So here at we were blessed with a ton of news today from none other than Lee Best. Although he has been sick since the most recent edition of High Octane Radio, it was to no ones surprise that Lee would not allow a silly flu like illness keep him down.

“So first things first….I want to thank everyone for the kind wishes, the get well cards, and all the lovely ladies that took turns giving me my daily baths to rid my body of the vile disease. Teeth or not…..they are the real heroes…not me. They are the reason I can stand here today and continue on with the launch of the Refueled era.

But enough small chat…lets get to the cold hard facts. My battles over the years have cost me a TON of money and its no surprise that we will not be hitting the road here to kick off the Refueled era of High Octane Wrestling. Instead….my Son and I are scouring the world…..well mainly places without a state income tax……to house our monthly shows. As of right now…..the best option would have been Max’s backyard….but alas…too many holes.

So the venue has yet to be decided. Come April 8th we will be airing Refueled from SOMEWHERE….I just dont know WHERE.

So ya…work still to do.

What is done however… HOW we will be airing our monthly shows. High Octane Television is going to be a thing again and its the best way for me to broadcast all the HOW old shows without having to worry about some pussified executive getting scared about old segments and crazy ass War Games spots. So with basically ALL the money I had left, I poured it into HOTv and will be using that to officially make some money off advertising and what not. So with all the money spent…..I forgot to leave some for a damn website for it. But rest assured….WHEN its done….HOTv will be THE place to catch all your High Octane wants and needs. Remember…we were the first network way back when….to be ran by its own company….suck on that Stanford.

With HOTv comes chances for folks to really elevate their own personal brands as they will have no boundaries and censors when it comes to what they can say or do during the shows. This has always been the biggest selling piece of HOTv and it is with that in mind that I am proud to announce our first affiliation of the Refueled era…….Online Championship Wrestling

OCW is no stranger to High Octane Wrestling and over the years we have seen many OCW stars compete within HOW…among them Triple M, Paul Paras, Silver Cyanide…etc…etc. I look forward to seeing what OCW can bring to HOTv and I look forward to seeing their WHOLE HISTORY also uploaded to the HOTv network and website…allowing all those not familiar with the company to check out their great history as well.

So ya….there ya go…… venue yet for Refueled on April 8th……..HOTv is back and OCW is officially signed on……….and with that…..I need a bath.”

With the breaking news that OCW is now a part of High Octane Television, we immediately reached out to OCW for a statement and we got a quick one from their commissioner Marcus Welsh:

“We are very proud of our talent and product. Our goal is to make OCW available to as many people as possible. This deal executes that goal.”

So with that said we are excited to see what becomes of having OCW and HOW air their past and present shows under the same network……High Octane Television.