March to Glory: March 25th, 2010 (2010)

Pay Per View | 180 Min

Show Transcript

March to Glory 2010
March 25th, 2010 – #HOW111
Roman Coliseum, Rome Italy



We open with a beautiful outside shot of the Roman Coliseum, the sun setting behind it as the shot pans up over top the arena and we see the HOW ring sitting in the middle along with thousands of fans packed into the ancient and historic coliseum.

We hear “Vendetta“ by Slipknot start to play as the shot cuts to inside the coliseum and we see and hear the thousands of fans cheering and holding up their signs like…

MPlow Stole My Dog”

Ethan Cavanaugh’s Slave”

Max Kael Mowed My Lawn”

Static Kidnapped The Pope”

My Eggs Are For Mr. Cool”

Cat Fight Tonight!”

America Will Beat MPlow …In Rome”

Mario Can Whack Me!”

The camera stops panning as we see Lee Best enter to a chorus of boos, making his way into the Emperor’s box which has been outfitted with the only comfortable chairs in the stands. Next to him is Missy Andrews and the current General Manager of HOW Simon Sparrow. Lee Surveys the crowd for a moment before he take his seat, feeling like a King amongst all the peasant HOW fans.

We then cut from Lee to ringside where Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell sit behind the announcer table, Benny already filling up his official HOW flask with his brand new bottle of Jack Daniels.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to March 2 Glory folks!! Here at the Roman Coliseum in wonderful Rome, Italy in what is the first event to grace this magnificent coliseum in hundreds of years. Tonight we have seven matches which will keep you all at the edge of your seats.

Benny Newell: If you haven’t already, crack open your favorite alcoholic drink and try and keep up with “Big Buff” as we make our way through this action packed event.

Joe Hoffman: We will start things off with a 5 team gauntlet match for the HOW Tag Team titles featuring the champs Axis of Powers, Alpha Beta Slam, CooL Reality, WMW’s Valora and AWS Man and the men who are holding the belts hostage, PWX’s John Pariah and Brian Hollywood.

Benny Newell: Also we have a rematch of Marcus Reinhardt and Mark O’Neal from months ago, can O’Neal repeat and beat Reinhardt again? Or will Reinhardt get his retribution against the man who he believes is responsible for the death off his friend.

Joe Hoffman: HOW’s newest and hottest rookie, in more ways than one, Carmen Jennings will take on the veteran diva Kirsta Lewis in what will be one of the most brutal “cat fights” we have ever seen. Can Carmen continue her momentum coming off her big War Games preview match, or will Kirsta show why she is one of wrestling’s most dominate woman?

Benny Newell: She could dominate me any night… But in other action tonight we will see Simon Sparrow take on Aceldama, in what will certainly be a battle of titans. Hall of Famer Simon Sparrow, the current GM of HOW will go up against Aceldama, the man who held the HOW World title for a record 182 days. These two have never seen eye to eye, but tonight they go toe to toe.

Joe Hoffman: Then we get to the LSD champion Chris Kostoff defending his title against the number one Justin Decent. Decent has always choked when there is a lot on the line, will he do the same tonight, or can he walk out with his first taste of HOW gold with the LSD title.

Benny Newell: Max Kael went a perfect 6 and 0 in Lee best Invitational, beating the likes of Mike Plow, David Black, mark O’Neal, Justin Decent, Chris Kostoff and then both Ethan Cavanaugh and Scottywood in the finals to EARN this shot against Mario Maurako who won his HOW World title by defeating his newly married wife Bobbinette Carey. This one is going to be a fuckin barn burner… or coliseum shaker.

Joe Hoffman: Then it is the match that so many have anticipated. The rematch the February 18th Turmoil, Christopher America tries to take back his HOFC title from the man who won it from him, Mike Plow in an HOFC bout that will have no rounds, no bells and will only stop when one man can not continue. These two men’s hatred for each other will explode here in the main event, and we can only hope the coliseum is still standing when they are done.

Benny Newell: Well then let’s get this show under way Joe… DRINK!

A graphic comes up highlighting the recent interfed interaction between PWX, WMW and HOW before going back live to the HOW Hall of Fame announcers..


HOW Tag Team Title Match
PWX vs. WMW vs. COOL Reality vs. Alpha Beta Slam vs. The Axis OF Power
Tag Team Hardcore Gauntlet Match

Joe Hoffman: We’ll we’re ready for the first match of the night and it is one with heavy inter-fed implications as PWX and WMW will try and officially take control of the HOW Tag Team titles.

Benny Newell: Lee will never let that happen. If he has too he’ll make the referee cheat to win.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Boettcher is not the kind of guy that is going to cheat to help someone win, he’s not Joel Hortega.

Benny Newell: If he wants to keep his job he will if needed.

Joe Hoffman: Anyhow we learned that this match will now be a hardcore gauntlet match as we out here still don’t know the order of entry.

Benny Newell: I hope it is those two fish price feds, WMW and PWX out first so they can beat the shit out of each other.

Joe Hoffman: Cool Reality, Axis of Powers and Alpha Beta Slam might not like that, they want to get their hands on WMW and PWX their selves after WMW cost Cool Reality the Tag Team titles and after PWX jumped all three of these HOW tag teams from behind at different times.

Benny Newell: They also have our fuckin’ titles held hostage, parading them around on their C-League shows.

The lights go dim in the Roman Coliseum, bathing the crowd in darkness as the light piano intro of “I.V.” by X-Japan echoes forth through the sound system, announcing the entrance of the first combatants. A moments pass and tension builds, a single white spotlight cuts through the darkness, illuminating the entrance and we see the figure of Kenji Gosenkugi walking up the stair, head bowed and face hidden beneath the white and red pleather hood and robe, his arms randomly moving and legs bouncing his body from side to side, clearly finding him in an attempt to prepare himself.

Benny Newell: I’m not going to end up in a jigsaw trap, am I? Though if needed I would cut your stomach open Joe for a key so I could survive.

Joe Hoffman: That is disgusting Benny…

This continues for a few moments until the piano finally gives way to guitar-which suddenly brings the Japanese Warrior from silent preparation into fiery rage- one of his hands moving to force back that hood before thrusting upward into the air in a sharp jabbing closed fist. With a roar of fury, Kenji looks over the coliseum before storming down to ringside.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team match is a hardcore gauntlet for the HOW Tag Team titles. First making their way to the ring. They are the HOW Tag Team champions… The Axis of Power!!!

Benny Newell: I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee made them enter first after what their stablemate Static did to him last week on Turmoil.

As the McVay calls out their name, Kenji leaps up onto the apron from the floor, hands gripping the top rope as he looks around the arena. Williams makes his way up the steel steps and climbs into the ring as Kenji finishes his gaze.

Joe Hoffman: As you can see the Tag team champions are absent of their titles, thanks to PWX who stole them from AOP moments after they beat The Maurako Family for them on Turmoil a few weeks ago.

Benny Newell: It’s disgraceful Joe, Lee should have sent out hit men to kill them, or Dog the Bounty Hunter to track them down and take back our titles.

The Japanese warrior makes his way over to a turnbuckle, climbing up onto the tope so that he can let out another roar of combative fury before jumping down onto the mat and backing into the corner, waiting for their opponents to make their way out.

Joe Hoffman: Well idk if we need Dog, because between AOP, ABS and Cool Reality, these are three teams who are really determined to walk out as HOW Tag Team champions.

The lights in the coliseum go black, and the crowd grows silent. An ominous pounding drum is heard-followed by a dirty guitar intro, and a flurry of flickering lights. “Unsettling Difference” by Blue Smock Nancy continues to blare throughout the building, and John Pariah steps up the stair and into the Coliseum. Pariah kneels down, and looks at his wrists, before standing up and throwing his arms in a crucifix pose.

Benny Newell: Would be a shame if Scottywood actually crucified him tonight.

Joe Hoffman: I pretty sure The Vatican wouldn’t take too kindly to that… With the whole Jesus thing and all.

Pariah smirks evilly as he stops and looks around at the crowd before he continues on his way, and then slides into the ring as he poses on the ropes. His music then dies as “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed starts to blasts over the PA system as the crowd starts erupting in boos. We see Hollywood walking up the stairs and into the Coliseum as Hollywood looks around the arena before making his way towards the ring. Walking to the ring he puts his hands up to each side by his head and gestures the crowd.

Benny Newell: is he dumb or something?

Joe Hoffman: I’m not a doctor, so I can’t be certain about that, but PWX is a team that none of the HOW boys should underestimate.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, representing PWX… At a combined weight of 439 pounds… The PWX World champion Brian Hollywood and John Pariah!!!

Hollywood then gets to the ring and walks around the ring once looking about the crowd before waking up the ring steps. He gets in the ring and taunts the crowd with his fingers. After taunting Boettcher orders the two PWX men to hand over the HOW Tag Team titles which they reluctantly do as Boettcher hands them off to HOW Security who rush them off out of sight.

Joe Hoffman: Well seems Lee wants the Tag Team titles kept safe until after the match and the belts awarded to the actual champions.

McVay calls for the bell and steps out of the way as all four men quickly start to trade blows, Pariah pairing off with William and the former PWX Champion Kenji pairing off with the current PWX champion Brian Hollywood. Kenji gets the quick advantage and delivers an enzugiri kick which sends Hollywood off the ropes and back to Kenji who plants the PWX champion with a DDT in the middle of the ring. On the other side of the ring we see William clotheslining Pariah over the top rope and to the outside. Kenji meanwhile is climbing the turnbuckles and motions out to the crowd who give a rare cheer for Axis of Powers.

Joe Hoffman: High risk district for Kenji, Hollywood in danger.

Kenji leaps off with an attempted moonsault which connects as the crowd roars and we see Kenji go for the quick cover.




Hollywood gets the shoulder up just in time to stop the referee’s count as we switch to the outside where William has just rung Pariah’s head off the ring post and then Irish whips him into the announce table right in front of Benny Joe.

Benny Newell: Watch it! I’m trying to drink here!

We see William try and slam Pariah’s head into the steel steps but Pariah counters and with a couple of elbows to the gut which is followed by a straight kick that sends William over the guardrail and into the first row of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: What a kick! That nearly took William’s head off.

Back in the ring we see Hollywood fighting back with a fury of rights and then hits a big spinebuster on Kenji as we see Pariah slide back into the ring. Kenji stumbles back up and gets a boot in the stomach from Pariah as he turns around right into a The Executive Promise from Hollywood, dropping the AOP member to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Superkick! Kenji is down and out as William goes for the cover…




Bryan McVay: The Axis of Power have been eliminated!

Joe Hoffman: The Tag Team champions are gone… That means we WILL have new Tag Team champions here tonight in Rome.

Benny Newell: No! This means there is a 50/50 chance of a fisher price fed holding our titles!

Kenji rolls out of the ring, dazed as see Williams climbing back over the guardrail to attend to his partner as he is in shock that they have already been eliminated. We then hear “Meaning of Life” by Disturbed play as we see the two WMW representatives making their way up the stairs and into the coliseum.

Bryan McVay: The next combatants from Wrestling MidWest… At a Combined weight of 401 pounds… The WMW Great Lakes champion Valora and AWS Man also known as Bill!!!

Benny Newell: What? The guy can’t decide on one fuckin name for himself?

Joe Hoffman: Just as long as this doesn’t turn into Friday the 13th, he can have as many names as he wants.

The two WMW wrestlers run towards the ring, wasting no time sliding in, but PWX cuts them off, stomping them with a barrage of boots that keep Valora and Bill on the floor. We see Pariah step back from Valora, allowing her to get to her feet, only for Pariah to slam her back down and lock in his anaconda vice submission move.

Joe Hoffman: Just Like That 2.0… could be a quick night for WMW.


We see Valora struggling, but Pariah’s size advantage is not allowing Valora any way out of the hold. But we see a spurt of energy as he lands a couple hard rights to Hollywood which get him back to his feet and drill Hollywood with a dropkick as he then dives and breaks up the submission hold right before Valora seems to tap out.

Joe Hoffman: AWS Man with the save, Valora so close to submitting to that dangerous anaconda vice.

Benny Newell: I’m gonna make her submit to me after the show….

AWS Man driving a fist into Pariah’s head as Valora rolls out of the ring. AWS pulls Pariah to his feet and delivers a low blow kick before hitting his trademark Emerald Fusion move.

Joe Hoffman: Drop You On Your Freakin’ Face!

Benny Newell: That’s the name? What uncreative fuck.

Joe Hoffman: Cover by AWS Man




Joe Hoffman: Broken up by Hollywood!

Hollywood drives an elbow into the face of AWS Man temporarily disorienting him as Hollywood sets AWS Man up for the Twist of Fate DDT but doesn’t get to connect with it because he is cut off by Valora who cracks him in the back with a steel chair. Letting go of AWS Man, Hollywood arches his back and turns towards Valora who crack him again over the head and we get our first taste of blood for the night.

Benny Newell: Hit him again! Drink!

Another shot rings off the skull of Hollywood.

Benny Newell: Drink!

For a third time Valora nails Hollywood with the now twisted steel chair as Hollywood collapses to the floor.

Benny Newell: Drink!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood, just destroyed by Valora and that steel chair which is mangled to all hell now.

Pariah now back to his feet, but not for long as Valora connects with a pele kick that knocks him down and through the second rope, sending him to thee outside floor. AWS Man now climbing the turnbuckles and leaps off hitting a shoot star press on Hollywood as he goes for the cover.

Joe Hoffman: Win the Freakin’ Matchifier!




Benny Newell: Bye Bye PWX! No Thanks for coming!

Bryan McVay: Brian Hollywood and John Pariah have been eliminated.

Joe Hoffman: Thankfully PWX will not walk out with the Tag Team titles tonight. Now just if Cool Reality or Alpha Beta Slam can eliminate WMW, we’ll be all right.

Phase” by Breaking Benjamin starts to play as the crowd erupts and Ryan and Griffin Faze run up the stairs, Ryan armed with an A.B.S beer mug and Griffin armed with a 2 by 4. They charge the ring as we see John Pariah stumbling away from the ring, but not before Ryan cracks the mug over Pariah’s head, the glass shards cutting Pariah’s head. Ryan drops and starts hammering right and lefts at the PWX member until HOW security pull him off Pariah and push him towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan has not forgotten what Pariah and Hollywood did to A.B.S., Cool Reality and Lee Best a few weeks ago when they tried to retrieve the titles from PWX.

Benny Newell: Can we fire those security guards who interfered? I’m sure Lee will be Bottom Lining them after the show for that.

Valora and AWS Man don’t wait for A.B.S. to get in the ring and armed with the mangled steel chair they exit and charge at the brothers. Bill swings the steel chair at Griffin who swings the 2 by 4 and the 2 by 4 wins as the chair flies away, which allows Griffin to lay the lumber to the head of Bill. Ryan over powers Valora with some hard punches and goes for a suplex on the floor but Valora blocks it and delivers a hard kick to Ryan’s bad knee which stops him cold. Valora jumps up, wraps her legs around Ryan head and connects with a big hurricanrana.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan’s head slamming into that flooring with impact!

Benny Newell: Hope he’s not in another coma now.

Griffin is choking Bill with the 2 by 4 until Valora drills him in the back of the head with a double fist and then Irish whips him into the steel steps which dislodge upon impact. Valora pulls Griffin up to his feet and hits a spine buster right on the bottom portion of the steps as the sicken sound of spine on steel echoes in the coliseum.

Joe Hoffman: Damn! That could have broken Griffin’s back!

Benny Newell: Could also end A.B.S.’s night if she gets this pinfall….




Joe Hoffman: Ryan Faze with the save!

Benny Newell: Fuck her up Faze! Fuck her up!

Faze with more clubbing blows to Valora as he throws her into the security barricade and throws the ring apron up as he pulls out a table, which gets a large cheer from the fans. He drives a boot into Valora’s head as he sets up the table, slamming his hand on it before grabbing Valora by her hair and pulling her up to her feet.

Benny Newell: Valora’s gonna get wood!

Joe Hoffman: You are sick Benny, just sick.

Benny Newell: I didn’t say my wood!

With Valora up to her feet we see Ryan place her head between his legs and lift her up for a powerbomb as he positions her over the table, the crowd cheering as the WMW Great Lake’s champion is put straight through the table, wood splintering everywhere as the crowd erupts.

Joe Hoffman: Through the table! Ryan breaking Valora in two!

Ryan, breathing heavy as he smiles at the carnage he has just caused. He pushes pieces of the broken table out of his way as he goes for his team’s first pin attempt of the night.




Joe Hoffman: AWS Man now the one making the save for his team and WMW stays alive in this match.

Benny Newell: Fuck! That Michael Meyers wannabe keeps them alive

Joe Hoffman: I think you mean Jason…

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck… Drink!

Bill drives boots into Ryan who can’t even get off Valora until Bill pulls him to his feet only to throw him back into the ring. Bill then throws the ring apron up for himself and pulls his own toy, a steel ladder out.

Joe Hoffman: AWS Man is known for his high flying style, this could be bad news for A.B.S.

Bill is about to slides the ladder into the ring but halts as he sees Ryan is back up to his feet and is leaping over the top rope at Bill with a suicide front flip, but Bill throws the ladder at Ryan which causes a nasty midair collision, and Ryan landing on the ladder on the ground.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve seen car crashes that look better than that! Ryan Faze took a big risk and crashed and burned!

AWS Man pulls Ryan off the ladder and hooks the leg going for the cover on the near motionless Ryan Faze.




Joe Hoffman: Ryan kicks out! How in the world did he manage to do that!

Benny Newell: And Freddy Krueger does not seem happy!

Bill doesn’t believe it but keeps on the former LSD champion by going for a STF, but is stopped dead cold by Griffin who hits him with a trash can he got from under the ring. Bill turns around and Griffin goes for another shot which connects. Griffin drops the trashcan and goes for the Fazeplant which he hits right onto the trashcan.

Joe Hoffman: Fazeplant!

Benny Newell: Jigsaw is out cold!

Joe Hoffman: Cover by Griffin!




Joe Hoffman: NO! I.C.E. Breaker by Valora!

Valora connected with a punt kick that drove the head of Griffin into the bottom off the ring post, knocking Griffin out cold. Valora rolls him off Bill and hooks the leg of Griffin for her own cover.




Bryan McVay: Alpha Beta Slam has been eliminated!

Joe Hoffman: Three teams down and there is just one hope left for HOW to hold onto their Tag Team titles…

OOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated!!!

Cryin’ Like A Bitch” by Godsmack plays and the coliseum again erupts in cheers as we see the final tag team emerge up the stairs and into the coliseum.

Bryan McVay: And the final entrants in this gauntlet match… Weighing in at a combined weight of 490 pounds… “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood… “Mr. Cool” Cancer Jiles…. COOOOOOL Reality!!!

Scottywood of course armed with his barbwire hockey and Mr. Cool armed with a carton of eggs they slowly walk towards the ring. They stop as you can see Scottywood look up at Lee in the Emperor’s seats they exchange a look for a moment before Scottywood turns his attention to the ring, locking on Valora who stands ready to fight.

Joe Hoffman: We have been waiting for this showdown for a while, Scottywood and Valora. These two have exchanged words for months, then Valora cost Cool Reality the Tag Team titles. Now Scottywood has the chance to even things up by regaining them and beating WMW.

Benny Newell: And Cool Reality is fresh. While Valora has taken a beating and Chucky is having trouble getting to his feet.

Scotty and Cancer takes opposite sides of the ring, Cancer opening his carton of eggs and throwing some at Valora who dodges the poultry with ease as we see Scottywood approach Bill. He is still dazed from the Fazeplant, but puts his fists up to Scottywood who smiles and swings his hockey stick at Bill’s leg which drops the masked AWS man two his knees. Scotty then takes the butt end of the hockey stick and drives it into the mask of Bill, breaking part of it off.

Joe Hoffman: Wow! What a shot by Scotty, breaking part of that goalie mask of AWS Man.

Benny Newell: I just hope Scotty doesn’t take it off. No one wants to see his ugly face.

Valora has had enough as she exits the ring and goes after Scottywood, but is cut off by Cancer who clubs her in the back and connects with a big German suplex. Scotty goes back to AWS Man as he pulls him to his feet. Grabbing him by his throat Scotty chokeslams him straight down onto the ladder that Bill had pull out earlier in the match.

Joe Hoffman: Scottyslam on that ladder!

Benny Newell: Cover him! Cover the guy from Scream!




Benny Newell: Fuck! Fuckin’ bitch!

Valora diving across the floor breaks up the cover at the last second as she goes to strike Scottywood but is pulled away by her feet by Cancer who locks her up in an ankle lock. Scottywood again goes for the cover on Bill who hasn’t moved since the chokeslam.





Scotty can’t believe it as he slams the floor with his fists and pulls Bill to his feet. Bill staggers as Scotty takes his barbwire hockey stick and cracks Bill in the head, almost breaking the stick in two. We can see blood pour down the forehead of Bill under his mask as he collaspes to the floor. But instead of going for the cover we see Scotty reach for Bill’s mask.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going to remove it! He’s going to remove the mask of AWS Man!

About to remove the mask we see Valora contort herself out of the ankle lock and nails Cancer with a low blow as she hobbles to Scotty and drills him with a dropkick to the back of his head, stopping The Hardcore Artist just short of unmasking her tag team partner. Valora takes a steel chair and tosses it in the ring before she takes Scotty and rolls him into the ring. Valora follows as Scotty pulls himself up to his feet and the two stare each other down for a moment.

Joe Hoffman: WMW’s Queen of Extreme and The Hardcore Artist are about to go at it!

The two start trading a fury of punches, each taking out months of anger for the other. But The bigger Scottywood gets the advantage and lifts her up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

Benny Newell: Game Misconduct time!

But Valora battles back with elbows to the head of Scottywood and reverses it into a DDT right onto the steel chair she tossed into the ring. The coliseum is filled with boos as Valora grabs Scotty’s leg for the cover.

Benny Newell: Kick out Scotty! Kick out!




Benny Newell: Scotty kicked out!!!

Just in the nick of time The Hardcore Artist gets his shoulder up as Valora drops her head, exhausted and wanting to end this match. She drives her boot into the stomach of Scottywood and climbs to the top rope signaling for the end as she leaps off and connects with a Phoenix Splash.

Joe Hoffman: Aztec Moonsault…. Scotty is in big trouble her!

Valora takes a moment to collect herself as she goes to pin Scotty, but he is suddenly pulled out of the ring by Cancer who slides into the ring with egg in hand that he throws perfectly and hits Valora in the face. Yolk drips down the WMW Great Lake champion’s face as she screams in anger. Cancer then goe to connect with Terminal Cancer but Valora ducks the kick and connects with a tornado DDT right onto the steel chair, laying Cancer out for her to perfectly lock in the Tequila Sunrise submission move.

Joe Hoffman: It’s locked in… Cancer needs to find a way out!

Benny Newell: Scotty!! Save him Scotty!!

Cancer is dazed and the pain from the submission is agonizing as Valora wrenches back even more on the submission until Cancer has no alternative but to tap out to Valora as Boettcher calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Cancer tapped…. It’s over….

Benny Newell: FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match and the NEW! HOW Tag Team champions… Valora and AWS Man!!!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t believe it. WMW has come into March 2 Glory and are walking away with the HOW Tag Team titles…. Lee Best must not be happy at all.

Benny Newell: Good thing Frankie isn’t out here, or Lee would stab his other eye out. I can’t fuckin’ believe we are seeing this.

Boettcher raises the arms of Valora and AWS Man as the Coliseum is filled with boos, trash flying at the two WMW members who have just captured HOW gold.

Joe Hoffman: And I have word that we are going to head up to Lee Best right now in the Emperor’s box… This won’t be good folks.

The cameras follow as the victorious WMW squad head off as inside the ring Scotty is staring at Cool shocked and horrified at what is to come.

The final image we see before heading upstairs is of the Val and Bill pointing up to Lee Best signaling to him that they want their titles.



The action heads upstairs where we see Lee Best now standing with Missy Andrews by his side. Lee is looking all sorts of pissed off as his guest, and HOW interviewer, Missy Andrews brings the mic up and begins.

Missy Andrews: I am here with the owner of High Octane Wrestling, Lee Best, and Lee with this event taking place in the home of some of the most…

Lee Best: Shut the fuck up…..I mean honestly……I didn’t bring you here to fucking talk…give me the fucking mic and sit your pretty ass down……now.

Missy, shaking, hands Lee the mic and quickly sits down and looks down at her feet as Lee looks over at Simon and smiles while the HOW Hall of Famer just looks up at his boss and fakes a smile and then quickly pretends to answer an important cell phone message.

Lee turns his attention to the cameraman and begins to relay his message.

Lee Best: I just sat here and watched those fucking douchebags from Cleveland take my Tag Team Titles back to that cumguzzling dumbass of an owner of Wrestling MidWest and quite frankly I am no fucking mood to hype anything….sure I could talk about how NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD would dare come to these hallowed grounds and hold a wrestling event…NO ONE HAS THE BALLS….and sure I could talk about how tonight’s Main Event between Christopher America and HOFC Champion Mike Plow will be a bout that will rival any of those pussy Gladiator fights held RIGHT FUCKING HERE all those years ago…..and I could go on and on and on about WHY this is the best company in the world….but I won’t…

Lee pauses and looks down at Sparrow who is now text messaging someone and now it is Lee who is shaking his head.

Lee Best: Instead I am up here in the most powerful seat in the history of mankind and I am afraid for the future of my company. I am afraid that my guys have lost the hunger and the desire that helped them make HOW the best company in the world……but I have a way to change all that. You see on June 3rd it will be time for War Games and everyone is eager for that….but before we start down that road we have to finish what we started in January…and that is why tonight I am going to make sure I see some fucking blood spilled and it starts with the LSD Championship match where I am making that bad boy a falls count anywhere match and if Justin Decent wants to joke his way into a title win he will have to do it in a no rules format against the HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff…..and trust me…if he does it…he will earn it.

Lee stops and taps Missy on the shoulder and motions for her to hand him his drink….she quickly obliges and Lee smiles as he makes her hold the drink up to his lips and he takes a long sip before motioning her to sit back down.

Lee Best: Where was I…oh ya….desire….and stipulations….I want to go ahead and announce that we will be having some big matches over the next several weeks but not next week….as next week we will not have a show as I have to finalize some personal legal proceedings, namely going to the WMW Show and presenting the new champs with the Tag Belts, but Turmoil returns the week after with a very special show….my own special Lethal Lottery..

Lee smirks as he lets that sink in with the viewers…

Lee Best: But again..I am getting away from the event tonight and talking bout future events….but how in the fuck cant I when I just watched THAT BULLSHIT IN THE FUCKING RING……..STAND UP BITCH!!

Missy jumps to her feet and Lee quickly smacks her across the face and she falls to the ground and holds her face and looks up in terror and then to Sparrow for help who shifts in his chair and avoids all eye contact with both Lee and Missy.

Lee Best: That’s right bitch….I told you to stand the fuck up so I could smack you the fuck down…just like I am going to tell all these assholes tonight…..YOU FUCK UP…..YOU GO DOWN….AND FIRST UP IS SCOTT MOTHERFUCKING WOODSON…GET HIS ASS UP HERE NOW!!!

Lee throws the mic at Missy and it hits her in the head as the action quickly cuts away to the announcers as Lee is seen screaming at Missy in total frustration over how the first match went down.


Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal vs. Marcus Reinhardt
Singles Match

The camera makes a slow pan across the old Roman Coliseum packed with High Octane fans, some have even dressed for the occasion by sporting Roman centurion clothing. The atmosphere in the old building is at fever pitch after an epic opening match and many are gearing up for the rest of the night. The camera finishes its pan and moves back to the commentators table as Joe Hoffmann and Benny Newell get ready to once again address the crowd and also the millions watching at home on pay per view.

Joe Hoffman: Well that was one hell of an opening match, if it was anything to go by we have one hell of a night on our hands. The tag team division has shown what it is capable of, now it is time for the singles as our first singles match of the night is Mark O’Neal, taking on Marcus Reinhardt, and this one has been raging on for months and the heat is literally brewing over!

Benny Newell: If you’re telling me I cannot wait for this feud to end, it seems to have been going on for ages, like that movie…..The Never Ending Story.

Joe Hoffman: Even though I disagree with what you said Benny it is true, this one will end tonight in what I am predicting to be a memorable encounter.

Benny Newell: Yea, memorable for all the wrong reasons. Marcus Reinhardt, in the Coliseum, with a pinfall, there you go. Next match!

Joe Hoffman: Well this one dates back to Rumble at the Rock nearly six months ago when O’Neal managed to make Reinhardt utter the words ‘I Quit’, revenge has been brewing in Reinhardt’s veins ever since, but can he actually defeat the acclaimed hall of famer?

Benny Newell: We shall see, well you will see, I am going to the bar.

Joe Hoffman: Benny, this is ancient Roman ruins, there is no bars here.

Benny Newell: Lucky I keep a supply then…..

As Benny goes underneath the announcer’s table and pulls out a hip flask and takes a swig the cameras move to the centre of the ring where Bryan McVay is ready to announce the next match, or so it seems?….

Underdog’ by Kasabian blares throughout the ancient ruins as Marcus Reinhardt comes through the curtains and stands by the rampway, looking extremely focused on the task at hand, like it has been brewing up inside him for a long time. So much so is his drive and determination that he wastes no time in getting to the ring as he charges with full pace down the ramp and slides under the ropes. Reinhardt stands and flexes his muscles, his veins literally pumping as he stands holding and swinging from the ropes, gazing up at the ramp.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentleman, the next match is a singles match scheduled for one fall, in the ring, from Greensboro, North Carolina, weighing in at 247 lbs, he is the underdog, MARCUS REINHARDT!!

The last image is of a focused and prepared Reinhardt as he awaits his opponent. His music stops and is replaced by ‘Give it Away’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as pyros begin to erupt from the custom built stage. Mark O’Neal emerges from behind the curtain and stands at the ramp, watching Reinhardt who backs away from the ropes and stands in the ready position, downwards with his hands on his thighs, he gives the ‘come get me sign’ as O’Neal stands watching him for a moment, a look of rage in his eyes.

Bryan McVay: And coming to the ring, his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, he weighs in at 250lbs, MARK ‘THE EXPLOSIVE’ O’NEAL!!!!

O’Neal is done with his opponent goading him from the ring, he wants his hands on him now, so just like Reinhardt he shows his determination and drive and charges down to the ring and slides under the ropes only to be met by a barrage of stomps and kicks from Reinhardt. Hortega calls for the bell…


Reinhardt’s stomping did not stop the drive of O’Neal who is back up to his feet and the two are exchanging blows, and neither are holding back, each punch connects with precision and power but neither men seem rattled as they continue to exchange fists. Reinhardt makes a dive for O’Neal and the two literally scuffle to the ground, still exchanging punches, Reinhardt gets on top of O’Neal and delivers several punches, until O’Neal grabs both hands and counters it, he is now on top exchanging punch after punch, there seems no dividing them at this moment as neither one seems to have an edge but both are hell bent on destroying one another!

Joe Hoffman: This match has got off to an explosive start.

Benny Newell: Stop trying to plug O’Neal with your explosive puns, you always telling me off for being bias and all.

Joe Hoffman: There was no pun intended Benny, this match is very even at this moment in time.

Benny Newell: Yeah, yeah, whatever, we shall see how long that lasts.

Both men are literally just scrapping on the canvas getting nowhere, Hortega decides to break it up as both men have to be pulled off one another as they get to their feet and stand in opposite directions of the ring, staring at one another until both men charge at the same time and both go for the same manoeuvre, connecting at exactly the same time, the clothesline. Both men fall to the canvas, but like before they get up fast and at almost the same time but finally someone gets the edge as O’Neal spears Reinhardt but lifts him up and charges him against the turnbuckle, then climbs up above him and begins to deliver more punches, but Reinhardt grabs him by the throat and chokeslam’s him straight off the turnbuckle and down to the canvas, then charges at him with a diving left elbow to the sternum. He picks up O’Neal and delivers a suplex which sends the canvas shaking on impact. Not content with one, he picks him up again and delivers another suplex, this time with more force, sending the canvas shaking again, the ropes even shaking this time. O’Neal looks out for the count, but Reinhardt simply kneels beside him looking at his prone body with a sadistic smile about his face. Hortega even looks at him confused, wondering why he is not attempting a pin!

Joe Hoffman: I have never seen this side of Reinhardt before, he looks like a man possessed!

Reinhardt after a moment of staring at the lifeless body of his opponent finally decides on his next move, but instead of a pin, he decides to lift up the prone, lifeless body of O’Neal and puts him under his arm for yet ANOTHER suplex. Reinhart sits upright and turns to his opponent then turns around for the pin……



No!! Reinhardt actually LIFTS the head of O’Neal, turning and smiling at Hortega who looks even more baffled now.

Joe Hoffman: Reinhardt had the chance there, but instead he wants to inflict more pain on O’Neal.

Benny Newell: That could cost him in the long run Joe…..

Suddenly from behind the announcers table you can see a delivery man holding a pizza box shouting the words ‘Newell, Benny Newell’ as Benny turns around and takes the pizza box and opens it up.

Joe Hoffman: You ordered a pizza?

Benny Newell: Why not, this is Italy after all?

Joe Hoffman: I guess, when in Rome.

Benny Newell: Go on….

Joe Hoffman: Do as the Roman’s do? It’s a saying.

Benny Newell: I never heard that saying before, so you are telling me I have to go and conquer other nations?

Joe Hoffman: Just eat your pizza and call the match, preferably not at the same time!

Reinhardt picks up O’Neal once again and prepares for the FOURTH suplex in a row, but as he tries, O’Neal hooks his leg around his, Reinhardt gives a few punches to the mid section to try and soften him up, he tries again, this time he gets him up but O’Neal stops it by waving his legs about in mid air, finally O’Neal counters with a suplex of his own, sending Reinhardt to the canvas, but O’Neal is too weak to capitalize quickly. Reinhardt actually looks like he will win the race to get up, but O’Neal is now on his knees. Reinhardt is now up and about to grab him when out of nowhere O’Neal charges with a diamond cutter sending Reinhart’s face packing to the canvas. O’Neal now kneels over Reinhardt with a sick sadistic look about his face, the type of face you know he is not going to go for a pin. He slowly gets up, still a little bit groggy from the three suplex’s after another as he grabs Reinhardt by the hair and puts his head between his legs and lifts him vertically upwards, legs straight dangling in the air, he delivers the piledriver, but something is not right. With O’Neal still groggy he is unable to hold him up long enough and he drops him too early and his neck lands in an awkward direction on the canvas. Hortega immediately rushes to see if Reinhardt is alright, but he looks in a lot of discomfort. O’Neal stands up and pushes Hortega aside, roughly picking up Reinhardt by his damaged neck and putting him under his legs again, this time for the Time Bomb, he lifts him upright into the air and lands him to the canvas, the back of his neck getting the full brunt. He goes over to the top turnbuckle to prepare himself for his finisher.

Joe Hoffman: We could be seeing the Explosive drop soon; Reinhardt will rue the opportunities he had to end this.

O’Neal comes down on Reinhardt with a top rope splash, his signature finisher the Explosive Drop by name. He grabs the legs of Reinhardt as he goes for the pin.




NO!!! With whatever he has left Reinhardt manages to lift his shoulder up to break the count literally milliseconds before Hortega’s hand was about to hit the canvas. O’Neal cannot believe it, he looks at Hortega who mimics two with his fingers. O’Neal goes into a rage as he gets upright and begins to violently shake the ropes. Reinhardt is coming to, holding his neck as he looks to be in extreme pain. O’Neal turns around and looks down on him.

Benny Newell: (inaudible)

Joe Hoffman: Benny, what did I tell you about talking and eating at the same time?

Benny Newell: (finishes eating)…..I was saying, told you so, this is Reinhardt’s match. This is good shit. When in Rome yes?

O’Neal circles around the ring for a while, his head in his hands, not believing that this match is not over yet. He finally gets agitated and rolls out of the ring and looks around for a weapon. Hortega begins a count as O’Neal turns around and looks at the timekeeper sitting down on a chair, he orders him to get up off it and hand him it, but he refuses. O’Neal is no mood so he simply walks over and lifts him up by his suit jacket and yanks the chair from around him, then turns around unfolding it.

Joe Hoffman: That’s one way to get a steel chair.

As he turns around out of nowhere Reinhart dives over the top rope and crashes into O’Neal, sending the chair packing from his hands. Reinhart is holding his neck and unable to get up as the count continues. It is now up to seven and not one of them is near the ropes yet. Finally Reinhardt gets to the ropes and rolls in, breaking the count with only one second to go, then rolls back out and grabs O’Neal rolling him into the ring. He drags him to the middle of the ring then turns around and kneels with his back to the turnbuckle, preparing himself for something as he waits for O’Neal to get up. O’Neal gets up, but has no idea as to where he is, Reinhardt approaches him, stalking him with every second. O’Neal is groggy, Reinhardt goes behind him, holding his own neck, but he gathers the strength and grabs O’Neal’s neck and delivers a deadly High Impact Rolling cutter. He rolls him around and goes for the pin.

Benny Newell: This is it!! This is it!! Game ov……Ahhhh!!! Burnt my tongue!




NO!! O’Neal comes to life, shooting upwards, grabbing Reinhardt by the neck then using his body weight to get behind him, he has him in a sleeper hold on the canvas and Reinhardt is helpless to get out of it, he is in extreme pain from what could be a stress fracture in his neck. O’Neal is literally SHOUTING at the top of his voice for Reinhardt to utter the words ‘I Quit’

Joe Hoffman: He can’t do it again can he? He won’t make Reinhardt say those two words six months down the line?

Reinhardt is screaming in agony, but refusing to utter the words, but he is fading fast as the hold is tightened, Hortega checks if it is a choke, it is borderline. Reinhardt’s eyes close as O’Neal asks Hortega to check him. He raises his arm, is falls down in a matter of milliseconds, then again, same again, then a third time……..

……..Reinhardt holds strong!

Reinhardt keeps his arm up vertically and is beginning to come to as he is now on his knees, O’Neal is trying frantically to keep him down but he is now on one leg, then another, both men are now upright as O’Neal tries to get him back down with a knee to the back, but it does not work as Reinhardt pulls one arm behind him and grabs the neck of O’Neal then falls forward in a stunner like fashion, sending O’Neal’s face packing to the canvas. He is slow to capitalize, even mulling what to do next, then he knows. He sits on top of O’Neal and locks in the camel clutch, O’Neal’s turn to be writhing in pain as he tries frantically to get out of it.

Joe Hoffman: The tables are now turned! Can Reinhardt get bitter sweet revenge by making O’Neal utter those deft words?

Hortega is down on his knees asking O’Neal who is adamant he does not want to give up but then Reinhardt pulls back more, O’Neal is almost at a 45 degree angle. There is no way a man could take that amount of pain, but O’Neal holds on, he is about to tap but quite shockingly Reinhardt stops his hand from going down to the canvas, then he tells him he wants him to SAY he quits. O’Neal refuses trying to get the other hand down, but he can’t.


He can take no more.

Mark O’Neal: I QUIT!!!!

Hortega calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: He did it! Marcus Reinhardt gets his revenge on Mark O’Neal in the most rewarding of ways, six months of pain, six months since O’Neal made him quit Reinhardt gets his payback, making O’Neal utter those words, even forcing O’Neal NOT to tap out. This was not an I Quit match folks, far from it, but you can win by submission and win by submission Marcus Reinhardt did. I thought he blew his chance earlier by stopping a three count, but he obviously wanted it to end this way.

Benny Newell: Revenge is a dish best served cold Joe, just like pizza, which mine is now cold; was there any microwaves in Roman times? Oh yeah and what was that……..HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO…..ALRIGHT!!

Joe Hoffman: Great match to kick off the singles leg of his March to Glory.


Reinhardt gets his hand raised by Hortega as he holds his neck in pain, turning and watching O’Neal as he lays on the ground, he gives a smirk as he slowly exits the ring walking up the ramp as he turns and walks backwards, his eyes focused on the fallen O’Neal.


Hardcore Punishment

The action heads back upstairs where Lee can be seen ripping up a piece of paper.

Lee Best: Well there goes making Mark O’Neal the captain for my War Games team…..where the fuck is Woodson!!

Lee stands up and turns and sees Scotty standing with his head down and hands folded in front of him.

Lee Best: Ah Mr. Hardcore artist…..

Lee gives Scotty a golf clap and walks right up to the man and stops literally inches from his face and grabs Scotty by the chin and raises the man’s head until Scotty is staring Lee in the eyes.

Lee Best: You fucking embarrassed me for the very last time tonight and I know that you don’t give a fuck about what I think but you better think about what you did to each and every wrestler in the back….you let down the whole fucking company when your little dress wearing not worth a fucking showing douchebag of a partner tapped out earlier…..LOOK AT ME!!

Lee snaps Scotty’s face back to center and continues…

Lee Best: You have had a nice little comedic run having ya, culminating with that little stunt with my cock loving brother….but guess what….I am willing to let it all fucking go….cause guess fucking what….YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!

Lee smacks Scotty hard across the face but it doesn’t faze Scotty as he snaps his head back towards Lee and now his face is overcome with anger.

Lee smacks him again and this time Scotty takes a step towards Lee and as he does Scotty is met with a lethal left hand to his right temple from Simon Sparrow.

Scotty falls to the ground and Simon jumps on him and punches him again before picking him up and tossing him towards the security detail near the entrance to the private room.

Dusting his hands off Simon turns back towards Lee who is smiling.

Lee Best: That’s what I like to see….appreciate that…Jatt.


Lee Best: Whatever…

As Lee and Simon sit back down to watch the next match Lee leans over and whispers to Simon..

Lee Best: You might have just earned yourself the role of War Games Captain…

Simon gives Lee a look and Best nods as the action returns to the announcers.


Carmen Jennings vs. Kirsta Lewis
Singles Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, next up, is the widely anticipated match between ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis and HOW’s newest rookie Carmen Jennings but before we get to that…Scottywood is fired??

Benny Newell: It’s like free porn.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty being fired or…oh nevermind..quiet Benny, now for those who didn’t catch turmoil…

Benny Newell: Your fucking idiot…of course I meant Scotty getting fired…

Joe Hoffman: Um…ooook… what I was going to say was Carmen picked up a huge debut win in the preview War Games match last week as she set out to prove a point here in HOW.

Benny Newell: And she targeted the STD infected Kirsta as her first target

Joe Hoffman: But for those of us who know Kirsta, this match wont be easy for the upstart rookie.

The arena lights go down as “I Get off” by Halestorm begins to play through the PA set up within the Roman Coliseum. Kirsta Lewis then appears as she steps up from the trap door entrance set up wearing all black leather. The crowd boos Kirsta loudly as Lee Best watches her closely from his emperor style seating area.

Brian McVay: This match is scheduled for one fall, making her way to the ring. At 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighing 130 lbs, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Hellcat KIRSTA LEWIS!

As the music continues, Kirsta makes her way towards the ring still being booed loudly. Kirsta stands for a second, taking it all in as the arena lights come back on as we see Kirsta climbing the steel steps and entering the ring, Kirsta stands there as her music cuts out.

Benny Newell: I know she’s got aids and everything, but still

Benny makes a gurgling noise as Flyleaf – I’m so sick begins to kick in over the PA system as the lights dim all around the coliseum as a flickering stage light moves swiftly over towards the trap door. Slowly CJ walks up with her head down and fists clenched. As she makes her way towards the ring, she doesn’t take her eyes off of Kirsta.

Brian McVay: And her opponent, from Essex in the United Kingdom, at 5 foot 7 inches tall, weighing 147 lbs, Carmen Jennings.

CJ lifts her head flicking back her hair and reveals her face throwing a piercing gaze towards Kirsta. She smirks to herself and starts climbing the metal steps and into the ring. Making her way to the turnbuckle, she leans back against it, keeping her eyes on Kirsta the entire time.

Joe Hoffman: This one’s certainly going to be interesting, it’s the biggest bitch in the business versus the newest bitch in the business.

Benny Newell: I thought you were the biggest bitch in the business Joe?

As the referee Matt Boettcher finishes his pre-match checks for illegal objects, he signals for the bell to get this one underway.


Kirsta wastes no time charging towards Carmen and spearing her to the floor, grabbing hair as the two begin to roll around the floor. Carmen rolls on top and attempts a slap that misses as Kirsta reverses and finds herself back on top of Carmen as she rakes at Carmen’s eyes with her nails.

Benny Newell: Cat Fight! I love it, DRINK!

Kirsta pulls Carmen up and whips her to the rope, as she comes back Kirsta catches Carmen with a side slam and goes for an early pin attempt as the referee begins the count


2? No. Kick out from Carmen with ease.

Joe Hoffman: It’s going to take more that that to keep the rookie down after the exciting start she’s had here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I can’t take my eyes off her ass

Joe Hoffman: Carmen’s or Kirsta’s?

Benny Newell: Does it really matter at this point?

Carmen is quick to her feet as the two females lock up, Carmen uses the slight advantage she has in weight to arm drag Kirsta to the floor and quickly springs to her feet, as does Kirsta only to be met with another arm drag from Carmen. Kirsta takes a little longer to get to her feet and as she does is met with a flying elbow from Carmen who instantly picks Kirsta back up and lifts her high up hitting a vertical suplex followed quickly by hooking Kirsta’s leg for the pin



Kick out from Kirsta. Carmen picks Kirsta up and irish whips her towards the ropes, as Kirsta rebounds she ducks a clothesline attempt from Carmen and turns, as Kirsta hits Carmen with a perfect single legged drop kick that knocks her to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: This really is back and forth between the two females right now

Benny Newell: Speaking of back and forth motions

Joe Hoffman: No Benny, just no.

Kirsta takes advantage of Carmen, hitting a stomp to Carmen’s stomach. Carmen clutches her stomach as she rolls in pain towards the ring ropes. With Carmen on all fours, Kirsta hits a hard boot to Carmen’s rib cage and picks her up. Kirsta throws Carmen into the turnbuckle hard, her own momentum sending her to the floor as Carmen bounces off the turnbuckle hard and hits the floor.

Kirsta picks herself up, walking towards Carmen who is still clutching her stomach in pain. Kirsta picks up Carmen and scoops her up hitting a body slam. Kirsta scowls towards Carmen who is on the mat and drops a knee into Carmen’s rib cage as she continues to work on Carmen’s obvious injury.

Joe Hoffman: Carmen looks to be in some serious pain at the moment.

Benny Newell: I’d happily massage it better for her.

Kirsta picks up Carmen and whips her off the ropes, Carmen in desperation his a spinning wheel kick that drops the hell cat to the floor as both women are down, Boettcher begins a ten count.





Carmen begins to show signs of movement as she makes it to one knee



Kirsta also begins to stir, trying to use the ring ropes as leverage to help her back to her feet as Carmen now makes it to her feet Boettcher stops the count as Carmen grabs Kirsta by the hair and begins to use Kirsta’s hair as she connects with a series of snap mares, almost rag dolling Kirsta Lewis around the ring.

After three snap mare, Carmen picks up Kirsta and hits a DDT, going straight for the pin fall.



3? No! Kick out from Kirsta with only milliseconds to spare.

Joe Hoffman: A close call for the experienced Kirsta there.

Benny Newell: Yeah I bet she’s experienced…DRINK!!

Carmen pounds the mat in frustration, picking Kirsta up, Carmen then whips Kirsta into the corner and runs towards Kirsta. Kirsta gets her feet up and connects with a boot to Carmen’s face. Carmen stumbles back as Kirsta drops down and places Carmen into the corner, as she mounts the corner she begins to punch Carmen repeatedly, with the crowd counting along.







As Kirsta attempts to continue, Carmen uses what energy she has and manages to push the backside of Kirsta up and over, as Kirsta takes a big hit and falls from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, landing painfully on her neck.

Joe Hoffman: That could be costly for Kirsta Lewis, looks like she’s taken a hard blow to the neck there.

Benny Newell: For once she’s receiving a hard blow instead of giving one maybe.

Carmen quickly slides out if the ring as Boettcher begins a ten count. Kirsta is still stirring back to her feet as Carmen grabs her by the hair and launches her into the security barrier head first, causing more pain to Kirsta’s injured neck.

Carmen picks up the fallen Kirsta and drags her towards the ring as Boettcher’s count reaches five. Carmen props Kirsta onto the ring apron, with her head hanging off the edge as she connects with a hard elbow to Kirsta’s head causing a whiplash effect against the ring apron. As the count reaches eight, Carmen slides into the ring and drags Kirsta back to her feet and whips her into the corner hard. Carmen follows up with a turnbuckle clothesline. Climbing to the second rope, Carmen dives off, hitting a perfect bulldog that drives Kirsta’s head into the mat as Carmen follows up with another pin attempt.



Thr…NO! Kick out from Kirsta again.

Joe Hoffman: Carmen is certainly impressing here Benny, she’s got the Kirsta pretty much how she wants her.

Benny Newell: It’s not hard to get Kirsta on her back though is it Joe?

Carmen gets frustrated and picks Kirsta up, hitting a hard side kick to Kirsta mid section, Kirsta buckles over as Carmen sprints towards the ropes, rebounding and hitting the Pre-Madonna Smile which lays Kirsta out on the mat. Carmen looks down at her grounded opponent and smirks, she picks Kirsta back up, locking Kirsta head against her midsection she nails Kirsta with the C-Spike and hook’s Kirsta leg for good measure.


Joe Hoffman: This one’s over folks.


Benny Newell: I wish she was lying on top of me like that


As the bell sounds, I’m so sick by Flyleaf kicks back in, as Carmen gets to her feet holding her abdomen. She lifts herself onto the turnbuckle and raises her arms in victory.

Brian McVay: The winner of the match, in 13 Minutes 11 Seconds. Carmen Jennings!

Carmen stands on the turnbuckle as the crowd cheer. Carmen looks up at Lee Best who has risen from his chair. Lee outstretches his arm and as Carmen looks up, Lee gives her a thumbs down. Carmen just nods as she quickly drops from the turnbuckle and slides out of the ring. Carmen lifts up the apron as she is obviously looking for something.

Joe Hoffman: What’s Carmen doing?

Benny Newell: Maybe it’s bondage time for her and Kirsta.

Joe Hoffman: Keep dreaming Benny

Carmen has grabbed a chair and slides it into the ring as Kirsta is still out cold on the mat. Carmen slides back into the ring she sadistically looks down towards Kirsta, she grabs the chair placing it across Kirsta’s throat. Carmen then looks towards where Lee Best is sat, and without second thought, turns back, climbing the turnbuckle

Joe Hoffman: She isn’t serious is she?

Benny Newell: She truly is a bitch, I love it.

Carmen leaps from the turnbuckle, hitting a massive elbow drops onto the steel chair that’s wrapped around and across Kirsta’s face. As a huge clatter is heard, Kirsta’s legs begin to twitch as the sadistic grin on Carmen’s face is even more apparent. Carmen looks up towards Lee Best who just sits back down with a smile on his face.

Carmen raises her arms again, in celebration as she exits the ring and crosses paths with EMT’s who are now rushing the ring with a stretcher for the out cold Kirsta Lewis. As Carmen makes it back to the trap door she turns, looking at Kirsta who is now being placed on the stretcher she just smiles and raises her hands above her head one last time.


All stats be updated tomorrow on HOTv with winner of the Wrestler of
the Month for March also announced.


HOW LSD Title Match
Justin Decent vs. Chris Kostoff
Falls Count Anywhere Match

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back live to the Roman Coliseum, up next we have the hugely anticipated LSD title match between Chris Kostoff and Justin Decent.

Benny Newell: Decent has a big task on his hands against Kostoff tonight, I think we might actually see somebody get Raped.

Joe Hoffman: Seriously Benny is there any need? Folks, lets quickly take you back to exactly one year ago, at the Alamo Texas, where we saw the LSD title change hands at last years March to Glory!!

As the HOTv crew do the final preparations for the next match, the viewers at home are treated to a video package, starting off with the brutal highlights of Chris America versus Scottywood for the LSD title last year.

March 16th 2009

The Alamo

We see America as he looks at the shard of wood in his hand, then looking down at Scottywood who is holding his face and screaming about not being able to see. America lifts the wood and takes aim before jamming it down onto Scottywood’s head once again causing Scottywood to scream again.

The action then cuts to another clip as we see Scottywood, who shoves America onto the cross and stands over him, as he wipes the blood out from his face once again. He slumps back and pulls two large nails out of his pocket breathing heavily. We see Scottywood as he kicks America square in the gut a few times before he moves back toward the Alter at the front of the chapel. He grabs a hammer sitting there and slowly stalks toward America who starts to stir slightly. Scottywood falls down to his knees and jams one of the nails into America’s hand as America lets out a scream.

We then cut to the final clip from last year’s event as we see Christopher America reaching forward with his uninjured hand and picking up the hammer lying on the floor that Scottywood had dropped. Slowly pulling himself up, America lifts it above his head. A flash of light across the screen is seen as it dims we see Scottywood, who was struck across the face with the hammer; The image begins to fade as we see America drop on top of him and the referee counting the pin fall.

A quick run down is then shown as we see past champions all posing in the ring after winning the LSD gold…Scottywood, Chris America, Ryan Faze, Static, David Black, Tim Shipley, Dawn McGill and Finally Chris Kostoff. The Current and three time LSD Champion

The final image is from last weeks Turmoil as we see Kostoff nailing Justin Decent with the LSD title as we fade back live.

Joe Hoffman: Will that man retain tonight or will we see Justin Decent claim his first title here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I still think we’ll see Justin get raped by the steroid raging Kostoff.

Fu-Gee-La by The Fugees begins to play as Justin Decent appears from the trap door, taking the final steps up, he stands on the constructed floor and takes in the mixed reaction from the Italian crowd, as his music continues to play he makes his way toward the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And here’s the challenger.

Brian McVay: This match is scheduled for one fall; Falls count anywhere AND IS FOR THE HOW LSD CHAMPIONSHIP. Making his way to the ring, standing in at five foot eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred and ninety five pounds, from Chicago, Illinois. Justin Decent!

Justin has now climbed into the ring and is posing on the turnbuckle as his name is called out. The crowd, still mixed at this point are beginning to die down as they await the champion.

Benny Newell: Kostoff’s gonna rape you…

As Benny laughs at his own comment, Justin Decent’s music cuts only to be replaced as Alcohaulin’ Ass by Hellyeah begins to pound away in the Roman Coliseum, Stepping up quickly from the trap door. Chris Kostoff stands as the crowd erupts for the HOW Hall Of Famer.

Brian McVay: And His Opponent, He is the current LSD Champion. From Tampa, Florida, Standing six foot five inches tall, weighing two hundred and eighty five pounds. HOW Hall of Famer, Chris Kostoff!

With the LSD title over his shoulder, Kostoff takes his time making his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the few fans that were lucky enough to be seated somewhat close enough to the ring. Climbing inside, Kostoff raises the LSD title high above his head as the fans erupt for Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: This is certainly going to be tough for Justin; Kostoff is a huge 90 pounds heavier and 6 inches taller.

Benny Newell: Kostoff is an animal, look at him, fucking dog.

Joe Hoffman: I thought you wanted Kostoff to win?

Benny Newell: I want them both to lose, and then society will win.

Benny takes a drink from his Jack Daniels as Kostoff hands Matt Boettcher the title. Decent begins to pace back and forth along one side of the ring as Kostoff just stares him down, like a bull that’s about to attack. Matt Boettcher turns his attention to Kostoff, doing a quick search for illegal objects he’s happy and turns to check if both Kostoff and Decent are ready for the bell. Decent squares up to the big man but Kostoff just towers over him, beginning to talk trash towards Decent.

Benny Newell: It looks like Simon Sparrow standing next to Louis the little person.

Joe Hoffman: It’s nothing like that Benny


Benny Newell: What The Fuck Was That?

Kostoff is suddenly on the mat, rolling around almost convulsing, Decent just grins as he looks down at Kostoff, writhing in pain. As the referee quickly begins to check Kostoff, Decent wanders to the side of the ring and discards something to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: A Taser? What a cheap move.

Benny Newell: That was brilliant. Just brilliant.

As Kostoff still rolls around the deck, Decent gets into Boettcher’s face, telling him to signal for the ring bell and start the match. Which he does after some slight hesitation.


Joe Hoffman: And we are officially underway for the LSD title.

Benny Newell: DRINK!

As Benny takes a drink, Decent pounces on the fallen Kostoff going for an early pin fall…



Kick Out!

Kostoff powers out from the pin fall, as Decent pounds the deck.

Joe Hoffman: Almost over before it began eh Benny?

Benny just pretends to be sleeping, feigning a yawn as Decent drops an elbow to the back of Kostoff’s head. Trying to keep him grounded, Decent locks in an arm bar and uses his free arm to swing round and punch Kostoff in the back of the head several times. The crowd begin to side with Kostoff as he struggles to a knee, Decent still hitting right hands to the back of Kostoff’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Momentum’s about to change I think.

As Joe states the obvious, Kostoff forces Decent halfway across the ring, climbing back to his feet he charges at Justin and nails him with a clothesline, as Justin springs back up Kostoff hits another clothesline. Kostoff charges for a third time only to miss as Justin rolls out and springs back to his feet as the two begin to circle.

Locking up Kostoff dominates with ease, throwing Decent onto his back foot before launching him over his shoulder and back down to the mat with a powerful scoop slam. Kostoff picks him up instantly, hitting a right hand as he locks up again, this time locking in a headlock. Justin drags himself near the ropes and throws Kostoff to the opposite as he bounces off and returns Justin hits a perfect dropkick that sends Kostoff backwards, realising he hasn’t toppled the LSD champion, Decent runs of the ropes and goes for a cross body but Kostoff catches him in mid-air hitting Justin with a hard backbreaker as he goes for a cover…


Dos? NO!

Kick out from Decent as he begins to stir.

Joe Hoffman: Kick out from Justin Decent, this one’s not over yet.

Benny Newell: At least Kostoff is entertaining to watch.

Joe Hoffman: Oh so you’re awake now are you?

Benny Newell: Shut your man pleaser Joe….DRINK!

Kostoff picks Justin up again and hits a snap suplex, again going for a pin fall but Justin kicks out after one. Kostoff picks him up and irish whips him into the turnbuckle, charging straight at him, he drives his shoulder into Justin’s stomach which sends the challenger to the mat again. Kostoff steps back, regaining some energy as Justin stirs on his hands and knees.

As Kostoff attempts to stay in control, he picks up Justin and is met with a right hand, and another, and another, sending him backwards, Justin the takes a step back and hits a hard elbow to Kostoff’s jaw. Kostoff stirs for a second, and is met with another dropkick from Decent as the big man falls back onto the ropes, Decent takes the opportunity and hits a running clothesline that topples the LSD champion out of the ring and to the outside.

Kostoff manages to land on his feet however, and attempts to climb back into the ring, only to be sent tumbling back over as Justin dives through the ropes and on top of Kostoff as they both hit the floor. Justin doesn’t let up, hitting several lefts and rights to Kostoff’s head.

Joe Hoffman: And now the action spills to the outside.

Benny Newell: This isn’t a wrestling match this is a brawl, fucking bite him Kostoff!

Justin doesn’t let up, hitting several more left hands as Boettcher tries to get the two back into the ring. Justin gets to his feet, hitting a hard boot to Kostoff’s chest, keeping him grounded. Kostoff rolls onto his stomach but Decent again drops his forearm across the back of Kostoff’s head. Decent takes a few steps back, as Kostoff uses his arms to climb back to his feet Justin hits a running knee to Kostoff’s temple sending the big man rolling towards the ring apron.

The fans are still mixed at this point; a faint Kostoff chant can be heard as Decent looks around, grinning. He pulls Kostoff back to his feet and attempts a suplex but its blocked by Kostoff who reverses and drops Decent onto the rough temporary floor.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff looks to take control

Benny Newell: Why won’t he just bite him?

Kostoff stomps at Justin before moving to the side and hitting a hard kick to Justin’s ribs. Kostoff doesn’t stop at one kick, repeating it again and again and finally dropping a huge knee to Justin’s ribs as he rolls around the outside in pain. Kostoff picks Justin up and whips him towards the steel steps but he reverses it and its reversed again as Kostoff uses his superior power to literally launch Decent into the ring steps hard as the crowd cheer for the LSD Champ.

Kostoff stalks Decent as he crawls on the floor, using his arms to get onto his knee, stirring back to his feet Kostoff nails him from behind with a clothesline, which drops the challenger back down to the floor. Kostoff begins to trash talk Justin as he picks him back up, throwing him over his shoulder Kostoff charges towards the ring post but Decent manages to slide off and use the leverage to launch Kostoff into the ring post as his head bounces off the steel and he falls to the floor. Kostoff’s head has been busted open from the ring post as a small amount of blood trickles down the side of his head. Both competitors are down as Kostoff nurses his head and notices the blood while Decent tries to catch his breath while down on one knee.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff’s bleeding, that must of hurt the LSD Champion.

Benny Newell: It wasn’t the ring post; it’s just that time of the month.

Kostoff’s still stirring back to his feet as Decent notices and begins the attack once more, hitting a left hand and dragging Kostoff up to his feet. Decent rolls Kostoff back into the ring and follows suit. Decent runs off the ropes and hits an elbow drop hard onto Kostoff’s chest. Taking the opportunity he goes for the Cover….



Tres? NO! Kick out from Kostoff.

Justin argues with the referee, complaining that it was three, shaking his head he gets to his feet and begins to stomp Kostoff again, trying to keep the big man down. Kostoff tries to block and does as he catches Justin’s leg and trips him to the floor. Kostoff pounces on top of Justin and lays into him with hard shots to the head.

Benny Newell: Ground and pound, now fucking bite him.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think he’s going to resort to biting Benny.

Benny Newell: Your just scared it might turn you on.

Kostoff picks Justin up, hooking his head he lifts him and hits a rolling suplex, keeping the hold locked in he lifts Decent again and hits a stalling brain buster as Decent’s head bounces off the mat. Kostoff doesn’t go for the pin however, and takes the opportunity to wipe some of the blood that has now built up around his eye.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff was struggling to see with the blood flowing from his

Benny Newell: Vagina?

Joe Hoffman: Head wound, where he hit the ring post Benny.

Kostoff turns his attention back to Justin and picks him up, irish whipping him off the ropes, Justin ducks a clothesline from Kostoff and as he turns around hits another dropkick which this time sends Kostoff to the mat, Kostoff gets back to his feet only to be met with another dropkick. Decent runs off the ropes and hits a flying knee attack that drops Kostoff again. Taking the opportunity he climbs the turnbuckle, stalking Kostoff as he gets back to his feet. Justin hits a flying cross body and hooks a leg…



Kick out

Kostoff powers out of yet another pin attempt from Justin who shows his frustration as he slaps the mat, bringing himself to his feet he stomps on Kostoff’s lower ab’s and as Kostoff sits up hits a devastating martial arts kick to his head. Kostoff falls back to the floor as Decent climbs the turnbuckle again.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is losing a lot of blood and it looks like Justin Decent is going for something high risk.

Benny Newell: There’s nothing risky about climbing a turnbuckle, now sleeping with Kirsta Lewis, that’s risky.

As Kostoff gets to his feet, Justin waits, stalking him. Kostoff stirs, holding his head and turns around just as Justin leaps towards him. Kostoff in sheer desperation throws his shoulder forward and nails Justin with a huge spear that sends him barrelling onto the mat and out of the ring as he rolls in agony. Kostoff is quick to leave the ring, keeping the momentum in his favour.

Kostoff picks up Decent who still hasn’t recovered from the spear and throws him into the security railing. Kostoff decides to hunt under the ring, and grabs a chair from beneath as Justin finally gets to one knee. Kostoff swings and hits nothing but air as Decent in desperation rolls to the side. Kostoff swings again and misses, hitting the security railing, which causes him to drop the chair. Decent takes advantage and runs towards Kostoff hitting a rugby tackle taking the big man down. Justin hits a right hand and climbs back onto the ring apron. He waits for a second before jumping off and hitting a dangerous leg drop across Kostoff’s sternum.

Decent is first back to his feet as he climbs back into the ring and then climbs higher, onto the turnbuckle. Kostoff is stirring at this point, finally managing to get back to his feet, he looks up, Justin jumps from the turnbuckle only to land on Kostoff’s shoulders as he looks around in shock…

Joe Hoffman: HE CAUGHT HIM…


Kostoff drills Justin Decent with the No Remorse, almost sending Justin Decent through part of the temporary flooring as the fans begin a ‘Holy Shit!’ chant. Kostoff leans against the ring apron as Boettcher checks the fallen Justin. Kostoff takes his time, nursing the head wound before taking the opportunity for a pin…


Joe Hoffman: This one’s over, it’s got to be


Thr…NO! Kick out from Justin Decent at the last second.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell? He kicked out of the No Remorse

Benny Newell: Don’t get to excited Joe; you might end up staining those $Dos trousers of yours.

Kostoff picks up Justin Decent and throws him into the ring; Kostoff slides into the ring and straight away goes to work on Justin, hitting a hard kick to his ribs. Kostoff picks him up, and irish whips him into the corner, Kostoff runs….and Connects with a massive shoulder tackle. As Justin stumbles out of the corner, Kostoff hits a spinning spinebuster and goes for the pin…




Joe Hoffman: How did he manage to kick out?

Benny Newell: I dunno, maybe it’s in the script.

Joe Hoffman: There is no script Benny.

Benny Newell: But there is an annoying idiot…yes I mean you. Drink!

Kostoff is quick to his feet again, picking Justin up he whips him to the rope, Justin ducks a clothesline, comes back towards Kostoff again, only to be met with a stern right hand from Kostoff knocking him down, he gets up, Kostoff hits another right hand dropping him again. Kostoff looks around, the crowd still cheering for the LSD Champion. Kostoff picks Decent up, locks his arm around Decent’s head, and drops him with a DDT he goes for another pin….



Kick out from Justin Decent.

Kostoff picks Decent up again, as he does; Justin lands a punch to Kostoff’s gut, and another. Kostoff stumbles back and Justin in desperation hits a spinning wheel kick that knocks Kostoff down.

Justin takes advantage of this and runs off the ropes, hitting a big leg drop to Kostoff, he picks Kostoff up, and attempts a suplex, Kostoff blocks, Kostoff attempts a reversal, Decent blocks and lifts Kostoff for a suplex as Kostoff hits the mat hard.

Joe Hoffman: Where did that come from? Justin Decent isn’t finished yet.

Benny Newell: Look at the blood around Kostoff’s nose, he’s an ass clown.

Justin makes his way to the turnbuckle and goes up top once again. Waiting for Kostoff like an eagle stalking it’s prey, Kostoff finally gets to his feet, as he turns around, Justin hits a flying dropkick that knocks the big man off his feet once again, Justin quickly goes to work, hitting Kostoff with a stomp, followed by an elbow drop as he keeps the big man grounded. Justin climbs the turnbuckle again as Kostoff rolls onto his back, Justin leaps hitting a well-executed elbow drop as he goes for the pin




No! Kostoff managed to get his foot on the ropes. Justin screams at the referee believing he had it won.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff shows his experience and gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin.

Benny Newell: He was lucky to be near the ropes Joe, that’s all.

Justin’s arguing has cost him as Kostoff has time to get to his feet, shaking the cobwebs, he stands behind Justin, waiting patiently for Justin to turn around, as he does he’s met with a stern right hand that knocks him back, Kostoff hits another right hand as Justin stumbles towards the ropes, Kostoff takes a step back and begins to charge but Justin is quick and back body drops Kostoff up and over the ropes hard to the outside as the impact of Kostoff hitting the temporary flooring can be heard.

Justin Decent wastes no time and using the ropes he springboards himself up and over landing a big splash onto the prone Kostoff as Boettcher slides out, Justin hooks a leg…



Tres? No! Another kick out from the LSD Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Justin Decent is really taking it to Kostoff.

Benny Newell: What? You’d like to take it from Kostoff. You Idiot!

Justin Decent wastes little time and begins searching under the ring, Justin gets back to his feet holding a kendo stick. As Kostoff begins to stir on all fours Justin lines up a shot…


Joe Hoffman: I Swear that shot just echoed the arena

Benny Newell: Reminding you of foreplay with Mike Best is it?

Justin nails Kostoff across the back with the kendo stick, sending the champ rolling across the floor. Justin lines up a second shot


Again Kostoff yells in pain as Decent nails another shot across the champs back. Justin using the stick and begins to choke Kostoff violently with it, as Kostoff’s legs kick nothing but air as he struggles to escape the choke.

Justin discards the kendo stick and looks around for another weapon as Kostoff struggles to catch his breath after being viciously choked. Justin grabs the ring bell and stalks Kostoff who begins to use the announce table for leverage.

As Kostoff gets back to his feet, Justin runs towards Kostoff with ring bell in hand, but Kostoff ducks it, and as Justin turns he is met with a gut kick from Kostoff as he drops the ring bell. Kostoff signals towards the announce table and sets up for his finisher as the crowd begin to cheer in awe as Kostoff lifts Decent up for the No Remorse….

Joe Hoffman: No Remorse through the announce table?

Benny Newell: If he hit’s this Justin Decent’s going to need a wheel chair

Joe Hoffman: Justin Decent’s struggling

Justin Decent rakes Kostoff’s eyes and swings around Kostoff’s body hitting a HUUUUGE DDT as Kostoff’s head bounces off the ring bell that was on the flooring. Kostoff lay’s spread eagled as Justin uses what energy he has left to hook the leg of the champion…




Joe Hoffman: Oh my god, he’s done it. He’s done it.

Benny Newell: The lucky motherfucker.

As Fu-Gee-La by The Fugees hits, Matt Boettcher hands Justin Decent the LSD title. Justin remains on his knee’s cradling the LSD championship as a blooded Kostoff is still spread eagled.

Brian McVay: The winner of the match in 27 minutes 52 seconds and NEW LSD Champion….. Justin Decent!!!!!

Decent snatches the title belt from the ref and quickly rolls away from the ringside area as the crowd cheers at the sheer emotion being shown by Decent at the biggest win to date in his HOW career.

As the new champ heads to the back HOW medics rush once again towards the ringside area where Kostoff is totally unconscious and has yet to move.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we gotta cut away for a moment…..but this doesn’t look good….not good at all….

Benny Newell: No shit? I dare someone to fucking tell me he “learned” how to fall headfirst on a fucking ringbell…fucking douchebags..

The action cuts away leaving a visibly upset Benny Newell and shaken crowd as they watch as the medics work on Kostoff.


This man was smart and got insurance before landing headfirst on a ringbell…did you?


Blood is thicker than…

Back from the quick advert and we that the whole crowd inside the Coliseum is on their feet as Kostoff has shrugged off medical attention and has made it to his feet. The crowd starts cheering for the HOW Hall of Famer as he tries to gather himself as he continues to push the medics away from him.

Joe Hoffman: There is just no words to describe this scene….Kostoff is High Octane Wrestling…there is nothing more than can be said really….Benny?

Benny for once is speechless as he is also clapping along with the crowd as Kostoff starts towards the wrestler’s entrance..albeit very slowly.

The medics stay a few feet behind him, giving him as much space as the big man needs.

Joe Hoffman: Holy ….is that….who is that….Benny..look!!

Joe points towards the entrance ramp where a person is standing. They are wearing a hood and we cannot tell who it is but they are slowly walking towards Kostoff and the big man senses danger and begins walking faster up the ramp…ready for another fight.

Joe Hoffman: has to be…

Benny Newell: Everyone wanted him to be a part of this…well he sure picked a perfect time to confront Kostoff…fucking pussy..

Kostoff storms up to the person and stops dead in his tracks as the person removes the hood and their face is revealed to Kostoff who is only a few feet away…

The sight of the person causes Kostoff to fall to his knees as it literally takes his breath away.

Joe Hoffman: What is she doing here????

She” is none other than Kostoff’s wife…Barbi. Her face is covered in blood and she has tears streaming down her face as she looks at her equally bloodied husband.

Chris Kostoff: Who….who did this…STATIC!!??

Now rage starts to come over Chris as he jumps back to his feet and rushes up to his wife and takes her face into his hands and wipes the blood away as best as he can. Barbi pulls his head down to her ear and she whispers something and what she does whisper turns Kostoff’s rage into a smile.

Kostoff leans in and embraces his wife in a long kiss as the cameras capture the two bloody Kostoff’s showing their affection to each other as the sold out Coliseum roars with approval.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I hate to say this…but we have to cut away…something in the wrestler’s area…

The feed cuts to the underground part of the Coliseum reserved for the wrestlers and we see that the HOW medics are now working on another person….a man that apparently was savagely beaten.

The man…..Guy Static Stephens.

The feed cuts back to the Kostoff’s and it is all made apparent now…


The action cuts away as we see a final image of the Kostoff’s heading towards the carnage caused by Barbi Kostoff.


The High Octane Fighting Championship closes the show tonight..who will walk away with the gold


Simon Sparrow vs. Aceldama
Singles Match

With the ring finally cleared from the previous match, the anxiousness of the fans in the ringside seats begins to show as they begin to bellow out a hearty “H-O-W” chant. Not only are they doing this out of appreciation for what they’ve seen thus far, but they are doing it for what’s still yet to come in the show, especially the next match for which Referee Joel Hortega assumes his duty in the ring next to Bryan McVay.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, measuring in tonight at the weight of 232 pounds… he is a High Octane Hall of Famer and is the current General Manager of HOW… SIMON SPARROW!!!

From one side of the hypogeum underneath the ring, Simon Sparrow emerges to the tune of no entrance music. Sporting a vibrant black and gold baseball jersey with the letters “S.C.A.T.” stitched across the front and “Sparrow” across the back, Simon approaches the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd before finally reaching it and climbing inside.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, as we get set for our next match here at March 2 Glory, I guess we should start by commenting on the noticeable absence of Louis the Little Person as there we see Simon Sparrow enter the ring.

Benny Newell: Noticeable? The dude’s a midget, Joe! How the fuck is that noticeable?

Joe Hoffman: Benny, I believe the correct term to use here is ‘little person’. You wouldn’t want a mob of them to show up and start biting your ankles, now would you?

Benny Newell: Fuck no! Their oversized foreheads and pudgy little legs and arms freak me out enough as it is!

Joe Hoffman: WELL THEN… with that said, let’s just assume that Simon is keeping Louis out of harm’s way, as his match with Aceldama is sure to be a hellacious one.

Benny Newell: That’s right Joe. These two have even had more heat with each other than the porn I watched recently between that Asian transvestite lady-boy and that blind, albino quadriplegic. Come to think of it, that might’ve been the Axis of Power that starred in that one… you remember which one I’m talking about, don’t you Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I, uh… heh… AH, would you look at that! There’s Aceldama!

Sure enough, Aceldama saves Joe from answering that question by appearing out from the hypogeum on the opposite side of the ring. Wearing all black ring attire, Aceldama pauses short of the ring and engages into a long, heated stare-down with Simon, who puts his pre-match stretches and routine on hold to do so. As they are doing this, Sparrow mouths the words ‘you should’ve thanked me’ to Ace, in reference to the fact that he helped Aceldama retain the HOW World title against Trent at Rumble at the Rock 2.

Joe Hoffman: You can literally feel the tension here inside the Roman Coliseum as these two superstars get set for action. Truly, this match has been MONTHS in the making as all Simon was looking for was a little gratitude from Ace in helping him retain the World title at the Rock.

Benny Newell: All I have to say is that it’s about fucking time these two are squaring off. If I could’ve chosen one person on the HOW roster to face Aceldama here tonight and put a dent in Der Austand’s little “uprising”, it definitely would’ve been Simon. He may only have one testicle, but plain and simple, the man BRINGS IT during pay-per-views.

Joe Hoffman: With that in mind, let’s briefly take a look back to last year’s March 2 Glory, where both of these icons were in action.

As Aceldama continues his long stroll to the ring – trying to get in the head of Simon as best as possible – a brief recap of last year’s March 2 Glory is aired for the viewers at home, detailing the respective matches of Aceldama and Sparrow.

Aired first is Aceldama’s match with Max Kael, were the current Emperor of HOW needed the help of the fans to lift him to his feet and prove victorious in the Last Man Standing match. Up next, footage of Simon Sprarrow’s – then known as Jatt Starr’s – match with Ryan Faze is shown, with Jatt applying his Jattaclysm submission finisher onto the “Phenomenal One” for the much-deserved victory.

Suddenly, a quick cut from the footage brings us back to ringside, where Aceldama is now is the ring and being checked for weapons by Joel Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: Well, despite what you just saw, a lot has happened since last year, including a War Games victory and dominant run by Aceldama as World champion. You’ve got to wonder if he can turn his fortune this time around against the Hall of Famer that is Simon Sparrow.

Upon determining that Aceldama came to play fair, Hortega runs through the same motions with Sparrow, finding only a Mounds candy bar in his tights before finally signaling for the bell.


Benny Newell: DRINK!

Sparrow shrugs as if he forgot the candy bar was in there, but as he’s doing so, he fails to see Aceldma who charges him right out the gate with a dynamic flurry of right hands. This staggers Sparrow backward and into the corner where he tries to shield himself from the attack, only to be knocked down in the process. Now using a series of stomps to keep his opponent down, Aceldama takes advantage of his position with a boot to Simon’s throat before Hortega administers the 5-count.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama looks to be all business here in the early-going, catching the General Manager off-guard. He really wants to make an example of Sparrow here tonight and prove that Der Austand should NOT be taken lightly in HOW.

Benny Newell: And what better way to prove that than to defeat a Hall of Famer? Quite frankly, I hope that doesn’t happen and Simon destroys his anti-American ass.

Upon reaching ‘cuatro’ in his count, Hortega taps the shoulder of Aceldama as a means to warn him of his impending disqualification. Wanting to inflict as much damage on his opponent as possible, Aceldama waits until the last possible moment before he lets go of Sparrow. Upon doing this, Aceldama shoots a glare that strikes fear into the heart of Joel Hortega that forces the referee to back down and allow the former World champion to continue his onslaught.

Quickly, Aceldama turns to re-apply his boot to the throat of Sparrow, who can only succumb to the pressure that his opponent is applying to him right now. With Sparrow’s face turning bright purple in color, Aceldama again waits until the last possible moment before disqualification before releasing him.

Joe Hoffman: Come on Ace! That’s not wrestling! That’s a blatant choke!

Benny Newell: Shhh! Be a little louder why don’t ya, Joe! You want Aceldama to come over here and do the same thing to us?!

With a menacing stare, Aceldama stalks his opponent before picking him up for a scoop slam, which resounds throughout the Roman Coliseum upon impact. A quick hook of Sparrow’s leg and we have our first pin fall of the match.



Joe Hoffman: Kick out by Sparrow!

Having already consumed a considerable amount of energy, instead of bringing Sparrow back to his feet, Aceldama keeps his opponent grounded with a reverse chin lock. He keeps the hold steady for nearly 30 seconds until he attempts to apply the set-up to his Dreamcatcher submission.

Joe Hoffman: Uh, oh! Looks like Aceldama is going for the Dreamcatcher! This doesn’t bode well for our GM if he can apply the hold!

Benny Newell: Wow, that move takes me back to Aceldama’s Best-of-Seven series against Triple Paul Pussy! C’mon Simon!

Even the ringside crowd begins to show support for Simon as he fights off the hold, so much so, that he does – in fact – break free.

Joe Hoffman: He’s free!

Rallying behind the support of the fans, Simon staggers to his feet after several elbows to the face of Aceldama allows him to. As he turns, he finds Aceldama rising to his feet at nearly the same time and charges at him with a clothesline. Seeing this, Aceldama ducks and takes to the opposing rope, connecting with the Guten Abend tackle that sends Simon right back down. Smiling, Aceldama stands, drops an elbow to Sparrow’s sternum, then makes another cover.




Benny Newell: No! Simon fights on!

Benny’s proclamation is indicative that Sparrow got the shoulder up in time, which proves to frustrate Aceldama in his quest to destroy any and all things American. Dragging the resilient Simon Sparrow to his feet, Aceldama measures him up for a Knifedge Chop that is taken amongst “WOOO”s from the crowd. Aceldama goes to deliver another, but this time Simon returns it with one of his own and comes to life with a frenzy of right hands that catches Ace off-guard.

Joe Hoffman: Suddenly, there is life in Simon Sparrow!

Trying to connect with nearly anything he can, Sparrow proves to wind himself a bit as he backs Aceldama into a corner. He lifts him and seats his opponent on the top turnbuckle in preparation for a Super-plex. Greeting Aceldama at the top, Sparrow calls to the crowd for the high-risk move but is pushed off the ropes by his opponent before he can get a chance to deliver.

Joe Hoffman: Any momentum that Simon had right there has just been killed.

As rare as it is that we see Aceldama take to the top rope, he carefully maintains his balance and judges the distance between himself and his opponent.

Benny Newell: Lookout Simon!

Joe Hoffman: DIVING HEADBUTT!!! This one’s got to be over!

For the third time in this match, Aceldama hooks the leg of Simon Sparrow after shaking off the impact of his diving head-butt. In position, Joel Hortega administers the count.



TRES!!! ??? !!!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Joel Hortega is indicating that Simon Sparrow kicked out just in time! This match will continue!

Having essentially dominated the match thus far, you can see Aceldama’s patience wearing thin with the defiant Hall of Famer. After some brief arguing with Joel Hortega, Aceldama looks down at Simon Sparrow who is clearly in pain. Simon tries to sit up, but Aceldama shoots him right back down with a boot to his chest. He stomps away several more times at Sparrow until Ace decides to bring him to his feet.

In doing so, Aceldama tries for a vertical suplex but it ends up getting blocked by Sparrow. He tries it once more, but proves to find the same result. Finally, a third vertical suplex attempt sees Aceldama lift Simon Sparrow into the air, but not by much as Sparrow kicks backwards, out of his grasp and onto his feet before delivering a decapitating lariat to the former World Champion!

Benny Newell: Ace is down! Ace is down!

Not known for his high-flying abilities, Simon runs through the lariat and leaps, spring-boarding himself off the middle rope and onto Aceldama before he can stand to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Springboard Splash by Simon Sparrow!

Benny Newell: Say that five times fast…

The Roman Coliseum turns electric with the momentum shift in Simon’s favor; clearly supporting the American.

Joe Hoffman: Remember folks, whoever wins this match will get the contract Simon earned in defeating Chris CK to face any HOW champion for the title of their choice!

As if fueled by this motivation, Aceldama doesn’t stay down for long and is on his feet before Sparrow can fully recover from his breather. Seeing this, Simon exerts a sigh of disapproval as Aceldama simply smiles at him from across the ring.

Benny Newell: We may not like the jackass, but there’s no doubting that Aceldama is the ‘End Game’… the true “monster” of HOW.

Joe Hoffman: Well, many would argue that Kostoff has earned that distinction over the years, but certainly a debatable topic as this match continues.

Benny Newell: Whatever Joe… fine. Aceldama is a Nazi, then. Happy?

As Joe rolls his eyes at his broadcast partner, Sparrow does the same in reference to Aceldama, who has exhibited throughout the match his gladiator-like fortitude, much like the gladiators that took to the Coliseum thousands of years ago.

He begins circling with his opponent as both try to sniff out what each other’s next move will be. Finally, after several tense moments, Aceldama strikes forward with a boot to the mid-section. Fortunately, Simon sees it coming and catches it, spinning his opponent around backwards in the process. Within literally a split-second, Simon realizes the advantageous position he’s created for himself and engages in setting Aceldama up for the Falling Starr, but as he’s doing so, Ace violently rips his arms forward enough to break free from his grasp.

Joe Hoffman: So close! Simon had the opportunity…

Benny Newell: …and just let it slip away! That’s it! I can’t take this anymore. I’m doing a double shot every time Sparrow fucks it up for himself like he did right there.

Leaning over the ropes, Aceldama baits his opponent over to retrieve him. He feigns weakness until Sparrow does so, following up with a vicious back elbow to the side of Simon’s temple. Holding his eye in pain, Sparrow treads backward, but Aceldama holds on and follows suit with the Fall of the Berlin Wall!

Joe Hoffman: Deadly clothesline by Aceldama! The cover!

Aceldama drops to his knees for the lateral press on Simon Sparrow, but finds quickly that Joel Hortega is refusing to count. As the fans chant in unison a mock count to three, Aceldama becomes furious and approaches Hortega, grabbing him by his shirt collar. Hortega looks terrified in trying to tell Aceldama that Sparrow has his foot on the bottom rope, but is obviously not fluent enough in English to relay the information. He tries his best to motion towards Sparrow’s foot, but Aceldama is simply having none of it which allows Simon enough time to shake off the cob webs to recover.

Still arguing with the referee, Aceldama quickly finds himself on the receiving end of a roll up by the General Manager of HOW!




Benny Newell: He did it! The fucker finally did it!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Hortega is showing two fingers! Do not ring that bell! This match is not over!

Thinking he’s won the match, Simon Sparrow pops up in celebration; clearly exhausted by the beating he’s taken from Aceldama. Unaware that the match is still going on, he slumps into the corner of the ring to catch his breath while Joel Hortega tries to explain to him now that the match is not over.

Benny Newell: For Christ’s sake, enlighten the man, Hortega!

Sparrow offers the referee a confused look as he persists in his explanation. Meanwhile, Aceldama realizes the opportunity he has right here and feigns defeat, sliding out of the ring to the outside. Back on his feet, Simon Sparrow continues to gloat as Aceldama sneaks up behind him, sliding back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Lookout Sparrow!

Aceldama stalks his opponent from behind as the desperation cries from the fans continue to go unheard. Finally, Sparrow realizes the fact that Bryan McVay has not announced him as the winner yet as he sees him still in his seat. About a minute too late, Sparrow gets an ‘oh shit’ look on his face before turning around and right into grip of Aceldama, who strangles his neck for a Chokeslam.

Benny Newell: DRINK!

As promised, Benny downs his double shot of Jack, but before Aceldama can lift him for the Chokeslam, Sparrow delivers a swift kick to his crotch that releases him and brings Ace to his knees!

Benny Newell: Hell, I’ll drink to that too!

Joe Hoffman: That’s going to hurt in the morning.

As Benny is pouring himself another double shot, Sparrow regroups and delivers a smacking Buzzsaw Kick to Aceldama’s face that dazes his opponent completely. As Ace falls backward, Sparrow calls to the crowd for his infamous finisher that gave him the victory at last year’s March 2 Glory!

Joe Hoffman: He’s calling for the Jattaclysm! The question is, can he apply the hold considering the tremendous leg strength of Aceldama?!?

Without wasting any time, Sparrow proves to answer Joe’s question as he immediately applies the Modified Texas Cloverleaf submission on Aceldama, who cringes in pain at his misfortune.

Benny Newell: Will Jatt- err, Simon… hold on?

Using every ounce of strength he has to stretch Aceldama’s abdomen and flex his spine, Simon exerts a desperate cry as Aceldama begins crawling toward the ropes.

Benny Newell: Don’t let go Jatt!

Joe Hoffman: It’s Simon!

Benny Newell: Right! Sorry… I’m drunk.

Benny pours himself another double shot in preparation for Aceldama breaking the hold, but surprisingly, Sparrow has held on and is doing all he can to prevent him from reaching the ropes. Meanwhile, Joel Hortega kneels down in front of the former World champion and checks if Aceldama wants to submit. Fighting for his life, Aceldama bites his lip from the incredible pain he is suffering under.

Joe Hoffman: He could do it here, Benny!

Finally, as if on cue with Hoffman’s proclamation, Aceldama slaps the mat in agony, prompting Hortega to call for the bell.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner by way of submission in 18 minutes and 11 seconds… SIMON SPARROW!!!

Benny Newell: Haha! FUCK YOU GERMANY!

This time, Simon Sparrow has reason to celebrate as Joel Hortega raises his arm in what is no doubt one of the biggest victories of his storied Hall of Fame career.

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow retains the contract for the title shot of his choice… and he does so in convincing fashion after Aceldama basically dominated the entire match. What a tremendous turn-around by the General Manager of HOW!

Benny Newell: And to think… all Aceldama had to do was thank him for helping him at Rumble at the Rock! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, while my partner pours himself another shot, lets head back up to Lee Best where I understand he has a huge announcement to make??


Cool under Fire…

As the crowd continue to chant as Sparrow basks in the glory of his victory against the monster Aceldama. Sparrow leans against the turnbuckle as the camera cuts to Lee Best in his emperor’s box. Lee’s arm is cocked back, ready to slap, as his attention is focussed on Missy Andrews.

Lee Best: Remember Missy, seen and not heard, like all women should be.

Lee turns his attention back to the camera, looking down towards Sparrow but with his eyes locked firmly into the camera.

Lee Best: Now after all the disappointment I have suffered here tonight, the loss of the tag titles to those WMW fucksticks. It’s about time something went in my favor. Thanks to Simon Sparrow, it has finally happened.

Lee pauses..takes a deep breath…and continues…

Lee Best: With that in mind, I have a huge announcement, since Aceldama’s the captain of one War Games team, I have decided to spice things up and pit him against MY team, and MY captain for War Games, will be non other, than that man standing in that ring. Jatt Sta…I mean err Simon Sparrow. However there is one condition and I and I alone will be deciding who will be in the War Games team.

Lee smiles and picks up his drink and before he takes it down he stops and looks back at the camera..


Missy looks confused as Lee takes a drink out of his glass as we cut to an advertisement.


The Next HOW PPV comes to you live on June 7th from the hallowed grounds of Pearl Harbor


HOW World Title Match
Max Kael vs. Mario Maurako
Singles Match

The camera pans up to see Benny Newell with a fist full of dollars waving a rather large, scantily clad woman out of the stands down to the announcers table while Joe Hoffman can be seen trying his best not to pay attention to him.

Joe Hoffman:As my broadcast partner suffers from the extreme effects of beer goggles I am proud to announce that up next is the HOW World Title match where Mario Maurako will defend his title against ICON Champion Maximillian Kael!

Benny Newell: Wooo! Come on lady, take it off! I’m fuckin’ ready for some tits!

Joe Hoffman:Calm down Benny! Wait.. No Benny don’t invite her down here! Benny!

The camera cuts away as the large woman can be seen slowly making her way down to the announcers table compliments of security assistance. Refocusing on the Coliseum floor, the lights dim as the fans begin to cheer loudly.

Byran McVay: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..the following bout is one pinfall or submission and is for the HOW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

As McVay’s voice echoes through the arena the Italian fans get on their feet and cheer loudly. The sound is almost deafening as Joe Hoffman can be heard saying something but it cannot be made out clearly.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the Challenger.. to be accompanied to the ring by Elenore Kael, hailing from Arkham, Massachusetts, weighing 232 pounds.. MAXIMILLIAN KAEL!

A spotlight shines down upon one of the secret entrances that lead to the arena floor. The heavy metal door slowly slides open as a dozen men in black quasi-Roman gear march out carrying banners that sport the Maxopotamian National Flag while “Fairfax Castle” pleasantly plays over the P.A. system. The fans get on their feet as red rose pedals begin to fall from top tiers of the Colesium.

The Maxopotamian/Roman Centurions march out before taking up formation on either side of the entrance in a line leading toward the ring. Lifting their spears into the air as a chariot carrying Elenore Kael and Sutler Kael being pulled by a single white horse exits the entrance. Both of them are dressed in formal black attire, for Elenore a rich black dress which almost has a reptilian appearance to it while Sutler dons a black suit with a royal red sash.

The chariot carrying the two relatives of Max Kael moves toward he ring and circles it once before one of the guards helps the two of them out while the rose pedals rain down on them. The fans continue to cheer loudly at the garish and impossibly outrageous entrance however there still is no sign of Max Kael as the music slowly dies down… “WE DO AWAY WITH YOUR KIND!”

..”Count down to exterminate the Human Race..”

The lights in the arena die out completely as the rose pedals cease falling from the ceiling. “Purtania” by Dimmu Borgir roars over the P.A. drowning out the fans as a red strobe light flashes at the entrance as the Centurions step forward to form a defensive stance looking out at the fans. Suddenly from behind them a massive moving throne can be seen carried by another ten guards. The throne looks to be a covered in grass taken from the HOW grounds while seated atop it on a golden chair is none other than the HOW ICON Champion, Maximillian Kael wearing black Centurion Armor with a large helmet atop his head.

The fans once again let out a roar of applause for the arrival of the EMPEROR of HOW as he is carried to the ring while the music rages around him. As the throne approaches the side of the ring Maximillian Kael slowly descends from it, removing his helmet as Elenore enters the ring to stand by his side and assist him in removing his armor.

Part of this armor appears to be the ICON Championship which has been worked into the design of it as he hands it off to Joel Hortega who seems otherwise miffed by the fantastically over the top entrance of the EMPEROR of HOW.

Joe Hoffman:Well.. it looks like someone went out of the way to make an impact here tonight!

Benny Newell: What the fuck Max! Where was my gigantic golden throne! I have to.. ooooh..

Benny is cut off as the sound of a female Italian voice muffles his own. There are sounds of something wet as his headset cuts out.

Joe Hoffman:OH for God’s Sake Benny! Get her off the damn Announcers table and pretend like this is a professional broa-.. PUT THAT AWAY BENNY! BENNY! Miss please put your Bra.. oh no… Security!

Hoffman is then cut off as the sounds of loud love making flood into even Hoffman’s microphone. Thankfully the viewer is spared the site of a large woman mounting Benny while Joe provides play by play.

Max’s music dies down as McVay steps into the center of the ring once again.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent.. He is your HOW WORLD CHAMPION!.. to be accompanied to the ring by Bobbinette Carey, hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota and weighing 260 pounds.. MARIO MAURAKO!

“Ego” by Element Eighty smashes over the P.A. as the Italians once again begin to cheer loudly at the prospect of seeing the Italian World Champion of HOW! A secondary entrance opens up in the Arena Floor as Mario slowly makes his way out with the HOW World Title strapped around his waist as the air fills will blue rose pedals and Maurako Island Flags are raised around him by beautiful women clad in slave outfits.

As Mario basks in the sea of attention and blue rose pedals Bobbinette Carey can be seen slowly making her way out from behind him careful not to attract attention nor to steal from Mario’s thunder. Removing the title from around his waist Mario gives it a gentle kiss before slinging it over his shoulder, making his way down to the ring as the men in the audience make bitch slapping motions to show their support to their womanizing countryman.

Climbing into the ring Mario gives Elenore and Max a careful glare before he steps to the center holding his World Championship high into the air for everyone to see. Bobbinette climbs in behind him however once again she is careful not to draw to much attention from her husband. As his music dies down he hands the title off to Hortega after giving it on more kiss before he moves to his corner yelling something at Bobbinette before pointing for her to sit. She does so and does her best not to look bitter about it.

Joe Hoffman:..and we are back folks. Benny.. did you REALLY have to do that..

Benny Newell: Hoffman, you don’t turn down SEX. You don’t turn down free beer, you don’t turn down free crack and you NEVER turn down free SEX!

Joe Hoffman:Benny, that woman was a COW wearing human skin!

Benny Newell:..I didn’t notice? But now that you mention it my hips are killing me..

Joe Hoffman:That is, Benny, the price you pay. Now.. Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems like Joel Hortega is ready to kick off this match where in the crowd seems pretty split on who they are cheering for.

Benny Newell: Are they? I didn’t notice, I was too busy making sure a few little Benny-boys were taking a field trip to the Grand Canyon.

The sound of Joe gagging comes over headset as Hortega signals for the bell inside the ring. Mario and Max move to the center where they size each other up carefully before circling. Mario, clearly having the size advantage here, moves into tie up with Max only for the Emperor of How to back away to the ropes where he ducks under them causing Hortega to between Mario and Max.

Joe Hoffman:Already we see Max Kael attempting to play at Mario’s mind by refusing a direct confrontation. Some people might see this as cowardice but in our time here in HOW it’s been noted on many occasions that Max likes getting into his opponents head using these tactics.

Benny Newell: And he’s you know.. a fucking coward. But that’s why we love him!

Joe Hoffman:That’s why YOU love him. Not everyone loves Max Kael.

Max slowly moves away from the ropes and circles Mario again as both men move to tie up with the other. However this time it is Mario who backs away into the ropes refusing to let Max get his hands on him as Hortega steps in again.

Joe Hoffman:..well for the love of God.

Benny Newell: Best Match Ever!

Joe Hoffman:Well you could say that maybe Mario is playing Max’s own tactics against him but I think the honest answer here is that both men might be cowards!

Benny Newell: Blasphemous you straight nosed fucktard!

The HOW World Champion slowly releases the ropes and smirks at Max who just shrugs and yawns in the middle of the ring. Mario flexes to show off his obvious physical advantage. Max lifts both of his hands and pretends to have cut his thumb off as the fans laugh, unsure what exactly is going on. Mario nods his approval and rolls out of the ring as the fans being to boo.

Joe Hoffman:Folks I.. I am not sure what exactly is going on here.. This has to be the most unusual start to a match I have ever seen..

Mario heads over to one of the VIP Chairs and grabs a random girl by her hair, backhanding her across the face where she slams into the ground. The cheers and laughs turn to loud boos as the Italians get up onto their feet and yell various slanderous things at Mario. Mario just smiles and flexes his arms at the audience as the woman cries on the ground.

Joe Hoffman:Oh come on! That was completely uncalled for!

Benny Newell: How do you know she isn’t a bitch who deserved it!?

A large DING can be heard in the area as Mario laughs loudly while the Whack-A-Meter flashes on screen. Max charges out of the ring toward Mario as the crowd lets out a loud applause! Max shoves Mario to the side and helps the young woman to her feet, wiping the tears out of her fac-


Max slams his fist into the side of the woman’s dropping her like a bad habit!

Joe Hoffman:Son of a B-.. Barndoor! That Damn Max Kael and Mario! This is ridiculous!

Benny Newell: Uh.. how do you know she isn’t a MEGA bitch who deserved.. it?

Max holds his hands up in the air a louder DING can be heard in the arena the Max-O-Meter appears on screen rolling over to 1! Mario spins Max around and begins to argue with him about the woman on the ground. Max argues back and shoves Mario as the crowd boos both of them. Suddenly Mario slaps Max across the face causing Max to stagger away in shock. Turning around Max sends a right fist across Mario’s jaw knocking Mario to the ground as the fans let out another loud cheer!

Joe Hofffman: Thank god these two egos have FINALLY started to bruise each other!

Benny Newell: NOO! I liked the other thing they were doing better! Fuck!

Max grabs Mario and rolls him into the ring before rolling in after him. Mario jumps up to his feet however and starts to immediately stomp on Max before he has a chance to get up. Dragging Max up to his feet Mario sends him into the ropes before connecting with a stiff closeline that turns Max inside out!

Joe Hoffman:Wow! Mario showing off his power there as he sends Max into a 360! Mario is dropping down for the cover!

Benny Newell: If Mario wins this..




The veteran Max throws his arm up and immediately tries to crawl for the ropes. Mario snaps back up to his feet and once again lays the boots to the back of Max’s head keeping him from reaching the ropes. Picking up the ICON champion, Mario whips him into the corner with enough force to cause Max to snap up into the air for a moment before collapsing down into the corner. Mario moves in and whips Max into the opposite corner where once again Max collapses in a heap.

Joe Hoffman:Mario has the clear advantage right now as he is walking all over Max who usually has control of the first parts of his match. This does not bode well for the challenger if he hopes to win this match.

Benny Newell: Fuck that, hopefully they go back to beating up random fans again! That was good television Joe!

Joe Hoffman:That’s terrible television, what are you talking about Benny!?

Back in the ring Mario drags Max’s body out of the corner and lays him in the center of the ring. Taking a few steps back Mario measures up his opponent and then steps forward driving his elbow into Max’s sternum! Mario hooks the leg..




The ICON Champion manages to roll his shoulder up as Mario leans back on his knees and looks out at the crowd with an arrogant expression on his face.

Benny Newell: Mario is taking to the Moron from Maxopotamia! No one thought that he would be dominating this bout! HA! Whoever beg Max heavy this PPV is going to be saaaad like Lee and the NCAA.

Joe Hoffman:It does appear that Mario has this bout well in hand as we are only five minutes in and Mario has already achieved two near pin falls folks! Now I may not like Mario but I have to give the man credit, he knows how to work in the ring and he knows how to break an opponent down..

Dragging Max up to his feet Mario sends his hand across Max’s chest backing the Emperor into to the corner. Mario proceeds to send deep shoulder thrusts into Max’s gut driving the air out of his lungs while he does considerable damage to Max’s body.

Joe Hoffman:The champion is just wearing down Max now that he doesn’t have to keep up a high impact offensive. Max is going to have to throw on some after burners and get some offense together if he plans on winning this match.

Benny Newell: Max is beaten! Can’t you see it? Mario has him fucking whipped and there is no way in hell that Max is going to come back from this!

The World Champion backs away as Max collapses forward holding his stomach. Mario drags Max back out into the center of the ring and administers a cruel looking Bow and Arrow hold, stretching out Max’s chest and gut as he displays his superior power over his opponent. Max screams in pain as Hortega steps in to check if he wants to give up.

Joe Hoffman:The methodical manner by which Mario is breaking down the ICON Champion is admirable, I have to admit. He has Max right where he wants him and Max is in no real condition to beable to power out of this hold right now. Look at the torque that he is pulling Max with!

Benny Newell: Breaking him like a fucking chicken bone Mario! These people want to see blood and gore, give it to them!

Mario screams for Max to give up as the ICON Champion screams but does not give up. The crowd boos Mario and actually start to rally behind Max as he begins to use his legs to power himself back up. Sensing that Max might be fighting free the World Champion releases the hold and slams his elbow into Max’s gut driving the air out of his lungs and causing crippling pain to wash over the ICON Champion. Climbing back up to his feet Mario sends a stiff kick to Max’s back as the Emperor of HOW seems to jolt to the side screaming once again.

Mario drops down and hooks Max’s leg..

Joe Hoffman:Mario is going for another pin fall now!





Once again the resiliency of Max shows threw as he is able to push his arm up. Mario looks more frustrated now then smug as Max refuses to stay down. Getting back up to his feet Mario shoves Hortega to the side before he tosses Max out of the ring over the top rope where he lands in a heap!

Joe Hoffman:What this!? Mario is abusing the ref and he clearly has an interest in taking this match outside the ring now. This isn’t not DQ, what the hell is he thinking!?

Benny Newell: He is the HOW World Champion, he does whatever he wants too, Hoffman! Make him Bleed Mario!

Sliding out of the ring Mario stalks Max who has started to crawl away from his opponent. Grabbing Max by the back of the head he hoists him up and leads him toward the metal stairs outside of the ring. Mario prepares to slam Max into the steps..


Max counters! Mario finds his head impacting upon the metal as he staggers back holding his face while Max slumps next to the steps to catch his breath!

Joe Hoffman:Max just escaped what could have been some serious damage to his face!.. not that Max hasn’t experienced severe damage to his face before..

Benny Newell: What the fuck! That’s a DQ! Hortega you spineless fuck DQ Max!

Joe Hoffman:You didn’t care earlier when Mario was planning to beat Max outside the ring and now suddenly you are Mr. Rules?!

Benny Newell: Fuck off Hoffman, at least I got laid tonight!

Mario stumbles back holding his head until he is able to shake the cobwebs free. As soon as he does however Max spears him to the ground cutting the HOW Champion in half as he does so as the crowd roars its applause! As his back cracks off the hard ground outside of the ring Mario lets out a scream of pain before a savage looking Max Kael begins to hammer him in the face with a series of rights and lefts!

Joe Hoffman:Max has found his second wind as he proceeds to beat Mario’s face in with big time rights and lefts! This isn’t a wrestling match right now folks, it’s a fight!

Benny Newell: Hortega DQ that Fucker or count them out!

Hortega, having been shoved by Mario earlier, seems content to let the two men fight it out as he barks orders at them in Spanish from back inside the ring. The fans in the coliseum seem to be all in on the brawl as they cheer for the Emperor of HOW and his new found aggression!

Dragging Mario back up to his feet Max rolls him into the ring and follows carefully this time as to avoid getting attacked by his bigger opponent once again. As Mario staggers to his feet he turns around just in time to receive a forearm smash to the bridge of his knows taking him down hard onto the mat! Max jumps back up to his feet and begins laying the boots to Mario now in a series of swift kicks to the temple before just plain standing on Mario’s head with one foot as the Champion screams!

Joe Hoffman:Good lord, Max is standing on Mario’s head! This is certainly one of the more unique.. submission holds I have ever seen!

Benny Newell: That’s not a fucking submission, that son of a bitch is just standing on his opponents head! Christ, me farting around you is probably as painful as that but I wouldn’t call it a submission!

Joe Hoffman:What are you talking about, I want to quit each time you do it!

Benny Newell: Very fucking funny Hoffman.

Max removes his foot from Mario’s head as the Champion quickly moves his hands to cradle his own head. Bobbinette is shown on the outside having gotten up from her seat with a look on concern on her face while Elenore Kael can be seen staring at her from a distance. Back in the ring Max hits s snap suplex on Mario before he floats over for the pin fall attempt!




Joe Hoffman:For the first time in this match now it is Max’s turn to try to get a pin fall only to come up short!

Benny Newell: Come on Mario, you marvelous mountain of manliness, kill that fucker!

Max picks Mario up only to knee him in the side of the head causing the Champion to fall back down to the mat holding his head again. Max quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring walking over to the time keeper where he snatches his ICON title away before rolling back into the ring clearly with designs on using it on Mario! Hortega steps in and steals the title away from Max just as the ICON Champion looks to be sizing his opponent up!

Joe Hoffman:There is a good job by Hortega able to intercept that title before Max could use it on Mario!

Benny Newell: He should have let him use it! Then Max would have been DQed and Mario would have kept the title for himself!

Joe Hoffman:I don’t think anyone wants to be around if that were the case when Max figures that out.

As Hortega takes the title back outside the ring Max takes advantage of the situation as his real plan flies into motion. While Mario is using the ropes to stand up Max charges and kicks him square in the groin! Once again the fans let out a huge series of cheers for the attack on Mario as any damage these men take seems to entertain them.

Benny Newell: BALL SHOT!

Mario crumbles to the ground holding his crotch as Max drags him into the center of the ring and hooks the leg!

Joe Hoffman:Max used the title as a distraction to kick Mario in the groin and now he is going to attempt to steal this title as he has done in the past!

Hortega takes a moment to get back into the ring however as he does he immediately drops down for the pinfall..





Mario is able to squeak his shoulder up off the ground much to Max’s amazement and frustration. Scampering back up to his feet he grabs Hortega by the collar and begins to demand to know why Hortega did not award him the three count! As Hortega is distracted Mario stirs to life..


It’s Max’s turn to get blasted in the crotch as Mario uses the argument with Hortega to slip a fist between Max’s legs from behind! Max crumble back into a school boy by Mario! The crowd is on their feet cheering!!





Joe Hoffan: My God I thought Mario just had the match using Max’s own tactics against him!

Benny Newell: HE HAS WON THE DAMN MATCH! What the fuck is Hortega on about!? I don’t speak Taco Bell!

Mario drags himself up and now he grabs Hortega by the collar and begins yelling at him about pin falls! Hortega appears to be once again defending his decision as Max crawls to the ropes holding his crotch with an expression of pain on it. Outside the ring Bobbinette has moved from her seat and stolen the World Title from the time keepers position..

Joe Hoffman:Now what the hell is Bobbinette doing?

Benny Newell: It looks like she is going to defend her man, Joe, she is going to play the good wife and help Mario out!

Joe Hoffman:Carey really must have lost her mind to have fallen this far as to help someone win by cheating!

She slowly makes her way around to where Max is pulling himself up using the ropes when Mario turns around and charges Max as well! The Emperor of HOW falls back down to the mat, part out of exhaustion and part in hopes of avoiding Bobbinette as she swings the title at Max’s head on the outside!


Bobbinette nails Mario in the side of the head when Max falls down! Mario’s whole body goes rigid as he falls straight back down onto the mat! Hortega, unsure what is going on, looks between Max and Mario as both men are out flat on their backs! Bobbinette looks horrified with what she has done as she drops the world title and begins to back away from the ring!

Joe Hoffman:Bobbinette Carey just blasted Mario, accidentally, right in the face! Mario is out, ladies and gentleman! He is in Dream Town!

Benny Newell: THAT WHORE!

The crowd is cheering loudly as Hortega begins to administer the Ten Count! Carey looks to be crying into her hands as she slinks back away into one of the hidden entrances! The crowd begins to count with Hortega!


Max flinches and starts to move..


The dazed face of Max looks around the ring and spots Mario out cold!


Crawling toward Mario’s broken body Max tries to get close enough to get a pinfall..


Max drapes his hand over Mario’s chest!

Joe Hoffman:Max is going for a pin fall now and I don’t think Mario is going to get his hand up! I think he is completely knocked cold by Bobbinette Carey’s attack!

Benny Newell: This is Bullshit! BULLSHIT! Someone call for the bell or something, Mario is being robbed!

Hortega drops down to make the pin fall..





Joe Hoffman:I can’t believe it! Mario got his arm up!

Benny Newell: I’m having a fucking heart attack here! Bobbinette almost cost her Husband the title! Thank god Mario is stronger than a woman’s influences! She couldn’t knock him out in her title match and thank god she couldn’t know him out in this match!

Max rolled to the side, exhaustion on his face as Mario slowly started to get back up to his feet. Blood slowly starts to trickle down his forehead as the damage from Bobbinette’s strike becomes evident!

Joe Hoffman:Mario has been busted open!

As Max and Mario both stagger to their feet the crowd cheers them both, egging them on to do more physical violence to each other! Both men meet again in the center of the ring as Mario sends a right hook across Max’s jaw! Max returns fire with a right hook of his own!

Mario fires back with a left!

Max head butts Mario causing him to bounce back into the ropes!

On the return Mario knees Max in the gut causing the ICON Champion to drop down to his knees holding his stomach!

Joe Hoffman:Both of these men are just hammering on each other with everything they have left! Max is on his knees and Mario looks like he is out on his feet!

Benny Newell: Kick him in the head Mario! End his fucking life!

Mario grabs Max…





Max struggles and kicks as Mario falls back, wrapping his legs around Max’s waist as he wrenches back!



Max thrashes about as best it can as his face slowly turns red while Mario pushes the pressure down on the back of Max’s head! The fans continue to cheer loudly for both men while Mario’s blood is slowly starting to cover up his eyes!

As pain wracks Max’s body he finally gives in and screams at Hortega to call the match! His screams pierce the air as Mario releases the hold, laying flat on his back as he appears to be completely spent! Max rolls to the side curled up as he slowly recovers while the fans cheer!


Joe Hoffman:I can’t believe it but Mario has retained the HOW World Title against Maximilian Kael, the winner of the Best Invitational! Mario started out this year on a losing streak and he has managed to worm his way into the World Title and then, proven he deserves to be there by going toe to toe with Max Kael and winning!

Benny Newell: I told you he would! AAAAH! Yes Mario wins! This is the best day ever! Someone get me that chick back with some Grappa! I AM CELEBRATING!

Back in the ring “Ego” plays as the HOW World Title is draped over Mario. Out in the crowd people wave Italian flags as they cheer their conquering hero! Max is helped out of the ring by Elenore Kael who looks up at Mario with a cold expression before she looks to the Emperor of HOW..


Elenore blasts Max across the face with a stiff slap that knocks th weakened Max Kael down to his back before she storms off! Sutler looks confused as to what he should do before he follows Elenore back up the ramp leaving Max alone at ringside to be treated and helped into the back by the medical staff!

Joe Hoffman:What the hell was that about?

Benny Newell: Who the FUCK cares!

Joe Hoffman:I suppose its true, the real story here is Mario retaining the world title against all the odds that were placed in front of him, by hook or by crook Mario managed to pull out a victory!

As Mario slowly is able to pick himself up off the ground the Maurako Family and Bobbinette Carey come down to the ring to celebrate with him! Mario looks like he finally realizes what he has done as he hugs the HOW World title to his chest before sinking down to his knees.

Joining him in the ring, Mateo and Mose’ lift Mario up onto their shoulders while as he holds the World Title up over his bloody head. Bobbinette climbs into the ring while Martino helps her over to the rest of the family as they celebrate. Mario motions for the microphone as he is let down.

Mario Maurako: I.. uh.. MARIO MAURAKO.. am Simply MARVELOUS!

The Crowd Cheers the very tired sounding Mario as he wipes some of the blood away from his face, leaning on Mateo as he speaks.

Mario Maurako: I can only thank my father.. I was born a Maurako.. and not an ITALIAN!

The cheers turn to boos as the family lift their hands into the air, the Maurako Island flags being unfolded by the various family members as they wave them over their heads apparently disowning themselves from their Italian Heritage. Mario beings to speak again however the angry Italian crowd roars over him disallowing him to continue speaking. Mario still talks into the air however as garbage begins to be thrown into the ring.

Joe Hoffman:The crowd here is obviously showing Mario that they are less than happy about his ancestral betrayal of his homeland!

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up Hoffman, Mario is a Maurako not an Italian, he said so himself!

Joe Hoffman:Oh stow it Benny!

Mario drops the mic and slings the title over his shoulder as Mateo helps him toward Bobbinette who looks like she has been crying ever since she left the ringside area. Mario leans forward and cups his hands around her cheeks giving her a deep kiss on the lips.

Benny Newell: Well at least HOW’s first couple is still a couple! That’s good to see!

Joe Hoffman:I suppose that snake does have some redeeming qualities..

Suddenly Mario pulls back and levels Bobbinette with the World Title, falling down as he does so from his own battle wounds from his match! Once again the crowd pours on the boos as they continue to throw empty cups, wrappers and paper into the ring!


Benny Newell: Oh well! Never mind, the first couple of HOW may be experiencing a few.. difficulties..

Joe Hoffman:Difficulties?! Mario just slammed his title into Bobbinette’s unshielded face! And now look at him looking so smug…

As the crowds boo and threaten to charge the ring Mario and the whole Maurako Family, minus Bobbinette, leave the ring. The camera focuses on Bobbinette who is laying flat in the ring, tear damp cheeks starting to run red with the blood that appears to be flowing from a vicious gash on her forehead, similar to the one she gave Mario as the wrestling part of the show comes to an end.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we gotta take a break and right now we have a special treat for you…highlights from the first ever War Games Match…


War Games Rewind

As the video package opens up, we see the date December 24th 2002

We hear the words of Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman as we fade into pictures of the caged set up.

Joe Hoffman: It has been a very emotional night to say the least. Well the rings are set up. The massive Hell in a Cell has been lowered. Its now time for the biggest match in the short History of High Octane Wrestling. Any favourites Newell?

Benny Newell: Well I still have to say Team Alliance will come out on top. Team Alliance is displayed across the screen The Leader Lee Best, Shocker, Mark O’Neal and Jatt Starr

Benny Newell: No more talking shit…its time to get down to business.

We see the ref signal for the bell as the biggest match in HOW history began.

Darkwing and Dusty J , the first two members locking up within the huge War games Structure which consisted of two rings, full of weapons that was covered by a huge cell.

Bombs over Baghdad begin to play through the PA and Omar Rasheem making his way down to the ring. Then a quick look at the other contestants within the match Narcotic, The Great Ant, Mark O’Neal, Stryker, El Nutso, Chris Kostoff

Darkwing jumping backwards off the top turnbuckle and drop kicking Omar Rasheem at the same time sending Omar off the top and crashing through the burning table on the outside!! A few short images of The Alliance controlling the flow of the match

A replay of Stryker grabbing hold of El Nutso and lifting him up in a powerbomb position and jumping off the ladder as the crowd chanted Holy Shit


A holy shit chant just echoing as the camera fades out and back in to images of the broken and battered bodies in and around the cell

The final ten countdown as the final man and owner of High Octane Wrestling enters the mix with the arrogant but now well-known grin. Lee Best.

We then watch as the very final moments of the first ever War Games we cut to the live replay.

On the top of the Cell Lee is screaming that he taps. He quits, as Kostoff is threatening to throw him off the cell.


Kostoff then grabs Lee, turns him and proceeds the chokeslam Lee OFF THE TOP OF THE CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We see Kostoff now in the ring and face to face with Mark O’Neal


Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!

Barbi Kostoff jumped the barrier that separates the fans from the wrestlers and just nailed Chris in the back of the head with a crowbar.

Darkwing gets to his feet and struggles to get into the ring as mark covers..





Barbi runs over to Darkwing and nails him in the knee with the crowbar. Darkwing swings at her wildly as he falls down holding his knee. Mark rolls outta the ring and throws Darkwing into the ring. Mark follows right after him, picks up Darkwing and nails him with the Explosive Drop. He covers.






Benny Newell: YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: No way. No fucking way did I just see that right. No fucking way.

The feed ends with a Mark and Barbi walking to the back with Mark holding the title above his head.


HOFC Title Match
Christopher America vs. MPlow
HOFC Match

Joe Hoffman: Ok well we have six matches down and now it is time for the main event! America vs. Plow II.

Benny Newell: And unlike their last match, there will be no rounds, no saving bells, no judges and no time limits. This match will continue until one man cannot go on.

Joe Hoffman: As you can all see the ring has been broken do

wn and removed by the HOW crew and all we have left is the hard wood flooring that these two will be fighting on. And trust me, I walked around on the floor earlier today and there is very little give to it folks.

Vendetta” by slipknot starts to play as the fans are confused for a moment, but then we see four HOW staffers walk up from underground, with each of them is a lion that they carefully lead into the fight area and tie up their heavy chain leashes to large metal posts that are connected to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Lions? Real life lions? Does our insurance cover this?

Benny Newell: Not only will the loser not get the title, but they will be fed to the lions!

An American flag is carried out, waving in the breeze that runs through the coliseum. The American national anthem begins to play…

A woman begins to sing: “O say, can you see…”

A record scratch is heard as Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” plays.

We then see a large hut being carried in by four hooded men. Curtains are drawn around it as there is a cheer coming from the Italian fans.

Bryan McVay: The following match is for the HOW HOFC title and will only end when one man can no longer continue. First making his way into the coliseum from America and weighing in at 235 pounds… Christopher America!!!

The hut is brought in further and placed down on the ground as one of the hooded men draw the curtain back and it is not America inside, but instead his slave owner Ethan Cavanaugh.

Joe Hoffman: If America is not in there, where is he?

We see one of the men remove their hoods and we see that the man is Christopher America, who has a very angry look on his face as he looks back at Cavanaugh.


Benny Newell: Did Ethan just whip America with his coc….

Joe Hoffman: WHIP… He whipped him with his whip.

Benny Newell: I think your right; it did seem a bit too small to be his co…

Joe Hoffman: SO! How will America fair with Ethan sitting here at ringside watching this contest?

The fans in the arena pipe up as the lights begin to dim and the opening rock riff to “Because I’m Awesome” by The Dollyrots pours through the sound system. There is an abrupt chorus of jeers and boos from the High Octane fans as Mike Plow climbs the stairs intro the Coliseum.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey and weighing in at 244 pounds, he is the HOW HOFC champion… Mike Plow!!!

MPlow flexes a bicep, before slapping himself several times on the chest and pointing towards the ring. Smirking, he takes a cocky, casually sauntering into the fight area.

Benny Newell: Guess we will find out now Joe.

Joe Hoffman: These two have been in a verbal brawl the past two weeks, and now it gets physical. Words won’t save you in the Coliseum, only the man with the heart of a gladiator will be able to stand as champion when this match is over.

Benny Newell: You stay up all night coming up with that?

HOFC official Rick “Even” Stevens brings both men together and once again explains the rules to each man. America and Plow are locked down in a stare until the bell sounds and then a storm of fists are exchanged by both men, hammer down on their foreheads until it is the champion Plow who scores an advantage and spears America down to the floor. America arches his back in pain, the hardwood floor being almost as unforgiving as concrete.

Joe Hoffman: That takedown would score points in a normal HOFC match, but tonight it means nothing.

Benny Newell: Takedown… Drink!

Plow goes are a hard right strike but America counters with a boot to the face which sends Plow staggering back as America gets back to his feet, sure to be aware as to where the lions are. America keeps on Plow and connects with a right, left jab combo and a right kick to Plow’s leg. After a knife edge chop America drives a boot into Plow’s gut and hits an America DDT on the hardwood floor.

Joe Hoffman: You see Plow’s head bounce off the floor there?

Benny Newell: Almost like a basketball… which reminds me I have money on the Bulls game tomorrow… well tonight for those watching on PPV.

Stevens asks Plow if he can continue and he quickly nods his head as Stevens steps away and America goes over to the crowd barricade and asks one of the fans for their steel chair which they happily give up. Plow still dazed pulls himself back to his feet as America stalks Plow for a second before yelling out at him.

This is for The General!”

With a quick swing America cracks Plow over the head with the chair leaving a large dent in the metal as Plow staggers for a second before getting cracked in the skull a second time by America and falling back down to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Two home run shots by America, getting a small bit of retribution for his dog who Plow has held hostage.

Benny Newell: It’s just a damn dog. A stupid one at that. I don’t know why America is so worked up over it.

Not even letting Stevens check on Plow, America starts hammering in more punches to the now bloody forehead of Plow. America lifts him to his feet and locks him a front face lock before screaming “FOR AMERICA!” and going for the cutter move but Plow shoves America away. Chris turns around towards Mike and gets met with a big boot from Plow followed by a spinebuster which can he heard across the coliseum.

Joe Hoffman: Bloodied, but Plow is far from out of this match.

Benny Newell: But America’s back may be out of it. What a spinebuster!

Plow grabs the steel chair that just cracked him over the skull twice and places it under the head of America as he then makes his way over to the crowd and demands they hand over their steel chair, but the fans tells Plow with some not so kind words no. Angered, Plow drives the fan with a hard right, knocking off the chair which Plow now can easily swipe.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on! Plow can’t just be striking fans like that!

Benny Newell: He tweeted that he beat a man today with his own shoe, so what do you expect Joe?

Walking up to America he raises the chair up over his heads as suddenly a loud CRACK can be heard around the arena, scaring maybe of the fans and causing Joe Hoffman to fall off his seat. Plow still has the chair over his head and we quickly notice it was a thunder from a flash of lightning as a light rain starts to fall in the coliseum.

Joe Hoffman: It was forecasted that there was a chance of scattered thunder-storms, but we had hoped they all misses us. I guess they were wrong.

Benny Newell: And for the second time in this match Joe has pissed his pants.

Joe Hoffman: if you weren’t drunk off your ass you would have been startled by that too.

The rain falls down on Plow who just smiles and follows through with his chair shot, sandwiching America’s skull between the two chairs. The fans follows with boos as Plow smiles even more and connects with a second chair shot before dropping the one in his hand to the ground. Stevens checks on America who rolls off the steel chair and weakly pushes Stevens away.

Joe Hoffman: America’s brain must be scrambled and ears ringing after those two shots.

Somehow trying to pull himself back to his feet we see Plow shake his head as he drills America with a hard right as he pulls him over to the announce table where he slams America’s head off of and takes some cable from in front of it and wraps it around America throat before he starts choking the life from him. With his free hand Plow hammers more right to the head of America and we can see a cut start to open up on his right eyebrow.

Joe Hoffman: This match could be over soon, as America’s oxygen supply has been cut off by those wires that are choking him.

Benny Newell: Don’t worry, one can stay conscious for well over a minute while being choked… trust me…

The rain is now picking up, along with the frequency of lightening as America struggles to free himself with his last bits of energy. Finally he drives his leg backwards and hits a low blow on Plow which causes him to let go of the wires as America gasps for air. But not wanting Plow to recover first America quickly fires a left jab, right hook punch combo that causes Plow to fall back onto the announce table, spilling Benny’s next shot on his lap.

Benny Newell: Fucker!

Joe Hoffman: You smell like booze all the time anyhow, so calm down.

Plow tries to get off the table but America takes the hammer from the timekeeper and drills Plow in the head with it as America lays Plow across the table. He then takes a couple steps away and grabs the ladder the ring crew had used to dissemble the ring and sets it up right next to the announce table.

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling we need to be moving Benny.

Benny Newell: No shit, unless you want Mike Plow in your lap… which you might you.

Climbing the ladder, the fans cheer America on as he gets ¾ the way up before he yells out and leaps off with an American legdrop which connects across the chest of Plow and causes the announcer table to shatter into pieces and sending a few sparks from the monitors flying.

Joe Hoffman: Plow crushed by a huge leg drop from America! Not a typical HOFC move, but then again this is no normal HOFC match.

Benny Newell: Don’t worry folks… I saved my bottle of Jack, you can all relax!

Joe Hoffman: Lucky us.

America rolls out of the debris as Stevens comes in and check on Plow, asking him if he can continue. There are a few moments of silence from Plow as he winces in pain. Stevens asks again and this time Plow nods his head.

Benny Newell: Now there is one hell of a tough man Joe. America can do anything he wants, but Plow cannot be stopped.

America is slow to get back to his feet as he wipes the blood and rain from his face. Out in the crowd we see none of the fans heading for the exits, even though the rain is now almost a downpour and the lightening is become worse. It almost feels like the ending of an epic movie as Plow starts pulls himself up a bit by the guardrail. But he pulls too much and the steel guardrail is pulled down and part from the others as Plow collapses back down to the floor. America decides to help Plow back to his feet and drills him with a right that sends him reeling into the crowd to try and escape.

Joe Hoffman: Not a smart place for Mike to be heading after he struck that fan minutes ago.

Benny Newell: And if any of them try something, he’ll strike them too.

America gives chase and catches up as he goes for another right but Plow blocks it and counts with a right of his own that stuns America. The crowd boos as Plow connects with another and another until he Irish whips America to the edge of the floor and into the stone wall that leads up to the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: America stopped STONE cold.

Benny Newell: Oh, that was SOOO clever Joe.

Plow lands a couple hard body shots to America and goes for a big right hook but America ducks and Plow strikes the stone hard as he yells out in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Plow may have just broken his own hand there on the wall!

America is quick to grab the head of Plow and slam it into the stone wall, worsening the cuts on Mike’s head. America tries to do it again but Mike blocks and hits an elbow to America’s face and slams his head into the stone wall. Plow seems to be going for his finisher The Mike Effect as he tucks America’s head between his legs and attempts to lift him up but America reverses it into a back body drop that sends Plow up onto the top of the almost five foot tall stone wall.

Joe Hoffman: Mike landing hard on that stone wall, and America is now climbing up there with him!

Benny Newell: Come on Mike… throw America’s ass off that wall!

America pulls Plow up to his feet and drills some quick jabs that connect on the hurting Plow. America then grabs Mike and hits a big America leg sweep that causes Plow’s back to hit that cold, wet stone wall. A cocky fan then takes his soda and pours it out over the already soaked Plow, which gets a huge reaction from the rest in attendance.

Benny Newell: Someone eject that fan! He can’t do that!

Joe Hoffman: Do on to others what you want done on to you Benny.

America rolls Plow over with his foot and off the nearly 5 foot tall wall as he lands hard back first onto the wood floor. Stevens again checks Plow who waves his arms… if by purpose or just in pain we don’t know, but it is enough for Stevens to allow this match to continue. America climbs off the wall and grabs Plow by his legs drags him right past his owner Cavanaugh who is being fed grapes by a beautiful woman as he sits on the pillow inside the hut, shielded by the downpour around him. America and Cavanaugh lock eyes as Ethan taps his gold watch to signify he should hurry things up as America yells at him to shut up.

Benny Newell: I think someone needs to be put back in place with a good whipping.

Joe Hoffman: How would you like to be whipped Benny?… Actually don’t even answer that.

Ethan does in fact reach for his whip, but Stevens is quick to intervene and pull the whip away from Ethan and tosses it to the side. Cavanaugh thinks about going out and getting it, but not wanting to get wet of leave the side of the beautiful woman, he sits back down on the pillows and calls for another grape to be placed on his tongue. But as America was focused on Ethan, Plow somehow has managed to pull himself to his feet and pick up one of the steel chairs.

Joe Hoffman: Watch out Chris!

Benny Newell: Shut up Joe!

America turns around and is drilled with the steel chair that then flies out of the soaking wet hands of Plow as Americas sways from side to side. Plow grabs America’s arms and Irish whips him right towards one of the lions that are encircling the fight area. With a lion almost right in his face, America quickly shakes off the cobwebs as he tries to stop himself short of the angry lion that lets out a monstrous roar. The lion then lashes his right paw out at America who tries to lean back out of the way but the lion just catches him on the shoulder, ripping the fresh away and leaves three distinct claw marks on the shoulder of Christopher America.

Joe Hoffman: Fuck! America just got mauled by that lion!

Benny Newell: Bite his head off now!

America stumbles backwards out of the reach of the lion, but right into the reach of Plow who grabs America by the waist and goes for the German suplex but America flips backwards and lands on his hit as he then hits an inverted DDT as again Plow’s back is driven into the floor. Chris then gets to his feet and spots the whip laying on the ground in the rain and he picks it up and unrolls it as he looks over at Ethan, contemplating using it on the man who has owned him for the past couple weeks.

Joe Hoffman: Whip his butt Chris, do it for all the white men suppressed by the black man!

Benny Newell: suppressed by the… DRINK!

But Chris thinks better as he turns away from than and back to Plow who is getting back to his feet. Lightening crashes down almost right on top of the Coliseum as America cracks the whip once on the ground, sending water spraying everywhere. He then lines up Plow and unleashes a nasty crack of the whip that strikes Plow in the back. He cries out in pain as we can immediately see the mark left. America smiles and again crack the whip as Plow collapses to his knees, barely able to withstand the pain.

Joe Hoffman: I can barely even watch what is going on, America making Plow his literal whipping boy in the middle of the Roman Coliseum.

Benny Newell: This is not right on so many levels… I don’t know if I have enough of Jack for this!

One last time we see Plow whipped by America as he drops completely down, face first on the rain soaked floor and America finally discards the whip and turns back to Ethan who has a scowl on his face, not happy at all that his slave is utilizing his whip during the match.

Benny Newell: Someone make sure that America doesn’t use that whip again! Joe, go out there and get it!

Joe Hoffman: I’m going nowhere near America, that whip and especially those angry lions.

America lifts Plow up to his feet and drills Plow with a hard right, followed by another one and another, enjoying the sight of blood flowing down his face and back America smiles again for a second until Plow comes out of nowhere with a right of his own, followed up by two more as he somehow has dug deep inside as the blood flows more from the face of America you fires back with two more punches of his own. Plow battles back with two more hard shots as the soaking wet crowd is going crazy.

Joe Hoffman: These two men have been battling for over 25 minutes and now they are somehow trading straight shots.

Benny Newell: Trading shots, something I am great at. Drink!

America then comes up with a big knee under the jaw of Plow that sends the dog-napper into a daze as his eyes look glazed over. With a boot to the gut Plow is doubled over and America stick his head between his legs and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Plow tries to fight back but his wild swing doesn’t connect and America sends Plow down to the floor with a jackknife powerbomb. Plow hits the wooden floor, but instead of stopping he goes straight through and down to the stone floor a good six or seven feet below the temporary HOW flooring.

Joe Hoffman: Through the floor! Through the floor! America just put Plow through the God darn floor!!

Benny Newell: He must be dead! America killed him!

Stevens and America are in pure shock as America collapses to the floor and Stevens looks down the hole seeing Plow in a pool of water and not moving at all as he has no choice but to call for the bell to end this match, declaring Plow unable to continue.

Joe Hoffman: And this match is over! America has done it!

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 34 minutes and 12 seconds, and your NEW! HOW HOFC CHAMPION….. CHRISTOPHER AMERICA!!!

The crowd has erupted in cheers as “Remember the Name” starts to play and Stevens hands the HOFC title to America as he raises his arm up in victory.

Joe Hoffman: What a match! These two gave it their all and they put on one hell of a show tonight, well deserving of the main event spotlight given by Lee Best.

Speaking off the owner we see even Lee standing up and giving America a small golf clap for the effort he put out tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight HOW gave the Roman Coliseum one last colossal show, something for the Italian history books to surly remember.

America just holds onto the HOFC title tightly as the rain pours down on him and the HOW staff is attending to Plow before he becomes covered in water down in the basement of the Coliseum.

Joe Hoffman: Well thank you all for joining us tonight in Rome and we will see you all again in two weeks for the Lethal Lottery! Goodnight from the Roman Coliseum!




Down below the arena floor, where the wrestlers where staged earlier in the show, we see ICON Champion Maximillian Kael and World Champion Mario Maurako shaking hands and congratulating each other on a great match.

The two men seem to have reached a mutual respect and are set to part ways when…



The ICON and World Champions fall to the ground in a heap as their heads bounce off the cold and legendary soil of the Coliseum.

The cameras then pan over and we see the attackers of the two men…

And they are smiling as they kneel over the now bleeding champions….

They are none other than HOW Hall of Famer Shane Reynolds and former World Champion Crow!!!

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Roman Colosseum

Rome, Italy

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