Hall of Fame Monday: December 15th, 2008 (2008)

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Hall of Fame Monday
Monday; December 15
th, 2008 – #HOW30
The Best Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Tribute to the Past..

HOTv cuts away from its 24/7 preview for ICONIC and we are brought a live video feed inside The Best Arena here in Chicago Illinois.

This is not the typical Monday Night though as there will be no Mayhem tonight.

Tonight is all about celebrating the careers of the men and women that have made High Octane Wrestling one of the most prestigious places to practice and honor the craft that is professional wrestling.

Hard cameras are set up all around the entrance stage where a large podium has been set up with big golden curtains set up as a backdrop. The entrance ramp has been taken away and instead there are seats, which are filled with fans, media and as the camera pans across the 200 some odd people in attendance we see all four members of Team Epic sitting in the back row while members of the Best Alliance are sitting in the front row…

Maximillian Kael in a seat dead center in front of the podium, Scottywood to his left, then to Scotty’s left is none other than Michelle and HOW World Champion Graystone.

The feed then quickly cuts to the parking lot where we see the Stable Champions, the Argonauts of Awesome, arguing with security as they are unable to gain access to the ceremony. It is complete chaos as Triple M, Triple P and Derek Mobley begin swinging their custom Stable Belts at the security and before we can see the resolution to the confrontation the feed abruptly cuts back live inside the Best Arena as everyone stands to their feet as Lee Best is making his way to the podium!

Lee makes his way out, with new eye patch mind you, decked out in a magnificent three piece suit. He waves his hand towards the crowd and media that are present and stops for a second as he notices thru the crowd that Bobbinette Carey and the rest of the Team Epic stable have remained seated. Lee smirks and makes his way up to the podium and motions for everyone to sit down and as they do he starts the ceremony.

Lee Best: Welcome everyone to the 2008 High Octane Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  I am the founder, the father if you will, of this great organization and although I only own half of the company now everyone here and at home will agree that HOW is my baby and will always own 100% of my heart.

The crowd erupts into cheers and a makeshift HOW chant breaks out from the fans in attendance.

Lee Best: I think that is the first time I have been cheered in about a decade……now before we get this party started I wanted to take this time to introduce the original HOW Hall of Fame class but unfortunately every single one of those ungrateful fuckers turned down my hefty offer to come here tonight and pay homage to the federation that made them famous, and yes that includes your precious Jatt Fucking Starr.

The crowd boos loudly at the announcement that none of the original HOW Hall of Famers will not be in attendance.

Lee Best: Although those bastards won’t be here tonight doesn’t mean I will disrespect what they have meant to HOW like they have done. Even if I don’t like some of these people, well most of them to be honest, it doesn’t take away from the fact that these men are really the foundation of what HOW has become. Although I may have fucked their wives, assisted in the killing of their brothers,  made them wrestle in three title matches in one night and lose, made them get sucked off by a calf, and am solely responsible for making of their careers…….WITH all that said…..they are still recognized in my book for being a vital part of the past and future of High Octane Wrestling and I would like to take this time to showcase the original class of HOW Hall of Famers…….roll the tape.

Lee turns and a huge HD Monitor drops down from the huge HOTv screen that is used normally during Monday Night Mayhems. The monitor stops several feet above Lee, in perfect view for all those in attendance, and a video begins to air.

High Octane Wrestling has come onto the scene like no other back in the fall of 2001 and changed the landscape of professional wrestling. Just as it reached its zenith it came all crashing down around Lee Best. Through the years Lee brought HOW back time and time again but the federation ultimately failed each time only to be risen from the ashes in the form of Golden Phoenix Wrestling.

Again the self destruction of Lee Best led to another downfall but in late April of this past year Lee returned with a vengeance and vowed that this would be the final and ultimate run of High Octane Wrestling.

Through all these ups and downs there have always been a few constants…..Lee Best….and a few loyal and hardworking professionals who literally have made HOW one of the most famous, if not infamous, organizations in the game today.

Tonight we honor new inductions into HOW’s Hall of Fame but before we honor the present, let’s remember the past and pay homage to the men that set the groundwork for the men and women in HOW today.

You will now see the career highlights of the men that are the current HOW Hall of Famers before they are joined in immortality tonight.

Cameras pan across the room as everyone is transfixed on the video as it begins the highlight reel for the original Hall of Fame class.

The screen comes to life showing Mark O’Neal holding the World Title high in the air as the winner of the first ever War Games. The Explosive One as he liked to be called, made a career out of big PPV Title wins as he would capture the World Title on more than one occasion.

The video then shows Mark standing side by side with his brother, Shocker, as they hold the World Tag Team Championships high in the air as the team called The Mercenaries.

Then video then cuts abruptly to footage of Graystone driving off in Shocker’s hummer while Shocker’s head is stuck in the windshield.

The crowd begins booing loudly as Lee can only smile as the video tribute continues..

The video transitions to an image of Lynx holding the Rival Feds Championship belt high in the air after defeating 63 other wrestlers in a huge tournament. Lynx at that moment was the man everyone feared in HOW and aspired to be.

The video then shows several of Lynx’s wins over Chris Kostoff and the huge battles they had all ended in blood being spilled on the canvas.

The video then abruptly cuts away to an image of a rocking chair rocking in the wind, symbolizing what Lynx has become……..dust in the fucking wind and a distant memory.

The crowd is starting to buzz as it’s apparent that Lee intends to pay no tribute at all to these men that are responsible for making HOW what it is today.

Lee is holding back laughter as the video continues…

The video now cuts to an image of a very well dressed man and it’s pretty clear that it is none other than Narcotic.

The video then showcases all of Narcotics big wins over Jay Luminary, Jason Sinn, and other notable former HOW champions and even new footage of Narcotic as the Commissioner of HOW is shown. But like the two previous highlights this one quickly cuts to the fateful night where Narcotic was in and lost three matches on a PPV and walked away from in ring competition forever.

Lee Best: Oh just wait folks…..it’s about to get really good…

The crowd is just shaking their head as the next highlight reel begins playing..

The next highlight starts not with highlights of the next Hall Of Famers career. No title wins are shown. No big PPV matches are shown…..and surely not anything that you would call home about.

Instead the video literally shows HOW Hall of Famer Darkwing getting his dick sucked by Lee Best’s pet calf….Besty.

Laughter from the front row, namely The Best Alliance members, can barely be heard as several people in the crowd begin gagging while others literally get up and head for the exits as Darkwing’s screams of terror can barely be heard over the sucking sounds coming from the hungry calf.

Lee is literally on his knees laughing as tears roll out from under his eye patch and from his good eye as he points and laughs at one of the most infamous moments in HOW’s history.

Finally, and thankfully, the highlight reel for Darkwing ends as we see a final image of Darkwing’s face on the body of Dwayne Johnson….which brings more laughter from Lee as he just shakes his head at his own genius as the next highlight reel begins as people are still unsettled from the past one.

The next highlight reel comes to life and we see the golden boy Jatt Starr in all his glory sitting in the Jattster golf cart with the HOW World Title firmly in his grasp.

The crowd erupts into cheers as they quickly forget about Besty going to town on Darkwing and instead cheer the Ratings Machine that was Jatt Starr.

The video shows the finish to the most famous singles match in HOW’s history as Jatt defeats Darkwing in an IRON Man Match for the ICON title at Genesis. The video then showcases all of Jatt’s one liners one after another.

The crowd is laughing now as the Ruler of Jattlantis is shown in all his glory.

Then the video goes completely black and all we hear is audio as Jatt tears into Lee Best and the loss of Lee’s sister.

The laughter dies as a very somber looking Lee stares up at the black screen and anger and pain can be seen in his eye.

The highlight reel for Jatt ends as we see an image of Jatt holding a sign that reads “HOW in 09?”

The question is then answered as Jatt’s head is literally ripped off as a photo shopped version of Lee Best shits down his throat.

Lee can be seen smiling as people behind him are appalled at what they are watching.

Down in the front row both Max and Graystone are seen laughing but they quickly stop as both notice the other one laughing.

The final highlight reel of the current HOW Hall of Famers is for none other than Chris Kostoff.

A buzz can be heard throughout the people in attendance as everyone is nervous but anxious to see what Lee has in store for Kostoff’s “tribute”.

The highlight reel starts off with a picture of Kostoff beating the holy hell out of Lee Best at Rumble at the Rock. Kostoff is relentless as he pummels Lee with rights and lefts.

Lee can be seen holding the side of his face where his detached retina is still healing.  But he is smiling nonetheless…

The punches become faster and faster and faster until suddenly the screen erupts into a bright light and we are suddenly watching as photo shopped version of Barbi Kostoff is getting pounded by Lee Best who is holding a cup of coffee in a clear tribute to Lumbergh in Office Space…

Mmmmmmm…..yaaaaaa…..I am going to have to have you suck my dick on Saturday……….Sunday too if that’s ok……..yaaaaaaaa”

The highlight reel then ends as we see an image of Scottywood holding the LSD Title high in the air with the words…NEXT MONDAY NEW LSD CHAMPION…..across the bottom.

The HD monitor goes black and raises back up to the roof as Lee turns as only Scottywood is seen standing applauding the video that just aired. The rest of the those in attendance boo while the other Best Alliance members clap in their seats.


Lee Best: God that was good, but alas time is running short and its time to get serious and induct this year’s class.

The crowd applauds that the show is moving on from the crap that just happened.

Lee Best: Over a month ago I announced the nominees for this year’s class and I opened the polls up. Shane Reynolds, Bobbinette Carey, Silent Witness, and Maximillian Kael were nominated and all deserved a chance to be inducted here tonight.

Lee pauses as the crowd applauds their approval…

Lee Best: I may have difference of opinions with some of these people but in the end I know that they are a valuable part of the success of High Octane Wrestling and that is why with great honor I announce the poll results and the first inductee for this year’s class…..

Lee pauses as he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out an envelope…

Lee Best: With 20% of the vote over at Ewmania.com and 38% of the vote at HOWrestling.com and 100% of my vote…..the first inductee into the 2008 HOW Hall of Fame Class is…….

A drum roll begins….

Lee Best: The person that is a blister on my taint but a person HOW would be far worse off without…..THE QUEEN B…BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!

The crowd explodes with applause as a shocked Bobbinette Carey hugs her stablemates and makes her way thru the crowd as the crowd chants QUEEN B…..QUEEN B….

Carey, with the help of a HOW crewmember decked out in a tux, climbs the steps up to the top of the stage and as Lee backs away clapping his approval, Carey takes her place in front of the podium.

Bobbinette: I can’t believe this. Thank you god.

She says with a smile.

Bobbinette: I never had expected to be actually inducted. I was saying just being nominated was an honor. I didn’t think of what I would say if I was nominated into this honored group of wrestlers.

She seems stunned.

Bobbinette: It was an honor for me to be in the ring against such great names. Just because they were hall of fame wrestlers. Now to be among them is more than I could have ever dreamed of. There’s no better company to be part of an illustrious hall of fame then this one. I remember the first time I faced Darkwing thinking it was such an honor to be able to wrestle against one of those greats. And now I am right up there with the great names of HOW history. I’ve made my mark.  And I’ve done it for the fans. I feel I have so many people to thank. My mom who passed away, she told me to always believe in myself even if they were impossible dreams because impossible things happen all the time.

She laughs.

Bobbinette: She was right! I have to thank God and um all of team epic. All the bumps the bruises the losses and the gains all helped push me to be the most uberly epic person I could be and that epic person is now a High Octane Hall of Fa…..

Suddenly an apparent crazed fan jumps up on the stage, catching everyone off guard, and tackles Carey to the ground. The fan blasts Carey with several right hands before security can tackle him the ground. As the man is dragged away he keeps screaming the same phrase over and over…


Ken Davison, David Black, and Blaze all rush onto the stage as Lee holds his arms up high signaling he has no fucking clue as to what just happened.

The rest of Team Epic help Carey to the back and as we can hear her saying Livie’s name over and over again thru her tears as she makes it to the back.

Lee walks back up to the podium and tries to calm everyone down.

Lee Best: Well anyone else want to jump on fucking stage before the next induction………ok no one….good……we are going to take a short break to get things settled and make sure my ass isn’t getting sued.

The Hall of Fame Ceremony takes a quick break as a video hyping ICONIC next Monday on HOTv is shown.



Back live and we see that everyone has pretty much settled down and now there are added security surrounding the stage and all exits. Lee again steps up to the podium to applause as everyone is ready to move on from the attack on Carey and just get thru the night.

Lee Best: OK obviously that was not an Epic way to kick off the inductions but luckily for all of you there is only one more induction to come and in respect to everyone I want to make this as quick as possible.

Lee clears his throat as he pulls out another piece of paper from his jacket and begins to read..

Lee Best: It gives me great honor to induct this person into the Hall of Fame. This person has worked very closely with me over the years and has played a vital role in keeping the Best Alliance a strong and respected stable.

The crowd boos loudly as the camera shows the Best Alliance members smiling.

Lee Best: This person has not only been a great world champion in the past but after ICONIC next Monday I am sure that this person will etch their name into stone as one of the all time greats after they make their opponent say the final words of the show….”I Quit”.

The cameras now focus in on Max and Graystone and it’s obvious that there is some tension between the two men.

Lee Best: This person has always been behind me thru thick and thin and when people had their doubts about me or the direction of HOW this person didn’t hesitate in standing up for what they believed in….and that was HOW.

Lee dabs a tear away from his eye as he wraps up his introduction.

Lee Best: So its gives me infinite honor and happiness that I introduce the world to the final member of the 2008 HOW Hall of Fame Class………

A drum roll starts again as the cameras focus in on Max and Graystone.


Max stands up to his feet and starts shaking hands and then stops as he realizes that Lee just read off Graystone’s name.

Shocked, Max sits back down as the camera cuts to Graystone, who sits staring straight ahead. The crowd let’s out a loud mixed reaction filled with claps, gasps, cheers and boos. A smile lights up on Michelle Reynolds-Creedy’s face as she begins clapping wildly for Graystone.

Michelle: Daddy! That’s you!

Graystone is still in shock as he slowly stands up, his legs still a bit wobbly. Graystone slowly walks up to the podium as the camera cuts to Max Kael with a look of confusion on his face. The camera cuts back to Lee Best shaking Graystone’s hand. The camera cuts to Michelle who is clapping with a look of approval on her face. Lee Best stands back and holds his arm, looking on at Graystone in approval. Graystone slicks the hair out of his face and stands in front of the podium.

Graystone: Wow.

The camera cuts to the crowd, and about half of the crowd is standing and applauding in approval, and the other half is sitting clapping quietly. The camera cuts back to Max Kael, who looks pissed and is mouthing something to Scottywood, who is listening intently, but still clapping. Graystone puts out his hands gesturing for everyone to sit down.

Graystone: Please. Please. Everyone. Please.

The crowd’s clapping finally dies down as everyone takes their seats. Graystone struggles to find the words to say.

Graystone: I don’t know what to say.

The camera cuts to Max Kael who has his hand on his forehead, looking down, and shaking his head in disappointment.

Graystone: Umm… Wow. What a special moment, huh? You know…

A man in the crowd yells out “You Suck!” as Graystone looks up from the podium and smiles sinisterly.

Graystone: Do you know where your children are, sir?

About half the crowd laughs, and half the crowd boos.

Graystone: I wasn’t expecting this, but I do think that since I am being honored it’s my time to say whatever the hell I want. And I’m going to say it. You get up here and bust your ass in HOW for 8 years and earn your spot, then you can say what the hell you want to. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

A loud applause from the crowd of wrestlers in attendance. Cameras flash taking pictures as Graystone pulls the hair out of his face again.

Graystone: It has been a wild ride. Never in my career have I been honored with such a high accolade as The HOW Hall of Fame. When I started in HOW many years ago, this was a much different place. When I came, it was Mayhem and TNT. This company was so big under the leadership of Lee Best that this place had two shows and two extremely talented rosters of guys. When I was coming in, guys like Kostoff, Darkwing, Jatt Starr, Narcotic, O’Neal, Lynx, and so on were making their names and claiming their stake in the HOW. I came in and won the Cross-Continental championship, which no longer exists. But hey, those things cost a lot of money.

The crowd lets out a small laugh.

Graystone: They’re heavy too.

The crowd lets out another small laugh.

Graystone: That’s why I make Michelle carry the World Title.

A big laugh comes from the crowd. The camera cuts to Michelle who is smiling and listening patiently. The camera cuts to Max who is seething with anger as he sits with his arms crossed, not impressed.

Graystone: And that’s right around the time when I met my arch nemesis, Jatt Starr. The ratings juggernaut. The man from Jattlantis. Oh, you know the catchphrases. And what did I do? I knocked him out of the World Title tournament. That’s right. I injured Jatt Starr. Then I left, and when I came back, I came back looking to pick up where I left off. I came back as Princess Angel, and Jatt Starr didn’t even know it was me. Of course, that goes into the transvestite era, and unfortunately Bobbinette cannot be with us to deliver some quirky comebacks, but I’m sure she’ll see this at some point.

A fan screams “Bobbinette is my baby’s mama!”

Graystone: I’m not surprised.

Another small chuckle from the crowd, as even Lee Best cracks a smile.

Graystone: Then, after HOW went defunct and came back for another run, Jatt Starr and I rekindled our feud which led to a month of back and forth hell. Jatt Starr was the world champion, and I was in line for the title shot. The match was set: Last Man Standing. And what was the result of that match? I defeated Jatt Starr, giving Jatt his first ever loss at an HOW Pay Per View and cementing my name in HOW history. Afterwards, Lee Best disappeared and so did the HOW.

Graystone looks back at Lee, then back at the podium.

Graystone: David Copperfield doesn’t have shit on Lee Best.

The crowd lets out a huge laugh.

Graystone: Then I came back during a world title tournament when the HOW resurfaced, and made my way to the semi-finals, but had to leave. And Lee, being the classy guy that he is, sent me off by tying me up in the middle of the ring, and letting a cow have its way with me as I pissed myself on national television.

The camera cuts to Lee Best who stands sternly, watching intently.

Graystone: I was a numnut. I totally deserved it.

Graystone looks back at Lee, who is emotionless, and stares back. Graystone looks back at the crowd.

Graystone: Then, I got the opportunity to come back to the HOW this year. I was able to become ICON Champion twice, Stable Champion, and come back to end the career of Shane Reynolds and become HOW World Champion. This has been a huge year for me, and I am honored to be standing on this stage in front of such a talented group of wrestlers. I am honored with this Hall of Fame award tonight, but I dedicate it to all of the HOW Superstars that have busted their asses night in and night out to perform at the top of their game.

The crowd lets out a clap of respect. The camera cuts to Max Kael, who is leaning back in his chair, as he lets out a sigh and folds his arms in front of him.

Graystone: I have to thank several of the Hall of Famers. First off, I must thank Jatt Starr for giving me the opportunity to prove myself, and beat him, and put that ugly little stain on his record for the rest of his life. Also, I would like to thank Kostoff for allowing me to beat you on multiple occasions. Also, thank you for allowing Lee and the rest of the HOW Locker Room to have sex with your wife.

The crowd lets out a gasp and then a loud chorus of boos echoes throughout The Best Arena.

Graystone: I have to thank Darkwing for allowing me to whoop his ass this year in the cage match so I could regain the ICON championship.

The crowd lets out a low roar of boos.

Graystone: I have to thank Godly Ken Davison for being a pathetic member of Team Epic and allowing The Best Alliance to trample all over them. I also must deliver the most sincere thank you to Bobbinette Carey for being the worst leader of a stable and for her performance in vomiting all over The Crow last Monday. That was truly Epic. I must thank the Argonauts of Awesomeness, Triple M and Perfect Paul Paras for providing HOW with some much needed comedy relief as every in ring performance has The Best Alliance in stitches. My god, do you guys suck.

Graystone laughs, as the camera cuts to Scottywood who is saying “It’s true. They do suck.”

Graystone: But this is not a roast… and I can’t possibly get up here and thank everyone who has made my stay in the HOW great. But I do have to thank one man. One man in particular. Ladies and gentlemen, unless you know him, you truly cannot appreciate this man’s excellence. His dedication to HOW is unprecedented, and this man embodies everything that is and has ever been HOW. Wrestlers have come, and wrestlers go, but at the end of the day he always runs the show. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Lee Best!

The crowd boos, as the camera cuts back to Scottywood who is wiping a tear from his eye as he stands up and claps loudly, with passion.

Graystone: Thank you everyone, thank you for this honor.

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction of claps and boos. Graystone turns around and shakes Lee Best’s hand. Graystone turns and waves to the crowd, then stops for a second noticing Max Kael sitting with a pissed off look on his face. Graystone walks back up to the podium.

Graystone: Oh wait a minute folks, wait a minute. I forgot to thank someone. Wait a minute.

Lee walks up to Graystone, noticing the eye contact he is making with Kael.

Lee Best: That’s enough. We’re out of time.

Graystone stares straight ahead at Max.

Graystone: Last but not least, I must thank Maximilian Kael. If I could think of one person that should be up on this stage accepting a Hall of Fame award right now, it should be him. Max Kael exhibits all of the qualities of a leader that is sought after in an HOW Hall of Famer. Max is dedicated, loyal, driven and passionate for sure. But perhaps the reason Max Kael is not up on this stage tonight, but instead is sitting out in the audience on his ass like a little bitch, is because he’s a backstabber and can’t be trusted.

An uproar from the crowd. Lee grabs hold of Graystone’s arm. Graystone pulls away fiercely.

Graystone: Last week you attacked me when I was down at my lowest of lows, and why? Because you say you want to be number one, and I was always meant to be number two. Well, tonight I am number one bitch. I am being honored for my outstanding achievements. And at ICONIC, I am going to be number one and leave with the HOW World Championship. And you, my friend, are going to be lying flat on your back looking up at the ceiling wondering where you went wrong in your sorry pathetic excuse for a life.

The camera cuts to Max Kael, who stands up. Scottywood stands up in front of him.

Lee Best: That’s enough, dammit.

Graystone: No, Lee… That’s not enough. This little fucker wants to be number one? You want to be an HOW Hall of Famer? Then why don’t you come up here right now and make history!? Why don’t you claim your stake in HOW history and show me what you’re really about. Come on. Come on.

A host of other wrestlers and security guards make a crowd between the two wrestlers. Lee continues to tell Graystone his time is up and that he should stop. Graystone looks at Lee, then back at Max who is on the brink of exploding.

Graystone: It just sucks that it took me to come back and end the career of Shane Reynolds because Lee didn’t think you were capable enough!

Lee Best: Dammit! That’s enough!

But it’s too late, as Max has charged the crowd of security and wrestlers and is making a B-line for Graystone, knocking down everything in his path. Graystone charges off the stage and manages to grab Michelle’s hand and pulls her back up on stage. Security escort Graystone and Michelle off the stage and then out of sight. Max is seen screaming, as the camera cuts to a far away overhead shot of people clumping up and scrambling around. The camera then cuts back to Lee Best, who is yelling for security to get some sort of order. The HOW 2008 copyright symbol pops up at the bottom of the screen, as Lee Best is seen leaving the stage. Scottywood and a host of security attempt to subdue a furious Max Kael as the scene slowly fades to black.

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