ICONIC: December 14th, 2009 (2009)

Pay Per View | 180 Min

Show Transcript

December 14th, 2009 – #HOW97
Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY


Lets do this..

The HOTv logo gives way to a shot inside the famed Madison Square Garden arena where we see all the fans on their feet and cheering as Metallica’s King Nothing blasts thru the arenas public address system.

The cameras begin panning over the sold out crowd as the energy from the music amps up the crowd even more….if that is possible.

WELCOME TO ICONIC!!!” screams Joe Hoffman as the veteran HOW announcer welcomes everyone to the live broadcast.

The feed then focuses in on a makeshift High Octane Vision screen that has been set up above the famed entrance for thousands of wrestling matches inside MSG. Although smaller than the one inside The Best Arena, this HOV is still over the top as customary when it comes to High Octane Wrestling.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and tonight I am proud to be sitting here with the future sole owner of High Octane Wrestling, Michael Oliver Best!!

The feed then cuts to a hard shot of Joe Hoffman and Mike Best who is sitting where Benny Newell has sat all these years for almost every HOW pay per view.

King Nothing fades out but the crowd continues to cheer loudly as we hear the voice of the potential new owner of HOW….Mike Best.

Mike Best: Thanks Joe for that welcome and can you just feel the electricity in this place….I have goose bumps.

Joe Hoffman: Join the crowd Mr. Best. This is a very special place and I have to give credit where credit is due…..Lee has always known where to book a pay per view and to end the show here inside the most famous arena in the world….well it’s just perfect.

Mike Best: That is one of the few things my brother has done right, I would have to agree Joe. But the good Lee has done is and will forever be overshadowed by the pure evil that my brother has unleashed into this world. But tonight is not about Lee….it’s not about me…and it isn’t about you. Tonight is all about the wrestlers who give their blood sweat and tears each and every week here in High Octane Wrestling. Tonight they get a chance to put an exclamation point on the year and this is the perfect setting to do so.

Joe Hoffman: I have to agree Mr. Best and what a lineup we have tonight. Each title is on the line and each match has so much personal meaning to it that there will be no winners or losers tonight….only survivors.

Mike Best: That is a very good point Joe. When you have House of Mirrors, Hells Horror, a three team falls count anywhere match, hardcore submission and the coup de grace….a triple threat buried alive match….YOU KNOW people are going to get hurt, you know people are going to bleed, and you know some might not even make it to the new year. Tonight is truly an ICONIC event.

Joe Hoffman: That it is. Each of our matches tonight feature the very best in High Octane Wrestling…. But let’s get to the reason you are sitting with me right now and maybe for the rest of the night. My broadcast partner, Big Buff Benny Newell, is finally getting his MSG moment when he climbs into the ring to take on Ryan Faze who just a few weeks ago was the general manager of Mayhem and now is only one of two people under contract for 2010.

Mike Best: Scottywood booked this match and although I didn’t agree with it at the time this match has garnered more media attention that most of the other matches purely based off all the activity on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the internet media…and we all know….any pub is good pub.

Joe Hoffman: Ya I have heard and read some of the comments made by both Ryan Faze and Benny and I have to admit it was more humorous than anything. But I have a feeling that it is about to get serious.

Mike Best: If Ryan Faze doesn’t win this match I will be shocked but you know Benny has some sort of game plan and his biggest advantage will be his experience, there just isn’t any doubt about that.

Suddenly the arena goes dark and the crowd begins cheering madly as they know the action is only seconds away!!

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!!!


“Phenomenal” Ryan Faze vs. Benny Newell
Singles Match

A single spotlight shines down from the top of the arena and the crowd cheers at the sight of longtime High Octane ring announcer…Bryan McVay.

With a quick smile McVay gets right to it..

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in tonight at 226 pounds… the “Legend of the Independent Circuit”… “BIG BUFF” BENNY NEWELL!!!

AC/DC’s “Have a Drink on Me” blares throughout the arena and the Madison Square Garden fans erupt in a mixed ovation for the long time color commentator for HOW. The smaller HOV above the special flashes some of Benny’s “prouder” moments in HOW, including several different shots of him barfing during the shows, selling shots to fans near ringside, repeated images of him downing shot after shot, and of course, who could forget his infamous sexual encounter with the ICON title at War Games.

Benny proudly stands up from the announcer’s table, rips off his headset and grabs the bottle of Crown Royal that sits in front of him. Impressively, he downs the remainder of the bottle with ease, which had been just over half of its contents, and makes a disgusted expression on his face.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, while Benny gears up for his big Madison Square Garden moment, need I remind you all that due to a stipulation set forth by his opponent in one of his last acts as Mayhem General Manager, my broadcast partner has now nearly gone 2 weeks without his beloved Jack Daniels.

Suddenly, everyone’s attention is diverted to the top of the stage, where a dozen gorgeous Jack Daniels models emerge from the back, wearing JD bikini tops and the shortest black miniskirts imaginable. Benny smiles wide and meets them at the bottom of the entrance ramp as his music continues to play. Benny can barely contain himself as each of the models greets him with a kiss on the cheek and ascends up the ring steps. The JD models form a line along the ring apron and Benny becomes giddy upon noticing that the majority of them are not wearing any panties.

Mike Best: Benny must be in some serious withdrawal, Joe. Drinking Crown is probably like drinking skim milk after living on 2 percent.

Joe Hoffman: Is it wrong to say that I think I’m going to enjoy this match?

Mike Best: No, but fix your bow-tie. It’s crooked.

Joe quickly complies as Mike brushes off some dust or dandruff from the shoulder of Joe’s tuxedo. Joe just shoots him a glare while Benny joins the models on the ring apron. Two blondes open the ropes for him and he enters the ring alone, soaking and basking in the moment as if he’s been waiting for this his whole life. He hops to the second turnbuckle and poses, but stumbles as he hops down and falls, prompting some laughter from the crowd.

Mike Best: Heh-heh. You think he’s sober enough to compete in this match?

Joe Hoffman: It’s early. He’ll be fine.

One-by-one, the Jack Daniels models step back down the ring steps and take their seats at ringside while Benny’s music slowly fades out.

Mike Best: So what do you think, Joe? Does he stand a chance in hell at winning this thing?

Joe Hoffman: Let’s take a look at all the factors in this match…

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois by way of Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in tonight at 218 pounds… “THE PHENOMENAL ONE”… RYAN FAZE!!!!

The tribal-like intro to Breaking Benjamin’s “Phase” kicks in while Joe continues to offer his thoughts on the match.

Joe Hoffman: …Benny’s known to have many allies in this business; many powerful allies, as in the case of Lee Best, the new General Manager, Scottywood and his Twisted Reality cohorts. Faze might have the World Champion in his corner tonight watching his back, but I have a feeling that it won’t be enough when it comes to the numbers game.

Mike Best: Not to mention that fact that Faze is coming off his second knee surgery in the span of a year’s time…

Joe Hoffman: …and don’t forget that Benny has won over 50 independent titles in his lifetime, whereas the “Phenomenal One” has only won… well, one.

Mike Best: You like to finish my sentences, don’t you?

Joe shrugs as the guitars in the song pick up and cue the arrival of the former LSD champion, who emerges wearing his traditional ring attire. The fans give the “Faze of HOW” a tremendous ovation as Benny awaits his opponent with loathing and hatred.

Ryan points to Benny and smiles as he struts down the entrance ramp, slapping hands amongst fans along the way. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and jaw-jacks with Benny as he awaits Aceldama, who offered his support during this match on Ryan’s last night as GM.

True to his word, Tool’s “Vicarious” emanates from the speakers and the High Octane World Champion appears from behind the curtain. The crowd roars for Aceldama, but his music is abruptly cut off before it can truly begin playing.

Aceldama stops at the top of the stage with a look of confusion on his face as a buzz stirs throughout Madison Square Garden.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps we are having some technical difficulties?

Mike Best: From what I’m being told in my headset, everything should be running fine.

Suddenly, the freshly-married Scottywood appears on the HOV with one of the HOW Tag Team title belts draped over his shoulder. Frankie is seen in the background in his SpongeBob t-shirt, trying to jump over Scottywood’s shoulder just to be seen on the pay-per-view. Without turning around, “The Hardcore Artist” reaches backwards with his free arm and pushes him out of the picture.

GM Scottywood: Whoa, whoa, whoa… where do you think you’re going Ace?

Benny smiles in the ring behind Faze, who looks up to the man that replaced him as Mayhem’s GM with a look of scorn. Aceldama is visibly annoyed as he watches from beneath the HOV.

GM Scottywood: I know. I know you thought you’d be a pal to your good buddy Faze tonight, especially since that gimpy jobber is going to need all the help he can get against Benny. But see, I am the General Manager of HOW and what I say goes!

Mike Best: This is absurd! Don’t you have a Tag Team title match to get ready for Scottywood?

Knowing all too well what’s coming, Aceldama turns back to Ryan Faze and offers an apologetic shrug.

GM Scottywood: Aceldama, go ahead and walk your happy ass to the back, because for this match, you are officially BANNED from ringside!

Mike Best: What?!?

Joe Hoffman: Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it sure is now. The odds are clearly in Benny’s favor , Mike.

Mike Best: This just screams of my brother’s doing…

Grinning from ear to ear, Benny flips Aceldama the bird just as Faze nods to the World Champion, indicating that he’s confident with his chances on his own. Ace nods back and reluctantly disappears behind the curtain before Faze makes his way up the ring steps; his knee brace noticeably and surprisingly absent.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Faze is gonna give it a run without the brace tonight. Not sure if he’s underestimating Benny here or what, but it will be interesting to see how it affects him in this match.

Mike Best: You’ve got to wonder what kind of condition these two are in after such long absences from the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some ring rust out there.

Referee Joel Hortega steps between Faze and Benny Newell and briefly checks for weapons. Concluding that Faze is clean, Joel pats down Benny, who acts like nothing’s wrong when Hortega finds a large tube of Vaseline, steel handcuffs, and the infamous anal beads, all hidden inside of Benny’s trousers. A sickened Hortega carries them over to the ring attendant, all the while Benny, as if carrying these items was normal, shouts at the two to take good care of the items.

Mike Best: Should I even ask?

Joe Hoffman: Probably not, no.

Meanwhile, Faze remains unflinching; his eyes focused and dead-set on his opponent in his first match in 7 months. Benny taunts him with the usual homosexual slurs and the like, but with all of the “weapons” cleared, Hortega calls for the bell and ICONIC’s first match is under way!


Faze immediately charges Benny from the opposite side of the ring, but instead of connecting with his attempted lariat, Newell catches him mid-way and sends the “Phenomenal One” flying with a Hip Toss! Faze is quick to his feet and charges once more, but Benny is right there again with a second Hip Toss.

Benny urges Faze to get up and Ryan does, finding himself on the receiving end of a Drunken Clothesline from a pumped up Benny Newell. Benny begins gloating over Faze and the fans really lay into him as he attempts a cover with his boot on Faze’s chest.


Joe Hoffman: Insulting cover by Benny there on the former LSD champion…

Mike Best: Faze isn’t going to lay down that easy. No matter his opponent or condition, Ryan has always been known to give 110 percent in that ring.

Faze clearly isn’t here to play games and elbows Benny in the gut as he’s brought to his feet by his hair. Benny doubles over and Faze connects with a few hard Knife Edge Chops, but Benny turns them right back around with chops of his own. One after another, Benny slaps Faze on his tan-colored chest, turning it red as he backs Faze into the corner.

Benny leans into his opponent for some extra momentum and Irish whips him into the opposing turnbuckle. Despite his sore knee, Ryan still has some quickness left in him and leaps before impact, expecting Benny to run through. Unfortunately for Faze, Benny is there right behind him upon landing and delivers a sloppy German Suplex that sees Faze land hard on his head.

Joe Hoffman: Ohhhh!!! Faze is going to feel that one in the morning!

Mike Best: Don’t look now Joe, but your partner is dominating this match here in the early going.

Joe Hoffman: Benny’s been talking about this match ever since General Manager Scottywood booked him in it and I’m not all that surprised to see him come out strong. The question is; does he have the endurance to keep at it?

Ryan lies motionless for several moments while nursing his head and even Benny needs a few extra moments to recover from the impact as well. Hortega checks on both men, but both are to their feet before a true ten-count can be administered. Benny maintains the advantage with a quick boot to Faze’s bad knee and sends the “Phenomenal One” right back down to the mat.

Mike Best: Oh, here we go… it was only a matter of time before Benny targeted Ryan’s knee.

Newell viciously lays the boots into the side of Faze’s knee while Ryan does his best to avoid the onslaught. A “Faze of HOW” chant from the crowd gives Ryan some much-needed support, but Benny refuses to let up despite signs of fatigue and exhaustion already kicking in. Sweat pours down his brow as he wrenches Ryan’s knee and Hortega ensures he’s playing by the rules.

Benny Newell: Get away from me you dirty Mexican!

After some persistence from Hortega, Benny releases Faze momentarily and shoves the referee down hard to the mat. The crowd boos as a furious Hortega pops back to his feet and gets right in the face of the long-time announcer. Benny ignores Hortega at first by focusing strictly on Faze’s busted knee, but Joel’s continued persistence and warnings in Spanish cause Benny to release Faze again and stand nose-to-nose with the referee.

Mike Best: Folks, Benny is walking a fine line here and could find himself disqualified if he’s not careful.

Joe Hoffman: Mike, I’d be surprised if he DIDN’T get disqualified. You know how Benny likes to run his mouth!

A back-and-forth shouting match between Joel Hortega and Benny Newell ensues in the middle of the ring, much to the fans entertainment. Faze nurses his knee as they are doing so and uses the ropes to pull himself up, all the while the argument continues.

Joel Hortega: Alejate de mi y vaya gulpe fuera de!

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up before I rip your off your balls and feed ‘em to Besty!

Joel Hortega: Yo soy advierto!

Benny Newell: What?!? (taunting) No hablo Ingles?!? What’sa matter Joel? Donde esta mis pantalones? Que? What’s that? What are you gonna do, huh?

Joel is seething mad as Benny taunts him with hip-thrusting motions. It appears that Hortega is this close to disqualifying Newell when Faze suddenly spins Benny around from behind. He cocks his fist back for a hard right hand, but Benny is there to block it with his arm and with surprisingly quick reflexes, gives one right back to Ryan. This staggers the former GM of Mayhem, who fails to avoid the impending low blow that Benny successively delivers to the “Phenomenal One’s” crown jewels.

Joe Hoffman: Ouch.

Mike Best: One of Benny’s more technical maneuvers, I’m assuming?

Joe Hoffman: You’d be surprised.

Benny proves Joe right and swiftly secures Ryan’s legs for a Figure Four, for which he applies in the center of the ring.

Mike Best: I can’t believe it…

Joe Hoffman: Figure Four by Benny! Wouldn’t you know it?!? With the way he worked on Faze’s knee, he’s bound to tap out! He just needs to keep it loc-

You guessed it. Joe spoke too soon and the crowd exerts a sigh of relief as Benny releases Ryan’s legs, not from the struggle of his opponent, but from physical exhaustion.

Joe Hoffman: You had him Benny!

Mike Best: Clearly, he’s in no shape to be wrestling here tonight. (to the producers) Can we make sure we have EMTs ready in case Benny needs CPR. Oh… UGH!… what is this?!?

Leaning over the ropes, Benny heaves and vomits as he tries desperately to regain his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Well, it wouldn’t be a pay-per-view without Benny puking at some point, now would it?

Meanwhile, Faze stands back on his feet and hobbles over to his opponent, who is very out of sorts after barfing during his big MSG moment. Ryan lunges and knocks Benny over the top rope and to the outside with a Clothesline, where Benny lands in his own pile of all-liquid vomit.

Joe Hoffman: Uh-oh… looks like Faze is looking for the Suicide Plancha!

Ryan sizes up his fallen opponent from the ring, but decides against the high-risk maneuver and waits for the right moment to deliver a Baseball Slide, which sends Benny right back down to the canvas after struggling to his feet. Faze gathers his opponent and shoots him hard into the guard-rail near the announcer’s booth. With the crowd in full support of the recent turn of momentum, Faze uses the environment to his advantage; weakening the much-older Newell with a Scoop Slam on the concrete floor.

Joel Hortega: TRES!

The referee continues his administered ten-count for the two rivals as Faze proceeds carefully on his knee, hobbling over to Newell.

Mike Best: Faze has taken it hard to Benny on the outside… whoa, lookout Joe! What the-

Joe Hoffman: Benny! What the hell?

Benny disappears momentarily under the announcer’s booth and emerges quickly upon Faze’s retrieval. Ryan reaches down and lifts Benny up by his hair, only for Newell to strike him hard… with a giant 4-foot rubber dildo?!?

Joe Hoffman: Did he just-?

Mike Best: I think he did! That thing’s at least 6 inches in width!

Joe Hoffman: Uh…

Benny wields the giant dildo, red in color, and stands over Faze with it, admiring it like the object like it served its purpose.

Joel Hortega: SIETE!

Joe Hoffman: He must have planted that… that THING… under the booth before the pay-per-view even started! I didn’t see him come to the booth with it… did you?

Mike Best doesn’t reply, simply staring in awe of the size of the dildo and the blunt force it caused on Faze’s head after Benny nailed him with it just moments ago. Benny spits on Faze as he holds his head in pain, taking only a moment to recuperate and catch his breath before rolling Faze back into the ring before the Double Count Out.

Joe Hoffman: Well, this match has been all Benny Newell with Faze seemingly unable to shake off his ring rust.

Back to their feet, Benny calls for his Last Call Piledriver finisher as he stalks Faze from behind. Ryan turns around and catches Benny’s boot before it nails him in the gut. He grabs Newell by the arm and shoots him into the ropes, but inadvertently whips him into Joel Hortega, causing a huge collision that sends Hortega and Newell down!

Mike Best: The ref is down!

Joe Hoffman: Benny is down!

Faze kneels down to check on Hortega and tries to bring life back into the referee, but is unsuccessful after several tries. Ryan spins around to check on Benny, but as he does so, receives a swift kick to the groin from Benny, who was quick to recover from the collision with the much-smaller referee.

Mike Best: Low blow from Benny!

Benny wastes no time at all on Faze and within a flash, delivers his trademark finishing maneuver that has won him numerous titles throughout his storied Independent career.


Joe Hoffman: I- I- I’m speechless.

Mike Best: But there’s no referee!

Benny hooks the leg of Ryan Faze and quickly finds that Joel Hortega is still knocked out from the earlier collision. After several moments in what would have been a sure 3-count, Benny crawls over to Hortega and begins slapping him silly in an attempt to revive him.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a second!

Mike Best: From under the ring!

Joe Hoffman: What the-?!?! What the HELL?!?!?!?

Mike shoots Joe a quick glance for his unusual use of a semi-swear word, but it’s justified as a man rolls out from under the ring and quickly slides in, unbeknownst to Benny Newell.

The crowd gasps in confusion and an unnatural silence falls over Madison Square Garden as the man, who looks IDENTICAL to the guy wrestling Benny, rolls “Faze” out of the ring and stalks Newell from behind.

Joe Hoffman: It’s… FAZE?!?!?!?

Finally, the commotion of the crowd picks up, just as Joel Hortega starts showing some minor signs of life. Satisfied that he can now pin Ryan Faze, Benny turns his attention back to the man he just Piledrove into the mat. But much to his surprise, he finds the Identical Faze, eager to pounce on the unsuspecting commentator.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute! THAT’S THE REAL RYAN FAZE!!! You can tell by the knee brace!

Mike Best: It’s true Joe! Ryan Faze has an Identical Twin Brother!

Joe Hoffman: So THAT’S who Benny was wrestling this whole time?!? Faze’s twin?!?!?

A look of horror appears on Benny’s face as the real Ryan Faze boots him in the mid-section, doubling him over.

Joe Hoffman: Well this night is just full of surprises, isn’t it?

Mike Best: And we’re only getting started!

Mike Best grins from ear-to-ear as Faze gives Newell his patented Fazeplant Unprettier maneuver.


Faze quickly hooks the leg of Benny Newell and Hortega shakes off the cob-webs before realizing Ryan is attempting a pin.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 10:15… RYAN FAZE!!!

Mike Best: Genius! Sheer genius!

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, excuse my exasperation here but WOW, what a way to kick of ICONIC!!

Mike Best: Just when you thought Benny Newell was going to pull out the win – BAM! – Ryan Faze surprises him out of nowhere, using his twin brother to outsmart him for the victory.

Joe Hoffman: Shocked. Astounded. Surprised. Flabbergasted. A select choice of words you can use to describe what just went down in this opening match.

Faze rolls out of the ring and over to his twin brother, who smiles and hugs him after putting on one hell of a “performance” against Benny Newell. Holding his head in the ring, Newell looks out toward the twins on the entrance ramp, his veins pulsing with rage. He steps through the ropes and shouts obscenities at the Faze twins, who merely shrug and point Benny in the direction of a fan seated in the first row. Benny hops down from the apron in fury and approaches the fan wearing a Ryan Faze t-shirt, who quickly produces a large box before Benny beats him senseless.

Mike Best: Is that what I think it is, Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I think it might be, Mike! A gift for Benny Newell, courtesy of Ryan Faze and his twin brother!

Suddenly, we all find out what Joe is talking about as Benny’s scowl lightens up to a face full of joy and excitement as he’s handed the box.

Mike Best: What’s Benny going to do with an entire case of Jack Daniels?!?

Joe Hoffman: What do you think, Mike?!? Drink it! Hell, after that match, I may even join him in a round of shots! On second thought… maybe not. But I give it til the end of the night before that entire case is gone.

Mike Best: Looks like you’re in for a long night, eh Joe?

Joe Hoffman: Tell me about it. You’d think he just won the match with the way he’s tearing that box open.

Back in the ring and surrounded once again by the dozen or so gorgeous Jack Daniels models, Benny procures a bottle of Jack for each hand and begins dancing with them, his ban of Jack now lifted now that his match with Faze is over.

Mike Best: Well folks, it’s been a pleasure, but my job here is done. Stay tuned, because up next, it is time for the top two women in HOW to compete in a Hells Horror Match…


HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff returns to the ring in 2010 to lead the troops versus the rest of the WfWA


Kirsta Lewis vs. Erites Kallisten
Hell’s Horror Match

The feed quickly switches from the Chris Kostoff advertisement back to inside the arena, where an electrified steel cage is being lowered to the ring. Dozens of weapons are scattered in the ring and all throughout ringside, as the cameras focus in on the familiar broadcast tandem of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to the booth, Benny. I have to say… I was impressed with the way you moved out there.

Benny Newell: You can blow me later Joe. Right now, I’ve got my case of Jack handy, I’m ready to relax, and am eager to call some fuckin’ action after those Faze twins pulled a fast one on me.

Joe Hoffman: Well, despite the loss Benny, you should be proud of yourself.

Benny Newell: What I’m proud of is that I’m taking to my hotel room over half of those Jack Daniels models after the show. You should join us, Joe… get a glimpse of what a vagina looks like in person.

Joe Hoffman: Ha. Ha.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a HELL’S HORROR MATCH! Introducing first, from New York City, New York, weighing 130 pounds… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Madison Square Garden pops huge for their hometown girl as the pink-haired Erities make her way out from backstage. He quickly makes her way down the entrance ramp and eyes the steel structure before her, which for safety purposes will not be turned on until the match begins.

Benny Newell: Ha-ha, Joe! Sum bitch gonna’ get FRIED tonight!

Joe Hoffman: How much of that case do you have left?

Benny Newell: Oh, I’m already a half bottle down. Do a shot with me?

Joe Hoffman: I’ll pass for now, thanks.

Benny Newell: Come on! It’s pay-per-view night!

Joe Hoffman: I could do without the alcohol poisoning…

Benny Newell: ::coughPUSSYcough::

Benny smiles and pours himself a “healthy” shot as Erities makes her way through the cage door and into the ring. Suddenly, her music screeches to a halt and is replaced by that of Kirsta Lewis’s, who appears on the ramp yielding a… HANDSAW?

Bryan McVay: And her opponent, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, weighing 130 pounds… THE HELLCAT… KIRSTA LEWIS!!!

Benny Newell: Wow, this is gonna be good.

Kirsta heads to the ring amidst tremendous heat as the crowd heavily supports Erities, who scrambles through the weapons she has available to equip herself for Kirsta’s entrance into the cage. Kirsta gives her opponent the cutthroat sign before approaching the cage door and climbing inside. She can barely contain her rage for Erities, given how she manipulated her and her daughter, but The Hellcat holds back, running her finger along the serrated side of her handsaw. She licks the trickle of blood that seeps out from her finger and smiles at Erities, who holds firm with a barbed-wire steel chair but offers nothing back in return.

Due to the risk associated with this type of environment, Referee Matt Boettcher looks a tad bit apprehensive to even call this match, but he signals for the bell, which in turn, is the cue for the cage to become ELECTRIFIED.


A loud rumble of a generator and a dazzling spark at the top of the cage startles both competitors, but Kirsta is out for blood and attacks Erities Kallisten, lunging at her with the handsaw. Kirsta comes dangerously close to swiping Erities but she evades the attack and kicks her in the direction of the cage.

Kirsta stops herself just short of the electrified steel, but the metal from the handsaw comes in contact with it and sends a small jolt into Kirsta, who falls backwards into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: It’s getting’ a little toasty in here, wouldn’t you say, Buff?

Benny Newell: I’m just wondering if it’s even possible to escape this cage… oh well… DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: That’s a good point Benny, as the only ways to win this match are via pin fall, submission, or by escaping the inescapable cage.

With her barbed-wire steel chair, Erities pounds away at the Hellcat with several strikes as Kirsta desperately tries to shield herself. The barbed wire scrapes her arm as a result and it’s not even a minute into the match before the first signs of blood are drawn.

Dazed from the chair shots, Kirsta struggles to her feet and is assisted by Erities, who drops the chair and begins pounding away at Lewis with hard right hands. Several punches connect to her forehead, but this seems to awaken the Hellcat, who fires several punches of her own right back.

The two trade blows back and forth until Kirsta gains the upper-hand, the ring veteran using a strong onslaught of karate kicks and punches to stagger her opponent. Kirsta sizes Erities up from across the ring and charges at her with a Spear, but Erities steps aside and tosses Kirsta head-first into the turnbuckle!


Another jolt is sent through Kirsta’s body after a Running Drop Kick sends her through the turnbuckles and to the apron, where contact with the electrified steel is unavoidable.

Erities smirks at the Hellcat’s misfortune and calls out to her hometown crowd with a pose to celebrate. Unfortunately for her, this gives Kirsta just enough time to grab her pink-hair from behind and whip Erities into the steel.


Benny Newell: Reminds me of a bug zapper catching a squirrel, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: When have you ever seen a squirrel…oh never mind…I wouldn’t want to be EITHER of these two ladies right now as they are both putting their careers and lives at stake in this match. For Christ’s sake, Kirsta wants to kill her!

Rolling under the bottom rope and back into the ring, both Kirsta and Erities appear rattled from coming in contact with the cage. With their hair even standing on end, it’s a struggle for both women to get to their feet but Kirsta is first and scans the ring quickly for her weapon of choice.

Finding a roll of razor wire near the opposite corner, Kirsta retrieves it and brings her attention back to Erities, who is still crumpled in a heap on the other side.

Joe Hoffman: She’s going to slice her in half! You’ve got to stop this Matt!

Benny Newell: Like hell you will, Boettcher! Let ‘em fight! It’s not like we haven’t seen worse, Joe… you fucking wuss. Here… have a drink. Loosen up a bit, will ya?

Joe ignores the shot that Benny puts in front of him while Kirsta stands over Erities with the razor wire. The Hellcat is about to attack when Erities spins around and cracks her in the face with a Bamboo stick, cracking it into 2 pieces.

Joe Hoffman: Hard shot by Erities sends Kirsta Lewis down!

Kirsta drops the razor wire upon impact and Erities finds herself with the weapon to use at her disposal. Erities stomps at her opponent several times before placing the leg of Kirsta Lewis through the roll of razor wire.

Benny Newell: Holy fuck… I smell disaster about to happen.

Joe Hoffman: I think you may be right Benny, because Erities Kallisten, for which the Best Arena will be renamed after come Saturday, has Kirsta Lewis in a bad spot, threading her leg through the hole of that roll of razor wire!

Erities knocks a garbage can aside, which sends a variety of weapons scattered across the ring. This grabs her attention and she empties it completely, using the garbage can itself to strike Kirsta on the leg wrapped in razor wire!

Joe Hoffman: No! This is too much! This is TOO MUCH!!

Benny Newell: ::YAWWWWWWN!:: Shit… I need an Amp from Scottywood to go with my Jack. I wonder how well it mixes together?

Kirsta exerts a blood-curling scream as Erities heaves the garbage can over her head, repeatedly striking the leg in razor wire! The crowd counts along with each successive shot and the garbage can gets more and more dented to the point where Erities can no longer use it.


Kirsta tends to her leg as Erities eases up on the assault, her hands becoming a bloody mess as she tries to put pressure on the massive wound that resulted from the attack. Erities even seems a bit disgusted by what she just did and stands in amazement as Kirsta convulses on the mat below her.

Benny Newell: Hmm… I wonder Kirsta’s doing after the show…

Joe Hoffman: You’re out of your mind! Have you even been paying attention to this match?!?

Benny just shrugs as Joe looks horrified at what’s going on in the ring. Finally, Erities snaps out of it and goes for a cover on Kirsta, hooking the “good” leg. Boettcher has to clear aside some weapons to get in position and administers the pin fall.



Joe Hoffman: She kicked out! How in God’s name…?

Benny Newell: Yeah! Come on K! Get up! Get up!

Joe Hoffman: Get up?

Not quite as easy as Benny thinks. Despite getting her shoulder up, Kirsta is losing a lot of blood from her leg wound and is unable to stand, her leg still caught inside the razor wire. Thankfully, Erities relieves her from the razor wire, but doesn’t ease up in the least bit, stomping away at the wound with the intention to injure her permanently.

Kirsta’s screams resound throughout the arena and even Erities’ hometown fans have gone silent due to the amount of blood lost from the Hellcat’s leg.

Finally, Boettcher intervenes and instructs Erities to back off a bit so that he can check on Kirsta. Erities is reluctant to do so at first, but Boettcher steps between the two and kneels down to attend to the #1 Ranked Female Wrestler in the world. He gives the “X” signal to call for the High Octane Medics and a team quickly rushes down the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, Kirsta Lewis could be looking at a potential career threatening injury here…

Benny Newell: What a dumb-ass! How are they gonna get in the ring? It’s an electrified cage!

One of the medical staff members overlooks this fact and proceeds for the cage door, despite several warnings from the security member tending to it. He reaches out and…


Joe Hoffman: We need a High Octane medic for the High Octane medic!!!

Several members of his team rush to his aid as Boettcher turns his attention back to Kirsta Lewis, who is the recipient of several face stomps from Erities Kallisten.

Satisfied with the damage she’s done on Kirsta Lewis, Erities calls out to the crowd and sizes up her opponent from across the ring, clearing a pathway in the process.

Benny Newell: Rolling Thunder!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Kirsta sat up! Kirsta sat up! By God, the determination and heart shown from the #1 Female Wrestler in the world… its awe inspiring!

Erities clenches her back in pain after landing on a strand of the left-over razor wire, which produces a trickle of blood from the pink-haired vixen.

Careful as to not come in contact with the electrified cage, Kirsta uses the ropes and her upper body to pull herself to her feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Erities coming to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: There’s no way…

Back on her feet, Erities spins around, but walks right into a Hell’s Bitch Kick from Kirsta Lewis… bad leg and all!

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Joe Hoffman: She did! Kirsta hit the Hell’s Bitch Kick using her injured leg!

Benny Newell: Yeah, but it appears as if she’s in more pain that Erities!

Kirsta stumbles to the mat, severely hampered by her injured leg while Erities lies on her back, out of commission for the time being.

Joe Hoffman: All she needs to do is make the cover!

Benny Newell: Yeah, I don’t think she’s getting up anytime soon after that… (shrugs) DRINK!

Even Joe is tempted to down the shot that still sits in front of him, but he thinks better of it while Kirsta and Erities attempt to recover in the middle of the ring. With the severity of Kirsta’s leg injury, Erities is actually the first one to her feet after taking what probably was a much less-impactful Hell’s Bitch Kick.

Joe Hoffman: Erities is on her feet!

With her hands covered in her own blood, Kirsta has her back to Erities as she shakes off the dust from Kirsta’s finisher. Erities eyes the handsaw that Kirsta brought to the ring and picks it up, admiring it for several moments before deciding to opt for the barbed-wire steel chair instead.

With pain written all over the face of the Hellcat, Erities approaches her from behind and blast her in the back of the head with the chair!!

Joe Hoffman: OHHHHHHH!!!!

Benny Newell: KIRSTA!!!!

Joe Hoffman: This one’s over, folks!

Kirsta crumples in a lifeless heap and Erities is quick to pounce on her with the cover.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 9:59… ERITES KALLISTEN!!!

Joe Hoffman: Huge, HUGE upset here at ICONIC! Erities Kallisten is a winner in front of her hometown crowd… defeating the one and only Hellcat, Kirsta Lewis!

Benny Newell: I still can’t believe we’re naming the arena after this bitch…

Erities pops to her feet in celebration and jumps for joy as Matt Boettcher raises her arm high into the air. The electricity to the cage is quickly shut off and the structure begins to raise as the remaining medics rush the ring to tend to Kirsta.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, while it does appear that Kirsta Lewis is regaining consciousness, there’s no telling how much damage is done on that leg of hers! She’s going to need to use the upcoming Holiday Break to her advantage to heal up quickly, because I’m afraid that she won’t rest until she settles the score with Erities Kallisten.

Benny Newell: I call this a fluke win for Erities! A fluke, I tell you! And for that, you know the drill… DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen, as the medics check on Kirsta Lewis and the ring is cleared from all these weapons, let’s head backstage…..

You know that we know..right?

The action cuts backstage where a cameraman has a camera zoomed in on a door that is ajar. As the cameraman gets closer he zooms in on the nameplate on the door.




As the cameraman creeps closer we begin to hear people over talking..

What do you mean you are voting for Silent Witness? That motherfucker hasn’t done shit since Johnny Lexicon was relevant”

Look the guy built the LSD division and was David Black before there was a David Black. Why in the hell did you vote for Shane Reynolds? That emo bitch has cried more than he has won and you know damn well what’s going to happen tonight right?”

What do you know that I don’t? Look I am in town to cast my vote and that’s it. You got something else going on?”

There is a seemingly long silence and then some inaudible whispers are heard and then suddenly the door flies open and the cameraman is knocked backwards and the camera goes flying and we are unable to see what is going on.

The camera lands facing down the hallway and a scuffle can be heard as two different voices can be heard yelling at the cameraman.

Then all goes quiet and the two men can be heard walking and unbeknownst to them, they walk down the hallway directly in line with the fallen camera.

As they continue to walk we finally see who they are…

High Octane Hall of Famers Mark O’Neal and Darkwing.

The feed suddenly goes to static with a loud crashing noise as its obvious someone just destroyed the camera.


Budweiser officially signs on for another year of sponsorship with High Octane Wrestling and all HOTv programming


Jatt Starr vs. Trent
Special Guest Referee: Chris CK

Back live inside the arena….

Numbered” by The Devin Townsend Project hits the P.A. as the crowd stands up cheering for the arrival of Chris CK! Making his way out to the ring Chris CK is seen wearing his official stripped HOW referee shirt.

Joe Hoffman: Well I think it is obvious that either Mark O’Neal or Darkwing are gonna ref the ICON Title match …but shouldn’t they hustle if they plan on making it there in time…I mean it is a four hour drive……anyway…..Chris CK coming out and he looks to be all business tonight. As you know Chris CK is the referee for the Trent Vs. Jatt Starr match tonight with the winner gaining the chance to face CK for his Title Shot of his choice.

Benny Newell: We all know Trent is going to win tonight because, let’s face it; the better man here is going to be the bigger, more powerful man.

As Chris enters the ring the lights immediately dim. Suddenly the arena is rocked to life as “Thrashaholic” by Gama Bomb slams into the P.A. The muscle packed behemoth known as Trent makes his way out to the ring as the fans reign in the boos for the man who has been recently tormenting Jatt Starr with threats of a potential zombie invasion followed by a robotic holocaust.

The big man enters the ring over the top rope and gives Chris CK and glare before moving to his corner where he fails to acknowledge the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: It’s not a terribly warm reception for Trent here tonight in Madison Square Garden but I have to admit that the big man is definitely hasn’t earned any friends after joining Lee Best and the Best Alliance a few months ago.

Benny Newell: Whatever, Hoffman, he is a winner not a loser like the rest of the people here.

Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier snaps on the P.A. as the spot light shines onto the stage. The HOW Hall of Famer, multi-time Champion and King of Jattlantis slowly makes his way onto the stage as the crowd jumps to their feet cheering loudly. Jatt acknowledges his fans and makes his way to the ring with his eyes locked on Trent.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr, a legend in HOW makes his way down to the ring and as you can see the fans here love him!

Benny Newell: Well as you can see, these people are idiots because they are about to cry their eyes out as Trent beats the living shit out of him and leaves him broken in the ring after a Toke Driver!

The crowd roars loudly in Madison Square Garden as Jatt and Trent each stand in their designated corners. In the middle of the ring, wearing a black and white referee outfit is the special guest referee for the match, Chris CK. Signaling for the bell, CK takes a step back as Trent and Jatt come out of their corners, circling each other.

Benny Newell: Hey, Joe, is this the last match I get to call Jatt Starr, Jatt Starr?

Joe Hoffman: It’s true Benny, this is technically Jatt’s last night as Jatt and starting in the New Year he is going to be going by his real name, Simon Sparrow.

Benny Newell: Simon Sparrow is kind of a gay name..

Joe Hoffman: Benny!

Benny Newell: It’s cool! We donated to GLAAD remember?

Joe Hoffman: That doesn’t make it right! Now let’s focus on this historic match, the last official match of Jatt Starr!

In the ring Jatt finally breaks forward and holds his left hand into the air while nodding to the crowd. In return the crowd fires off a round of applause and encouragement to Jatt and for Trent to accept his challenge of a Test of Strength! Trent stops in his tracks stares at Jatt as if he were insane, shaking his head slowly.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr is opening a challenge to Trent!

Benny Newell: Jatt’s insane! Trent is twice his size, a monster in HOW! In fact I think he is the biggest man in HOW, there is no way Jatt is going to beat this man, no way!

Trent sneers at Jatt, moving forward locking up his right hand with Jatt’s left before they lock their other hands. Jatt struggles against his massive opponent while Trent merely looks amused forcing Jatt down onto his knees. The crowd rallies Jatt while he is on his knees. Chris CK circles around and leans in to check if Jatt is willing to submit less than a minute into the match already!


The crowd continues to pour on their support as Jatt looks around with a fire in his eyes. His arms slowly shake as he pushes himself back up to his feet much to the surprise of Trent who appears to be having difficulty from Jatt. As Jatt appears to slowly gain the advantage the crowd continues to pump him up!

Joe Hoffman: Jatt is on his feet and Trent has no idea what to think! This man is overcoming an incredible physical disadvantage right now!

Benny Newell: Trent is just messing with him! Jatt’s great but Trent is a monster! A massive man shaped mangler with more muscle in his left thigh then Jatt has in his entire body!

Even with Benny’s analysis it appears that Jatt Starr is slowly forcing Trent to exert more effort than he may want! Suddenly Trent fires off a knee into Jatt’s gut taking away whatever force he had working in his corner and causing the crowd to immediately turn their cheers into boos! Jatt falls back down onto his knees as Trent releases his hold on Jatt’s hands.

Backing up Trent sends a stiff boot across Jatt’s face causing the Hall of Famer to snap back onto his back, his eyes staring up at the sky in a daze while the fans rain down their dismay on Trent. Chris CK warns Trent about taking cheap shots though it is obviously ignored by the big man who reaches down and scoops Jatt up before whipping him into the corner!

Joe Hoffman: Well Trent takes definite advantage in this match having taking a cheap shot against Jatt when it looked like Jatt might be gaining against him.

Benny Newell: Well of course he did, it’s called strategy and skill of with Trent has no limit on.. save for perhaps speaking English. But hell, I’ll take a drink for that!

Benny takes a shot of whiskey from his official HOW Flask while Trent begins the slow dismantling of Jatt Starr. Trent places his boot against Jatt’s chin as he leans into the corner before Trent leans forward effectively utilizing a choke on the smaller athlete. Jatt struggles and grabs the ropes which prompts Chris CK to step in and begin a break count..




Trent lowers his foot and smugly wanders out of the corner while Jatt falls to his knees holding his throat where Trent had just been choking him. Trent looks out over the crowd and dusts off his hands as if to indicate that their hero, Jatt Starr, was about to be finished off just a few moments into the match.

Benny Newell: In Jatt’s last match we get to see Trent exact his revenge on the Zombie Pariah! How wonderful is that?

Joe Hoffman: It’s not very wonderful at all, Benny! Not for me not for these fans and certainly not for Jatt!

Benny Newell: Oh who cares? Jatt cost Trent the World Title and more than that, he cost Lee Best his World Championship, god rest his imprisoned soul.

Trent turns back to Jatt and grabs his head in one hand, pulling him up to his feet before slapping his ham sized fist around Jatt’s throat. Trent shakes his head before he turns attempting to throw Jatt across the ring..

Suddenly Jatt slaps Trent’s hand free before kicking the big man directly into the knee cap causing him to buckle! Trent is caught off guard and swings wildly at Jatt who dodges and slips between Trent’s leg before kicking the big man in the back of the same knee he had just kicked! The crowd rallies as Trent drops to one knee with a pained expression on his head!

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr is still in this thing! Jatt is picking up some speed cutting the big man down!

Benny Newell: Starr might be playing Paul Bunyan but he can’t master the Red Wood that is Trent!

Jatt grabs Trent by the head attempting to snap him down into a DDT however Trent utilizes his power, shoving Jatt off with one hand. Jatt doesn’t give up however as he charges forward deciding simply to reign down a barrage of punches against Trent’s skull. The big man shoves Jatt away and stumbles back up to his feet however Jatt does not back down forcing Trent’s back into the ropes with a series of stiff forearms.

Trent shakes the cobwebs free before Jatt attempts to whip him into the ropes! Unfortunately Trent’s power once again proves Jatt’s better countering as he whips Jatt over the top rope sending him smashing into the floor. Jatt lands awkwardly on his leg and smashes to the ground as the fans boo loudly. Trent takes a moment to gather himself before he turns to get outside the ring.

Benny Newell: HA! Jatt is about to get his ass stomped hardcore by Trent! Trent just showed why muscle beats charisma and skill any day of the week and I’ll take a drink to that!

Joe Hoffman: Jatt might be hurt thanks to Trent’s quick thinking and that would be a terrible way for this match to end.

Trent attempts to leave the ring however Chris CK gets in the way and forces him back yelling. The crowd begins to cheer as Trent sneers toward Chris CK before grabbing the ref by the face, shoving him to the side before he steps over the top rope and to the outside area. The crowd boos loudly as Trent blows them off grabbing the downed Jatt by the head hoisting him up onto his feet.

Jatt hopples slightly as Trent forces him toward the ring pole where he attempts to smash his face into the corner. Jatt manages to slip out of Trent’s grasp however and stumbles away. Trent gives chase however once again Chris CK gets involved rolling out of the ring in front of Trent pointing at his striped shirt. Trent looks irritated however as he continues to argue with CK, Jatt manages to slip back into the ring limping as he tries to work out the kink in his leg.

Benny Newell: That damn Chris CK is getting involved and stopping the match from getting interested that fucking loser!

Joe Hoffman: He’s doing a damn fine job at his job and Trent is refusing to respect what that shirt stands for! He’s calling a straight match and that’s pissing Trent off because he can’t cheat!

Benny Newell: Wouldn’t you be pissed!?

Joe Hoffman: I wouldn’t chat!

Benny Newell: Whatever!

Trent flips CK off and rolls back into the ring when he sees Jatt has escaped back in. Trent eyes Jatt as a wounded animal and charges forward attempting to close line a limping Jatt however the Hall of Famer ducks under and heads into the ropes himself, the leg seeming to get better. Trent turns around to catch a flying close line!

Trent stumbles but doesn’t go down! Jatt heads into the ropes once again and connects with another strong clothesline however Trent still refuses to go down managing to keep up his balance. The crowd grows into a roar as Jatt heads into the ropes again and connects with a final big flying clothesline taking the big man off his feet! Jatt goes for a cover!

CK refuses to count and reminds Jatt that this is a Hardcore Submission bout…before Jatt can reply Trent powers him off him..

Joe Hoffman: Trent once again using his strength as he literally shoves Jatt into the air off him! That’s incredible!

Benny Newell: That’s because Trent is a monster, Joe, he is a beast and Jatt Starr has bought off more than he can chew!

Jatt doesn’t give up as he charges forward once again trying to lay the boots to Trent. The big man rolls over and slowly starts to get back up even with Jatt’s attack. Jatt grabs Trent and pulls him up to his feet forcing him into the corner. Climbing the ropes Jatt mounts Trent and signals for the crowd before he starts throwing down punches…







Suddenly Trent grabs Jatt by the legs and pulls the Hall of Famer off the top rope..


Joe Hoffman: Amazing counter by Trent! Jatt is motionless!


Trent slings over Jatt and places a massive hand on the King of Jattlantis’s chest for the pin fall…

Ck now has to remind Trent…

Joe Hoffman:It just is a wrestlers instinct to make a cover I guess.

Trent slowly climbs up to his feet and begins to shove Chris CK yelling about the tone he used with Trent. CK argues back declaring that he is right and is calling this match fair and even. Trent shakes his head and looks down at the downed Jatt before he looks out over the crowd that boos loudly in his direction.

Trent throws up his airs and waves off Chris CK before he rolls out of the ring wandering over toward the time keepers table. In the ring Jatt begins to stir as Chris checks on him to see if he is still capable of going.

Joe Hoffman: Trent’s grabbing a damn chair! This isn’t fair at all!

Benny Newell: He’s going to make Jatt pay for taking away his chance to be a World Champion, Hoffman! He’s the fucking man and he is going to end Jatt Starr right now before Simon Sparrow can even get off the ground! Clip his wings Trent!

The big man rolls back into the ring with a steel chair as Chris Ck finally sees what Trent has done. Getting back up to his feet Chris B-lines for Trent..


Trent levels the referee with a massive chair shot as Chris CK is knocked flat on his back! The crowd boos even louder at the suddenness of the attack!

Joe Hoffman: What the hell! Trent just leveled Chris CK! Someone stop this thing, the damn ref has been taken out!

Benny Newell: This will be over when Trent decides it’s over! HA!

Jatt slowly starts to pull himself away from Trent as the big man looks down at him with bad intentions while the crowd continues to boo. Jatt slowly pulls himself up to his feet as Trent begins to measure him up.. Jatt turns just as Trent swings the chair!


Jatt manages to dodge the chair as Trent bounces his chair off the tope rope hitting himself in the face! Stunned Trent stumbles slightly..



Benny Newell: NO! THIS CAN’T BE! TRENT! NO!

Starr hooks the Jattaclysm in on a downed Trent! Chris CK is still down as Trent attempts to get to the ropes! Trent attempts to break the hold however Jatt keeps the cloverleaf locked! Crawling toward the ropes Trent manages to hook the bottom rope with his arm!

Unfortunately for Trent, CK is still unable to make a call as he slowly stirs from his position holding his face with a groggy expression! Trent roars out in pain as Jatt turns to see that Trent has the bottom rope. His eyes move back to CK who is using the ropes to pull himself up..

Thinking fast Jatt pulls Trent away from the ropes and back into the middle of the ring! Trent has no where to go! CK shakes his head and stumbles toward the pair finally able to make a call….



Jatt’s celebration is short as he holds his hands in the air before slipping out of the ring heading into the back stage area quickly. The fans give the Hall of Famer a strong ovation however as soon as Jatt is gone all attention is paid back toward the ring.

Trent slowly begins to pull himself up as Chris CK can be seen standing up holding his head, his eyes locked on Trent, the man who attacked him earlier. Trent’s face can be seen looking bright red and angry as he glares up the ramp where a replay of Trent being pinned is shown.

Joe Hoffman: Uh oh.. Trent is looking upset..

Benny Newell: He was robbed of this! Robbed! He cheated fair and square and the damn man, Chris CK, and he deserves to be broken! Damn him!

Trent turns around to attack..


Trent finds himself leveled once again as Chris CK levels the big man! Trent is dropped as Chris CK stands over Trent with a scowl on his face, shaking his head. Trent’s face slowly starts to run red with blood as Chris CK throws the chair onto the ground. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Chris CK pulls the downed Trent up to his feet…


Trent is left limp in the ring as Chris CK stands up removing his Referee shirt, throwing it on top of the downed and bloodied Trent. The crowd again continues to react unsure as CK makes his way out of the ring..


Coming in 2010 the High Octane Fighting Championship division will be taking over Monday nights


HOFC Title Match
Bobbinette “Queen B” Carey vs. “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci
HOFC Fight

OOOOOOOHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed plays as the fans inside MSG are actually giving Scottywood a favorable cheer as he makes his way out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring.

Shane Logan: Welcome back to ICONIC and if you have noticed I am not Joe Hoffman and this is not Benny Newell. I am Shane Logan and the man to my right is Terrence Reed and we will be calling the action for the upcoming HOFC fight.

Terrence Reed: It’s great to be back behind the announce table….but does it seriously have to be with you again?

Scotty who is dressed in his New York Rangers jersey and jeans climbs up and into the ring as the music fades out and Scotty looks around pleasantly surprised at the reaction from his hometown crowd.

Scottywood: It’s nice to be appreciated for once since all I get is shit from those fans in Chicago.

The New York fans start to heavily boo at the mention of Chicago as Scotty chuckles for a minute.

Scottywood: But I came out here tonight to inform you all of some last minute changes to tonight’s HOFC title bout. The rumors about HOW having trouble getting this match sanctioned because of MMA being banned in the state of New York are in fact true.

Another round of boos fill the arena, as the fans are not happy.

Scottywood: But do not worry, the HOFC title will still be defended tonight here in Madison Square Garden. But instead of taking place in the basement on the MMA mat, it will be taking place inside this very ring and be a sports entertainment bout.

Shane Logan: A sports entertainment bout?

Scottywood: And to ensure there are no problems I have invited New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to ringside to watch the bout, so lets hear it for Mayor Bloomberg!

King Nothing” by Metallica plays as the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg makes his way out and down to the ring, waving to the fans with a large smile on his face. Meeting him at the announce table, Scotty and the Mayor take a seat next too Shane and Terrence as each puts on a headset and join the announce team.

Shane Logan: Mayor Bloomberg, welcome to ICONIC, quiet an honor to be sitting next to you.

Mayor Bloomberg: Thank you, it’s great to be here in Madison Square Garden for his huge event and I am looking forward to seeing this bout tonight.

We suddenly hear a bunch of cheers coming from the crowd as the camera scrambles to see what is going on as we see Christopher America making his way through the crowd and towards the ring. Scottywood jumps up from the announce table and towards the barricade as America grows closer he holds up his ticket for ICONIC and takes his seat at ringside with a huge smile on his face as Scotty has security check the ticket which looks completely legit.

Shane Logan: Scottywood banned America from MSG tonight, but it seems Chris has found a way around that.

Scotty seems to be warning America he better not get involved or he’ll have him thrown out of the arena as Scotty makes his way back over to the announce table.

Shane Logan: You think America is doing a little scouting here tonight Scotty?

Scottywood: I don’t give a shit why he is here. I just hope he gives me a reason to throw his ass out of here.

Circus” by Britney Spears starts to play as MSG erupts in cheers as we see Bobbinette Carey emerge from the back, concentrated and focused on this match as she makes her way down to the ring.

Shane Logan: Bobbinette earned this match by running through 3 other fighters including Chris Jacobs, Chris Kostoff and Joseph Gregory in what was an eight man HOFC number one contenders tournament.

Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne starts to play as we see the HOFC champion Michael DeNucci make his way down to the ring, belt wrapped around his waist as he is getting a very different reaction from the fans as there are even numerous signs referring to him as a “Douchebag” in the crowd.

Terrence Reed: From my notes this man became the first ever HOFC champion at the last HOW PPV Rumble at the Rock 2 by defeating Chris Kostoff out in a prison yard MMA fight. So it is safe to say Miss Carey will have her hands full trying to take that belt off DeNucci tonight.

Referee Rick “Even” Stevens is inside the ring along with the new HOFC ring announcer Timothy Ferra who prepares to introduce each fighter.

Timothy Ferra: Tonight’s bout is scheduled for five 5-minute rounds and will be for the HOFC championship belt! First in the red corner from Parma Heights, Ohio and weighing in tonight at 134 pounds… BOBBINETTE “QUEEN B” CAREY!!!

Again the crowd cheers as Bobbinette raises her arm up in the air as she starts to jump around to keep herself limber as she stares down DeNucci.

Timothy Ferra: And in the blue corner, from Laguna Beach, California and weighing in tonight at 223 pounds. He is the reigning HOW HOFC Champion…. Michael DeNucci!!!

DeNucci doesn’t even react to the MSG crowd as he smiles at Bobbinette as referee Rick Stevens calls them in to give them some finals rules for this match.

Scottywood: Stevens should be letting these two know that even though they are inside the ring, there will be no rope breaks for submissions and to make sure they keep the action off the ropes and make sure they stay inside the ring.

Shane Logan: I’d imagine one would get a heavy point deduction for such an action.

Scottywood: Or my boot in their face Shane.


Stevens calls for the bell as the first round is underway as both fighters are cautious to jump right into things as DeNucci throws a couple of jabs which Carey dodges as she comes back with a few of her own but DeNucci is also able to avoid them. DeNucci them counts back with a kick to the right ribs of Carey and follows up with a quick jab and uppercut combo which send Carey reeling back and into the ropes. DeNucci presses and goes for a big punch which Carey ducks and counters with a jab on the bridge of DeNucci’s nose which sends him stumbling back as we can see DeNucci is cut slightly.

Scottywood: Some great early entertainment in this match, don’t you think Mr. Mayor?

Mayor: Very entertaining, but it certainly seems very real.

Scottywood: Well they are both quite good at what they do.

Shane Logan: DeNucci cut early here, will Carey feed off it or will it just anger DeNucci?

Touching the bridge of his nose DeNucci can see the blood on his hands as he charges at Carey and takes a punch in the face as he tackles her to the ground and starts throwing punches at Carey which a few connect and allow DeNucci to start on his ground game as he locks Carey into a armbar submission as Carey tries to quickly escape by DeNucci has a good grip on her arm. Carey tries to pull herself to the ropes as DeNucci hammers in a few shots to the back of her head to slow her progress.

Shane Logan: Tough situation for Carey early here as DeNucci has a decent hold of that arm and getting some good shots in too.

Crawling closer to the ropes Carey is able to slip free just enough to throw an elbow back at DeNucci’s head and connects twice which forces him to release the hold as Carey quickly rolls away as she clutches her arm.

Shane Logan: Nice escape by the Queen B as DeNucci could have gotten a quick win there.

DeNucci is first to get back on his feet as Carey gets up just in time to duck another jab as she connects with two hard punches to the stomach of DeNucci and follows it with an uppercut that rocks the champion. Carey goes for a high kick to the head of DeNucci but the champ is able to counter by grabbing Carey leg and throwing her to the ground as he locks her into a single leg Boston crab.

Scottywood: Tough spot again for Carey, hope she can weather out this submission move.

Being very close to the ropes she grabs a hold of them and yells at referee Rick Stevens to make him break the hold, but he reminds he there are no rope breaks in the match as DeNucci wrenches on that knee of Carey’s even more.

Shane Logan: As Scotty stated earlier, there are no rope breaks in this match so Carey will need to find another way out of that submission.


Terrence Reed: And I think she just did Shane

Stevens now orders DeNucci to break the hold which he does so right away as both fighters make their ways to the corners. DeNucci grabs a towel and wipes the blood from the bridge of his nose as Carey grabs a drink of water and flexes her knee.

Mayor Bloomberg: That blood looks so real, like he was really cut.

Scottywood: We are quiet talented at making things look as real as possible here in HOW.

Shane Logan: Well that is because it…

Scottywood: You liking your new job Shane?

Shane Logan: Well, yes.

Scottywood: Then I suggest you just call the bout.

Stevens calls both fighters out of their corners as the bell rings to start round 2 as DeNucci comes out strong throwing jabs which Carey has to get her hand up to block but DeNucci slips a couple by and catches Carey in the face. DeNucci continues his offense with a few kick and jab combos which really has Carey working to fend them off before DeNucci catches her with a hard jab that knocks her through the ropes and to the outside of the ring.

Shane Logan: Stiff punch by DeNucci and Carey takes an awkward fall to the outside.

Terrence Reed: Now would that cost Bobbinette any points? For leaving the ring?

Scottywood: Not for leaving the ring, as it obviously wasn’t intentional, but DeNucci will score knockdown points.

Stevens orders DeNucci away from the ropes as he checks on Carey who although shaken has managed to climb back to her feet as Stevens orders her back into the ring. Carey does take her time a little to try and shake the affects of that fall off before she slides back into the ring and Stevens moves out of the way and lets the fight continue. DeNucci comes at Carey hard again and throws another jab, which Carey dodges and takes DeNucci down with a big clothesline.

Scottywood: Not a traditional move to see in a bout like this, but Carey needed to do something to change the momentum.

Carey wastes little time locking in the chicken wing arm lock she calls the Royal Lock as DeNucci immediately tries to fight his way out of it. He is able to give Carey a couple quick kicks which allows him to break the hold as is able to then get on top of Carey and start hammering punches down on her as Carey has her arms up, blocking sudden onslaught of offense from DeNucci.


Stevens is right there to break the two up as DeNucci has to check and make sure it is the end of the round as he thought Stevens may have stopped the fight. But it is indeed the end of the round as both Carey and DeNucci head to their corners.

Shane Logan: Again Carey is saved by the bell as DeNucci has really dominated a majority of this bout.

Scottywood: Well DeNucci better not start to take Carey lightly, or she could quickly steal a win out of nowhere.

Terrence Reed: Really? You think Bobbinette could actually defeat the king of HOFC Michael DeNucci.

Scottywood: I hope not, but as General Manager I am trying to be non bias.

Calling for the start of round three DeNucci and Carey come out of their corners, Carey a little slower as DeNucci quickly goes for the feet of Carey as she tries to fight him off with some shots to the back but DeNucci is able to take Carey down to the mat as both exchange a fury of shots which connect for both as they roll around on the mat, both trying to get the better position until they both roll under the bottom rope and to the floor.

Shane Logan: Watch out guys, Carey and DeNucci have roll out of the ring right in front of our broadcast table, and it looks like they are not stopping.

Scottywood: As well they shouldn’t. This is the HOFC, there will be no DQs or count outs.

DeNucci lands the first blow outside the ring as he hits Carey above the right eye which cuts her open as Carey is dazed for a second which allows DeNucci to get back to his feet and deliver a hard kick to the head of Carey as Stevens quickly checks to see her condition and allows the match to continue.

Mayor Bloomberg: What a kick it really sounded like it would really hurt.

Shane Logan: Ya….would hurt.

Scottywood: Zip it Shane.

With Carey pulling herself back up to her feet you can see the cut opened up even more as the blood is running down her face as it drips onto the announce table. DeNucci grabs the HOFC title from the timekeeper as Carey walks away from the announce table, not knowing DeNucci has the belt in his hands. Stevens tries to get it away from DeNucci but he is shoved away he starts to stalk Carey.

Shane Logan: Come on! Are you going to let DeNucci use that belt in this match?

Scottywood: This isn’t UFC Shane; this is fig…..sports entertainment at its finest. Anything is legal.

Bringing the title back, DeNucci is about to swing it at Carey’s head but the belt is ripped away from DeNucci by none other then Christopher America at ringside as the crowd erupts in cheers. DeNucci is enraged as he grabs for the belt but Stevens is quickly there to get in between the two.

Shane Logan: America just stopped DeNucci from what would have ended this match in an instant.

Scottywood throws his headset to the table as he make his way over to DeNucci and America who are yelling at each other as America raises the title above his head. Security then quickly grabs America as Scottywood tells them to take the title and throw him out of the building, which gets a loud boo from the MSG crowd.

Shane Logan: I hate to go against the GM, but America was just stopping DeNucci from doing something he shouldn’t have done.

Terrence Reed: Well how about you go argue with Scotty… Then maybe I can have that chick Chastity Gold as my partner after you get fired.

Distracted by making sure that Scotty gets possession of his title belt DeNucci doesn’t see Carey set up and attempt her superkick until the last second where he is able to duck it. DeNucci then grabs Carey’s head and slams it into the ring post which sends Carey down to the mat where DeNucci lands a few more punches as the blood has almost completely covered Carey face but she is able to get her hand back up to defend herself until she is able to get a knee between the legs of DeNucci which gets him off the Queen B.

Terrence Reed: Now is that ok Shane? That is not better then hitting someone with a title belt.

Shane Logan: Well the fans here at MSG certainly seemed to enjoy it, listen to that reaction.

Mayor Bloomberg: Even if that is not real that still hurts just thinking about the pain.

Shane Logan: Seriously?

Scottywood rejoins the broadcast team after making sure America is out of the arena as Carey tries to catch her breathe as DeNucci is holding his lower regions in pain. Carey pulls herself back up to her feet and rolls back into the ring as DeNucci tries to enter but Carey catches a boost of energy and hits a baseball slide to the face of DeNucci and reopens the cut on his face as DeNucci slams into the crowd barricade as the round clock hits zero.


Scottywood: Three rounds down and just two more left in what has turned into a brutal bout.

Shane Logan: Carey and DeNucci are really laying it all on the line for these fans and it is really anyone’s bout to win still.

Terrence Reed: Though Carey is covered in blood right now, thankfully no HOFC bout will be stopped for blood loss.

Mayor Bloomberg: That blood looks so real, look at those drops on the announce table here.

Grabbing a towel from under the table Scotty quickly wipes the blood away as Carey is trying to do the same thing with the blood covering her face. She is able to keep it clear of her eyes as Stevens calls for round four to begin and this time DeNucci is not quick to start things off as both take their time as exhaustion starts to factor in. But Carey sees the opening and goes after DeNucci and gets a couple quick shots in as DeNucci retreats to the corner but Carey just traps him there and throws more shots at DeNucci as she may have broken his nose with one of the jabs as we can see blood dripping it.

Shane Logan: This is the never say die spirit of Bobbinette Carey showing through as she tries to really turn this match into her favor.

Terrence Reed: Wish I was being cornered by Bobbinette Carey.

Scottywood: Not unless ya want Jobberitis.

Stevens tries to get Carey to back off the ropes but it is useless as Carey continues her assault as DeNucci has his arms up and is dodging left and right trying to avoid contact. Carey lands one more good shot that rattles DeNucci for a second before he is able to knee Carey in the stomach and then jump up and connect a high knee to the side of Carey’s head as the Queen B drops to the mat.

Shane Logan: With that high knee DeNucci stops Carey’s momentum in a heartbeat.

Scottywood: You need to be on your toes ever second in a HOFC match, because things can change in a second.

DeNucci goes right after Carey and locks in a choke hold as he starts to cut off Carey’s airway as she starts to quickly fade. Stevens is right their to check on Carey’s condition as it seems like DeNucci has choked her out as Stevens lifts Carey’s arm and it falls once. He lifts it again and it falls for a second time, he lifts it for the final time…

Shane Logan: Has DeNucci choked her out?

Scottywood: No! Carey is still alive!

Carey digs deep and somehow keeps her arm up as the crowd erupts as she elbows DeNucci three quick times in stomach and frees herself from the choke hold as she climbs to back to her feet and catches a shocked DeNucci with a superkick that this time does connect and lays DeNucci out in the middle of the ring.


Shane Logan: Carey knocked out DeNucci???

The crowd is going crazy as Carey collapses to the mat in exhaustion and joy.

Scottywood: She might want to check the clock cause that bell was for the round ending, not the bout, were gonna head to a fifth round.

Referee Rick Stevens informs Carey that she did not win the fight as Carey can not believe it as DeNucci crawls to his corner with a smile on his face.

Shane Logan: Carey was second away from winning this bout; DeNucci seemed out of it after that superkick.

Terrence Reed: But this time the bell works against Carey instead of for her, a tough break.

Carey and DeNucci are both just able to get back to their feet in time for the start of the fifth and final round as both are exhausted and stagger to the center of the ring where Carey connects with the first jab she throws as DeNucci takes the shot and counters with a high kick at catches Carey in the throat as she drops to the mat, coughing a gasping for air.

Shane Logan: A tough spot to take a shot as Carey’s windpipe could have been crushed by that hard kick.

DeNucci stays on top of Carey and throws a couple punches that Carey can barely defend against as DeNucci locks Carey into a triangle choke holds that she tries to fight out of for a few moments before her body goes limp and we can see her eyes roll into the back of her head as Stevens is quick to call for the bell ending the match.


The arena fills with boos as ”Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne plays and DeNucci releases the triangle choke hold as Bobbinette lays motionless and bloody in the middle of the ring.

Shane Logan: Bobbinette gave it her all but DeNucci was just too much for the Queen B.

DeNucci has rolled into the corner where he sits against the turnbuckles as Stevens hands him his HOFC title belt.

Timothy Ferra: The winner of this bout by Submission via Triangle Choke at 2:03 of the fifth round….and STILL your HOW HOFC champion….Michael DeNucci!!

Terrence Reed: DeNucci makes another statement in why he is the king of the HOFC division and with performances like that it will be tough for anyone to take that belt from him in 2010.

Mayor Bloomberg: What a finish, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching this bout tonight. So glad you guys can put on such a show without having to really harm people.

Scottywood: Right…. How about we head to the backstage now. I have my own big match I need to get ready for.

Shane Logan: Yes you do Scottywood, up next is the triple threat falls count anywhere elimination match for the Tag Team titles.

Terrence Reed: Try saying that five times fast.

Shane Logan: We are going to turn things back over to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell when we return, we will see you guys in 2010 at HOFC 1.

Scottywood leads Mayor Bloomberg from the announce table and towards the backstage area, distracting him as the EMTs attend to Bobbinette as DeNucci slowly makes his way backstage behind Scotty and the Mayor.


High Octane Wrestling joins the famed Alliance beginning in 2010


An Invitation

After the Alliance advert we cut back live inside the arena and the lights go dim inside a packed Madison Square Garden as the overexcited crowd eagerly anticipate what will happen next in this so far action packed show.

The lights then go off altogether, and stay off for a considerable length of time without anything happening around it and no sign of them returning back again.

Then….the soft whimper of a guitar riff sends the fans going wild as the opening riff to Tool’s-Vicarious begins as the weary crowd knows who is going to be gracing the Madison Square Garden ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes the world…err..High Octane Champion!

Benny Newell: You had it right the first fucking time…damn Mike Best….DRINK

The lights are still dim..no sign of nothing…the riff continues then all of a sudden bursts into an eruption as the bass and drums kick in as fireworks explode all across the ring.

As if he appeared out to nowhere, Aceldama is standing in the middle of the ring, his title held firmly in the air, microphone in his other hand as the red mist of the fireworks engulfs the arena as the goes to every corner and salutes the fans who take the opportunity to get a photograph.

He basks in this for a while longer before coming down from the turnbuckles and taking his place once more in the centre of the ring, he stands looking around at the fans who chant his name, then they almost like school children, become silent once he raises his right index finger in the air.


He is ready.

Aceldama- I know many of you out there were wanting me to be competing within this ring tonight to finish off my series with Paul Paras, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I had other plans in my mind. Last week, on the going home show, when I defeated Paras for a forth time I proved, once and for all, that I stand on the mantle as the best damn wrestler this country has and your champion!

But do I celebrate? No I don’t. Why don’t I feel like celebrating? Well you see a lot has been going on since that epic moment over a week ago, a lot of changes. Changes that will rock the very core of professional wrestling. An alliance, between the other territories within America, an alliance that will bring together all federations and in them find one true world champion.


Aceldama seems a lot more intense than usual, angry, the veins are literally budging in his neck!

So I am told this week that I can no longer call myself the world champion, that there is a belt out there deemed a world title belt. Well my answer to that is, the difference between their world title belt and this one is, this belt is worn by a true champion. As long as this alliance stands, I REFUSE to recognize their world title, their champion and anything to do with it because right here in my hand, is the one true WORLD title belt and nothing do or say is going to change that in my mind and in the mind of all those out there, I am the World Champion!

But as I like competition, albeit I seem to be having a lack of it at this moment, I come before you to open a challenge to those backstage, an Invitational, a tournament to decide who is worthy enough to take me on and try to pry this from my hands. All can apply but I will say this, don’t make a fool of yourself, only try if you think you have what it takes, and remember, the gulf between thinking and achieving is sometimes unreachable. So Madison Square Garden in the coming weeks on Turmoil a tournament will begin to decide who will challenge me to the world title belt at March to Glory where the location will be decided by myself. I shall be watching with baited breath, try to impress me at least…..

The crowd goes mad at the hearing of this news

……..oh, I almost forgot. This invitational, it is not just for all you High Octane Wrestlers, who week in and week out and come under my strength, but as a sign of my dominance this open challenge will go out throughout the territories. This is a call out to all those wrestlers out there, all those ‘champions’ who think they are the best of the best, come get the chance to step into the ring with the best there is, the WORLD champion! Because at the end of the day, I could go and take this so called only world title…….but it would be pointless, because this is only true, the only pure, the only WORLD title worth fighting for!

So everybody out there, you want some? Come and……try……..to get it!!!

Again the crowd goes wild as this breaking news comes out.

…………oh my, I forgot something ELSE! It seems that Mr. Jatt Starr, now to be known as Simon Sparrow has been upset that I have not thanked him for his help in retaining this title. Well I believe that this is the most fitting place to do it so…….Jatt, I’m………….

Aceldama lets the microphone fall out of his hands and down onto the canvas as he gives a evil smirk as his music comes back on and he proceeds to go to every corner once again and bask in the shouts of ‘World Champ, World Champ’ as ICONIC takes another advertising break.


Mike Best has secured Adidas for all the High Octane merchandise for 2010


First Shot Fired…

Back live and we cut backstage where we see the beautiful Missy Andrews catching up to Aceldama who now has the High Octane Championship firmly around his waist.

Missy Andrews: Ace…..a quick word please?

Aceldama stops and turns and smiles at Missy who is looking so hot that he just got a mental picture of her topless..

Aceldama: What’s up Ms. Andrews?

Before she can ask a question she begins screaming and Aceldama turns around just in time to be met with ……a loaded present?

Joe Hoffman: What the heck???

The HOW Champ falls like a lump of coal as none other than Santa Clause is seen standing over him and he is holding a present that he promptly drops and when it hits the ground it makes a serious thud.

Joe Hoffman: What was in that package…and who the heck is in the suit??

Benny Newell: Santa dipshit…drink..

Back to the action we see Missy take off running as Santa kneels down besides the fallen Aceldama and taps on the faceplate of the HOW Championship belt.

Santa then pulls down his beard and reveals himself…

Joe Hoffman: Is that……no that cant be….

You might not know who I am…but I know who you are..Mr. Bad Ticker Aceldama. My name is Mike Polowy, soon to be the next “You Call It” Champion of DREAM Wrestling….I heard your little rant and as soon as I heard you calling out for challengers I left my little Alliance suite that Mike Best rented for some of the guys and figured I would come down here and pay you a visit…..Champ.”

Mike smacks Aceldama across the face but the champ remains out cold.

Maybe I will enter this Invitational and win it and then proceed to take the title off you and walk back to DREAM with it while you and your little fellow jobbers from HOW watch me…..but right now I gotta jet….”

Mike stands up and takes off running out of view of the camera and a few seconds later we see why as several HOW security members are quickly chasing after him.

ICONIC cuts to another advertisement break…one that was already paid for ……as we see a final image of a knocked out High Octane Champion.


Check out official HOW Affiliate and fellow Alliance federation, DREAM’s next PPV live on HOTv


The Best Apology

We return back stage where HOW Champion Aceldama can be seen surrounded by medical staff. The Champ is propped up in a chair while the a medic is seen flashing lights into his eyes and checking his awareness for which Aceldama seems to be responding too. Suddenly Mike Best appears, pushing aside some of the medical staff so he can get close to Aceldama and see for himself how he is.

Mike Best: Out of the way, please, get out of the way.. how are you doing Ace?

The lesser of two evils known as Mike Best turns toward the head medic not waiting for Ace’s response.

Mike Best: How is he doing chief?

Head Medic: Well he took a pretty bad shot there but he appears cognitive at least, which is good. I wouldn’t recommend he do anything physically intensive tomorrow however.

Mike Best: Physically intensive as in…?

Head Medic: Well wrestling for one. I would take a rest from the gym at least until Wednesday, I wouldn’t recommend going to any wild parties either, that’s for sure.

Ace looks between Mike and the medic shaking his head before he starts to speak.

Aceldama: Look this is-

Mike Best: Thank’s doc, I think I can take things over from here.

Shooing the Medical staff away Mike turns back to Aceldama bowing his head and clasping his hands together in an apologetic way.

Mike Best: I am soooo sorry this happened Ace, baby, I can’t believe my guests would.. would.. would go and attack the HOW Champion like that! No respect and after I paid for that personalized catering as well, the cades.

Aceldama: I can take care of Mi-

Mike Best: Don’t finish that sentence, Ace, I know exactly what you want to say and I’m already on top of it, mark my words. I won’t let this happen again and I know you want revenge. I’m going to make DREAM pay for what it did here tonight and I’m going to make sure your in fighting trim for your tournament you can take that to the bank!

The present manager of HOW slips behind Aceldama and calls for some ice to be brought over.

Aceldama: You’re making a bigger de-

Mike Best: I know, I spoil the roster but Aceldama, you’re totally worth it. We’re going to take whatever DREAM has dreamed up and turn it on them, Ace. I promise that, no one hurts my Champion, nobody.

Ace looks ready to say something else when suddenly Mike’s hands appear on his shoulders slowly rubbing away. Ace’s face drains of color as Mike’s hands slowly massage away.

Mike Best: I just worry some times that you guys are going to seriously hurt each other, like what happened to Trent earlier today. Terrible and I don’t want you getting yourself hurt over what DREAM did tonight. I’ll take care of it and totally make it up to you. Anyway I can, Ace, anyway I can..

Suddenly Ace jumps up out of the chair, holding his hands up as he backs away unsure what to say.

Mike Best: Hey, easy there, I’m just trying to help. It’s ok dude!

Aceldama: Thanks but.. uh. No Thanks…

Ace turns and closes his eyes walking away.

Aceldama: This is a weird fuckin’ night..

Mike Best: Get plenty of sleep! Vasaline will keep your skin moist! Ok.. well.. I’m just going to head up to the box again… alone. Talk to you soon Ace! Call.. yeah.. he’s gone.

Mike sighs and rubs his neck before he walks off in the opposite direction.


HOW Tag Team Title Match
Twisted Reality vs. Brothers of the Beast vs. The Maurako Family

Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Tag Team Match


Joe Hoffman: I really have no comment on that last segment so lets just move forward shall we? It is time for our second title match this evening..the first obviously being when DeNucci retained the HOFC title over Bobbinette Carey

Benny Newell: I’m just glad I won’t have to call anymore of those matches, have fun Shane and Terry.

Joe Hoffman: It’s Terrence.

Benny Newell: Who cares, I’m still mad you wouldn’t let me play my HOFC drinking game backstage.

Joe Hoffman: Well I don’t need you puking here at ringside again…. at least not until the main event. Which before we get too we still have two matches left here inside Madison Square Garden. They first one is next and is will be a triple threat falls count anywhere elimination match for the HOW Tag Team titles.

Benny Newell: Wasn’t this originally a fatal four-way match?

Joe Hoffman: It was until The Egg Bandits were fired by Mike Best two days ago for failing to complete some pre event requirements.

Benny Newell: I guess Mike Best’s pity for them ran out.

Joe Hoffman: Regardless, this is going to be a hell of a fight as Twisted Reality and the Maurakos are one and one against each other, while Twisted Reality has yet been able to beat the Brothers of the Beast.

Benny Newell: Which would make the Brothers of the Beast the odds on favorite to win this match.

Joe Hoffman: If you go by that, yes. But do not count out the Maurakos who are dead set on regaining what were their Tag Team titles and Twist…

Hunt You Down” by Saliva cuts Joe off as MSG fills with boos as the entire Maurako Family, Matteo, Mose, Martino and Mario all emerge from backstage and walk down to the ring with very serious looks on their faces. Mario has a steel chair in hand and you can see that his knuckles are pure white from how hard he is gripping it.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team match is for the HOW Tag Team titles….first making their way to the ring from Minneapolis, Minnesota…. Matteo, Mose, Martino and Mario….. The Maurako Family!!!

Joe Hoffman: I guess Mario and family are eager to try and take back the Tag Team titles that Twisted Reality took from them 39 days ago at the Lethal Lottery.

Benny Newell: It was pure luck that Scottywood and Johnny Stevens won those title that night and tonight The Family will reclaim what should rightfully be theirs.

Joe Hoffman: We are being told that Mario and Martino will be the two legal men for the Maurakos as Moses and Matteo will be on lookers. But with this being a no disqualification match I can’t see them being just cheerleaders for very long.

Benny Newell: And how about Frankie, Kelly or Tyson Ross?

Joe Hoffman: I won’t argue with you Benny, this 6 man match could very well escalate to an 11 person brawl in an instant.

Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce cuts in as there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as we see the three members of the Brothers of the Beast, Jason Midnight, Jacob Morgan and Tyson Ross make their way down to the ring.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, from Reno Nevada… Jason Midnight…. Jacobs Morgan….. Tyson Ross…. The Brothers of the Beast!!!

Joe Hoffman: They are the true number one contenders to the HOW Tag Team titles as they beat the now released Egg Bandits at the Lethal Lottery.

Benny Newell: Brothers of the what?

Joe Hoffman: Stealing the GM’s material now? Despite Scotty’s alleged forgetfulness of this team’s name, you better believe he considers them a major threat to his and Hitchin’s Tag Team titles.

Midnight and Morgan slide into the ring as they and Mario and Martino go toe to toe trash talking each other as referee Joel Hortega tries to get in between the two teams.

Benny Newell: Hortega has got his hands full already trying to keep just two of these teams separated.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated.

Decadence” by Disturbed cuts in as MSG erupts in cheers for the hometown team as we see Scottywood and John Hitchin emerge from backstage, being followed by Frankie the Cameraman and the new Mrs. Woodson, Kelly Fisher.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of keeping things separated…. The Tag Team champs are here!

Timothy Ferra: And their opponents hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and New York City, New York. They are the HOW Tag Team champions! Being accompanied by Frankie the Cameraman and for the first time ever Kelly Woodson…. John Hitchin…. Scottywood….. Twisted Reality!!!

Benny Newell: The Tag Team champions make their way to the ring, Scottywood still in his New York Rangers jersey with barbwire hockey stick in hand and John Hitchin with sledgehammer armed and ready as they slide into the ring and drop their weapons as Hortega wastes no time getting out of everyone’s way and calling for the bell to start the match as a slugfest starts between the three teams.

Joe Hoffman: Let the war begin…as a reminder, both members of each team need to be eliminated for the team to be out of the match. But once one member is eliminated they must head to the backstage area.

Benny Newell: What if they are fighting in the backstage area Joe? This is falls count anywhere.

Joe Hoffman: We will let Hortega deal with that if it happens.

The six men have paired off, most notable is Scottywood and Mario who are trading punches in the middle of the ring as Hitchin has found Jacob Morgan and Midnight and Martino are going punch for punch. Midnight quickly tosses the smaller Martino out of the ring as the two big men, the 322 pound Hitchin and the 351 pound Morgan continue to trade punches until Hitchin gets the upper hand and clothesline Morgan over the top rope and to the floor. Midnight catches Hitchin with a knee to the stomach and then a big belly to belly suplex that shakes the ring a bit upon impact.

Joe Hoffman: Almost 500 pounds crashing to the mat with that move.

Benny Newell: I am certainly glad I am over here for this match.

Joe Hoffman: Well since you couldn’t even beat Ryan Faze, I would hope so.

Benny takes a drink as he no response for Joe as meanwhile Mario has Scottywood in the corner and hits not one, not two but three chops across the chest of The Hardcore Artist. Midnight though unintentionally saves Scotty as he rolls up Mario from behind with a school boy trying to eliminate Mario early.




Mario gets the shoulder up as he quickly rolls away as he is surprised how close he came to almost being eliminated. Midnight a little mad that he didn’t get the quick pin doesn’t see Scottywood come out of the corner and connect with a big boot before Midnight can even get back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: In a triple threat match you can’t lose focus for even a second or else your gonna get a boot upside your head like Midnight just did.

With Midnight laid out on the mat Scotty locks in a what he is now calling a New York Crab on Midnight as he wrenches his back and Midnight tries to pull himself to the ropes. One the outside we see Hitchin picking on the smaller Martino by hitting a couple of punch combos in front of the announce table. Hitchin the looks like he is going to try and powerbomb Martino through the announce table, but before he can lift him up Jacob Morgan interrupts with a Monster Boot to the head of Hitchin which lays the Twisted big man out on the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like our announce table is safe.

Benny Newell: For now…I’m moving my Jack back to keep it safe.

Back inside the ring Midnight continues to try and battle out of the New York crab as Mario who has been in the corner goes and picks up the steel chair he brought to the ring and from behind Scottywood cracks him in the back of the head with it breaking the submission move. Scotty staggers to one knee as he turns around and Mario again cracks Scotty in the head with the chair as The Hardcore Artist is the first one busted open in the match and Mario hopes to take advantage with a quick pinfall attempt.




Scotty gets the shoulder up as Mario slams his fist on the mat. Scotty feels his forehead and smiles at the sight of blood on his hand. But the smile doesn’t last for long as Jason Midnight grabs Scotty by the throat with both hands and lifts him up in the air and slams him back down with a double-handed chokeslam. Midnight turns around though right into a Mario Maurako spine buster in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: fast paced action here as expected as all three teams are hungry for those titles.

Outside Morgan is working over Moses as he military presses him over his head and drops him across the crowd barricade as Moses topples into the first row of the crowd. Morgan then turns around to go back after Hitchin, but Hitchin is back on his feet and has his sledgehammer in hand which he drives into the stomach of the big man. Hitchin follows it up with drilling Morgan right in the forehead with the sledgehammer, which knocks Morgan possibly out cold.

Joe Hoffman: He may have just split Morgan skull with that shot.

Benny Newell: You might be right, look at the blood.

A large cut has been opened up on Morgan as Hitchin goes for the pinfall. Tyson Ross goes to try and break it up but is cut off by Frankie the Cameraman as Hortega slides out of the ring to make the count.


Frankie gets caught with a superkick from Ross which almost takes his head off.


Ross makes a dive at the pin attempt to try and break it up.


Ross is just a split second too late as Hortega signals that Morgan has been eliminated. Midnight is not aware of the elimination as him and Mario are trading punches along the ropes until Scottywood gets back up to his feet and charges the two and double clotheslines both of them, sending all three over the top rope and to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Morgan is gone and now Midnight is handicapped in this match.

Terrence: Morgan might not be the only elimination…. Look what Scottywood has.

Scotty who landed on his feet has grabbed his trademark barbwire hockey stick and stalks Mario who is slowly climbing back to his feet. But Scotty spots someone else, Martino pulling himself to his feet and pushing a crowd member out of the way as he tries to climb back over the barricade but Scotty turns and cracks him in the head with the hockey stick busting Martino open and sending him back into first row.

Joe Hoffman: That barbwire hockey stick is so dangerous; it literally rips flesh off the body of those unlucky enough to get hit.

Benny Newell: Mike Best should have confiscated it before Scottywood even entered this arena.

Mario is back on his feet and starts fighting with Hitchin as Midnight also climbs back to his feet but he is the next victim of Scotty’s as he gets decked with the hockey stick as The Hardcore Artist tries to completely eliminate the Brothers of the Beast as he pins the now bloodied Jason Midnight.




Joe Hoffman: Midnight just barely kicks out and keeps BOTB’s title hopes alive.

Frankie who was knocked out by Tyson Ross earlier is coming too as Kelly starts to help him backstage as Scotty leaves Midnight and goes to help Hitchin whose head was just sent bouncing off the ring post by Mario. Scotty goes for an Ice Kick to the side of Mario’s head but Mario ducks and catches Scotty with one of his trademark moves Simply Marvelous.

Joe Hoffman: Huge move by Mario who has laid out the Tag Team champions in a matter of seconds.

Benny Newell: You say that like it a shocking thing.

Martino has finally made his way out of the crowd and picks Jason Midnight up off the floor and tries to emulate his brother Mario by slamming Midnight’s head off the ring post buy Midnight blocks it and plants a big boot in Martino’s stomach as he lifts him up for a powerbomb and plants him squarely through the announce table which shatters into pieces as Joe and Benny dive out of the way.

Benny Newell: What did I say? And my Jack is safe and sound.

Joe Hoffman: Midnight going for the cover but it seems the Family might have something to say about that.

Midnight does drop down to cover Martino on what is left of the announce table as Matteo and Mose make a b-line for the area but is cut off by Tyson Ross who this time is playing the role of defender as he trades punches with the two Maurakos.




Hortega declares Martino eliminated as he heads over to the brawl between Ross, Matteo and Moses and is able to break it up as he orders all three to head backstage.

Joe Hoffman: Martino is eliminated and Hortega has just thrown Matteo, Moses and Ross out of this match.

Benny Newell: That is gonna leave Twisted Reality with a two on one on one advantage… if that makes sense.

Boettcher and Stevens make there way down to help escort the three men backstage as we turn back to Mario who has dug a cloth bag out from under the ring as he makes his way back over to Scottywood. He stops short and opens the bag and pours the contents out as thousands of thumbtacks scatter across the floor as the crowd erupts in cheers for the tacks.

Joe Hoffman: Well Mario is no rookie to hardcore matches and he has brought thumbtacks into this match.

Benny Newell: I once stapled my finger and it hurt like a bitch. I can only imagine what getting thrown onto thousands of thumbtacks must feel like.

Scottywood climbs back up to his feet and Mario kicks him in the stomach and goes for his finisher The Red Scare but Scotty pushes Mario away and starts to run up the entranceway, not wanting anything to do with the tacks as Mario turns to Hitchin who is still getting up but still dazed after his head slamming off the ring post as he walks right into Mario who hits the Inverted Russian Legsweep right onto the tacks.

Joe Hoffman: Christ! Face first into the tacks goes Hitchin!

Benny Newell: Mario strikes the Tag Team champs big with that.

Mario who himself got stuck with some tacks from the move rolls Hitchin over and hooks the leg as Scotty comes charging back down the entranceway to save his tag team partner.



Midnight cuts Scotty off with a big boot, which lays him out at the end of the entranceway.


Joe Hoffman: Hitchin is done as it seems Midnight wanted to see the odds evened up as he blocks Scotty from Mario’s pin.

Benny Newell: And that leaves us with just three. The next pinfall will eliminate a team completely from this match.

Midnight takes a few steps towards Mario but also doesn’t want anything to do with the tacks as he stays back. But suddenly we see something emerge from backstage, which is Frankie the Cameraman driving a gold cart down the entranceway.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?

Benny Newell: Frankie is back and driving a gold cart?

Frankie stops right next to Scotty with the cart who gets up and jumps into the front seat. Midnight instinctively jumps onto the back as Mario charges towards the cart and right as Frankie hits the gas Mario dives and grabs the bumper and gets dragged along behind the cart as Frankie drives it into the backstage area.

Joe Hoffman: We have just lost all three of the remaining men in this match as Frankie the Cameraman just drove off with all three on that gold cart.

Benny Newell: Can he even drive? Isn’t he legally blind?

Joe Hoffman: Legally I don’t know but he just did. Especially with Mario being dragged behind it….. Were scrambling to get the cameras backstage to find where the men have gone. We weren’t prepared for that suddenly happening.

Benny Newell: You’d think by now the HOW television crew would be ready for anything.

Joe Hoffman: I am getting word that they have been found out in the backstage parking area….

We cut to backstage where we see the gold cart crashed into what seems like the Maurako’s car with Scottywood and Jason Midnight trading punches and Mario with Frankie by the hair as he tosses him onto the car and Frankie smashes into the windshield. Scotty lays Midnight out with a spine buster on the cement but there is no referee to make a count.

Joe Hoffman: Where is Hortega? Can someone get him out here?

Mario opens the trunk of his car and pulls out a steel chair, jumper cables and rubber gloves as he opens the hood of the car as he puts the gloves on and attaches the cables to the batteries and then to the steel chair as Scotty not aware of what is going on approaches and Mario turns around swinging the chair which nails Scotty and sends a large voltage through his body as he collapses to the ground as he involuntarily shakes for a second.

Joe Hoffman: Did he just hit him with an electrified steel chair?!?!

Benny Newell: Anything goes Joe…. even an electrified steel chair…. Fuck…

We finally see Hortega running into the parking area as Mario goes for the cover on Scotty….

Benny Newell: It’s over for Twisted Reality.

But before he can Midnight comes in and hits The Final Toll on Mario as he goes for the cover.




Joe Hoffman: Mario is eliminated…. The Maurakos will not be regaining the belts.

Benny Newell: He had Scotty!!! Dammit Midnight!

Midnight turns and looks for Scotty, but he isn’t on the ground anymore. Instead he is hiding behind Mario’s car and as Midnight approaches he pops out and drills the unsuspecting Midnight with a jack he got from the trunk of the car. Midnight is dazed as Scotty favors his left arm as he kicks Midnight in the stomach and hits the SDT on the cement.

Joe Hoffman: SDT by Scotty! Can he make the cover.





Hortega calls for the bell as Scotty rolls off Midnight and is completely spent and continues to clutch that left arm which seems to have been badly hurt from the chock of the electrified chair.

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match and STILL the HOW Tag Team champions…John Hitchin and Scottywood…. Twisted Reality!!!

Joe Hoffman: Scotty retains the titles for Twisted Reality in what was a hellacious battle.

Benny Newell: The new GM somehow pulls it off, but what will happen to the belts now?

We see Kelly Woodson helping Scottywood off the cement as suddenly we see Ryan Faze come out of nowhere and Fazeplant Scottywood right down to the cement again as Kelly runs away from Faze and his identical twin that is standing right behind him as Faze stares down at Scotty as referees and staff quickly step in-between and we cut away.


Get to the Chopper

Backstage, a jittery Brian B.A.R.E is wandering around mumbling as he looks on the ground, moving his head left to right, up and down, definitely searching for something, the only word audible enough to hear is pipe. He walks up a series of steps and opens the door with the word sign EXIT above it. The door takes him to the roof where he finds Mark O’Neal and Darkwing bound with rope and gagged with packing tape. Ever the professional, Brian BARE immediately runs over to them. He begins unwrapping the tape from Mark O’Neal’s mouth and then Darkwing’s. Brian B.A.R.E. immediately turns to the camera that has been following him.

Brian B.A.R.E.: This is Brian B.A.R.E. giving you important news as it happens. I am standing here on the roof of Madison Square Garden where two Hall of Famers, Darkwing and Mark O’Neal have been apparently assaulted, possibly violated, and tied up here on the roof, in the freezing cold for god knows how long.

Brian B.A.R.E.: Darkwing, what happened?

Darkwing: Can you untie us? It’s FREEZING up here…we have been up here for over a damn hour!!!

Brian B.A.R.E.: First, tell me, who did this to you?

Darkwing: I DON’T KNOW!!! UNTIE ME!!!

Mark O’Neal: Brian! We were ambushed. Someone attacked us from behind and took off in the helicopter!

Darkwing: NOW UNTIE US!!!

Brian B.A.R.E.: Was this person a pilot obsessed with helicopters? A serial helicopter thief? Are you aware of any other helicopter thefts in the area?


Brian B.A.R.E.: Did you get a look at his face? Do you know if he had a pipe? Perhaps one he had stolen from me?


Mark O’Neal: HURRY!!!! I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!!!

Brian B.A.R.E.: I don’t know. Those knots look complicated. I’ll get help!


Brian B.A.R.E. runs off, back into the building leaving Darkwing and Mark O’Neal.

Mark O’Neal: Yeah, he’s gone.

Darkwing: If he comes back, remind me to kick his ass!

Mark O’Neal and Dakrwing continue to struggle with the ropes.


Tune in this Friday when Max Kael and the rest of the Hall of Famers vote a new member into the HOW Hall of Fame


HOW LSD Title Match
David Black vs. Tim Shipley
House of Mirrors Match

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night it has been thus far here at Madison Square Garden! I’ll tell you what Benny, ICONIC 2009 is shaping up to be one of the most memorable pay-per-views in the history of HOW, wouldn’t you say?

Benny Newell: ::passed out and snoring::

Joe Hoffman: My apologies folks. It appears that my broadcast partner here has had a long night up to this point and could very well need medical attention of his own after finishing over half the case of Jack Daniels that Faze left for him after their match. Not to mention the entire bottle of Crown he guzzled before this show even started… anyways… as the High Octane crew continues to work tirelessly to clear the ring after that brutal Tag Team title match, let’s get you ready for this next match, shall we?

The ringside camera pans around the side of the entrance ramp next to the HOV, where a 10-sided decagonal structure has been assembled between the left-hand side of the stage and the crowd. The camera circles the structure completely then cuts away quickly, to a different camera located inside. Referee Joel Hortega is seen standing alone, surrounded by walls of mirrors and numerous glass objects.

Joe Hoffman: There you see the House of Mirrors, resurrected by David Black after defeating its own creator, Static, in the structure back in April of this year. As you can see, the LSD title will be on the line amidst 10 walls and a floor composed of mirrors, making this one of the most dangerous matches in the history of High Octane Wrestling. With the risks associated of this match and the potential for life-threatening injury, the hard-working High Octane medical team is standing by.

Suddenly, “Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec” rocks Madison Square Garden and the #1 Contender to the LSD title steps out from the curtain. Nursing a dislocated knee cap and severely pulled ligaments in his knee, Tim Shipley greets the fans by raising his arm high into the air.

Bryan McVay: This next match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the High Octane LSD CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger, from Milton Keynes, England… weighing in tonight at 228 pounds… TIM… SHIPLEY!!!

Shippers receives a loud ovation from the New York fans, who empathize with him as he hobbles over to the House of Mirrors, sporting a heavy knee brace.

Joe Hoffman: Many have said that Tim Shipley will be the “one”… the man to dethrone David Black and end his 6-month reign as LSD champion. Will he do it here in the House of Mirrors? He’s got his chance tonight and has proven time and again that he deserves this opportunity. The deciding factor, though, may lie within how bad of shape his knee is in. Fortunately, Tim saw an alternative doctor is Los Angeles over the weekend, who’s intervention is allowing him to participate in this match as opposed to being out for several months, as anticipated.

Shipley eyes the House of Mirrors and exhausts a deep breath for what is arguably his biggest match to date here in HOW; his first shot at gold against the man defining the LSD division, David Black.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Lacuna Coil’s “Survive” pulsates throughout the speakers of MSG and the fans rise to their feet to boo David Black, who emerges from the back with the LSD title belt strapped tightly around his waist.

Bryan McVay: …from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 235 pounds… the High Octane LSD CHAMPION… DAVID… BLACK!!!!

Boos resound as Black approaches the House of Mirror structure, a look of sadism etched across his face as he steps inside. He immediately sees Shipley’s reflection in the many mirrors before him and it takes him a minute to determine which one is actually the real Tim Shipley. Before he can even un-strap his title belt, Shipley cracks him in the skull with a hard right hand and Hortega indicates that the match is officially under way.


It doesn’t take long for the seasoned David Black to retaliate though, as he returns Tim’s punches with a headbutt that shifts the momentum in his favor. Tim is staggered enough to allow Black to grab a glass plate off the top of a stack sitting on a glass end table and crack it over the head of his opponent.


Benny Newell: Wh-… what? What happened?!?

The impact from the glass shattering across Tim Shipley’s head is enough to awaken Benny Newell, who quickly finds the bottle of Jack he was working on and pours himself another shot.

Benny Newell: Ugh. You get sick or something Joe?

Joe ignores his drunken colleague, just as David proceeds to smash the ENTIRE PILE of glass plates, 12 in total, over the top of Shipley’s head!

Joe Hoffman: Broken plates… shards of glass everywhere!

Shipley collapses to the mirrored floor and Black is quick to capitalize with a cover.



Joe Hoffman: Kickout by Tim Shipley!

A kickout by the challenger enrages David Black and he grabs Shipley by the head and proceeds to smash it backwards repeatedly, right into the mirrored floor!

Fortunately, the floor doesn’t break and Black scoops Shipley into his arms. With Shippers groaning in pain, Black drops him across his knee with a devastating Back-Breaker! Black refuses to let Shipley stay down for long though and quickly lifts him back to his feet, Irish whipping him into the wall across from him.

Shipley attempts to stop on a dime and succeeds, but sees Black coming at him from behind in the mirror. Tim avoids David’s Spear attempt and instead, David goes crashing into the mirrored wall, cracking it where he landed!

Benny Newell: Holy shit. What the fuck did I miss? A match with broken glass?

Joe Hoffman: Yeah! The LSD Title match? HOUSE OF MIRRORS?!?

Benny Newell: Ah, right! You don’t need to get so snippy with me Joe. Sheesh. Go change your fucking tampon crab-ass.

Shaking off the cob-webs, Shipley drags Black to the opposite side of the structure and heaves his opponent onto his shoulders.

Benny Newell: Whoa, lookout David!

Joe Hoffman: Fall-away Slam into that glass coffee table!!!

Glass scatters everywhere inside the House of Mirrors as Tim Shipley earths a toothy grin at David Black’s misfortune. Layed out in the glass, Black is covered by the challenger!



Joe Hoffman: I thought it was over right there but David kicked out! What a high impact maneuver from Tim Shipley!

The crowd cheers the near-fall and is in full support of Tim Shipley as he lays the boots into Black with his good leg.

Joe Hoffman: So far, it doesn’t seem like Shipley’s knee has been TOO much of a hindrance to him here in the early going.

Still, Shipley gingerly walks around David Black and brings him back to vertical, ramming a shoulder into the chest of his opponent that forces some groans from the champion. Shipley takes the wind out of Black with the same move and sees him fall to the mirrored floor below, gasping for air. Again, Shipley applies a quick cover.


Benny Newell: KICKOUT! DRINK!

With the amount of alcohol that Benny has consumed up to this point in the show, he’s basically tossing back shots into his face, without any clear aim or concern for the fact that his favorite “beverage” is dripping down his face and chin.

This time, it’s Shipley that shows a bit of frustration and sets up Black for his Reverse Figure Four leg-lock submission.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Shipley’s going for Newton’s Paradox!

Tim winces as he maneuvers into position thanks to the knee, but this perhaps allows Black the opening he needed to regain the leverage in this match. David uses his leg strength to kick out of Shipley’s grasp and pushes him backwards with a swift kick to the mid-section.

David pops to his feet and charges forward with a Clothesline, but Shipley ducks under and performs and Arm Drag. The mirrored floor cracks a bit upon David’s landing, but with Shipley now in position to weaken Black further with submissions, he’s stays clear of any potential injury.

Joe Hoffman: Shipley is playing it smart in my opinion, avoiding any and all use of glass or his environment. That shows he’s confident enough in his own abilities to defeat David Black and it seems to be working to his advantage at the moment.

Benny Newell: Bah! Just slice the fucker up is what I’m saying!

Joe Hoffman: Do you even know what you’re saying?

Benny Newell: Shut up Santa.


Joe lifts an eyebrow and tries to avoid Benny’s vomit, but he’s grown used to it over the years and doesn’t even flinch when it splatters in his direction.

Joe Hoffman: Ahem… back to the match, folks.

From his knees, Black is able to come to his feet as Shipley maintains his side head-lock. He tries to elbow out, but Shipley grip remains firm and uses momentum to run forward and CRASH Black into the floor with a Bull Dog!

Joe Hoffman: David’s forehead is busted open!

Blood begins to spill from the gash on the champion’s head and trickles off onto the floor, making it slippery in certain spots. David wipes away blood as Shipley executes a Single Leg Crab!

Hortega gets into position and asks Black, after several moments, if he wants to submit. David furiously shakes his head “no” and fights to find something, anything to help him escape the submission. He slams his fist on the glass floor out of reflex; an act he soon regrets as he now realizes his fist is now bleeding from doing so.

Still, Black refuses to submit to the Crab and eventually, squirms his way out of the hold after Shipley succumbs to exhaustion.

Both men take several moments to recover, to the point where Hortega starts a ten-count.




Shipley is first to his feet and Black isn’t far behind.

Benny Newell: Turn around Rudolph!

Due to his face covered in blood, it’s clear that Benny is referring to David Black, who staggers backwards while trying to keep his balance. Shipley is doing the same and the two men meet, back-to-back, in the center of the House of Mirrors.

Both quickly spin around, Shipley doing so with a right fist, but Black ducks it. David sends a punch in Shipley’s direction, but Tim blocks and fires back. David blocks his punch and they engage in some back-and-forth until Black ends the stand-off with a knee to the ribs. A vicious Uppercut from Black backs Shipley up and David runs forward with his Codebreaker finisher!

Joe Hoffman: DAVID BLACK WITH THE BLACKOU- NO!!! Tim Shipley catches him mid-air and drops him with a SIT-DOWN POWERBOMB into the glass floor below!


Shipley immediately favors his knee, the high impact maneuver perhaps too much for him to bear, but at least his position in the match is advantageous.

It takes him a moment, but Shipley finally drapes an arm over Black’s chest for the cover.




Joe Hoffman: SHOULDER UP! You’ve got to admire Black’s resiliency here. The man is desperate to hold on to his title and will dig deep down, further than he’s ever gone before, to make sure he retains it!

Benny Newell: It smells over here…

Joe Hoffman: Once again, thank you Benny for your tremendous insight regarding this match.

Shipley pleads his case to Hortega; wanting badly to end this match sooner, rather than later. He knows that Black is not easy to put away and that if he continues much longer, his knee will just get worse, giving the advantage to his opponent.

Eyeing down a glass chair in the corner of the structure, Shipley fetches the object; his intentions on using it on David as clear as day.

Tim hobbles to the chair and picks it up, but before he can lift it over his head, David throws a pile of broken and shattered glass into the face of the challenger!

Benny Newell: Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the-…


Tim favors his eyes having had broken glass thrown into them and this allows Black to rise to his feet. Black yoinks the glass chair from Tim’s free hand and uses it against him, crashing it over Shipley’s skull into hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces.

Joe Hoffman: This is turning into a massacre! Both here at the announcer’s booth AND in the House of Mirrors! But as for the match… just look at all the blood!

Black signals the end and urges Shipley to get up, stalking him carefully for the impending Blackout. With blood trickling down his head and into his mouth, Shipley is slow, if not hesitant to stand up. He takes to his good knee, breathing heavily all the while Black stoops in front of him, encouraging and pressing him to stand up.

Shipley appears as if he’s trying desperately to do so, but to no avail as exhaustion and pain are too much for him to at the current moment. Finally, Black decides he’s waited long enough and lifts Shipley high into the air, dropping him down through a sea of broken glass with a resounding Spinebuster that echoes throughout Madison Square Garden.

The crowd goes silent as Black appears headed for yet another successful title defense, while Tim Shipley, the hero and challenger that everyone was banking on to win this match, lies motionless in a pool of blood and broken glass.

Benny Newell: Hey Joe, you wouldn’t happen to have any napkins, would ya?

Joe Hoffman: Black with the cover!

Feeling that this spells the end for Tim Shipley, Black violently hooks his leg and demands that Hortega count the pin fall.




Joe Hoffman: SHOULDER UP! Tim Shipley… SOMEHOW… got his shoulder up! This match is NOT over yet folks!

Black is furious. He’s had enough of Shipley’s resiliency and is becoming exhausted in the process. Breathing deeply, he wipes the blood from his eyes and finds a large glass piece, about half his size in length, protruding from one of the 10 glass walls. He holds the top of it and kicks the other end, breaking it off into a frightening weapon that he maliciously intends to use on Tim Shipley.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on, Black! Hasn’t he had enough? He can barely stand on his own two feet! Better yet, I don’t think he’s able to!

Benny Newell: I think I’m going to be sick…

Joe Hoffman: You THINK?!? You’ve been barfing all night for Christ’s sake!

Benny Newell: What the hell are you talking about, Joe? And no! You CAN’T have my giant dildo… you fucking queer.

Hovering over a barely conscious Tim Shipley, the LSD champion runs his hand down the blade of the glass shard he is holding. Joel Hortega pleads with him, muttering desperate unknowns in his native Spanish tongue for which Black responds by threatening him with the blade.

Hortega quickly backs off of the unpredictable… and better yet, UNSTABLE David Black who mulls over what he’s going to do to his opponent. Finally, Black mounts Shipley across his chest and jams the long end of the blade near Shipley’s neck!

Joe Hoffman: NO! Someone get in there! He’s going to murder Tim Shipley!

Benny Newell: Will you calm down! Nobody is going to get hur-… holy! What the fuck?!?


Benny hurls again at the sight of a desperate Tim Shipley jamming a glass shard of his own into the upper arm of David Black!


Joe Hoffman: Jesus Christ! Lord have mercy on these two individuals!

Black convulses in pain as he scrambles off Tim Shipley and attempts to remove the glass shard from his arm, which is literally sticking straight out; blood pouring profusely from the wound.

Benny Newell: (wiping vomit from his chin) Tim Shipley should be banned from High Octane Wrestling! He just tried to KILL David Black!

Joe Hoffman: Are you kidding me, Buff? That was CLEARLY self-defense! CLEARLY! After all, Black attempted to choke and sever his throat with his glass shaving!

Wanting desperately to add another accomplishment to his storied wrestling career, which extends far and beyond just High Octane Wrestling, Tim Shipley rolls over onto David Black, adding extra weight onto the glass sliver that is unfortunately still deep in David Black’s arm! Wanting to avoid slapping his hand on the glass-filled floor, Hortega speaks his count verbally.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 19:54… and NEW High Octane Wrestling LSD CHAMPION… TIM… SHIPLEYYYY!!!!!!

Shipley remains motionless on top of David Black, tears in his eyes from the pain and torture that he went through in this match. He’s quickly pulled off of David Black by the High Octane medics. As they attend to David Black, the new LSD champion sits next to them in complete exhaustion. He carefully lies backward amidst the broken glass and before long; Hortega drapes the LSD championship belt over his crimson-stained chest.


The crowd roars with tremendous applause as Shipley stares at the belt in admiration. The reflection he sees in the gold is of a man who literally put his life on the line for this very moment. Tears begin rolling down his cheeks as he raises the belt into the air; the fans in Madison Square Garden exploding into a thunderous ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, you just witnessed an unforgettable House of Mirrors match here at ICONIC 2009. I, for one, will never forget what lengths these two men went through to beat each other. And who could discount the efforts of David Black.

The cameras catch the medical team working diligently to repair David’s wound. Expressionless, David glares at the man who is celebrating with the belt he grew to call his “life” over the course of the past six months.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t even imagine the emotional turmoil he’s going through right now on top of the tremendous pain he must be in.

Benny Newell: Blah, blah, fucking blah. I give it one rematch before he regains the belt again.

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny, that all remains to be seen, as many have long-wondered how David Black would perform in the ICON, or even World title divisions….

Clenching the LSD championship against his chest, Tim Shipley catches the eye of David Black, sitting across from him from afar. They exchange no words between each other, just a storied feud that has the potential to extend far and beyond into 2010. Shipley offers nothing but a nod for Black and surprisingly, Black returns it with a nod of his own; a sign of hidden respect for how far Shipley went to take the title off his hands.

Benny Newell: Speaking of the ICON division… I can’t wait for this clusterfuck that we’re about to witness between Max, Shane, and Graystone. Two of ‘em are ‘bout to get BURIED ALIVE bitches! And for that, we must DRINK!

The feed cuts to the picturesque setting of the ICON title match about to take place; the Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts.

Joe Hoffman: The ICON title match is next! Don’t go away!


This THURSDAY a special HOR will be taped revealing the 2009 Award Winners with HOF Show to follow on Friday


HOW ICON Title Match
Max Kael vs. Shane Reynolds vs. Graystone
Triple Threat Buried Alive Match


We cut to the dark night scene just outside of the Forest Hills Cemetery where several HOW Camera crews are set to cover the historic Buried Alive Triple Threat Match for the ICON Championship in the very grave yard where Michelle Creedy-Reynolds was supposedly buried.

Suddenly the scene flickers and seems to go back in time as the moon sets and the sun slowly rerises on the horizon to the west. The strange reversal continues until the sun finally appears to be near dawn break casting an orange hew over the cemetery. Stopping the scene looks almost the exact opposite of the oppressive, evil feeling of the night. Instead sunlight slowly creeps between the trees and the tombstones adding a sense of awe and beauty to the scene…

This flashes quickly toward a stone surface. As the camera slowly backs away it becomes obvious that the name Michelle Creedy is carefully etched into a dark faced marble tombstone. As it continues to back out Max Kael can be seen in a lawn chair sunning himself on top of it. His shirt is removed and he has a reflector screen to ensure he gets maximum sunlight. Meanwhile he has a large white fedora, a pair of sunglasses and a little sun screen plastered over his nose giving him an surreal appearance over the grave of a potentially dead girl.

His head slowly turns to the side as he looks into the camera with a look of surprise and joy coming over him.

Max Kael: What? Do you think this is Wrong? This is prudent planning. You want to know what’s wrong? It’s Cell Phone companies charging for hidden fees that’s why I got Boost Mobile. I hate hidden fees..

He turns his head forward and drinks in the sun beams as he smiles to himself.

Max Kael: This? This is just me ensuring I look good for when I retain my ICON Championship and bury my two challenges six feet under. This time tomorrow I’ll still be ICON Champion and I’ll have a killer tan after ICONIC.

The scene slowly goes out of focus as we are shown a series of Boost Mobile payment plans while Max Kael can still be slightly visible in the back ground tanning before we fade to black.

The feed ends and there is a moment of pure blackness before the feed comes back on and we are now live at Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston…..site of impending ICON Title match.

Joe and a seriously fucked up Benny are calling the action from a production truck back in New York while the live feed here in Boston shows an aerial view of the lit up burial grounds.

Joe Hoffman: The HOW crew cannot be thanked enough for all their hard work tonight and frankly for the whole year. They have been working 24/7 in Boston to make sure that each and every move will be visible here in tonight’s Main Event and Benny I am not sure if that is a good thing. I mean the things these three men can possibly do to each other is…..Benny?

Benny Newell: Ya ya ya I am fucking here……did Duck or O’Neal show yet…we know they are the motherfuckin refs..

Joe Hoffman: No word on exactly who the ref is but all we do have is speculation that either man COULD be the ref and the only fact we have is that it is a HOW Hall of Famer and that could very well be Lynx for all we know.

Benny Newell: Ooooooooookkkkkkkkkk

The sounds of the helicopter providing the aerial views of the cemetery drowns out Benny and Joe as it begins to descend from the sky slowly as we see three armored cars pulling into the burial grounds.

The cars drive thru the entrance and we see them make their way deeper into the grounds before stopping. The last image we see from the helicopters point of view is of all three armored cars opening up their doors.

The feed picks up live on the ground where one of several HOW cameramen are stationed. The cameraman hustles into position by the lead armored car and it pans to show the other two cars and we see other cameramen in the same position.

Joe Hoffman: We have to assume that each of those cars is holding each of the men that will be competing in the last match of 2009..

Benny Newell: Ya think?

The drivers for each of the armored cars step out and walk to the back door and at the same time all three back doors of the cars are opened and Shane Reynolds, Graystone and ICON Champion Maximillian Kael make their way out.

There is no crowd reaction….no entrance music…..no pyros…..just the loudest silence ever known to man.

Joe Hoffman: I literally have chills right now…

The three men look at each other and then proceed to walk slowly onto the burial grounds, being led by several HOW security men.

As they continue to walk we see the helicopter is hovering and shining a spotlight on a single grave about fifty yards out.

As the men make their way towards this spot they all cover themselves from the force of the propellers of the copter.

The copter rises up several feet but maintains the spotlight on the grave as the men make their way to the spot we see the name on the gravestone.

Michelle Creedy-Reynolds

Joe Hoffman: This is just surreal to see that these three men are about to fight right in front of the grave site of a little girl that is presumed to be literally only six feet below them, when they are ALL responsible for her supposed demise.

Benny Newell: I am just gonna drink every fucking time you cry a river over the girl..

Back to the site and each cameraman focuses in on the face of the three men as they each are staring at the gravestone.

Graystone has a smile on his face…

Max Kael has a face of indifference….

Shane has the face of a person that is filled with rage and pent up emotion…

The men take cover once again as the helicopter switches it position and lands nearby. All three men turn towards the helicopter as everyone knows that the referee for the match is inside.

After a few moments the door to the helicopter opens up and a man exits with his head down low as he covers himself from the force of the propellers. He hustles out of range and the helicopter takes off again and this time exits the area as it is now go time for the match.

The cameramen all focus on the arriving referee and as he makes his way up to where all the men are standing he slowly lifts his head up and smiles as the cameras quickly shift from his face to the wrestler’s faces to get their reaction.

Graystone has a smile on his face…

Shane has a look of indifference….

Max Kael now is the one wearing a face of rage and pent up emotion…

The cameras then pan back to the referee…….HIGH OCTANE HALL OF FAMER…JATT STARR!!

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr? But how…..when…..why??

Before Benny can reply….Jatt answers the question himself.

Jatt Starr: That’s right! In my last act as Jatt Starr and your GAZA, I feel it was by DUTY to ensure that no zombies be created during this Triple Threat Buried Alive Match. This is the Main Event, after all! The Main Event is where I DESERVE to be, so I’m here! Plus, it gives me the warm and fuzzies knowing that Max Kael’s ICON Title reign ultimately rests in the hands of one person….well….ME!

Max is enraged at the sight of Starr and both Graystone and Shane see this and you can tell they are itching for the match to start to take advantage of Max’s mental state.

All three men look at Jatt who is checking a text message on his phone…he quickly looks up..

Oh sorry….um…”

Jatt reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a triangle and proceeds to tap it three times…


Joe Hoffman: Well Simon Sparrow in his last act as Jatt Starr has made it here to Boston and is going to decide the fate of Max Kael’s title run and it makes perfect sense why Jatt refrained from all the hardcore aspects of his match with Trent earlier tonight……why didn’t we see this coming?

Benny just belches and takes another drink as he is transfixed to his monitor.

Jatt slowly walks backwards and as he does several ground lights light up revealing two freshly dug graves literally only ten feet away from where the men stand now.

The lights light up the whole area and as the cameras pan around we see lights turn on all over the cemetery, literally lighting up the whole place like daylight.

The cameramen scatter as well leaving only one hard cameraman in the direct vicinity of the wrestlers as we see Jatt continue to walk backwards.

Suddenly the first blow is struck as Shane delivers a back elbow to Graystone and goes to grab Max but the ICON Champion ducks out of reach and takes off running towards one of the 24 sculptures on the grounds.

Shane starts to go after Max but is nailed from behind by Graystone. Shane falls to the ground and Graystone immediately falls on top of him, shoving Shane’s face into the grass as hard as he can.

I will destroy you right here in front of her Shane….right here…..you like that…huh SHANE…DO YOU??”

Graystone begins rubbing back and forth on Shane’s back and he literally pushes Shane’s face farther into the ground, almost suffocating him.

With a quick turn of the hips, Shane is able to throw Graystone off balance and turns the tables on Graystone and rocks him with a hard right hand. Blood drips from the nose of the HOW Hall of Famer and he smiles up at Shane as Shane nails him again with another right hand.

Fury then takes over as Shane continues to pummel Graystone until he hears the man……laughing.

Exhausted from the punches, Shane stands up slowly and the gravestone for Michelle catches his eye and it stops him in his tracks as the cameraman turns to Graystone who is staggering up to his feet as blood is flowing freely from his nose.

You can join her Shane…by God I will bring you home to her…..I can do that for you Shane…you know I can”

Shane turns towards Graystone and charges the man and tackles him and the two go sprawling on the ground.

The cameraman then turns to see where Jatt is and we see the door to one of the armored cars closing.

Joe Hoffman: What is Jatt doing???

Back to the action we see Shane Reynolds pick up Graystone and grabs him by the back of his neck and by the seat of his pants and he charges towards a nearby gravestone and hurls Graystone towards it.

The former World and ICON Champion barely is able to keep his head from making contact but his thighs slam hard into the gravestone and he topples over it with a sickening thud as Shane is seen stalking him.

Tonight is my night….MY NIGHT” exclaims Shane as he kicks Graystone in the back of the head.

He kicks him again, this time in the gut and you can hear the air getting pushed out of the man’s lungs.

As we see Shane literally kicking Graystone all over the burial grounds the feed cuts to another part of the grounds where a cameraman has caught up to Max Kael.

Max is watching Shane kick the holy crap out of Graystone from a safe distance and is literally hiding behind a tree. Seeing the cameraman, Max tries to shoo him away as to not give up his position but the cameraman does not budge and realizing he is fighting a losing battle and just making more noise, Max goes quiet and continues to watch the action.

As does the PPV viewers as the action cuts back to the cameraman following the action with Shane and Graystone.

Just as the feed cuts to him we see Shane whip Graystone right into a trunk of a tree that sends the man sprawling and dangerously close to the two freshly dug graves.

This prompts the door to the armored car to open and we see Jatt making his way towards the men just as Graystone staggers to his feet just in time to be nailed with a dropkick from Shane Reynolds that sends Graystone falling backwards right into one of the graves.

Shane walks up to the grave and snatches a shovel that had been placed in a pile of dirt earlier on and proceeds to dump dirt on Graystone.

Jatt finally makes his way up to the grave and motions for Shane to continue…

Jatt Starr: Make sure…I don’t want no Princess Angel zombies coming out…

Shane ignores the comment and proceeds to literally bury Graystone alive at a frantic pace. Sweat is pouring off of Shane as he finishes up and he sticks the shovel in the dirt causing it to stand straight up to put an exclamation point on his elimination of Graystone.

Jatt taps the dirt with his foot and then proceeds to get on all fours and puts his ear to the ground and then looks up at Shane and nods approvingly…

Jatt Starr: Graystone has been eliminated and Shane if you can do this very same thing to Max I promise the GAZA will reward you properly…and…

But as Jatt starts on another one of his little rants Shane turns and heads off in the direction Max ran off in.

The action cuts to the cameraman closest to Max and we see Max shake his head in disbelief at how quickly Shane eliminated Graystone.

This is not good…..the old chap looks quite determined…”

The cameraman pans to the right to show Shane Reynolds walking towards them like Michael Myers on crack. Behind Shane we can see Jatt Starr pouring what appears to be gasoline on the buried Graystone.


Back to the cemetery and we see Jatt drop an official HOW lighter on the ground and the grave instantly lights up in flames just as HOW crew hustle in and put the flames out despite the arguments from Jatt.

A few HOW security members grab Jatt and walk him away as the crew frantically tries to dig Graystone out.

Benny Newell: I think I will drink cause the dirt is fucking brown or you know I love your mom right Joe….I mean really love your mom u know?

Joe Hoffman: I guess it wouldn’t be a HOW PPV if Benny wasn’t freaking drunk….greeeaaattt.

Back to the grounds and we see HOW crew members telling Jatt that they seen a possible zombie on the opposite side of the cemetery and without wasting a moment the self proclaimed GAZA is gone as the feed cuts back to the camera by Max.

We see Max literally only a few feet away from Shane who is scanning the area for any sign of Kael. The cameraman moves to get a better vantage point and as he does Shane turns towards him and he sees Max peeking around the corner.

Max lets out a small yelp as he takes off running with Shane in hot pursuit with the cameraman racing behind them.

The feed switches from the frantic view of the cameraman to an aerial view provided by several well placed cameras high in the trees.

We see Shane racing towards Max as he bobs and weaves thru several headstones and just like in any good horror movie, Kael succumbs to the proverbial all powerful twig and does a face plant in the grass.

As Kael is cursing himself we see Shane walk up to him and stand over him.

The feed cuts back to the cameraman on the ground as he races into position as Shane reaches down to grab Max by his throat but Max turns quickly and tosses loose dirt into the eyes of Shane, blinding the man.

Max follows up with a quick knee to the groin of Shane but it doesn’t connect with the usual softness of testicles but instead with a loud sound of kneecap on metal.

Max instantly cries out in pain as it’s the same knee that he might of injured while kneeing a man in the nose earlier this week.

Smiling, Shane reaches into his pants and pulls out a metal cog piece.

I learned from watching Trent that you will always take the low road you piece of shit”

Max is trying desperately to crawl away as he holds his knee with one hand but he gets maybe a foot before Shane’s foot connects with the back of his head….and Shane keeps it there.

The cameraman gets down low to show the foot of Shane pressing on the neck of Max as the ICON Champion breathes heavily into the grass as Shane is almost happy as he grinds his foot into the upper vertebrae of Kael.

After a few more seconds Shane releases and Max quickly rolls over only to be met with a resounding right hand that instantly bloodies the nose of Kael. Shane turns and picks up his metal cog piece and goes to nail Max in the face with it but Kael instinctively brings his leg up and this time connects with the soft and now swelling testicles of Shane Reynolds.

Reynolds drops his cog piece to the ground and then proceeds to fall to his knees as all the air has left his body.

Kael staggers to his feet and tries to work out the pain in his knee as he walks over and picks up Shane’s cog piece and for god knows what reason he brings it up to his nose and takes a whiff…

That’s what I thought….smells like a vagina with a yeast infection…at least according to Lee’s definition”

Suddenly the sound of Benny puking fills the air and the announcers mics are muted…or maybe they were muted?

But back to the action and Max brings the cog piece down across the face of Shane and this time its Shane’s turn to bleed and Max’s face begins to take a sinister look as he swings the piece again and again violently and now it is apparent that it is no longer Max Kael, but the Minister, who is fighting Shane Reynolds.

You want to play dirty Shane…I can play dirty…and I can play with the best of them….ask your son…”

Shane’s eyes light up with fury as The Minister smacks Shane for a final time with the cog piece and it appears a tooth goes flying from Reynolds mouth.

Minister then grabs Shane by his hear and literally begins dragging him back towards the remaining unfilled grave.

Shane fights but Minister just keeps pulling harder and harder until he literally rips some of Shane’s hair out.

Shane’s head hits the ground hard as Minister looks down at his hand and sees the hair of his opponent in his hand and smiles as he lets it go and he watches it flutter away into the night sky.

As the hair darts out of sight, Ministers focus returns to Shane and he reaches down and literally pulls Shane up by the throat and looks him directly in the eyes before spitting into Shane’s face.

Shane’s face shakes with anger, forcing Minister to use both hands to hold Shane’s face in front of him.

I want to hear that last breath leave your lips Shane….I want to taste the fear as it leaves you….come on Shane…you have NOTHING to live for….Michelle is gone…and now YOUR son is my future…..NOTHING SHANE…YOU HAVE…”


Shane headbutts Max right in the nose and follows up with another brutal headbutt that causes the nose to break very audibly for everyone to hear on HOTv.

Shane is a flurry of rage as he breaks free from the grasp of Kael and unloads with heavy punches that cause Max to stagger backward with each impactful punch.

Shane appears to be fighting on pure emotion as he unloads on Max with every fiber of his being and with one final haymaker he sends Max flying backwards right towards a grave…

And Max lands awkwardly on the headstone of the person that has tied and will forever tie the men booked in this match together…

Michelle Creedy-Reynolds

Joe Hoffman: Is the mics back on?? Anyone…oh ok….I have no idea what was going on with our end but anyway….what an emotional match so far and its come right back full circle to where it started….Michelle’s grave where only a few feet away lies the last unfilled grave.

The cameras pan over to show the now unearthed plot where Graystone was buried earlier and the untouched one next to it.

The feed then cuts back to the wrestlers as we see Shane standing over Kael who is slumped over Michelle’s headstone.

Like my former Blood Brother exclaimed before me….THIS ENDS NOW”, Shane exclaims as he picks up Max in a powerslam position and walks him over to the remaining grave.

Just as Shane makes it to the edge Max begins to fight his way off of Shane’s shoulder and literally begins biting him in the cheek.

Shane screams out in pain and drops Max on the ground as Max spits part of Shane’s cheek at him. Blood pours from the face of Reynolds as the Minister is back staring at him with blood dripping from his lower jaw.

Minister charges Shane and lands on top of him and the two men begin an iconic match of strength as they are literally on the edge of the grave.

Joe Hoffman: This is it…..this is it!!!!!!

Minister, on top and with Shane’s hands pushing back at him, gains the upper hand and pushes Shane hard enough to have the man’s head dangling over the six foot deep grave.

Shane starts to fight back but Minister pushes his right index finger into the recently ripped open cheek of Shane and Reynolds screams out in pain and as he does he slips closer into the darkness.

Suddenly Ministers focus shifts from Shane to the sound of feet running on grass. He turns just in time to see Jatt Starr raising his right leg and the top of Jatt’s boot lands squarely on Ministers temple and the force of the kick sends Minister sprawling off of Shane and back a few feet from the grave.

Jatt reaches down and offers his hand to Shane and Shane takes it but instead of pulling himself up, Shane pulls hard on Jatt and caught off balance Jatt falls head first into the grave.

Shane quickly gets to his feet and wipes the blood from his face and eyes and thinking he just won the match he is dismayed to see that he pulled Jatt into the grave and not Max…..and it is Max who is staring up at Shane as cries from Jatt can be heard as Jatt is trying like mad to climb out of the grave.

Max and Shane look at each other almost knowingly that this could be their final encounter and they charge each other for the final time.

Max lands the first right hand and Shane is right behind him with his own right and seconds later the cameraman captures what has to be the most emotionally charged and physically demanding flurry of punches in HOW history.

Blood is flying everywhere as the two long time rivals beat each other’s faces to a pulp with each punch.

Max gets the upper hand as Shane’s cheek is sagging badly from the beating and with a wicked left hand, Max sends Shane sprawling to his left and he lands face first on Michelle’s grave.

Shane doesn’t see what happens next as his eyes mist over as he reaches up and touches Michelle’s name on the headstone.

He doesn’t even feel the kick to his lower back as it is now Minister in full force ready to finish Shane off.

I love you” mouths Shane as suddenly he is ripped off her grave as Minister yanks on both his legs.

It is only now that Shane snaps back into reality and turns just in time to see Jatt Starr climbing out of the grave that he is heading towards.

Running while holding onto Shane’s legs, Minister runs along the end of the grave and let’s go as Shane’s body flies into the now empty grave.

He lands awkwardly but doesn’t feel any pain as he can barely hear Jatt proclaiming the match is over.

As the first pile of dirt falls on him Shane has a sense of freedom come over him and a weird sense of peace.

As the dirt continues to fall on him he sees the manic look at the Ministers face and Shane has a final thought…

Peace be with you Max”




The transmission cuts back to the production truck where we see a live shot of Joe Hoffman and a passed out Benny Newell.

Joe literally is wiping tears from his eyes.

Joe Hoffman:Ladies and gentlemen it is officially over…Max Kael retained over Shane Reynolds and Graystone and I am one of many who are glad that these three are done tormenting each others souls. This concludes our show for the night and for my broadcast partner Benny Newell, I am Joe Hoffman….Peace be with you!

Joe begins bawling as Benny shits his pants.


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