Mayhem: April 28th, 2008 (2008)

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Prologue by Lee Best

It was in late February of 2008 that I began talking to my wife about High Octane Wrestling. Our first child was due to be born in early May and I knew my life was about to change. She initially laughed at the idea of me running a fake pretend wrestling company on the internet but after I talked to her about how much MONEY I would be saving by staying home, not going to any bars, staying up late to write shows..etc..etc….she began to see the benefits that HOW would have on our home life.

I would be up late to help care for the newborn. I would not be hung over at any time which would cost me the whole next day or recouping.

That got my wife on board and almost five years late the MACHINE has yet to be shut down.

I knew if HOW was going to work I need Narcotic back with me to do a site. I knew I had to touch base with several of the old school vets who literally have backed me blindly thru the years and I knew I had to get all these men and women on board BEFORE I went public with the idea of High Octane Wrestling being reborn.

Safe to say….it worked.

This first show is literally only days before my daughter was born on May 8th 2008 and it is amazing to me that these two things that consume so much of my life are linked forever due to the closeness of them being unleashed unto the world.

Over the last five years I have had my ups and downs in HOW and same could be said with my daughter as we learn something new each and every day about autism. But over 99.9% of the last five years have been nothing but good times.

The vets all returned….we have new lifers….we continue to set the standard for consistency and friendships have been formed that will no doubt last longer than any fake pretend wrestling game on the internet.

So with that said I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE that has made the last five years the most enjoyable I have ever had both as an efed owner but also as a new proud father.

HOW has grown with us all. When times are rough in real life HOW is always there to provide a much needed distraction.

HOW is the and always will be what I have wanted it to be from that first show back in October of 2002…

A distraction from the fucked up world in which we live.

So without any further ado I give you all the very first show of this era!!!


Monday Night Mayhem
April 27th 2008 – #HOW1
United Center Chicago Illinois

Monday Night Mayhem comes on the air as HOW cameras pan over the sold out United Center crowd here in Chicago Illinois. Fans all over the arena are holding up signs trying to get on TV but they all switch their attention to the main stage as the pyros begin to go off and Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses blares thru the arena as Joe Hoffmann welcomes everyone to the show…


The crowd is in a frenzy as the fireworks finally subside and the music fades out as the High Octane Television, the massive screen above the stage, comes to life showing the HOW Logo.

Joe Hoffman: Folks it is good to be back. I am Joe Hoffmann and as always my esteemed partner is none other than Big Buff Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: How often have you said that?

Joe Hoffman: Said What?

Benny Newell: Folks its good to be back. What is this the 5th or 6th incarnation of HOW?

Joe Hoffman: I lost count after our recent Vegas tenure. Speaking of which…

Benny Newell: Don’t even bring that up. I totally blacked out and my lawyer has stated that I shouldn’t be talking to anyone, let alone you and the millions of people watching on TV right now.

Joe Hoffman: Fair enough. Moving on then…

Benny Newell: Yes please move the fuck on.

Joe Hoffman: I am not even going to ask you not to curse. I guess it doesn’t matter now that we are showing on Showtime.

Benny Newell: How does Lee continue to get these deals? I thought he was broke when we left the Golden Phoenix Casino?

Joe Hoffman: You would know better than I Benny. All I know is that Lee called in a huge favor to kick off this event tonight and somehow got a 3 episode deal with Showtime for Mayhem. From what I understand our TV future will all depend on the first PPV buyrate.

Benny Newell: Liar.

Joe Hoffman: What?

Benny Newell: You said I would know better than you. I didn’t know any of that shit..

Joe Hoffman: (sighs) Moving on. Tonight folks we have a great lineup for you. The LSD Championship is back and we will have our first champion crowned here in HOW since being Refueled.

Benny Newell: Nice play on words you numnuts.

Joe Hoffman: Thanks. We also will have a couple matches to see who will face each other next week for the ICON title, and to top it all off our main event features two HOW Hall of Famers…Chris Kostoff and Lynx!!

Benny Newell: That match alone will be worth the price of admission.

Joe Hoffman: For once you are right on the money. Well I am getting word from the back that its time for a video?

Benny Newell: God I hope its not from Vegas…

The announcers along with the crowd turn towards the HOTv as it comes to life…

Lee Best is seen as the video starts. His eyes are staring straight ahead and the camera continues to zoom into the eyes of the evil genius until all you can see are the eyes of the founder of High Octane Wrestling.

The words HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING flash repeatedly across the middle of the screen until suddenly there is a huge explosion and the image of Lee and the HOW logo all explode in one fiery blast and one word is seen remaining…


The word then fades out and old classic HOW moments begin to air…

Narcotic and Lee Best are seen from the first Monday Night Mayhem in 2002 shaking hands as the beginning of a new era in wrestling began. That scene transitions into an image of Jatt Starr getting pinned in his first match ever in HOW.

That scene is quickly followed by two more losses by Jatt Starr and then quickly moves to a Chris Kostoff montage.

Kostoff is seen dismantling opponent after opponent along side his wife Barbi. We see several highlights from the Kostoff/Best feud including the kidnapping of Barbi before the first ever War Games in HOW.

The next images we see are of that War Games match when Mark O’Neal with the help of Barbi Kostoff defeated Chris Kostoff to become the first ever War Games champion and HOW World Champion.

The Best Alliance is seen celebrating backstage which leads us into several Best Alliance highlights.

From Darkwing getting oral from Lee’s personal cow, Besty, to the brutal beating of Sigma at a PPV, the dominance of the Best Alliance is clearly shown thru the various clips. Their battles with Kostoff’s Legion of Darkness stable remain the most classic HOW feud in history.

The video then switches gears and begins to show the different LSD champions throughout the years. From Splinter to the most recent in Fear, Silent Witness and Chris Jacobs. All their great matches are shown with each man showing respect to the LSD Title that it deserves.

From there we see highlights of all the ICON championship matches. The highlights are dominated by the battles between Jatt Starr and Darkwing, with Jatt always getting the better of Darkwing. El Nutso is also shown along with Shane Reynolds and many more of the past ICON’s of HOW.

We then see the history of the World Championship in HOW. Lynx, Narcotic, Jay Luminary, Chris Kostoff, Jatt Starr, Mark O’ Neal and the rest are all shown, mostly bloody and always deserving.

The video then takes a comedic turn as the Princess Angel reveal is shown where Jatt Starr’s love interest Princess Angel was revealed to be none other than Graystone.

The many exploits of Jatt Starr are the main fixture in the highlights. From his many hilarious promos, to his golf cart and his alter ego FRED…Jatt set the tone for charisma for HOW superstars past and present.

The video then begins to wrap up as we begin to see the exploits of Lee Best. We see several firings in a row…Ice Cube to Stewart Hix are all shown…followed by several Bottom Lines.

We see several images of Lee stabbing a wrestler in the eye with his Bottom Line pen and the look in the eyes of Lee show a man possessed with power and greed.

The video ends how it began….with the camera zooming into the eyes of the evil genius himself…Lee Best.

It fades out with one word


Joe Hoffman: Wow. Talk about a trip.

Benny Newell: Think of all the shit they didn’t show!!

The crowd begins to chant…




Joe Hoffman: Well folks that was a great video package but its now time to leave the past in the past and start on this new journey. Its time for our first match, but I understand we have a footage of an arrival??

Action cuts once again to the HOTv.

The camera lights up showing the white limo pulling into the arena. The license plate says “Epic 1” We see Bobbinette Carey and Princess exit the limo along with ArcAngel. The three of them walk together down the hall. Bobbinette and Arc walk past a locker room.

Bobbinette: Hang on…

ArcAngel raises an eyebrow and shrugs his shoulders. Bobbinette takes a look at the door. She puts Princess in one arm then rips the name plaque off the door. She smirks as she has a suspicious look she’s up to something. We can’t tell whose name plaque she just ripped off of their locker room door but we can tell she’s taking it some where. The three walk down the halls till Bobbinette comes across another door. The door says “Supply closet“. She laughs and puts the name plaque over the supply closet door. We see that the name plaque is that of “Jason Sandman.” She pushes the plaque making sure it sticks.

Bobbinette: If that isn’t a friendly welcome I don’t know what is.

She says with a laugh. She claps her hands as Princess barks. ArcAngel nods with approval. The three disappear down the halls.


Joe Hoffman: Well, Buff, we just witnessed the arrival of Bobbinette Carey and ArcAngel, along with Princess. I must say I’m interested in how things will unfold between her and Jason Sandman.

Benny Newell: She’s hot! EPICLY HOT!

Joe Hoffman: Sometimes I wonder how you got this job.

Benny Newell: Wait, you mean we had to be hired?

Joe Hoffman: And speaking of arrivals, Buff, here is some footage of earlier today when The Masked Marvel arrived.

We open to what appears to be the outside of the arena, with a message at the bottom of the screen reading “Earlier Today”. A huge line is formed outside the arena as anxious people are ready to see the return of High Octane Wrestling tonight. The camera zooms down the long time, and after a minute or so, it finally reaches the end. However, behind the last person, a few feet away, we can see a trailer with the initials “MM” etched on the door. After a few seconds, the Masked Marvel steps out of the trailer, hands on his hips, viewing the surroundings around him. After a few moments, he walks down the trailer steps and walks by the crowd.

Masked Masked Marvel: Do you have this, William?

William: Yeah, I have it. And I’ve told you before dude, it’s Charlie.

Masked Marvel: Whatever, Samuel. Now, lets take a look at these HOW fans waiting in line here tonight for May-

The Marvel is stopped after a seemingly homeless many tugs the bottom of his tights.

Masked Marvel: Excuse me! Get your filthy prints off my spandex! William here spent hours sewing this awesome suit together and your horrendous, calloused hands should be nowhere near it!

Homeless Man: Sorry sir, all I ask ya for is a few cents to get me through the day, y’know?

Although his face is covered with a mask, his eyes can be seen bulging with not only shock, but anger.

Masked Marvel: Is THIS how you support yourself, old man? Panhandling?! I read a special the other day where a teenage girl went and panhandled on the street so she could get money to go to the mall! In reality she lived in a nice home but bothered people for money so she could have extra money for compact discs and gumballs! Did you hear about this, George?

Charlie: No…

Masked Marvel: EXACTLY! You, the clueless sap, might have paid this “homeless” person a few dollars but in reality, he doesn’t need it! Let’s move on, shall we?

Marvel walks by the old man and goes further down the aisle. Along the way he notices that many of the fans are holding beer bottles and cans. Marvel walks down further until he is stopped by a man who happens to burp loudly in front of him. He’s holding a beer bottle as well. Marvel motions for Charlie to stop as he taps the individual on the shoulder.


Masked Marvel: Excuse me, drunkard, but I was wondering…how many more of those alcoholic beverages will you consume until your liver erodes and eventually you die because your liver exploded inside of you?

The man merely blinked, then burped again.


Masked Marvel: No. Maxwell, let’s continue on, he is too drunk to understand my advanced vocabulary, such as “consume” and “erode”.

Charlie: Dude, how do you get “Maxwell” and “Charlie” mixed up?

Masked Marvel: Never mind that, Hank, let’s go to the very first person in line. Maybe he will be happy that I have arrived in the High Octane Wrestling promotion!

The two make their way towards the top of the line; another man with a cigarette in his mouth is standing there as The Masked Marvel makes his way toward the man. Marvel extends his hand as a sign of goodwill, but the man replies by blowing smoke right in front of the Marvel’s face.

Masked Marvel: ACK!

Marvel pats off his mask in a flurry; he then angrily takes the cigarette from the man’s mouth and throws it on the floor, stomping on it.

Man: Hey, what the fuck, dude?

Masked Marvel: First off, watch your language! Second, you should be glad that this mask is smoke-proof, otherwise I could have had the effects of second hand smoking! And third…you should thank me! Don’t you know that smoking can cause yellow teeth, gum disease thin hair…oh wait…I think I might have been too late…

The man lunges toward the Masked Marvel, however, the Marvel sidesteps, which leaves the man laying on the floor.

Masked Marvel: SECURITY! SECURITY!!! APPREHEND THIS MAN IMMEDIATELY! I need to prepare for my match against this “Lexx” fellow. Either his mother has questionable taste in names or she must be very upset with him. Nonetheless, let’s go, Nathaniel!

As security grabs the man and escorts him from the building, the Marvel wipes his brow, relived, as he enters the arena.

Joe Hoffman: Well, he is surely an interesting character, I’m looking forward to what he can do in the ring.

Benny Newell: I’m looking forward to the after party! Lee Best always throws a killer after party, you gonna be there Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I’m afraid my wife wouldn’t think very highly of that…

Benny Newell: You sissy!

Joe Hoffman: You’re something else Buff. Anyway, we’re ready to get our first match of the night underway! Here is what we have all been waiting for, the official return of High Octane Wrestling!! In the opening match, we have The Masked Marvel set to take on Lexx! Let’s go to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well Buff, it’s time to get the night under way! Our opening bout is sure to be a good one.

Benny Newell: Uh, yeah…Who is it that’s wrestling again?

Joe Hoffman: Lexx Vs. The Masked Marvel! This is going to be exciting!

Benny Newell: Oh, I can’t contain myself, Joe…

The theme to “The Greatest American Hero” hits the arena as the Masked Marvel walks onto the stage with a flurry of white pyro exploding from the stage area. He takes a moment to observe the crowd, only to shake his head in disappointment as he makes his way down the ramp to a chorus of boos. He enters the ring, walks to the middle, and puts his hands on his hips, posing as red, white, and blue pyro explode in the ring. He then motions for his opponent to come out as his music dies down.

The lights go out and the HOTv switches on. FLICKER white noise FLICKER white noise FLICKER. The screen shows days gone by of LEXX’s fame. His championship matches, his near death extreme matches. Then the screen goes black and two hands holding a gold globe comes in on it. Underneath that, THE WORLD IS YOURS. “Angry Again” by Megadeath plays and Lexx walks out, dressed in his usual ring attire. Jeans black sketches and LEXX t-shirt. He walks to the ring, slides in and mounts the turnbuckles to a roaring applause. Lexx hops down off the ropes and locks eyes with The Masked Marvel.

The competitors circle each other in the ring for a few moments. Lexx charges TMM and spears him to the ground to start the match. TMM quickly counters on the ground and locks Lexx into a deep choke hold. The ref counts the choke down and instructs TMM to break the hold. TMM cooperates and gets to his feet. He pulls Lexx up and connects with an uppercut. TMM grabs Lexx and tosses him into the ropes. Lexx attempts to clothesline TMM on the counter, but TMM ducks. Lexx hits the ropes again, this time coming back only to be met with a huge dropkick from TMM.

Joe Hoffman: What a dropkick! Did you see the elevation Buff? Did you?!

Benny Newell: No actually I missed it. Do you see that chick in the audience?

Joe Hoffman: Pay attention to the match, Buff!

TMM lifts Lexx to his feet again, this time backing him up into the corner with a flurry of chops. Once in the corner, TMM steps back and attempts to drive his elbow into the head of Lexx, but Lexx evades him and gains control. Lexx kicks TMM into the corner and goes to town, throwing wild punches that are connecting. Lexx whips TMM across the ring to the other corner. Lexx charges across the ring and hits a body splash in the corner. TMM drops to the canvas and Lexx takes a few moments to circle the ring. He grabs TMM’s leg and lifts it into the air. Lexx delivers his boot to the inside of TMM’s thigh. Lexx lifts TMM to his feet and delivers a quick snap suplex. Lexx rolls through and attempts a pin. The ref drops to the mat.




TMM kicks out at the 2 count! Lexx gets back to his feet and sits TMM up. Lexx runs off of the ropes, and dropkicks TMM in the back. He quickly attempts a pin again.




Joe Hoffman: Lexx is being extremely aggressive going for the win here tonight.

Benny Newell: Wake me up when it’s over, will ya?

Joe Hoffman: You’re missing out Buff!

Lexx spends a few moments pleading his case with the ref. During this time, TMM begins to regain his composure. Lexx turns his attention back to TMM, but it is too late. TMM leaps up and boots Lexx in the stomach. TMM grabs Lexx by the head and slams him down onto the mat. TMM follows up by dropping an elbow into the chest of Lexx. TMM gets back to his feet and runs towards the ropes. He springboards off and lands a leg drop, causing Lexx to cringe in pain on the mat. TMM is back to his feet again, and this time pulls Lexx to his feet as well. TMM delivers a knee to the stomach, and follows up with a vicious DDT. TMM makes the cover.



Lexx kicks out! TMM yells at the ref, and slaps his hands together 3 times, symbolizing that he though the match was over. TMM lifts Lexx to his feet again, and whips him into the ropes. When Lexx comes back, TMM delivers a nasty clothesline. Lexx topples to the mat. TMM walks over to the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle. He reaches the top rope, and Lexx is still lying motionless in the center of the ring. TMM leaps off of the ropes and comes crashing down milliseconds too late, as Lexx desperately moves out of the way. Both men are down on the mat, and the ref begins the count.

Joe Hoffman: Both of these guys are in danger right now, if neither can respond to the referee’s 10 count, Buff.

Benny Newell: You mean to tell me that there is at least 10 seconds left? This is torture. I want a raise!





TMM is crawling toward the ropes, and Lexx is still trying to catch his breath.



TMM has his hands on the ropes, and is trying to pull himself to his feet. Lexx has crawled his way to the other side of the ring, and is also starting to pull himself up.




TMM is up! The 10 count is over. Lexx is making it to his feet as well. TMM sees that Lexx is up and charges across the ring at him. Lexx drops back to the mat and pulls the top ropes down with him, sending TMM flipping over the ropes to the outside! Lexx gets back to his feet and begins to measure TMM up. He waits for TMM to start getting to his feet before he bounces off the ropes and charges towards the other side of the ring. Lexx leaps clear over the top rope and connects with TMM on the outside. Both men crash hard onto the unforgiving surface.

Joe Hoffman: Dear God! Are they ok?

Benny Newell: I gotta admit, Lexx caught my attention with that one. That kids got a pair of balls on him!

Both men lay on the ground, trying their hardest to catch their wind. Lexx gets to his feet and drags TMM up behind him. Lexx attempts to clothesline TMM, but he is countered. Instead, TMM slips behind Lexx and delivers a desperation German Suplex! TMM uses the guard rail to stagger back to his feet and roll inside the ring to stop the ref’s count. He then rolls back out and picks Lexx up by the hair. TMM delivers a few forearms to the side of Lexx’s head, and then violently whips him into the guardrail. Lexx lets out a yell as his body crashes into the steel. TMM chops Lexx a few times, and then grabs and walks him over to the ring. He rolls Lexx back into the ring, and follows behind. TMM picks Lexx up again hits a scoop slam. TMM drops down and applies a violent choke hold to Lexx. The ref instructs TMM to break the hold, but he refuses. After a few moments, the ref physically intervenes by grabbing TMM’s arm and attempting to break the hold. TMM lets go and jumps to his feet, screaming at the ref. Lexx slowly sits up and tries to regain his breath. TMM backs the ref up into the corner and continues screaming at him. The ref argues back with TMM, not backing down a bit.

Joe Hoffman: If I was The Masked Marvel, I would be paying more attention to his opponent rather than jawing with the referee.

Benny Newell: the ref had no right getting involved. He should have kept his hands to himself!

Joe Hoffman: Marvel was choking Lexx, he had every right to do what he did, Buff.

On the other side of the ring, Lexx is on his feet, watching TMM bicker with the ref. he continues to watch and regain his strength. Meanwhile, to ref defends himself the best way he can by shoving TMM away from him. As he stumbles backward, Lexx grabs him and delivers a beautiful release German Suplex. He quickly attempts to make a cover.



Kick out!

Marvel got his shoulder up way before the 3. Both men shoot back to their feet, and start exchanging punches. Marvel hits a few punches, then Lexx fires back. Lexx starts to get the upper hand. Marvel attempts to slow the momentum by hitting a clothesline, but Lexx ducks and runs to the ropes. He rebounds, but Marvel drops to the canvas. Lexx hops over him and hits the ropes again, this time nailing a huge diving shoulder block. Lexx is gaining momentum. He picks TMM up and swings him into the ropes, and connects with a superkick! TMM doesn’t hit the ground, though. He stumbles back into the ropes again, and this time Lexx grabs his and plants a knee in his face. Lexx is getting the crowd into it, they are sensing the end is near! Lexx tosses TMM into the corner and hoists him up to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: I know what this is Buff! It could be all over for The Masked Marvel!

Benny Newell: Yeah! Let it be over! Let it be over!!

Lexx gets TMM into position, and hits a HUGE top rope powerbomb! The ring shakes under the pressure and the ref looks on in disbelief! Both men are down, but Lexx is slowly moving to make the cover. He finally gets into position and makes the cover!




Lexx wins! He pulled out a win over TMM here on Sunday Night Mayhem! “Mad Again” by Megadeath begins to play again as Lexx celebrates his win and the ref raises his arm. He rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the back.

Joe Hoffman: What a match. Talk about exciting!

Benny Newell: I am super excited that it’s over, really I am!

Joe Hoffman: You can’t sit there and tell me that match didn’t keep you on the edge of your seat.

Benny Newell: I was on the edge of my seat alright, fuck, I almost left my seat completely!

Joe Hoffman: Good God. We have to take a break, but don’t go anywhere. We ‘re not even close to finished here!


When HOW comes back from commercial, HOW Vice President of Operations John Caruso is seen standing with the lovely Blaire Moise. Caruso is wearing a black Armani business suit, with what appear to be diamond cufflinks. He is also sporting a pair of stylish, expensive looking sunglasses. His hair is styled is messy spikes.

Blair Moise: Mr. Caruso, I want to start by saying it’s great to be here tonight. How are you feeling about the first Mayhem since HOW’s reopening?

John Caruso: I hyped! Are you kidding me? This is the pinnacle of my career, the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of.

Blair Moise: What are you looking forward to most tonight?

John Caruso: To tell you the truth, Blaire, I’m kinda looking forward to everything. Me and Lee booked one hell of a card tonight, even with some of the lousy talent we had to deal with.

Blair Moise: Lousy talent? Such as?

John Caruso: You know the normal lousy, talent-less hacks that a person in my position must deal with on occasion. We will get into that more as weeks go on, and soon everyone will know who I am talking about. But for now, let’s not get picky. What matters is that even when dealt a crap hand, HOW wins the hand.

Blair Moise: And what do you think of our main event of the evening? Two HOW Hall of Famers going at it. It’s going to be great.

John Caruso: Yes, Blaire, that is bound to blow the roof off of this place tonight.

Blair Moise: Well Mr. Caruso, I won’t keep you any longer than necessary, is there anything else you’d like to say?

John Caruso: No, nothing in particular. But you do know, you can keep me as long as you’d like Blaire…Without a doubt. Keep in touch.

John Caruso lowers his sunglasses and shoots a wink at Blaire before walking out of the scene. The cameras then cut to another part of the arena.

Bobbinette Princess and ArcAngel stand together. HOW interviewer Brian Bare stands in front of the three.

Brian: I’m here with Bobbinette Carey, who is facing Jonothon Kurtis tonight. She had an important announcement about-

Bobbinette rolls her eyes and takes the Mic From Brian’s hands.

Bobbinette: The queen of Epicness can speak for herself. Now… as you may notice over my shoulder is someone different. I said earlier this week that I had a guardian angel. You’re looking at him, meet ArcAngel. He’s a long time friend of the royal court… I figured that coming back to HOW, I wouldn’t go in empty handed or blind. It’s why I phoned my friend. He’s an enforcer he’s a power house he’s great person to have on your side when the numbers are against you.

She says as she looks over her shoulder at Arc.

Bobbinette: Together with me and Princess, we have team Epic.

Brian looks confused at Bobbinette.

Brian: Team Epic?

Bobbinette nods.

Bobbinette: Book of DUH page twenty one! TEAM epic. A group of elite superior people. But who knows this team may not be complete yet. There may be one more person that could add to our group. But who knows?

She shrugs her shoulders.

Brian: Would you like to add anything to that?

He asks ArcAngel. Bobbinette looks at Brian.

Bobbinette: ArcAngel is a smart guy an he’s also thought of as strong silent. When he has something to say. Trust me you will SO know it!

Brian: What about your match tonight?

Bobbinette smirks.

Bobbinette: What about it? I’m talking about team epic. VIBE the Epicness, because it’s just uberly epic.

She shoves the mic into Brian’s chest as the rest of team epic walk off.

Joe Hoffman: Well, it seems we already have an official affiliation here in HOW! Bobbinette Carey and Team Epic!

Benny Newell: I want in! I want in damnit!

Joe Hoffman: You’ve got to be kidding me?

Benny Newell: Do I look like I’m kidding? Damn you Joe, do you not see how UBERLY HOT she is? The things I would…

Joe Hoffman: ANYWAY! Before we lose our television contract, lets go to the ring.

Newcomer Jonathan Kurtis is already in the ring, awaiting his opponent. All of the sudden, “Best damn thing” By Avril Lavigne plays. There is a pink spot light with a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. Bobbinette Carey walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm. She waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores fans looking down on them. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She gets in the ring and jumps on the ropes and works the crowd then stands in the center of the ring.

The bells rings and the match is underway! Carey starts strong, showing she is in no way intimidated by Kurtis. She walks over to him and slaps his right across the face. Kurtis takes a step back in shock, which leads to Carey lunging forward and knocking Kurtis into the corner. Carey forearms hi a few times before sending him across the ring into the other corner. Carey measures Kurtis up, and charges across the ring, hitting a nice running dropkick. Kurtis slumps to the ground as Carey taunts to the fans.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is handling her business here early on Buff!

Benny Newell: Holy shit!

Joe Hoffman: What?

Benny Newell: We actually agree on something. Are you growing balls Joe?

Joe Hoffman: I won’t even dignify that with an answer!

Carey walks over to Kurtis and picks him up by his hair. He grabs her, but Carey evades him and runs off of the ropes. Kurtis turns around, but it’s too late. Carey leaps into the air and connects with a perfect hurricanranna. Carey makes the cover.



Kick Out!

Carey shrugs it off and get back to her feet. She signals for the crowd to get into it, and they do. The crowd is behind Carey as she stalks Kurtis like prey. He begins to climb to his feet, and Carey charges him again, this time connecting with a swinging neck breaker. Carey springs back to her feet again. She is relentless on her assault! She gets on top of Kurtis and begins slapping him over and over again. Kurtis is obviously annoyed by this, and uses all the strength he has left to toss Carey off of him. He staggers to his feet and regains his balance. Carey charges him but Kurtis sidesteps her. She is able to stop herself right before crashing into the corner, but Kurtis capitalizes with his first offence of the night and dropkicks Carey in the back, squashing her into the corner. She hangs onto the ropes to keep on her feet, but obviously is affected by the move. Kurtis back to his feet and on the attack. He spins Carey around, but she pleads for him to stop. She is signaling that he hurt her back with the dropkick, and that she is injured. Kurtis is hesitant, but Carey continues to plead with him. Kurtis back away and turns to the ref to discuss. Carey smirks and slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle. She reaches the top rope, and the ref notices. As he looks up at Carey, so does Kurtis, but it’s too late. Carey leaps off of the top rope and connects with a tornado DDT!

Benny Newell: YES! JESUS CHRIST YES! I love this woman!

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette’s tactics were a bit questionable there don’t you think?

Benny Newell: Hell no Joe, you square bastard!

Carey rolls over and makes the cover on Kurtis, but the ref taps her and informs her than they are in the ropes. Carey sighs and gets back to her feet. She grabs Kurtis by his head and pulls him into the center on the ring. She makes the cover again.




Kurtis gets his shoulder up before the 3 count. Carey stands up and circles Kurtis a few times, debating on what to do next. She picks Kurtis up and hits a high kick, sending him right back down to the mat. Carey is starting to look annoyed at the lack of challenge she is getting from Kurtis. She runs over to the corner and hope onto the second turnbuckle. She raises her arms above her head and pumps the crowd up again. She hops back down to see Kurtis getting to his feet. He charges her and attempts a clothesline, but Carey ducks. Kurtis turns around only to get caught by Carey, and hit with a Belly to Belly suplex!

Benny Newell: She’s a beast! I love it!

Joe Hoffman: She is sure showing the world why she is such a respected competitor in this ring Buff. Amazing strength for a female athlete!

Carey gets to her feet with a cocky smirk on her face, and laughs at Kurtis. She runs off of the ropes, and on the rebound she leaps into the air and crashes down onto Kurtis with a leg drop. She goes for the pin.




Kurtis somehow manages to get his shoulder up once again. Bobbinette laughs to herself, and is more than happy to continue dishing out this beating. She picks Kurtis back up to his feet, and chops him a few times, driving him back into the corner. Once in the corner, Carey begins hammering Kurtis with closed fists! Kurtis struggles to cover up but the damage is being done. He does the only thing he can by raking Carey’s eyes. She staggers backward and Kurtis hangs onto the ropes, looking physically beaten. Carey recovers from the eye rake, and charges Kurtis, hitting a clothesline. She pulls him into position, and then climbs the ropes to the top. Carey leaps into the air and delivers an elbow drop into the chest of Kurtis. Carey goes for the pin at first, but then changes her mind.

Benny Newell: That’s right baby, may ‘em pay!

Joe Hoffman: I think it’s important that Bobbinette doesn’t get too comfortable in there; things can change in the blink of an eye.

Benny Newell: The only way Her Highness will lose this match, is if she pins herself Joe.

Bobbinette swings Kurtis into the ropes. On the rebound, she applies a sleeper and drags Kurtis down to the mat. The ref is checking in with Kurtis, who instructs that he doesn’t want to quit. Kurtis’ eyes are beginning to glaze over, and the ref checks his arm. He raises Kurtis’ arm into the air, and watches it fall once, twice…On the third time he manages to keep it in the air. Kurtis refuses to quit. Carey gets bored and releases the hold. She picks Kurtis up and hits a standing dropkick.

Joe Hoffman: Kurtis has been able to mount any type of offence this entire match. I’m not sure if he can cut it here in HOW, Buff.

Benny Newell: You said it. I can tell you this, Lee Best is not going to appreciate his efforts. Hell, they may be cleaning out his dressing room as we speak!

Carey pumps the crowd up and she waits for Kurtis to stagger to his feet once again. When he does, she bounces herself off the ropes and hits THE FLYING B! The crowd erupts as she covers Kurtis.




The match is over, and Bobbinette Carey is victorious in her first match back in High Octane Wrestling! The ref raises her hand as “Best Damn Thing” plays over the speakers.

Benny Newell: You go girl! Me and you can celebrate later on!

Joe Hoffman: I doubt she would even speak to you, Buff. But nonetheless, Bobbinette Carey pulls off an impressive win here in her first match back in HOW. Congrats to her. We have to take a commercial break, but don’t go anywhere folks. More High Octane Action when we return!!


Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks. What a night so far and its only going to get better as it is now time for our ICON Qualifying matches. The winners of the next two matches will face off on the next Mayhem for the right to be crowned ICON Champion.

Benny Newell: When I think of ICON I can only think of one man…Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman: That might be true but there is no way in heck that Lee will be ICON Champion and that is what this is all about. Right now we have a video package showcasing the ICON title…

Benny Newell: Nice..another drink break!

The HOTv comes back to life and we see the ICON title being shown in all its glory in a glass case….but then the case suddenly explodes and highlights from various ICON title matches begin to air…

Lee rips off his headset and rolls into the ring with Michael right behind him. Seeing them in the ring, Darkwing grabs the chair and motions it at Lee. The crowd is going crazy as Lee and Michael hold their hands up as Darkwing threatens to nail the two Best brothers.

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead Darkwing hands the chair to Lee Best. Lee smiles as the bloody Hardcore Champion has made it back to his feet. Lee swings the chair at Smokey, but Smokey ducks, clotheslines Michael Best and bounces off the ropes and spears the owner of High Octane Wrestling. The crowd now cheers loudly for Smokey. Smokey turns around ….

Joe Hoffman: Degenerate Drop! Smokey turned right into the Degenerate Drop!!!!!!!

Cover by Darkwing 1……….. 2……….. 3………… THE WINNER AND NEW ICON CHAMPION……..DAAAAAAAAAARKWING!!!!


Benny Newell: Darkwing just stole the ICON title, that’s what happened.

The ref hands Darkwing the brand new ICON title and raises his hand in victory. Darkwing, still bleeding, looks down at the bodies of Smokey, and the Best brothers and smiles. Darkwing rolls out of the ring, clutching the ICON title and limps back to the back.

The HOTv suddenly goes black, the video obviously cut off short.

Joe Hoffman: Um, I just got word that someone in the truck just got fired for playing the wrong video package. Geez I wonder if Lee didn’t like that airing?

Benny Newell: I hope the poor sap that aired that has already gotten the first Bottom Line of this new era. What an idiot. Probably a Darkwing douchebag fan I am sure.

Joe Hoffman: Well nonetheless I guess its time to move onto the first ICON Qualifying match…..gosh that was awkward.

Benny Newell: You think.

The ire sound of “ Sakurasou ” by Gakt thunders into the arena. The fans are instantly drawn to the sound and the melody is met by a roar of approval.

Odd, considering how much this guy is totally the opposite to your general good guy stereotype. Believe it or not, but the smart marks are even heard ever so slightly singing along to the foreign lyrics. Meanwhile, the viewing on the HOTv is not your Nijs Landzaat montage, oh no.. but rather an array of dolls. Why? God knows. Regardless, as soon as the chorus kicks in both Daniel Singh and Nijs Landzaat enter the fray. The revolt against normality continues, however, as Singh leads the eWo powerhouse out on, exactly that.. a lead. A dog lead to be precise. An orange illumines dog lead to be even more precise.

Meanwhile, the smart marks carry on singing into the chorus. This gets increasingly louder as a simple la la la is simply easier for people to sing, as Landzaat has an emotionless expression on his face.

Daniel Singh releases the Dutchman towards the squared circle screaming whole heaps of obscenities among his instructions on how to enter the ring, and with effort, Landzaat simply rolls under the bottom rope. Another instruction is barked from Singh on where Nijs should be positioned. That being said, with effort, Nijs Landzaat stands in his corner. Normality resumes as “ Sakurasou ” by Gakt ends.

Joe Hoffman: A bizarre entrance by the six foot one three hundred pound monster, Landzaat.

Benny Newell: I don’t get the dolls.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe it’s a socially satirical visual representing the masses as transfixed dolls.

Benny Newell:Yeah, I don’t get the dolls. Or you, ya freak.

The lights cut ominously as “Hate Me Now” – by Nas ft. Puff Daddy starts to play.

The HOTv displays a man, his back to the camera and on his knees staring intent upon a golden strap in the distance. Rohan Malhotra emerges from the back to a chorus of boos.

Joe Hoffman: No longer the fan favorite he used to be, the six foot two hundred and twenty pound Rohan Malhotra sets his sights on the Dutch monster.

Benny Newell: It’s gonna take some kind of karate to win this match. Kung Fu or something.

Joe Hoffman: Are you drinking already?

Benny Newell: What’you mean ‘Already’?

Joe Hoffman: Our competitors look ready to start things off here in the first ICON qualifier of the night!

The bell rings as their circling slowly, Singh pounds his fists against the mat and screams at his monster. Nijs charges with arms wide but Rohan dodges deftly and launches a standing drop kick that sends Landzaat wobbling.

Joe Hoffman: Malhotra with a picture perfect evasion that fails to so much as phase the monster.

The fans are stomping their feet as Rohan gathers himself, surprised to not only see his opponent still standing but again charging towards him.

Malhotra drops his shoulder and rolls out of the way and onto his feet. He bounces against the ropes and flies towards Nijs with a forearm block. Landzaat absorbs the impact as Daniel Singh belly laughs on the outside.

Undeterred Rohan leaps back as Nijs swings a meaty palm, again into the ropes Rohan launches a flying shoulder block. Landzaat teeters on his feet, Rohan is quick to scramble onto the offensive with lightning fast right hands that keep Landzaat off balance.

The fans are uproarious as Rohan attempts to whip his opponents into the ropes, Landzaat plants his foot and drags Rohan into a standing clothesline. Malhorta hit’s the mat hard as Nijs roars and Daniel barks at him from ringside.

Benny Newell: Hahahahaha.

Joe Hoffman: A valiant effort by Rohan fails to take the heavier Landzaat off his feet.

Benny Newell: He’s gonna try it again! Bwahaha!

Indeed, Rohan dodges a big stomp by Nijs and collects himself on his feet again. Landzaat lurches forward with a grapple but Rohan drops underneath it and brings his arm up between Nijs legs. Even Daniel Singh cringes but Nijs instead brings his fists down in an overhead arc that hammers Rohan hard.

Joe Hoffman: The low blow fails! Nijs just obliterated Rohan with that hit!

Singh is screaming, laughing, and cursing all at the same time as Nijs hammers Rohan a with meaty right hands to make sure he’s down. Collecting Malhotra to his feet Landzaat rears back for a huge head butt but Rohan pops him in the chin with a tiger palm! He hit’s a forearm into Nijs chest, and another, and another! He bounces back into the ropes and comes back with a running forearm block, they collide!

Joe Hoffman: Oh wow.

Benny Newell: Oh. Wow…

Singh is almost in tears, his fists beating against the mat. The crowd is screaming with approval, Rohan looks dazed and confused as Nijs looks down at him, still on his feet!

Joe Hoffman: Rohan Malhotra is not a tiny man, at two hundred and twenty pounds I am amazed Landzaat is still standing.

Benny Newell: I told you, he’s gotta start busting out the kung fu or it’s over.

Landzaat drops the hammer as Rohan is trying to get to his feet. He drops another as Malhotra is struggling to get back up. Nijs finally raises both his fists high in the air, Singh screaming at him from the outside. He roars and… Rohan sweeps unexpectedly and catches Nijs off guard. The Dutchman drops with a gasp and Rohan bounces to his feet.

Benny Newell: Hahaha!

Joe Hoffman: Nijs is flat on his back!

Benny Newell: After all that he made it look so easy!

Rohan is capitalizing instantly, dropping savage boots on Nijs head and shoulders as he’s trying to roll over. Singh is swearing and going nuts on the outside, trying desperately to get Rohan’s attention, anything.

Malhotra drops a nasty elbow on Landzaat’s back, scrambling to her feet he follows it with a knee drop on his head. Nijs tries to shake it off and get to his knees but Rohan is merciless, kicking and stomping with abandon. He pauses only to point as Daniel Singh and give him a warning the mics don’t pick up. He circles Landzaat with a quick step. The big man again, as though he hadn’t been used to polish Rohan’s boots, starts to force himself up onto his knees.

Joe Hoffman: Landzaat is indomitable!

Benny Newell: Rohan obviously needs stronger kung fu!

Joe Hoffman: Rohan Malhotra has displayed an amazing amount of ring presence and tenacity in getting Landzaat even to this point. But does he have it in him to put this monster away?

Malhotra rushes forward with a brutal boot to Landzaat’s head. Singh roars at his beast and Nijs against starts to push himself up. Rohan looks almost shoked but he kicks his opponents again, and stomps him. Landzaat gets one foot planted and Rohan hammers with him a right and a left, and again and again. Nijs is hardly even blocking the punishment.

He wraps his arms around Rohan’s midsection, Malhotra becomes desperate as he flails away. Landzaat surges to a standing position, lifting Rohan clear off his feet. Nijs teeters before dropping Rohan back first to the mat with all his weight landing on top of him.

Rohan lays flattened as Nijs again clamors to his feet, roaring at the audience as they shower him cheers. Daniel lets out a sigh of relief and wipes at his forehead with a hankie in one of his rare moments of silence.

Joe Hoffman: Rohan is doing everything he can to stay in control of this match but Landzaat seems to feed off the punishment.

Nijs starts gathering Rohan on his feet when Malhotra throws the hands off and sneaks in a quick right hand. He blocks a retaliation and sneaks a toe kick into Nijs knee cap. Landzaat winces and limps horribly as he lurches forward.

Rohan darts away and comes in again with a kick to that knee, but Nijs fires a backhand that catches Malhotra on the chin.

Benny Newell: Ah, grasshoppah learn berry fast.

Joe Hoffman: Nijs tries to shakes his leg out but the damage has been done. Rohan using his speed and precision to great effect. The winner of this match qualifies for the ICON championship.

Singh is screeching as Rohan circles his prey and dives a shoulder block into the back Landzaat… no!

Joe Hoffman: The Monster’s leg held like the trunk of a mighty tree!

Landzaat drops a back elbow that connects and has Rohan writhing and reaching around his back. Nijs gathers himself on his feet and pulls Malhotra up with him. Daniel Singh is pumping his fist up and down in the air as the crowd is screaming in approval.

Nijs wraps his mighty around Rohan and there’s a moment of careful hesitation, Landzaat setting his feet for the surging belly to belly toss that sends Rohan Malhotra right into the turnbuckles!

He hammers the corner and falls to the mat hard.

Joe Hoffman: What a devastating move!

Benny Newell: Holy crap, he hit that corner like a bag of bricks!

Joe Hoffman: Rohan isn’t moving and he doesn’t look in good shape as Nijs pulls him into the center of the ring.

Benny Newell: Sometimes the strongest Kung Fu can’t save stupid.

Joe Hoffman: What?! Rohan Malhotra put on an amazing performance!

Daniel is blowing kisses out to the fans as Landzaat rolls Rohan over for the 1 2 3.

“Sakurasou” by Gakt begins to play as Singh raises Nijs Landzaat’s arm in victory.

Joe Hoffman: An impressive display from an indomitable monster. Rohan Malhotra, despite an energetic performance, is eliminated and Nijs Landzaat moves on towards the ICON Championship.

The crowd is cheering as they start to clear the ring.

The scene cuts backstage to the lovely as ever Blair Moise. The audience ponders patiently as Blair looks around.

Voice: Where is he?

A voice off camera queries.

Blair shrugs.

Blair Moise: He’s supposed to be here.

Man: Excuse me.

A man attempts to move through the scene. His blue jeans and t-shirt ensemble is made classy by the addition of a sharp blue blazer.

Blair Moise: Mr. Lexicon!

Blair catches him like a pro.

Lexicon: Call me Johnny.

He turns to the scene smoothly, quickly directing a half grin at the grin at the camera.

Blair Moise: “I’m glad I caught you, welcome to High Octane.

Lexicon: Thanks doll.

Blair Moise: I’m actually here to ask The Philadelphia Murder Machine his thoughts on his controversy with you.

Lexicon: Right.

Lexicon’s already looking for an escape, but with a sign of resignation he offers a chuckle.

Blair Moise: Since he’s not around, give your take of things.

Lexicon: It breaks down like this.

The Leo sucks in a deep breath before picking his next words.

Lexicon: Jealousy is a green eyed monster. Recognition finds its way to places it belongs; I could have asked for more money but it stopped being about the pay check a long time ago. This is about the right now, the moments that accumulate into history. The Murder Machine might not agree with it, but he doesn’t have to. Fifty six thousand dollars a month isn’t gonna buy him a miracle, and destiny doesn’t accept monthly payments.

Voice: Oh no.

The scene is suddenly jarred as a third figure is interjected violently. The man that stands before them is Jay Campbell, The Philadelphia Murder Machine. He doesn’t mince words.

PMM: Nah ya don’t kno what this is. Ya don’t know a damned thing about nothin’. All ya are is some nose up in the air house boy. That shit don’t fly roound my neighborhood son. I come from the mean streets. I got fiftie six g’s coming to me at the end of the the mont, and all I gotta do is knock ya ass out? Easy fuckin’ money b.

Lexicon: You wanna buy into the game, all you gotta do is ante up.

PMM gives a scoff before drilling Lexicon with a quick left uppercut that sends his head back. Before Johnny can catch his breath PMM hangs his left arm dead on his side and swings his entire body into a right hook that spins Johnny around.

PMM: It ain’t my fault there’s gonna be a homicide.

PMM smiles…call the jewelry store…man’s got a grill.

Blair Moise: Are you alright?

Johnny wipes at the blood on his lip and chuckles to himself as it cuts to commercial break.


Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks. It is now time for the LSD Championship match. This match pits…

Joe is cut off as “Back in Black” by AC/DC begins to blast thru the arena and the crowd stands to their feet as one.

Benny Newell: FINALLY!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well this should be good…

Cameras point towards the entrance ramp as the owner of High Octane Wrestling, Lee Best, makes his way out onto the stage. He is dressed for the occasion, three piece suit, Rolex watch, a big ass smirk on his face and of course his Bottom Line pen.

Joe Hoffman: Well he sure as hell don’t look broke to me.

Benny Newell: Oh come on man. We are in the United Center, HOW is back, and we have jobs. Did you honestly think this man was broke?

Joe Hoffman: Well he owes some people some cash still.

Benny Newell: Just shut up and lets enjoy this moment.

Joe starts to say something but instead does infact keep his mouth shut as Lee makes his way down to the ring.

Underneath his arm, Lee is carrying a black bag. As he enters the ring he takes one final look out into the crowd and smiles as he realizes that this is a big moment.

Lee Best is back.

Half the crowd is booing and half the crowd is cheering as Lee makes his way to the center of the ring. He pulls a microphone out from his pocket and raises it to his lips but pauses as he takes in the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Love him or hate him you gotta give it to Lee. He generates a reaction no matter what.

Benny Newell: That is what it is all bout Joe. No reaction in this business and you might as well be wrestling on Spike TV or something.

Again Joe starts to say something but catches himself. Perfect timing in fact as Lee raises his mic to his lips and begins.


The crowd erupts even louder, this time its even harder to distinguish the cheers from the jeers. The place is definitely rocking.

Lee Best: What is this…the 4th? The 5th? 10th time I have said that? You know what who really gives a flying fuck. Call me what you want, but no one can deny that I am the most innovative, creative and greatest owner of all freaking time! I am the G.O.A.T of G.O.A.T.’S!!

Benny Newell: That stands for Greatest Of All Time Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Thank you Einstein.

Lee Best: Enough of the bragging though. You people know who I am and you know what I am about. There is a reason I picked Chicago to launch HOW again and its not because I “pulled” some strings like some internet news sites are saying. The reason we are here tonight is because Chicago has the greatest wrestling fans in the whole fucking world!!!

The crowd goes apeshit with that comment and Lee smiles as he knows he has them in the palm of his hand.

Lee Best: Tonight is going to be special people. We have signed a three show deal with Showtime which means we can do what we want, when we want, and not worry about some damn censors..right Benny?

Lee looks over to Newell who smiles and holds up his shot glass and throws it back and slams it down. Lee just smiles.

Lee Best: Zoom into that shot glass…….

The cameraman does as asked and we see that it is an official HOW shot glass. There is also a Budweiser logo on it as well.

Lee Best: If we were on Spike TV, USA or some other bullshit channel there is no way I could state that Chris Kostoff’s wife is a cunt. Or that Darkwing likes to suck white cock.

Joe Hoffman: Wow…is that necessary?

Benny Newell: Sssshhhhh

The crowd goes silent as Lee continues his vulgarity.

Lee Best: Bobbinette Carey is a dog loving whore? Michael Norcia is a over hyped cumstain? Or how about the biggest pussy whipped mother fucker alive…Jatt Starr?

The crowd pops HUGE for the mention of Jatt Starr.

Lee Best: Oh you liked that huh? Jatt isn’t going to be here so don’t get your panties in a knot. The fact of the matter is that yes I had to call in some favors to get us on the air but in no way shape or form are we relying on anyone else. This is my show. This is my company and goddammit HOW will only DIE WHEN I DIE!!!

Again the crowd starts a H-O-W chant.




The crowd dies down as Lee raises his hand.

Lee Best: Ok we got that out of the way. Let me get to the point of why I am out here.

Lee reaches into the black bag and pulls out a title belt.

Joe Hoffman: There it is folks, the LSD Championship!

Lee raises the title belt high in the air and the crowd begins a new chant.




Lee Best: That is right folks. This is the LSD Championship belt. Now this title started out as the belt for the Lightweight Superstars Division, but of course those little fuckers drew no interest and I had to get rid of the weight limits and it became the belt for my own personal Lee Superstars Division. A division of wrestlers who I felt would one day be the faces of HOW….the future of HOW if you will. But now with this new start this belt will take on a new meaning.

Lee pauses as resets the belt on his shoulder. He drops the bag to the canvas and reraises the microphone to his lips.

Lee Best: This LSD Championship belt will symbolize the High Octane in High Octane Wrestling. Think of it as the hardcore, high flying, extreme part of HOW. The wrestlers in this division will generally abide by no rules. They will do whatever it takes to win a match and the LSD will be the gold for their efforts. The LSD will be the opposite of the traditional style matches you will see in the ICON division. Yes you will still see the occasional gimmick match in the ICON division but here in the LSD division the brutality will be the norm. For those that wish to hold this title belt tonight you will find out who your primary target will be. In a matter of minutes you will find out who the first LSD champion will be. The champion will be required to defend this title with honor, toughness and of course heart. Being the LSD Champion will require more desire than some World Titles in other federations. It is an honor and I will not allow someone that doesn’t respect it to be the champion of this division.

Lee pauses as he lets his words set in with everyone.

Joe Hoffman: Days of the LSD Title being the lower end title are long gone Benny. I am glad to see that to be honest.

Benny Newell: Lee speaks gospel…just be quiet will ya.

Lee Best: Before I leave I want the idiots in the back to air this LSD video and I swear to god if they fuck up this video like they did with the ICON one, somebody is going to lose a fucking eye tonight….roll it you numnuts!!

The arena goes black as Lee hands the title belt to a crew member on the outside and exits the ring and heads back to the back as the LSD video begins to air…

The HOTv comes to life as we see an image of the LSD title belt being suspended above fire. The belt then melts away and the video transitions into highlights of past LSD Champions…

Danny Moore pinning Sigma to become the first ever LSD champion at the ELE PPV on November 24th 2002 is shown.

Next we see Chico holding the belt high having fulfilled a lifelong dream of winning a title on a bigger stage than he had ever wrestled before.

Silent Witness…Fear…Chris Jacobs..and many more LSD Champions are all shown during their moments of glory.

The video package ends with what some claim is the greatest LSD Championship moment in history….

Sigma vs. Splinter in a Ladder Match for the LSD championship at the Bottomline PPV on December 24th 2002…..

….Sigma is standing on the second step from the top and he pulls Sigma up another step. Sigma kicks Splinter in the stomach and then hoists him up into a powerbomb position…

Newell: Oh no!

Hoffmann: Yes! Do it!

Sigma is facing his ladder/table creation. As Splinter is on his shoulders, he reaches out and unhooks the LSD Title. Sigma is none the wiser and jumps off the ladder, hitting a diving powerbomb onto the new LSD Champ. Splinter’s broken body shatters the first table, and then crashes through Taylor and the steel chair, breaking the second table. Sigma lands hard on his shoulder but slowly… very slowly gets to his feet as the bell sounds. Sigma looks confused and then looks upwards to where the title used to be as the crowd start up a HUGE “HOLY SHIT!” chant. Sigma looks pissed.

Smeets: Here is your winner… AND NEW LSD CHAMPION… SPLINTER!!!

The HOTv fades to black as the video ends and the crowd all stand and applaud.

Silent Witness, Fear, and Chris Jacobs all stand in the ring staring at each other. Chris Jacobs runs in towards Silent Witness out of nowhere and takes him down with a huge spear. He follows it up with a series of right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Chris Jacob’s starting it off with a fury of right hands!

Benny Newell: Silent Witness never saw it coming.

Fear stands back at a distance as Jacob’s pulls a dazed Silent Witness to his feet. Jacobs launches Silent Witness off the ropes and comes back with a huge spinning back elbow that flips Silent Witness inside out!

Benny Newell: Holy Shit!

Joe Hoffman: Chris Jacobs certainly came here tonight with his “A” game.

Chris Jacobs quickly makes it to his feet, only to be stopped by a huge clothesline from Fear. Fear follows it up with a cover on Silent Witness. The referee counts.




Fear immediately pins again.




Fear crawls to his knees, pulling Silent Witness up to his feet with him. Once both men are to their feet, Fear hits some clubbing forearms to the face of Silent Witness, backing him into the corner. Fear grabs Silent Witness’s arm and launches him to the opposite turnbuckle. Silent Witness’s back hits hard, and Fear charges in and blasts Silent Witness with a running knee lift to the head. Silent Witness stumbles out of the corner, only to be caught by Chris Jacobs who follows up with a powerslam. He covers.


Fear breaks up the cover with a kick to Chris Jacobs’ head. Jacobs immediately stands up with pissed off look on his face towards Fear. Jacobs gets up, and stares down Fear. The fans go nuts cheering and standing on their feet in anticipation of the fight. Fear runs in for a clothesline, but Jacobs ducks. Fear turns around, and Jacobs kicks him in the gut. Jacobs goes for a DDT but Fear counters it into a hammerlock. Jacobs throws an elbow back and lands it to Fear’s temple, causing him to stumble backwards breaking the hold. Jacobs turns around and blasts Fear with a spear hitting him back into the corner.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Jacobs has taken control here. You know, all three of these men have been LSD Champion at one time or another. They are coming into this match giving it all they’ve got so that they can once again be named the LSD champion.

Jacobs grabs Fear’s arm and Irish whips him into the far turnbuckle. Fear’s back smacks the turnbuckle and he falls down to the mat hard. Jacobs goes after him, but on his way over Silent Witness grabs Jacobs for a rollup pin!




Benny Newell: Haha! Don’t count Silent Witness out.

Silent Witness and Jacobs make their way to their feet and exchange punches. Silent Witness gets the upper hand laying some right hands in hard. Jacobs stumbles back into the ropes, and Silent Witness charges in with a full head of steam. Jacobs pulls the top rope down and Silent Witness flies over and lands hard on the outside. Jacobs grabs onto the top rope waiting for Silent Witness to get up.

Joe Hoffman: What’s this? It looks like Silent Witness might be in trouble here.

Silent Witness gets to his feet, as Chris Jacobs launches himself over the top rope and lands with a plancha on Silent Witness! Jacobs quickly gets to his feet and holds his hands up in the air, much to the crowds delight.

Benny Newell: Look out below!

Fear is on the top rope, and Jacobs turns to see him just as he launches himself off and hits a shooting star press on Jacobs! Both men blast into the security railing and down to the arena floor. The fans start to chant “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

Benny Newell: Holy shit! Did you see that Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: What an amazing display of athleticism by Fear!

Benny Newell: He just risked his life to do that. What an idiot!

Joe Hoffman: I think that video package that we saw before this sums this division and these guys up very accurately. They are willing to do whatever it takes. Absolutely amazing.

All three men begin to stir on the outside. Silent Witness if the first up, utilizing the ring apron to help him get up. He rolls inside of the ring. The referee begins his count out on Chris Jacobs and Fear.






Fear is up to his feet, and he rolls into the ring. Chris Jacobs is up to his knees. Silent Witness stomps Fear in the back as he gets into the ring. Silent Witness jumps in the air and delivers a hard knee square to the back of Fear. Fear holds his back in pain as Silent Witness drops down and puts the camel clutch in on Fear! The crowd begins to boo.

Joe Hoffman: It could be over right here folks! Silent Witness has that camel clutch applied.

Benny Newell: Aha! Silent Witness is going to be the new HOW LSD Champion!

Chris Jacobs rolls into the ring, and runs off the far ropes. He comes back and delivers a devastating dropkick to Silent Witness’s face, causing him to break the hold and fly between the ropes and out of the ring to the outside. The crowd is on their feet, as Jacobs stands overtop of Fear and puts in the camel clutch.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! Jacobs has got that camel clutch locked in!

Benny Newell: It could be over for Fear! Jacobs might be the new LSD Champion!

Jacobs cinches the hold in tight, as Fear fights with all of his might to fight the hold. Fear eventually goes limp, and the referee grabs his arm and raises it in the air and lets it drop.


Joe Hoffman: That’s one…

Benny Newell: Jacob’s has got it… damnit… Jacobs is going to win…

The referee lifts Fear’s arm up again, and drops it.


Joe Hoffman: Is Jacobs the new LSD Champion? Is it enough?

The referee lifts Fear’s arm up a third time, and drops it… but Fear’s arm shoots back up in the air! The crowd goes wild as Fear has found a new burst of energy. Fear manages to break both his arms free from Jacobs, and scoot out underneath him. Jacobs stands up, and turns around, and Fear jumps forward with a clothesline. And another. And another. Jacobs is up and Fear kicks him in the gut. Fear sets Jacobs up for a piledriver, but Jacobs counters it with a back body drop. Fear falls square on his back, and writhes in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my! Right on that back. That’s no good.

Benny Newell: That is absolutely devastating.

Silent Witness is on the outside, and is shown digging under the ring and pulling out a steel chair.

Joe Hoffman: Uh oh. Silent Witness is going for that steel chair under the ring.

Benny Newell: Here we go!

Silent Witness gets up to his feet, and rolls into the ring. Jacobs is up to his feet, and turns around. Silent Witness swings the chair, and Chris Jacobs ducks. Jacobs kicks Silent Witness in the stomach, and Silent Witness drops the chair. Jacobs goes for a right hand, but it’s blocked. Silent Witness charges in with a knee lift to the gut of Jacobs, and then tosses him over the top rope and to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Silent Witness exacting some revenge on Chris Jacobs.

Benny Newell: Haha! How does it feel?

The referee checks on Chris Jacobs on the outside. Jacobs looks as if he is favoring his right knee.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no. This doesn’t look good. It looks like Jacobs might have hurt his knee. Back

On the inside, Silent Witness picks up the chair and looks at Fear. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as the referees back is turned and Silent Witness has some sinister intentions in mind. Silent Witness stands overtop of Fear and lifts the chair high in the air. Fear manages to roll out of the way, and Silent Witness smacks the mat with the chair. Fear hops to his feet, and ducks out of the way to miss a second chair swing. Fear kicks Silent Witness in the gut twice, then hoists him up and delivers a piledriver! Silent Witness bounces up in the air, and then falls down on the mat.

Joe Hoffman: My God! He could have killed him right there!

Benny Newell: Fear is going to do it! He’s going to win it here tonight!

Joe Hoffman: Oh! Make up you mind, Newell.

Benny Newell: I swear Fear has got this one put away! He’s going up top!

Fear climbs the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like he’s going for his finisher, The Beautiful Massacre!

The crowd is on their feet, as Fear jumps off the top rope and delivers a shooting star leg drop across Silent Witness’s throat!

Benny Newell: AHHHHH!

Joe Hoffman: It looks like he’s done it… he’s done it…

Benny Newell: Where’s the referee!?

The referee slides into the ring at the last moment, and makes the count.



3! No!

Chris Jacobs pulls Fear off of Silent Witness and pulls him to the outside. Fear and Jacobs exchange right hands, until Jacobs picks Fear up, and rams him back first into the steel ring post. Fear falls down, holding his back. Jacobs jumps up on the ring apron, and then climbs the ropes. The crowd is still on their feet, and the cameras flash as Jacobs jumps through the air and delivers a huge splash on Silent Witness.

Joe Hoffman: A huge splash!

Benny Newell: I can’t believe it!

Chris Jacobs hooks Silent Witness’s leg as the referee counts.




Ding Ding Ding!

Joe Hoffman: Chris Jacobs is the winner and the new LSD Champion!

Chris Jacobs throws his arms into the air, as the referee comes over and raises his hand. Jacobs stands up, as the referee walks over and grabs the LSD title from a staff member. The referee presents Jacobs the title and Chris Jacobs holds the title up in the air. The crowd cheers.

Joe Hoffman: What a way to usher in the new HOW by crowning the new champion of the LSD Division.

Benny Newell: As I said all along, Chris Jacobs is the winner of this match. Lee was absolutely right, Hoffman! This is intense.

Joe Hoffman: Chris Jacobs is the new LSD Champion. But what does Fear have to say about all of this? He was close to becoming the first LSD Champion, but Jacobs cost him the match.

Benny Newell: That’s the name of the game Hoffman. Triple threat matches are unpredictable. Anything can happen.


The scene cuts to the backstage area where Blair Moise is standing holding a microphone.

Blair Moise: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time one of the wrestlers who will be competing in an ICON Title Qualifying Match… Graystone!

Graystone walks over towards Blair as the crowd in the background let out a small pop. Graystone stands with his hands on his hips.

Blair Moise: Graystone. Thanks for joining me. I have to ask you, how does it feel to be back here in the HOW?

Graystone: Well, since this is the first night back officially… April 27, 2008… I have to say there is no where that I’d rather be than right here in the Windy City wrestling for the number one professional wrestling promotion on the planet. Sure, in the past there has been some animosity between certain individuals of management and myself, but I’ve learned to look past that. I’m back, and I’m back to do what I do best, and that is entertain the fans.

Blair Moise: And certainly High Octane Wrestling has already put you a match to prove your abilities by giving you this ICON Title Qualifying match tonight against William Diamond. There has been some talk backstage and on the internet that perhaps you were attacked by someone representing William Diamond 2 nights ago. Are there any truth to these rumors?

Graystone: You know Blair, I don’t think that it’s any secret that a lot of guys in that locker room have made attempts to take me out over the years. What do you think makes this any different? Yeah, William Diamond might have tried to take me out, but guess what… he didn’t. And that’s what truly matters. I’m still here. I’m still kicking, and tonight I’m going to go out there and give these people a show they will never forget. And when all is said and done, when the three count has been counted and the bell has rung, I will be standing there with my hand raised. They will announce that Graystone is the winner.

Graystone stops, then looks directly into the camera.

Graystone: And then… I will move on and become the next ICON Champion.

Graystone looks into the camera as a light pop from the crowd is heard in the background. Graystone walks off leaving Blair standing there in front of the camera.

Joe Hoffman: Well Buff, Graystone has promised everyone that he will become the next ICON champion, and he will have his first obstacle here tonight as he takes on William Diamond.

Benny Newell: It’s gonna be hard to become ICON champ if you can’t win here tonight, so what the hell is he talking about?

Joe Hoffman: Either way, it is sure to be a good one. Let’s go to the ring.

“Where’s Your Head At?” By Basement Jaxx hits the speakers inside the arena and the fans erupt into a sea of cheers. After a few moments, HOW superstar Graystone steps out on the stage. He taunts to the fans, and obviously loves it every bit as much as the fans are. Pyros explode on the stage as Graystone stands with his arms above his head. When the pyros end, Graystone continues down the ramp on his way to the ring. He slaps hands with some of the fans and points out some signs in the audience. Graystone slides under the bottom rope and circles the ring a few times. He starts to stretch as his music fades. Graystone stands in the ring awaiting his opponent. A few moments go by, and no music begins to play, and there is no sign of William Diamond. Graystone looks confused and questions the ref.

Benny Newell: What the hell is going on?

Joe Hoffman: Is William Diamond here tonight? I’m not getting any word from the back.

Benny Newell: Well shit, lets move on then. The sooner we get outta here, the sooner we can get to the after party!

Back inside the ring, the ref is getting ready to raise Graystone’s hand in victory. All of the sudden there is a commotion in the audience. The camera pans out into the crowd, to see William Diamond sneaking through the sea of fans on his way to the ring. He hops the guardrail and attempts to sneak attack Graystone, but the boos from the audience give his presence away. Graystone turns around and spots Diamond as he is sliding into the ring. Graystone charges and begins putting the boots to Diamond before he can get to his feet. Graystone picks Diamond up and tears his shirt off before delivering some vicious chops to his chest.

Joe Hoffman: Wow Buff, talk about backfiring on you.

Benny Newell: I admire his attempt, it’s more creative than half of the other hacks we employee.

Joe Hoffman: We employee the world’s greatest talent Buff, don’t give me that.

Benny Newell: You’re picking the wrong time to grow balls Joe! I’ll bitch slap your ass!

Back in the ring Graystone is continuing his assault. He backs Diamond up into the ropes and chops him a few more times. He then swings Diamond across the ring and waits for him to rebound. Graystone hits a HUGE superkick, sending Diamond off of his feet and crashing down hard on his back. Graystone goes for the quick cover.




Diamond kicks out. Graystone jumps back to his feet and stomps Diamond a few times. He bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow into the chest of Diamond. Graystone stands back up and walks over to Diamond’s legs. He grabs them and applies a sharpshooter on Diamond. Graystone squats down and makes sure it is locked in deep. Diamond’s facial expression shows that he is clearly in agony as Graystone wrenches the hold, attempting to get a submission here in the early going. Diamond refuses to tap, and begins reaching for the ropes, but he has a long way to go. Diamond pushes his body up off the mat and begins to crawl toward the ropes. Graystone applies more pressure to the hold, and the look in his face gets more and more intense. Diamond is contemplating tapping out now, but continues to crawl toward the ropes. In desperation, Diamond lunges toward the rope and is able to barely grab the bottom rope. Graystone willingly break the hold at the ref’s request.

Joe Hoffman: What sportsmanship shown by Graystone, breaking the hold without any argument.

Benny Newell: Yeah he should kept it locked, and destroyed the knee. That’s what a real man would do.

Joe Hoffman: There is something wrong with you, you know that?

Benny Newell: Where the fuck have you been?

Diamond is in pain as he struggles to get to his feet. Graystone walks over to him and grabs him in a headlock. He pulls him into the center of the ring and applies pressure to the hold. Diamond begins to fight out of the hold and Graystone transitions nicely into a swinging neckbreaker. Graystone gets back to his feet and pulls Diamond up by the head. He scoops him up, drops him down onto his knee with a modified backbreaker. Graystone is back to his feet again, going back to work on the submissions. He attempts a Texas Cloverleaf, but Diamond is able to escape from being put into the hold. Graystone drops some boots into Diamond and then pulls him back to his feet. He grabs Diamond into a bearhug, and transitions into a belly to belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Graystone is in complete control of this match Buff, Diamond hasn’t even had a chance to get anything going.

Benny Newell: You wanna sleep with him?

Joe Hoffman: I’m just calling it how I see it Buff.

Benny Newell: Call it what you want, there are plenty of closets backstage Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Whatever! Back to the match!

Benny Newell: HAHAHA!

Graystone gets to his feet and motions for the crowd to get pumped. They respond nicely to Graystone. Diamond gets to his feet and charges Graystone, who stops him in his tracks with a thigh to the stomach. Graystone quickly grabs Diamond and hits a DDT. Graystone jumps back to his feet and picks Diamond up as well. Diamond is out on his feet. Graystone runs off of the ropes and on the return nails Diamond with a Spear! Graystone makes the cover.



Kick out!!

Somehow Diamond manages to kick out before the 3 count. Graystone takes a few moments to regroup, and then snaps back to his feet much to crowd’s delight. They are chanting for Graystone, which is pumping him up. He picks Diamond up and chops his into the corner. He climbs to the second turnbuckle and signals to the crowd to count down as Graystone begins punching Diamond in the top of the head.






After the fifth punch Diamond shoves Graystone off of him. Graystone lands on his feet and is able to avoid Diamond who charges out of the corner. Diamond hits the ropes and charges Graystone on the rebound, only to catch a boot to his face, sending him staggering back into the corner again. Graystone runs at Diamond and hits a spear in the corner. Before he can fall to the ground, Graystone whips him into the ropes again, this time hitting a big back body drop! The crowd is going absolutely nuts. Graystone climbs the ropes and perches himself at the top turnbuckle. He waits with patience until Diamond starts to stand. Once Diamond is on his feet, Graystone leaps off the top rope and nails a beautiful Hurricanranna! Graystone goes for the cover again.




Unbelievably Diamond kicks out again. This is a great showing of heart by William Diamond. Graystone can’t believe it. He gets back to his feet and shrugs it off, instead of getting frustrated. He pulls Diamond back to his feet and whips him into the ropes again. This time Graystone follows him and clothesline shim over the top rope. Diamond crashes down to the floor below and the fans boo him and taunt him. Graystone heads to the top rope, and the fans go nuts. Graystone takes a deep breath, obviously hesitant about what he is about to do. As Diamond begins to climb to his feet, Graystone leaps off of the top rope and comes crashing down into Diamond with a mid-air bronco buster!!!

Joe Hoffman: Holy…WOW! Just wow!

Benny Newell: SHIT…ITS HOLY SHIT!!! For once we agree on something, make it special JOE!

Joe Hoffman: That was amazing display of athleticism.

Both men are down outside of the ring, and the ringside fans are completely shocked at what they just witnessed. The chants erupt through the arena as Graystone struggles to make it to his feet.





Finally Graystone is on his feet. He pulls Diamond up and rolls him into the ring. Graystone slides in afterwards. He positions Diamond in the corner of the ring, close to the turnbuckle. Graystone then head to the other end of the ring. He pumps his arms and the crowd erupts again. He races across the ring and leaps over Diamond. He lands on the top turnbuckle and hits The CURSE!!! Graystone hit his finisher! He quickly makes the cover!




Joe Hoffman: He did it Buff, Graystone wins!!

Benny Newell: I’m telling you what, I don’t like him, but I gotta admire the little shit!

Joe Hoffman: Show some respect Buff, this man is the future of High Octane Wrestling!

Benny Newell: Ok Miss Cleo, keep your day job.

Inside the ring the ref raises Graystone’s arm in victory. The fans are still going crazy. Graystone rolls out of the ring and does a few rounds around the ring shaking hands with fans. Graystone finally makes his way backstage as the fans continue to cheer.

The arena screen goes black and a line of words appear on the screen.

“Presenting The Future of HOW…”

The screen brightens slowly and the black soon gives way to a scene where the audience can see from a camera’s perspective as it films what appear to be trendy and opulent furnishings of a penthouse apartment. The camera turns and shifts to reveal a man standing outside on what seems to be a balcony. The man turns towards the camera and opens the sliding door partitioning the living area from the balcony. He walks steps into the room and slides the door shut.

As he approaches the camera, the man flashes a smile. He is clean-shaven and clothed in semi-formal attire consisting of a light brown sports-coat, a light-colored dress-shirt and a pair of slim jeans. His figure is athletic and his face is model-esque. The arena audience remains fairly quiet, as if unsure how to react to the filmed spectacle unfolding before them. The man then proceeds to speak.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t know me already and I don’t hold anything against any of you for that, my name is Adam Vincent…”

He pauses and the camera steps back slightly. Adam turns with both hands outstretched as if to draw attention to his surroundings.

“…and this is my home, in case any of you were wondering.”

Adam turns back to the camera with a grin on his face and a playful wink.

“Perhaps if some of the lovelier ladies amongst you are fortunate enough, you might be able to get a better look at it at some point in the future.”

The only reactions from the audience are faint murmurs with a few faces expressing disinterest among them. Adam continues smiling and addressing the audience.

“The rest of you fans will be able to see me in the flesh in the not-too-distant future. In fact, as some of you already know, I’ve signed a contract with the HOW management as a wrestler for quite the tidy sum.”

Adam pauses again and nods as the audience remains fairly quiet still.

“Although, I do have to say that Lee Best and the others in charge of the promotion have landed themselves a bargain without realizing it. Up to this very moment, I am the HOW’s best kept secret.”

His speech slowed down and his elocution became emphasized on the last three words of his statement. The murmurs among the audience were getting louder with some of the audience appearing to converse among themselves with puzzled expressions on their faces.

“I’m sure most, if not all of you are confused and wondering why is Adam Vincent HOW’s best kept secret? The answer is eloquent in it’s simplicity; seeing is believing.”

His hands are raised and outstretched slightly towards the camera as if attempting to emphasize his point to the audience and viewers.

“Let me explain that answer to all of you. You see my penthouse apartment and you believe that I do well for myself or at least I live in comfort. You see me and you probably think Armani model; which by the way, isn’t too far from the truth, just a lot less grand. You’ve seen the matches so far tonight and you probably believe that you’re going to be asking for your money back if that kind of mediocrity is what passes for pro-wrestling around the HOW.”

Some of the audience erupt in boos at Adam’s disparaging statement against the HOW. Adam looks upward and sighs to himself before shifting his attention back to the camera.

“But just before you mob Lee Best’s office and ask for your refunds, I implore all of you to give the man a chance, to give your money a chance, to give your perceptions a chance, to give HOW a chance. I implore all of you to bear with the mediocrity of the other talent and their ensuing matches with each other to decide who is the least mediocre among them…”

Adam pauses seemingly for effect and nods excitedly at the camera as more of the audience erupts in boos.

“…because by the time I step into that squared-circle; everything will change. The HOW’s best kept secret will be known to the world and above all…”

He pauses again, reaching for the designer sunglasses on his head and pulling them down over his eyes. Adam grins mischievously at the camera.

“…you will all remember the name Adam Vincent.”

Adam smiles on as the screen fades to black and words appear on the screen.

“Coming Soon To High Octane Wrestling.”


We are backstage where Brian Bare is standing by with Maximillian Kael. Max is looking strung out as usual though his eyes seem to be glaring at Brian Bare as the interview begins.

Brian Bare: Welcome back stage with the man who will be wrestling Michael Norcia later tonight, Maximillian Kael.

Brian turns away from the camera to motion toward Max Kael with his best professional smile while Max turns his head to stare at the camera now, a deep frown forming on his face.

Brian Bare: Now some people don’t know it but Michael Norcia and you have something of a history together stretching all the way back to High Octane Wrestling’s last manifestation and at the end it could be said that you were left in worse shape then he w-

Max Kael: Shhhhh… Mr. Bare..

Max Kael would turn again, lifting his chain as he arched his eyebrows up putting on a very sharky smile. He lifted his hands up, straightening Brian’s tie before dusting of Brain’s suit and otherwise fussing with his cloths.

Max Kael: Mr. Bare.. Max and Norcia have a history together. Norcia and I do not. But seeing as how you don’t know who I am and I doubt Max has ever bothered to introduce me I am not surprised you would start out an interview with such a silly question. But for the sake of the interview and your job.. Yes. Max.. we.. Were left in a situation which could be labeled as a lose-lose situation in the past.

Max’s voice was more like a hiss, low and uncomfortable as Brian Bare began the sweat from his brow and the unusual behavior from Max. Max slowly began to circle around Brian as if he was a piece of meat being carefully looked over by a butcher.

Brian Bare: Yes.. Well… That being said, what.. What is your.. Strategy going into tonight’s match?

Max Kael: Strategy? To make him hurt. To make him bleed if possible. Michael Norcia will come at me.. Come at us with everything he has. Everything he has he will throw at us.. He wants to make a good show after all and put us in our place. He wants to make Max look like a fool and in doing so he wants to make me look like a fool.. And we just can’t have that can we?

Brian Bare: Well. Yes.. I mean no. No one would ever want to be made into a fool..

Max Kael: Exactly. No one would. So my strategy Mr. Bare is simple. Norcia is walking into this match expecting a fun little weirdo who is afraid of his own shadow. What he will find is me.. That shadow that Max is oh so afraid of. And I do not play nice. Nor do I play carefully. If Norcia finds himself.. Injured tonight, well.. That is a shame for Michael Norcia.

Brain Bare pulled a hanker chief from his pocket, removing some of the sweat from his brow as he as Max Kael circled on last time before stopping next to him again, his back arched like an animal ready to pounce on something, his fingers flicking around like spider legs making him look over anxious to do something.

Brian Bare: I see. Well.. What about this reference to Max and Yourself? You are Max Kael aren’t you?

Max raised an eyebrow up at Brian and stood up straight again, his sharky smile turning into a pointed frown as he pulled his hands behind his back.

Max Kael: Such an odd question.. Of course we are Max Kael but then Max Kael has an over active imagination. So to say I am not Max Kael would be an accurate assumption as well but now we delve into the philosophical element of who is who and what is what and all that pertains too and I am afraid such a conversation is a bit droll for a wrestling program Mr. Bare.

Brian Bare: I.. see. Well then do you have any parting words for Norcia or the Fans of HOW?

Max looked toward the camera for a moment before nodding before he reached out and grabbed Brian Bare by the tie, pulling him forward as Brian let out a quick gasp of surprise.

Max Kael: Repent.. Or Fall Forever Michael Norcia. Repent.. Or Fall Forever. That goes for so many of those in the back who have wrong me.. Wrong us. Repent. Or Fall Forever. Max Kael.. Myself. We are done being your Dancing Monkey.

Max Kael turned to look at Brian Bare who was not red faced and sweating profusely given his situation.

Max Kael: As for you Mr. Bare.. I would love to make an example out of you.. Ooooh I would so love to paint the hall with your face for your past sins against me.. Or those you will do in the future… Mmmm it would be so.. Easy. But I won’t because I am a.. forgiving man.

Max would let go of his tie slowly, before straightening it once again and smoothing out Brian Bare’s dress coat with a smirk.

Max Kael: Imagine that.

Action cuts back to the announce team.

Joe Hoffman: What is there to say about Max except..well he is Max?

Benny Newell: Max is the greatest mindfuck of a wrestler in the world today. His out of ring antics tend to overshadow his inring prowess but when it is all said and done, Max is the cream of the crop here in HOW.

Joe Hoffman: That has yet to be determined but this match up will go a long way in determining who will be in the World Title picture here in HOW.

Benny Newell: I’ll take Max by a cunt hair.

Joe Hoffman: I will refrain from making a pick. Time for talk is over. Its time for Michael Norcia and Maximillian Kael to meet in the center of the ring!

“Pure Imagination” by Maroon 5 starts up as the lights to the arena go dim down to a soft blue. A single spot light falls on the stage entrance and after a few moments, Maximillian Kael walks out, pausing as he looks out over the crowd.

Max lifts his right hand over his head, palm facing forward while he wraps his left hand around his right wrist posing for a moment before he slowly makes his down to the ring, the spotlight staying on him. As he makes his way down to the ring he avoids the fans reaching out to touch him, going so far as he jumping past them and ducking under the hands until he reaches the ring side area.

He jumps up onto the ring apron, standing up as he cleaned his feet off on the outside of the ring before he steps between the middle and top ring ropes, heading toward his corner of the ring where he leans, waiting for the match to start, his eyes darting back and forth with a paranoid flare.

Joe Hoffman: Max sure looks focused tonight.

Benny Newell: Of course he is. Like I said, inring Max is totally different from out of the ring Max. Don’t discount his desire or his ability.

Joe Hoffman: No doubting here..

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward.
Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is both.
For a wounded man shall say to his assailant,
‘If I live, I will kill you. If I die, You are forgiven.’
Such is the rule of honor.”

Without further warning, “Omerta” by Lamb of God bursts forth from the PA system, pummeling all in attendance with heavily distorted guitar while announcing the arrival of Michael Norcia. Slowly, the big man walks out from behind the curtain, his head gradually bobbing in time with the crunch of power chords as he moves. Pausing atop the ramp, Michael takes a moment to look around, his right hand reaching up to slowly stroke over his beard before, seemingly pondering over something or another before, with a content smirk and a nod, he begins his decent down the ramp, taking his sweet time upon reaching the ring.

Weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds, from Baltimore, Maryland-Michael…Norcia!!

Upon reaching ring side, Michael lightly kicks the steel steps once or twice before climbing up onto the apron. Once there, the big man carefully looks around once more, taking in the view before leaning back against the ropes, casually offering the fans in attendance a simple raised arm in salute before stepping between the ropes and into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks the wait is over. Both men are in the ring and its time for Carl Hortega to start this match.

Benny Newell: Besides beating the shit outta Kostoff later tonight this was the one match I have been looking for.

Joe Hoffman: You and about a million other people….here we go!

Carl Hortega, the ref assigned to this match, signals for the bell…




Max and Norcia star each other down from opposite sides of the ring and begin to circle each other as the anticipation can be felt throughout the arena.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go….

The two men walk slowly up towards each other and the cameras pick up Norcia obviously talking some smack to Max as they stand nose to nose.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia doing what Norcia does best..talking some smack.

Benny Newell: He talks shit and never backs it up. Get it right Joe.

After a few moments of jawing Norcia takes a few steps back and nods his head as knows its go time. Max who remained silent during the trash talking nods as well and the intensity coming from both men is unmistakable.

Finally they lock up and after a brief back and forth struggle, Norcia backs Max up to the turnbuckle where Hortega signals for a clean break which Norcia to the shock of everyone in the United Center, grants and backs up to the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Wow, we seeing a new man in Norcia? Usually he would not the advantage of the situation there.

Benny Newell: He is scared of Max, bottom line.

As if he heard Benny, Norcia charges Max and swings widely but misses as Max ducks under and the two men switch positions in the ring and its Max who lands the first blow with a right hand to the temple or Norcia driving him back against the turnbuckles.

Joe Hoffman: Max with the early advantage!

Max unloads with several rights and lefts, pummeling Norcia until Norcia falls to his backside and covers up. Hortega quickly steps in and gestures for Max to back up.

Max: No hablo espanol…

Kael ignores the ref’s warning and proceeds to begin to stomp at the head of Norcia who blocks most of the kicks with his forearms and smartly rolls out of the ring as Hortega physically backs Kael out of the corner.

Benny Newell: I am telling you Max is on a mission. I haven’t seen that much aggression from Max, well ever!

Joe Hoffman: Norcia did the smart thing and got out of dodge…..I think he is leaving literally!

Norcia, holding his head with both hands, begins to walk up the rampway to a chorus of boos from the Chicago fans who are notorious for not putting up with anything but a 100% effort from their athletes.

Benny Newell: Pussy.

Max, seeing Norcia heading for the back, quickly rolls out of the ring and gives chase. The crowd is on their feet as Max runs after Norcia and Hortega begins the ten count…



Max catches up and just as he is about to nail Norcia with a clothesline, Norcia turns around and takes Kael down with a perfect drop toe hold onto the steel rampway.


Joe Hoffman: Norcia set up Max perfectly there and used Kael’s aggression against himself.

Benny Newell: I hate possums.


Norcia drops an elbow to the back of the head of Kael and then another quick elbow and then stands and smiles as Kael writhes in pain on the rampway. Norcia proceeds to pick up Kael and whips him hard back first into the steel barrier separating the HOW fans from the wrestlers.

Joe Hoffman: That had to hurt. Steel always wins that match up.

Benny Newell: No shit?



Norcia picks up Max by the back of the head and begins walking him back towards the ring as Hortega continues to count.


A few punches to the gut keep Max in pain as they reach the ring…


Norcia rolls Max into the ring and quickly follows suit and thus stops the ten count.

Benny Newell: Almost got a nine-o count there.

Joe Hoffman: Nueve.

Benny Newell: Huh?

Joe Hoffman: Never mind you simpleton. Norcia has Max back in the ring and this time Norcia is in full control.

Norcia pulls Kael up to his feet and proceeds to whip the elf fearing HOW superstar into the opposite ropes and nails him with a wicked knee to the gut of Kael somersaulting Max to the canvas. Norcia follows it up with unusual quickness by dropkicking the back of the head to Max sending Kael to the outside once again.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia with a perfect drop kick to the already damaged head of Kael. I think we know what body part Norcia is working over here.

Benny Newell: Well duh. You know he would like nothing better than to knock Max out with his Hand of God finisher.

Norcia rolls to the outside following Max who is crawling towards the ring steps. Norcia gives Max a kick to the buttocks, knocking him down to his stomach.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia toying with Max now..

Max, not giving up, reaches up to the first steel step and starts to get up but Norcia stops that with a quick stomp to the hand of Max which brings a yell of pain from Kael’s lips as he grabs his hand in pain.

Norcia mockingly slaps Kael in the back of the head as Max reaches up on the apron and pulls himself up. As he tries to roll into the ring he is grabbed by Norcia who then proceeds to bounce Kael’s head off the ring post on the outside. Kael bounces off loudly and again is on the ground holding his head in pain while inside the ring Hortega has reached Cinco.

Joe Hoffman: Norcia is in full control and it hasn’t taken much. He is just doing your basic power moves to the head of Kael, but boy are they effective.


Norcia pulls Kael up to his feet and proceeds to Snake Eyes the former Best Alliance member on the guardrail and when Kael rolls onto his back in pain we can see that all the headshots have finally busted Kael open.


Benny Newell: We have our first bloodshed in the match. C’mon Kael get up!


Norcia picks up the bloody HOW superstar and rolls him into the ring to once again break up the ten count. Norcia stops to talk shit with the fans while inside the ring Max realizes that he is bleeding and it appears to wake him up.

Joe Hoffman: Max has just tasted blood and I think that might of just got the adrenaline going!

Max jumps up to his feet and rushes towards the ropes just as Norcia turns to roll into the ring. Max dives under the top rope and nails Norcia with a perfect suicide dive. Both men crash to the ground but Kael quickly jumps up to his feet and mounts Norcia and begins to nail him with rights and lefts in a rage like state.

Joe Hoffman: Kael is possessed!

Max pauses and wipes the blood from his eyes and then wipes his hand across his chest and smiles.

Benny Newell: he is one sick motherfucker

Max rolls off Norcia and picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Max quickly follows suit and picks up Norcia and executes a perfect snap suplex sending Norcia crashing hard down in the middle of the ring. Max follows that up with a fist drop, and after shaking the sting out of his hand Max again wipes the blood from his eyes and smiles.

Joe Hoffman: Not looking good for Norcia right now. God I hope he didn’t drink today or last night…..cause if he starts to bleed like Max then there will be blood all over the canvas!

Benny Newell: This is Norcia we are talking about. Don’t you remember we shared a shot during a live show before.

Joe Hoffman: touché…wait we have our first pinfall cover…



Kickout by Norcia.

Joe Hoffman: Not going to pin Michael that easily.

As if he heard Hoffmann, Max picks up the groggy Norcia and nails him with a belly to belly suplex and covers again.



Kickout again by Norcia.

Max nods his head as to say to himself he knows he needs to keep the pressure on. He picks up Norcia and whips him into the ropes and nails him with a kick to the stomach followed by a perfect DDT.

Joe Hoffman: Another cover…


Quick kick out by Norcia this time as you can tell Norcia senses he is in serious trouble. Again Kael picks up Norcia and sends him to the far ropes with an Irish whip. Max goes for a power under by Norcia who bounces off the ropes and nails a desperation flying elbow to the jaw of Kael and both men are down.

Joe Hoffman: Desperation move by Norcia and folks did he need that.

Benny Newell: That elbow caught Kael really stiff and I am a little worried here!

Both men are lying on the canvas breathing hard as Hortega begins another ten count.





Norcia and Kael both begin to stir as the crowd begins to make some serious noise.



Kael and Norcia both reach the same bottom rope and begin to climb to their feet literally a few inches away from each other.


Both men reach their feet and Hortega stops the count. Kael, face bloodied, punches Norcia with his right hand while holding onto the top rope with his left hand. Norcia absorbs the blow and nails Kael with a left hand while holding onto the ropes with his right hand.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are showing tons of fight in them.

Benny Newell: Neither wants to lose that is why you idiot.

The crowd grows into a fury with each punch delivered by each man. After several exchanges Norcia grabs the advantage as the cut above Kael’s eye is opened up even more and the blood is literally pouring down Kael’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Carl Hortega might want to call this thing. If Kael cannot see he cannot protect himself and the match should be stopped.

Benny Newell: This isn’t MMA. This is pro wrestling. There is no stopping a match for a little loss of blood.

Joe Hoffman: The blood is raining down his face!

Benny Newell: Kael will fight back……CMON KAEL!!

Norcia with the advantage picks up Kael and bounces him off the ropes and follows him and nails him with a powerful clothesline extracting several “wow’s” from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: The Guillotine!! Its over!!

Norcia walks on his knees over to Max and covers…




Norcia pounds the mat in frustration and mounts Kael and begins raining down punches as Kael can just lay there and bleed. The onslaught is stopped finally as Hortega pulls Norcia off of Kael.

Joe Hoffman: Not sure if that should not of been a DQ.

Norcia shakes off Hortega and heads towards Kael but is stopped dead in his tracks.


Benny Newell: PCP by Kael. The deadliest groin punch in the business!!!

Again Hortega shows poise and doesn’t DQ a wrestler for breaking the rules and allows the match to continue.

Joe Hoffman: Now it is Kael who is crawling over to Norcia and is about to win the match!!

Kael covers and hooks the leg…




Max can only roll off Norcia in frustration and as he lays on his back he wipes the blood from his eyes and wipes it on the canvas, which is turning into a crimson colored mess.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how much more these two have left!

Again both men slowly make it to their feet but this time on opposite sides of the ring as Hortega reaches an OCHO count before they get to their feet. Both men eye each other from the other side of the ring and like gladiators charge each other.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!!

Norcia ducks under a clothesline attempt from Kael and both men again bounce off the ropes this time on opposite sides.

Again they charge but this time Norcia drops down and Kael steps over and bounces off the ropes and ducks under a right hand from Norcia.

Kael bounces off again and this time Norcia jumps up and Kael goes under and Norcia goes for a back body but Kael sees it and goes for a swinging neck breaker but Norcia floats thru it and nail Kael with a thunderous right hand out of nowhere.


Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Kael is completely out cold with blood running down his face as Norcia falls on him exhausted and covers.





Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Static interrupts the HOW broadcast, and in big silver letters, ‘THE NIGHTCAST’ appears on the screen.

The screen fades to a restaurant off of an ocean pier. A sign inside at the door says ‘Roy’s fine seafood at the Redondo beach pier’.

It is dusk, as the sun sinks into the ocean horizon. In the restaurant sits a couple of men in suits. One is a shorter black man who looks like Denzel Washington from the movie ‘Richochet’. The other man, average height, looks like he could be HOW referee Joel Hortega’s father. Both wear black suits, and have glasses of water with lemon in front of them.

Black Man: This was a mistake. Meeting Matthew Crawford in California about THIS? I don’t approve, Jorge. Even though we only work for her and do what she says, I don’t think this is a good idea.

Jorge: Quiet, Samuel. Mr. Crawford is a shrewd man. But he is young and headstrong, and that will be his undoing. Lee Best neglected him, he will be angry, and that will be how we hook him to working for her.

Samuel: He wont work for her, I have followed Darkwing’s career long enough to know that.

It seems the restaurant has been closed, but these two men sit at a round table in the center of the restaurant, waiting for something or someone. Suddenly, a waiter rushes across the room to the door. He peers out, and opens the door gingerly, as if it may break.

In enters Darkwing. Dressed for the increasing heat in California, he wears a white Sean John polo, black denim shorts and Adidas sandals.

Waiter: Mr. Crawford, welcome. You didn’t really have to purchase exclusive use of the restaurant if you needed privacy. We have a special section for business meetings.

Darkwing: But I was told I needed a neutral location out in the open, away from the city. Plus I thought that I your oysters would be a great way to compliment my evening.

Waiter: (knowing instantly that was an order) Yes Mr. Crawford, of course. Ill get the cooks started on the large order of the oysters.

Darkwing: Excellent.

Darkwing crosses to the table, Jorge and Samuel stand with outstretched hands.

Jorge: I am Jorge Estrada, Junior Executive Assistant.

Darkwing shakes hands.

Samuel: I am Samuel Lewis.

Darkwing shakes hands, and the men sit down.

Darkwing: Okay. Someone sent me a letter with no name and a check for a small sum of money to set up a meeting with two ‘associates’. I was given instructions and given a number to text….not call, but text the specifics of the meeting. So what do you want.

Jorge: It is not us, but our client who wants your services. You are not in Chicago. Why? Mayhem is taking place as we speak.

Darkwing: Is that really your business?

Jorge: Lets just say, our client is very interested in your in ring exploits. First Ever HOW ICON champion…..You held the record for the longest undefeated streak in HOW history for nearly 2 years. 7 straight wins over opponents like Chris Kostoff, Omar Rasheem, Smokey, and Mark O’Neal. That kind of streak was unheard of in HOW at the time.

Jorge pauses.

Jorge: You have one of the best win/loss records in the HOW annals. You are a former HOW Undisputed World Champion. You have participated in some of the best matches in HOW, no, Wrestling history. Your Iron man match with Jatt Starr was one of the greatest matches of all time. You won HOW’s only scaffold match. You helped the Legion Of Darkness defeat the Best Alliance in the feared Deathwatch. Pinning Lynx and assisting Kostoff in taking down Lee best.

Darkwing: I am an HOW Hall Of Famer. I should be ending the career of Kostoff and slapping aside Lynx tonight. But, I know what I’ve done. Cut to the chase. What do you want?

Jorge: Plain and simple, my client wants to work with you in HOW for mutual gain. Sign this contract, and my client will ensure you will be not only compensated, but rewarded handsomely.

Jorge already has taken a contract out, and slid it to Darkwing. Darkwing examines it. His face frowns, and he tears the contract up in their faces. Darkwing is pissed now.

Darkwing: You really think I will work for this mysterious client of yours? Who are they? Give me a name.

Jorge: That is not necessary at this stage. You are on a need to know basis. You know my client wants to reward you. And utilize your talents. Meeting them will come later AFTER… sign. I can get another copy.
Darkwing stands and grabs Jorge by his tie and pulls him up. Darkwing is a good 4 inches taller at least. Samuel stands and pleads with Darkwing.

Samuel: Please Mr. Crawford, no need for physicality’s.

Darkwing jabs Samuel in the nose with a clenched fist, causing Samuel to stagger away holding his nose. Darkwing turns to Jorge.

Darkwing: Guess what Jorge. You are on my NIGHTCAST. I have taped everything. Why you think I specified that you were to arrive first, at a closed restaurant? Too bad, you two weren’t dumb enough to drop your client’s name. But I know it’s a female. Who is she? Is it Graystone? Talk!

Jorge: Amusing you joke even when serious…..

Darkwing suddenly delivers a straight spinebuster to Jorge, causing him to cry out in pain. Samuel wobbles over shocked, and Darkwing picks him up into a fireman’s carry. Darkwing delivers the NIGHTFALL through the table. Darkwing stands, and dusts off his polo. The waiter comes in with a look of shock on his face.

Darkwing: The check I gave you will more than compensate the damages. Don’t say anything, I don’t want to hear it.

Darkwing looks towards the hidden camera he had set up in the rear of the restaurant.

Darkwing: Lee Best, you don’t put me in the Hall of Fame Match and people will suffer. I wasn’t going to show until you booked me, but you know what, Darkwing will be at the next Mayhem, and I will make it clear and plain from the newbie jackasses like Masked Marvel to the old veterans whom I have bulldozed like Lexx and Silent Witness that I am the MAIN EVENT in HOW. And Miss Mystery Client. Look for me to do what I do best. And that is make an impact.

Darkwing turns, and leaves the restaurant, moments later, and the scene cuts to static.

Fade back to HOW programming……

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it is time for the Main event. Two HOW Hall of Famers going at it.

Benny Newell: We already seen how the Duck felt about this match but after that Norcia, Kael match I am not sure how much more blood could be spilled but when Lynx and Kostoff go at it I am expecting a full out gore fest.

Joe Hoffman: I am afraid that you just might be right…and we are about to find out!

The crowd are all on their feet as Lynx’s theme music kicks on.

Benny Newell: LOVE THIS!! CMON LYNX!!

But no one appears. After a few minutes the music stops and there is an awkward silence as the crowd all look at each other. Suddenly Lee Best comes running out from the back.

Lee Best: Lynx is on his way I am sure of it. But in the meantime lets bring out that asshole Kostoff!! Get out here you piece of shit!!

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on??

For once Benny is silent.

Lee looks completely worried as Kostoff’s music hits the PA but he doesn’t appear as well.

Lee Best: What the fuck? Get your ass out here Kostoff! Ill wrestle you myself goddammit. Caruso….where is John!!??

Joe Hoffman: Lee looks panicked Benny. I have never seen Lee look like this before?

Benny Newell: Something is definitely not right.

Suddenly Lee’s No.2 John Caruso appears and he looks panicked as well.

Lee Best: What the hell is going on here man?

John Caruso: Look Lee I have been calling Lynx all day on his cell. Nothing. I have no idea what is going on.

Lee Best: You are supposed to by my number two man and you cant find our main event wrestlers?! Do you not understand that we only have a three show deal and if we don’t have a main event we are screwed!! DO YOU!!!

Lee grabs John by the collar with two hands and the crowd is just in shock at what’s going on.

Benny Newell: This is crazy. What the hell is going on??

Joe Hoffman: Thank god I saved my resume.

Suddenly the lights go out.

Benny Newell: Not this gay ass shit. You know if you are at a wrestling event and the lights go out then its not good. Someone is about to get blindsided.

Joe Hoffman: I am afraid we just fell into cliché land.

The crowd is buzzing as the lights remain off for several seconds and Lee can be heard yelling into his microphone.

Lee Best: Turn the motherfucking lights on this second or heads are going to roll. This is not in my plans…TURN ON THE DAMN LIGHTS!!!

Suddenly they turn on.

Lee Best: Thank you…jesus…

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is that??

Lee goes back to jawing with Caruso but John just points towards the center of the ring and Lee knowing that something is up just shakes his head.

Lee Best: Goddammit. There is something in the ring I don’t want to see isn’t there??

John nods slowly as Lee slowly turns his head towards the ring and as he does the crowd erupts as they see what has happened in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: That is Lynx and Chris Kostoff laying in the middle of the ring!! Who is that standing over them??

Benny Newell: Well it sure as hell isn’t Besty!

Lee realizing what is going on goes into shock.

Lee Best: Who the hell do you think you are? Those are my MAIN EVENTERS!! THEY HAVE TO WRESTLE TONIGHT!!

John holds Lee back as Lee is fuming.

Lee Best: You know what screw this. Cut the feed you numnuts in the truck. This mayhem is over. Lets go John..

Joe Hoffman: What?????

Lee and John turn to head to the back but suddenly they are stopped as several men in riot gear appear wielding nightsticks.

Lee Best: What the fuck? Get out here!! I am ordering the rest of the roster to get your asses out here and take care of this trash!!

But no one appears and the men in riot gear begin to walk down the ramp forcing Lee and John towards the ring where another man waits standing over two HOW Hall of Famers.

Joe Hoffman: What is going on? This is NOT how Lee wanted his main event to go!

Benny Newell: You think? You think he wanted this?

Lee Best: Ok Ok Ok. Lets talk about this. Those two were worthless anyway. Lets just talk. What you want money?

Lee is practically begging with the person in the middle of the ring as Lee and John are now literally standing ringside. Suddenly all the riot gear toting men grab Lee and John and roll them into the ring. Lee drops his mic but you can clearly hear some curse words as he is manhandled.

The person in the ring quickly rushes Lee and John and pulls out a crowbar.

Joe Hoffman: Oh dear god….


The person nails John Caruso who stepped in front of Lee.

Benny Newell: NOW that is a number two man.. he just took a crowbar hit for Lee!!

The person drops the crowbar and lifts Lee up to his feet. Lee is shaking in fear.

Joe Hoffman: I have never seen Lee so scared in his life!

Benny Newell: This idiot took out two HOW Hall of Famers and has a weapon…like you wouldn’t be scared!!

Lee’s pants begin to darken and the crowd begins to laugh as the owner of High Octane Wrestling just pissed himself.

Joe Hoffman: Oh dear god…that’s not good at all!

Then with a quick step back and forward the person in the riot gear nails Lee with sweet chin music knocking the owner of HOW out cold.


Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The masked person stands over the knocked out staff of HOW and as the show comes to end they slowly take off their mask.

Before Joe and Benny can say a word the show ends with one final image…..


The Recap

Lexx def. The Masked Marvel

Bobbinette Carey def.  Jonathan Kurtis

Nijs Landzaat def. Rohan Malhotra

HOW LSD Championship
Chris Jacobs def. Silent Witness and Fear

Graystone def. William Diamond

Michael Norcia def. Maximillian Kael


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Chicago, Illinois

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  • 9:00PM