slade.~

Paras: Stealing? Issac old boy, I know you’re HOW’s resident Bible-thumper, but trust that the Perfect One is well aware that thou shalt not take what is not yours. I am here neither in thievery nor trespassing, but in the honor of spiritual awakening.

Slade: Spiritual awakening…right. Paul, from what I know of your “awakenings,” they involve giving out heavy doses of hallucinogenic garbage to make people believe that you can save them. That’s hardly something I’d associate any sort of “honor” to.

Paras: Slade, one of the primary morals of the Perfect Life is “do not hate that which you do not understand.” In this case, there are many concepts you obviously are not aware of and will need to be taught… the least of which is your vast inferiority to the Minnesota Messiah.

Slade: Just because I don’t believe in what you do doesn’t make you right—and by my account, this ICON Title belongs to me, not you. You say I’m inferior to you? Maybe…but I don’t see you proving it.

~Slade and Paras share a staredown for several tense moments as the fans in the arena cheer loudly. Paras eventually breaks the silence by sighing softly, then snapping his cane against the floor with a quick crack.~

Paras: Of course, thou also shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor. That said, Slade, I want you to enjoy your reign as ICON Champion as much as the next person, as it has become your calling card…your identity… your being. The Perfect One cannot discredit what you have accomplished… I simply fear what will happen to your feeble soul when your being is defeated by the perfect being.

~Slade looks indignant as Triple P continues, getting directly in Slade’s face in the process.~

Paras: I am looking out for you, Issac, and I am giving you the option right now to make the perfect choice—become one of my Parasites, follow the path to the Perfect Life, and let your soul be lifted out of the mundane and into true perfection. Your soul will be enlightened, your mind will be free, and as your ICON Champion, the Perfect One will guide you to possibilities you never imagined before.

~Issac looks confused at first, then reaches out a hand to push Paul away from him.~

Slade: Thanks…but no thanks, Paul. I have my own faith, including faith in my abilities to hold onto this title for as long as I can still breathe. You’re the #1 Contender and we will meet in that ring soon…and that is the only way you’re getting this title.

~Paras, seemingly expecting this answer, smirks his arrogant smirk. He reaches out his hand in the three-fingered “Perfect Touch” gesture, laying it on the faceplate of the ICON Championship in Slade’s arms. Slade eyes him warily.~

Paras: That’s a pity, but don’t worry, Issac… one way or another, everything you have will soon belong to the Perfect Life Movement and the Perfect One himself. I’ll see you very soon. Oh, and Slade…be careful what you drink.

~Paul removes his hand from the belt and walks out of the locker room without giving Slade another glance. Issac stares down at his ICON Title, then at his water bottle with a slightly unsure look. He shakes his head and tries to collect himself as we cut to another part of the backstage area.~


Meet your fans..

(Backstage you see Kostoff making his around the arena. Not saying to anyone he gets stopped by a child and his parents. Looking over at the family a small smile crosses his face.)

Father: Oh, you’re Kostoff! This is awesome, I’ve followed you since day one in HOW. My son loves you, you are the reason we tune in every week.

Kostoff: Well I appreciate it and I’m sure that Lee does as well.

(He looks down at the kid who is kind of standing behind his father’s legs. Kneeling down he gets a good look at the boy. Smallish with dark brown hair, he sees the same look in his eyes as he sees when he looks into the mirror everyday. The boy has pain etched into his eyes, now normally he’d make some wise comment but by seeing a troubled little one the big man is taken back.)

Kostoff: Hey buddy, what’s going on?

(The little boy doesn’t say anything to him.)

Father: He’s really shy. He doesn’t talk much really, but when he sees HOW and you he gets excited. I guess seeing his hero in front of him has him stunned.

Mother: He’s got your t-shirts and posters all over his room.

(Still looking at the little guy, he stands up. That smile grows on his face as he looks at the father.)

Kostoff: He’s a good man, he’s going to be special. You can see it in his eyes that there is something just wanting to come out.

(Looking at the father, his eyes soften some.)

Kostoff: Whatever you do, I’m asking you as a father not to push him into anything he doesn’t want to be in. My father pushed me and I grew to resent him. I’m not trying to tell you how to be a parent just from what I went through as a kid.

(Taking a pen from his jeans he looks at the parents.)

Kostoff: You have anything that I can sign for him?

Father: Heck yes, we’ve got a program right here……

(Snatching it from the father’s hand Kostoff signs his name to it and hands it to the boy. A smile comes to life on the boys face as he stands up.)

Father: That was real nice of you to do that Kostoff. Most guys won’t do that at all, especially with a huge match just about to start.

Kostoff: Can careless about the match.

(Looking down at the smiling boy.)

Kostoff: Keep your eyes on the ring buddy, you’re going to be in for a treat.

(Shaking the father’s hand he walks past him and heads down the hall towards his locker room as Mayhem cuts to commercial.)


High Octane Wrestling’s official Insurance Provider.

Chris Kostoff vs. Trent
Singles Match

The beginning of the bout had Trent making his way down to the ring as the crowd at the HOW arena showed their displeasure of SSE. As Kostoff came out to a roaring ovation, Trent met Kostoff in the aisle as the two men started the match off with big and heavy blows.

Trent got the early advantage as he drove Kostoff heads first into the steel ring post. Benny comments how much he hates Kostoff but hates SSE more and he puts back a few extra shots. After devastating DDT, Trent covered Kostoff for a 2 count.

After a reversed Irish Whip turned the match around, Kostoff began his attack. A series of rights to the face sent Trent out of the ring. Follow behind Kostoff slides out as the action spills onto the floor. After back and forth action, Kostoff misses a massive clothesline that Trent takes advantage of and drops Kostoff head first on the cement. Getting the massive man into the ring, Trent goes for a cover….kick out at 2 by Kostoff.

As the crowd cheers Kostoff on, he blocks a right and drops Trent with an elbow shot to the mouth. After clubbing rights to the face of Trent, Kostoff drops him with a nasty brain buster. A quick cover by Kostoff and a big kick out by Trent. Getting him up, Kostoff gets Trent up for a powerbomb but Trent reverses the move and drives Kostoff to the mat with a DDT. Cover by Trent…..Kickout at 2 by Kostoff.

Growing frustrated Trent begins to choke Kostoff as he begins to get pissed at the kick outs. As referee Ortega pulls Trent off, Kostoff leaps to his feet and clotheslines Trent down. More high impact moves from Kostoff sends Trent into a corner where he gets met by a running clothesline from Kostoff. Getting him, Kostoff drives Trent down with a massive power bomb. Covering, Trent kicks out at a two count.

Kostoff pulls Trent up and tosses him out the ring as the action goes back to the floor as the two men exchange blows. Getting the better of the exchange Kostoff drops Trent with a DDT to the floor. A small trickle of blood begins to flow from Trent’s face as Kostoff looks to end it.

Low blow from Trent as he gets to his feet and drops Kostoff on his head. Blood now flows from Kostoff as well as Trent sits on the floor sucking in some air.

Getting to his feet, Trent grabs Kostoff and slides him into the ring. Rolling in behind him he pulls Kostoff up. The two men begin to exchange thunderous rights in the middle of the ring as blood flies off their faces.

Both men continue to pummel each other until finally the HOW Hall of Famer gets the upper hand and punches the SSE World Champ back to the corner and after a few more heavy right hands and a stiff kick to the gut Kostoff positions Trent for the No Remorse and the crowd goes wild as Kostoff walks Trent towards the center of the ring in the powerbomb position and Benny and Joe are amazed at Kostoff’s strength as he is set to end the match but Trent is able to counter the powerbomb with several big right hands of his own and Kostoff stumbles back to the corner where Trent uses the top rope for leverage and falls back and nails Kostoff with a devastating DDT and covers..



Kickout by Kostoff…but barely.

Both men, bloody and battered, slowly get to their feet and start with more right hands but Trent is able to duck under a big haymaker from Kostoff and Trent lifts Kostoff up and nails him with his TOKE DRIVER!!

The crowd boos as Trent slowly makes the cover….





Post match we see Trent slide out of the ring smiling as the crowd gives Kostoff some applause for another gutsy in ring performance by Kostoff.

Action cuts backstage..


Epic Snack?

Backstage Sektor is seen talking to backstage reporter Amy Smeets. He is wearing an Armani grey suit and shades which are covering a black eye he received from Aceldama during their street fight on TNT. He is smirking as he leans over her whispering in her ear, as she giggles. The fans from the arena can be heard cheering as Bobbinette Carey appears standing behind him.

Bobbinette: AH-HEM!!

Sektor’s face drops and so does Amy’s as he recognises that sound.

Sektor: I’ll catch up with you later Amy.

Amy nods and walks away out of shot as Sektor slowly turns around to see Bobbinette Carey scowling at him with her hands on her hips.

Bobbinette: I guess I was intrupting something…

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Bobbinette: I Can come back later

She goes to walk away and Sektor dashes in front of her blocking her path.

Sektor: Woa now…no need to get JEALOUS! Amy and I are old friends..

He finishes the sentence calmly with an arrogant grin on his face.

Bobbinette: You don’t owe me any explaination. I went and saw you before your match to talk and you blew me off. By the way that looks painful.

She points to the shiner on his eye and nods her head.

Sektor: Its nothing..and look I wasn’t blowing you off. I was simply preparing for that match. Last thing I needed was you clouding my mind. But I’m free now so what was it you wanted to tell me?

Bobbinette: Hey I’m facing the same guy this coming TnT…

She looks down wrinkling her nose she then looks up and sighs.

Bobbinette: But it wasn’t important. I was just wanting to talk with you and say thanks for making sure i was okay after what happened with Krista and see what it was that you were trying to say before we got interrupted.

Sektor scoffs.

Sektor: Oh that? Well that doesn’t matter now, as I see you and the rest of the Brady Bunch think you can work together..

He sighs and shakes his head at Carey.

Sektor: What were you thinking…do you know how awkward this makes things for me?

Carey looks a bit confused.

Bobbinette: What are you talking about?

Sektor laughs.

Sektor: Oh come on…My team mates are already pissed off enough that I’m hanging out with you! Triple M almost had a heart attack when he found out!

Bobbinette: Well..

Before she can answer Sektor grabs her forcefully by the head and kisses her passionately for a few seconds before releasing her and staring at her intensely. He seems to have taken her by surprise as he walks away backwards away from her, leaving her in shock. He then turns around and walks down the corridor out of sigh as Max out of nowhere joins her at her side.

Max: Couldn’t have put it any better myself.

Carey looks confused as she slowly turns towards him.

Max: Must be off now..Dun dun duh duhhh! Dun dun duhhh!

Max walks away humming the Indiana Jones theme and leaves Carey alone in her state of confusion as the scene cuts.


6 Man Tag Team Action Next Monday as HOW invades Saints Haven!!

Lack of Respect

Cameras open up to another part of the backstage as Mayhem is live and the fans are raring for more, Crow is seen marching straight into the office of Lee Best who looks pissed at the abrupt entrance as Crow slams his World title down onto his desk.

Lee Best: What the fuck do you think your doing?

Crow: Shut up for a minute..

Lee looks shocked, surprised he’s even being talked to like this and interrupts before Crow can continue.

Lee Best: Who the HELL do you think your talking to?

Crow: Listen I have no time for door knocks, a polite hello, or a chit chat session okay, I need answers.

Lee releases the papers he had in his hands onto another pile on his desk and still looking pissed off, sits back in his big leather chair.

Crow: Now, I’m your World champ god-damn it, I’ve beat everything you’ve had to throw at me and more, I won your stupid Best Invitational. I beat your Best Alliance champion Graystone, I beat Issac Slade defending my belt and THEN defended it against your oh so precious Jatt Starr who you were certain would bring that gold home to you.

Lee’s expression has still not changed, just waiting for Crow to step out his door.

Crow: I’ve beaten everything so far and everything before that and I have not asked you for a damn thing yet. Now when the hell are you going to get off your fat ass and do something about Joey being taken last week?

Lee immediately sits up placing his elbows on his desk with a thinking face.

Lee Best: So, you beat a few people, your World champ, you never asked me for anything before? whoop-de-fucking-do.. you want a gold medal prick? I’m not doing shit for you so get your shit and go, leave the World title if you like, I know a few people who’d be interested in having it..

Crow slyly picks up his title and softly places it over his shoulder, eyes on Lee the whole time watching his sarcastic smile.

Crow: So your going to sit by and allow this to happen?

Lee Best: Lets look at it like this fucker, you did nothing when Michelle was kidnapped, you then kidnapped Livie, you then kidnapped Amanda. Now because somebody kidnaps somebody who’s close to you, I’m meant to do something about it? Get the fuck out you idiot.

Crow stares down at Lee, not happy himself.

Crow: You’ve done shit to help your World champion, you haven’t done anything in regards to my championship position besides disrespect me and try take it away from me. You haven’t done anything but mock this situation with Amanda with your stupid ghost team, which I don’t appreciate. I’m asking you again, do something about this kidnapping as respect to your World champion, or I’ll start doing something about it that will bring a lot more rude entrances to your office.

Lee just sits staring, as if he isn’t interested and waiting to get back to his work and the show, Crow shakes his head and backs off, slamming the door behind him leaving Lee Best to get back to his work as cameras shoot back to ringside.


Crow vs. Perfect Paul Paras
Singles Match

Triple P makes his way to the ring as the crowd offers a mix of boos and cheers for the Messiah of the A.o.A. Sliding into the ring, the arrogant and cocky Triple P poses for the crowd while women armed with trays of purple cool aid wander through the crowd. Crow is the next to come out while Big Buff remarks how unfair the World Champion is to Lee Best. Hoffman counters by saying that, while he does not agree with Crow’s methods, he does have a right to be concerned with the situation.

Crow looks bothered but focused as he makes his way to the ring, the World Title over his shoulder. Entering the ring he is greeted by Joe Hortega who collects the World Title. Both men look prepared as the bell rings.

The fans react strongly for Crow who locks up with Triple P. Unfortunately the superior power of Triple P wins him the advantage as he forces Crow onto his knees before going on the offensive with a series of knees. Triple P continues the attack, hoisting Crow back to his feet before he throws him into the ropes, hitting a big shoulder block.

The cocky Triple P slowly struts around Crow, kicking him in the head or body now and again as the World Champion attempts to get back up to his feet, slightly dazed by his situation. Triple P sends another stiff knee into Crow’s side as he is on his hands and knees causing him to fall to the mat again. Triple P drops down and goes for a lazy cover.



Joe Hoffman mentions how if Triple P wants to win he is going to have to try harder then that. Benny simply indicates that Triple P is good enough to do a pin like that an expect to win, even against the World Champion. Triple P stands back up and struts slowly around the ring again lifts his arms into the air.

Unfortunately giving Crow but a few moments is all he needs. As Triple P returns to his prey he is hit with a lightning fast closeline that strikes Triple P across the chest and stuns him for a moment as he stumbles back. Crow flies off the ropes and hits another big closeline on the more muscular Triple P causing him to nearly fall over. Crow goes off the ropes again only to duck a closeline from Triple P himself! On the return Crow hits a high cross body and rolls over for the pin!



Triple P shoves Crow off to break the pinfall! Angered by the turn of fortune, Triple P returns to his feet only to be met with a series of left and right hands which back him into the ropes where he grabs and yells for the ref. Hortega steps in to break up the attack while Triple P composes himself.

Crow, agitated still, comes at Triple P the moment he steps away from the ropes raining strike after strike on Triple P. Triple P attempts to defend himself however as the punches and kicks continue, his defense eventually buckles and finds himself getting hit with stiff kick to the side of the head.

Crow dorps back down for the pin fall..




Triple P manages to get his shoulder up however he is clearly growing more tired. Crow continues to work over Triple P’s neck, likely a prelude to an execution of the Fallen finishing move.

Crow sets Triple P up for a pile driver however Triple P manages to power out and drops Crow on his back as the crow is incensed, booing loudly. Triple P grabs the ropes to support himself as Crow hold his back and pulls himself up the old fashion way, with his two feet.

Triple P is up first and charges at Crow only to get met with a drop toe hold causing Triple P to crack his head off the mat. Crow takes the advantage and pulls Triple P up to his feet, once again attempting to hit the Fallen on him. He manages to get him off the ground however Triple P once again manages to power his way out, lifting Crow up and hitting a huge spine buster counter from off his shoulders!

The crowd comes alive as Triple P drops down for a pin fall!





NO! Hortega indicates that Crow managed to get his shoulder up as the crowd roars in cheers! Triple P looks furious as Hortega babbles in Spanish helplessly trying to convince the angered Messiah that he has not won. Once again the distraction proves to Crow’s advantage as he manages to stumble back up too his feet. Triple P turns..


Crow drives Triple P’s head into the mat with a thud before he draps his arm across for the cover..




Hortega lifts Crow’s hand and hands him back his title while Big Buff complains that Triple P had this match won awhile ago and Hortega’s Spanish counting cost him his match. Joe Hoffman argues with Benny as we return backstage.


Hello master..

The scene opens to Shane Reynolds standing outside of Max Kael’s office door, which is closed. He looks irritated, a common tread these days as the fans offer a mix of cheers and boos.

Suddenly the door opens as Ms. Giovanni exits, nodding to Shane.

Ms. Giovanni: They will see you now. Good luck, Mr. Reynolds.

She turns her one eye on Shane offering no sense of kindness nor any indication that she really cares about him before she turns and walks off. Shane glares at her as she leaves before he enters the office, shoving the door open.

Inside the office Max Kael can be seen wearing a black silk smoking jacket with a red fez on his head. He is joined by Christopher America, who is wearing a Red, White and Blue smoking jacket and Sektor who is wearing a neon green Smoking Jacket. Each man has a pipe carefully cradled in his hand and do not seem to notice Shane when he enters the office.

Max Kael: And that is my general feeling on why the West Indies area is infested with acid Sharks.

Sektor raises his eyebrow while Christopher America scratches his chin.

Christopher America: West Indies? I do not recall Indiana having a large body of water on the western side…

Suddenly all three turn to stare at Shane who freezes upon seeing Sektor and America in the same room as himself. His fists ball as if he is ready to fight but it is Max Kael to steps in.

Max Kael: Now, now Shane! These are my guests here.. and you best behave yourself if you know what is good for you. Now.. Shane you know I am a very humble man. America and Sektor share my beliefs on personal humility and offered to help me teach you what it means to be humble.

Shane says nothing as he shoots Max a look that could kill. Max merely smirks and turns back toward his desk, his pipe fitting neatly in the corner of his mouth. Christopher America steps forward, winking at Shane.

Christopher America: America thanks you, in America.

Shane turns his glare at America.

Shane Reynolds: Don’t Mention It..

Christopher America: I was talking to Max.

With that the feed ends as we transition to a Commerical Break.

Budweiser has rejoined the sponsorship family here in HOW!!

ICONIC friends?

I’m glad you could join me tonight.”

The voice belongs to Issac Slade as he walks side by side down the hall with Sabina Faze.

Sabina Faze: Ryan keeps nudging me in your direction to “Hang out.”

Shaking her head.

Sabina Faze: It’s not that I don’t like spending time with you…it’s just that he could be a bit more subtle about it, he’s always got this grin on his face when he talks about us.

Issac smiles to himself.

Issac Slade: I won’t pressure you into anything you don’t want Sabina, that’s not how I work, but I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out tomorrow night? I’ve got Reservations for a place.

I’ve got Reservations for a place.

Looking over at him Sabina chooses her words carefully.

Sabina Faze: You reserved a place for the two of us? It sounds kind of fancy…

Issac shrugs maintaining an easy going smile.

Issac Slade: Maybe a little bit but the way I see it we’ve both bee working hard and we could use some time to relax and enjoy a good meal, don’t worry there’s no strings attached.

Pausing outside his locker room door Sabina thinks and then nods.

Sabina Faze: Alright…yeah I’d like that.

Issac nods.

Issac Slade: Let me grab my things and I’ll walk you back to Ryan’s locker room.

Opening his door Issac stops, a look of disbelief comes over his face as the door swings the rest of the way open, Sabina peers around him and gasps when she sees the inside of his locker room.

Ten or perhaps twelve scantily clad women fill the ICON Champion’s locker room. A few sit in chairs while others talk in pairs or threes. The mood in the room is celebratory and a banner hangs from the wall proclaiming, “ISSAC SLADE ICON CHAMPION” in bold red letters. Over in the corner, two women seem to be making out quite enthusiastically, one working her hand under the bikini top of the other.

Sabina Faze: Oh My God!

Sabina Backs up a step and then another and hits the wall.

Sabina Faze: I’ve got to go! Maybe we can catch up some other night! Goodbye Issac!

Issac tries to stop her but Sabina is gone before he can open his mouth.

Issac Slade: Sabina, Wait!

Trying to shut out the increasingly loud moans coming from the corner of his locker room, Issac notices a note pinned to the inside of his locker room door. Grabbing it, he slams the door shut, no doubt blushing crimson as he does. Tearing open the envelope, he reads the note out loud.

Issac Slade: Being the ICON Champion is something to Celebrate…So Celebrate like a Champion…while you still can…” ~Perfect Paul Paras

Crumpling the note up in his hand, Issac slams his locker room door with the palm of his hand and then heads off in the direction Sabina headed to try and explain what had happened as Mayhem cuts to another quick commercial break.

Team Best:
Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Jatt Starr vs. Team Kael: Maximillian Kael, John Sektor vs. Team SSE: Rob Michaels, Trip Eisen

The Turn Explained

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em’ Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed plays as for probably the first time in his HOW career there are some cheers from the Chicago crowd as we see Scottywood makes his way out from backstage wearing his New York Ranger’s jersey and with his barbwire hockey stick in hand.

Joe Hoffman: Earlier tonight Scottywood laid out Static with that SDT on the cement and since then we have been wondering what is going on within The Best Alliance tonight.

Benny Newell: I am sure that Scottywood is coming out here to apologize for his actions earlier tonight, and assure us that all is ok with The Best Alliance.

Scotty slides into the ring as his music fades and he grabs a microphone from Amy Smeets as he stares out into the arena, trying to think of what he is going to say.

Scottywood: For over six months I have been apart of The Best Alliance, ever since I joined Team Best for the 2008 War Games match. And I have been very content in The Best Alliance…….until a month ago when I lost my LSD title to Christopher America.

Benny Newell: What a dark night that was in HOW history.

Scottywood: There was no help sent by Lee to help me in Texas, there was no help even sent during my rematch 2 weeks ago on Turmoil. When I ask about being named to his War Games team I get brushed off and ignored. Well you’re not going to be able to ignore me anymore Lee!

There is a roar from the Chicago crowd as there is a large smile on the face of Scottywood.

Scottywood: No longer am I going to let you walk over me like your bitch! No longer am I going to do your dirty work and let you get all the glory. No longer are you going to have Scottywood in The Best Alliance! Tonight Scottywood ascends from the shit hole that is The Best Alliance to something better.

Benny Newell: Nooooooo!

Benny’s shot glass falls to the floor as the crowd erupts in cheers.

Scottywood: I am going to make sure you pay Lee for pushing me to the side, I don’t care if I have to go through the entire Best Alliance to get to you….But what I have learned from the past is that it is impossible to take on The Best Alliance by yourself….and survive.

You can’t stop me” by Guano Apes hits the PA system and we see Bobbinette Carey, Darkwing and Ryan Faze make their way out from the back and down to the ring to an even louder cheer fro the Chicago crowd.

Scottywood: Each of these wrestlers have been fucked over my Lee Best in some shape or form here in HOW, and like me they have had enough of it. Whether it be getting insulted weekly on the HOR or getting jobbed weekly to Jatt Starr. Alone there is little one wrestler can do against The Best Alliance, but together, we are going to end The Best Alliance!

Benny Newell: Scotty….what are you doing? He must have taken one too many shots to the head….he is delusional again….

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think he is delusional Benny. For the first time I think Scottywood is thinking clearly.

Suddenly we see Static jump out from the crowd with his baseball bat in hand and slide into the ring behind the four and cracks Scottywood in the back of the head with the bat and drives it into the stomach of Faze.

Benny Newell: Hear we go, Static is going to eliminate them before they can even get going.

Static tries to go after Darkwing, but the numbers game finally catches up with him as Bobbinette hits him from behind and Darkwing starts getting some shots in which knocks the bat out of the ring. Carey and Darkwing then grab hold of Static as Faze takes his LSD title off from around his waist and places it right in Static’s face, saying how there is no way he is taking it from him on Turmoil.

Joe Hoffman: Seems Static bit off a little more than he can chew….and Scottywood doesn’t look all too pleased.

Scottywood gets back up to his feet and picks his barbwire hockey stick back up and makes his way over to Static as if he is going to going to take his head off with the hockey stick but Bobbinette let’s go of Static and gets in front of him to stop Scottywood, pleading that this isn’t how to get even. Scotty nods his head in agreement as he hands the stick off to Carey who wants nothing to with the weapon and throws it outside the ring. This leaves Scottywood with a clean shot of Static where he delivers a boot right to the head of Static, knocking him down to the floor and sending him out of the ring.

Benny Newell: That is completely uncalled for!

Joe Hoffman: It might be….but Static charged the ring.

Suddenly “Undead” by Hollywood Undead hits and the mood of the crowd is quickly killed.

Lee Best:Cut the fucking music….CUT THE FUCKING MUSIC!!!

The music stops and the crowd begins booing as Lee Best makes his way out with Aceldama at his side.

Lee begins pacing on the entrance ramp as the Monster of HOW stares down at the new team of HOW, which is standing over his stable mate.

Lee Best:So let me get this straight Scotty…..I bring you out from the depths of hell that your career was in after your company NGW went into the fucking shitter. I mean NO ONE even remembered you until I brought you into the Best Alliance and now almost a year later you have won gold several times and are EVEN FUCKING COMMISSIONER BUT YOU FEEL LEFT OUT????

Inside the ring Scotty raises his mic but he is once again cut off by Lee..

Lee Best:Scotty you are a ungrateful piece of shit and I am telling you right now that your ass has moved up on my shit list …RIGHT TO THE FUCKING TOP!!

Scotty smirks inside the ring as Faze and Darkwing and Carey show support towards the commissioner.

Lee Best:Well Scotty to be honest it is a relief to see you joining up with these assholes cause quite frankly I have no idea what you are going to call yourselves but the JOB SQUAD surely fits..and your jobbing starts next week on Mayhem as it will be BEST ALLIANCE HALL OF FAMER JATT STARR TAKING ON THE TURNCOAT SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Now it is Lee who is smiling as Aceldama pats Lee on his shoulder as Lee continues..

Lee Best:Let’s not forget what the big man behind me stated last week on Turmoil. I take it your little group has formed in response to what Ace said about a new challenge for the Stable Titles…well your JOB SQUAD well get a shot at the Stable Titles…THIS THURSDAY ON TURMOIL AS ACELDAMA VS. BOBBINETTE CAREY IS NOW FOR THE STABLE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Aceldama smiles and inside the ring the cameras capture Scotty leaning on the top rope and raises his microphone and finally gets a word in…

Scottywood:It’s not the JOB SQUAD Lee…why don’t you just turn around and find out our name…

Lee Best:What the fuck are you tal…


Lee turns to see Aceldama go down in a heap as Issac Slade stands over Aceldama with a hockey stick obviously given to him by Scottywood.

The crowd is going crazy as Slade squares off with the GOD of HOW and they get even louder as Slade pulls his shirt off to reveal another one underneath with a single word on the front of the shirt…


Scottywood:Lee I would like to introduce you to the newest stable here in HOW…the FACES of HOW….ASCENSION!!!

Lee is in shock as he looks quickly into the ring and then back at Slade and hustles backstage as the crowd is going crazy as Slade salutes Scotty with his hockey stick as Carey, Darkwing and Faze return the gesture as Joe takes Mayhem to a commercial as the new stable continues to take in the crowds cheers.


Adidias the new sponsor for all HOW worldwide merchandise.

Patriotic Stable Champ?

We return from commercial break to find ourselves outside of Max Kael’s office. Suddenly Shane

Reynolds flies out of the door and crashes into the wall across the hall he holds himself up. His arms are literally shaking with fury.

It appears that Shane has been completely painted in Red, White and Blue spray paint making him look particularly patriotic. Max Kael slips out into the hall after him, his arms folded behind his back as he has a particularly smug look about him.

Max Kael: We’ll I am off to my match. I love the new look… In America..

Cackling, Max Kael begins to walk away as Shane stares at the back of Max Kael and lifts his hand as if he is about to do something however he stops.. Continuing to shake as he turns and storms away.


Max Kael vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako vs. Rob Michaels
Singles Match

The scene cuts back to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell at ringside.

Hoffman: Well folks its time for our Main Event, and I just have a feeling that something is going to go down here tonight that may change a few things around here in HOW.

Big Buff: You’re QUITTING!?

Hoffman: No…..

Big Buff: Damn!

Hoffman: Anyway, our Main Event is going to feature two stables represented here in HOW…Triple M of the AOA and Rob Michaels from SSE will take on Max Kael, the 50 percent owner of HOW in a triple threat match! After such a night we’ve had, what more could happen?

Big Buff: That fucking numnut Scottywood….

Hoffman: My partner, if you are just joining us, has defected to what appears to be some type of new group with Darkwing and Bobbinette Carey not to mention…

Big Buff: I don’t wanna hear anymore. Besides, Triple M is coming out.

Out walks Triple M as his music plays. Women who wear seated next to the ramp move back into the crowd to prevent Triple M from each over and adding more victims to the Whack-O-Meter.


Chant the fans as Mario Maurako makes his way into the ring. Suddenly Rob Michaels music hits and out comes the former CEO of SSE.





Hoffman: listen to these fans!

Rob Michaels seems oblivious to the crowd as he slides into the ring, and gazes at Triple M who is stretching and getting ready.

Suddenly, Max Kael’s music hits! And out walks the 50% owner of HOW!


Hoffman: Not sure if the fans are actually cheering for Max or are they cheering for the fact he’s an HOW wrestler, not to mention 50% owner!

Big Buff: He’s an idiot, so what difference does it make?

Max slowly makes his way to the ring. Max suddenly, makes a sign with his hands towards what appears to be the timekeeper, and suddenly the bell rings!


Hoffman: What the!? Did Max just start this match before he got into the ring!?

Big Buff: Um…..yes, genius.

Hoffman: That coward Max!

Rob Michaels seems caught off guard, and Triple M seizes the moment and catches him off guard with a running lariat taking down the smaller Michaels!

Triple M pulls up Michaels and whips him to the ropes. Triple M bends over for a back body drop as Rob shoots back, but Rob Michaels grabs the head of Triple M! Suddenly Triple M uses his strength and powers Michaels up into the air and he hits the mat face first!!!!

Hoffman: What power by Mario Maurako!!!

Triple M pulls Michaels up and lifts him for a powerbomb…..he then walks towards a corner and nails Michaels with the RED SCARE!!!

The powerbomb into the turnbuckle sends Michaels crumpling to the mat. Triple M walks away and taunts the fans as suddenly Max Kael can be seen sliding into the ring, and he pulls Michaels away from the ropes and covers as Triple M has his back turned!




Hoffman: max just tried to steal the victory!

Max gets to his feet only to see Triple M staring at him, visibly pissed Max just tried to sneak out with a pin. Triple M walks toward Max and Max suddenly pokes Triple M in the eyes, then throws him out of the ring, then turns his attention to Michaels.

Max works over Michaels the next several minutes with a focused attack to the midsection, using knee lifts and punches and kicks to the gut to wear down Michaels before using a front vertical suplex over the top rope on Michaels!

Michaels bounces off the ropes and falls to the mat, as Triple M slides into the ring…

Max covers Michaels!!!



Triple M pulls Max off of Michaels!

Max gets up and starts saying something to Triple M. He points down to Michaels and apparently is suggesting they team up. Triple M agrees as Max pulls up Michaels and he and Triple M whip Michaels to the far ropes. Max steps forward and executes a drop toe hold, then Triple M nails Michaels with an elbow drop to the back!!!

Max gets to his feet and elbow drops Michaels now, then stands up smiling as the fans boo him.

Triple M suddenly comes from behind and nails Max with a full nelson slam, the SUPER MARIO!!!!

Max cries out in pain and slowly rolls away and Triple M now goes to work on Max.

Triple M now works the lower back, hitting his signature stalling suplex followed by several scoops slams and finally a gorilla press slam that lays out the HOW half owner. Triple M covers….




Max escapes and Triple M continues the assault with a belly to belly suplex. Then a bearhug as Max is clearly in a lot of pain. Max seems to fade as matt Boettcher lifts an arm to see if Max is still conscious…..Max’s arm falls to his side weakly as Rob Michaels is now standing in a corner behind Max holding his midsection.


Boettcher again lifts the arm…….lets it go…….it falls.


Now for the third and final time…Boettcher lifts the arm…..


Michael’s variation of the Tazz-Mission Katahajime choke is applied as Max is being wrenched in two different directions! The fans buzz as Max seems lifeless between the two men.

Hoffman: What if Max taps out!!!? Who would win the match!!!?

Big Buff: Both of them?

Suddenly Triple M breaks the bear hug and nails a perfectly placed right hand between the eyes of Michaels, forcing him to break his finishing submission hold.

Triple M now works on Michaels, nailing him with a German suplex followed by a gut-wrench suplex. Max is curled in a corner, apparently recovering from the dual submissions!

Triple M goes for his Sharpshooter, the THUNDER LOCK, but Michaels kicks him off, and Triple M sails into the ropes, and hits them awkwardly, and gets tangled in the ropes!

Hoffman: Triple M, that thick upper body is trapped in the ropes, got his arms tangled there when he hit them oddly.

Big Buff: If Mario can’t escape from the ropes, he can’t win!

Hoffman: True! Is Super Mario Maurako able to break out of this?

Big Buff: Long as Rob Michaels doesn’t win, I don’t care if he stays there all night.

Michaels gets to his feet and sees that Triple M is trapped. Boettcher goes to try and free Mario, but Michaels now has Max by the hair and drops him with a DDT and covers, forcing Boettcher to prioritize the pinfall.




Max somehow kicks out, and Michaels is up and drags Max toward a corner. Michael’s points up to the top, but the fans respond…..





Michael’s flips off the Chicago crowd which incurs more heat from the crowd as Michaels now ascends to the top rope. Michaels gets to the top….

Hoffman: It looks like Rob Michaels is looking for his Hypnotized 2 point O finisher!

Big Buff: Damn….do you know EVERYONES finisher name?

Hoffman: honestly? I don’t know Silver Cyanides.

Big Buff: Fair enough. Time for a drink….

Rob Michaels leaps off for his Shooting Star Leg Drop finisher, the HPNOTISED 2.0…..


Rob’s ass meets the canvas HARD, as Max crawls over and executes an Oklahoma Roll for a pin!!!!!




Max grabs Rob and pulls him up, as now Boettcher believes he has a free moment and manages to free Triple M as Max sets up Rob Michaels for his Tiger Driver finisher…..Triple M flies across the ring, and grabs Max, and locks in the MARVELOSITY Full Nelson submission!!!!

Triple M starts flinging Max around like a rag doll, as every time he tries to struggle, Mario flings him back and forth a bit.

Boettcher looks like he is ready to call it, but out of nowhere Rob Michaels nails a heel kick to the back of the head of Triple M!!!!

Mario drops Max, who rolls to a corner, and turns around holding his head, as Rob Michaels goes for a clothesline, Mario ducks, catching Rob in a set up for a collar bone slam, but Rob elbows Mario to the head to break free, then nails him with a quick kick combo that connects to the gut, chest, and legs of Mario, then Rob runs to the ropes, comes back and goes for a spinning wheel kick, but Mario CATCHES HIM!!!!

Hoffman: What power!!!!! Mario’s strength!!!

Mario lifts Rob up into the air and turns it into a one handed sit down POWERBOMB!!!!!

Hoffman: MY GOD what a COUNTER!!!!!!

Mario leaves his hands on the chest for a pin as the fans buzz at the counter move!!!






Hoffman: That was close!

Triple M can’t believe it, as he pulls up Rob, and hits a scoop slam! Mario then climbs to the top……

Mario leaps off for the MAURAKO ROCKER, but Rob Michaels gets the knees up!!!!!!!!

Hoffman: Mario just frog splashed Rob Michaels knees!!!!

Michaels crawls for the ropes, and pulls himself to his feet, as Mario is on one knee, holding his gut in pain. Mario turns, as Rob Michaels runs over and nails a running dropkick that sends Mario into a corner!!!! Rob walks over and climbs up and starts raining down punches, but suddenly, Mario shoves Michaels off and to the mat!!!

Triple M comes charging out of the corner!





The fans gasp, as Rob Michaels drops Triple M, then covers, falling across Triple M!




Max Kael nails the 2BUCK20 running punt kick to the head!!! Michaels is able to partially block the kick, but he rolls off Triple M, as Max pulls Mario toward the ropes and rolls him up….

Hoffman: Where did he come from!!!?






Hoffman: NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!




Post Match Betrayal??

Max raises his arms in triumph as Rob Michael’s slowing gets up holding the side of his head. Boettcher points to Max, signaling he is the winner.

Hoffman: Well, Max hung in there, and despite both legs on the ropes, he was able to pull out the match……

Max smiles and looks back at Triple M, who is holding his head, staring at Max, angry.

Hoffman: OH!!!!!! THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR!!!!

Hoffman exclaims as Rob Michael’s blindsides Max from behind with a well placed kick to the back of the head!

Max goes down, as Rob signals for someone to come from the back!!!

Hoffman: What is going on!!!? Why is Rob Michael’s attacking Max Kael!

Suddenly, Matt Denton, Trent, and King Trip Eisen run down to the ring as Max rolls away. Triple M slides out the ring, staring as the SSE eye Max and start to close in.

Suddenly the fans cheer as Sektor runs out!

Hoffman: Here comes the member of Team MK to help his captain!

Sektor slides into the ring, and stands next to Max as Max gets to his feet. Suddenly, Triple M comes back and slides into the ring next to Max and Sektor!

Hoffman: YES!!! The AOA with Max to fend off the SSE!!!!

SSE stares down Max, Sektor and Mario as Max looks at Sektor and Mario, the three nod, as Sektor and Max step forward to go heads up with the SSE…..


Hoffman: WHAT!!!!?

Max goes down as the entire SSE mugs Sektor, and it’s only a few moments before the SSE is taking pot shots at Sektor who has a busted lip from the numerous punches from the SSE.

Triple M has Max locked in the MARVELOSITY, Max is limp and unmoving and Mario breaks the holds and nails Max with the SIMPLY MARVELOUS Rock Bottom, leaving the 50% owner unconscious!

King Trip Eisen nails Sektor with the ROYAL DECREE Samoan Driver, as Triple M stands next to the SSE as the stare down at their work.

Hoffman: Has Triple M went nuts!? Has he betrayed the AOA? Why has he betrayed…..HOW?

Trent, Denton, Trip Eisen, and Rob Michaels hold each others arms up and now Michael’s lifts the arm of Triple M as the fans start throwing trash into the ring and booing profusely as Mayhem goes off the air!!!!!

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