HOFC 1: January 25th, 2010 (2010)

Weekly Show | 120 Min

Show Transcript

January 25th, 2010 – #HOW103
Kallisten Coliseum, Chicago, IL


Welcome to HOFC 1

We are live inside the Kallisten Coliseum as we see thousands of HOW fans have packed in to see the first every all HOFC show for HOW….HOFC 1. A huge pyro set explodes over the stage and HOV as the camera cuts to the brand new HOFC Octagon, all outfitted in the HOW colors and 6 foot high steel cage walls as more pyros explode from each corner of the octagon. We then cut to the new HOW broadcast team for the HOFC, Terrence Reed who is on the left and Shane Logan on the right.

Shane Logan: We have waited over a month to say this….Welcome to HOFC 1!!!

Terrence Reed: WE have been waiting….yet it is YOU that gets to say it. But HOFC 1 is finally here and we have a hell of a card to kick things off with, especially if our opening match was any indication, where Shocker pulled off the win over Davotek.

Shane Logan: First round TKO folks as referee Rick Stevens had to call the match when Shocker knocked Davotek down and proceeded to connect with multiple blows.

Terrence Reed: Just what SSE scum like him deserves.

Shane Logan: Regardless of what people may think of SSE, we have 4 other bouts tonight, which include a rematch of Chris Kostoff taking on Chris Jacobs in an invitational bout. We also have two interfed bouts, where we will see the High Octane Champion Aceldama face the man he put through a flaming table on the last Defiance show, Frank Dylan James. Also Ethan Cavanaugh will take on PWX’s Darin Zion. But the big….

Terrence Reed: The big match of the night is Christopher America taking on the HOFC Champion Michael DeNucci in what is a Best Invitational match AND for the HOFC title.

Shane Logan: America and DeNucci have been at each other’s throats all week, and it is going to be a hell of a match when the MMA specialist DeNucci takes on the loud mouthed America inside the octagon.

Terrence Reed: Ya, MMA specialist. DeNucci is going to pick America apart and then knock him out with his own fuckin’ arm…. I can say fuckin’ on this network right?

Shane Logan: Unfortunately for me and all the viewers…. Yes.

Terrence Reed: Good, don’t need some little bitch technician in the black censoring me out every 5 seconds.

Shane Logan: Right… Well we have an amazing card for you folks tonight, but before we get to those fights we have been told that the man in charge of all of this will be coming out here.

Terrence Reed: Mike Best? I’m sure you’ll get a stiffy seeing him.

Shane Logan: I have a wife still ya know!

Terrence Reed: And she looks more manly then Kostoff… and that man is a beast.

Shane Logan: ANYHOW! I was not talking about Mike Best, he will not be in attendance for tonight’s show at all. I am talking about the General Manager of HOW, Scottywood.

Terrence: Good, cause this show is gay enough already with you on it.


A Hardcore Birthday

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed starts to play as there are a lot of boos coming from the Cgicago crowd as we see the General Manger of HOW and the man in charge tonight make his way out onto the stage and down towards the octagon.

Timothy Ferra: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of High Octane Wrestling and one half of the HOW Tag Team champions…. “The Hardcore Artist” and tonight’s birthday boy…. Scottywood!!!

Shane Logan: Well he turned 32 yesterday Terrence and from what I have heard The Hardcore Artist has been partying it up pretty well.

Terrence Reed: Yes, you heard and I experienced. Scottywood invited me out with him and a bunch of friends and we hit it up big in Chicago. I certainly couldn’t out drink either Scotty or Benny Newell, but it was certainly a fun night.

Making his way into the octagon Scottywood is wearing his trademark hockey jersey with hockey stick in hand as Timothy Ferra hands him off the microphone.

Scottywood: Well I have been looking forward for this for a while, and it has finally come.

The fans in the coliseum cheer for HOFC event, which has been in the works for over a month.

Scottywood: Yes, thank you, finally it was The Hardcore Artist’s birthday.

Terrence Reed: Yes! Happy Birthday Scotty!

Those cheers quickly turn to boos from the HOW fans.

Scottywood: I would like to thank all my fans and friends for the birthday wishes and presents I got. And tonight I have gotten a great gift too, getting to run my first ever HOW show… all by myself. Yes, sadly no Lee Best, but luckily we will NOT see Mike Best any where on tonight’s show. So straight me can all relax and people like Ryan Faze can change the channel in disappointment.

Suddenly we hear “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood starts to play as we see Mr. Cool make his way down the ramp and into the octagon

Terrence Reed: What the hell is he doing here?

The other half of the HOW Tag Team champions walks up to Scotty wil a smile on his face and an envelope in his hand.

Shane Logan: Giving Scotty a birthday gift?

Mr. Cool: How’s it going Scotty?

Scottywood: Cut the shit Cancer, what are you doing here? We don’t have a match tonight.

Mr. Cool: I am quiet aware of that. But hearing that it was your birthday, and not being invited to your party, which really hurt me. I figured I would come out here now and personally give you birthday present.

Scottywood: Ya? What did ya get me?

Mr. Cool: Well I know many of you are familiar with a serious problem that Scottywood has… Enlarged Nipple Disorder… E.N.D. Because of the hideous sight of his pepperoni sized nipples I have demanded in my HOW contract that Mike Best signed, that whenever I am in the ring teaming with Scottywood that he keeps his shirt on to spare me the sight of those enormous nips.

Shane Logan: You can see the anger in Scotty face, he looks like he is going to rip Mr. Cool’s head off.

Terrence Reed: I hope he does, how dare he come out here and speak to Scotty like this!

Mr. Cool: Calm down Scotty, you don’t wanna snap and take out the only partner you have for our upcoming match against Brothers of the Beast. Plus after you see my gift you will be soooo happy.

Terrence Reed: Him quitting HOW would be a great gift!

Mr. Cool: I got you a 100 dollar gift certificate towards nipple reduction surgery. I know this great plastic surgeon and he has done some great work. I know a girl that got her tits done and they look fuckin’ amazing… trust me!

Shane Logan: Oh god… Scotty might kill him.

Cool extends his hand with the envelope in it as Scotty walks right up to him and pushes Cool out of the octagon and makes his way up the ramp, ignoring the fans who are making comments about his nipples.

Mr. Cool: Is 100 dollars not a enough? Fine! I’ll spring for the whole surgery Scotty, I am that nice of a guy.

Scottywood keeps walking and ignoring Mr. Cool as we head to a commercial break.


Official Sponsor of Scottywood’s Birthday party last night…Yes the Bud Girls were in attendance!


Chris Kostoff vs. Chris Jacobs
HOFC Fight

Shane Logan: Well this next match should be a good one. Kostoff and Jacobs have met before and they have pushed each other.

Terrence Reed: Who cares? I mean even a dildo like you can see that this match is set for Kostoff. It’s a fight and it’s not fair for Jacobs. But hey, I’m sure that you’re gonna touch yourself when they start.

The lights dim as Jacobs makes his way to the octogon. His eyes locked on the cage he enters, banging on the cage he looks out at the crowd.

Shane Logan: From what we’ve been told this is Jacob’s final match in HOW.

Terrence Reed: Well I’m sure that you’re gonna be ready to provide some suck fest for his leaving.

Logan shakes his head at Reed as the lights dim. “Dueces” begins to pound on the arena speakers as Kostoff comes out to a thunderous ovation. He lifts his arms as a large steel chain hangs from his massive hand. Swinging over his head he barks at the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Terrence Reed: What the fuck is his problem?

Shane Logan: Kostoff talks about being a wrestling purest. He talks about legends and this looks to be a small tribute to “Bruiser Brody” you tard.

Terrence Reed: Bite me.

Dropping the chain, Kostoff enters the cage and looks at Jacobs. The two men meet in the middle of the cage and stare each other down. Stevens gets between the two men and pushes them back to their corners as ring announcer Timothy Ferra steps up.

Timothy Ferra: The following bout is scheduled for 3 rounds and is part of the Best Invitational. First in the red corner weighing in at 170 pounds and hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada….. Chris Jacobs!!

Terrence Reed: Dead man walking…

Timothy Ferra: And in the blue corner weighing in tonight at 285 poounds and from Tampa, Florida…. Chris Kostoff!!

Shane Logan: Hear that? A 115 pound differential… that will be hard for Jacobs to overcome.

Ferra makes his way out of the octagon as the HOW officials lock the cage door and we see Stevens signal for the start of the bout. The two men charge at each other unloading rights and lefts on each other. Jacobs gets the upper hand by dropping Kostoff with a haymaker right to the chin.

Shane Logan: These two aren’t trying to wear the other down. They are just trying to pound each other down.

Terrence Reed: And you know all about pounding other men.

Jacobs pulls Kostoff up and goes to lock him in a reverse gulliteen…Kostoff slides out and hooks Jacobs leg and pulls him down. Kostoff locks in a ankle lock. Jacobs hollers in pain as Kostoff lifts him from the mat and slams him face first into the mat!! Jacobs covers his face as Kostoff stands over him and begins to throw thunderous blows to the side of Jacobs face. Grabbing Jacobs by his head Kostoff shoves him into the cage. Charging in, Kostoff drives a running knee into the head of Jacobs, slamming his head into the cage!!!

Kostoff goes for a wild right….Jacobs deflects the shot and locks Kostoff into a arm bar!! Leaning back Jacobs tries to yank Kostoff’s arms out of the socket. Stevens asks Kostoff if he wants to give, shaking his head Kostoff moves himself to a standing position and drives a sledge hammer like left into the head of Jacobs!!

Terrence Reed: What do you have to bore us with here?

Shane Logan: Kostoff is really taking it to Jacobs. If Jacobs was smart right now he’d use the cage for leverage.

Kostoff lands another left that causes Jacobs to let go. Kostoff lands a right to the temple of Jacobs as he falls to the mat!! Blood flies from the head of Jacobs as Kostoff continues to pound away. The crowd begins to count…..5, 4, 3, 2, 1….the bell rings signaling the end of the first round.

Shane Logan: I don’t know how Jacobs managed to stay alive. Kostoff pounded him bad.

Terrence Reed: Just look at that cut that Kostoff opened on Jacob’s head.

Shane Logan: Jacobs certainly can’t let that get any worse in this fight, or he will be in danger of Stevens calling and end to this fight.

As Jacobs tries to catch his breathe, Kostoff is pacing back and forth waiting for the bell. Pulling himself to his feet fully, Jacobs grins as the bell rings. Charging at Kostoff, Jacobs lands a wicked shot to the side of his head. Taking the big man to one knee, Jacobs drives a knee into his head. Jacobs goes for a second knee..Kostoff blocks the shot. Leaping to his feet Kostoff kicks Jacobs in the side of his head.

Staggering back Jacobs falls against the cage. Charging, Kostoff lands a flying forearm shot to the face of Jacobs. Blood flies off his face as Kostoff begins to unleash a series of rights to the face of Jacobs. As Kostoff keeps landing shots to his head, Jacobs stumbles forward….Kostoff delivers a nasty right to the jaw. As blood a a couple of teeth fly from his mouth, Jacobs falls face first on the mat as blood gushes from his mouth. Stevens checks on him and signals for the bell.

Shane Logan: Holy shit what a right from Kostoff! He knocked out Jacobs with that shot.

Terrence Reed: As much as I hate to say this, that was a wicked shot that caught Jacobs on the jaw. Did you see his teeth fly?

Shane Logan: I’ve seen some hard shots, but wow he got caught big time! Kostoff may have dislocated or broken the jaw of Jacobs!

Timothy Ferra: The winner of this fight by knock out in the second round….. Chris Kostoff!!!

Looking down at Jacobs, Kostoff makes his way out of the cage as the crowd is going nuts as he makes his way up the aisle.

Terrence Reed: So stat boy, what does this mean for this Invitational thing?

Shane Logan: Well Kostoff now takes a commanding lead with 6 points and almost guarantees himself a spot in the next round. Jacobs now drops to 2 points, but by the looks of him, who knows if he will even be able to continue.

Terrence Reed: Ya, the poor fuck is still lights out in the octagon.

Shane Logan: Well I am getting word that we have cameras backstage and that the High Octane Champion Aceldama is arriving at the arena. Let’s go back there.


I Have An Ace In My Cuffs…My Handcuffs

We cut backstage where we can see a line of four Chicago police cars driving into the coliseum, light flashing as we see them all come to a stop as multiple officers exit the cars and secure the area as one of the officers opens a door and out of the car we see the High Octane Champion Aceldama exit the vehicle. He is in full shackles, as the police don’t want to risk anything with a man the size of Aceldama. The police start to escort him into the arena, but we see HOW reporter Missy Andrews run up the champion which cause the police to stop in caution as the allow the harmless looking interview to approach them.

Missy Andrews: Aceldama, you have been locked up in your Chicago hotel for several days now, awaiting your fight with Defiance’s Frank Dylan James. How do you think that has effected your ability to be ready for this fight?

There is no answer from Aceldama who just stares at Missy Andrews with a look of malice and anger.

Missy Andrews: Do you have any comment before your fight?

Still nothing from Aceldama as he nudges the officers to continue escorting him into the arena as Missy just stands there with a confused look on her face.

Shane Logan: Looks like Aceldama is in a very unpleasant mood, which can only mean bad things for James.

Terrence Reed: Can you blame him?

Shane Logan: No, but if he did what the authorities think he did, he deserves all of it. But right now we need to focus on his upcoming fight.

Terrence Reed: Yes, and I’d love nothing more then to see Aceldama slaughtered in this fight…but he is fighting a hillbilly who would look up to Frankie in the intellect department.

Shane Logan: When we return, the cuffs will come off and we will see Aceldama taking on Frank Dylan James!


Up Next Defiance’s Frank Dylan James will take on HOW Champion Aceldama.


Aceldama vs. Frank Dylan James
HOFC Fight

Returning back from commercial break we see Aceldama already in the octagon as the Chicago PD are removing his shackles. Across the way from him we see Frank Dylan James standing and looking around at the octagon, maybe second guessing himself.

Shane Logan: If there is one thing that I would absolutely not want to do here in HOW, it would be step into a locked cage with that man, the High Octane Champion, Aceldama.

Terrence Reed: Mine would be taking it in the ass from Mike Best…. but hey, that is your call.

The Chicago PD exit the ring as they, instead of the HOW officials secure the door and cover the perimeter of the octagon as Timothy Ferra gives the introductions from outside the ring. Once Ferra is done Stevens calls for the bell to get this fight underway.

Shane Logan: Here we go, HOW versus Defiance. Somewhere Eric Dane is closely watching.

Terrence Reed: Is he? Well fuck you Eric Dane!

James starts out confident as he approaches Ace and tries to lock up but gets a quick right, left jab combo that catches him off guard. Ace then runs at him and runs him hard into the cage wall as he tries to fight back with rights to the side of Ace’s head. Ace uses his knees to drive them into the stomach of James who continues to try and punch his way off the cage.

Shane Logan: Ace being smart and not allowing James and room to move off the cage wall.

Finally James gets some as Ace lets him go and attempts a quick kick that James dodges as Ace hits the cage. James comes back with a hard clothesline that knocks Ace to the mat as James jumps on him and starts firing punches at the champ. Ace gets his arms up, covering his face as Stevens keeps a close eye on the two.

Shane Logan: Tough spot for the champ, James able to use his brawling skills now.

Ace is able to power James off him and roll away as James tries to stay on Ace but gets a quick and hard kick to the side of his stomach, which slows James down and allows Ace to get back to his feet. Ace comes at James and connects with two more kicks and a jab or two as James stays on his feet though.

Terrence Reed: This guy is tough; Aceldama is hitting some hard shots.

Getting a little frustrated Ace goes for another jab but this one James ducks and charges at Ace and picks him up and slams him down hard to the mat and again unleashes some straight brawler like punches.


Stevens breaks the two up and sends them to their corners as you can see a little blood from the right eyebrow of Aceldama as it seems one of those last punches caught the champ good.

Shane Logan: Good round there, James may have no MMA training, but he sure can fight.

Terrence Reed: But how long will that keep him in this match with an angry Aceldama?

Stevens calls the two men back as the bell rings to start the second round and Ace goes right at James and connects two hard punches which drop James to the mat as Steven steps in and checks on James.

Shane Logan: Not as hard as Kostoff’s shot earlier, but those were quick and solid.

James is able to get back to his feet as Stevens let’s the fight continue as we can see a cut now on the face of James, and this gets Aceldama more excited as lands two quick kicks to the body and goes for James’s legs and takes him down to the mat. Ace hammers in a few more punches, which open the up more, but James fights right back with shots of his own as it has turned into a slugfest, with both men trying to get the upper hand by getting on top of the other.

Shane Logan: The anger these two men have is coming out fully now as they trade punches, both their faces are getting covered with their own blood.

Ace hits James with a hard blow which dazes him enough for Ace to take James’s face and rake it across the steel mesh of the octagon wall which gets a loud cheer from the HOW fans. There seems to be little life left in James, until get connects with an elbow which sends Ace back and allows James to get free. Ace looks back at James just in time to catch a big boot to the face.


Shane Logan: Tough round for both men there.

Terrence Reed: But look at James, he is a bloody mess.

Shane Logan: Aceldama looks just a little bit better.

The bell rings to start the third and final round as Ace and James come out of the corner, both much slower then in round one as James comes at Ace and hits to early body shots but Ace counters with a jab to the jaw. James again hits the body of Ace and it looks like Ace is going to counter with a body shot of his own but brings the right leg up and hits a stiff kick to the side of James head that knocks the hillbilly icon down to the floor as Ace quickly drops to the floor and throws a fury of punches which James can’t defend against as Stevens quickly slides in and calls for the bell to end the fight.


Timothy Ferra: The winner of this fight by referee stoppage in the third round…. the HOW Champion…. Aceldama!!!

Shane Logan: What a kick by Aceldama that just dropped James.

Terrence Reed: I would worry about James also loosing teeth after that kick…. But I don’t think he had any to start with.

Shane Logan: Well Eric Dane will not be happy with yet another Defiance loss on HOW television.

Terrence Reed: Maybe he should just conceed that HOW is just better.

Shane Logan: Well that of course would be the smart thing for him to do….

Terrence Reed: ……

Shane Logan: I hear that Scottywood has got another birthday present backstage and that he has demanded we get some cameras back there.

Terrence Reed: Hope it is better then Mr. Cool’s gift.


The BEST Gift

Cutting backstage to Scottywood’s office we see Scottywood sitting behind his desk, talking into the speakerphone with whoever he is on the other end.

Scottywood: It’s complete bullshit Lee, why would you offer Simon the GM spot?

On speakerphone we hear the voice of the imprisoned Lee Best

Lee Best: It is a means to an end Scotty, Simon was loyal and I had to reward him with something that he would take. But I’ll make it up to you with this birthday present.

Scottywood: I still don’t like it, but if it leads to you getting out of jail, then I’ll go along with it…..for now.

Frankie: How about rewarding me Lee? You could give me back my Tag Team title.

Lee Best: Frankie? Scotty, make sure I don’t hear his fuckin’ voice again on this phone or I swear to God that when I get out I’ll Bottom Line his other eye.

Frankie shuts up as we hear a knocking on the door as Scotty motions for Frankie to go and get it. The cameraman opens the door as we see a tall blonde in a mini skirt and tight pink tank top that barely covers everything it is suppose too.

Lee Best: The finest prostitute that money can buy. And I even have a guarantee that she is clean.

Scottywood: She got like a stamp on her ass or something?

Prostitute: How about I come over there and show you.

Frankie is frozen as the prostitute makes her way over to Scotty desk.

Lee Best: And ya know what is best about her?

Scottywood: What is that?

Lee Best: She likes golden showers. Sure ya can work something out where you can sit and she can….

Hitting the disconnect button on the phone Scotty hangs up on Lee as he gets up from his desk and makes his way out of his office, leaving just the prostitute and Frankie in the office.

Frankie: So golden showers huh?

Prostitute: Yes.

Frankie: How much gold ya get?

Prostitute: Depends.

Frankie: Maybe I should try this then. Maybe if I get enough gold I can make a title belt for myself.

Prostitute: Um….whatever ya want. I’m paid for the next hour. If ya want a golden shower then let’s head in the bathroom.

Frankie: Ok!

Completely unaware what he is about to get himself into, Frankie follows the prostitute in the bathroom as the door closes behind them and we head to commercial.


Check out EW Torch weekly to see where HOW superstars fall in the rankings.


Darin Zion vs. Ethan Cavanaugh
HOFC Fight

Shane Logan: We’re back and ready for our second interfed match of the night.

Terrence Reed: HOW is 1-0….time to go for the sweep.

Shane Logan: Well PWX’s Darin Zion will try his hardest to prevent that from happening, but it will be tough against the Alpha Black Male Ethan Cavanaugh

The Good Life by Threes Days Grace hits the PA system and PWX’s Darin Zion makes his way out from the back and stops at the top of the entrance ramp as the crowd boos him unmercifully.

Shane Logan: No love at all for this HOW outsider.

Terrence Reed: They want blood Shane, and hopefully Ethan will deliver for them.

As Zion makes his way down the cameras cut towards ringside where we see Jason Parker Olesen the owner of PWX sitting alongside Zion’s stablemate X-tream Dream. Sitting with them is also John Pariah, brother of Olesen, and a man that HOW fans know all too well.

As the three PWX men are shown on the HOV all the heat Zion had goes directly to the three PWX men and they smile and soak it in and Dream even encourages the fans to get louder as Zion enters the octagon and Stevens goes over and begins talking to Zion who nods as he stares up at the entrance ramp as Revolution Man by Union Underground hits the PA system and HOW’s own Ethan Cavanaugh makes his way out to a loud ovation from the HOW fans.

Again the cameras focus in on the three PWX men at ringside and they show a complete look of disdain at Cavanaugh as the Alpha Black Male of HOW enters the Octagon confidently and begins jogging back and forth as the official introductions are made.

Timothy Ferra: The following interfed match is scheduled for three rounds. First in the red corner from the PWX and hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….weighing in tonight at 212 pounds….Darin Zion!!!!

Terrence Reed: What kind of name is PWX anyhow for a fed? Pussy Wrestling Xtreme?

Timothy Ferra: And in the blue corner from Lisburn, Northern Ireland and weighing in tonight at 219 pounds….The Alpha Black Make….Ethan Cavnaugh!!!

With the formalities out of the way, Rick “Even” Stevens signals for the bell and our second interfed match is underway.

Cavanaugh wastes no time as he immediately goes for a takedown but Zion is able to sprawl out of the attack and with a cocky smile pushes Ethan off him and motions for him to stand up and fight him.

Shane: Not a smart move by Cavanaugh, he doesn’t want to underestimate Zion.

Terrence Reed: Yes, they did beat The Matrix….

The two men circle each other for a few moments with Cavanaugh landing a few inside leg kicks while Zion mostly focuses in with some jabs and some solid body shots to Ethan. After a few more minutes of measuring each other with various jabs and kicks it is Cavanaugh who charges in again for a takedown but Zion was waiting for it and nails Ethan with a huge knee to the forehead of Cavanaugh that sends Cavanaugh to the ground and Zion jumps on him quickly and begins raining down with huge punches.

Shane Logan: Ethan better do something quickly…

Stevens is almost set to call for the fight to end but Cavanaugh is able to roll to his stomach and covers up as Zion takes his back and lands alternating shots to Ethan’s ribcage and then side of his head.

Terrence Reed: Come on Ethan, don’t take that!

Tiring a little, Zion goes for a choke but as he does Ethan is able to raise his body up and slips out from Zion’s grasp and Darin scrambles to his feet where he is met with a hard inside leg kick that sends him down to one leg.

Ethan charges and throws a wild right hand that Zion tries to block but the punch still does some damage and now it is Cavanaugh who takes the mount position and is measuring up Zion for some big punches just as Stevens signals that the first round is over.

Terrence Reed: Ya! Fuck him up!

The crowd cheers loudly for the Cavanaugh comeback in the round as both fighters slowly go back to their corner.

Its at this point that JPO, Dream and Pariah jump the rail and as security is trying to hold them back, one of them gets word from the back that its ok to let them thru, and the PWX men jump up on the outside of the octagon and begin to give Zion words of encouragement as the cameras show Cavanaugh by himself in his corner.

Terrence Reed: Come on! They can’t be doing this! They shouldn’t even be out here.

Shane Logan: They aren’t interfering, just showing support, calm down.

The bell ring and round two begins and Zion meets Cavanaugh in the center of the octagon and Ethan fakes a takedown move which Zion buys and Cavanaugh instead nails him with a wicked side kick to the rib cage of Zion and then follows it up with a proper take down and the crowd cheers loudly as Ethan quickly gets a full mount position locked in.

Terrence Reed: Don’t let up, beat the piss outta him.

Zion quickly gets a good grasp on Ethan which keeps him from getting full punches in. After a few minutes of no real action, Stevens stands the two men back up and the crowd is more than happy to see the fight go back to standup.

Shane Logan: Good call by Stevens to get the action flowing again here.

Ethan reaches his glove out in a show of respect but Zion doesn’t show the same respect as he nails Cavanaugh with a huge left hook and Cavanaugh goes down once again but this time the bell rings again before Zion can finish Ethan off.

Shane Logan: What a cheap shot by Zion, and he is lucky there is a cage, or I bet we would see HOW fans storming the octagon, listen to those boos.

Terrence Reed: If I didn’t have this carpal tunnel I’d climb that fence and kick his ass.

Shane Logan: Sure you would.

Zion heads back to his corner with his arms raised as the PWX crew welcome him back and are giving him a lot of encouragement as Ethan is barely able to get to his feet as he heads back to his corner where no one is waiting for him.

Shane Logan: Cavanaugh is looking bad, might not take much for Zion to finish him in this last round.

The feed goes into a split screen as Cavanaugh has his hands on his knees breathing heavily as Zion is shown getting hyped up by his PWX brethren as Stevens makes his way to the middle of the Octagon and signals to both wrestlers that this is the final round and both nod that they understand as the bell rings and the final round is underway.

Shane Logan: Three minutes and this will head to judges decision, unless one of these two can end it earlier.

Zion and Cavanaugh meet in the middle and this time there is no attempt of a touching of the gloves as Cavanaugh comes out and nails Zion with a quick jab and then another.

Terrence Reed: There ya go Ethan! Fuck that respect shit.

Zion counters with his own straight jabs and cuts open Ethan’s left eyebrow and bleed begins to trickle down Cavanaugh’s face as he is rocked again by a left hook and again Ethan goes down.

Shane Logan: Might be the end here.

Zion, sensing the kill, quickly goes to pounce on Ethan but as he does Cavanaugh nails him with a beautiful kick right to the jaw of Zion that drops him down in a heap on the canvas. The crowd explodes as Cavanaugh scrambles to Zion and begins unloading with heavy right hands to the side of Zion’s head and Stevens has no choice but to jump on Ethan and stop the fight as Zion was no longer able to defend himself.

Timothy Ferra: The winner of this match by referee stoppage in the third round….Ethan Cavanaugh!!!

As the crowd begins cheering, the PWX guys quickly jump into the Octagon and begin to pummel on the victorious Cavanaugh.

Terrence Reed: What the fuck is this? Someone get some HOW guys down here and help him!

The crowd is booing unmercifully as Xtreme Dream nails the HOW superstar with his fisherman Suplex DDT finisher called The Wet Dream.

Shane Logan: Finally some help,

Security quickly hustles into the Octagon and they are able to pull the PWX men off of Cavanaugh who is now out as well.

Terrence Reed: These PWX guys are obviously jealous of the HOW talent, and all they can do is cowardly attack a man after a grueling fight.

Shane Logan: Sounds juts like something you would do.

JPO and Pariah lift Zion up to his feet and help carry him out of the Octagon as Dream continues to talk trash as the HOW fans pelt the PWX men with all sorts of trash as they are escorted out of the area.

As the action cuts away a replay of the highlights of the match are shown..


Who will win the Best Invitational and get their shot at the High Octane Championship at March 2 Glory?


It’s Black and White and The Hardcore Artist

Shane Logan: Well it’s now time for the main event for HOFC 1. A match that has been buildi….

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

Stricken” by Disturbed starts to play for the second time tonight as once again though the HOW fans boos as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Scottywood: That’s it! I am sick of these fuckin’ horrible birthday gifts. Mr. Cool, Lee….Frankie gave me a God damn Sponge Bob t-shirt and video game…which he immediately opened himself and started playing.

Terrence Reed: I thought that prostitute was a great gift.

Scottywood: So I am going to give myself a birthday present, and that is going to be making myself the referee for the main event of tonight’s HOFC title match. DeNucci has run his mouth about my bathroom habits and Chris was the one who ended my great LSD title run…. This should be fun.

Shane Logan: Scottywood as special guest referee? Neither DeNucci or America will be happy with this.

Terrence Reed: Who the fuck cares if they are happy.

Shane Logan: I’m suire some do, but were gonna take one last quick commercial break and be right back for the main event.


The HOFC title will be on the line next! Christoper America vs. Michael DeNucci!!


HOW HOFC Title Match
Christopher America vs. “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci
HOFC Fight

Returning from commercial break we see the octagon with Scottywood standing in the middle of it with Rick Stevens now backstage after getting Scotty’s news that he will be refereeing this upcoming match.

Shane Logan: Well, let’s try this again with out anyother interruption, this match h….

Terrence Reed: Scottywood making a huge announcement is an interruption? Hope he doesn’t hear you say that

Shane Logan: All I wanna do is run down the main event, is that too much to ask?

Terrence Reed: So go ahead and do it…damn.

Shane Logan: Well ever since America has returned to HOW he has had his sights set on Michael DeNucci and his HOFC title, a belt that America believes should have been his along if DeNucci had started the HOFC before America had left.

Terrence Reed: He can say all of that, but the facts are that America has no real MMA training, while this what DeNucci’s life has been for the past couple months.

Remember the Name” by Fort Minor interrupts the two as the crowd erupts in cheers as Christopher America walks out onto the stage as we see red, white and blue pyros explode behind him.

Shane Logan: Big night for America as he attempts something that everyone who has challenged DeNucci like Kostoff and Bobbinette Carey have failed at, taking that HOFC title from DeNucci.

Terrence Reed: 113 days Shane, and I feel it is just the start for him.

America enters the octagon and stares down Scottywood, these two have had their own battles in the past, and surly there is no love lost between them. ”Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne then starts plays as a chorus of boos start to be heard through the coliseum as we see DeNucci make his way out, HOFC title around his waist and his entourage following close behind him.

Shane Logan: DeNucci had a tough loss last week to Kirsta Lewis, but the HOFC champ later claimed this week that he threw the match due to the referee, Christopher America not allowing himself to get a fair fight. I think that bull, I think DeNucci lost and tried grasping at an excuse.

Terrence Reed: Come on, Christopher America being a fair ref? DeNucci never had a chance to win that match. Now tonight we have someone with integrity refereeing and DeNucci will have a fair fight.

Entering the octagon we can see that America is itching to get at DeNucci but The Hardcore Artist holds him back as DeNucci hands his title belt off to the lovely HOW ring girl who holds it up over her head as Timothy Ferra approaches for the introductions.

Timothy Ferra: The following fight is your main event!! It is scheduled for five round and will be a Best Invitational match and will be for the HOW HOFC Championship!! First in the red corner from America and weighing in tonight at 235 pounds….Christopher America!!!

The crowd cheers as America raises his arms acknowledging all the fans.

Timothy Ferra: And in the blue corner hailing from Laguna Beach, California and weighing in tonight at 223 pounds….. He is the HOFC Champion…. “The Headhunter” Michael DeNucci!!!

Again boos for the HOFC champ as DeNucci smiles, staying very confident as he looks over at America. Scotty calls both men to the center of the octagon and calls for the bell to get the fight underway as DeNucci starts off with a quick kick that rocks America and sends him stumbling back a few steps in surprise.

Shane Logan: DeNucci quickly establishing his MMA dominance with that opening kick.

America comes back to the center of the ring as both men move around a little, waiting for the other to make the first move as Scotty orders them to fight. DeNucci throws a couple jabs that don’t connect as America tries a few of his own which DeNucci dodges and then America tries a kick but DeNucci blocks it and grabs America’s leg as he throws him down to the mat.

Shane Logan: Take down by DeNucci and now he has the full mount on America.

Terrence Reed: Oh your loving to say that, aren’t you?

America gets his arms up in defense, blocking most of the shots from DeNucci until he his able to grab DeNucci’s head and pull him in, preventing him from getting any room to punch him, which makes DeNucci resort to getting some body shots in on America. DeNucci tries to free himself up but America has a good hold on him as the round comes to and end.


Shane Logan: Round one is over and DeNucci defiantly seemed to be the dominate one there.

Terrence Reed: America tries to throw that kick but he was in over his head as DeNucci blocked it and made him pay.

Scottywood calls for the start of the second round as America and DeNucci come out of their corners. We can see some swelling over the left eye of America as DeNucci starts quickly aiming for it as he hits a left, right jab combo to the face of America. He throws a quick kick to the body of America and then hits another left, right jab, but this time follows with a left uppercut. But America dodges the uppercut and with DeNucci exposed land a big right that sends DeNucci stumbling back in shock.

Shane Logan: Didn’t see that coming. America may not be a MMA fighter per say, but he can still fight.

America comes in with a knee to the gut of DeNucci and attempts for a spinebuster but DeNucci blocks the wrestling move and plants America with a swift kick upside the head which drops him to the floor. DeNucci quickly jumps on him and again hammers away with some shots but America surprisingly hammers back with a few of his own which stuns DeNucci and gets him off America.

Shane Logan: America escaping, but you can see the cut now over his eye starting to bleed. That will be a huge bull’s-eye for DeNucci.

Terrence Reed: Just like your ass is a bull’s-eye for Mike Best.

With both still on the mat America goes for a quick jab but DeNucci blocks it and reverses it into a choke hold on America which quickly starts to cut the challengers air way off. Scottywood is right there asking America if he wants to give up, but he refuses to say yes, especially with Scottywood is referee.

Shane Logan: America better find a way out and quick, or his title hopes will vanish like his air supply.

Terrence Reed: Choke him out DeNucci!

America is fading quick as it seems that he is just about out of it as Scottywood goes to call for the end to end the match….


Terrence Reed: This fight is….

Shane Logan: Not over! That bell was for the end of the round, not the end of the match. We will head to round three!

Terrence Reed: Come on! He had him choked out.

Shane Logan: He did, but America held on just long enough.

Scottywood goes and confirms it with the timekeeper as DeNucci is pissed and America makes his way back to his corner, coughing and trying to regain his breathe.

Terrence Reed: We can’t throw a challenge flag or something?

Shane Logan: We? Since when are you part of DeNucci’s entourage.

Terrence Reed: Since he slept with blonde triplets.

Round three starts as DeNucci again starts things off with a few jab attempts, but America is now dodging and blocking them more as DeNucci goes for a body kick but America jumps back out of the way and the comes flying at DeNucci with an clothesline which catches the champ as he falls to the mat. He pops right back up and America hits a shoulder block that sends DeNucci back right into the octagon cage wall as runs over and drives a knee into the face of DeNucci.

Shane Logan: DeNucci caught by those two quick moves by America and now he is pinned up against that cage wall.

America throws a couple quick punches but we see Scottywood quickly jump in between and break things up as America seems to be furious.

Shane Logan: Is he stopping the fight? If not he shouldn’t be breaking this up.

Terrence Reed: Well America just can’t have DeNucci against that cage like he does. Come on Shane.

America pushes Scottywood away as he goes back at DeNucci, but he is able to jump back to his feet and land a hard right jab that cuts America even more as the blood starts to flow more and this gets America more fired up as the two just start trading punch after punch as DeNucci is now opened up and all MMA fighting has broken down into a brawl of punches until America gets the upper hand with a hard left punch which stuns DeNucci as Ammerica takes a few steps back and run upt to DeNucci and with a jump drives both knees into the chest of DeNucci who falls to the mat.


Shane Logan: American Express right as the round ends and DeNucci is glad to hear that bell, that round certainly did not go in his favor.

Terrence Reed: Because America decided to use wrestling moves and turned it into a slugfest.

Shane Logan: That has to be the strategy of America, he knows he is under matched in MMA ability, but he has a better chance if he makes it more of a street fight.

Starting Round 4 we can see the blood now covering the faces of both men, DeNucci may even have a broken nose after catching the American Express very high at the end of the round. Both men throw some jabs, which for each connect as defenses are being tougher to be held late here in the fight. America is able to land a body kick and dodge a jab combo by DeNucci which allows America the opening to lock in his cobra clutch backbreaker submission move much to the crowds delight.

Shane Logan: America Dream! America has it locked in and this could be goodnight for DeNucci!

Close to the cage wall we see DeNucci grab hold, but unlike a real wrestling match where grabbing the ropes will get holds broken, the cage means nothing as Scottywood seems more relaxed in asking DeNucci if he wants to give up. Clutching onto the cage DeNucci pulls on it to gain leverage to free himself.

Terrence Reed: DeNucci can’t afford to let America choke him out, we would never hear the end of it if it happens.

Shane Logan: Well get ready, cause America has got him good.

DeNucci is slipping away and uses some of the last of his strength to pull on the cage wall again and this time he is successful as he is able to break free from the cobra clutch which America quickly tries to reapply but DeNucci hits him with an elbow to the face and then grabs his head and slams it into the steel cage once, twice, three times before he lets go and America falls to the ground, as DeNucci, exhausted does the same.

Shane Logan Both men down, well see if either can answer Scottywood’s ten count.




Terrence Reed: No one is moving much, as these men have really given it their all.




Shane Logan: Some signs of life from America. If he cgets up and DeNucci doesn’t, he is the new champ.



Terrence Reed: DeNucci is stirring.

America is back on his feet at the eight count as he looks at Scottywood who has now turned to DeNucci.


DeNucci get to a knee and Scotty calls off the count which America is very skeptical about and voices his disagreement to Scottywood who we can see mouth the words “shut the fuck up” to America.


Shane Logan: Questionable call by Scottywood as DeNucci was only to a knee, but I am glad to see this fight go to the fifth and final round.

Terrence Reed: Everyone expect this to be a great fight, and it is certainly turning into one as America and DeNucci are taking each other to the limit.

Shane Logan: And were ready for the final round, if it doesn’t end here we will go to the judges decisions, who I wouldn’t envy at all, this has been a hell of a close match.

The bell rings and DeNucci and America are very slow out of their corners, blood dripping from America’s face after being bashed into that steel cage, and DeNucci still having trouble breathing after almost being choked out. America is first to throw some jabs, which connect. He goes for a body kick and as before, DeNucci is able to block it, but this time America counters with an enzugeri that almost takes DeNucci’s head off and drops him to the floor.

Shane Logan: Down goes DeNucci, could be a knockout right there.

Terrence Reed: Damn, that was a hell of a kick.

Scottywood checks on DeNucci who is showing signs of life as he uses the cage wall to help pull himself back to his feet as Scottywood keeps America who wants to continue away from DeNucci.

Shane Logan: DeNucci is tough and even though that kick rocked him, he got back up. But Scottywood is giving him a bit too much time to recover….

America feels the same as he pushes Scottywood away and charges at DeNucci and hits a splash, which crushes DeNucci between America’s flying body and the cage wall. America hits a few punches before he rips the protective padding from the corner of the octagon exposing the steel beam holding the structure together.

Terrence Reed: What is this? He can’t do that.

Shane Logan: Well that is up to the official I guess.

We see Scottywood make his way over and it seems as if he is going to stop America, who looks right at the GM, almost expecting something, but instead Scottywood steps back motions to America that he is gonna allow it.

Terrence Reed: Stop him Scotty!

Shane Logan: I think Scottywood wants to have a exciting fight, and with Simon Sparrow’s job offer by Lee, Scotty can’t afford to interfere.

America lands a few more punches as he has DeNucci by his hair and is about to ram DeNucci’s head into the steel beam, but DeNucci fights back with some shots of his own as America and DeNucci trade blows again before America connects with an elbow to the possible broken nose of DeNucci which gains America the advantage and allows him to drives DeNucci’s head into the beam.

Shane Logan: Oh God! Did you hear that?

Terrence Reed: This is wrong. America should be disqualified.

The sound of skull hitting steel is sickening but it is soon replaces by an explosion of cheers as the fans are loving the action inside the octagon. DeNucci is laid out as Scottywood goes to check on him and the clock for the round ticks down.

Shane Logan: We going to see a knockout here?


The octagon door opens as HOW EMTS enter and attend to DeNucci as Timothy Ferra comes over to Scottywood who whispers something in his ear.

Timothy Ferra: This fight has ended without a decision, and as such will go to the judges for a decision.

Shane Logan: DeNucci is almost out cold, in no condition to continue fighting and yet Scottywood refused to declare a knockout.

Terrence Reed: Well that’s up to the official Shane-O.

Shane Logan: Well hopefully the mysterious HOFC judges will score this fight right so we see the right man win.

Terrence Reed: Yes, DeNucci.

We see Frankie the Cameraman emerges from backstage with an envelope with what we presume are the judges decision for the fight. He climbs the stairs and enters the octagon and is about to hand the envelope to Ferra, but Scotty steps up and takes the envelope from Frankie and the microphone from Ferra.

Scottywood: It’s my birthday, so I’ll do the honors of announcing the winner, thanks Tim.

Opening up the envelope we see Scotty read the judges decision for the match and then fold the paper back up and place it into his pocket. The EMTs have helped DeNucci back to his feet now as both men stand on either side of Scottywood, both a bloodied mess.

Scottywood: Well I have to say this may have been one of the most exciting HOFC fights that HOW has ever seen. But someone has to be declared the winner, getting 3 more points in the Invitational and more importantly, the HOFC title.

Shane Logan: Certainly an early match of the year candidate.

Scottywood: So the winner of this fight by unanimous judges decision, being scored 3 rounds to 2…..

pausing for a second he looks at DeNucci….then America….

Scottywood: Your NEW HOW HOFC Champion….Christopher America!!!!

The crowd who was almost dead silent in anticipation explodes in cheers as Amerrica throws his arms up in joy and we see Scotty take the title from Ferra and reluctantly hand the title off to America.

Shane Logan: America did it! What a come back for Christopher America who in only a few short matches back has claimed HOW gold again. Seemed Scottywood was a little hesitant to announce Chris the winner and give him the title, almost was like he debated calling DeNucci’s name.

Terrence Reed: He could have, and no one would have known. Damnit Scotty!

Shane Logan: Well we are out of time, for Terrence Reed and myself Shane Logan we will see you at HOFC 2!!

America climbs up onto the top of the cage wall and holds the HOFC title high above his head, blood still dripping from his face as ”Remember the Name” by Fort Minor plays and we end the night with the celebratory scene.

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