Capitol Punishment: August 3rd, 2009 (2009)

Weekly Show | 200 Min

Show Transcript

Capitol Punishment 2009
August 3rd, 2009 – #HOW68
Verizon Center, Washington, DC



The HOTv logo gives way to the HOW logo and then the Capitol Punishment banner comes into focus before exploding as Taking You Down by Egypt Central blasts thru the PA system inside the Verizon Center here in Washington D.C.

The cameras cut live inside the arena as the music has the sold out arena on its feet as the fans of High Octane Wrestling are pumped up for tonight’s pay per view.

As the cameras pan across the arena we see a sea of signs as each and every single fan tries to get themselves on PPV and as each fan catches themselves on the High Octane Vision screen above the entrance ramp, they explode with excitement before the cameras continue on to the next section of the arena.

As the cameras finally pan over to the entrance ramp, the HOV comes to life as fireworks explode on all sides of the screen and the noise is deafening as the pyros go off for a good solid several seconds.

Finally the fireworks end and the arena is filled up with smoke as the crowd continues to cheer as the cameras now focus in on the announce team of Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell who welcome everyone watching via the High Octane Television network.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to CAPITOL PUNISHMENT!!!

There is a roar from the crowd as Joe’s mic is pumped live thru the public address system.

Joe Hoffman: I am Joe Hoffman and the man to my right is none other than Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny boy do we have a stacked lineup for tonight!

The cameras zoom in as Benny holds up his official HOW Flask as he toasts all the viewers at home before replying to Joe..

Benny Newell: That is right Joe and tonight is all about the Best Alliance coming together to A..defeat a Duck..B…Retain the ICON title…and of course C…Retain the World Title and go into Thursdays Draft holding all the major titles here in HOW!

Joe Hoffman: That very well could happen but you cannot discount the LSD Championship match as that could easily steal the show like it did at War Games.

Benny Newell: C’mon no one gives two shits about that match as there is no Best Alliance member in it…this show will be remembered for the Iron Man Match and the Hell in a Cell inferno match…

On cue the cameras cut away from the announcers to a shot high above the arena floor as the lights go out and spotlights illuminate the huge Hell in a Cell structure that will house not one..but two matches tonight.

The crowd erupts into a loud ovation for the Cell and they can still be heard cheering as the cameras cut back to the announcers.

Joe Hoffman: It is not often that you have a Hell in a Cell match and it is even more rare to have TWO on the same show but that is what we have come to expect here in HOW…the unexpected.

Benny Newell: That’s right Joe cause tonight Trent will take on Trip Eisen in a Hell in a Cell match and even if that match will pale in comparison to the World Title match you have to expect some form of brutality as the two former SSEers try to forge their own identity here in HOW…and god willing never face each other ever ever ever ever again…..EVER.

Joe Hoffman: Well…um….ya that was pretty informative there Benny until the 23rd ever…

Benny Newell: EVER!!

Joe Hoffman: Ya we got it Benny…no more Trip vs. Trent…I am sure Lee and Faze are….hold on….oh boy…I just got word that a huge black Hummer Limo has just pulled into the arena and that can only mean one thing…

Benny Newell: BEST ALLIANCE!!!


The Best Arrivial and Plans

The action cuts live to the Verizon Center parking lot where we see the Hummer Limo come to a stop and the driver quickly exits the limo and jogs to the back door and as he opens it the crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as the owner of HOW, Lee Best, exits the limo.

Joe Hoffman: There here he is folks….Lee Best. He won back control of the company at the War Games Pay Per View and although for several weeks after the event he showed the effects of being thrown out of a helicopter by Darkwing, he is looking like he has never felt better!

Benny Newell: And THAT is the reason why…

The reason…Kirsta Lewis. The cameras capture the Hell Cat as she exits the limo, with the help from her leading man…Lee Best.

Kirsta plants a kiss on the mouth of Lee and he pats her on the ass as he waits for the next person to exit the limo.

Benny Newell: EMBOSSER!!!

The Austrian mountain of a man exits the limo and as he does the limo actually rises up after the release of the big man’s weight.

Lee pats the man on the shoulder and smiles and then ducks quickly as Embosser pulls out a Golden Desert Eagle Pistol and fires off a round at a group of kids that are watching the Best Alliance members from behind the security fence that separates the fans and the wrestlers.

Lee Best: NOOOOO!!

The kids scatter, none hit by the shot, and their cries can be heard in the distance as Lee smacks Embossers arm down and motions for him to put the gun away.

Lee Best: You fucking serious? Get the fuck in the arena and get ready for your damn match will ya.

Embosser hangs his head down and heads towards the arena as Lee turns and smiles as Mark O’Neal exits the limo.

Lee Best: Tonight is a big night Mark…ready to roast a fucking Duck?

Mark O’Neal: Fucking right Lee. In fact I wrote a rap just for this occ..

Lee puts his hand up in front of Mark’s face stopping him before he can start.

Lee Best: Not tonight Mark. Save it for the first show after the PPV…ratings will be needed..

Mark nods his agreement and heads towards the arena as well rapping to himself inaudibly.

The fans inside the arena watching all this go down via the HOV, erupt into the loudest chorus of boos heard yet tonight as the ICON Champion Shane Reynolds makes his way out of the limo.

Lee smiles as Shane is wearing the ICON Championship around his waist.

Lee Best: Tonight the journey ends Shane…tonight you rid HOW and myself of that fucking crack head Maximillian Kael…you ready up here?

Lee taps his forehead and Shane just looks at Lee with a look that would kill in its seriousness. Shane doesn’t even utter a word and walks off towards the entrance looking like he is in another world.

Joe Hoffman: God Benny I have to say that Shane Reynolds looks like he is ready to go to hell and back to defeat Maximillian Kael tonight in their Iron Man Falls Count Anywhere match for the ICON Championship…

Benny Newell: Speaking of Hell….

The cameras focus in as the World Champion, Aceldama, exits the limo and Lee starts clapping for his World Champion.

Lee Best: There he is…the man that will destroy Issac Slade and everyone that has FAITH in the man!!

The boos from inside the arena can be heard all the way outside in the parking lot and Aceldama looks towards the building and smiles and then turns back towards Lee who is now joined at the hip by a scared looking Kirsta Lewis.

Lee Best: How is the ticker Ace? I mean I will call off the match in a fucking heart..oh bad…in a second.

Aceldama turns towards Lee and just smiles and then heads towards the entrance as well as Lee watches his Champion head towards the arena looking fit as ever.

Kirsta Lewis: You think he is ok?

Lee Best: I don’t give a fuck as long as he walks out of that match with the damn title. Tonight is a big fucking night and I’ll be damned if it ends with a…..oh shit..sorry!!!

Lee turns towards the limo again and reaches his hand out and helps the next person out of the limo…


The crowd gives the ultimate mix reaction to Carey as she makes her way out of the Best Alliance limo and takes her place next to Lee Best.

Lee puts one arm around Carey and another around Lewis and they head towards the entrance of the Verizon center but they are suddenly cut off as none other than Mindy Smith comes sprinting out of the arena and thrusts her microphone into the face of Lee and the two women.

Mindy Smith: Lee before you and your skanks make it inside…we were promised a big announcement…well what the hell is it? Do you have AIDS? Is Kirsta’s dick bigger than yours? What is it??

Lee holds Kirsta back and smiles at Mindy.

Lee Best: Settle down there Mindy or I will be forced to anally rape you here live on HOTv…and we BOTH know how much you enjoy that.

Mindy starts to say something but Lee puts his hand up and stops her before she can start.

Lee Best: Look tonight will be all about celebration. Tonight Embosser will defeat Bob Fucking Jared. Tonight Mark O’Neal will defeat Darkwing and Chris Kostoff.

Mindy Smith: Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff…

Lee Best: Ya ya ya..Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff. Tonight Shane Reynolds will retain the ICON Title when he will defeat Maximillian Kael in an hour long Iron Man Match where the falls will count anywhere..and most importantly..tonight Aceldama will drag Issac Slade to hell and retain the World Championship and all will be right in the world as we head into the draft on Thursday.

Mindy Smith: That is all fine and dandy Lee …but the announcement?

Lee Best: Ah yes…well here it is. Maybe after this you will leave me and my lovely ladies alone so we can enjoy the PPV with the rest of the world…

Lee pauses and plants a kiss on the forehead of Carey and then Lewis before returning his attention back towards Mindy.

Lee Best: My announcement is this…..tonight we come to you live from the beautiful Verizon Center here in Washington D.C and on October 5th we will hold our next PPV and it will take place at…

Lee stops as Kirsta whispers something in his ear..

Lee Best: Oh..shit I almost ruined that. Wrong announcement. Thankfully I have you by my side…

Lee plants another kiss on Kirsta as the crowd can be heard groaning…

Lee turns back towards Mindy and smiles.

Lee Best: What I meant to say is that I have struck a deal with a private security firm and this firm will be in charge of keeping the HOW superstars in line. This firm will have 100% authority to arrest, detain, and punish any HOW superstar who harms any person NOT under contract here in High Octane Wrestling. This firm has my 100% backing and starting right after this show tonight they will begin their services here in HOW..and trust me when I say this…you do not want to push the lines with these men as you will only damage yourself and your future employment here in HOW… yes Mindy….there is your big announcement….there needs to be some form of law returned to HOW and this security firm will do just that…….now….lets go ladies…..enough talk…lets go watch the show..

Mindy goes to ask another question but Carey quickly bitch slaps her down to the ground and the cameras watch as Lee and the two women enter the Verizon Center with their arms locked around each others waists.

The action cuts away to a quick advertisement as the crowd is buzzing about just what this new security firm entails.


HOW Draft this Thursday at 8pm CST!!


Embosser vs. Bob “Fucking” Jared
Singles Match

Back from the quick advertisement for this Thursdays draft we cut right into a conversation between the announcers..

Benny Newell: Are you shitting me?

Joe Hoffman: No I’m serious, Benny, there is no Clinton Blowjob Memorial here in Washington.

Benny Newell: Well fuck me sideways, that’s the second thing that hooker lied to me about..

Joe Hoffman: What was the first?

Benny Newell: That she was really a h-


A massive explosion rocks the entrance stage of the Verizon Center, flames, sparks and debris filling up the walk way. The crowd lets out a collective scream as Benny Newell ducks under his desk during this uncalled for and potentially disastrous pyro accident at the start of the show no less.

Suddenly the dulcet tones of the “Bundeshymne”, the Austrian National Anthem, thunder through the smoke as the fans quiet down in confusion.

Joe Hoffman: I think my ears are ringing from that explosion.

Benny Newell: I think I just pooped myself, what the fuck is going on Benny?

Joe Hoffman: Maybe the Austrian Embassy is attacking?

Through the smoke and the small fire on the stage several figures can be seen moving bout until four barely dressed blonde models sporting what look like pink AK47s. They pose on the stage for a moment before the man known as the EMBOSSER makes his way out onto the stage.

The fans instantly react to his arrival with a loud chorus of boos while he flexes on stage, a mountain of pure Aryan muscle. The four models flock to him and pose around him as the smoke of the earlier explosion swirls behind him. The perfect white toothed smile finishes off the appearance of the perfect white European as he makes his way down to the ring while the models fire their pink AK47s up into the air.

Joe Hoffman: With the bombastic arrival of the Embosser, I think it’s safe to say our first match is about to start!

Benny Newell: Wow.. what a guy..too bad he missed those kids in the parking lot..

Joe Hoffman: Ya exactly..the damn guy shot at a group of fans…the same fans that pay our checks. I mean who is allowed to do that on a PPV??!!

Benny Newell: Well when you’re built on pure European Perfection Genes and you sport four ladies with huge.. uh.. guns, then you’re given a little allowance to do awesome things!

Joe Hoffman: He made you poop yourself!

Benny Newell: I said I think, THINK, I pooped myself. But for now, I will drink to the Embosser! The man Lee Best has promised to destroy Bob Jared with!

Joe Hoffman: Bob Jared may have his work cut out for him against a former SSE staple in the Embosser but I would not cut the man with the magic chest hair out just yet.

The Embosser flexes before entering the ring once while the crowd continues to jeer at him. The Embosser seems completely disinterested in everyone’s negative reaction to his presence as he moves to the center of the ring flexing once again to show off his considerably massive frame and muscular features.

Benny Newell: You know, Joe, I think Embosser is more muscular then Kostoff!

Joe Hoffman: I won’t argue the fact that Embosser might be the beefiest super star in HOW but all the muscle in the world will not help you against skill, determination and heart, Benny.

Benny Newell: Are you high!? Embosser is going to pull Jared’s head off his old shoulders, stick a rocket where his spine should be and blow his brains out all over this crowd!

Joe Hoffman: What a great visual, Benny, thanks.

Benny takes a swing from his official HOW Flask as “Kiss My Country Ass” by Rhett Atkins hits the P.A. The crowd stand on their feet as the one and only Bob Jared makes his way out onto the stage wearing a special Capitol Punishment Bob Jared wind breaker over his manly upper body.

Taking a few moments to prep himself on the stage the crowd cheers loudly for the master of the Spinning Toe Hold and the Bob of HOW. He gives a quick wave to the fans before he turns his attention down toward the Embosser who continues to pose in the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Indeed the symbol of Old School Wrestling in HOW, Bob Jared is a rising star despite his age.

Benny Newell: What? You mean because Moby Dick was a minnow when Bob Jared started wrestling? That he is the only man alive today who can remember when Kostoff was born?

Joe Hoffman: Don’t exaggerate Bob’s age Benny, however I can say that Bob Jared is no spring hen. But I don’t think that Bob’s age is a factor right now in his career as he is still in incredible shape and has that drive that some of our younger talent lacks to be honest.

Benny Newell: Drive? What, cause he has to use a Rascal All Terrain Wheelchair to get from his locker room to the stage?

Joe Hoffman: Benny!

Regardless of the commentary, Bob Jared is still loved by the fans as he makes his way to the ring looking more business like then normal. While stopping to slap a few hands, Jared non-the-less keeps his eyes on the prize in Embosser and slips into the ring where he holds his right hand up for a moment before slipping out of his wind breaker, tossing it out to the crowd.

Bryan McVay lifts the mic to his lips as he prepares for introductions.

Bryan McVay: The following is a Standard Match where victory may be attained by pin fall, submission or count out. Introducing first.. Weighing in at 265 lbs. and hailing from the Future Where the Embosser Has Won Every Major Title Ever.. The EMBOSSER!!

The crowd boos loudly once again as the Embosser flexes first at the crowd and then toward Bob Jared who seems to pay it little mind, testing the ropes on his side of the ring.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, weighing in at 242 lbs. and hailing from Memphis, Tennessee.. BOB “FUCKING” JARED!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Bob holds up his right arm once again though his eyes do not leave the Embosser who pretends to not pay attention to his opponents preferred popularity.

Joe Hoffman: The great fans of D.C. showing their respect for Bob Jared here tonight.. not so much for the man who blew their ears out early, the Embosser.

Benny Newell: That’s because people in D.C. are morons who can’t even run the nation right.

The announcer leaves the ring as Joel Hortega slips in, signaling for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: The bell is rung and the first match is underway here at Capitol Punishment!

Benny Newell: I will drink to that!

Benny takes a shot from his flask as The Embosser charges toward Bob Jared at the first sound of the bell, screaming at the top of his lungs. Jared, the wily veteran, waits for the big man to approach before stepping to the side, catching him with a drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle!

Joe Hoffman: Excellent counter then by Bob Jared using his opponents momentum drop them into the turn buckle!

Benny Newell: Come on Embosser! Don’t let Lee down!

Jared does not waste time as he jumps on Embossers back and starts to hammer the back of his opponents head with forearm strikes. Embosser, not sure what is going on, starts to power back up onto his feet using his incredible muscular frame to lift Jared off the ground who is forced to wrap his arms and legs around his thick necked opponent while still hammering.

Benny Newell: Come one Whitezilla! Take him down! Look at that body! Look at that Muscle! Look at that Perfection!

Joe Hoffman: Jesus, Benny, you’d think you had a crush on that guy?

Benny Newell: I don’t! But for Christ sake.. look at the man.

Joe Hoffman: Yes, he is impressive physically but it takes more than that to win a match!

Failing his arms out, Embosser attempts to grab Bob Jared who locks on a head lock while still clinging to Embossers back. Eventually Embosser lines his back up with the turn buckle and jumps backward, smashing Jared into the turn buckle forcing Jared to release the head lock. Marching forward, Embosser yells something at the crowd which elicits Boos before he turns, charging into the corner.


Attempting a spear, Embosser launches himself into the corner only for Jared to slip out of the way sending the big man between the turnbuckle and into the ring post where flesh meets steel. The fans Cheer loudly as Embosser slowly slides back into the ring holding his shoulder..

Jared sneaks up from behind..


Joe Hoffman: Jared might have it right here with an old school School Boy!




The Embosser manages to use his sheer physicality to break the pin fall. Bob climbs back up to his feet and begins to size up the Embosser.

Benny Newell: It takes more then.. uh.. then a pole to defeat the Embosser! I told ya, Lee Best Promised Embosser would defeat Jared and we are about to see it right here! Jared Can’t Stop the Embosser!

Taking another swing of his flask as Jared steps over the Embosser and locks in..


Embosser thrashes about in the ring as Jared begins to torture his opponent’s leg with his patented old school Spinning Toe Hold! Hortega checks on Embosser for the tap out!

Joe Hoffman: Bob Jared has claimed victories with this exact maneuver in the past ladies and gentlemen! It seems the Embosser has never encountered such a traditional wrestling move in some time as Jared is really cranking that spin on!

Benny Newell: Come on Embosser! Get your fucking ass in gear! Take that man out! Lee is not going to be happy if you fail! COME ON!


The Chants fill the arena as Jared continues to spin around the leg of the Embosser in an attempt to force the submission however Embosser seems to catch Bob in a spin around with a heavy fist which spins Jared back around forcing him to release the hold!

Hortega checks on Jared who is holding his face as Embosser slowly stumbles back up to his feet, tossing what looks like a roll of quarters out of the ring while Hortega is distracted with Jared. The fans roar with boos at the treacherous actions of the Embosser.

Joe Hoffman: Embosser with a loaded hand! He used a roll of quarters to take down Bob Jared! What the hell is that?!

Benny Newell: It’s called winning! YEEEHAAAW right Jared?! Embosser is going to make Lee a happy man! And I will Drink to That!

Lifting his flask up to his lips, Benny takes a shot as the Embosser makes his way over to Jared, shoving Hortega to the side. Embosser signals for the end as he lifts Jared up to his feet.


Jared hits the Bob “Fucking” Jared jaw breaker out of nowhere on the mountain of Muscle before scrambling over the Embosser for the pin..





Benny spits whiskey everywhere at the suddenness of Bob’s victory as the bell rings and the fans cheer.


Joe Hoffman: Bob “F’n” Jared has defeated the Embosser even after the Embosser cheated to gain the advantage! It seems that Bob Jared’s age has not slowed down the Hold School Hero!

Benny Newell: Shut up, Hoffman, Bob “Fucking” Jared is a fucking.. fuck! Lee is not going to be happy! Not at all!

As cameras focus in on Bob Jared climbing up on the top turnbuckle and taking in the crowds cheers, the action cuts backstage as a very loud JARED chant resonates throughout the Verizon Center.


Welcome to the Show..

The action cuts backstage inside a private suite that has been set up for Lee Best and his company. The camera pans around to show Lee sitting in the middle of a large leather couch with Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis on both sides of them and in front of them is a huge 104 inch Plasma TV…

Lee Best: That fucking Bob Jared…

I think its Bob Fucking Jared”

Lee Best: Who the fuck..

Lee and the ladies turn to see Ryan Faze and Brian Bare entering the room.

Lee stands up and smiles..” Faze…where were missed the Limo?”

Ryan Faze: More like you took off before I could get in…didn’t you see me running behind you?

Lee Best: bad…I will fire the driver next time I see him. Honestly I couldn’t see you thru the tint…plus I was busy…ahem.

Lee nods his head towards Kirsta who smacks Lee’s shoulder playfully.

Ryan Faze: Ya whatever. I had to call a fucking cab to get here….what did I miss anyway..

Faze starts towards the couch but stops as Lee points at him.

Lee Best: What the fuck is he doing here?

Faze turns towards Bare who is still standing in the door way.

Ryan Faze: Oh…well…..he is Mayhem staff and..

Lee Best: Save it Faze. I don’t care who is sucking who’s dick for whatever you two put up your nose..but I don’t want that asshole anywhere near me during this PPV…you got it…NO WHERE NEAR…

Faze nods and walks back towards the door and Bare puts up a brief argument before Faze shoves him out of the room and shuts the door behind him.

Ryan Faze: There…now…what happened?

Lee motions for Faze to take a seat on the couch with him and the Owner and General Manager of Mayhem take a seat as the action cuts back to ringside.


Trip Eisen vs. Trent
Hell in a Cell Match

The action cuts back live inside the arena as the cameras focus in on the Hell in a Cell that is lowering from the arena’s rafters.

The crowd cheers madly as the Cell slowly makes it way over the ring and the HOW crew quickly start setting up for the first of two Hell in a Cell matches tonight.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for Trent versus Eisen, Benny…student versus teacher. Mentor versus protege. These two men have been deeply involved with each other’s career over the years, and lately, it’s gotten awfully heated between the two men.

Benny Newell: Yeah, fuckin’ Eisen rightfully wanted Trent to help him out, and he didn’t. There was some fighting and brawling, a bad eye, now we’ve got this match inside the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Well, that was certainly a succinct way of summing up that match…

Gama Bomb’s Thrashaholic blasts out the speakers of the Verizon Center, and the seven foot stoner emerges atop the ramp, devil horns thrown high with his bald head banging back and forth! He stops, and pulling a giant spliff and lighter out his pocket, lighting up atop the ramp, before striding down to the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, hailing from Hereford, England, TRENT!!!

Joe Hoffman: The big man certainly looks focused tonight, Benny.

Benny Newell: Yeah, this one should be a war.

A brief silence falls over the arena, before Chimaira’s Destroy and Dominate forces its way through the in-arena sound system, followed by the appearance of Trip Eisen on the ramp. He wastes little time, striding down towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, hailing out of Cardiff, Wales….TRIP EISEN!!

Benny Newell: That’s one steely fucking glare, Joe. Last time I saw a stare like that was with a hooker in Mexico….that didn’t end too well.

Joe Hoffman: And there goes my commentary partner with, well, too much information, to be quite honest.

Benny Newell: Well, they tell me to say what I think and they tank me up with free booze…what do you expect? Anyway, you and me both know that I’m the one who does all the work in this commentary team.

Joe Hoffman: Of course, Benny, of course.

Both referees Boettcher and Hortega are in opposite corners, ensuring that neither man gets the jumpstart before the match officially gets under way, as the large, steel structure is tethered by the ring crew. Just as the ring crew is looking to close up the door, referee Hortega scampers out and up the ramp, as Boettcher signals for the bell.




There’s an air of palpable tension in the arena, as the two men stare each other down, neither wanting to look away before the other. Eisen breaks stare first, as he charges across the ring, leaping through the air, sweeping his elbow and slicing right across the big man’s face with it! Trent staggers back slightly, before winding up his big right hand and smacking Eisen right down to the canvas! Eisen quickly retains his feet only to be met with another right hand from the big man, forcing his back to meet canvas again. Again, the smaller man regains his feet but this time it’s boot that his face meets, rather than fist. Eisen punches the canvas in frustration on his way back to his feet, and this time, he actually manages to duck underneath Trent’s swinging fist, and it takes him all of a second to send his boot flying into Trent’s groin area with a nasty looking soccer kick, eliciting a loud “ooooh…” from the male members of the audience. Trent crumples to the mat, dropping to one knee. Eisen takes one look at the larger man, before leaning into the ropes and propelling himself forward. He runs before stepping up onto Trent’s knee before driving his own knee into Trent’s face!

Joe Hoffman: Shining Eisen!

The giant crumples backwards to the mat, before climbing up and shaking his head. Eisen, stalking the larger man, walks in, looking to hook up a suplex, but Trent’s not having any of it, reversing it into a suplex of his own! Both men regain verticality, and once more, there’s a stare down. Eisen once again goes to throw first, but Trent catches his arm! The big man throws it away, causing Eisen to spin around, before getting grabbed by Trent, driven through the air and onto the mat with a Sambo Suplex! Not looking to waste any time, Trent drags Eisen up by his hair, grabbing a hold of his throat, again, lifting him up and down with a chokeslam!

Benny Newell: Trent’s putting the hurting on Eisen right here and now, Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, a quick succession of moves clearly turning the momentum Trent’s way.

The big man ducks down to once more, grab a hold of Eisen’s head, but Eisen shoots a finger up and into Trent’s already damaged eye! Trent staggers back, clasping at his eye, trying to figure out if it’s still there or not, leaving Eisen more than enough time to get his breath, bearings and footing. Moving towards Trent, he immediately starts peppering his body with shots left and right, pushing him backwards into the ropes. From here, he whips him off, setting himself up for a powerslam, but when it comes to it, Trent knows it’s coming and shoots his boot out, only, well, Eisen knew that was coming, so he catches a hold of Trent, and, once again, goes low.

Joe Hoffman: I’m starting to see Eisen taking a LOT of shortcuts in this match, Benny.

Benny Newell: Seems to work, Joe, seems to work.

Trent looks to flop to the mat, but Eisen doesn’t seem to like this idea, driving his head into Trent’s armpits, throwing him overhead with a Northern Lights Suplex! Trent lands hard on his back, the wind flying out of his lungs. Eisen pops back up to his feet, with a glint in his eye and a smirk on his mouth. He reaches into his trunks, pulling out the same fork he pulled out on Mayhem! He strides over to Trent, looking to drive the fork into his bad eye, but the big man has enough of his senses to shoot both his hands out, grabbing a hold of Eisen’s arm. Eisen tries to carry on pushing the fork, using both arms, but the big man rises up to his feet, still clasped on Eisen’s wrist, before quickly punching him in the face, and picking him up in the air! Eisen, held a good eight or nine foot in the air is frantically screaming to be put down, and, well, Trent duly obliges, dropping him face first onto the canvas, knocking the wind right out of him. Trent seizes upon the opportunity and starts rooting underneath the ring, eventually producing a chair. He slides back into the ring, taps the chair on the mat, before bringing the chair up and driving it right down into the back of Eisen’s skull! Throwing the chair in the general vicinity of the turnbuckle, he picks Eisen up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Throwing a few rough fists to his midsection to soften him up, Trent then lifts him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle, before climbing up to the second rope himself.

Joe Hoffman: I think Trent’s going for the Entrencher here!

As Trent goes to go lift Eisen, Eisen slams his head into Trent’s, attempting to headbutt the bigger man off. Trent decides that he can headbutt harder, so, he slams his forehead into Eisen’s! Eisen reels back, before throwing his head into Trent’s yet again! Trent seems a bit fazed by this but it doesn’t really affect him as he slams his head into Eisen’s again! Eisen slumps backwards and promptly falls off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring! Before he has a chance to get his feet, however, he finds that the bigger man had also dropped outside and, well, had grabbed hold of his hair. Trent decides at this point, that the single most effective piece of offence is to scrape Eisen’s face right across the cage wall! It takes mere seconds for Eisen’s forehead to get grated like cheese, and just a few more for the blood to start truly gushing. Trent seems to bore of this, and throws Eisen head first into the ring post!

Benny Newell: Nothing like a good bit of blood and violence, eh Joe?

As Newell takes a large slug of whiskey, to show his agreeance with the statement he just made, Trent’s walking over to the now prone form of Eisen. He gets there, and drags the former King up to his feet, Eisen swaying around as if he’s on a ship in rough seas! Trent grabs Eisen, again, and looks to drive his nose into the ring post, but a boot appears at the bottom, stopping him from doing so! Eisen, with strength from fuck knows where, reverses the maneuver and slams Trent’s head into the turnbuckle! Sensing that he might be able to get a moment here, Eisen, again, slams Trent’s head into the turnbuckle, busting the bigger man open! Again, Trent’s head meets ring post, before Eisen decides his work is done, and rolls Trent underneath the bottom rope. Eisen decides to take a trip to the veritable superstore of weapons that is beneath the ring, and quickly emerges with a steel chair!

Joe Hoffman: Well, Benny, the blood and violence is most certainly here!

Benny Newell: Yeah, Joe, and when you think about it? This night’s just going to get better and better! This is just a taste of some of the brutality we’re gonna get in our main event tonight. This fucking giant cage, set on fire, with Aceldama? It’s gonna be fucking brilliant.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, but let’s not take our eyes of this little feast of brutality!

Eisen, sliding back into the ring, drops the chair and moves over to the prone Trent, driving his head into the canvas with his boot, before taking a moment to wipe the blood out of his eyes, to throw his hair back, before dragging the big man up to his feet! There’s a quick exchange of punches between the two, Trent snapping back to life as he reaches verticality, and he quickly gets the upper hand in the exchange – that’s why it was a quick one, because Eisen, once again, finds himself laid flat out on his back! Trent, once more, picks Eisen up and hurls him into the corner, following up with a nasty looking clothesline! With considerably more speed than the first time he attempted it, he hoists Eisen up onto the turnbuckle, before driving him off the top with the Entrencher, straight into the self-same steel chair that Eisen recently slid into the ring! Both men lie there for what seems like an eternity, Trent trying to get his breath back and, well, Eisen just trying to figure out if his brain still works, before Trent hops over and covers Eisen!




Eisen, somehow, shoots his shoulder up a fraction before referee Boettcher’s hand comes down for the third and final time. Trent has a look of slight disbelief on his face, appearing shocked that Eisen even got his shoulder up! He wastes absolutely no time, though, picking the smaller man right up and onto his shoulders for the Toke Hold! Eisen screams out as Trent racks his body, but is steadfastly refusing to submit. It also takes all of ten seconds before he sees the easy way out of it, reaching with his hands to rake his fingers right across Trent’s eye! As he falls, he somehow manages to turn it into a rollup, grabbing a healthy handful of Trent’s jeans!



Trent powers out of the rollup, sending Eisen staggering backwards. Trent charges at Eisen looking for a clothesline, but Eisen ducks under, before in one, smooth, swift motion, grabs hold of Trent’s waist, before pulling him up and over for Das Suplexen! Eisen bridges the hold…

Joe Hoffman: What an exchange of moves here!



Trent kicks out of the hold, and both men regain their feet. Eisen swings a wild elbow at Trent’s face, connecting, and opening up the gash on his forehead a little bit, but this doesn’t stagger Trent at all, he just rides the blow before flattening Eisen with a vicious right hook! Trent goes to reach down to pull him back up, but Eisen jabs at his eye, sending the big man staggering backwards. Eisen reaches into his trunks, and from depths unknown, produces a second fork! Trent’s still staggering, still trying to figure out if he can see anything, but Eisen doesn’t particularly want to seem to let him get his senses about him too much, as he dropkicks Trent’s knee, dropping the big man to the canvas! Eisen quickly senses his opportunity, and as Trent turns over to get his breath back, Eisen leaps on top of him, and starts stabbing at his face with the fork! Trent moves his head around but, not too much avail!

Benny Newell: Fork to the face….I’ll drink to that.

Joe Hoffman: You mean, you can watch as Trent’s career might possibly end if Eisen actually gets that eye and have a drink and enjoy it?

Benny Newell: Yup.

Joe Hoffman: You sicken me sometimes, Benny, you really do.

Boettcher seemingly asks Eisen to stop with the forking, and, eventually, he does, covering Trent with the most basic of covers, and Boettcher drops reluctantly to make the count…




Bryan McVay: And your winner, in 15 minutes 35 seconds….TRIP EISEN!

Eisen, in the ring, explodes as if he just won the World Championship. He drops to his knees, and is seemingly overcome with the fact that he won the match! EMT’s come charging down the ramp as the ring crew quickly try to attend to Trent.

Joe Hoffman: Well, folks, Eisen picked up the win here, but was it at the cost of Trent’s career? We already knew his eye was bad, this might have done it.

Benny Newell: Ahh, all it was was a fork. Not like it was glass or anything.

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, but it was glass that caused this, Benny. We’ll try to have an update on Trent on the website, at some point soon, folks.

Benny Newell: Right, right. And next up, we have more violence! Hopefully.


Special HOR tomorrow night at 7pm CST


Scottywood vs. Kirsta Lewis
Special Guest Referee: Bobbinette Carey

After the short advertisement for the special High Octane Radio show tomorrow night, we cut straight to Bryan McVay as its time for our next match!

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your Special Guest Referee for the upcoming contest… BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!

A mixed ovation of cheers and boos can be heard throughout the arena as “Circus” by Britney Spears kicks in and the “Queen of Epicness” emerges from backstage with a pose at the top of the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: So much speculation revolving around Bobbinette Carey ever since War Games…

Benny Newell: I’ll tell you what Joe; you can speculate all you want about Bobbinette Carey and her recent actions. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show… especially if it involves some more girl-on-girl with Kirsta Lewis.

Bryan McVay: This next match up is scheduled for one fall and will be contested as a Hardcore match.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! You gotta’ keep em separated…

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from New York City, New York, weighing 265 pounds… he is the “Hardcore Artist”… SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Appearing from the back to the tune of “Stricken”, and with a slight limp thanks to the nail gun incident this past Turmoil, Scottywood heads to the ring with a sickening look of intent, his eyes glazed over with focus as he keeps a quick pace before sliding under the bottom rope with his barbed wire hockey stick. He ignores the crowd, who is giving him a confusing mix of cheers and boos, most likely due to who his opponent is for the night.

Joe Hoffman: If one thing is for certain about this next matchup Benny, is that it will go down as one of the most violent, destructive, hardcore matches we’ve ever seen. These next two opponents live and die by the term “hardcore”, and are out to prove once and for all who is the most hardcore of them all.

Benny Newell: Kirsta Lewis can get hardcore with me any day…

Joe Hoffman: You know, Lee is watching this Buff.

Benny Newell: OH… right. Sorry boss. Just make sure she has her regular pap test… if ya catch my drift. Don’t want your cock to fall off now do ya?

Joe Hoffman: ANYWAYS…

Scottywood’s music is soon drowned out and replaced by Nickelback’s “Animals” and the booing in the Verizon Center becomes even louder.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, weighing 130 pounds, “The Hellcat”, KIRSTA LEWIS!!!


Scottywood leans over the ropes shouting unheard obscenities toward the entrance ramp as “Animals” dies down with still no appearance from Kirsta Lewis.

Benny Newell: Relax Joe. She’s probably just finishing up her pre-match BJ with Lee…

Joe Hoffman: Will you stop it! Wait a minute… from over the barricade! She’s here! It’s Kirsta!

Bobbinette discreetly does her best to distract Scottywood from turning around, as Kirsta carefully slides into the ring holding an unknown object.

Benny Newell: And she’s come prepared for this match with…

Joe Hoffman/Benny Newell: EXPLOSIVES?!?!?


No sooner does Scottywood turn around than does Kirsta set fire to the objects in her hand and tosses them towards his face.




Joe Hoffman: Holy Shhhhhhhh-tuff…. Forgive me folks but Kirsta Lewis just set off several small explosives in Scottywood’s face!


Benny Newell: OH MY GOD!!

All intended Joey Styles references aside, if anything was to define the term “hardcore”, this was it as evidenced by Scottywood rolling and scrambling on the mat in pain, holding his face in agony. Kirsta smirks at Bobbinette before Carey calls for the bell and the match officially gets under way.


With every intention in the world to severely punish her opponent, Kirsta slides out of the ring, leaving Scottywood to try and recuperate from the devastating explosions to his face. She reaches over the barricade where she entered the match and tosses a variety of weapons from a steel trash can into the ring; razor wire, meat hooks, a steel chair, amongst others. With Scottywood still nursing his face, Kirsta grabs the garbage can as well and empties the rest of its contents; a bag of thumbtacks, an electric tazer, a bottle of lemon juice, and a small tank filled with scorpions.

Benny Newell: Looks like Kirsta came prepared…

Joe Hoffman: Are those scorpions?!? Ugh! Those things give me the heebie-jeebies… get ‘em away. Get ‘em away!

One of the scorpions escapes the tank onto the announce table as Kirsta transports the rest of her “goodies” to the ring, causing Joe to jump out of his chair and behind his broadcast partner.

Benny Newell: Come on, you pussy! It’s just a…OWWW! SON OF A MOTHER FUCKIN’ BITCH! That little fucker stung me!

Joe Hoffman: See?!?

Benny dusts off the scorpion that stung him and immediately reaches for his bottle of Jack Daniels in an effort to “clean” the wound… or simply get more intoxicated, one of the two. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Kirsta is sadistically admiring her bag of thumbtacks as Scottywood begins to stir on his knees. She empties what it possibly thousands of thumbtacks next to the “Hardcore Artist,” as he finally reveals his face after his arms and hands have been nursing the explosion wounds. It appears he has several severe burns with his flesh as red in spots as ripe tomatoes. Kirsta sizes up her opponent that is literally over half her size and flicks him off using both middle fingers. A boot to Scottywood’s gut is blocked though, and Scottywood unexpectedly turns the tables on Lewis with a DDT into the thumbtacks!

Joe Hoffman: Huge reversal by Scottywood! Just look at his face though… it’s possible he could have long lasting scars, all thanks to Kirsta Lewis!

Benny Newell: This match really got off to a bang, didn’t it Joe?

Joe Hoffman: You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

With Lewis down, Scottywood shakes off the effects of the explosives and begins stomping away at her with his oversized boot. He pulls the “Hellcat” up by her hair, revealing a forehead full of thumbtacks that are still stuck to her. He violently wrenches her head backwards and mouths the words “fuck you Lee” to the camera before capping it off with the deepest, most disgusting hock of bloody spit wad you could imagine down her throat. Kirsta gags before she ends up vomiting at the feet of Scottywood, who simply laughs.

Benny Newell: I think I’m going to be sick…

Scottywood finds the array of weapons that surround him in the ring and grins when he finds the small tank of scorpions. Scotty lifts Kirsta up and plants her with a Samoan Drop back onto the tacks before he grabs the tank and empties the scorpions, maybe 30-40 of them onto Kirsta Lewis!


Kirsta flails her body recklessly as you can tell that several of the scorpions have stung her in different areas, including her face She stands up and scrambles to brush them off, only to receive a Standing Dropkick from Scottywood as she finishes. Scottywood shouts at Carey, who’s been a spectator in amazement thus far, and orders her to make the count.



Joe Hoffman: Kirsta kicks out!

Benny Newell: A bit of a SLOW count on Carey’s part, don’t you think Joe?

Joe Hoffman: Actually, I would say that count was fairly standard, as long as she counts the same for both superstars.

Again, Scottywood brings Kirsta to her feet by her hair, pulling hard in the process, until Kirsta springs to life with dropping neckbreaker, Scottywood’s chin coming down hard on the top of Kirsta’s head. She immediately grabs a strand of razor wire and slashes it across the face of Scotty, who shrieks in pain as his flesh is torn and burns are scraped.

Kirsta places the razor wire over the face of Scottywood and executes a leg drop onto his face, then hurries to make the cover.



Joe Hoffman: Quick kickout by Scottywood! Perhaps that was a bit faster Benny!

Kirsta pops to her feet and finds the bottle of lemon juice and a tazer nearby. Oddly enough, she opts for the lemon juice, uncaps the lid, and proceeds to douse Scottywood in the face, further enhancing the pain of the burns and wounds that he’s received thus far in the match and blinding his eyes. Squealing, Scottywood flails his arms and ends up tripping Kirsta. He blindly finds a meat hook and is lucky enough to stab the end of it into Kirsta’s side. With blood now draining from both superstars and blood spattered on her own clothing, a somewhat concerned Bobbinette Carey decides to kick most of the remaining weapons out of the ring, leaving only a few behind.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve never seen anything like this! Scottywood and Kirsta Lewis are HELL BENT on… well, KILLING each other.

Benny Newell: Scottywood is a douche bag. He couldn’t kill a fly even if he tried to. Can you say “former dead weight of the Best Alliance?”

Joe Hoffman: Need I remind you, Benny, that Scottywood has endured EXPLOSIVES to his face in this match and is still standing… and taking it to Kirsta Lewis no less!

Kirsta removes the piercing end of the meat hook from her torso and tosses it aside, grasping her wound in pain as she tries to prevent the blood from pouring out of it. Scottywood, with a bloody smirk, lunges towards her, but somehow she steps aside and counters with a Drop Toe Hold. Scottywood quickly hops to his feet though and executes a beautiful roundhouse Ice Kick to the temple of Kirsta Lewis to counter back.

Kirsta staggers backwards and Scotty calls for the Game Misconduct, but Kirsta pulls a pair of brass knuckles from her tights and drops to land a swift Low Blow! Kirsta covers once more…



Joe Hoffman: Kickout! Scottywood with unfinished business as he looks to prove to the real “Hardcore Artist” is.

Benny Newell: I’m not surprised Scotty kicked out to a low blow shot with brass knucks. Reason being he has NO BALLS!

Scottywood rolls out of the ring in pain immediately after kicking out of the pin fall and Kirsta quickly follows. Unfortunately, Scottywood doesn’t get much time to recover from the Low Blow and finds himself come face to face with the steel ring steps. Kirsta rams Scottywood’s head into the ring post as well and then tosses him back into the ring, giving Bobbinette a glare as she enters behind.

Carey backs off though, pointing to the referee shirt that she’s wearing while Kirsta simply responds by blowing her a kiss from her blood covered lips. But as Kirsta turns back to Scottywood…



he nails her with successive shots from his barbed wire hockey stick!

Joe Hoffman: I can honestly say that Scottywood and Kirsta Lewis are tearing each other apart so badly, that they are almost becoming unrecognizable!

With a clenched fist, Scottywood sends Kirsta shooting to the mat with a hard right hand and admires her blood that is on his hand as a result. Scottywood signals for the end as Kirsta needs to use the ropes to pull herself back to her feet. Scotty finds Kirsta in the center of the ring, amidst scattered tacks and scorpions and lifts her into a Fireman’s Carry.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty’s looking for the Game Misconduct right here!

Except Kirsta wriggles her way free, landing behind the “Hardcore Artist”. Scottywood spins around to find Kirsta land her Hell’s Bitch Kick Superkick finisher! Bobbinette is quick to make the count…


Joe Hoffman: Kirsta Lewis out of nowhere!


Benny Newell: It’s not Game Misconduct… it’s Game OVER for Scottywood!



Bryan McVay: Here is your winner in 12:58… the HELLCAT… KIRSTA LEWIS!!!

But instead of Kirsta’s theme music, “Undead” hits the speakers and we find none other than the GOD of HOW, Lee Best, standing atop the entrance ramp.

The Payoff

Lee Best: NOW THAT is what I am talking about!! Give it up for THE HELL CAT!!!!

The crowd boos loudly as Lee makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring where Carey and Kirsta are standing, waiting for him.

As medics help Scotty up the ramp towards the back, Lee smacks Scottywood on the top of the head with his microphone and laughs…


Joe Hoffman: Well it is obvious that Lee is more than happy with Kirsta winning this match up.

Benny Newell: Duh…..and shut up will ya. I heard a rumor earlier today about something that I think might be happening right fucking now…

Joe Hoffman: What are you talking about?

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up already will ya….Live Sex…you happy…now sshhh..

Joe’s mouth drops as the cameras follow Lee as he enters the ring and gives both Kirsta and Carey a big hug. They embrace Lee warmly and he raises both their arms in the air as the crowd boos unmercifully.

Lee walks the ladies around the ring showcasing them to each side before they finish looking at the hard camera.

Lee then takes a few steps forward and smiles as he continues on the mic.

Lee Best: Folks I have a very special treat I want to share with you all and I promised myself and these two beautiful women that I would only do it if Kirsta was victorious tonight and by God was she ever..again lets hear it for KIRSTA LEWIS!!!

The crowd boos loudly again as Kirsta blows a kiss towards Lee…

Lee Best: You see folks I know what people have been thinking..wondering….expecting….in regards to my relationship with Kirsta and the beautiful Bobbinette…but you see you people just don’t get it….we fucking love each other!!

The crowd boos again as Lee smiles and the women clap behind him.

Lee Best: People been waiting for Kirsta to turn on Carey..or Carey to turn on Kirsta..of hell..for them to turn on me….but you just don’t fucking get it…we are in love…and this relationship..this union…will not end anytime soon…and to prove it….well we got something special planned for tonight….Ladies..shall we?

Lee turns towards the ladies and they smile and both motion for Lee to come towards them. He smiles and drops the mic and walks quickly up to Kirsta and grabs her by the back of the head and begins making out with her as the crowd begins throwing trash into the ring.

Carey looks on smiling as Lee reaches his hand around Kirsta and grabs a handful of her ass as she wraps her leg around Lee and they continue to make out as the booing gets louder and the trash begins to pile up in the ring.

Finally Lee and Kirsta stop and Lee turns towards Carey and motions her towards him.

She smiles and walks up to Lee but then Lee stops her and motions for Carey to not kiss him….but Kirsta!

Joe Hoffman: Is he serious…Benny? Seriously!!??

Benny cannot reply as he is standing up on his chair looking into the ring as even the crowd quits booing as Carey nods her head and runs her finger across the lip of Lee and starts towards Kirsta…..but then stops.

Joe Hoffman: Whats going on???

Carey turns back towards Lee and grabs him by the back of his neck and brings him in and begins kissing him passionately.

Benny Newell: YESSSS!!!!

Carey and Lee continue to make out as Kirsta looks on smiling and touching her chest as Carey and Lee get more and more heated.

Finally, Carey stops kissing Lee and gingerly bites his lower lip as she pulls away and points at Kirsta and starts towards her..

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god…it moved…it moved..oh dear god..

Carey steps towards Kirsta as Lee turns around and motions for the fans in the front row to suck his dick and he will be going home with two ladies tonight…

Behind Lee, Carey licks her finger and wipes away some of the dried blood from Kirsta’s side as Kirsta leans in for a kiss…..

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!

The crowd erupts as Carey digs her finger into the spot where Scotty nailed Kirsta with the meat hook…a shallow wound but you cannot tell as Kirsta drops to her knees and is screaming in pain as the crowd erupts into cheers as Lee continues to rip on the fans in the front row thinking the reaction from the crowd is for him…

Carey pulls out her finger from the wound and wipes it disgustingly on the canvas as she picks up the brass knuckles Kirsta had and turns towards Lee as Kirsta is writing in pain as HOW medics reach into the ring and pull her out.

Lee is still smiling as he turns and sees Carey smiling at him..

Before Lee can utter a word Carey nails him in the temple with the brass knuckles and Lee falls against the ropes and bounces off and is met with a kick to the chin from Carey and he falls to the outside as the crowd erupts into cheers.

Carey quickly exits the ring and picks up Lee and whips him hard into the steel ring steps and pushes Bryan McVay off his chair and she raises the chair up high in the air…pauses and looks at the cheering crowd…and brings it down hard on the back of the head of Lee…driving his head into the steel steps.

Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Lee is lifeless as he lays bent over on the steel steps and Carey smiles as sees the position he is in.

She hustles over to Lee and quickly undoes his belt and pulls his pants down exposing Lee’s bare ass.

Carey then looks under the ring and smiles as she pulls out a bag…a pink bag wrapped with purple string.

She holds the bag up for everyone to see and she quickly pulls the string off the bag and pulls out…


Carey is smiling as she holds the beads up high in the air as she bends down behind Lee and begins shoving the beads up his ass…Lee doesn’t even move as he is out cold as one by one the beads make their way up his ass.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot believe I am going to say this…..BUT THANK GOD HERE COMES MARK O’NEAL!!!

Mark comes racing down the rampway and around the ring and charges Carey who quickly jumps the rail and exits thru the fans who are cheering for her.

The PPV quickly cuts away as we see a final image of Lee bent over with beads hanging from his ass as Mark watches Carey escape.


Who will be the number one pick?


Darkwing vs. Chris Kostoff vs. Mark “The Explosive” O’Neal
House of Pain Match

Back live and the crowd is still buzzing over just went down as the crew is frantically getting ready for the House of Pain match that is up next.

Benny Newell: You know, as much as I hate to say this I’m looking forward to this…cause right now I need something to take my mind off …..ugh…

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny I agree let’s move and remember The House of Pain has been a show stopper. It has never let anyone down and tonight I don’t see it letting us down.

Benny Newell: That’s right, first off you got Mark O’Neal. Then Darkwing and the fucker I hate the most Kostoff. They are going to be locked inside that contraption and they will all try to kill each other.

The crowd erupts as the cage is being lowered. As the ring crew comes out to fasten it in place, Darkwing comes out and makes his way down to the ring. No grand entrances as the HOW Hall Of Famer enters through the door.

Joe Hoffman: Well due to how the HOP is set up, we won’t see anything till the match begins and the HOV comes to life.

Next Mark makes his way down after having helped Lee to the back during the break and climbs into the cage. After a moment the ring crew leave as Kostoff makes his way down and enters the cage. The door locks behind the three combatants as the big screen flickers to life. All three men stand in the ring eyeing each other up and down. As the bell rings the crowd erupts as the three men circle each other.

Moving fast Darkwing charges and takes down Kostoff with a tackle. The two men roll around as Mark steps back and watches the two go at it. They roll into the wire causing a yelp from Darkwing. Getting to his feet, he gets caught with a clothesline from Mark. Seeing his chance, Mark begins to pound away on Duck. Driving his face into the steel, Mark laughs as he tries to hurt Darkwing right out of the gate. Kostoff gets to his feet and launches himself into the back of Mark sending him and Duck into the razor wire!!

Joe Hoffman: From the get go this is going to be nasty.

Grabbing Mark by his head, Kostoff sends him into the ropes and drops him with a spine buster. Getting to his feet Kostoff turns around, Darkwing charges and nails him with a huge clothesline. Crashing hard to the mat Darkwing drops an elbow down into Kostoff’s chest.

Getting to his feet, Mark stomps away at the prone Kostoff. Both men pull Kostoff up and take off running and slam him face first into the razor wire! Mark rubs the face of Kostoff against the wire causing blood to spill from his face. Dropping to the mat, Mark stands over him with his arms raised. Darkwing grabs Mark by his head and drives his face into the wire. Yelling in pain Mark falls from the wire as blood trickles down his face.

Grabbing Kostoff by the head, Darkwing pulls him to his feet…..Kostoff kicks Darkwing in the balls!! Hollering in pain Kostoff grabs him and drops Darkwing with a DDT. Getting to his feet Kostoff goes after Mark. Getting him to his feet Kostoff slams Mark into the razor wire. Taking a step back, Kostoff leaps forward and slams his boot into the back of Mark’s head, digging the wire deeper into the flesh of Mark.

Joe Hoffman: These guys are starting to get into it.

Benny Newell: The blood is flying now!!!

Looking down at his foe, Kostoff kicks him again in the back sending him into the wire again. Getting to his feet Darkwing nails Kostoff with a huge right to the face. Staggering back Darkwing throws another whicked right…ducking the shot Kostoff grabs Darkwing by his neck and kicks him in the side of his knee. Lifting him up, Kostoff slams Darkwing down with a choke slam!!! As the crowd sees the action on the screen they go wild as all three men are putting on a massive fight.

Getting to his feet, Mark wipes the blood from his face and charges Kostoff by chop blocking his knees. Hollering out in pain Kostoff hits the mat as Mark gets to his feet and hooks the head of Kostoff. Getting him up he drops Kostoff to the mat with a whicked suplex. Rolling to his feet Mark grabs Kostoff by his head and drops him with a DDT. Darkwing slowly gets to his feet, grabbing Mark by his shoulders Darkwing muscles Mark up onto his shoulders. Walking around the ring Darkwing falls backwards driving Mark to the mat with a Samoan drop!!

As Darkwing gets to his feet, he walks over and stomps on Kostoff. Grabbing Kostoff by the head Darkwing pulls him up and shoots him into the ropes…Kostoff shoots back off the ropes and nails Darkwing with a big boot to the face.

Joe Hoffman: Nice reversal by Kostoff.

Benny Newell: Fuck him, I’m getting another shot.

As the action picks back up inside the cage, Kostoff pulls a bloody mess that is Mark to his feet and slams him into the corner. Kostoff charges into the corner…Mark gets his boots up and catches Kostoff in the face!!! Staggering back from the corner Kostoff turns around to get caught by Darkwing with a clothesline. As Darkwing stops and look up, Mark flies from the second rope and nails Darkwing with a clothesline!!!

Mark gets to his feet and pulls Darkwing up. Nailing Darkwing with a knee to his stomach Mark gets Darkwing up over his head with a Gorilla Press!! Mark turns and launches Darkwing into razor wire!!! Screams of pure pain fill the arena as Darkwing falls from the wire as traces of his skin and blood stay on the wire.

Joe Hoffman: The first nasty move of the match!!! What power by Mark!!!

Benny Newell: Take ’em out Mark!!!!

Mark pulls the bloody Darkwing to his feet and sends him crashing into the corner. Walking over he grabs Kostoff by his hair and pulls him to his feet. The two men begin to exchange punches in the middle of the ring as Mark gets the upper hand and drops Kostoff with a huge right to the jaw.

Landing with a thud Mark drives his knees down to the head of Kostoff. Blood flies from Mark’s face as he gets to his feet. Looking down at the carnage Mark smiles. Pulling Kostoff to his feet Mark launches him back first into the razor wire!!! Screaming in agony Kostoff falls to his knees as Mark kicks him in the face, sending Kostoff falling to the mat.

A bloody wreck that is Darkwing slowly gets to his feet as blood seeps from multiple gashes in his flesh. Mark charges….Darkwing tosses him over by his head!!! Mark lands in the barbwire as Kostoff gets to his feet and throws himself into the mess that is Mark!! Landing with a crash, Kostoff slams onto Mark, driving him harder onto the barbwire!!!!

Benny;: Holy shit!!!

At the site the fans see on the big screen some are taken back by the destruction they are seeing. The chant of “holy shit”…”Holy shit…echoes throughout the arena, Kostoff watches as Mark falls from the wire and to the mat. Grabbing Mark by his head, Kostoff pulls him up and drops him with a short armed clothesline!

Not letting go, Kostoff yanks Mark to his feet and doubles him over with a huge knee to his stomach. Kostoff sets up Mark and drives him down with a pile driver!!! Darkwing is back to his feet and grabs Kostoff in a rear chin lock, Darkwing drops Kostoff with a reverse DDT!!!

Joe Hoffman: Back and forth no one is really pulling away from this match as a clear cut front runner!!!

Getting to his feet, Darkwing pulls Kostoff up and drives his skull into the barbwire. Running the head of Kostoff back and forth as Darkwing looks on with pure savageness in his eyes. Blood now gushes from the face of Kostoff as Darkwing pulls him to his feet and plants him with a snap suplex.

Getting back to his feet Darkwing makes his way over to Mark. Pulling Mark up Darkwing drives him down with a massive right to the face. Reaching down he pulls up Mark again and sends him into the ropes. Darkwing catches Mark coming back with a powerslam!!!

Getting to his feet, Darkwing walks over and pulls Kostoff to his feet. Sending Kostoff into the ropes Darkwing goes for a clothesline….Kostoff ducks the move and comes to a stop. Reaching back Kostoff grabs Darkwing by his head and falls down driving the back of Darkwing’s neck into his shoulder!!

Joe Hoffman: What a counter from Kostoff!!!

Both men are down on the mat as blood still spills from their faces. Mark gets to his feet and pulls Kostoff up and launches him into the razor wire!! Mark grabs Darkwing and drives him into the razor wire!!! As Mark steps back both men are hung up on the wire hollering in pain!!

Mark grabs Kostoff and slams the back of his head into the razor wire causing blood to pour from the back of his head. Smiling at his work he walks to Darkwing and does the same thing. Grabbing Darkwing, Mark peels him from the wire and drives him down with a massive body slam!!!

Benny Newell: Come on Mark take them douche bags out!!!!

Mark grabs Kostoff and pulls him from the wire. Driving an elbow to the jaw of Kostoff he moves quickly and drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep. Getting to his feet quickly he drops an elbow down to the chest of Kostoff and hooks the leg….1….2…Kickout by Kostoff!!!

Joe Hoffman: First pin attempt so far. Hard kickout from Kostoff.

As Mark looks at the ref in disbelief, Darkwing gets to his feet and charges Mark in the back sending him headfirst into the razor wire. Falling backwards, Darkwing lands on his ass as Mark hollers in pain. Slowly Kostoff gets to his feet with blood dripping from his face. Looking at Mark, Kostoff kicks him in the back of his which drives his face harder into the razor wire. Screams of pain come from the cage as the fans look on. Horror fills some of their faces as some turn away in disgust. Smiling at the bloody mess he has created Kostoff pulls Mark up and drives his face again into the razor wire. Rubbing his flesh against the sharp wire, Kostoff’s evil laugh is heard from the cage as Mark’s screams over ride the laughter. Looking on, Darkwing actually takes a step back at the carnage he sees Kostoff inflicting.

Looking over Kostoff drops Mark as him and Darkwing charge each other and begin to unload violent punches onto each other. Hammering shots echo over the crowd cheering as the two men begin to tire out as they continue to land right after right to each other’s face.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe what we are watching tonight folks. These 3 men are taking violence to a whole new level.

Benny Newell: Right now I’m just enjoying watching Kostoff and Duck try to end each other.

With a nasty right to the temple, Kostoff drops Darkwing to the mat. Pulling Darkwing to his feet he sends him into the ropes, catching him with a Dominator and driving him to the mat.

Getting to his feet Kostoff drops down to cover Darkwing…..1…..2…..Kickout by Darkwing. Looking at the ref Kostoff shakes his head as he pulls himself to his feet. Turning around, Kostoff gets caught by a clothesline from a bloody Mark!!

Benny Newell: Come on Mark get back into this match and whoop his ass!!!

Joe Hoffman: The second pin attempt and a big Kickout from Darkwing.

Mark pulls Kostoff to his feet and drops him with a hard right. Grabbing Kostoff by his head he drags him over to the razor wire and drags the side of his face down the wire. Blood spurts from the new gash as Mark yanks Kostoff up and begins to punch away on the open gashes on his face. Slowly getting to his feet Darkwing lands a right to the side of Mark’s head sending him to the mat.

Falling to the mat as well, now all three men are laid out in the ring as the crowd rises to their feet and cheers on all three men. Even Joe and Benny are on their feet as all three men are bleeding like mad and are sucking wind.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, tonight this might be the best of the House of Pain matches we have ever seen here in HOW.

Benny Newell: This match is out of control all three men are kicking the shit out of each other!!!

All three men get to their feet slowly as the applause from the crowd is now at a deafening sound. As all three men get to their feet they look on at each other. At once all three men charge into the middle of the ring and they begin to throw what they have left in the tank into punches at each other’s skulls.

Blood flies off of all three men’s heads as Mark drops Darkwing and Kostoff with big shots. Grabbing Darkwing he yanks him to his feet and shoots him into the ropes….Darkwing ducks the clothesline attempt…but gets caught by Kostoff and driven to mat with a powerslam!!! Kostoff gets to his, to get nailed in the back of the head with a huge elbow from Mark!!! Mark drops down and covers Kostoff….1….2…..kickout by Kostoff!!!

Joe Hoffman: Another near fall for Mark. Kostoff is showing how much of a tuff bastard he is tonight!!!

Benny Newell: Come on Mark end this thing!!!

Mark gets to his feet and looks on in disbelief. Shaking his head he signals for the end of the match!!! Getting to his feet he begins to set up Kostoff….THWACK!!!! Darkwing nails Mark with a huge right hand and sets him up and drops him with the Nightfall!!! Darkwing covers…..1……2…..KOSTOFF BREAKS UP THE PIN ATTEMPT!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Darkwing almost won it there!!!

All three men are laid out again as they all begin to pull themselves up. Looking around at each other all three men nod their heads out of respect as they suck in air.

As the three men begin to go at it again in the middle of the ring, Darkwing lays out Mark with a huge right. Kostoff walks over and pulls up the bloody Mark. Setting him up into a powerbomb position, Darkwing moves next to Kostoff as he slides Mark over some. Both men hold Mark up as they take off running…they launch Mark back first into the wire with a impact that not only shakes the House Of Pain, but as Mark falls to the mat 2 strands of barb wire stay stuck into his back!!!

Joe Hoffman: My God what impact!!!!

The two men look on at the carnage. The two men turn and look at each other, then they begin to exchange blows. As they stand toe to toe the crowd leaps to their feet as the standing two superstars bring whatever they have left to the plate. Grabbing each other by each other’s head they even try to turn this into a mma match.

Throwing knees and elbow shots the two men have blood flying from their heads as each shot lands. Driving a knee into the stomach of Darkwing, Kostoff gets him up for the No Remorse… Darkwing counters and slides off Kostoff shoulders and lands on his feet. Spinning Kostoff around he drills Kostoff in the head and goes for the Shadow Smash…Kostoff drives an elbow into the skull of Darkwing.

Joe Hoffman: Both men have gone for their finishers!!! What a match folks,,,

Shoving Darkwing away, Kostoff tries to plant a big boot into the face of Darkwing…stepping to the side Darkwing lunges forward and nails Kostoff with a forearm shiver to his temple. Staggering back Kostoff shakes his head as Darkwing charges and drops him with a clothesline!! Standing over the fallen and bloody Kostoff, Darkwing raises his arms over his head as the crowd goes wild!!!!

Darkwing pulls Kostoff up to his feet and….

Joe Hoffman: SHADOW SMASH!!!

Darkwing covers as Boettcher starts the count…



Joe Hoffman: EXPLOSIVE DROP!!!!

The crowd erupts as the HOV shows a replay of Mark tearing himself from the barbed wire and wrapping it around his forearm and climbing and jumping off the turnbuckle just as Darkwing started his cover…


The crowd is in a frenzy as Darkwing rolls around the ring holding his ribs in pain as Mark puts a barbed wired forearm across the body of Kostoff as Boettcher counts…





As the cage is raised the fans see the carnage inside the ring and they give the HOW Hall of Famers a standing ovation as the action cuts to another advertisement.


Final time you will see the Bud Girl!!


LSD Title Match
Christopher America vs. David Black©
Special Guest Referee: Paul Paras

Back live and the ring crew can be seen scattering out of the picture after they quickly cleaned up the ring for the next match. The crowd is sitting down, almost exhausted already by all the events of the evening.

The crowd seems to be taking a breather in the Verizon Center until “Headspace” by Velvet Revolver blasts throughout the arena and the fans immediately rise to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Well Benny, this can only me one man… a man that personifies perfection.

Benny Newell: Buuurrrrrppp!

Joe Hoffman: These pay-per-views never treat you kindly, do they Buff?

Benny Newell: What? S’not like I’m drunk or n’ything! S’not like I ever sexually molested the LSD title or n’ything…

Joe Hoffman: Right, because only the ICON title is “lucky” enough to have had such an experience. Hopefully our ring attendants will do a better job of keeping the LSD title away from you for this next match.

Perfect Paul Paras, dressed in his wrestling shorts and a striped referee shirt, emerges from the back to a huge pop, one that Triple P receives with a cocky, yet grateful smirk.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your Special Guest Referee for the upcoming contest… TRIPLE P!!!

Paul quickly struts his way down the entrance ramp, climbs the ring apron, and steps through the ropes, just as his music is drowning out. It’s soon replaced by Lacuna Coil’s “Survive”, for which the fans cheers almost instantly turn to boos for the man that burned the American flag on live television last week, David Black.

Bryan McVay: This next match up is for the High Octane Wrestling LSD Championship! On his way to the ring, being accompanied by General Manager Faze, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 235 pounds… he is the reigning HOW LSD champion… DAVID BLACK!!!

A sickening ovation of boos fills the arena as the Black appears from the back, the LSD title slung over his shoulder and a sense of arrogance that even his opponent could appreciate. Not far behind him follows the Mayhem General Manager Ryan Faze, who announced that he would be in Black’s corner for the match to further ensure that Christopher America does not walk away with the LSD title.

Joe Hoffman: As despicable as David Black has been in recent weeks, he’s certainly defined what it means to be a true champion here in HOW. He’s defended the LSD title successfully since he won it at War Games and his ability to get under the skin of his opponents is rivaled only by a select few on our roster.

Benny Newell: That’s for sure. David Black went from being one of the most random, pussy-whipped by Carey, sons-a-bitches to one of the most feared members of our locker room backstage.

Joe Hoffman: No longer is he the one that is underrated. In fact, I would expect that this LSD title reign is only just the beginning, especially if he holds his alliance with Ryan Faze and defeats America tonight.

Black reaches the ring and slides through the ropes, giving Triple P a glare in the process. He un-straps the LSD title and runs his fingers through his hair, giving a confident nod to Ryan Faze, who is the only one clapping and encouraging him. But once the American National Anthem interrupts and the fans erupt in piercing shrieks.for their newfound favorite, Faze’s encouragement for Black turns into hateful spite towards Christopher America, who appears at the top of the ramp with Marvelous Mario Maurako at his side.

Bryan McVay: And introducing the challenger, being accompanied to the ring by Triple M, from America, weighing 235 pounds, the “National Treasure”, CHRISTOPHER AMERICA!!!

Three explosions of red, white, and blue pyro excite the crowd, fueling the frenzy for America who swiftly glides down the ramp with a purpose for the LSD title and a bounty on Black’s head for burning the American flag. Knowing that Triple M won’t hesitate to defend his former stable mate and current Talent Agency member, Faze wisely backs off as “Remember the Name” drowns out and Triple P steps to the center of the ring and signals for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Well Christopher America earned this match by defeated Kostoff in a #1 Contender’s match some time ago, and ever since then, these two have been at each others’ throats.

Benny Newell: Well I hate to say it, but even with the GM in his corner, I don’t like Black’s chances. He’s outnumbered by the AoA…

Joe Hoffman: Former AoA!

Benny Newell: Whatever. My point is he’s fighting an uphill battle as America has the numbers game advantage with his buddies at his side, with one as the ref no less!

All Triple P can do is smile as America and Black engage in a stare down for the ages, standing in opposite corners ready to lunge toward each other at any moment. America, being the loud mouth we’ve all grown to love, begins jawing at Black. That is, until the champion spits across the ring, with a solid chunk of saliva landing square on Christopher America’s cheek.

Benny Newell: Helluva shot! There’s your Loogie Launching Champion of the World right there…

Joe Hoffman: And LSD Champion, of course! David Black has literally said that if anyone thinks they can take the LSD title away from him, that they will have to pry it from his dead and rotting corpse to do so.

Benny Newell: Why so morbid, Joe? We’re in the Nation’s capital for Christ’s sake! Shit… feels like we haven’t been on the road in years…

Wiping the loogie from his cheek in disgust and disbelief, America charges forward towards David Black, only for Black to leapfrog over, turn, and land a resounding sidekick to the back of Christopher America’s head!


Joe Hoffman: What impact!

America topples forward, holding the back of his head in pain, as David Black is quick to strike and apply the early pressure with a side head lock, keeping America grounded.

Christopher is able to power his way to his feet though and elbows out of the hold, following up with American punches and kicks to daze David Black. America bounces off the ropes and flies forward with an American Clothesline, which Black ducks, only to meet Black with an American Drop Kick as he comes off the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Quick pace in the early going here as Triple M and Ryan Faze look on carefully from the outside!

Benny Newell: It’s only a matter of time before one of those two gets involved. And trust me; all hell is going to break loose once it happens.

Christopher America assists David Black to his feet by his hair and measures him up before popping him in the temple with another American Punch. This gives America the time to set up David Black for an American Vertical Suplex, but Black blocks it as Christopher tries to lift him. America tries again with the same result and it’s David Black that counters with a suplex of his own!

Quick cover by David Black which Paras sees and drops for the count.


Joe Hoffman: Kickout by America! Unexpectedly, it appears that Triple P is calling this thing right down the middle.

Paras signals 1 to America, who pops to his feet a bit surprised that Paras did not do him any favors on the first pin fall attempt of the match. David Black keeps on the attack though as America is questioning Triple P and quickly takes out America’s knee with his shoulder. America drops to his other knee, but Black quickly ground him with a Buzzsaw Kick to the back of his neck.

America shouts in pain as Black’s relentlessness appears to be paying off and keeping America on the mat. David Black uses his boot to work over America’s knees and it’s not long before the LSD champion is able to maintain his leverage and lock in the Sharpshooter.

Joe Hoffman: Sharpshooter! David Black has Christopher America in the Sharpshooter… right in the center of the ring!

Benny Newell: Holy shit, Joe. I’m having a Bret Hart flashback…

Unfortunately, Triple M has Triple P distracted by what else? By luring a beautiful young brunette, no older than 21 to come forward in the front row and display her assets to the “Perfect One”. This infuriates Ryan Faze, who snatches away the microphone from Bryan McVay whilst America struggles to reach the ropes, pounding his closed fist on the mat in agony!

Benny Newell: Did he just tap?!?

Joe Hoffman: No, but it looks like he’s abou…

Faze: Paras! PARAS! Pay attention you fucking moron before I send you to the back and handle this match myself!

Paras quickly turns around to find America with his finger literally inches away from the ropes, desperately trying to break free from the Sharpshooter that is taking its toll on his lower back.


The fan support gets louder and louder as America’s fingers get closer and closer to the ropes. Triple P kneels to check on America, who vigorously shakes his head “no” but looks like he’s about ready to tap out anyway.

Joe Hoffman: All he’s got to do is reach the rope! He’s so close… HE’S GOT THE ROPE! NO!!!!

Just as soon as America gets a finger on the rope, David Black drags him back to the center of the ring. But doing so forces Black to ease up on the hold and America is able to use his American leg strength to kick David Black forward and break free.

Benny Newell: You had him David!

David Black turns around with intent, as if he wants to re-apply the hold, but Triple P is quick to step between him and America, who has wrapped his arms around the ropes as if he was hugging them. Triple M claps loudly in the corner, showing support for his one-time stable mate in the Argonauts of Awesome.

Benny Newell: This is bullshit! Triple P is helping out his buddy!

Joe Hoffman: I beg to differ, Benny. Christopher America got to the ropes on his own and Triple P is merely doing what any ref would do, and that’s step between the two opponents.

In noticeable pain from the submission, America uses the ropes to bring himself to his feet while David Black taunts him for “hiding behind his buddy” Triple P. Black continues the verbal assault and charges after America, who brushes Triple P to the side, bends down, and launches David Black over the top rope to the outside!


America rolls under the bottom rope to follow, not wanting Black to intentionally count himself out, and continues his assault, using American kicks to weaken Black further and his American boot to choke him while he’s seated and leaning against the steel barricade. He does this right in front of Ryan Faze, who furiously demands into the microphone that Triple P do something about the choke.

Faze: So help me God, Paul, I will have your ass fired faster than Lee creams for Kirsta and Bobbinette! Get up David!

Triple P reluctantly orders America to remove his boot from David Black’s throat and Christopher obliges. Black coughs uncontrollably as the air re-fills his lungs and America rolls him back into the ring amidst cheers from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve never seen Faze look as nervous as he does right now in his life. The last thing he wants is for Christopher America to reclaim the LSD championship.

Benny Newell: He’s had a lot on his plate and a victory by America would only make things worse. Come on Black, don’t let us down!

Back in the ring, Christopher America goes to American Whip David Black into the ropes, but Black is able to reverse the whip and shoots America into the ropes instead. Unluckily for America, he walks right into the trap Triple M had set for Black from outside the ring and is tripped up. Black drop kicks America through the ropes and to the outside, and once Christopher recovers, he gets in the face of Triple M who backs off and apologizes, trying to make it clear to the #1 Contender that he was going to trip David Black.

With Black watching from inside the ring, America seems to accept this notion until Black springboards off the middle rope and delivers a cross body right onto the unsuspecting America and Triple M!

Joe Hoffman: HUGE HIGH RISK MANEUVER BY DAVID BLACK! Boy he landed hard with that Cross Body!

Triple P begins the 10-count with America and Black (and Triple M) down on the outside.





Joe Hoffman: David Black is to his knees!



Benny Newell: Stay down America! Save yourself the pain and humiliation!

Yet America comes to his knees as well and both men begin crawling towards the ring.


Joe Hoffman: David Black with his arm on the ring apron…


Joe Hoffman: And now America to the ring apron…


Both David Black and Christopher America pull themselves up and into the ring, just as Triple P was set to enforce a Double Count Out.

Joe Hoffman: I’ll give credit to Triple P… he’s kept a steady count throughout this match thus far and has shown no favoritism despite being former stable mates with Christopher America.

David Black is the first to his feet inside the ring and sees America coming to his own as well. In a desperation move, Black springboards himself off the middle rope and lunges backward with an elbow strike, only for nobody to be home as America uses his quickness to evade the attack. America drops an American Leg Drop onto David Black and calls out to the crowd who is going berserk at the momentum shift.

America follows with an American Rolling Thunder maneuver that goes right into a cover, for which Triple P is on immediately.



Joe Hoffman: Did he kick out?!? YES! David Black kicked out but is obviously feeling the effects of the American Rolling Thunder.

Dazed and confused, Black tries to come to his feet only to be met with a barrage of American Knife-edge Chops from the former champion. Each resounding chop elicits a “WOOO!” from the fans in the Verizon Center as America backs David Black into the turnbuckle. Another American whip into the opposing turnbuckle sees David Black bounce off with hard impact and fall flat on his face.

Wasting no time, America drags Black to his feet and applies the Inverted Face Lock.

Christopher America: FOR AMERICA!!!

But he notices Ryan Faze on the ring steps and releases David Black. America charges at Faze, who’s on the ring apron and ducks the attack, only to stand up again and receive an American Punch to the mouth! Christopher America kicks Faze off the ring apron to the outside, where the Mayhem General Manager favors his surgically repaired right knee in pain.

As America turns back around, David Black lifts him and crashes him with a HUGE Spinebuster that even takes the wind out of the sails of Black himself. Triple P looks on as both superstars lie flat on the canvas and decides to administer the 10-count once again.




Joe Hoffman: This could all go down to who gets to their feet first, Benny.

Benny Newell: Get up Black!



Almost on cue, the LSD champion pops to his feet but not before America who has already done exactly the same. America swings wildly at David Black with his American fist, but ends up popping Triple P instead as Black ducks out of the way!

Joe Hoffman: Christopher America just nailed Triple P!


America can’t believe what he’s done and kneels down to check on Triple P while Mario hops on the apron as well.

Joe Hoffman: Lookout!

Stalking from behind, David Black sizes up Christopher America looking for a Stunner type maneuver, but as he charges, America turns and meets him with an American Big Boot!

Benny Newell: NOOOO!!!

Seeing this as his opportunity to capitalize, America nudges Triple P, doing anything and everything he can to try and awaken the Special Guest referee. Meanwhile, GM Faze looks on carefully from the outside, having recovered from the earlier blow he took from Christopher America and David Black is now coming to life and shaking off the cob webs as well. America takes a moment away from Triple P to check on Black, and sees that he’s coming to his feet. A swift American boot to the gut doubles Black over, American turns and slaps on the Inverted Face Lock…

Christopher America: FOR AMERICA!!!

Joe Hoffman: Wait a second, what is Mario…???

Triple M is quick to enter the ring with his trademark 2 x 4 in hand.

Joe Hoffman: No… this can’t be…

All the fans in attendance urge Christopher America to turn around, where the “Marvelous One” is stalking him with his 2 x 4. But it’s already too late. Before America can plant David Black with the cutter portion of his finishing maneuver, Triple M nails him from behind with the lumber, forcing America to release David Black and fall to the mat.

Benny Newell: Mario turned on him! Mario turned on him!

Joe Hoffman: And Triple P is still down! He has no idea!

Faze seems shocked as well having watched this go down from the outside, but certainly doesn’t stop Triple M as he continues his onslaught with successive 2 x 4 shots to the prone body of Christopher America.

Joe Hoffman: This is despicable! Of all the cheap… low down… dirty….

Benny Newell: GENIUS things to do… wait… Mario! Watch out for Triple P!

Mario indeed notices Triple P stirring about and quickly flips America onto his back. He also drags David Black’s arm over the lifeless body of America before he slides out of the ring before his longtime friend notices.

Coming to his feet, Triple P notices that David Black has Christopher America covered. Paul is reluctant to make the count at first, but sees that Faze is looming on the outside, ready to fire him at moment’s notice if he doesn’t.





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match up in 17:49, and STILL HOW LSD CHAMPION… DAVID BLACK!!!

Joe Hoffman: David Black just stole one from Christopher America! We know how badly Christopher America has wanted to reclaim the LSD title, and now he may never get his chance again after that man, Mario Maurako, decided to turn on him.

A ring attendant hands the LSD title to Triple P, who looks at and holds it for a moment before tossing it near David Black. Backing his way up the entrance ramp, Triple M smirks as a video replay of what went down begins to play on the HOV. Triple P nearly jumps out of his shoes as he watches his long time stable mate and friend strike Christopher America with the 2 x 4. He gives Triple M an awestruck look of confusion before Mario simply disappears behind the curtain.

Clenching the LSD title closely to his chest, David Black rolls out of the ring to meet Faze, who does his best to help him to the back on his bad knee. The final image before commercial sees Triple P kneeling next to America, who is holding his ribs in pain and slowly coming to grips with what happened.

Joe Hoffman: America may have broken ribs or internal injuries of some kind, all thanks to that bastard Triple M!

Benny Newell: Joe, this is all about what he doesn’t have… and that’s David Black’s LSD title.

A distraught look of despair occupies Christopher America’s face as he can’t get up without the assistance of Triple P, who will help him walk away from Capitol Punishment empty handed.

Benny Newell: Commercial time… DRINK!


Make sure to check out official HOW Affiliate…Political Championship Wrestling!


ICON Title Match
Shane Reynolds© vs. Max Kael
60 Minute Falls Count Anywhere Iron Man Match

Back live…


Brian McVay announces as the crowd pops. ‘The Singularity’ by Doctor Steel hits and out walks the deranged Max Kael to the loudest negative reaction thus far tonight.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back live from the Verizon Center in Washington D.C folks, it is time for us to get on with our Hour Long Ironman match for the ICON title! Here comes Max Kael, and he definitely looks……

Benny Newell: ….Like an asshole?

Joe Hoffman: ….Not exactly the words I was looking for. Is that even legal to be wearing that?

Joe is referring to Max’s…..unusual ring attire as Max comes out dressed in SWAT gear complete with bulletproof vest, thick black pants, thick shirt and a black helmet with goggles on.

Benny Newell: He may as well brought an M16…..

Max slides into the ring and stares down the entrance ramp, smiling in an evil manner as his music fades out and there is a pause, as the fans are buzzing in anticipation at one of the most sadistic feuds in HOW history coming to a close in mere minutes…..

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Shane Reynolds is making Max wait.

Suddenly, ‘Sin with a Grin’ by Shinedown hits and the lights go out in the arena. There is a mixed reaction for Reynolds as the lights suddenly cut back on and we now see Shane already standing in the ring behind a waiting Max Kael!!!!!!

Max suddenly senses Shane behind him, and turns suddenly, and Shane starts to attack, but Joel Hortega steps inbetween the two men and admonishes both of them, then separates them before asking Shane for the ICON title as his music fades. Shane keeps trying to spring at Max, but Joel threatens something to Shane in broken English and Shane sits still….for now.

Max is at the opposite end of the ring, in a corner, ready at a moments notice to climb through the ropes and escape.

Shane hands Hortega the ICON title as we get ready for introductions from Brian McVay who is in the center of the ring next to Joel Hortega.


The fans cheer as Hortega is in the middle of the ring holding up the folded ICON title, with Shane and Max glaring at each other from opposite corners.


The fans rain down more boos on Max until there is a general quiet.


There is another mixed reaction for Shane as he is still staring down Max. Joel Hortega shows the belt to Max then again to Shane before handing it off to the timekeeper and calling for the bell….


A timer is shown on the HOV screen showing the remaining time in the match.



Joe Hoffman: And now this match is underway. I know Benny, you are picking Shane to retain his title, so I wont bother asking. But how do you think this match will go down?

Benny Newell: This will show Shane beating the crap out of Max and winning 100 falls to zero.

Joe Hoffman: Really Benny….

Benny Newell: No really!

The two men meet in the center of the ring, and stare each other down. Both men seem so angry, so frustrated that they are seemingly about to explode on one another. Max says something to Shane, and the two start jawing back and forth. Shane rears to punch Max but Max scrambles to the ropes forcing Shane to be backed up by Joel Hortega.

Joe Hoffman: Remember folks this match is 60 minutes long and the person with the most falls in that time frame will be the ICON champion…

Max finally steps back away from the ropes, and Shane rushes him, but before he can get his hands on him, Max goes back to the ropes, begging Joel Hortega to back Shane up, and he does, which frustrates Shane even more!





Shane pushes Hortega aside and tries to pull Max away from the ropes, and Max breaks free, and goes back into the ropes, and Hortega now pulls Shane away.

Joe Hoffman: Shane is trying to kick start this match but Max is trying to slow down Shane by making it an even playing field.

Shane gets past Hortega and pulls Max away from the ropes. Max suddenly slaps the shit out of Shane, and Shane holds his cheek, then slowly turns back toward Max and you can see rage in his eyes, and Shane nails Max with a stiff drop kick that knocks Max down!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!

Max scrambles to his feet, and Shane knocks him down again with another drop kick!

Max gets to his feet again, and Shane nails him with another drop kick. Max doesn’t go down, and Shane follows it up with a kick to the gut, then another, then another, then he waits for Max to stand up fully, and spins and nails Max with a discus forearm placed perfectly into the sternum than floors him!!


Shane mounts Max and tries to yank off his helmet. Max does his best to cover up, but Shane is relentless.

Finally Shane has the helmet off and Max shoves Shane off of him. Both men up and they meet each other in the ring and start exchanging punches…..

Joe Hoffman: An all out brawl!!!!!

Max gets overwhelmed, and Shane with repeated rights and lefts. Shane kicks Max in the gut and then tries to whip him into a corner, but Max reverses, and sends Shane into the corner. Max charges, but Shane with a back elbow. Shane springs up to the top in a slingshot move, but Max rushes forward and shoves Shane off the top and all the way to the floor!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: What a HARD landing!!!!

Max scrambles out of the ring and hurries over and covers! Hortega is right behind him and makes the count….





Joe Hoffman: Great strategy by max, trying to pin him outside.

Max pulls Shane up and tries to whip him into the ringsteps, but Shane reverses….but no, Max reverses that, and sends Shane flying at the steps, but Shane leaps over the steps, and stops himself on the guardrail…..Max looks shocked as Shane turns and starts walking toward him, Max runs away and Shane runs after him. The two circle the ring once before Max slides into the ring, but Shane doesn’t slide in after him, but sprints around, and Max slides outside, and starts to run, but Shane is able to over take Max and knocks him down from behind!


Shane pulls Max up and bashes his head into the announcers table. Max falls down and starts crawling away as Shane looks around for some sort of weapon….he shoves Brian McVay from his ringside seat and picks up the chair. Max is now around the corner still crawling away from Shane as Shane stalks him. Max gets to his feet, and…..


Shane nails Max in the back with the steel chair. Max stumbles forward, then turns and you can see a smile on Max’s face. Shane looks shocked, and he looks at the chair, then to Max, and Shane throws the chair down and starts after Max, but Max slides into the ring!

Joe Hoffman: Looks like that riot gear or police gear Max is wearing protected him from the chair shot.

Benny Newell: But it only pissed off Shane more.

Max meets Shane as Shane slides in with boots. Max stomps away and is admonished by Hortega to allow Shane to get into the ring. Max pushes Hortega out of the way, lands more boots, then finally pulls Shane up, and nails him with repeated forearms. Max then runs the ropes, and charges back as Shane wanders to the center of the ring a little dizzy. Max shoots back, and Shane out of nowhere explodes with a drop kick!!!!

Max is down and Shane starts trying to rip the bullet proof vest off of Max. Max is still too fresh though and he struggles enough so that Shane cant get the vest off. Max and Shane struggle to their feet and Max suddenly with a poke to the eye that stops Shane. Max then nails Shane with a snap suplex then quickly covers…





Max looks down frustrated as Shane gets to one knee. Max looks around and sees the helmet he was wearing. Max goes over and picks up the helmet and puts it on. Shane then gets up and wanders toward Max. Max tries for a headbutt with the helmet, but Shane ducks and then he manages to kick Max in the knee, and Max drops down. Shane rips the helmet off and tries to nail Max with it, but Max now rolls away to excape. Max slides out of the ring, thinking he got away, and Shane quickly drops the helmet, rushes over to the ropes, and executes a slingshot corkscrew body press onto Max as Max looks up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT A MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane stays on top of Max and Hortega quickly slides out of the ring and makes the count….





Joe Hoffman: Two count only says Joel Hortega!


Shane gets to his feet, dragging Max by the hair up as well. Shane bashes Max’s face into the announcers table, then tosses Max up on top of it.

Joe Hoffman: NOT HERE!!!

Shane ignores him and punches Max in the chest before quickly climbing into the ring. Shane then climbs the turnbuckle as the fans buzz.

Joe Hoffman: OH NO!!!!

Max suddenly slides off the table. Shane looks pissed as Max scrambles away from Shane’s range. Max slides into the ring on the opposite side, glaring up at Shane. Shane drops down and gives chase, but Max back to the outside. Shane doesn’t stop though and now dashes and dives through the ropes!!!

Shane barely clips Max and Max goes down but Shane takes the worse of it, and crashes and burns onto the floor and into the guardrail!!!!

Joe Hoffman: That’s why they call it High Risk!!!! And Shane paid for it there!

Benny Newell: Damn!

The crowd is buzzing again as Max gets to his feet, and it is now obvious that the riot gear is playing a huge role in the amount of damage Max is taking from most of Shanes’ offense. Max pulls Shane up and tosses him into the ring. Max then stomps away, applying a choke using the ropes for leverage!

Max stops that and pulls Shane up and nails a backbreaker before hooking the near leg….




Shane rolls on his stomach as the fans cheer somewhat.

Max continues the assault with a knee drop to the back of the head!

Joe Hoffman: This is Max’s chance to get a pinfall on Shane while he is down and out, after the rush of adrenaline has depleted, Max now must score a pin.

Max with a leg drop, then another knee drop, followed by yet another knee drop to the back of the head, before shooting the half and covering…




Max gets to his feet, and looks frustrated, as Shane again rolls on his stomach. Max stomps on him, then nails the ARKHAM HAMMER snap elbow drop!!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH! The ARKHAM HAMMER!!! The point of the elbow RIGHT to the back of the head of Shane Reynolds!

Max then with a stomp to the back before he pulls Shane up, and sets him up for a suplex….

Joe Hoffman: Is Max going for his finisher!?

Suddenly Shane with a small package!!!!




Joe Hoffman: Max BARELY kicked out!!!

Max scrambles to his feet, and as Shane is on all fours, he measures Shane and goes for the 2BUCK20 punt kick, but Shane gets to both knees, and catches the foot of Max, then stands up, spins the leg around, causing Max to do a complete spin, then as Max spins back, Shane leaps up and nails a perfect hurricarana on Max!!!

Both men up, but Max a bit dizzy, Shane shoots at him, and nails a clothesline! Max back up, and Shane nails some right hands before shooting Max into the ropes, and then he nails a back body drop!

Max up quickly, and Max swings a wild right, and Shane ducks it, Max spins so that his back is now to Shane, and Shane nails a belly to back suplex!!!! Shane then quickly goes up to the top rope, and then goes for the DIABLOS INFERNO!!!!!!

Max rolls out of the way!!!



Max is up, and both men meet in the ring, Max with a kick to the gut which doubles Shane over, Max then runs the ropes, shoots back, and Shane gets up and takes Max down with a sleeping neckbreaker!!!!

Max gets to his feet holding his head, and Shane kicks him in the gut and goes for a suplex, but Max spins out of it with an arm twist, and tries for a short-arm clothesline, but Shane ducks, runs to the ropes, as Max turns, and both men go for a cross body and they take each other out in mid air!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: OOOOH!!! Both men thinking cross body! Both men hurting each other on that exchange!

Max looks up at the clock to see that there is 49:21 remaining.

Hortega not bothering with a ten count and he motions for both men to get to their feet. Max is up first as Shane crawls for the ropes, looking out of breath.

Joe Hoffman: This is unfair! Max with that vest and riot gear takes a lot less damage from anything that targets the chest and midsection!

Max pulls Shane up, and kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a powerbomb…….Max tries to lift Shane up, but Shane blocks….Shane with a low blow!!!!

Benny Newell: HA! Max’s armor cant protect him from that!

Max drops to both knees as Shane rolls away for a breather. Shane gets to his feet and grabs Max by the hair….Shane then pulls Max up, and nails a scoop slam!!!!

Shane then climbs up top again….Max is holding his groin….Shane gets up top…….

Max suddenly sits up and grabs Joel Hortega, who was checking on Max, and throws Joel Hortega into the ropes, causing Shane to crotch himself on the buckle!!!!!!!


Max rolls away still favoring his groin. Shane is visibly hurting. Max finally gets to his feet and walks gingerly towards Shane. Max then climbs up and nails some rights. Max then looks like he is trying for a suplerplex, but Shane blocks it and nails punches to the midsection of Max, but Max with a headbutt. Max goes again for the superplex, as the fans are buzzing, and Shane creates some separation and now is trading punches with Max!

Shane suddenly with a headbutt to the face of Max, and Max staggers and Shane with an uppercut that sends Max flying off and down to the mat!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Max went down!!!

Shane then straightens himself, and leaps off….

Joe Hoffman: DIABLOS INFERNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! SHANE REYNOLDS HOOKS THE NEAR LEG!!!!!!




NO!!!!! NO!!! NO!!! MAX KICKED OUT OF THE DIABLOS INFERNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shane cant believe it as he motions to Hortega that he had 3, and Hortega signals it was only two. Shane gets to his feet, and looks down as Max is trying to move away. Shane then realizes that it is the riot gear and Shane goes to work, within a few moments, has pulled off the riot gear bulletproof vest and now has the shirt over the head and he finally rips it off and Max is shirtless and Shane pulls Max to his feet and hits another scoop slam!

Shane up top again, and goes for a a second DIABLOS INFERNO!!!!


Joe Hoffman: Shane crashes and burns!!!! Whats that they say? Fool me once…

Benny Newell: …shut up.

Shane is holding his midsection in pain as Max is trying to use the ropes to pull himself up….Shane rolls on his back and is breathing heavily…Max rolls to the apron and pulls himself up using the ropes….Max looks back and sees Shane there….Max slowly climbs up top with his back to Shane……

Joe Hoffman: WHAT IS HE DOING!?

Max then leaps off for a moonsault, but the moonsault is quick and he does not get much airtime and Max lands awkwardly on Shane!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Was Max trying to copy the DIABLOS INFERNO????

Max hooks both legs as the fans cheer!




Max rolls over and cant believe it! Max pulls Shane to the center of the ring, and pulls Shane to his feet, then pulls his head down for a powerbomb….Max double-underhooks the arms….

Joe Hoffman: Is Max going for the Tiger Driver!!?

Shane starts struggling, then breaks the underhook, and counters with a back body drop!!

Max’s back bows up as Shane falls to the mat, hurting!

Max uses the ropes to pull himself up as Shane gets to his feet, and both men charge at each other and drop each other with double clotheslines!!!! Both men roll away from each other and Both men take several moments before pulling themselves up on opposite sides of the ring…..Shane is up and sees Max propped on the ropes. Shane charges, but Max ducks as Shane flies at him!!!

Shane sails over the ropes, but holds on and skins the cat!!! Max stands there shocked, as Shane grabs Max’s head with his legs, and then executes a head scissor takedown!!!!!

Both men up and Max goes for a clothesline, but Shane ducks into a rear waistlock. Shane locks in a half nelson, but Max breaks free, standing switch, and Max goes for a german, but Shane blocks it, breaks the rear waistlock of Max, another standing switch, and Shane with a rollup!!!!




Both men up again and they start trading punches!!!

Joe Hoffman: Both of these men scratching and clawing for that first pin!

Max suddenly with a knee to the gut, then Max sets up for his finisher, but Shane breaks free, kicks Max in the gut, locks in a three quarter facelock, and runs toward a corner, but Max shoves him off and into the corner chest first!!! Max nails Shane with a Northern Lariat to the back of the neck!!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT A HARD LARIAT!!!!!

Max looks up again at the clock as he gets to his feet, and now theres 43:58 remaining.

Max pulls Shane up to his feet and sets him up….he double underhooks the arms looking for his old Tiger Driver finisher….he lifts Shane up, but Shane’s legs wriggle and Shane lands back on his feet, Max then lets go and clubs Shane a couple of times then sets him up again…..Shane breaks free and hits a back body drop to counter the tiger driver!!

But No!!! Max counters with a sunset flip!!!!







Both men up and once again we have a brawl as Max and Shane are now exchanging forearms!!!!

Joe Hoffman: What a sequence! Now these men are once again battling with their fist for an advantage!

Benny Newell: Forearms count as fists?

Joe Hoffman: You know what I mean!

Max finally wins a brawl-fest by nailing a roaring elbow to the face. Shane staggers and Max runs the ropes, and shoots back looking for a clothesline, but Shane ducks and Max stops and turns around and gets nailed with a drop kick! Max gets to his feet and tries another clothesline, but Shane ducks it, hooking the arm of Max, then spinning both of them around, until Max is in a three-quarter facelock! Shane then runs toward a corner and steps up the buckles and leaps backward, nailing Max Kael with the ZERO GRAVITY, a Sliced Bread #2 styled reverse DDT!!!!!!






Joe Hoffman: AHHHH!!! SO CLOSE!!!

Shane now looks up and sees there is less that 42 minutes remaining. Shane then drags Max near a corner, and goes to climb up for the DIABLOS INFERNO, but Max grabs an ankle, and holds Shane down as Shane looks back, and shakes Max off, then drops down. Shane pulls Max up but Max with a forearm out of nowhere. Shane bends over, holding his jaw, and Max is hunched over, still hurting. Shane suddenly with a right hand.

Max staggers back.

Max connects with a forearm. Shane staggers.

Shane now with a right hand. Max stumbles backward. Shane pursues him, and nails another right hand, then tries to whip Max to the ropes, but Max counters the irish whip with an arm twist into a necktie neckbreaker!!!!

Both men are down and Max crawls toward Shane, then finally manages to cover him….




Joe Hoffman: Both men refusing to give in to the other!!!

Max looks desparate now, and he slides out of the ring. He looks around for a moment before finding the chair Shane hit him with earlier. He picks it up and slides into the ring with it. He then smacks it on the mat and waits as Shane gets to his feet. Shane gets up but staggers into the ropes. Shane then turns, leaning back on the ropes. Max charges with the chair, but Shane sidesteps, and Max swings down, and the chair bounces off the ropes and back into max’s face!!!!!!!!!

Max drops the chair, and Shane quickly grabs Max from behind in a set up for an Unprittier…he turns it over so Max is facing straight down, then He then turns one way, then back the other way, spinning, leaping into the air, causing both himself and Max to spin in mid air before Max is driven FACE FIRST into the mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Shane shoots the half, and hooks the near leg……

Joe Hoffman: No way Max is kicking out of that!!!!





Joe Hoffman: That was such a devastating move, I cant even imagine how much that hurt Max! Did Shane come up with that special for this match?

HOV shows the move over, the set up for the Unprittier, then the leaping spin that ended with Max being driven to the mat into his face. The replay ends with a still shot of Shane and a still shot of Max and under each super stars name…




Shane then kicks Max in the chest once as Max is out of it, and Hortega backs Shane into a corner and admonishes him, to allow Max a moment or two to continue the match.

Joe Hoffman: Okay, after each fall there is a brief moment where Joel Hortega will separate each man and allow time for the fallen wrestler to be ready to continue. But you have to wonder what Max has left after battling for nearly 25 minutes just to lose one fall.

Hortega gets Shane into a corner, and Max has yet to stir. Hortega pats Max on the shoulder and motions for him to get up. Max still isn’t moving. Shane suddenly surges out of his corner, and covers Max. Hortega admonishes Shane, but Shane isn’t budging, and finally, Hortega goes ahead and makes the count…..



………………SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: THAT WAS A SLOW COUNT!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: It was, but since Shane refused to give max a few moments to recover and fairly resume the match, Hortega made up for it with a slower count.

Shane gets right into the face of Hortega and starts screaming at him. Hortega is explaining his position on the issue as best he can in broken English. Shane then shoves Hortega and Hortega holds out his ref shirt then shoves Shane back. Shane then goes to nail Hortega with a right hand, but Hortega blocks it, and counters with an uppercut!! Shane staggers back, holding his jaw!!!

Benny Newell: DAMN THAT….

Joe Hoffman: Don’t say anything that will get us sued!!!

Behind Shane, Max is up, leaning on the ropes, as Shane drops to his ass, holding his jaw. Shane gets to his feet and grabs Hortega by the shirt, and Hortega goes to hit Shane again, but Shane lets go, and shoves Hortega on his ass. Hortega then makes a signal to the timekeeper as he has finally had enough. Brian McVay walks over and Hortega gets up and explains to him what is going on as Shane is checking his mouth for blood.


Benny Newell: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!? HE CANT DO THAT!!!! THERE ARENT ANY DQS!!!!

Maximillian Kael Awarded One Fall at 38:10.

Shane Reynolds 1

Max Kael 1

Joe Hoffman: Joel Hortega had enough of Shane intentionally attacking him, so Hortega did the only thing he could do and award Max a fall.


Shane looks like he is about to explode on Hortega, but Hortega threatens to award another fall to Max if Shane attacks him again. Shane looks ready to rip his hair out….he then turns….



Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max hooks the near leg for the pinfall!!!!!!




Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!? NOOOOOOO!!!!


Shane Reynolds 1

Max Kael 2

Joe Hoffman: Hortega DQed Shane, and awarded a fall to Max because of Shane trying to bully Hortega, then Max hit Shane in the head with that helmet and scored a pin about 15 seconds after that!!! WOW!

Max rolls away from Shane, obviously still hurting. Shane is holding his head in pain, as Hortega now is telling Max to give Shane space. Hortega then checks on Shane, and it can be seen that blood is flowing from the upper forehead of Shane.

Shane groggily crawls for the ropes, and he sees the blood falling from his head to the mat as he tries to pull himself up. He falls back down as Hortega makes sure Max is not trying to jump Shane.

Shane eventually makes it to his feet, still holding on to the ropes, and Max charges and rolls Shane up!!!!





Max quickly with an Oklahoma Roll for a pin!!!!





Max now with a Mahistrol Cradle!!




Joe Hoffman: Shane refusing to be pinned again!!! Dispite the blood flowing into his eyes and face!!!

Max pleads with Hortega for a 3 count, but Hortega shakes his head and says it was two. Max gets up and stares down at Shane. Shane is trying to push himself up, but cant yet. Max pulls Shane up and goes for his finisher……he sets up for a fishermans suplex from the side, but Shane breaks his leg free and then uses it to knee Max in the face….both men go down and Max pulls himself to his feet holding his head….Shane somehow gets back up, and Max charges, but Shane with an axe handle which knocks Max down….Shane then gets the adrenaline flowing again and nails a couple of rights then whips Max into the corner…..

Shane charges, but Max lifts a boot. Shane goes down, then Max then says ‘fuck it’ and climbs through the ropes as Shane gets to all fours. Max gets to the floor and starts walking quickly up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: What? Max is trying to escape?

Benny Newell: Damn him!! Get him Shane!!!

Max is halfway up the ramp when Shane looks up and sees him. Shane rolls under the ropes and to the floor and starts to make after Max. Max sees him coming and keeps going. Shane now jogs after Max. Max reaches the top of the stage, and Max sees Shane jogging after him. Hortega is not far behind Shane and Max disappears behind the curtain.

Joe Hoffman: Max Kael is RUNNING away from Shane!!!

Shane and the cameraman go behind the curtain, and we see Max running down the hall. Shane runs after him as the camera and Hortega not far.

After a moment or two of running through the halls, Max explodes through an exit door and Shane is almost on him as we now are on the streets of Washington D.C in the middle of Chinatown.

Joe Hoffman: Well this match is falls count anywhere, and now this match will take place out in Chinatown here in DC….

With less than 35 minutes to go, Max runs along the sidewalk, knocking over an old lady, then shoving a man down in the path of Shane. Shane gets past all these obstacles, and manages to knock max down from behind!!!

Joe Hoffman: And Shane has caught up to Max!!!

Max crawls to his feet as Shane grabs Max and throws him across the hood of a parked Ford Taurus. Max slides off the hood and onto the street and in the path of a tour bus!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: LOOK OUT!!!

Max dives out of the way just in time as Shane is back on him, he nails a couple of right hands before dropping Max with a clothesline on the ground. Shane pulls Max to his feet and grabs him by the head and walks with him down the street, bashing Max’s face into nearby cars, and even parking meters. Shane then sets Max up for a suplex, but Max suddenly with a thumb to the eye, and Max runs off across the street suddenly!!!

Joe Hoffman: Max running anywhere trying to burn as much time as possible!

Benny Newell: Is that….a museum?

You can see a sign in front of the large building saying ‘Smithsonian American Art Museum’ as Max reaches it. Shane is right behind him, dodging traffic.


Joe Hoffman: Thank God they are closed.

Both men are across the street now as it is Hortega’s and the cameramans turn to dodge traffic and cross the street. Shane dives at Max and the two fall together to the ground, punching at each other. Max shoves Shane off and the two get to their feet and trade punches. Max with an eye rake, then Max punches Shane a few times, then sees a nearby bench, grabs Shane by the hair and pulls him up on the bench…..Max then looks like he is going for his Tiger Driver finisher, but Shane wriggles, and grabs the right leg of Max, and stands up on the bench….Shane then suddenly executes a leg whip OFF THE BENCH!!!!!

Max hits the cement with a thud as Shane crawls over and covers….




Max scrambles to his feet and Shane grabs him by the hair. Max suddenly spins around and nails a roaring elbow that knocks Shane down. Max holds the back of his head and the camera pans down and you can see Shane ripped some of Max’s hair out of his head. Max then runs off and sees a Taxi. Max runs up to the Taxi and bangs on the door and the Taxi driver says something to max that cant be heard due to the fact the cameraman is still near Shane. Max suddenly throws the door open and reaches in and pulls a young guy out the back seat, as Shane gets up and rushes over, Max shoves the young man right into Shane, dives in the back of the Taxi and the Taxi speeds off!!!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!? If Shane cant stay with max, Shane will lose his ICON title!

Shane shoves the man away as he looks frustrated as Max’s taxi speeds away. Shane hails another Taxi that comes behind it, and gets in the back, along with Hortega and the cameraman.

Shane Reynolds: FOLLOW THAT TAXI!!!!

Taxi Driver: Which one?

The Taxi Driver is an old Irish man with a thick accent.


Taxi Driver: Oh. That one. No problem.

The Taxi drives off, following Max’s taxi.

Joe Hoffman: I think this is a first in HOW….no, WRESTLING history as a live match’s competitors are traveling in separate taxis!

Benny Newell: Think Shane will mind picking me up a case of Bud Light?

Joe Hoffman: No benny.

Benny Newell: Damn.

Joe Hoffman: Less than 30 minutes to go…we are at the half way point of this match more or less with 29:44 remaining.

Max’s Taxi does an Illegal U and head back towards the arena.

Shane Reynolds: Follow him!!

Shane’s Taxi makes a quick U and barrels after Max’s taxi as Hortega is complaining in Spanish as the taxi speeds down 7th street.

Max’s Taxi drives right by the Verizon Center and Shane’s taxi follows. The taxi makes a right turn on H street and stops in front of a few restaurants on the block. Max leaps out of the cab, obviously without paying, as the tall skinny white taxi driver gets out and starts cussing out Max.

Shane Reynolds: Stop!!!

The taxi pulls over behind Max’s taxi and Shane and Hortega get out, followed by the camera man. Max has already dashed inside Tony Cheng’s Mongolian Restaurant. Shane runs in, and we are now inside as Max tries to ambush Shane by throwing a basketful of fortune cookies at him!

Shane gets distracted, holding up his arms, as Max runs at Shane and drops him with a Lou Thez press! Max starts trying to punch Shane, but Shane covers up, and suddenly some waiters try to separate Shane and Max, and pull Max off of Shane. Max starts flailing, and breaks free as Shane shoves two men to the floor of the bistro, and as Max tries to take off again, Shane tackles him!!

Several people are eating still, and they all gasp as the waiters are again all over Max and Shane. Shane and Max are exchanging rights and lefts when the waiters break them up. Max throws one guy to the ground and breaks free and dashes around a wall to one side of the dining room. Shane gets free and does the same, followed by the camera who follows and we now are in the kitchen of the restaurant!

Joe Hoffman: We’re in the kitchen now!?

Benny Newell: Hey Shane! Bring me back some Egg Foo Young, will ya!?

Max suddenly pops up from around a corner and throws something at Shane, which Shane…and the cameraman….ducks!

Joe Hoffman: What the heck!?

You can here a ‘thwip’ nearby and the camera pans to the door frame and you see a steak knife inbedded in there!!!

Joe Hoffman: Max is throwing KNIVES!!!? WHA!!!!?

Beeny Newell: Damn….

Shane waits until a 4th knife is thrown, then he charges forward, as Max pokes around the corner to throw another knife, Shane tackles him, but Max with yet another eye poke, he breaks free and runs towards the large flat grill.

Shane all of the suddenly tackles Max from behind. Max shoves Shane off and both men to their feet, and they start exchanging punches. Shane with a hard forearm to the chest, then he picks up a steel bowl filled with flour and bashes it into the head of Max. Max goes down in a plume of flour smoke and Shane then picks up Max and bashes his head into the table across from the grill. The cooks have since got out of the way and are watching in the background as Shane grabs Max by the head…….

Shane then tries to force Max’s face into the grill!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD! People, if you have kids, cover their eyes!!!!

Max’s face is inches from the searing grill and he fights it desperately as Shane is behind him, trying to force him down into the grill. Suddenly Max dives backward and both men fall to the ground. Max scrambles to his feet, looking worn out, as Shane gets up. Max already is at the rear exit and suddenly some liquid flies at Max from off camera, as Shane was slightly behind the cameraman. A small amount of the liquid hits Max in the arm.

Max Kael: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The cameraman pans quickly to the right and we see Shane standing near a deep fryer holding a ladle.

Joe Hoffman: Shane just threw hot frying oil at Max!!!!!

Max dives out the back door as Shane throws another ladle full of frying oil out the deep fryer. Shane dashes out the door next, and a second later the cameraman is outside in the rear alley of the Bistro, and we see the two taxi drivers stomping away on max!!!

Joe Hoffman: The taxi drivers have jumped Max for their fare!!!!!

Shane tackles the skinny one, but the man doesn’t go down and he and Shane struggle a bit before the large irish guy comes and grabs Shane from behind. Shane ducks the skinny ones punch and he punches the irish driver!!!

Shane slips away and drop kicks the bigger driver in the knee. Max is up and he clotheslines Shane! Max then with a kick to the gut of the skinny driver!!! The big guy is up, Max leaves the skinny one, and kicks him in the gut, and sets the big guy up for THE SINGULARITY, but all the sudden, the skinny guy charges, Max lets go of the Irish driver, and trips the skinny guy and he falls on top of Shane!! Max then throws the irish man on top of Shane as well! Shane is trying to get them off of him, when suddenly, Max has a light bulb moment and he jumps on top of both drivers AND Shane!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!?

Hortega counts!!!




Benny Newell: CHEATING!!!!!

Maximillian Kael scores a pinfall at 20:39.

Shane Reynolds 1

Max Kael 3

Max rolls off of them and stumbles down the alley way to the street, laughing.

Shane starts biting the skinny guy in the arm, and between Shane and the skinny guy flailing, Shane is able to break free. Shane dashes after Max.

We reach the street and Max has taken one of the taxis and is driving off!!!! Shane dashes for the other taxi, and Hortega and the camera follow and get in the back as Shane gets in and drives after Max!

Joe Hoffman: A car chase!!!?

Benny Newell: What is this, The Italian Job?

Max does a U and speeds back toward the arena. Shane is right after him and the two cut through traffic on 7th street. Max is doing his best to dodge traffic and not slow down, and Shane is matching him move for move.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a high speed car chase to decide who will be ICON champion!!

After many minutes of car dodging, Shane speeds up and tries to pass Max, but Max grinds his taxi into the taxi of Shane, and now Shane is stuck driving in the opposite lane of traffic until he finally pulls back and falls behind Max.

A few minutes later, Shane tries to run Max off the road near the highway junction, but Max hits the breaks, slowing down at the right moment!!! Max speeds away and Shane is forced to return to giving chase as both men are several miles away and across town!!!

After many intense moments at high speeds, we see a couple of large boats. Max looks like hes going to turn left, but suddenly opts to cut right and the sharp turn and unsure control is enough to mildy spin him out!! Shane is right on him, and he slams right into the passenger side of Max’s taxi!!!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!

Shane starts pushing the Max’s taxi with his own, closer and closer to….THE RIVER!!!!

We now approach the edge of a small dock off the river and Shane is still shoving Max’s taxi….

Closer and closer……



Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!!? WHAT IF MAX DROWNS!!!!!?

Benny Newell: Let him!

Shane gets out of his taxi as does Hortega and the camera. Shane stands near the edge, checking for Max. The camera pans the water, all we see is the sinking taxi. Suddenly, we see Max surface near a small fishing boat. Shane walks to the right and down to where the boat is moored as Max pulls himself out of the water and is now laying on his back inside the fishing boat. Shane jogs over, his hair a crimson mess of blood now, and the jog turns into a dash toward the boat….


Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!




The fans inside the arena following on the HOV are stunned.

The cameraman runs after them as Hortega runs over to the dock. The dock is only a couple of feet above the water, and Hortega drops into the boat and crouches down and makes the count……




Shane Reynolds scores a pinfall at 4:04.

Shane Reynolds 2

Max Kael 3

Shane gets up and picks up one of the oars and sticks it into the water and starts trying to push the boat closer to the walkway on the edge. Once there, Shane grabs Max and pulls him out of the boat and up onto the walkway. The cameraman jogs back over to that side of the walkway away from the actual dock.

Max is out of it, and you can see the burn marks on his arm from earlier. Shane then punches Max a few times in the face, then sits on his chest.

Shane Reynolds: You want to wear people’s faces Max….why don’t I wear yours?

Shane then takes out a Stanley Knife. Max’s eyes get wide as Shane plays with the blade a bit, then he grabs Max by the cheeks and brings the edge of the blade into contact with forehead, and he slowly slices…..


Benny Newell: Shit, not a good time for ANYONE to watch this.

Joe Hoffman: Does Hortega even know the time left!?

The blade cuts into the top of the forehead, drawing blood instantly. Max’s legs start thrashing, and Shane is losing his balance, even while sitting on max, but he still grabs Max by the chin and brings the blade’s sharp edge to Max’s cheek and breaks skin with ease, then slices a bit deeper which causes Max to go nuts and he thrashes and he kicks upward, locking his legs over Shane’s arms and executing a modified victory roll, but as he rolls Shane back, theres nowhere left to go, and Shane falls into the water along with Max!!!!!


An agonizing moment passes and Shane is out of the water first, and he climbs up and into the boat. Max is next and he follows, unknowingly right next to Shane, who grabs Max and pulls him to his feet…..Shane then lifts Max up…..


Shane folds up Max as Hortega jumps back into the boat……




Shane Reynolds scores a pinfall at 1:58.

Shane Reynolds 3

Max Kael 3

Joe Hoffman: Shane has 1:55 and counting to win this match!!!!!

Shane then climbs out of the boat, as does Hortega, and Shane measures Max and goes for a frog splash off the walkway into Max and the boat, but Max dives out of the boat in time and Shane crashes into the boat!!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: MY GOD!!!! TALK ABOUT CRASHING!!!!!

Shane is lying there holding his midsection. Max climbs back into the boat and is lying half on top of Shane. Max slowly gets to his feet with 1:21 remaining. You can see the cuts on his face and the pain. Max pulls Shane up, and sets him up in the side fishermans suplex position for THE SINGULARITY…..


The Spinning fishermans neckbreaker hits in the boat, although not with much velocity at 1:09.

Max covers….Hortega hops back in and counts…..




Joe Hoffman: WAS THAT THREE!?




Max cant believe it as Hortega climbs back onto the walkway. Theres a buzz in the arena as theres 00:47 remaining now.

Max then pulls Shane up to his feet. Max goes for the Tiger Driver again, but Shane breaks the double underhook, but then Max quickly snatches Shane up for a powerbomb, but Shane does a switch so that hes facing the same way Max is while on his shoulders….Shane then locks his legs around the neck of Max, and drops down, causing Max to fall and Shane tightens in the BROKEN WING!!!!!


Hortega gets into the boat quickly and is asking Max if he wants to tap. Max is signaling no.



Shane has his legs figure foured as tight as possible as he tries to wrench on the hold….




Max looks out of it.



Hortega raises the arm of Max….

It falls.



He raises it again….it falls.


He raises it again…….drops it…







The fans are buzzing as they are unsure if Max was ruled passed out in time. Shane gets out of the boat as Hortega had been keeping time on an official HOW stopwatch on his wrist.

Joe Hoffman: So what happened? Did Max tap?

Hortega gets out of the boat and calls the cameraman over.

Hortega: Me, no good with English, but I try best…..Max arm fall before ahora…AHEM…time…run out. Vinner quarto tu tres… Shane Venyolds!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT!!!!!!


Shane Reynolds scores a submission at 00:00.

Shane Reynolds 4

Max Kael 3


Joe Hoffman: Benny, I have called every match in HOW history just about, and I cannot say that I have witnessed a match as great, as dramatic, as nail-biting as this one!

Benny Newell: I told you Shane would win!!!

Shane falls down and is laid out on the dock as Max is still unconscious in the boat. A current kicks in and the boat slowly starts to drift down the river. Hortega is holding up Shane’s arm and he suddenly goes and tries to grab the boat, but is too late and Max starts drifting down the river.

Joe Hoffman: I have to say…that not only did that Ironman match top the classic Ironman match between Darkwing and Jatt Starr…..that match also topped just about every other in HOW history.

Benny Newell: I am so proud of Shane, and now Max is floating down the river without a paddle and I hope he never comes back!!

Joe Hoffman: lets hope he doesn’t vanish again like after War Games, Max may have ran the whole match, but he put up a heck of a fight.

Scene cuts to a promotional package for the next HOW PPV as Max is now several dozen feet away in his boat, still unmoving as it drifts down the river.


High Octane Wrestling returns to Alcatraz Prison!!


HOW World Title Match
Aceldama© vs. Issac Slade
Hell in a Cell Inferno Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and all I can say is…wow. Shane Reynolds, Best Alliance member, retains the ICON Championship after a match that will go down as one of the all time best here in High Octane History.

Benny Newell: It is all coming to fruition Joe….Mark defeated Kostoff and Darkwing…..Reynolds retained the ICON…and now Aceldama will end the night retaining the World Championship and all will be right in the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: Except for Bob Jared, Bobbinette Carey and your anal beads of course?

Benny can only flip off Joe as Joe enjoys getting in a good dig at Benny who has been slipping in and out of drunkenness all night.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks from Embosser shooting at a group of kids to Carey making out with Lee Best and then shoving anal beads up his butt to Maximillian Kael floating away on a boat…this show has had it all and…


Joe just looks at Benny as Newell stands up and begins dancing as he butchers the lyrics to I’m on a Boat as some fans nearby try to help Benny out as he drinks from his flask and continues to sing.

Joe Hoffman: Well never mind Newell….its time for the match we all have been waiting for…..but before we get to that….we have a special video that will remind people exactly what is at stake here….

As the opening chords of “Crashing around you” By Machine Head slam over the speakers the HOV comes to life

((I am your nightmares! True scares!))

# The Best Arena, Chicago IL

# Jun 25, 2009

*Aceldama walks past the fans in the front row and spots a fan holding a banner which reads ‘Have Faith’, he grabs it from his hands and then proceeds to slide under the bottom rope and stand in the middle of the ring looking at the banner, he rips it into two and throws it to the ground. The boos begin to ring across the arena, almost deafening, and then they are replaced with chants of ‘Slade, Slade’. Aceldama stands in the middle of the ring listening to the chants in disgust*

Aceldama: So you all return. All the followers of Issac Slade, ready to see the resurrection, ready to witness with your own eyes the return of the one you hold in such high esteem. Your faith shows no bounds, you still chant for this has been. He looked up at someone truly stronger than him, and he got what was coming. Forever let those scars upon your head be a reminder of the last time we met Slade, upon this very ring. Now I am a man who does not wait for opportunities, I will not wait for something to come my way, I look for them, and I call them out. So Issac Slade, get your ass out here right now!

((That Dream when you can’t stop from falling!))

“Rise from the ashes” by Quiet Drive brings the crowd to their feet as Issac Slade emerges from behind the curtain with a mic in hand, he looks around the crowd his eyes coming to rest on Aceldama in the middle of the ring, shaking his head he takes a step forward

Issac Slade: I used to get beat up all the time, until I decided to send those bullies a message! I didn’t torment them, I didn’t harass them, when they came to me with intention to do harm I fought back, and soon they left me alone…because deep down Bullies are just cowards!

Issac looks at Aceldama pacing in the ring like a caged animal

Issac Slade: And what kind of man would I be? What kind of example would I set to all my fans if I let a bully beat me up in the middle of the ring? And I didn’t fight back? This isn’t about escalating violence ladies and gentlemen! This is about never backing down, never surrendering! and sending a message to you Aceldama…you may have beat me down but I’m still standing! And I’m not going to let your cowardly attack go unanswered!

((Can’t fight! Can’t run!))

Aceldama: I Will come for you. I shall leave no stone unturned, I will go after every person you love, your family, your friends, hell even your fans until I find you, and when I find you…….you will not rise from the dead this time. No resurrection, no return.

Aceldama: I Will come for you. I shall leave no stone unturned, I will go after every person you love, your family, your friends, hell even your fans until I find you, and when I find you…….you will not rise from the dead this time. No resurrection, no return.

((Cant stop the person you’ve become!)

Issac Slade: The Bible tells us “Vengeance is Mine so sayeth the Lord!” and being a God Fearing man I’ll trust in that, but the Good Lord Also Helps those who help themselves…so I think he’ll find in his heart to forgive me if I help myself down to the ring and whip you from corner to corner like the coward you are!

As Issac get’s halfway down to the ring the Screen comes to life above the stage and Lee Best himself glares angrily down at the crowd.

Lee Best: You will get your shot at Aceldama and you will get a shot at the World Title but it’s not going to happen tonight and it won’t happen until we get to Washington D.C…… Capitol Punishment!!

The Scene Fades as the music plays on, then the screen flickers to life again

((I am your heartbreaks, Mistakes, that place inside you hate!))

((I am the shadow! Following every move you make, reminding you))

Aceldama passes through the crowd of kids and teenagers, all holding onto their VIP passes like prized possessions. But as Aceldama passes them, something catches his attention. One particular VIP, a lot older than the others, late teens, dressed in a hooded jacket which he has over his head,Aceldama grabs him by the jacket he is wearing, Aceldama notices the t-shirt in full view now which lies underneath his hooded jacket. It is none other than an Issac Slade ‘Have Faith’ t-shirt. Aceldama acknowledges it*

Aceldama: You here to see Issac Slade in the flesh then?

Teenager: Y..y…y…yes

Aceldama: I can take you to him, soon, you can be in the same place, together, very soon. Would you like that, huh?

Teenager: Ammm….yes?

Aceldama takes his arm and puts it over the teenagers shoulders in a friendly gesture, but it soon turns nasty as Aceldama takes the teenager, and in a heinous and sick act throws him through a window in close vicinity giving a massive smash. The teenager lies unconscious under a mass of broken glass

((That it’s never good enough, never good enough!))

((Even though you try and try i’m gonna call your bluff!))

Aceldama: Well I promised you would see Slade soon; I am a man of my word. He shall be in hospital very soon, just like you!

((Because I am the thing, bringing the feelings when…))

The scene fades as the music continues

((You world comes crashing around you!))

((Smashes down around you!))

((When will you see that you cannot hide from me!))

# The Best Arena, Chicago IL

# Jul 02, 2009

Bryan McVay- Ladies and gentlemen, this shall be the official match contract signing for the world title match at Capital Punishment!

Bloodline’ by Slayer as coming out to ringside, dressed in a black suit with black shirt, Aceldama looks rather smart, dressed for the occasion. By his side is Lee Best, holding a briefcase which contains the contracts for each superstar to sign. Also following in the rings are Best Alliance members Shocker and Mark ‘The Explosive’ O’Neal*

((When you feel darkness, Hopless))

((Can’t cope with all the stress))

*’Rise from the Ashes’ by Quietdrive begins to power through the arena, sending the fans once again into a mad frenzy. The song continues but still no Issac Slade.Aceldama sits with a sick grin, thinking he has won the mental battle, but just as quickly as his grin comes onto his face; it is wiped off as Issac Slade makes his entrance to the ring, followed by three members of the Chicago Police Force!

Issac Slade- Why Ace! why? What did he do to you? He was just a sixteen year old child!

Why did I attack him? Why did I send a sixteen year old child through double glazing glass? No real answer really…..just because I can. I gave that kid what he wanted, the chance to see his hero in the flesh. Backstage, with his lucrative VIP pass, he would have just been another number, another countless fan waiting that thirty second scribble onto a notepad. Instead, I gave him Issac Slade, day in, day out. Constant visits, hours on end. Would he of got that backstage? No. So, in a way, I helped the kid. So what if he got a few little cuts here and there, it brought him closer….to his hero. What did he do to me you say? *shrug of the shoulders* Nothing really, but in the end, he helped me, and I helped him. I helped him get closer to you, he helped me…… getting into your head! I see the guilt running through you, the constant visits to his bedside, very smooth, the gifts, the assurances. I am already winning Slade, I am in there, do you feel my footsteps?

((I’ll make you hate life, bring strife!))

((Remember failures Hardened Stare!))

Aceldama- On August 3rd it shall be you Slade, and me….in a Hell in a Cell Inferno Match! The most deadly of all matches, hell on earth, the fire shall burn strong. On August 3rd Slade I shall drag you into hell, and you will not come back. All faith will be gone!

Issac Slade- Fine, you want me enter your own hell Ace, so be it, keep the door open, I am coming in. Before it was about standing up for myself, to show to you that I will not tolerate bullies, but now…..I want your title! I want to take it from you, as you do not deserve it! This title deserves better. This title down the years has had respected, dignified holders. Then there is you, nothing about you gains respect, nothing about you is dignified. I want to take this title from you, not for me, but for these fans, for this federation, because in a champion, they deserve better!

Lee Best: And now it is official, at Capital Punishment on August 3rd for the World title it shall be Aceldama against Issac Slade in a Hell in a Cell Inferno match.

*The two men stand up, staring at one another. Aceldama rather sarcastically outstretches his hand as if to want a handshake from Issac who obviously refuses. Slade turns around and all of a sudden out of the blue Aceldama, falls forward onto the table, making it look like an accident, but obviously deliberate, pushing the table forward and smacking into the back of Slade who falls to the ground*

((And it’s never gonna change, never gonna change!))

((Always they’ll be judging you, Compared to who and who!))

((You trust in me but i only live to see!))

Joe Hoffman: What the hell!! He just hit Slade!

Benny Newell: It was an accident, anyhow, he didn’t PHYSICALLY touch him, the table touched him

*Aceldama sees Slade on the ground, picking up the microphone he walks over to him, mocking him, wanting him to retaliate*

Aceldama- Go on, hit me! Hit me!

*Slade looking up at him simply does nothing as the members of the police force move forward, intimidating Aceldama with threats of pulling out their truncheons. Slade walks away and leaves the ring, leaving Aceldama within the ring, but Aceldama has something final to say, something haunting and downright chilling*

Aceldama- Oh Slade, I almost forgot, your mother says hello. Wonders why you never call around lately?


# The Best Arena, Chicago IL

# Jul 09, 2009

((Your world Come crashing around you))

((Smashes down around you!))

The cameras cut backstage to the parking lot where in the distance can be heard somebody whistling away to themselves. The lighting in the parking lot is not the greatest and the camera tries to find the person who is whistling,The cameraman catches a glimpse of a figure his face is covered by a balaclava.

The Fufure spots a motorcycle, he walks over to it, and proceeds to sit upon it checking around it, reaching down he begins to feel around the bottom, his hand wraps around something and with a quick jerk he tears something away.

((When will you see that you cannot hide from me!))

The Scene Opens with Issac Slade exiting The Best Arena, as he walks to his bike

Starting it up he revs it once and then twice before backing up and pulling out of his parking space, he drives off camera picking up speed when suddenly the sound of brakes squealing can be heard from somewhere off screen, a muffled cry and then a more feminine muffled scream can be heard followed by the sound of a body hitting the hood of a car and sliding off.


((When I come for you…))

((When i see through you…))

# The Best Arena, Chicago IL

# Jul 16, 2009

The scene opens with Aceldama in the middle of the ring, dressed in his wrestling gear and wearing a smile that seems to tell the world he knows the punch line to a private joke that they don’t he raises his mic to his lips and speaks.

Aceldama: Issac Slade…You know I’ve really tried to wrap my mind around what you all see in him, what makes you chant his name week after week, what makes you cheer for him every time he comes out onto that stage…and after a great deal of thought I finally reached a conclusion.

Chants of “Have Faith” Echo in the audience following up the “Slade” chants, to his credit Aceldama endures it with a look like he’s swallowed something bitter.

Aceldama: Now as I was saying…I tried time and time again to rationalize what you could possibly see in Issac Slade, and then finally I realized it, you cheer him week after week not because you love him…but because you’ve finally found someone who’s just as pathetic and useless as all of you!

Rise from the ashes” By Quietdrive begins to blast over the speakers and Issac Slade steps out onto the stage, Sabina Faze is quick to follow walking hand in hand with the former ICON Champion and Number One Contender, Issac’s movements are a little stiff but he makes his way down the ramp with one hand in Sabina’s and the other holding a steel chair.

Aceldama: Issac…I’m so glad you could join us, and I see you brought Sabina Faze with you…or since you like everything biblical I guess I could make an exception and call her “Whore of Babylon!”

Aceldama is caught off guard as Sabina spins around and delivers a slap to his cheek that rocks his head back

Sabina Faze: It’s not that I don’t want to see Issac hit you Aceldama! But I can stick up for myself! And if you think I’m lying then call me a whore one more time! I dare you!

((When I eat through you…))

The crowd cheers at this and Issac smiles, Aceldama looks past Sabina and speaks to him

Aceldama: Like I said before I was so rudely interrupted Issac…I’m glad you’re here, you no doubt got my “present” that I left for you at your door, I only wish I’d been able to record “All” of my visit with your mother…AND your father!

A low strangled sound comes out of Issac’s mouth as his grip tightens on the chair, he looks more than ever like he wants to hit Aceldama and forsake his chance at the World Title, but instead he spins around and turns his back to The World Champion, Aceldama grins and follows after him as does Sabina.

Aceldama: But your mother aside I found my conversation with your father even more enlightening, I went to his church Issac, I sat down with him and had a nice long talk…about how disappointed he was in you!

Issac flinches at those words and closes his eyes

Aceldama: His only son! His only child! The young man he groomed to take over his position when he died…and this young man threw all of his teachings in his face and went off and joined High Octane Wrestling…a circus as he referred to it “A Circus of debauchery and godless sinners” doesn’t that sound like your father Issac? Doesn’t it?

Sabina moves in front of Aceldama shoving his frame out of the way reaching out to comfort Issac.

Aceldama: Your father wanted me to tell you Issac…that YOU are going STRAIGHT TO HELL!”

Throwing back his head Aceldama laughs

Aceldama: And come Capitol Punishment I’M going to be the one who takes you there! FOR YOUR FATHER!

The resulting cry wrenched from Issac’s lips is a tormented scream, spinning around he raises the chair over his head and brings it down with all the righteous wrath he can muster.

But Aceldama was prepared for this…as Issac spun around he grabbed Sabina by the back of the shirt and yanked her into the arc of the chair, the crowd watch in horror as the devastating chair shot landed with a loud CRACK heard throughout the arena and Sabina Faze dropped to mat and lay very still.

((When i destroy you!))

Issac Slade: Sabina!!

away on the mat picks up his tormented cries as he touches her face and her neck, trying to feel for a pulse, Sabina lays pale and very still despite his panicked efforts.

Above the stage Lee Best and a group of men rush down the ramp as the crowd begins to murmur, all the while Issac is trying to get through to Sabina, the doctors and Lee hit the ring at the same time.

Issac Slade: Sabina? Baby please…wake up….wake up!

The doctors work around her cutting off the view of her body from the crowd, Aceldama watches with a look of content, he moves subtly closer to Slade holding out the Mic so the crowd can hear the sounds of Slade torment.

After several painfully long moments one of the doctors looks up at Lee Best and shakes his head

Doctor: She’s gone…

Issac lunges out of the grasp of those holding him back and throws himself down next to Sabina, in the grip of a powerful hurt he cries leaning over her

Issac Slade: NO! NO DAMN IT! Sabby wake up! Wake up!

Taking her into his arms he rocks back and forth his tears still falling down his cheeks and onto Sabina’s face, but still she lays unmoving, Suddenly to Issac’s dismay two security officials grab him under the arms and pull him away, the doctors load Sabina onto a stretcher and strap her down before sliding her out of the ring and carrying her up the ramp.

Issac struggling against the security guards calls after her desperately wanting to go after her but Lee Best wont let him, motioning for Issac to stay in the ring he slides out and follows them as they all vanish backstage, Aceldama backs out of the ring and shakes his head as if horrified by what he’s seen.

When Ace reaches the top of the stage The security guards release Issac and the number one contender falls to his knee’s in the center of the ring looking like a broken man.


((You’ll think you’re betrayed,astray))

((I’ll leave you ripped and torn so bad you…))

((Can’t love, Can’t trust…))

# The Best Arena, Chicago IL

# Jul 23, 2009

*There is a hush around the arena, a quiet lull as if nobody within the now full arena knows what is coming next. They will not be kept waiting long as the members of the Best Alliance make their way to the ringside area. No music is played; all that can be heard are the roars of the crowd as they boo frantically at the sight of the three men making their way to the ring, dressed in black suits. Aceldama leads the procession, his world title around his waist, his head down as Shocker and Kirsta, fellow BA members ordered by Lee to follow behind. Shocker is holding a small plastic box with both hands as they make their way into the ring. Aceldama takes a microphone in his hand; his facial expression is a sombre one as the crowd continue to viciously boo him. He waits for the booing to end, but it never comes, so he interrupts them*

Aceldama- Tonight we mark the end of Issac Slade’s spell within the Turmoil franchise. This is a very sad occasion for all involved and as the world champion and member of the Best Alliance; we felt it very fitting for tonight to hold a memorial service, in honour of the untimely death of Sabina Faze, her young life, taken away by the hands of the man who claimed to love her.

Aceldama- So as you are unwilling to acknowledge what you done, and acknowledge the short life that Sabina had, we in the Best Alliance have decided to do this little memorial for her. Bring up the photograph. I am sorry we could not find another, this one was the only one we could get in such short notice.

*The High Octane Vision screen comes to life as we see, in a background entirely in black with the words in white ‘Sabina Faze 19??-2009’ written on it is the final photograph of Sabina, her face covered in blood, laying in the middle of the ring, unconscious and Slade standing over her with a look of despair and shock, holding the chair that done all the damage*

((Can’t understand why life’s so fucked up!))

*Issac Slade begins to storm down to the ring, running with a purpose, steel chair in hand. He slides under the ring as both Shocker and Kirsta go to him but he swings the chair and they back off, his lips turned up in a snarl of rage as he brandishes the chair but Aceldama steps in between the two and orders them to go backwards*

Aceldama- I know what you want to do, but you can’t. Consider the stipulation wavered on my behalf. Go ahead, hit me. Strike me down with all your might. Let me feel that wrath finally; let me feel the wrath you used to strike down your precious little Sabina…

*Slade still refrains, but his anger and emotions will not hold out for long, not after what shocking revelation Aceldama is about to tell him*

.Aceldama- …and her unborn child!!

((I’m deep inside your mind))

((In constant remind))

Slade finally snaps and strikes Aceldama across the skull with the chair with all of his strength bearing down on the chair. Aceldama falls straight to the floor, an open cut on his forehead begins to seep blood. Aceldama feeling dizzy gets to his knees and goads Slade into hitting him again.

Aceldama- Come on Issac! Is that it? Is THAT the extent of your anger?

Slade strikes, once again straight to the head. Aceldama falls back down, struggling to get up to his feet he makes it again and grins up at Issac as the blood runs down his face.

Aceldama- Hit me again Issac! HIT ME AGAIN! Take from me what you took from her! Give in Slade! Give in to the anger! Take my life! KILL ME LIKE YOU KILLED HER!

Slade screams and delivers a barrage of vicious chair shots until he is stopped by Shocker and Kirsta who intervene and strike him down to the floor, loosening his grip with the chair. They rough him up as Aceldama tries to get to his feet, holding the ropes he looks very shaky, his face covered in blood. Aceldama orders the two to hold him as he gets to his feet, but falls back to his knees. He finally gets up, beginning to laugh uncontrollably. He picks up the microphone and proceeds to walk over to Slade, who is trying to wriggle free of the two men, he lunges at Aceldama and snarls in an incoherent rage, but finds himself no closer to freedom*

*Aceldama walks over to the small plastic box and picks it up, turning to Issac the anger has drained out of him and he hangs limply his arms held by Shocker and Kirsta, Slade is now almost inconsolable, his eyes but a waterfall of tears, his lips move and his words go unheard but “Please” and “No” are clearly readable to everyone who can see his mouth moving, Not wanting his words to go unheard Shocker holds a Mic down to his lips.

Issac Slade- No…please…I can’t….No….Don’t do this Aceldama….please don’t do this….tell me you’re lying…

Aceldama- You don’t believe me? Then take a look for yourself.

Aceldama opens up the plastic box and leans it forward to Issac’s vision. Inside is what he said it was, ashes, a fine power grey in colour. Slade is now beyond the emotion, the anger is now coming back once more and he is able to free himself from the grips of Shocker and Kirsta and is about to lunge at Aceldama when Aceldama sees him coming and does the most sick, twisted thing he could do at that time. He throws the ashes into the face of Slade, blinding him and sending him to the canvas in extreme pain, the ashes getting into his eyes. Aceldama comes over to him and leans down at him*

((If you leave your thoughts to me, believe…))

((I’ll make sure that i see!))

Aceldama- Is that what you wanted, now you can be with your beloved and her unborn child both physically and spiritually. You saw her with your own eyes once more, and I have a feeling you will be seeing her for a long while to come.

Joe Hoffman- Folks, we have just witnessed the death of High Octane Wrestling. That man, that monster, is our representative in this world. That man is our world champion. He is a sick bastard and no words could I say during that, none.


((Your World come crashing around you!))

((Smashed down around you!))

((When will you see that you cannot hide from me!))

Issac Slade, sporting a patch on his right eye runs frantically down to the ring and comes to Jared’s aid, rolls him into the ring, hence breaking the count then rolls in himself as Embosser tries to stop him coming in as Issac Slade is up fast and blocks the left, then the right, then plants a right of his own and grabs Embosser and plants him square to the canvas with a bodyslam. Boettcher instructs that he is not the legal man and orders him out of the ring, Slade quickly gets to the corner as Jared, back against the turnbuckle, bloodied, looks up at the hand outstretched to him and slowly raises his, the tag is made. Embosser still down, he goes to the top rope, preparing for the freefall, but in the corner of his eye he notices something. Aceldama is holding onto the rope, covered in blood. He has just came to and does not know Slade is now in the ring. Slade decides not to go for the freefall but he gets down from the ropes and walks over to Aceldama. Aceldama gets into the ring and looks up, expecting Jared, instead he sees Slade. His face drops. Slade and Aceldama stand looking into each other’s eyes, not one of them moving. The crowd roar in anticipation, the heat, the emotion, all about to boil over, but not one will make the first move. Aceldama smiles at Slade’ goading him to make the first move, not a flicker from Slade*

*Finally Aceldama is the first to break going for a left, Slade blocks and jams a hard uppercut to Aceldama’s jaw, then Aceldama replies in kind. It becomes a flurry of punches between the other, nobody getting the upper hand. A fist fight. But Slade mixes it up as he knees him into the sternum, then a knee straight to the temple, a gush of blood splats out. Slade throws Aceldama to the corner with a mast of might, sending him flying over the rope and out to the matt. Slade wastes no time and runs and suicide dives into the outside, planting Aceldama. Again he gets onto him with a flurry of punches. Aceldama is a pool of red.

((I”ll make your world come crashing around you!Smash down around you!))


Aceldama laughs, he simply laughs. Then spits blood into the face of Slade, smiling his teeth are all red from the blood. Slade head butts him with sheer anger, Aceldama’s head rocks back with the force, and dangles like a rag doll. Slade gets up, shaking his head, wondering what he is doing, he is acting on emotion, on anger. Aceldama slithers to the corner and looks up at him, points to the centre of the ring, at the small mound of ashes in the middle of the ring. Aceldama mouths, ‘That’s your whore there, right there!


*Jared frantically grabs the hand of Embosser, moving it away from him; it is now pointing in all directions, into the crowd, then into the air. Embosser tries to fight Jared, but Jared’s determination stops him. He fires a shot into the air. It hits the lights above, then another shot, again hitting the lights, knocking the light off balance and hanging by a fray. The final remaining shot hits the light once more and sends it falling down to the ring, just missing the two in the ring by inches, but it falls into the canvas, creating a hole in the ring. Jared finally has control of Embossers hand and knocks the gun from him and gets him in the Best Fucking Jawbreaker. Jared falls back in exhaustion as meanwhile in the ring Aceldama is the first to stir. From inside the hole smoke begins to come out as the electrics begin to catch fire.

He looks at Slade, still on the matt, and smiles, walking away, but he is turn back quickly by Jared, who swings him around and stunners him, sending the big man rocking but Aceldama comes back at him, charging at him but from the smoke comes Slade diving though it and goring Aceldama as he sends Aceldama straight through the hole and into the fire which erupts up further. Aceldama has disappeared. Chants of Holy shit come out through the crowd. Slade stands looking into the hole, no movement; an official rushes the ring with a fire extinguisher and removes the flames. Jared rolls to the outside and grabs the world title belt and rolls back in, holding it out to Slade. Slade looks at it and takes it, looking down at it. EMT’s make their way to the ringside area as Slade walks over to where Aceldama had the microphone and picks it up. Still title in hand he walks over to the hole, the smoke overpowering*

((I’ll let you see why you cannot hide from me))

Issac Slade- Aceldama, you asked me, you begged me to send you to hell, consider your wish granted!

*He takes one final look at the title and throws it down beside the hole

((Because I am you!))

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama may have won the battle, but has he won the war?

Benny Newell: It is a case of be careful what you wish for.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama was sent straight to hell, and the next time these two meet, they shall both be in hell, within a hell in a cell that is, roaring with burning flames. This one could not get any more heated, it shall be a battle of anger, rage, hatred, every emotion possible. The road to Capital Punishment begins now!

*The footage comes to an end as EMT’s circle the hole in the ring as the last image is as all the EMT’s jump away in horror as a hand makes its way from the hole and grabs onto the canvas, holding onto the belt, trying to push upwards*

As the song fades we zoom into a live shot of the arena packed with fans all anxious to see the main event begin…..

Joe Hoffman: Alright it’s time for our World Championship match!!

The lights go out once again and the huge Hell in a Cell structure begins lowering as the crowd cheers as the spotlights follow the Cell down to the arena floor once again.

As the crew secure the Cell once again the cameras focus in on Joe and Benny once again.

Joe Hoffman: Benny you alright?

Benny Newell: Of course I am. That video was longer than thriller tho…I mean Thriller…like holy ker fuck.

Joe Hoffman: Well a lot of has gone down between these two and the time for talking..and posturing..and mind games is over…its time for someone to go to he..

Benny Newell: HELL!!!

Rise from the Ashes by Quietdrive blasts over the PA system and the crowd erupts as the lights come back on and Issac Slade makes his way from the back. The crowd cheers loudly for the number one contender for the world title.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Slade and one has to wonder exactly how good his vision is after his retinas were scratched from the ashes of his…gosh I cannot even say it.

Benny Newell: Then don’t and move the fuck on Jesus H I’m on a Boat with Christ!!

Joe Hoffman: You know you are months behind that Boat stuff right?

Benny Newell: Huh? I am talking about Max man..what you talking about?

Joe can only sigh and shake his head as the cameras watch a very focused Issac Slade make his way down the ramp and to the door of the cell.

Joe Hoffman: A very focused Slade here and I think this is the first time I have seen him not even acknowledge the fans but who can blame him…he only has to be thinking about tearing Aceldama limb from limb.

Benny Newell: He can think all he wants…tonight is the Best Alliance’s night and the title is going home to Turmoil’s side of the tracks.

The cameras follow Slade as he enters the Cell and Matt Boettcher motions for him to enter the ring as Boettcher waits by the door for the World Champion before closing it behind him.

Joe Hoffman: As you folks at home have noticed….Matt Boettcher will be calling this match on his own as we are not sure if Hortega would get back here in time so….

Hoffman is interrupted as a loud siren noise begins echoing throughout the arena as searchlights move across the arena. On the HOV a flashing ((–A–)) symbol appears. As soon as the siren ends and the searchlights stop a voice is heard which utters ‘Time for the sickness’ as ‘Indestructible’ by Disturbed comes onto the PA system as Aceldama is found by the returning searchlights in the lower level of the Verizon Center and the fans begin freaking out as the World Champion makes his way thru the fans and jumps the barrier and makes his way towards the Cell door..never taking his eyes off of Slade.

Joe Hoffman: What an eerie site and what an imposing figure the World Champion is. This is a match that could make or break both of these men’s career here in High Octane Wrestling.

Aceldama runs his hands across the steel mesh of the cell as he makes the final turn and enters the cell and Boettcher quickly locks the door behind Aceldama and then races past the big man and slides into the ring as ring announcer Bryan McVay begins the introductions as Aceldama waits on the outside of the ring staring at Slade with the World Title belt secure around his waist.

Bryan McVay: This match will be contested under Hell in a Cell Inferno Match Rules. To win the bout a competitor must set their opponent on fire and that man will be announced the winner and HOW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

The crowd is on their feet as Aceldama slowly makes his way up the ring steps as Issac continues to stare him down.

Bryan McVay: To my right, the challenger, standing an even 6 feet and weighing in at 220lbs…hailing from Louisiana…..the number one contender….ISSSAAAACCCC SLAAADEEEEE!!!!!!!

Slade raises an arm up with a closed fist and the crowd gives him a loud ovation as Slade continues to stare a hole thru Aceldama.

Bryan McVay: To my left….he stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 275 pounds…he is a Best Alliance member…..he is the WORLD CHAMPION…..ACELDAAAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAA!!!!!

Aceldama reaches behind him and undoes the World Championship belt and raises it high up into the air with his arm and now he smiles at Slade as he motions for Slade to come and take away his title.

Boettcher slowly is handed the belt from Aceldama and he raises it up high to all four sides of the ring and then one last time to the hard camera and there is electricity that can be felt by everyone in the Verizon Center as Boettcher hands the belt to a HOW crewmen who quickly exits the cell with the title and Boettcher quickly slides out of the ring and locks the Cell behind the crewmen.

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go folks….ITS TIME FOR OUR MAIN EVENT!!!

Boettcher quickly slides back into the ring and motions towards both Slade and Aceldama who nod their heads yes that they are ready…..and Boettcher signals for the bell.




Joe Hoffman: Here we go!!!

The sound of the ring bell has barely finished ringing before Slade charges Aceldama. Prepared for this, Aceldama meets Slade head on and the Champion is rocked with a right hand by Slade but quickly counters with his own right hand.

Slade follows with his own right hand…and again the Champion returns the favor. Filled with emotion Slade picks up the pace of his blows and delivers several right hands in a row as Aceldama tries to cover up but there is no use as Slade continues with the right hands finally knocking Aceldama down and the Champion quickly rolls out of the ring to get a reprieve.

Joe Hoffman: Slade is all over Aceldama here early Benny..

Benny Newell: Early…that’s the main thing..Its early.

Aceldama barely takes two steps before Slade uses the top rope for leverage and catapults himself over the top rope and crashes down hard onto Aceldama, sending both men up against the cold steel of the cell and then to the arena floor.

Joe Hoffman: Slade is on fire here folks…

Benny Newell: Soon he will be…trust me.

Back on the outside Slade is on top of Aceldama and is driving home tightly wound right fists to the forehead of Aceldama and the Champion is literally smiling as each blow is delivered to his own temple.

Joe Hoffman: Folks that is one deranged champion..he is freaking smiling!!

A trickle of blood begins to come down from the Champions forehead and Slade continues with the right hands but stops as he sees Aceldama smiling up at him. Disgusted, Slade stands to his feet and looks down at Aceldama and motions for him to stand up….to fight him.

Joe Hoffman: Wow….We have heard stories about Slade having past demons with bullies and that he vowed to never fight a man while he is down…but I mean come on..this guy …

Benny Newell: Shut up Joe….Aceldama is getting up and this match is really about to start…

Aceldama stands up and looks over at Slade who is motioning for him to fight him….

The cameras capture Aceldama mouthing the phrase “I already won” at Slade and then when Aceldama pretends to be rocking a baby Slade snaps…


With rage in his eyes Slade rushes at Aceldama but the World Champion was waiting for this and quickly side steps the challenger and uses Slades own momentum to push Slade headfirst into the steel of the cell.

Aceldama quickly pounces on Slade and begins pummeling him with punches to the kidneys that drive Slade down to his knees.

Aceldama quickly grabs the back of Slade’s head and proceeds to bounce it off the steel of the cell over and over again and with one final push he keeps his hands on the back of Slades head and begins to rub the former ICON Champions face back and forth against the steel mesh.

Joe Hoffman: Even though we seen this earlier on tonight it doesn’t get old..Aceldama is a true monster.

Benny Newell: Shut it…and enjoy for once will ya?

With Slade already bleeding, Aceldama pauses and looks out at the crowd who are booing him unmercifully as he stands over their hero.

Aceldama grabs the cell like a caged beast and begins shaking it violently as he screams out at the fans with a primal scream.

He suddenly falls to a knee however as he clutches at his chest.

Joe Hoffman: What is going on….is it another heart attack?? Do you think the stories are true about….oh I thought this was just a made up story for the PPV….do you think it’s true Benny?

Benny can only watch in horror as Aceldama falls back against the ring apron gasping for air as Boettcher checks on him and as Slade starts climbing back to his feet with the help of the cell.

Now up to his feet Slade turns and sees Aceldama struggling for air and he walks up to Aceldama slowly and stares the Champion in the eyes and is about to say something but suddenly Aceldama reaches up and grabs Slade by the throat and proceeds to literally throw him back against the cell.

Aceldama charges the challenger and nails him with a powerful clothesline the rocks the back of Slades head against the cell.

Joe Hoffman: I have no idea what Slade was about to say to the Champion but right now is NOT the place or time to be showing mercy to this..animal.

Aceldama takes a few steps back and rushes towards Slade again and again he nails the challenger with a powerful clothesline that shakes the whole cell.

Aceldama then grabs Slade by the back of the head and then delivers a kick to the stomach and then proceeds to position him for a power bomb.

With Slade’s head between his legs, Aceldama puts his arms around the waist of Slade and picks him up so that he is on his shoulders and just as he is about to drive him down to the mat, Slade grabs ahold of the cell with his left hand and now begins to rain down right hands to the face of the Champion.

The crowd is insanely loud as the cheer on Slade who continues to punch Aceldama and just when it looks like Aceldama might be losing his legs, the big man takes a few steps forward causing Slade to lose his grip on the cell and the Champion falls to his knees…driving the challenger back first into the steel ring post. The sound of Issac’s head hitting the steel brings about a sickening thud that can be heard throughout the Verizon Center.

Joe Hoffman: He just killed him..a powerbomb against the steel ring post…HES DEAD!!!

Aceldama, on his knees, looks at Slade who is slumped over against the ring post and again the Champion smiles.

Aceldama stands up and walks over to the center of the ring apron and bends down and reaches under the ring and pulls out a table.

Several parts of the arena cheer at the sight of the table but the majority boo loudly as Aceldama slides the table into the ring and the proceeds to walk over to Slade who is pretty much out of it.

Joe Hoffman: This doesn’t bode well for the Challenger..not at all.

With Slade now slung over his shoulder, Aceldama walks up the ring steps and literally tosses Slade into the ring and he quickly follows suit.

As the men are now back in the ring, the chorus of boos cascade from every part of the arena as Aceldama literally kicks Slade over to the center of the ring, where he quickly sets up the table and then motions that this match is about to end.

Picking up essentially dead weight, Aceldama struggles at first to get Slade up, but he finally is able to and he lays the man back first on the table.

Aceldama then mockingly signs in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…

Before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bottle which he begins to pour all over Slade and the smell from the bottle cannot be mistaken….

Benny Newell: LIGHTER FLUID!!!!

Joe Hoffman: This could end the match right here right now…

Aceldama empties the bottle onto Slade and throws the bottle out of the ring and it bounces off the cell. The Champion then reaches into his other pocket and pulls out a lighter. The crowd begins throwing trash at Aceldama but it never reaches him as it bounces harmlessly off the cell.

Joe Hoffman: It is true…Aceldama is a true monster and there is nothing anyone can do about it..

Smiling ever wider now, the Champion flicks the lighter and it comes to life as a dancing flame flickers above the body of Slade.

Aceldama takes a step back and then tosses the lighter towards the table …

Joe Hoffman: NOOO!

Benny Newell: YESSSS!!

The lighter flies across the few feet between Aceldama and Slade as if it were in slow motion. The lighter, an official HOW Zippo lighter, is heading right for the chest of Slade and it lands directly where his heart might be beating its final beats.

The crowd turns away in horror as they do not want to see their hero literally go up in flames.

But he doesn’t.

The lighter bounces off of Slade and then falls to the canvas.

The cameras zoom in and we see that by some miracle the lighter literally went out before coming close to Slade.


The Champion is in shock as he walks over and picks up the lighter and flicks it and it to the amazement of everyone it lights up just fine.

Aceldama turns back around to literally place it on Slade but he is met with a right hand from Slade who has come to.

Slade sits up on the table and delivers another right to the face of Aceldama….and another….Aceldama stumbles backwards as Slade hops off the table and with a new resolve stalks the Champion and begins delivering rights and lefts as the crowd goes crazy as Issac has backed Aceldama into the corner and is unloading on him with powerful blows.

Aceldama is unable to protect himself for long and after a few more blows it is Aceldama who is sitting on the canvas with his head resting on the lowest turnbuckle as Slade delivers one final blow to the mans head.

Joe Hoffman: Folks if you came to see a freaking wrestling match you came to the wrong place….There is too much emotion here to see a thousand holds…but what we are seeing is two men riding an emotional wave and right now Slade is on the high.

With Aceldama out of commission for the moment, Slade, breathing heavily, turns around and sees the lighter that Aceldama dropped after the first several right hands .

Now it is Slade who is smiling as he bends over and picks up the lighter.

Slade throws the lighter towards the cell and it makes it through the mesh and lands amongst the fans who quickly fight over it as the cameras return inside the ring where Slade is now pulling the Champion up to his feet and picks him up and quickly turns ….


The HOV replays the move as instead of going for the immediate win, Slade picks and drives the Champions body thru the doused table.

Slade, very emotional, turns towards the fans and now it is Slade who is screaming out to them but unlike for Aceldama the fans scream back in support of Slade and Slade closes his eyes and seems to take several deep breaths before turning back towards Aceldama who is struggling to get out of the broken table.

Without hesitation Slade pounces on the Champion and pulls him to his feet and whips him hard into the corner where he follows it up with a power clothesline. Not stopping for a moment, Slade grabs Aceldama and proceeds to lift him up to the top turnbuckle and he follows him up there and lifts him up in a superplex position and the two men fall backwards as Slade sends Aceldama crashing thru the already shattered table and several pieces of the table embed themselves into the back of the Champion who immediately begins writhing in pain.





Again, with no hesitation and with the crowd cheering him on, Slade pulls Aceldama to his feet and then proceeds to drive him head first onto a broken piece of the table with an implant DDT.


Benny is silent as the cameras continue to follow the action in the ring as we see Slade sitting up smiling as he looks over at Aceldama who is laying face first in the canvas with broken pieces of the table sticking out of his back.

Slade reaches out and pulls out a piece and Aceldama immediately yells out in pain and this doesn’t stop Slade however as he continues to pull out the wooden shards of the table as he keeps Aceldama pinned down with a well placed knee to the mans neck.

With the final piece pulled out, Slade looks down at the tattered shirt of Aceldama and then quickly rolls the man over and rips open the shirt and Slade falls back in shock as he see’s the chest of Aceldama.

Joe Hoffman: Oh dear god its true…

The crowd gasps as we see what Slade just did…

The stitched up part of Aceldama’s chest where he just got his new heart.

Joe Hoffman: If they stories are true then Aceldama just got a new heart only a mere three days ago!! This is insane!!

A camera placed at the top of the cell now gives the viewers a view down inside the Cell and we see the four inch stitch job where Aceldama’s heart is and there is a trickle of blood flowing from it as Slade looks at the man in shock.

The crowd begins chanting….SLADE…..SLADE….SLADE…and Issac shakes his head and seems to clear the cob webs as he stands to his feet and he rolls out of the ring and he looks under the ring and doesn’t see what he wants so he goes to the next side of the ring and looks under there and this time he reaches his head under the ring and when he reappears we see what he was looking for…

Joe Hoffman: A CROSS???!!!


The crowd is buzzing loudly as Slade drags out the 6’ wooden cross and he struggles to get it upright between the ring and the cell, but he finally manages to get it out from under the ring and he lets it fall against the cell where it bounces a few times and comes to a rest.

Slade then rolls back into the ring and sees Aceldama is on the far side of the ring and is using the ropes to try to get to his feet. Slade hustles up to Aceldama and picks him up and grabs him by the face and makes Aceldama focus on the cross on the opposite side of the ring and up against the cell.

Aceldama’s eyes grow wide but then there is that all too familiar smile from the Champion and this time it is too much for Slade as he delivers a knee to the Champion and begins to walk him towards the cross.

Joe Hoffman: Folks this match is to end with someone on fire and I swear…if we burn someone on a wooden cross I am for certain that we will shut down by the Government…

Benny Newell: Shut up you pussy…

The crowd is literally on their feet and several rows of fans have left their seats and all have grouped together in the first few rows as Slade continues to walk Aceldama towards the cross.

They reach the ropes nearest the cross and Slade goes to throw Aceldama thru the ropes but the big man grabs the top rope and refuses to move.

Slade tries again…

Again Aceldama blows it with his brute strength.

Slade then knees Aceldama in the gut but the Champion grabs Issac’s leg and powers the man back towards the corner and now it is Aceldama who has come to life and begins to pummel Slade with rights and lefts and Slade tries to cover up and as he does he leaves himself open as the Champion picks him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle and nails him with another right hand before climbing up to the top turnbuckle as well and now it is Aceldama who has Slade in a superplex position but Aceldama doesn’t fall back towards the ring like Slade did earlier….

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

With Aceldama holding Slade in a superplex position, his feet damn near touching the Cell’s roof, Aceldama leans forward instead of backwards and drops Slade stomach first to the outside and onto the arena floor..

Benny Newell: YEESSSSS!!!!

Aceldama stands on the top turnbuckle and screams out at the fans and he beats his chest and taunts down at Slade as Issac is on the ground holding what is most certainly broken ribs.

Aceldama climbs down and to the outside as he looks over at the cross leaning against the Cell and instead of going for Slade he goes for that.

Aceldama lifts the wooden Cross up and slides it into the ring and then he reaches under the ring and pulls out a 5 gallon gasoline can and he slides into the ring and literally pours the whole can of gasoline onto the cross..making sure there will be on act of God this time.

Aceldama then slides out of the ring and walks up to Slade and pulls him up and rolls him under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Aceldama rolls in after Slade and walks him over to the center of the ring where the cross is at..kicking parts of the wooden table out of the way from earlier.

Aceldama holds Slade up and then motions its time for The Fall of the Berlin Wall power clothesline and he rears back and goes to literally take the head off of Slade….

And misses.

Slade ducks under, turns Aceldama around and executes a perfect snap DDT and Slade staggers back against the ropes and leans on them as he reaches into his tights and pulls out a box of matches and he proceeds to light one and he tosses the match towards the cross and immediately it goes up in flames…illuminating the whole Cell and the whole arena for that matter.


Slade drops the rest of the matches and as Aceldama slowly gets to his feet, Slade waits for him and Aceldama turns towards the burning cross he smiles at Slade and mouths “You coming with me?”

Slade then charges at Aceldama and the two men meet head on and begin exchanging punches..the fury of punches don’t let up as the flames dance next to them and HOW crew members have climbed into the Cell with Fire extinguishers, prepared for the worst.

Aceldama and Slade don’t let up as they pummel each other..each for different reason but each going for the same result.

Aceldama finally gains the upper hand and a right hand knocks Slade back towards the burning cross…

Another right has Slade literally inches from the fire…

Aceldama bounces off the ropes and charges Slade with a power right hand but Slade meets him with a kick to the gut and then he goes to suplex Aceldama into the fire…..


Aceldama turns Slade and now he is the one going for the suplex into the fire, but Slade blocks his attempt and Aceldama lets go and pummels Slade down to the canvas with a double axe handle.

Aceldama picks up Slade and turns sideways to the burning cross and he powers Slade up to his shoulder and leans towards the fire and..


Aceldama stops on a dime and if he had Bob Jared’s chest hair this match would be over….

Aceldama pauses, catches his balance and turns…..

Joe Hoffman: FREEFALL!!!! FREE FALL!!! ONTO THE FIRE!!!!!!

Slade jumps off the top turnbuckle and literally lands in the chest of Aceldama and the force of the blow forces Aceldama to fall backwards onto the cross with Slade in his arms.

Slade quickly rolls thru while Aceldama screams out in pain as HOW Medics rush into the ring and put out the flames…



As the crowd goes apeshit Capitol Punishment comes to an end with an image from the camera at the top of the Cell…

It’s a view from high above with Aceldama laid out on the cross with Issac Slade laying next to him with his newly won World Championship just placed on his waist by Matt Boettcher.


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