Extinction Level Event: October 20th (2002)

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The pyros go off all over the arena and the first ever High Octane Wrestling PPV is underway. As soon as the pyros stop, and before Hoffmann or Tucker can get a word in, a man is seen rolling down the ramp way.

Suddenly Lee Best and Geo are walking down the ramp. Best is pointing to the man. The camera zooms in and we see the bloody face of Kanyoner.


Geo grabs a hold of Kanyoner and throws him into the steel steps. The crowd is booing at Best and Geo.

Best: Shut the fuck up New York. This is business, your PPV will start in a minute. Sit your asses down.

The crowd boos more loudly as Geo nails the bloody Kanyoner with a chair shot to the head. Best begins to kick Kanyoner. They continue the beat down as Kanyoner is crawling back up the ramp way.

Best: Don’t let him get up Geo. I want him to learn a valuable lesson.

Best kneels down by Kanyoner’s ear.


Best kicks Kanyoner in the head and Best and Geo leave the bloody unemployed Kanyoner on the ramp as they head back to the back. The crowd is stunned as HOW officials carry Kanyoner to the back.


Hoffmann: What a way to kick off the first ever PPV. I mean to beat the crap out of a wrestler and then fire him; live to a paying audience is just unheard of. I guarantee you wont see that on WWE’s or ICW’s PPV’s tonight. Wow. What’s going to happen next?

Tucker: I dunno. Man but what I do know is that this is my last show. I got another movie to shoot. So fuck all yall crazy motherfuckers. This is it for me.

Hoffmann: Well I hate to say it, but you will be missed…

Back In Black by AC/DC signals the appearance of Lee Best. Best walks out onto the ramp way. He has a mic in hand.

Best: First off I would like to say that I apologize to all you of you people for the way the show started. But hey, that should just show all you guys…don’t fuck with the boss. And I am the boss.

PU-SSY ….PU-SSY……PU-SSY chants fill Madison Square Garden.

Best smiles at the crowd and with a raised hand continue.

Best: You see people tonight the Best Alliance is under attack. The very life of the Alliance could be sucked out if we don’t retain or capture some gold tonight. I mean I hear all the bitching about the BA in the back. But you know what? They are all jealous and pissed that I didn’t ask them to be in the Alliance. I mean….


Best: Shut up you pieces of shit. What do you know about winners. How did the Mets do this year? Are the Yankees in the World Series? What about the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets doing this year?? So you people just shut up and listen to what the boss has to say.


Best: I got some news to make you shut up. Since the House of Pain is the most credible threat to the Alliance, and since they claim to be all powerful, I have some tests for them tonight that will prove to the world that they are nothing more than has beens that couldn’t cut it in the Alliance.

Best: But I am not going after everyone in the Alliance. Instead I am going to test the number one ranked wrestler here in HOW, voted on by his peers. That’s right I , in the kindness of my heart, am going to give Narcotic the chance to win 3 titles in one night.

Best: Not only will Narcotic be wrestling for the Tag Team Titles with Jason Sinn, or trying to retain his Translantic Title, he will be wrestling Geo in a barbed wire Hardcore Title match! Isn’t that nice of me? 3 title shots in one night? I think I am more than a great boss, I am a great man.

The crowd is silent as Best walks back to the back

Hoffmann: How in the hell is Narcotic going to make it thru this night? I mean he has to now face a man that has a personal grudge against him in a barbed wire match, then he tries to win the Tag Titles, and then he has to face The Crow to retain his Translantic Title. Best might have just sent Narcotic out of this fed in a wheel chair. Wow what a night this is going to be.

Hoffmann: Lets go to the ring for our first match of the night.


The sound of wind begins to stir through out the arena. The sound turns to a howl, which turns to a scream as the lights go out as the scream stops. Red, purple, green, and blue lights meet on the stage showing Kostoff standing there.

Life, Birth, Blood, Doom by Black Label Society blasts across the speakers.

Kostoff makes his way to the ring. His ring attire is jeans, black combat boots, and a t-shirt of the Legion of Darkness. Kostoff is carrying his favorite item to the ring…a barbwire wrapped 2×4.

Final Judgment makes his way out to the cheers of the crowd. No music for the 7’6 390lb beast. He has a very determined look on his face. FJ steps over the top rope and the match begins.


FJ gains the upper advantage with a knee to the gut of Kostoff, followed by an axe handle that drives Kostoff to the mat. FJ delivers a huge elbow, followed by another. FJ picks up and whips Kostoff into the ropes, spine buster by FJ. Cover 1……… 2……… kick out. FJ picks up Kostoff and delivers a massive head butt that sends Kostoff out of the ring. FJ follows. FJ whips Kostoff into the steel ring steps. Kostoff’s face is full of pain, as he grabs for his back. FJ walks over and whip Kostoff into the guardrail. More damage to the back of Kostoff early in the match.

FJ power presses Kostoff and releasing him, dropping him throat first on the guardrail.

Hoffmann: Final Judgment has full command early in the match. Kostoff has a tag match later on for the titles. What shape will he be in?

Kostoff is rolled back into the ring by FJ. FJ climbs to the top rope and waits for Kostoff to get to his feet. Slowly Kostoff rises , and then falls as he is nailed with a flying clothesline by the behemoth.

Cover by FJ. 1….. Kick out by Kostoff.

FJ whips Kostoff to the corner. Running clothesline is right on target. FJ tries another but is met with a boot to the face by Kostoff. Kostoff follows with a running bulldog. Both men are down.

Hoffmann: Kostoff made a great desperation move there. He needs to end this match quickly.

Kostoff and FJ get to their feet. Kostoff delivers a dropkick to the big mans knee. FJ falls to one knee. Kostoff delivers a standing dropkick to the head of FJ sending the big man to the mat. Kostoff rolls out of the ring, pushes the ring announcer off his chair and rolls back into the ring with chair in hand. FJ is back to one knee trying to get up. Kostoff nails FJ in the knee with the chair.

The ref tries to stop Kostoff, but Kostoff nails FJ in the knee again with the chair. The ref goes to signal for the DQ,but Kostoff nails the ref in the back with the chair. The crowd begins to boo unmercifully.

Hoffmann: Oh my. Kostoff has decided to take things into his own hands. But hitting the ref? C’mon.

Kostoff slides the chair over the injured leg of FJ. Kostoff climbs to the top rope. Suddenly Narcotic runs down to the ring. Seeing Narcotic, Kostoff jumps off the top rope and to the floor outside the ring. Narcotic slides into the ring and looks over FJ as Kostoff exits thru the crowd.

Hoffmann: Narcotic just saved his stable mate from certainly a serious injury. Will Narcotic be needing the same as well later on? I dunno but lets get set for our second match.


Shocker, Omar, AJ, Lynx, Neo and Geo make their way down to the ring as a unit. Neo slides into the ring as the other Best Alliance members cover one side of the ring on the outside. Next Overkill DMH and El Nutso make their way down to the ring and position themselves on opposite the Best Alliance members.

Next Dante Phoenix and Kronik make their way down to ringside and take their lumberjack positions on one side of the ring opposite both the Best Alliance, and Legion of Darkness members. Chris CK and Jason Ice come down and cover the last remaining side of the ring. Finally Chico makes his way down to the ring and seeing all the factions decides to cover the ramp way.

Hoffmann: Well this is a high stakes match here. Lee Best has put a price on the head of 2extreme. $50,000 to the lumberjack who knocks out 2extreme. 2extreme has made his way into the ring..theres the bell!

Neo and 2X stare each other down. Both men look over the at all the lumberjacks who have the ring surrounded. Both men circle each other. Suddenly Neo slides out of the ring on the Best Alliance side. 2extreme is in the ring by himself. All the lumberjacks slide into the ring and 2extreme is surrounded. All the guys have 50k in their eyes. They go to attack 2X.

Hoffmann: What a move by Neo. He slid out of the ring and allowed all the lumberjacks to get into the ring and surround a hopeless 2extreme. This isn’t going to be good for 2extreme.

Hoffmann: 2exteme is on his knees begging now! There seems to be an argument on who should knock him out!

Suddenly all 12 lumberjacks attack 2extreme. It is total chaos as there are arms and legs flying all over the place. The crowd is going nuts. Shocker and Lynx have Dante Phoenix and Kronik cornered and are laying the boots on them. AJ is going toe to toe with Jason Ice. While Chris CK has the upper advantage on Omar. The three LOD members are working over Geo. Shocker and Lynx see this and the six men begin to brawl.

Hoffmann: Everyone is hitting someone. Wait? Where’s Neo? Where’s 2extreme?? 2extreme rolled out of the ring and is sneaking his way up the ramp. Suddenly he is nailed over the head with a chair shot from hell by the little man himself Chico.

2 extreme is knocked out cold. Chico raises his arms in victory. He then drops the chair and runs to the back, looking for Mr. Best and his 50k.

Hoffmann: Of all the lumberjacks Chico is the one that gets the cash. Unbelievable.

Back in the ring all the guys are still going at it. Meanwhile Neo has walked over to the ramp way and picked up 2X. He slides him into the ring and Neo covers.

The ref, who is on the outside, runs over and makes the count. 1…… 2…… 3……


The guys in the ring hear the announcement and look around. When they see that 2X is already knocked out, they all get pissed off. They begin to brawl again. Finally 30 HOW officials come out and separate all the factions. The men head to the back, talking shit the whole way.

Hoffmann: So Neo gets the win and Chico gets the cash. Wow you never know what is going to happen next. Lets get ready for our third match.

The match that will determine who the commish will be come Mayhem.


The ref signals for the bell to get this commissionership match started as both men stand toe to toe in the ring, staring at each other. Master C throws the first punch, which knocks Marcus Houston back, Marcus Houston comes back with a huge right hand which makes Master C stumble back. Master C gains his balance and approaches Marcus Houston.

They both lock up, Marcus Houston gets the upper hand and gets Master C into a headlock, the power of Marcus Houston’s headlock is taking it out of Master C as he goes down onto his knees. The crowd start a Master C chant as Master C gets the adrenaline flowing, he builds up enough energy to get back to his feet. Master C then puts in a few elbows to the stomach of Marcus Houston and then whips him into the ropes.

Marcus Houston ducks the clothesline attempted by Master C, on Marcus Houston way back to Master C he baseball slides through Master C’s legs gets up and pulls off one of the best full nelson slams I’ve seen in a long time….

Joe Hoffmann: That was a great move there my Marcus Houston he looks really determined to win this match. Marcus Houston keeps his advantage by keeping Master C down on the canvas. He uses his size 12 boots to keep Master C down as he stomps away at his chest. Master C struggles to the corner turnbuckle as Marcus Houston chokes Master C with his boot…

Ref: 1….2…..3…..4 come on Marcus break it up.

Marcus Houston breaks the choke hold, as Marcus Houston turns away Master C notices that the ref is not looking so Master C gets in a low blow on Marcus Houston. Marcus Houston goes down in pain as Master C uses the ropes to get back to his feet.

Chris Tucker: What the hell is he doing out here? Joe Hoffmann: Who? Chris Tucker: Lee Best! What the hell is he doing?

Joe Hoffmann: Well it is the commissionership match he has every right to be out here.

Lee Best walks ¾ of the way down the ramp then stops, he is handed a steel chair by HOW staff. He unfolds the chair and takes a seat. Master C is on his feet, he walks over to Marcus Houston and DDT’s him. He then walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and starts to climb. He gets to the top as he goes for a moonsault off of the top rope!!!

Marcus Houston just manages to put his legs above him as Master C comes crashing down onto Marcus Houston’s feet. Master C is rolling around the ring in pain. Marcus Houston gets to his feet and then drags Master C to his feet, Marcus Houston whips Master C into the turnbuckle.

He then charges at Master C and goes for a spear! Master C manages to get out of the way as Marcus Houston goes straight through the turnbuckle and smashes his left elbow on the metal post. Marcus Houston then falls out of the ring.

Chris Tucker: This is a great opportunity for Master C to capitalise, all he has to do is concentrate on Marcus Houston’s left shoulder and hes won the match! Marcus Houston is holding his left shoulder in pain, Master C however has climbed to the top rope, he goes for a flying elbow and connects right onto Marcus Houston left shoulder.

Marcus Houston is screaming with pain! Master C grabs Marcus Houston by the hair and pulls him to his feet then grabs him by the right arm and whips him into the steel steps as his left shoulder crashes into the steps.

Master C picks up a helpless Marcus Houston and throws him into the ring, he then follows him in. Marcus Houston gets to his feet holding his left shoulder he then uses all his strength to pull off a great hanging suplex on Master C which bides him some time to check on his injury.

As Master C gets to his feet Marcus Houston hits him with some huge right hands, Master C goes to reply but Marcus Houston blocks with his right then knocks Master C down with a huge left uppercut as Marcus Houston roars with pain from his left shoulder.

Master C gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes and knocks Marcus Houston down with a clothesline. He then gets Marcus Houston into an armbar on his left arm, Marcus Houston is lucky as he is near the ropes which he grabs hold of as Master C has no choice but to break the hold, he gets to his feet and stands in anticipation as Marcus Houston struggles to his feet.

Marcus Houston gets to his feet turns to face Master C as Master C gets him set up for a chokeslam!!!!! Master C hits a chokeslam, he then picks up the defenceless Marcus Houston and hits the type C!!!!!!

Joe Hoffmann: that’s a devastating move right there!

Chris Tucker: The fans are getting there moneys worth from this match. Master C covers Marcus Houston, the ref doesn’t notice but Master C has his feet on the ropes!!!….

Ref: 1…2…3

Chris Tucker: Master C has cheated to win the match.

Joe Hoffmann: hold up, I think Lee’s got something to say.

Lee Best: Hang on a minute, you expect me to sit here and watch you, Master C, cheat to win the match, hell no! I order the match to continue!

Joe Hoffmann: The boss has order the match to continue what could happen next?

Chris Tucker: Shut your mouth and watch the match then you might find out. The ref starts the match once more with both men standing, they lock up, Marcus Houston even with his injury manages to overcome Master C as he DDT’s him.

Both men get up more or less straight away. Marcus Houston then kicks Master C in the mid-section and goes for a powerbomb! Marcus Houston hits the powerbomb and goes for the double, Marcus Houston just cant manage to pick Master C back up for the double powerbomb because of his left shoulder injury. Master C counters with a right hand to the face of Marcus Houston.

Master C whips Marcus Houston into the ropes then kicks him, he then pulls off a Master Production!!!!!

This match has taken a lot out of both men and they are starting to show there fatigue. Master C looks like the stronger man as he walks over to the other side of the ring, Marcus Houston looks tired but manages to get to his feet, Master C charges at Marcus Houston who manages to toss Master C over his head to the outside of the ring!!!!

Marcus Houston goes down, it looks like he’s passed out! The ref is attending to Marcus Houston as Master C is laying motionless on the outside. The crowd begin to boo loudly, the cameras turn to the ramp way where Geo is running towards the ring area. He takes a quick look in the ring to see the position of the ref.

Geo notices he is distracted and pulls Master C up to his feet. Geo props him up against the ring post, takes three steps back and then hits him with a stunning super kick to the jaw. Master C is again knocked down and again Geo pulls him up, this time he sets Master C up over his shoulders

joe hoffman: Chris…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Chris Tucker: Well if your thinking Geobreaker…then yeah! With that Geo hits a devastating Geobreaker to Master C, the thud can be heard all around the arena, In the ring Houston is getting to his feet…. Geo again picks Master C up by the hair and shouts in his ear.

“Nothing personal dude….Strictly business!”

..with that Geo throws Master C in the ring…..

While this has been going on Marcus Houston has got to his feet a little dazed but he manages to stagger across to Master C who has just been brutally attacked by Geo.

Marcus Houston picks Master C up onto his feet, the crowd are going wild for Marcus Houston and are chanting his name, Marcus Houston starts to realise what the crowd want to see, he looks around the crowd in amazement and he then hears the word “STAMPEDE” being chanted by the crowd who are on there feet…

Marcus Houston takes one look at Master C who doesn’t know where he is, then without any hesitation Marcus Houston hits Master C with the stampede!!!!!!

Master C is motionless on the canvas, Marcus Houston then collapses onto Master C, the ref goes down for the count!!!!

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!!! L

Lee Best: The winner and the new H O W commissioner ! Marcus Houston! Lee best enters the ring and helps Marcus Houston to his feet, he then raises his arm and hands him his well earned commissioner badge.

Omar, shocker, AJ and Lynx Vs Chris C.K,Titanium, Jason Ice and Kronik

Joe: Well that last match was interesting, so let’s hope that we can get something a little bit longer in this match.

Chris: This is an elimination match so were expecting a great match. The Best Alliance will be looking for a win here over the Uprising. Lynx will be leading his troops into battle. The music of the Best Alliance begins to play, as four of the competitors emerge from behind the curtain, led out by Lynx. AJ, Shcoker and Omar are just behind him. The crowd are booing as the four men look confident. They all get into the ring, and warm up a little in the ring as they wait for their opponents. They all stand in a line looking down at the stage, waiting for the music to play.

Chris C.K then comes from the crowd and climbs the turnbuckles. None of them have noticed, as the crowd are all cheering. C.K then hits a dropkick on AJ, who is closest to him. The other three men turn round straight away and begin stomping on C.K. Not before to long though the rest of the Uprising are running down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Kronik goes straight on to Lynx. Ice is taking care of Shocker and Titanium is taking care of Omar. AJ is back up and goes to help Shocker. He clotheslines Jason Ice, as the ref tries to take care of the situation. Omar is now out of the ring after being superkicked out by Titanium.

C.K has managed to drag himself out and he is on the ring arpon, along with Kronik and Titanium. AJ and Lynx are on the opposite side. AJ and Ice are left in the ring, as Omar gets up and gets on the ring apron with his teammates. The bell finally rings.

Ice is on the canvas after he was clotheslined by AJ, who is stood up ready for Jason. He stands above him, then gets on top and starts giving some punches to Ice. The ref tells him to get up as he has a closed fist. AJ starts arguing with the ref, which gives Jason a chance to get up. He just about stands, but AJ turns round as Ice is just about up. AJ, locks his leg up with Jason’s and sends him crashing with a Russian leg sweep. AJ goes over to his corner and makes the tag to Shocker, as there tactics look to like there gonna keep everyone fresh.

Joe: Well the alliance look to be keeping everyone fresh and the losing team gets no title shots for a month. Ice is down holding his head, as Shocker comes into the ring, and stands Ice up. He throws him against the ropes, and goes for a big boot, but Ice goes under it and comes off the other ropes and hits a back heel kick. Both men are now down and trying to get to there corners. The crowd are going wild for Ice to get to his corner. He gets there and tags in Titanium.

Shocker doesn’t manage to tag anyone, as Titanium grabs his leg and drags him back to the middle of the ring, Shocker though manages to spin and kick him in the head. Both men are down, as the ref begins a count. 1…….2…….3……..4……. the Best Alliance are screaming for Shocker to make a tag, he gets up stopping the count.

Titanium is trying to grab the leg of Shocker, but he wriggles out and tags in Lynx. He comes in as Titanium is pleading with Lynx not to hurt him. Lynx laughs and punches him in the head a few times, before getting down himself and locking in the Propane Pain. None of the other members of The Uprising get in to help, as they don’t think Titanium will tap.

When it’s looking like he might, C.K gets ready to get in. Omar has climbed the turnbuckle next to the corner of C.K though, just in case he decides to get in. When he does he is met by a clothesline off the top rope from Omar. Before anyone else can come in Titanium taps. Titanium eliminated Lynx keeps the hold, but then rolls him out of the ring. The ref has things under control as Omar gets back on the apron, only for Lynx to make the tag. C.K is now the chosen star for the Uprising.

Chris: Well the Best Alliance is taking control of this match. Omar stands a bit behind C.K, waiting for him to get up. C.K gets up and is facing his corner, when he realises he’s in the ring, he turns round to get Omar, only to be speared out of the ring. Omar stands in the ring, not wanting to get DQ’ed out of the ring. The ref starts the count. 1……2……3……4……5…..6 the crowd and the Uprising are all urging C.K on to get into the ring.

Kronik seems to have had enough and comes down from the apron and goes and helps C.K. He throws him through the bottom rope and into the ring. Kronik gets back on the apron as the ref come over to have a word with him.

AJ then comes into the ring and double teams C.K with Omar. They hit a double Jackhammer supplex, as the ref tells Kronik for rolling C.K back in. Omar then gets out and the ref turns round. He shouts at Omar for making the tag while his back was turned. Omar shows with his hand that he made the tag. AJ then gets C.K up and Irish whips him into the corner of the Alliance.

AJ stands in front of C.K, blocking the refs view. Lynx holds on to C.K as AJ begins to give some chops to the chest. He makes the tag to Shocker. AJ gets out as Shocker climbs up the turnbuckle and bulldogs C.K into the middle of the ring. C.K is looking in bad shape, as he begins to crawl to his corner. He is close before Shocker gets up and kicks him in the back.

He starts talking trash to the rest of the Uprising. The ref stands in front of Shocker telling him to get on with the match; C.K is on the floor behind and manages some how to low blow Shocker. He holds his balls and goes down to his knees. As C.K crawls over him he makes the tag to Kronik. Everyone in the arena begins to clap, and there all going crazy for him.

Jason Ice helps C.K back on to the apron as Kronik goes to work on Shocker. He brings Shocker to the corner of the Uprising and looks set to his his finisher. Joe: This could be curtains for Shocker. Kronik then powerbombs him off the top rope and follows it straight into a pin. AJ runs in for the save and manages to get it before the ref gets the three. Jason Ice then comes in and dropkicks AJ over the top rope. He runs over to the apron and knocks both Lynx and Omar down with punches. Kronik then gets his hand over Shocker.

The ref makes the count. 1…..2…..3. Shocker eliminated.

Kronik is then close to his corner and sticks his hand up, Jason Ice is back on the apron and accepts the tag.

Chris: Well its all even now, and The Uprising have the Best Alliance on the back foot, there is plenty to fight for here.

Omar and Lynx get back on the apron and leave AJ to fight Jason Ice. Ice is fresher than AJ. Both men are standing and looking at each other. They tie up and Ice gets the advantage, getting behind AJ. He gets ready to hit a Russian Leg Sweep but AJ elbows him and reverses it into a Samoan Drop. AJ starts to take control getting a near fall. He then gets him back up and gets him between his legs, ready for a Piledriver or powerbomb.

He taunts the crowd, which doesn’t pay off as Jason Ice throws him over his back, with AJ hitting the ring with great impact. Ice then goes for the pin. 1… kick out after 1. C.K then gets annoyed and comes into the ring. Omar then gets into the ring also.

Kronik and Lynx just stare at each other, from their corners though. C.K and Omar are battling it out as AJ and Ice remain grounded. The ref isn’t doing anything about it. Omar gets the upper hand and hits the Dune Buster. He then tries to revive AJ. Both men are up and see Ice on the floor. Omar gets him up and holds him. He then pushes him to AJ who hits the Corona drop. Kronik doesn’t want to get involved knowing that he would be out numbered. Omar joins Lynx on the apron as AJ goes for the cover on the legal man Jason Ice. C.K is starting to get up and tries to break it up but can’t get there in time.

1….2….3. Jason Ice eliminated

Kronik doesn’t realise that C.K is now the legal man, and tries to get into the ring. The ref stops him though and pushes him back out. Kronik is still arguing and can’t see that AJ has now gone for the pin on C.K. The ref turns and gets down ready to count the pinfall. Kronik can’t get in because the ref is blocking him.

The ref counts. 1….2…..3 Chris C.K eliminated.

Joe: This is not looking good for Kronik now. Three Best Alliance members left and only Kronik on the other side. C.K and Ice begin to get up and make the long journey back. Kronik is realising that he now has to beat three men to win this match. AJ makes the tag to Omar, who willingly comes in. Kronik the climbs through the ropes, and tells Omar to bring it on.

The crowd hate the fact the Alliance is doing so well. Omar is show boating a little and finally goes over to Kronik, who dives as Omar with a drop kick, bringing him back down to reality. Kronik is straight up putting the boots to Omar, not letting him breath for a second. He then sees that Lynx and AJ are talking on the side, and he quickly gets Omar up and throws him into the ropes.

This surprises Lynx and knocks him off the apron, but he grabs out trying to stay on, he grabs AJ though and brings him down also. AJ lands on top of Lynx. He lets out a groan as Kronik flips Omar over on his return from the ropes and locks in the Sharpshooter. He is trying to get to the ropes, while AJ checks to see if Lynx is ok. He doesn’t know what’s going on in the ring. AJ turns though and sees that Omar is in pain. He reaches out to pull him to the ropes, Kronik though brings him back to the middle.

He looks ready to tap and tries to use his energy in getting out of the hold. Its to no avail though as he finally taps, just as Lynx and AJ are getting up. Omar Eliminated Chris: Well Kronik meant to do that and it was a very clever thing to do. He took Lynx and AJ out, letting him have a good chance against Omar. Joe: Well he has taken a load from his shoulders but the odds are still against him. AJ is next to come in, as Lynx is still recovering from his fall. Kronik is still looking fresher than AJ, who looks a little nervous now that the teams are evened out a bit more.

Kronik has worked the crowd into a frenzy by putting on a good show. AJ eyes light up all of a sudden though as he looks down the ramp way. Kronik turns to see who is coming, only to see know one is there and AJ attacks him. He elbows him in the back, sending him to his knees. He then gives him another one sending him right down on his back. He then leg drops Kronik. The crowd are booing AJ, who stands and taunts them, as he does he picks Kronik up. Just as he did before he puts Kronik between his legs, but this time it looks like he has took enough out of Kronik.

He hits a powerbomb and goes straight for the pin.

1….2….. close call.

AJ is shocked that he got a shoulder up. He holds his head but he still doesn’t go for a tag, which Lynx seems annoyed about. The two are having words as Kronik grabs the trunks of AJ and rolls him up. Lynx can’t get in before the ref counts the three, leaving Lynx and Kronik. AJ Eliminated Chris: Well what ever happens, Kronik will be the man of this match as he has eliminated three out of three up to now. Joe: And he could go all the way and cause a huge upset by eliminating Lynx. AJ can’t believe what’s just happened, as Lynx stands in the ring, and Kronik lies on the floor.

AJ gives him one more kick before leaving and walking up the ramp, disgusted with himself. Lynx then looks down at Kronik, as the crowd stands booing at Lynx who looks ready to pounce on Kronik. The ref gets in the face of Lynx though, telling him to let Kronik get up.

Lynx is angry and Kronik is just getting up. He sends them to their corners and he has the bell rung, signalling the final two are left. Lynx has got the upper hand before the men have even started, as he is a lot fresher. But his lack of ring matches might be his let down. Lynx is dancing round the ring as Kronik just sidesteps, looking to save his energy.

The two men get closer and closer together until Lynx thinks he’s in range to try a kick. He goes for the Atlantis kick, which Kronik dodges out of the way, and strafes right hitting a neckbreaker on Lynx. The crowd once again start to build up, and try and raise the spirit of Kronik. Kronik looks like he doesn’t want to hang around for long, and kicks Lynx in the stomach a few times while he is down on the ground. Kronik then lets Lynx get up, but doesn’t give him time for anything as straight away he Irish Whips him into the corner.

Chris: We seen this earlier on and it led to Shocker being eliminated from the match. This could be a great comeback by kronik. Joe: Well Lynx is still looking fresh, he still might yet find a way to get out of this. Lynx is holding his back as Kronik out a lot of power into the throws. He then gets on the turnbuckle and brings Lynx up with him. The crowd wait to see what’s going to happen. Kronik goes for it, but fails; instead Lynx throws Kronik over his back and back to the ring, as Kronik reached a height of ten foot! Chris: My God. Kronik could be lying in two pieces there.

Lynx remains on the top rope and tries to gather his head. He then goes backwards on the turnbuckle, so he is facing the crowd. He then leaps into the air and hits a moonsault. Lynx rolls off Kronik and holds his stomach, while Kronik seems to be unconscious in the middle of the ring. After two brutal wrestling moves Kronik could be about to lose the match. Lynx recovers. He puts the arm over Kronik.

1…..2…. Kick out!

Joe: What the hell? Where is Kronik getting the energy from to do this?

Lynx then goes for the cover, this time hooking the leg and getting more of his weight on top.

1….2…. another kick out!

He tries again.1…..2…. another failure.

Lynx then starts to bang on the ring wondering what it will take to win this match. Lynx then knows there is only one other thing he can do to put Kronik away for the win. He picks Kronik up. The crowd can feel what is coming, as can Kronik. He is stumbling as Lynx is ready to strike. He sets it up, and hits the Lynx affect! Kronik goes down as the fans all know its curtains. Lynx though is also staying down as the ref goes to him to check up on what happened. He is holding his leg as it seems he landed funny on it.

He hasn’t made the cover yet and every second he is down is another second that Kronik has to recover. Kronik starts to crawl, as Lynx has been down for a few minutes. He reaches the ropes. He leans on the first, grabs the second and finally the third. Lynx is also doing the same at the opposite set of ropes. Lynx doesn’t seem to be to bad, but Kronik is holding on to the ropes for as long as he can. They both let go and set there sights on each other.

Lynx can sense there isn’t long left, and just like before there getting closer to each other. Lynx goes for the Atlantis kicks again, but this time connects. The crowd are booing. Lynx holds his leg though as he has just put all his weight on one leg. Kronik’s lights have been switched off as he goes tumbling to the ground. Lynx once again tries to get Kronik up.

This time he struggles though as the match is taking its toll him as well. Kronik stands as does Lynx. Lynx Effect! Lynx falls straight on to Kronik, as the ref gets down and counts the pin fall.

1….2…..3! Kronik Eliminated

Chris: Joe Joe, did you see that? It took another Lynx Effect to put Kronik away, that is one tough S.O.B.

Joe: Well there were no special stipulations in this match but it’s ended brutally. Plenty of great wrestling moves and it seems a long time ago since the first competitor was eliminated.

Chris: Well Kronik now might regret taking part in this match as he was no title shots for a month, along with Chris C.K, Jason Ice and Titanium. And its saved Lee Best some blushes also, as he might of though his Alliance were having no titles shots.

Joe: Well Kronik has put up a great challenge and fought back like a true star, he wanted a challenge and it was laid out.

Its nice to see a match not ending in controversy, but there was plenty of it during the match. Lynx holds his hand up in the air, as Kronik just lies, not moving.

Some how, Lynx finds some energy to stand up. He then looks down at Kronik, snorts and leaves the ring. He has a heavy limp as the ref goes to see what condition Kronik is in, and if he needs some medical attention.


Hoffmann: Okay the crew has the barbed wire ropes all set up.

The two wrestlers are in the ring. I feel sorry for Narcotic. He has to wrestle in this barbaric match, and then come right back after the intermission to wrestle in the tag Title match.

Tucker: Man you would never see my black ass doing that shit. Fuck that.

Hoffmann: Nonetheless credit must be given to Narcotic. He is about to try to become the first man to hold 3 titles at once here in HOW. This could boost his career thru the roof. The ref has the most dangerous job here. Trying to stay out of the way of these guys.

Boy this is going to get bloody….there’s the bell.

Narcotic and Geo circle one another as each one looks to gain the early advantage in this potential brutal match. Finally they lock up. Narcotic pushes Geo back to the corner. Nark delivers some straight right hands. Nark then whips geo towards the wire, but Geo executes a baseball slide and stops himself from hitting the wire. Geo pops to his feet and points to his head. Nark smiles as the two begin circling each other again. They lock up and this time Geo knees Nark in the gut. Geo follows up with some swift kicks to the back of the head of Nark.

Geo signals to the barbed wire ropes and picks up Nark. The crowd stands as one as Geo presses Nark up into the air. Somehow Nark reverses the move and executes a roll up 1…..

Quick kick out by Geo.

Geo jumps to his feet and kicks Nark in the head again. Geo then delivers a brain buster to Nark. Cover..kickout by Nark. Geo then picks up Nark and whips him towards the barbed wire. Hoffmann: Oh my god. Narcotic has just went back first into the barbed wire. Look at the pain on his face!! Narcotic is writhing in pain as the barbed wire dug deep into his back. Narcotic rolls onto his stomach in pain. Geo smiles as he walks up to Narcotic and spits on the back of the head of Narcotic. Geo signals to the crowd. He is met with a long chorus of boos. Geo picks up the still hurting Nark and delivers a short body slam followed by two successful elbow drops.

Geo then delivers a devastating back breaker to Narcotic. Geo turns Nark over and slaps on a camel clutch.

Geo: This is for Geo you fuck.

Hoffmann: Narcotics night could be off to a bad one here. This isn’t looking good as geo is working on the already hurt back of Narcotic.

The crowd begins to stomp there feet. Trying to motivate Narcotic early in the match. Narcotic begins to fight his way to the ropes. Nark broke his arms free and now Geo only has a hold of the neck and head of Nark. Nark reaches out to the ropes and grabs hold, screaming in pain at the same time, as he grabbed right on a barb. The ref orders Geo to let go of the hold.

After a very long 5 count Geo releases the hold.

Hoffmann: What heart by Narcotic. He made it to the ropes, grabbed the barbed wired and still held on thru the 5 count.

Geo allows Narcotic to rise to his feet. Narcotic is shaking his bloody hand. Narcotic looks pissed. Geo charges Narcotic but narcotic side steps Geo and executes a drop toehold. The top of Geo’s head rakes across the bottom barbed wire rope. Geo begins to bleed profusely. Narcotic pounces on Geo and begins to deliver blow after blow to the now very bloody Geo.

Narcotic whips Geo into the barbed wire and Geo cries out in pain. Narcotic picks up Geo and rips the shirt off of him. Narcotic then picks up geo and drops him stomach first onto the barbed wire. Geo begins screaming as Nark bounces the barbed wire up and down.

Hoffmann: Holy shit! Narcotic is destroying Geo.

Narcotic leaves the now limp geo laying across the top of the ropes and motions to his fans that it is time for the TCD. Narcotic pulls off the bloody body of Geo and sets him up. Geo can barely stand from the blood loss. Narcotic grabs Geo’s head in preparation of the TCD but somehow Geo grabs hold of narcotic by the waist and delivers a side suplex sending Narcotic back first onto the barbed wired. Narcotic bounces off and rolls out of the ring. Geo rolls over and tries to regain his composure. Outside the ring, Narcotic is writhing in pain as his back made contact with the barbed wire once again.

Hoffmann: what a move by Geo. That desperation move might have just won him the match. When Narcotic fell on the barbed wire his momentum caused the three strands of barbed wire to come loose on that side of the ring.

Seeing this Geo drags himself to his feet and jumps to the outside. Narcotic is just pulling himself to his feet when the bloody Geo punches Narcotic in the back of the head. Geo rips the shirt off of Narcotics back, revealing a bloody mess. Geo walks over to the ring and looks underneath. Geo pulls out a ladder.

Hoffmann: OH MY GOD.

What is Geo planning now. I mean he can barely stand himself!! Geo sets the ladder up right next to the ring. Geo grabs a strand of the barbed wire, wraps it around his fist and climbs to the top rung of the ladder. Geo looks to the crowd, who is warning the rising Narcotic, and jumps off. Geo nails Narcotic in the forehead with a barbed wire wrapped fist.

Narcotic goes down hard and begins to bleed profusely from the head. Geo begins punching Narcotic in the forehead causing more blood to flow from the head of Narcotic. Geo stops and throws the used barbed wire into the crowd. Geo rolls Narcotic into the ring,

Hoffmann: Geo only has to pin Narcotic down now. Narcotic is a bloody mess, as is Geo. Geo covers.

1………. 2………. Kick out!

Narcotic barely raises his left shoulder. Geo picks up and whips Narcotic into the corner. Geo follows with a running power clothesline. Narcotic’s eyes are barely open.

Hoffmann: The barbed wire has caused most of the damage in this one. Neither man has done any spectacular moves, but you don’t have to in this kind of match.

Wait, geo is just placed Narcotic on the top turnbuckle. Geo climbs to the second turnbuckle and delivers a straight right hand to the bloody head of Narcotic. Geo positions himself to deliver a superplex.

Narcotic fires a right hand.


Geo begins to fall back. Narcotic grabs a hold of Geo’s head. With every amount of strength left in his body Narcotic jumps off the top turnbuckle. Narcotic jumps off the top turnbuckle with Geo’s head in his arm, delivering The Come Down- OUTSIDE THE RING AND ONTO THE FLOOR

Hoffmann: HOLY SHIT



Narcotic rolls onto his side and drapes a arm over Geo.


Hoffmann: I can’t believe it. Neo ran out from the back and nailed Narcotic. He just rolled geo onto Narcotic.

The ref can’t say anything, it’s a hardcore match.


Hoffmann: Look at the punk Neo helping his brother out thru the crowd, as members of the House of Pain have come down to help out Narcotic.

They are carrying the bloody and in my mind the winner Narcotic back to the back.

Tucker: It don’t matter what you think. Who got their arm raised. I mean who?

Hoffmann: Still. Will Narcotic be able to compete later on let alone defend his Translantic Title, or try to win the Tag Titles?? As the crew cleans up the blood lets take a short intermission.


Hoffman: Time for the TLC match for the Internet Title. This could steal the show. This is going to be one of those matches where it can go to anyone.

Tucker: Shit! It goes to the guys who walks away, what you taking about man?

Hoffman: Our commentating should be interesting enough for the fans.

(The ring has the Internet Title hanging from the ceiling as Smokey makes his way to the ring. Smokey checks the tables around the ring and looks at one of the ladders as he rolls into the ring. Smokey checks the ropes as he awaits the arrival of his opponent.)

(Jatt Starr makes his way onto the ramp. He looks at the ring for a moment as he begins to make his way to the ring. Starr has a different look in his eyes, a look of focus. Starr checks out some of the same stuff that Smokey did and rolls into the ring.)

Hoffman: The match gets underway.

(Smokey goes right after Starr and beings to pound him into the the mat. Smokey kicks Starr while he is down. Smokey grabs Starr by his hair and gets him to his feet. Smokey tosses Starr into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Starr hits the mat with a thud. Smokey gets Starr back to his feet and goes to tosses Starr into the ropes again. Smokey goes for a elbow smash but Starr ducks it and shoots back off of the ropes and catches Smokey with a Bulldog sending Smokey crashing face first into the mat. Starr gets to his feet and goes to get Smokey to his. Starr gets Smokey up and hits a snap suplex on him taking him to the mat again and taking the wind out of Smokey.)

Hoffman: What action. Tucker: Yea.

(Starr gets to his feet and gets Smokey to his feet and nails a belly to belly suplex on Smokey. Smokey is laying on his back trying to get moving again as Starr seems to be really focused on the match at hand. Starr runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Smokey gets to his feet and turns around as Starr shoots off the top rope going for a missile dropkick. Smokey blocks it! Smokey gets moving and slides out of the ring. He grabs a table and slides it under the bottom rope. He sets it up leaning in the corner as he returns his attention to Starr. Starr charges and clotheslines Smokey down. Starr tosses Smokey into the ropes and hits a back body drop, sending Smokey crashing through the table he set up in the corner!!)

Tucker: Holy Shit!!!!

(Smokey is laying in a pile of rubble as Starr slides out of the ring and goes for a ladder. Starr gets the closest one and takes it back to the ring. Starr sets it up as Smokey now stirs some. Starr starts to climb the ladder as Smokey now sees what is going on. Starr is about half way up when the ladder shakes some as Smokey tries to topple the ladder. Starr holds on as Smokey now gets the ladder going and tips it over sending Starr falling to the mat. Starr hits the mat with a thud as Smokey begins to kick Starr while he is down.)

(Smokey gets Starr to his feet and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on him. Starr is down as Smokey gets up and goes outside the ring looking under the ring for something. Smokey comes back into the ring wielding a chair. Smokey waits for a second as Starr gets to his feet and then…WHACK!!! Starr gets tattooed from a chair shot right to the face from Smokey! Starr slumps to the canvas as Smokey hits him a second time, this time in the back. Smokey continues to assault Starr with the chair as he lays prone on his face.)

(Smokey tosses the banged up chair a side as he does not go for a ladder, he continues to administer punishment to Starr. Smokey gets Starr to his feet and gets him in a reverse bear hug. Smokey squeezes hard and then he lifts Starr up and nails a belly to back suplex on Starr. Starr is being dragged to his feet again as Smokey is now in control of the match.)

(Smokey has Starr up on his wobbly feet as he punches him right between the eyes. Starr falls on his back. The camera zooms in as now you see Starr has begun to bleed from the face. Smokey smiles at Starr as he now sees the blood beginning to flow from Starr’s face. Smokey sets up a ladder and now makes his climb to the title. Smokey takes a couple of stairs on the ladder and looks down at Starr. Starr moves some as Smokey smiles some more. Smokey looks up at the title and continues his climb. The ring ropes shake as Smokey looks down to see Starr coming back across the ring and hitting a drop kick on the ladder causing it to shake. Smokey tries to hold on as Starr hits another drop kick on the ladder making it tip over and sending Smokey falling over the top rope and onto the cement floor outside the ring!!)

(Starr slumps into a corner as Smokey is laying outside the ring trying to get moving again. Starr gets up and takes off running and dives over the top rope and nails Smokey as he gets to his feet. Both men are now laying outside the ring sucking air as they have beaten the hell out of each other. Starr gets to his feet and grabs a table and sets it up. He gets Smokey up and hits a body slam sending him onto the table. Starr gets a ladder and sets it up and he climbs to the top. Starr looks down and launches himself and hits a plancha off of the ladder and onto Smokey!!)

Hoffman: This has been one hell of a match.

(Both men lay motionless in the remains of the broken table as the crowd is now at a fever pitch at what they have seen. Starr moves first as he climbs to his feet. Starr rolls into the ring and gets the ladder that Smokey fell off of and sets it up. Smokey gets to his feet and slides into the ring. Starr is climbing the ladder slowly as Smokey makes his way over to the ladder. Starr is moving slowly as Smokey goes to the other side of the ladder and begins to climb. Smokey goes as quick as he can to catch up with Starr. Both men both get to the top at the same time.)

Tucker: This is one fucking awesome match.

Hoffman: This is great.

(Smokey punches Starr in the face as he climbs around the side of the ladder and gets Starr to stand in front of him and hits a spine buster off of the top of the ladder causing both men to crash to the mat. The ladder shakes and then falls on both men as they lay there sucking air. Both men roll over as Smokey gets to his knees and looks at Starr. Smokey gets to his feet as Starr gets to his knees. Smokey goes to kick Starr but Starr blocks it. Starr low blows Smokey. Smokey falls to his knees holding his balls. Starr leaps to his feet and dropkicks Smokey in the face. Starr falls back down as both men are laying on their backs.)

Hoffman: Low blow by Starr. Tucker: It was effective though

(Starr rolls out of the ring and gets a chair. Starr gets back into the ring and waits for Smokey. Smokey gets to his feet and gets met with a nasty chair shot to the face from Starr. Blood now flows from Smokey’s face as Starr smiles at the blood and hits him again. Smokey is laying on his back as Starr gets a ladder and sets it up. Starr climbs it but does not reach for the title. He leaps off and hits the flying elbow drop!!)

Hoffman: He didn’t go for the title?

Tucker: Seems he is making a statement

(Both men are laying on the mat and both are bleeding pretty good right now. Starr gets to his feet and Smokey follows behind. Both men exchange punches and are battling back and forth. Smokey uses his power to get the better of the exchange and hits a belly-to-belly suplex taking Starr to the mat. Smokey gets up and sets up a ladder. Smokey begins to climb it but is moving slow because of the abuse both have taken. Starr gets to his feet and follows. Starr catches up with Smokey and hops on his back locking on a sleeper.)

Hoffman: This could be dangerous.

(Starr gets his feet down on a ladder rung and hold tighter. Starr moves his feet some and hits the “Unpretier” off of the ladder!!! Starr rolls over as Smokey lays on his back. Starr gets up and mounts the ladder and begins to climb.)

Tucker: Starr is going for it now I know it!!

(Starr gets to the top and looks down to see Smokey has not moved. Starr reaches up and grabs a hold of the title. The ladder shakes and falls down. Starr holds onto the title and pulls it off as he falls with title in hand and crashes onto the mat.)


(Jatt Starr lays on the mat still clutching the title as the Best Alliance comes down to celebrate the victory. As they fill into the ring and help Starr to his feet, the Legion Of Darkness run down to the run and charge the ring.)

Tucker: Oh shit this is going to be a fucked up situation.

(The Legion Of Darkness approach the Best Alliance as they stare each other down, Lee Best walks up to Kostoff and they both extend their hands? Kostoff and Best shake hands as The Legion Of Darkness join in the celebration for Jatt Starr.)

Hoffman: What in the hell is going on? What is the meaning of this? And what the hell is going to happen in the next match? What the hell is going on in this damn fed??


Hoffmann: I have no idea how Narcotic is gonna wrestle in this match but he is. This should be a great match.

“I Stand Alone” by Godsmack begins to burst out of the P.A and the crowd boos as OverKill and Kostoff make their way down the ramp. They both have big smirks on their faces but look ready to go. They enter the ring just as Jason Sinn bursts down the ramp at full speed, Narcotic is limping down, still partially bloody from his last match. Sinn runs right into the ring and Kostoff and OverKill start to stomp on him before he can stand. Narcotic finally makes it to the ring and slides in. OverKill goes under the ropes and stands on the apron as Kostoff starts.

Narcotic decides to stand on the outside first. Sinn and Kostoff lock in a grapple.

Hoffmann: The first High Octane Tag Team Champions are going to emerge from this one, who do you have in mind Tucker?

Tucker: Damn, Narcotic looks bashed up but I still think he’ll control the match with Sinn. Sinn takes Kostoff down with an arm drag. Kostoff rolls to his feet and grapples with Sinn again, he pushes him back into the corner and holds his forearm to his throat, the ref counts 1…2…3…4 and makes Kostoff release the hold.

Kostoff lets Sinn go and he walks out of the corner hand to his throat. Kostoff walks toward Sinn, but Sinn gets down on one knee and snap mares Kostoff down to the mat. Hoffmann: Some good technical maneuvers get Sinn some momentum. Sinn lifts Kostoff to his feet and throws some punches into him before whipping him into the ropes, Kostoff comes back and is back body dropped by Sinn. Sinn goes for the cover…1…

Kostoff kicks out of that one easy.

Kostoff gets back to his feet and catches Sinn in the jaw with a quick jab, he knees Sinn in the gut then axe handles him down to his knees. Kostoff goes over and tags in OverKill. Kostoff lifts Sinn to his feet and locks in the abdominal stretch, OverKill jabs Sinn in his exposed gut. Kostoff gets back outside. OverKill then launches Sinn into the turnbuckle. Sinn rams off the turnbuckles and falls to the mat. OverKill lifts Sinn and throws him again toward the turnbuckles.

Sinn stops himself, OverKill runs toward him for an elbow but Sinn uses the ropes as leverage and kicks OverKill in the face with two feet.

Tucker: Kostoff and OverKill are wearing down Sinn, but the could be world champion doesn’t look tired yet. OverKill staggers back and Sinn walks up to him, taking him down with DDT. Sinn stomps on OverKill before tagging in Narcotic.

Narcotic, despite looking beaten and battered, vaults over the top rope with a roaring reaction from the crowd and as OverKill gets to his feet, dropkicks him to the mat.

He bounces off the ropes near his partner then leaps over OverKill hitting a clothesline on Kostoff knocking him off the apron. Narcotic leans on the ropes, catching his breath, he turns around but is scoop slammed by OverKill.

Hoffmann: Dammit, he’s so huge!!

OverKill lifts Narcotic to his feet and lifts him over his head with a roar.

He military press slams him to the mat then bounces off the ropes, looking for a falling elbow drop.

Narcotic swiftly rolls aside.

OverKill hits the mat and lies motionless for a moment. Narcotic gets to his feet and kicks OverKill in the head before tagging in Sinn. Sinn rushes to OverKill and hits a falling knee drop to his chest. OverKill rolls around on the mat, Kostoff is yelling at him to get up. Sinn lifts OverKill to his feet and delivers a hard chop to the throat.

OverKill staggers back, Sinn chops him again. OverKill is about to take the third when he grabs Sinn by the arm, wrenching it around then elbowing him in the gut. He chicken wings the arm and DDT’s Sinn to the mat.

Tucker: A chicken winged DDT! OverKill tags in Kostoff who looks fiery. He gets in the ring and as Sinn gets up, spears him back down to the mat and unleashing a fury of punches he points to Narcotic then motions him to get inside. Sinn gets halfway up, but then chop blocks Kostoff. Kostoff falls down and Sinn locks in a half crab, with his foot on Kostoff’s head to elevate it.

Kostoff is struggling to the ropes but Sinn drags him back into the center of the ring and applies more pressure. OverKill gets into the ring and kicks Sinn right in the chin. Sinn falls to the mat and the referee starts arguing with OverKill who tries to look innocent.

Kostoff gets to his feet and Sinn does and knees Sinn right in the groin.

Hoffmann: That bastard just sacked Sinn!

Tucker: He got away with it too!

OverKill leaves and the referee turns back to the match just as Kostoff covers Sinn, 1..2…Narcotic gets in the ring and hits a low dropkick to the side of Kostoff’s head.

Kostoff tumbles halfway across the ring. Sinn gets back to his feet and Narcotic leaves again. Sinn starts running for Kostoff, but Kostoff makes a desperate tag, OverKill gets in the ring and clotheslines Sinn who rushes right into it.

OverKill continues onward, shoulder blocking Narcotic right into the barricade. He bounces back and gets Sinn again with a clothesline, Sinn does a back flip and lands on his stomach. OverKill stops and rolls Sinn over, he covers 1..2… Sinn gets his foot on the rope.

OverKill gets back on his feet. Sinn is dragged up, OverKill looks for a brain buster, but Sinn pushes OverKill away and hits an Overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex!

Tucker: HE JUST SUPLEXED A 430-POUND MAN OVER HIS HEAD! OverKill looks knocked out and Sinn throws his arm over Overkill’s chest 1..2..Kostoff kicks Sinn in the face through the ropes.

Narcotic is pounding the turnbuckle and has his hand outstretched looking for the tag. Sinn crawls slowly to the ropes and OverKill does the same, both looking for the tag. They get it at the same time. Kostoff and Narctotic rush toward each other, taking each other down with clotheslines.

All four men lay motionless on the mat for a while, the referee starts counting… 1!! 2!! 3!! 4!! 5!! Narcotic and Kostoff slowly get up Kostoff punches Narcotic, Narcotic exchanges the punch.

They both start to exchange punches with a furious pace until Narcotic is split open again. Kostoff knees him in the gut and DDT’s him to the mat, blood is painted on the spot where his head hit. Kostoff gets Narcotic back to his feet.

He goes for a short clothesline, Narcotic ducks and as Kostoff turns around he is planted with the Nark kick.

Tucker: NARK KICK! Narcotic may have it here! Narcotic covers Kostoff 1..2..thr…Kostoff throws his shoulder up in the nick of time.

The crowd was really on edge there. Kostoff is lifted and then thrown into the corner and Narcotic makes the tag. Sinn and Narcotic both start to kick Kostoff in the stomach, knocking him down to the mat. Narcotic leaves and Sinn then runs to the opposite ropes, OverKill casually leans all his weight onto the top rope and Sinn is sent flipping over.

Sinn lands on his head on the outside. OverKill gets down and starts to pound away at him. He slams him into the barricade.

Narcotic runs around the ring going to help his partner, the referee starts counting… 1!!

Sinn tries to break free from Overkill’s grasp who is smashing him headlong into everything solid. Narcotic reaches the scene. 2!!

Narcotic tackles OverKill but his size compared to the behemoth just couldn’t knock him down. Sinn is thrown back into the ring by OverKill who then starts to fight off Narcotic. Kostoff got himself out of the corner and made his way over to Sinn.

Sinn looks to be dazed but gets back to his feet just in time, Kostoff looks for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Sinn slides out of it and lands behind Kostoff, and nailing a release german suplex. Hoffmann: Kostoff’s neck might have snapped!

Tucker: Jesus! Sinn crawls over to Kostoff and goes for the cover…1…2..Kostoff kicks out. Kostoff gets up slowly, Sinn drags Kostoff up again and throws him to the ropes. He rushes him with a clothesline, then pulls him up to the 2nd turnbuckle. Sinn climbs up and throws up one arm, he then hooks Kostoff up in a suplex position, he lifts him up and stalls looking for a super brain buster, but just as he jumps. Kostoff grabs him by the neck and takes him down hard with a layout stunner.

Hoffmann: WHAT THE HELL!! Tucker: He just got out of that super brain buster! Impossible!

OverKill and Narcotic are now in their respective corners, both yelling at their partners to get them to tag them in. Kostoff makes it to OverKill first and tags him in.

Narcotic gets tagged in seconds later but OverKill had already gained too much ground, Narcotic gets lucky and drops down taking OverKill down with a drop toehold. OverKill lands on his face. Narcotic then lifts OverKill to his feet. Narcotic steps back a few feet and goes for the Nark Shot.

Overkill grabs the leg of Narcotic, spins him around, kicked to the gut, and delivers The Fatality.


Hoffmann: What a match. Narcotic just about had his hands on another title but he was too weak to finish it off. The fresher was able to counter and finish for the win. WOW what a match. And now after a 15 minute break Narcotic has to defend his Translantic Title!!!!!!


The match gets started as they circle each other. Crow rushes in, trying to get a lock in on his Narcotic’s fingers but flings his arms away in time. The back away, slowly circling each other once more. The finally lock up in a grapple. Crow gets the advantage as he goes into a reverse waist lock. He lifts him in the air and quickly brings him down to the mat with a slam, followed by front kneeling headlock. He tightens the hold, wearing down the already fatigued Narcotic.

Hoffmann: See how Crow is wearing him down? That’s the mind of an excellent mat worker.

Chris: Only thing I see is his hands wrapped around his head. Narcotic struggles to get free but Crows puts more pressure on his head. Somehow, Narcotics gets out of the hold and gets Crow in a wristlock. He keeps him on the ground, trying to prevent any movement from Crow.

Hoffmann: Great chain wrestling here. Lets see if Crow get out of this.

Chris: I hope he can.

Narcotic keeps the hold locked in as he gets up off the mat. Crows tries to elbows his way out of the move but Narcotic dodge his blows. Narcotic sends some forearms to his back before trying a backdrop suplex.

He raises him in the air, but Crow counters with a snap mare and quickly locks on a cross face chicken wing. Crow wrenches his back, punishing him with pain. Narcotic withers around, trying to escape the hold. Crow puts more pressure on it. Narcotic fight the pain, not giving up at all. After about a minute into the hold, Crow releases it and gets to his feet.

He stomps down on Narcotic. Hoffmann: Crow has taken the advantage, working on Narcotic’s back with the those hard stomps. Chris: Man, this gonna be a long night. He gets Narcotic on his hand and knees before dropping a hammer blow to his back, followed up by a standing elbow drop. He drop some more boots down to him before picking up for a vertical suplex.

He hooks the leg.. 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann: Close fall there.

Chris: He aint going down that easy.

Hoffmann: Let’s hope not. He is still drained from the tag match.

Crow picks him up and chops him into a corner. He ends his bashing with a brutal overhand chop to the chest that echoes through the arena. He whips him to the opposite turnbuckle. Narcotic flies into the turnbuckle with a hard thud. Crows runs at him but gets a big boot for his troubles. As he staggers to the center of the ring, Narcotic gets a second wind and charges at Crow. Crow turns around quickly and counters it with a belly-to-belly suplex, tossing Narcotic across the ring. Crow walks quickly over to him and covers… 1.. 2..


Chris: Damn that was close.

Hoffmann. That wasn’t such a good idea on Narcotic’s part. He knows he tired so he should try to take this match slowly. Crow picks him up and takes him down with a short arm clothesline. After a few stomps to his stomach, Crow goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it. He get to the top and goes for a leg drop and nails it.

He covers.. 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann: Close fall there as Crow slaps his leg across the throat of Narcotic. He doing a good job of draining the energy out of him. Crow picks him, hitting him with a few forearms to the face. He goes for a whip but he pulls him back for a belly to back suplex. He goes for another pin.

1.. 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann. He is really trying to put him away but Narcotic won’t go down with out a fight.

Chris: Yeah, he a tough son of a bitch. The Crow signals for the finish as he sets him up for the Crow Effect.

Hoffmann: The it could end hear if Crow plants his finisher. Narcotic fights his way out of it and flips behind Crow and hits him with a dropkick to the back of the head. Crow falls to the mat but gets back on his feet. He angrily charges at Narcotic with a clothesline but he ducks and hits Crow with some hard right hands.

Hoffman: He just turned the tables around in this match, getting some offense in on The Crow.

Chris: Yeah, what a come back. Narcotic gets him to the ropes, followed by an Irish whip. Crow comes back and kicks him in the gut. He tries for a T-Bone suplex but counters it with a swinging DDT. He covers Crow… 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Narcotic picks him and hits a suplex. He keeps hook and nails another one. Followed by another one. He goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop but he misses as Crow moves out of the way. Both men are down. Hoffmann: Now both men are laid out in the ring. Who will get up first is anyone’s guess. Chris: Get yall asses up! Both men stagger to their feet. Narcotic turns around to Crow and gets a kick to the gut. Crow sets him up for the Crow Effect and slams him hard to the mat.

Crow covers.. 1.. 2.. 3!

Winner of first fall by pin: The Crow

Crow falls down right next to Narcotic. Both men are drained.

Chris: Damn, Crow picked up the win with that brutal move. Hoffmann: Yeah, that was one hell of a first fall. Now Crow needs to cover him and it will be over. Crow slowly crawls over and lays an arm across the chest of Narcotic.

The ref counts.. 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann: Whoa, that was close.

Crow gets to his feet and starts to work on the leg of Narcotic by dropping down multiple knee smashes. He quickly goes into a leg lock. Narcotic grimaces in pain as pulls back on his leg. Narcotic reaches the ropes after a few seconds and Crow is forced to let go of the hold. Crow gets up and stomps down on his leg.

Hoffmann: He is now working on that right leg of Narcotic. Crow sure does know how to wear down his opponent.

Crow drags Narcotic by his leg and takes him to a corner. He slides to the outside and puts his leg between the pole. He repeated smashes his leg into it. trying to make him give up. After a few smashes, the ref tells him to stop and he slides back into the ring. Still holding him by the leg, Narcotic pushes himself from the mat and tries for enziguri but Crow ducks down and locks in the Indian death lock. Chris: Narc tried for that kick but Crow was too smart for him.

Hoffmann: And now, he has him in the indian deathlock.

Crow applies pressure to it by slamming his weight into the hold. Narcotic screams in pain, clutching his leg. Crow holds on to the ropes, using them to add more pressure the ref sees this and takes his hands off the rope. After a minute locked in he lets go.

He waits for Narcotic to get to his feet. Slowly, Narcotic rises and Crows hits a low dropkick right into his and he goes down quick. Crow signals for the sharpshooter. Chris: Uh oh, he going for the sharpshooter.

Hoffmann: This is one of Crow’s signature moves. He locks that in, it could be over. Crow tries to set him up but Narcotic uses all the strength in his leg to push Crow away. Crows flies directly into the ref and they both go down. Narcotic slowly rises to his feet.

Hoffmann: He kicked out of that move and both Crow and the ref are down!

Chris: Come on, Narc! Narcotic staggers to his feet, limping. Crow gets up, shaking off the dizziness. Narcotic takes a few steps back before Crow looks around. Crow turns around and gets planted with Nark Shot! Crow goes down and Narcotic hooks the leg but the ref is still down.

Hoffmann: Dammit! The ref is still down! Chris: Come on, man this some bullshit!

Narcotic gets up and walks over to the ref. He wakes him up. Crow is also back on his feet. Narcotic turns around and tries for another Nark Shot but Crow grabs his foot and turns it into a dragon screw leg whip. Crows immediately locks on a figure four-leg lock.

Hoffman: Damn, not a smart move there and he is far from the ropes.

Chris: How the hell was he suppose to know? The ref is back up and goes over to check for a tap. Narcotic hollers in agony, screaming that he is not going to give up. He reaches for the ropes but they are too far away.

Crow slaps on more pressure as he tugs away at the leg. Narcotic slowly scoots over, still reaching for the ropes. He still too far away.

Narcotic decided to turn the odds against Crow and tries to flip over the submission.

Hoffmann: Good thinking there. If Narc can turn over the submission, he can when this.

Crow quickly lets go of the hold, fearing that he will try to turn the tables on him. He taunts for Narcotic to get up. Crow gets directly over him, taunting. Narcotic gets to his feet, facing away from Crow. He limps backward and Crows tries to grab him but Narcotic senses this and grabs his head, taking him down with the T.C.D.!



Crow bounces off the mat and Narcotic reaches over and lays a hand on him.

The ref counts… 1.. 2. 3!

Winner of Second Fall by pin: Narcotic

Hoffmann: What a finish for the second fall. Both men are tied one apiece. Let see who will come out on top.

Chris: This is getting GOOD!

Both men are laid out. The crowd is hot on their feet, waiting to see a winner of this match up. Crow gets to his feet first. He staggers back in forth, trying to keep his balance. He goes over to Narcotic. He locks on an arm bar but Narcotic put his hand on the ropes.

Hoffmann: Crow is trying to after another body part.

Chris: He better get this over with. Crow picks up Narcotic and punches him into a corner. He begins stomp home down into it and chokes him with his boot. The ref breaks it up. Taking him out the corner, whips him and gives him a elbow smash.

He covers him.. 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Crow tries to pick him up again but Narcotic gives him some shots to the gut. Crows backs away slowly as Narcotic is on his feet, hammering away at him. He takes him down with a standing clothesline. He gets to his feet and gets taken down by another. Narcotic grabs him and hits the side Russian leg sweep.

He rolls over for the pin… 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann: Close fall there.

Narcotic picks him up once again. He goes to a reverse waist lock and hits a nasty german suplex, folding Crow in half.

Chris: Ouch, that shit had to hurt.

Hoffmann: Hell yes… Narcotic slaps on a mounted sleeper, pulling away at the head of Crow.

Crow struggles to get out of it. After a minute, he gives him some elbow shots to the and Crow escapes. He bounces off the rope and tries for a clothesline but gets kicked in t he gut and Narcotic bends him with a brutal diving power bomb.

Narcotic hooks the leg… 1.. 2.. Kickout!

Chris: Well…

Hoffmann: Don’t say it.

Narcotic follows it up with vicious half crap. He pulls away at the leg, as if he trying to take it away from his body.

Chris: Revenge is a bitch, aint it Crow?

He twist the crab at angle so that his knee goes into his back. Crow hollers in pain as he reaches the ropes. His hand grabs and Narcotic is forced to release the hold. He begins to beat down on Crow as he tries to get up. He picks him up. Narcotic runs to the ropes and comes back to Crow but he gets taken down by a hard Sambo Suplex.

Crow covers… 1… 2.. Kickout!

Hoffmann: This is one hell of a match. Neither men are giving up.

Crow gets up and stomps on Narcotic before going to the top rope. He climbs it and hits a elbow drop. He doesn’t cover. Instead he picks him up and hits him with a tiger driver. Crow covers… 1.. 2.. Kickout! Crow is in disbelief as he tries to cover again.

1.. 2.. kickout!

Crow then drags Narcotic to the center of the ring and locks on the sharpshooter.

Hoffmann: He has it locked in! It could be over! Chris: Come on Narcotic! Narcotic fights the pain, trying not to give up. Crow tightens the hold and leans back, putting all his weigh on the hold.

Narcotic crawls slowly to the ropes. He almost reaches it but Crow brings him back to the middle of the ring. Narcotic hollers and screams about, not giving up. After about two minutes, Narcotic’s head falls to the mat.

The ref raises Narcotics arm… 1……… 2………. 3……….

Chris: Its over! Its over! Oh my damn!


Winner of Third Fall by Submission and New Internet Champion: The Crow.


Hoffmann: Now it is time for the big one. And after what has happened so far tonight, god knows what will happen in this match. The Champion Miniacle will have his hands full with Jason Sinn.

The crowd stands on their feet as the Cell begins to lower from the top of the MSG arena. Finally reaching the ground, HOW crewmembers fasten the Cell in and give the thumbs up to a HOW official, who gives the word to the back that it is time for the Main Event.

Jason Sinn makes his way down to the ring. The emotionally drained crowd cheers loudly for the challenger. Sinn looks around at the fans and climbs into the Cell and into the ring.

Hoffmann: This is a huge match for Jason Sinn. But it is also a huge match for his stable, the House of Pain. They lost a chance at the Hardcore and Tag Team titles earlier in the evening. Then Smokey lost the grueling match against a refocused Jatt Starr. So right now the House of Pain has no titles to their credit.

Tucker: Don’t forget about the Commish spot. They lost that as well. Man I told you, don’t go against the Alliance. As soon, and I mean as soon, as they looked vulnerable, they have come up big.

Hoffmann: You are right Chris. And since this is your last match I , Joe Hoffmann will gladly smoke a blunt with you after the match.

Tucker: Shit you aint smoking shit. Nothing. Nada. Absolutely cero. You hear me. Cero…Spanish for You aint getting shit!!!

The arena is then fuelled with a loud chorus of boos, as the World Champion Miniacle makes his way down to the cell. Miniacle is looking around at the fans. He hardly notices them as he is so focused in on this match. Miniacle enters the cell and climbs into the ring. He stares into the eyes of Jason Sinn as the bell rings.

Hoffmann: Okay the title match is underway.

The fans are still on their feet as the two men circle each other. Sinn raises his hand in a test of strength challenge. Miniacle looks around to the crowd and locks hands with Sinn. The two wrestlers lock their other hand and immediately lean into each other, each trying to gain the upper hand.

Hoffmann: I think Jason Sinn will take this challenge easily.

Tucker: Not so fast. Mini Ankle just head butted the shit out of your boy. Miniacle delivers another head butt, releases the hold and delivers right hands to the head of the challenger. Miniacle punches Sinn to the ropes and bounces him off whipping him into the far ropes. Sinn bounces off and is met with a forearm smash from the Champion.

Sinn pops up and his met by a clothesline. Sinn pops up again ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes and is met with a clothesline that sends Sinn over the ropes and out of the ring.

Hoffmann: Oh boy this is where things get dicey. This is where the cell becomes a factor.

On cue, Miniacle rolls out of the ring and grabs Sinn by the back of the head and rams Sinn’s head into the steel mesh. Again Miniacle rams the head of the challenger into the cell. This time a trickle of blood appears on the head of Sinn.

Hoffmann: Once again a HOW superstar is bleeding? God I wonder if narcotic is even walking right now.

Miniacle grabs Sinn and whips him hard into the cage. Sinn falls to the ground clutching his back. Miniacle, focused, runs over and delivers a knee to the head of Sinn.

Miniacle then throws Sinn back into the ring. Miniacle climbs to the second turnbuckle and jumps off delivering a brutal axe kick to the head of Sinn.

Quick cover by the champ. 1……… kickout by Sinn.

Miniacle picks up the challenger and whips him into the corner. Miniacle follows with a power clothesline. Miniacle backs up and goes to deliver a shoulder but Sinn moves and Miniacle smashes his right shoulder into the cold steel.

Hurting Miniacle falls all the way to the floor. Sinn regroups and rolls out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and grabs a kendo stick. He walks over to the champ and delivers a shot to the head. The crowd cheers for the loud cracking sound, as Sinn delivers blow after blow until the stick breaks into two pieces. Sinn throws the broken kendo stick down and looks under the ring for another weapon. This time he pulls out a sledgehammer.

Hoffmann: Who the hell let that under the ring. Doesn’t some KKK guy use that?

Tucker: Man I outta bitch slap you. Its HHH you fucking cracker. Goddamn

Hoffmann: Well whatever, Sinn is about to use it on the champion.

Sinn waits for Miniacle to get up and proceeds to deliver a blow to the stomach of Miniacle. The champion slumps to his knees holding his stomach. Sinn swings the sledgehammer again, this time connecting to the middle of the back of Miniacle.

The crowd is going crazy as Sinn rolls the champ into the ring. Cover by Sinn. 1…… 2…… kickout barely by the champ

Hoffmann: How did Miniacle kick out??

Sinn throws the champ out of the ring and tells the ref to open the door. The ref refuses. Sinn insists, but yet again the ref refuses to allow the cell door to be opened. Suddenly Sinn is nailed by a flying elbow by the Champion.

This time Miniacle tells the ref to open the cell door. Fearing for his job, the ref does what Miniacle says and opens the cell door. Still hurting Miniacle grabs Sinn and plants DDT onto the MSG arenas floor. Miniacle then walks thru the cell door and begins to scale the cell.

The crowd stands as one as they know what is going to occur. Only a few men have survived the Hell in a Cell, and fewer have survived it when the action went to the top.

Miniacle make it to the top and falls down, hurting from the sledgehammer shots. Below Sinn is just getting up. The fans let him know where Miniacle is. Sinn looks up, sees Miniacle and begins to climb the cage.

Hoffmann: This isn’t good. Careers have been broken in this kind of match. Why on earth has Miniacle taken the match to the top of the cell? Shoot even the ref is scaling the cell. Oh boy, put the children to bed for this one. Miniacle rises to his feet as Sinn crawls to the top of the cage. Sinn is barely secured on the top when Miniacle meets him with a boot to the head.

Miniacle picks Sinn up and delivers a suplex, causing both men to bounce off the steel cell. Miniacle covers and the ref count. 1…….. 2……… kickout by Sinn.

Miniacle delivers a brain buster to Sinn. Another cover. 1…….. 2……. Another close kickout by Sinn.

Miniacle goes for a power bomb but Sinn counters with a back body drop. Sinn falls to his knees holding his back. Sinn rises slowly to his feet as does Minacle. Sinn blindly grabs Miniacle and whips him, sending him over the edge of the Cell.

Instead Miniacle bounces off the ref and lands safely onto the steel.


HOW officials immediately run out and tend to the official. A new ref comes down, but refuses to climb the cage. He will make the count from the floor. Sinn looks over the edge and looks at about 20 HOW officials tending to the ref. Sinn hears footsteps….. Miniacle going for a clothesline that would send Sinn over the edge , instead is met with a drop toehold from Sinn and Miniacle goes over the edge.


The crowd is chanting HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. Sinn scales down the cage and runs over to Miniacle.

Miniacle is bleeding badly from the back of his head. Sinn smiles.


Sinn instead picks up Miniacle, despite warnings from the officials, and delivers the UNHOLY SINN.


Hoffmann: What a match. I mean the sledgehammer. The Cell, the ref falling off the cell, and then Miniacle going over the edge also. What can you say?? I mean it wasn’t the most technical bout. It wasn’t an all out brawl, but goddamn what can you more of from these guys.

Tucker: That was a great match. Now I am outta here. Look all those House of Pain guys are celebrating with Sinn. Lets go celebrate ourselves.

Hoffmann: On a night where Narcotic wrestled in three grueling matches, losing all three, a new commish, a new Internet Champion, 1st Ever Tag Champs, to this Match is has been a very eventful PPV. Whew. I am outta breath. For Chris Tucker, I am Joe Hoffmann. Good night everyone.