ICONIC 2008: December 22nd, 2008 (2008)

Pay Per View | 180 min

Show Transcript

December 22nd, ICONIC 2008
Monday; December 22
nd, 2008 – #HOW31
Rogers Centre; Toronto, Canada

Dylan Nitro vs. Damien Ryan
Ladder Match

ICONIC is on the air as fireworks explode all over the Rogers Centre Arena as the crowd explodes in unison with the pyro.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Monday….err….ICONIC….did I really just do that?

Benny Newell: You fucking idiot. Look you made me curse three seconds into the PPV telecast you fuckstick.

Joe Hoffman: I apologize as I am just really excited about tonight folks. Let me try that again.

Big Buff Benny raises his official ICONIC flask towards Joe and cheers him as the veteran play by play announcer starts again.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome to ICONIC! I am your play by plan announcer Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined on the mics by Big Buff Benny Newell and folks what a Pay Per View we have in store for you tonight. Every title is on the line and as you can see high above the arena we have not only a steel cage wrapped in razor wire but surrounding that cage is a Hell in a Cell which will determine the Stable Titles tonight when AoA defends against Team Epic!!

The feed cuts to a shot of the Hell in a Cell with the steel cage literally sitting inside the huge HIAC structure.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight is a big night as we wrap up a very successful 2008 here in High Octane Wrestling and I understand that time for talk is over as it is time for us to go to the ring as its time for the Ladder Match to decide the Number One Contender for the LSD Title currently held by Chris Kostoff!

The camera focuses in on a ladder standing in the middle of the entrance way. Then, the camera focuses in on the briefcase suspended above the ring. Suddenly, Dylan Nitro’s music hits and the crowd lets out a mixed reaction that turns into cheers. Dylan Nitro emerges from the back and begins to head down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Right here, Newell. Dylan Nitro beat Derek Mobley on the December 1st Mayhem, but was unable to pull a victory out over Scottywood in a hardcore match on the last Mayhem.

Benny Newell: But what do you expect, Newell? Scottywood’s going to be the LSD Champion after tonight anyways.

Joe Hoffman: Could we be seeing a rematch between the two, this time for the title?

Nitro slides into the ring, and stands up. His music cuts off, as he turns to look towards the ramp. Suddenly, Damien Ryan slides in from behind.

Joe Hoffman: What is this?!

Damien Ryan runs in and blasts Dylan Nitro in the back of the head with a hard clothesline. The crowd boos loudly as Damien Ryan begins stomping the back of Nitro’s head into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this?

Benny Newell: Haha! It’s “Mr. I don’t give a fuck” for a reason, Joe. Damien Ryan is in the HOW!

Ryan picks Nitro up, off the mat, but Nitro fights back with hard right hands to the midsection. Damien Ryan lunges in with a hard raised knee to Nitro’s jaw. Nitro falls back into the corner. Damien Ryan runs to the other side of the ring, then rushes into the corner and delivers a huge front dropkick to Nitro’s face. Nitro flops around, and then rolls out of the ring. Ryan slides out and grabs Nitro’s head. Nitro holds his jaw in pain as Ryan launches Nitro head first into the ring post. Nitro bounces off and falls down to the ground hard.

Benny Newell: Damien Ryan looking very impressive, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, a sneak attack is always a great way to gain leverage, Newell.

Damien Ryan walks up the entrance ramp with a smile on his face. He grabs the ladder, closes it up, and begins walking back to the ring with it. Nitro is grabbing under the ring for something. Ryan slides the ladder into the ring, and then walks around to get Nitro. Nitro pulls a fire extinguisher out from under the ring, and sprays the contents in Damien Ryan’s eyes.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like HOW’s hottest new addition just got cooled down big time!

Benny Newell: Is that legal!? I thought this was a ladder match!

With Ryan distracted, Nitro slides into the ring, still a bit wobbly from the ring post shot. Nitro sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring, lining it up under the briefcase holding the number one contender spot to the LSD championship. Damien Ryan claws at his eyes in pain, as he slides into the ring. Nitro sees this, and delivers a kick to Ryan’s back, stopping Ryan’s advancement.

Nitro falls down to the ground and begins slamming Ryan’s face into the mat over and over again, which pumps up the crowd. Nitro stands up and runs across the ropes and comes back and hits a huge elbow drop that pulverizes Damien Ryan’s chest and sends Ryan rolling out of the ring to the outside. Nitro turns around and begins climbing the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: It could be over right here. Dylan Nitro is climbing the ladder.

Benny Newell: Get up, Ryan!

Nitro ascends the ladder all the way to the top and puts both hands on the briefcase. Ryan slides back in and stands up, winded and holding his chest. Ryan runs off the ropes and comes back and shoulder blocks the ladder. Nitro falls down from the ladder in Damien Ryan’s direction, and manages to blast him down with a huge clothesline! The crowd goes nuts. Nitro gets back up and picks up the ladder. Nitro folds the ladder up and places it into the corner. Nitro walks over and picks Damien Ryan up and moves him over to the ladder and sets Damien Ryan up for a German suplex.

Joe Hoffman: No way! Not on the ladder!

Nitro attempts to lift Ryan up, but Ryan blocks it. Ryan manages to break Nitro’s waistlock, and stumbles forward. Ryan turns around and Nitro rushes at him. Damien Ryan jumps into the air and executes a huge hurricanrana onto Nitro! Ryan follows it up with a flurry of punches to Nitro’s face, then stands up and stumbles forward, holding his stomach. The crowd lets out a mixed reaction. Ryan grabs Nitro up by his head and attempts to launch Nitro. Nitro reverses, but Ryan reverses again, and somehow moves right into a Russian legsweep! The back of Nitro’s head blasts into the ladder.

Benny Newell: Hahaha! Damien Ryan showing his amazing in-ring prowess here.

Joe Hoffman: Yes folks, unbiased announcing. One more thing that you won’t find in HOW.

Benny Newell: I don’t give a fuck.

Joe Hoffman: Oh now, what… you’re talking like Damien Ryan too?

Benny Newell: It doesn’t seem like too bad of a thing to imitate at the moment. It looks like he’s got this match right where he wants it.

Ryan pulls Nitro up and out of the corner and hits a huge vertical suplex on him. Ryan picks up the ladder and stands above Nitro and begins drilling Nitro in the stomach while screaming “How does it feel” over and over. Finally, Ryan picks the ladder up high and drills it down across the skull of Nitro. Nitro rolls around on the mat in pain. Ryan sets the ladder up to begin climbing. Damien Ryan slowly makes his ascent up the ladder.

Benny Newell: Uh-oh. This is it, Joe. Ryan is going up top!

Ryan makes his way to the top of the ladder and reaches for the briefcase. As he reaches, he pushes the briefcase and it begins swinging. Ryan can’t seem to get his hands on it, but he reaches as hard as he can. Nitro makes it to his knees, and begins to shove the ladder over. The ladder slowly tips to the side as Damien Ryan looks scared. Ryan ends up falling down with the ladder and he lands with one leg on either side of the ropes! The crowd let’s out a huge pop, as the cameras begin flashing.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no!

Benny Newell: Ahhhh! It hurts. It hurts, Joe.

Nitro stumbles over to the ropes and grabs the top rope and begins shaking it up and down as hard as he can. Damien Ryan bounces up and down on the ropes as Big Buff Benny Newell sounds like he’s going to vomit. Finally, Nitro stops and runs off the far ropes and comes back with a clothesline! Damien Ryan falls off the ropes and crumples to the outside. The fans cheer as Nitro is all alone in the ring with the ladder. Nitro slowly begins setting the ladder up, as he is fatigued. Nitro gets the ladder in position and begins climbing.

Joe Hoffman: Dylan Nitro is making his way up the ladder. This could be it Big Buff Benny.

Benny Newell: Come on Damien, Don’t you want to be number one contender!?

Nitro begins climbing, slowly but surely. Damien Ryan manages to slide into the ring, holding his crotch in pain. Ryan begins to climb up the other side of the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no. This can’t be good.

Benny Newell: What if they both pull the briefcase down, Hoffman? Then what happens?

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know.

Both men are at the top of the ladder, and Ryan throws out a right hand. Nitro blocks it and delivers a right hand of his own. The crowd cheers. Nitro blocks another of Ryan’s right hands, and hits another hard right that send Damien Ryan reeling in pain. Finally Damien leans in and pokes Nitro in the eye. Ryan steps up another rung and slugs Dylan Nitro in the neck. Nitro falls back off the ladder, choking.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell was that!?

Benny Newell: Damien Ryan just fucking punched Dylan Nitro in the damn neck! How fucking awesome is that!?

Nitro rolls around on the mat in pain, gasping for air. Damien Ryan looks at the briefcase, then down at Dylan Nitro.

Benny Newell: Come on! Now’s your chance Damien. Go for the gold!

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Damien has other ideas, Newell.

Damien gets up to the top step, and turns around with his back to Nitro.

Joe Hoffman: No way! No way! He can’t do it! There’s no way!

Benny Newell: What are you doing, Damien?

Damien Ryan jumps from the ladder in an attempt to hit “The Publicity Stunt” but Dylan Nitro moves out of the way at the last second! Damien Ryan flops around in pain, as Dylan Nitro coughs and gags in the corner of the ring.

Benny Newell: Stupid! How stupid!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Damien Ryan took the risk and it didn’t seem to pay off.

Benny Newell: He had it with the throat punch… I’m telling you.

Joe Hoffman: Then why don’t you get your stupid ass in the ring. You’re already pissing me off tonight, and we’ve barely even started.

Dylan Nitro begins climbing the ladder, slowly. The fans stomp their feet and cheer in anticipation. Dylan Nitro makes his way to the top and Damien Ryan begins shaking the bottom rung of the ladder, but it does no good. Damien Ryan quickly begins climbing the ladder as he winces in pain. Dylan Nitro gets two hands on the briefcase and starts to pull, but the briefcase does not give. Nitro continues to pull as hard as he can, but the briefcase is stuck. Damien Ryan gets to the top and grabs a hold of the briefcase and begins to pull.

Joe Hoffman: Did they anchor the briefcase on with a padlock?

Both men hold on to the briefcase. Damien Ryan lunges off the ladder, and pulls with all of his might, but it’s not enough. Dylan Nitro is pulled off the ladder as well, and both men are dangling to the left of the ladder. Damien Ryan loses his grip and wraps his legs around Dylan Nitro. Damien dangles as Nitro holds on for dear life. Damien manages to pull himself up Nitro’s body and punch Nitro in the face. Amazingly, Nitro hangs on. Damien grabs a hold of the ladder and steps back on. Damien elbows Nitro in the face, and Nitro falls down to the canvas. The briefcase unhinges from its hanging device, and dangles in the air. Damien lunges for it as it swings in the air, and grabs it! But the briefcase still won’t break free!

Benny Newell: He’s got it! He’s got it!

Dylan Nitro gets to his feet and grabs a hold of the ladder and folds it up. Nitro steps back, then rams the ladder into Damien Ryan’s stomach. Damien Ryan falls, and the briefcase comes with it!

The crowd immediately lets out a mixed reaction, as Damien Ryan lies on the mat with the briefcase, and Nitro falls down to his knees in pain.

Ding Ding Ding!


Action cuts to the backstage area of the Rogers Centre as Ryan can been seen holding the briefcase close to his chest as he smirks into the camera.


High Octane Gambling

The feed cuts backstage as a camera is on ground level and we see two sets of boots. A pair of immaculate dress shoes and right next to them boots.

Santa’s boots.

The crowd cheers loudly as the camera begins to pan up and we see two men. One dressed in a three piece suit and the man next to him dressed in a very authentic Santa suit.

The crowd’s cheers turn into roars as the men’s faces are revealed and we see Chris Kostoff clad in the three piece Armani suit and Lee Best standing next to him dressed in the Santa suit..complete with eye patch.

Lee Best: This is complete and utter bullshit.

Chris Kostoff: C’mon Lee. Get into the Christmas spirit. Tonight is the last event of a very good year here in HOW. I mean we have seen you have your retina detached from your eye socket by me at Rumble at the Rock, we have seen your Best Alliance being whittled down week by week and tonight I will become the Commish and just think of all the possibilities in 2009 with us working together here backstage.

Lee Best: Let’s get one thing straight you piece of shit. You sold out to the Investors and tonight SCOTTY is going to win that fucking LSD Title from your ass and together SCOTTY AND I will make sure HOW has a great 2009.

Kostoff just shakes his head and smiles.

Chris Kostoff: You don’t get it do you Lee. You are on your last legs. The investors are starting to phase you out and once they see that I can do so much more for HOW than beating your Alliance week in and week out, they will promote me from your babysitter to your BOSS….

Lee can only shake his head as the door suddenly flies open and Scottywood enters the room.

Scottywood: What the fuck?

Lee Best: I lost a damn bet to this asshole. I gotta wear this fucking Santa suit all damn night.

Scottywood walks right up to Kostoff and the smile Kostoff was sporting a few moments ago is long gone as he pats the LSD Championship belt that is around his waist and stares into the eyes of his opponent later on in the evening in the House of Pain match.

Chris Kostoff: That’s right Scotty. This fucker couldn’t keep his man pleaser shut and I took him up on a bet that he couldn’t deliver Jatt Starr by the end of 2008…so here he is…and that’s not all he lost.

Scotty looks at Lee quickly and Lee nods and sighs.

Lee Best: I also lost the right to name the first five main events of 2009. This fucking idiot gets to book the first five main events of 2009 and that just means he will book complete shit, make me look like an ass..

Chris Kostoff: Too late for that…….so you see Scotty…no matter what happens tonight between us the power here in HOW is shifting. It will become complete when your ass is pinned and I am named the new Commissioner and you can bet that your ass will be curtain jerking for a very…very long time.

Scotty smiles and pats Kostoff’s suit and Kostoff quickly slaps his hand away which Scotty just laughs at.

Scottywood: That is fine Kostoff. Tonight we will bleed and tonight we will be finished with each other. Since you are already up gambling wise…why not one more bet?

Chris Kostoff: What you got?

Scottywood: If I win our match tonight you forfeit your right to a rematch and cannot go for the LSD Championship for six months.

Chris Kostoff: And if I win…

Scottywood: If you win…I will leave the Best Alliance and finish out my contract and move on with my life.

Lee Best: What the fuck are you doing!!

Chris Kostoff: You’re fucking on…

The two men shake hands as Lee rips off his Santa’s beard and throws it to the ground as the action returns to the announce team.

Stables Title Match
Ken Davison & David Black & Blaze vs. Marvelous Mario Maurako & Perfect Paul Paras & Derek Mobley

Hell in a Cell Match

Joe Hoffman: Wow has Lee Best lost control or what?

Benny Newell: Lost control? Just because the investors have Kostoff as a babysitter and just because he lost a bet and now is dressed up as Santa and has no Main Event booking power for the first month or so of 09 and Scottywood might be moving on in his life soon……THAT does not mean he is losing power!

Joe Hoffman: Riiiight.

The announce team is muted out as the huge HOTv screen above the entrance ramp comes to life and the crowd inside the Rogers Centre is treated to a video highlighting the Stable Title.

Highlights are shown of Team Epic being crowned the first ever Stable Champions followed by Graystone and Scottywood winning it for the Best Alliance only to lose it back to Team Epic.

The video then cuts to the debut of the AoA stable as they defended the Stable title in the name of the Best Alliance only to turn on Lee and form their own stable and took the Stable Titles with them.

The video then shows how the AoA went out of their way to make three Stable Title belts and each member is shown wearing the belts around their waist as the number 63 blinks over and over.

Triple M….Triple P…Derek Mobley.

63 days and counting….

The video ends as strobe lights begin to flicker high above the arena as the Rogers Centre goes dark and its time for the Hell in a Cell match to determine the Stable Title.

Joe Hoffman: Folks it is time for one of the most brutal matches in all of professional wrestling…..Hell in a Cell.

Benny Newell: This match is a complete sham as the most dominant stable in HOW’s history, the Best Alliance, isn’t even represented here tonight!!

Joe Hoffman: Well with Scotty in a huge match with Kostoff later tonight and then the other two members battling for the World Title tonight….who was left to go after the Stable Titles. Maybe Lee just doesn’t value the Stable Titles?

Benny Newell: That is complete and utter bullshit. If Lee didn’t care about the titles he wouldn’t have them in HOW. This is a complete and utter sham and I hope both stables beat each other to death. As long as Davison is done in HOW after tonight…that is all that matters to me.

As the Cell begins to lower the crowd cheers loudly causing Joe to pause for a moment before continuing.

Joe Hoffman: Well that is something we should point out before the start of the match. Godly Ken Davison is literally wrestling tonight without a contract. To gain a new contract he must literally pin one of the AoA members. Even if his team wins and say David Black gets the pinfall…Davison is out of a contract.

Benny Newell: Lee is a genius.

As HOW crew members work to make sure the cell is secure, Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode, begins playing and the Team Epic stable members make their way out led by Davison.

Joe Hoffman: One has to wonder how this team will work as a group. David Black, who has Jade by his side again tonight, and Blaze have literally just joined the group a few weeks before this match while the Stable Champions have been together over two months now and are clearly the best team in HOW right now.

Benny Newell: Blah fucking blah. Tonight is a night to celebrate and give thanks to Lee and the Best Alliance for all they did for HOW in 2008…..and since they are not in this match….I don’t give a fuck to be honest.

The fans however do as the Team Epic stable gets a good response from the Canadian crowd as they enter the Cell and climb into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Damien Ryan pulled off a victory over Dylan Nitro earlier, any picks on who wins this?

Benny Newell: Screw picks, I’ll just be glad to see some blood and Davison gone from HOW.

Joe Hoffman: Davison is under a lot of pressure tonight, lets see how he copes.

As the fans cheer and wait, Triple M’s music hits and all three members of AoA come walking out, to the surprise of a new image, new style, all three of them wearing fresh custom designs of the Stable title. Triple M, Triple P and Derek Mobley walk on down to the ring, show boating, and taunting Team Epic as they watch from inside the ring, inside the Cell.

Benny Newell: Come on, come on, I didn’t want to see this thing but now I want to see them all bleed!

Newly signed HOW referee Mike Shea, holds the Cell door waiting for them, as referee Joel Hortega waits inside the ring.

Suddenly, obviously tired of hearing all the talk about AoA all week,  Team Epic explode out the ring and come shooting out of the cell running at the AoA. All three of AoA look shocked and surprised as they get ready for the attackers, Blaze knocks Derek to the ground, and Black attacks Mario and Davison takes down Paras. All three brawls and scramble, fighting in the aisle, fans going crazy and both referees trying to get the men to get back into the cell, but nobody listens.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be an all out war.

Benny Newell: I love it. And I bet Mr. Best will too.

The men are going crazy, fighting everywhere OUTSIDE of the cell, Black throws Mario into the cell, Paras reverses on Davison and suplexs him onto the concrete, Blaze also continues his beat down on Mobley and has punched him that much he’s bust him open already.

Joe Hoffman: You wanted blood, you got blood Big Buff Benny.

Benny Newell: YEAH!!

Right away though, Black takes Mario into the cell and throws him into the ring, Black heads back out and helps Blaze beat on Mobley, Blaze takes him into the cell and launches him in the ring. Black walks towards the ring but Paras comes from behind and launches him into the Cell, he stomps down on him and chucks him aside, and out of the way. Paras chucks Davison into the Cell, inside the ring Mario has got up and helps Mobley get the better of Blaze hitting a hard DDT, outside Paras grabs the referee and takes the Cell locks key off him. Paras heads inside the cell, shutting the door, and locking it behind him, now leaving all of AoA inside the cell with Davison and Blaze, and David Black locked on the outside of the Cell.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell? What happens now?

Black is up and looks confused, he scours the cell looking for a way in, he grabs the ref who explains he doesn’t have the key, Black panics and slams his hands against the steel links. Inside, Mario has Blaze and rams his head into the steel ring post, Mobley rests in the corner catching his breath, getting over the shock of blood, and Paras lands a few rights and lefts in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: This one could be over early.

Benny Newell: Let’s hope so, and brutally.

Black is still erratic outside of the cell, scouring the sides, watching his team mates take a beating inside the ring. Mario takes Blaze and plants his back against the cell, he pulls a chair from under the ring, sets him up, swings and misses as Blaze ducks. Fans cheer, Mario turns in a panic, Blaze lands a kick, robs the chair and belts Mario with it sending him to the floor with a thud, inside the ring, Paras sets Davison up with a powerbomb but from behind, Blaze takes out his knees. Davison falls onto Paras and covers..

Hortega counts..


Paras quickly kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe not as quick as we thought.

Benny Newell: Damn it.

Outside the cell, Black begins thinking, kicking the door, trying to break the lock, but it doesn’t seem to work, Black grabs a steel chair and throws it high and hard, it lands on top of the cell, fans arise with cheers. Black slowly begins climbing the side of the cell, inside, Mario is up and sees Black climbing, he begins kicking the steel to knock Black off, Black gets frustrated and tries pushing the steel to hit Mario, Mario just mocks him through the cell. But suddenly from the ring, Blaze comes flying over the ropes, Mario moves amazingly quick though causing Blaze to smash face first into the steel and falls onto his back, he gets up in pain, only to be sent back to the floor as Mario drop-kicks him in the face.

Joe Hoffman: Brutal, by the time this is over, they might all be bleeding.

Benny Newell: HE IS BLEEDING!

Cameras catch a glimpse of blood coming from Blaze’s face, inside the ring Davison continues to beat on Paras, now setting him up for a neck breaker, but as he turns he sees Mario running into the ring. Davison releases Paras and runs at him, Mario ducks and stops, Ken runs off the ropes, comes back, Mario ducks and Paras is there to meet him with a huge lariat.

He covers..









NO, Davison is shocked, but manages to get up from the pin, he rises, dazed, outside the cell Black has climbed up on top of the cell, he steps carefully over the roof, looking for a way in as fans watch on intensely. Mobley is now up, Mobley helps Triple P and Triple M as they pull up Davison, they hold him for Mobley as Mobley attacks away, but Mobley shows off a little too much cursing in Davison’s face, wiping his blood off and slapping him. It angers Davison and he bursts a huge kick to the groin of Mobley, he drops, Ken elbows both Paras and Mario in the face, they stumble back, Davison grabs Mobley and whips him straight up for a powerbomb slamming him into the mat. Blaze is up, angered at the blood on his head, he climbs into the ring, Paras and Mario grab Davison and deliver a few shots, Blaze comes from behind and starts beating on the two, shot after shot, he runs off the ropes and comes back, only to have both Paras and Mario capitalize, pick him up and launch him over the ropes and into the cage, landing hard on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Oh My God!

Benny Newell: Beautiful!!!

Paras begins mooching around the ring, he looks under the ring and smiles, he pulls out a table, he sets it up outside the ring, meanwhile, Mario does exactly the same on the other side of the ring. They climb in, pick up Davison, but as they do, Davison reverses and swings around, back kicks Mario away, he runs off the ropes and dives at Paras with a corkscrew body attack sending him flying. Davison rises, Mario lands a right, and again, Mario runs off the ropes and comes back, Davison responds with a hard boot, he runs aside and grabs the steel chair left on the apron earlier and smacks Mario in the face. Mario wobbles, falls back, bounces off the ropes, Davison lands another boot, sets him up for a powerbomb as he lifts him onto his shoulders, the crowd go crazy, Mario reaches for the roof, but cant grab it and instead, gets sent over the ropes and power bombed through his own table.

Joe Hoffman: How these men are still going to be walking after this is beyond me.

But inside the ring, Paras comes from behind Davison and hits his RPW Spinebuster. On top of the cell, Black is beating on top of the steel with the chair, trying to make holes, kicking, ripping, anything to get through, and then in breaks, fans go wild, Black acts like a mad man, doing all he can to make the hole bigger. Underneath Mobley is up, he sees Black and rushes to the cell, he begins climbing to stop Black, Davison is also up, dazed and aching, he sees Mobley and follows. Black rips the hole open and sees Mobley, he hits a few right hands, Mobley grabs Black and yanks him down, but Black holds on and ends up hanging from the roof of the cell, but Mobley notices Davison coming from under him, he panics and climbs through the hole in the roof, Davison doesn’t stop, and follows chasing Mobley down.

Joe Hoffman: Uh-Oh, this could get dangerous.

Benny Newell: I like it. I love it. More blood!

Black drops down, Mario drags his own body and Blaze into the ring and slowly covers him while Paras crawls over and holds his legs down, Hortega counts..


Blaze is dazed but attempts a kick out, but can’t..


He panics, Mario and Paras smile away..














Black managed to drop and get into the ring in time as he kicks Mario off and pulls Paras away. Black grabs Mario, hits a few rights, sends him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Mario ducks, Black then hits a back body drop on his return, Paras is up, he goes for a hard right, Black ducks, he also sends Paras off the ropes, Paras also ducks his first clothesline, but Black catches him with a drop-kick on his return. The crowd go nuts as Black rises finally able to do some damage in the match, he helps Blaze up, but meanwhile on top of the cell, Davison catches Mobley as Mobley tries climbing down the cell, Davison pulls him back up and hits a risky suplex.

Benny Newell: Oh please go through the cage, please go through the cage, not only will I love that, the whole Best Alliance would love that.

Joe Hoffman: I bet.

Benny Newell: What’s that supposed to mean?

Joe Hoffman: You kiss ass too much, it’s sick.

Fans are on edge watching, inside the ring, Blaze and Black work away on Paras and Mario with move after move, a few DDT’s, a jackhammer, they double team with a flapjack, even use the cage to weaken them. A struggling point comes as they go for a superplex off the top rope causing Paras to hold onto the roof, he went for a hurricanrana, but with the help of Black, Blaze was saved.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god, look..

On top of the cell, Davison punches Mobley towards the edge, the crowd become intense, inside the ring, Blaze and Black pause to watch as the tension rises. Mobley gets smacked back with every punch, he’s now on the complete edge, his foot almost slipping, Davison goes for a big one, Mobley ducks, Davison spins and Mobley jumps behind him. Mobley goes for the counter and attempts to throw Ken off the cage, fans go crazy and all take a breath, but out of nowhere again, Davison jumps into the air hitting an enziguri on Mobley. Mobley wobbles in a dazed state, Davison smiles and out of nowhere CHUCKS Mobley off the cell roof, fans go crazy as Mobley goes crashing 30 foot down onto the Spanish announce table sending wood flying everywhere as Newell and Hoffman jump to there feet avoiding the flying debris.

Benny Newell: HOLY CRAP!



Joe Hoffman: WHERE’S MOBLEY?!!

They both look down as he’s covered in broken wood, out cold, but as the smirk covers Davison’s face as he looks down at Mobley, inside the ring, both Blaze and Black’s attention are on the fall, also both looking at the broken body of Mobley. But from behind, Mario grabs Black and locks in the Marvelosity, Paras grabs Blaze and hits Messianic Complex, but leaves out the Anaconda Vice submission and hooks it straight into a pin, Davison looks down and panics, rushing to the hole, the ref counts…


ONE! ..


Davison climbs through..


TWO! ..


Davison drops..









Davison is too late however as Hortega hand reaches the canvas for the final time and the match is over….


Mario and Paras rise with there hands raised by Joel Hortega, the cell immediately begins to raise, there belts are handed to them as medics rush to ringside to help Mobley. Paras and Mario think about helping Mobley, but Davison is in the ring, Blaze is up, and they have no choice but to leave, Davison can’t believe it though as he grips onto his hair, watching AoA walk away with a smile.

Joe Hoffman: Ken didn’t get the pin-fall, how must he be feeling right about now?

Benny Newell: Ha! Ha! Who cares?

Joe Hoffman: We’ll try catch up with him, I can’t believe this, Davison’s contract in HOW is up, Paras gets the pin-fall, Mobley has been destroyed, and were only on the second match of the night people.

As HOW crewmen clean up around the ring a video begins to play on the HOTv….


Tonight is the night…


That familiar feed interruption kicks in, fans burst to there feet, watching the big screen, expecting something to happen, but only the fuzz shows, and then that disguised voice.

Voice: Oh Bobby, Ohhhh Booooooobby..

An echo of laughter can be heard in the background, with sound effects.

Voice: I’ve always been there Bobby, right in front of you, ha, ha, ha, ha.. Ohhhh Bobby..

More laughing and sound effects.

Voice: Ohhhhhh Bobby………. WERE HERE! TONIGHT!

More laughter echoes away as the feed fades out leaving everyone excited and pumped to know the kidnapper of Livie and Shawn, and possible Livie too are in the arena, at ICONIC tonight.

The HOTv goes black and comes back on as we see Chris Kostoff, no longer in a suit, taping up his wrists as his match with Scottywood is next!!


LSD Title Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Scottywood

House of Pain Match

Back live and the HOW crew have managed to navigate the tricky Hell in a Cell and HOP Cage once again and are securing the Cage into place as the Hell in a Cell is raised back to the roof.

Benny Newell: That is sure a clusterfuck with the Cell and the HOP Cage. It is like watching a monkey fuck a football.

Joe Hoffman: Big credit to the HOW crew who have been working overtime leading up to ICONIC to make sure everything would transition well  tonight. Speaking of crew, inside the ring right now is the new cameraman hired specifically for this match tonight, Frank Calrissian.

Benny Newell: We learned this week that he has some history with Scottywood but I am sure that had nothing to do with his hiring.

Joe Hoffman: Riiiight.

The crowd is all on their feet as HOW cameramen, outside the cage, are zooming in closely on the cage and as people watch the footage on the HOTv there is a buzz in the arena as everyone cannot believe the amount of razor wire on the cage.

Joe Hoffman: There is going to be blood, that I can guarantee and after tonight the power struggle that is going on between Lee Best and the investors will come to a head as we find out who the new commissioner will be as well.

Benny Newell: There is a lot riding on this match no doubt and I for one hope that there is plenty of blood and Kostoff chokes on it.

Joe Hoffman: To each his own, I for one are just wanting to see a great match. Ladies and gentlemen, for this match myself and Benny will keep quite for the most part. We will say things at certain times, but we are going to let the action speak for itself as not only is the cage covered in razor wire there are various other weapons inside the cage…not to mention a darn table!

Benny Newell: Basically Joe is saying he’s going to be puking from the blood shed and I will be drinking for each time Scottywood drives Kostoff’s face into the wire.

Mike Shea, making his HOW PPV debut as ref signals that the House of Pain is ready for action and the sound of metal clamping shut is heard as Kostoff comes out from behind the stage and makes his way the ring.

Wearing his trade mark jeans and black combat boots he climbs into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: It’s good to see Kostoff out of that suit and back into his regular ring gear. I have goose bumps. This is going to be one barbaric match.

Kostoff walks to the far side of the ring and as the crowd continues to cheer the HOW Hall of Famer he grabs the razor wire and he tests it. The only glimpse of inside the HOP can be seen from the door. It is totally closed off from sight as the razor wire is thick around the cage.

The crowd is still buzzing as Scotty comes out behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring.

Benny Newell: NOW here comes the future of High Octane Wrestling. Scottywood is what is best about HOW as he understands that he is the man that can finally rid Lee Best of Kostoff tonight!

Scottywood makes his way down to the HOP and hears the loud cascade of boos as he points at his Rangers jersey and jeans.  Scotty finally enters the cage and a crew member closes the door and locks it, securing Kostoff and Scottywood inside the cage.

The HOTv screen flickers and comes to life showing the two men circling each other inside the cage as Frankie positions himself out of the way of the wrestlers and the ref.

Shea signals for the bell and we are underway!!


The match starts off just as you could have imagined. Scotty and Kostoff stand in the middle of the ring and begin to exchange punches. Getting the better of Kostoff, Scotty takes him down with a boot to his stomach. Pulling him up by his hair he sends him towards the razor wire. Sliding on the mat to stop himself, Kostoff pops right up and charges Scotty and takes him down with a tackle.

Getting on top Kostoff begins to unload a series of rights to the face of Scotty. Getting to his feet, Kostoff pulls Scotty up and throws a right that Scotty blocks. Driving his boot into Kostoff’s stomach he grabs his head and slams him face first into the razor wire. Yelling out in pain Kostoff tries to get Scotty off of him. To no avail, Scotty continues the assault and rubs the flesh of Kostoff against the wire. Blood already spills from the gashes on his face as Scotty smiles.

Benny Newell: YES! Two minutes in and Kostoff is already bleeding…Scottywood is the fucking man!

Letting go finally, Scotty drops Kostoff face first to the mat. Blood spills from his face as Scotty laughs.

Walking back to him he pulls Kostoff to his feet. With a wicked right, Scotty doubles over Kostoff. Hooking his head Scotty gets Kostoff up and dives him to the mat with a suplex. Rolling to his feet, Scotty pulls Kostoff up and drops him back down with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty is off to the races in this match.

Benny Newell: Come on Scotty!!!!

Reaching down, Scotty grabs Kostoff by his hair…..

Joe Hoffman: Low blow from Kostoff!!!!

Getting to his feet, Kostoff hooks the head and drops Scotty with a DDT!!!.

Both men are down as Scotty rolls to his side and pushes to his feet. Kostoff gets to his feet and grabs Scotty and drops him with a short armed clothesline. Pulling Scotty up, Kostoff eyes the razor wire.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd is clearly behind Kostoff tonight but I have a feeling that after this match there is going to be a lot of respect to go around as these two men are going to bleed……badly.

Back in the ring Scotty gets himself free and kicks Kostoff in the back of his knee. Taking three steps back, Scotty takes off and drives his knees into the back of Kostoff sending him face and chest first into the razor wire!!!!

Benny Newell: DRINK!!!!!

Screaming out in pain Kostoff falls to the mat as blood flows from his face and chest. Scotty looks down at him and laughs as he drives a knee to the bloody face of Kostoff.

Sensing his control, Scotty walks to the corner and grabs a table. Setting it up in the corner, he places it against the wire. Before Scotty can spin around, Kostoff got to his feet and charged Scotty. Leaping into the air Kostoff drives his boots into the back of Scotty sending him face first through the table!!!

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff needed that as I just cant see him lasting too long in this match with so much blood lost already!

Getting to his feet Kostoff picks Scotty up and drives a knee into his stomach..

Quickly Kostoff drops Scotty with a swinging neck breaker. Wiping the blood from his face, Kostoff gets to his feet and begins to stomp away on Scotty.

Joe Hoffman: This is turning into the fight we expected

Benny Newell: As long as that goon Kostoff losses I can care less.

Reaching down he pulls Scotty to his feet. In one massive motion, Kostoff shoots Scotty back first into the razor wire!!!

Screams echo throughout the arena as the crowd gasps as Scotty rips his flesh from the wire.

Kostoff walks over and grabs Scotty, Scotty mule kicks Kostoff in the nuts. Spinning around Scotty grabs Kostoff and slams him face first into the wire. Rubbing his face back and forth, Scotty rips away more flesh from the face of Kostoff with an alarming amount of blood flowing from the face of Kostoff, Scotty laughs as he pulls his bloody skull up and tags him with a wicked right.

Joe Hoffman: I think I just puked a little bit in my mouth…

Benny Newell: DRINK!!

Falling backwards Kostoff is grabbed onto by Scotty who kicks him in the stomach, setting up Kostoff…

Scotty plants Kostoff with a nasty pile driver!!!

Looking up at the camera Scotty gives the finger to the fans. Boos reign down as Scotty laughs and pulls Kostoff up and drags him to the wire….and begins wrapping the wire around the face of Kostoff. Yanking back on the wire, the razors rip into the flesh more. Scotty laughing in delight as the wire punches the open flesh on the skull of Kostoff. Letting go of him Scotty stands over the beaten and bloody Kostoff.

Benny Newell:

Hardcore Artist at his finest…DRINK!!


Looking at the ref, Scotty motions as he covers….









Benny Newell: What a bunch of shit!!! He was pinned!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s not over, Kostoff has a lot of fight in him.

Looking at the ref Scotty can’t believe he kicked out. Getting to his feet he plants the boots to the face of Kostoff. Reaching down Scotty pulls the bloody Kostoff to his feet. Scotty sends Kostoff into the ropes……Scotty goes for the clothesline but Kostoff slams into him with a nasty shoulder block that takes Scotty off his feet.

Kostoff moves quickly and pulls Scotty to his feet. Driving his knee into his stomach Kostoff gets Scotty up into a powerbomb position and charges the wire. Kostoff launches Scotty and impales him back first onto the razor wire!!!


Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!

Benny Newell: Think of your own shit..damn…

The crowd starts a HOLY SHIT chant as the action continues.

Back inside the cage, a bloody Kostoff stands and looks at Scotty as he falls from the wire. Blood pours from the back of Scotty as Kostoff falls to his knees. Blood drips from his face as he gets to his feet and drags Scotty to the wire. Wrapping the wire around his throat, Kostoff grabs his feet and begins to hang Scotty by the wire!!!

Benny Newell: TELL me how the fuck is that legal!!

Joe Hoffman: There are no rules in the House of Pain….will either man be able to BE Commish after this match???

The crowd goes wild from what they see on the screen. Inside the cage, Kostoff drops Scotty as blood squirts from his throat. Reaching down he pulls Scotty to his feet and drops him with a hard right to the face. Dropping his knee down across the chest of Scotty, Kostoff rolls to his feet and pulls Scotty to his.

Throwing a right, Scotty blocks it and kicks Kostoff in the knee. Hooking his head, Scotty gets him up and drops him with a Fisherman’s suplex, Scotty holds the leg….







Kickout by Kostoff!!!

Benny Newell: God he had him pinned!!!! Come on Scotty, take this fool out!!!!

Scotty looks at the ref as he wipes blood from himself. Shaking his head he gets to his feet and pulls Kostoff up. Grabbing him by his hair, Scotty takes off running and slings Kostoff face first into the wire!


Screams of pain come from Kostoff as Scotty kicks him in the back of his head, digging the wire deeper into his flesh. Blood now streams down the face of Kostoff as Scotty tried to wrap the wire around his head like a crown of thorns.

Joe Hoffman: Well he did try to crucify Ken Adams. This is right up his alley.

Laughing Scotty wraps his head tighter as the blood flows from his head. Scotty throws a haymaker right, Kostoff blocks the shot. Grabbing Scotty by his head, Kostoff lands a nasty head butt right between the eyes. Using his head with the razor wire, Kostoff slams his head into Scotty’s head over and over as the wire shreds his skin.

Benny Newell: Ok enough with the Jesus Head butts…I know Kostoff took out Chuck Norris at RATR…….but come on!!!

Kostoff drops Scotty in a heap as Kostoff pulls the wire from his head and throws it to the side. Reaching down he pulls Scotty up and throws him into the ropes and drives him down with a Dominator!!!

Kostoff grabs Scotty by the head…Scotty with a finger to the eye. Scotty sends Kostoff into the ropes and drives him down with a power slam!!!!

Benny Newell: Come on Scotty finish this guy off!!!

Joe Hoffman: This is a good fight between two tough guys.

The crowd is cheering madly, showing both men respect as they  lay on their backs as blood flows from both.

Where Kostoff lays, blood is forming a pool. Blood drips from the face of Scotty as he gets to his feet.

Looking down at Kostoff he calls for the end of the match. Pulling Kostoff to his feet Scotty drives a fist to the temple of Kostoff. Scotty grabs Kostoff by his head….Kostoff drives his fist into the sack of Scotty!!!


Letting go of the hold Scotty falls down holding his shit. Getting to his feet Kostoff drops a leg down across the throat of Scotty. Getting to his feet, Kostoff pulls Scotty up and sends him crashing into the wire chest first. Blood streams down from his chest as Kostoff stomps on the open sores on his chest.

Joe Hoffman: To think that just a little while ago Kostoff was wearing a three piece suit. One has to wonder what is going thru Santa Best’s mind as he is watching this match…..soo much on the line!!

Desperate, Scotty pokes Kostoff in the eye. Hollering out in pain, Kostoff takes a few steps back. Leaping to his feet Scotty charges…..Kostoff catches him and drives him down with a spine buster!!!!

Joe Hoffman: There is just no let down at all from these guys…amazing stuff….just amazing..

Getting to his feet, Kostoff drags Scotty over to the corner and slams him into the turnbuckle. Grabbing him by his head, Kostoff drops Scotty with the Metal Edge DDT!!!  

Getting to his feet Kostoff signals for the end of the match. Reaching down, Scotty fishhooks Kostoff in the mouth and yanks him down.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are trying to kill each other!!  Another desperation move from the challenger!!

Both men get to their feet. They meet in the middle of the ring and begin to exchange punches. Blood flies from their faces as each punch lands. Both men fall to their knees and keep on throwing blows.

The crowd is loving every minute of it and they reach a fever pitch as blood drips from both of their faces as both men fall to their backs.

The crowd gives both men a standing ovation as they see the two bloody messes on the screen.

Slowly, both men get to their feet, Scotty throws a right and drops Kostoff to the mat.

Benny Newell: Scotty has plenty left in the tank and I gotta admit I am even surprised at just how Hardcore Scottywood is!

Reaching down he pulls Kostoff up, dropping to his knees…Kostoff nails Scotty in the balls.

Joe Hoffman: No shortage of desperation moves in this bout…

Leaping up Kostoff drives a knee into the stomach of Scotty. Kostoff gets him up onto his shoulders and drops to the mat giving Scotty a Muscle Buster. Kostoff rolls Scotty over…..













Looking at Shea Kostoff shakes his head in shock.

Getting to his feet, the blood drips from his face. Only the white of his eyes are seen on the screen as he reaches down to pull him up. Scotty grabs the blood soaked hair of Kostoff and drops him with a DDT!!!

Benny Newell: COVER HIM!!!

Instead Scotty slowly gets to his feet and pulls Kostoff up and shoots him into the wire face first. Blood spills from his face as he falls back to the mat.

Benny Newell: DRINK!!!

Scotty walks over and pulls Kostoff up and sends him crashing into the razor wire again. Scotty leaps and drop kicks the head of Kostoff harder into the razor wire!!!

Grabbing him by his head, Scotty rubs Kostoff’s face across the wire as the blood pools beneath him. Falling to his knees Kostoff looks up as Scotty’s boot comes smashing down into his skull. Pulling Kostoff up, Scotty slips on the blood. Both men fall to the mat as Scotty lands hard on his back.

Joe Hoffman: I’m not sure how much more these two can take. They are both losing blood like mad and are both still going.

Benny Newell: As long as Scotty wins I could care less about Kostoff and his blood loss.

Both men are down. Scotty stirs first and gets to his feet. Reaching down he pulls the bloody mess that’s Kostoff to his feet. Scotty launches Kostoff into the ropes, coming back Scotty goes for a clothesline…..Kostoff ducks the move…stops in his track, reaches back and drops Scotty with a neck breaker!!!

The crowd is literally hanging on every move as Kostoff pulls Scotty up and drives him into the wire face first. Rubbing his face across the wire Scotty hollers out in pain. Dropping him, Kostoff stomps away on the back of his head.

Blood pools under the prone body of Scotty as Kostoff stands over him and looks over and sees an untouched steel chair laying in the far corner.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Kostoff has had enough and is going to end it here!!

Kostoff turns and starts towards the chair but Scotty gets up and pushes Mike Shea towards Kostoff causing both men to go down.

Joe Hoffman: OH come on!!

Scottywood, seeing the chair Kostoff was going for and stumbles over to it and signals that it is in fact time for the end of the match…….on his terms.

Scotty grabs the steel chair lying across the ring. 

It is at this point that the cameraman can no longer stay out of the way as we see Frankie getting a close up of Kostoff’s face as the blood it looks like something from a horror movie.  Scotty bangs the chair on the mat twice as he measures Kostoff up who is just about back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty seems to be looking for a home run shot here.

Benny Newell: Swing batter, batter swing!

Fully back up to his feet now Kostoff staggers and Scotty charges towards him chair raised above his head and takes a huge swing with the chair but at the last second Kostoff ducks or collapses out of the way and the chair smacks right into the head of Frankie the cameraman, sending pieces of the camera flying and sending Frankie back first into the razor wire cage.  The crowd gasps in shock as the 138 pounds cameraman lay in a crumpled mess.

Joe Hoffman: Holy crap!  Frankie just got drilled with that chair, he is out cold!

Benny Newell: He should have stayed the fuck outta the way.

Mike Shea, back to his feet, sees what has happened to Frank and signals to the back to bring some medics to the ring.

Benny does a shot for the fallen cameraman as a trainer makes his way down to the ring to check on Frankie as the outside camera can see the blood flowing from both his forehead from the chair shot and the back of his head from the razor wire.  But there is nothing he can do for Frankie who is locked inside the cage.

Joe Hoffman: No wonder none of the other cameramen wanted to do this match.  Just look at Frankie.

Scottywood, chair still in hand, finally turns away from Frank only to be met face to face with Kostoff who promptly kicks Scotty in the gut causing him to drop the chair.

Kostoff then grabs Scottywood by the head and then places it between his legs and proceeds to life Scottywood up in the air in position for his No Remorse Sit down powerbomb finisher….

But Scotty counters by kicking his feet out and in one fluid motion grabs Kostoff by the head and nails Kostoff with a perfect DDT onto the steel chair……..

Scotty rolls over and makes the cover as Shea counts..

Joe Hoffman:

This could be it!!!








Scotty pounds the mat in frustration as he wipes blood from his face and pulls Kostoff up to his feet. Scottywood lifts Kostoff up into a fireman’s carry position and drops Kostoff down hard with a DDT onto the steel chair.


Scotty makes the cover again and again Shea counts…












Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!

The crowd is going ballistic as the HOW Hall of Famer kicks out of Scottywood’s finisher.

Scotty sits back against the ropes and just stares at Kostoff, frustrated and tired and not knowing what to do, Scotty watches Kostoff crawl over to the far ropes and begin pulling himself up via the ropes. Scotty does the same and as Kostoff makes it to his feet Scotty charges….

.and misses a full body splash as Kostoff ducks and Scotty literally gets hung up on the wire.

The footage is not yet apparent as there is no cameraman to show the footage but Shea, getting word in his earpiece, got the camera up just in time to show Scottywood screaming out in pain as he is stuck on the wire in a body cross position.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot believe what I am watching. Obviously Lee or someone from the back told Referee Mike Shea to pick up the camera………..I guess he is pulling double duty!!

Kostoff slowly gets to his feet and walks over and literally rips Scottywood off of the wire. The crowd cringes as Scottywood’s chest and stomach are all torn up and bloodied.

Kostoff covers, and Shea awkwardly makes the count after putting the camera on the ground…



















Shea picks up the camera again and we see Kostoff is frustrated but too tired to show any true emotion.

Kostoff slowly picks Scottywood up and goes to lift him for a NO REMORSE powerbomb but is unable to life Scotty and both men fall to the mat exhausted.

Suddenly the HOP door opens up and a new cameraman slides into the action and grabs the camera from a very relieved Shea.

Joe Hoffman: This is one of the greatest matches I have ever seen in my time here in HOW and I am just praying that no one dies tonight….Jesus look at the blood!

Shea checks on both men and starts a 10 count as neither man is moving besides their chests as they are both breathing heavily.









Both men start to stir slowly







Kostoff is up to his feet and stumbles to the corner and holds himself up as he watches Scottywood using the bottom rope for leverage.





Scottywood makes it to his feet just in time and as he does he turns to see a charging Kostoff and Scotty dives to the side and executes a perfect drop toe hold, driving Kostoff head first into the razor wire. Kostoff quickly pulls back in pain but as he does Scotty picks him up and nails him with another GAME MISCONDUCT!!


Scotty covers as Shea counts once again..
















The HOP cage slowly rises to the arena floor and the Toronto crowd gives both men a standing ovation as HOW medics drag Kostoff out of the ring and start him towards the back as Scottywood sits in a pool of his own blood as Shea just handed him the LSD Title.

Scotty slowly gets to his feet and raises the LSD Title high above his head as the crowd continues to applaud.

Joe Hoffman: What a great match and what a great effort by both men. It took two Game Misconducts for Scottywood to pin Chris Kos……


Back inside the ring, the cameraman that took Frank’s spot just nailed Scottywood from behind with the camera.

Benny Newell: What the fuck??!!!

The cameraman then takes off his ball cap to reveal his face…


The crowd boos loudly as Ryan grabs the LSD Title Belt and spits on it and tosses it back down on the still body of Scottywood.

Ryan slowly exits the ring to a loud chorus of boos as ICONIC cuts away for a video package of the upcoming Lee Best Invitational.


Upper Hand??

Back live and the scene cuts to the backstage area where Maximilian Kael is laying flat on his face on the concrete floor. A group of wrestlers and crew members begin congregating around him.

HOW Crew Member: Max, are you alright? Max, can you hear me?

Another unknown wrestler kneels down beside Max, checking his head and neck.

HOW Crew Member: We need a doctor!

Lee Best is shown rushing into the scene, carrying a rolled up sheet of paper in his hand and his Santa Pants barely on as he is holding them up with one hand.

Lee Best: What the fuck is going on here?

HOW Crew Member: He’s been attacked. It looks pretty bad, sir.

Lee Best: What the hell do you mean he’s been attacked? Max! Get up. You’ve got a match.

Lee Best kneels down beside Max, and places his hand on his back and shakes him.

Lee Best: Max…

Lee looks up at the crew member.

Lee Best: We need a doctor.

Suddenly, a loud commotion comes from behind. A woman screams and a man screams back “what the hell is going on?” The camera pans up to show Graystone pushing his way through the crowd. Graystone makes his way up to the front and kneels down beside Lee Best.

Graystone: What happened?

Lee looks at Graystone, pissed.

Lee Best: What the hell did you do to him?

Graystone: Me? I didn’t do anything!

Lee Best: Well somebody sure as hell attacked him.

Graystone: I’ve been in the locker room with you. How could I have done anything?

Max Kael begins to stir a little and begins muttering something about a dark light and razorblades. Lee’s forehead crinkles in confusion, and stands up. He begins pushing people back.

Lee Best: Okay, people. Back to work. Nothing to see here. We’ve got it from here. Give the man a little space.

Graystone: Max? Max can you hear me?

Max quickly rolls over and looks Graystone in the eyes with the look of a devilish monster hungry for blood. Graystone screams out loud as Max delivers a hard uppercut to Graystone’s jaw. Graystone flies backwards, taking down Lee Best and a host of other security and crew.

Lee Best: Get the fuck off me, asshole!

Max lunges on top of Graystone and begins delivering a flurry of left and right hands to Graystone’s face. Graystone tries to block the shots, but can’t.


A group of several security pull Max off Graystone and hold him back from attacking Graystone further. Graystone gets up holding his jaw in pain, and scrambling off down the hall way. Max manages to break free from the security and runs and jumps on Graystone’s back, tackling him down to the ground. The crowd in the background goes nuts as Max begins biting the back of Graystone’s head, looking to draw blood.

Lee Best: What the hell is going on!?

Chaos ensues as Max begins another flurry of lefts and rights to the back of Graystone’s head. Graystone manages to elbow Max in the face to wiggle free. Graystone begins crawling away as a host of wrestlers, security, and crew jump on Max to keep him down.

Lee Best: Damnit! I said what the hell is going on here!?

Graystone rushes off out of sight, as the camera zooms in on Max snarling and grunting, frothing at the mouth, incensed and full of anger.

The scene cuts back to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell who are sitting at the announce table, bewildered. The fans cheer with excitement.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, I believe we just witnessed a sneak attack by Max Kael, but… I’m not for sure what’s going on in the background area.

Benny Newell: Well, it looks to me that Max was playing possum to attack Graystone!

Joe Hoffman: I’m not for sure, but I don’t think this looks good for either individual. If that’s the case then Graystone is in for the fight of his life. Dare I say that Max has lost it.

Benny Newell: Lee will get to the bottom of it I’m sure.


ICON Title Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Crow

Two outta Three Falls Match

The HOF Special video ends and during the time it was on several HOW crewmen tried the best they could to clean up the canvas but it is literally caked in blood.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am not sure what to say about that last match. It was one of the most horrific sights I have seen in a long time. It ranks right up there with the Kostoff beating on Lee Best at Rumble at the Rock.

Benny Newell: All that you need to say is LSD CHAMPION  SCOTTYWOOD….

Joe Hoffman: Not to mention Commissioner. As a result of their bet earlier on in the night Kostoff also has lost all rights to a rematch or even a match for the LSD Championship for six months.

Benny Newell: The night is just getting better and better isn’t it? Can’t wait till the BA retains the World Title later.

Joe Hoffman: Well duh. Two members are fighting for the world.

Benny Newell: Its great isn’t it? The Best Alliance holding all the power?

Joe just ignores Benny and starts the introduction for the next match.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks up next is a 2 outta 3 falls match featuring newly inducted Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey taking on the champion Crow.

Benny Newell: Carey is a complete drunken whore and there is no way she should even be competing here tonight.

Joe Hoffman: You are calling someone a drunk?

Benny just raises his official HOW Flask and cheers Joe as Hoffman can only shake his head.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks I understand that a camera has been set up in the back and new Commish Scottywood has something to say?

The HOTv comes to life and we see Scottywood sitting down holding an ice pack to the back of his head. He is clearly still dazed and a hand is in front of him holding a piece of paper. Scotty is clearly still dazed and is struggling to make out the words in front of him but he tries.

Scottywood: As…..um…new Commissioner……my first act will be to change the ICON title match …….match…..from two outta….thr…three falls to a first blood match to allow the Best ….errr…Main event….more time ….thank you…your Commish…Scottywood…  I do ok Lee?

The feed quickly goes black and back to the announcers.


ICON Title Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Crow

First Blood Match

Joe Hoffman: Well you heard it from the Commish…..the ICON title match is now a first blood match. Why didn’t Lee just book the match himself instead of having a probably concussed and low on blood Scottywood do it?

Benny Newell: C’mon Joe. You know and I know that if Lee were to change the stipulation that the Investors would have Kostoff’s beat up ass running over to make sure it wasn’t changed. Scottywood won the Commish role fair and square so it will fly a lot easier than Lee making the change.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe. Either way it has been done and now both Champion and Challenger must adjust as it it’s a first blood match for the ICON Title.

Best Damn Thing hits the Rogers Centre PA system and the crowd stands as one as the challenger and new HOFer makes her way out.

Joe Hoffman: Carey has had a very emotional roller coaster of a month. She gets in the Hall of Fame but her sister has been taken and we still don’t know who was behind that..and then this week she finds out that she has to go to rehab for a month or face possible jail time….and TONIGHT she could become ICON Champion!

Benny Newell: Champion? You kidding me…look at her…

Carey is clearly drunk as she makes her way out from the back. She stumbles down the ramp and high fives several fans in the front rows but almost falls on her face. Her head is like one of those bobble head dolls as she stumbles to the ring and slowly rolls inside it. She lays motionless on the mat for several seconds before hopping up to her feet and screaming out to her fans.

Joe Hoffman: Yea I think she might have a little problem in this match.

Benny Newell: Not to mention that once she starts bleeding its going to flow fast as alcohol thins out the blood. Trust me I know.

Joe gives Benny a are you kidding me look as Come with Me by Puff Daddy begins playing and the crowd turns as the ICON Champion makes his way out.

Unlike Carey, Crow looks to be in top form as he proudly pats the ICON title belt that is securely around his waist.

Joe Hoffman: These two have been preparing for a very long 2 outta 3 falls bout so its no wonder the great shape Crow is in. The champion really looks like he is going to make quick work of Carey here tonight.

Benny Newell: Quicker the better. After this is the main event and to end the night with the Best Alliance holding LSD and World title gold……ah….its great isn’t it?

Joe Hoffman: Please…can we just focus on the match at hand. What is going to be your idiotic drinking game for this match?

Benny Newell: Oh no games for me…..I cant feel my legs and I am sure if I played a game where I drank every time Carey flashed her official HOW clitoris I would get too drunk and be unable to remember the Main Event……..NO games for me this match..no siree bob.

Joe Hoffman: Official HOW cl….oh never mind.

Referee Joel Hortega is handed the ICON title from Crow and raises it high in the air and the crowd cheers as its time for one of the most anticipated match ups in recent memory. Hortega then signals for the bell and we are underway as Carey stumbles towards the center of the ring and begins yelling at Crow who is just smiling at his drunken opponent.

Joe Hoffman: This could get ugly and ugly very quickly.

Carey motions for Crow to hit her but Crow just looks out to the crowd and acts like he is drinking…..obviously making fun of Carey. As he is doing this however the demeanor of Carey changes to one of a very serious tone. As Crow finally realizes what is going on its too late as Carey nails the ICON Champion with a right hand and another one causing Crow to back peddle towards the ropes. Carey rushes him and nails him with a clothesline sending Crow over the top rope and down to the arena floor.

Benny Newell: Ok that bitch aint drunk. No way in hell…

That is made even more obvious as Carey taps her forehead to signal she is the smarter of the two and the crowd gives her a standing ovation for her acting skills and Carey bows in return as Crow is on the outside holding his jaw………now pissed off.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s obvious now that Carey came into this match with a game plan and she executed it perfectly as she clearly has Crow rattled and off guard with that initial flurry.

Crow motions for Hortega to back Carey away from the ropes so he can enter and Hortega tries and even starts a five count but Carey pushes him to the side and launches herself over the top rope and nails the ICON Champion with a perfect cross body block sending both of them crashing hard to the arena floor.

The crowd cheers loudly as Carey is quickly back to her feet and grabs Crow by the back of his head and picks him up and drives him head first into the steel guard rail. Crow slumps to the ground holding his head and Hortega rushes out of the ring to check for blood and satisfied that there is none he motions for the match to continue.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is obviously clear headed as she is looking to end this match quickly with that shot to the guard rail.

Benny Newell: You think? Fucking idiot. You do have all three levels of mental retardation don’t you?

Joe Hoffman: Ok Mr. Farrell.

Benny just blows off Joe as back outside the ring Carey has Crow wrapped up in wires and is literally choking the life outta the ICON Champion. Hortega is screaming at her that she cannot win the match that way and finally Carey lets go and Crow falls down on the rampway holding his throat, gasping for air. He begins to crawl up the rampway but Carey is right behind him stalking him.

She gives the ICON champion a swift kick to the ass and Crow eats the rampway before turning onto his back and motioning for Carey to let him up. Carey just smiles and goes to pick him up but Crow grabs her right leg with his legs and literally brings Carey down to the ground via trip.

It is now obvious Crow was playing possum as he jumps on the back of Carey and begins ramming her head into the steel of the rampway. With a final thrust he pushes Carneys head hard down into the rampway and rolls off her and knowing that she is not bleeding he reaches into the front row of fans and rips a chair away from man wearing a Best Alliance shirt.

Joe Hoffman: That should make Lee smile…

It is now Crow stalking Carey as she is now crawling up the rampway. Crow is several feet behind her as she stumbles to her feet and stops suddenly at the top of the entrance ramp as a masked man appears from the back.

Joe Hoffman: What the heck??

Benny Newell: You mean who in the royal fuck is that??

Carey is in shock as the man walks out from the shadows to reveal that he is wearing some form of a demon mask. There is no real markings on the man otherwise and as Carey backs up from the man and turns to head down the ramp she is met with a wicked chair shot from Crow on top of the head.

The man in the demon mask stops on top of the ramp and watches as Hortega rushes into position to check for blood but there is none and he motions for the match to continue.

Joe Hoffman: What a shot from Crow and still no blood? We have had bloodshed all night and now that we have a First Blood Match we cant seem to get any? What gives?

Benny Newell: Obviously Carey just got off her period and is out of blood…I mean bleeding for 5 straight days has to bring your blood tank down…right?

Again Joe just ignores Benny as the action continues out on the entrance ramp where Crow now has Carey draped over his shoulder and is carrying her back towards the ring while the man in the demon mask slowly follows them from behind.

Joe Hoffman: That has to be the man behind the abduction of Livie and Shawn Harris?

Benny Newell: Duh?

The crowd is silent as they all watch as the ICON Champion walks down the rampway with Carey in tow. Seeing his target, Crow rushes towards the ring steps but Carey wiggles free quickly and breaks free of Crows grip and falls back off him and pushes Crow hard towards the ring steps sending the ICON Champion knees first into them causing him to literally flip over the steps.

Joe Hoffman: Great move by Carey there as she is back in comm…..WATCH OUT!!

Carey turns just in time to see the masked man coming at her and she nails him with a right hand. Then another…and another…..and the man rolls into the ring and Carey quickly follows and proceeds to whip him off the ropes and as he bounces off she nails him with a superkick that sends him over the top ropes and down to the arena floor.

The crowd is going crazy as Carey wipes her hands clean of the man and turns to focus on Crow who is limping around on the outside of the ring. Carey sizes him up and runs and bounces off the far ropes and then charges and leaps over the tope rope in full suicide dive mode but Crow sees her coming and ducks under and Carey crashes and burns hard into the steel guard rail.

Joe Hoffman: Those high risk moves will cost her the match if she is not careful. She might cause herself to bleed for god sakes!!

Seizing the moment, Crow picks up Carey and rolls her into the ring while he reaches under the ring and pulls out a 2 x 4. He holds it up to the crowd and they boo the ICON Champion as they are clearly behind Bobbinette Carey who has the odds stacked against her tonight.

Crow starts to slide in with the 2 x 4 but he is grabbed from behind by the masked man and the masked man clotheslines the ICON Champion hard to the ground, knocking the breath outta the champion.

The man adjusts his mask back into place and then stares up at Carey who is sitting down inside the ring and is screaming at the man “WHERE IS LIVIE!!!???”

The man pulls out a mic and begins to address Carey as Crow can be seen crawling towards the ring steps slowly.

Happy Holidays everybody. I just gave you one gift. People want to ask me ‘Why? Why? Why’d you do it? Why would you do something? Why would you do that to Bobbinette?’ Why not? Ever since I came to this promotion, they promise me this. They promise me that. Your boys can come in, all of them. We can have you with Riotz and Tyger and Stalker. It never happened. They told me that I could have a match with that meant something. That never really happened, either. Did it? I have to make up my own opportunities. So when I saw a chance to take out the ‘Queen of Epicness’, a woman everyone fears, except for me, I fear no man or woman… we all bleed. And Bobbinette, next time I see you, I am going to make you bleed. It’s time for me to make up for 2008. It’s time to make up for wasting my time looking out for you and your interests. It’s time for me to create my own opportunities. It’s time for me to knock on my own door. Like I told you… gift number one. And soon, gift number two. God is dead. Long live Tenma.”

The man then drops the microphone and Carey looks more confused than ever.

Joe Hoffman: What did he mean that he took out Carey…..he didn’t do anything….

With Carey’s attention on the masked man Crow crawled inside the ring behind her and is waiting for her to turn around as he now has a chair in his hand. The crowd is screaming for Carey to turn around.

Crow raises the chair up high in the air but Carey senses it and turns and nails the ICON Champion square in the chin sending the steel chair flying across the ring.

Carey then reaches into her pants and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and its obvious that she grabbed these as her weapon of choice to make Crow bleed.

She mounts Crow and grabs the back of his head with one hand and brings her right hand, loaded with the brass knuckles, down hard across the forehead of Crow. The crowd is on their feet as this could be the end…

She brings her fist down again……..no blood.

Again……no blood but his head is getting redder and redder….

Again….no blood…..

Joe Hoffman: One more should do it folks!!

She raises her fist and starts to bring it down but she looks up as she sees a shadow and it is none other than the masked man who just jumped off the top rope executing a perfect Phoenix Splash and lands right on top of Carey and Crow.

Both the Champion and Challenger are out as the masked men exits the ring to a very loud chorus of boos.

Joe Hoffman: Well that idiot stuck around long enough to make it clear to everyone that he could take out both the ICON Champion and no.1 contender.

Benny Newell: Yawn……anyone bleeding yet?

Back in the ring both combatants are slowly getting to their feet, Carey the slowest as she took the brunt of the Phoenix Splash. Crow continually wipes at his forehead as a large lump has formed from the shots from Carey. He is dangerously close to bleeding.

Crow is up to his feet first and as Carey gets to her feet he greets her with a right hand to the temple knocking her back down to the ground. Crow then grabs the steel chair he brought into the ring earlier and places it center in the ring and motions that its time to finish the match as he signals for his Fallen tombstone finisher.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Crow is going for his Fallen on the steel chair…god knows that will bring some blood.

Benny Newell: Thank you Jesus if it does…

Crow picks up Carey and starts to get her in position for the tombstone but Carey fights out of it and floats over and DDTs Crow right on top of the steel chair!!


The HOTv shows a quick replay and we see that Crow’s head just missed the steel chair by mere inches. He is dazed but not bleeding.

Carey crawls to the ropes and pulls herself up and motions for Crow to get up as she is waiting to execute her Royalty Check handspring hurricanrana onto the chair.

Crow slowly gets to his feet and is weak legged as Carey handsprings towards Crow and locks her legs around his head and twists her body to bring Crow down to the canvas.


Crow positions Carey’s head directly above the chair and she kicks her legs hard to fight out of the move but Crow steadies himself and brings Carey down hard with his Fallen finisher right on top of the chair.

Blood immediately begins to pour from the top of Carneys head and Hortega signals for the bell.


Crow quickly rolls out of the ring and snatches his ICON tile from Amy Smeets the ring announcer. He also grabs the mic and rolls into the ring but Carey has already been helped out of the ring by HOW crew members.

She suddenly comes to and realizes that she lost.

She pushes the medics and crew  members off her and turns towards the ring and the announcers. She runs her hands through her hair, searching for answers, dying to get Livie back, but suddenly she turns so quick and burns an evil look. She stares straight at Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman and starts towards them as Crow’s still inside the ring, but Bobbinette quickly runs over and launches at the two, grabbing them, Benny panics and quickly hides his alcohol away from danger as she grabs them both by the scruff of the neck screaming.


She continues to scream as Benny and Joe claim innocence, begging her not to beat on them when a voice speaks over the system.

Voice: Let them go Bobby.

Carey turns around only to see Crow standing in the ring with a microphone, she looks confused at first.

Crow: That’s right Bobby, it’s me, it’s always been me.

Carey immediately becomes enraged, gritting her teeth and launches at full speed into the ring but Crow quickly brings her to a halt.

Crow: You come near me and you’ll never find her, you’ll never see her, and never say hi or goodbye, make your choice, am I worth it? Throwing Livie away into darkness, just to hit me for months of misery?

Carey looks ready for a fight, fists clenched, strafing side to side.

Crow: COME ON! It was almost obvious, who else could have done this? Lee Best or the Best Alliance? They have enough kidnappings on there hands. But you know, I was tempted a few times to pin this on Ken Davison, make him look like the culprit so you turn on your friends, but, I thought I’ve been evil enough.

Crow paces around the ring for a second holding his chin.

Crow: I realize right now, nothing will make you understand why, or how, or what, when etc etc etc.. but I at least owe you that, this all started with the lack of respect Carey. I come back to this place and people think of you as, that guy that’s returned, you know, the one who used to be here before, lets put him over there out the way so he can face Carey, and be ignored by everyone else.

The crowd are booing at Crow at this point.

Crow: You should feel disrespected too Carey, you were put on the sidelines, they put you in the corner, but worse, I’m not taken for a drunken drugged up whore, like they all think of you. And then Jeff stepped in, he made this match, and then he ignored me, I asked him for a match, I got nothing, I asked again, I got nothing, and I took action, I took Shawn, and then I asked him again, he still took no notice. So I added Shawn to the poor situation Livie was in, I used to Livie to put doubt, misery, and mayhem into your life Bobbinette, and it worked, well, to most extents anyway.

Crow takes another stroll about when Carey steps forward, but Crow lifts a hand up.

Crow: Whoa, whoa, calm down there girlie, listen, Livie is here tonight, but I’ve decided, you can’t have her back, yet.

Crow smirks, as Carey gets more angry, more frustrated with a little less patience.

Crow: No, I’ve liked watching you suffer, watching Livie suffer, Harris suffer, Shawn suffer, the world and everyone around you suffer in the misery and disappearance in Livie and Shawn, it’s been.. amusing?

More smirking across one side of the ring, and anger across the other.

Crow: Returning Mayhem Carey, you can have her back, call it, a happy new years present, from me, you’ve learned to suffer this long, you can suffer until HOW comes back, and the best part about it, you have no choice but to accept it.

Crow smiles again.

Crow: Bye-Bye Carey, I’ll say hi to Livie for you, and don’t worry, I’ll live up to my word, returning Mayhem, Livie will be there… mwah.

Crow blows Carey a sarcastic kiss and exits the ring, Carey runs at the ropes, as if she wants to dive through them and tear Crow’s head off, but instead she hatefully watches him walk away with a smile.


World Title Match
Max Kael vs. Graystone

I Quit Match

After the video for HOTv is over the action returns to the announcers who have composed themselves and are ready for the main event.

Joe Hoffman: And now, Newell… It’s time for The Main Event!

Benny Newell: A match pitting two Best Alliance Members against each other for the richest prize in the game.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone will be going one on one with former friend, now turned arch nemesis, Maximilian Kael.

Benny Newell: These two have been wrapped up in a bitter rivalry since the last Mayhem with both men wanting to stake claim as the number one wrestler not only in The Best Alliance, but in High Octane Wrestling as well.

Joe Hoffman: And to add fuel to the fire, Graystone and Max Kael are going to be battling it out in an “I Quit” match. The only way to win is to make your opponent utter the words “I Quit.”

Benny Newell: I don’t know how that can happen. Both of these men are Best Alliance members. They were bred to have a high tolerance of pain and to never give up no matter what. Best Alliance members simply don’t quit. I’ll be surprised if either man actually utters the words, Joe.

Prelude 12/20” by AFI hits as the crowd let out a mixed reaction. A few moments passes, and no-one comes out.

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael… should be on his way out here.

Finally, Max Kael emerges from the backstage area. He has a snarling grin on his face, and he is as focused as he has ever been. He has his eyes locked on the ring, and does not take them off it. Max slides into the ring, stands up, then turns around and looks at the entrance way.

Benny Newell: Max is ready for a fight. I mean, did you see that sneak attack earlier? This one is not going to be pretty. Lee has to be wondering if this match can go on.

Joe Hoffman: This is a little scary Newell. Max has definitely changed.

Max’s music goes off, and the lights to the arena come back to full. Suddenly, the lights go out and the HOtv begins flickering, until it is all static. Then it begins flashing back and forth between static and a white background. Finally, the HOtv goes completely off. An ominous voice echoes throughout the arena.

Voice: I’ll have you know that I’ve become indestructible. Determination that is incorruptible. From the other side, a terror to behold. Annihilation will be unavoidable.

Indestructable” by Disturbed blares over the sound system as the lights in the arena begin strobing. The strobe stops, and white and red spotlights begin scanning the crowd and the entrance way. Graystone emerges from the back wearing a long black leather trench coat. He walks slowly out to the top of the ramp, his eyes locked on Max Kael. Graystone stands still as he unbuttons the trench coat, then opens it up to reveal the HOW World Championship around his waist.

Benny Newell: That’s what it’s all about. The HOW World Championship.

Joe Hoffman: The top prize in the game is currently around the waist of one of the most twisted and vile wrestlers to ever step foot in the HOW. This man is so sick, so demented, that he kidnapped a six year old little girl, had her to the point where she was calling him daddy, and then a few days ago drops her off in the middle of the road. No questions asked.

Benny Newell: Well, let’s not forget that Max Kael was the one that delivered Michelle to Graystone.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah. Both of these guys are twisted. No wonder they hang around Best.

Graystone makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos, and pulls off his trench coat very slowly. He hands it to a crew member. Graystone approaches the ring with caution, then walks up the ring steps, keeping an eerie amount of focus on Max Kael.

Joe Hoffman: The mind games between these two is unreal, absolutely. Neither one of them will give the other an inch.

Graystone slowly steps through the ropes, then stands in the ring. He unbuttons the HOW World Championship from around his waist and hands it to the referee, Matt Boettcher. The referee shows the belt to Max Kael, who doesn’t acknowledge it, but instead stares a hole through Graystone. The referee holds the title up in the air, as the crowd lets out a mixed reaction. Matt Boettcher rushes over and hands the belt to a crew member, and instructs the timekeeper to ring the bell. Boettcher jumps out between the ropes, leaving the two men in the ring alone. Max and Graystone immediately meet up in a staredown in the center of the ring. The fans stamp their feet and cheer in anticipation.

Benny Newell: This is it Joe! Can you feel it?

Kael rears back and lays a right hand into Graystone’s jaw. Graystone stumbles backwards as the fans light up with excitement. Kael follows it up with more right hands, over and over, backing Graystone into the corner. Kael unloads with a flurry of rights that are planted right into Graystone’s face. Kael grabs Graystone’s arm and launches him with a hard Irish whip chest first into the opposite turnbuckle! Graystone stumbles backwards and Kael follows it up with a dropkick to Graystone’s back. Graystone is shoved chest first into the turnbuckle again! Graystone stumbles back out of the corner, and turns around just in time for Kael to hit him with a kick to the gut, then a snap DDT.

Benny Newell: Holy shit, Joe! I’ve never seen Max Kael with this much drive, this much passion!

The crowd is going nuts, on their feet, as Max Kael quickly slides out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron. From underneath, he pulls out a steel chair and slides it into the ring. Then, he digs further under the ring and retrieves a large red stop sign. Max slides back into the ring and holds the sign. Kael waits as Graystone slowly stirs to his knees, then looks up. Kael swings the sign and blasts Graystone in the head with it. The sign bends, and Kael sets it down. Kael grabs Graystone’s arm and drags him over to the corner and places him in it. Then Kael grabs the stop sign and places it over Graystone’s face. Max runs off the opposite ropes, then comes back with a huge 2’Buck’20 running punt kick to Graystone’s head. The stop sign flies out of the ring, and Graystone rolls out, covering his face with his hands.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is not looking in good shape here, Benny. Max seems to have caught him off guard.

Kael grabs the steel chair, then rolls out of the ring. Graystone is wobbling up to his feet. Max runs in for a chair shot, and Graystone ducks. The chair blasts against the steel ring post. Max turns around and swings again. This time Graystone drops to the ground and rolls under the ring before Max can swing. Max tries to follow Graystone under the ring, but a loud spraying sound is heard, and Max pulls back out clawing at his eyes. Graystone emerges from under the ring with a can of mace!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Max was looking to get Graystone under the ring, but Graystone sprayed him with the mace!

Benny Newell: How is Max going to be able to see!?

Graystone rips the chair out of Max’s hands, rears back, then swings it as hard as he can cracking down on Max’s skull. The chair is bent out of shape, and Max crumples to the arena floor. Graystone lifts the chair high into the air.

Joe Hoffman: No don’t do it!

Graystone slams the chair down on Max’s head. Max rolls around on the outside in pain. Graystone grabs under the ring and manages to pull out a large butcher knife! The crowd goes insane, as Graystone looks at it with a sinister smile. The referee quickly comes up and instructs Graystone that he cannot use a knife. Graystone holds the knife up, and grabs Boettcher by the shirt. Boettcher holds his hands up in the air saying “No! No!”

Joe Hoffman: My god! Someone get the knife away from him!

Benny Newell: What is he thinking!?

Graystone: You want this? Huh!?

Graystone shoves the referee down to the ground, then turns back and looks at Kael who is struggling to get up to his feet, using the ring post for leverage. Graystone walks slowly back over to Kael, holding the knife sternly to his side. The fans are going apeshit, as the camera focuses in on Graystone’s devilish eyes. Graystone is just within reach and thrusts the knife forward. Kael telegraphs the move, and chops Graystone’s arm with one hand causing him to drop the knife. Kael moves in and hits a hard uppercut, causing Graystone to stumble backwards. Kael rushes in at Graystone, but Graystone executes a back body drop. Kael’s back smacks off the floor hard.

Joe Hoffman: OH wow! Kael lands hard on his back!

Benny Newell: At least Graystone doesn’t have the knife anymore. What the hell was he thinking.

Graystone grabs Kael by the hair, and moves in on the announce table. Graystone pulls the top to the table off, then both the monitors. Kael hits Graystone with several punches to the gut, but Graystone charges him with a huge knee to the gut. Graystone lays Kael out on the table. Graystone climbs up into the ring, then gets up to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: What is he thinking? What the hell is this deranged man thinking?

Benny Newell: What is he doing?

Graystone stands up on the top rope, then jumps executing a shooting star press. Max Kael is able to roll off the table as Graystone goes crashing through! Newell’s headset is thrown from his head in the process.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! He is insane! What the hell is he thinking? Graystone just flew off the top of the turnbuckle with a shooting star press. He missed the damn thing, now we’ve got bodies laying everywhere and Newell is without a headset. This is unbelievable.

Both men lay down on the ground, stirring, and holding themselves in pain. Finally, Max is able to get up, but is favoring his back. Kael grabs a microphone from the announcer, and kneels down beside Graystone.

Max Kael: Say it! Say it!

Kael puts the microphone down in front of Graystone’s mouth, but nothing comes out except loud, stressed breathing. Kael screams at the top of his lungs, then brings the microphone down across Graystone’s temple. The microphone shorts out, as Max begins delivering right hand after right hand to the back of Graystone’s head. Max gets up from the wreckage and heads to the ring where he pulls up the apron and begins looking underneath again.

Joe Hoffman: Good lord. What’s he going for now!?

Benny Newell finally gets his headset back on.

Benny Newell: Hello? Testing. Testing. Am I on?

Joe Hoffman: You’re on Benny. Unfortunately, I don’t know for how long.

Benny Newell: Where does Max think he’s going under the ring?

Max finally emerges from under the ring with a table.

Joe Hoffman: Another table?

Benny Newell: You think he’s replacing ours?

Joe Hoffman: Even though you are the number one Best Alliance ass kisser, somehow I doubt that.

Max Kael slides the table into the ring, then pulls a bottle of lighter fluid out from his pants. The crowd goes nuts. Kael opens the bottle of lighter fluid and begins squirting it all over Graystone. Max squirts it until the entire bottle is gone, then drops the bottle and picks Graystone up by his hair.

Joe Hoffman: Lighter fluid!? What the hell!?

Benny Newell: This is insane!

Max rushes over to the ring and rolls Graystone inside. Max rolls into the ring, and quickly works to set up the table, still favoring his back. Max pulls a lighter out of his pants, and the crowd lights up once again.

Benny Newell: I’ve heard of wrestlers getting put through a flaming table, Joe… I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a flaming wrestler go through a table!

Joe Hoffman: He cannot light him on fire! He’ll kill him!

Graystone manages to make it to his knees. Kael lights the lighter and bends down to touch it to Graystone. Just as he does, Graystone comes up with a low blow! Kael drops the lighter, and falls to the mat in pain. The crowd boos. Graystone works quickly to retrieve the lighter. Graystone throws the lighter out of the ring. Graystone stands up, and stumbles into the corner using the ropes for leverage. Graystone makes an attempt to catch his breath, but is heavily winded after the failed shooting star press.

Joe Hoffman: This is Graystone’s chance, here. He’s got Kael down.

Benny Newell: Something has to give between these two.

Graystone finally decided to walk over to Max, and picks him up by his head. Graystone slaps Max hard across the face, and Max falls down to one knee, sluggish. Graystone sets Max up for a powerbomb. Graystone lifts Max high into the air, but Max manages to deliver three hard right hands to Graystone’s skull. Max drops down to his feet. Graystone rushes in for a clothesline, but Max ducks. Max goes for a kick, but Graystone grabs his leg. Max Kael goes for an enziguri, but Graystone ducks his head and Max falls down to the mat. Max rolls over and Graystone grabs Max’s legs and flips him over into a Texas cloverleaf. Max screams in pain, and reaches for his back. Graystone screams for the referee to check him. Boettcher grabs a microphone and slides into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it. He may have him here.

The crowd boos loudly, as Graystone cinches the hold in tighter. Max screams. Boettcher puts the microphone down to Max’s face.

Graystone: Ask him! Ask him god damnit!

Max Kael: Noooo! Noooo!

Max won’t give up. Graystone lets go of Max’s legs and steps forward. Graystone grabs Max and flips him over. Graystone grabs both of Max’s legs again, and now puts on the sharpshooter! Max fights as hard as he can, but Graystone turns Max over. Max screams in pain again. He reaches and grabs the ropes, but to no avail.

Graystone: Ask him!

Boettcher puts the microphone to Max’s mouth, but Max just screams in pain.

After a few moments, Graystone releases the hold. Graystone stands up and picks Kael up by his head. Graystone lifts Kael up and delivers a backbreaker hard across his knee. Graystone keeps Kael draped over his knee, and torques his back as much as possible.

Graystone: Ask him!

Boettcher puts the microphone to Max’s mouth.

Max Kael: Ahhhhhhhh! No! No, I won’t!

Graystone gets extremely frustrated, and pushes Max down. Graystone stands up, and looks pissed of at Boettcher.

Benny Newell: Uh-oh Boettcher! I’d get out of there if I were you.

Graystone walks back over to Max Kael and grabs him by his head. Max Kael explodes and begins laying a succession of right hands that startles the crowd who quickly turn excited again. Kael grabs Graystone by the neck, and drags him to the ground continuing the punches. Graystone mangages to flip Kael off of him and get away. Kael and Graystone both get up at the same time. Kael rushes in to hit a clothesline, but Graystone blocks it with a hard kick to Kael’s stomach. Graystone grabs Kael in a headlock, then turns it around and executes a reverse implant DDT!

Benny Newell: The Desperation!

Joe Hoffman: What a move!

Graystone picks Kael up and lays him across the table in the ring. Graystone goes up to the top rope.

Benny Newell: Here it comes!

Joe Hoffman: The Curse!

Graystone jumps off and executes his split legged corkscrew moonsault to Max Kael, splintering the table in two.

Graystone rolls over and stands up, holding his ribs. He grabs Max Kael’s legs and puts Max back into the Texas Cloverleaf.

Graystone: Ask him!

Boettcher brings the microphone in again. Kael is no longer screaming, just breathing heavily. Graystone clinches the hold on extremely tight, practically sitting on Max Kael’s back.

Max Kael: I…. I… I quit.

Boettcher calls for the bell, as Graystone keeps the hold on for several moments longer. Boettcher tries his best to pull Graystone off, but Graystone won’t budge. The crowd boos loudly


Suddenly, the lights go out. “Hey Foxymophandlemama” begins playing as the crowd lets out a mixed reaction. The lights slowly come back to a dim, and then full, as the camera pans to the top of the entranceway to show six year old Michelle Reynolds-Creedy in a white silk dress making her way to the ring. The camera cuts back to Graystone who looks like he’s seen a ghost. Graystone lets go of Max Kael.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe it! I thought she was left for dead!

Benny Newell: What is she doing here!?

Michelle has a sad look on her face as she walks up the ring steps, then climbs in between the second and first rope. Michelle walks up to Graystone and stares him in the eyes. Boettcher hands her the microphone. Michelle hesitates.

Michelle: Graystone… I know you said you don’t want to be with me anymore, and I know you were angry. But I’ve learned my lesson, and I want to be with you for forever. Please don’t leave me.

Graystone quickly snatches the microphone from Michelle’s hand and throws it down on the mat. Graystone pants hard, winded from his grueling match. Suddenly, Graystone shoves Michelle down the mat. The crowd goes nuts, booing. Boettcher moves in, and Graystone raises his fist. Boettcher falls down and rolls out of the ring quickly. Michelle crawls over into the corner, sobbing. Kael is shown reaching out from the other side of the ring. Kael pushes himself up to his knees, and grabs the microphone.

Max Kael: No… Don’t do it… Don’t do it.

Suddenly, the camera cuts to the rampway where Lee Best is rushing down to the ring at speed.

Benny Newell: Finally, here comes the boss.

Lee Best slides into the ring and stands between Michelle and Graystone. Lee Best puts his hands in front of Graystone, trying to call him off from attacking Michelle. Lee rushes over to Max, kneels down and grabs the microphone.

Lee Best: No. Graystone. Don’t do it. The last thing we need is a lawsuit. Leave her be.

Graystone walks towards Michelle with a crazed look in his eyes.

Lee Best: Leave her be, Graystone.

Graystone stops, and looks back at Lee.

Lee Best: Now damnit, you two ripped each other apart out here tonight. There’s no need to involve the girl.

Kael uses the ropes to get up. He winces in pain, as he holds his back.

Lee Best: Ladies and Gentlemen… Give it up for the two toughest sons of bitches in the world of professional wrestling… My Best Alliance…

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction, mostly of boos. Then Lee gives the nod to Graystone. Graystone rushes over to Max Kael and kicks his legs out from under him. Graystone delivers a hard kick to the back of Kael’s head. The fans boo uncontrollably.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on here?! Stop that! He’s already hurt!

Lee Best: Two out of the three Best Alliance members showed me that they are willing to do absolutely anything to be the very best in HOW. And one man… dare I say… is a quitter.

Benny Newell: You can’t argue with that, Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Are you serious?

The fans boo, as Lee digs deep in his pocket.

Lee Best: Well, you know what happens to quitters?

Lee pulls the Bottom Line pen out of his pocket, and smiles.

Joe Hoffman: No way! There is no way he’s going to do that to one of his most loyal supporters!

Lee Best drops the microphone, as Graystone holds Max Kael up, tilting his head towards the sky. Lee Best raises the pen into the air, and just as he does, Michelle runs in screaming “No!” and shoves Kael. Lee Best misses Max Kael’s eye and stabs Kael in the shoulder! Max lets out a loud yelp, as Best pulls the pen out of his shoulder.

Joe Hoffman: You have got to be kidding me!

Graystone shoves Max down to the mat, and Max rolls out of the ring. Graystone quickly scoops up Michelle in a bearhug. Michelle tries to wiggle free, but is caught. Graystone pulls Michelle’s hair out of her eyes, and tilts her head back. Michelle screams “No!” over and over again as loud as she can as Lee Best raises The Bottom Line pen into the air, and the camera suddenly fades to black.

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